Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday, November 30

Are you ready for it?  December is here, tomorrow! Hard to believe. The saying is---time flies when you're having fun. Well, it certainly does go fast here at FFRC! 

We had surgery yesterday. All went very well. Columbus, Intor, Ichabod, Teagan, Norton and Star were the boys that were done. Then the girls were Tinia, Bounty, Tenactiy, Screech, Amazon, Beth, Merlee Jo, Neemu, Dawn and Priya. We did not spay Jenna Jo as she seemed a bit off yesterday. No reason to hurry this process.  We will make an appointment for her very soon at the vet's office.

We also did a few physicals. They were:
Jersey--normal physical. He was so very good letting us handle him
Ponia--normal physical. She actually enjoyed it!
Slick--normal physical.  Gave an injection to help with his skin issues.
Thomas--normal physical. We will start him on meds hopefully to prevent his UTI
Paddy Purr--all seemed fine, except for his bit of thinness and his licking. Will look into which medication would be the best to help him.
Trucker--what a zooming boy he was. He showed Dr. Darcy that he is a super fast speedy-wheel boy. It's possible that we've found what may be testicles--not in their proper place, but "do-able"!  Will get his surgery scheduled soon. 
Ada Jane--still, of course, she has her kidney issues. We expect this from an almost 20 year old girl. We've been having a physical done monthly on her when Dr. Darcy comes. Last month she thought that Ada Jane might have an "unusual feel" to her abdomen. This month confirmed it---she has an abdominal mass that is about the size of a golf ball. Her treatment? Love her every single day that she is with us, as usual! This doesn't change anything for Ada Jane. What Ada Jane wants, Ad Jane gets.

We had BOXES on Friday night. Many heartfelt thanks to you!
Cheryl L from WA--a fun box filled with Jacci things!  Plus milk rings for the kitties, pop tabs for Kellen and box tops for Caryn. Also many many kitty pads for the kuranda towers--so pretty and purrfect!  A big thanks to Cheryl for her gifts to me--peace towel, cards, bath pearls, peace bird sign, a great book, lots of wonderful items! 
SuzieQ--bag of Sunkist Fruit Gems, 12 packets of salmon and a case of Fancy Feast
Romeosmom/Sarah & Rob (Neil and Anna Maries' daughter) and their kitties--2 plush kitties with squeakers, named Lucky, Temptation snackers, wand toys, 2 Laurel Burch cat carriers
Gusti--6 cases of Pro Plan can food
Kikimycat/Ellen from FL--more hot chocolate mixes for the guys that help FFRC and LOTS of pretty earrings, such a wonderful variety of them. Watch for flash sales!
IBKCFJJJ--you might want to know what that means!  It's Itty Bitty Kitty Collection for Jingle Jangle Jubilation---wow!  In others words, our FFRC cats! Yes--they got together and sent 2 boxes full of snacker bags, full of holiday goodies for Volunteers, UPS, anyone that helps us!  WOW!
Coralie P from Aussie--donation for Coralie , the kitty and friends
Deborah F from CA--donation to FFRC
Gusti--a donation to FFRC for Happy Thanksgiving
Nigel W from UK--donation for FFRC
Stephanie S from UK--donation for FFRC
Char in Biloxi--donation to FFRC in memory of The Mouse, her cat who passed to the Rainbow Bridge.

I have to tell you about our ornery kittens. Many times you folks think they are sweet little angels. Well.....they really are, BUT.......yesterday while waiting for their surgeries, they were rotten. Yep, just rotten.  Jumping, climbing, tossing each other around, rolling up their blankies and diving in--all of these things while in their condo pens. Then they discovered they had sandboxes (aka litterboxes). They were kicking "sand" everywhere and then rolling and rolling in it. Tossing their sand on the floor became great fun. I was on the floor, using a hand little sweeper to clean up their mess when all of a sudden, I felt (I'm sure a whole ton of it) litter come dumping on the floor, after landing on my head and shoulders and back. Yes, you can imagine it. And they just sat there by the bars looking out, like that was great fun!  Needless to say, their litterboxes were removed.  Naughty kittens! Love them anyway! 

Our orneriest kitties are: Jarvis, Moose, Abner, Trucker, Freemont and Dickens. Oh but what fun they are. Hmmm--they seem to be all boys!  But, then you can add in Gusti---she loves to romp and play right along with them! These are wonderful kittens still needing homes (except for Trucker!). 

I've been trying to make a decision in regards to cats and FFRC, spaying/neutering--the whole picture.I'm still working on it, but do you know how very important one single spay can mean?  It can mean many lives that are saved.  This is the time of year, before spring is even thought of, to get those boy and girl cats spayed/neutered.  It is absolutely one of the most heartbreaking things---to see such overpopulation problems that result in neglect and abuse. It can be fixed, plain and simple.  Spay and neuter.  And please....don't say "it's not my cat".  If you're feeding it, it's YOUR cat. Help us by spaying/neutering please. 

I've heard from CathyKay's family. All is going great. Scabs are literally gone, vanished! What happy news! They still have her on the duck/potato food. She's still there and while things are going so good, they are fine for her to still be there!

Jimmy has been hard working on the Porchie Haven. We've been fortunate to have a reprieve in the weather. It's been in mid 50's for a couple days. The inside of Porchie Haven is now insulated, covered with plywood and then that wonderful vinyl wall covering that makes cleaning so easy. Two heat lights in there will be all they'll need to keep them warm and toasty. 

