Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday, July30

We have some progression! Yesterday, we moved Mosaic, Paul, Fredo, Phillip and Rios to June's Room for the day. This morning, that door is now open and they are mingling in the Main Area. That still leaves Hoot, Gustave, Sindile and Sophie in the back Thumper's Room, along with Sea Turtle. Peggy S still has Amaryllis Pocket and Lily Rose.  

Tomorrow we are expecting the new little kitten from Ohio to arrive with his foster mom around 1-2:00.  This little guy was taken to the vet's office on Tuesday for a vaccine and the vet did indeed find a hole on the top of his head. Our vets are already aware of this. We have an appointment on Tuesday for tests, including an ultrasound. Meds are already being considered. He comes with the name of Tiny Tim, but here at FFRC, because we've used that name a couple times in the past, will be changed. His new name shall be Grizzle, a Name a Cat name. A handsome name for a very handsome kitten!  

We had BOXES last night. Big time thank yous to you!
Dorothy C--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Katie L--new palm tree!
Jo603--new palm tree!  Now the kittens have a tree in the Main Area & Kitty Kabana
Kittiesmomof2 & Lily--dome kitty bed, 2 cans kitty tuna, 4 cans 9-Lives, 4 pkts Whiskas, 6 Meow Mix cups, 2 wind chimes
Pat/Bedheadsdad--3 pretty paperweights for rock garden
Clark, Jessie & the family--Happy birthday cards & snacker $$ for Anne Shirley, the Paddy brothers, Cayden, Triumph
Deb11111--From Dollianna for the Paddy's 5th birthday--16 cases Appetizers (they will share but they will love these for their breakfasts!
Plee--4 cases Purrfectly chicken
Faithy--3 pkgs oral hygeine snackers-CET
Squeekymom--Kitty wand, 3 toy balls and mouse--all natural!
Pckrbckr--Lots & Lots of snackers for Jackson and the Covies, lint roller & TP!
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Hibdles & Mimey--Happy Birthday to Paddys and their $$ for BD snackers!
The Koester Corp. from employeed, donation in memory of Wm. Runyan
Katie--our visitor!  Kitty coupons, Hello Kitty Steering Wheel Cover, light up necklaces for Catstock, milk rings, 2 scratchers, lots & lots of toys, 5 bags Mega Snackers, 200 plus cans Friskies, 36 boxes trash bags. 
Ann C--box of kitty snackers
Cheryle T--donation to FFRC
Gusti--PayPal in honor of Lorenzo's birthday & to help with Cayden's surgery
Julie & David P--donation for all the kitties
Andre & Suzanne--donation in honor of Lorenzo's birthday!

A special thanks to 3 FFRC friends who have funded the new microphone project! It's arrived and we'll be sure it's in order for Catstock!

We took in two new babies---1 last night and 1 this morning. The first one, female, a calico is 4 1/2 weeks old. She spent 2 days/1 night in the woods, all by herself, crying. The kind person that brought her in realized she was lost. No idea on the mama or siblings. The second one is a brown tiger, male, also 4 1/2 weeks old. He came here with a huge cuterebra in the side of his neck. These are also called warbles. This cuterebra was removed, the hole cleaned & cleaned, then medicated. We'll keep him on antibiotics. 

A little info on cuterebras--Cats are actually accidental hosts of this larvae. The Cuterebra fly is a large, non-biting, fat fly that lays its eggs near rodent or rabbit burrows on grass & vegetation. The cat passes by and picks up the eggs on her coat. The eggs hatch into larvae and invade the cat through the mouth, nasal passage or an external wound. Then this larvae travels under the skin of the cat and sets up "house" on the head, neck or body. The larvae grows inside their own little houses. They make a breathing hole at the top of their house. This is when you may notice a bulge and actually can see the head and mouth, at the opening. At this stage, this larvae has probably been with the cat for about 30 days. It's very important to be cautious in removing these larvae. Removing it incorrectly can cause a large inflammatory reaction in the cat. The one we removed today was quite large. It's amazing though how quickly that hole will heal on this little baby.

Yeah for Amazon order-ers thru our website! Each time you order your Amazon items thru our website, FFRC gets a little bit of change! We just received a deposit from Amazon to the tune of $865.59---thanks to all who have made this possible!

Trucker has started a new tradition---good, solid poos!! We couldn't be any happier about this. I still get happy each this this happens. He always looks at me with such pride! I don't think our little guy is yet back to 100% though. He still sits sometimes, a bit withdrawn, like his tummy still aches a bit. But the improvement is huge! 

All is good. The kitties are healthy. The cats are happy. Froggy is playing like a silly kitty in his pool. There's 4 kittens sleeping in a sunbeam by my desk. Asha is snoozing beside me. Zelda helped me with boxes last night. Kiara is under the warm laundry---life is good! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday, July 27

We have names!  Finally! We have so many kittens in the back Thumper's Room.  THis weekend, we opened the door to the Front Thumper's Room and the Welcome Room Office so they can start expanding their horizons. They are now expressing interest in the door to the Main Area! Even Sea Turtle poked her head inside, but turned around and went back!  Here's the names:

Lily Rose---Torti/tiger with eye problem, female
Paul---tiger/white feet (has spotties), male
Phillip--tiger (also has spotties), male
Hoot---very small yet medium length black, male
Mosaic--torti/tiger, female, still has sore back foot
Amaryllis Pocket---grey/white, female, still struggling a bit
Sophie---short hair, brown tiger, female,bite wound rear left leg
Gustave---short hair, gold/white, male, bite wound front right leg
Sindile---long hair brown tiger, arrived anemic from fleas

Merit is doing better.  Her face is healing. Her button will be removed soon.  Still some soreness in front leg. Trucker has been doing better this weekend. No poo from him yesterday or today....yet. This is a good thing. His appetite is still so-so. He's still on his meds.  Mewzer is wonderful--he's not afraid in the least bit and so so loves to be loved on. Kazumi is handsome--he lets us know when he wants more holding as he will come up and meow, meow, meow! So cute!

Fredo is running around playing with everything. Such a lot of energy. Rios is the extra loverbug. He has such a sweet face. Froggy had a very good weekend---eating good, pottying in the litterbox when we put him in it, playing. Today he seems a bit down, but that's ok. He definitely is growing!

Andre and Suzanne are here visiting. These are our friends that adopted Freemont. I've seen videos of Freemont in his home. He is a wonderful, so very happy cat and they love him very much. Just a wonderful thing!

I received a poem, written by a lurker that I thought you'd enjoy!
"My name is D man, and I'm a cool cat
I live with Jacci 'cause she knows where it's at.
I wobble around and show off all my moves.
Don't stop me now; I'm in the groove.
I may look funny and I may fall down,
But I'm all smiles and I never frown.
All the chatters think that I'm the bees' knees.
Hey, look at me, Mom, I'm like royalty.
I do my best to bring a smile to your face.
That's my job in this FFRC place.
The winds may blow and the snow may fall
But I've got a great home through it all."    Thanks to our lurker friend for this! 

Yes, we are taking on a new kitten very soon. Many of you heard thru the web and then we talked about it last night with the chatters. His name is Tiny Tim (he'll probably get a new name as we've used this a couple times!). He's about 4 months old--born in April. He's a grey tiger boy and so cuddling and sweet. He came from a very sad background, but a wonderful person found out he needed a new home and rescued him. She will be bringing him here Friday sometime between 1;00-2:00. She says he's Mr. Purrsonality! He quite possibly is a CH kitten or a hydrocephalus kitten. Either way, our vets are on board and we've already been in touch with them. An appt will be made today for this new kitten to be seen the following week. Whatever his needs are, they will be met. 

The Barnies are doing great. Such a wonderful group of cats. They sure love their snackers too! All look really good.  Rena, Kerry, Middy, Tangie and Blake are frequent feeders at the calf hutch. These are the cats we call the Fire Cats, as their hutch is close to the firepit area.  While they may be "hands off" (except Kerry--he's a sweetie), they certainly love to be talked to and come so close. They are always close by.

Triumph loves those woolie balls that we have in the dryer. If one should fall on the floor, he's on it! And then he runs with it. Right now he is in the process of thorughly tearing one apart. Thank goodness it's an older one. But, he sure is having fun! Magic is playing with his little fuzzy ball that he carries around. I don't know how he keeps finding it---he takes it everywhere! Hark is on the floor, playing with Cayden. 

