Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, Saturday

Happy New Year! Tonight is the last night of this year. We're ready for the incoming year! Soon we will have totals added up--the incoming cats, how many adoptions we've had, how many spays/neuters we've done, etc. We'll be sure to post all this information up for you. We have another date to keep in mind. Our floor guy arrived and we've picked Jan 30th to start the new floor in the main area, 3 rescue rooms and the storage room. This will give us time hopefully, to finish raising the amount of money neeed yet. As you may know, we received our $5,000 check from PetFinders! It's been deposited and saved for the floor! How exciting. We did not do boxes last night or envelopes as I was picking up my sister Patti from the airport. Many of you also know that if we have boxes to open at 6:30, the Blue B will show. If there are no boxes, but we have envelopes to open, you will see a green E. This E and B are to the left of the working counter. We had 3 adoptions yesterday! Chaplin went to a new home with a wonderful new Dad. KW was adopted to the family that has adopted Nebraska. They were so excited about taking KW home! Punkin was also adopted--I know he will be very spoiled. We also took in a new cat that was found at Lowe's. He got inside the store and was ever so happy to be with people. He's a gold/white, already neutered and declawed front. His name is Cosimo.

The 2 new kittens now have their pen door open. FiFi is already exploring already and doing great. Ayla is also doing great. She hasn't ventured out yet, but I'm sure she will soon.

The first part of January I will show everyone the remaining t-shirts that we have left, just in case you are interested!

Now, on to the new year! We look forward to what 2012 will bring the rescue center. We have much to be thankful for. It's been a week since the episode last Saturday. We are choosing to not dwell on the past, but to look eagerly forward to the future. We are so blessed and have you all as a wonderful support system. I'm grateful. Keep an eye out for all the new computer happenings! Within a very short amount of time, our new website with many links will be ready! Happy New Year to everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30 Friday

We had another adoption yesterday! Peach went into an awesome home! She is going to be so happy. We also have another kitten on hold. Wonderful Adora will be leaving soon as well. FYI--yes, Paul is fine with this and even showed Adora to this family! The 2 new kittens have names! The grey/white kitten is Alla (the first A is a long sound). Her wound on her leg is getting better. The torti kitten if Fi-Fi. She made a trip to the vets today to have her eyes checked. At this time, she has very limited eye sight. Both eyes appear to be shrunk back into the socket, but both eyes are intact. Her facial muscles are atrophied which causes the eyes to be sunk in. Another discussion with the vet will follow before we decide on a course of treatment. Loyal also made a trip to the vets office. His age is determined to be at 6-7 years old. He has a little BB under the skin near his neck. This should pose no problems. Haskins had his "tic-tac" surgery and is now neutered! He will be adopted soon.

We had ENVELOPES last night!
Tom & Jean L from Defiance--chief tapes and paw points
Susan deR from Wauseon--donation in memory of Pumpkin & Honey and to help an older kitty
Jane W from MA--Ireland Christmas card and donation
Gem from Archbold--note and envelope opener
Neil & AnnaMarie & Vixen (Bandita)--letter and donation from Vixen

All is well here! Most computer things are getting straightened out. In 1-2 weeks we will be rebuilding everything and it will be awesome. Just keep in touch and we'll keep you informed! The new website will be on We are building a terrific computer system force here and I believe you will all love it! It will be easily managed. Thank you ever so much for all the e-mails of encouragement--they have helped me tremendously.

Big news: Remember tomorrow, Saturday, at 4:00 we will be moving the camera into the big office for 30-40 minutes. We will be preparing a webcam appreciation fun event! We will then bring the cam back into the main area for the unveiling!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday, December 27

Remora went to her new home! So happy for her. Her new dad was very excited about bringing her home.Jolly also went to her new home on Christmas day. She was a Christmas present to a couple that has lots of time to give her. We've heard from so manyof the recently adopted cats and kittens and all are doing great. Judy S. is back with us and we're all smiling about that. She's doing a major groom on all the long hairs--that's her specialty! Jen C is also here to help today and this evening will be Martha L, Brenda, Caity and Dorothy. It's snowing! It's a wet snow, but just enough to cover the grass a little. Very pretty. Grominique, Hettie and Derby have been watching the snow from the window ledge. Bella has reclaimed her bathing time with the kittens--she's been busily grooming them all morning. Wiffin is doing great--he acts lie he was never gone--he just fit right in again. Punkin and Tweeny have been chasing each other around and around the cat furniture! Haskins and Paullie are good friends. They seem to find each other when it's naptime. Sari and Magentta are both eating good. Loyal is doing good. He's out and about now but likes to spend most of his time in Kitty Campus Room.

All is fine here at the rescue center. Many of you know that we have spent 2 1/2 days working on the computers, securing all systems. Thanks to many people who have offered their help. We have made great progress. I'm learning a heap about computers and love it! (You know me, the uncomputer person is actually learning!)

A reminder: our new website is now registered under It's a work in progress. It will be awesome! We also have a new e-mail address:
If you'd like to see the new FFRC chatters facebook, that is: Friends of Felines Rescue Center's Webcam Viewers/Chatters Don't forget our regular FFRC's facebook too!

I want to thank everyone for your wonderful heartfelt support, especially these last few days. It means alot to me. We have awesome supporters, awesome volunteers and a great attitude!

Monday, December 26, 2011

An adoption on Christmas Day!

Yes, we had an adoption on Christmas Day. By doing the adoption on this day, it meant the kitten could go directly to the new home! Jolly was adopted! She was a Christmas present to a couple that has lots of time for her, given to them by their daughter. What a wonderful gift. We've heard from so many of the recently adopted cats and kittens and all are doing great. Yesterday the kittens had an extra special breakfast--TWO cans of sardines, 2 cans of pure chicken and mixed in with their breakfast foods! Every piece was ate (minus the sardine that I ate!). Even the sunporch kittens were fed some extra yummy food--Fancy Feast Appetizers. The people that came in to help were: Judy M and Dave, Peggy S, Christy, Cheri and Stacey.

Things are going smoothly here at the Rescue Center. Eric (LoveMyPetz) has come in to guide me with some of the computer things. I'm learning! We were also able to get the chat box back up on the screen so we can all chat with the webcam friends again. I was so glad. Thanks, Eric! We also have another wonderful computer source already that has been extremely helpful.

I am deeply grateful to all the people for your wonderful support. We have awesome support, awesome volunteers and a great attitude!

Bella is thoroughly enjoying her baby food jars, she'll even share with Kiara. I saw Asha bathing a kitten yesterday--so sweet. We have 3 birdfeeders outside the office windows--provides a great source of entertainment for the cats. We are expecting more adoptions this week. I have been asked by the volunteers to give their thanks for their stockings filled with items, from the webcammers. They were all thrilled! There were 4 black white cats sleeping together this morning--Georgia, Zelda, Octavia and Birka--what a great bunch of cats! Loyal is out and about now. Actually, he's out and about in Kitty Campus Room. This is where he's comfortable at. He's eating good and loves head pets.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas.....a most special day.

