Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thursday, Jan. 31, 2019

We have the bestest cats and kittens anywhere! They have been in their rooms for the second day now.  Most kitties are in the back and front Thumper's Rooms.  Most adults and teenagers are in the Kabana and Purple Office. And they have been doing so good. Still their wonderful selves. But, I know they are starting to get antsy to run around more.

The latest on the improvements:
The floor guys are done, as of mid morning!  They put their last layer of the topcoat epoxy and it is now drying!  Should be ready for us tomorrow morning to open the doors and let all the cats cruise about.  

The construction guys will be back in the morning.  They have a bit to do yet: replace Alma's cabinet, put in the shelves in the Stuff Room, still hang up a few more sheets of vinyl boards, put on the floor mop boards and a few little odd and ends!  Hoping to get things moved back into the Main Area tomorrow. Our rooms are rather squished!

And we have surgery on Saturday, so we need to get the back Thumper's Room into a surgery suite again! Won't take us long! 

Exciting BOXES yesterday! Many thanks to you all! 
Yvonne VDK - 3 Boxes Broths, 6 Bags of Haribo Candies, 5 pkgs Kitty Snacker sticks
KathyinWV - Cat window clings (for the new patio door!), Rocking Kitty Scratcher with toys, 2 Crazy Cat Lady Mugs

Sunny J - WA Kitty Christmas Card with Coupons, Box Tops & a Flat of Stamps
Party Mix for Zelda (she sends her meows), 2 bags M&M's for Lynnette, 4 bags Oreo Cookies for Mary B, Sheba Meaty Sticks, 6 pkts of food, 2 pkgs Kitty Wipes, Wash Cloths & 2 Towels, 
Fun Raisers/Flash Sale: 2 Kitty Pouches, Thank You Notes, Umbrella, 2 pr Kitty Socks, Pretty Kitty Blanket

Nancy O & Deb F - Card and FFRC Nation embroidered baseball caps in Blue & Yellow ($13)
Justme - A gorgeous Kitty Quilt will see again in a Fun Raiser

Anne, James M with Rusty & Skippy and in memory of all their other kitties - Canada - Christmas Card with 4 Chicken $5, Potty Bags, Temptation Snackers, Toys: Wands, Feather toys and lots of other fun toys, C, AAA and round batteries, Replacement for Spinner toy, Electronic Kitty Wack toy

Leggygal - CA  21 Beautiful Leggydews!
Joco--lots of scrubbies variety of colors--singles $4, Doubles $5, Body scrubbies $6.  Bag of 3: single, double & BOdy scrubby--$15 

JBond - Case 40 ct Friskies, Bag of Friskies, Case of Turkey, Box of 95 bag Pretzel Crisps Mini, 3 bags Orchard Valley Fruit & Nut Snacks, 2 Boxes Nature Valley Granola Cups

And then we had our Fun-Riaser! 
A - Electronic Feeder                             5x35  =  $175       Kimkost
B - Mary & KathyinWV Afghan              5x29 =  $145       Gill Ham
C - Rosemary Afghan                             5x38 =  $190       Janet Szy
D - Stuido M Flower Mat & Pot             5x33 -    $165       RoseSF6cats
E - 3 Level Cat Tree                                5x85 =  $425       Jennifer Mo & Mom
F - Insta Pot                                            5x82 =  $410       Dawnstar given back to FFRC
G - Air Fryer                                            5x51 =  $255        Kittiesmom
H - Quilt by Cheryl L                               5x82 =  $410       Janet Sch

TOTAL came to-------$2175

And then we had lots of Bump-Ups, which are always very exciting! Thanks to our Bumper-Uppers: JudeAnnLee, Justme, 2502Temps, Mary B, FaithyMD, Stanton Family, Jobear, Jabberwocky, Jo603, Dasha, LJ, Mich & VErn, TearsFromADream DebbieDear, Thomas W, Schlee, Anonymous Friend, Nuthataches amd Leanne W.

New GRAND TOTAL came to-----$3042.56 plus 50 Euros!  Many thanks to you!

Our Consolation gifts went to: Mona Lisa, twkitty, Madisonpepper, Diane Ez, Ju-in-ji for vols, Susan KE, Ruth Dr, Shirley Pee

And while we're giving thanks, we have more!
Gusti--donation for a biggeydew and meds for Addy
MaryAnn & Paul B from SC--donation to FFRC
Michelle & Mary LF--donation for medical care for Addy
Michelle V from OH--donation to FFRC
Maite De C from Spain--donation for a special cat!
Sharon E from FL--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Christine P from Australia-donation to FFRC
And we received another donation from Best Friends Animal Society for the ResQwalk! Many thanks for each mile that you've walked, jogged or biked! This truly ads up!  This month it is $112.68!

We've heard from Cherokee.  He likes the laser light and the dogs and cat! He also enjoys watching TV. His favorite program is Blue Planet! 

Here's some of the things the cats will be looking forward to--
Ramsay--his own bed in his own room for bedtime
Pania--climbing up on her tree to beg for more Pania Flakes
Marilyn & Kiara--the warm laundry on the yellow table
Jessie--being on top of the refrigerator to get her special meals
Gracie O'Mally--her special bed on top of the washer
Camvi--she's waiting to be back to sitting on the serving plates
Alma--her special home under the far countertop (she's done really good though!)
Cutie--her special spot for her baby food treat
Hensley--his beloved condo for his meals
Janie dog/cat--her pool back to where it's suppose to be--she can keep track of the cats better from the blue pool 
Barin--his blue bench so he can hang over the back of it!

Isn't it great how so many have their habits that are a part of what they are! 

Saturday, our sweet Kabu gets to go to his new home! I'm so happy for him--he picked his own mama himself! They will be here sometime in the afternoon. 

It's mighty cold out there again today. Weatherpeople say warmer temps on Sunday thru Weds--in the 50's and 40's.  Crazy weather. All the farm animals and the Porchies, Firecats, Barnies and Covies are doing super! 

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Just a bunch of different pieces of info for you!

There will be 4 of us going to the OVMA on 2/21-23. Mary Braid, Lynnette, Dawn (daughter) and myself. We will leave early on Thursday and get back late afternoon on Saturday. Will be able to do 12 classes each!