Yesterday we had a large group of visitors come, from another rescue in Fremont, Ohio. It was very nice to show them around. I believe they enjoyed their visit. It's always fun to "talk shop" with other rescue people! 

All is good. The health of the cats appear to be great. Cat and kittens are happy. A good way to start the day.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday, July 25

Our 4 babies that Peggy S had been fostering are now back at FFRC until they get adopted.  They are Paul, Phillip, Rios and Fredo.  All are doing great. Paul and Phillip have lots of dottie marks on them---very handsome. They have joined the big group of kittens that are already in the back Thumper's Room.  We have now opened the door so they have both the front and back Thumper's Room.  That means too that Sea Turtle is now coming up to the front a bit more. Our hope is to get this group incorporated into the Main Area soon.  Still keeping an eye on the orange/white and the grey tiger/white's injuries. A bit touchy yet. Merit's face is healing nicely. This coming week, her button will be removed on her chin. 

Trucker has now had 3 (let me say again----3!!!) fairly normal tiny poos. We are thrilled. Every day he appears a little bit better.  Doesn't have that "far away" look in his eyes so much anymore. He's taking his medicine like a good boy. He had a couple short spells in the sunshine yesterday which he so enjoyed. His appetite is also starting to increase. He's going to beat that bacterial infection!

Rochester looks like he's 3 feet long, even though he's a baby. He's stretched out as far as he can go--in a patch of sunshine! Emmitt is right there beside him, also stretched out! Asha is sleeping on my desk chair. I'm trying to give her enough space, cause she's certainly not giving me space!! Kazumi is laying on a blankie on the desk, watching all the kittens playing on the floor. A good way to work!

We had BOXES last night--many many thanks to you!
Mary H--Arch vol--kitty snackers, ream of paper, wash cloths, 3 packs markers
Judy R from FL--Visa gift card for FFRC, kitty snackers, Wilderness Blue kitty dry, 12 cans FF fish/shrimp
Jatcat--paper mate pens & notebooks
Karen T from NJ--GO canned food for Trucker
Ardenandcharmaine--big bag Precious cat litter, case of FF kitten, bag of Purina One kitten 
Eartheyes--2 cases Pro-Plan for Trucker
Vickey B--7 bags of RC babycat food
Leanne and Jacqui from Canada--2 cans chicken, maple cookies, 4 lysol wipes, 4 packs dunkeroos, 70 cans Friskies, 3 cases water, kitty sugar bowl, cat t-shirt, 8 bottles bleach, 8 bottles vinegar, kitty snackers
Elaine & Alan B from FL--card, donation & $2. Vernon's bamil!
Clark & Jessie and family--birthday cards (Neemu & Lorenzo) & the 2 famous $5 each
Charlene & kitty Missy from MI--card, donation for snacks
Karen B from Def--Chief tapes
Rosemary from South Afrida--5 more gorgeous, beautiful afghans--different colors, sizes and designs. Just awesome!
Gusti--donation for Trucker and his vet bill--big thanks!
Wanda E, artist--donation for a portrait order
Julia &David P--donation to help Trucker
Donavon S from UT--donation for Leonard and his pals
Marcy from MI (a lurker friend)--donation, card and a kind note

Some thoughtful words from a webcam friend:"Life is life. The old cliche' that "life isn't perfect" is REALITY. An imperfect face or body or entire "being", as long as it has a quality of life, is loved and can give love, is a being worthy of continued care and love in return, whether it be a human or a cat. Reality is rarely perfect." 

If you don't mind, I'd like to take a bit of space here for chit chat. Our webcam has been going for 5 years now. That truly seems impossible. Where does time go? When this first started and we added sound, it became something that I never dreamed could happen. We made friends with many people from around the world. This is an incredible thing. This Rescue Center takes an enormous amount of work to keep things clicking together nicely --  the whole package deal is huge. But, we here at the Rescue Center do it because we WANT to. This is our passion. And this is also real life here. This is not a show---we are ourselves. And the cats are also themselves! As you know, we have many "kinds" of cats--old ones, baby ones, healthy ones, sick ones, physically-abled ones, some not so much. Doesn't matter---we love them all. 

From our end here at the Rescue Center, it might possibly be easier than for you, the viewers.. The reason I say this is because when we see a cat crying, we can pick him up and comfort him.  When we see a kitten get bopped, we can add a hug. When we see someone hungry, we can open the cupboard and feed that one (or all of them!). When we see one sneezing, we can wipe a nose. When we see a cat with CH take a tumble, we can help comfort them. We are here physically, able to lend a hand. Whereas, you, our viewers, cannot do that. And I know this must be very hard for you to not be able to reach out and touch that particular cat in need.

So, we give and take from one another and respect one another. Many times we can feel that caring way of yours, zip right thru the cam! Sometimes if we have a chance to stop and chat, we can answer questions for you. We enjoy showing cats and kittens to you. Your "please can you do this" is met, IF we have time! Your "thank yous for doing a certain thing" always means a lot. We try to understand what it must be like to be on "the other side" and just be able to watch without touching. I am constantly overwhelmed with the kindness you show to these cats and kittens in many different ways.

It also brings up a point that I'd like to chat about. Many of you, as chatters, know these cats very very well. Our moderators do too! So....if you have questions (especially you newbies), please ask. It's OK to do so. I would never ever want people to feel shy to ask questions. I would far rather you ask them to our mods or to the viewers that truly know the answer, than to guess at an answer or ask behind the scenes to someone who may not know. There's a few guidelines though--we don't call any cat FAT!! Nope, we don't even here at the Rescue Center. lol   They may be "fluffy" but not Fat. Sevaun once went on a pizza depression eating binge for a whole week when called her "that word"! And yes, we realize that we have many cats with itty bitty problems (excessive swatting at times, marking at times, etc)---we just don't dwell on them! I guess that's because cats don't like to be talked down about either!! We just love them all! But, please........ask questions. We're all here for the love of the cats. Don't be afraid to ask...that's how you'll learn about them!  If you notice something amiss, please...feel free to check in with a mod. Be patient--our mods are humans too, with feelings. They might've already been asked this 10 times, but I'm sure are quite willing to explain it again. They are here because they enjoy the cats and the chatters. 

We are indeed an FFRCNation--here for the cats, here for one another, here for friendships. I feel our similarities and differences add to our strength. We are all entitled to express our feelings. That is who we are. I am not advocating verbal arguments. I do believe there is kindness, patience and compassion in all people. And words spoken with thought, consideration of other's feelings will go a long way in understanding and kindness. A Nation of humans is going to have some discord. If it didn't, it wouldn't be real. I would love if each day went so so smooth, but that just doesn't happen. And that's because.....that's LIFE!. continues here at FFRC! Enjoy the cats. Enjoy the friendships. Help one another. Be gentle and kind with feelings. We are a very unique group of people---all with the love of cats in mind, as a common thread. A group that has the ability to lift one another up. Enjoy this awesome, beautiful day! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23, Thursday

The cats and kitties are happy!! Lots of high-5's going on amongst the felines. They heard the results of the Raffle last night and are thrilled. The cost for all the surgeries last Saturday are now paid, we have another month of flea prevention and we can order another box of FIV/leukemia/heartworm test kit. Many many thanks from myself and the cats for making this possible!

Here's the results:
Item A   sold 74 tickets      won by Wavy      $370
Item B   sold 135 tickets    won by Kathy Mal       $675
Item C   sold 45 tickets      won by Anonymous viewer for Mary Braid    $225
Item D   sold 45 tickets      won by Karen Tay      $225
Item E   sold 60 tickets      won by lyathyan     $300
Item F   sold 30 tickets      won by Anonymous viewer for Pat B     $150
Item G   sold 21 tickets     won by Kathy Mal    $105
Item H   sold 56 tickets     won by needtoretire    $280
Total:   $2,330

We had some wonderful help bumping up the total. I thank you so so much for doing this--means a lot to us.  Big thanks to:  Joco51, farmgirl51, eaglewatcher, eartheyes, katandbuster
We then drew 10 names for Consolation Prizes. 

Our GRAND TOTAL is:  $2,600    Thanks to you for your participation!

