Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday, March 30

Yesterday had it's highs and lows. Let's start off with a good thing!

We had our Afghan Raffle last night! I'm thrilled to have found new homes for these beautiful afghans. 
Afghan A went to Crystal C
Afghan B went to Sunnykat
Afghan C went to Oldgraymary
Afghan D went to Jacksmom
Afghan E went to Larissa
Thanks to Rosemary and Jane L for these beautiful afghans! We sold a total of 344 tickets and brought in $1,720. I'm thrilled. And I'm very grateful! 
Our consolation prizes went to Newfiedogsmom, Oldgraymary, Echomist and Luvtheanimals. 
These items will all be packed and sent out tomorrow. 

We also had BOXES last night for which I am very thankful
Robert T from MI--5 heat packs for foster mommy warmers, 2 snuggle Kitten Warmers and 5 nurser bottle kits
Jatcat--2 toner cartridges for printer
Kim C/coloeagle from CO with Chester the Wonder Mutt!  2 packages volunteer candy, Doggie snackers, Sheba for Magenta, kitty snackers. Kim also sent 3 beautiful afghans--an off-white ripple, purple and white ripple and a cotton candy pink on pink with fringe done by her granddaughter!
Ron R from Ct--a donation to honor Putter and for some extra snackers for him.
Caren F from CA--donation to FFRC to be used as needed
Linda C--donation to FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation to help with Coralie's meds

We had a cat brought in Friday afternoon that had been hit by a car (HBC). Poor buddy--he took some bumps but no fractures. His mouth, front leg, one back leg, bottom and all four feet has road rash and lacerations. He slept most of yesterday but is feeling better today. He's been out and about a bit in the back Thumper's Room. Is very sweet. His name is Randy in honor of Sherri's (our volunteer) husband who found him. 

Dora's Explorer's are doing good. I have to make a correction on the spelling of the names of these kittens. 
Corduroy--tiger/white-male twin
Carla Mae--tiger/white-female twin
They are taking to syringe feeding very well. Little Dexter is lagging behind a little. Tummies are nice and round. 

We also had 2 cats returned yesterday. I was upset at their condition. I am thankful for the man that returned them. He said someone in his family abandoned them and they had been in a trailer for two months with someone feeding them a few times a week. This is Canton (calico) and Treesa (black tiger). Both were dehydrated--each drank many bowls of water throughout the day yesterday. And they ate and ate and ate. When Canton left, she was 12 1/2 pounds. She weighed a little over 8 pounds yesterday. Treesa left as a very young teenager and weighed close to 8 pounds. Even after a year of being gone, Treesa came back at 7 1/2 pounds. She didn't grow much. I felt terrible for these 2 cats. But, today is a new day and both are happy. They have never been out and were not with other cats, so their quarantine time will be rather short. On to better days for both of these cats. 

I'm so sorry to have to tell you that we had a cat pass away yesterday. It was Kitty Kat, our 12 year old cat--Thomas and Joey's friend. She always seemed like an "old soul" to me. She appeared to have quietly passed in her sleep. We will miss her very much. I enjoyed her. 

Azar is back! He's had his breakfast and was sound asleep last I looked at him. His other family and I text back and forth so we know where he is at! What a life this boy leads! 

Putter has been having some off days lately. He's slowing down a bit. He's getting tons of hugs and kisses and enjoys just napping on the couch in the sunshine. I fully believe he knows how very much he is loved. 

We also had some Day Visitors yesterday that brought us some items! We are sure glad for your visit and your supplies!
LauraKitty310 & Kathy S--plates, scrub sponges, trash bags, wipes, food cans, appetizers, and doggie treats (for the dogs from Camvie!)
Pam/Buckeye--for Catathon--glazed measuring cups. Also cat snackers, 1 gal. of vinegar, 3 bags of Purina One, and some beautiful bracelets for Day Sale/Flash Sale/store
Gina S/catlvr14--5 beautiful shawls (for Day Sale/Flash Sale), qtips, sardines, pipe cleaners for toys, Mr. Clean, Friskies, bandaids, baby wipes, Tidy Cat litter, pink fabric for a project
Gina, Rick B and Janie R also sent LOTS of pop tabs for Kellen
Linda S from OH (friend of Gina's)--3 awesome purses/bags that she made for Day Sale/Flash Sale

The eyes are cracking!  Yes, Jemima's kittens are starting to get slits and getting their eyes open! So exciting. She is such a good mama. 

Just would like to say how much I appreciate you all. Your friendship and support mean a lot to me.

Remember--Prevention is wiser and kinder than destruction. Please neuter your pets. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 28

Our sweet Dora passed away yesterday. She is the mama to the 5 kittens that arrived the day before. I knew when she arrived, things weren't good. She never gained any ground but steadily and quickly went downhill.  We did everything our vets suggested to do. She passed quietly and peacefully with her babies close by. We will take over all the way as caretakers of these Dora Explorer's. We are putting an age of 4 weeks on them. Right now they are snug asleep on a heater, wrapped with a white stuffed toy and a biggiedew blankie. They syringe feed very easily. Maybe next week they'll start taking a bit by themselves from a plate? We promised Dora that we would care for her babies and we will.

We have names for these 5 kittens! All names taken from our Name a Cat List.
Corduroy----male--tiger/white (twin)
Carla Mae--female--tiger/white (twin)

I've been talking to Dr. Darcy about Coralie. She seems to be so uncomfortable at times. There is research done and it is felt that cats too, just like humans, can have nerve ending discomfort. The nerves are still there, but severed. But the brain still picks up the signals. There's a medicine that we should be getting today, that tells the brain to "not worry about those nerve endings" and maybe willhelp her to be more comfortable. I hope so! She is awesome and I love her so. She comes now too, just like Thomas and Alma to the Welcome Room Office door and waits to be invited into the Main Area. But unlike Thomas and Alma who rushes in, she is more polite! That Alma--she is one independent girl--if there's a way to figure out what she wants, she's going to do it...and wants to do it HER way!

We are having major arguments at the back door. The weather is certainly improving. Still cold but can feel that spring temps are coming. We now have 4 cats that are chomping to get outside--Tiny 2%, JJ (Jimmy James), Shamballie and now Florida. These were all outside cats when they arrived her. We're still in negotiations with them but they're not listening very well to us. I would prefer all cats being indoors, but as you know, we do have outside cats. These are cats that have arrived already with their brain in "outside mode". But, negotiations continue! We may need to call Sheriff Putter in to talk some sense into them.

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you for your support of FFRC.
Anonymous Friend--4 packages of 6inch paper plates
Conii and her 3 kitties Elliott, Izsabellah, Vallentiina--the missing can of KMR!!
Anonymous Friend from China--a jacket/vest
Kikimycat--8 cans of KMR
Anonymous Friend--case of Northern Ultra TP
Anonymous Friend from Staples--2 cases of Northern Plush TP
Widdletigger--2 bags Royal Canin baby kitten dry food & 3 bottles Mr. Clean hawaiian aloha
Ipurr2--gift card to Ace Hardware, 5 fleece blankets, black cat applique jumper, cozy sock cat slippers, 3 great books, poptop purse, 2 scratch pads, tote bag with 3 Christmas kitties on it, 2 cat tapestry purses (some of these items will be used for Catathon!)
Brenda C--for the outside kitties--4 cases of 9 Lives
From Tabitha and friend--10 packs of Bounty Dura Towels (she wants to be SURE she will not run out)
Colin & Patricia M from Canada--card and donation (they adopted a cat from us years ago)
RoseSF6cats and Marble, Fluffy, Blacky, Brownie, Checkers and Pitstop--BD card
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--BD cards & their $5 for a special treat to Magenta, Buffy, Asha and Oliver
Laura S--stone in memory of Abu, first born of Jemima
Jan T from HI--donated a biggiedew for the Dora Explorer's to cuddle in
Jim M from MD--a donation to FFRC in memory of Dora and for her kittens
Ann/newfiedogmom--donation for medical needs
Yankeechick/Terese--provided lunch yesterday in honor of Joni, our visitor!
Wanda E, our wonderful portrait friend--donated thru PayPal for another portrait!

The four golden kittens are doing great. They know when breakfast is served to zip into the Cat's Corner Room without me carrying them there! So smart! My dogs want to officially adopt Camvie--she is their very best friend. Camvie is in their room many times a day snoozing away or playing with them. I told the dogs that that was probably not going to happen! The eyes of August and brother Jackson that had an infection looks great. I'm pleased with how well they healed. Joyful is still happy in the back Thumper's Room. I've noticed she and Kitty Kat hang out together. Joliine has claimed the desk chair in the Welcome Room office.

Remember our Afghan Raffle continues on! We can take your PayPals till 3:00 on Saturday! Drawing will be 6:00 Saturday night with boxes at 5:30.

Today the Covies will be out and about--it's their day to run crazy! And that they do--they love to scurry about all over the farmyard. They may come back a bit dirty but oh, so happy! All Connie D has to do is call them for supper and in they go--right back into Kitty City! A few more weeks and we're hoping to get them back out to their Cat's Cove.

Pet overpopulation isn't the end of the world, unless you're a kitten or a puppy. 
Please neuter your pets.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday, March 27

Baby Season is definitely upon us. Yesterday we took in a mama and her 5 kittens. The babies are about 3 1/2 weeks old to 4 weeks old. We have a grey, grey/white and 3 brown tiger/whites. Mama's name is Dora (a Catathon name). Dora is struggling though--not in very good health. She also has no milk. We are treating her and also syringe feeding her along with the babies. The babies were so hungry upon arrival. Dora is letting the babies snug up to her which is so important for them to feel their mama's warmness. She's been tested negative for FIV/leukemia. Will keep you all posted on her.

