Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weds., December 30

What a crazy week.  Monday was very hard. We had a big leak in the Kitty Kabana. Haven't had this happen for a long time. We will be calling in for the repair of this when the weather is better. On Monday it poured and poured and poured some more. And the wind.....very strong. Our electric power went out for about 4 1/2 hours. Our Jenna (generator) kicked in right away, but then went down 2 hours of use. We called the company and they got it set up to start again, but by that time, the electric had come back on. They were here yesterday to service Jenna again and to figure out the problem. We think we know what happened so that shouldn't be a problem again. The farmyard was very wet--water standing all over. We got the drain unplugged so it was able to drain into the system that goes into the river.The river is up but no worries about flooding. Whew---what a day Monday was.

Cleo is perfectly happy now being in the Main Area. So is Abe. They both are content. Such good cats! Byron is all over the place. He's been going on all of  the cat walks, really enjoying the views! Cecil is right now climbing 2 sets of Kuranda Towers--he's been on probably 12 of the "steps" and sure is doing a good job! Bella loves her poofs still. We've been putting a poof inside the Froggy Pool and it keeps it "up" so the kitties don't roll off of it. 

We have big thanks to give! We had Envelopes yesterday afternoon. We were all set to do BOXES on Monday evening when we ended up with no lights. help us get caught up a bit, we did Envelopes yesterday!  We are grateful to you!

Sara, Contessa, Gary with Tiaramisu--Christmas card, 11 cans of Friskies, stocking for Elfie with 4 balls & jar of Pounce. Pictures from Sara.
Ellis & Barb from OH--donation to FFRC
Wiscatmom from WI with kitties--Christmas card.  Card showed pics of her kitties!
Fran S from ME with the "light" kitties!--donation in honor of Schinn, our Mod.
Janet S from IA with Toby & Harley--Christmas Card, donation for Feliz Navidad Fund
Mich & Vern from MI--Christmas Card with 2 chicken $5's
Mary & Tracy P from NH--Christmas card, donation in honor of Betsy P & lori W
Craig, Mario, Daria & Daisy the doggie, letter and donation
Bruce & Jackie U with Ajax & TyWhi (FFRC cats) from OH--Christmas card & donation
Kimberly M from IL--donation in honor of Mary C.
Leonard & Elizabeth O from NJ--Christmas card & donation
Ruth D from NC--Christmas card
DoubleyDibbleyDoo & Millie--Christmas Card
Pam & Robbin T--an appreciation card
Susan C from OH--donation to FFRC
Barb W from IA with kitties (from FFRC!)--donation to FFRC
Orcawhales, Bryan and kitties--Christmas card
Donna W from FL--auntie to Clark & Jessie--Christmas card & chicken $$
Rob, Sarah/romeosmom, Sean & Rachael from MO--Christmas card
Sonja M , one of our mods--Christmas card
Betz from PA--Christmas card
JoboLovesMe from OH--Christmas card
Jan S--Christmas card & donation for Farrah's meds
Eaglespirit/Sally from WI--donation for Kitties turkey fund & the 12 Days of Christmas at FFRC
Beachkatz/Carla C--Christmas card and donation
Ayden & Andrea M from MN--Christmas card  (Benders other mom, hug given to him!) For Bender: 2 bags Cats meow catnip & 2 mousie toys
Craig, Marianne, Daria & Daisy "our dog!"--letter and donation to FFRC

We also have these PayPals to give thanks for:
Michael S from VA--donation to FFRC
Sharon S from KY--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Shannon S from IL--donation to FFRC, for Victor, Leonard, Jackson and their friends

We have a few updates to give:
Hoot & Panda are doing great. Val has said they have fit right in with the other cats. Their pictures all look so very happy!

Marta is now called Noel. She's doing great in her new home. She has already fit in with their other cat. The kids absolutely love her. She naps with Dexter, the other cat too!

We've also heard from Shep's new family. He is doing awesome and has fit right in. The little 7 year old boy so loves Shep! 

Another update--Shiloh and Byron (who came in together) will soon be adopted together! So happy about this.

Remember, if you're going to order from Amazon, go to our website and click on the Amazon button. FFRC gets money credit for your order! It's very simple. We just received October's funds which came to $418.73! Thank you for doing this. 

We have 4 cats at the vets today. Everly and Elfie are already done--they were neutered. Merri and Lucy Ann are there for their dentals. Big thanks to Donna and Larry for transporting them there. 

It's almost 2016! A wonderful year coming up. I wish for all of you a healthy and happy year. May you find great peace with your family and friends. Value your relationships.  Life really is too short to not fully enjoy each day. And give your pets a big extra hug! Happy New Year! 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

December 27, Sunday

Pania looked like she was going bonkers---spinning, twisting and almost flipping herself over. Then I realized it all over a catnip toy! So very nice to see her act so silly! Coralie was sleeping back to back with Everly and they both were enjoying it. Saturday we had the windows open for a little while--so hard to believe this crazy weather. As soon as the Welcome Room window was opened, there was Cyrus in between the screen and the slant window again---it's his very favorite place to be! 

This morning at breakfast time, we opened the doors clear to the far back Thumper's Room---anyone in there could then make their way to the Main Area if they chose to. Cleo came up right away and was up for a few hours. She seemed so relaxed and happy. She enjoyed the Kitty Kabana windows. Abe, aka Abey Baby also came up and is still in the Main Area.  Looks alot like Bender, but Abe has a black face while Bender has that cute white design on his nose. Elfie is in the Main Area too and is staying up--his feet look so much better. Just a little healing to go yet. 

Thanks so very much to:
Joseph C from MA--donation by PayPal for FFRC
Tracey/traceylondonuk from UK--donation to be used towards medications for the kitties!
Shell J from OH & family--lint rollers, lots of kitty snackers, doggie treats
Debbie/lostgirl--2 bottles from Ahava (wonderful lotion!) & sardines!

We have an update about the two cats that were adopted here together--Obadiah & Dennison. They are both doing great and are very loved by their family! 

We also heard from Gandolf & Rios family. Gandolf is now called Elvis. They are both doing super. Elvis sleeps with the 2 year old and they both love the Christmas tree!

We have an update on Audrey & Coca Cola. Audrey is white and Coca Cola is white/black. Coca is now called Tank. They were adopted 4 years ago and are much loved. The family says both cats have wonderful personalities. Tank also loves their collie dog and Audrey is very talkative! 

We had FOUR adoptions yesterday! So happy about this. First, Marta left. This family was very excited to have her join their family. Marta's deafness is not a worry to them---they were thrilled to adopt her.  Next Joop and Little Bit were adopted together. They had come in for Little Bit and when they realized Joop was back up for adoption, they scooped her up too! As their new dad said--they have enough heart for both kitties. Love this. Then Jun was adopted. So exciting for the family and for Jun. She will have a couple kids to play with.  All good families and it felt good to let them go to their new homes.

We also had an adoption today. Shep got to go to his new home! The family of a volunteer came in and looked and looked yesterday. As soon as Shep came around, their choice was made! They picked him up right after noon today to make his way to his new home. Shep has a little boy to play with!

This coming week, we have several surgeries scheduled for Weds. Because of a break of one of their dental equipment pieces, we had to cancel Lucy Ann's dental the week before last. So, Lucy Ann will go on Weds. to get that dental done. We will also send Liesl and Everly for their spay/neuter and also Elfie for his neuter. Now that Elfie is doing so good, he can get that surgery done. 

We did it. We finally closed the door to the Cove.They will still have The House that Jonah Built and the Covie Haven to go in and keep warm. The Cat's Cove is not built for winter weather--the wind, rain, snow goes right into the building. This is the longest we've been able to keep it open. Many times because of the weather, we've closed the Cove in mid November. This year due to such warm weather, we've been able to keep it open. The heaters in THTJB is keeping it toasty in there! 

The Barnies and Porchies are doing good. They have their heaters also to cuddle under. All look good and seem happy. 

Take care all--we're on the countdown to 2016! Please remember to vote and to keep walking for FFRC.  Have a great upcoming week. 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Tis the day of Christmas and we are grateful for this blessed day. We are also grateful for our wonderful volunteers and all those that help/support FFRC in so many varied, different ways! You are appreciated. I wish for all of you to have a wonderful happy Merry Christmas.

The Main Area cats, Porchies and FireCats have had a special breakfast....roasted chicken along with special cans of food! It's been gobbled up! There are bags waiting to give to the grey barn cats, the big red barn cats and the Covies. New toys too have been passed out and special snackers galore! Thank you for helping us be able to extra treat these cats.

Tomorrow we are expecting 3 more adoptions. All will happen in the morning.

We had 2 more adoptions on Weds. Wigglez and Alphonz went to their new home together! So exciting to see these cats and kittens leaving for good homes! 

Little Elfie is healing fast and is walking now without any limps. He's doing very good. Such a sweet little soul. He's making friends with others here in the Main Area.  

We have the Barnie Bella up in the back Thumper's Room in a double condo pen. She arrived here a year ago with very bad eyes. With treatment, they improved. Remember she came with that large group of barn cats that were so loved. Recently her eyes have gotten much worse where she couldn't keep them open any longer. We are going full speed ahead with treatment but so far, they are resisting what we are doing. Have changed her antibiotics today so we hope this will help. She's a grey long hair girl with a big white chin. A real beauty that loves to purr. I'm sure she's missing her barn family, but she's content to be on blankies and cushies for right now. We call her B Bella since we have a Bella here in the Main Area.