The Barnies too are all set--their heat box is there already keeping them warm in the big red barn and the grey barn. The Covies are still getting out for their run-about three times a week. They come back quickly for the dinnerbell call! And the baby bunnies--they are doing great. They're growing, still in the nest and starting to hop just a bit! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day November 27

Happy Thanksgiving Day to our FFRCNation. It is truly a blessed day to give thanks for so many things.

Our raffle is over and what a raffle it was! So very exciting! Here's our winners. I would like to be sure you all know that I consider each and everyone of you winners.
Item A   mink kitty blanket won by Susan Am  ($675)
Item B   cat bed won by Jane Lue  ($730)
Item C  X-Box won by Gerri Ro  ($1,040)
Item D  iPad Air won by Sandra Hes  ($3,220)  ***
Item E  Seymour Canvas won by Jean Sch  ($170)
Item F  Music, Love & Cats Afghan won by Tami Lof ($490)
Item G  Camo Kitty Afghan   won by Romeosmom  ($785)
Item H  Black/white kitty Afghan  won by Kathie Sad  ($765)

We then had 25 consolation prizes to give away. That was fun and heartwarming for me! All raffle items and consolation prizes will be mailed very quickly.

The total of this was $7,875. And then the magic started. Extra donations started popping up on the cam chat--one after the other. It was totally amazing and remarkable. My legs and arms even got "jelli-fied" watching it unfold in front of me. I am truly in awe of our FFRCNation. A thank you just doesn't seem to be enough. How about a million thank yous?! My heart is full of thanksgiving and appreciation for the compassion, generosity and giving-ways of our FFRC friends. The total is $11,060.  Every penny will be used wisely.

As important as this financial help is to FFRC, your friendship is important too. It's simply amazing to me how friendships can form, such as they have, thru our chat and fb pages and our tweet and FFRCNation page. I truly believe we have the kindest people involved with this cat rescue. Your hearts are huge with kindness for FFRC and each other. I am grateful for our viewers, lurkers, chatters, mods, admins, fb friends, supporters--each and everyone of you. You are truly a friend to me and FFRC. I am in awe of your kindness. 

We also had BOXES last night! Fun and we're grateful!
Widdletiger--2 large packs of 6 inch paper plates
Jatcat from CA--Blue Diamond almonds, variety for the Moss Family. Big thanks
Patricia M from IL--lots of kitty themed cards touse however--very nice
Tom W from MI--10 FFRC calendars from Zazzle to be used as wanted!!
Fur Haven Kitties & mama Jeannette--for ALL the FFRC kitties--snackers, bag of Natural dry and a case of Perfect Bistro Thanksgiving Dinner. This was shared with the FFRC inside cats, the Porchies, Covies, Barnies and was much appreciated!
Warpedinmn--6 cases of baby meat food, much needed!
Deb11111--a special gift of a Dell Computer for the cam. Wow--what a great gift. This will be put to use fairly soon for our webcam. Special thanks, Deb.
Larissa--handmade kitty card with story of Little Mouse and Lorenzo
Rita S from OR--kitty card with donation
Cheryl L from WA--thanksgiving card for staff, vols, admins and mods
Sherry and David W from NY--thanksgiving card
Julie, volunteer--a batch of 6 inch and 9 inch plates
Judy & Phil, volunteers--clorox 2 and a bag of dry cat food
Emily & Arden C (birthday gifts!--so very kind of these kids! Poptabs, PT, towels, cat toys, kitty can food,  dry cat food, bleach, vinegar, Laundry soap
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
electraNJ/Nadine C from PA--Thanksgiving donation
Sharon/pablolvr--donation to FFRC, for Christmas in honor of her sister in law
Rebecca H/woolywhiskers and Darren M from UK--donation to use as needed

We've heard already from Ming's new owners. Sounds like it's a happy home! Ming is already playing with his yellow string, is purring and kneading and doing well. It's so nice that a cat that has been here for the length of time that Ming has can go into a home and be so happy!

I am constantly amazed at Trucker and his vocabulary. I truly have never heard a cat with so many vocals as he has. He will even look right at me and make a certain chirp, that I know means---please open that door for me. He's a chirper, a ye-owler, a mewer, a whimperer--so many sounds. It's quite interesting to listen to him!

All the cats are doing well. For breakfast, they had their special cans of Thanksgiving food along with fresh turkey pieces. They were in turkey happiness! 

This Saturday is our surgery day. The boys that probably will be done are: Columbus, Intor, Ichobad, Teagan, Norton  and Star.  The girls that will probably be done are: Tinia, Bounty, Tenacity, Screech, Amazon, Merlee Jo, Beth, Jenna Jo, Neemu, Dawn and Priya. 

We also have a few cats that will need physicals. They are: Trucker, Ada Jane, Jackson, Paddy Purr, Pania, Slick and Thomas. 

Today, our family's Thanksgiving meal is at my sister's house in Fort Wayne. We will be gone all afternoon. I give special thanks to Indy who is staying here this week. He will be doing the feedings, so that our regular volunteers can have family time. I appreciate Indy very much for offering to care for the cats while we are all gone.  