Our Thomas had another seizure yesterday. After talking to our vet, it was decided to back up his meds again. So, he is back to 2 full meds in morning and 2 full meds in the evening. We have all fallen madly in love with that boy. He is indeed a sweetiepie. After he felt better from his seizure, he wanted right back up in the Main Area. He knows how to get attention and we of course can handle that! This seizure was not long in duration.

Jemima and kittens are doing great. We weighed these kittens yesterday. The girls are anywhere from 5 to 6 ounces while the boys are 7 and 7.5 ounces. They are big boys! All are doing great.

We had BOXES--extra special BOXES! These were from Leggygal who sent us some leggydews and biggiedews. So yesterday every couple hours we showed the blankies. These are awesome--two layers of fleece, edges bound in, fun patterns and colors. I believe we sold about 25 of them yesterday! Great news for us! If you're interested in any, send a PayPal or a check, just tell me what colors you like and maybe a special pattern--we'll do our best to match you up! There's so many styles it'd be impossible to take all the pictures! Thank you Leggygal! We accidently sold a few leggydews as biggydews. When you receive yours, if you think yours is the smaller leggydews, please let us know--we'll owe you $3.  That's important to us to make it right!

We have some more thank yous to give too!
Elskates--donation thru PayPal for FFRC for my birthday!
Debbie C/lostgirl--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Dennis K from PA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lucy/lu-little and Benny from UK--donation to FFRC in honor of our visitor Amy and her dog Faith! 
Judy S--a donation in memory of her dad, use donation as needed
Pat and Ellen (cathouze and furkitty)--donated bleach and vinegar

We've heard from Mellow and Anna Marie's new mama. All is great--both cats have settled in and both have also visited her parents in the nursing home! It's wonderful to hear how fast our cats settle in! 

We had a wonderful visitor Tuesday evening. Amy K and her dog Faith was here. They were guests of Bill and Angie. Amy and Faith are traveling many miles to bring awareness to senior dogs and to promote adoptions. They are stopping at many shelters and rescues. People along the way will put them up for the nights. Their hike will end in November after covering many miles. We were honored to have them visit. If you'd like to see Faith's website (yes, it is doggy-written!), it's Our cats were so at ease with Faith and she with them. Thomas especially enjoyed rubbing on Faith--so sweet. Good luck to both Amy and Faith in their travels! 

Remember FFRC is collecting Defiance Chief register tapes, Spartan UPC labels and Fresh Step points. If you'd like to bring these by, that's fine or you can mail them too! 

Felicity is becoming braver. She was out last night cruising about. Derecho and Lorenzo even shared the track ball toy with her. Such gentlemenly cats! 

We have a cat named Tiny 2% (yes, another Catathon name). He came in with the name Tiny but we wanted him to have another name too. He is a big boy--brown tiger. He's actually has been here for about a week. He's been cruising about in the Thumper Rooms. He's a totally outside cat brought here because his human moved and could not take him with him. Neighbors didn't want to feed him. So....we are waiting for a bit warmer temperatures before introducing him to the barns out on the farmyard.  He's a sweetie but is already chomping to get outside. That brings me to Shamballie. You remember, Shamballie was brought here from the outside as well. We've been trying for weeks, actually a couple months, to convince him to be an inside cat. He's telling us--nope, not gonna happen. He's escaped outside many times, is forever at the windows and is always watching the door. It's almost impossible to keep him in much longer. Our cats that we adopt have to go to 100% indoor homes only. But, occasionally we come across a cat that is totally "outside-minded"--obsessed with being outdoors. That would be Tiiny 2% and Shamballie. We need to keep their happiness uppermost in our thinking of their future. They will soon join the ranks of being a Porchie or a Barnie--wherever their hearts want to go. 

We also had another cat in and already adopted cat. Her name is Astar. She was returned to us last week after having been with her family for several years. This cat wasn't happy being in a home--we were told that the children were not being nice to her. Please, parents, teach your children to be respectful of their pets. Pets can be so awesome in a family--so important to learn compassion and love and responsibility. But they have to be shown. Anyway, she was returned. Some friends knew about her and have taken her home to be in a loving home where she can be happy. 

Our afghan auction is ON!!!  We have 5 beautiful afghans up for you all to look at. They are on our facebook chatters page and also periodically being shown on the cam. Tickets are $5 a piece--can purchase one or as many as you'd like. Someone has to win them---maybe it'll be YOU!!  You can purchase the tickets thru PayPal--just say how many and which afghans. Your tickets will go in the tumbler and a name drawn for the winner. The drawing is Saturday at 6:00.  Boxes will be at 5:30 that night. These are beautiful afghans, just waiting for a new home! Of course, there are consolation prizes too! 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday, March 25

Pania knows her name so well. When we talk to her, she will answer right back. She can carry on a conversation. I saw her the other day when she walked right off of a tower. Of course she was picked up and hugged. Later that day she was on the same tower and this way she went down the full way by feeling and then jumped off at the very bottom. We all enjoy watching her on the Beanstalk Tree.  She goes up easily. Coming down, she feels and touches her way down. You can just see that proud look on her face when she accomplishes these things. 

Cats are truly amazing. They can be so very smart. Solee knows very well if she stares at us it will result in us giving her some babycat kibble. Derecho and Lorenzo both know after breakfast they get their spoonful of babyfood. August knows when Connie goes into June's Room that he can too--that's where he gets his special treat! 

Joey is not as afraid! He's frequently now out in the front THumper's Room and will ocassionally venture into the Welcome Room office. It's pure pleasure to see him letting us into his world! And he can purr too! 

We have a surgery date. It's April 12, a Saturday. Right now we have Rocky Top, Merle, Tinker, Liberti and Fondant. We also have a major load of physicals to do. Have to get the spring physicals caught up! Very important. 
Tabitha now has about 1 1/2 rolls of paper towels piled up in her nesting cabinet--I always get a kick out of this. She is so happy to be in there. Lately she's been sharing with Preakness. Purrzer has been at the window alot lately. He loves watching the birds. Emily is turning into an extra sweetie pie. Such a nice cat. 

Remember to mark your calendar! The Catathon is June 22.  We are starting to collect items for the Baskets and the Big Ticket Items. We're sure looking forward to this event. 

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thank yous to you!
Rebecca and Willow--BD card and 6 packs of BOndi Licks (3 chicken/3 salmon)
Tammy P from MO--BD and a beautiful pewter hanging angel
Catsrule--colorful mousie toys
Ron R and Ceily from CT--BD card and a 2nd BD card from FFRC Nation people and kittens 
Ellen/kikimycat--An easel BD card and a Grumpy Cat Tshirt!
Jane L from WI--a rainbow bridge afghan and a great Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (can be for Catathon)
Becky W from CA--Easy candy, jingly mice toys from Becky's mom, snake toys, magic eraser, sponges, 2 soft soaps, assorted wonderful kitty toys--all handmade with love
Anonymous Friend--a book and Easter basket for Josie, material for Angie to use for FFRC, purple pillowcases
Christopher and Stephanie C from AL--card, Martha Stewart Sherpa blankie, collapsible bed (already slept in last night!), 2 catnip mousies, cat snackers and a donation
Yankeechick--a beautiful spring bouquet
Patricia M from IL--donation for FFRC & BD card
Sandra T from Toledo--donation for FFRC & BD card
Frenchsilk and Kiki--donation for FFRC & BD card
Kelly/timbrwolfpup--BD card
Barbara W in IA--BD card
Cathy & John S from FL--BD card and donation for us to go to movies!
Northpolemn--BD card
Gusti from Germany--BD card
Whoebee!--BD card
Jan in HI--BD card
Sally H/eaglespirit--a letter and a drawing done of a kitty in flowers (so pretty!) and a group picture of all my inside cats--I LOVE it. Thank you!
Conii & 3 kittens--12 cans of KMR, 2 bags of Royal Canin kitten and a case of Royal Canin kitten can
Kristo-Mikko D from Finland--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Kelly Locklear--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Sharon and Mary--box of Fancy Feast, big box of Fresh Step litter and a box of fruit snacks for the volunteers

We also had a special box from Larissa B from the Netherlands. Larissa is very multi-talented and I'm very grateful for what she does for FFRC. This box was filled with things she had made. 3 Bessie and kitties posters, many beautiful hand painted wooden boxes, a birdfeeder, 2 handpainted tote bags, mini painted "love, peace, cats" signs, painted Trinket Pebbles in a treasure box, Harlequin the Cat painting, painted lap tray,--so many items. Each is absolutely stunning. We will have to talk about this of how we will use these for FFRC--maybe a Larissa Raffle! They are indeed beautiful. 

We have been invited to be a part of   They would like a story about one of our cats. I'll probably feature Derecho and what he has done for FFRC and for the CH world--how he has opened people's minds about how wonderful CH cats are. Very exciting! I'll give you more details as I know them. 

Here's something that we will be passing out to visitors coming in to see the cats. I realized several times lately that people walking in as new visitors have no idea what is going on with all the cats that walk differently. So, I felt it was important to enlighten them before coming in--so they can appreciate these cats too. They are nothing to fear or to feel sorry for. Here is the poster:

You may see wobbly cats. You may see 3 legged cats. You may see cats dragging their back end. Some have 1 eye, some have half tails and some may be blind. And yes, we love them all!

This Rescue Center specializes in special-needs cats. The wobbly cats are CH cats. They have something called "Cerebellar Hypoplasia". That simply means that their mama was probably sick with distemper when they were being formed. This causes the cerebellum to not fully develop. Since the cerebellum is the balance system for the body, they are wobbly.