We have thanks to give! We had BOXES on Weds. evening.
Katie L--4 gift cards for various people!
Annette B--NC who loves Covie Rory--letter for FFRC, a neat Meow cap for Jacci, 3 snacker bags, 6 appetizers, 8 Friskies, 8 Shebas and lots of toys
YaizaMoon, SonjaPaws and Mom--Christmas card, kitty snackers, candy for the volunteers, pillowcases and blankets for many of the cats. A special crocheted Froggy in memory of Froggy. Lotys of toys! Scarf for my mom and myself, kitty apron for Steve. A really neat crocheted purple Jacci with kitty hat/glasses and shoes---adorable--(it's sitting on my steps going upstairs)!
Carla M/cj500--27 crocheted scarves, lots of pretty colors, 2 cross body purses--Flash Sale!
Cheryl F--day visitor--kleenex, TP, Clorox wipes, K-Cups, PT, lysol, Candy, cookies, canned kitty food
Betz from PA--beautiful Christmas flower arrangement
Gem54--Christmas card--2016 Calendar with farm animals
Bellabell--case of yummy sardines
Furhaven kitties mama--Christmas cards, bags of FRESH catnip!!
Janet/alleycat--24 fresh grapefruits---so delicious!
Beth/eaglewatcher--a beautiful fruit basket
Lostgirl--Ghiradelli choclates, mint & carmels for vols.
Rosemary from Durban, South Africa--yes, her beautiful afghans--10 of them. Raffle items! Truly stunning designs and colors!
Glennette from CA--Christmas card & donation
RoseSF6cats & Rich & kitties--Christmas card
Pam L from CA--Christmas card & donation
Fran T from TX with kitties--Christmas card & donation
Jane W/calico17 from MA--Christmas card
Gusti from Germany--Christmas card
Clark, Jessie and the Rest--HB cards for Shamballie & Felicity and 2 chicken $5's!
Jan from HI--Christmas card for Vols
Teresa S from IL and kitties--Christmas card with donation
FFRC Kitties---they also sent a Christmas card!

Also big thanks for these donations thru PayPals--
Eartheyes--donation to FFRC
Scott W from IN--Merry Christmas donation to FFRC
Brian B--donation to FFRC
SusiePat & hubby from NJ--donation to FFRC to go wherever it is needed
Linda C from NV--donation to FFRC
Joni WW from IA--donation to FFRC to use where is needed
Lucy/lu-little & Benny--Christmas donation to FFRC
Peggy K from NH--a Merry Christmas donation in memory of her sweet boy Shamus. 
Jim R from VA--donation to FFRC
Kata & Karesz from Hungary--Happy Christmas donation to FFRC
Lori N from NE--Merry Christmas donation to use where most needed
Maria L from NY--Merry Christmas donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

Today Felicity and Shamballie both turn 3 years old! We are so glad to have these two wonderful cats here at FFRC.

We have updates!!
Marja is now called Darla and is doing great in her new home. She likes their dog and is very attached to her new mom and dad. She is a purring machine!

Sergei is all settled in now and he and Tang (his house friend) are bonded. They play alot and even groom each other. Tang seems very happy with his new friend!

Squigglez is doing great and loves her new family. She is now called Purty because she purrs and purrs. She's good friends with their dog.  All is happy there!

Wigglez and Alphonz are also doing great and have settled very nicely into their new home. It's a happy family! Wigglez is called Meowfoy and Alphonz is called Sketcher.

Fluffernutter & Lily Rose--they went to our volunteers. Fluffernutter is now Buddy. The stories are wonderful. They definitely have a super loving home! 

Byron is fully back and settled in. You may see him playing. He's a big boy now---dark tiger and white with an extra cute face.  His housemate Shiloh is starting to settle in too. She's a beauty.

Short blog, but wanted to wish you all a sincere happy Merry Christmas, to give our thanks for these gifts and to give the updates. Enjoy this beautiful day! 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday, December 22

And on the third day before Christmas, the kitties said to me:  "We love our volunteers, mods, admins, chatters, lurkers, ALL of our supporters!!!  Pleeeeease tell them all a big thanks, from the cats!" 

We had two adoptions yesterday! Panda and Hoot went to their wonderful forever home with an FFRC friend, Val. I've already seen pictures and the household looks very happy and relaxed. There's going to be lots of rockin' and rollin' with these two new additions! 

We have more adoptions coming up. For sure a couple on Saturday--Joop and Little Bit will be going to their individual homes. Great homes coming their way! 

We had two returnees---the lady could no longer keep them as she felt they were not happy in her home. They were both adopted in 2014--Shiloh and Byron. Byron was already begging at the door to come to the Main Area, so up he came! He's fit right back in and is doing walk-abouts and playing already. Shiloh is still a bit shy.  

Purrdelurps is doing better. I could tell she so loved her owner and was having a difficult time coming back. But today she was rubbing and purring--a good sign! She also likes Elfie. He is doing so good! His feet are rapidly healing. Elfie is a lovebug--he so loves to be held and fussed over. A really nice kitten.

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks to you all.
Jennifer S/J from FL--40 lb Precious Litter
Julie C in IN with Miss Mellow & Anna Marie--Christmas card, donation, photos of kitties!
Caren F--12 mylar balls & bag of pom pom toys!
Eaglewatcher from IL--Happy 3rd Birthday to Shamballie! Tub of snackers, 12 cans Tiki Cat food, 5 self warming crate pads to share with his Porchie friends!
Billie K--Glad 30 gal. bags (180), Glad 13 gal bags (300)
Anonymous Friend--a BIG box of volunteer goodies! Cookies, pretzels, gold fish snacks, fruit snacks, etc.
Judi S--3 of the 40 lb bags of Precious Litter
Faith from Defiance & kitties--Christmas card for Vols & FFRC
MacnCheesemom--cute t-shirt with Marta kitty Christmas tree, card with donation
Oilsandsgirl/mod--Simon's cat decal, Christmas card from her kitties Ella & Hobbes & pictures, SPCA calendar with Ella & Hobbes in it!
Deptford/Pauline--Christmas card for my mom and me! Glass heart for mom & a beautiful glass kitty for me!  Love it
Fran D from FL with Mandy--Christmas card & donation, Card for vols & gift card to Olive Garden for Steve and me!
Troy, Cindy D and family from IL--Christmas card & donation
Margaret D from CT--donation in memory of Mary D's kitty Tiny TOes
Barry & Maria/Snoopybaby & Preakness from CA_-Christmas card, donation from from Preakness!
Scribbles from OH--Christmas card
Jean K from Defiance--Christmas card
Littleonemine/Kelly R from CA--Christmas card
Phil & Judy L from OH--Christmas card
Matt, Darcia, Nicholas & Brendon with Ruby (an FFRC cat!)--Christmas card & donation in honor of Dawn & Tom
Clark, Jessie & family--Christmas card with 4 Chicken $5's
Mary, Randi and Frankie & Buddy--Christmas card & donation
Neal & Jean S--donation
Norton & Caleb---Christmas card
Ruffles from MI--Christmas card & donation
Shona from Scotland--Christmas card
Anna C from OH--Christmas card
Mary D from CT--donation in memory of her kitty Tiny Toes
Elskates from CT with Bridget, Natasha & Savannah--Christmas card & pics of the kitties, donation for Christmas chicken
Marilyn, Charlie & fur kids from NJ--Christmas card
Pat L/Lucy & Sophies grandma from MI--Christmas card
Mike/lucyandsophiesdad from MI--Christmas card with GC to Appleybees!
Schinn, a mod with Cleo & Ralph--Christmas card with Donation to Feliz Navidad Fund
Anna C from OH--Christmas card
Painteddaisy to Joyful--donation toward sponsorship & card to Joyful
Karen N/wisconsinlady--Christmas card with donation
Phil & Trace with Bella--Christmas card with picture of Bella & donation
Anita S--Christmas card & Friends cards

Mighty big thanks to you all!  Please....if there's ever an error, never hesitate to let me know! Or if I've forgotten to answer any correspondence, please let me know! Thank you.

We have more thanks to give!
madisonpepper--PayPal donation to do something special for little Elfie.
Mindy R & Marsha S--donation in honor of Schinny! 
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation to FFRC

We also had an adoption this morning! Little Marja (mama is Purrdelurps) went to her new home. What a great event--she was picked as a Christmas gift (to be given today) to his wife who has been so wanting a kitten! Marja will give them lots of love!

These boots are made for walkin', and that's just what we're doing! Walking, jogging, biking miles for FFRC! As of yesterday, we have now earned $152.33 for FFRC and just think how much better our hearts are for doing this! Thank you for each mile given! It's a free app--ResQwalk .

Are you still voting each day at /    Votes are also free and can be done daily. I know we are in the top 30, but we need to maintain that. The contest is over in January. Thank you for your votes!

We are maintaining our healthy state of being with the cats and kittens. Big appetites and high play energy is back and we love it! Lucy Ann would love a quiet home where someone would give her a lap to have all day long. And she would need bird feeders to watch too! Cecil is running thru the purple office--he spent hours yesterday napping on the pink poof. Emily is at her usual "stealing" of the plastic bags--she loves to pluck them out of the bin. When she's not doing that, she "stealing" peacock feathers. Franklin Tommy just came whizzing in too--he can round the corners and keep on running at a high speed so gracefully! 

