Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday, January 31

Please, vote, vote, vote! Oh my, this voting race gets tighter and tighter every day.I do believe I have 5 more grey hairs because of it! I thank each and every one of you for your votes. This is the kind of race that we can't let slip by us. Please make sticky notes to remind you to vote! Ask people to help us by giving us just one more vote! Thanks ever so much for your support. We will always run this rescue center to the best of our abilities--to have happy, healthy cats and to find awesome, loving indoor homes. And to help reduce the cat overpopulation problem by spaying and neutering.

Where did this month go? Hard to believe tomorrow will be February. Each day brings us closer to baby season. Now is the time to get those cats spayed/castrated. If you have a cat that is not neutered yet, or are feeding outside cats, it's important to schedule those surgeries. Cats that give birth in March, can possibly have 4-5 litters before the next winter. Those kittens that are born in March, can possibly have kittens themselves in the late fall. a part of the solution, not a part of the overpopulation problem.

Doce is growing up! He was playing in the house, had to potty, and RAN to his crate to use the litterbox. What a big boy! He's so darn cute. Here's this 1 pound kitty, playing with my 10 pound cats! He's learning how to behave and mind his manners. He also likes to sleep beside Steve on the couch.

We had BOXES last night! I'm very grateful
 Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Friskies Senior salmon (one of Magenta's favorites)
Julie P--bag of Blue Buffalo sensitive dry food for Joebob, from Sophie and Tiger (they think he's kinda cute!)
Dawnstar from UK--toys for FFRC from   These are awesome super catnipped toys from Evad!
Lois L--case of Fancy Feast baby can food, case of Fancy Feast marinate morsals, case of Fancy Feast classics
Widdletigger--2 Purple bath mats for Derecho in hopes that he is a Ravens fan!
Jatcat--a wonderful quiet hair dryer with a stand
Arden & Charmaine--case of Reese Sardines (yummy!), 2 cases of Friskies fillets, case of Friskies shreds
Sandy--300 of the 9 inch styrofoam plates
Cantoncat--from Omaha Steaks: cheese cake, carrot cake and a chocolate cake, 2 bags snackers for dogs/cats and 2 packages of dog cookies
Carolyn--2 cases of appetizers, 3 lysol wipes and a case of Fancy Feast classic
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feasta gravy lovers and a case of Nine Lives canned
Lizmol from MI--coupons, chocolate dipped pretzels, individual Starbucks & Hawaiian coffee packets, salmon, baby food, blue fleece jammie bottoms, 1 can of beneful medley   Her kitties are Ginny & Ariel
Pat L & Sandi from KS--letter from Pat and picture of Sandy, 2 packages of dog treats, 6 packs of kitty snackers, Busy Bones for the dogs, seed bell for birds, bag of handmade spiral toys, Meow Mix packs, 6 beautiful handmad cat bed pads and canned cheese, pop tabs for Kellen
Kerswill with letter from Domino, along with Amber--Hoops & Yoyo card, picture of persian Snowflake, bag of horse goodies, Appetizers, Fancy Feast, feather toys, Glorious Cat Book (Leslie Ann Ivory), box tops and pop tabs for Kellen, hand lotion, lysol wipes, bounce sheets, note pads & 3 bed heaters 20 x 10's and 2 indoor heating pads
Jean & Cindy (Bev M's daughters)--this was an extra extra special box. These items were requested by Bev, to be sent to FFRC. I'm so grateful and honored.
Brass plate holder for a plate with 2 kitties and a rose, 2 laying down ceramic kitty statues and a big standing white ceramic kitty, jewelry--all cat related, crystal kitty candle holder, meezer statue and a kitty decoration for a window. From the bottom of my heart--thank you
Peggy/leggygal & Dewitty--60, yes folks, we said SIXTY fleece blankets (can be used for FFRC, given to adopted cats and also can be sold. Check that info out below)

This Friday 6 pm to Saturday 6 pm starts the first of our 3 afghan auctions. Two will be OPEN BIDS on the chatters facebook, and the 3rd will be CLOSED BID to a special e-mail address. The first one will be a beautiful full of colors one, with a chain design by Linda/Clemm. This one starts this Friday. The second one will be a multiple colored afghan made by Dave, a CLOSED auction on, on Feb. 8-9. The third one is a white/blue/aqua afghan, made by Linda/Clemm that will be an OPEN auction on Feb. 15-16. Many thanks to Dave and Linda for these afghans. We'll have fun with this!

Also, starting at BOX TIME, is "Let's get those oldies but goodies adopted". Check out ffrc chatters fb page and the regular ffrc facebook for special stories about some of our teenagers and cats that have been here for a while. We would love to find them wonderful homes. The stories, of course, are by our Cantoncat friend. After box time, we have a few games to play with you all, to test your cat knowledge and your know-how on some of the FFRC cats! This will be fun too!