Merry Christmas to the volunteers, webcam friends and supporters. We had a rocky day yesterday but all is well. Cats are happy, tummies are full and seeing lots of smiles here today. We had an adoption yesterday. Gonzo went to his new home. He's going to be a very loved and spoiled boy! I've heard back from so many of the newly adopted cats and kittens. All seem happy and adjusted.

For your information--we are in the process of a new website! It will be awesome! The site is: Of course, it's just in the baby stage but it's started! We also have a new FFRC chatters facebook page. That site is: Friends of Felines Rescue Center's Webcam Viewers/Chatters

I want to thank all the Ustream moderators for the awesome job they do. I also want to thank all the wonderful e-mails, thoughts, prayers and PM's that I've received. It's comforting to know that you all care and are supportive. We are fine, we are strong, we love what we do here and we will continue our Rescue Center!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Peace and Joy to you and your families, from the FFRC cats.

Friday was a fairly quiet day. The cats and kittens were concentrating on being good, as they heard that Santa Paws is visiting them today around 12:30. Oh, it's so hard to be good ALL of the time! Loyal is still in his pen with the door open. We've been lifting him out, holding him, then putting him on the cat stairs, but he immediately jumps right back in his pen. He'll circle around and lay down to watch over things. He seems relaxed, just not ready to come out yet. Sari was everywhere in the rescue center yesterday. So good to see her out cruising. Little Haskins is also out and about and possibly may have a hold on him already. Yesterday when I was petting Badu, I was looking around on the far side of the rescue center. There were 7 gold cats all close together, just napping away! I also saw Twinkle sleeping with her monkey again. We had the see-thru tunnel out last night. I counted 8 cats in there at one time. Peach and Preakness (both torties) were playing with a mylar ball together yesterday for at least 15 minutes--so sweet to see them sharing. Punkin is becoming another shoulder kitten.

We had BOXES last night! Thank you all for your support--this helps us tremendously.
Val & Lois S from WI: a letter/card from both, sardines, mixed candy for the volunteers,
paper towels and WI postcards
Janet B from FL:turbo track and cardboard scratchers for Kitty City (they will love this)
ZeldaLuna: 4 cans of fancy feast, catnip, very nice handmade mice, a beautiful black soft bed
MissLindaD (Alan & Sylvia from UK): card for Hannah, Christmas card for the center, 3
bags of cat treats and Q-tips.
Ryan & Patty: plates, clorox wipes, Dawn soap, Blankies

Spot (the cat)-- Christmas card to the kitties, Hannah card, Christmas card for the center
Janet B--Christmas card from Alley cat and her mama Jan
Midnight--postcard from Clearwater Beach, FL
Mary in PA--donation for medical costs
Chat lurker from Seattle WA--letter
Paul & Tyna--Christmas card (Paul is our handyman/farm guy)
Stacy141/Demude Family--Christmas card
Shazadoobie--Christmas song words. This was read to the webcam viewers--so funny, we
all enjoyed it!

We also had "the real story of the cam". Apparently the webcam was down the night before, but we were informed of what REALLY happened to the cam. Apparently it had something to do with Octavia, Hannah (yes, sweet Hannah), Sheriff Putter and Deputy Paddy.

Tonight we have another story to read: A message for Sheriff Putter. The subject: theft of property report Sounds like Sheriff Putter needs to get his whip out and make these
kitties behave! There's thievery among the cats!

Thank you all for your support. I wish you and your families a wonderful, blessed Christmas tomorrow. Enjoy your day, be thankful and rejoice in this special day. Thank you for being a part of our webcam family.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cats adopted and 1 more on hold

Wow--what a busy day Thursday was. First, we had 2 adoptions in the morning. Nebraska went to be with his new home. Wonderful family. They are also very interested in Kurt William. They will check in next week to see how his new "neck treatment" is doing. Val and her family came and adopted Cessna. Val is the one who earlier adopted Dolcy. What a pair these two should make--lots of fun and smiles, I'm sure! We also had a cat returned--Wiffin is back with us. For reasons that are valid, he did not fit into their family. When I took him out of his carrier, he was quickly given a check-over, flea prevention reapplied and he was off and playing. Cats have such great memories--he's been all over the rescue center already, like he was never gone. This family then took Denae home. This should be a great match--I'm happy for Denae and the family. We also now have Jolly on hold. He will be leaving on Christmas Day in the afternoon to go to his new family. They've adopted from us before--good cat people! Busy day! Our new older cat, Loyal is doing good. He's still in his pen, although the door is open, he's not ready to venture out yet. He's catching up on alot of sleep. The other new kitten is named Haskins for the town he was found in. A very handsome long hair brown tiger. He's been here 2 days now and is ready to join the action. He's about 4 months old. Twinkle is now exploring more--she's been coming into the big office every day for her morning nap. She amazes me how she figures out how to climb up and down, with her very limited sight. She uses her paws to pat things until she's sure she's safe. I saw Emaline give 4 kitty baths yesterday--she was very happy to do so. Georgia drug another towel into a sleeping cubicle and proceeded to nap on it. Love watching her do this. Macallan was carrying 2 of the fuzzy mice yesterday, meowing as he did this.

We had BOXES to open last night! What fun and so appreciated.
Warren (recent adopted cat--talked his new Linda family in bringing it over!)--letter, 2 cases of Friskies, 1 bag of treats, catnip toys and 3 feather dusters to play with
Pat L in Kansas--Christmas card with 4 big pieces of material that we can make into cat mats
Alley cat & Mama Janet--6 pouches of Greenies, replacement pad for the turbo track
Stinkypeep13--card, card for Hannah, string of Christmas lights kitty toy (she made it!), and Christmas pins that were in design of Santa, snowman and JOY. These are awesome and will be given to the volunteers.
Linda T--music card with horns that blow for celebration of winning the $5,000! I blew the horn last night and again this morning!
Leeinoz from Australia---Australia calendar and Christmas card (we'll use calendar in Thumper's Room.
Nuki master & Nuki slave--Cat nuki talked his mama into writing a note for him! Sent 4 sitting stools for the rescue center
Val (adopted Cessna) and family Shelly (sister), Mia & Talor (nieces)--2 big boxes with birdie chase wheel, trash bags, Clorox wipes, vinegar, Paper towels, plates, mylar balls & toys. Also lots of litter! And the neatest rug--a rug that is made with the same material as the marshmallow beds--the kitties and cats will love it! It was nice to meet your family. They'll be getting this rug today!

