Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Livingston is admiring himself in the mirror.  Yes, he is indeed quite handsome--just ask him!  Jessie is above Dodger's Pen--her usual morning spot--in the big Garfield bed that she calls HER bed. Zelda is in my lap--she very quickly passes out glares to any cat that approaches "her" lap. But....they don't pay too much attention to her. The proof is the 5 cats on the desk! Chester is on the cat walk in the Kabana Room. He so loves watching the outside.  Spiker is inside the orange sailboat--kicking for all he's worth at the sides!  And the 3 meezers--they are happily napping together on the refrig and in Tabitha's paper towel cabinet. I love seeing these cats happy.

You might've noticed we got a tiny cold here inside the Rescue Center. Three cats came down with the sneezes and watery eyes--Bonnie, Joline and Spiker. But, today all are much better and all 3 are eating good. This will "spark" their immune system and be even stronger.  No worries---we have them on antibiotics and eye ointment and extra TLC (which of course, is the most important!).

We had BOXES Thursday evening. You all are so very appreciated.
Jim & Debbi - GA  CATATHON and other things--Pop tabs, folded potty bags,
Books:  Cats & Daughters, Black Beauty, Wizard of Oz, Heidi, 2 - Ann of Green Gables, Jungle Book, Little Princess & Little Women, Activity Books: Coloring books, Xmas Doodle Book, Sock Monkey Activities, Variety Activity Book, Friendship Bracelet Book,Zen Doodle kit, 
Mehndri's Doodle kit, American Girl Bracelt design kit, Simple Embroidery, Quick Stitch kit
Paints & Brushes, Sport themed pencils, Kitty Stickers, Kitty Book mark, Cat Patches, Hello Kitty: Book, Pen & memo pad, 2 owl plates, Lip gloss in small purse, 5 Auto Coasters, Queen Size Kliban Sheet set, Kitty Apron & 2 oven mitts, Soft Kity T-Shirt, 5 Doggie Toys, lots n lots of wash cloths, and hand towels.  For Jacci - hanging angel, For Jacci for inside FFRC & a special box with a bag with a saying 

MK CATATHON-- Mod Basket/Our National Parks Coin Collection book & Quarters thru 2017

Keiko - CA  2 blue kitty beds for Bubbles Sudsy's & Niner babies

Manna R from CO & 4 kitties - Card with note Donation CATATHON

Kirk & Leslie L - Card and Donation in memory of Fred Connor

Paul B with Malcolm & Tilly - CA  Donation in memory of Alice Mary and in honor of Forte  also in honor of their mother.

Anonymous Friend--donation made in memory of Barbara W's daughter, Karen,  for a beautiful red maple tree for FFRC

Also thanks to:
Phyllis B--donation to FFRC
Danae W.--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC

Anayaa is jump running thru the purple office---she is such a happy girl. Not what is so fascinating, but Felicty has climbed up and down the purple spiral staircase 3 times now. Maybe it's exercise day! Vutomie has learned Livingston's relaxing thing---she loves to be on the yellow table, kneading and sucking on the black/white bed! 

The Bubble/Sudsy 4 kittens are now out and about in the Main Area. They have done very well. Yesterday they were out probably 8 hours. Today they have already been out a couple hours but will go back in their room until the Rescue Center is a bit quieter. I'm very pleased that they are relaxed and calm......and so very playful!

The Nyla's Niners are a hoot--here, there and everywhere! Sometimes they nap by themselves, sometimes in a small group of 3-4 and then sometimes they all pile in on each other for sleep time. Mama Nyla continues to take very good care of them. I am amazed that other than Breezy we have not had to supplement any of them. They are now eating probably half by themselves along with Mama. 

Tuesday is our next HumaneOhio surgery date. Hope to have a very full schedule.  

Update on the 2 neglected horses.  The mare is called Anna Mae and the gelding is called Benny. They all seem utterly relaxed and happy already. They surely are enjoying their frequent small meals and plenty of fresh water. The ferrier will be here Weds for their feet care. The farm vet will be here Thursday to give them a check up and tend to their wounds. In the meantime, twice daily we clean and treat their wounds and give them antibiotics.  Yesterday they got a short time out on the grass which they loved.  They have been promised to never have to worry about food, water and to always have a good shelter for them and lots of love.

Have a great weekend!  Enjoy the cats.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017

First it's very sunny with blue skies and then it pours. Then the sun comes again followed by another bout of rain!  Oh well---makes the grass green, the frogs chirp more and helps those spring flowers!