The construction guys are here! Even in the snow flurries, slight wind and cold, they came! What a wonderful day this will be--a day of building the Kitty Kabana!

Belda wants to make sure we realize that SHE'S not up for adoption! She's a keeper!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weds., January 30

Our Kitty Kastle guest for the next week is still in Chicago. Peggy/leggygal has been trying to get here, but the weather has been a bit troubling. Next leg is from Chicago to Fort Wayne, where Bill and Angie will pick her up. She's a good sport about it! It's been raining all night, with some wind. Next week is showing another freeze coming in. 

Oh my goodness--that Koharu is something else. Every 5 seconds she's somewhere else than she was just before that! Speedy little girl! She's already "snuck" into the house--cruising about like she's always been there. She loves to play with Boing. What a pair. Little Haylow is on my desk--what a sweetheart--loves to have her tummy rubbed. Cutie, right now, is climbing up the tall 10 foot pole. She's definitely feeling good! Magenta has had a good morning. We gave her more fluids yesterday and an injection for nausea which helped her alot. And the thousand pettings she received I'm sure helped too! 

I've heard from Harlow and her family--all is well there with that adoption. Have a couple families coming in soon to look at some of the teenager cats. Remember, sweet Graciela is still on hold too, as is Boulder. Boulder will probably be leaving this weekend.

Our newest arrival is now here. He's a big brown tiger, previous outside cat. His new name is Montana, which is a name from the Catathon (still trying to get these names used!). I misunderstood what his troubles were. I thought he was a HBC (hit by car). But, no, he was another trap victim. Had his front right paw in it which was completely mangled and useless. His amputation was yesterday and I picked him up shortly after his surgery. Today he is purring his head off! Can't get enough head rubs. But, oh my, his shoulder is terribly swollen and bruised. We've got him on 2 different soreness meds and an antibiotic. When we cleaned his pen, he was down on the floor and was so graceful in his walk. He was also neutered yesterday. We'll put him as an 11 month old boy. 

We will have BOXES tonight! There's already 9 boxes from yesterday. Fun! Today, the internet company will be coming to install a new line to ease some of the load to the cam computer. Tomorrow the construction guys are suppose to be here to frame in Kitty Kabana, weather permitting. Doce is doing great. I do believe he is part mountain goat. The back of the couch, the 5 foot cat trees and the steps going upstairs are all meant for one thing.....climbing! He is one active boy. He is now lapping his formula, but is still getting supplemented twice a day. If I don't "give in", he cries and cries for his ba-ba bottle! Is he denied? No way! And he is eating dry baby cat food too. This kitty was born to climb and purr! 

Have you voted yet today?  Please help us and vote every day! 

Doce as a tiny baby! Wow--he sure is growing!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday, January 29

Our newest siamese Kohuru (pronounced Ko Ha Roo--long O, short A), is so much fun. She's a speedy little girl with lots of things to do. A very busy kitten. Frith is right now stretched out in the middle of the floor, being as long as he can make himself. Not a care in the world! Boulder is napping in Dodger's Pen, on the hammock. Boulder will be leaving this week to go to his new home. Cutie is feeling great--she's even got a spring in her step! Nance, Graciela and Tabitha loves the dogs. They easily jump thru the door opening, into the dog's room and take naps with them. Octavia has broadened her horizon--she now also loves to thieve from the dog's snack container--her whole front side goes into the container to sort out which treat she wants!

I've heard from two recent adoptors again. Both Basil and Engelina are doing great. Both kittens are doing good in their new homes. I love hearing about how the relationships are building.

I understand that some people are a tad discouraged about the voting for The Animal Rescue Site. Let's not be discouraged!! We are still #1 in the state of Ohio and still #1 OVERALL. That, simply put is......AWESOME!  Being in #1, represents thousands of votes daily, being given. I am deeply grateful. It's amazing! Yes, it's a tight race--makes for an exciting contest. But, we're still in #1! Please know that every single vote is appreciated by me and FFRC! Keep it up! Ask your friends to vote! Ask your family! Copy the link and give it to a co-worker and ask please for a vote! Put it on your facebook page! This is not a minor battle--it's for $10,000! We are a team of voters!  Please remember to click on the button to give FREE food to pets! Remember--everyone can vote--lurkers, chatters, admins, visitors, friends--everyone!  We're in this race for the duration! 

Just wanted to give you an update on our oldsters. Putter is doing great. He will let us know without a doubt when it's time for a backrub for him! He's eating good. Bondi is showing more of her age, but her weight is holding. She's a tough girl! Magenta has lost a bit of weight, but is eating good. I haven't seen her doing any more stumbling in the last few days. She loves to be held. Ada Jane is a bit of a worry. She's almost 18. Hard to believe. Her weight has dropped significantly. Gave her fluids this morning. We'll give her all the love she wants. 

