Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sunday, December 30

Are you ready for the New Year? The cats are! I know they were partying already--they had 3 bags of snackers emptied out on the floor last night, in the front office. Not sure how they do this, but I believe a talk to Octavia is in order! 

The birds were at the feeders yesterday--all day. The cats so love watching them. It's fun to listen to them as there are lots of chirps being given by the cats. 

Yesterday was another wonderful day for Gallant. We've had 2 days in a row of being able to remove a significant amount of old, dead burned tissue! This is wonderful. I showed him to the cam again yesterday (always with a towel wrapped around him, so don't worry). He's so calm--just looks around and checks things out. I keep in touch with our vets 1-2 times a week in regards to Gallant.

We had BOXES last night! It was great.
Colleen L/Schnowzers--2 cases of baby food
Prisilla G/PrissyPurdue--6 cases of baby food
David/Wolfpatch--4 cases of baby food
Pat L--coupones and heat packs and batteries for the Mama Snuggle Cat for the kittens
Beth A/Eaglewatcher46--Forever stamps with Derecho's picture on them! Love this!
Susan TC from Defiance--donation for FFRC
KSL--New Years card and 2 sheets of stamps
Robert S--letter with donation in memory of Mary LF
Angela R--sent a donation in honor of her friend Terri's birthday and Terri's cat Patchy
Bernard G from NY--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Susan H--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Derek G--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

We took in a new cat yesterday. She is almost 11 years old, a female/spayed and a white Persian. To make a long story short, she was brought to us by a Rrescuer that has been working on this case. Her past owner was verbally and physically abusive to her. With the help of the police (in a neighboring county), she was removed from this home and then brought here. I am grateful to the Rescuer that was involved in helping her. She has been legally signed over to FFRC. From this point on, this case is in the hand of that local counties police department. Upon arrival, she actually purred, but today she is frightened again. This may be a process of letting her relax and soak in the knowledge that she is safe and will never ever be abused again. She arrived with a couple sores on her neck, extremely matted fur, major flea load, dental tartar/gum inflammation, her bottom caked with stool and very dirty eyes. She has now received her bath, all mats shaved out (we were able to leave her head fur and fur along her back) and her eyes and ears cleaned. Her wounds on her neck have also been cleaned. Her name is Joyful. It may take us a while to achieve this in her, but we're going to do it. For the time being, she can relax at her own speed and hopefully soon will realize that she is safe and among people that care. Again, I am so appreciative of the Rescuer who helped Joyful.

JoeBob is very much a fun kitten. He has decided that he can be in 10 places at one time, playing full speed ahead. Wow--he is a busy kitten. So much fun to watch! Macallan is busy this morning watching the snow out the window. Darilyn is a hair-chomper, just like her mama Dahnae. That's human hair they like to groom and chomp! 

Little Doce and Purcell had a good night.They ate real good for their last meal yesterday and for their breakfast this morning. They both have a tad bit of a round tummy!  They are taking about 6-9 cc's at each feeding. 

Start practicing your finger-voting muscles! In January we'll start the voting again for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. The door is wide open again for all prizes for FFRC, since it's the beginning of the new year! More later. 

This is the cake that Janet/Janak had made for the volunteers for Christmas! It was half carrot cake and half Chocolate and was absolutely delicious! 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29, Saturday

We had another adoption yesterday! Our little Gent went to his new home. Oh what a cute, sweet boy he is! He is probably thoroughly spoiled already! Just what we want.

Yesterday was a good day for Gallant. After his morning scrub bath, then it was time to trim some of the dead tissue off (we do this daily). This time, we were able to remove a lot of it! This is where the healing begins. Under that icky dead tissue is healthy looking pink tissue. He is still on 2 different antibiotics and 2 different pain meds a day. He loves his ears to be rubbed.

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you!
Sandra S--A snuggle mama kitty, to be used with baby kittens. It's a stuffed toy, that can have a 24 hour heater in it with a beating heart.
Brenda C--3 books.  Cats Laughing Last, Cat Spitting Mad & Cat to the Dogs. These are suppose to be wonderful books. Many of us love to read here and we share books back and forth all the time.
PhilipCleoNJ/Phil--a big 5 lb bag of KMR powder
ArdenCharmaine B--a case of Gerber Chicken baby food jars
Cher F--Christmas card, q-tips, 3 liquid Dial soap, cat snackers, volunteer snacks, big bag of Almonds, 6 cliff bars, Bonito flakes for the cats (Octavia promises to share), a variety of lots of Keurig samplers and creamers, Cat Appetizers and a case of Purrfectly Chicken
Anonymous Sender--2 cases of baby food
WarpedinMN/Connie S--2 twenty pound bags of IAMS kitty dry food
Wendi B--2 packages of posties, 1 bag of disposable pads (helps with little kitties and Gallant)
Bev M--5 cases of baby food jars
Cheryl G from TN--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

I have more sad news to pass on about the newbie little kittens. We lost another one--little Splash. The 3 kittens that we have lost, have simply stopped eating and become very quiet. When that happens, they go downhill very quickly. We still have Doce and Purcell left. I'm not sure what the outcome of all this will be, but I do know one thing. I am still glad this kitty litter came to us. Even if we can outweigh some of their hard beginning with love, full tummy and holdings, we'll do it. My first thought last night when I realized that Splash was not well, was I wished I had not shown these babies to the cam. It's hard for me to pass on sad news to all of you. But, on the other hand, this is a RESCUE CENTER. It's what we do here. No one ever promised that all would be rosey every day. Death is a part of life. That we know. So, if we can help those in their passing, to know a bit of love, then we have done our part. And if by showing these kitties to you cammers, and we receive your prayerful support, that helps us very much too. Our promise to each incoming cat is that we will do our best to take care of them medically, and fulfill their TLC part too. We won't shut the door because they may be in the high-death risk category. Thank you for your understanding.

I'd like to point out something also about baby kitties. I noticed that someone had said kitties should only be fed on their tummies--that we should not hold them upright to feed. Please believe me when I say, I have fed many many hundreds of kitties and we know that there are indeed many positions to hold them where they won't aspirate their formula. Have you ever watched a baby kittien nursing? Yes, many times they are on their tummies, towards the floor. OR sometimes they are on their sides, OR sometimes on top of mama, still nursing, OR sometimes on their back with their feet in the air. If they have a "good suck" that  means they are swallowing properly. We know how to not let them aspirate their formula. Trust me!

We got more snow last night--maybe 2 inches more. Enough that the snowplow guy came and plowed the driveway. We have a BIG pile of snow across the road from the driveway. It's so funny to watch Azar and Whiskers in the snow. Both boys bat around the snowballs with their paws. Whiskers actually was jumping in the air trying to catch the snowflakes!

Big boy Obadiah has been grooming Pushkins and Pushkiss yesterday---alot! All 3 were snuggled in the new giant red marshmallow bed. So cute. Jaina is now back in the Rescue Center from her visit in Kitty Kastle. We weighed her yesterday and all totaled, she lost 7 ounces during her 3 week visit. That's really good. Now, we need to continue to exercise her more and to help her lose a little bit more.

Holidays mean a hambone for the cats--oh, how they love their hambones! Derecho sure is enjoying it!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday, December 28

Today is the day that Janet/Janak who has been visiting with us for 3 weeks, will go to Val's house for a little over a week. She and Val and their 6 cats (5 are Val's and 1 is Janets) will be back on Monday, Jan. 7 and stay until Jan. 13. At that time, Val will take Janet to Detroit airport to make her way back to New Zealand. But, we will still have another week with her!

Unfortunately we lost another little baby---Kissmas. I'm sorry to tell you this sad news. We always ask the big question, of WHY. But, we don't always know. I wish these things never would happen, but they do. So, we carry on, love and feed these remaining babies and hopefully they will survive. Purcell, Doce and Splash are doing good and sure know how to make a rightful fuss when they are hungry!

We had BOXES last night! Fun and wonderful to receive these gifts.
Debra N--a dozen baby food jars (Bella promises to share these with all the ones that really need this food!)
Eaglewatcher46/Beth A--return address labels with Derecho's picture on it (love this!)
Deb11111--5 bottles of Dawn liquid soap, a case of Fancy Feast grilled, case of Fancy Feast Pate and lots of 6 inch white paper plates
Middiemom04--about 20 awesome rugs--we will put these to good use!
Stinkypeep/Mimi--Christmas card, 6 beautiful handmade colorful bird toys, bag of Poptabs for Kellen, an Einie snack, big stocking of dog treats, a beautiful cat food tray with 2 bowls (we gave to Bondi) and handmade wreath pins for the volunteers
Rita & Jim S--Christmas card with donation
Sam H family in WI--card with pics of Alfie/Avens and cat family (we love getting pics from our FFRC cats)
Rosesf6cats--card for Janet
Brooke B from OH--PayPal donation to FFRC
Bonny H from CA--PayPal donation to FFRC
Jim R from VA--PayPal donation to FFRC
Kevincstms--PayPal donation to FFRC

Gallant is doing great. Each day we get a little, very little dead tissue off of his wounds. This is definitely a long-term healing process, but we're gonna do it! He's such a wonderful boy.