Have a happy, blessed day today, folks! Enjoy your families and friends. For those of you that may be getting some winter weather, stay safe. I deeply give thanks for you all. And of course, I'm so grateful for our kitties and cats. I feel very fortunate to be able to do something that I love doing. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday, November 24

We are back! Vacation is over. Steve and I had a fantastic time. We went to Las Vegas--saw 3 night time shows, tons of lights at nights, many wonderful sights, walked our feet off!, visited the Nevada ASPCA, the Container Park and tons more. Busy morning, afternoon and night! One day we drove to Utah to visit Best Friends Animal Society which was awesome. A wonderful vacation, but I'm so so so glad to be back! I missed the cats something fierce, although I knew they were all being well taken care of. I thank everyone who pitched in extra to make it possible for me to go. I'm back on track!!

We had an adoption this morning! Our sweet little Huck found a home. He went to a great home that has two kids that he will enjoy. Tomorrow morning we will have another adoption---our beloved Ming will go to his new home. His new mama promises already to post lots of pictures. This is an exceptionally hard adoption. Many of you remember when Ming came in to FFRC---he was super thin, had neurological problems, visually impaired, very knock-kneed.  Most of his problems are long gone. He still has some vision impairment and is still knock-kneed, but these things make us love him all the more. Ming is going into a great home---the new owner has watched him from the beginning of his time here with us. And her home is safe for Ming. He will be the only cat and be known as King Ming. I know this will be hard to let him go, but let's rejoice----Ming will have his very own home! 

This morning was spent catching up on treatments, thanks to Mary helping me. All vaccinations, ear cleanings, wormings, flea preventions have been caught up now. 

Our raffle is on!!  This is an exceptionally nice raffle with 8 items! Each ticket is $5. You can do this thru PayPal or send a check (let me know by email if sending a check). BOXES will be Weds. at 5:30 in the evening and the raffle will start at 6:00, followed by consolation prizes! We are grateful for each and every ticket purchased. Check the facebook chatters page, FFRCNation and our Tweet page for all the scoop.  

We have so much to be thankful for! We have had BOXES once since I've returned and had envelopes! 
Linda M, in memory of Lily, her siamese--case of baby food, meat
KnittenKitten/Donna H--plush blankie with kitties and flowers, for a raffle!
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie in IA--big bag of Purina One dry cat food, 4 boxes of Purrfectly Chicken
Kikimycat/Ellen--Thanksgiving card. Gifts for the volunteers (will put in their upcoming surprise bags!). Then Ellen dazzled us with items for a Flash Sale---many gift tags, Christmas Cards--so so nice!
Justme/Kathy K in IA--memorial stone for Princess Zsa Zsa to be placed in Alberts Garden
Susan M from MA--donation for FFRC
Jennifer Boyd--Just Be Original Art Studio, from a fundraiser for FFRC ($200)
Alan C from UT---donation for FFRC
Karen B from Defiance--Chief Tapes
Deb/mycatkat--card for FFRC
Charlotte L--donation for FFRC
Mary from OH who brought us Grady, Blake and Shira--thank you note.

Shira, the black feral cat that Mary brought last week is now in the Feline Fieldhouse (part of the Cat's Cove). The weather has turned warmer and will be nice enough for her to acclimate there for a few days. Her two boys, Grady and Blake hang out in that area. The plan is for them to realize they are together again so that when the door is opened to the Fieldhouse, they will stick together. 

Thanks too for these PayPals!
David W from CO--donation to FFRC
Christine R--donation to FFRC
Douglas E--donation to FFRC
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC
Gisela from Germany--donation for chicken for little Gusti and friends!
Randy S--donation to FFRC

Great news! Last week, FFRC received a deposit for $1,880.42! This was from Ustream for our revenue share for the ads that are displayed during broadcasting! I thank you, our viewers, for this! 

Remember to check out the site   This company is doing a fundraiser for FFRC!  Also our newest project is our Scrip Program. Check it out at

The 4 kittens of CathyKay's are doing so much better. A couple more days of antibiotics and they will be done. Little Screech and Amazon were returned from Peggy, our volunteer and foster mama yesterday. They look awesome and are running around like crazy kitties! Star's bum looks much better too. Thomas had a difficult time with this past UTI, but for the time being, it's under control. There's a possibility that we will do periodic meds to try to keep it at bay. 

This Saturday, starting in the morning, is a surgery day. On Weds., we will weigh kittens and make up the surgery list.

Mr. G is out and about part of the time now in the Main Area. This big fella had not been with any other cats all of his 10 years. Considering that, he's doing pretty good!  Trucker is doing awesome---that boy can go mighty fast! He is simply amazing! Bella is still going outside on nicer days. She had a big surprise this morning---she was given a whole jar of baby food. She was smiling ear to ear and pawed out every lick of it! Cutie is happy and is maintaining her weight nicely. Ada Jane is slowing down, but still eating pretty good. Anything Ada Jane wants, Ada Jane gets. 

So glad to be back! All is well. Kitties are having fun and the cats are happy! Have a wonderful day. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday evening, November 13

Hearts are big here. These cats and kittens are so wonderful and are so friendly.  It does a heart good to watch them play with each other and also to see their reaction when people come in. Most of them so welcome visitors to be here.  The more petting, the better! We are devoted to finding loving homes for these cats and kittens. We have several of them on hold right now, but they can not go until their spays/neuters are done.  It's the FFRC law!