We had BOXES last night--so much to be thankful for!
Rene C/jakesmeowmy--2 cases of Fancy Feast turkey, case of  white fish and case of Tuna
Sharon B--3 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations, 3 cases of Friskies (bits, pate and fillets)
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast grilled, case of Friskies bits, case of Friskies seafood
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of Friskies tuna and a case of Senior Salmon
Nancy L/luv4cats from WI--coupons
ABQcat/Allen H--coupons and card
Susan TC from Defiance--donation
Anonymous Friend--donation thru PayPal to help with maintenance repairs with water pipe problems
Adam B--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

In this winter time, the barnies are doing good. They love their straw mounds and their quilts. In safe places, we have heat lamps for them also. All is fine in the Kitty City as well. It's amazing how in the winter, they're all best buds--piles of cats everywhere! Closeness is great!

Ada Jane--she sure loves her blankies and the warmth of the dryer and the jiggliness of the washer!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday, January 28

Our two new arrivals, Frith and Koharu are now out and about. There was NO WAY of keeping them in Cat's Corner Room any longer. Meowing, meowing and fussing and playing under the door were all signs that they wanted out NOW!!! So, out they are. Frith picked up from where he was last time he was here--he's just fine. Koharu is here, there and everywhere. Speedy little girl, she is! Such a happy young cat.

Boing continues to do good. At first, he wasn't too sure what those other 4-legged "things" were, but now he likes to play with them! Micah is coming along. He was seen playing with a toy. He's a bit of a shy boy, but more relaxed. He likes his turkey meals. Gallant was playing today--tossing a toy into the air. Such a joy to see that! Joyful's eyes are a bit better. She actually let me clean them without a helper today. Maybe she's realizing that we love her and are only trying to help her.Sure hope so. We catch her often, looking around corners at us--checking us out. We always talk to her. 

Miau went to her new home on Saturday! Such a nice young lady is now her mama! I do believe that Miau will be a happy cat in this new home! 

We had a wonderful volunteer meeting yesterday and covered alot of items. We had a large percent of the volunteers in attendance. The meeting was about 2 hours long.  Here's a sampling of our discussions:
Catathon date--Sunday, June 23
Kitty Kastle--booked fairly full till end of May, then will hold on reservations just in case my mom needs to come here and stay
Cookbook I--still have some available to purchase. Can still send in recipes for the upcoming Cookbook II. If you all still have a recipe to send in, please do it soon.
Online auction--coming up! The keyword--afghans!!  More details later
Defiance Dance Studio Recital--we will again be doing the concession stand as a fundraiser this year. Dates are: June 7, 8, 9
Coffee Pot--we now have a Keurig in the supply room for the volunteers to use whenever they want to!
Hand Hygiene--the importance of hand washing--a good defense to reduce human germs and cat germs
Voting--reminder to vote, vote, vote   ALL the volunteers are voting!
FFRC's work schedule--went over who is doing the early morning cleaning and the main morning cleaning. We've had lots of changes recently. Bonnie, who had her hip replaced, will be back soon!! 
Pet Gallery--would love to have the volunteers bring in pictures of their pets--we'll make a collage and hang up
Emergency--went over the 3 people who are to be called in case of an emergency. These 3 people will do the calling for reinforcements here at the center, while the volunteers are removing the cats in carriers Discussed locations of fire extinguishers and smoke alarms
Mondays--soon, we will be "closed" on mondays. That means no phone answering and closed signs on the door! Will still have BOXES on Mondays
SunRoom Construction--the plans for this is progressing. We're going with bright, sunshine colors--yellows and oranges. Decided on a 3-color mix for the floor (which we be the same kind of floor in the main area). The color of the floor?  yellow/orange and a beige--very pretty and welcoming! Cat shelves will be oranges and yellows too.
Looking into the Future--Where is FFRC heading? We will carry on!!
WHEN we win the $10,000 from The Animal Rescue Site contest, what will we do with the money? Several wonderful suggestions were made. Maybe we could finally get the siding on Kitty City   (a much needed project).  We still may need more work done on the Kitty City roof--we donot want any roof leaks. The "catio" on the side of Kitty City is leaky and not very weather resistent--maybe a better constructed catio could be build? Possibly a better walkway to Cat's Cove (remember, this is on the farmyard--when it gets muddy, it is a real mess walking out to Cat's Cove, the spring, summer, fall home for our Covies).  Lots of great ideas. 