There are different levels of CH--mild, moderate and severe. Some can walk with just a sway walk, some spread their legs wide to help keep their balance. Some topple over at times. Many have an uncoordinated walk. Regardless, they are loving cats. Their disorder does not progress yet it also has no cure.

Even though some may appear to have dis-abilities, we call it cat-abilities. You see, cats are awesome and they deal with these things in a most remarkable way. They do not feel sorry for themselves. And because of this, they just carry on with life! Life is great just the way they are.

Feel free to pet all the cats. Please, only adults hold those that are CH. Many of them cannot climb very well. When done holding, put them on the floor and be sure all 4 feet have contact with the floor before releasing. Cats with collars are permanent residents. We assume parents will watch their children. Children can pet, but please don't pick up. 

Have an awesome day! 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday March 23

I can see the sun shining! What a glorious day! Everywhere the sun is poking in thru the windows is where the cats are--soaking it all up! Fondant is sound asleep on my desk--part of the sunshine. Good news! Two of our webcam friends were here yesterday to pick out two special cats to be theirs to love. Their chosen two are Fondant and Weeja--two great cats. They will pick up their new cats soon after Fondant is spayed. 

Our sweet handsome Garth was also adopted yesterday--a family of 4 and 2 dogs too! I've already heard from them. Garth gave both dogs a nose kiss! Their daughter has been playing with him and Garth has been purring non stop. He's also been watching the nature channel on TV! I've also heard from Remison--he's a happy boy! 

Tabaitha is not happy this morning with Wrigley.  Wrigley had the nerve to enter her paper towel nest and knock it all out of the cupboard. He sure had fun. I'm sure all will be forgiven as soon as a new roll of paper towels is put in the holder (yes, she has her own paper towel holder in her cabinet!). Tabitha would love to have a home with a family to love on--and access to a paper towel roll!

We had BOXES last night. You all are such a giving group of people in our FFRCNation. At times I wonder how I can possible let you know how grateful I am. Just know that my heart is very thankful. 
AuntyFi from UK--A commissioned therapy sling for Alma, made by Pat
Lois L--4 Mr. Clean, 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten fish and 2 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten turkey
Cheryl L from WA--bag of Precious Cat litter, case of Friskie pate, case of Fancy Feast Appetizer and a case of Fancy Feast Grilled.
Susan J/tweety324--case of baby food, 2 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat, 3 containers of Clorox wipes and a case Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Great Aunt Julie P from Iowa--Wellness wrap pain relief for neck and shoulder (already used and enjoyed!), case of Fancy Feast baby turkey and a case of Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Janet S from Iowa--BD card with donation for Feliz Navidad Fund, cream and lavender crochet afghan with FFRC letters and cat pattern--it's beautiful--so very nice!
Sharon L/squeekymom0626--a Sunshine Daydream hooded jacket--thank you. Love it!
Tina F/peppycali from WI--2 cases Huggies wipes (648 count each)
Gusti2011 from Germany--40 pounds Arm & Hammer Super Scoop litter, 12 bags of kitty snackers, bag of Royal Canin Kitten, case of Classic Fancy Feast adult and a case of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul adult hairball formula
Jay H--note: "siamese kitties are the best kitties"--6 containers of lavender vanilla Mr. Clean
Arden and Charmaine from IN--4 big jugs of Mr. Clean and 2 bags of dry cat food
Anonymous Friend--3 of the 15 pound bags of KMR powder
Caren F--case of Fancy Feast Kitten turkey, case of Friskies Senior Salmon, 2 cases Friskies, case of Friskies adult
Conii and her 3 kitties--case of Royal Canin Baby Cat, 11 cans of KMR and 2 bags of Royal Canin Kitten
Hannah and Connie--our Kitty Kastle visitors--BD card, donut pillow, 4 Arm & Hammer laundry soap, Royal Plush throw (for a sale!), 2 bags of pop tabs, box of assorted chip bags, waffle pretzels, bags of mixed candy, pom pom cat toys, lots of cat toys, baby food meat, 2 packs of Whisk Purrfectly Fish, 3 salmon pouches and 3 bags of cat snackers
Joyce from OH--extra large orange/blue cat tunnel 
Carol K from CA--donation for FFRC

Sometimes at my desk, I like to sit and watch the chat. What do I see? People being kind to one another. People answering questions that are asked. People pointing out fun things a cat may be doing or giving encouragement to one of our cats that may be struggling. People saying please and thank you and Hi and Goodbye. Just wonderful chat--I thank you for that. 

I also enjoy checking into the Facebook pages too. So many light and fun postings. Encouragement from others to those that may be troubled. People enjoying one another's cats. Great stories being told. Makes me feel good to be a part of all this. 

Update on Jemima and babies. One word could sum it up---growing! I swear hour by hour they are getting bigger! Jemima is an awesome mama. She came out several times to walk around. She's so good with the other cats.  Update on the snow mountain in back yard--one word can sum that up too--BIG.  I think it's not cooperating in melting. 

We had lots of visitors yesterday. So many people here to pet and play with the cats and kittens. They sure do love that. I noticed several of our shyer CH cats were also enjoying the pettings! Here comes Tabitha--up into my lap. Looks like she's not upset about her disturbed nest. Yes, she's happy again. 

A webcam friend sent me this--I've taken part of it and would like to share it with you:
It's great to have friends who value each other in their lives and act accordingly. Live, Laugh Love.  Life is not always the way we want it to be, but it is as it is. The way we cope with it is what makes the difference. There comes a time in life, when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it. You surround yourself with people who make you laugh, forget the bad and focus on the good. So love the people who treat you right, pray for the ones who don't. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Live your life in a way that you feel the peace that is there for you. Enjoy your day and hug your family and pets! 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday, March 22

We had two awesome adoptions yesterday! Our wonderful Anna Marie and Mellow left together, to begin their new life with a webcam friend. They now live in Indiana in a quiet home. The last I heard Anna Marie was sticking close to her new mama and Mellow was exploring!

I want to thank everyone for a wonderful birthday yesterday. It's humbling to me to have so much acknowledgement for this day. I am filled with gratitude and friendship--there were so many well-wishers, I was just so in awe. It started Thursday evening with a surprise birthday cake, flowers and cards. This overflowed into yesterday. More cards, more flowers and such kind thoughts and wishes. I was told that I was to do a blanket thank you for everyone, not individual thank yous. While that goes against how I was raised, I will bow to that wish. Please know, I am so very grateful for all the fun and all the friendship shown, the cards, the flowers, gift cards and donations, email and fb posts. You all are important to me. I am proud to be a part of this FFRCNation. 

The golden 4 kittens are growing like weeds! Liberti is still the lightest. Merle holds the cute award--he just looks at you with that fur coming out of his ears and your heart melts! Tinker and Rocky Top are the orneries of the litter--always having fun! 

The 5 babies of Jemima are doing wonderful! I do believe they have almost doubled in size already. When she moves too far from the nest, the babies sure can cry---so very loud! Blyss has markings that are extra beautiful. Jessie sure looks silvery. Dickens and Abner are almost always laying together and Fantasia is a toughie. She's always digging in to make sure she gets her milks' worth!    

Thursday night we had BOXES! I so appreciate these items--so very helpful.
SuzieQ--bag of Royal Canin Kitten, case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Emmie from AL--3 cans sardines, packet of salmon, 12 Reeses PB cups
OrdinaryDiva/Kathy--letter. An LBG Family Historian guide of pictures of LBG's ancestors and all the celebrities they have met--This was great and provided lots of laughs! Yep, there's an LBG cousin in all the pictures of celebrities!
Carol K from CA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Catsrule1999/Laura S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Eugenia S from Russia--donation for FFRC thru PayPal     
Julie and friend Kim from IN--8 big bags of Fresh Step litter, bag of bird seed, 2 plush throws, Friskies can, 4 of the 32 count Friskies, 2 of the 30 count Fancy Feast and 4 of the 5 packs of Clorox Wipes
Sarah H (who had adotped Hamish & Mixen years ago) day visitor, brought a few items for our storage room, including laundry soap

Cutie is doing amazing! Her fur is all back and looks healthy. She has a good weight about her. She likes to sleep in, in the morning so we end up giving her a mid morning breakfast. Asha is also doing great. She spends a great deal of her time in the purple front office. She keeps close eye on my desk and when it's super quiet, likes to come down and stretch out while I'm working. Such a beautiful girl. 

Yesterday Coralie made her way from the Main Area, to the Kitty Kabana and then back to the Kitty Campus Room to take a nap in the closet (it has a cat entrance door). She is doing great. Alma again made it to the top of the flower bed (about 2 feet up). That's like climbing a mountain for her! We're so proud of both of these girls.

BOXES are at 5:30 pm tonight (FFRC time). There's quite a few and this way it won't be real late by the time we're done. Come join the fun! 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday, March 20

Happy Spring Day to you all! I can hear a few birds singing and we can see a tiny patch of green on the front yard. I believe we're all ready for hummingbirds, butterflies, spring flowers and tree leaves here! It's been a long, but beautiful winter. 

As I've mentioned before, first thing this spring will be the building of a Shelter House. It will be in the backyard--by Kitty Kastle and the Mail Room area.  Instead of us spending money on the big tents for different events, it was decided we would invest in the Shelter House. We'll be able to use it for all of our events and not worry about weather problems! We're excited about it. But first, the big mountain of snow has to melt. The parking lot snow got placed right smack dab where the building will go. 

Coralie and Alma are here in the Main Area this morning. Coralie is getting herself to the litterbox just fine while she's in the back Thumper's Room. And actually Alma is doing the same! This is a huge achievement for both! 