This morning we had a combination of the Niners and the Bubbles & Sudsy kittens! All 13 kittens are now in the back Thumper's Room.  Nyla was just fine at first and then got a "whiff"--a different kitty smell came to her and she investigated.  She whapped a couple but has settled down now. This is good for all 13 kittens. Lots of playtime coming up! 

Our Snowflake is not feeling so very good. We now have her in a pen in the front Thumper's Room--this will allow us to keep a better eye on her.  She's on medications to help her eye to feel better and to heal.

We had BOXES yesterday.  We moved the time to 4:00 to help me with an appointment that I had on the farmyard. Many thanks to you all for your gifts to FFRC.

Billie K/BKarg - CATATHON: Vera Bradley Nomadic Floral: Throw, Travel set, Tote, Hanging organizer, Pill case, Make-up bag, Medium make-up bag, Small purse

Rita ViCaprio - CATATHON or Fun Raiser - Pastel Oil Painting: 'Forever Home' of an Orange & White Kitty in memory of TinyToes

Jatcat - CA  Trac ball for Henrietta, Hugh & Hooligan, Figure 8 trac ball for FFRC

Anony - 2 Tower Trac Balls & 4 Trac Balls with scratchers

Miranda - case of 9-Lives

Mich & Vern - MI CATATHON:  Pretty wicker basket for the sewing basket

Zoolove/Pam T - CATATHON: Painted glass bird bath, Humming bird feeder, Bird feeder & bag of KT Birdseed

Anony CATATHON: Dog bed

Anony  1200 9" plates

Severen UK : CATATHON:  Hello Kitty keyrings,   3 grey/white kitty key chains, 2 Brown/White Kitty key covers

Anony CATATHON:  Hello Kitty Toothbrush holder

Chris, Lee & Darrah  - Donation in memory of Fred Connor

Mike/sophieandlucysdad  MI   Coupons

Kittiesmom  MI  Coupons

You all know I have a passion for rescuing cats. My other passion is horses. Yesterday, my family and I took in 2 very neglected horses. My intention was to take only one of these horses, but after seeing the wounds on the second horse, I accepted both of them.  These two horses have been neglected for a very very long time. They are so in need of a ferrier for their feet (will happen next week), a vet visit (the vet is aware of these 2 horses and will be in touch tomorrow as to when they can come), a major brush out (appears to have 2 years of old dead fur on them), a bath (their fur is caked with manure) and treatment for multiple wounds that have been neglected.  Isn't it wonderful that hearts can be open to love lots of things!  Give us a few months and these 2 horses will be beautiful/handsome! 

Just had a change of plans.  Nyla asked that those 4 strangers leave her room! So....the Bubbles and Sudsy kittens are back in their own room!  

Coming soon!  Voting Food and Cat Caves!  Keep your eyes open for information. Voting starts on May 1st! 

The cats are all doing great, I love to watch the interaction of their playtime. For cats that don't speak English, they sure do communicate to each other and to us. Alma has a huge vocabulary for bossing us around! The look Paddy Cake gives us after his eye cleaning definately speaks volumnes! Mew the Porchie is always full of conversation. Farrah with her toy in her mouth loves to tell us what she is doing, same as the Paddys. 

All is good. Wishing you all a peaceful day. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Weds., April 26, 2017

Let's do a Catathon update!  And a thank you update!

Many thanks to you--your donation and help to FFRC is appreciated!

Janet S, Toby & Harley--donation in memory of Walter, Lori & Barry's cat. 
Pam S--donation to FFRC
Tim D from UK--donation in honor of Anayaa
Jill M from CA--donation to FFRC 
Eartheyes/Margaret--donation to FFC
Keiko--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Christopher & Erin M--donation in memory of Fred Connor
Christopher B--donation in memory of Fred Connor
Megan L--donation in memory of Fred Connor

And now to the Catathon update:

The Baskets that we have so far and their "status":