Octavia says --That pizza was scrumptious at the Volunteer Meeting yesterday!  She helped herself! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday, January 25

Update on the plumbing problems: the toilet in the house is now up and running. The toilet in Kitty Kastle is not--still problems. The plumber will be back again today to work on it. Seems to be a bit of a mystery as to what is going on with it. The water faucet in the big red barn is still froze up. But, warm temperatures are coming--hoping it'll start working soon. Jimmy is having to haul water from mid-way in the farm yard to the back section. Getting back to normal!

We took in a new cat yesterday. It's a female, siamese, teenager. Her name is Koharu, a name suggested by our Japanese friend Mayumi. Koharu is beautiful. She had been an inside cat. Her family moved and simply put her outside. Yes, in this cold and hard winter. And drove away. The neighbors saw her and gave her some food, then brought her here. The man that brought her is our plumber!

We also had a cat returned yesterday. It's Frith! Frith is doing great. He was having a few health issues at his home. I respect this owner for returning her when she realized she could no longer keep her. Frith is wonderful, still super sweet and was much loved at his other home. We'll give him some time to have some fun here, make sure he is healthy, then he'll go back up for adoption. 

We had an adoption yesterday! Engelina went to her new home. Her new mama loves her so much! It's a wonderful connecion. So happy for both of them.She will keep us posted about Engelina in facebook. I also asked her to keep me posted long-term about her leg issue. She understands the medical aspect of Engelina. 
Not a problem!

We had BOXES last night. I am always in a state of gratitude at the support we receive.
Beth/eaglewatcher--lots of hand, body and toe warmers for those who must be out in the col here!
Rebecca & Wllow--3 snuggle safe heating warmers, packages of spring coil toys, 2 cat-go-cat toys, cat nip flipper toys, L-lysine powder and a container of catnip
Cheryl G--3 snuggle safe heating warmers
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies Pate, case of Friskies fillets, case of Royal Canin baby cat canned, big bag of Royal Canin dry baby cat food, big bag of Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul dry food
Ann/kikkocat & Sean (Penn & Teller's family)--towel, 2 cases of Friskies variety, lots of snackers
Megan/Oreokittymom and Emily (visiting us & staying in Kitty Kastle for Emily's good grades!)--2 packages of yummy peanut butter mini cakes (made by Megan), 2 packages Valentine plates, lots of small paper plates, snackers, tuna, case of Friskies tasty treasure food
Sydney & family (she is a friend of Emily's and is also staying here)--paper towels, 2 rugs, tote bag, pillow cases, vinegar, HE laundry soap, 2 cans of cat food, snackers, bag of Science Diet Adult dry food, feather toy, cat nip bubbles
Faithy--card and a sweet poem of Derecho
Lauren M/Bernie from Texas--card with note and stamps for mom's bd
Jennifer & Keith P from NV--kitty card and donation for medical expenses for Joyful & Gallant
Pat L--coupons
Suzy W--note with donation in memory of Marvin 

Please remember to vote! We are still in first place in overall and in Ohio! I'm very thankful for each and every vote. This is a "big deal" contest and people are watching it. Please keep your votes honest. No emptying cookies to revote--not allowed and not wanted by FFRC. We win fairly, or we don't win! Please remember, when talking about voting whether it's in chat or facebook, please just say "I've voted", or Voting Done".  Please do not say how many times you've voted--causes too much turmoil. Blind Cat Rescue is now in 3rd place with Purrfect Pals now in 2nd place. I want to thank Mary H. who works for the Archbold paper and her boss for putting a banner on the front page in regards to voting--so nice! I feel very strongly that we can do this--keep those fingers moving and please ask family and friends to help us. My promise to you--we will always do our very best for the cats and kittens at FFRC. 

Sunday, at 2:00, we will be having a big volunteer meeting here at FFRC. Don't worry, we will just move the cam from the main area, to the front office so you can still see the cats during our meeting time. A different view! 

Pania--she made her way up to the second level! She is so proud of herself and we are too! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday, January 25

B is not only for BOXES, but now it can also stand for BUNCHES of FUN! Since we had no boxes to open last night, we changed gears and did something different! It was fun. It was time for Doce to be fed, so he willingly showed the viewers how he can nibble some of the baby Royal Canin tiny kibbles. He then took some of his formula too, from his bottle/syringe. I think he knew he was being watched as he was extra "smiley"! Then we took a tour of the rescue center--was able to show quite a few of the cats. Some were playing, some were napping, but all were content.

Then we had playtime. The Undercover Mouse toy came out again. I have so much fun with this toy, with the cats. It takes a little supervision as some of the cats like to lay on the pad, which stops the "mouse". Derecho absolutely LOVES this toy. He gets super-excited. So does Linden and Obadiah. Obadiah actually tried to run off with the "mouse" last night and again this morning. I counted 26 cats last night watching and participating in this play time!