Thomas is on his way right now to get his physical from Dr. Darcy. In order for us to get more meds for him, he needs an Ohio physical! He went in his crate just fine. Beth is kind enough to transport him for us. I don't think he will have any trouble at all. 

We had BOXES last night. So many thank yous to give! 
Peppicalli from WI--4 cases Friskies Pate, 2 cases Fancy Feast gravy lovers, 2,400 nine inch paper plates (wow!) and 9 containers of Lysol wipes
Michlynn from MI--BD card, peacock fan, red small dog carrier, 3 shirts for Day Sale and 12 beautiful scarves for a sale--each one is so beautiful!
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--coupons & BD card
Amelia M from IN--donation to FFRC
Ellen/ABQcat from NM--BD card with coupons and FFRC donation
Dawn S from OH--who adopted JJ from us almost 6 years ago, BB card
Mimi from FL with Buddy--BD card with Walmart gift card
Carol O from CA--BD card
Jean W from MA--St. Paddys card with coupons & donation
Diane D/ruffles29--BD card
Elskates from CT with Bridgette, Savannah & Natasha--BD card
Sweet Hannah & mom Jennifer from IN--BD card with Hannah's famous stickers!

Joline is wonderful. She seems to think the door to the Main Area from the Welcome Room office has swivels! She stands by it, we open it, she goes in and out constantly during the day! She also likes to spend time in the Mail Room. If you come and visit, check out the new design! We've completely revamped it. It looks so nice and organized. All the sellable items are front and center now. 

Jackson let me briefly hold him up to the cam this morning. It's wonderful what a little reassurance, confidence and time can do. Jackson and August both are out much more now, playing away! 

Ratchet's little grey spot on his head is now almost gone. All that's left are a few strands of grey. It's always interesting how these white cats, with grey splotches on their heads change over time. Kerri Kat's most favorite thing is to drink from the sink faucet. And she's not dainty about it--her whole head goes in for the soak! Bear has become the supervisor of the litterbox refills. Each and every time that I top off the litterboxes, no matter how careful I am, he jumps right in--directly under the flow of the litter being poured.  For some reason he thinks that is great fun. He looks so sweet and full of himself! Love this boy! 

You may see Jemima out taking a bit of a stroll.  We've started to let her pen door be open now part time. She likes to come out and stretch her legs. What a wonderful girl she is. Babies are all doing great. 

Have a Happy Spring Day to everyone! Enjoy each day and give your pets an extra hug! 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weds., March 19

I just love it--the minute breakfast is done in the back Thumper's Room, Alma and Thomas are ready to come up again to the Main Area. There is no doubt they love it. Alma today got herself into the round bed on a cat furniture all by herself. I swear there was a smile on her face! Thomas is cruising about. He's all ready to go to Dr. Darcy tomorrow for his physical. Joey again walked by himself to the front Welcome Room office. He's been letting us pet him a bit more each day. We've discovered he's got a great purr!

I've heard from quite a few of the recent cats (or rather, from their families) that have been adopted. We've had notes bout Yvonne, Snappy, Melia, Ginger, Remison, Patricia and Suzanna. It sounds like all have made a great adjustment to their new homes. It's always wonderful to hear how our cats are doing.

This weekend we have some families scheduled to come and look at our cats. I do believe you will see a few more adoptions!

We had BOXES last night--I am grateful for these gifts. They help so very much.
Our first package was from Scottycat and Sean Canary aka James Bond 007 1/2! What fun we had! First, there was a St. Paddys day hat (complete with ears) from Ireland. Then LBG had Scotty forward his souvenirs from his trip while he was gone!  There were magnets and trinkets from Portugal, Queens Guard, Poland, Waverly Steamer on the River Clyde, from Santa in Lapland and FInland, Scotty's bagpipes and a t-shirt for me for the Great British Weather. Sure enjoyed all this--LBG was glad it all arrived safely!
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--to celebrate Jemima and the birth of her 5 babies--2 bags of Royal Canin babycat dry food
Anonymous Friend for all the cats--6 cases of Appetizers.  They are grateful too!
Putter Moss and friend--lots of human yummies--all wonderful kind! Lots of cat toys, 65 cans sardines, 7 cans clams, 40 cans 9-Lives.  A very yummy type box!
Dawn, Carol & Bob--Happy BD card, 25 cat nip Condors (for Derecho too), 2 pop up cubes, collars with tags for Joey, Thomas, Seymour and Alma, 2 awesome rocks in heart shape with Peace on them, stamper set, ointment for pets, quick stop, ear cleaner, l-lysine, tick keys, nail scissors, combs, slicker brushers, pet food spoons, straight scissors, grooming tool, faucet bath sprayer, kitty snackers, tuna, Anidis Pet dryer and Trimmer with clipper--so very grateful to you all
Erin K from TN--big purple runner rug --already been in use in the back  Thumper's Room, paper plates, Friskies, appetizers, Fancy Feast, Purrfectly Chicken, kitty snackers, bag of Iams adult, bag of Purina One, bag of Easter Candy and a HB Reeses Peanut Butter Egg!
LJ323---6 bottles Lysol cleaner and 18 boxes Kleenex tissues for human sneezes!
Wollywhiskers--catitude BD card
Judy and Phil--bird laser, 3 light up balls, 21 appetizers, 19 cans fancy feast, sheba mix
Stephanie H, granddaughter of Judy and Phil--bird feeder, bird seed and a cash donation saved from her allowance
Heather & Stephanie H--kitty snackers, 9 clorox wipes, 24 fancy feast, paper towels, 4 soap dispensers
Bo Y from Sweden--donation thru PayPal
Priscilla G from CA--donation in honor of Adela, beautiful granddaughter who turned a month old

Farrah is a cuddle bum! She loves to ride on shoulders and purrs and purrs and purrs. She also kneads when she's on shoulders--big time ouch! The more Joline's fur grows out, the curlier her tummy fur becomes! Did you know that Weeja is an official litter box assistant? In the mornings, when Sarah does the first scoop, Weeja insists on being in her lap at every box, every day. Yep,she jumps up, gets in her lap while Sarah scoops, jumps down and goes to the next box and waits for Sarah! A wonderful loving cat.

Our babies have names! These are names taken from our "Sponsor a Name" list!
girl, silver/grey     Jessie
girl, American Short Hair     Blyss
girl, black tiger/ASH     Fantasia
boy, beige, more white     Dickens
boy, beige, less white     Abner

Tabitha has been sharing her paper nest. She's so sweet! She so loves her paper towels. The birds are so heavily eating at the feeders. The cats so love it. Lots of chirping and tail switching. Derecho too loves it--he's getting real good at hoisting himself up on that window shelf! ALl is fine. Lots of wonderful cats, babies have round full tummies and there's much peace here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday, March 18

Our five newbie kittens of Jemima's are doing good. They were born Sunday morning. For all the struggle she had, it ended very well.  We were 20 minutes away from getting in the truck to head to the vet's office for a C-section. Vet and techs were ready. Meds were started about an hour before that to get those kittens moving and then it kicked in! 1-2-3-4 and 5 in just a rather short amount of time. 

The first born--female, silver/grey with beige head
Second born---male, beige with white
Third born-----female, american short hair
Fourth born----male, beige with less white
Fifth born-----female, black tiger/american short hair

All are doing great. Mama Jemima is a good mama. She's very content staying in the nest to take care of them! Names coming very soon! 

Alma, Coralie and Thomas have all been up in the Main Area quite a bit during the day. Coralie even traveled to the front office to the Kitty Kabana. Today Alma was in the front office and got herself in the litterbox by herself, pottied, got out of box and then got into the Kitty Kabana to nap in the bottom of the palm tree! We are so proud of her!

Thomas loves being in the Main Area. As soon as breakfast is over in the Thumper's Room, he's following me to the Main Area! He is really progressing. Thomas did have a seizure yesterday. It didn't last very long. We have meds very handy for such an occasion. He pulled out of it fairly quickly, took a nap and then acted like all was well. What a boy! 

Joey is improving. Today he stunned us all--he decided to leave the back Thumper's Room, come up to the front Thumper's Room and lay on the rug in the Welcome Room Office! We were thrilled! In the last two days, he's allowed us to pet him a bit. And he can purr! 

Azar was here yesterday for a few hours. Had a snack, kitty treats, a nap and then wanted back out. When he comes and goes, his other mama and I let each other know what's going on! We keep track of that boy!

Felicity, the new CH from Minnesota is getting braver! She's such a beauty. She's coming out more and more and is gaining in self confidence. She has a bit of a body wobble and a head bobble. She's a wonderful cat! Ada Jane, Putter and Magenta are doing good. Purrzer and Weeja were out in Kitty Kastle for a few days--both did good.

We will have BOXES tonight! We do have some thank yous to give though.
Gisa Z from Germany--a donation in honor of Jemima
Lana H/knitswithcats--a donation to FFRC and peace and love
Jennifer/jacksmom--a donation to be used where needed
Anonymous Friend--part for Steve/Jacci to go to movies and have popcorn and part for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Louise C from IL--donation to FFRC for peace, love and cats!
Kathleen J from PA--donation for FFRC
Peggy K from NH--donation to go wherever needed, in honor of sister Nancy who passed away 2 weeks ago.
EarthEyes/Margaret--donation for FFRC
Charmaine & Arden B from IN--donation for the new Jemima babies
Billie K--donation for to help with Coralie and also for the other special need babies! 

I'm hoping within 4 weeks we will have the Cat's Cove water blasted clean from the winter crud and ready to move the Covies back. I'm sure they will be so excited.  And then we will water blast the Kitty City to be able to use this for various things.