Gusti--Card with donation for Dhana, Hudson or other kittens (Custi had sent this card in November, just received). Thanks ever so much. Glad it finally arrived.
Mary2-U--postcard from PA (she helps my daughter Caryn and Kellen on their visits)
Michlynn--card & pictures (this was also sent in November, jut received)
Karen R--Christmas card and donation
Marjorie R--Christmas card for everyone
Larry S-Christmas card
Joanne-Christmas card and kitty pictures and donation
Kate in AZ--Christmas card to volunteers and cammers
Hannah, Andy & Jennifer-Christmas card and beautiful picture of Hannah

Hannah's cards, boxes, gifts were delivered last night! We'll keep you posted. I want to thank you all for your support. It means so much to the rescue center. If I ever neglect to mention something or have made a mistake on the acknowledgments, please feel free to e-mail me with corrections.

Brian E from New York has sent us a prayer that he made. He's given us and other shelters/rescues permission to use it. I believe we will copy it onto cardstock paper and put it into each adoption bag. Thank you, Brian.

Prayer From The Shelter
I hope and pray every night that someone will find that I am just right
To adopt and love so I'm never alone. For this I will love you if you give me a home.

For so long I've waited for a family to care
And a chance at life, This is my prayer.

I've been here too long, I need a new start
In return I can offer, Love from my heart.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

We're still so excited and happy about the rescue center winning the $5,000 from The Animal Rescue Site. We had a wonderful day yesterday. First, the big news about us winning, then we had lots of boxes and we had 3 adoptions yesterday! Warren, our handsome black/white boy left in the morning. We've already heard from the family and all is well and happy. Warren is adjusting beautifully to his new home. In the evening, Remo and Erie went to their new home together--to Bill and Angie (volunteers). I understand that the webcammers "harassed" Bill on the chat 2 nights ago about adopting a kitten! So, when he came last night, he had Sheriff Putter ready to do some webcam arrests. But at the last minute, Bill decided to withdraw the charges and Sheriff Putter said he wouldn't arrest anyone! Bill and Angie ended up with adopting 2 kittens--Remo and Erie. What fun! We've already heard back from these 2 kittens too--they're scurrying around their new home and are happy. I also received an e-mail from Betz's mom--she said Betz is sweet and doing great. Raina is now out and about, she's adjusting fairly quickly. We've got all her mats out, still working on a good thorough brush out. The people that helped yesterday were Stacey, Mary E, Sigrid, Gregg, Judy E and Pam. Kurt has been busy working on updating the website.

We had boxes last night! Big thanks for these gifts. We so appreciate your support.

  • Peekabookitty--4 giant boxes of kitty litter
  • Julie from MA--huge box that had volunteer treats, banana bread, post it notes, sardines (the cats and I will share!), 4 SPCA blankets, greens for the cats (Carrie will grow them & bring back), tshirt that says "cat whisperer", baby food meat, dog treats, cube for kitties, Christmas card, poptabs for Kellen, Lots of cat treats, catnip, a book called "I Will See You in Heaven", treasure cookies (homemade), WalMart gift card for Magenta, WalMart card for FFRC and stamps.
  • Madisonpepper & catgirls--Lots of appetizers for Kitty City gang (especially Anony) and the other FFRC cats, a Love grooming Glove,
  • Casey & Skeeter from FL--card, sponges, post it notes, styrofoam plates, cat treats, Mr. Clean magic sponges, trash bags, white-out, q-tips, clorox wipes, Purina One dry food, ream of paper
  • Dorothy & Tony and Gang of Seven and a stray (Wacats)-sent 3 groomer combs/brushes for FFRC, Paul and Gregg
  • Elisa K/Pampapupu in Finland--a 2012 Finnish calendar with postie notes showing the cats name and story for each month (she translated to English), a card to support their animal rescue society, notecards with sayings from Farrah, Cyrilla & Putter.

Christmas cards:
Robin D in OH and cats Lilo, Robin, Jim (Robin134) with a donation, Tom & Barb C with a donation, Clarice G in MI for Putter, First Pres. Children's Vacation Bible School with a donation, from Claice G in MI with a donation in memory of Mr. Purr, Pet Supply Plus with a donation

Card: Thanks to Cynthia & Markus N/Bubblesladoo in WA for your donation. Hugs to your Scottish Fold cat.
LaRae sent a card for Uncle Eric which will be delivered today.
Robert S in FL--card for Hannah


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We WON!!!

Today is the long awaited day on which we find out officially if we win the $5,000 from The Animal Rescue Site! Wouldn't that be a wonderful Christmas present? I'm so excited! (Update: WE WON!) We took in a new cat yesterday. She's a Putter look-alike. Her name is Raina, she's a chocolate Himalayan, almost 3 years old and is ever so sweet. She has a few mats on her which we're slowly working on a little at a time. She's ready to be out and about with the rest of the gang which will probably happen today. The family that brought her loves her so much. This was a "have to" situation for them, no choice. So, I promised we will love her and find a good home for her. It's obvious she's been well loved. We will also keep her name as Raina. Today we hope to put up the new cat window shelf that was a gift from Marty and family (Judy S's family). We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Betz found a home. She is going to be a wonderfully spoiled girl! One of the visitors spent 15 minutes just petting Twinkle yesterday, which of course she loved. I held Badu for 4-5 minutes today. It was lovely and welcomed by her. What a treat for me! We have two towel-dragging cats. Dunakin and Georgia thinks it's great fun to take a big fluff towel and drag them around. It's fun to watch them maneuver these big towels where they want them. Our three tortis (Tweeny, Peach and Preakness) are awesome cats. All 3 are cuddle-bugs. We have had so many laughs with Cessna. He loves to be cuddled and will pat, pat your face, then ever so gently, nibble your chin. The more we laugh, the more he does it. What a kitty. He'll be going to his new home tomorrow. Warren spent 10 minutes yesterday playing by himself on the paddle pole---up and down and over and over again! These cats are great entertainers. The people who helped us yesterday were Judy M, Stacey, Dorothy, Martha L, Brenda. Thanks to these volunteers that give so much. A very important part of joy is the joy of giving.

Thanks to Elle (Nova Scotia) for her gifts 2 days ago. Her notation of her gifts were accidentally deleted. Elle had sent a money donation in a Christmas card, a card for Hannah, a beautiful Celtic cat pen that I will treasure, desk items, cat toys and a card and monkey for Twinkle. All day yesterday, Twinkle had her monkey with her on her cushie. I was not aware until recently that Elle was the one who started the idea of people sending in postcards to the rescue center from their hometowns. We have probably 30 cards on our cork-board from around the world. If you have not sent us one, we'd love to receive a postcard from your area showing us your part of the world. Thanks Elle!