Our pregnant long hair calico, Feather is probably due in another 1 to 2 weeks, according to the x-rays.

Upcoming dates:
Jan. 27-30 is our next Fun-Raiser
Feb. 2, Saturday--FFRC surgery date
Feb. 4--HumaneOhio surgery date
Feb. 18--HumaneOhio surgery date

As you know, Tri-County has been here for 2 full days--lots of demolition and now construction. It's unbelievable how much bigger the Main Area looks.

Here's this week's schedule:
Monday--Tri-County will be putting up the vinyl walls and framing in Cat's Corner Room along with the sliding glass door.

Tuesday--Tri-County will be putting in a new cabinet to replace Alma's cabinet and putting in the shelves in the Stuff Room (the new middle room).

Tuesday--Hunt's Flooring will be here to patch in all the bare spots on the floor. They will also diamond buff up the entire Main Area, the 3 rooms and the Welcome Room.

Weds & Thursday--Hunt's Flooring will be here to seed the floor and to put down the 2 layers of Epoxy.

Friday (we are hoping)--will be moving back everything!

So----here's the big scoop. While the floor is being done, we will have the cats 24/7 in rooms--using the Purple Office & Kitty Kabana. And some will be in the Front & Back Thumper's Room. To get access to Front & Back Thumper's Room, we will have to go thru Paw-Mart. Paw-Mart is closed this week as we have had to put furniture in that room. To get to the Purple Office and Kabana, we will need to go thru the office door.

We will still have the cams on--they may just be in different locations to view the cats and to watch some of the floor work.

We'll just have to think ahead of how to accomplish things---it'll all work out! Now is the time to do this resurfacing. It's usually redone in 5 years and this floor has now been down for 7 years. While the cat population here is low and everything is already moved for construction, it was the ideal time to do this resurfacing.

The Stuff Room will hold: dry cat food, people snackers, yoga pads, cat toys, can goods for the cats, litter and adoption supplies & bags.

We have started our Fun-Raiser today. It ends at 9 am on Weds. Then at 3:00, we will have BOXES followed by the drawing and consolation prizes. Not sure what room yet that we will do all of this, but it'll still happen despite the floor work!

We had BOXES on Friday. Many thanks for your support.
JBond/Jana - 2 Bags Chicken Snackers, Chicken Strips for Janie, 36 cans Tuna, 2 bags Horse Snackers, Cup of Chicken Bites, Bag of Iams Kitten, 12 pks of Broths, Case of Crave large cans, 2 Cases Friskies Large Cans, 2 cases Friskies, Bag of Solid Gold Food, 3 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 boxes Delectables, 3 cases 9-Lives Spot Farm Chicken Nuggets for Janie
FOr Beginning the New Year!----25 Hot Cups,  two bottles with chocolates, Lots n Lots of Assorted chocolates, cookies and candy, 2 Boxes Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks, K-Cups: Chocolate & Peanut Butter Coffee, Kahlua Coffee, bag of ground coffee, Moose Munch Coffee 3 pkgs Shortbread Cookies and then.......the beautiful Monarch & Black Swallowtail Butterfly Different sizes photos by Jana framed and ready for the new Butterfly Room.  A mounted Blue Morpho Butterfly for Jacci  JBond helps with the population of butterflies. She puts the newly emerged butterflies in her garden where they then begin their new life! Also Chickie $2 bills 

Gail (Jana's mom) Box of Melanie Chocolates for FFRC and a Donation
Lina (Jana's employee) 2 Boxes of Russian Chocolate marshmallows covered in Chocolate, very yummmy!

Elaine & Alan - FL  Hand Colored Card by Elaine with Donation in memory of LittleKat
Bonita M/JeezerMD - MD  Coupons

Jabberwockysmom/Iowa Cat Lady Maria and the Magnificent Seven : Jabberwocky the First, Phoenix, Zeba, Robie, Walter Payton & Singer  - A Card with Donation

Kelly R/Littleonemine - Donation
Jan/Farmgirl - Donation
Randy P - MD - Donation
Terminator -   Thank You Card  and Chicken $5

Angelica - Brazil  Embossed with Paddys photo and names Key Fob (love it!), 2 monogrammed towels for FFRC, Joy Cook Snackers for Janie, 2 Pouches for kitties

Jo603 - Box Tops, Kitty T-Shirts 1 -M 2 L 2 XL and 3 XXL  $10 each
Great Aunt Julie - IA  Blade Sharpener for surgical blades
Plee - box Tops, 19 beautiful pillowcases made by Plee, and lots of recycled pillowcases, towels & blankets

LJ - ME  24 Rolls Paper Towels, 10 Tubs Clorox Wipes, Case of Wellness Pate
Nona - 3 Bags Wild Bird Seed, 2 Bags Mealy Worms

Remember when we use to participate in the ResQwalk?  It's on again!  Walk, jog or bike for FFRC--every mile helps FFRC and each mile helps you!  Check it out!  Download the app from Select “Friends Of Feline Rescue Center” as the org. you wish to walk for and start walking!  

Smoochie is doing wonderful in his new home!  Dr. Darcy says that either her dad is following Smoochie around or Smoochie is following her dad around!  I think they fit each other very nicely!

I've also heard from PiperJo's family. Her new name is Luna. And they absolutely adore her. "She has such a perfect personality, she loves to play and prance around the house and she snuggles with us all the time"!  

We have an update on Aladdin! "He is doing great. we love him so much and the other 2 cats have adjusted well to an active kitty. We named him Oliver and he weighs over 5 lbs now. He loves to be cuddled--thank you to your volunteers who held him so much and got him used to it. He sleeps on ou beds and loves to be wherever we are!"  

We have more thanks to give! 
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
James W--donation to FFRC
Michelle & Mary LF--donation for Spiker's medical care

Spiker is doing much better.  It was noticed a week or so ago that he seemed to be more wobbly than normal.  When he toppled over, I noticed 3 of his 4 feet were enlarged.  I took pictures and showed her. She confirmed what we thought--Puffy Feet.  Yes, that is what it's actually called.  It is a plasma cell pododermatitis, sometimes also called Pillow Foot.  It's a condition which causes severe inflammation on the foot pads. All ages & breeds can be affected. The exact cause for this is largely unknown.  It could possibly be even from a malfunctioning immune system. Antibiotics and steroids are the usual treatment which is what we did for Spiker (per our vet).  He is much better.  Sometimes it will stay away and sometimes will resurface.  We'll be keeping a close eye on his feet. 