Little Sylvia is doing super. She's out and about and becoming use to the other cats. At first, she wasn't sure what those other 4 legged "things" were, but she's starting to play. Yesterday, she would lay on a furniture shelf and bat at all the cats under her or going by her. This morning, she's joining in a little in the play time.

Right now, there are 7 cats on the red shelf, watching the birds outside. They love to chirp and stare at all the action outside the window! The birds are feeding heavily. We even love to watch them!

The Covies in Kitty City are doing wonderful! They're warm and happy--no wind, no snow or rain to bother them. It's amazing, how in the colder weather, they become such good friends and like to snuggle together. They sure love their heat lamps and beds too.

The front office cats are so interesting. Bondi of course, loves her heated bed, as does Big Al. Zavatar loves his dripping sink and Azar just loves to have people rub his ears as we go in and out. A wonderful group of kitty-friends for our Welcome Room Office cats.

Graciela--what a pretty girl she is.

Raza--another beauty girl

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday, December 27

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had snow yesterday! Not alot, maybe 2 inches, but there's a little ice hanging with the snow. The Covies are all snug in their Kitty City and the Porchies are thoroughly enjoying their heated beds! The Barnies also have a heat lamp which they love.

I've heard back from the family that adopted Coca-Cola and Audrey. They and the other 2 cats are becoming friends and enjoying TV time with their owners. They are already part of their family. Liberty and Gib's family also sent Christmas greetings--all is well there.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you all.
Renee C/jakesmeowmy--3 cases of Fancy Feast can food (2 gravy lovers and 1 cheddar)
Linda S/mls9690--misc. variety of canned cat foods including 2 cans of A/D and 2 of K/D & 12 jars of baby food
CherylAnn275 from WA--Photo Christmas card of Jim "Santa" and Cheryl, Christmas cards for volunteers, blank thank you cards with Ada Jane, Zelda, Cutie, BOndi, Magenta & Emaline on the front, Christmas ornaments, pin with 3 snowmen with bells, Book (3 in 1 collelction), 2 lb bag of Almond Roca and a sign that says: May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all the year through. Thanks, Cheryl!
Lizmol from MI and her kitties Ginny & Ariel--coupons, Gift for Janak (almond roca), 2 pkgs of snackers, baby food, Fancy Feast, can of Salmon, Oatmeal (!), twinkle ball for turbo track, jingle balls for Pania, treat bar for Einie, lots of volunteer snac ks, dog snackers, Frango's candy cane CHocolate, Starbucks single serve packets and 4 boxes of Keurig Drinks
Bev M for Bella--2 big fluffy soft pink Marshmellow Poofs (Bella was right on in in seconds!!)
Eaglespirit--card made with a beautiful collage of the resident cats
Paula S from Defiance--Chief receipt tapes
Brenda S from Defiance--Donation from sale of kitty toys she made
Cassie, Patch, Kiddums  and  Adrian/Aidie & Malcolm--Christmas and New Years card for everyone! The volunteers were each listed.
Rita F/WISCcatmomof4 and her kitties Sparky, Cecelia, Johnny & Lulu--Christmas card with pictures of furbabies, donation in loving memory of Frankie Marie   Picture of Rudi (sister's dog) and Lulu (persian cat) with Santa
Joan Y & Richard S from Maryland--Christmas card and donation for FFRC in remembrance of all their pets that have passed on
Ellen E--PayPal donation to FFRC
SG/fossilcat--PayPal donation to FFRC
Amy S from OH--PayPal donation to FFRC
Joann P--PayPal donation to FFRC
Joseph C--PayPal donation to FFRC
Paula K--PayPal donation to FFRC
Joseph V--PayPal donation to FFRC
James P--PayPal donation to FFRC
Debbie S--Paypal donation to FFRC
Lawrence G--Paypal donation to FFRC

Also a big thanks to Two Loons Jewelry Company--for each FFRC pendant they sell, they donate $10 and someone purchased a Derecho pendant!

We have our weekly PetFinder report. We had 2,413 total pet views. The top 13 cats that were viewed were: Badu, Audrey, Liberty, Coca-Cola, Weber, Boulder, Gib, Pants, Engelina, Canton, Nemo, Treesa and Ocavia.

The little kittens are doing good. Unfortunately, we did lose one of them. Little Trooper passed away from one feeding, to the next. I'm not sure why, but we will miss him. The four remaining ones (Splash, Kissmas, Purcell and Doce) are getting little tummies. They sure can meow loud when they are hungry. They are still getting a middle of the night feeding.

Gallant is doing well. He's still getting his soak/scrub baths and several ointment applications daily. Very very slowly, the dead skin tissue is being removed. When we clean his pen, he is allowed to walk about on the floor. It's very obvious that the worse burned side is painful to walk on, but he goes slow and has investigated the room.

Starting the first of 2013, we need to re-emphasis the facebook Chatter's policy. "This is not the forum for solicitation of donations to private parties or to other organizations. This group is for FFRC". This means that as of Jan. 1, we would appreciate no posts soliciting donations to other organizations. Also we are asking people that if you are posting pictures on the FFRC's fb chatter's page, to only post 2 pictures daily. The site is getting absolutely flooded daily with pictures. But, we still want to see them! You can put your pictures in your Flickr account and then share your Flickr site with us! Thank you. I hope everyone understands the need for this.

Our sweet Bondi on her desk.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tuesday, Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all our volunteers, lurkers, chatters, mods, admins, friends and all supporters. I hope and pray that today is a very blessed day for each and every one of you. 

The cats and I have much to be thankful for. The support given is huge. The friendship that is given is so much appreciated. The friend-families that we have come to know is a real treasure. Knowing that there are so many people that sincerely care about this rescue center makes for a huge soft spot in my heart. Thank you to you all.

We had BOXES last night. This blog will be short since it's Christmas, but I want to pass on our thanks.
David/wolfpatch--Jiffy Cutter with instructions for proper cutting!, play/squeak mouse for Pania, Homemade almond crescent cookies--very yummy and a 1 pound bag of organic catnip
Deb11111--big box of 33 gallon & 13 gallon trash bags, 3 large bottles of Jergens hand lotion, 2 cases of Fancy Feast grilled
Autumn & Anna from France--a nice letter and picture from Autumn the kitty, 3 wonderful books--"Dewey the Library Cat", "All I needed to know I learned from my cat and then some", and "The Red Dog". Thanks!
Kellysong--bag of Lindor Chocolates & a 24 variety pack Planters Peanuts for the volunteers
Michelle/Crittercat from CT--a very nice Christmas card, stocking with Pet Supply Plus gift card, cat snackers, 5 cans of sardines, 2 thank you note boxes, lots of books to read and share. You'll have to come and visit again soon!
WiddleTigger--2 big bags of Chicken Soup for the Soup kitten dry food
LucyToons/Lucy O--4 packages of Mylar balls, treat for Einie, spring toys, shinner balls and 3 case of Fancy Feast
Cheryl/cherylann275 from WA--gift for Janak: handmade kitty jammies, Almond Roca, matching pillowcases, 2013 planner
Kathy R--2-3 packs of Lysol wipes, 4 cases of Fancy Feast grilled, big tin of shortbread cookies
Phil & Cleo--3 tins of cookies--beautiful snowman decorated chocolate covered oreos!
Norma B from Iowa--Christmas card & donation
Glynda N from Canada--Christmas card and donation
Mimi/Alice S from FL--Christmas card & Walmart gift card
Karen C from KS--Christmas card and donation  Hug given to Asha & Derecho!
Selkie, Blue & Misty and their mama (my siamese friends)--Christmas card  (I loved the song verse you sent!)
Teresa S & Jean W from IL--Christmas card, a very nice letter and a donation, also from their pets Sparky, Lily, Violet
Gladys/newfie1--Christmas card and a donation
Norma F/Mmiralla from Puerto Rico--Christmas card and a very nice letter and picture of Nya and from Gilberto M
Alice G from MI and her kitty Gracie--a donation for medical treatments and a Christmas card. Alice is 103 years old!! Written by her daughter Sandra A
Mary C/midwesterngirl and kittie Crystal from IL--Christmas card with Crystal's picture on the front
Mary D from PA--Christmas card and donation
Eaglespirit from WI--a personal letter
Andrea J/Peach 63 and kitty Lana from Germany--Christmas card
June K/painteddaisy from NY--Christmas card and donation and a lottery ticket (bummer, not a winner!!)
Isabella H/budnbits from FL--Christmas card and a donation for Dove and Feliz Navidad fund
Joseph & Beth M/midnightAnn from FL--Christmas card and a Walmart gift card
Ron R from CT--Christmas card
Ville T--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Kellyssong/Kelly--a donation thru PayPal for the 5 kittens and Gallant
Ingrid S from the Netherlands--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Andy A--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nancy S/nancepants--a donation thru PayPal to help with the 5 new babies
Donna P--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Judeanlee--a donation thru PayPal in honor of the FFRC Volunteers!

We have names! The 5 new kittens have names! Splash (torti/girl with bigger gold splotch on head), Kissmass (torti/girl with smaller gold splotch on head & in honor of these Christmas kitty arrivals) and the 3 black/white names are Purcell (in memory of Philip's mother), Doce (in honor of the kittens arriving on 12/12/12), and Trooper (one of the Catathon sponsored names).

Court says, "Merry Christmas!".

