Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kitty City is dry now

The water in the back room of Kitty City is now receded. No damage done. We have had such an enormous amount of rain the last 10 days that the ground cannot accept any more. Next spring we'll have to look into doing the drainage pipe a little different to prevent this problem from happening again. Badu was laying on a mountain of clean warm laundry this morning--how she loved that. She looked very proud of herself, having conquered the mountain! Kurt Williams neck is a bit better this morning. His ear is perfectly clean--checked it again with a scope. His teeth also look wonderful-so no problems there. He took his antibiotics. We trimmed his rear toenails again and applied his antibiotic ointment to his neck wound. Hopefully tomorrow it'll look even better yet. Octavia has a minor ear infection. Upon trying to treat it, she reminded us she does NOT like to be messed with, but we got the job done. We'll repeat her treatment Friday and Monday. She's back to looking happy again. Betz is another happy kitten--she loves to play. All toys are fun to her. The 5 newbies are doing great. They no longer go back in their room for security--they're confident of their surroundings. They sure can play--they're already zipping around! Grominique sure enjoys watching the birds out the windows--completely entertains her. The kittens and cats must have stored up all their energy last night as they've all been crazy felines this morning. A super high energy place today (which of course, we all love!). We've heard from Dolcy's new mama. Dolcy's name is now Niko. All is wonderful. Sound like he loves his new home already. The new arrival, Sari is doing good. She is a lynx point Ragdoll. She originally was here in in 12/03 and was adopted in 2/04. Her birthday is 10/17/03. Her family no longer could care for her so they did as we ask......they brought her back to the rescue center. I'm always very grateful that if the family can no longer keep an FFRC cat, that he is returned to the rescue center (per the contract they sign). She is now in Patience's Pen where she can observe all the human and cat interactions.

We had boxes last night!
ClassyCat--case of Hormel chicken, 2 cases of Friskies
Cobbis--2 cases of Friskies
TinksDad--3 cases of Fancy Feast
cs700/Charlie--3 cases of Friskies
The Vaughn family (bama_pearl)--4 bags of dry Whiska, cat treats, trash bags, q-tips, magic erasers, paper towels a book called What's the Matter with Henry, Note pads, pens,
tape, Clorox wipes, and Human Treats, a family card and letter from their daughter!

We love it when the USPS, Fed-Ex or UPS trucks drive in! Very exciting and so gratefully received.

For your consideration: Please remember, that the chat box is clearly and largely visible in the rescue center, for all to see (volunteers, visitors, etc.) Anything that is written on the chat can be read by all here. Be considerate that feelings are not hurt. I consistently get e-mails from people telling me how much they enjoy our FFRC chat, that it's a group of caring and friendly people. Makes me glad that we have the chat. Thanks for helping us keep the chat so all can read it.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's a very very rainy day. Our yard is completely flooded, but we're high and dry in the Rescue Center. The cats are being entertained with all the rain splashes on the windows! Our 5 new kitties--Erie, Pigrim, Praline, Plymouth and Punkin are now out and about with the rest of the gang. They seem to be doing very well. A little shy at first, but they've quickly gotten into the groove of having fun. Kurt William has done a very nasty thing to his neck--all in about 1 minute, even with his collar on this time. It's time to talk to the vet about this neck problem again. His wound is now cleaned up, antibiotic ointment applied and is bandaged with vet-wrap. It's also necessary for him to be on oral antibiotics. He's still a happy boy. Nougie (our shy boy) actually came out this morning to eat in the main area. I was thrilled to see this. I've seen this happen twice now just today--Peverley sitting on a shelf, tail hanging down and little Wiggles batting away at her tail. Little Erie has a bum rear left hip/femur area. Possibly happened during his adventure outside before he was found. He's better today and hopefully will be even better tomorrow. Bumble Bee is still one of the prettiest kittens ever. Pocus is becoming a big loverbug--loves her chin to be rubbed. Big excitement here today. Paul and Jimmy will be applying the fiber board to June's Room! This is the last of all the rooms (except the main office). This fiber board is so easy to clean--cuts down on our cleaning time. It also looks nice and is very durable. It'll be so nice to have this project done.

We had boxes to open last night:
Ambafizz & kitties from UK--case of Friskies, spring toys, case of cat treats, Litter
Janet & Laurie & 4 kitties--2 Christmas stockings full of toys, tape, lots of other toys, cat
treats, Reeses Pieces (!!), 1 krinkle bed bag, 2 fluffy beds, 1 kitty hammock, coupon
for litter, play mat, toys, brush, 4 soft sided carriers and a donation check
Jatcat--2 wireless bridges for our computer systems

Hannah in Indiana
Paddy--telling us about his latest adventures!

Winchester, Mas.--LTHolmes

Thank you all for the supplies. These are the things that make a difference to us. YOU all are important to our day to day upkeep.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

More Adoptions!

More adoptions! Yay for wonderful, loving homes! Shael went to a home with a family with 2 girls that were very happy to have a kitten to love. She's going to be one majorly loved kitten. Dulcy also went to his new home. He was already completely in love with his mama. We also have another kitten on hold... Claudius! This is what the rescue is all about; homes where these kittens and cats are so loved. Today my family will be over for a Thanksgiving meal, so this post will be short! But, I still want to give my thanks for the gifts we received last night.

  • Tookie's Family: 3 blankies, case of Friskies packets, cat dancer toy, treats, Dawn soap, canned Friskies, 2 toys and a purple rug.
  • Newfiedogmom: cat nip squirrel (I've already seen the cats carrying this toy around!)
  • Madisonpepper: 2 toys that made us all laugh

  • Dawn's S.'s mom: postcard and donation  (her mom lives in AZ.)

  • From Missa and her mama, Diana
  • LaRae (sure looked like Cobbis on the card!)

Thanks all, have a wonderful day. The kitties and cats had a turkey breakfast today. They licked every morsel up!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Four kittens find homes

Another good adoption day! We had 4 kitties leave the rescue center to go into their very own homes. Hudson, Sage, Zoom and Kozo were the honored ones! We also had some wonderful visitors last night. Do you remember Tookie, the kitten that was adopted a few weeks ago? Since it's Thanksgiving, Tookies family was back in Defiance and brought many family members to the rescue center to visit. It was very nice to see them all. We even showed them Kitty City, which of course, the City cats loved. You will be seeing another new face around here. His name is Jim and he will be covering the farm chores on Paul's off days. Jim has been around here before as he's helped with several big projects this past year. A very nice man and a hard worker. Ernestine is such a nice cat. She's friends to all the other cats and kittens, a sweet cat. All the little kittens are doing great, playing and running like little wild things! Grominique is another wonderful cat. She loves looking at the birds outside but will come over anytime for a big back rub. Derby is a play machine, all toys become a part of his playground! Every morning after breakfast, Pocus and Georgia like to lay in the grooming tub and watch the water drip. Peverly was seen yesterday dragging one of the kickaroo toys around and telling everyone to stay away; It was HER toy! Shasta has to have her face wiped every day as she loves to lick out the food cans. Tweeny is awesome, has such beautiful shiny gold in her fur. All is fine here. The cats are enjoying the increased amount of visitors. The 4 oldsters, Twinkle, Putter, Magentta and Ada Jane, are also doing great.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Black (Cat) Friday!