Next, was the bubble machine. They LOVE their bubbles. We left that on for maybe 10 minutes. Some of the cats are really good at nabbing the bubbles, some just like to watch and some like to pop them. Good exercise and attention getting for them!

After that, I showed some of the items that we have up for sale, thru our on-line store. I thank you for the orders that were placed.

Beth is still here visiting this week. She is such a joy. Lots of projects and cleaning have been done, thanks to her help! I would also like to thank Beth for her donation that she made to FFRC, to go towards the SunRoom construction and for "whatever else we need it for". I dearly appreciate her support.

The plumber will be here again today to continue the work in the house bathroom--turning out to be a big job, but it had to be done. Our pipes are all still running smoothly, which I am so very grateful for. The construction guy popped in yesterday. Said, weather permitting, they would be here next week to frame in the SunRoom! How exciting.

Remember, one of our items in the adoption contract, is that if for WHATEVER reason, an adopted cat from FFRC can no longer be kept, he/she needs to be returned to FFRC. I know this may sound strange, but we should always be grateful when someone returns a cat. Doesn't matter the reason--we will ALWAYS take them back. When this happens, it is because they care and are honoring their contract.

I've heard from most of the cats now that have recently been adopted--all are doing great. Little JoeBob is still a bit under the weather, but feeling much much better. He's sitting up right now, wanting to come out and play. We've convinced him that he needs to rest yet for another day. To help him, we've moved him to Dodger's Pen, where he will have more room to play. He's eating good now.

Please continue to vote for FFRC.  Go to:   OR go to our website   This is a very tight race.  Actually, 2nd and 3rd place organizations exchanged slots this morning. We are still in #1, but need your help in staying there. If we each ask ONE more person to vote, that would be a big bonus in our numbers! Copy the website down, give it to a person and ask them to vote. Tell them the FFRC cats appreciate it! Thanks for your support.

Paddy Cakes--he's ran so many miles on the Cat-Go-Round Wheel, that he's exhausted! Just a quick nap and he'll be running again!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday, January 24

We have water! We have water! Yes, just this morning the pipes unfroze in Thumper's Room and the little bathroom. The slow drip is on, so we don't refreeze. This is the plan--the contractor that builds for us was here yesterday. They will remove the water lines from between the walls and put them on the inside. That should eliminate this problem! The plumber was also here yesterday--he put all new "innards" in the toilet of Kitty Kastle. He also snaked the sewer line with a 108' snake--quite a ways! So...we shall see what happens. You'll see the plumber still off and on today and tomorrow. In checking on things, we found the toilet in the house was "sinking"--yes, sinking and very much needs to be fixed. That is now on the Moss agenda. Right now, it's still cold outside, but the sun is shining!

We had BOXES last night! Thanks so very much for your support. 
Jacquiline M from Georgia--14 packages of Temptation treats (cats love these!)
Sonjamac--3 cases of food--Friskies Gravy Sensations, Friskies tuna an Friskies Pate'
Jan B/Alliecat from FL--gift from her sister, to FFRC, in honor of Jan's birthday--an Undercover Mouse toy (what a great toy--lots of interaction)
Sevren--case of large cans of Friskies Supreme supper
Warpedinmn/Connie S--2 big bags of Iams kitten dry food
Julie P/Tigercat54--hello kitty lanyard (for a boxcutter) and a paw print lanyard (for cell phone if it works that way)
Anonymous Friend--coupons
Phylis B--coupons
Gallant via Special Cat Network & Kitties of Ordinary Divs House--poster of Mutts cartoon "Saving One Kitty at a Time".  I love this poster--really nice. Thanks Gallant and his friend for sending it!
Jim & Kathy T and their kitty Callie--donation to FFRC, for their support of Emaline
Allison L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Douglas P from Ontario--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Bonnie P from CA--donation for FFRC to help with the water/plumbing problems

We also received the $1,000 check from Petfinder for coming in with the most votes for the first week of the contest! Just wonderful! Thanks to all of your votes! Please continue pushing those votes for us. Our lead is slim. It's a very close contest. 

The new toy Undercover Mouse is an awesome toy--the cats love it. This mornng, we had it on and there were 15 cats checking it out. Derecho gets all excited--he loves to catch it! Paddy Cake and Obadiah put on quite a show chasing it last night! 

Doce continues to do great. He was discovered INSIDE the food dish yesterday. Yes....that little rascal was holding out on me. He was crunching and munching that dry food down like a pro! But, he still likes his formula too! What a sweetie he is. His purrer works really good!