On the ninth day of FFRC Christmas, my true love gave to me--
Nine Temptation Tubs ("those are ours!" grumbled Sevaun)
Eight Royal Canin Cat Food bags
Seven cases of Friskies Grilled,
Six Party Mixes (and a Coralie Swat),
Five jars of baby food,
Four packs of Simply Chicken,
Three minutes on the wheel (with Paddy's blessing),
Two window seats (to watch birds at the feeders)
and a warm mat in a Kuranda Tower!     Thanks to Tigercat54!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Sunday, December 20

And on the fifth day before Christmas, we have happy cats! Chicken was part of their breakfast, lots of extra petting today and high energy of play time thru out the day and the Porchies had 3 heater beds put in their Sunporch so they are extra warm!

We had two adoptions. The first was yesterday---this adoption was for Squigglez. She had been long waited for. It took a bit of time to be able to get her spayed. She’s now spayed and happily in her new home! The second adoption was today—Stormy went to his new home. The young girl in the family did not know why they were here at FFRC until she was presented Stormy as her very own kitty! It was so sweet!  

Our new 4-some cats are doing good—Cleo, Abe, Rooney & Kit. They are starting to adjust to a new way of life. It has to be hard on cats that have come from a good place—they have had their whole world changed. But, they are coming along! Purrdelurps also is starting to settle in. She’s having a harder time though---I know she loved her owner. She purred today for us and is eating good. 
Little Elfie is coming right along too! It’s amazing how fast his toesies are healing! His lip too looks better. And today he actually got himself to the litterbox by himself! He’s on antibiotics and soreness meds still. And the diarrhea is still an issue but we’re working on that. He’s so content just resting on his big cushie, like a good boy, so healing can take place.

We have thanks to give---so grateful:
Cheryl B from AZ—donation to FFRC, whose favorite still is Derecho!
Karla M from IA—a Merry Christmas donation to FFRC, to be used where needed

I have some sad news to pass on to you. We lost our little Aloha this afternoon. Very very sad about this. I’ve talked to Dr. Darcy and she fully believes that Aloha arrived here in late stage of wet FIP. Yes, she played a couple times, but she was too quiet, too laid back, slept much of the time, tummy was way too big, poor appetite. The last 24 hours, she had definite signs that things were not right. She passed quietly today. My big sadness is that we had her promised to a dear FFRC friend where she would’ve been so so loved.  She did not get that opportunity. I have to wonder if that’s why she was dropped off here---that the people who had her knew something wasn’t right. Regardless, she was well loved here and so enjoyed. I also want to say that I feel that we don’t have to worry about another kitten here contracting FIP from this situation. Peace, little Aloha.

Flea info---did you know:
For every 5 fleas found on your pet, there’s 95 in your home.
Fleas feed on blood. A flea can live without a blood meal for 100 days.
A female has to have a blood meal to lay eggs. She can lay 2,000 eggs in her lifetime.
When treating fleas, expect to see fleas the first month. These are pupae that continue to emerge.
YOU can bring fleas into your home on your pant cuffs/socks.
It’s far easier to prevent fleas than it is to get rid of an infestation.

I went out to see the Covies today---there were 12 of them in The House that Jonah Built---they love it in there. So cozy and lots of room to spread out. We actually still have the Cove open. As soon as it becomes more wintery, we will close that door. But for now, it’s still a good place for them to have.

Here are a few reasons why we adopt out to indoor only homes:
CARS—many thousands of cats get hit by cars every year.
POISONING—there are people who don’t like cats and will purposely set out poison.
LEUKEMIA/FIV—these are diseases that can be spread cat to cat
RESEARCH LABS—your cat could be sold to a research lab. This practice DOES happen.
ANTI-FREEZE—it takes such a very small amount to kill a cat
GETTING TRAPPED—your cat can become trapped in someone’s garage/shed with no escape.
PARASITES—your cat can contract fleas, ticks, worms, toxoplasmosis, cuterebra, giardia, lice, etc.

Acadia is doing wonderful. Hard to believe she’s the same cat that came in. Cutie has been soaking up the attention---any lap to her is fair game to plant herself! Joey discovered that Dodger’s Pen is open during the day---he enjoys napping in there. Trucker’s poo is doing great. We made a comment just today how good he is doing! Little Joop and Jun are such wonderful kittens---they absolutely love to be held and so ornery too! Emily did it again---“stole” the peacock feathers out of the adoption bags! She eyes those and makes her move! Tabitha has now showed Farrah and Towanda that it’s great fun to jump over the top of the open window of the door going into June’s Room---nice napping places are in there! Pania also loves laps. I think that’s partly why she likes her bench—it’s close to the door where people come in. Every chance Alphonz gets to zip into the Storage Room he does! He scoots in, runs to the other door and then sits—he waits to be picked up to be taken back out. This happens at least 10 times a day! Bella so loves her poof pool. Love these cats! 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday, December 19

And on the 6th day before Christmas, we have a whole bunch of healthy cats! Yep, I do believe that nasty kitty tummy flu bug is gone! Lots of crazy, ornery kitties and cats with ferocious appetites! So so nice to see that and to even do the finger-wagging scolding on some of them! Although, they just try to bat the wagging finger and then run off!  Love it!

We had a bit of a scare last night. Steve saw a teenager size kitten going down the sidewalk by the PawMart Store and then take off running into the parking lot. It was dark and he didn't get a good look at him. Then the worry was....could that be one of our little rascals that got out the door somehow? So.....a full head count of all the cats and kittens inside the Rescue Center had to be done. While that was being done, Barb and Steve went out to look for the kitten, but no luck. It was realized that all was accounted for. We put out warm can food just in case he came back. He's welcome here, but he/she must be neutered or spayed. We'll keep our eyes open.

We had BOXES last night too. Many grateful thanks to you.
Tim H from IL--Christmas card, donation, lots of great washcloths for the kitties and for Catathon--2 TY bears!
Stinkygreykitty--Christmas card, bag of kitty toys, 4 kitty blankies & ADOPT a kitty stickers
Shawn from GA, Our Long Distance Volunteer--Christmas card from family, with donation for volunteer snackers, cat Meow toy
BIllie K--pink poof (Bella and cats highly approve!)
Caren F--5 pkgs spring toys, 24 variety K-Cups, case of Friskies can
Keiko--Popcorn Facotry: 12 gingerbread cookies & can of variety of popcorn
Pam T/zoolove--Popcorn Factory--can of variety of popcorn
Sherri/Neuromom & David from NY--Christmas card with 2 chicken $5
Phyllis/Kittiesmom with Buddy & Emmie--Christmas card with a chicken $5
Anne B--Christmas card
Zenamolina with all her pets--Christmas card
Dennis--a volunteer--Christmas card
Isabella H/Budnbits from FL--Christmas card & donation
Billy/Strat & Ellyn/nyckatz & Bubba--Christmas card & donation
Cheryl L from WA--Christmas card with pic of Cheryl & Santa Jim
Terry M from IN--Christmas card
BoPeep from FL--Christmas card with donation
Alan & Elaine & Little Kat--Christmas card and donation 

We also have these PayPals, we give you thanks!
Audrey & Gary P from WA--Donation & Merry Christmas in honor of the Moine Family
Brenda Q from MI--donation to FFRC
Eleanor G from NJ--donation to FFRC to be used as needed
Gusti from Germany--donation to welcome Aloha
June/Painted Daisy--donation for FFRC, to be used where needed.  
Judith M--donation to FFRC
Twitch account from MI--donation to FFRC
Pat N---donation to FFRC

Our new little girl, Aloha is now up part time, in the Main Area. She's so sweet. Is a cuddler and hangs on to whoever is holding her. She's doing really good and is enjoying playing and exploring. 

We also took in 4 adult cats yesterday. Their human mama passed away a few weeks ago. The family truly cares about these cats and asked if we could take them on. Here's a little info about them:
Cleo, 9 years old, short hair tiger, with dark brown stripe down back. Mama to Rooney & Kit. A super sweet girl, constantly wanting petting and loves to knead.
Rooney, 8 years old, female,very longgrey/cream hair, torti, Cleo's baby. A little shy, but so sweet
Kit, 8 years old, female, calico/tiger, Cleo's baby. Loves petting
Abe, 10 years old, male, black/white, loves loves people. Affectionately known as AbeyBaby. 
Abe and Rooney are both 18 pounders. Abe looks a lot like Bender. We welcome them here and will give them much TLC as they are adjusting to their new life here. 

We also took on a new kitten yesterday morning. He was at a gas station by Route #127. His poor footsies---looks like all 4 feet have a chemical burn which has made very bad sores on all of his pads on all 4 of his feet, plus a sore on his lip. Half the time he has his paws wrapped with a healing ointment on his feet. His name is Elfie. He is a brown tiger. Poor baby also has terrible diarrhea which we are treating. He's on soreness meds and antibiotics. He's a bit punky today and sleeping alot. That is just fine--sleeping promotes healing.

We had a returned cat this morning. Purrdelurps is back. While the man who adopted her is very sad at returning her, his health has taken a turn for the worse. He was worried about her future and so made the hard decision to return her. Purrdelurps is the mama to Marja, Scooper, Jun and Joop. I'm sure once she's back in the Main Area, she will round up her kitties! She is a great mama. 