A couple dates for you--June 22, Sunday is our 4th Catathon. Can hardly believe it'll be #4 already! This is such a lot of fun, it's live on the cam and it's our main fundraiser. We are already starting on the plans. Below is listed some of the Basket ideas we thought we would go with.  We'll have Baskets and Big Ticket Items to auction off. There will be good food. People can visit the cats and the farm yard. The excitement is mounting!
September 6, Saturday is our 3rd Catstock--cool, man! It's all about peace, love and cats! Yes, Strawberry Hill will be playing again this year. They play awesome music from the 60's and 70's. We will be having goat-poo bingo this year! A second goat will be arriving as soon as the weather stays good! Lots of games, prizes, food, fun and friends! You are invited to come to both events! 

We've been having lots of questions about Kitty Kastle. Right now, I'm holding on taking anymore reservations for the summer.  Not sure about my mom. But, here are the hotel numbers around here. All are clumped together in Defiance about 15 minutes from here!
Comfort Inn        419-784-4900
Hampton Inn       419-784-1515
Holiday Day Express   419-784-0782
Super8 Motel       419-782-8000
There is also a wonderful B & B here in Defiance, about 10 minutes from here. Call Diana at 419-956-9981. Mention you are an FFRC friend and she usually gives a nice discount! 

These are actually just suggestions for upcoming Baskets for the Catathon! If you'd like to donate anything that would go into the making of one of these baskets, please feel free. We would love to have help with this! If you have another Basket idea, that's ok too! Please on the outside of the box that anything is sent in, mark For Catathon!   Basket Items can arrive anytime now! We deeply appreciate the help with this Event!
These are some of the themes:  Bird Feeding, Picnic/Grill, Garden Fun, Kids: Summer Fun, Kids: Winter Blues, Boys ages 6-12, Girls ages 6-12, Baby Items, Exercise Things, anything for Healthy Living, Men's Items, Sports Items, Relaxation, Coffee/Tea & a good book, Winter Fun, Summer Fun, Family Game Night, Movie Night, Cat Items, Dog Items, Inspiration/Spiritual Items, Car Stuff.  This will be lots of fun! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday March 16

A wonderful day we had.  Our raffle is complete and I'm very grateful. We raffled off 5 of the big blankets.  Here's the scoop: We raised $3,500.  This is absolutely awesome. 
Blanket A    Jacksmom    
Blanket B    Robin Hu
Blanket C    Mary -- volunteer
Blanket D   Ruth Br
Blanket E    Robin St
Eagle Spirit  donated $30 to round up to $3,500

Our consolation prizes went like this:
Kitty Bed        Marilyn Be  &  Jean Ti
First Aid Kit    Vicky B, Patrice Di and Oilsandsgirl
BiggieDews     Robin Hu, Diana Ra, Donna He

Congrats to all the winners. I'd like to tell you that I am very appreciative to all that participated. We sold 694 tickets for the 5 blankets. Thank you!

We also had BOXES last night. A whole day of thanksgiving!
Catsrule--a large can of powdered KMR
Nona--bird seed
Jacksmom21--3 large bags of Purina One
Kelly R--bookmark, For the volunteers: 2 bags sugar fee candy, assorted bags of yummy candy and 24 M & M Easter Eggs.  For the Kitties: 6 lg. cans Friskies, 6 cans Sheba, 10 appetizers, bag of Royal Canin Kitten, 2 cans Tuna, 5 cans Salmon, 8 cans sardines and a box of Whiskas chicken
Rita/pinkpiano--an overnight visitor, here to adopt!  4 gallons water, 4 dozen cans of tuna and alo cookies!
Neil and Jean S from OH--sent a donation to FFRC
Billie K from TX--sent a donation to go towards special needs for whatever they need
Andrea W from PA--donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation in honor of Leonard and any other FFRC need. 
Donna H--donated her biggiedew to Alma and Coralie!

Our sweet Jemima went into labor last night. Shortly afterwards, she delivered a kitten. Unfortunately it was not a liveable baby. Very deformed. Once she delivered this baby, she settled down and actually had a very quiet, peaceful night. Obviously there are more kittens aboard. The little kitten was named Abu. Upon talking to our vet this morning, it was decided to start her labor by medication. So, the process has been started. We want to see those kittens born today.  

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday, March 15

Great news! Coralie is on the move! Early this morning I was by the sink and happened to look out in the Welcome Room Office and there she was--staring at me. She went from the Back Thumper's Room to the Little Thumper's Room then to the Welcome Office! Joy, joy--I was thrilled! I brought her into the Main Area and when she saw her quilt (to be laid on the floor) she wiggled and wanted to be on it.  Mid morning we took the quilt to the Kitty Kabana Room (she loves to bird-watch) and about 10 minutes later she had herself in the purple office! Happiness abounds--it is so wonderful to see her start to be mobile. Now this is very interesting too---(we have to talk potty business!)--today when she was in the litterbox, instead of just sitting and pottying, she raised herself up on her muscular parts of her two back "legs".  I do believe she enjoyed that accomplishment! 

Today at 3:00 is the close of our current blanket raffle. Then at 5:30 we will have boxes followed by the raffle at 6:00. We'll get to use our raffle drum to mix up the tickets! We have 7 awesome consolation prizes. Good luck to everyone!

We've had a name change. Fufi asked if she could have a new name. We gave her a new name, with the blessings of the shelter that she came from. Her new name is now Felicity. Rather fitting for this beautiful girl. She is doing great. She's camped out in Dodger's Pen the last two nights but during the day she's been out and about. Felicity can get in and out of the pen by herself whenever she wants to. 

We had BOXES last night--what a great evening of receiving gifts--I thankyou all. 
Ms Beccas Corner--4 crocheted balls, 2 with bells and 2 crocheted curly cue toys
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL (and our visitor right now)--10 solid Odor Eliminators by Odo Ban
Mayumi from Japan--Black Thunder chocolate bars, BD card and gift of glasses with kitties and paw prints  and a wonderful batch of special flavored tea--big thanks, Mayumi
Donnawan_Kenobe--24 postie pads and 12 boxes Kleenex
Catsrule--for Coralie--a wonderfully fluffy hooded kitty bed!
Linda S from NJ--3 sheets forever stamps, 3 cans Fancy Feast and a case of Friskies
Pat L from KS--3 cases Fancy Feast
Andrea from CA--box of Red Heart yarn for lady to make kitty things for FFRC
Nona--large and small nursing bottle kits, 4 cans of KMR dry and 2 cases of KMR liquid--getting ready for baby season!
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--6 cans of KMR, 2 bags of Wellness Kitten dry and a case of Kitty wipes--more "getting ready for kitten season". 
Richinsshell/Shelley R & Midnight--30 piece of candy variety, case of Appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers
Aunty Julie--for Miss Magenta--a St. St. Paddys Day card with her Walmart gift card and stamps for Momma Jacci from Magenta!
Janet B from FL--kitty BD card 
Colleen P--coupons and box tops 
Diana, our South American friend--2 cases of baby meat
Michael G from UK--donation thru PayPal
Hallie G from PA--a new follower, a donation thru PayPal to help
Inna M from UK--a donation to help with medical treatments

We had a visitor this morning who wants to adopt. She has chosen our sweet Emily! Next week sometime Emily will be going to her new home.

We took in a new cat yesterday. Her name is Jemima (a sponsored name). She came from a friend of when we had Earth Angel's. She's a calico cat, about 18 months old. She's been outside this winter and is really enjoying the warmth and cushie beds. The man who had her is trying very hard to get as many cats neutered/spayed as he can. Unfortunately she wasn't one of the first ones done and is now pregnant---very pregnant. Not realizing she is going to have kittens, he thought she had a stomach problem. So, he took her to the vets who took an abdominal x-ray only to find possibly 6 kittens. The vet thought within a week she would deliver. If Felicity gives up her Dodger's Pen soon (very soon!), we will let Jemima have Dodger's Pen to have her kittens in. She's a sweetie of a girl and is quickly adjusting to our FFRC life. 

Keep on moving, Coralie!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday, March 13

Yep, that white stuff came down again. We supposedly got 8-9 inches. We truly are having a very different type of winter. Tons of snow, cold and wind. One of the drifts (to the dog's door going outside) was up 3/4 of the door. Had to shovel a path out for the dogs. This storm brought drifts as the winds were high. But the parking lot is plowed, it's cold but we're snug here inside, we're one day closer to Spring so this will eventually all melt! We were at a Level 3 again yesterday so it was a rather quiet day yesterday. Made for a productive work day! I want to extra thank Elizabeth and Sarah for staying longer yesterday to fill in the gaps due to the weather and bad roads.