Very cold temps are heading this way.  Wednesday and Thursday the lows are predicted to be minus 16 (without the wind chill added in).  If you too will be experiencing this cold, please check the outside animals so they stay warm and dry.  We'll be double checking all of our heaters, heat lamps. electric water bowls and that all beds are clean and dry.  Take care and you all stay warm too! 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Swing that sledge hammer!  Saw that 2 x 4 out of there! Pull that board off the wall! Pry that vinyl board off! Sweep up all the sawdust! Pull those nails out!  Lots of action here. Our new room design project has started. What is that, you say?  Yes, we are doing a project that requires demolition and then construction. We have spent a good week going thru closets, cabinets and drawers--doing a cleaning and reorganizing. And then Tuesday, we found out Tri-County could start the project Thursday, today!

At first, I did a hip-hip-hooray. And then I realized......oh my! That's only 2 days away! But, our awesome volunteers came thru again. We spent Tuesday and Weds. emptying the closets and cabinets that would be involved. And then yesterday we tore apart one closet, one whole wall and a big cabinet. Today, the guys from Tri-County are here and right now they are taking down the remaining needed walls, one cabinet and one closet in Kitty Campus.

The look of the new project will be that Kitty Campus, a storage room (food/laundry items) and a new Cat's Corner Room will all line up on the far wall, with the fronts of the rooms all straight in a line.  The old Cat's Corner Room will be torn down. The new Cat's Corner Room will have a sliding glass door so we have a good view of them! This will also give us a more wide open view for the cammers.  And we will be able to store all the immediate food needs, bedding, adoption items, toys, etc. in the storage room.

For safety while the guys are working, we have kittens in the Back Thumper's Room and more of the teenagers and cats in the purple office and the Kitty Kabana. 

This has something to do with our 20th Anniversary this year--I don't know all about it but for more info, you can contact   

Tuesday, we sent Barin and Sinbad to the vet's office.  Sinbad had an x-ray of his pinned leg. The x-rays shows that the pin is fully embedded in the bone and so there is no need to remove the pin! Barin had a chest x-ray done and a ultrasound of the heart.  The results: does show a 4/5 out of a 6 heart murmur. There is some sloshing of the blood mixing back and forth on the right and upper side of the heart. Of all the places to have this, this section of the heart is the most safest. The left side of the heart would be worse. There is no murmur regurgitation at the valve. His heart is not abnormally big--not like what a cardiomyophy heart would show. But, with age, his heart may eventually overwork and get bigger. BUt for now, his foreseeable future is bright!

Monday was our HumaneOhio Spay/Neuter day.  It was bitterly cold and the roads were slippery, but we still had 30 cats to send.  The numbers:  12 males and 18 females! Two of these cats were from FFRC--PiperJo and Monique. Both are doing super!   

We've had 2 more adoptions! 
1/21--Smoochie went to his new home! And his new home is with Dr. Darcy's dad. He wanted the companionship of a pet. Sweet boy Smoochie was chosen!

1/23--Piper Jo went to her new home! This little girl was loved by her new mama, when she was picked out weeks ago.  An extra sweet adoption! She has a kitty friend at home.

We also took on a new cat---a long hair beautiful calico.  Her name is Feather and she is 15 months old with a birthday of 10/1/16.  She had been found and taken in during the cold weather. She was then taken to Dr. Darcy's where it was realized she is pregnant. An X-ray revealed probably 4 kittens. We were asked if we could take her on, which we said yes to.  She's a real sweet girl. It's a wait and see for when she will be due for her babies.

We have some thank yous to give!  We are always so grateful for your support. 
LostGirl--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to FFRC in honor of Barin
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Napa--donation to FFRC, in honor of Donnajb's birthday
Janet K--donation to FFRC
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Wanda E, our portrait friend--donation from a portrait order

All is good here. Despite the noise of the demolition and construction, the cats and kitties are really rather calm.  Eddie White, Desi, Magic and Rill are sleeping here in front of me.  There's 8 cats on the floor here in the purple office, just snoozing away. Ramsay, Lucie and Hatima are also doing great--relaxed.  The kittens are dividing their time between snoozing, eating and playing--all calm there too.  If it's safe and we get the floor all clean, we will let the cats back into the Main Area this evening. And then we'll place them again tomorrow in their safe areas. 

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Snow, snow, snow!  We did indeed get some snow and now cold temperatures. Very windy last night. Monday the low is suppose to be -12.  And the crazy thing is----it's suppose to be high 30's on Tuesday and Wednesday. The outside cats and farmyard animals are all doing good. They sure love the heat lamps. They're getting plenty of food to also help keep them warm. And they have lots of beds. The horses requested extra carrots and snackers and an ear of corn each! Our snowplow is here right now plowing the parking lot!

We have HumaneOhio scheduled for tomorrow, with a full schedule.  I believe it will still be a go. I talked to HO and they said they would only cancel if it's a Level 3, which we are not. The only thing though, they do not like to do spays on cats that will be outside. The reason is that the female cats receive a full surgical shave on their tummies. And in this weather, they would be too cold outside. So.......our numbers may be lower tomorrow. 

We had BOXES on Friday.  Many thanks! The cats too are very grateful.
Ann, Kevin & Bailey - UK - Kitty Card - Anns first attempt at knitting and she sent the kitties a gorgeous afghan    4 Kitty Tea Towels for a Flash Sale

JBond - Bath bombs, Essential Oil Bombs for Jacci !!
Tammy & Keith - PA - In loving memory of Mystic, a letter & a Stone for the Garden " Our Little Angel"

Sandy/TearsFromADream - 24ct Meow Mix cups & 12ct Meow Mix cups
Cait - 640 6" styrofoam plates & 1000 6" paper plates

Art & Doris - Colorful Yoga Mat
Dawn N - 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 9 Cases 24ct Friskies, 10 Boxes of Whiskas Fish and Chicken  

LJ - 30 cans Grain-free Wellness
Barbara - SC - 10 Leggie & Biggiedews

Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Happy 16th Birthday Sevaun 15 Jan 2003 with Chicken $5
Judy & Phil - Donation

Patrick & Vicky parent of Clark, Jesse & The Rest - Donation
Don & Joy D with kitties - Kitty Card with Donation
Sue/macandcheeseanddoodlesmom - Note with Donation

Plus, we have more thanks to give!
Eric M--donation to use where needed
Jane M--donation in honor of Farrah

Love those Giggles Scenes!  We now have FFRC Captures and Captions Giggles Scene #34. Derecho loves directing these Giggles, with help from his Auntie Kathy.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.