Please remember to keep on a'walkin'! We placed first in the ResQwalk the last two weeks. This week, at this point, we are third, which still is a money-maker. So far we have earned $119.89 just for walking/jogging/biking--good for the kitties and good for your heart! It's free---please continue to walk for FFRC.  Thank you!

The other reminder please...keep on voting on the Eagle Rare contest. It's free and can be done once a day. This contest will wind down the first week of January. I know we are in the top 30, which is where the prizes start coming in! Please for FFRC!  Thank you.

Coralie.....sweet Coralie. Yes, sometimes she seems to be rough with the cats walking by. But she also has very few claws on her front paws due to the frostbite. But she truly has a sweet side to her too.  We have to be patient too with her "pottying habits". It's very difficult for her to get in a litterbox. We use to put her in the very low boxes, but it seems like she would panic and find herself stuck there. She solved the problem herself---those rugs are great for doing "the job". So, please, she's listening and wouldn't want to hear any negative comments about it! She gets embarrassed about it. So, we just let her do her thing and replace the rug. No mess, no hassle, problem easily solved! And we end up with a happy Coralie! Isn't she just so smart!

We have a few more adoptions coming up this next week. Very happy for these cats to be getting their forever homes! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Weds., December 16

Nine more days to Christmas. The best Christmas present of all---the kitties are all doing much better. It's true we had a tummy flu bug come in. Remember--no worries for people--these things are species specific. Monday was the hardest day for this bug. Yesterday was better, today is better yet. Cecil is still punky as is Marja. Both received fluids and injections this morning and actually are feeling better already. This equates to school classes--one kid/kitty brings in a bug and presto....all of them get it. Here's the silver lining in this--when they recover, it will have triggered their immune system and they will actually have a tougher immune system! We had changed their diet the last few days--using very easily digestible foods. Today we started them back pretty much on their regular diet as their appetites have increased now! That is a good thing! My Christmas wish---no more pukies! 

Yesterday was the interview with the Eagle Rare Life people! The interview was about 23 minutes long. He told me we will have another interview on the phone the first week of January. I've been asked how we are doing and truthfully.....I have no idea. I know the competition is very tough. I also know we are in the overall top 30 picks and we are in the top 5 for the Devotion category. He stressed it's important to keep voting so please keep up the good work! I thank you for this!

We had BOXES Monday evening. You are very appreciated!
Susie T's class (around 40 kids helped)--lots of fleece kitty blankets made by the kids
Catdogowl--working hands salve
Zoolove/Pam--Christmas card, donation, gift cards for vols, 2 pink poofs, a Leopard lounger 
Billie K--7 lb box milk bones for Janie and Camie
Jatcat--pink poof
LJ323--kitty scarves (they now come with names!), salmon, chicken, cat bandages, 2 memory foam rugs
Widdletiger/Elisabeth from TN--paper towels for Tabitha
Barbara W--4 rolling back packs--you'll see them again!
CJcat--Christmas card & donation
Nancy J from WA--handmade Christmas.nativity scene card with note
Larry & Donna from Defiance--Christmas card and donation
Suzi M from OH--Christmas card & donation in honor of Angel Smokey Bearcat
Julie from OH--Christmas card
Ehpower from IA--Christmas card & donation
Lostgirl from NJ--Musical Christmas card & donation
Gemini/Edna and mom--For Christmas--Walmart gift card and international stamps
Kimkost--Friends cards 

We also have these folks to thank!
Olga B from Netherlands--Christmas donation to FFRC, use for whatever is needed
Bea F--donation for FFRC
Laurie B from TX--donation in honor of her mother, Diann B's birthday! Happy birthday!
Donna H from ME--donation to FFRC

Congrats to Caity, our volunteer and her hubby. Their baby was born on Monday, at 5:11 am. Her name is Calleigh Julianne. Caity thinks she will be a future volunteer! Take care! Big congrats too to Calleigh's grandparents, Richard & Shirley who also are FFRC volunteers.

We have a new kitten that we took in. Her name is Aloha, a Name a Cat name. She is 8 weeks old and her birthday is 10/21/15. She is a gorgeous baby--very long hair, possibly a Himalayan mix. A real sweetiepie! She loves her heated cuddly bed!

We have kittens on hold! Sometime soon these kittens will be going to their new homes. They are: Fatima, Hoot, Jester, Panda, Jun, Joop, Squiggles and Stormy. There's a few others being looked at too. Adoptions coming up! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday, December 13

Surgeries are done and the physicals too! The surgeries that were done are: Wiggles, Fluffynutter/Buddy, Marja, Jun, Marta, Little Bit and Pellen. We also did a few extra cats for volunteer's that knew of cats that needed their "fix"! We ended up not doing surgery on Squiggles, Joop and Scooper.  I just felt they were not up to snuff and was hesitant, which of course, Dr. Darcy agreed. Have to go with that gut feeling.  

We also did a few physicals:
Alma--both upper k9's are fractured--will make appt
Charleston--good physical
Coralie--reabsorbed lower rt. tooth--is ok, physical good
Felicity--watch left K9 slight fracture
Lucy Ann--lower rt cavity, tartar--will make appt
Merri--good physical but has heavy dental tartar---will make appt.
Seymour--physical good, rear leg lymph nodes good, not swollen
Solee--physical good, teeth good, no heart murmur
Paddy Cake--obvious heart murmur 4/6
Paddy Purr--check nose, much better, continue meds another 10 days
Towanda--check eye--good! Has scarring, but ok.  continue meds another week
Walter--will try an oral med to help with his circling

So, all in all, a very good day. Was super busy--lots of people coming in to look at kitties, visitors coming with Christmas goodies. Many thanks to Beth, Pat P and Pablo for being our post-surgery kitty holders! It's such a comfort to know that they are extra looked after while waking up! Also a big thanks to Joyce D for the pizza lunch--so so scrumptious!

Monday morning, we will make 4 dental appts, hopefully to do in 2 days.  Jersey, Merri, Alma and Lucy Ann. 

We had a cat returned to us. Nothing wrong with the cat at all....just sounds like a cat didn't fit into their family.  We have Sparkle back and what a beauty she is. So so sweet and purr-able. Her long hair brown tigerness is gorgeous. She's out and about already. I can tell she was well taken care of. She was born 4/6/15 and was gone 4 months. 

We had BOXES on Friday evening. Big big thanks to you!
Andrea W--case of 30 fancy feast classic
Jz-nyc/Joanne--10 beautiful double crochet cat beds, pop tops for Kellen, food containers
Billie K--big bag of Precious Litter, lots of goodies from Bath/Body for FFRC & vols.--thanks!
Judi H/jobear--card, cat trivet & eye ointment
Gwen, Mike, Patches & Angel--big bag of cat food dry
Nikkaross--mega bottle of Dawn liquid soap
Lannml--12 super soft cozie cat beds
June/painteddaisy--goodies for the vols. for Christmas--many thanks
Jenny, Brent, Montana & Crew--Christmas card of Montana & crew with mom/dad. For a raffle an iPad Air 2 and smart case!!!!!!!!!!!
Kathy/justme--fitbit One Wireless activity & sleep tracker (for raffle)
Pablo--32 cxans of FF, 48 pouches of FF, 32 ouches Broth, special shampoo and pies!
Avery--a special 4 year old, donated a wonderful 40 cents--such a sweet girl!
Tom C from OH--donation in memory of Aunt Martha & her cat Skippy
Helen N from Wauseon, OH--donaiton to FFRC
Dottie & Nate & kitties from NE--Christmas card
Barry & Lori from Pld, OH--Christmas card and donatin
Ron & Barb W from VA--Christmas card and whicker from Mr. Mutt
Charlene P & Missy--Christmas card & donation
Pat, Thurs vol--Christmas card and donation
Tara & her daughter from OH--Christmas card
Melissa L from NY--Christmas card & donation
Blanche A from PA--Christmas card & donation
Jeannine--donation to FFRC
Cara S from PLD OH--donation in memory of Janice Cross
Laura K and Navi  from OH--donation to FFRC
Tom & Donna E and their rescue dog Katie Rose--donation to FFRC
Joanne P/Joey3100--Christmas card & donation for Connie's performance!
Mary H Friday night vol--card and a beautiful hand painted keepsake ornament
Elizabeth D--donation to FFRC
Kim W from OH--donation to FFRC

Yes, you have indeed seen some of the kitties throwing up here--what a lovely conversation! But all is well. Dr. Darcy thinks a little tummy upsetness. No fevers, acting just fine. Should be fine and dandy with no problems.

Please keep up the walking/jogging/biking miles for FFRC! It's a free app, fun and just think---makes your heart healthier. Thank you!

This Tuesday, at 3;00 we have an important telephone interview with the Rare Eagle Life folks! So excited! Please keep up your votes daily. It's free and easy to do! Thank you.

Gustave is racing along the floor dragging a feather toy---that boy is fast! Asha is checking out the kittens playing in front of her--she's so pretty. Kiara is laying close to the kittens too with her paw outstretched, bopping one of them (softly) every once in a while! Jinkee is doing great--so playful and so sweet. She enjoyed the visitors yesterday.  And here comes Milo with his high stepping gait. Such a happy boy! 