Monday, December 24, 2012

Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas Eve day. A most blessed day. Over the next two days, we have a few volunteers that cannot come because of family obligations, but we have other volunteers that can fill in these slots. We truly have the best volunteers in the whole wide world. 

Over the next day, we will be posting on the webcam chat and the facebook page, a Merry Christmas to many of the different countries as they come into the first minute of their Christmas Day!  Along with the country name, a typical Christmas Greeting will also be included!  We've already started with New Zealand.

Update on Gallant: So, now, this wonderful cat head-butts the front of his pen to get attention! He is simply amazing. His twice daily baths/soaks will continue. He just sits there and let's us do what we need to do. With his soak, a little more burned tissue is coming off. We can see pink tissue under all this! 

We have heard from another past adopted cat. His name is Wiffin, now known as Griffin. Sounds like Griffin is a very happy cat. He even has a screened, glassed inporch to watch the birds and squirrels. Be good boy, Griffin! 

We also took in 5 tiny baby kittens yesterday. We received an e-mail from someone in New Hampshire, OH, about 2 hours away. At the cardboard packaging company she works at, she found 4 tiny kittens under one of the machines. They were thought to be dead at first, as they were cold and wet. On the cold concrete floor there was another wet baby, with the cord still attached. She started rubbing them and warming them up, then decided to take them home with her. She works full time and didn't have the time needed to care for these babies, so a call was made to FFRC. We now have these 5 sweeties. 2 are girls, both tortis and 3 are boys, all black/white with such cute face markings. They were born 12/12/12. Thanks to this lady for taking such good care of this litter. There has been no mommy to be found. But, the company has set a trap in hopes of catching her and getting her spayed. These babies are eating about every 3 hours, around the clock. Names will be given today. 

We had a BOX last night! It was from OneCraftyOne who sent a few really fun toys for Jaina and the rest of the cats. Thanks bunches! 
We also received these Paypals:
Philip P from NJ--a donation made in memory of his mom, who passed away 25 years ago. 
Heidi D--thanks for sharing your 2 Christmas poems with us about FFRC and Putter
Deborah N from NH--a donation to FFRC for the 5 new babies and for Gallant
Erin S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
WAM from UK--a donation to help Gallant have a speedy recovery and for FFRC cats

Last night, Janet and I continued to read stories about FFRC cats, Christmas poems and other cat related stories. Tonight, for Christmas Eve, we have a special story to read--it is Canton's very first booklet that she made for FFRC. We will begin as usual at 6:00 on the cam. 

Derecho and friend playing.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday, December 23

Merry Christmas Eve Eve Day! The kitties stockings are hung on the pen doors and I've been hearing a lot of talking among the cats--telling those whippersnapper kittens they must behave so Santa will come by. They heard there's a special breakfast of Turducken IF all felines behave! Lots of good behavior promises are being made!

Our new kitten Sylvia is doing good. Such a loverbug. She's still sleeping alot, but wakes easily to be held. A couple more days and we should have her here in the main rescue center area. She's very pretty. Pania was playing a lot yesterday--saw her with her noisy balls in the hallway again. Engelina is here on the desk with me--she seems to be placing that front left leg of hers a bit better these last few days. What a gentle girl she is--loves to be petted. Her softness is incredible.

We had two more adoptions yesterday! Our wonderful Rudy went to his new home with Shelley H and family. I do believe he will fit right in and be a happy boy. I'm sure we'll be seeing pictures of him on facebook. Our sweet Pants also found a home. A young man came in looking for a kitten for his wife for Christmas. She so wanted a gold tiger with white feet that was very loving. Pants fit the bill.He actually picked the man and fell asleep in his arms! So sweet.

We had BOXES last night and lots of envelopes too. Thank you ever so much for these gifts.
Kellysong--Proplan Kitten dry food
Sandra E--case of Fancy Feast Chicken grilled, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp and case of Fancy Feast kitten can
Bradley S from WA--2 homemade loaves of Hutzell bread (fruit/nut)  Already tried it and it is delicious!
NYKatz/Ellyn & Billy and cats Bubba and Socks--Christmas card and donation and tin of Russel Stover Chocolates in a kitty tin
Phyllis B from MI--coupons and a card for my mom
Jim & Kathy T from MO :(Emaline's sponsor family)--Christmas card and a note and donation for Emaline
Debra M/Debbiedear from CA--Christmas card and pictures of her kitties Princess Emerald, Tigger, Buddy and Happy and a donation for FFRC
Janet S from IA--Christmas cards and a donation for FFRC. Also pictures of her kitties Toby and Harley
Ellis & Barb I from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Barbara B/frenchsilk from NY--Christmas card and a donation for FFRC
Mbstarr and kitties Taz and Camry from VA--Christmas card
Kimkost/Kim K from MI--Christmas card and a donation for FFRC, picture of their visit here at FFRC on 11/16 and a card for Janet
Linda & Peter B from NY and kitties Beony and Butterbur/Butterscotch--Christmas card and a picture of their FFRC cats and a donation
Annette B from NC and kitties Flynn, Elsie and Lucky--Christmas card and donation to Feliz Navidad fund
Paul & Jeannine S from NY--Christmas card and a donation to FFRC
Allan C from UT--donation to FFRC
Susanne B from CA--Christmas card and a donation to FFRC
MaryCat/MM_cat--from Poland--Christmas card and card for Hannah
Gramma June from MA--Christmas card
Susan/Schinn from ME and kitties Cleo & Ralph--Christmas card and a donation for FFRC and pictures of Cleo and Ralph
Marilyn/Madisonpepper & Charlie from NJ and kitties Serena, Madison, Pepper, Christmas & Michael--Christmas card
Audrey & Jackie G from GA--Christmas card
Kismet/Lois S--Christmas cards
Leine--Christmas card
Patricia D from TX--Paypal donation for FFRC
Barbara C from GA--Paypal donation for FFRC
Sharon Z from AZ--Paypal donation for FFRC
Kevin M--Paypal donation for FFRC
Gusti--Paypal donation in honor of Linda/Gossamer for taking videos

Please forgive me if I don't have all the information right--if you'd like to send any corrections to my e-mail ( that would be fine!

Update on Gallant: This cat amazes me. His patience is huge, his heart is big and his tolerance to his treatments is amazing.After talking to the vets again yesterday, it was decided to add a second antibiotic to his daily treatments. We continue to soak/softly scrub his burns twice daily. This is followed by a slathering of burn ointment 3-4 times daily. Today when he had his bath, the big ugly black section is starting to loosen up. This is a good sign. Each day, the dead tissue will be clipped away. I could see a little pink tissue under this area! The scrotal area is still very swollen and sore, but time will help with this as well. He has definitely earned his name of Gallant.

Today is my family's Christmas day!

Derecho and me sharing a matching jammie-time!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Saturday, December 22

We had another adoption yesterday! Our sweet Keena went to her new home. Her new mama is a young lady, still in high school. She has a big heart with lots of love to give to Keena! I've heard from Serephina's dad and all is well. She enjoys sitting on his lap by the hours, watching TV with him! I've also heard again in regards to Liberty and Gib. Gib is having a blast running and playing big time with Liberty, who is joining in the fun. Liberty's potty problems are about 75% better! A couple more days should finish up her loose stool problem! 

We took in another new kitten yesterday. Her name is Sylvia. She is 16 weeks old and was found all by herself. Sylvia is a beautiful silver/grey tiger kitten. Her name comes from one of the Catathon names given. She is friendly, sweet, but oh so tired. She is either eating or completely soundly sleeping. She just appears to be exhausted. So, we are letting her catch up on her sleep. She loves the heater pad. 

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks given to you.
Our special friend, Hannah and her family--picture made by Hannah on her computer (kitty cookie and the FFRC upside down tree!). A wrapped gift for "all the cats" in a tote bag containing 6 Mega bags of kitty snackers
Lucytoons/Lucy O--container of Bonito flakes, card for volunteers, stickers and card for Hannah, Christmas cards for Steve/Jacci, Janet, Covies, Derecho, Resients and kities waiting to be adopted
Middiemom--4 giant containers of Clorox wipes
Jeannette B from TN and her fur Haven babies--Christmas card with note, 2 bags of Bubble Gum, snackers for the volunteers, Einie snacker, 2 bags of dog snackers, 2 boxes of Candy Canes, 2 bottles of Holly berry wreath Hand soap, 2 boxes of Chocolate covered blueberries.  For Jacci: postie notes/notepads, wood box with saying "All you need is love...and a cat", kitty socks, Reeses PB cups, milk bubble bath.  For Janet: oatmeal, breakfast breads, Smuckers Strawberry Preserves, kiwi fruit, goo goo clusters, apple/tangerine/chestnuts
Rosemary/cliocat from UK--Christmas card and donation, lots of info on Rastie Rescue Center where her daughter works at
Bonnie P--Christmas gift cards from Walmart
Janet K--a beautiful painting that Janet did on canvas of our Twinkle--it's absolutely stunning
Neil and Annamarie and kitties--Christmas card, million dollar bills candy bars for grandkids and Damian and Livy, Bonito flakes, Russell Stover chocolates for each volunteers, short bread cookies (very very good!)
Glennette M from CA--Christmas card and 3 books of stamps, paper plates, 3 bags of snackers, 8 cans of Friskies, case of kitty food pouches
Elizabeth A/widdletigger from MD--Christmas card with kids' pictures, toys for kitties, Kitty City, Porchies and Center kitties, 3 catnip bananas, 3 containers of catnip, 16 mega bags of Temptation treats & Party mix, 20 Fancy Feast Appetizers
Deb11111--12 bottles of Clorox glass and surface spray
Jana and Oban (visitor)--kitty toys, plates, food, blankies and snackers