We've had two more adoptions!
Glory Joy was adopted on 1/18. She was adopted by a lady who really wanted a kitten friend! I've already seen a picture of her holding Glory Joy--so very sweet.

Mr. Anderson was adopted on 1/18. Yes, our Mr. Anderson found a home. And not only a home, but a home where his brother Lamani is!  Lamani was adopted 11/20. I told the new mom before adoption that he was a thief--loves to take towels and washcloths and drag them around. I told her he loves the sink and water and enjoys walking around shaking water everywhere. She was also told that he is obsessed with helping with food preparation on the counter. But, she was also told how wonderful he is, how loving and so sweet. And.........she still wanted him!!! She said Lamani needed a friend/brother to keep him busy.  You see, Lamani is alot like Mr. Anderson.  And he also loves water!  I've already seen two videos of the two playing--didn't take long to get that house rocking and rolling! 

I've seen so many pictures of our recent adoptions and have received messages. It sounds like they are all happy and have slid right into their new homes!  This is what rescue work is all about--adopting into wonderful homes! 

The back Thumper's Room is closed!  That's the first time for about 3 1/2 months! All the kittens are now up in the Main Area. We are definitely doing the kitten shuffle, especially when the zoomies hit them.  There's 11-12 of them that we feed extra during the day in Cat's Corner Room. They are so smart---they already know to run to their room to eat! 

Our FFRCNation is absolutely the kindest, most compassionate and supportive group of people You've responded to the Paddy boys and their mama Rosemary's video in such a positive way to help us with our WiFi problem!  We were hoping to have $500 donated for this project.  You all have donated $1, 550!!!!  Just awesome!  We have now added a UniFi antenna/access point to strengthen our WiFi. We will also purchase a warranty now on this equipment. With the extra, we will save this as a reserve for cables and an emergency fund for equipment in general.  Plus the warranty for the main and kabana computers will be due again in September.  Many many thanks for your support!  

A true story!  While feeding the outside cats their breakfast this morning, Donna saw a grey tiger cat again. She's been telling me about this same cat the last few days. Donna told me it sure looked like she was pregnant--so wide--couldn't hardly fit thru the catdoors of the Firehouse. And then, there she was--a big smile on her face--carrying a crate with this pregnant cat.  So excited as no cat should be having kittens in this cold weather outside.  We put her on the counter, got her out--was quite a feat, as she was indeed very wide.  And look under the tail confirmed it.......she is a he and his name is Greyson, one of the farmcats!!  Apparently, I mean he has been eating extra to keep warm this winter!  He's very proud--he's second to Sevaun!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Thursday, January 17, 2018

Sounds like snow is a-coming! We've had a very easy winter so far.  Snow is predicted for Saturday and again Tuesday.  Our supplies are checked and we're ok.  The heat lamps are all working outside. Horses always have clean stalls everyday. Peacocks have gobbled up extra mealworms. Ducks, geese, guineas, chickens had some of their treat bread. All shelters/sheds and porches are clean and ready for all outside cats, snow shovels are by the door. And if we get alot of snow, our snow plow friend is ready. Bring it on.......but hopefully will melt fast! 

We had quite a few adoptions! Those that left on 1/13 were: Pendy and Pickles together, Ponce De Leon, Charlie, Linzee, Azzilee and Tyler.  Those that left on 1/14 were Purrfloof and Tang.  I've heard from some of the families already and all sounds like the kittens went right in and made themselves at home! That is why I like free-ranging cats and kittens here at FFRC.  They get so use to shop vacs, people, commotion, noises, dogs, kids.  Makes for easier transitions into their homes.

We have one adoption today.  Milton will leave about 1:00. And Glory Joy will now leave on Friday. We're still working on Jabberwocky.

We had a wonderful Flash Sale yesterday, by Mich and Vern.  Many thanks to them, our Flash Mods, all mods that helped let everyone know about it, to all those that provided the items for the sale and to all those that purchased the items. These Flash Sales make a big difference to FFRC.  This sale made a bit over $1,800-------wow, wow, wow!!  I just checked with Steve and this is enough to get our latest propane and electric bill paid.  Isn't that just wonderful?!  I am very grateful.

And......more good news.  A thousand giant thanks to all those that contributed to our WiFi fund!  We made it and with some to spare.  We will also be purchasing with this money the warranty.  In the past, this warranty has saved us alot of money when things aren't working right.  The new equipment is now in and it's amazing the difference in our WiFi.  Now, when you come and visit, you won't have trouble getting onto the WiFi!  Any extra monies on top of this will be set aside for a possible smaller project.  Again, I am grateful! 

I've gotten behind on our thank yous, so we need to catch up! Many thanks to:
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Rob & MIchelle (adopted Pendy & PIckles)--PT's, baby wipes, lysol wipes, dry & can food, toys and bedding. And homemade cookies for all of us!

BillieK--donation in memory of Mystic
Lu-Little & Benny--donation in memory of Mystic
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Lynne W--donation for FFRC
Judy & Phil L--donation for FFRC
Christopher S--donation to FFRC

We also had BOXES on Monday. Wonderful, super boxes!
Jake  & Ashley (Suzi M 's grandchildren) 4 bags ( 20lb ) 9 lives cat food 
Plee-- 20 ish pillow cases, 4 boxes of broths, fabric cat print to be framed 

J Bond - Heated cat bed, Jewelry sterling silver cat earnings, Box of cat toys, Diamond Art Cat kit and a pad for Ramsay with his name on it!