It has been in the 50's and 60's this week.And today our high is 70 degrees. Unbelievable. The Porchies, Barnies and Covies love it. We turned off  their heat lamps. Towards the end of the week will chill down. This weather is certainly easier on our electric and propane bills! 

Monday is going to be a Leggy Flash Sale at 11:00.  It'll be all Leggydews, Biggydews and LeggyScarves.  Have fun---still time to do last minute Christmas shopping. We'll get things mailed out right away. 

Jester--what a doll. He's so sweet--loves a hand on him at all times! And so ornery! Fatima is so super slick--her fur is slickery! Cyrus is again in between the slant window and screen of the Welcome Room--he loves to watch all the action there. Paddy Cake is one big puff ball--he knows he's just an absolute stunningly handsome boy! We had visitors yesterday that loved the Persians in the Welcome Room--Seymour, Paddy Purr, Joyful and Joline! 

Friday, December 11, 2015

December 11, Friday

Two weeks to Christmas. I had to calm these cats down--they thought Christmas was already here as in Kitty Christmas. The reason for their worry---the upside down tree isn't up yet. So, with much yummies, snackers and chicken, they now understand that Santa is still coming with a few favorite toys and some turkey! 

Tomorrow is surgery day! Here's the tentative list:
Fluffernutter/Buddy--yes, he'll be back for his sx.  We made a very rare decision to let him go be with our volunteers Jim and Jean, knowing that they would bring him back for his surgery.

Little Bit--3.01

We also have lots of physicals. These are the ones that need their annual physical:  
Alma, Charleston, Coralie, Felicity, Lucy Ann, Merri

We also want to have these cats checked for:
Walter--his circling
Paddy Purr--check his nose (it is better!)
Paddy Cake--recheck his heart murmur
Seymour--check lymph glands again on rear legs
Towarda--check eye
Solee--recheck her heart murmur

We had wonderful BOXES on Weds. evening! Our thanks to you!
BIllie K--3 cases doggie food, 4 pks of bath/face towels--so pretty
Anony. Friend-Annies Crackers Variety, Famous Amos Chcolate Chip cookies, Milano cookies
Ivy & Ruby M--box of Temptation snackers
Sue/macncheesemom--14 kt. gold kitty earrings, kitty magnet, Nano toy, framed drawing of Froggy from a lady in South Africa
Anonymous Friend--box of Pringles
Anonymous Friend--veggie sticks, a big variety of people snackers, box full of cookies!
FaithyMD--4 boxes Swiss Colony Petite Fours--yummm
June/Painteddaisy--Christmas bags full of goodies for Vols. So nice!
Deb11111--Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Andrea W--2 cases Fancy Feast, box of 30 Fancy Feast
Conii with Izabellah & Elliott--new palm tree!
MaryMort--case of Tuna, box of sardines, case of salmon
Jennifer SJ--bucket of temptation snackers
Anonymous Friend--case of sparkle paper towels
Betty/lurker Oshkosh--big bag Purina One, Bag of Purina Pro Plan, case of Sparkle paper towels
Angie & Elizabeth--New Palm tree!
Roger & Trudy S with kitties, from AZ--Christmas card with donation
Alan & Elaine from FL with Little Kat--Christmas card and a donation of Little Kat's allowance! 

We have more thanks too!
Bryant M--Merry Christmas donation, behalf of the Schmucker Family!
Roberta L--donation for FFRC
Fran D from FL--donation for FFRC from her co-worker Dave N

Billie K--donation in memory of Fancy, Sherlock, Jahzara, Sindile, Honey and Gwendolyn
Amy R from OH--donation from GIzzy & Baxter Moss, Mama, Shy, Bee & Maliboo R
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Cheryl W from IL--donation in memory of Mary M

One more bit about FIP. This comes from one of the leading universities that is researching FIP: "Out of 69 samples, there were 40 different mutations of the same virus". "It is almost like the virus fine tunes itself to the individual feline depending on genetics and the condition of the immune system" --one of the most complex viruses that he has ever seen.   So interesting and frustrating.  But, we hope our time with the FIP is now over and done.

The cats and kittens are extra "needy" this morning. Everyone wants 20 minutes of petting, plus another hour of it! We love it. 

Short blog today--have a lot of catch up to do! We are trying to get that Christmas tree up! And it's important to me to get those picture taken of the stock from Kitty Christmas! These will be posted on facebook. Just looking at it sure makes me smile! 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Weds., December 9

Hello FFRCNation.  A very very hard thing. Sindile has passed away. I think I can speak for all of us---our hearts are completely broke. This has been a very hard 6 weeks. Sindile went up for lab work yesterday. With the progression of his downhill slide today, it’s been confirmed that he too is a victim of the dry FIP. That makes 4 of these that we’ve had to deal with. So so sad. I don’t even know what to say anymore. So sad about this. One thing---we want to learn—learn from every single incident here. And we have learned a lot about FIP.  And we also know that there is so much not known about this disease. The professionals, the veterinarians, the lab people---FIP is a hot topic to discover it’s ways. There is much thought about it, but still so much is unknown.  They do a lot of “in lab” work, but I wish they would do the “real world” studies—go into rescues and see what is happening. We have seen some consistency here that is very interesting. But, nothing is cut and dried with this disease.

So……where does that leave us? Dr. Darcy and I both feel strongly that this is the end. We feel that we are now done with this FIP disaster. We do know that Fancy was the beginning and the other 3 came down with it shortly afterwards. All 4 showed different symptoms, all 4 presented differently, there were variations of lab work—this adds to the confusion of this. But we do have a plan of action for the future should we see anything like this again.  While wet FIP is easy to diagnose, dry FIP is not at all. Even knowing the shedding of this virus is undetermined. We know there's an importance of knowing the WBCV/globulin levels, but that isn't even conclusive. So, that is why it’s so difficult. It’s not like we can fight it, although we try.  Rest in peace, Fancy, Sherlock, Jahzara and Sindile. 

Rescue work is hard, crushing at times and sometimes it feels like we are lost. I think we all know that. We all need a heart that is full of patience, love, compassion, persistence and that supreme caring way. We become so close to these cats—we KNOW them, we love them, we know what they like and don’t like—they are not lumped together as a mass of cats. We know them individually. And that is why it hurts when we lose any. Some days are really tough—this is another one of them. Sometimes I want to just go away for a while, and let myself heal. But, the best way to heal is with the living, with the other cats here. So, I continue on, as do all of the people involved here. We all deal with these things differently and that is ok. There is no wrong way. Just keep these cats in your hearts and love them (and your cats and pets too). We will continue on here at FFRC. After all, a place where every cat matters means we are needed by the cats. Thank you all for caring too.

FYI—all Raffle items are now mailed out, as of today. If you don’t receive your items within a reasonable amount of time, please let us know.  Thank you.

I feel we need some positive thoughts:
Farrah has not had any seizures for years.
Purrdelurps kittens all recovered perfectly from their cold.
Towanda’s eye looks pretty good—Dr. Darcy will look at it.
We now have a healthy group of cats and kittens.
We have adoptions coming up.
The upside down Christmas tree goes up soon.
Joey has forgiven us for his nail trim.
Paddy Purr’s nose looks much better.
Vernon gave 3 kittens a bath late morning.
Derecho is feeling good.
Joline’s eye is improving.
We sent checks out yesterday to pay for some of our bills.
We have the bestest volunteers anywhere.
Sea Turtle let 2 kittens nap beside her this morning.
Pellen is adjusting every day and seems happy.

Bella is a happy girl.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday, Dec.8

What could be sweeter than this? The cats are healthy. Kitties are nutsy--running around like little kitties should, full speed ahead with no thought as to who they run into! Adoptions will be coming up. Big surgery date is scheduled for Saturday. The Raffle was a huge success. Kitty Christmas still makes me smile! Bills are getting paid. All is, indeed, good.

Here's the lowdown on the Raffle from last night!
Item A     Grumpy Cat, won by Schinn     Sold 44 tickets=$220
Item B     Kitty Blanket, won by Grawyer     Sold 45 tickets=$225
Item C     Sherpa Carrier, won by Cathy Al     Sold 88 tickets=$440
Item D     Christmas Afghan, won by Jz-nyc     Sold 35 tickets=$175
Item E     Cat Quilt, won by Grawyer                Sold 248 tickets=$1240
Item F     Pet Stroller, won by Marilyn Sau       Sold 59 tickets=$295
Item G     Sewing Machine, won by Joco          Sold 148 tickets=$740
Item H     iPadAir, won by Joco                         Sold 439 tickets=$2,195
Item I      50 inch LED TV, won by John Er      Sold 364 tickets=$1,820

Wow! That makes for a whopping $7,350--definitely the best Raffle we've ever had.  This will go towards our cat litter bill, our 2 main medical companies., It was going to also go towards our propane bill, but that had been paid in full at the Kitty Christmas! So...the remainder will go towards our operating costs, which definitely needed some help! has arrived and we can get a few more bills paid. What a great feeling to be in December and seeing our bills getting paid. A very good feeling!

But......wait! We have more thanks to give! We had some "Bumper-Uppers" to the total! Many thanks to: Minnkitty, Joco, Romeosmom, Eartheyes, Dewbus, Preakness, Gusti and Nuthatches for padding the amount.  The Grand Total came to $8,150.  Unbelievable!  My very heartfelt thank you for this support. 

