Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday, Feb. 28, 2019

So........I had to have a talk with Sasekani and Feather. They are getting along great and are on the floor together most of the time now. The kittens too!  One set though goes in for night time.  The went something like this:
Me:  Sasekani---you seem to be very interested in Feather's babies.
Sasekani:  Well, you have to admit--they sure are cute!
Me:  But, yours are too.  Feather--what about you?  You seem a bit disinterested.
Feather: Sasekani has it under control.  I'm a bit bored with babies right now. I really like those birds out the window!
Me: Feather, you have 4 pretty babies and they need YOU to take care of them.
Feather: How about if I feed Sasekani's babes once in a while and mine once in a while and then go window watching again?! After all, my name is Feather, so I'm suppose to like watching birds.
Sasekani: Yes!!!!!  That sounds like a plan!  You pitch in some and I'll fill in the slack and you can watch those birds.  As long as you share your dessert plates with me!  I like those dollops of baby food we get! 
And then there were paw-high 5's to seal the deal!

So it looks like Sasekani and Feather are in agreement about sharing the babies!  Now we don't have to worry when the kittens are mixed up!  They are well cared for by BOTH mamas! Such a wonderful thing!

We have a new updated thermometer for the 20th Anniversary activities! Check it out. Love seeing that red climb up! 

Derecho is so extra happy with his latest video! It's wonderful. Check this out too---   This is FFRC Captures and Captions Giggles Scene #36. Directed by Derecho himself! This is an official video of ©Friends of Felines Rescue Center, Defiance, Ohio 2018.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.

We have thanks to give! 
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
James W--donation for FFRC
Janet K--donation to help with our storm damage
Billie K--donation to help with Pinto's medical bills

Update on Pinto:  He was already neutered at Dr. P's office, so we will just need to do his eye enucleation on 4/9, our FFRC surgery date. He is indeed a bit shy but doesn't have a mean bone in his body--just shy bones! And we're working on that. 

We had a Quickie Flash Sale on Tuesday.  We took in $532 for this sale. This amount will be directly applied for our recent propane gas bill!  Many thanks for the items, the people who purchased them and to the Flash Mods.

We have a change in plans for Sinbad.  He was originally going to be adopted this week. But his potential new owner found an oldster at the local shelter and decided this senior cat needed a home. I'm very happy for this oldster cat. 

Do you shop Amazon?  Do you, when placing an order, go to our website at and click on the Amazon link?  If so, FFRC gets a kick back from that.  We just received the amount for December.  It wa for $346.59!  This really helps!

We had BOXES Weds.  Many thanks to you all! 
Plee - SC  Paw Points, 5 recycled towels.. these are great!  2 recycled shams, 2 made by Plee pretty pillow cases

Annie & Debbie - 8 cans Miko fish cat food, 2 Boxes Broths, 5 boxes Delectables, 4 Boxes Soups, Case American Journey kitty food

JBond - 3 white ceramic Kitty planters for succulants, Bluetooth speaker (these for a flash sale),  6 pc Necklace display, 12 bottles Soft Soap, InstaPot accessories for Steve    For Catathon:  Hummingbird color changing solar wind chimes, Hummingbird garden flag, 7 Gal Moma Pot for plantings

JodiJ - 2 - FFRC 20th Anniversary Louisville Slugger Bats  (1 for FFRC and 1 for the 20th!)
GeekJenn - 2 cases Baby Food, Kitty Scratcher

TearsFromADream - WI & Abby - Whisker from Khila who passed to the Rainbow Bridge
Coupons, Bandages, Kitty Food samples, Cat Care Book, Purina One Coupons, 6 pr socks, Pr. of Slippers, 7 Character Night Shirts, Vultures in a tree with the Moon picture

Anony - 7 Lg. Bags Pania Flakes
Anony - 5 pkgs Vernie Sticks
Anony - Lg Bag Pania Flakes

Paul L - 2 Stainless Steel Mortar & Pestles for meds
Janice & Randy P - 4 cases Fancy Feast

Randi M & Mary D - 3 Cases Purrfectly Chicken
Helga & Melanie - Box full of Cookies, Chips & Pretzels

Anony - 5 Tubs Temptation & Party Mix Snackers, Delectables, Broths, Sheba Meaty Sticks, 6 Tubs Dental Snackers
Anony - 2 14lb Bags Purina Kitten