Thanksgiving is over, now on to Christmas! Today we will put up the window decals that an anonymous donor sent to the rescue center! We had an adoption yesterday. Cobbis, our wonderful kitten, went to his new home. They have adopted from us before--a cat named Ernie. I think this will be an awesome home for Cobbis! I want to thank Gregg, one of our volunteers, for speaking to an Arbor Club in Paulding about the Rescue Center. They then donated a $100 gift card from Lowe's to FFRC. Also a very special thanks to the following people who came and helped at the Rescue Center yesterday, even though it was a holiday: Stacey, Connie G, Donna, Lisa, Peggy, Kurt, Dennis and Christy. All the volunteers mean the world to me. Without them we could not function. I always appreciate all your notes of thanks to the volunteers and pass that on to them. Badu is laying right here on the desk with me, rolling around and acting silly. Does my heart good to see her happy! Thanks too to Brad who made the new bench for us. It's wonderful and so useful. He even added a nap area under the bench for the cats. A special thanks too to Linda (Clemm) who is pitching in extra duty today to help in the rescue center. Dhana and Weasley makes all of us laugh--they are so small in body, but so big in their spirit. They run, jump on big cats and play their hearts out. The 4 new kittens have names. They are now known as the P Litter. Their names are Praline (calico), Punkin (brown tiger/white), Pilgrim (gold tiger) and Plymouth (gold tiger/white). They'll still be in June's Room along with Erie for another 1-2 days.

Thought for the day--sent to me by a webcam friend: "At the end of the day, love and compassion will win." I think this would be a good guideline to remember for the rescue center! Wishing all of you a very happy day.




Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish for all our viewers and friends to have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Wow! We had 2,118 hits on Petfinder. That's 2,118 people looking at our cats and kittens! Cobbis had the most hits, followed by Macallan, Jeepers, Tasco, Bee, Buffin, Octavia. Our dear Cobbis was adopted this morning. He will arrive at his new home late this morning. I just found a baby molar tooth on the keyboard. In all the years I've done this rescue, it's only the 2nd time I've found a baby tooth! We're expecting a quiet day today, which is nice. Kitties and cats are already chewing away on their holiday hambone. This should keep them busy for a day or two! Later today they'll get some turkey to eat. We took in a new kitten last night. A dark orange boy. Our volunteers Angie and Bill found him along the Erie Canal, at Independence Dam last night. He wanted so badly to be rescued, he almost decided to swim across the canal to get to them. His name is Erie, he's been bathed and brushed, vaccinated, tested, wormed and is now in June's Room. We moved the 4 other newbies (the orange tiger, orange/white, calico and brown tiger/white) to June's Room last night and Erie joined them this morning. The 4 newbies will probably get their names today.

We had boxes last night!

  • Chris D.: 32 pack of Friskies
  • Kitkat45: banana catnip toys & Chiradeli choclates for the volunteers
  • Anonymous: Q-tips and banana catnip toys
  • newfiedogmom: incline scratching board
  • stevienicks60: very nice letter, Reese’s, Snausages for the dogs, Einstein (bird) treat, and Friskies cans of food
  • AnnaMarie and Neil: Thanksgiving Card

The volunteers truly appreciate your gifts also. Makes them feel appreciated! And I appreciate your support of the volunteers and rescue center. Please keep voting--we're still #1.

Don't forget! If you plan on doing any holiday shopping at Amazon, use the link to on our blog or website and the rescue center will get a small percentage of your total purchase as a referral fee. It doesn't cost you anything extra, and turns every gift for your loved ones into an additional gift for the rescue center. Thanks! -Kurt


Wednesday, November 23, 2011


The kitties and cats are all prepared for their Thanksgiving meal for tomorrow. The oldsters have already spread the word that Thanksgiving means turkey--plenty of turkey to go around! My sister Judy also brought the cats a hambone which she does for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They LOVE it. So, tomorrow is turkey and ham day to them. It's fun to watch them clean every morsel of meat off the hambone. All is well here. Kitties are crazy and the cats are a normal rescue center. Cutie has been giving the kitties (especially Peach) baths again. Kiara is one of Bella's best friends, due to the fact that Bella shares her baby food jars with Kiara. Anony is still so super laid back. His favorite position when sleeping is flat on his back, all 4 paws up and curled. So sweet. Macallan and Cinnabon are quite a team-what one doesn't do the other does. Georgia has been rounding up the furry gray mouse toys this morning. I saw her have 6 different ones already today. The cats have been playing with a box all morning--it has air bags and packing paper in it. The more that joins in the fun, the better. We also took in 4 new kittens yesterday--3 1/2 months old. They were already spayed/castrated, which helps us a lot. We have 3 boys and 1 girl. The girl is a calico, the 3 boys are a tiger/white, gold, gold/white. All 4 are ever so sweet. Their leukemia/fiv/heartworm tests were done this morning and are negative.

We had boxes!
Anonymous-: 24 can case of chicken and salmon Friskies
Anonymous: 24 can case of adult Chicken Soup with salmon, turkey, duck and veggies
Jo91150 in AZ.: kitty size bed, thermal cat bed, a HUGE stuffed tiger bed, roll & pop toy, Reeses Pieces pillow. She also sent me a t-shirt that says "My Indian Name is Converses with Cats" and a nightshirt that says "Ooops! I adopted another cat!". Thanks Jo, I love the shirts!

I am thankful for the donations that we receive and the support this rescue center has from our webcam friends. I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and/or friends. It's truly a day to be thankful.