Many thanks too for the PayPal donations!
Erin M from PA--in honor of Cantoncat and Chance
Lee L/leefromoz from Australia--donation to help with Gallant
Eileen M from CA--donation to help with Gallant
Melinda F from NC--donation for FFRC
Crystal C from KY--to help with Gallant
Kate and husband Patrick  E and friend Patricia T from UK--to help with Gallant and all of FFRC
Margaret H from NC--to help with Gallant
Jennifer S from MA--to help with Gallant
Vaunita S from PA & Schinn81--a donation for all the cats at FFRC
Vaunita S from PA, in honor of her friend Toni D/vrs1cats--donation for FFRC
Sharee D from AZ--donation to help with Gallant
Lori N and her girl kitties Mindy and Lacey from NE--donation for FFRC
Alice/twocatsfromNJ & Lou D--donation to help with Gallant
Anna Marie & Neil from MO--donation for Gallant
Sheila H from Alberta--donation for FFRC, use where needed
Deb B from GA--donation to help with Gallant
Becky M from Defiance--donation to help with Gallant

Update on Gallant: What a great eater he is. Because of the burns, we want to keep his protein consumption and liquid consumption up. So, three times yesterday Gallant got a jar of baby food, with water mixed in it. He gobbled it right up! He received two scrubbing baths yesterday, with no sedation, but with pain meds on board. What a brave trooper he is. He sits there with his entire rump in the tub, while a volunteer rubs his face and neck. His burned area gets a light scrubbing. He receives his antibiotics twice daily. He's so sweet. Gallant is a purr boy who is thoroughly enjoying all the attention we give him. Parts of his burns are starting to slough off. 
I have a thought about Gallant. His eyes are foggy, like an older cat, but yet, his cheek pouches are small. On my first look at him, I thought he was unneutered because of the size of his scrotum. If so, because his cheek pouches are small, he couldn't be a full adult (unneutered adults have big cheek pads and their urine smells very strong). Well, Gallant has small cheek pads and his urine does not smell. So, I'm led to think that maybe he is not a youngster after all. His scrotum may indeed be swollen from his injuries, not because of testicles. So, it's a mystery, and time will tell. We will have to wait for his burns to heal before knowing this part of the story. In the meantime, we will keep on treating these awful burns and giving him lots of TLC. 

Dolan says: "Don't tell on me, but I just snitched a cookie!"

Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday, December 21

One of our volunteers, Amy, is a teacher in Bryan. They have visited our webcam and have sent the Rescue Center an envelope of Christmas wishes. Thank you, class and Amy!

I've heard back from Pat who has adopted Liberty and Gib. Things are progressing. Gib gets his little canned tidbits in private, so as to not hurt Liberty's feelings! Her stool is improving and both cats are happy. They have explored every inch of her house already!  I've also heard back from Uncle Eric's sister (she visits at holiday times) who adopted Gossamer and Kiwi. Both kittens are doing fine. They are very comfortable with their mom and feel safe in the security of their own home. While they hide when visitors come, that is ok, as they love their mom. I also talked to Christopher's new dad yesterday and all is fine. Christopher is super-loved!

We had BOXES last night! Wow--I'm so grateful for each and every item!
Cantoncat--6 packs of Whiskers Lickins snackers, 2 cases of Friskies pate, 4 cases of Friskies Prime Filets and 1 case of Frisky Tasty Treasures
Deb11111--10 reams of colored paper
Debbie & Jim from Georgia--Christmas card for Jacci/Voluntters (a musical chicken song!), cat collars, a beautiful peacock box with bath soap, cat nip toys, mouse toys, sardine toys, a Don't Open till Christmas Box (what fun!) 
Sandra E--case of baby food
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--snow flurries bubble bath, sardines, mouse/cheeese tys, chocolate sardines (I love this!), vita gravy and a book "Best seat in the House" Cats in the window picutres
Dave, Bonnie & Michael M from MI--shopping list notepad, Christmas card, special donation from Michael, gift for Steve, 2 bags of candy, sleeping kitty figurine, rose in a globe paperweight
Lucytoons-300 small white paper plates and a bag of natural doggie snacks
Brenda C--2 cases of Friskies for Raza & friends and the older cats
Selena and Scott W from IN--donation, wash cloths, kittiy Christmas stocking full of toys and kitty food, kitty snackers, fancy feast/meow mix, whiskas snackers, hartz milk replacer and 2 packs of baby wipes
Julie P and Sophie--For Janet--pink kitty socks. For Steve & Jacck--travel coffee mugs, bracelet and 2 envelope openers
Aunty Julie--Christmas card, pop tabs for kellen, 2 cat grass kits, doggie snackers, 2 spin ball toys, 2 big cat jingle balls, lots of cat snackers, "Octavia proof" smarty cat catnip containers, stack of sardines, mini turbo tracker, 2 tins of homemade Treasure Cookies, tin of Rum Balls, homemade banana bread, Book: "Cat Confessions" and a mug that says "Think Pawsative"
Phil and Cleo--box of Friskies kitty snackers
Anonymous Friend from TN--a big box of things for volunteers to be opened off cam and envelopes for the volunteers.  A special thanks to you
Katmomof2/Kath R and Willow, Oliver--big case of Charmin toilet paper and 2 big bags of Purina One
Shawn and Maggie/Magspa from PA--Christmas card and a donation and card for the volunteers
Beth A/eaglewatcher from IL--a very special Christmas card and note and a Visa gift card for Jacci & Steve
Sheila W from TX and kitties Sparky, Rose and Kat--Christmas card, stamps and a donation
Joanne H/Anniecat from Kansas and cats/dogs-- JJ, Avery Louie, Molly and Bailey--Christmas card and a donation
Barb/laeo and Steve C from GA--Christmas card and a donation
Terry W/TWKitty and kitties Simon and Sophie from CA--Christmas card and a donation
Judy & Jay and kittie Hainesport--Christmas card and a donation in honor of the volunteers
Cathy D from Ontario--donation thru PayPal to help with Gallant
Janet D--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Edgar B from IL--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation thru PayPal to help with Gallant's pain meds
Cathy/ordinarydiva from NY--donation thru PayPal to help with Gallant
Melisa S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Colleen L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

If you would like to make a donation to FFRC, you can click on the Donate Now button that's under the Ustream KittyCam video! Thanks to Lenz for making this possible.

Remember to submit your recipe for our Second Edition FFRC cookbook! Go to

Janet has been working very hard on making a birthday calendar of all the cats/kittens. Check it out on our website: Click on About Us, then click on Birthday Celebrations. Janet has the birthday, the date of arrival, their classification (porchie, covie, etc.) and their description. Thanks, Janet. 

We took in a new cat yesterday. His name is Gallant. Unfortunately, this cat did not arrive under good conditions. Someone deliberately burned him. He is an unneutered orange short hair tiger cat, only about 9-10 months old. Probably because he was spraying, someone lifted his tail and poured something burnable on his private parts and on his back and then lit him on fire. Why, why do some people think that this is ok? Wouldn't it have been far better to simply take this cat to a rescue or shelter then to cause such pain to him? This is NOT ok to do. Gallant peed this morning, which is a miracle in itself. We now have to see if he can poo. As I said, his "parts" are severely burned. He is on pain meds and antibiotics. He was sedated yesterday and put in a warm bath to scrub his many wounds. This will continue daily. His burns were then slathered with burn ointment. This has happened to a really nice pettable, lovable, purring cat. It's not like he was feral where someone couldn't have picked him up and taken him to a rescue/shelter. This was indeed done on purpose. The police are involved. I will also be in contact with our vets today. Gallant WANTS to live and he loves to be loved on. 

On a brighter note--all is well here. The kitties have been on their best behavior, or at least, that's what they're saying. I asked them about the food cabinet that was in disarray, the drawer with the stacks of paper that was flopped over, the wastebasket that was tipped over, the pile of clean laundry that was on the floor, the tipped over water bowl and the cookie that had the frosting licked off of it. Not a single cat knew what I was talking about. They all said that they were being very very good! Okay, I guess I'll believe them! 

Engelina--what a beauty with rabbit soft fur. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thursday, December 20

Pssst---what did you say, Putter? Putter wants it known to the kitties and cats that he EXPECTS them to be on their very best behavior this week. After all, Christmas is almost here and it's important to show honor by being extra kind to all the one another kitties and cats. You got it, Putter. Your voice has been heard!

We had TWO adoptions this morning! Yes, this morning already. I have a friend, Pat that lives across the river from me. She lost her cat (due to old age) about 1/2 year ago. It's taken her a while, but she is now ready to have a cat family. I talked to her a couple days ago when she called. I use to work with her at a vet office and I love how she loves her cats. She has medical background experience and told me she was willing to help me with any special needs cats. I told her we need help with Liberty. She cannot have can food and there's too easy access of the food here for her at FFRC. So, here was her thought though--she wanted to adopt TWO cats, not one. The second cat was my choice--just pick one that would be fun and is a good friend to Liberty. That would be Gib. Pat came over this morning, collected her new kitties and has already texted me that both are settling in. She has the meds for Liberty, will feed can food to Gib in private and will keep me posted in regards to both of the cats, but especially of Liberty. 