We also had BOXES last night. What a great night--thanks!
Vicki B--last bag of Precious Cat litter 
LostGirl--3 packages of Pet Safety Alert Static Cling Window decals
Mayumi of the FFRCNation Tokoyo Branch--some great food! packs of tuna steak and packs of chicken steaks! 2 cases tuna Tulle. 2 cooling pillows--one for Derecho & Coralie. 2 packages of KitKat candy for volunteers
Rosemary from South Africa--3 more beautiful afghans. Rosemary has donated 51 afghans! Many thanks, Rosemary.
Tom W from MI--donation to use where needed
Sandra T from Australia--donation for Trucker
Janet C from VA--donation to help with new kittens & ongoing medical expenses
Deb C from NJ--donation to help with the new babies
Sharon S--donation for FFRC
Marcy from MI--donation for FFRC and a very kind note

Part of Marcy's note is:  "Life is life. The old cliche' that "life isn't perfect" is REALITY. An imperfect face or body or entire being, as long as it has a quality of life, is loved and loving, is a being worthy of continued care and love in return, whether it be a human or a cat or whatever. Reality is rarely perfect." 

Froggy is perking along! He's had 5 real good days in a row. We have so many kitties in the back Thumper's Room. They are a work in progress. The lice is gone, fleas are gone, tummies are starting to fill up. The wounds are healing, but I'm afraid the gold/white one and the tiger/white one will require surgery. We are still in the healing phase and will address the next step soon. 

Trucker is doing a tiny bit better each day. He's a bit more perkier today but it's obvious he's not up to speed yet. His appetite is slowly slowly increasing. And the good news---he had a poo this morning. And it's a poo to be happy about---softly formed!  I truly believe if his tail didn't swish in it, it wouldn't be so messy for him. I've talked to Dr. Darcy daily about him so she is up to date. 

We took in a new kitten two days ago. She is a torti/tiger, short hair and found by a volunteer, all by herself. She is about 4 1/2 weeks old. Poor baby--out there all by herself. She has a "Gusti-eye". Yes, almost as bad as what Gusti's eye was. She's on soreness meds and antibiotics and topical ointments. In time she will have surgery to remove the bad eye. Right now it appears the other eye is good.

Mac and Cheese made it!  They were adopted together into a really wonderful home. They left on Tuesday. We will have another adoption Saturday morning. 

Busy times here but never too busy to say a big thanks to you all for your support! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday, July 21

Oh-oh.  Somehow or another, 3 kittens turned into 5. What happened?!!  Yesterday we took in these two new tiny babies that appear to be Siamese mix. Their mama apparently abandoned them in a tub, on top of a magazine. Our volunteer Dawn E and husband John rescued them. I really hesitate and rarely  will add other kittens to an existing litter without doing a leukemia/FIV test first. Obviously, these babies veins are way too small to get blood. After talking to Dr. Darcy, we decided to go ahead and let Valeta have these two new additions. They look like they belong there. They took to her right away and she immediately starting cleaning and nursing them. The two new ones are about 3 days older than the other three. We still let Valeta out of her room several times a day for a cruise-about.

We had BOXES last night---we are ever so grateful.
Judith C from the UK--16 lb. bag Purina One, kitty snackers and bag of Royal Canin kitten dry food.
Leggygal from CA--2 boxes FULL of plaid leggydews---beautiful!
Doubleydibleydoo in UK--3 cases Fancy Feast, case of Friskies
Vicki B--80 lbs Precious Cat Litter--already used!
EarthEyes/Margaret--2 cases Fancy Feast
Vrs & Schinn--2 mods that have been visiting--case of Fancy Feast, 2 cases babyfood, 6 boxes Appetizers, 20 cases Friskies, 2 cases water
Debbi D--2 cases Fancy Feast, 1 case Friskies, bag of Royal Canin Adult
Bob, Cindy, Matthew & Patrick from OH--Clorox wipes, 6 & 9 inch plates, 2 gallons bleach, 5 gallons vinegar, 2 Clorox cleaners, bag of Purina One & Snackers
Judy & Phil from IN--9 & 6 inch plates, sponges, Magic Erasers, lg. spring toys, woolies, cat crazy toys, case of Fancy Feast, 5 types of candy for volunteers
Kathleen M--card with note, donation for cat name
MacNcheese--doantion to FFRC
Annette20--donation for Trucker & a kiss to be given!
Gusti--donation to help with the 6 new kitties
Sean M from UK--donation in the name of his late mother Caroline B who passed on 6/21/15. She enjoyed watching the cam.
Lann from IA--donation in memory of Audra
Tabbylin--donation in memory of Audra

Rosemary from South Africa has gifted us with SEVEN absolutely beautiful afghans. We opened her boxes last night. They are all exceptionally nice, each different from the other. Thank you!

Please remember--if I ever forget something or have it printed wrong or neglect an e-mail or message, just let me know. Things get crazy here sometimes! 

Trucker. Wow--what an awesome boy he is. And a very sick little guy. I noticed Friday he was a bit "punky"  but he was still eating. Saturday he didn't eat much of anything and seemed off--just not playing and sitting by himself. Sunday we knew we had a problem. Fluids were given. Monday morning very early, I text Dr. Darcy and told her Trucker was having trouble--not eating, no pottying at all, depressed. She had surgeries in the morning so told me to bring him in, in the early afternoon. So, Trucker & I zipped up to the vet office. First, was an IV to give him fluids. Then a good volume of blood was drawn to check many things. And an ultrasound was done also. We already know he has IBS--probably on the severe level. As you know, we have done very many many different things to try and help him. So....he has two problems. First is the unresolved IBS. Because of the severity of it, the bacteria has now expanded to his body--sending bacteria everywhere, which is called Septicemia or sepsis. That is his second problem. He's back home now, but has a big recovery to make. He's on 3 antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory. There will be another drug added later this week.

Trucker's Tuesday update--he did eat a tiny tiny bit this morning. And he now just ate a little bit of chicken.  We are not going to worry about his diet today, just want to get him eating again. He's spending most of his time sleeping, which is a good thing. We just want our little boy to get better. Last night and this morning, Magic visited Trucker to give him a lift in his spirits. Thanks to everyone for caring. 

We still have all the kittens in the back Thumper's Room. No names yet, but soon.  The little orange/white one and the grey tiger/white one still are having their wounds worked on. Both of their wounds are serious. Time will tell. Merit's facial and head wounds are doing better. She's tolerating her button on her chin just fine. The littlest one is finally starting to eat without having to be syringed fed. Froggy, Merit and these 6 kittens are all friends. The kittens jump into Froggy's pen to be with him!  Sea Turtle is their supervisor--she loves the counter and is always overlooking them! She's very nice with them. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday, July 19

Seven days old! That's how old Valeta's babies are today--a week. Because there are only 3 babies, they are getting full milk supply! They all three have such nice round tummies. Valeta is a wonderful cat--so loving to the babies and to people. She comes out of her room a few times a day just to meander around, eating, visiting. Then back she goes to tend to the kitties!  

We had BOXES Friday evening. So many thanks to you. 
Zoolove--4 tubs kitty snackers, 6 cans Lysol wipes, 1 Precious litter  & case of Fancy Feast
EarthEyes/Margaret--2 bags Purina One Kitten, bag of Purina One Adult, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, Purrfectly Chicken pouches, Case of Fancy Feast & Friskies, 14 bags Party Mix snackers & 2 cases sardines!
Schinn (visiting here with Vaun!)--pop tabs for Kellen, 2 bags coil toys and a comfy bed for Paddy Purr, 6 bags kitty snackers, towels & pillowcases
LostGirl/Debbi--3 jugs Tide HE
Susan345--2 bags Royal Canin Babycat
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Don & Joy D from NY--summer card and donation
JaneAnne H from WA--book on medical articles
Dorothy D--donation to FFRC
Jaquelin M --donation to help with Bow's surgery

 It's Raffle Time! This is our first one since the Catathon. We're ready! It starts today and ends at 9 am on Weds.  All raffle tickets are $5. You can purchase one or as many for which ever item you'd like! This Raffle will help us with the surgeries from yesterday, another bout of Flea Prevention for all the cats here and for another box of 30 FIV/Leuk/Heartworm test kit.  Check out our various pages for more info! 

Thank you for your patience when our cam was down yesterday for hours. It's up and running now. We're still trying to work out what exactly happened. Please always know, if it's down, we're working on it! 

We had an adoption on Friday--our Oswald went to his new home! I've already received pictures and notes. Sounds like things are going great. He's bestest friends with the family dog! 

We had our Surgery Day yesterday. What a very busy day we had. In addition to the surgeries, we had quite a few visitors in the afternoon, some looking for kitties to adopt. They will return soon to make final picks! 