"I not the turkey. BACK OFF" -Asha

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Lots of updates--happy new homes

Lots of cat/kitty updates to give! First, Tugger is at Uncle Eric's temporary home. He will indeed be adopted tomorrow! He'll be going to a home where he'll have lots of room to run and people to keep him company. Lilo was also adopted yesterday. She went to a webcammer's home. I think they already loved her even before they left! What a great thing for Lilo. Cassi was also adopted yesterday. We have had a young couple come in (they previously adopted Remus) periodically to visit and play with the cats. On their last visit, Cassi was picked as a special cat. Her dad surprised her and got Cassi for her! They've already called and all is happy there! Cobbis will be leaving Thanksgiving morning, Missa will be leaving next week. Hudson is also on hold now and probably will leave today. The new kitten Betz is doing wonderful. She's now playing and she looks so happy. What a beautiful kitten she is. Pawsome is now 100% at ease here and plays with everyone. Farrah has now been 12 weeks without a seizure!

We had boxes last night!
Newfiedogmom--4 cases of food & 1 case of chicken
Anonymous--2 case of Friskies, 2 cases of Whiskas, 1 case Fancy feast
AnnaMarie, Neil & Vixen--2 cases of organic turkey, 2 turkey toys
Quayside (Elaine & Willis)--3 cases Tiki Cat food (one is sardines!)
Mazie--a rescued cat from Scotland--q-tips
Jeepers--apples for the volunteers & Thanksgiving card
Anonymous--Christmas window clings

Cyndi & Dave-fun card & $5 donation from a friend
Nikkaross--Thanksgiving card

Yuki--Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ellen & Heremy (ABQcat) & kitties Alex & Samantha--Albuquerque, NM
Bellachelan--Lake Chelan, WA

You ALL are important to the Rescue Center--thanks for your support. It takes a huge effort to make this rescue center run smoothly and you are part of that!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Buffin finds a home!

Another adoption to a great family with a great cat! Buffin was adopted yesterday to a mom and dad with 4 girls. I'm not sure who will have more fun, the girls or Buffin! It's official...Tweeny is now on hold. She'll be going to her new Colorado home but not until March. Due to heavy snow during the winter, they will wait closer to spring to make the drive to pick her up. In the meantime, we'll shower her with TLC and let her know she has a home. Tugger is also leaving today. The last week he has been bullying Bella. It's come down to him being so bold, that Bella has become frightened of him. To make matters worse, just today alone, I've seen Tugger try to nip her on her backside three different times. Bella cannot afford to have another bite wound in this area as another repair surgery may not be possible. So...Tugger is going to Uncle Eric's today. I have had a couple inquiries about Tugger, so I will talk to possible adopters at Eric's. We just weighed the 2 torti and 2 calico sisters today and all 4 have gained weight. We also weighed the 5 smallest kitten group (including Weasley) and all 5 have gained good weight! Betz is now out and about and is doing just fine. Badu is enjoying head scratches and kisses more and more. Wiggles is growing and loves to play with the small kittens but he can also keep up with the bigger cats now. Telo loves to carry around these clear plastic rings. He will play fetch over and over again. Hudson loves any plastic wrappings that crinkle--he'll carry them in his mouth and dare a kitten to take it away from him! Yesterday the yellow table was called the Licking Zone. It must've been bath day as all day long the cats were piled on the table grooming each other. We're still #1 in the Animal Rescue Site! Thanks for your votes!

Wiggles has a flavor

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Place your Betz!

We had a kitten placed on hold yesterday...Cobbis! He will be going into a home that has adopted from us before. Cobbis will be leaving Thanksgiving morning. We've already informed them that Cobbis is into Styrofoam plate art! Badu is going up to more people for attention. She meows, then headbutts. What a wonderful thing to see! We all love her, but we are still respectful of what she does and does not want. We also took in a new kitten last night. A person who has used the rescue center before found this little girl. She's a gorgeous calico, about 3 1/2 months old and truly a lovebug! Her name is Betz (named after a webcam friend). She's been tested, bathed and given her first shots and she's now in Dodger's Pen, observing all the activities of the rescue center. Our other new cat, Pawsome, is already out and about and doing great. It's fairly nice out today so we've opened up the outdoor enclosure so the cats can enjoy watching the fall leaves blowing by. Have a great Sunday!


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Mark your calendars for 9/15/12

Remember to mark your calendar for the future concert date of September 15, 2012. That's when Mike Chamberlin, the Singing TV Guy will be here. He'll be doing a BIG outside concert on that evening. We'll have big tents up and will have a lot of fun. To show our appreciation to the webcam viewers, Mike has offered to do a mini-concert on webcam the evening before! So...mark your calendars, have some popcorn for the evening and be ready for a fun filled weekend! We will probably have our next Catathon in June instead of July for 2012. The cats in Kitty City are doing wonderful. I checked them late last night and all were snug and sleepy! I love it in the winter how they all become friends and snuggle together. Our new black/white cat has a name. Everyone commented on how cute his toes and paws, his name is Pawsome! We had an adoption yesterday--Wiffin went to his new home. The 2 boys and their mom was so excited! We also now have Cobbis on hold. He will leave the morning of Thanksgiving. The home he's going into is awesome and he will have lots of love given to him. Jodi, our volunteer, is officially adopting Wonder. That means all 3 of those litter-mates are now adopted. Tweeny has a family in Colorado that is interested in her. They are quite willing to make the trip here to adopt her. More later on that. Kiara is always Bella's extra good friend in the mornings as Bella will share her baby food jar with Kiara. Nougie was out quite a bit last night playing with the other kittens. He is really growing. Mary Katherine, the worried kitten that Kate adopted is doing great and enjoying her Arizona home.

We had boxes last night...lots of boxes!

  • Laura H: a case of Senior Friskies
  • Suean: a case of Friskies and 25 lbs of litter
  • Anonymous: 14 lb. of litter & a case of Fancy Feast Classic
  • Siamesemich and Eli: great variety of cat toys, lots of various dry and canned cat food, and blankies for Kitty City
  • Mr.Bakerskatz: pine sol, bleach and sanitizing wipes
  • Catlady and Contessa: Pringles for Racer, temptation cat treats, meow mix wet food, pillowcases, candy for volunteer's treat drawer, 3 cat pins/2 cat figurines for Jacci (I love them!), and mega
  • amount of Styrofoam plates and paper towels
  • Mark, Andi, Erin, Cory E., and Tucker (was Doodle): toys, Purina One dry food
  • littleonemine: Fruit of the month, Honeycrisp Apples
  • quayside (Elaine and Willis): doggie treats--Beggin' Strips
  • CatCruzer: 3 boxes of Whoopie Pies for the volunteers (extra delicious treats)
  • Pescha from New Zealand: a postcard and NZ vitamin treats and a letter!

Thanks all for your votes! A few more weeks to go. Sure hope we can hang on to our lead!