Yvonne VDK - 2 Boxes Iams Kitten Cups, Box of 35 Frito Lays Chips & Popcorn

Mariann/ArniesmomandGeorgestoo - Photo of Gorgeous George - 2-Rugs Blue & Green, 2 Yoga Mats Pink & Green

Anony - CATATHON: 2 Climbers Back Packs & 2 Trekking Poles

FaithyMD - 10 Cat T-Shirts Variety of styles and colors 
Renee B- PA  Coupons, Paw Points & Tablet of Paper

Phillip F - OH  Donation in memory of his wife Maryann F
Andrea F - CA  Donation

Dewitty with Tryphosa & Binx - Happy 6th Birthday Alma with Chicken $5
Elaine & Alan - FL  Donation in memory of LittleKat & Flat of Stamps.. Card with owls from their back yard & a Note

J&J - PA - Card with Blossom, Patsy, Oatmeal, Rebar & Wilson the Dog - Note and Chicken $5 
IowaCatLadyMarie & The Magnificent Seven : Walter Payton, Jabberwocky, Sawyer, Zeba, Phoenix, Roby & Yoga--Donation with a Note

Nona - Box Tops, Stamps for Donna, Note Cards

Two of the LaChat Sisters were here for the Cat's Portrait drawings!  We were told the third Sister was busy at a Spa!  Many thanks for such a wonderful, special fun-raiser! I also appreciate the LaChat Sisters for helping FFRC with this event.  Here's the results of the fun-raiser:

1   Spiker         17 tickets    $ 85      Jo603
2   Ramsay      20 tickets       100     Flymom
3   Alma           21 tickets      105     Jo603 for Vols
4   Lucie           34 tickets      170     Deelap
5   Elsie            14 tickets      70       Anony for Vols
6   Janie           30 tickets       150     Andrew Sp
7   PawPaw     29 tickets       145      Anony
8   Vern            11 tickets       55       Michelle & Mary
9   Hensely      10 tickets       50       Michelle & Mary
10 Magic         17 tickets       85       Kittiesmom
11 Hatima      18 tickets        90       Marco in Germany
12 Berin          44 tickets       220     Stephanie M for Justme
13 Jacci          60 tickets        300     VRS13

TOTAL $1625
And then the wonderful Bump Ups began: Justme, Judeannlee, Farmgirl, Jody626, Nutchatches, Anonymous, LJ, Napa, Janet S, Oopsie, Kittiesmom, Svcathy, YvonneVDK, Msaster, Burgundy, FaithyMD, Contessa and family

Grand TOTAL:  $2377.99 Wow, wow, wow!!  This is just so wonderful.  FFRC also has to pay taxes and this will help tremendously.  

We have taken on 2 new cats yesterday. 
TIM--a solid slate gray cat, 5 months old.  Fractured front leg and lacerated eye area. Was a hit by car.  Unfortunately, at this point, it looks like the radial nerve has been severed. We will let him rest and see what Dr. Darcy thinks. In the meantime, he's receiving soreness meds.  His birthday is 9/16/18.  He has been an outside kitten his whole young life.

Mowgli--a long hair torti. We're told she's been in the neighborhood for years. She arrived in such sad condition. She's emaciated, dehydrated, terribly matted, horrible feet/toes.  Plus, something has happened to her mouth. Her tongue looks like possibly it had something tight around it. It's very swollen and very sore. It's hard for her to swallow anything.  She received fluids, antibiotics, soreness meds.  The majority of her mats have been removed so she's missing much of her fur. She also had a mega-bath, complete with a full foot soak to help her toes. And do you know what she did the entire time?  Purred and purred.  This morning she is trying so hard to eat--the soreness meds will help.  What a real sweetie.

Hard to believe, but it's time.  It's only 115 days to Catathon!  This event is our main Fun-Raiser of the year.  This year it is on June 23, Sunday. We're starting to put together a list of baskets and big ticket items. But, if you have ideas, feel free to start sending in items. We are extremely grateful for your help.  We have until May 21 to receive items for the Catathon. The reason is that it takes us time to organize the baskets and to get pictures and descriptions done for the website.  We have already started receiving a few items. Such an exciting event for FFRC!

Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday, Feb. 25, 2019

Hang on to your hat and your socks and your shirt and above all, your pets!  That wind was vicious last night.  I don't believe I've ever seen anything that strong. We have branches and sticks all over the property. A tree down the road was on fire after it landed on an electric line.  Our flag pole bent and was destroyed, electricity has been going on and off all morning. I'm so thankful for our  generator. Such a comfort. Our big metal dog port actually raised up twice into the air and came back down, one time about 1 1/2 foot from where it was supposed to be. Thanks to volunteers, we put 17 bags of litter on the bottom rail to keep it from flying up again. The wind is dying down now but we'll have lots of clean up to do.

Just a few more days to get your 20th anniversary shirt/sweatshirt ordered! The profits will help us with our renovating costs! Check out our fb pages to see how to order! Thank you!

Because of attending the OVMA conference, I have some catching up to do. We had BOXES on Weds.  Many thanks to you all!

Jan/farmgirl--IL--poptabs and note
Plee--12 blankets for FFRC & 7 Biggie size blankies--soooo pretty!
Kim B--P)A--Janie treats, 9-lives & Friskies for Kitties, Kitty Skyline blanket
Barb E--NE--kitty card with note, kitty sling shot toys, 6 leggydews, donation & 2 fleece scarves
Kris M--3 soft pretty kitty beds
Cheryl C--pretty card with donation
Denise & Lumar--note with chickie $5, donation for Hatima, postcards & "You are Beautiful" stickers!
Judy & Phil--donation for FFRC
Randi P/pennysmom--MD--donation for FFRC
Macncheesendoodlesmom--donation for FFC
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 6th birthday for Alma with chickie $5
Beth F--AZ--donation in memory of Mary Ann F
Phillip F--OH--donations in memory of Mary Ann F
J-bBond--3 gallons vinegar

We also have big thanks to give to these FFRC friends:
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Jones Shop--donation to FFRC
Janet K--donation to FFRC and huggies to all the kitties!
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Ruth D--donation in honor of little Ruth Marie
Katherine T--donation in honor of Lark and Lilly's first birthday!
William K--donation in honor of the La Chat sisters
Paul L from MA--4 pack of 1/2 gallons of Purell hand sanitizer
Napa--donation in honor of Pania receiving kibbles during boxes!
Eaglewatcher--donation in honor of Pania receiving Pania-flakes during boxes!
Jones Shop--donation to FFRC
LJ M from Canada--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation in memory of Michael Davis, her vet

Tomorrow is the day!  At noon, we will have a Quickie Flash Sale--showcasing scrubbies and bowl warmers!  Come join us--it'll be quick and we will also get your items out to you quickly too!

We took on a new cat. His name is Pinto. He was taken to Dr. P's office with a bean can stuck on his head. Poor guy was so hungry, he was resorting to can licking.  The can came off, Chris at Dr. P's named him Pinto, he was neutered there and then came to FFRC.  He still needs one more surgery--an eye enucleation. One of his eyes is simply not there--probably from an infection he had as a kitten.  He's rather shy. But, that is ok.  We'll figure out where his comfort levels are at. He's a beautiful male, long hair tiger. 

The OVMA conference was wonderful. Mary Braid, daughter Dawn and I took many many classes. We frequently went to different classes so we could gather more info.  Some of the classes I went to were:
Animal Intake and Vaccine Protocols
]Cleaning and Disinfection in Shelters
Infection Control
Companion Animal Zoonoses
Psychopharmacology, Nutraceuticals and Pheromones
Trends in Cat Housing
More than just a Naughty Cat
Troublesome Diarrhea Cases in Cats
Reconsidering Retrovirruses--FelV and FIV

These and others were great classes.  We will make a few changes here, all for the better of the cats. 

Yesterday we had our Annual Volunteer Meeting. It's always good to have so many volunteers get together. Truly--FFRC has the best! Lots of information was covered and shared. And the snacks were good too!

The 8 kittens in the back Thumper's Room are just starting to learn to get up on their legs. Still wobbly but wiggling around more. Eyes are open. All are so sweet. Both mamas are doing super. 

Our Fun-Raiser is in full gear with awesome portraits done by 12 of the cats here at FFRC.  The LaChat sisters were generous in donating these portraits to FFRC (they were in their art museum vault!).  The fun-raiser ends at 9:00 am Wednesday.  BOXES will be at 3:00 with the fun-raiser right after that! The cats have been very busy--extra grooming themselves to be extra beautiful/handsome for this event! 