Items from the Raffle and the 27 consolation prizes will be going out today and tomorrow! 

I would also like to give these thanks:
Pat & Ellen--donation to sponsor Farrah
Jakesmeowmy--donation to be used where needed
Lynne W--donation for FFRC

We also had BOXES last night and Envelopes! We are appreciative of you!
Medic/Laura--2 cases Fancy Feast
Sandra E--Friend cards
Sophie&lucysdad--pics of the 2 kitties, 20 pkts meow mix cups & cat/dog snackers
Beth/eaglewatcher--6 cans Lysol, 4 gals. HE Tide, 20000 6 in styrofoam plates
Joco's son in honor of her BD!-Gift Card to Amazon, case of Friskies, case 9-Lives Gravy
Tom & Linda C--donation to FFRC
Contessa--box tops for Kellen & sisters
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 5th BD to Mayor Anony & the $5 chicken money!
Billie K--3 bags Precious Litter
Brenda R--card with donation
Jane H from OH--donation
Judy & Jim R from FL--Merry Christmas note & donation
Leann M with Shadow & Patches--Christmas card
Christine/kiwinz from NZ--Christmas card
Megancummins58/sparklepop--donation and some wonderful, beautiful jewelry that we will show soon at a flash--earrings, keychains, necklaces--all so pretty!  Big thanks!

I've heard from the family that adopted Sergei! He's doing great. Tang is his new cat friend and they are doing "super well". Sergei is a snuggler and a purrer!

Today Sindile will be going back to the vet's office again. He will have another physical and more blood work to compare. There's a bit of worry---his appetite has diminished as has his activity level. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. 

I wish for something----that I could reach thru that camera globe and give each of you a big hug and then personally say a big thank you, to each and everyone. You have all become a huge part of this Rescue Center. Just saying.....would be so nice to do! 

Pellen is out and about. What a beautiful calico girl she is! She's doing pretty good and has investigated each room thoroughly. I always wonder what they think of all of this. But if looking at her now is any indication, I'd have to say she is happy. She's sound asleep, all curled comfortably up in a cushie bed!

Quick updates:
Trucker's poo is good!
Joline's eye is better--changed her eye meds and now is much improved.
Joey has forgiven us for trimming his toe nails. Whew!
Alma makes it to the litter box 99% of the time--great news
Purrdelurps kittens are all better and super energetic.
Elsie is doing better about climbing up--she's figuring better ways of getting down!
Amaryllis has went from a shy kitten to a confident, loving young cat
Towanda's eye is much better--will have Dr. Darcy look at it on Saturday.
Cyrus & Alphzo has a game as to how many times they can get into the Welcome Room.
Covies are happy! Nice & warm in The House that Jonah Built.
Porchies love their heat light in the Porchie Haven.
Firecats have discovered the FireHouse is warm and cozy. 
Barnies hardly leave the barn--they are best friends with their heaters!

Remember, if I ever miss something, or haven't answered someone or give incorrect info, it's always ok to contact me.

Take care everyone! Be gentle with each other's feelings. Reach out and help those around you--extend that hand of friendship. If there's a problem, try and help by listening. Things are always better with good communication. That's what Derecho told me today. 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunday, Dec. 6

Kitty Christmas! Wow! What an awesome event. I have so many thanks to give, I don’t know where to begin. It was an absolutely wonderful day. It’s actually hard for me to understand the support that you all give—I know that it is all received with much love and gratitude by me.

This past week we have been preparing for the Kitty Christmas. The latest I was told was that there were almost 30 boxes. We cleaned out our Kitty City, the storage room, shed #1 and shed #2 in preparation of this event. Everything has it’s place so we keep organized! In doing so, I realized just how low we were on items. ALL the food holding shelves in Kitty City were completely empty. In Shed #1 where the litter and dry cat/kitten food is kept—we had ¾ of the shed empty. But Shed #2 really worried me. That’s the shed that all dry products are stores, also the Clorox wipes, glass cleaner, plates, many things that won’t freeze. Well, that shed was almost empty.  And we had NO snackers in the snack container—only what was in the drawer on the counter. Wow---I was a bit worried.  And then came Kitty Christmas. I am extremely pleased to say we are full up, stocked up and sitting here with all shelves, cupboards, closets and sheds full! My gratitude is huge.

Here’s a bit of a breakdown of a few things:
610 cases of canned food
1000 snacker containers/bags
59 of the 40# bags of litter
97 bags dry cat food
42 bags of baby cat food
60 cases baby food

Altogether, there were 601 boxes. And the approximate weight of all these boxes were 15,000 pounds. Wow.   Kitty Christmas was just amazing, fantastic and so much fun and so grateful of all the gifts. Simply astounding the giving that went on. Humbles me and makes me want to do my very best for all the cats and for our supporters. Many thanks to Bill, Angie and Elizabeth for all of their hard work in this project--huge thanks. They gave up their garage to accommodate the boxes for 2 months! And to Hornish Trucking who supplied the semi. And to Scrappy who donated his driving and time to help us. And to so many volunteers and friends who came to help move many many boxes—a very big job.  It was very organized—off the semi, into the back of the Center, up front to open in front of the cam, off thru the front office and to their various storage destinations!

And there’s even more---in addition to the boxes, we had gift cards! Some of these will help us with our drug store purchases. Some were pet store cards, Meijer cards, gas cards—all will be of big help. And then we had more surprises!

** Trucker and kitty friends (along with an anonymous donator) now has our veterinary bill paid in full at Dr. Pettigrew’s office. Apparently the kitties all raided their kitty banks and pulled all their pennies together to pay for this bill---it came to 157,800 pennies! They had just enough to cover the bill! Love these cats!

** Zaney, Zap, Zest and Zeke (my 4 Z’s), along with Sevaun’s help  (and along with an anonymous donator) figured out how to contact our ProPane company for info. They have pooled their allowances together and “we made a donation to pay for the Propane and will continue to pay the bill for this winter”.  Wow—just about blew me away when I heard this. Apparently the Z’s wanted ALL the kitties at FFRC to be warm this winter!

**Derecho, Shamballie, Sindile, Jersey and the rest of the FFRC kitties—they said they know how important spaying and neutering is. So they got together with a secret friend and made some “monies with our cuteness”. They have now made sure our 12/12 surgeries are all paid IN FULL! I am so so grateful—what a relief.

**And another big surprise—Montana & Crew --donated 600 bags (well, minus 1—we won’t say which kitty ate one of the bags before sending!) of kitty snackers!  100 for each cat. Plus, each cat made a donation individually to FFRC. Big thanks!

I have been given a gift of “keeping it easy and simple”—meaning that I am told I should not do all the individual thank yous that I normally like to do. So…….here is my thanks that I read last night:

“A BIG thank you to YOU! This warm feeling of sharing, giving, compassion, friendship and love truly surrounds this Rescue Center. I know I’m blessed with your friendship and support. Sometimes when things are rough here, I know you are here for me and help me rediscover the strength that I need to go on. I thank you for that. My heart swells with deepest appreciation for your spirit of giving and sharing. You all always give me hope. Your gifts mean a lot to this rescue center, just as your gift of friendship also does. We are indeed an FFRCNation and I’m grateful for that bond. Merry Christmas!”   It truly was an awesome day in every sense of the word!

We also have other thanks to give too!
Kristina S from CA—donation to FFRC
Tammy/bellabell, Keith & kitties—a donation to use wherever needed.
PSW—donation and Happy Holidays!
Hallie G---doantion to FFRC
Little Frank—donation to FFRC
David D—donation to FFRC
Debra S from FL—donation to FFRC
Ju-In-Ji—donation to FFRC, for medical fund
Anonymous Friend—donation in memory of Honey & Sherlock, to be used for something special for the cats
Joco and viewers--for the horse wreath that we have hanging on the farm fence
Donnajb—2 cases baby food, beef
Yankeechick & Jeter—donation to FFRC for Merry Christmas

We also received $38.59 from ResQwalk! And right now, it’s looking good that we will be in first place for this week. I received an email from them explaining the donation for November’s walking. I sent back a thank you and they responded back so nicely! We are now up to 103 walkers. Keep those miles coming for the kitties and for your healthy heart! Thank you.

Once again I am the bearer of sad news. We lost a Porchie cat yesterday thru an accident in the parking lot yesterday, Saturday. Our sweet girl Gwendolyn passed away. She apparently climbed up into the motor of a car. Upon picking her up, she was still alive, fluids were quickly started but within a minute she was gone. She was given a quick “we love you, girl” and she passed.  So sad and devastated us when this happened. Thank you for loving her. She was such a loverbug. Gwenie arrived with the 9 other barn cats last winter. She quickly made her way up to the Porchie area and after being there for a bit, went and brought her twin brother, Caesar up too, to be a Porchie. We welcomed them both. Gwenie so enjoyed all the petting and snackers.  When this incident happened yesterday, we all decided we had to put on our brave front and get thru the Kitty Christmas. Today the sadness and loss of her is felt. The Porchies received extra turkey treats this morning with their breakfast.  