Denae (Dugster's sister!)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Now Entering Kitty City -Population: 15-

The Big Move is done! All 15 cats that were in Cat's Cove are now living in Kitty City, where they will stay for the winter (then move back to Cat's Cove in April). This must seem like heaven to them compared to the previous years. Over the summer the exterior walls were insulted and FRP paneling, glass windows, and an insulated door were all installed. Catwalks and built in shelving was added along with warm snuggly cat beds. Let the snow begin! (Not really!) We were happy to share the Big Move with you all. The cats liked the attention they got. They are wonderful and will now be snug for the winter. The article for the Crescent-News was also published yesterday. Hope you will get to read it on our facebook, as it is a tribute to all you web cam viewers for your support. You are indeed important to the life of this rescue center.

Wiffin is scheduled to be adopted today. I was asked to address the need of siblings being adopted together. Sometimes we do...if it's the new owners choice and they can adopt 2 cats. However, because the cats and kittens here are not caged, they all become one big happy (for the most part) family. Wiffin and Buffin do love each other, but they do not require each other for their individual happiness. They are also confident cats, meaning they do not require another cat for security comfort. I always appreciate your questions and never mind answering them. You are always welcome to e-mail me with concerns.

Badu is a sweetie! If you watch, and try to understand her personality, she is indeed open to a loving relationship with us. She's becoming more relaxed and even will "ask" to be petted. Progress is definitely being made! Makes me happy and Badu happy. Weasley's fur is getting longer every day. He has many different shades of gold---such a handsome little guy. This morning when I came into the Rescue Center, I caught Octavia pulling out more plastic bags for everyone to play with. She already had 19 of them on the floor. One is never enough for Octavia!
We had boxes last night!

  • Jeepers from PA: stamps, sponges, baby food, Dawn soap and canned chicken
  • Sabrina T. Cat and Cantoncat: 2 marshmallow beds, 1 for Kitty City, 1 for the rescue center
  • Michlynn: Happy Thanksgiving card


  • Lewbeth and kitties from Gloucester, Mass
  • HLRocker and Hilary from Louisiana

Keep the postcards coming! All of us here are enjoying the postcards and seeing where they are coming from.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

PJ is back with us!

I've heard from PJ, a webcam friend and she is back among us. About 7 weeks ago, PJ became very ill and has been in the hospital for an extended stay. A simple explanation, as she said, is her pancreas was broke. PJ is wonderful, such a joy to have with our webcam family. We're glad she's feeling better. Take care, PJ! Today is our Big Move--the Cat's Cove cats become Kitty City cats. We will be moving them up to the City this morning. Thanks to Clemm for finishing the painting on the trim in Kitty City yesterday. The building looks awesome--will be a great place for them to stay their winter months. County played and played this morning. One of the toys from Beverly G. last night was a ball with a stick and feather on it. County played with this for over an hour this morning, all by himself! Remo is now running full speed when he's playing. Jeepers likes to pretend he's itty bitty--I keep finding him inside small boxes, inside the toy plastic containers and also curled up into a small ball. Jeepers is quite a cat--super friendly, soft and so playful. The birds have been feeding at all the outside feeders that we have. The cats love watching this--it's great entertainment for them. Zoom and Cessna were a bit under the weather yesterday, but today they're both back to playing hard. I just have to say....Asha is beautiful! She's sitting here beside me. Such blue eyes and healthy look about her!

We had boxes last night!
CeS--1000 small paper plates
Cegull--1 case of Friskies
Beverly G-volunteer cupcakes, paw points, toys for Einstein, Rawhides for dogs, & treats for cats, Reeses Pieces, cat food & many different kinds of fun toys!
Calico17--dry kitten food, post-its, reese's pb cups, fancy feast, cuddle warmer and kitty toys
JoboLove--cat dancer toy
Sabrina T. Cat--therapeutic cushion
Donna (volunteer)--a big fluff bed that she made

Postcards: LaRae--Oklahoma
Littleonemine--Redwood City

I believe almost 100% of the cats and kittens have used the new steps! They love it. Putter loves sitting on the top step. Both Shael and Sage love playing with the plastic springs. Brad took the other tall pole home with him to rewrap with new hemp rope. That will be fun for them! We bumped up a tad more in the Animal Rescue Site ratings! Yeah--we're still #1 and I so appreciate YOUR votes!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kitty City Opens Tomorrow!

What a very very busy day we had! It took us all day of cleaning, sweeping, mopping, organizing and arranging, but Kitty City is now 95% ready! Many thanks to Paul, Judy S., Linda T., Sigrid and Kurt for all their help with this huge project! Tomorrow, starting around 9:30 AM, we will move all 15 of the Cat's Cove residents up to Kitty City, where they will spend the winter months. It will be a process, as each one will be brought inside the rescue center, vaccination record checked, wormed, teeth checked, toenails trimmed if needed, weighed, etc. We will also show you the cats on the cam. Yesterday we did an interview for our local newspaper, The Crescent-News. They called in the morning and had noticed we have over 1 million total views (it's actually 1,300,000) and wanted to do a story regarding the web cam and FFRC. The article might be in today's paper. Our little Macallan kitten (orange/Cinnabon's brother) has been returned. The kids in the family are showing severe allergies already. We love for our kittens and cats to "stay put" in a home, but the way that we work is, if for WHATEVER reason the family can no longer keep a cat or kitten that's been adopted from here, we want it returned to the rescue center. So, Macallan will be back on Petfinder. We had a box last night to open!

keymargo: case of Friskies, case of Fancy Feast, case of chicken & some spring toys
ju-in-ji: case of Friskies & case of Fancy Feast (from Monday's boxes), from the Netherlands

Thanks so much keymargo and ju-in-ji. We very much appreciate your gifts. This helps us alot! The steps that was sent by Nuki Sr. has been well used. Even Bella, Magentta and Kurt William have been using these steps! Thank you too for all your votes--we are still #1. This is so exciting! Voting continues thru 12/18 and results will be posted 12/21. Have a great day!

Kitty City
Kitty City

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bella is #1 for Right This Minute!