If you like jewelry and would possibly like a piece with an FFRC cat on it, check out our friends site--it's   For every piece ordered, they donate to FFRC! If you'd like to check out our Zazzle account (it's all FFRC related items), go to

We've heard from the family that adopted Jaina and Dolan--all is fine and happy there. Also heard from Basil's owner. He's doing good as well. Always nice to hear these things.

Micah is out and about now. He's pretty much staying in the front office, but he goes in and out of Dodger's Pen on his own. He is so handsome. He's feeling more comfortable. He sure loves looking out the window. 

Tizzie--a beautiful black cat, ready to be adopted! 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday, January 23

Winter is certainly here. Not in the snow, but in the cold. Yesterday was a very interesting day. As you may know, we woke to no furnace in the house and completely frozen pipes--on the entire property. So, the "pump guy" came, determined all the main pipes in the pit (we're on well water), A heater was put down there to thaw things out--mid afternoon, finally, we had water! Except, for in Thumper's Room and the little bathroom--these pipes are different and are still frozen today. Have to work on this problem. We have a heater going in Thumper's Room to try and thaw those pipes. The furnace in the house started heating again mid afternoon also! Then last night, Beth (our guest in Kitty Kastle) came up to the Rescue Center and said we had a flood in KK. Yep, we sure did. Clear out onto the porch, the bathroom and the kitchenette area. Water was turned off, mopping began, big rug pulled out, and the floor dried. A plumber will be called today.Lots of laundry to do. Beth is such a good sport about all this! What a day yesterday was. Today HAS to be better! These are the days we make a choice--pout about it or get with it and still enjoy the day! We have survived and will stay "with it" and be grateful for another day!

The Porchies are fine--their sunporch is dry and fresh rugs put down. They even got a heated breakfast this morning! We have moved Micah to Dodger's Pen. He likes to go up high, where we couldn't reach him, so early this mornng, he has been moved to this nice big pen. It's people-friendly--we can reach right in and give him a good petting and head rub, which he likes. Haylow is here on my desk--all stretched out for a belly rub.

Many thanks to:
Joseph V--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Sikiu T--a PayPal donation to FFRC
Bernie & Peggy G from NY--a PayPal donation--sent to FFRC since they couldn't send warm temps!
Caren F from CA--a paypal donation to help with the extra costs from our water problems
Janet/Janak--a PayPal donation, in memory of our friend, Bev M

Many thanks to Angie and Bill who brought us in a water supply yesterday, and took several loads of laundry to do in their home for FFRC. Big thanks to Beth too who went to the grocery store and brought back many gallons of water. Beth also supplied FFRC with 2 nice space heaters to help wherever we need extra heat source. 

Doce sure enjoyed his playpen time yesterday. We'll do that again today. He is eating and playing like a little kitten--no longer a fragile newbie. He loves to have the company of the cats around him. Tried a little can food with him last night--nothing doing. He wanted his bottle/syringe! That's ok--we're enjoying him while he's so little. 

Please remember to vote. This race for the $10,000 is a very tight race. Each and every vote is important. Please ask your friends and e-mail friends to help us! 

Ta-da!!!!!!! We received our $1,000 check yesterday from PetFinders/Animal Rescue Shelter Challenge Site yesterday for having the most votes for the first week! FFRC is so grateful for this.

If you would like an FFRC cookbook, we still have some left. This is the first print and it's wonderful! It's $22. Just check our website  Click on theSHOP NOW link and you will see it. We also still have Canton's Stories, Putter Magnets, FFRC mouse pads, Bondi Bands, Catstock CD, key fobs and woven coasters. 

Boing is doing great and learning to play with the other cats. He's relaxing. Darilyn is still into head-licking and hair-chewing--on humans! What a sweetie she is. Pania and Miss Dove girl shared their breakfast again this morning. We cleaned Joyful's eye already this morning--she and her eye seems improved. She didn't fuss as much about us holding her. We're determined to go slow and easy with her and let her know we care.

Engelina--inside the fish bed. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday. Jan. 22

I'm late getting the blog up--have had a couple issues this morning. Most importantly, it's been fun watching Doce! He is in the main part of the rescue center, in the kitty playpen. He's bouncing all over! Willard is in there right now visiting him. We have the cam placement right inside the playpen. He will takes his naps inside, but will come out occasionally to play in the playpen. The other issue is we have no water. That's right--no water in the entire place--house, rescue center, kitty kastle and farmyard. We have the "pump guys" coming sometime this morning to see what is wrong. Connie D saved us though--she brought in some water. Right now, we have water for the mop buckets, water bowls and for the farmyard. So far, so good! The only problem is that Badu wants her bath and Ada Jane wants the faucet to dribble, for her morning drink. 