Upcoming medical dates:
March 4th--HumaneOhio surgery day
March 4th--Barin to Cardiologist 1:00
March 9th--FFRC surgery day
March 18--HumaneOhio surgery day & Board meeting

Take care to everyone! There are only 23 days to spring! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019

Sasekani and her babies are doing wonderful. Good appetite for both the mama and kitties. We are trading times of the two mamas to be on the floor with their kitties.  That way they each get exercise time each day.  They may not be laying with their babies all the time, but they are never very far away! Both Sasekani and Feather are wonderful mamas.

We have names for Sasekani's kittens: 
Inga--grey tiger female
Ruth Marie--brown tiger female
Lucette--black tiger female
Calvin--brown tiger male

We've heard from the owner of Aladdin. His new name is Oliver. She says he's pretty spoiled and they sure do love him! He's adjusted to his  new home very nicely.

We had an adoption on 2/16.  MacNeil went to his new home. He was long anticipated in being in this new home.  I'm betting he's having a really grand time.

We had BOXES yesterday! We are very grateful.

Nancy Sheridan

Mon, Feb 18, 3:09 PM (15 hours ago)
to meMJ
Patty PK  (cousin of Jacci)  2 - 5 packs of Chlorox wipes, 2 Large boxes of Belvita;  Aussie Bites (granola-like snack), 1-30pk.of Hershey Candy Bars.

Carrie and Ken M. and their 5 fur babies (Wisc)   3-bags Temptations, 1-bag of Beggin Strips for Janie, 2-pks of Delectables;  2 bottles of Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner, 100-13 gal. Glad trash bags, 3 kitty toys (mice),  2-16 pks of AAA and AA batteries, Zebra Popcorn, Ghirardelli Strawberry Bark, Lava Cake Kisses and a wonderful Stanley 65-piece Tool set, Cordless Screwdriver to be used for inside the Rescue Center!

Janna (JBond)   3 kitty books, Peacock Mat, 2-pks of catnip, Star Wars games for catathon basket, 3-silk scarves; 1-Hello Kitty, 1-Cat Faces, 1-Siam., 3 cat necklaces (rainbow like), Reese's snack bites, Peanut Butter Cups,      York Peppermint Patties, Valentine card with pop up roses, Kitty T-shirt,  Butterfly Stickers, Kitty Bracelets, Kitty Key Rings, 3 HUGE boxes of Valentine Chocolates, 4-tubs of Lysol wipes, 3-tubs of Chlorox wipes, 600 styrafoam plates.  

Josette M. (Burgundy) - (France)    Items of beautiful handwork for an FFRC sale, and for a basket for Catathon.   glasses cover, I pad cover, 2 bags, 4 bookmarks, 1 sling handbag, 2 cosmetic bags, 2 handbags with key      holder, 1 20th Anniversary handbag, 1 large shopping bag.

Sandra S. (Iowa)  5   Hand knit kitty blankies "Catnappers"  with her /trade button.
Anonymous - 12 large tubs of Lysol Wipes.
Tearsfromadream     2-12pk 9 Lives Pate

Anonymous    8 boxes of little soups, 2-bags of True Chews for Janie, Alpo bones, 3-pks of Broths, 9-pks Squeeze Ups, 4 cases of Purely Filets 2 salmon, 2 chicken.

Kris M.   family sized kitty bed with memory foam. 
Paul L.  96 large rolls of paper towels.
Anonymous - (Sams Club) 9 gallons Bleach
Anonymous - (Amazon)  6 gallons Bleach
Anonymous --4 gallons of vinegar.