The news clip for Right This Minute aired yesterday! Last evening they had posted that Bella's video was the most viewed clip of the day. Yeah Bella! She's doing awesome and is awesome! A happy cat who loves her baby food. Today is a big day. By the end of the day our goal is to have Kitty City all cleaned and ready for the 15 cats to come up and spend the winter. The cat walks and cat sleeping boxes that Kurt made are wonderful--strong and very colorful. For those that have not heard, I would like to let you know that our Curious George (a Cat's Cove resident) has passed away. He arrived here when he was 1 1/2 years old, a very skinny cat that became a chunky cat. He developed a slow type of skin cancer on his face several years ago. We noticed last week that it had progressed to the inside of his mouth, to the upper pale. Because of the discomfort level to C George, it was decided to not let him suffer the progression of his illness. Many of you knew C George thru pictures. He was indeed a great cat and will be missed. Lilo is doing good--she's enjoying herself here. Anony is one awesome cat--super laid back and everyone's friend. We weighed many of the cats and kittens yesterday. Most everyone has gained at least a few ounces in the last 12 days, including Weasley who gained 6 ounces. We have Missy on hold--our beautiful black/gold torti girl. She will be leaving on 11/29. We had boxes last night. So much fun!

Anonymous--1 case Fancy Feast & 1 case Friskies
Shazadoobie & Smudgy--2 cases of Whiskas & 1 case of Temptation treats
Peekabookitty & Sugi & Tomo--for Bella: a card, 2 boxes of extra yummy food
Nuki mom & Nuki Sr.--catnip toys, penguin toy, capstar & a 3-level stairway for the cats!

We so much appreciate your support. These are truly the things that help us to keep going. I've now seen Putter and Magentta use the steps!

We also received:
card/letter--amsprinkle, Precious & Little Egypt--endangered species stamps
postcard--sonnykat from Ontario, Canada

A friend of mine gave me this saying and it truly helps me to get thru many troubled times. I felt like I'd like to pass it on to you. Peace. It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart. (unknown)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

RightThisMinute video news show

We had our interview late afternoon yesterday with RightThisMinute. It was fun and talked about Bella, Farrah and general things about the Rescue Center. Not sure yet when it will be aired, but their website is This is the day that CJ will be going to her new home! She will be going to a friend of a vet tech and so will also receive all the medical care she may need. This is a quiet home and so I feel that Cj will blossom in this atmosphere. Later this afternoon we have a possible adoption. A family friend of Jodi's is interested in Marvel. Such a wonderful kitten. Missa is also still on hold. Missa loves the laser light and will chase it with a passion! Twinkle continues to do well. Her weight is good, she loves kisses and enjoys her cushie beds. Anony is also doing great. We have his pen door open part of the time--just waiting for him to decide when he wants to come out. Badu gave me 6 kisses last night! I was thrilled. I just realized last night that Farrah has been seizure free for 10 weeks now. That's amazing. I am thrilled for her! Those 6-some kittens are so funny. Dolcy, Weasley, Cessna, Nuki, Dhana & Remo are quite a group. Their energy level is sky high!

We had boxes last night, of which, I am grateful for.

Gemini & Mom--hand delivered 2 cases of Friskies, Kleenexes, pop tabs, pictures of fur-kids, volunteer cookies, cans of chicken, whiska lickins, Q-tips, fancy feast.
Jatcat--6 bags of Iams dry kitten food
littleonemine--hand sanitizers (4)

"I is a very well behaved kitty. Honest." -Cobbis

Friday, November 11, 2011

Community Day

Our new cat, Anony is doing very well. Some of you have seen him on the facebook. A couple more days and we'll let him be out and about with the others. He's a fun sleeper. Sleeps in strange positions and sometimes stretched out as far as he can go! Kurt has finished with the actual making of all the new cat shelves and cat sleeping boxes. Now, he'll be staining and putting on a spar urethane finish. Getting closer to when the Cove cats will be coming up to Kitty City. Remo continues to do well. His sutures will be removed tomorrow. We have been having a fundraiser where we've been selling coupons for Elder-Beerman's big Community Day. The actual sale is today and tomorrow. The volunteers have been helping in selling the coupons. Also at Foods for Living, we are having an ongoing fundraiser. If anyone donated $1, they write their name on a card with an FFRC cat's picture and it's hung up on the wall. If they donate $5 or more, their name goes onto a sticker on a fuzzy mouse that is then hung on a Christmas tree. We hope to have a whole Christmas tree full of mice! Foods for Living is on Jefferson St. here in Defiance. Cassi, Chia and Claudius are little play machines with each other--constant whirl of grey fur running by! Dhana, Cessna and Weasley are another fun three-some. They're either eating, napping or usually in constant play motion! There's a lot of great energy here in the Rescue Center. Bella continues to love her baby food jars. I believe she licked 3 jars out yesterday (these are not full jars, but she cleans out the extra food we don't spoon out). One of the prettiest kittens here is Derby. He is so sleek, shiny and has a beautifully marked coat. Kurt Williams neck is just fine again. I'm beginning to think he just wants to have his collar on all the time! Judy S. (volunteer) brought her 4 cats in yesterday for ear cleaning and nail trimming. We got to see Ebbe, Peeka, Thomas and Essjay. They look wonderful. The new floor in the big office and new addition is wonderful. Looks good and sweeps/mops so nicely. We're saving our pennies so that we can do the main area!

We had boxes last night! Many thanks for these gifts. This helps us so much!
Deb B--4 boxes of litter
Don E (cegull)--3 cases of Friskies
Speedy--copy paper & envelopes
The Bubbas--coupons galore!
Anonymous-4 bottles of hand sanitizers

We also received a few letters/cards:
GwenCooper & Hummerfan with a donation in honor of a friend
Sharon/Better, with their kitties Missy, Sweetpea, Angel & Amigo-a card for Remo's recovery
Selky & Blue (from Nova Scotia)--donation and beautiful pictures

We love getting postcards from the webcammers, designating something from where they live! We are collecting these and posting them to our cork board.
Jobolove--from Michigan
Dave & Cyndi--from CA


Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yay for Missa! Missa was only 7 weeks old when she first arrived here at the rescue center. She is now 3 1/2 years old. She has a home and will be leaving with a friend of the rescue center's towards the end of November. I'm so happy for her! Badu has now had her collar on for 24 hours and she's just fine. Doesn't mind it a bit. CJ is also on hold and will probably be going to her new home by the end of the weekend. We also had an adoption yesterday! Our little orange Macallan was adopted to a family with 3 children. I'm not sure who will have more fun--the kids or Macallan. We also have another person interested in Jeepers. Will know more details soon. We also have a new cat. One of our volunteers (Linda/Clemm) left here yesterday and returned a short time later after hearing meowing under her hood. Apparently either here or at a stop on the way home, a cat crawled up under her truck hood. He is a flame-point siamese, a wonderful, super friendly cat. At this very moment, he is napping--he's fallen out of his cushie bed and most of his weight is on top of his head, but he's still sleeping. He must be exhausted. His name is Anony, in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous who donated the funds for our new washer/dryer! The kittens love their new pirate ship. We had TEN boxes last night! What fun. A lot to be thankful for.