Crochet & Knitting--needs just a little more help
Sewing--has a sewing machine and some accessorie--just a little more help
Black Cat Office Supplies---complete
Survival Food Bucket, First Aid Kit, Survival Pack--complete
Bug Out Survival supply, with 8 day food supply--complete
Cat #1--complete
Cat #2--needs a little more help
Dog--needs lots of help!
Ferole Artwork--complete
Homemade Garden Goodies--complete
Puzzles --complete
Baby Girl --needs little more help
Baby Boy --needs little more help
Laurel Burch #1 --complete
Laurel Burch #2--needs a little more helpGarden--needs just a little help 
Canadian --will be complete with our Canada friends!
Kitchen --complete
Baking --complete
Larissa's Artsie Treasures--complete
Camping  #1--complete
Camping  #2--complete
Hello Kitty--almost done
Summer Fun--needs just a little more help
Edible Delights--complete
FFRC Volunteer--in progress by Vol
FFRC Mod--in progress by mods
Minnesota State--in progress
Movie --almost done--needs a bit more
Cats R Us--complete
Homebound/Nursing Home--complete
These Baskets above are all approximates, subject to change as we get further in the planning!  We also have our list going of Big Ticket Items, Small Big Ticket Items, Fun-Raiser for Catathon Items and the Big Big Ticket Items.  And yes, these all make sense to us! lol   I'll get those items posted in an update too soon. 

Thanks to all that make this Catathon possible!  Remember....the date is June 25, a Sunday.  We're looking forward to it. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It's National Volunteer week! I've said it before and I'll say it always---FFRC has truly the best volunteers in the world! Their dedication, the time they give, their compassion--it's all top-notch. They truly are the backbone to this Rescue Center and I very much appreciate each and every one of them! 

We had BOXES last night---such an exciting time with the goodies coming in for Catathon! Many thanks to each of you.

Mudjie - CATATON T--Shirt L Guadelupe National Park

Alexandria & Thomas Washington DC with mom Loreen CT-- 2 Super Mega bags snackers, 2 bags ProPlan snackers, CATATHON - Fitbit Zip  Activity Tracker

Beth/Eaglewatcher - IL  2 new comfy beds for the Nyla Niners

BKarg - CATATHON   Bath & Body Works:  candles, showergel, & frangrance mist

Zoolblove/Pam T - CATATHON: 17" Roaster/baking dish, Cook's Companion set

Severen - UK  Tuxie key chain, and 2 set of matching keychains to share with a friend

Deb11111 - 24 boxes appetizers!

Wendy/Mistykitty & Joe--visitors this week - case of Gatorade & water, Chips for Vols, band aids, postie notes, white out, Cups, 3 bottles hand soap, CATATHON or Fun-raiser--Santa Pillow, Headband, Hat, Shawl & Pretty Afghan. Also 2 - 32 Ct. cases Friskies, Dry cat food plus box load of items for Catathon--all Special Soaps, bath bombs, bath soaps from their friend at   Good stuff! 

Friday Mary  - Vol from Archbold--6 doggie snackers,  Mr. Clean, sink strainer, 4 boxes band aids.  CATATHON:  3 rolls Frozen Duct tape, Kitty towels, cat purse, Butterfly pin, Magnetic kitty memo pad, Tiny Kitty purse, Whipster Sr. & Whipster Jr., hanpainted Xmas ornament, Cinderella Snowglobe

Martha & Charlotte - Jacks Sew & Vac in Bryan   CATATHON:  Sewing band aids, magnetic pin cushion, gift box of beautiful scissors and measuring tape, magnetic needle case

James - OH  Donation

RoseSF6cats - IA  Donation in memory of Clark father to her friend Kathy

Sue/macncheesanddoodlesmom - MA  donation for Catathon

Dewitty - WI card Happy Spring card with Chicken $5,  weight circles & a whisker from both Binks and Tryphosa.

Tony & Tara---adopted cats from FFRC, donated a big 5 gallon tub of laundry soap!

Our 4 newbie kittens are doing great. They were 6 1/2 weeks old upon arrival (Friday) and their birthday is 3/8/17.  They were found inside a drive thru car wash, huddled along the wall, with a bag of french fries beside them that were covered in ants. Now, that's no way for kittens to be. So, the person that found them brought them to FFRC.  

We have 2 male dark tigers and 2 females tiger/torti blends.  They are a tiny bit shy so we are spending lots of time with them talking to them and holding them. They are eating good by themselves. They sure like to play!

And here are their names---get ready for this!  The boys, because they are twins--one is named Bubble Buddy and the other is Bubble Pal.  Can be called Buddy or Pal or if people can't tell the difference, call them Bubble!  And the girls--they are now known as Sudsy Sis and Sudsy Sue.  Sudsy Sis has a bit more gold on her sides than Sudsy Sue.

Our 3 siamese cats, Hugh, Hooligan and Harriet will be going to the vets today for their physical. We require that on all cats before adoption. It won't take long and they'll be right back! As soon as they get their second vaccine, they will be able to pack their bags for their new home--all being together! 

Polly is on the floor playing with a fuzzy ball. I love to watch her--she gets so wound up in her play. A real joy to watch. And Joline yesterday actually jumped in the air yesterday to get a "flying butterfly" toy. That was wonderful! 