Mommy Myrna - 14ish Hand Made Heaven Bound Kitty Blankets for cats that pass to the Rainbow Bridge--so beautiful

Joann Z/ and kitties - Peacock notebook , 12 bags fancy feast  duo's snacks, 3 boxes of Chewy granola bars, box tops and pop tabs

Annie & Debbie -Ping Pong balls, box of zaney mice, box of jingle balls 
Kris M - Sleep Zone cat bed 
Debbie & Woody - Case of Fancy Feast Chicken, Bag of Science Diet Kitten food 

Joco -  Hand made Scrubbies - 150 ish
NH Furry - Star Trek buttons and Jedi Master pin  for Catathon 2019

Chad, Carrie, Ella K - 8 jumbo rolls of paper towels, 4 containers of Clorox Wipes, 6" paper plates, windex 

Protegee Solutions Group - From their  Xmas Tree donations, kitty  
Beth - Raised Barin Feeder food dish 
Nona - 36 cans of KMR
Mr. Anderson - Paper Towel Debt Replacement -- he so loves his PT's! 

Marilyn & Terry B - Card , $ 5 Chickie money 
Kelly ( Tangs momma ) - box tops, milk rings
Anonymous -Card   2 $5 , and a spiker hug
Melissa L - Card with Donation 
Kids book only - silly monkey art magnet 
Velma/Catzthree - Card with Donation in memory of Goldie 
Dave H - Letter, Sponsorship , of Hensley, Vernon, Coralie, Magic, Kiera  
Moe -  Donation for FFRC

Monday is our next HumaneOhio surgery date. We have a very packed schedule.
Sunday-Weds, Jan. 27 to 30th is our first 2019 Fun-Raiser. Wait'll you see the items!  
Plus, we want to have another Quickie Flash Sale soon for the next group of Joni's Tiles. 

These kittens here have such great adult cats to help them with growing up.  Not only Monique, Singita and Paw Paw, they also have the teenager Mr. Anderson.  He is enjoying snuggle time with them.

As of today, the back Thumper's Room is shut down. That hasn't happened for several months. All kittens are now in the Main Area.  We have rearranged June's Room to make a really nice night time room for Hatima and Ramsay. They spent their first night there last night and all went well.  That leaves Cat's Corner Room now open so we can feed and gather the smaller kittens for checking on them and their extra meals. 

Muppi is doing great.  Her ears are healing and she has good balance.  Next week we will remove her sutures.  The newer 6 pack of Abel black kittens are super. They really are all very sweet. As little as they are they sure do zoom all over the place! We are slowly learning their names!  

We also have a coming up date too. You all know that we love to attend the OVMA (Ohio Veterinary Medical Association's big conference called the Midwest Veterinary Conference.  It's jam packed full of educational classes. Those attending can pick and choose which classes are of interest individually. I was able to reserve 2 hotel rooms--this hotel is connected to the conference hall.  We would like to go on Thursday and come back on Saturday (Feb. 21-23). We can attend 3 classes on Thursday, 6 on Friday and 3 on Saturday. There also is a wonderful Exhibit Hall with many medical/pet related booths to visit.  

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Sunday, January 13, 2019

What a day yesterday was.  I am truly and deeply grateful that we have such a compassionate and awesome vet to help this Rescue Center.  Dr. Darcy's mom is quite ill, yet she was still able to come on surgery day and help us accomplish most of our surgery needs.  We didn't start until 3:00 and ended last night somewhere around 8:00.

Big thanks to our post-op care done by 6 of our volunteers--Becky M, Dawn E, Donnajb, Eaglewatcher, Mary Braid and Gem. They not only keep an extra eye on every cat during the post-op phase but they help with clean up too. 

Thanks too for Amber our vet tech and for Sue and Lynnette.  We have an awesome team in our surgery room--just amazing, giving people.

We had 3 others that helped us by providing food and drinks---Joyce D, Gusti and Jody J.

Even though we weren't able to get everyone done because of limited time, we sure made a huge dent in our surgery list.  The 4 we did not get done were: Maya, PiperJo, Edwina and Monique.  We'll get them on the next FFRC surgery date.

Here's our spays:
Azzilee, Pickle, Linzee, Glory Joy.

Here's our neuters:
Pendy, Ponce, Tang, Charlie, Jabberwocky, Atis, Purrfloof, Milton and MacNeil

We also sedated Sinbad and tried to remove his leg pin. Because of the thickened callus, it was not possible to safely remove it. He will have to have an x-ray to pinpoint the exact place where the pin head is.

We also worked on Muppi.  Got 3 of the 4 needed things done. We still have to spay her but didn't want to overburden her and did the priority which was her leg. Her rear leg and tail were amputated. She still has a few inches of her tail left. We were also able to clamp the ears and get rid of the frostbite. Her ears are shorter a bit but done nicely.  This morning she came out of her pen and is right now taking a healing nap.

We were also able to get in a few physicals.
Lancelot--remember he had that awful middle ear infection.  It's now so much better--almost gone. He will probably always have a bit of a head tilt, but that is ok.

Janie--she now sports a couple small shaved areas on her back.  She has cysts and by shaving, it helps to keep those areas cleaner.

PawPaw/Bruno--his heart murmur is still very pronounced  5/6.  (by the way, he's been playing like a kitten lately!)

Barin--his heart murmur is the same 4-5/6  He too shows no effects of it

Tyler--physical good

Unfortunately, this morning we lost our Mystic, the beautiful gold/white Persian kitten.  You may remember, she was given to us to try and "fix her up".  She arrived with her nostrils very very small and some lung congestion.  She's been on antibiotics in anticipation of this surgery to help her.  Her lungs appeared to be able to handle this. Nostrils......what a small small part of our anatomy but so important. Each inspiration brought her nostrils to a close and made breathing difficult.  And this condition continued to get worse. We made the decision to go ahead with her nasal repair and all went well--her nostrils were enlarged nicely.  But......this long term nasal problem took a toll on her lungs. Such a shame.  General life was not always easy for her--it's hard to enjoy something as simple as playing when you have to concentrate on breathing. I've talked to Dr Darcy this morning about this.  Mystic actually recovered from surgery but collapsed this morning early. She and I both felt the need to do this nasal surgery was necessary--it wouldn't get better with time. She spent much of her time in the typical posture--nose/face lifted up in the air to help facilitate better breathing.  My heart is broken for this loss as is her future family that she was going to go to.  We here at FFRC strive so hard to make each life healthy.  It hurts terribly when we fail. The one thing that helps is knowing they were always given love.