  • Littleonemine--Fancy Feast chicken, case of Friskies, 1 case of Whiska pouches, 1 case of Temptation treats, Chicken Soup for Cats and Bonito Flakes. What a great assortment!
  • Medic101--case of Fancy Feast
  • twocatsfromnj--toys, emery cat board, big fluffy bed--all extra fun things for the kittens and cats
  • Shazadoodle from UK--litter
  • chanse10--catnip toys
  • Speedy--catnip pepper toy

Thanks all for the wonderful items you've donated. I don't think we could pull this off without your help. I appreciate each and every item gifted to us. The voting is done on Dec. 18 with the winning organizations announced on Dec. 21. Please keep voting. We have also been asked to do an interview for RightThisMinute. The website is We'll have more details later. 


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Badu gets her own sign

Badu is going to look awesome with her brand new red collar! Starting today (if she likes it) Badu will sport a new look. There will be a sign on the door telling people, look but don't pet the cat with the red collar. She's a beautiful girl and many times people zero in on her. If she doesn't like their over exuberant petting, she gets testy. She's doing so much better with all of us that care for her. But, new people that don't know how to read her signs of "that's enough, please back off now", may get a sample of her temper. We'll see if this gives Badu some more personal space. Lilo is doing really well. She's out and about most of the time now. She'll still take refuge in her pen occasionally, so we leave her pen door open for her use. Remo is now playing, but it appears he has a limp. He must have zigged wrong on his front leg, but that should be better by tonight. Noble's little limp is also much improved. These kittens play full-steam and are rough players! Hudson spent the night in Cat's Corner Room with the babies, to give him a break from Tasco. Emaline has been spending lots of time on the overstuffed bean bag. The kittens also like this bed, so having Emaline there is a bonus. That Dhana is one tough baby. She wants to play with the big cats. When they get too rough, she sounds like a Tasmanian devil! It works, they back off, but yet, when people pick her up, she's a marshmallow. The kittens are going to have extra fun today--they have a new pirate ship to play with. This is their 3rd ship as the first 2 they completely wore out. They love this toy! Kurt has been spending many hours getting the cat sleeping boxes and catwalks done in Kitty City. Chia, Cassi and Claudius were sleeping together yesterday--it looked like 1 big gray body with 3 heads! Nebraska is a special friend of Bumble Bee's. They have so much fun together.

We had boxes last night. This rescue center a very grateful receiver of these gifts.

  • KitKat: dog and cat treats, hand lotion, Kleenex, toys, pop tabs for Kellen, hand soap, paper, q-tips, volunteer treats, vitamins, fancy feast appetizers, pens
  • littleonemine: case of seafood Friskies
  • michlyn: Fancy Feast appetizers, purple rug, lime green rug
  • jatcat--pirate ship toy
  • CeS--red collar for Badu

Thank you all so much for your support and your votes. I checked our records last night and in the last year we have only had to purchase can food for the rescue center two times. That is because of your donations and supplies. I'm very grateful. This allows me to pay more on our medical needs. Many thanks!

I've had people asking lately what our adoption fee covers, so here goes: upon arrival all cats get a leukemia/heartworm/FIV test, Capstar and a bath. During their stay here each cat will also receive 2-3 distemper vaccinations, 2 leukemia vaccinations, 3 dewormings, monthly flea prevention, a repeat leukemia test 4 weeks after arrival, a veterinarian's physical, their spay/neuter and any other medical treatments necessary (antibiotics, additional surgeries, fluids, etc.). We have a minimum of $200-$250 in each and every cat, but we keep the adoption fee at $90.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Amera found a home

We had an Amera adoption! Amera went to a lovely home with a young couple that has lots of TLC to give. They will call in a couple days with an update. We've heard from Tookie's new family and all is well and happy. This family will be back in Defiance around Thanksgiving time and will stop by for a visit. We do enjoy having visitors. Yesterday, Medic and her mom Belinda were here for a visit. They also came bearing gifts! Both of them also joined in and did a couple projects for me. My sister Nancy from Indiana was here along with my other sister Judy, who is a volunteer. DCTV was also here for their monthly 1/2 hour taping of the rescue center, cats for adoptions, events, etc. This is usually aired 3-4 times weekly. It was a beautiful day yesterday, so the outdoor enclosure was open. Today is suppose to be nicer yet, so it's open again. Lilo is now out and about half of the time. What a beautiful girl. Remo is doing wonderful. He's got complete balance now and is a joy to watch. He loves to be held. That little Dhana walks around here so big and mighty...for being such a tiny girl! One kitten this morning made a major mess, which all the cats loved. He jumped up on the counter, hitting the plate with an extra yummy serving of food for the babies, and it got tossed onto the floor. It was like a free for all--got licked up as if the floor had been just mopped!

We had boxes last night, a highlight of our day! Thanks to:

  • Quayside: Petite Cuisine Gourmet Cat Food, 2 flavors. The cats think they are at a 5 star restaurant!
  • Medic and mom: Canned chicken, cat/dog/Einstein treats, Friskies, paper towels, baby food, Clorox wipes, treats for the volunteers and a bunch of awesome blankies for the cats.
  • Medic: Fancy Feast
  • Rhonda M for Birka and Friends: mackerel, Q-tips, sponges, Mr. Clean sponges, cotton balls, white out, plates and sardines
  • Sabrina T Cat: Reindeer antlers for Putter, the Paddys and Bella
  • Zote7: cardinal toy for Hudson
  • Betz: donation for a name request

Jatcat had a suggestion for anyone ordering from Amazon for the rescue center. She said if you mark it as a GIFT, there will be a place for your name. That would be so nice to know for sure what box came from what person. Sure wouldn't want to miss saying our thank yous. We also got 6 postcards! I love getting these. The cards show the location of the sender. Thanks to Gloria C, Bantry, Kittycam, Frenchcat & family, Mamie and even one from Paddy in Wales. We hang these up in the office. Thanks!