Friday, December 4, 2015

Friday, December 4th

Grab those walking shoes and let's walk, run or ride a bike! We were in first place yesterday for the ResQwalk and still in first place at this moment! We have 95 walkers! Just think....if we could get more walkers, we could get that small lead to be more solid! And it's fun. You can keep track of your miles and our placement. It's really fun to do this and the app is free! It's ResQwalk.  So far, we have raised almost $50! You do have to have a smart phone to do this app.  If you don't, that's ok---you can be our cheerleaders! 

And yesterday we received an exciting email from Eagle Rare Life Award.  It said that FFRC's story has made it in the top 30! It also said to keep up the voting momentum so that we are eligible for the grand prize of $50,000. Voting ends on January 5th. So......we have a month to spread the word and secure a spot in the top 30! How exciting! This is also free to vote which you can do once daily! Thank you for your help.

We have a lot of thanks to get caught up on! Got behind a little bit.

We had BOXES Weds. evening. YOU are super appreciated!
Pat N & Betty B from IL--cards for Friends, Dream Catcher too!
Julie & David from UK--kitty toy, electronic mouse, Play & Squeek toy, spring toy & lots of other toys!, 2 scratchy pads, Christmas Teddy Bear, calendar 
Jane L from WI--beautiful afghan with flowers (for a raffle!)
Jatcat from CA--for the Moss family, box of variety kinds of almonds
BIllie K--lg bag RC kitten
Lostgirl--4 baby warmers
Pam T/zoolove--Cheryl's Cookies (yummmmm!), 2 outdoor thermo kitty houses, nice card with a note and donation
Conii--taffy apples with yummies on the outside of them!!
Clark, Jesse & the Rest--Happy 1st BD card for Magic & 3rd BD for Walter, Walter, Walter! And 2 chicken $5 bills!
Randy & Renee--HE laundry soap, 2 cases Friskies
KKat444/Barbara--4-40 lb bags of Precious Litter

We also had BOXES Thursday evening. Big thanks passed to you.
LostGirl--5 cases babyfood
Ann-in-UK--14 cat Purse charms & also cat bookmarks---so beautiful
All of Chatters, instigated by Joco--a horse Wreath for the fence going out to the farmyard!!!!
Beth/eaglewatcher--10 gallons Odo-Ban
Barbara W--4 big bags of Precious cat litter

We have also had some donations thru PayPal. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Gisa Z from Germany--for FFRC, Merry Christmas
Dawn B--donation for FFRC
Sharon E from FL--donation for FFRC
Janet M--donation for FFRC
BillieJo H/GrannyBillie--donation for FFRC, from Bibi
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy Boys and for Cakes dental
Becky B from FL--made a donation in honor of her cousin, Jane here in Defiance
Sara K from Antwerp--donation for FFRC
Coralie P from Australia--donation for FFRC and Coralie
Vaun/vrs--donation for medical needs & Merry Christmas!
Oilsandsgirl--donation in honor of GIving TUesday, use where needed
Reena M from VA--donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Donavon S from IL--donation to help with Jackson II, Victor and the outside cats
Teresa G from NY--donation to FFRC

Update on the adoption of Gandolf and Rios. Gandolf is now called Elvis. Both are doing great. Rios likes his belly petted. Elvis likes the dogs.

We also had the adoption of Fluffernutter and Lily Rose together. They went with our new volunteers Jim and Jean! Fluffernutter is now called Buddy. They too are doing great. Sounds like they were racing around together last night!

Many of you already know that we lost our Honey girl, our Covie. She was 12 years old and arrived here when she was just 9 months old. She became very ill, very quickly on Weds  Tuesday she was out and about and eating and even laid in the sunshine on the picnic table. She was our black/white girl whose best friend is Muffin. Thank you for loving this sweet cat with us.

Tomorrow is our Kitty Christmas. Oh my garsh, the cats are super excited and anxious for the party to begin. I had to explain that there probably would not be catnip, but that they would benefit from every box that we open. I have no idea how many boxes we will have. Elizabeth told me this morning she thought it was now up to 16. We are grateful for each and every box and can't wait to open them all tomorrow! Join the fun at 2;00 on the cam! 

Lena is playing so sweetly by herself here on the floor, belly kicking a fuzzy ball.  Trucker is sound asleep on my desk. Towanda is curled up in a red crocheted bed and looks so pretty. Fatima and Neemu are snugged together, also napping. Asha is staring at me from behind. She knows I give her lots of petting every 5 minutes! Acadia just strolled by---unbelievable how well she looks! Tabitha fell asleep while watching the bird feeders. A sleepyish day!  They must be all resting for tomorrow!

Tomorrow we will keep everyone safe in all the hub-bub. Younguns go in the back Thumper's Room. We will also put some of the teenagers in Cat's Corner Room. The adults that don't like too much excitement will go in Kitty Campus. Many will stay out and watch the fun. We will have door watchers to make sure all are safe.

I'd like to say how much I appreciate you all, our chatters, lurkers, moderators, admins, supporters of all kinds, fb friends---our entire FFRCNation. I appreciate your kindness, your encouraging words, your support and that wonderful feeling knowing that you have my back. This truly means a lot to me. 

It's Raffle time too! We have 9 items that are just wonderful, including an iPadAir and a Samsung 2015 50 inch LED Smart TV!!  Check out the fb pages for info on the raffle. The Boxes will be done on Monday at 5:30 with the Raffle at 6:00. We have lots of consolation prizes too! 

Take care, have a wonderful day! Remember to walk for FFRC and keep that heart of yours healthy! Join us tomorrow for the Kitty's Christmas! Tomorrow morning we are to have an adoption--Sergei will be going to his new home! Oh, and next Saturday (12/12) is our next surgery date! 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday, December 1

Hello to our FFRCNation friends.  It is with a very very heavy heart and with much sadness to let you know that Sherlock has crossed over into kitty heaven. As you probably know, we took him up last week for lab work to check for the dry FIP.  He was just barely under the limits and so there was hope that we could treat whatever was wrong. He has not improved and today has not felt well.  Because it’s important to know, he was taken back to the vets today for labwork and this time, his blood work had well entered into the levels of being the dry FIP.  This is very hard for me and causes much sadness. FIP is such a confusing disease and much dreaded by the cat world. There is so much thought that it is untreatable and unpredictable.  Research continues all the time to try and break into this awful disease. This is thought to be known: it appears to be a mutant form of the enteric coronavirus—that it mutants within itself—it changes and causes FIP.  Some mount a rapid immune response, others are not able to suppress the virus, which then ends with fatal results.

I’m not afraid of a cat challenge and feel we generally can “take on” cat problems, with the guidance of our vets. However, this FIP thoroughly defeats me. I feel I cannot fight it—it beats us everytime, which is so sad. People sometimes say that I must be brave to handle these things. Really, that is far from the truth. I feel crushed when we lose our cats—it hurts terribly. But, since I’m a fairly private person, I mourn by myself. While these things are hard to handle, I know that I/we must carry on. We have a Rescue Center here that has so many cats that need our full attention. I am always on the alert to the general health of our population and try very hard to keep stress at a minimum, to try and provide the best care that we can do. Just because “life goes on”, in no way takes away the hardship of losing one of our cats. Also, we try to learn from every loss of life. Someday, my hope would be to see a treatment of FIP. That would truly be a wonderful thing.

I thank ALL of you for caring about Sherlock and all of our FFRC cats. While it’s very hard to let everyone know about these sad things, there’s also a sense of comfort in that you care, that you love them too and that you understand. It truly brings a bit of comfort. I thank you for that.
I’d like to catch up on some other “business” here too.
I want to send a big thanks to Mich and Vern for the awesome Flash Sale last night. They sold 99% of the items they showed. Wonderful “job”. And a big thanks to all how provided the items for the Sale. Big high five from the cats and myself to all those who participated in the sale. And don’t forget the mods who help with the whole event---you are all wonderful.

Zazzle is now carrying the wonderful 2016 FFRC calendar—chock full of FFRC cats. The site is:  Take a look—it’s really a great calendar. Many thanks to Adrian, Pat B and Goss for taking on this project.

Big thanks to the following:
Lannml—donation to FFRC, for Giving Tuesday, to be used where ever the need is
Jacksmom—donation to FFRC, for Giving Tuesday
Joanne P from FL—donation to FFRC, for Giving Tuesday
Carolyn H—donation to FFRC
Julie B from CA—donation to FFRC
Penny T from Defiance—donation to FFRC

In addition to the cats mentioned last week that are on hold, we now also have Squigglez and Sergei on hold. It’s so wonderful to get the message back, after an adoption of how well our FFRC cats are doing. It’s such a joy to know they are in loving homes.

Thursday begins our super-revved-up Raffle. This one has NINE items. It begins anytime on Thursday and ends at 9 am on Monday. BOXES will be that night at 5:30 with the Raffle being at 6:00.  We are very excited about this particular Raffle.

One can’t help but feel the joy in this Rescue Center. Just take time to watch the cats and the volunteers. The friendships between our volunteers is wonderful. They give and give of their time, their compassion and are so positive. The cats just are sheer joy—rarely do you see a cat that is sad. Their general attitude is one that WANTS to be happy, to get love, to give love and to just plain have fun! My wish would be that rescues and shelters were not needed. The reason is, that would indicate that all cats and pets are wanted and in their very own home. Such a peaceful thought, but one not to be seen yet. Everyone can play a part though in helping towards this goal—it just takes a conscious effort to spay and neuter and to give love. 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Monday, November 30

Are you ready? Tonight is a wonderful Flash Sale, by Mich and Vern. There are so many many items. This is the one we've been wanting to get in--many Christmas items. We'd like to get them out to you as quickly as possible, in case you need them for presents to others! Thanks in advance to Mich and Vern, the mods, the viewers and all the makers/donators of the items that you will see. It starts at 8:00 pm (FFRC time). Grab a big drink, a comfy chair, a cat and relax and enjoy! 