We are reminded way too often.....treasure each life.  Never miss that opportunity to give care and love. 

We have a busy adoption day today.  These are the kittens scheduled to be adopted: Pendy & Pickles together, Ponce DeLeon, Charlie, Linzee, Azzilee and Tyler.  These start approximately 8:30 and are staggered about every 45 minutes or so.  On Monday we have 2 adoptions in the morning--Tang and Purrfloof.  Tuesday, Jabber will be adopted (possible that may change to Weds.).  Busy adoption times.

An added note:  Paddy Boys are still helping FFRC!!! We need to update some of our Wifi components in the Center and your help is needed.  In memory of our beloved Paddys we would like to ask you help us raise some money to help strengthen our wifi signal.  A donation of $5 would go a long way toward making this happen.  Please enjoy this video in their memory.  The Paddy's -- Furever Ours. A letter of love from their Momma Rosabella.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC

I would like to say a special thanks to JustMe and Cantoncat for the beautiful work they did on this Paddy video. 

Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday, January 11, 2019

Busy, busy week.  All these kittens are keeping us hoping busy.  Some are receiving meds twice a day, some are still in quarantine, some need ears cleaned, all are being fed every 3 hours (not sleeping hours!), many need twice daily grooming. And then when we open the doors to let them come up to the Main Area, they have to be gathered up a couple times a day to be returned to the Thumper's Rooms.  These babes are busy!  

And we took on 3 new kittens.  These are known as the M litter.  They arrived 1/8.  Even though they were all nursing on the same mama cat (mama will be spayed!) they are obviously 2 different groups. Names are from Name a Cat list. They were dumped, in a cardboard box at the home of a TNR rescue friend. And so we took in the kittens. 
MacNeil--birthday is 9/11/18, orange tiger, male
Milton--birthday is 11/6/18, orange tiger, male
Maya--birthday is 11/6/18, gray torti, female
They are still in quarantine in the back Thumper's Room, top 2 condos.

The little 6 black kittens are doing super and they are ever so sweet!  They zip, zag, fly and zoom!  They are just blurs of black at times. And yes, it's true, Mr. Anderson has become their Uncle A and is most definitely teaching them his wonderful, fun ways of enjoying life!  I love it. We'll have more of Mr. Anderson's antics here at FFRC! Paw Paw is their grandpa--they snuggle on him at times for a nap.

We have thanks to give!
Helen C--donation to FFRC
Charlotte T--donation to FFRC

Ju-in-ji--donation for Pendy, to help with his neuter and blankie for adoption
Kelly I--donation for FFRC
James R--donation for FFRC

Lauren DB from FL--donation to FFRC
Becky G--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to FFRC

A special thanks to Megan (our volunteer) for the donation she made to FFRC, from a collection at Goin' Postal.  We sure do appreciate you and your business! 

We've heard from the family that adopted Sloopy. "He is doing great! I think he enjoys his new home. He snuggles every night. Sleeps right on my pillow".  Sounds like a great home for Sloopy! 

Glory Joy is in the Main Area all the time now. She's doing great. So very pretty and such a sweet personality.  

Muppi is also doing good although I'm anxious to get some of her surgeries done.  Her ear tips have fallen off by themselves due to the frostbite. We'll see if Dr. Darcy thinks the ears still need some surgical help. We still need to do her leg and tail amputation and her spay. 

Monique's mastitis is much much better--to the point, she has started nursing her 2 babies again.  And both Cornelio and Rocky are doing so much better too from their little cold. They are rocking and rolling in their pen! 

We had BOXES on Weds.  I'm very grateful for all of your help you give to FFRC>
Caitlin - Bull Dog Clips Variety
Tammy/Bellabell with Olivia, JoJo Bell, Jasmine, Sprint & Elsa - 6 cans of Chicken
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie - Box of Delectable Stew
Auntie Sonja to The Very Vern, Vernie - 32 pkts Delectable Squeeze-Ups
Mr. and Mrs Medic - 2 cases Fancy Feast

JBond - Box of Ice Cube chocolates for Steve's B-day (Steve is very thankful!).   Fun Raiser: Gold color bracelet & pr of Stud earrings & Cordless Stick Vacuum

Auntie Beth - 4-Boxes Friskies Little Soups
Yvonne VDK - Bag of Iams Kitten, 12 ct Iams Cups
Kris M - 2 Large sleeping mats and large round Kitty Bed

Annie & Debbie - Case-24ct pkts Friskies, 12-ct 9-Lives pkts, 2 boxes Purrfectly Chicken & Fish, Royal Canin pouches, Box of Fancy Feast Broths, 5 pks Delectable Snackers, Kitty Fruit Tart Bed.  For a fun-Raiser--Sky Blue Kitty Condo 38" tall

Mary D & Randi M - 2 cases 24ct Fancy Feast
Trudy B - RI - Fun Raising: 24 Quilted Bowl Holders $15 per set
Barb E - NC  Kitty Card & Note--11 hand made Adoption Bags  very nice!

Denise & Elizabeth S - SC  Box Tops, Mad Cat Taco Toy, 12 pks Sheba Sticks, 20 Delectables, 2-12pks Nutrish Broths, Flat of Stamps and a Gas Card!