Monday, November 7, 2011

A Successful Surgery Day

We are still #1 in the Animal Rescue Site's voting! This is thanks to all of YOUR votes! Let's hold the lead, so PLEASE keep voting! What a very busy weekend we had. First, Friday was spent prepping for our big Saturday surgery day. A lot of paperwork had to be done. Then came Saturday morning, looking at 25 spays/neuters to be completed by the end of the day. Dr. Cindy is awesome--she got the job done by 3:45. Thanks to Dr. Cindy, Bonnie, Lynnette, Sue and Connie for making this happen. In case you're interested in knowing who were spayed/neutered, here's the list: Zaney (my cat), Hudson, Gemini, Shasta, Nougie, Chia, Cassi, Claudius, Dulcy, Noble, Wonder, Marvel, Nebraska, Amera, Adora, CJ, Shael, Sage, Zoom, Kozo, Picasso, Shasta, Wiggles, Rizzo, and Nuki. They all did just fine and by bedtime were all out of their pens. Now, to get them all entered into Petfinder! We took in 1 new cat. Her name is LiLo (pronounced Lie-Low). She's a 1 1/2 yr old beautiful Ragdoll. Her owners no longer wanted her so put her outdoors where a neighbor saw her wandering around. They took her in and contacted a friend of the Rescue Center. She's lovely and very glad to be back indoors. Our other new arrival, Cessna, is doing awesome. What a round belly she has! Such a happy little girl and already an expert at purring. Remo is doing really well. His balance continues to improve and so he's enjoying playing again. This morning he was sleeping with the stuffed monkey that Mrsohiopeepers got for Bella. He had his head on the monkey's head--so cute. Farrah continues to do well--no seizure activity for quite some time now. She seems to be a bit uncoordinated at times, especially when she's jumping. After talking to Dr. Cindy about this, she feels this is not medicine related, but probably due to the same neurological issues that cause her seizures. So...truly, all is fine with Farrah. I checked Bella's stump area again today (as I do every day) and it looks terrific. I want to say the washer and dryer is still wonderful. It's so nice to be able to do all these loads of laundry and not become frustrated. Kurt worked all day the last 2 days again in Kitty City-getting the catwalk shelves and cat sleeping boxes done. We have a beautiful week for the cats to still be in Cat's Cove, but we all know how fast our weather changes. Paul has also worked 2 full days here this weekend--lots of projects going on here. Many thanks to Speedy who sent the Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken packs on Friday. Sure do appreciate it. Kurt told me the end of October's monthly total for Amazon Associates and Google AdSense accounts comes to $1062.75. Isn't this awesome?! We will add this to our floor project. Thanks all for what you do for us.

Remember, whenever you shop at amazon, use the link found here on our blog or at the bottom of our main website and a percentage of what you spend during that session with be donated to FFRC! It doesn't cost you anything extra, FFRC just gets a small "referral" fee for sending you to Amazon. Please tell your friends and family about it too. With the holidays coming up, you can turn every gift you order from Amazon for your friends and family into a small gift for the rescue center too. You can also use the storefront at our main website to shop for much needed supplies and have them sent directly to the rescue center. There is nothing that the kitties love more than boxes of their favorite foods and treats, except for maybe the packing paper that it's shipped with! -Kurt

Shasta, Air Guitar Master

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Surgery Day!

Today is the day! Dr. Cindy, Bonnie, Lynnette, Sue and I will be tending to our large amount of cats that are getting their spay/neuter done today. By tonight, all will be done and we'll be back to normal! What a big day. Monday we will have 2 special visitors--Medic and her mom will come from Indiana for a visit. Medic is a web cam viewer. They've visited once before. Remo is doing awesome. He is such a brave little boy. His stump is looking great, he's eating good and he sure enjoys the attention. Soon he'll be out and about with the rest of the gang. We took in a new kitten yesterday. His name is Cessna as he was found at our local airport. Such an extra sweet kitten. He's a tiger/white with big eyes and a purr like a lion's. Bumble Bee is doing fantastic now that she's been back for a couple days. She's very relaxed now and is enjoying all the attention. We have a possible hold on Jeepers, will know more next week. My dog Jazzy is doing better. Thank you all for your concern. She's an older Great Dane and had a couple rough days. We had boxes last night--which always brings a smile to our faces here. This helps us tremendously.

  • Sabrina T Cat & Cantoncat--a case of Friskies (Sabrina needs to visit us!)
  • Elaine & WIllis (quayside)--6 cases of Whiska treats for Putter & Friends
  • Anonymous--a case of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
  • Red Lion--homemade FFRC cards & stamped envelope--these are awesome!
  • Cyndia & David--Mega flashlight & batteries for those times I have to go out at night looking for a cat!
  • Neil, Anna Marie & Vixen--card with a donation & a note from Vixen

Thank you all so much. What all of you do for us is huge. I'm very grateful. Please keep voting--we went up a notch but still have a ways to go before the voting is done. Thanks for your voting support! I left Remo on the floor for about 5 minutes this morning while changing his bed. He's a little off balance, but did really good for his first jaunt. The first thing he did was hopped over to Putter. The surprise look on Putter was priceless! Wiggles is growing so much--he's a major play kitten machine. Adora and Amera are both filling out now--it's amazing what good food can do. The 4 calico/torti litter will be able to come out tomorrow.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Remo starts recovery

What a busy day for our little new arrival, Remo. Pam (a volunteer) picked him up around 10:15 AM to take to Dr. Pettigrew's office in Bryan for his leg amputation and neutering. He arrived with a very high fever which took a little time to bring down. His surgery was done by Dr. Amanda who did an awesome job. I went and picked him up for his return home, and we got back about 5:00 PM. He had a bit of a rough night, but this morning is doing much better. He woke up hungry and ate 2 breakfasts! We will keep him in Patience's Pen where we can keep a close eye on him. He's a wonderful boy. I was asked if his leg couldn't have been saved, but the answer to that is, unfortunately, no. The fracture was a complete fracture of his ankle, one of the worst I've ever seen. But, he's going to be fine and happy and will soon be romping around. Tomorrow is our big surgery day. we're ready for it! As soon as all these surgeries are done, I'll get the kittens on Petfinder as fast as I can. Paddy and his Traveling Box has been busy. After leaving the rescue center, his first stop was London, then Scotland. Next stop was Wales and now Paddy is in Burnley, Lancashire. What a traveling boy he is! Nuki's injury to the leg is almost healed. We had a kitten returned yesterday. Bumblebee is back and doing great. The family took wonderful care of her and I appreciate them returning her to the rescue center. She's already out and about and playing big time this morning. The 4 kittens Shael, Sage, Kozo and Zoom will be out of their room after they recover from their surgeries on Saturday. Stacey brought her big dog Bailey to work today. The cats love him and several have been trying to take rides on his back! He doesn't mind at all. Dhana is so brave--she thinks nothing of climbing way up high on the cat furniture even though it worries us. Tasco has been helping to groom the kittens. Farrah is still taking her medication just fine and still no seizures. Keep it up, Farrah! Fozzy and Preakness have become good friends and tussle a lot while playing. Tugger is coming along. He's slowly adjusting to the rescue center.