We have thanks to give. A simple thanks seems so "light", but please know we have much appreciation for the help we receive.
Wanda, the artist--donation for a portrait order
Jim R from VA--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Sue--a donation made to her sister Sharon, pabloluvr
Elizabeth W--donation to FFRC
Melvin S from PA--donation to FFRC
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin baby dry food
Ruth D from NC--note, a beautiful Christmas afghan, box of Purrfectly Chicken
Gina S/catlvr14 from OH--3 wonderful Christmas shawls (red, green & white) , 4 pks of kitty snackers
Linda S--hats!--all handmade and in beautiful Christmas colors, also a hat/scarf set--pretty warm colors, 2 fancy red scarves
Jatcat--4 very soft pads for the catbarn beds--nice!
SonJa/Sonjamac from Toronto--48 double rolls of TP (yeah!) and bag of Royal Canin Kitten dry food
Sharon/pabloluvr & sister Sue--tray of appetizers, baby wipes, calendar from Best Friends
Judy & Phil--snackers for the volunteers, Toilet paper, fleece material and kitty toys
Lannml---case of toilet paper (so nice to get stocked up)
Margaret S from OH--donation to FFRC
Abigail B from OH--donation to FFRC

We took in 2 older kittens yesterday. Late afternoon someone dropped off a carrier with two kittens squished in it. We actually saw them drive off. While we would not have insisted they take their cats with them, it would be nice to have gathered information about each of them. Leaving them as they did, we know nothing other than they are 2 cats with ear mites, major fleas. The boy also has a nasty wound on his "bottom parts".  They obviously are sister/brother as they look so much alike. They are about 7-8 weeks old. The female is a long hair calico, named Dawn. The male is a long hair black tiger with a white chest and feet, named Star. Both are so sweet. Star will feel better soon. He is on antibiotics.They arrived thin, but have good appetites. Won't take long to get that FFRC belly! 

Steve and I will be leaving Sunday morning for the beginning of our vacation. We're both very excited as it's been a long, long time since we've done something like this.  We will be back Friday night late. We have many volunteers that will be here this next week, taking care of things. We have people that will be here at night, even staying here overnight. We have friends and family too that will be stopping in frequently to check on things. I believe all is covered and will be well looked after. Even the Sheriff Department will be helping. They will be doing frequent checks on the property and also visiting inside the rescue center to make sure all is fine. They are also aware that we have 24 hour surveillance cams for security. While I'm looking forward to this time of fun, I'm also nervous to leave the rescue cats, my house cats and the farm animals. But, I know they will be very well cared for. I have a favor to ask! While I super very much appreciate all boxes, I'm hoping that box deliveries will be light next week, because of space in the office. Also, emails will not be answered next week. My goal is to keep off the "computer stuff" as much as possible! A real vacation!

We would also like to get out in the mail, as many of the items as possible from the quickie Flash Sale we had this week. As soon as checks or PayPals have arrived, we will get things sent out. Please know that if things are not correct or you haven't received something that should've come already or something arrived damaged, please let me know by email. We truly do aim for 100% satisfaction!

Little Teagan is one handsome boy. It seems his fur gets fuzzier each day. Norton is so striking--his markings are gorgeous. Next week, Peggy S will be taking Amazon and Screech for a week, so they will have extra "looking afters". They are growing in body and also in their activity level! We weighed Mr. G yesterday--he's gained a few ounces and that puts him at a bit over 20 pounds. I told him he will need to practice wheel running for exercise. Bella is still going outside with the dogs. She so loves it out there. It'll be interesting to see what she does as it gets colder. Asha is here with me, staring with those beautiful blue eyes. Joey is in constant motion much of the mornings and evenings. He's amazing the way he travels about now, without a care in the world. So wonderful to see that. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday, November 11

Leaping kangaroo feet--yep, that's what Jarvis has. This boy can sit on the floor and leap into the air coming clear up to my waist.  It's his way of snagging an extra food plate. What a boy! And Beth--this is our speedy girl--she can fly! Then there's Joline---she has a world of patience. She will quietly sit by the door and wait forever until it's opened. And McHoney is our thinker girl---always figuring things out, how to do this or do that.

We had BOXES last night.  Many many thanks!
Ryan S from TN--donation in loving memory of their rescue boy, Keyla. 
Beth/eaglewatcher--Royal Canin Baby dry and RC kitten dry
Mary H from Arch. Friday volunteer--kitty snackers, lots!
Michele/callie and Frank/harry--weekend visitor--180 rolls of TP (yeah!), 2 cases can food, 4 gallons of water and 2 bags of dry kitten food
jakesmeowmy/Renee C--donation to FFRC, to be used wherever needed
Laura/medic101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Belinda F from NC--2 kitty stuffed toys, 2015 calendar
RoseSF6--stuffed energizer bunny for Jacci (I like!), 2 of 3 packs Clorox wipes, 2 packs of Mr. Clean Erasers, box of appetizers, snackers & toys
Shannon, volunteer---coupons
Hannah from Indiana and mom Jennifer and dad Andy--Halloween kitty card with the famous stickers from Hannah!, huge bag of candy bars, 2 bags of Temptation Tumblers (kitties love these!), 4 lg cans of chicken, case of baby food
Teresa H from IN--donation to FFRC
Jan from HI--donation for a quick fun at Las Vegas (with Derecho fur on it!!)
Ruffles--box tops for Caryn
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54 from IA--Onsie for Trucker that says "Trucker with an attitude"  Love it!
Megan C/megancummins58 from from sales of jewelry already, LOTS of jewelry samples & 3 scarves. Such beautiful items to show us. We can use these for raffle, prizes, etc.  Thanks, Megan! 