Next Tuesday is another HumaneOhio surgery date. Looking for a good turnout.  I asked HumaneOhio yesterday for an additional May date for surgeries. They've given us a couple to choose from and so will decide that today. 

Nyla and Niners continue to do well.  Little Breezy took 7 ml's of KMR this morning---not much, just enough to top her tummy off. Babies are investigating their room more and getting sturdier legs. The beauty of mama raising babies instead of humans--they can keep those babies so much cleaner! They are spic and span clean! Such a good mama.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Wow--what an amazable night last night was! It was our BOXES and DRAWING for the Fun-Raiser! You all never cease to so amaze me!

First, we had BOXES--a thousand thanks to you all!
Attila the mun: CATATHON: Hello Kitty - Cupcake papers & decoration, Make-up brushes & Pillow sham cover

Joyce D - CA  CATATHON: One piece kitchen mitt, 2 kitty pins, Statue of a Meezer, Wood sleeping kitty, Nesting Kitties & Mouse, White Cat figurine, Painted Blue Kitty statue, Blue Kitty with painted vest, Laurel Burch coin purse, 2 wood kitty puzzles

ScCathy/Mod CATATHON:  Yosemite National Park: Shirt - L, Green Mug, Doodle Life Coloring Book, Historic Yosemite Park Book

Mudjie - Mod Basket - National Parks Book, Mister Basket Cologne

Leanne Canada - CATATHON: Canadian Basket: Scrapbook, Frozen book, Hockey Stickers, Montreal Canadians: Sweatshirt, 2018 Day Planner, Hat, socks, Flip Flops, flag, Napkins, Plate, Cups, Maple Creme Cookies, Toronto Maple Leafs Stickers, Canada:  garden flag, LED lights, Note Book, Lanyard, Puzzle, Teddy Keychain, 2 Lapel Flag pins, Bucket of Candy,Ball & Tote  Hello Kitty Plush Toy, 2 pr Hello Kitty Socks, 2 Giant KitKats
 for Lynnette:  Monkey Cards & Monkey socks

Purplecat CATATHON: Mod Basket Redwood Forest National Park: Cards, Pens, Coasters & Tote,  Muir Woods Chocolate

Geminiangel  CATATHON: Mod Basket:  International Peace Memorial magnet & pin, Cuyahoga Valley Magnet & Pin, Aviation Magnet,  President James Garfield Pin, Hopewell Cultural Center Magnet, President William H Taft Pin, Cuyahoga Canals Magnet

And then..........the Drawing for the Fun-Raiser!
Item A   Rosemary Afghan                52x5                      $260                  Linda So
Item B   2 Wheeled Cat Carriers       52x5                        260                  Zoolove & ElGeko
Item C   Rosemary Afghan                63x5                        315                  Ronald Rob
Item D  One Fast Cat                        146x5                       730                  Anony for the Mods
Item E  Warped Blankie                     80x5                        400                 Napa/Mod
Item F  Larissa Harliquin                   52x5                         260                 Madisonpepper
Item G  LJ Kabana Kitties                 79x5                         395                 Joe603
Item H  iPad Air                                205x5                      1025                Carly182

This total came to $3645.  And then the magical Bumper-Uppers joined in!  Many thanks to Joco, EarthEyes, Farmgirl, Gusti/Little Dot, Keiko and an Anonymous Friend.  Their Bumpers made our total then to be .........DRUMROLL!!!!          $4,090

We also had some fun consolation prizes!  Those winners were:  Echomist, Amsprinkle, Twkitty, Kerswill for Vols, Graweyr, Sharon & Mary, Smcuckerjoe, Painteddaisy for Vols, Pawlapurr, Stinkypeeps, Nocats, Laura Ba, iPurr2, Joco  for Angie M, Janet Sch

Needless to say, this was an awesome evening for me.  Many thanks to all the people who provided these items, to those who purchased tickets, to the Mods and Admins and others for promoting this event for us. Big thanks too to Marcia, Pat P and Connie S for counting all the tickets. It just takes a whole village to make these Fun-Raisers be successful and for you all, I am grateful. And to see all the congrats being said on the chat always makes me happy!

Every time you see a medicine being used, a syringe being used, a test being given, mopping solution being put into the bucket, a can of food being fed to a kitty, KMR being fed to another kitten, wormers being given, snackers being shared---there's a million things that we use---and YOU are ALL responsible for us being able to have these items.  I am grateful to you all from the bottom of my heart!