Twinkle and her monkey

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Voting is done. Results will be posted 12/21

We are waiting with much excitement for confirmation that FFRC will indeed win the Grand Prize from The Animal Rescue Site! We'll know the results tomorrow. Thank you all for every single vote you gave. I know that it takes time each day to do the voting, and I so appreciate this. I'm still floating from the Big Event Saturday night! Wow, what a day that was! I would like to say a special thanks to Carrie (OMP) & Eric (LoveMyPetz) for all the extra hard work they put into this. I'm grateful. We have been passing out all the volunteer's stocking from the web cam viewers this week. Each and every one of them have said thank you for your generosity. They have felt your appreciation. I have read each card, every letter and note and have so enjoyed all the pictures that were sent. These mean a lot to me, and they bring us all closer together. I also so appreciate the financial donations and the gift cards. I marvel at the support.

Now, on to a busy week! Right now, we have 9 cats and kittens on hold: Cessna, Chia, Praline, Dhana, Weasley, Gonzo, Kurt William (?), Nebraska, Tweeny and possibly Betz. We'll keep you all posted. The people that helped us yesterday were: Jodi, Mary E, Jackie S, Ruth, Angie, Jimmy, and Kurt. Bunches of thanks to these awesome people who give so much of their heart and time to FFRC. The new program we have Kurt William on is starting to work. His wound is healing nicely. Remember, this is something that will likely be an on-going problem. Weasley and Dhana almost got swallowed up when they were laying in the new big pink marshmallow. They kept sinking and sinking! Farrah continues to take her meds and is still seizure free! Emaline's face is looking real good right now. Octavia thought she died and went to heaven yesterday. I saw her take a whole box of Fancy Feast Appetizers and started dragging it down the hallway! What big dreams she has. I did let her have one packet! I got an e-mail back from Mike who will be doing our concert in Sept. 2012. It sounds like he'd be willing to sing the new Catstock's version of the Woodstock song! Cyndiluwho came up with the words!

I have to tell you we have extra smart and wonderful cats and kittens at the rescue center. I received a wonderful letter from all the FFRC cats and kittens. There were 2 beautiful letters to their "Momma Jacci". There was also a beautiful trinket (Angels watch over you) and a St. Francis of Assisi pendant. I will treasure this always. Made me smile and cry! Whoever helped the cats with this, I appreciate it!

We collect Chief grocery receipts throughout the year. Angie and Bill (volunteers) spend many many hours organizing these slips for us. Chief then donates .5% of the total on the receipts. They turned them in last week and we received a check for $624.50! Thanks for all the slips turned in by people and thanks to Angie and Bill for their hard work.

We have much to be thankful for as we had boxes last night!
  • Judy S's 2 families (KitKat & Marty's families): An awesome new window perch, gift cards, crinkle bag, treats for the volunteers, dog treats, TP, cat treats dish soap, hand soap, hand lotion, toys, cat treats, Kleenex. Thank you to both families. You are part of a wonderful family unit!
  • Dorothy & Tony and their gang of 7 cats: 3 cases of fancy feast
  • Robert & Marilyn S from FL: letter, awesome FFRC picture in the sand, kitty treats, Whiskas, appetizers & Clorox wipes.
  • Francis R from IL (a lovely young girl who likes the webcam): pics of her dogs and cat, a wonderful letter, cat treats, candy cans, Fancy Feast Appetizers, kitty mouse toys, Friskies, Fancy Feast.
  • Cindy (Francis' mom): a card with a check from the sale of a doll dress called Angels Among Us
  • Dave & Sunoco: a huge and heavy box containing paper towels, big/little plates, clorox wipes, laundry soap, trash bags, case of Friskies, big bag of dry Purina One, spoons, cat treats
  • Kim K from MI: card with a roll of stamps
  • Cheryl S (Devon) & daughter: basket with lots of cleaning supplies

We also received lots of Christmas cards:
Gossamer (with pics of her kitties, Tabith & Samantha & pics of her and hubby and a donation, Bill & Peverley with photos of their 10 kitties, Paula W from SC, Bantry from MA, Kimberly (dsmia) & Craig from IA, Mark & Karen M from GA, and Betty, Anna Marie & Neal & kitty Vicki, Alice D from NJ/2catsfromnj (stamps), Anna D/momsmischief from CA, Rhea & Aaron B from OH, Sweetpea727 a postcard from CA, Beverly G, Peekabookitty with pictures of Sugi and Tomo, Cheryl L/cherylann275 from WA, Newfidogmom from Canada, Mayumi from Japan with a fridge magnet, Illzach from France/Macdouna and pics of her kitties, Jeannette K from Netherlands/muff3, Kristine from Canada, Colin & Patric M from Canada and pics of dog and FFRC cat, Lly3x from Ireland, Sandra E from Canada/straycatlady, Maria Z from Poland/mm_cat. Thank you all for these lovely cards--we hang every one of them up.

We also received more cards for Hanna:
Maria Z from Poland, 3 cards I'm sorry to say that I didn't get the names from, Mayumi from Japan, Illzach from France, Elle99 from Canada, Newfidogmom from Canada, Alice D, Mark & Karen M, Kimberly & Craig, Gossamer, KitKat, Angie &Bill L.

Please forgive me if I've missed anyone.

Instead of sending the boxes and cards to Hannah (we've accumulated a hefty amount!), Eric/LoveMyPetz is working in Hannah's town on Weds. So, he will set them on their porch and ring the bell so her mom knows they are there. I would like to thank each and everyone who has sent a card or gift to Hannah. I had no idea when I started this that it would grow as it has. On second thought, I should've known that. I've seen how you web cam viewers are!! This will be so much fun for Hannah. Rest assured, if there are any cards that arrive after we've delivered her boxes, I'll be sure to get them forwarded on to her. We also had some money donated to help with postage. That money has been transferred to a gift card for Hannah!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yesterday was a blessing to me.

Yesterday started out with our surgery day. Dr. Darci did 6 spays and 6 neuters. The kittens that were done were Dhana, Jolly, Rolly, Holly, Betz, Cessna, Weasley, Paullio, Erie, Remora, Pawsome and Hannah. At this moment, we are 100% neutered/spayed here in the rescue center! In addition to this, Dhana and Weasley received their rabies vaccine in preparation of their trip in January to Alaska. Merci and Sari also received a physical, which they both passed with flying colors. The reason they needed a physical is their last one was quite some time ago. Dr. Darci also checked out Kurt William. It is thought that his neck sore condition is feline idiopathic ulcerative dermtosis. This sore that has been a problem is unrelated to his amputation (idiopathic simply means "without a known cause"). So...we are left with not knowing WHY this happens. There are several options for treatment, but it's also a possibility that he may always need to wear his collar. By the way, our vet was impressed with the collar that we made for Kurt William! Lets the air in and keeps the claws off! We have started the most common form of treatment for this and have high hopes that it will help. Time will tell. All the surgeries went very well. Last night they were all running around like nothing had happened!

Next, Steve and I went to Fort Wayne to celebrate one of our girls' birthday. Christy, Mike, Caryn, Chad, all 3 girls, Steve and I had a late lunch together. What a joy! Then, we made our way back to Defiance.