On Sunday we had SIX adoptions--that was just awesome! Jaina and Dolan went together. They went to an awesome family that will give such good care to both. Jaina has been here for a whole year. Penn and Teller went to their new home. They traveled 10 hours to get there and were excellent in the vehicle. Their new mom/dad spent several nights in Kitty Kastle, which was so nice because they already were a family before they left. Basil was also adopted. He went to a young lady who took her time finding just the right kitten for herself--which we love! Then Findlay was the last to be adopted. He went into a home where he would surely be having a lot of fun and love! What an awesome Sunday!

Most of you have seen our cats run in the cat wheel. They love this exercise. If interested in learning more about this Cat-Go-Round Wheel, check them out at I told the company yesterday that I think our cats have run hundreds and hundreds of miles!

Our new handsome boy, Micah is doing good. Just this morning, we moved this Siamese to Cat's Corner Room where he'll have more room to cruise about. We'll wait until he's comfortable with this room before letting him be out and about in the main area. He's really a sweet boy. We're still treating Joyful's eye twice daily for conjunctivitis. It appears to be better this morning. When these treatments are done, we'll work on helping her relax. We want her to know that we love her. Gallant is doing great. He loves being all over the rescue center. We continue to apply ointment 2-3 times a day, to keep that burned area supple.

We had BOXES last night! 
Tigercat54/Julie P--a magnetic safe blade cutter and a very soft sleeping non-slip pad for the kitties
Anonymous friend--2,400 of the 9 inch styrofoam plates
Pat L--big box of yarn for volunteers to use to make things for FFRC
Cantoncat/Rita--24 big cans of Super Supper Pate, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp and 3 more cases of the BIG cans of Friskies--grill and supreme supper
Beth/eaglewatcher--(visiting us & staying at Kitty Kastle), human treat--rhubarb cake!
Ann & Sean--visited us over the weekend (Penn & Teller's family)--lots of cleaning supplies & Welch's grape juice 
Mary from Archbold--weekend visitor--kitty face wipes, foam plates, dry erase pens
Pam S from IL--a donation to FFRC, sent with Beth/eaglewatcher
David F--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Brandy W--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation thru PayPal in honor of Eric/LoveMyPetz's birthday. 
Karen G from TN--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Update on the SunRoom: still the same---it's tooooooooo cold to work outside to begin the walls! Two months until Spring!

The Porchies, Covies and Barnies are all doing fine in this cold. They have heated beds and love them. Yesterday we sent out a large amount of orders and correspondence for FFRC. Cutie is wonderful--she is such a lap sitter. Loves all the attention. Georgia loves to play with the catnip toys--acts like a kitten. Such a sweet cat.

Putter says "Please remember to vote!  You're votes are important to FFRC."  Bella says she will sleep in the red poof tonight if you vote for FFRC! And Octavia says she will eat her first thieved container of food, just for you, if you vote for FFRC! And I say a big big thanks for every single vote. 

The water guy was just here. We do indeed have completely frozen pipes, down in the water pit. Never have we had this happen before. So...there's a heater going down in the pit now, but may take hours to unthaw. Patience....right?!!

Dove says please vote for FFRC. The volunteers love me! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday, January 20

Bend that finger! Bend that finger! Yes--please vote for FFRC in the Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge!!  We appreciate every single vote! Tomorrow, they will update the stats.

We had a BOX last night and we're grateful!
Debbi & Jim from GA--a very nice card,  bunches of cat toys, 8 packages of cat snackers, 10 Fancy Feast appetizers, 2 crinkle tunnels, doggie treats and toys
Lisa--a very nice card and donation to FFRC, in memory of her father
Budnbits/Isabella H from FL--snowy owl card with a note and a donation for Gallant
Carolyn/cwall & Beth C--donation of two checks for medical (Feliz Navidad fund)
Eaglewatcher/BethA--a baby Derecho T-shirt for Derecho (from our Zazzle store)
Nancy R from SC--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Anonymous Friend--donation for FFRC thru PayPal--for something special for Raza and the rest for FFRC

Wow--what a great day yesterday! We had THREE adoptions! Faleena and Sylvia were adopted together. The mom loves Sylvia who was putty in her arms and the dad loves Faleena. Such a good match for all concerned! Also our wonderful boy Court found the perfect home! He was adopted into a home with no other cats and purred his heart out for his new family. It was wonderful

Today we have more adoptions! While we may be sad at seeing them leave us, it is also with great joy, knowing they are going into homes that have hand-picked them and really truly WANT them! 

Gallant had a scrub bath this morning. We are only needing to do this about every 3 days. Because the skin gets tight on his wounds, we continue to keep ointment on the skin as it heals. This is so sweet to see--all 4 of the woodpile "kittens" are sleeping together--Linden, Buckeye, Spruce and Cypress. 