We had BOXES last night. Wonderful boxes--I so appreciate these!
Jatcat--for Thumper's Room--a 3 level turbo trac. Alma has already been swatting it!
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--Chicken Soup for the Kitty Lovers Soul/kitten--made for part of their breakfast today
Jan from Hawaii--For all the cats in Thumper's Room--Play Stages turbo with boing toy, cuddle safe warmer pal and 2 cat nip yellow toys and 2 feather Kong toys. All now in Thumper's Room.  I even saw Kitty Kat enjoying the feather toy!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54 from IA--3 crinkle tunnels (we use these every day)
Gusti from Germany--12 big cans of KMR
Alang/Alan G--card with note and awesome paper items--stationary, envelopes, note pads and mailing stickers--all with the FFRC logo and paw prints on them. These are really wonderful!
Jacksmom--4 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten turkey--getting ready for baby season
Sylvia/Gentlesong (our week visitor)--pop tabs for Kellan, bag of assorted chips, volunteer candy, turbo toy for kitties, wobble & scratch toy, 2 cat dancers, 2 kongs, lots of other really nice toys, 7 bags of cat snackers, 2 dz. jars of baby meat, dozen cans of Sardines, snackers for the dogs and bright colored copy paper
Jennifer B/the Benedek family from FL--donation to help with Coralie's expenses. Hug given to her!
Paul S--PayPal donation to FFRC

Fufi made it to her new home--here at FFRC.  Dina and her friend left early on Tuesday morning and arrived back here last night close to midnight with Fufi. They went to Minnesota to get her (where Seymour and Patricia came from). We were worried about the roads coming home but roads were good until they got to the Ohio line. But they arrived safely--so grateful. Fufi is wonderful. She spent the night in Thumper's Room. She is now in Dodger's big pen, here in the front purple office. She's just chilling--watching all the activities. Since she's already been tested, vaccinated, her stay in the pen will be very short. She's relaxed, has eaten and pottied so she'll be ready to be out and about soon. She's a mild CH cat. A beautiful long hair grey/white/torti girl. Such a petite nose she has! She already has chirped and purred. She will remain Fufi which is a combination of Fluffy and Fifi. What a sweet girl. After full adjustment has been made, we will look for a wonderful home for her. 

Weather permitting, we are looking for Patricia, Suzanna and Venus to go to their new homes this weekend--all to seperate homes. All 3 are such great cats! The next weekend will also bring a few adoptions! Unknown yet as to who will go though!

The 4 kitten goldies are doing wonderful. They are adventurous and ornery--just how kittens should be. Liberti loves extra cuddles. They've still been spending the nights in Cat's Corner Room but have been out and about during the day time. The kittens seem to really like Derecho. He's such a good Uncle! Thomas also spent the entire day yesterday in the Main Area  but back in Thumper's Room for bedtime. Kitty Kat came over for a petting this morning! Walter has been awesome in welcoming all the newbies to "his" Thumper Rooms! 

Alma is doing great. She is successfully getting into the litterbox by herself. We still help her to reinforce the idea of the box, but she truly is doing great. Coralie spent a couple hours in the Main Area yesterday--perched on one of the flower beds. I do believe she rather enjoyed it! She's figuring out very nicely how to lift her torso up to get over things. Her front legs will get stronger and stronger. 

Cutie is doing great. She's been taking to sleeping in, in the mornings a bit. So now when she "surfaces", we make sure she gets a plate of food.  Seems to be working--she has a nice round tummy! Derecho and Lorenzo still get their extra treat of baby food right after breakfast. Tabitha continues to do her thing. She unrolled a half of roll of paper towels yesterday to poof up her nest. She looked pretty happy doing it! Freemont loves his Moses Basket--he takes morning naps in it. Looks so comfortable. 

The Blanket Raffle continues on. The tickets are $5 a piece--can buy one or as many as you like. Check out the facebook pages for pictures and information. We stop taking the tickets at 3:00 on Saturday. The drawing is at 6:00.  We have special, very special, consolation prizes.  You will love these prizes!  Okay--I have to tell you. Two of the consolation prizes are those wonderful, beautiful cat/small dog beds that we received last week! 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday, March 11

Grab the oars and a row boat! Yesterday I thought we were going to be parking lot flooded and overflowing. Actually what happened is that the third storm drain froze up like a giant ice cube--4 feet down--one solid hunk of ice. That meant no water could get down into the storm drainage. All the melting snow water just backed right up on the parking lot instead of draining. So.........we swept and swept, got the water pushed into the second storm drain, removed the metal top and poured 80 pounds of salt onto that iceburg. Seems to be working. Very little water now on the parking lot! Olaf and Hank enjoyed the entertainment!

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks given to you!
Amsprinkle--a case of KMR cans and 3 special Yeooow catnip toys--for Fondant, Emma Joe and Mellow. They can be shared with friends!
Laura/medic101 from IN--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Merry_Marvin/Maryann & Peanut--card with note, various sizes of batteries, potty bags, Cosequin capsules (for cats) for joints, pet coupons, bonito flakes and 3 cases Fancy Feast & Sheba
Maddysnana--dozen jars of baby food meat, 4 cans of KMR
Nona--60 jars of baby food meat
Bradley S--3 packages of spring toys, tunnel with toys. The tunnel has 3 "legs"--been out all morning. The cats and kittens love it!
Patricia L/plee9--ceramic lighted kitty doorbell cover--nice!
Joni W--kitty card with note--donation in honor of Coralie
Auntie Julie -happy birthday card for Magenta with walmart gift card and stamps for Momma Jacci
Fran S from ME--card flowers to kitties, donation in honor of Aunt Susan (schinn) from Moonlight, Headlight, Daylight and their momma
Walmart--donation in honor of Pat's volunteer hours
A friend of Venus--a kitty wand/DaBird toy for Venus
Judy and Phil (Sunday visitors) and family Heather, Steph & Sammi--soft soap dispensers, & refills, collars, cat snackers, case of water, shipping tape, toys, dog snackers, post it notes, yum cookies, licorice, Odo Ban, Hershey snakers. There were also a few other items, but Emma Jo chewed the paper up!
Anonymous Friend--bleach, vinegar, appetizers, volunteer snackers and pop!
Jakesmeowmy--donation thru PayPal, to be used wherever needed
Domingo F--donation thru PayPal
Jim C from OH--a new step ladder--lightweight and easy to move around, lunch yesterday was provided by a donation and also some help to be used however needed
Pat and Ellen from Defiance!--donation from their Amazon and Ebay sales for Feb.!

Just wanted to mention--I have recently talked to Dovie girl's mom--she is doing wonderful! She said it seems like Dovie has always been there!  Starting last night, one of Thomas's meds is being cut in one half. He seems to be in a daze. Since he's now getting onto his maintenance dose, it appears that maybe he's receiving too much meds. So, we've cut one of the meds down a tad per advice of our vet. We will keep a close eye on him--don't want any of those seizures. He seems to be fine this morning--more awake and silly!

This is not cat related but want to pass it on.  Two weeks ago I thought it was awesome to see 3 adult eagles right on the river here, all at the same time! My neighbor just came down and he said in January he saw 25 eagles right on the river (he lives about 5-6 houses down from me). And another neighbor, up the river a little ways, saw 20 eagles also in January. Pretty cool!

We are again expecting snow--tomorrow. It sounds anywhere from 4-8 inches. The cats put it to a vote--who wants spring--it was 100%. Bring on the green grass, tree leaves and flowers!

FFRC is taking on another CH cat. A caretaker for the shelter in Minnesota (where Seymour and Patricia came from) asked us if we would take on another cat. Her name is Fifu, which is a combo of Fifi and Fluffy. She looks a bit like Fabio. Apparently she's been there for 5-6 months and no home has been offered. She's about a year old and is a mild CH. I shared her video yesterday--she's really playful and a sweetie! Won't take long till she's in the main area. My daughter in law Dina and her friend left this morning to head to Minnesota. They will get there close to midnight tonight, stay overnight at a hotel, pick up Fifu early in the morning and head back to Defiance. It's about a 12 hour drive. We are honored to have her here and hopefully find her a home!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday, March 9

We love adoptions! The whole goal for our adoptable cats is to find that perfect home for them. A home where lots of love is dished out and they will always be cared for! Yesterday, our sweet Melia was adopted! She now has a mama that was so excited to have her. Then in the afternoon, I finally took Marty and Amparo over to their new owner. She lives about 15 minutes away is all. Their new mama has a wonderful rocker bench that she likes to sit on. When I left, Amparo was already on the rocker. Marty was being a bit shy but I don't think that will last long. Lots of good feelings in the house! More adoptions next weekend too!

Today the 4 kittens will come up to be in the Cat's Corner Room.  After they are comfortable in there, their door will be opened for a bit of time during the day/evening. I don't think it'll take them long to adjust! I love it when we walk in their room now and they come running to us. Such sweeties!

Yesterday Coralie was rather quiet. I believe that's because she was all snug. She choose a big cushie and it wasn't long until all 4 kittens were snugged around her napping in one big golden heap! What pleasure to see that. Coralie is learning how to pick up her torso more and more. She's eating good (very good in fact) and she's getting herself to the litterbox now. It'll be a week tomorrow since her surgery. Only one more surgery to go and that is for her spay. No hurry right now on that. I would like to have her completely recovered before her last surgery. She's still blinking those eye kisses to us!

17 years old--yep, that's how old Magenta is now. She had her 17th birthday yesterday. She was fed anytime and anything she wanted yesterday. Oh wait, that's nothing unusual! What Magenta wants, this sweet girl gets! She did get many hugs and pets and kisses though--oh wait, that's not unusual either. We just love her to pieces! Happy Birthday, Magenta.

We had BOXES last night. We are grateful to you. Every single item, every single thing sent to us is truly appreciated! 
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of KMR and a case of Canidae life stages food
Millie C/cogomogo--box of handmade yarn spiral toys.  The cats love these and they'll also be nice to send home with an adoption
Terese/yankeechick from NJ--feather toys for Coralie and Alma (delivered to them!)
Shelly F from TN--Michigan flag for Kathy, gas gift card (extra thanks), kitty toys, 100 big paper plates, large pack of sm. styrofoam plates, Friskies bit can food, 1,140 Fresh Step Paw Points (we'll put towards free litter!), and a box of kitty wipes
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of baby meat food
Shela/oilsandsgirl--24 rolls sparkle paper towels and 2 big bags of Max kitten dry food. And the big box this all came from has become a fun castle to play in!
Tobyswife and Konnar--for Pania--6 cans of tuna (she had some for breakfast!), bag of adult Pro-Plan dry, catnip infused kitty toys and a case of Fancy Feast Kitten food. Thanks, Konnar. Hope your birthday was awesome!
Gary H from Canada--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Konnar from NY--a donation from his birthday money. Extra hugs given to Pania and Coralie just for you! Thanks so much, Konnar. 
Wanda E--our wonderful portrait maker--a donation for another portrait order!
Geremy K from WI-- donation in honor of Magenta's birthday--hug and kiss delivered! 