I knew I was suppose to be back at 5:00 sharp for a Ustream event. I was so surprised to see what awaited me. I had to walk in with my eyes closed. When I opened them, I saw presents for the rescue center everywhere and I mean everywhere from the web cam viewers. There were also some wonderful volunteers and web cammers here. It's rare that I'm speechless, but I truly didn't know what to say. It took me quite a while and asking questions until I understood what all had happened! It took 3 hours to open all the gifts. Unbelievable! There were also gifts for Kurt, Steve, Stacey, myself, grand-kids and volunteers! One thing my parents instilled in me was to always say thank you. I was so overwhelmed and I asked if someone could write down names so I could write everyone a thank you. I was told that the web cammers said they did not need me to do that. How so very nice and thoughtful. But, I do want to say thank you here. There are so many web cam sites on Ustream. I can sincerely say that I believe this rescue center has the most compassionate and supportive people in the world. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and support that was shown yesterday. I felt like I was completely surrounded by your presence last night. I love this rescue center with a passion and am happy to share it with you all. I hope you find as much joy in watching it as it gives me. Please know each and every one of you have been cam-hugged! I have always loved this saying: "Be grateful, truly grateful for those good friends or thoughtful people." Please know that I am indeed very grateful to you all.


Bonus Blog a.k.a. I forgot to post Saturdays blog!

Since this will be a very busy day here at the rescue center, due to surgeries this morning, this blog will be short. Tomorrow I'll fill you in on how all the surgeries went and an update on Kurt William, Merci's physical and a check on Sari's upper respiratory issues. The 2 new cats Paullio and Remora are adjusting. Remora is ready to cruise and Paullio is much better this morning. We had 2,499 views last week in PetFinders! Tasco, Badu, Anony, Wiggles and Emaline are the top 5 that were looked at.

I want to give our thanks to all the box giving people
  • BubblesLaDoo: box of litter, post it notes, a case of Fancy Feast
  • Robin H/from GA/mschisan:a letter for Putter (hilarious!), card for center/chatters, donation from Boomer, Kid's artwork for Hannah, card and toy crafts for Hannah
  • Cicily and Ron R: card for the center, Steve and Jacci, donation for shipping fees, card and box for Hannah
  • Jennifer S from VA /caseymot: a tin of yummy homemade ginger sugar cookies, pics of pets, Friskies and Skitter critters mice
  • Beverly G: Swiss Colony Gift Box of petit fours, nut mix and butter toffee
  • Buddybo: 2 cat dancers, kitty pics, card for Hannah, postcard of Jacksonville, NC, card for FFRC volunteers

Card for Jacci and Steve from Neil and AnnaMarie

Hannah cards: Kathy G from MI, Lori W from MA, Forcip from TX, Spangler from OH, Mama3cat from CO (We have now received 100 cards for Hannah--absolutely astounding to me!)

Cards for the center:
Gladys N, Mark and Stephanie (wldfire7), Hannah Grace and Tumbleweed (w/pictures of pets) from TX, loubeth12 from MA (w/pet pictures), Dawn with donation and picture, Spangler Family with pics of pets including Tookie (franklincats) from OH, The Manleys, Troubles, Minky and Pringle from OH, Gregg (volunteer), Cathy (cato8801) and Binks from MI

Denae's impression of me forgetting Saturdays blog.

Friday, December 16, 2011

2 in, 2 out

Yay, two more adoptions! We had 2 of our kittens leave yesterday to the same family. This family has 2 awesome boys that know how to treat cats with much care. Their mom brought a plate of cookies for the volunteers! They selected Peverley and Pilgrim. Two great kittens! We also have several families that will be visiting soon to look for furry family friends. Yesterday we took in 2 new kittens that arrived separately. The first one is a gray/white, a female, about 5½ months old. Her name is Paullio. The second one is a black/white female about 4½ months old. Her name is Remora. Both are very nice. They will be added to the surgery schedule for tomorrow. This makes for 11 surgeries; 6 females and 5 males. So many of you were worried about Cuties' bald legs. After her treatment, the fur is growing back in ever so nicely. Asha has been taking naps in the big office, with kittens in her cushy bed with her. Good news! Today is the day that Nougie and Nuki go to Uncle Eric's house for their intense TLC time! His sister is arriving for Christmas and she is joining in on this fun for Nougie and Nuki. She has helped Eric several times dishing out major loads of hands-on attention for shy cats. I will keep you all posted. That sweet Nebraska grows sweeter by the day, he's such an awesome cat. Yesterday in one of the cushy beds, there were 5 of the solid gold kittens sleeping together. It looked like one huge gold cat curled up there! Putter has been feeling good and is eating good.

We had boxes last night!
  • ju-in-ji: 2 cases of Fancy Feast
  • 2 catsfromnj: Hello Kitty gingerbread man for Hannah
  • Michlynn: card and gift for Hannah
  • BearMN: card for hannah and FFRC, wiggle weasel fun toy
  • Ruth S/racecat3: tabs for Kellen, cat treats, card for Hannah, letter for FFRC
  • Kelly R: cherries for our monthly fruit box (they've been "tested" and are absolutely yummy!)

  • Lorraine/luvskitties: card for Hannah, cute saying about cats and dogs, card for center. Gift-card from Walmart, postcards of Watkins Glen, pet pics
  • Sherri S in TX: stamps, cards for FFRC, cards for Hannah and 1 card for Racer (Thanks! -Kurt)
  • Zander and his family Dave and Mary: card and awesome pictures of Zander

Hannah cards:
Linda S in PA, Sharon in FL, Patricia M (bellachelan) in WA, Colleen in AK, Mimi in FL, catcruzer in FL, Linda M in GA, Anna D/momsmischief in CA, mk mouse, Gloria C in GA

Christmas cards:
Betty and Sharon and Kitties (with gift card from Walmart, Mimi, Dee, Linda S/mis9690, Kelly R/littleonemine, Patricia M/bellachelan in WA, Wanita S. in PA with donation, Colleen/leenie50 in AK, Pat and Anita H from MO, Roberta S in AZ, Sampson and Delilah, mk mouse, Bruce C and Jackie U with donation

Anna/mommischief in CA

Thank you all for your great support. The kitties and I took a vote and you've all been rated as #1 web cam viewers in the whole wide world! Wow! We give you our thanks.

Hannah and friends
Hannah and Friends

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas tree goes up... and down.