I finally got to see it---Missy Maloo was playing on the floor and then took an interest in some snackers! That was wonderful to see! Her eyes are amazing!

Amazon and Screech and Cathy Kay's kittens are doing better each day. They will recover. Already their energy level is high! Bella still likes going outside even though it's cooler outside. She loves to come back in though for her baby food jar. 

The Covies are doing good in Kitty City. Very snug and contented.  Today they will get to go out for a "run about".  The farm animals are also doing good. We took in 6 new chickens 2 weeks ago. So far, they are proving to be good egg layers. The horses are getting fuzzy in preparation of the cold. The Barnies have their blankies all rea

Little Tenacity and brother Intor are climbing the big pole here in the purple office--so brave of them. Zelda is sitting at the base watching them. Moose is in my lap snuggling. Luige is running the orange wheel in the Kitty Kabana and Joey is sitting at the window, probably waiting for the peacock's morning walk-by. The bird feeders were refilled yesterday so there should be lots of bird action today. 

Did you know:
A cat's nose has a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint.
Cats have about 130,000 hairs per square inch.
A cat can hear sounds up to two octaves higher than a human.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday, November 9

Is it 4?  Or is it 5?  We now have our answer!  It's a BIG FIVE!  Yep, all 5 of our girls are staying with the sister/husband downstairs and sister upstairs!  It's official---Smallisha and Penelope are downstairs.  Daisy and Emma Jo are upstairs. And Liberti visits both! And Emma Jo is allowed on the counter! What joy! Very grateful for this. 

As you may know, we had a few kittens not feeling the best this week.  CathyKay's litter and also Screech and Amazon. We stayed on top of it. They are "tough" ;kittens and kept fighting to feel better. Today all 6 are running around like crazy kittens!  Another day or two and will be top-notch again! Their energy level is back! 

Please remember to check out  They are helping to raise funds for FFRC.  Some items we get 100% of the proceeds and some items are 20%.  Their jewelry is beautiful! 

We also have another fundraiser started. It is called the Great Lakes Scrip Program. Scrip fundraising is a no-selling program, that allows families to raise money for FFRC. You purchase gift cards from FFRC at face value. We order your gift cards from Great lake Scrip as a reduced cost. The difference is an instant rebate for FFRC. This program offers over 300 of the biggest brands, including grocery, department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, home improvements and more. You can review the complete list of retailers on the website. Please check out the site at:  The activation code for FFRC is:  EB4A132541195   Angie is heading this, please refer questions to her. The email for this is

Many thanks to Mich and Vern for the Flash Sale on Friday! These sales along with our raffles are what helps us stay afloat. I am deeply grateful for your support. 

Many thanks to Jatcat and Nona for the barnhouses they have sent for our Covies, Porchies and Barnies.  It's already quite cold  outside and these will play a big part in keeping our kitties nice and warm! 

Trucker had his sutures removed yesterday--about 25 of them. Both of the incisional areas look awesome. He's a great healer! He's truckin' around here like a speedy boy! Felicity is so beautiful. She's a sweetie and loves attention. Thomas is doing good--no bladder infections going on now and now seizures! NeeMu is now friends with everyone--she knows kitty friends are fun to have! Beth, the calico kitten is a hoot! She's a bit of a tease and so sweet. Merlee Jo's little bum is all healed now and looks good---no more problems. Jambrew is declared as an extra soft kitten--like bunny6 fur! 
Dashielle too is doing great---no limp noticed most of the time. He is amazing! 

Did you know......
The technical term for a cat's hairball is a "bezoar".
Cat's only sweat from the pads of their paws.
Cats step with both left legs, then both right legs when they walk or run.
Cats make about 100 different sounds. Except for Trucker...he's at 200 sounds!! 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Friday, November 7

Five cats went traveling on Weds.  Yes, and I was a nervous wreck.  It was Smallisha, Penelope, Daisy, Emma Jo and Liberti.  A sister and husband who lives downstairs wanted Penelope and a friend which turned out to be Smallisha.  Then sister upstairs wanted cat friends again. She knew about Daisy and let me to pick the second one. I wasn't sure between Emma Jo and Liberti so took them both! Right now, they are visiting and they will let me know what the decision is. The two sisters and her husband share meal times and tv time. Is a cozy atmosphere and very relaxed.  Will know more today or tomorrow!

Be aware! It's Pop Flash Sales today!  Our friends Mich and Vern will be here. Probably starting later morning to whenever, Mich and Vern will be showing you items, some of which you've not seen before. Really really nice items!  Enjoy!

Reminder---cold season is starting and cats seek shelter in cars. Do not forget to give a few taps on the hood or a toot of the horn before starting your car. 