The past 3 weeks, I've been extra busy updating the website, PetFinders and Google birthday calendar. If you notice anything amiss, don't hesitate to let me know! The same thing goes with the blog--if I've forgotten to put a name in or have made an error, it's fine to email me and let me know. Also with any sales--if you haven't gotten your item(s), let me know!  I'd appreciate it. 

Have you noticed how brave Coz is becoming? It's wonderful to see him out and about more. Same with August and Jackson--they are always present at mealtimes. A sure way to their hearts....with food! Joey also loves his food. He'll overcome his shyness for that delicious plate of yummies! No further seizures for Thomas. We are keeping a close eye on him. Joyful loves the back Thumper's Room. I don't think she's ever going to go back to the Welcome Room office. She seems quite contended right where she's at! 

The sun was shining yesterday! There's still tons of snow but here and there we can see small patches of brown grass. There's mountains of snow piled up though. We can see the entire parking lot now though--no ice. We're ready for spring and tree buds, green grass and flowers.

Mellow is wonderful. She's such a gentle girl. Tabitha has become my desk girl. She lays here and anytime my hand comes close she swipes me with licks! Zelda has switched to being in my lap, which I love. Whisk found a bug yesterday--he followed that little moving dot for a long, long time. Purrzer and Seymour both had a milk ring yesterday. Unbelievable how long a little thing like that can keep them entertained for so long. The Covies were out on Friday and they'll have another fun day in the sun today. Have to go. Tabitha just jumped up on the desk and wants my hand! 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday, March 7

As I'm sitting here, there are 4 cats zooming around me. And then there's 3 cats zipping in and out of the room, only to return to climb up the pole and around the room, chasing each other. I can hear 2 different cats chirping in the main area. Love that sound. Just went to check on the back Thumper's Room. All is happy there. Thomas comes bounding in his wonderful, awkward gait to meet me. Coralie does her slow kiss blink which is so heartwarming. The kittens are rocking and rolling over the whole room. I even saw Joey peek out behind his poof at me. There's 5 cats lined up on the orange cat walks in the Kitty Kabana room, already watching the birds eating---no, wait, make that 6 cats now. And there are 3 cats on the Kuranda Tower at the window where the shelf bird feeders are--they are so so close to the birds, yet so far away! Tabitha is on my desk, doing her morning thing--licking me! This is a good morning.

We had BOXES last night! My gratitude to you all. 
June/painteddaisy--our week visitor--2 cases of baby food meat. She also made chocolate covered strawberries and cream puffs for all of us--absolutely delicious! 
Brenda R /yarnlover from CA--card with a note, an iPhone cat cover, magnet that is already on the refrig. A book "Secrets of Cats Lore, Legend & Lives" by Barbara Holland, a yoga kittie calendar, 2 girls tshirts with paws for a Day sale, case of Fancy Feast and a Knock Out treat toy. Brenda also sent 6 gorgeous scarves for a Sale--absolutely beautiful scarves.
Volunteer Mary from Archbold--baskets of various sizes (purple!), 10 spatulas, 200 spoons, kitty magnets and a cat clip. Mary restocks FFRC top to bottom once a week--I love it!
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--9 containers Lysol wipes, 2 cases Fancy Feast and 208 gallon-size Ziploc bags Elizabeth H from NJ--article on cat foods
Trudy S from Bryan--a donation for FFRC
Tenlillions/Selena with help from MaryAnn/catsmeow--2 wonderful, beautiful cat beds. These are so very nice. Thank you Selena! We will put these in a raffle! Appreciate this. One is yello9w with bright colors and the other is a leopard print.

Thanks too for these PayPal donations! 
Gusti from Germany--a donation for Barb to name a kitty
Beth A from IL--a donation for Barb to have a first aid kit
Kathy K from IA--a donation for Barb to have a leggydew for Yvonne
Yankeechick--a donation for an icecream cake for Barb (and a little for Yvonne!)
Joyce N from CO--donation for FFRC
Oilsandsgirl--a donation for FFRC to use as needed
Helen D--a donation to help with the New Kittens of Kitten Season 2014
Mary Elizabeth I from AZ--donation to use as needed. Coralie hug given!

I know so many viewer friends want to see Thomas here in the Rescue Center more! And that's so nice of you. We're still giving him time. A little does it for Thomas. We will gradually lengthen his time in the Main Area. For now, we want to get those seizures under better control and his little "episodes" that he also has. He's been here 9 days now and has only had 1 mild seizure and only one "episode". So, we are progressing! Easy does it for Thomas. He has a huge heart of love to give (and take!!).

We now have 2 cats leaving on next weekend (the 15th). That will be Patricia and Suzanna. Yes, Suzanna now has a home! I'm thrilled for her. We also have 3 other families that will be looking. Tomorrow morning, Melia will be leaving for her new home. Also tomorrow, I believe 2 other families will be coming to look. These are good things. Each adoption goes under scrutiny by me. Much talking and agreeing has to be done, along with vet reference checks and where they live. I'm rather "picky", but that's ok. We are these cat's voices of being sure they go into appropriate and loving homes. 

The kittens have names!  These names are all from the Name a Cat list.
Liberty--light beige/white female
Rocky Top, AKA Rocky--medium hair gold/white, boy
Merle--long hair gold, boy
Tinker--short hair, gold tiger, boy
All 4 appear to be healthy. Full of energy and will add alot of fun to the Main Area when they come up! 

"Compassion has no limit. Kindness has no enemy".  Wonderful words from our chatter friend, Brenda R. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday, March 6

Kitties and cats! Sure do love them. So many of them are zipping around here like crazy. Especially Dodger, Garth, Emma Jo and Shamballie--they simply do not know what walking means. Everything is at high speed! What fun they have. Then there's usually a group of 6 every morning that sits on the top two levels of the kuranda tower by a window where the bird feeders are right outside the window. They paw and paw at the glass. The birds are oblivious due to the film on the glass! 

This morning Barb left to go back home. We will miss her big time. She also adopted Yvonne. She got thru security just fine--no problems. Yvonne was a good girl. It's so sweet--this cat was meant for Barb! We also have another adoption coming up. On Saturday morning, we have a lady coming back to adopt Melia! This will be a great cat for this lady! We also currently have 3 other families that will be actively looking for a cat to adopt from FFRC. On the 15th weekend, our sweet Patricia will be leaving. I'm telling you--that Patricia is awesome--such a sweetie and such a great personality! 

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks to you.
Butterflyclass from Belgium--a wonderful letter from the teacher and students. For the volunteers--butterfly key chains and necklaces. 3 blankies and a pillow for Derecho and his friends....all made using knots! What a wonderful gift from our school children friends--we thank you! Derecho says to say Hi!
Mayumi from Japan--2 boxes Tullie Tuna (cats love this!), snackers for the cats and for the volunteers: 2 boxes of special cookies
Tigercat54/great Aunt Julie in IA--In honor of her father--snacks for the volunteers! Lay/Dorito snackers, 105 (oops, now there's 101!) Reeses PB cups, Anderson PB pretzels for Steve, bag of K-Cups variety and a box of Special K crackers & chips
Gerricross--15 lb bag Royal Canin Kitten dry
Bradley S--Aikiou Interactive feeder---really neat! I put a bag of snackers in it last night and this morning they were all gone!
Jatcat--a wonderful raffle drum! We can use this for our Raffle Drawings! Now, I want to do another one sooooon!!
Susan345--7 lb bag of Royal Canin Kitten dry
Painteddaisy/June (our visitor this week)--vinegar, bleach, appetizers, ham with a bone for the kitties (coming later this week!) and pop
Vickie D--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Susan L from OR--For Coralie or one who needs warmth--a K & H heated kitty pad! really nice

Then..........we had an extra special box.  It was from Derecho with help from our friend Beth/Eaglewatcher. When we went to the OVMA, one of the things I especially wanted to look into was a heated pad/bed for surgical use. We sometimes have trouble keeping the body temp up on some of the longer surgeries. I found 3 different kinds. The 2 would've been ok, but in all reality, would've had some problems down the road with kitty claws. The one that I was oh, so wanting, is an awesome unit. It's a conductive heat--a wonderful unit, but expensive. I must've visited that table to see it 5-6 different times. As much as I knew it was a wonderful set-up, I just couldn't spend the money. So, I ended up leaving not ordering anything as a warmer for our surgeries. Well........Derecho must've told Eaglewatcher my dreams. You see, I talk to Derecho alot. And Eaglewatcher listened to Derecho. I am so so grateful for this heater unit. I'm excited and honored to have it. I thank you, Beth. 

Kitten season has arrived. Yesterday we took in 4 kittens. Rarely do we get kittens in that are in decent shape. But, these kittens are! They are of the orangie tribe! 3 boys/1 girl. One boy is long hair gold tiger/white. Another boy is all orange tiger. The third boy is orange/white, short hair.  The girl is a light orange/white. They've been tested, wormed, vaccinated, bathed and already out on the floor playing at full speed in the back Thumper's Room. So cute to watch them play! They are 9 weeks old. Names will be coming very soon.  