We had BOXES last night! So many boxes and so many thank yous to give back to you!
Sherry and David W--wreath & Christmas card made by David, Walmart gift card, 2013 calendar, 3 suet blocks, song bird bird food, 1 case of Gravy sensations, woodpecker treat bar and a beautiful bird feeder   Special thanks to David!
Julie P--2 mat quilted beds, box of Whisker Lickens chicken, Dewey's Christmas book at the Library, and a fabulous 10 piece cheese & sausage Wisconsin Cheeseman gift box!
Widdletiger--card and a 3 pack of Q-tips (to replace allllll those q-tips that Gib has "stolen"!)
Jean S--a Wisconsin Dairy State Cheese gift box
Mayumi from Japan--Hello Kitty plastic storage bags, accordion Christmas card, Kleenex individual packs, Royal Canin Pouches, Japanese book of Grandma and Her Cat Book, Royal Canin Appetizers and 4 cans of special sardines from Japan!
Deb B--24 cans of Turducken for kitties Christmas meal and 5 cans gourmet meal can foods
Penny V/Pansil--bird treats!---pinecone treats, Christmas trio seed packs for birds, classic pecan wreath for woodpeckers, bird seed strawberries, gingerman bird treats
Phyllis B--cheese and sausage meat gift pack from Figis
Whitney H/Whitster from OH--a Christmas kitty song card, gourmet chocolate covered Oreos, gourmet truffles and chocolate mint patties
Kelly R from CA--paw points, planner/calendar office supply bag, cat snackers, Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp, Chicken Soup for the Soul can cat food, Royal Canin food, 3 cases of Wellness food, cosmic catnip, cat nip nibbler toys, feather toys, lots of aAppetizers, case of Puurfectly Fish, 2 big cans of Chicken, oreo cookies, nutter butter cookies
Annnette B & furbabies Flynn, Lucky and Elsie--Royal Canin can food for oldsters (for Putter), noisy toy for Pania, extra yummy treats for the Volunteers, 2 bags of cat snackers, case of Purrfectly Chicken, 9x12 email protectors (to protect from Badus paper eating!), extra crunchy peanut butter Santa, little book "Smitten with Kittens"
Sandra E--for Anony: laser etched ornament with Anony on the glass to hang on a window
Laura/Emmie05 andJenna & furbabies Emmie Lou, Jake, Theo and Lilly--box of chocolate sardines!!,card and gift card, wash cloths, hand towels, old fashion gum/candy in a container, bag full of Temptations and Whisker Lickins, clorox wipes and a big bag of Chocolate candy bars.  Also a poem called "Cycle of Love and Death"--just beautiful!
Kellysong--scoopable litter, big box
Tom & Nancy /kerswill from MI--musical Christmas card and pictures from Domino/Amber, purple quilted bed, large blue & white bed, snackers, case of Fancy Feast cans, case of Appetizers, X-treme cat nip, gift bag full of Russel Stovers for volunteers, nice poem (favorite things)
Autumn & Anna B from France--Santa Christmas cat card
Terry M from IN & furbabies Boomer & Smokey--Christmas card and donation
Peverley & Bill and twins Ryan & Conner--Christmas card and family picture
Robin D and Jim and Lilo from OH--CHristmas card and donation
Becky M and furbaby Piper from NY--Christmas card and donation
Kim & Josh S and furbaby Scribbles--Christmas card
Anonymous from Ohio--Christmas card and WalMart gift card
Judy/judeanlee and Phillip L and cats Tigger, Annie and Marmalade--stickers, Christmas card and lots of forever stamps
Butterfly class from Belgium--a wonderful note, kitty math sheet that they use from our ustream cam and special Christmas card made by her kids for the volunteers
Dan P--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Jackie G--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Tammy/bellabell01 from PA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Ellen E--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Aleda S from VA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Adam N from CO--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Thanks to some creative writings by webcam viewers and our Cantoncat friend, we have been provided with some wonderful stories that Janet and I are reading after boxes this week to our webcam friends. Come join the fun. We will continue this thru Christmas Eve. 

Dove's foot looks awesome! We're finally seeing the end of her treatment for her horrible leg-trap wounds. What a blessing. She is also coming out of her shell and sticking around to watch us and catch what is happening with the kitties! Pania too, is playing more and more each day. What a joy to see this. Derecho was in the house last night. Oh, did he enjoy himself. He's such a happy cat. He made me laugh when he put his paw on Einstein's long tail. Einie gave him a poke with his beak--didn't bother Derecho--he just stared at him! 

Gent is a paw-boy. He loves to lay his paw on a hand--oh, so gentle. Last night was the last night that Pushkins and Pushkiss has to spend their night time sleeping hours in June's Room--they're free to cruise about at night now! We also will start leaving the door to Dove's pen open 24/7 now. Engelina just took off after Willard--those two can run ever so fast. Engelina barely puts her weight on that crooked front leg of hers when she runs, but she goes so fast, it's hard to tell.

Joe-Bob is doing great--he's feeling just fine now. Just an occasional sneeze. Considering the condition he arrived in, he's made great strides. He's another happy boy--he has purring down to an art! Little Keena and Basil are also two fast-winged kittens. Where one is, usually the other is right behind, doing the great chase and find game.

The very handsome new Porchie--Whiskers. He says, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Weds., December 19

I've been asked several times if I would post the beautiful piece that a webcam friend sent to FFRC about Bravo and Pizazz. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

We also have a new page added to our FFRC website at  Check it out! It's not complete yet, but will have all the cat's birthdays from adoptable cats, Porchies, Covies to Resident cats.

We have a new update on the PetFinder report. We had 2,131 total views this past week. The top 12 cats were: Badu, Weber, Audrey, Shirley, Coca-Cola, Boulder, Nemo, Christopher, Purrdue, Rudy, Englina and FiFi.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday, December 18

Tuesday, December 18

One week to go till Christmas is here. The cats and especially the kittens are trying so hard to be extra good. Octavia has been extra trying hard--she's been advising all felines to behave and cease all fighting (I'm sure it's because she has a motive, like.....snagging all the incoming food and treats for herself!). But, all is well--and peaceful here. 

JoeBob is feeling great. He's been spinning in circles on the laundry table today, playing with his own tail. Then he was playing and chomping with Coca-Cola's tail on the floor. He's doing cartwheels! So nice to see him feeling good again! Gent is also feeling good. He ate a good breakfast and is now out and about once more. Cutie has been strolling about this morning and ate part of her breakfast. Last night she was seen chowing down on the dry cat food! 

We had another two adoptions yesterday! Canton and Treesa went to their new home together! The family that came (has been here several times recently) decided these were the two for them! I believe Canton and Treesa picked their own humans! It was wonderful.

We just got an update on FiFi this morning. She loves Pat and sits on her neck/shoulder while Pat is crocheting...will stay there for hours at a time! I also heard from Christopher's new owner--all is well and happy there in that household too! I also got a phone call from Cyrilla's family. They send their Christmas greetings to FFRC and said that she is a happy girl.

We had BOXES last night. You all make a difference to FFRC!
Gramma June for Derecho--coil santa hat toy
Diana R from FL--letter and a beautiful Mola handcrafted handbag with kitties on in, from Bogota, Columbia
Autumn & Anna B for Albert Einstein--bag of Avi Cakes!
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too from FL--Bathroom book, another book called If Cats Could Talk, a beautiful book of horses (I love this!) and a Christmas card
Sophie & Lucys dad/Mike from MI--dog snackers, Friskies can, Fancy Feast cans, bunches of cat snackers
Katherine B/Darkcat (one of our moderators)--Christmas card, elf hats for 7 ffrc kids and a special one for Gregg, a beautiful cat windchime, black/white cat salt/pepper shakers and a beautiful plate with "Twinkle" written on it (so sweet)
Amsprinkle--pop tabs for Kellen, 2 bags of One Beyond dry cat food, cat stickers, lemon cookie to eat or hang on tree and a case of Fancy Feast
Gina/catluver14 from OH--donation in lieu of gifts for her brother Carl and friend Vickie, card for FFRC, card for Janet, pathwork tied fleece blanket, can of chicken for the Covies, cans of sardines, kitty print slippers, notepad/ pencils/ return labels with FFRC saying on it!, lots of kitty snackers, Meow Mix cups, 2 packs of Thank you notes
Middiemom--big tin of popcorn from The Popcorn Factory -- extra yum!
MBstarr & Camry & Tazz--Letter to Sheriff Putter, blankie with colorful pawprints, scarf, 2 more wonderful blankiets, silicone spring toys, 3 yeooow catnip bananas (one for Pania), pompoms, kitty thank you notes, 4 kinds of Reeses candy bags, catnip toys, a very beautiful glass kitty blue/green/red/silver figurine
Wendi & Henry and Twinkie, Icabob, Sylvester and puppy Kelly--a letter. For Jacci--a Live Love Meow box with an ebony carved kitty inside. a tin of fudge, 3 kitty toy packs, kitty stocking filled with mice, Hershey Kisses. There was also a box filled with beautiful handmade items for the volunteers to choose from: hot pads, doillies, stockings, coasters, hats, trivets.  Thanks so much!
Joanne H--Hissy Fits (print from Robert Marble "Whimsical Kitties", a book "It's a Cat's Christmas", 3 kitty carriers and poptabs for Kellen
Hummerfan--card for Hannah
From Octavia--Hoops & YoYo card and a "blank" check for pizza party for volunteers!!
Pat L & Sandy from KS--coupons
Melissa W from PA--Christmas card
Patricia H/Maheck & Anita--Singing kitty Christmas card and a donation
Betz from PA--Christmas card with a donation for something fun for the volunteers
Janet D from OH--Christmas card and donation
NYcatluvr--Christmas card
Guti--Christmas card for my mom
Lori, Betsy, Cloe & Binks from Mass--Photo Christmas card
Sonjamac from Canada--stickers for Hannah, Christmas card and a laser light for the kitties from Mr. Squeaks
Anonymous Friend--card for Janet and a really neat wolf t-shirt
Mischelle K from IL--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Carl C from NM--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Sabine S--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lori/LewBeth--a Christmas card with her puppy and kitty on it (so cute!)
Sandy M from Defiance--a donation to FFRC