Ollie the Hooligan & Gene the Monster with moms credit card - 48 ct Sheba,  Case - 24ct Friskies, 18 Iams Perfect Pkts, 2 Boxes Little Soups, Box Nutrish Pkts, 2 cases Baby Food

Josette M - France - Christmas Card & Note
Anony - 4-1lb bags Pania Flakes  (cats are smiling!)
Fred & Marilyn Ford - Donation in memory of their son Jeff Ford
Sue/macncheeseanddoodlesmom - Sponsorship for Marilyn
Hankygrapvine - FL  Happy 6th Birthday Eddie White

Sara M & Onyx - CO   Kitty Card  Donation in honor of her college friend Pierre also known to us as Jabberwocky.. Name a Cat name Pierre

Clark, Jessie & The Rest:  Happy 6th Birthday Eddie White 4 Jan 2013  with Chicken $5
Clark Jessie & The Rest: Happy 1st Birthday Kabu 9 Jan 2018  and Chicken $5

Jabberwocky/IowaCatladyMarie & The Magnificent 7 Jabberwocky, Phoenix, Zeeba, Whobee, Walter Payton, Yoga & Singer----RIP Card with Note and Donation in memory of Sweet Giovanna

Alan & Elaine - FL  in memory of LittleKat - 2 40lb bags Dr Elsie's Litter, Case of Fancy Feast Appetizers, Case 32ct Friskies, 5 24ct cases Friskies

Kizzymom - OR - Xmas Box of Cheese, Crackers and lots of yummy things Honey Mustard Pretzels, Crackers, 6 pk of variety of Jams, Pepperjack & White Cheddar cheese  (Steve will make us a tray for our surgery day!)

Day Visitor: Michelle & Rob H (adopting Pendy & Pickles) 400 6" paper plates, Toys, 3 Tubs Lysol Wipes, Garbage Bags, Kitty Wipes and Bag of Purina One

Day Visitor: Kyle - Carrier, 1 1/2 cases Fancy Feast, 2 Food Bowls, 3 small Litter Boxes and Food Mat

We had our Joni's Tile Flash Sale on Tuesday. It was awesome and we sold 100% of the tiles that were shown! The tiles brought in $345. And the good news--this sale covered the bill we received for one of the medications we are using heavily.  Almost to the penny it was covered! Many thanks!

We have another Flash Sale coming up soon--one that Mich and Vern will be doing!  It's on Weds., Jan. 16 at 2:30ish  pm. Come join the fun. 

Tomorrow is our super big surgery day. Many of the families that are adopting are waiting for this day, so their new pets will be neutered/spayed! We are looking at many adoptions Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  

Edwina is back!  She's still hanging out in the back Thumper's Room and getting use to the other kittens. Such a pretty girl. 

Take care and enjoy this wonderful upcoming weekend! 

Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday, Jan. 7, 2019

Wonderful day already because it's a spay/neuter day!  We sent 35 cats to HumaneOhio.  There were 10 males and 25 females. This makes our total now..........36!  We had a Voucher neuter so grand total to get us started is 11 males and 25 females.  Our next HumaneOhio is 2 weeks from today.

Many thanks to Becky M, Mary Braid and Donnajb for helping with the check-ins. 

This is probably really pushing it, but wouldn't it be wonderful is we could hit 1,200 for 2019?!  We are really at our max of how many events we can do.  Compared to 2018, we are doing 24 spay/neuter events with HumaneOhio this year.  Last year it was 22. Plus we have our FFRC surgeries here. We'll keep pushing those numbers!

This Saturday is our FFRC spay/neuter date and we're going to be hopping busy.  Here's a tentative schedule----
Spays: Azzilee, Edwina (plus an eye enucleation), Mystic (plus a nasal repair), Monique, Piper Jo, Pickles, Lynzee, Glory Joy and a public spay.

Neuters: Pendy, Ponce DeLeon, Tang, Charlie, Jabberwalky, Atis, Purrfloof

Others: for past persian adoptions--2 nasal repairs plus Sinbad needs his pin removed

In addition, Lancelot will have his middle ear infection checked
PawPaw--recheck heart murmur
Barin--recheck heart murmur
Smoochie--recheck left eye
Tyler--recheck several things
Janie Dog/Cat--has a growth on back

A very busy day.  But productive.  Many of these kittens will be able to get to their adoptive homes once they've had their spays/neuters!

We have thanks to give!
Donavon S--donation to FFRC for Jackson II and Victor and friends
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
William K--donation for FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Kris M--donation to FFRC in honor of Eddie White's birthday

Tomorrow is a special day--11:00.  It's a Flash Sale for part of Joni's awesome FFRC cat tiles! Sorry, no pre-sales for this one.  Have fun and join us!

Did you know that viewers can make a donation to FFRC thru YouTube?  It's true!  If a person makes a donation to FFRC thru YouTube, a banner with the amount and name is displayed for a short time. We thank you!  Just a thought though---if you have a choice of YouTube or PayPal, we suggest PayPal.  The reason is that YouTube takes out a hefty 30% fee.  PayPal is much lower. We are always appreciative of all donations!

Right now we have a possible 12 adoptions coming up soon.  They are: Azzilee, Tyler, Charlie, Purrfloof, Linzee, Tang, Jabberwocky, Atis, Ponce De Leon, Mystic, Pendy and Piper Jo!

You might've noticed that Monique, Cornelio and Rocky have not been on the floor since early Friday, in the back Thumper's Room. Monique developed a rather nasty case of mastitis. She's doing much better now. We kept all 3 in the top 2 condo pens. They probably will be down again today or tomorrow.

We took in 6 new little kittens on 1/4. They are called the Abel Litter.  And one after another, as we pulled them from the crate, we ended up seeing 6 black kittens! And they are ever so sweet. Mama had arrived at a person's property. He took her in and let her have the kittens inside. They've never been outside.  Mama will be spayed thru FFRC/HumaneOhio on 1/21.  We have 5 girls and 1 boy. Their birthday is 11/23 and they are 6 weeks old. they are:
Sabel, girl, black/little white tummy
Kabel, girl, black/little white tummy
Fabel, girl, black/bigger white tip tail, with little white tummy
Gabel, girl, black/smaller white tip tail, big white tummy & chest
Mabel, girl, black/white tummy & armpits
Abel, boy, black with white tummy and little white armpits
Okay......will you be ready for a test?!  These will be doozies to tell apart!

We also took in another kitten this morning. A real sweetheart.  A friend of FFRC's was following a car and she saw them toss a kitten out of the window while the vehicle was moving. Fortunately this kitten took a big roll without breaking any legs and injuring it's face, which is usually the case.  Her name is Glory Joy.  Her birthday is 10/15/18. She is 12 weeks old. Glory Joy is a gray and white long hair kitten--so beautiful. And has a purr that sounds like a lion! She's very happy to be here and so are we.