We had BOXES last night.  Ever so so grateful!
Pat, volunteer--hand warmers and scarf for sales
AuntyFi--play cell phones for Zelda and Sevaun---such fun!
Pat M from CA--assorted cat collars, set of snowman ornaments, ear mite meds, Christmas ornaments, grooming tools, Carlsbad dressing & BBQ sauce, pet tunes CD, kitty toys, Natural PEt cookbook, pet brush attachment for vacuum, tote bag
Betz--shirt set/jacket from Quacker Factory--so very sweet of Betz
PSW--box of Cat Dancers for surprise later!
Justme/Kathy K and furbabies Hamilton, Tootsie and Zsa Zsa--3 lg bags assorted candy, 10 fleece blankies, box of 32 assorted chips and package of white wash clothes
Nona and Jatcat-- Petmate Barn homes for our winter needs!  So very grateful!
Ann F from NJ--donation for FFRC
Mary L from OH (brought Blake and Grady)--donation for FFRC
Clark and Jesse and rest of family--birthday card for Whiskers and $5 donation for special food!
Trudy S from Bryan--donation for FFRC
Schinn/Susan and furbabies Ralph and Cleo--Halloween card for Paddy Purr and donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Karen B from Defiance--chief tapes
Jan/farmgirl and Charles--donation for FFRC
Dave and Elizabeth S from KY--donation in memory of their aunt Aileen--very kind of you
Susan 345 from NH--card and international stamps for FFRC
Jan S from MN--card and donation for FFRC
Nona--lots of coupons
Phil & Judy--4 cat scratchers, 20 appetizers and bag of Royal Canin
Pat & Ellen from Defiance--monthly sponsorship of Farrah and from their Amazon sales
Hallie G--donation to FFRC

You may have heard already, we had a very sad happening yesterday. We lost one of our Porchies. It was Defi. He has been darting across the road to see what's been going on over there. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and killed instantly. A volunteer found him almost immediately and brought him back home. Such a deep sadness about this. As you know, it is our wish for cats to be indoors, but we also know there are some cats with "outdoor life" stuck in their heads. And that is what our Porchies are all about. So, we have to come to terms with this. Allow them to be happy in their lives, yet protect as much as we can. It's so hard. I will miss this boy very much. 

I missed a story for Catapalooza.  It was about Chelan.
Chelan. What a beauty of a kitten. Being outdoors all cold is not a good way for life to start. When she and Dhana were found, they were covered in fleas and so cold. Chelan was a calico girl while her sister Chelan was a black tiger. They arrived 10/22/11. Chelan made friends quickly and enjoyed the other kittens. She was a busy little girl. I remember Emaline was a wonderful mama to her and Dhana. She loved on them and bathed them. Then on 11/1, Chelan became sick. Things happened quickly and she passed away. She was held and was peaceful. Sometimes we simply don't know the reason for death. But we have to accept it, treasure their time with us and learn something from each and every cat that comes our way. She had a kind and sweet spirit about her. Chelan was named for the beautiful Lake Chelan in Washington. 

The Covies have moved.  Yesterday was rainy, cold and just plain icky. It was decided that it was time to move them up early. They will still get their 2-3 times out for a run-about each week. The move went fine. Sometime soon, we'll be going thru each Covie, weighing them, giving their vaccinations, worming and a look over. Such a wonderful group of cats. They seemed very peaceful last night. 

Mr. G came to the front welcome room office door again. I do think he's building his courage to come in again! I just watched Jersey walk thru the front office--nice, sure of himself. It's when he gets flustered that his balance comes undone. What a far way he has come. Derecho sang to me this morning---just love listening to his vocals! Jemima is becoming more of a lap cat every day. What a pleasure!  Joey came out quickly today for snackers! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday, November 4

Remember to vote today.....Boss Derecho and Mayor Anony approves!

Big time thanks for BOXES last night --last night was very extra emotional. I never cease to be amazed at the kindness our FFRCNation shows to this Rescue Center.
Pat & Ellen, volunteers--10 packages of 6 inch plates and 10 packages of 9 inch plates
Beth A/eaglewatcher from IL--2 spin mop head you suppose there's more to this?!!
Kathy R from CA--bubble gum, 12 cans Friskies, 8 appetizers and a beautiful fall color rug
Donna/Knittenkitten with Shadow & Starla--Halloween card with a very sweet note from Shadow, a wonderful Hank bracelet that is a treasure, 7 bags of Kitty earrings, variety.  Lots and each one is so beautiful!
Binky C from NC, with a note, box tops for Caryn, syringes, soreness meds for cats, Revolution, sardines, 3 trays Party Mix cat snackers, Leopard print tunnel, hooded kitty cave bed, bird seed bags to remake into totes
Janet S with Toby & Harley--Mouse House cat bed with swinging eyes---Nobbin immediately claimed it but had to let Screech and Amazon have it for night time!
LJ323--2 bags Sunkist Fruit Gems, 4 big bags party Mix snackers, Box of Princgles chips variety and 4 microfiber floor mats
LJ & Larissa--a beautiful, awesome Harlequin Cat Afghan--just stunning  (raffle time!)  so colorful!
Butterfly Teacher & Class from Belguim--letter about student K and his rescue of a special kitty that he ended up keeping!
Conii--Halloween card from Elliott & Izabellah with a donation, plus Snoozies and blanket and kitty beds and kennel pads---all wonderful things to help keep cats and kittens happy and cozy!!  2 Pet Stages scratcher bowls & Triangle scratcher, 30 spring toys, 4 bags of Yeooow toys--rainbows, kitty Halloween kickers & sharks. Paw print wind chimes, paw print/angel wings wind chimes, a beautiful kitty tote bag.  Banners--Cat rules & I Love My Cats. A red/black pillow "One Cat Leads to Another", lots of Keebler cracker packs, Reeses, Hershey Blyss---multiple bags of many flavors, 5 boxes of 24 Wellness Devine Variety cups. Wonderful items!
Janet M--donation to PayPal for FFRC

Wow--$282.18.  Yep--that's how much a check that FFRC received from Goodshop. This is from our viewers shopping there!  Many thanks!