Have a few other thanks to give too!
Mary J W--donation to FFRC
Judeanlee--donation to FFRC
Jeanie A--visitor--48 cans Blue Wilderness, bag of dry Blue Wilderness, bag of Science Diet Kitten and a BLue Basics Turkey dry food bag.

Just a quick bit of news! I received an email confirming what I was hoping for. Our visitors here the other day sent an email confirming their decision---they would like to adopt ALL THREE of the Siamese siblings. Yes, that's right---together they shall always be!  They've never been separated. Hugh, Hooligan and Harriet will be leaving soon but no date has been set quite yet.  Just thrills me that these siblings are going to a home together. They are such a great 3-some cats--silly, playful and so loving.

The Niners are not to be contained in their little octagon nesting home any longer! Sometimes they are all piled up together and sometimes they are all sprawled out. They are so sweet, so loving and so very fun to watch. They are learning to play. And already many now are using their tiny little litterboxes! Nyla, the mama--she is just superb.  

Take care and have a joyous weekend! 


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

271--that's how many spays and neuters to date we have done in 2017!  Last year this time we were at 172.  We would like to continue organizing more spays/neuters. THIS is truly the answer to the overpopulation problem and the neglect and abuse that happens when overpopulation exists.

Today is another HumaneOhio day! We sent up 29 cats--this comes to 27 females and 2 males. Check ins went smoothly. Approximately 5:30 pm the truck will return to send back to the public's owners. FFRC sent 2 females to be spayed--Vutomie and Harriet. So we will be waiting for their return also. 

Here's our total now: 271 cats have now been done--156 spays and 115 neuters.

We had BOXES last night! We are so grateful
Dianna South America - CATATHON:  Hello Kitty Dance time plush toy, 2 - Happy Small World     1 for each Baby Basket
LostGirl - CATATHON: Doggie Basket:   Dog poo bag holder for leash, chew bones,  2- mini    flash lights for leash or collar,  Spoiled dog place mat
Lannml - 2 bags Panito Flakes! 
Miranda CATATHON:  Hello Kitty:  key chain, License plate holder,  2 12 pks of Nine Lives, 12  pk of Meow Mix cups
 Anony - CATATHON: Doggie Basket  Wobble Wag Giggle toy, 2 Kong Genies to dispense treats, Travel Pet Bowls,  Peanut Butter & Bacon chews
Widdletigger - FL  CATATHON: Hello Kitty:   Pez collection, Lunch box, Dashboard Hula, Backpack
Anony - CATATHON:  Summer Fun:  Glitter Chalk, Family Scanvenger Hunt, Indoor/Outdoor Horseshoes, Badminton Set
Anony - CATATHON:  5 pr. Hello Kitty socks
Mudjie - CATATHON:  Mod Basket - Guadalupe National Park, Texas
Vickie B - 6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Severen - 2 Kitty key holders
Needtoretire - PA  with Dagan, Boo & Ginger - Note and Sponsorship of Jones & Sea Turtle
Clark, Jesse & The Rest:  Happy 18th Birthday Jessie,  Chicken $5
Zoolove/Pam T - CATATHON: 10 piece solar landscape lights, Outside Fun: 5x7 and smaller matching Indoor Outdoor rug
Patti K - VT CATATHON: Vera Bradley Northern Lights pattern - Travel mug, Memo book, Cosemtic bag, Wallet & Tote bag
Anony - CATATHON:  Hello Kitty:  Thermos, Makeup brushes, lighted ball point pen, 12 pencils, Notebook, Mug & Backpack
Eugenia S from Russia--donation in honor of Walter, who is loved by Eugenia's mom!

Brent and Jenny from Canada--they sent a boatload of things inside the vehicle that SonJa drove in, last week!  Many different items!  Brooms, mats/rugs, Lysol wipes, big and little plates, Easter candy, volunteer goodies, bug spray and just LOTS of stuff!  I am deeply grateful for this help. A big Hi to Montana and the crew!

Wow---many thanks for all the items for FFRC and for Catathon. There will be a new update soon! 

The Niners are officially toddling about! They are also eating from the plates a bit too! The only kitten we have had to supplement is Breezy. She just gets a boost twice a day. Don't mistake her small size though---that Breezy is a fiesty playful baby!  It's so sweet to go into their room and the kittens respond so quickly to humans. They are going to be super sweet cats!

The Fun-Raiser is still going on but ends tomorrow morning at 9:00 am.  Boxes will be at 5:30 pm and the Drawing will be at 6:00 pm. 