First, I'd like to talk about Audra.We lost Audra last night. Dr. Darcy looked at her yesterday and wondered if she may have aborted the kittens. With that in mind, we were anxious to do her spay--to remove a probable "not so healthy uterus". But, once inside, she realized she had never been pregnant, but probably sustained an injury due to a blunt force/kick, not really sure what caused it. But, her abdomen had much blood in it, from an injury. Then we also noticed severe bruising to more areas. Poor girl had a rough time somewhere before coming to FFRC.  It was all too much for her and she passed away about 8:00 last night. We kept her comfortable. I am so thankful that she knew a few days of love here. These are the things that are hard. Again, I ask that we not focus on the "bad people" who may have caused this, but to focus on the good---she was here and she was loved. 

We neutered 10 of our FFRC boys. They were India, Markel, Induna, Armstrong, Shep, Kazumi, Mewzer, Sherlock, Mycroft and Rochester.  All of their physicals were great!

We spayed 3 of our girls. They were Sparkle, Bows (and hernia repair) and Merit.  Their physicals were also good. 

We also spayed/neutered 5 other cats that volunteers brought in---all outside cats. They are doing their part of spaying/neutering!! 

Dr. Darcy did a few other physicals too for us--Barkey, Hark, Sea Turtle, Froggy, Hensley. These were also good. Hensley and Hark have a slight broken K9 tooth that we will watch.

Notes on Sea Turtle:  great condition! Heart, lungs, kidneys, thyroid, tummy, weight--all good! She's a remarkable cat and kept us company the entire time of surgeries!

Notes on Froggy:  Dr. Darcy does feel he has more than just the cerebellum involved in his "problems'. Concerned about seizure activity. We talked about the quality of life--we promised never to do harm or be inconsiderate of what a cat can handle/do. So, for now, we're on a day-to-day with Froggy. Tons of loving, anything he wants, we do. He is an awesome little guy who we all love so much. And he sure can purr!

We had a deposit from Ustream yesterday. Just remember when those ads pop up--we know they can be annoying, but just think $$$$!!  Our deposit was for $1,542.41 for May.  Well worth those short ads! Thank you for your patience with them!

In the last day, we've taken on 6 new kittens. My goal yesterday, amongst an already busy day, was to not increase our numbers any more for a day. But, that was not to be. 
First came a little one, long hair brown tiger, boy that had so so many fleas on his body that he is very anemic. But, he has a very healthy appetite and should improve quickly!  
The second one was a tiger/white, female, with a nasty bite wound on a front leg--so sore and infected. On antibiotics, leg soaks, soreness meds.  
The third one is a gold/white, male, has a very bad infected wound on a rear leg. This kitten is in danger of losing the leg. Dr. Darcy took a look at it already. We will treat it in hopes of good improvement. He's too small for surgery right now. He also is on leg soaks, antibiotics, soreness meds.

Then today, Sunday, we had 3 more kittens presented to us. 
First, Lisa, our morning person was coming into work and saw a small torti/tiger kitten on the road. She was sopping wet, thin and scared. No baby should be on the road at 4:15 in the morning. 
Second was a kitten that my granddaughter Grace helped with. This is a little grey/white baby that was in danger of being hurt by kids. She rescued her and was brought here. 
Third was a little black, long hair kitten that apparently was dropped off at a gas station. A family traveling to SC saw her and kept her overnight to bring her here this morning.

These kittens all have one thing in common---they need not be homeless. Where are all these mamas? And where are people to help them be neutered/spayed? All 6 of these kittens have come in individually. They also have something else in common---they are so young--none are over 6 weeks of age. They are all tested, wormed, bathed, Bordatella vaccines given. And they have something more in common--they will be loved and helped. Welcome, you 6 little ones. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16, Thursday

We had blue skies, no rain and fairly good temps yesterday---it was wonderful to not have grey skies and rain. The cats were soaking up the moving sunshine beams on the floor!

Saturday is our surgery day. We are ready! Here's the tentative list:
Girls:   Sparkle (3.04)    Bows  (2.11)   also has an umbilical hernia
Boys:   India (3.08),   Markel (3.04),  Induna (3.03),  Armstrong (3.03),   Shep (2.03),  Kazumi (2.07),  Mewzer (2.08),  Rochester (2.05),  Mycroft (3.03),  Sherlock (3.05)

We will also have Merit's injuries looked at from her Toss from Car accident. She weighs 2.15.  Audra (6.02), the siamese, will also have a physical. 

One of our volunteers will also be bringing in a couple cats that need neutered. We like to help our volunteers with their neutering projects!

We also have cats that need a physical. Those cats are:  Barkey, Markie, Hark, Sea Turtle, Hensley, Preakness and Valeta. Bender will also have his physical from the health department from his "accidental" biting, for which he is very very sorry. 

We will also have Dr. Darcy give Froggy a check up, although we have been in contact with her about Froggy this past week. 

Today, Megan will be going to Bucyrus to a shelter to bring a cat back to FFRC. Thank you, Megan. Her name is Sea Turtle. She's a torti and is 18 years old. Her past owner could no longer care for her. She will become a resident oldster. Safe trip, Megan. I believe they may be back at FFRC approximately 7:00-7:15. 

Last night we had BOXES--wonderful boxes that we are always grateful for!
Mike/sophieandlucysdad--8 bags of Kitty Snackers, bag of doggie snackers
Annette B and her kitty Elsie--For Rory of the Cove--7 bags kitty snackers, 7 Purrfectly chicken, Fancy Feast, 8 cans Friskies & 4 appetizers--they've already been delivered to Rory and the Cove!
Anne in UK--lots of purse charmers & book marks -- these are such wonderful items!
Susan345--powdered Gerber rice cereal--6 big containers
Phlebldy--3 of 10 packs of baby food and 3 cans of KMR
Lostgirl/Debbie--3 one gallons of Mr. Clean.  Smells so good!
Paula A--30 of 9 inch styrofoam plates, kitty toys, a case of Fancy Feast, 3 cans sardines, doggie snackers, KMR can, kitty snackers, 12 jars baby food, 2 cans chicken, 2 cans tuna, 12 Meow Mix cups, 8 cans of Friskies
Midwesterngirl/Mary and Amanda and Haley--visitors--7 bags of Purina One, 6 cases of Friskies, kitty snackers and a donation from her garage sale for FFRC!!
Michelle & Frank--vols--kitty snackers, dog snackers, vinegar, gummy worms (love this!), paper plates
Conii with Elliott & Iszabella--12 bags of Royal Canin babycat dry kibbles
Eartheyes/Margaret--bag of Purina 1 adult, Purina 1 Kitten & 2 bags of Precious Litter
SSB--Sherwood State Bank in Def--donation for "jeans day"
Butterfly Class--letter with sun visors and cards made by the class
Trudy S from Bryan--donation for FFRC
Clark, Jessie & family--birthday cards & the famous $5 each for Soy Boy, Timothy, Preakness, Debut, Zelda, (Jonah & Riley were also honored!). 
Geremy K from WI--donation for Zelda's birthday! more chicken snackers coming!
Lynda Sampson from MN--donation to FFRC

Walter is dong wonderful! He's become the front office greeter. He just cannot get enough! He will meet, greet, rub and purr to his heart's content! All this goes on with Joyful watching over everyone that comes in. A good pair to have in the office!

Lena has also become a love-bug. She's no longer shy and is constantly at anyone to pet her! Her sister Rena that is outside loves us from a distance, but follows us around everywhere! They sure look a lot alike. 

Valeta's 3 babies grew big time overnight! They have nice round tummies and look great. She's such a relaxed mama. Scott is about the sleekest cat ever--so very shiny. Mycroft and Sherlock have adjusted well here. They sure like to nap together--two very happy boys. 

We now have Merit and Audra on the floor in the back Thumper's Room. Both seem to be happy. Merit's front right leg is still a bit sore. Her rear left leg is healing nicely. The wounds on her mouth/nose and top of her head are also healing. She is now eating without too much difficulty. 

We had a toy on the floor this morning that had a hummingbird that goes around. Lorenzo loved it, as did many of the cats. It was so nice to see him really enjoying this. Magic has a special toy that he loves. It's actually a "part" of another toy, but he doesn't care. He carries it all over the place! Magic and Trucker both love to follow me in the Storage Room. They head straight to the rug and roll and roll.  Oops--I forgot--isn't there a No Cat Area sign on the door?  Oops. I'll have to explain this to them!

We've been working with that virus that Franklin came in with. I can finally see a difference in him. Have you noticed how long his tail is? He's a fun boy--loves toys. He's right now chasing a toy bug around along with Oswald. 