Joy and Don D. &  5 kitties   -  donation
Michelle/Mary - Valentine card, donation and coupons.
Tom and Cindy K. -  donation in honor of their very own FFRC friend.
Michael Mar - donation in memory of Mary Anne Frederick
Marilyn and Terry D. = Chickie $5
Jean S. (Wisc) - donation
Hankie Grapevine - Flowers for butterfly room
Kelly A. and family - donation in memory of Mary Anne Frederick.
Patricia H. (Il.)  - Valentine Card and donation

We also have more thanks to give!  Our "thank yous" are sincerely given.
Anne L--donation in memory of Jones
Deborah S--donation for FFRC
Jones Shoop--donation for FFRC
David R--donation for the cats!
Plee--donation to sponsor a spay for Beat The Heat program 
Nona--donation to sponsor 2 spays for Beat The Heat program
Tessa T--donation to sponsor 2 spays for Beat THe Heat program

Yesterday was our HumaneOhio spay/neuter day. It was wonderful, as we sent up 42 cats and kittens! This broke down to 19 males and 23 females. Almost 100% of the females were in heat. It's so important to get these females spayed now--spring is right around the corner. 

Our total now for 2019 is 169.  This breaks down to 97 females and 72 males. We had a Voucher turned in at HumaneOhio for a male cat in Feb. 

We've received a beautiful picture of Barnabus that was adopted.  He's in his favorite spot--in his cushie bed. And he looks so very happy and relaxed!  Barnabus has come a long long way!

ONLY 9 MORE DAYS LEFT to purchase your quarter zip sweatshirts and/or long sleeve shirts from Custom Ink.  This is a fund-raiser for FFRC's 20th anniversary. Plus, you'll look fantastic in these shirts as they are of great quality! Please help us with this fund-raiser.  You can pick from many different colors too! We've sold 75 shirts so far, with a goal of 100 (or more!). 

About this website
Buy a shirt to support FFRC with upcoming improvements!

I'd also love to share the FFRC 20th Anniversary Thermometer.  The 20th Anniversary Committee has created this thermometer to track the donation progress.  Listed on the blue ribbons are some of the different projects we would love to complete in 2019. The projected costs of these are highlighted in purple on the left side of the thermometer and the red indicates the current donations.  Thank you to all who have helped with the demolition and redecorating the remodeled area, donated towards the remodel project, purchased shirts or have helped in any other way. Can't wait to see an all red thermometer!  Thanks ever so much!

Image may contain: text

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Saturday, Feb. 16, 2019

The LaChat sisters popped in for a few minutes the other evening.  They wanted to check in and remind us that they would be back for the next Fun-Raiser.  Like last year, they are donating 12 beautiful portraits they had in their gallery.....and of the FFRC's very own artwork!  Our FFRC cats are truly amazing! The Fun-Raiser starts Feb. 24th and ends at 9 am Feb. 27th.  BOXES will be the 27th at 3:00, followed by the portraits done by the FFRC cats! You will be given a chance to put your tickets on any of the portraits that you would like. And........happy news........very soon you will be able to see these wonderful pictures! The cats chosen for this are just busting with pride! 

I would like to give my big thanks to you for these donations--
Michelle & Mary--donation in memory of Jones
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
James R--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Lu-Little and Benny--donation in memory of Jones
Judy & Phil L--donation to FFRC
Brenda R--donation to FFRC

We've heard from Nicole who is Kubu's new mama.  "He is adjusting and is an absolute blast to have at home.  He's perfect!!"  So glad to hear this......he's a wonderful boy! 

We have a new mama and her 4 kittens.  And she is so beautiful.  She came from a home where the little doggie was really bothering the mama and kitties. She's a young mama --a tawny brown tiger with a tinge of tortiness.  Her name is Sasekani--pronounced sass-ah-connie.  And the name does indeed mean beautiful! This is a Name a Cat name.  The babies are 13 days old with a birthday of 2/2/19. Babies are all round and healthy! 
1--gray tiger, female 
2--brown tiger, female
3--black tiger, female
4--brown tiger, male      

We had BOXES on Weds.  Big big thanks!  These are the things that help us stay afloat!
JBond -- Cat Baseball Hat, Dress with a cat design  

CJ500 / Carla -- bag of Hand Made Cat Toys , 22 FFRC Crate Pads, 20 Ruffle Scarfs

Jody J -- 4 Louisville Slugger Mini Bats!

Kizzimom -- Books , Purrder She Wrote Book, , Where's Ramsey Custom Story scrap Book, Blank scrap book, horse scrap book   So much work and so beautiful!