Unfortunately, Thomas had a seizure yesterday. Not one of the big nasty ones, but enough to be confusing to him afterwards. Not to worry--we are still trying to get him to his therapeutic level which can take a whole month. This was simply a break thru seizure. He's good to go again! This boy is awesome--so sweet, loves people and has been having a few short visits in the main area. He won't be up in the main area until meds/seizures are more stabilized and the little "fit" episodes that he's had in his past are indeed a time of the past. He had one of these episodes the very first night, but not since then. Thomas is a happy boy and utterly loves to be held and petted. His friend Kitty Kat is more relaxed and we're still working on Joey. I talked to the lady that saved him from the hoarding situation. In her words, Joey had a miserable life, which was spent in a basement. He has a right to be sad right now. You can see it in his eyes. But, each day here, will bring him closer to being the happy Joey. We're working on him. 

Coralie is awesome! It's only 3 days post-op. This morning she got into the litterbox by herself and pottied! This is a place where we get very excited about pottying! Yep, she pottied just fine! I've been walking her around the main area of the rescue center a couple times a day to start preparing her for coming up to this area. She's purring and feeling better each day. She's figuring out this new lifestyle for herself! 

All is fine. Cats are healthy, adoptions are going good. Our residents are wonderful. Covies are starting to look forward to moving back to the Cove in April.  Porchies were seen yesterday basking in the sun (yes, in the snow, but the sun was shining!). Volunteers are awesome! Life is indeed good. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday March 4

Wow--what a day yesterday was. A very thankful filled day.

First, Coralie had her surgery to remove the other rear leg. After having looked at the leg again, we had 3 vets out of 3 that concurred with this surgery decision. As usual, Coralie came thru this anesthetic with flying colors. I was told she was done, still had her tube in, and then about 4 minutes later out she came in her carrier, ready to come home! And home we came! She slept most of the afternoon and evening. We will continue her soreness meds for a while yet and antibiotics. 

This morning I put Coralie in the litterbox where she proceeded to dig a hole, she peed then buried it! I was so proud of her! She then got out of the box by herself and got up on the second level of the Kuranda Tower by herself where she proceeded to groom! She ate a good breakfast and has been purring and chirping. Her chirp is worth a thousand words to me. I love it!

So, I feel at peace today about Coralie. I just knew she wouldn't give up if we just gave her the chance. She is a mighty cat and is going to do something wonderful with her life......I just know it. And actually, she already has. She's a happy girl! I've been carrying her around in the main area lately, in preparation of her coming into this area. I have received nothing but positive feedback from you--our FFRC friends. For that I am doubly appreciative. 

Then we have Alma. Oh my, what a day she had. Her world is always viewed from a laying position unless a person uprights her. Well, not always anymore! Jimmy and I have been looking at lots of cat mobile carts on youtube that is workable with a cat that has all 4 legs compromised. Her CH is severe and she cannot weight bear by herself without falling over. So, we built her a cart! I thank Jimmy for his patience in doing this. The first time we put her in, she just stood there looking about. Perhaps a bit overwhelmed? Not sure! The second time we tried it, she went backwards and then went forwards a few steps, a couple times! We were thrilled! We will continue practicing this with her. Her life is about to change. There will be no holding her back! She's a wonderful cat. Alma's name means "soul".

We had BOXES last night! My gratitude to you all for your support.
Gusti from Germany--Easter card with note and owl paper! Lots of stickers, cute napkins, box of German kitty cards, clips for office, Easter decorations, a book Bats in the Belfy by Doreen Toby. Also a special green towel for Coralie and a special red towel for Freemont. 
Lucy/Lulittle and fur baby Benny--Book, Haatchi and Little B (a great reading book!)
Catherine H/ordinarydiva from NY with Squeeky, Meatloaf and Jackpot--can of cheese, mousie toys, package of mylar balls and potty bags
Israel S/Ny Coralie Lover--box of a great variety of K-cups!
Leah M/leahM216--9 gorgeous earwarmer bands of a variety of colors for store, day sale, etc. They are so beautiful! Extra thanks.
Barb W, our visitor from WA--10 boxes of hanging folders variety of colors
Beth/eaglewatcher--"Chiffon" memorial stone for Alberts Garden (extra thanks, Beth)
Pat, our new Defiance resident!--a beautiful table runner crocheted with the FFRC logo on it. It says " Heaven is where you meet all the cats you ever loved". I so very much love this. Pat and Ellen also brought some can food and baby food.
Jean T--PayPal donation for FFRC
Janet M--PayPal donation for FFRC

I would like to extend a special thanks too for the following for helping us with Coralie's medical expenses: Karla M from IA, Pam R/buckeye from OH, Jane L from WI, Gusti from Germany, Donna H from PA, Carmel D from France, Halos mom & dad from NY and Newfiedogmom from Canada. 

Another bit of awesome news! Thomas....he is a nut! This boy is blossoming into a clown! He loves to be held. Loves legs almost as much as Freemont does. Thomas gets around real good though--his CH is mild. He loves kisses. He's also starting to want to venture out. Maybe soon he will be here in the main area! 

And more exciting news! We reached TEN MILLION total viewers on our webcam last night. This is overwhelming to comprehend. I was telling the viewers last night I remember our first 1,000 total views. I was so happy. Ten million is overwhelming. It's simply amazing. To me, this is a testimony to our friendship to you, our viewers and from you viewers to us. We have a friendship that is wonderful. 

And with that, I would like to let you all know how filled with gratitude I am to you all. From our volunteers, viewers (lurkers and chatters), facebook friends, Moderators, Admins, friends from all over--I am so grateful. There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel you having "our back" here at FFRC.  It takes a village of world wide friends, known as the FFRC Nation, to hold our FFRC together. We are indeed blessed. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sunday, March 2

Our afghan raffle was wonderful! I am so very appreciative of each and every ticket that came thru. This raffle is only possible because of your support! I thank you! Here's the scoop:
Afghan A--Cat on a Fence by LJ--won by Carmela D/macdoum    121 tickets sold
Afghan B--Kitty squares by LJ--won by Lewbeth/Lori W              240 tickets sold
Afghan C--Kitty popcorn by LJ--won by Priscilla G                     186 tickets told 
Afghan D--Irish Cable Knit by Sharon M--won by Ann D             184 tickets sold
Afghan E--Rainbow Rippe by Arlene H--won by Jennifer M          159 tickets sold

This makes for a total of 890 tickets sold for $4,450. Gusti donated an extra $50, which now makes that $4,500!  This means that on an average, each afghan was valued at $900.  This is just incredible. I'm so pleased and so thankful.

I mentioned last night on the cam that this money will go towards the cats care. On an average, for the first two months of a cat or kittens care, we put in $300 to $350 per each one. This does not include food or litter. Our adoption is $90, which we intend to keep at that level yet. 

I cannot thank you all enough for your support. I asked a general question yesterday to chat--what do you, as chatters prefer for the afghan--raffle or auction. The answer was overwhelmingly raffle. I've had so many people comment on this. The reason is that it gives so many people an option on possibly winning an afghan for a $5 ticket! 

For fun, we also did some consolation prizes! 
Catnip pad--Woolywhiskers (donated back since she has no cats!)
Catnip pad--Susicat/Susan W
Leggydew & toy--Andrea B
Leggydew & toy--Lewbeth

We will be getting all these items out tomorrow!

We also had BOXES last night! So many thanks to give!
Susan C from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Ken S and D'Laura B--with Abner, Neena and Simon--Tuna, Sardines, Salmon, fancyf east, baby food, yellow Kabana rug and Lysol wipes
Jan from HI--spring toys, case of Tiki cat and case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers
Eric, Carrie & Jim--17 lb. bag of Iams Kitten
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Deb M--donation for FFRC
Leslie M from KS--a donation to help with Coralie
Diana D--donation, in memory of Paul

Just an update on the adoption of Miss Marti--her new mom says she is doing great! Yesterday was Asha's birthday. She is such an awesome cat and so very happy. She had at least 25 kisses and hugs! Each day Thomas is getting better and better. He actually hops/walks/jumps to the door when we go in now in excitement! Always makes me laugh! Fondant is doing much better today too. More relaxed and is playing. News flash, news flash--Alma got herself in the litterbox by herself and pottied! Talk about jubilation--we were ecstatic! We still put her in it several times a day, but that was a big step for her! 

We do have an update on Coralie. Things have changed in the last 12 hours. When I changed her dressing on her ankle, part of the bone came off. Not a good thing. First, let me say, our vets are awesome and they always have the thought of doing as much as possible to help a pet. This week they have talked alot about ways to help Coralie. How to get her skin to stretch to cover the bone, how to debride the bone, how to keep that leg. But several things have happened in the last day. First, as mentioned, some of the bone came off, This means the bone is not very healthy. It also appears that the achilles tendon has deteriorated more and is not connected at all now. Also some of the skin around the ankle has blackened, which means even less skin to work with. And her pain has shot up. I want to explain this thoroughly so you all understand the decision made. We have 3 options. One is to try the surgery but with probably only a 10%  or less chance of success. This would then mean yet another surgery down the road.  Second is euthanasia. Third is to amputate the leg. After much talking, it was decided to do the amputation. This saddens me deeply to think of yet more loss for her. It makes my heart literally ache for her. But then I look into her eyes and I still see life and joy. Without this awful pain the leg is giving her, she will feel so much better. After surgery, we can do two different things or both. We will let her heal and then see how she pulls herself around. Think of Seymour--that boy is lightening fast and he can even climb. The other is to let her use a cart-mobile to help her get around (not to be used all the time). So, she will go to the vets in the morning. I will keep you posted thru the mods as I want to stay with her for the surgery. She will come home tomorrow. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She's tough, she can do this. Let's keep any talk about Coralie positive! Thank you.