Jessie is doing wonderful. We can tell she feels so much better since her dental. She's very sweet. She will be the second oldest oldster once Sea Turtle arrives. And that's ok with her--makes her feel younger! 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

July 14. Tuesday

The three babies of Valeta's are doing wonderful. We did move them to Cat's Corner Room, where Valeta is much more at ease. After all, this was her first home here. The three babies are: grey tiger (male), white with dark tiger tail and ears (female) and it appears a Siamese (male). All have that wonderful round FFRC tummies already. Valeta is unlike many mom's. Most mamas stay glued to their babies for a couple weeks. Not Valeta---she wants to come out of her room, get pets and snacks and walk around a bit then go back in with her babies. I tell her that is ok, as long as she knows she's feeding those kids of hers!! She looks real good!

Somebody must've slipped in this morning and passed out some extra zippy catnip. These kittens have been crazier than normal! But I love it. Finally though, some are starting to nap-out. Right here at my desk, I can count 8 sleepy babies. And then, of course, there's Shep--he's still full of energy.  Looks like Sparkle is going to tussle with him.

We have some thanks to give. You all are very appreciated.
Tracy L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Pam/Buckeye--donation thru PayPal for the Catribution
Mary K from MN--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Gill H from UK--donation to FFRC, thru PayPal
Sharon H--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

I'd like to also say a big thank you for the support of the Flash Sale that we had yesterday. Things are already getting packed and sent out today.

Yesterday was an afternoon of heavy rains....again. We are now at our 4th time of being flooded at the backwater. Unbelievable.  I don't even remember a single summer flood before (spring, yes, but not this time of year). Eventually, we'll get those picnic tables and benches back out there and enjoy the river! And ohhhh, is that grass ever green! 

Dion is here today. Last week he put the framework up for the porch in front of The House that Jonah Built. Today, the metal roof goes on! We're excited. They already love the concrete out there and will roll and roll on it. The barn cathouses are also a big hit. Usually when I look inside them, there's always a few cats napping. We also just put a tall climber beside the Porchie Haven so they can climb up on that roof too--no worries, it's not close to the fence edge. I think they believe they are kings/queens of the jungle up there!

Mycroft, Sherlock and Rochester are all now up in the Main Area and doing great. Now we have three small tiger/white kittens.  Mycroft has a longer white stripe up nose. Sherlock's white stripe is short. And Cyrus's stripe is long and very thin. An easy way to tell them apart for you!  Mewzer is also up front now and is doing great. They are all happy kittens. Have you noticed we have been getting far more boys in than girls?

In the next few days we will be doing a surgery count for Saturday. We will also have Dr. Darcy do a few physicals. Dr. Darcy will also fill out Bender's health record for our Health Dept.

Dorecho continues to do better and better. He's amazing! I saw Bender jump down from about 3 feet today-------made me hold my breathe.  But he landed safely and walked away just fine. Whew!  Lucy Ann is such a nice girl--so quiet, a gentle soul. Lorenzo got his extra snacker of baby food this morning. Coralie is right now, sitting patiently beside Denise. Denise is fluffing up her bed and putting on fresh blankies. Coralie's waiting to reclaim her poof! 

Two of the friendliest cats and two of the slickest cats to shoot past your legs in the house are.......can you guess?  It's Markie and Barkey. They are super fast and so very sweet. If someone is looking for two extra fantastic house young cats, these two would be it! 

Movies tonight and BOXES are tomorrow night! Take care and please, if you can do it, reach out and help someone with a spay/neuter. There simply are not enough homes for all the cats and kittens out there. 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

July 12, Sunday

We have babies!  Valeta had her babies this morning.  I had walked into the Main Area from the Front Office and there she was.....on the floor, having a hard contraction. It's like........wait---let's get you in Dodger's Pen.  Within an hour, she had 3 babies. The first is a dark tiger, second a white one with a black tail and ears. The third appears to maybe be a siamese.  She seems a bit restless this afternoon, but I keep telling her she must be a good mama and to let them nurse.  If she continues to feel nervous in this pen, we will move her to Cat's Corner Room---she is well familiar with this room.  
Derecho continues to do wonderful. He's been all over the place today. We had Peggy's 3 foster babies all weekend, but today they went back with Peggy for maybe another week. Fredo wanted to join them, so Peggy took all 4 boys. They sure do like to play together. 

I was presented today with a message. It was rather hard to read. I put much thought in the answer before sending a reply. I shared this with Steve and he asked me if anyone else had inquired about the same thing. I said no, but maybe others had questions. He suggested I put my reply here in the blog, just in case others wondered. the message was why would I allow our neurological cats to suffer. It was suggested that they should all be euthanized. And that it was wrong to let them be in front of the cam.  My response:

"My name is Jacci and I’m director of Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  We have been doing rescue work for 16 years. I would like to explain a couple things to you.  About 3 years ago, we decided we would like to help special needs cats.  That may mean they are 3 legged, blind, senior cats, even 2 legged, etc. They have an excellent quality of life. But we also have a soft spot for cats that have CH, Cerebellar Hypoplasia.  These cats that you see that are “wobbly” are cats with CH.  There are various degrees of it—mild, moderate and severe. They have the capability of living full, long, loving lives. Yes, we do have some that are heavily moderate and severe. But, their life is important to us. They are not unhappy—quite the opposite actually. Their brain functions the same as any other cat. It’s just their cerebellum is not fully developed. That is their balance system, hence their “wobbliness”. We have found they are very happy, contented cats and very full of determination. The grey/white one that you speak of is Derecho. He came here as a baby and with pure determination, has figured out how to walk and get where he wants to go. We have another severe one, Alma, who by herself, has figured out how to do everything she wants to do. Sure, they may be “off balance” but that is ok. They are not sad, abused cats as you have indicated. They are also not suffering. All of our cats with CH have full vet support. If you were able to spend even a speck of time with them, you would realize they give and take love and so enjoy life. I believe in giving cats a chance of life and we here at FFRC extra enjoy our “handicapable” cats. I truly cannot call them a handicapped cat as, in their brain, they do not consider themselves as such. They think they are quite normal! They eat, play, interact with the other cats and people and purr. Who are we to judge them and simply say they should be euthanized? Not me.  You say it disturbs people to see them suffering. We have world wide coverage of our kittycam and friends from all over the globe. They support us, love our cats from afar and they KNOW in their hearts that these cats are not suffering. I made a conscious decision years ago, that I was not going to “hide” these cats. They get to go wherever they want to go. If they prefer the Kabana Room—then that’s their choice. If they want to stroll down the Main Area—that’s good too. Hiding or euthanizing these types of cats does not solve the problem. What can help with this problem is to first, let these cats have a great life and then to educate people. We encourage people to get their cats spayed, get vaccinations done (vaccinating can prevent CH), to help with the overpopulation problem. And to also let people realize what some may consider “rejects” still have high quality of life. So, we shall go on as we are—loving these wonderful, happy cats and continue educating people. I hope you may give these cats that you have mentioned a second look on our cam. Just watch them—and get to know them. You will see they are indeed living a good life.  Jacci"

What I am hoping is that people are accepting of what we do. And to give these special cats a chance to be themselves. It's all in educating people. You and I can do this---one person at a time. Thank you.

And I'd like to say a special thanks to our FFRC friends/viewers who stand by us---means a lot to me. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday, July 11

Froggy continues to do wonderful! He ate a great breakfast and is playing with his other kitty friends! So nice to see this. We have the 3 kittens that Peggy is fostering. They are here for a few days while Peggy is extra busy. We also have Fredo and Rochester in the back Thumper's Room too, so there's lots of action! 

We took in two more kittens yesterday--both brothers--and twins too!A family took in a pregnant cat. She had these two kittens and they couldn't find homes for them. They had called a week or so ago. I told them if they would get the mama spayed, we would then take the babies. So....mama was spayed earlier this week.  The boys were born 4/15/15. They are grey tiger/white and very sweet. One has a bit higher white mark on the nose than the other. That ones name is Mycroft.  The one with the shorter white mark on the nose is Sherlock.  Both are Name a Cat names. 

I'm not sure what's going on, but I've been hearing mumblings from the cats---something about eating worms!! Apparently they think if they eat worms, they will be everyone's friends.  If you need more understanding on this.......ask SonJa!  lol   (And now, Callie & Harry just brought some Gummi Worms for us!!)