We weighed Jaina yesterday! She has lost 5 ounces! So happy for her. Janet has Jaina in Kitty Kastle and goes out periodically during the day to encourage her to play with different moving toys! It's working! We'll do another weigh-in next week. 

We are hoping (Janet and I) this week, to do some story telling each night after box time or around bedtime for the viewers. Most of these stories originate from Canton's stories. Some are from the very first booklet of stories she made, 2 years ago! The green/red paper chain is mostly still up--it has a few tears, but that's ok! 

The cats in Kitty City are doing great. I love looking out there at night, with their red heat lamps on--looks so cozy and warm! I swear I can hear them purring from outside the building! 

Miler--one of the nicest brown tiger kittens anywhere! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday, December 17

All is well in the world of FFRC. The cats and kittens are happy and ornery, just how we like them. Asha is busy rolling around inside a tunnel, playing with her tail! Cutie is sleeping peacefully beside my desk. She is feeling much better and is eating good again. Dove spent her first night out on her own--she choose Kitty Campus Room to sleep in. Her foot looks really good--her foot continues to heal. I can hear the jingle balls in June's Room being played with--I'm sure that's Pania batting them about! Life is good.

The 17 cats are now moved into Kitty City. The move went smooth and quick. We had a little trouble getting Charlie to cooperate, but then, that's Charlie! Once we had him, he was just fine. Four of them received distemper vaccination updates. Most of their ears were cleaned. All were weighed. Rolland checked in with the highest weight at 17.04, with Sevaun coming in second at 16.11.  Our two tortis, LaDonna and LeLe were the smallest, both at 7.15. They all appear to be happy to be in their winter home and settled in. Now, the snow can come and we know these Covies will be snug and warm. 

We had BOXES last night! Thank you very much!
Fun Flyers (a group of people who met thru the Decorah Eagles and now help other organizations!)--2 bags full of pompom toys, 4 paws/claws toys, lots of kitty snackers, 4 boxes of Peanut Brittle. For Dove: gift box with snackers, toys.  For Pania: gift box with snackers and noise toys.  For Derecho: gift box with feather toys and springy toys. We also received 5 donations from members Justme0252 from IA---ScSue from IA---BJinFTW from TX---Debelse from MD---ColoEagles from CO  What a really nice thing this group did for FFRC!
Gloria K and Wyatt (grandson) from PA--big bag of Reeses cups, big bag of candy for Volunteers, oatmeal/hot cocoa breakfast items!, feather on a ring toy, mint ring for teeth toy, bunch of Party Mix snackers and a laser light
Anna/Autumn kitty--a beautiful  "Purr Pose" filled heart Red cat statue with serial number from the Hamilton collection in regards to healthy women's hearts (extra thanks, Anna!), horse/donkey cookies and dog snackers from 3 Dog Bakery
Elskates & Joe and cats Brigette & Tiffany--Christmas card and donation
Anna P/kikkacat & Sean (lurkers from PA who will soon be Penn and Teller's parents)--Christmas card & letter, Pounce snackers, Whisker Lickens snacks, zany balls, case of Friskies and cans of Fancy Feast
Alex P--4 more kitty pins for the volunteers
Schmucker Family--Christmas card with a donation in honor of Dawn S
Janet L/KittyBoo from CO--Christmas card and donation
Joyce S from OH--note and a donation to FFRC
Sophie & Lucy's dad from MI--coupons
Polly B/pbouker412 from AL--Christmas card with her cat Dewey on the front
Cynthia N--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Cheryl L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Beth M--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Karin E--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Billy B--donation thru PayPal in honor of DeEtte in Ohio
Philip N--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Suzanne dR--donation thru PayPal to FFRC

After boxes, we also showed a very very long green/red paper chain--each chain representing a person that donated money toward the General Fund last week. This chain was very long! We then taped the 2 ends together to signify a circle of friendship, of all of us together. We now have this chain draped all over the rescue center--so far it's still up, but the cats are intrigued by it! Not sure how long it will last!

Whiskers is doing great--he's one of the new porchies. This cat is awesome and so sweet. I swear he comes running up to people with a smile on his face! The other porchies have 100% accepted him.  Because of the nice weather yesterday, we even had out outdoor enclosure open here in the rescue center. As soon as that window went up, out they went! They had a great day out  there watching the birds at the feeders.

We've been adding new videos to our youtube account. It's at:

Coca-Cola--he's even sweeter than he is ornery! 
Coca Cola

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday, December 16

We had a glorious day yesterday! FOUR adoptions and each and every one of them was awesome. First, Shirley and Purrdue went to their new home together. I've already heard from them and it sounds like things are going great. Lots of exploring and relaxing by both cats. Both Shirley and Purrdue were born here (to different mamas).

Then, Christopher went to his new home. He has a new Dad that loves him already. Sounds like this is a perfect match! Then, right before boxes, we had another one! This wonderful man arrived and he loved ALL the cats, but Nemo checked him out and put her paw on him and she became his. What a great day. There's still a few more adoptions coming up!

Badu spent the night in the house last night--tricky little girl that she is! But, she's back out and actually sleeping in her usual pose right now--arms hanging waaaay over the edge of her bed! Dennison is sleeping below her. I'm telling you, that boy is one handsome, big fella. And he's so sweet. Then Asha is sleeping under Dennison--yes, we have a staircase going on here. Asha is one happy girl--always ready for a good grooming. This is the highlight of each day for her!

Bondi is doing good. I had to laugh at her this morning. She hopped down from her heated bed and went over to get a bite of food. When she came back, Zavatar was in her bed. She stood up on her hind feet, put her front paw on the chair and used her other paw to bat, bat, bat Zavie in the face. He got down, she hopped up and all is fine in Bondi's world again. I had to give Zavatar a special chin scratch for letting her have her bed back.

We had BOXES last night. I thank you all for your generosity.
Anna B and Autumn--Detroit Lions mug for Steve (he even came out and got it last night!!) Box of Quaker Chewies for the volunteers and a case of tuna for the cat's extra treats
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies Meaty Bits
Sonnycat--40 pounds of scoopable litter
Middiemom/Patti V--big bag of Purina One Kitty, BIG case of Bounty paper towels, 8 containers of kitty face wipes
Julie P & Sophie--for Pania--big jingle balls and for her friends a bucket full of lattice balls
Christy H--"For Sevaun to overcome her mayoral loss"--7 mega bags of cat snackers!, 3 packs of Lysol wipes, case of Fancy Feast, 2 big bags of Purina One
Linda S/MLF from PA--kitty Christmas card, gift bags, tissue paper and wrap and a donation to FFRC
Alex P from Canada--kitty pins for the Volunteers and a card for them
Nancy G/Kerswill--big bag of Purina One dry cat food
Anonymous Friend--donation for FFRC and a nice letter, beautiful super soft black/white blankie, bag of shells from Texas, Tea, French Vanilla, Apple Cider, Coffee Chocolate Mate, tape and refills, postie notes, stickers, lots of sharpies, pipe cleaners (cats love these), giant mylar ball, electric bird sound toy,extra yummy peppermint bark candy, chocolate from Holland, Godiva Caramel Choco bar,  big rat cat toy, bunches of cool cat toys, cute garden flag.  Einie: seed/fruit bars, blocks and plastic house toy. Janie & Cammie--2 squeaker toys. For kitties: pom pom balls, personalized stockings for residents. Jammies for Jacci, blue and purple rugs and a big white crate pad bed.  Thanks so much!
Dave M--a beautiful, very colorful handmade afghan. We have something going on with this--more later in January!
Patricia Y from MI--Christmas card and donation
Vickie & Carlene and Wisckars--a really neat photoshopped Christmas card!
Gloria & Wyatt (her grandson) and furbabies Midnight, Girlie and Peachy from PA--Christmas card and donation and card for volunteers
John & Pat K from GA--Christmas card and donation in honor of Liz H in NC
Judy R from FL--Christmas card, donation and 3 sheets of stamps
Bantry (one of our mods)--Christmas card
Bev G--a Christmas card
Donna & Robert C from FL and furbabies Cassie Cat and Ms Marnie--Christmas card and donation
Diane P/RedRobin from TX--Christmas card and donation
MVCat (Ohio) (adopted Frith!)--card and donation for a new microwave (to help when we have surgeries)
Kelly R in CA--Panda card and a donation
Joyce D & family--Family Christmas card and donation
Jacksmom--a big box of scoopable litter
Bradley S--lots of scoopable litter
Tae--a young visitor--paper towels and a cat Santa sack--extra thanks, Tae!