Please check into theis awesome    It's filled with beautiful jewelry and FFRC gets a nice direct benefit from it.  Thank you!

We are working on a new medical record for our FFRC cats. In the past, I've always had one for my record books then would recopy it onto a chart that would go home with them. It would be so nice to have one sheet, copy it at adoption time and keep a record/send a record with the adoption!  I'm excited. Many thanks to Beth for helping me with this. We should be starting today to transfer all the records.

There goes Trucker and Vernon again--rolling over and over and over, each trying to outdo the other. They sure know how to have fun. Preakness is giving Jenna Jo a thorough bath. Lilly Ann is sitting beside me for extra pettings! Kiara has been playing "knock the syringes out" alot lately. She's about 75% right on.  Jackson and August just strolled by--side by side--with that wonderful hip hop gait that they both have!

I mentioned last week that I had a surprise for you. goes.  Steve and I are going to take a REAL vacation. Yep, that's right. It's been about 25 years that we've had a real vacation! I'm such a "homebody" and leaving here is very hard for me. There's my personal cats, all the farm animals and of course, the Rescue Cats. A tremendous amount of critters to care for. But, we're going! One place I've always wanted to visit is Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab Utah. And Steve and I both have wanted to see the shows and lights of Las Vegas. We have not experienced either one before, but we're going to! We will be leaving early on November 16 and returning late on the 21st, I am thankful for our volunteers that will cover. A special thanks to Connie D who will give meds and do breakfast. Lynnette will keep track of the ins and outs of each day.  Jimmy will care for the farmyard and animals. and the needs of FFRC.  And I will only be phone call away for Lynnette or the mods. Many things can be "fixed" with a phone call! Steve and I are already signed up for various tours at Best Friends. And the country is so beautiful there. We also already have tickets for a couple shows in Las Vegas. Let the fun begin!

The Red Barnies should be comfortable this winter--they had their own plug-in put in this past weekend to be able to handle a heater light for them! The Covies too will be set. The electric line there is pronounced safe and can handle the warming beds for them.  The Porchies will have a few heated beds and a heat light too.  The Grey Barnies (we have red barns/grey barns!) also have a safe plug-in this year We will be set!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday, November 3

The Catapalooza was yesterday. Oh my goodness---it was full of laughter, joy, good memories, tears, soggy kleenexes, good friendship and sharing. We ended up with 151 stories. We truly had no idea how long it would take. We started at 1;00 sharp and ended about 5:45. And we kept the stories coming!  Many many thanks to all of our readers--you were all awesome. And thank you to our Catapalooza story supporters--you are amazing. A big thanks to all of our viewers--I believe we consistently had 660 people on listening to the stories. It was a "simply amazable" day for me. To see the support and love from you all was so heart warming. I also thoroughly enjoyed all the stories--brought back so many memories and reminded me what's most important.....every cat matters. And your friendship too matters so much to us here at FFRC.

Our Ming and Zelda had top requests, so at the end of the Catapalooza, they were presented with their gorgeous crowns, which Angie made. They were cooperative for pictures! So cute. Then lots of snacks was given to all of their cats for allowing us to talk about them! They had fresh catnip, a casserole of tuna, chicken, salmon and sardines. Yummmmm!

We did this not only as a fundraiser, but it was a memoryraiser too! We ended up with a total of $2,480. I thank you for this. We here at FFRC are grateful.

As was mentioned at the Catapalooza, Trucker is officially adopted by FFRC. Because of his lack of connection from brain to his bladder, we do indeed have Trucker Trails when he potties. He's so sorry, he doesn't mean it. But, one of our things here at FFRC, if a cat is a known "outside the box" cat, we do not adopt them out. Most homes are not capable of keeping up with this type of potty accidents. So, he and I had a talk. While he is a permanent now, he is going to try his bestest to get into that box to potty. He did make it part way once yesterday and had a pretty smug look on his little face!

I would like to say thanks to the following:
Joanne P from FL--a donation to help Catapalooza
Carol N---donation to FFRC
Lorraine L from CA--a donation to help Catapalooza
Carole Ro from VA--a donation to FFRC, to be used however is the need. Thank you!
Pam/BuckeyeCat--a donation to FFRC, to help where needed.
Barbara F/lgecko--donation to help Catapalooza
Ellen T--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Margo F from NE--donation to help Catapalooza
Christine R from MI--donation to FFRC

Little Screech and Amazon are wonderful. So very ornery--you can just see it ooze out of them! Where one is, usually so is the other. Big thanks to Peggy, our volunteer, for caring and loving them while they were so little. It takes a lot of work to do this. She is our only foster mama and does a phenomenal job.