We had BOXES last night and I am ever so thankful!
Mya & Deacon--day visitors--lots of 9-Lives can food
Mimi with Buddy in FL--note, pop tabs for Kellen
Kathie3103--6 bags kitty snackers, 2 tub of kitty snackers
Jatcat from CA--3 pkg pop-up postie notes, light up turbo toy
LostGirl/Debbie--2 tubs kitty snackers & 2 bags RC babycat
Caren F--2 playmats for Froggy (who loves them!), 2 cases Friskies & 2 bags of coil toys
Justme with Tootsie, Hamilton & Niffie--3-16 lb bags Purina One
Leanne from Canada--to show me how much Trucker loves me---a tshirt with picture of Trucker saying "Momma, Where Are You?"   I love it!
Jenni B & Minnie--pretty card with note, 2 key fobs she made & newspaper clippings
Melissa L from NY-donation for FFRC
Clark, Jessie & Family--HB to Emily, Jersey & Cutie & 3 of the famous $5!
Mary H, vol, from Arch.--4 packages PT, 2 big pkgs of chicken to cook for kitty snackers
Sandra K from IN--box tops for Caryn & a fiver Friday donation
Leggygal from CA--2 awesome boxes full of pillowcases & biggydews!!!
Domingo F--donation to FFRC

A week from today is our surgery day--the 18th. On Weds., we will weigh all the youngsters and see who is big enough for their surgeries.  It should be another busy surgery day. 

Yesterday, Dion was here to start on the metal roof that will extend out from The House that Jonah Built. It will be 10 x 16 and help reflect the sun and will also be nice for the volunteers for when it rains or snows. Anthony spent quite a bit of time yesterday trimming the big tree that laid on top of the 17 foot roof of the Cove--this was probably how the raccoons got into the playground. This should take care of that problem.

Yesterday several of us went down to sit with the Covies. They are such a great group of cats. Jackson, Jersey and August all came out too. They are doing really well. I also took chicken treats to the Cove--that was a big hit. Jackson of course, did his swagger walk all around while he was gobbling the chicken up! 

That Shep--he's a rascal. He loves to play with the older kittens. He sure can keep up with them. Rochester, one of our newest black/white kittens is doing so much better. I think he wasn't too use to playing with other kittens and it's taken a couple days for him to "get it". Now, he's having a rockin' rollin' good time in the Back Thumper's Room with the kittens. He sure does look like a baby Bender! 

Trucker and Cheese is sleeping right at my feet. Trucker of course is handsome. Cheese and Mac have such rich, dark orange tones--very nice markings. Both of the kitties are super sweet and still waiting to be adopted.  Markel and India are playing in the sunshine sparkles that is coming in thru the office door. Vernon is pretending he is sleeping on my desk but will reach out and tap my fingers! If you get to visit, you will need to hold Vernon---he sinks right into your arms!

Yesterday was a big cleaning day. All of the kuranda towers, the 2 wheels, the 3 Feline Snoozers, anything that could be blasted off, was taken out to the parking lot. They were all power water blasted and left to dry in the sun. Later they were all brought back in--all nice and fresh! We even did that to the sunporch cat furniture too. 

Enjoy this wonderful weekend. Please mark your calendar--September 12 is Catstock! 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday, July 9

What a crazy day yesterday was.  Oh wait---isn't that just normal for here?! I do believe that is correct!

First, Happy Birthday to Preakness. She is now 4 years old. She and her litter were named after horse races. Her brothers were Derby and Belmont.  They were 6 weeks old when they arrived on 8/19/11. A very sweet girl. 

Lisa heard a bunch of ruckus going on in the L.J. Playground yesterday morning. So off we went to check it out, with a net and a flashlight as it was still dark.  There were 2 raccoons INSIDE the playground. And boy, were they ticked off and so were the cats, who were way too nosy. So, we got them in the net and relocated them. Mayor Anony and Rolland patrolled the area for quite a while afterwards just to make sure all was safe. 

While we were in the playground, there was Rena--on the OUTSIDE of the playground, on the trailer just watching us. How'd she get out? Our best guess is that she got on top of the Cove and simply climbed the tree down. Remember, most of the Covies are, ummmm, a bit bigger, shall we say, than Rena. She could easily climb up to the roof. Actually, she probably watched Leonard do it as he enjoys going up there. It's 17 feet tall. Leonard says he goes up to sunbathe. Personally, I think Sevaun is paying him to watch out for the pizza guy. There's been evidence of strange pizza boxes in the firepit on some mornings. 

Fredo is doing much better. His appetite is picking up and he's feeling stronger! Froggy is doing wonderful. Even though he has severe CH (worse than Alma), he's figuring things out. We are learning to help him when he wants help. He has a certain cry that means--put me in the pottybox please. He's very good at that and still has had no accidents. He's a bit messy when he eats, but that's ok--a little wash up takes care of that. 

We had BOXES last night. We are a thankful bunch here!
Nona S--30 cans of KMR and 6 mega bags of kitty snackers
Judy Sp--2 of the 40 lb. bags of Precious Litter
Medic101--case of Fancy Feast
Joyce R/stinkygraykitty--shirts for Catstock--1 each of Lg, xl and 2xl.  And a tie dye shirt for kids and a Onsie with socks and XO on it--all so cute. A Beatles 1000 piece puzzle, 7 ceramic kitty bead bracelets and 2 kitty blankets
Lostgirl--3 cases babyfood
Joey3100--6 cases babyfood
Phlebldy--3 cases babyfood
Karla M from FL--20 crocheted scarves, 20 dish cloths, 7 kuranda tower blankies and 1 crocheted kitty bed--big thanks!
LJ323--2 bags Fruit Gems, 12 cans chicken, 2 cans Salmon, 2 cans clams. And an awesome, beautiful afghan named Hello There.  (raffle item for sure!)
Mary H, vol from Archbold, Vegas T-shirt with FFRC slot machine and a sphynx kitty saying I lost my Fur in Las Vegas! Both are cute!
Beth/eaglewatcher--lots of snackers!
Vicki B--emergency supply of 3 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat
Calico Cat with Clyde, Maynerd, Missy, Trouble, Little Tom & Flash--snackers
Susue & Santonio, vol--snackers.
Roberta L--donation to FFRC
Maria/snoopybaby--a PayPal donation in honor of Preakness' birthday! 
Diane/Hull--donation by PayPal, in memory of her friend, Janice

Wow--we were out of snackers and the kitties were heard--their crying meows sent the word out--they were starving. I tried to tell them they weren't starveing but....... they didn't believe me.  We received snackers galore yesterday!!  Thank you so so much for helping to replenish this wonderful treat for the cats!  We were also low on baby food jars and that too was answered. We were also on the last bag of Royal Canin Babycat dry food.  Now.....I try and tell those cats and kittens that they don't really really HAVE to have those things. But..........they weren't listening again. I saw Merri heading outside with a sign--RC Babycat food needed.  And then I saw Bella, just crying and crying for her baby food jar.  Oh my goodness--I deeply appreciate you helping to keep these cats happy! 

Ahimsa is helping us. Our 3 littlest kittens aren't doing so good. They just are not gaining weight. I am not sure of their survival, but we are trying and trying. Ahimsa seemed to be interested in them and so we "gave" them to her yesterday. She of course doesn't have milk but the comfort and baths she gives are so welcomed by the babies. 

Derecho is continuing to do better. Dr. Bill adjusted him again last night. We so appreciate that he takes his time to come out and care for our cats here. Derecho is back to walking around and being stronger about it. Of course he is still tipsy and always will be but he has his feet under him now!

Now, let's talk about Jackson, August and Jersey! As of Sunday, Jackson, Jersey and August are in the Cove, The House that Jonah Built and the playground! It was suggested to me about 2 months ago---if I would ever consider it. My first reactions was--no way, are you nuts?  But, I started putting alot of thought into this. And watching them. And wondering about it. These 3 cats came from outdoors. They have lived the life out there. They also are our biggest 3 sprayers, squirters, spritzers. They love to mark their territory. You all know, we certainly don't mind cleaning after them, but it makes a person wonder.  Would they indeed do better outside, but protected? So, we tried it on Sunday. We spent quite a bit of time with them and they explored The House that Jonah Built--up and down the kuranda towers, sniffing things, etc. We visited them off and on all day Sunday. The regular Covies are on their best behavior and have welcomed them. The next day, I found them outside, in various places. Then they all three found Cat's Cove and have decided that is theirs! They stick together, explore outside, but come back to the Cove. We do have a wheel also in the building for Jackson. They seem happy and that's what we're all about---their happiness over our wants.  There is also many less cats out there for them to have to deal with. And there's so much more room--they can explore, they can bask in the sun, chew grass, lay on many choice sleeping areas--they can do what they want without figuring out what all the other cats here in the Rescue Center are doing. I do feel they are "free" to be themselves. If at anytime I think this isn't working, then they will come back to the Rescue Center. But, at this point, I'm not anticipating that to happen. Sure, we will miss them being here in the Main Area, but I feel we have considered and honored what is best for them--put their needs first. Welcome, boys, to the world of the Covies! 



Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday, July 7

Rena is doing wonderful out at the Playground. She's comfortable in the entire place now and goes freely into all the buildings. We had some excess pavers and yesterday those were put together, like a small patio,  for the cats to lay on and roll around. What is it about cement that causes cats to roll? It must just feel good and nice and warm! 

As many of you already know, we lost our LaDonna yesterday. There are many causes to Vestibular Disorders, some easy to work with, some are not. We knew her time was close. LaDonna arrived here when she was 1 year old. She arrived September 2008. Her birthday was 9/15/07. She was a great cat--always willing to be loved on and easily gave love back. What a good friend she was and will certainly be missed. Her best friend is LeLe.

Many of you have been receiving your Catathon baskets, Big Ticket Items and Raffle winnings! We only have 4 things left yet to be mailed out! We are just waiting on payments for them and then they too will be sent right out! 

We had BOXES last night! Wonderful items and we are so grateful!
Tabbycat & Tween--purple bags for paw-Mart, FFRC acrylic picture frames with FFRC cats on display!, Roll of pink Raffle tickets, hooks for pegboards in PawMart
Katie L--Lurker friend from Canada--6 awesome Coolatoo pet beds! 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large. One goes in the back dog's kennel for Cammie, Janie and Bella! We will also take some out to the Playground for the Covies!
Dottie C--2 framed floral prints and 2 framed pastoral scene
Kimkost from OH--ty card with donation in memory of THomas and her kitty.
Debbie/bearMN & Dean J--donation to FFRC, in memory of LaDonna.
Mary K from PA--donation for Catathon contribution
Pat B & Ellen N--donation to sponsor Farrah!
Hallie G--donation for FFRC

We took on a new kitten. Cinder and hubby were on their way to camp when the car in front of them tossed this sweet kitten out the window. I will never understand how people think that that is an ok thing to do. It's not. But, this kitten was landed safely and wasn't hurt--just stunned. They stopped and picked him up and kept him while camping for the weekend. Yesterday morning, Cinder brought the little kitten here. His name is Kazumi (a Name a Cat name). He is about 9 weeks old, a black/white boy. His name means peace/harmonious. A good name for what we wish for, for the Rescue Center.

Froggy is doing pretty good. We are still learning routines one from another. We've learned what toys he likes! He not had a single accident since he arrived. We put him in the box and he goes potty! He likes to eat and is a good little eater. This morning, Froggy was laying sternal and was making biscuits in the blankie! A very nice scene! He likes his new kitty friends.

So far we haven't done real good with adding the Porchies to the Covies. We tried Caesar and Gwendolyn. That lasted overnight and then they very vocally told us they wanted OUT, OUT, OUT. We have also tried JJ. He too lasted overnight. In the morning after a huge big ruckus, it was obvious he was most unhappy. After unruffling his fur, he relaxed and was indeed the normal mushy JJ that we know. I've tried to add Austin and Mew, but each time I even think about it, they disappear. Hmmm, do they know? There's several cats that we know we will not even attempt to add--PB, Zavatar and Whiskers as they are.....hmmmm, how do I say this? They simply do not want to be with the Covies and visa versa. And Azar we could never add as his second family would certainly miss him. And Azar would miss sleeping with his little boy in the house at night. We will continue to work on this. 

You know, rarely do our cats not get along. Generally, they enjoy each other, respect each other. Sure, there may be tender rifts once in a while. But, they are wonderful and forgive easily. My time is mostly spent with the cats--taking care of them, working on adoptions, answering phone questions, doing treatments, giving baths--a hundred things that need tending to. These things do not wear me out. I am going to be perfectly honest and say this----the rifts that people have certainly do wear me out. They sometimes exhaust me. I love having people involved with this Rescue Center.  99% of the time, all is good and we all get along just fine. I think it's difficult sometimes for people though--on chat, fb, etc., all we can see are the words. There's no feeling of the words, no expression, no body language to go along with it. And so many times, things are misconstrued. A sad thing. The other interesting thing I've noticed is that when a negative thing happens, many people like to jump on the bandwagon and join in. Why is that? I do not know. I only wish people would jump on the nice, considerate, polite bandwagon. Bottom line is this---let's be friends, let's not be so ready to criticize or to spread things that possibly are not true. As many of our mamas have said---if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. Harsh words cannot be retracted. 

I choose to be surrounded by people who are positive, uplifting, friendly, honest and respectful. In return, I try hard to set that same example. Sorry for going on about this. It just saddens me when I see our cat friends in disagreement. Sometimes I know that there are so many "behind the scenes" pm's, messaging going on.  Not all of it is positive. We are all humans and sometimes fail in giving our best side. Where am I going with this? Not sure, just wanted to voice my thoughts about it. The cats sometimes pick at each other, but rarely enough to cause hurt feelings amongst themselves. I wish this for all of our human friends out there as well. 

Let's move on to brighter things! Towanda wants a home. Yep, she told me so. And one of her bestest friends is Emmitt. Both wonderful kittens, full of love and playfulness. And then there's Scott, a very young adult that is so gentle. He loves to play with the kittens! Right now Ahimsa is playing again--she loves those squeaky toys! And Magic--he can go like the wind. Many times you will see him carrying a ball in his mouth. I think Paddy Cake has taught him that! Cutie is right now playing with Mac and India. So nice to see that! Cayden just walked by--barely a limp in his walk today. And Derecho.....he walked clear from the washer to the refrigerator without falling! Milo is busy playing with a pipe cleaner. Sure love these cats! 

The Barnies are also doing great. They are a great bunch of cats and so love visitors coming down to see them! Hark is here playing too--he is so smooth for being a 3 legged cat. Such a handsome boy. Joey is here by my desk, looking at me. He thinks it's chicken time again! 

Many many thanks to you all for the support you have shown this Rescue Center. Support can mean financial help. It can mean in supportive prayers and good thoughts, it can be by "we have your back, you can lean on me" attitude. It can be in way of boxes. It can be by giving encouraging words. Or a smile or a big Hi on the cam. The passing on of cheerful news on the fb. There's many ways of showing your support and please believe me---we feel it from you to us! 

It's time to end this and get that chicken for Joey! Take care. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Thurday July 2

We have wonderful news! Rena is now inside the Rescue Center, safe and sound! Rena is one of the 8 cats that was dropped off here a couple weeks ago. Six were in cages and boxes but 2 were dumped over into the farmyard. It's taken lots of patience and time from many people, but we got her last night! She looks like she could be Lena's twin! I've been petting her and she is relaxing. We have her wormed already and will be calling the vets this morning to see about a spay for her. I'm so thankful that she is now safe. Now, to find that last one...........

Packages and boxes are just flying out of here! More than half of the Catathon Baskets, Raffle items and Big Ticket Items have now been mailed! As soon as paypments are received, we are getting them packed, taped and sent! Still feeling much joy, gratitude and excitement of the Catathon!

Shep had a very rough day yesterday. He wasn't feeling good at all. This morning he seems much better and is meowing to join his friends. I think we will keep a close eye on him today and have him nap and relax while in a pen so we know where he's at. Derecho today walked into the front purple office and did quite well! Bender too seems to be doing good and is cruising about.

Our mama brown tiger and her 2 black kittens will be making a trip to Fort Wayne. We have a vet office there that gives us several free spays/neuters a year......just because they like what we do! Isn't that wonderful? We are appreciative.