I've been asked several times recently about how to get into our FFRC's Chatters facebook page. We welcome you! I know it seems a little weird, because it's a "secret" page, but trust me, when I say we have reasons to do this. But, on the same note, we want you to come aboard! If you want to join, you need to have a "friend" that's already on the chatter's fb page. That "friend" will add you to the page, but it still has to be approved by one of the page's admins. If you do not have a "friend" already on the site, ask a moderator to "friend" you to the chatter's site. That's it! If you have trouble, please don't hesitate to let me know.

Here's a little tidbit about me that I'd love to share! People sometimes ask me why I insist on doing so many thank yous. The answer is common courtesy. YOU have honored FFRC and me by your donation and support and I feel very strongly the need to show my appreciation to YOU by a thank you. I know sometimes I might mess up and miss sending out something, and for that I am sorry. I have been taught by my mom and dad at a young age to always send proper thank yous. So, I do these thank yous to show my gratitude and am honoring my mom and dad at the same time.

We will have BOXES tonight again--we're slowly catching up. And we'll have a stack of envelopes too to open tonight. We also have something kinda cool to show you--it's red and green! 

Telo--always the nosy boy--wanting to see what's on the other side of the door!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday, December 15

I'm in heaven--Derecho is fast asleep in my lap, all stretched out and purring. He's such a happy boy. There's something magical about him--he seems to bring the smiles out in people. The determination he shows and the joy of life is always present in him. 

We had another adoption yesterday. FiFi went home with Pat, our volunteer. I was extremely happy for both Pat and FiFi. We've already had a phone call and it appears that FiFi is settling in very quickly and enjoying the exploration of her new home. What a joy to know that FiFi now has her forever home. We will quite possibly have a few adoptions today! We have quite a few different cats and kittens being looked at. I'm a bit picky where they go and that's an okay thing. I try very hard to place them in homes that will be their forever homes, and that has time and much love for each of their pets. 

Today or tomorrow we will be moving the Covies. It's time. We have never had such a nice long fall where they've still been in the Cove mid-December. But, they're ready to come up. They've had 2 run-abouts on the farm yard this week. Next week, it looks like a cold front coming in, so we want to make sure our Covies are warm. Kitty City is all ready for the 17 cats to come. All we have to do is plug in their heated beds and heated water bowls. 

We had BOXES last night! Wow--such wonderful things. You all take good care of this rescue center and I appreciate this.
Christine H--bag of 20 cat toys--fun toys, some with feathers
Tammy P/Mitziblue from MO--a note and a very cute FFRC tree ornament, which we immediately hung on the tree
ReverenceLife/Sister Sharon from MI--a wonderful note and donation for FFRC, 3 sets of beautiful cards by Mary J Hickey (
Matt, Darcia, Nicholas, Brendan S.and cat Rudy (who was adopted from here)--coupons and a nice letter, Yeoooww Pepper cat nip toy, cat snackers, fuzzy ball toys, Appetizers, Fancy Feast cans and spring toys
Gillian and Tom/TomA68 from UK--20 boxes of Bondi Licks (Bondi was smiling when she was sleeping last night, dreaming of all her Bondi-licks!), 2 packages of Stickers and 2 neat signs--one especially for the Loo!
Conii from FL and her furbabies Madissy & Elliot--The ffrc cats think that Conii is their Santa-friend!--card for everyone, lots of awesome cat toys, many with feathers, spring toys, big bag of YEooww catnip toys, huge Mylar & fuzzy balls, red crinkle tunnel, 2 curl scratchers, Christmas stockings with toys for the resident cats, big stocking for Derecho (he says purr-thanks), comb/brush set for kitties, huge bags of snackers, 3 super soft blankies, 8 kitty beds, 2012 squeak kitty named Lucky, 3 boxes of chocolate coveries cherries, Merry Christmas sign--wow! The cats are smiling today!
Mary R/prisotis from LA--stocking for Derecho, matching jammies for Jacci and Derecho (we'll get a picture!!), 2013 calendar, book "Cat Confessions", 4 boxes single serving drink packets
Michlynn from MI--a whole case of cardboard kitty carriers--will definitely come in handy
Nancy G/kerswill--3 bags of spring toys and a case of Friskies Pate
Anonymous friend--wrapped Christmas gifts for some of the FFRC kids! So nice--I'll be sure to get tham all delivered!
David/wolfpatch from IN--2 bags FULL of lots of mice--they've been cat-approved!  Nice card with picture of David working at Last Chance Rescue, where he volunteers.
Maureen C/LylaJane from WA--nice note and picture of Lyla kitty, three CD's of Tingstad & Rumbell.. Maureen is a friend to Eric Tingstad and he has given us permision to play these Christmas CD's while the cam is on! It's beautiful instrumental music. Thank you
Widdletiger--"To keep Octavia challenged"--2 toys that dispense food!
Arden & Charmaine and their 4 cats--a Christmas card and a donation for FFRC
Mary H from OH--Christmas card and donation
Cheryl S from MD--a Christmas card and donation
Lizmol & Ginny and Ariel--Christmas cards and coupons
Kate & Patrick E--Christmas card (meezers on the front!)
Seth & Anne from OH--Christmas card with their picture of their cat who they adopted from FFRC 
Helen/Helmin--Christmas card
Gusti from Germany--Christmas card
Penny V from OH--Christmas card
Phyllis B/kittiesmom from MI--Cards for volunteers
Joann D from MI--Christmas card, sheet of stamps and a family picture of the kitties
Colleen/Leenie from AK--Christmas card
Dhana and Weasley (past FFRC kitties!)--Christmas card
Buddy the Cat "Big Boy"--chief tapes and donation 
Blanche M from MA--Christmas card and donation
Sharon T--Christmas card for Hannah

Again, if you come across a mistake in the blog, don't ever hesitate to let me know! I'm always willing to make corrections.

Jimmy is feeling better and will be back today. Thanks to Anthony for pitching in during Jimmy's absence. FIndlay is here by my desk--such a handsome boy. He's now fully ready for his new home. Coca-cola is on the desk--the cause of my errors as he's playing with my fingers! Zelda is napping quietly beside the desk. What a great working atmosphere! 

We've received our weekly report from PetFiners. We had a total of 2,122 total views this past week. The top 12 cats that were viewed are: Zora, Badu, Frith, Audrey, Christopher, Weber, Octavia, Boulder, Engelina, Graciela, Coca-Cola, Pants. Wow! I want to apologize--I had said on the chat that it was Christopher that came in #1 this week, but it was Zora! 

We will have boxes tonight! Thank you that we CAN have boxes! Everyone is doing great. Dove continues to feel better--is purring, eating and moving about a little more. 

Gib--"I'm ready for a hug!"

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday, December 12

What an awesome feeling--I paid the bills for FFRC! We are caught up---what a great thing. I thank you for making this possible! The cats and kittens say a high five to you all. They even said they'll share their sardines with you, to show their appreciation for your generosity! But....only TWO sardines. (I told them that wasn't really very generous on their part, but that's all they'll part with!). 

Here's the good news for the day--Dove's foot is improving! The swelling continues to go down and the redness is now just pink. We also took out the last of the sutures. We're on our way to recovery! Pania is becoming a bit braver. She now also likes to wander around in the Kitty Campus Room. And she's playing!

As you know, the cats and kittens have had that sneezy virus here. That too is now very minimal. The cats and kittens are eating good, playing lots and doing much better. Cutie is still down a bit. We're syringe feeding her--we want to make sure she's getting enough calories and fluids. 

The weather has still been decent for the Covies. They were out for a run-about on the farmyard on Tuesday. Today, they will get another day out, to stretch their legs and to play. Either later today or tomorrow we will be moving them to Kitty City. It's time. Sounds like cold rain this weekend. 