YvonneVDK - large bag of Purina One , box of Purrfectly Chicken, heart shape Reeses Cups

SandyTears -- 2 pairs of Flip Flops, 2 pairs of socks, animal rescue site bracelet, hat. Animal Scarf, Kitty Face Bracelet

Pat L -- 2 boxes of delightable Stews Packs
From The Cats -- Bag of Reeses cups, 3 kitty T-Shirts, 😸
Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 cases of Fancy Feast 
NH Furry -- Star Wars lunch box for Catathon 

Fred,Gail & BooBoo - case of Fancy Feast, 4 packs of Squeeze UPs, 3 containers of Lysol wipes
Stripey and Dave -- fridge magnet, Self Warming bed 

Flymom - 1 Case of Baby Food, Container of Party Mix Snacks, Box of Cheese Its, Bag of Milo Dog Treats, Case of Belvita Snacks, 

Paul L -- 2 boxes of 30 Gal. husky Garbage Bags 2 boxes of 13 Gal Garbage Bags
Cliff / Robotman -- 54 Laser Lights for adoption bags

Melissa L/NY - Card and Donation
Tracy and Mark G - Donation in memory of Mary Ann Fredrick 
Patricia H / IL & FFRC kitty's Card and 2 Books of Stamps
Kristi M / MN -- Card , Donation in honor of Lucie 
FFRC Meowy Kitty's - Anniversary Card for the 20th!
Sherry & Dave / NY -- Card and 2 Chickie $5 
Linda, Lynn / NV -- Card And 2 Chickie $5
Dave H /Pa -- Card and 5 kitty sponsorship
Phylis B/kittiesmom, Emmie,Bailey -- Card and $5 chickie
Kris M -- Valentine Card for Derecho , Donation 
Clark, Jessie and the Rest of the Gang -- Birthday card for Jimmy James , $5 chickie
Marie M / M&M - Card and Donation
Suzanne and John C / Fl -- Card and Donation
Ray P /hankeygrapevine  / Ca -- Card , Stamps for Donna 
Kris M -- Valentine cards and Donations for Cutie, Spiker, Grace O'Malley, Eddie White, Mitz, Nyota, Marilyn 

Buck was here yesterday and finished some jobs we had for him. This time he put drawer handles on for us, fixed the hangers that we use for the yoga mats to dry, put in another cat door (for the Stuff Room, just in case a cat gets stuck in there--they can get out but not in!).  He also put in the new catwalks for Paddy's Place and Kittie Campus.  They are rather expensive...boards are PVC and will always look new! The wear and tear in the future will not mar them at all. The cats already love these catwalks!

There are 32 days until spring! It's already showing signs--stores have bulbs and garden equipment. But more importantly--the animals know it too!  The chickens are laying more eggs. The male peacocks are fully feathered. The guineas are singing their spring songs. The raccoons were out scavenging. We're all anxiously awaiting spring!

Puddy is out and about and really enjoying herself. She loves to play. She was chasing something on the walls today (that only Puddy could see!). And she loves to be petted.  Addy is now up 100% in the Main Area.  She likes the Purple Office and so loves a head rub. Spiker is here on my desk--his feet look good.  Hensley is in my lap, sound asleep. 

Lancelot and MacNeil are good friends--they can really rough-house but all in fun.  Lancelot is so good to the 6 black kittens. And have you noticed Lancelot's head--it's almost perfectly normal! Nikka, our feral cat in the Cove, is becoming more at ease with the the people that feed her--she knows she is safe.  Sevaun had to re-hide her cell phone that she uses for food/pizza orders.  Walter discovered her previous hiding spot. 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!  MacNeil will be adopted this morning, around 10:00.  

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Weds., Feb. 13, 2019

BOXES are today at 2:00!  I've gotten behind (again) and we need to catch up.  There's quite a few (for which I'm thankful for), so we will start at 2:00.  Zelda has been a bit impatient to help open
these Boxes!

Many thanks to all for the great Quickie Flash Sale yesterday! All the blankets were sold--made $513.   This is wonderful and I'm grateful for all those that made the blankets, those that bought them and to the mods that helped with the sale, along with Lynnette and Beth.  We had some repairs done recently and so will apply this towards that bill!

When we take in cats and they've passed their quarantine time, we love to open the doors all the way up in the early morning breakfast time. It gives the cats that time to make up their own mind as to when they feel ready to come to the Main Area. Today was a great day for Puddy and Addy---they both came up. Addy did two full laps of the entire area. Puddy likes the Paddy's Place and loves to play with catnip toys in that room. 