We had a lot of fun here yesterday afternoon! We surprised all the web cam viewers with decorating a Christmas tree off cam, then presenting it to them! We started at 4:00, had cam back on at 4:30 and the tree was dissembled at 7:30!! The reason, you ask?! The cats had a ball playing with the tree--it was, of course, their own personal fun station! When we took it down, I counted 9 branches already off and 27 ornaments! But, that's ok! It was meant to show the cam viewers some Christmas fun and the cats certainly did enjoy it too. Jeepers was the first to be inside the tree, followed by many of them. Then we sported Christmas hats on different cats. The cats made me give them extra treats later for making them participate in the hat wearing! Hope you all enjoyed it! The people who helped us yesterday in the rescue center were: Mary E, Diane, Gregg, Stacey, Judy E, and Pam. When Dr. Darci is here on Saturday, she'll be also looking at Kurt Williams shoulder area that he keeps reopening. She might have an idea about it. Zelda loves to follow the mop; it slows us down while mopping, but we don't mind. Putter has actually been seen following a long string dragging from the mop! Erie's healing continues. There is a remarkable difference in the last couple days. This morning 6 cats were squished together watching birds out of one of the windows. Sari is becoming very comfortable now in the rescue center. She's such a pretty girl and is a joy.

Computer update: the new computer system is up and running. Kurt did an awesome job setting up everything. 100% of the cost of this new system came from you, our viwers. Thank you ever so much.

We also had boxes last night! From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for your support.
  • TinksDad: 3 cases of Fancy Feast
  • Anonymous: bag of Purina One Kitten food, 1 case of Fancy Feast
  • Linda/mis9690: 6 cases of baby food
  • Donna/cat-toys: card, Bad Kittie book, Teddy bear animal figurine

Cards for Hannah: cat-toys, Kiwi in New Zealand, Gloria C in MI, Barbara E from WI, Bitsy R from GE, Anonymous from Canada, Audrey G from NC, Betz in PA, Cheryl L from WA

Christmas Cards for FFRC:
Betz in PA (with donation), Amy & Jobo (JoboLove), Dette (with Paw Points), Tonya B/dutch, Mary B/mamie, Seilky & Blue, Teresa T (tweet2742) from PA, Barbara E/burbaroni, Gloria C/siamesemich, Cheryl L/cherylann (with stamps) from WA

You all are wonderful. It's amazing to me, when I put something on a supply list, it seems to arrive soon in a box! I am also astounded by how many have sent cards to Hanna. Her mom is sending an updated picture of Hannah which I will share upon it's arrival. She is so very excited about her upcoming box arrival! To date, we have 72 cards--simply amazing! We have been putting up every card that arrives here for the rescue center in the "hall of cards". It looks great!

"Thank you to all those people in my life who changed it for the better by a word, a gift, an example.” (Pam Brown)


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today is the surprise!

Yes, we have surprise for the web cam viewers. At 4:00ish, we'll move the cam to the front office and have some fun. Hope you'll enjoy. When we're done, we'll replace the cam. Surprise, surprise! The 3 *olly kitties (Rolly, Jolly and Holly) are so squeezable! Stacey brought one of her dogs in yesterday, Boomer. He's a big old gentleman of a dog. He laid on the floor and let the cats lay on him and lick him. What a great dog. Kurt is still busy working on the new cam and getting everything to work together. Yesterday our help came from Stacey, Judy M, Dee, Martha L, Dorothy, Caity and Brenda and Jimmy. Thanks all for your support. Kathy R. was also over last night and is continuing her painting projects here. She's adding some new wonderful sayings to the cabinets, etc. One of them she painted on last night was: Love is a four legged word.

Bella's stump area continues to look good. Kurt William's shoulder is healing...again. For those that were worried about the 3 cats that got into the red paint last night, all is well, We trimmed the fur off their little pads and washed their feet. I think they thought they were helping Kathy! Little Remo just bounces around as if he has 4 legs--no problem for him. Picasso likes to chase the sweeper cord and then pounce onto it. Emaline's eyes/face looks good today.

Wow! Since I did not do boxes on Monday night, we had bunches of boxes and mail to open! What fun! I'm deeply grateful for your support. The cats and kittens wanted me to pass their thanks on too.

  • Anonymous: 32 pack of Friskies Seafood cans
  • DeEtte: 24 pack of Friskies, a case of bella's baby food, 32 pack of Friskies
  • Sabrinta T & cantoncat: 3 cases of Friskies
  • Sasisu666: lovely letter from her cat Billy, plus bowls, sardines, tape, Friskies, collars, toys and catnip
  • Hencat: sent a traveling coat for Dhana and Weasley for their trip to Alaska
  • Littlechap: Styrofoam plates, dog toy stocking, 3 fleece blankets, 2 cases of Fancy Feast, cat toys, Snickers and Reese's Pieces
  • Msbluewolf: LOTS of blubbies blankets. blue knitted everything, with blue,ohiomrspeepers, bantry and kitkat supplying the yarn
  • Stitches: sent stickers & card for Hannah, little cat pins, Avon body lotion, skin-so-soft for volunteers, kitty toys, thank you notes, collars, pencils, paper, postie-notes
  • Icemaiden: Skineeze cat toy
  • Magspa: Hannah card, and a beautiful cat jewelry piece and a donation
  • Amsprinkle: stamps
  • DeWitty: card and stamps

Lots of cards for Hanna (I'm sorry if I've missed a few names) We now have 76 cards for Hannah! Amazing.
Neil & AnnaMarie, Mike & Beth P, Dave M (CA), JoyC (MO), Eleanor F (CT), DeWitty (WI)

jo91150: 2 cards from AZ

Cards for FFRC
Carlene P (WI), Gary (MI) and donation, Dave & Cyndi (CA), Betz (card and donation), Ji-in-ji from Holland, Diane & Missa, Dave & Toni C (OH), Mary L (MI) and donation , Menards, Phyllis (OH), KristyB and donation (OH), Janet S (greeting cards for FFRC to use, IA), Linda from Scotland, Pj and Badkitty

Please keep voting. We're still in #1 place for The Animal Rescue Site! So exciting. Last day to vote is 12/18 with the results on 12/21. What a wonderful Christmas present this would be!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Computer

The new computer purchased by the support of our web cam friends has arrived. It won't be long until you'll see it in action. I have a wonderful story to tell you about Driscoll. Driscoll is a big white cat adopted last year by a volunteer named Dennis. Dennis visited last night and told me what Driscoll did. Two nights ago, he got on Dennis' bed (I believe it was 2 a.m.) and kept pawing his face over and over again. Generally making it difficult for Dennis to sleep. As soon as Dennis opened his eyes, Driscoll jumped off the bed and walked out of the room. Dennis followed him and was led into the kitchen. Driscoll went over to the stove. There Dennis found his gas stove had been accidentally turned on (probably by one of his other cats) and the whole kitchen smelled like gas. Dennis quickly turned the stove off and gave Driscoll a whole can of food. Driscoll is our hero! Jeepers and Gonzo both have people interested in them. We'll know more this week. I had a wonderful conversation last night with Hannah and her mom, Jennifer. Hannah (the 9 year old girl we're collecting Christmas cards for) is aware of what we are doing and is super excited! This will be so much fun for her. Her mom is sending an updated picture of Hannah that I can share with all of you. The last 2 days I've had a touch of the flu. I want to thank Linda T (clemmm) for coming in these 2 mornings and helping with the early morning work. I am so grateful for her help. Would also like to extend our sympathy and prayers to Colleen in the loss of her dad. I've given your 2 future kittens, Weasley and Dhana a big hug for you. This morning I saw Weasley in hot pursuit of Paddy Cake--they sure were having fun! This Saturday is a surgery day for FFRC. Dr. Darci will be doing these surgeries. So far, we have these cats scheduled: Cessna, Dhana, Weasley, Pawsome, Erie, Betz, Holly, Jolly & Rolly. We will also have Dr. Darci check Kurt Williams shoulder and do a physical on Sari and Merci. Thanks to these people for their help yesterday at the rescue center: Jodi, Mary E, Linda, Jackie S, Ruth, Angie, Stacey & Kurt. Sweet Putter has had a talk with me with an important message--love your family, friends and web cammers! He also added a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all, from him!


