Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas month to you all!

The construction in June's Room should be done today. The new wood walls are up and 1/2 of them are now covered with the white fiber board. Such a difference in the cleaning--so much easier. Thanks to Paul and Jimmie for their hard work. Kurt William's neck is improving every day. We'll continue to monitor this situation. We had TWO adoptions yesterday! A family who has adopted from us before (Blitzen, long hair white) decided they were ready for 2 kittens. Happy and Bumble Bee who are good friends, went to their new home to join Blitzen. This gives us a total of 23 adoptions for Nov. 2011. We had 15 adoptions for Nov. 2010. Sari, the new ragdoll/birman cat who is 8 years old, has now been moved up to Patience's Pen. There's still a question about a potential adoption for her....we'll keep you posted. The most favorite part about breakfast is to stop and listen--all you hear is crunch, crunch, crunch! Then soon after that all you see is the mass amount of baths that are being done! Farrah has now been 14 weeks seizure free. What a celebration! The plane tickets have been made for Weasley and Dhana's new mama to arrive from Alaska. She will arrive Jan. 20th and leave with the 2 kittens on Jan. 22. (Remember they are flying IN the cabin with her.) Brad (our furniture builder) was here yesterday and brought back the second pole that he rewrapped with hemp rope. He made a new base to it that has an additional 2 scratching poles on it. It is beautiful and the cats love it. Thanks to Brad for your great woodworking skills.

We had a box last night!
Deb11111--3 cases of Friskies

Amanda & Scott and Julian the cat--Sydney, Australia

Christmas Card:
Lex and her 2 cats Rocco & Sweetums

I did a vote among the cats last night. After they viewed many many other ustream chats during the night (they insisted on popcorn and sardines), they voted unanimously that FFRC has the best chatters anywhere!