We also had 2 more adoptions!
March--our sweet boy was adopted by a young man who really was so ready to have March be his special pet!  He called yesterday and said March is doing good. He likes to have lap time!

Aladdin--our little gold/white boy went to a home that has been so patient with him. We knew that Aladdin was a tad shy but with lots of TLC here, it sounds like he's adjusted very well.  The family has already contacted us and is so very happy with Aladdin. Sounds like Aladdin has slipped right into their home and hearts!

Enjoy the kitties and cats......they love to share their lives with you all out there in camland! Won't be long until there will be 7 more kittens on the floor. Definitely will be doing the kitty-shuffle!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Friday, Jan. 4, 2019

Muppi is doing wonderful! This white calico girl is tough. Even with all her problems, she is a beautiful purr-er and loves to be petted.  She's had her first 2 vaccines and so was out of her pen yesterday. She got along great with the other cats and kittens in the back/front Thumper's Room.  She will now stay on the floor. She is still getting 2 antibiotics a day. I've talked to Dr. Darcy about her and she will examine her on the 12th.  For right now, we continue to work on getting her healthier. She's already gained 3/4 of a pound! All in all, she will be spayed, leg amputation, tail amputation and both ears will have the frostbite removed so her ears will be shorter. This will all probably be 2 different surgery times. Muppi is enjoying good food and lots of TLC.

We weighed the Persian babies this morning--they are ALL between 2.01 to 2.05! -all made their 2 lb. goal! They have been eating tremendously good this week--devouring their meals which are every 3 hours. They all get time in the Main Area at least once a day. They sure do love that. Even the "P" litter kittens come up! Ponce is the biggest of these 4 and Piper Jo is the smallest.  Right now, 3 of them have made weight for the Jan. 12th surgery date. 

Here's some upcoming dates:
Jan. 7, Monday--HumaneOhio surgery day
Jan. 8, Tuesday--Flash Sale--Joni has made beautiful cat tiles! This flash sale will only be part of them. Another Flash Sale later for the others. This one is basically for some of the Main Area cats.  Time: 11:00 am
Jan. 12, Saturday--FFRC surgery day
Jan. 16, Weds.--Mich and Vern Flash Sale  2:30 ish
Jan. 21, Monday--HumaneOhio surgery day and board meeting
Jan. 27-30--Fun-Raiser!  Great items
Jan 30, Weds.--BOXES at 3:00 with Fun-Raiser drawing right afterwards! 

We have thanks to give and we are so grateful for you all!
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Leasa S--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with Muppi's medical care.

Burgundy--donation for Muppi's meds and surgery needs
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
YvonneVDK--donation for Muppi's needs

Maureen M--donation to FFRC & Happy New Year
Hettie's meowmy--donation for FFRC
Mindy R--donation to FFRC, in honor of Schinn

Bonnets to BUstles--donation for FFRC's medical needs, in memory of their kitties and doggy that have passed and in honor of their current kitty Carnie. 

And then we have thanks for BOXES which were yesterday! 
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL  5 pkgs Bondi Licks. 4 8ct Boxes Bondi Licks, 2 Boxes Little Soups

Just Me/Kathy - IA  4 Boxes of Bondi Licks.. for Vern & Friends
Andrea F - 3-16lb Bags Purina One
Annie G & Debbie M - 4 big bags of Litter

Preakness - CA  (using moms credit card shhhhh) for Vernie and his friends Box of Bondi Licks

Caitlin - 1000 6" paper plates
Anony - 6 pkg Bondi Licks, 4 Boxes Delectable Bisque and Box of Soupers

Ollie the Hooligan & Gene the Monster - For their FFRC buddies - 16 Cans of Chicken

FaithyMD for her Hobbit Birthday - 25 piece Toy Pack with great toys!, tub of Greenie Snackers, Case of 24ct Friskies, Box of 18 Pringle Singles

Tom & Linda C - IL  Donation
Gladys & Honey - BC, Canada - Christmas Card with Donation
Marilyn & Terry B - KItty Card and Chicken $5
Annette B with Flynn, Elsie, Lucky & Trill - NC - Kitty Christmas Card
Lilly, Sassy & Mom Steph - Kitty Christmas Card with note & Donation & whiskers!

Deptford/Pauline - UK  Christmas card & Note
Randy P/Pennysmom - MD  Donation for General Use & Donation for Feliz Navidad

M&M/Mary & Christine M - Christmas Card with note & Donation in memory of Jord

Gary & Audrey P/AJPritting - Christmas Card with note & Donation in honor of the Moine Family

Richard, Joan & Carnie S - MD  Christmas Card
Carlos/Pacatso & Sunny & Sophie (dog)--card and letter.  Really likes Lucie! 

Nicola/Aussiecat with Murphy & Nellie - Australia - Kitty Christmas Card made by her mother
Ray & Rosanna G - CA  Christmas Card
Bill & Johanna M - OH  Donation
Alan & Elaine - FL  Handmade Kitty Card with note, Flat of Stamps & Donation in memory of LittleKat

Trace, Phil & Bella/Philbellaandtrace - Kitty Christmas Card with Note & Donation

We had 21 adoptions for December! And January should see quite a few adoptions as well.  Once we get these kittens spayed/neutered, many will be on their way to their new homes.

Here's a message from the family that adopted Cherokee---"He quickly became on of the family. He is such a little cuddler."    So nice to hear!

Sinbad has discovered he has kangaroo legs. He can easily jump in a giant leap up to the countertops. And when he's running room to room, he does huge leaps over the cats that are in his path! 

 If you see a streak of black dragging a washcloth, that would be Mr. Anderson! He snags any small pieces of material and loves to run around dragging them between his legs!

Some of you may have noticed that Paw Paw/Bruno has a significant limp.  We're not sure what he's done but we are treating him.  He continues to be wonderful with the kittens and will even bathe them. Hoping he will continue to be a significant part of our kittens lives as he brings a sense of calmness to the other cats.  

Lucie is doing wonderful. Such a sweetie. She hangs out alot in the purple office--she has a couple special beds there and is close to the food, water and litterbox.  Janie frequently naps in her bed with her. 

Take care and enjoy this first weekend of 2019!