Coralie is doing wonderful. She's here beside me and enjoying many ear scratches! Joyful also is here in the office, a bit sleepy but looking over the catwalk at me. Our FireHouse cat, Mama the Calico, is doing wonderful. She appears to be fully healed and is eating good. 

Big thanks to Mary Braid and Edna Gem for doing such a great job at trapping the Mound Cats at the Mall. It's believed that all are now caught. They could not be re-released back on the Mall property so most are here on the Moss farmyard. They were released in the grey barn. The last one (orange/white) joined them this morning. 

If you ordered an FFRC shirt, you should be getting them this week! All have now been sent out! 

Hensley has gained a couple ounces! That's always a good thing. Polly is such a sweet girl. She has a certain tier that she lays on, on a Kuranda Tower. It's the prime spot as many people walk by. She knows one little "meow' gets her another headrub! Pippi so loves the window benches in the Kabana. She thinks she's a great bird stalker! 

All is good in FFRC land. Hope so in your home too! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The sun is shining and I can see blue skies! Many places where the sun is coming in, there's a cat lounging in the sunbeam. They are soaking up that sun! The morning birds are singing. Buds are coming out strong now on the trees. Grass is growing. The Covies playground has already been mowed once and needs it again. Goose eggs are here and there in the grass (they never clutch them up--just drop them wherever!). 

We had a great day in the horse corral yesterday. Dion came with his Bobcat and hauled tons of stone for us--he placed it in a large area around the hitching post. We then leveled that out and put all the horse mats on top---gave the horses quite a large area now to be out of the icky muck, for when it rains alot. 

I've heard from Tammy and Keith who adopted Olivia. It sounds like she is doing wonderful and acclimated quickly. She's already sleeping on their bed! Yesterday she was playing with the laser light.  All is good in Olivia's world!

We had BOXES last night---wow---it's amazing to me. I never cease to be in awe of you folks "out there"--helping us with this, helping us with that, over and over.  I'm so very grateful.
Jobo and mom - 3 Lg bags of snackers, case of can food

Zoolove/Pam T CATATHON - 40 in. solar Infinity Wind Spinner, Bicycle Wind Spinner, Cardinal Bird feeder, Black Cat Basket:  Cat clock, Welcome rug & metal cat wall art.  And 2 bottles of No More Bugs Cedar spray

Susan345 - 4 boxes Gallon ziploc bags, 150 Quart ziploc bags
Joey3100 - 400 -gal ziploc bags, 200 Sandwich ziploc bags
Andrew - Snackers for the Doggies
Widdletigger - FL  CATATHON  Cat Wine glass " You are not really drinking alone if the cat is home",  cat bottle stopper, 6 wine glass markers
Eaglewatcher- IL  CATATHON--Coleman family cookset, heavy duty tent accessories,  Pie Iron
Lostgirl - CATATHON  Wavy cutter, 12 Tote bags & pan protectors
Lannml - Zebra Kitty Play Station for the kitties!
Dawn a volunteer - Round cutglass/mosaic bird feeder
Dianna C - OH  Fuel Card and Donation
Severen - Kitty Key Covers!

Karl T/2catsdad - MI  note and photo of Comet his kitty,  Reeses pillow, Detroit Hat for Steve, 2 whiskers one from Comet and one from Gizzmo who went to the RB in December. Also doggie & Kitty snackers, 9 Kitty T-shirts     CATATHON:  Book: Deweys Nine Lives, Beanie Kitty/Tabitha,  2 Bob Bonn prints;  WildWest Art  Steer & kitty & 3 Cool Kitty Angels

I 'm sitting here at my desk, so enjoying the cats. Paddy Purr is curled up right in the front (as always and blocking my monitor view!), Zelda is in my lap, Hensley is napping in a sunbeam on the floor, Paddy Cake is staring at me from the steps, Magic is sound asleep on the second desk, Chester is on the floor enjoying his toes (he's cleaning them!) and Elsie is right behind me on the Kuranda Tower. 

Today the door was opened to the Cat's Corner Room.  First one out was Harriet, followed by Vutomie. Took a little while, but Hugh and Hooligan are now out too. Hugh was standing on his rear toes playing with a Ming String! Harriet has been over and tapped my leg for a pet! I do believe these 4 newbies are enjoying themselves. 

Nyla's Niner's are doing wonderful. All 9 have now been out and about. A couple have tried the Baby Cat nibbles. And a few have pottied in their baby litterboxes! They are growing up! They have already received their first worming. Later this week, they will receive their Bordetella.  They are 4 weeks old today!