Acadia is amazing. What a beautiful girl she is. I had 2 people ask me last week who that pretty cat is. When I said Acadia, neither could believe that it was the same cat that was so sickly thin weeks ago. She has certainly filled out---her bones no longer crack when you hold her, her fur is shiny and she loves life! What a sweet girl. 

Paddy Purr's nose is a tiny bit better.  He's on antibiotics right now. We will see what happens over more time--hopefully can get his nose/growth under control. He's a happy boy and has a great Purr, of course!

Towanda's eye is so much better but of course, has deep scarring. Dr. Darcy will look at it and decide if it should be removed or not. Towanda is so shiny--her fur is slickery! We have our next surgery date scheduled for 12/12. A very busy first two weeks for FFRC.

Farm news:  Remember when Milly, the donkey had a rough time this past summer?  I saw something yesterday that pleased me so much. Maverick and Mercy were flat out running in the big yard and right behind them was Milly---doing a great job of keeping up with those that have longer legs! It was a great thing to watch. The chickens are guinea hens are doing great--all plump now for the winter. Egg laying is still happening but not as many as in the warm weather. The ducks and geese look good too. Pickles, the goat, is a happy girl--she doesn't even bother trying to keep up with the other 3! She knows to take it easy and her Martha will come out and give her a few special snackers. 

We had BOXES Saturday evening! A big call of Thanksgiving to you all!
Elsie & her Mom Annette B from NC--For FFRC's Elsie--when adopted, she will take a Kong teddy bear and a leggydew with her!
ElectraNJ--metal image of dear Froggy
Kathie3103 & John--baby sling for Trucker, box tops for Caryn, vet meds no longer needed
Mary--Fri. night vol--pop tabs for Kellen, dog snackers, kitty snackers
Deptfordenmans from UK--card & glass hearts & Christmas tree ornaments--all beautiful (flash)
Joco/Jo Ann--lots of Old Dutchy Puffcorn caramel corn for all!  Yumm
MLS/Linda--memorial stone for Fancy--extra thanks
Lurker from Medine OH--Christmas card & gift card to Walmart
Auntie Donna W (Clark & Jessie) --card and 2 famous chicken $5's
Susan C from Defiance--donation

And more thanks to give!
Alan A from CO--donation to FFRC
Bashar A from OH--donation to FFRC
Joanne L/jomarli--donation to FFRC
Beth C--donation to FFRC
ABQcat from NM--donation for a Merry kitty Christmas!

This morning I checked the EagleRareLife site. We are at 42,000 votes!  Wow! I believe this continues to Jan.  Can you help us add that up a bit more?  It's free!  Here's the site:      Thanks!

How's your heart doing?  I know it's a compassionate heart, but is it healthy?  Remember you can walk, jog or bike for FFRC!  It's free too!  And the app is also free.  It's called ResQwalk.  Check it out!  Can get that heart of yours in top form and help FFRC at the same time. It's exercising and fun to total up your steps! Have to have a smart phone though or can borrow someone's if you're going out for a walk. If everyone could get just one more person to do this for us, we'd be so grateful.  It's rated as to how many miles are given to your organization for the prize money! Last week we were in 3rd place most of the time! And this morning, it looks like we earned $46.88 for that!  Right now we have 86 followers--let's double that! Thanks so much.

Sevaun came up and banged, banged, banged on the front door last night. So, I invited her in for warm milk and a cookie. She ate the cookies but let it be known she'd rather have pizza!  She's asked a favor, which I will gladly do. Sevaun anted to pass her thanks to everyone who wanted to receive or send a special Christmas card from her.  She is in cat-heaven with all the cards she needs to do! So....a big Sevaun thanks! 

The 6 kittens in the back Thumper's Room are doing so much better! Their energy level is good and they can really rock the room! Jahzara is now feeling well enough to be out and about with them too. He's eating good and on the good road of recovery. We're still struggling with Sherlock and will be talking to the vet again today about him. In the meantime, he's enjoying watching all the action from his doublepen, where he has lots of room to rest and relax.  

Lucy Ann is doing great. Love that "smile" of hers. I always tell her she has a very special smile because of her cleft lip.  Sindile is full of energy and has a good appetite! Cecil is full of orniness, which we all love to watch. He gets such a kick out of playing with the other kitties' tails! Even Coralie's short one, which she tolerates pretty good! 

Won't be long until we get our upside down Christmas tree up! We're all looking forward to the Christmas season. The cats definitely are too---they know there will be ham bones, turkey, extra catnip and bonita flakes and music to purr to. Take care to everyone! Surely do appreciate all of our FFRNation friends! 

Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday, November 27

Thanksgiving is over and boy, was I full!  Full of delicious food and full of thanks for so so many things, including family, friends, volunteers, FFRC and our wonderful FFRCNation friends!  Christmas is now only 4 weeks away. I've already heard the cats talking about Christmas stockings, a Christmas party and wondering if Santa will visit them!  They're going to try and be on their bestest behaviors!

We had BOXES Weds. evening! YOU are appreciated.
Rosesf6cats from IA--knitted gift holders for the volunteers
ElectraNJ_PA--4 metal imaging pictures for Raffles/Flash sale (cats on a ledge, Joene, Trucker/Magic/Thomas and then Sevaun)
CherylAnn in WA--friend cards & 30 sets of 100% cotton dishcloths (2/set) 
Littleonemine/Kelly from CA--Precious cat litter coupons, box tops for Caryn, Purrfectly chicken packets, Sheba perfect portions, Purina Meow, sardines, clams, tuna and chicken!!
Jessie, Clark and family along with leggygal--19 blankies for adoptions!
MunchkinsLJS/Lisa from NJ & kitties--an awesome Grumpy Cat Basket filled with lots of Grumpy Cat Items---this will be in the next Raffle!
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes
Sonja/sonJamac--Thanksgiving card & donation
Billie K--2-40# bags of Precious Cat litter

We have these thanks to give too!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Billie K--donation for the kitties Thanksgiving yummies!
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with the medical costs.
Daryl O--donation to FFRC
James G from OH--donation to FFRC in memory of Bofur

We've heard from the gentleman that adopted Purrdelurps. All is good--happy owner, happy cat! We also know that Snookie and Squeeky are doing terrific and are much loved. 

We had 2 adoptions this morning. Gandolf and Rios left---two of the most sweetest of kitties found a new home, together! They went to a family of 5 with lots of room and much love for cats.

Oh my---we have some dates for you! We are wanting to get some of these wonderful items out for you all to see, so a Flash Sale will be this coming Monday at 8pm. Mich and Vern will host this. So, grab a seat, a drink and snack and enjoy the fun! There are lots and lots of items that I think you will like! Many different things, some traditional items, many that are Christmas gift appropriate! So....let's have some fun. This Flash Sale will go to our major laboratory/bloodwork/necropsy bills.  

Another date is the upcoming Raffle! And what a Raffle this will be! there are NINE items:
50 inch LED 2015 Samsung TV
Brothers Sewing Machine that can almost sew by itself! And a sewing basket
Pet Stroller
Aghan--Christmas design
Quilt--lots of cats on it!
Grumpy Cat Basket
Mink big blanket
This Raffle starts on Thursday, 12/3 and ends Monday at 9 am. That night we will have BOXES at 5:30 with the Raffle at 6 pm.  We were afraid we were going to have to have the top 4 items just in the continental USA due to big international shipping charges. BUT..........we have received wonderful news. If the person's name that is drawn is outside the USA, we now have an anonymous donor to cover the shipping costs!  Hooray......everyone can participate!  Thank you so so much, Anonymous Friend!  This Raffle will go towards our December fuel propane bill, our 2 major medical companies and our cat litter bill.  Whatever we make, will be divided between these 4 companies! Let's have some fun here! Plus there's close to 25 consolation! 

Zeke--my inside cat. His mouth biopsy has come back no cancer! But high bacteria count, so he's now on antibiotics and has begun to eat a little better!

We now have 6 kittens in the back Thumper's Room (Squigglez, Wigglez, Scoop, Marja, Joop and Jun.  3 of these had a cold but all are on antibiotics. All are now eating better and playing like crazy!

Jahzara--doing better! He's now eating better and is feeling better. Still in quarantine. Such a wonderful kitten. Still on all his meds.

Sherwood--doing a little bit better. It's the first I've been able to say this! He's eating somewhat--sometimes yes, sometimes no. But, he has a better "look about him" and we're hoping for a full recovery. If he's not a LOT better by Monday, we will do another blood panel on him for comparison. Still on all of his meds. 

Sindile--what a nut! He's one busy boy now. Yes, he still stumbles, but his energy level is good, his appetite is good and he's a happy, energetic boy! He is now off all of his meds. 

Enjoy this weekend! It's actually warm here! The weather has been surprising. The cats and kittens are doing great. Kittens are so fun and silly and playful. Love these cats! Take care.