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Full House

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. Two kittens, Gemini and Fozzy, were adopted together to a man that I know will be a great cat dad. We are so happy for all 3 of them. In the litter that Fozzy was from, only Gonzo is left (their mama is Ernestine). In the litter that Gemini was from, they are now all adopted! Their mama is Mitty who has been adopted also. We've also heard from Hudson's family and all is well there. The 2 young boys really love him. Holly, Jolly and Rolly are now out and about. Talk about speedy missile kitties! These kittens are high energy with play, play, play mode! Yesterday, we had a lot of visitors, which we love. Eric, Carrie and Jim came. Catlady and a friend Gary were here (he's the one that adopted Fozzy and Gemini), and Diane also came. The lady that brought in the 3 orange kitties also visited along with her granddaughter. They took lots of pictures of the 3 kittens. We had our cookie/candy making day yesterday. There were 6 adults and 13 kids in the house; a busy, busy place! The kids were out often in the rescue center to pet the cats. Next Saturday, Dr. Darci will be coming to do surgery on approximately 12 of our FFRC kittens. We'll start about 9:00 in the morning. I'd like to say an extra thanks to all you "seasoned web cam viewers of FFRC". I've been getting e-mails from new people that are chatting with us and they so appreciate your welcoming them to our site! Please keep voting! December 18th is the last day. Then on December 21st we get the official results. How exciting!

We had boxes last night! We're ever so thankful for these gifts. It makes a BIG difference to the rescue center.
  • Colleen/leenie, Samson and Delilah: 4 cases of Fancy Feast and 10 Christmas catnip tree toys
  • Susan C from Maine: pics of her 2 cats Ralphie and Cleo, a card, postie notes, plates, q-tips, blankets, Christmas stocking, 8 scratching boards
  • Catlady: a slate plaque of Putter's face saying "Sheriff Putter on duty", a card, a Lions shirt for Steve, popcorn, bottle of wine (shhh: it went in my house!!!!), 4 cases of Whiskas, Eclectus seed for Einstein, a beautiful Peacock ornament. We'll be hanging Putter's plaque soon it's wonderful. Thanks too, Catlady for all the goodies you brought! (How we love Christmas goodies here!)
  • Kiwi: a personal card, a bird plaque, a wonderful book on New Zealand's natural wonders

Cards for Hannah
  • Janet B, Florida
  • Gusti, Germany
  • Donna S, Massachusetts,
  • Anonymous, Oklahoma
  • Anonymous, Pennsylvania
  • L.T., Alfred New York
  • Bubbas, Conneticut
  • M.B., Columbus Ohio
  • Lillybug/Margaret, Houston, TX
  • Joe and Beth, Florida

So far, we have a total of 43 cards for Hannah! I am thrilled with this awesome response. You webcam viewers are truly a caring bunch of people

Cards for FFRC, vols, and cats:
  • Pam M and Paula
  • Bubba and some Purina couppons
  • LaRae, Enid, OK
  • CathyB, Texas
  • Joe and Beth, Florida
  • Eric M, Ohio (with a donation which will be matched by his employer!)


Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cookie Day!

Good day to everyone. This post will be rather short as it's a family Christmas cookie/candy making day! The house will be covered in sugar, sprinkles and flour by the time we're done, but we'll have a lot of fun doing it. All my big kids and grand-kids will be here. Erie is doing better and is also eating better. His fracture will heal, slow but sure and strong. Little Hannah is also doing good. She's so little, but her tummy is nice and round. The 3 goldies, Holly, Jolly and Rolly (all rhyming) are awesome. They're so funny; if they're not eating, they are on their new hammock. They even play on it! They will be out and about on Sunday. Just got word yesterday that the computer system that was ordered (by the web cam viewer's fund raising) will be here Monday! Way earlier than was anticipated. Temporarily we're using Kurt's old laptop so we can see the video and chat in the rescue center again. Some of us here have a surprise for all the web cam viewers! Hint: It will happen late Wednesday afternoon.

We had boxes last night! We're ever so grateful for your support.
  • Linda M, Cloria C and Margaret G and 2 pets named Lucy and Jonny: Fancy feast, Whisker Lickins treats, Clorox wipes, copy paper, dog treats, canned chicken, toys, reflective safety jacket for dog, stockings of toys, sticky notes, decorations, photo frame, pet gift set with blanket and frame, TLC candy treats for volunteers, and a big card from Lucy and Jonny
  • Andrew/alodk: case of Chicken soup for the Kitty Lovers Soul
  • gossamer: case of fancy feast

Cards for Hannah:
  • Anonymous
  • Dr. and Mrs. D: Australia
  • Pat and Jay K: Georgia
  • ABQCat: New Mexico
  • Matt and Jane D: Florida
  • Mr. and Mrs. C.H.: Indiana
  • Amy B: Mich
  • Barry, Lori, Walter and Petey P: Iowa
  • Pam and Paula: Georgia

Christmas cards:
  • Barbara and Titans
  • Norman, Jean and Wendy
  • Barry, Lori, Walter and Petey P
  • Pam and Paula
  • Iffet (and donation)

  • Sarah Grace: Alfred, NY

"Did you say COOKIES?!" -Merci

Friday, December 9, 2011

3 new kitties

Our 3 little orange kitties are now in Dodger's Pen. Such a joy they are, so happy and sweet. They'll probably stay in Dodger's pen for another day or two. We have names for the 3 new kittens! The girl is Holly and the 2 boys are Jolly and Rolly. We asked the kittens if they like these names and all 3 gave us a thumbs up! We received 2 cool hammocks last night that can hang in the Dodger's pen and the pen in Thumper's Room. They are big enough for a whole litter to lay in. Rolly, Jolly and Holly are already sleeping in their hammock. They love it! Yesterday we had Donna, Stacey, Paul, Pat, Christy and Kurt here to help. We also had visitors that came just to visit and pet/play with the kitties and cats. Yesterday was a very busy cam day for the rescue center. It was the biggest viewer day that we've ever had! Thanks to the viewers who have been with us awhile for passing on our website to the new viewers. I appreciate that. The Paddy is still on his world tour. Remember, after his 20th visit, he'll be returning to the rescue center. We'll put together his travel book notes and share with everyone! Little Hannah is now out and bout most of the time. We still put her back in a pen for nighttime since she's so small (don't want Tasco harassing her!). Bella's stump area continues to look wonderful. She sure can zoom at high speed when she wants to! I weighed Sari today, and she's gained 3 ounces already. She is just blossoming with all the attention. She, the 2 Paddys, Putter, Emaline and Twinkle get their eyes and faces washed twice a day. Most of the volunteers have a list with of cats that need grooming. This means each week, most cats get groomed at least 3 times weekly. The cats with long hair though are groomed daily.