We have big thanks to give:
  • Sabrina T. Cat & Cantoncat: Temptation treats
  • Cyndi & David M: batteries (something is coming to go with these batteries!)
  • Kaymargo: 3 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten food
  • alicejgamble: $ donation, cards for Bella & Putter & catnip toys

All is fine here at the rescue center. I am so appreciative of your votes. We are still #1--that's just astounding to me! Keep voting please. The last day to vote is 12/17. If we win this money, we would love to put it towards the new floor in the main area of the rescue center as the old floor continues to peel up every day. Kurt continues his work in Kitty City as he makes the shelves for this building. The 16 cats are still in Cat's Cove, but when the weather turns cold and wet, we'll be moving them to the comfort of Kitty City.


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Denelle and Xubie find a home

Yesterday Mary E. and I weighed the kittens that are in need of their spay/neuter to see how many we will have for surgery on Saturday morning. We will have 16 spays & 7 neuters to do. Dr. Cindy, Bonnie, Sue and Lynnette will be here to help. Saturday will be a very busy day. We had 2 adoptions yesterday. Denelle and Xubie were adopted together. Their new mama is going to have a lot of fun with these two. I'm sure Denelle and Xubie will love their new home. Kurt William had his collar off for just a very short time when he opened up his sore again on his neck. One scratch and he did it again. So....back on with the collar. His neck looks great today. We also have a hold on Rizzo. She will be leaving within a week, as she still has to be spayed on Saturday. She'll be going to a home where the new mom is home all the time to give lots of TLC to Rizzo. We also took in a new kitten last night. He was up in a car engine when the motor was started and severely injured his rear left leg. He will be leaving this morning to go to Dr. Pettigrew's vet office for a leg amputation. The leg is beyond repairing. His name is Remo, a male, about 5 months old and is a real purr machine. What a very nice kitten. He'll feel so much better when this surgery is over. We've moved the 4 new girls up into the Rescue Center now. They are in June's Room and are having so much fun. I've never seen kittens so eager to please and purr. 

Boxes! Many thanks to:
  • Elaine and Willis (Quayside): Whisker Lickins treats for Putter and friends
  • ClassyCat: dry cat food
  • Kallie and Gananny: TLC volunteer candy, cat toys, treats, notebooks, tablets and post-its
  • Jobo's Mama: bonito flakes, Greenies Pill Pockets, Friskies can food
  • Jillr27—Fancy Feast
  • Sabrina T Cat and Cantoncat: cases of Friskies and 16 packs of cat treats & 2 cases baby food
Thank you so much for your support! Please forgive me if at times I do not get all the information correct--I try, but I realize sometimes I may not get it 100% correct. Please continue to vote. We're still in #1--what an awesome thing! I appreciate each and every vote.

Picasso and Weasley
Picasso and Weasley

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bella gets tough

Bella is doing great. I checked out her stump last night and it definitely appears to be "toughening" up. It's been 3 weeks now since her surgery. We have been moving cj around a bit to encourage her to explore the rescue center and she's doing better now, much braver. Putter's tail is starting to grow in from his tail injury. Emaline bathed and comforted many kittens on the marshmallow yesterday. She deserves a gold crown! The 4 new kittens, Shael, Sage, Zoom, and Kozo, are doing terrific. They are so friendly, purring the second you touch them and are playing as little kittens should. Lisa commented this morning that their purrs vibrated the room! They are now out of their big pen in Thumper's Room and are enjoying the floor space to play in. A couple more days and we'll bring them up to the main area. Badu, Ada Jane and several kittens especially enjoy the dripping from the faucet. Badu will stay under the drips until she is wet. It's her fun thing! Tugger got a major groom yesterday. He's completely brushed/combed out, nails cut and bottom trimmed. He looks great and is enjoying all the TLC he's getting. We had 12 cats/kittens that needed treatments yesterday (vaccinations, dewormings, second leukemia tests, flea prevention). Got it done and now have the treatment board caught up. The cats are already looking forward to Thanksgiving as they know they'll be getting turkey.

We had boxes to open last night. Thank you so very much for your support and helping our cupboards get restocked.

  • Mary2u: Royal Canin kitten can food, 2 boxes of 40 lb litter
  • Elaine/Willis Quayside: Halloween candy for our TLC volunteer drawer
  • Deb1111: Gerber baby food, 2 cases Friskies can food
  • Anonymous: 2 cases Friskies can food

I need to pass on information about our Chelan. I'm so sorry to tell you, but she passed away around midnight last night. I kept her in the house with me to keep an eye on her. She steadily went downhill, but was held and comforted during her last hours. Such a beautiful kitten, inside and out--lovely spirited baby. Such a sad thing to have happen. We want them all to survive and live a good long life. It isn't always to be though. I talked to one of our vets yesterday about her--it was agreed that supportive care was all that could be done. We always ask the question--what caused her death. Sometimes we simply just don't know the cause. For me, I have to accept it, treasure that she was here, try and learn something from it and then continue on with the work that we do, even with a sad heart. Thank you all for caring about her. Even though you are not physically here, I can still feel your compassion for what we do here.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Keep Voting!

Cabbage continues to do well at his new home with Mitty. If you haven't checked out Kurt's flickr page lately, you should do so. He's added a lot of new pictures recently. We had another web cam visitors yesterday! It was very nice to have you here, dlc. Tugger is getting a major groom today. Head to tail, bottom and belly shaved, toenails trimmed and a nice warm blanket. Tugger is the cat that was returned a couple days ago. He decided to come out of his pen last night. He's doing well and has been cruising about the rescue center. The 4 new kittens are also doing well. They have names now. The calico kittens are named Shael and Sage. The torti kittens are named Zoom and Kozo. Sage was named by Mamie, Kozo was named by Bantry and Zoom was named by Sonnykat. We received another postcard that is up on the cork board--it's from North Carolina, sent by CarolinaAsh, a web cam viewer. Putter dressed up for Halloween. He agreed to (briefly) wear his Sheriff's hat. Missa was seen sleeping next to Twinkle yesterday. Please keep voting--we moved up one notch. You all are what's making it happen for us!

Thank you so much for the boxes that we had last night! Loved it!

Bill & Sharon Bubba--2 cases of baby food, Whiskas chicken packets & multi-pack
dlc--fancy feast and food packets
michlynn--volunteer candy, towels
Mary2u--Friskies can food, 3 case
Sondra B--medical tweezers

"What you mean I don't LOOK Happy?" -Happy