We had BOXES last night--as always, I so enjoy this and am amazed by the generosity of you folks.
A friend from Japan---donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Shannan W--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Jean K--a friend who visits FFRC--a big bag of Purina One dry adult
Conii & kitties--a donation to FFRC
Deb11111--a donation to FFRC, for showing Seymour to the viewers! & to sponsor the Paddys
Sean & Ann with Penn, Teller and Pixel from PA-Catathon visitors--Ceramic Ada Jane cat, Ceramic Z kitty and her friend Cindy P made an outside ceramic green calico kitty! Love these. Also many items, such as, chips, goldfish treats, Cheez-Its, baby food, tuna, clams, sardines, salmon, can food, toys, Tide HE, Lysol/Clorox wipes, Dawn TP, Fancy Feast can, kitty & doggie snackers, juice boxes, Meow mix cups
Kaylee & Emma M--bag of toys
Shari & Ann--Catathon visitors--pop tabs/boxtops for Caryn & girls, Pania rings, decorated adoption bags, bubble wrap, grooming razer and things for adoption bags--catnip toys & feather toys
Amy who adopted Pookie--TP, PT and kitty snackers
Danae W--baby food, cat scratcher, PT, sardines, dog bones, kitty snackers, apples, carrots & parsley
Jo603, visitor-2 bags Purina dry food, Royal Canin kitten food, kitty snackers, licorice for volunteers, 6 inch plates, kitty toys
Marymort--visitor--3 bags Purina dry cat, baby food, lysol wipes, dawn soap, 10 inch plates, baby wipes, cans of cat food.
Nona--2 replacement cans of KMR that were damaged
EagleSpirit/Sally H from WI--pop tabs, Fancy Feast, ribbon/yarn for Pat, yummy cookies, popcorn, crocheted baby ballet slipper booties, and her first crochet project--blankies for Cats Corner Room!
D'Lee from WA--zebra print/pink PJ's and PJ super soft bottoms
Aunty SonJa from Canada--For Tabith--box of 6 bags of snackers
Kelly R/littleonemine--lots and lots of wonderful 2" Scotch tape for Catathon packing!!
Clark & Jessie with family--Happy 12th Birthday to Muffin card with the famous $5
Linda S from NJ--catathon donation in honor of Mrs. Bender and kitty/pop tabs for Kellen, 2 Visa Gift cards
Susan C from Defiance--donation to FFRC
Myrna/mommymyrna from IN--a beautiful Afghan Cat on a Fence!
Eclectra/Nadine H--4 beautiful metal art photos of Alma, Kiara, Merri & Joey

Please, if I ever forget something or do incorrectly, never hesitate to email me and let me know. 

Asha is doing wonderful--she absolutely loves to be groomed. Franklin is learning how to make friends. It's so nice to see him playing with others. Ahimsa was out on the floor yesterday playing! Walter let us trim him toenails this morning fairly easily--that was a big accomplishment. Jersey so loves the windows in Kitty Kabana. Remember when Joey was afraid to even move? Now he's in every room and goes everywhere! Debut really loves to nap on top of the desk.

The Barnies are doing good. All appear healthy and happy. The farm animals too are doing good. It's so nice, with all this rain, to have such green grass. The backwater island is no longer covered by flood waters. Now, the clean up begins.....again. 

We had an adoption of Tuesday! Radiance was adopted by our volunteer Sherri and is now named Boo.  Sounds like Princess Sophie and Boo are becoming friends already. More adoptions this weekend!

This Fourth of July, we might find ourselves barbecuing, congregating with loved ones and friends and enjoying our precious free time. But July Fourth is also a time to step back, take stock and appreciate the deep freedoms we enjoy every day. Enjoy the upcoming weekend! Be extra watchful of your pets. I know here at FFRC, we will make sure Kiara has her cabinet to go into when those loud booms happen. Shamballie will also be coming inside so those loud fireworks don't scare him so much. 

From Jessie, our oldster, who is wise and wonderful---Remember....real friends don't deliberately try to cause chaos in your lives. Real friends always try to bring out the best in each person.  

Tuesday, June 30

This is what happened in the wee hours after Catathon, when all people had left and the cats were by themselves: There was a party!

Even the Porchies, Barnies and Covies were here! A giant tuna/chicken cake that said "Cats are important". Sparklers that little paws could hold and wave in the air. Yes, they had a bucket of water handy for safety. Balloons were everywhere that said "Way to go, Catathon"! Sevaun ordered those ahead of time. There was Confetti everywhere--even on the sleeping cats. I was told by Mayor Anony that they used scissors (very carefully) and cut up the paper for their confetti (which was the colored paper that I had thought I misplaced). Soft sirens were blaring---but don't worry. It wasn't loud enough to startle the kittens. And the party disco lights were out shining all over the place. They actually used both of the lights. And then the felt pens came out. They made a big giant banner that said----THANK YOU TO OUR FRIENDS FOR THE SUCCESSFUL CATATHON #5.

 And that, my friends, is exactly what happened! I peeked out and watched a bit but they were having so much fun that I didn't want to intrude. So, I took my tired and very grateful self to bed!

 Now, it's my turn though to do a big thanks! This past week, before Catathon,I put alot of thought into what possible outcome we may have. I was hoping to meet our needs. For the magnitude of what you have given to FFRC, there just doesn't seem to be adequate words to express myself. In case you missed the very end of Catathon, here is what I had said:

 "Some of our wonderful volunteers have been with us for many, many years. They all are what makes this place work. Without them, this work that we do would be impossible. They give with their hearts the love and compassion that we see here every day. We also need the financial support. You have once again shown to me and FFRC that you are here for us. Don’t ever ever think that I take this support lightly. It means so much to me. The financial worry of carrying on this Rescue Center is huge for me. But, time and time again, you have shown that you want us to keep on going, doing what we do. We love this rescue center with a passion and it has become a part of all of us. You, our viewers, our volunteers—we’re all in this together. We’re a good team and I am deeply grateful. We have weaved ourselves into a great FFRCNation. Many Countries, One Heart, One Mission, One Nation. And the very neat thing is, we have become friends. Even if we haven’t met you in person, the webcam has opened the door for us to form a friendship that is powerful.

 We have met a goal that I did not think was possible. Sometimes it’s hard for me because I worry that I’m not able to say how utterly grateful I am. Please know my heart…….you are so appreciated. You all allow us to carry on here for the cats and kittens. In exchange, I promise to always do my best, to look after the residents, the Porchies, The Covies, The Barnies, and all the adoptable cats and kittens and give them my very best care. I will stand by them and protect them and do my best to find them homes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Here's a bit of a breakdown from Catathon:
Round 1 $1,175
Round 2 $5,105
Round 3 $7,320
Round 4 $10,895
Round 5 $12,980
Round 6 $24,740
Round 7 $33,968

After the initial ten minute Catribution: $41,201 (wow, wow, wow!!!)
As of this morning, our Grand Total is: $43,200 (super big big thanks)

This also includes the PawMart sales for Fri., Sat., Sun. and the Catathon Raffle tickets.

We are already working on packing and shipping Baskets, Big Ticket Items and Raffle winnings! It will probably take us all of two weeks to get that many items out to you. Remember, you can pay by PayPal, check, money order or cash. 

Our goals for the 2015 Catathon:
The House that Jonah Built   $16,800
The Epoxy Floor                     $3,900
Electrical Work                       $2,800
Awning over front of THTJB $3,200 (metal)

 The remainder of this will be put onto our week to week operational costs, which will be a huge help.!

 What a very exciting day our Catathon 5 was. I felt so wrapped in joy and friendship. We had many visitors here which added to the great weekend! And my mom, sister, daughters, son and several granddaughters were here too and of course, Steve! It was a great day!

It took many, many people to make this event happen. I am very grateful for the support and willingness of these folks to help us make this an awesome event!

We even had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet kitten, Rourke was adopted by Romeosmom! His new name is now Jasper, a very fine name indeed!

We have some other thanks to give too! Thank you for your help!
Jo603--2 bags Purina adult dry food, 2 bags Royal Canin Kitten food, kitty snackers, licorice for volunteers, 6 " plates and some kitty toys
Marymort--3 bags Purina adult dry, 2 cases baby food, 3 lysol wipes, 4 dawn liquid soap, 10 " plates, baby wipes and can can food
Kerswill & Tom--Friskies can, bag of Royal Canin kitten, 2 dz. baby food, scratch pad bed, turbo refills, cat cards, cat thank you card, kitty wet pads, 3 calendars, wand toy, 5 Purely devine treats, pillow case, plastie notes & 1 lg tote bag
Joey1300--2 bags Purina cat dry food
Sarah/romeomom--long envelopes, posties, kitty snackers, can food, pens

Little Rios is doing great and is with Peggy's other 2 foster babies. They all 3 are growing. The kittens here are growing and doing great. Little Induna and Shep are doing good too--these two little ones had a bit of a rocky start here, but both are now going strong.

Again, please know how grateful I am for the whole Catathon "doings"! It was wonderful, so good to see our visitors, so nice to have the support and to have many volunteers participating. It truly was a Grand day!