The shirts are in! These are the ones that were available in March. Today the goal is to get them packed and very quickly on their way to you all that ordered! 

Our April Fun-Raiser is on!  Check out our different sites for info. If you have trouble getting this info, please email me! We have eight different items! All are wonderful. BOXES will be Friday at 5:30 with the Fun-Raiser at 6:00 pm.  Many thanks to all those that help make these Fun-Raisers possible! 

Thursday is our next HumaneOhio surgery day. As usual, check ins are 5:30 to 6:00 am.  Normally the truck returns around 5:30 pm.  Hoping for a full load on Thursday! 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday, April 16, 2017 HAPPY EASTER!

I thought I'd do an update on Catathon today. I'd like to try and do this once a week. but here it is 11 days past the first Catathon update. This blog will be strictly on Catathon!

The Baskets that we have so far and their "status":

Crochet & Knitting--needs help
Sewing--has a sewing machine and some accessories but could maybe use a bit more?
Black Cat Office Supplies---complete
Survival Food Bucket, First Aid Kit, Survival Pack--complete
Bug Out Survival supply, with 8 day food supply--complete
Cat #1--complete
Cat #2--needs help
Dog--needs lots of help!
Ferole Artwork--complete
Homemade Garden Goodies--complete
Puzzles --complete (but a couple more would be nice!)
Baby Girl --needs little more help
Baby Boy --needs little more help
Laurel Burch--complete
Carden--needs more help
Canadian --will be complete with our Canada friends!
Kitchen --complete
Baking --complete
Larissa's Artsie Treasures--complete
Camping  #1--complete
Camping  #2--complete
Spa/relaxation--needs a bit more help
Hello Kitty--needs lots of help!
Summer Fun--needs lots of help!
Edible Delights--complete
FFRC Volunteer--in progress
FFRC Mod--in progress
Minnesota State--in progress
Movie --almost done
Mister--3/4's done
Cats R Us--needs a little help (cat items for humans)

If desired, we can stilladd a few more baskets with some different themes!

Xbox One S 500 GB
Keyboard and stand
Camera Akaso Action, ultra HD 4K edition, sports action camera
Peace Pole 4 feet  Faith, Hope, Love
Peace Pole 5 feet Deep Peace
E-Reader Kindle with cover, paperwhite 6" 
Nikon Coolpix L340 Camera 20.2 mega pixel
Calphalon Classic Self Sharpening Knife block set
Sony PSVita-wifi playstation on the Go
Afghan from Rosemary from S. Africa
Harlequin Pic with small canvas Harlequin pics from Larissa--framed
Tiffany Style Peacock lamp
Framed cat picture 29 x 33
Lighted Frosted Blue Glass Hurricane Lamp
Blue spikey Felted Bed
Green cottage Felted Bed
Garmin Vivoactive HR GPS Smartwatch, black
Kuranda Tower--6 unit
Red cat stroller
2-four foot butterfly and peace garden poles metal
New Nintendo 3DS

SMALL BIG TICKET ITEMS (will be round #5)  (so far)
Fire Tablet 7" with cover
Echo dots Pro
Windchime, metal, bell & climbing cats
Biggy/leggydew tower
Cat Hammock special
Peace pole--3 foot, peace, lvoe, sunshine
Wood Carved Cat iphone holder
Cat lamp, iron, multi color shade
Cat lamp--cat & the moon
Welcome to my house cat--resin
Cat ball bed & blankie
I love Paddy Cake Box with FFRC token--Larissa
Harlequin picture, purple bckground, Larissa's
Warpdeedoo blanket

Troyer Amish Basket (4 boxes)
Kuranda Tower--6 tiers
Afghan from Rosemary, S. Africa
Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR camera with tons of extras
Nanny Cam
TV--LG Electronics 49 inche, smart, Led, model 2016
Harlequin Framed picture, the "big one" from Larissa
Rainbow Bride Set, from larissa
Peace Pole, 6 foot, Kindness Matters
IPad Pro 128 gb
Nintendo Mario Kart 8  32 gb Wii U

We are also working on placement of the wonderful Cook's Companion kitchen set.
We also have other items not yet placed---waiting to see where best to put them at!  It'll all come together at the end! 

These things above are all approximates, subject to change as we get further in the planning!  If you have ideas, questions, suggestions, etc., please don't hesitate to send me an email at:   Thanks ever so much!  Remember to mark your calendar for June 25! 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday, April 15

Lots of visitors this week and weekend! I love it. It's wonderful and a bit humbling to think that people enjoy coming here to FFRC.  I do know for sure the cats love it too---lots of extra petting and brushing.