We have thanks to give!
Katja S--donation to FFRC in honor of Vernon
Jones Shop--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Gail M--donation to be used wherever needed
BillieK--donation to FFRC, in memory of Jones
Judy L--donation to FFRC, in memory of Jones
Helen C--donation to FFRC
Charlotte T--donation to FFRC
Susan H--donation to FFRC

Our special 20th anniversary shirts are still on sale, but only until the 28th. Check it out: With wonderful help from Custom Ink, we have been able to add more colors of the quarter zip sweat shirt, AND LONG SLEEVES!!! Woohoo!!! Check out the new colors and options! Thank you for your support!!
Also HUGE shout out to Adrian and Malcolm for the beautiful design for the 20th year logo!!! 👏 👏 👏
About this website
Buy a shirt to support FFRC with upcoming improvements!

It was just confirmed yesterday--the LaChat sisters will definitely be in town the last week of Feb.  They are again bringing some of their cat gallery pictures of at least 12 FFRC cats to be a part of our next Fun-Raiser! It starts Feb. 24, Sunday.  Tickets are as always--$5.  The drawing is the 27th, Weds. And the LaChat sisters will be attending the drawing.  I hear they have an astonishing new wardrobe too! The pictures that are selected will be on display before this Fun-Raiser gets started for your viewing pleasure!

Here's some upcoming dates:
Feb. 18--HumaneOhio
Feb. 21-23--The OVMA (Ohio Veterinary Medical Assoc.) conference
Feb. 24--FFRC's annual Volunteer meeting
Feb. 24-27--La Chat Gallery Fun-Raiser
March 4--Barin and I will be going to a cardiology specialist in Fort Wayne
March 9--FFRC surgery

Feather and kittens continue to do good.  The 4 babies were weighed yesterday. They have doubled their birth weight already!  They will be a week old tomorrow. I've been asked about about the difference between the twin beige boys, Sammy and Frank.  Sammy has a longer white line up his nose to between his eyes.  Look close!   Think of it this way--Sammy is a longer name than Frank and so his white line is longer too!

Wonderful news--the 6 black kittens are getting better daily.  I'll tell you--it was a battle, with the virus they had.  And I like that word....had.  They are still on medication but their energy levels are high, their appetites are huge and they are crazy little kittens now! And they are ever so sweet!  They will all be spayed/neutered on 3/9.

More adoptions are coming up!  The next one is Saturday morning for MacNeil.  Such a great boy.

We had an ice storm yesterday morning. All is well now though. Roads are pretty decent.  The walkways are cleared and the farmyard safe for the animals to be out and about, although I saw a couple chickens dancing on the ice. The Porchies, Barnies, Covies and Firecats are all doing great.  I'm sure though they will all be happy for sun and warm weather again.

Take care. See you at BOXES  at 2:00!

Monday, Feb. 11, 2019 Jones, our boy

Our hearts are sad. We have lost a very special cat friend.  It's Jones. Jones was not well Saturday morning. He appeared to have had a stroke or a seizure. His neuro problems were extremely heightened but we had hope.  After all, Jones has "pulled it out " several times.  Jones arrived here at FFRC on 6/14/16.  He was just a year old.  The story we received was that a man had him since birth and was "never quite right".  At the age of 6 months, he did not want him any longer and a woman then became his owner.  At 1 year of age, she asked FFRC to take him.  He arrived with mats and at first we thought he was blind. Was he a seizure cat?  A CH cat?  Our vets both looked at him and have never quite figured out what was going on with our Jones.  We knew he displayed many neurological things during his entire life. matter.  We wanted to care for this boy.  His mats were combed out. We worked thru many different medical issues that he had.  And that was our hope this weekend--that he would come out of it again. But, it was not to be this time.

He melted our hearts--even thru his sometimes foggy brain, he knew he was loved with a passion.  He had a booming purr and turned it on at just a single pet!  When we would enter the Paw-Mart, he many times would get his 4 legs working together to run and greet us.  He many times would reach up for an "uppie"--we had to be quick to scoop him up or he would tumble over.

This was a boy that everyone loved and would hold and hold him. for an entire naptime. He brought us such richness to our lives. He was our friend, our buddy. He loved us all--everyone of us.