Dashielle is dashing about. That is what we wanted for him--to be very mobile and that he is. He cn climb and race and just have so much fun! Debut is becoming more and more relaxed. She absolutely loves to play. It's so nice to watch her. She especially loves the pipe cleaners and will play forever in the office with them. Rolls and rolls and runs with them!

Cita was adopted this past Saturday. She went to a home where she is already loved. They've sent a picture of her and she looks so happy. Dickens and Abner are still at it--emptying out the dishdrainer of everything that's drying. Two comical kittens. They are much bigger than their mama! Missy Maloo is growing!  Yeah.  It's taken a while but she is just doing great now. Such a beauty.

Truckers sore on his tummy is dong great now. It never opened, just was pinkish. We were so careful not to let him down on the floor too much the first few days. The fur is growing back and that will help. Our newbie NeeMu is wonderful. She's getting use to the other kittens now and is even playing with them! A big improvement!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Saturday November 1

Can you believe it--we have a light dusting of snow. Impossible, but true. The cats and I are still waiting for more nice Fall weather! The Covies are still in the Cat's Cove. This is when we start keeping a sharp eye on the weather forecast. A couple cold days won't hurt, but when it gets to be consistently cold then we will move them. We try and wait until we absolutely have to because of space. They have more than twice the space in the Cove than Kitty City. But, we also want them to be warm.

I've been checking Porchie Haven--beds are mushed down, food is being eaten, cats curl up together -- they seem to be happy with their warm Haven. 

We are always very grateful for BOXES and gifts. This plays a huge part for FFRC. 
Karin E from AE--donation for FFRC
Nancy R/grammie from IN--donation for the fun of Cat n hat, Sock monkey, Litter Poop Head and Ariel yesterday for Halloween!! 
Julie P--donation to FFRC
Jan from HI--donation for goodies for Catapalooza
Eugenia from Russia--donation for FFRC
Kevin A--donation for FFRC
Lisa S from NJ--donation to FFRC --she shared her birthday in this way with the kitties. Happy Birthday, Lisa!
Thomas P from West Yorkshire--donation in honor of National Cat Day!
Nona--bag of Reeses (yum!) and feathersand 3 desk 2015 calanders, wonderful clippers with blades, guards, oil--big thanks!
Anonymous Friend--Royal Canin baby can food, case of big bags of snackers
Zelda and Friend--lots of sardines, salmon, clams, chicken, snackers. Ping pong ball for cat toys, 4 nice feather toys.  And then for the volunteers--jars honey roasted peanuts, 2 bags Deluxe Chip cookies, bag of Halloween candy bars, 3 bags of nuts variety, bag of fruit chews, box of candy bars variety. Big thanks. That Zelda--she is so special!
Susan G from NH--4 cases of Baby food
Donnajb--5 cases of 32 cans Friskies and 2 trays large kitty snackers
Dutchy--3 cases baby food
Billy K--sardines, chicken and 8 tubs of Temptation kitty snackers
Tom C from IL--donation for FFRC

Tomorrow is our Catapalooza. It starts, on cam, at 1;00.  This event was met with much support from you viewers--lurkers and chatters. This event was done with you all in mind--to enjoy these stories. We here at the rescue center can touch, hold and kiss these kitties and cats. You thru the lens of the cam, cannot, but we feel your love for these FFRC cats. And so, we want to tell stories for all to enjoy. Catapalooza is met for your enjoyment. So, you'll want to get comfortable. Have some snackers handy, get your pets on your lap, may want a kleenex or two and simply enjoy. The stories will be told in random order. If it's a cat we can hold up, we will.  If not, we have pictures galore to show you! This will be done in laid-back style. Know that the stories are true--taken from their own lives and how they came to be at FFRC. We have many readers--and we are all honored to do the reading. 

Trucker is doing wonderful. We do have one issue we are dealing with. Because his tummy now rubs the floor a bit, he developed a pink spot on his tummy yesterday. He actually slept alot yesterday and was in his pen quite a bit. But you know Trucker--he's a speedy boy and insists on playing. So, we will watch this area. He's right now napping in Dodger's Pen . As the fur grows and his skin toughens, this will no longer be an issue. His incision site looks great.

Gusti's uneye area also looks good. Mr. G came out to the Main Area today. Merlee Jo continues on her antibiotics. A second one was added yesterday. Things are doing better for her, but still an issue. We'll keep a close watch on her. Bella was outside yet again yesterday--even in the rain. The dogs pen has a very large cover over it and she can still be in her poof and stay dry. We finally though went out and brought her in. Oh my, she complains when we do that! So....she had to have some bby food! Do you think she knows that?  Yep! 

Cathy Kay's kittens are wonderful. So sweet, energized and so playful! They spent their first night out in the Main Area last night. Little Amazon and Screech have adapted beautifully to being at the Rescue Center. Thanks to Peggy again for the awesome care she gave them. 

We had a bit of Halloween fun yesterday!  In the afternoon, we had 4 costumed visitors--a Cat N Hat, Sock Monkey, Litter Poop Head and Ariel. During their visit, 18 names were drawn from our bucket of chatter/lurker names for a Halloween Bag filled with surprises. These bags will be mailed out on Monday! Enjoy--just a small way to say thanks for what you do for FFRC. In the morning we had a beautiful ballerina (Elizabeth) complete with her point shoes here! 

All is fine here. Have a wonderful weekend and see you on the cam for the Catapalooza!