WE had BOXES last night! For this, we are grateful.
Beth A--100 white poly mailer envelopes and a big box of LOTS of bubble wrap manilla envelopes
Judealee--4 boxes of Fresh Step cat litter
Patty V/Middiemom--10 rolls of 33 gallon trash bags, 2 big bags of Purina One, 18 non scratch sponges, case of Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast Grilled, box of 13 gallon Glad trashbags
Betz--6 more cups for grandkids (to be filled with candy!)
Widdletiger--kitty balls with bells and 2 Kong toys for Pania (she's already playing with them!)
Lucy/lu-little from UK--2 catnip toy sets for Hip Kitties!
Jatcat from CA--pill crusher, 3 envelopes openers and 2 cat claw clippers
Pat M from IL--hand cream for winter rough hands, Kurieg hot cocoa, Cat toy (swat & sway action toy), catnip, Christmas card
Chitchat cat (Lisa, James, Josh, Jamie & Emily) and pets Bear, Cal, Grim, Maggie, Catman--kitty snackers, assorted can food, letter and pictures of fur babies, cat pin. A Kitty Kettle Fun (jar PACKED full of bills that the family put in by giving up something for themselves, to give to FFRC). Such unselfishness! A beautiful letter and a Wal-Mart gift card
Bradley S--lots of containers of 20 lb. cat litter
Mary H from Archbold, a day visitor--snacks, bleach, toilet paper, cat litter, liquid soap, bag of shampoo, soap, etc., shipping tape, 2 packages of wipes, Friskies can food, plastic forks, baby rice cereal, box of AA batteries
Kathleen M from GA--a PayPal donation for FFRC

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmass tree---yes, our upside down tree went up yesterday! It's absolutely beautiful. It came from an anonymous friend! The lights are already on it and it's hanging in the main area. Today we will put the ceramic ornaments on it. We wanted to make sure the cats wouldn't be able to get in the tree before putting the ornaments on it! The ornaments were sent by Phil and have pictures of FFRC cats on them. 

All is well here. The cats and kittens are happy, are warm and toasty, and bellies full! Lots of TLC given freely. What a life! 

The first sprinkling of snow!

Badu and friends.
Badu and friends

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday, December 11

The definition of a friend: FFRC's circle of people that surround this organization, which includes family, volunteers, personal friends, lurkers, chatters, mods, admins and all supporters. Please know how appreciative I am of each and every one of you. .I would like to extend an extra thanks to my family. They mean the world to me and I know they love me and stand by what I do here at FFRC.

This organization is based on truth, God's love and being open to the needs of others--animals and humans alike. Someone asked me about the cam here in the rescue center, if it isn't taxing to be "on" all the time. The answer to that is NO. The reason? Because, what you see on the cam, is what and who we are. We lead our ordinary lives, just as we are, in view of all. We're not rehearased, so there's no "practicing". We are who we are, just as you see. We are ordinary people doing what we love. Honesty because that's how we live our lives. Passion because that's what we have for what we are doing. Compassion because that's been instilled us by our elders. We are as you see us.

Our visitors, Laura and her mom Belinda made it home safely yesterday. They live in Indiana. We also had another visitor yesterday--Jenny from nearby Wauseon.We enjoy having people come and visit!

We had an adoption yesterday! Frith went to his new home. I've already heard from his new mama--she says this is for sure his forever home! She loves him and it sounds like Frith has adjusted quickly. We also have several other cats on hold. Rudy (will be leaving Friday about 4:30), Graciela (will be leaving in the spring), FiFi will be leaving 12/21, and Penn and Teller who will be leaving 1/17.

We had BOXES last night. Your support is so important to us. The cats are cheering for you!
Littlefrank1 from Canada--cards for volunteers, gifts for ffrckids, 6 notepads
Cyndi N--case of Mornng Fancy Feast, 2 cases of kitten Fancy Feast, case of appetizers, 2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers and a bag of Canin kitten dry food
Carol/CN1919--rock with two kitties painted on it--a "pet rock"--I love it!
James & Joanne D & kitties Oliver, Aidin, Ely, Dylan and Jack--Kong catnip toy, Kitty Cuddle Pal for Putter, white thick rug, large white cat bed case of Fancy Feast
Bradley S from WA--4/20 pound buckets of TIdy Cat Litter
Patty/Middiemom--2 boxes of Mr. Clean Dry Erasers, 4 cases of Fancy Feast--Medleys/Fish & Shrimp, Grilled & Gravy Lovers
Laura/Medic--case of Fancy Feast & gift card for Pet Supply Plus
Jennifer/Jacksmom21--3  buckets of CatLitter
Anna B--CatLitter--we picked it up at WalMart!
Leggygall--CatLitter--another WalMart pick up!
Sonnycat--2 boxes of CatLitter
Amy D son Jaden from PA and kitties Gizmo, Stripe & Storm from PA--5 tubes Avon foot works for dry hands, Star Ornaments for each volunteer, 4 chocolate PB bars from PA, Calico Cat Clay necklace for Jacci, canned chicken and tuna, paper clips, pencils, copy paper, paper tablets, filler paper, folders
HollyW from MI--card, donation, Santa Hat kitty bed, Tigers Santa hat for Steve, Santa Pants tunnel, kitty feather toys, scratching post, a cute cat plaque, kitty mug for Jacci, gift for Connie & Damian, 7 bags of kitty snackers, case of WHiskas, case of Friskies and a bag of doggie snackers
Bev M from WA--500 points ofpaw points, gray poof with Paw Prints and 3 super soft fleece blankies
Roger  & Trudy S from AZ and kitties Muldoon and Wilella--Donation, Christmas card and picture of kitties!
Peggy K/bamagirl from AL--Christmas card with donatin and a sheet of stamps
Andrea A from OH--GUide Dog Christmas card
Dorothy Y from CA--Christmas card
Lovebugs 321 & Bentley from VA--Christmas card with donation and a Christmas card with all the volunteer's names on it!
Marcia S and 4 kitties from AL--Christmas card with donation
Jeanie K from MN and cats Kalli, Toby & Grace--Christmas card and donation
Francis T from TX--Christmas card and doantion
Nancy L/peekabookitty from MA--Christmas card and donation, sheet of stamps
Steve & Diane and Tio from MI--Christmas card and stamps
Jenny (day visitor)--cat treats, volunteer treats, copy paper, dry cat food, q-tips, plates, windex, litter, can tuna and trash bags
Brad B from KY--PayPal donation for FFRC
Linda K from WY--PayPal donation for FFRC

Dove's foot is better this morning! The redness and swelling is less today! On to the healing phase. So happy. Pania is becoming braver too--she actually came out and shared a breakfast with others. Our newbie Gent has made friends with everyone! We had a little bit of a snow dusting this morning. So pretty. Happy birthday to Mayor Anony.

Betz--soooo comfortable!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday, December 10

Oh, what a night! A tremendous, awesome night! We had our finale of our General Fund fundraiser. My heart is full with thanksgiving and wonder at the goodness of so many people. Here's the final breakdown!
12/3      $3,226
12/4      $5,967
12/5      $7,624
12/6      $8,644
12/7    $11,540
12/8    $13,243  

12/9    $18,825    What a huge leap in numbers. Then, I was asked to recheck the PayPal 
                            account again. I was completely astounded. It took me a few moments, as
                            it's hard to read thru tears. Here was the final final count:
          $20,029    Isn't this just wonderful? What a joy. What a relief. I will be paying the FFRC bills this week, with a smile on my face!

We showed all the webcam viewers a very very long red/green paper chain last night. Each loop represented a person's donation to the General Fund. The chain will be hung up somewhere in the rescue center. Hopefully the cats won't destroy it too soon!  

I would also like to thank Canton/Rita for the wonderful stories she has done to help us with this fundraiser. Canton is blessed with a wonderful way of telling stories. I appreciate all the fine work she did for this event! 

I would also like to thank each and every person who made a donation for this fundraiser. I know it's a tough financial world "out there" right now. I also know it's a busy world, with all of us having many obligations. It takes a special person like YOU, to take the time and to make the effort to reach out to others in such a kind, wonderful spirit. 

Your special way of caring goes a long way toward proving there are still kindhearted people in this world. I just want you to know that I appreciate your support and thoughtfulness. It means so much to me and this rescue center. 

Please know too, that I understand financial difficulties. If you cannot contribute, we still love you!! Please help us with your ad clicks (if you're interested in that particular ad) and in January, we will again be asking for your voting click at The Animal Rescue Site.  Your prayers and moral support are also hugely appreciated.

Last night, there was a knock knock at the door. It was Mayor Anony! Oh my goodness, was I surprised. Neither Connie or I knew he has the ability to unlock the Cove doors. But, anyway, there he was, with a letter in his hand. He wanted me to read it, so here goes: 
"I, Mayor Highness Anony, do wish to pass on my extreme gratitude to all the wonderful people out there in cam land for the support you have shown to FFRC. Upon taking the position of being mayor one week ago, I have tried hard to understand the ways of the cam land. At first, I didn't understand how people in that tiny hole on the wall, could care about this rescue center. so much. But, mama Jacci has tried to explain to me and the rest of the cats, that you really really do care about us. For that, I am grateful. When I put the call out that we needed help with the general fund, I wasn't so sure how it would go. But, I'm told that there have been hundreds of people that have sent in money to help us. And all from a hole in the wall! But, really, there ARE people thru that hole! I know my mama Jacci talks highly of you all. I just want to pass on my thanks to you for the royal support shown to FFRC. You have made us all smile. Love, Anony"   The mayor has spoken. Thanks to the assistant who helped Anony with his letter!

We also had an adoption yesterday! Little Harlow was adopted! Her new family has been here several times to visit her. It was time to take her home! Harlow will be treated with much love! She was even given a beautiful pink collar (a safety collar) with bling on it. 

We have more visitors! Laura/Medic and her mom Belinda are here. They arrived late afternoon yesterday and will be here for much of the day today. They brought many goodies for us! Towels, Fancy Feast, paper plates, doggie treats, bleach, scratching toy, European cookies (extra yummy!). Thanks so much! 

Graciela says thanks for the $20,029 Fundraiser!