He was held for hours Saturday and Sunday and given many kisses, from everyone. We knew you would all want that.  He will be greatly missed but also remembered with much love and smiles for all of his wonderfulness.  Thank you

Friday, February 8, 2019

Friday, Feb. 8, 2019

Feather and her babies are doing wonderful.  We decided to move them to the back Thumper's Room since we just coaxed Puddy and Addy to come up to the front THumper's Room and Welcome Room.  We had a big bed with edges on the floor, all covered with a super soft blankie and put Feather and her babyies there.  That lasted about 15 minutes until Feather moved her babies into a corner!  Oh well---she's the boss.  So we put a blanket and heater there and they've been napping peacefully! 

We have names for these 4 babies, now known as the Rat Pack, since they were born in the big rat bed!  The male orange tiger is Deano (Dean Martin), beige male is Frank (Frank Sinatra), beige male is Sammy (Sammy Davis Jr.) and the female brown/torti is Monroe (Marilyn Monroe).  They weighed in on birth date at 3 ounces, which is normal.

Buck has most of our wall hangings, pictures and signs on the walls now. He's working on the cat walks this afternoon.  It all looks so very nice!  I can't wait for all the cat walks to be up so the cats can run around above us! 

We had BOXES yesterday.  You are appreciated.
Edna D with Jack & River - OH  Kitty Card  6 jars baby food, Box of Kitty Food  and 40 Harry Potter Forever Stamps

Donna - BC, Canada - Kitty Valentine Card - 2 bags Snackers for Janie & 2 bags Snackers for Kitties

Judy R - FL  Greeting Cards, Calming Collars, 2 Lg cans Chicken, 3 cans ham, 2 cans chicken, 8 cans kitty food

Pleblady - 20 Large cans of Salmon

Barbara E - NC  Kitty Card  2 BiggieDews $15 each & 5 LeggieDews $12 each, 6 Adoption Bags.. As always very pretty and greatly appreciated

Twkitty - Kitty Whiskers, PopTabs, Blankie for Kitties, Paw Print seat cover, Kitty Frame for multiple photos, lots and lots of items that Twkitty has given us free range to use however best suits our needs! 

Panda & Pickles Mom & Dad made 24 crocheted Kitty Blankies, Dad made blanket & mom did the boarder!  Snackers, Bleach & Clorox Wipes

Elaine & Alan - FL  In memory of LittleKat  3 24ct cases Friskies, 32ct Case Friskies, 24ct case Fancy Feast, Appetizers & 2 40lb bags Litter

Linda/mls - 63 Scotch-Brite Sponges
Debbie & Annie - 4 bags Litter
Pablo - Donation for FFRC

Callie & Frank - 10 knitted Karunda blankies, and 5 Gorgeous Afghans to be seen soon in a Fun Raiser 

Jabberwocky/IowaCatLadyMarie & the Magnificent Seven--Kitty Card with Note

And even more thanks---
Meghan S--donation to FFRC
Jerilyn M A--donation to FFRC
Courtney N--donation to FFRC, in memory of Mary Ann Frederick
Annette20--donation to help Barin with his cardiologist appt
LJ--donation to FFRC for Da Rat Pack
Yvonne VDK--donation in honor of Jones, use where needed

I would like to give an update on Barin.  We heard back from the preliminary cardiologist that went over Barin's heart x-ray and scan.  It is felt that there is a large abnormal vessel in the area of the heart base.  This could be a large pulmonary artery but not certain yet. Would suggest having a cardiologist exam for an echo, to know exact diagnosis or prognosis or if any meds can be used. It could possibly cause a shortened life span. Could also cause congestive heart failure.  The cardiologist would be able to determine this after an echo. 

Our good friend JustMe has had Barin on hold with the adoption happening the end of next week.  Due to these circumstances, Dr. Darcy, myself and JustMe will hold off (temporarily) on this adoption until decisions are made after the cardiologist appt. This appt. should be in the first full week of March. JustMe wants to do what is right for Barin. Her hopes is still to be able to adopt him.  Remember.....his name means Noble Warrior, which is just like JustMe's dad--tough fighters!   Her family is also all hoping that things will be just fine as they are excitedly awaiting this adoption!  So, in the meantime, Barin will continue to be monitored, he will continue to play and be his silly sweet self! 

Tomorrow will be a fun day! Going to the Cat Show!