We had BOXES last night. I'm very grateful. Our Catathon baskets, etc. is looking good! 
Lorette & SW Hardware - Stryker OH,  8 bottle Dial Foam Hand Soap, 3 boxes 13 gal Glad bags, 9 Bottles Windex, 30 non scratch Scotch Bright Scrubers,  5 bottles White Out, lots of AA AAA & C batteries,  10 Bags Party Mix Snackers,  Vols:  Peanut Butter Crackers, 15 bags peanuts, Case of Gardettos snacks

Heather R - One Fast Cat cat wheel--wonderful!

Butterflyclass from Belgium Teacher & S B S H H R N S--- 3 Very Cute Easter Bunnies,   6 kitties colored with spriral tails by the children,  3 Kitty pillows colored by the children

Eaglewatcher  CATATHON--  Coleman Dome 4 man tent,  120 Saline Flush Syringes 10 ml

Lannml - Nylas Niners a lady bug play station

Lindsay H - WI  Zelda magnet made by little sister Paige, Lots of Tiki and Natural Balance pouches, some toys for kitties

Di, our wonderful moderator- 24 rolls Sparkle Towels

Anony CATATHON - Laurel Burch Cat Umbrella

Peggy & Bernie/Halos mom & dad  CATATHON or Flash Sale etc
  Kitty watering can, Kitten with girl figurine, 2 Kitty Coasters, Dove Suncatcher, 
  4 notepads with pens, 4 knives for spreads or dips, 5 puzzles, Book: I Could Pee On This
  Bunny socks
  Snackers, case of Fancy Feast
 Beautiful pen made by Bernie for Jacci

Jim & Debbie - GA-- Pop Tabs, Lots of folded potty bags, Lion toy, lots of mice toys, Comb for Long Hair Kitties,  bag of 12 kitty toys, 3 Tubs Temptation Snackers, lots of Wash Cloths, Dish Cloths & Towels      CATHATHON-- Crystal Puzzle Cat & Kittens, Cat 24 ct cupcake papers and deocrations, 48 ct cupcake papers, 96 mini cupcake papers, Calico kitty puppet, 

Tammy & Keith/Vistors--2 boxes Sandwich crackers, Cookies,  4 cases Friskies, Kitty Snackers, Dry Cat Food,  Paper Towels, Clorox Wipes, 9" & 6" plates

Sonja - FFRC Canada Branch Mod--  2 bags Maple Caramels, 2 bags Toffee Cremes, Bottle of Maple Syrup

Friday Mary Vol--3 Lysol Wipes, 2 Lysol Toilet Cleaner, bunch of spatulas,   2 bags kitty snackers, Lots of Broths for Jolene,  Rice Krispie Treats

Andy A/Tazzmom--Donation. Catathon: 4 puzzles, 7 piece Kitchen set towels, hotpads & mitt, 2 Baby Healthcare & grooming  Boy & Girl, Ninja Express Chop,  Farberware Cutlery Set

Joyce A - CA  CATHATHON Donation & Kitty Easter Card

Sherry/Neuromom & David - NY-- Easter Card with 2 Chicken $5 

VeryOldMan--donation to FFRC in memory of Guddu and Trucker

We took on 3 new cats yesterday---all siblings, all Siamese and all very sweet.  They are tested, vaccinated, wormed, etc. and are now in Cat's Corner Room.  They are a little mystified as to what happened to them, but I don't think it'll take them long to adjust. We'll give them a few days in Cat's Corner Room to settle in.  Their owner has to move and she can only take a certain amount of the cats with her, so these 3 came here. 

The Siamese cats are 2 boys and 1 girl. The girl is named Harriet. The boys are Hugh and Hooligan (all Name a cat names).  Hugh is slighter darker with Hooligan being slightly lighter. I call them triplets! They are 7 1/2 months old, with a birthday of September 1, 2016. 

Farmyard news:  the baby chicklet from last year is all white, big and full grown! She's even started to lay eggs already! We've been gathering eggs up daily.  The ducks, geese and peacocks are doing wonderful. We are in the process of adding 10 new horse mats to the corral for the horses to give them more of an area for when the corral is so muddy.  First though, the stone has to be layed to keep the mats up out of the dirt. Lots of work.

Snowflake is now up and about in the Main Area. She is so sweet and quiet. Seems to accept everyone as her friend. Each day she looks better and is starting to get a little weight on her. Still putting meds in her left eye.

Take care and have a wonderful, blessed Easter tomorrow!