We had boxes last night!
  • Anna/alodk from Denmark: 2 cases of fancy feast
  • Leilani, Petey and Lily: 5 bags of Iams Dry Hairball/weight control cat food
  • gossamer: turbo toy
  • napa123: 3 boxes of Mr. Clean Erasers, 1 case of paper towels, jumbo size
  • Delilah, Collen and Sampson: Christmas collars, 2 cases of fancy feast
  • Jillr27: 1 case of Friskies gravy sensation
  • sarasara and creampuff: letter, 5 lbs of pop tabs for Kellen, big bag of Reeses Pieces (!)
  • dewittycdw1: 2 awesome kitty hammock and toys
  • 2catsfromnj: collar and santa hat for Remo

Hannah cards:
  • cjcat
  • Kim K
  • Valerie H 
  • someone in Hudson OH
  • Joanne in AZ
  • Kelly R
  • Lisa and Rose from Iowa
  • Susan G from NH
  • Charlie and Kim

Christmas cards:
  • cjcat
  • Georganna and Greg
  • misbluewolf and Bumble and Squeaky
  • Lisa and Rose from Iowa
  • Susan G from NH

Letter and Donation: 
  • John from OH

Christmas Card and Donation: 
  • Eleanor F. from CT

  • olgrayMary
  • ad861
  • sillysticks and kitties
  • cjcat from Pittsburgh


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Burst of orange kitties arrive!

Three orange kittens have arrived at the rescue center. They were found by people who have previously adopted from us. They've kept them for a week, but knew they had to find homes for them. So...we've expanded again. These 3 newbies are wonderful--purrboxes and cuddlers already. We have 1 female and 2 males. I would call them triplets. We can tell the female because, well, she's the girl! The boys are identical so one of them has a tiny hair clip on the tip of the tail. They'll probably be out and about tomorrow. We had an adoption yesterday. Sweet Rizzo went to her new home. We have Christmas collars on Ada Jane, Cutie, Bella, Putter, Twinkle & Farrah. Any extra Christmas collars we can send home at adoptions! Our Petfinder report came in yesterday. We had 1,991 total views for last week. The top 6 cats were Anony, Tasco, Nuki, Emaline, Bumblebee and Wiggles.

We had boxes last night! A million thanks to you all!
Anne D. from OH (ad861, olgraymary, sllysticks & kittens)--tin of delicious chocolates--yummy! Also a box of goodies for Hannah
Irene from NC (buddybo)--letter, dog treats, Einstein bird sticks, volunteer goodies, cat treas, Reeses's PB cups, pop tops for Kellen, can kitten food, grooming shampoo for cats, cat vitamins, q-tips, a maglight, pill pockets, cat toys, kitten dry food and a big tub FULL of
many items of fun!
Madisonpepper & kittens--Christmas Rescue cards, 8 cases of the special Fancy Feast appetizers. (If all else fails and can't get a cat to eat, try these appetizers!)
katmomof2--case of Charmin Ultra soft TP, Chicken Soup for Kittens dry foood, gift tower goodies

michilynn--recyclable bag for Caity to make a bag

Christmas Card--Don & Elaine B & Callie Cat (dropped off donations & a card)
Christmas Card--Nancy (love4cats) from Wisconsin
Christmas card--michilynn
Thank you card--littlefrank1
Christmas Card--CarolinaAsh and also one for Hannah
letter & donation--catluver14

Sanibel Island, FL--nuki-mom
Ottawa, Canada--littlefrank1

A long time ago, cjcat, a webcam friend, sent a card to FFRC. She personalized the front of the card for the rescue center. Kathy, a volunteer, has been sprucing up the rescue center with some wonderful cat sayings. She wanted to use cj's card. This saying is now painted on a cabinet close to the entry door. Thanks, cj. I have loved this saying and will always keep this card.

It says: To the world you may be one person, but to one animal you may be the world. (unknown) Despite ups and downs, trials, good times and rough times, we will do the work here that the rescue center stands for. I thank you all for your confidence in us.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome Hannah!

Our new black kitten has a name! We have given her the beautiful name Hannah. She's been out a little bit this morning. She is right now in her pen napping but will continue to be out a bit during the day. Tomorrow will be a bigger adventure day for her. We have had some visitors this morning. The cats and kittens love this as there's even more petting going on! Kurt William's neck looks so much better. His wound is about 50% healed. Paddy Cake is going nutty! He takes the stick toys, tosses them in the air, then leaps at them. Buscha has been playing with Paddy Purr. The 4 P kitties are exceptionally sweet, with purr motors like a diesel truck and hearts that crave attention. Please continue to vote! We're still in #1 spot, but voting continues till Dec. 18th. Not much longer to go! Kurt has ordered all the computer desktop "pieces and parts" that we need. We're all discovering that we really miss not having the chat up in the rescue center so we can verbally talk with you all. Denae has been carrying around one of the Zaney mouse toys and chirping at everyone with it in her mouth. Wiggles and Chia can't get enough playing together, they are very good friends. Farrah and Pocus seem to take their afternoon naps together on the counter, in the basket. Kiara has decided it's fun to play with the kittens again, and she leads them on high chases.

We had boxes last night! We are so grateful when we see Fed-Ex, UPS or USPS trucks pull up!

  • Icemaiden and Max: a case of Friskies Gravy Sensations, 1 case of Kitten Fancy Feast, 1 Skinneezz toy
  • Ju-in-ji from The Netherlands: 1 case of baby food
  • DeEtte: Letter and Christmas collars for the kitties and cats

  • Margo S. (foot55) & Gabby, Nebraska: Letter of top 5 reasons FFRC Rocks (loved it!), donation
  • Carmella H, Texas: Christmas card and donation
  • DeEtte: Christmas card that meows a song
  • Missa with a little help from Diane: card and letter with update

  • Watching for Santa Claus!: Shadow, Patches & Leeann M

Thanks all! You are all important to us. The kitties and cats told me to pass along their gratitude too!