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Preakness--available for adoption! A beautiful torti who loves to be petted.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday, January 19

Farrah is going crazy--she has a feather toy that she is flipping in the air, kicking it, flipping it, then running with it in her mouth! At the same time, JoeBob is trying to play with her tail. Tabitha is playing on a cat furniture, very engrossed in another toy, while swatting at cats walking by. I love watching their play fun times!

Update on the new SunRoom: it's still in the drying out phase for the newly poured floor. I tried to get a cat to walk on it, to imprint some cat tracks, but wasn't successful!

Little Doce is toddling around in the house now. Because he hasn't had a cat mama, his immune system is not very "tough", so I'm being careful--just bringing him into the rescue center a little at a time, to start building his immune system up. He's a dandy! It's so cute to see him when he just strolls into the kitchen--this tiny kitten! Sometimes when I'm at the sink, he'll come over and get on my shoe and curl up. He has a mountain of a purrer.

We had BOXES last night! I thank you for these gifts.
Sean & Ann (Penn & Teller's new m/d)--big jug of Pine Sol, 2 big bags of chips, toilet paper, case of Bounty p/t, big bag of Reeses peanut butter cups and nestles assorted candy bars, 80 count of Kuerig K-Kups, apple juice boxes, Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes, big bottle of Tide HE, Dawn liquid soap, Bounce sheets. Ann made a wonderful Putter look alike cat at her ceramic class--I love it. 
Michlynn--A "Joyful" card & note, 2 yeoooow catnip bananas (already being slobbered on!), Whiskas appetizers and Whiskas packets (now we have to keep Octavia away!)
Stubie619/Stuart D--case of Fancy Feast Chicken
Anna B--36 cans of KMR liquid
FaithyMD--leopard kitty condo (looks like a kings throne). Steve already assembled it!
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases of 9-Lives variety, case of Fancy Feast, 2 cases of Friskies and a 70 count 33 gallon Force Flex garbage bags
Alan C from UT--donation
Auntie Julie from MA--get well card for Magenta (she is feeling much better now), a gift card for Magenta from WalMart & 2 books of stamps
Anniecat/Joanne--card with donation in memory of friend Norma and a card with donation in memory of her cousins kitty Socks
Hannahy & mom/dad--card with lots of stickers. A very sweet story (written by Hannah on her computer) about Putter and Paddy. It was titled "Paddy Cake Ran Away". A real keepsake--thanks Hannah! We love you.
Rosa F from IN--donation for FFRC, thru PayPal
Michael M from KS--donation for FFRC, thru PayPal

I haven't mentioned this for a while, but if I ever have an error in these postings, please don't hesitate to e-mail me--I'm always happy to fix things. Also, while I try very hard to keep up to date on e-mails, sometimes I get behind. I myself answer ALL my own e-mails. That's important to me. If I've by chance have missed yours, don't hesitate to re-email me! Also, if you have placed an order with us and you haven't received it (after a certain time), let me know. I'll be happy to check into it. 

Emaline came out on her own into the rescue center yesterday. The door opened to the house, and out she came. While I know that she's missing some fur and her nose is scabby, she's still beautiful. She's happy and is eating good. She loves to chase those Z's in the house--she's right on them when they do their house laps! 

I would like you to be aware that our sweet Bondi girl is losing more weight. Bondi.....our very old girl! We love her so much and give her lots of petting. She's the Queen of the Welcome Office. 

Many many thanks to our Moderators and Admins for what they do for FFRC! The moderators are the caretakers of the cam chat. The Admins are the caretakers of the FFRC chatters facebook page. You all are awesome and I sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you. Give them a thanks! 

We're holding our very slim lead in The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge! It's an honor to me to be in the position that our Rescue Center is in. We want to always uphold the commitment we have made to each cat and kitten here. And we want to also do this in part because of you all "out there". We know you love our kitties and cats too...even if it's long distance, we know you care. Our promise is the same to you, as it is to the cats--we will do our best.

Boing is dong great. He's realizing it's fun to play with other cats. We love his polky-dots. Gallant has increased "his space". He is now all over the rescue center, not just in Kitty Campus Room. He loves to have his forehead rubbed. He continues to heal. Cutie is doing terrific--she's a happy girl. She can spy a lap on the floor from a mile away! She thinks (and knows) that every lap is made for her! 

Off to a busy day! Lots of good things happening! Please remember to vote. 

Joyful, Joyful, we adore you! 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday, January 18

It's cold outside, but the construction guys still got the floor poured for the new SunRoom. It's covered now with a thermal padding and will set up just fine. Apparently a cold front is moving in beginning of the week, so they'll wait for that to pass to start on the walls. When they're here working, the cats are busy watching at the windows--they love the action.

Penn and Teller's new mom/dad arrived yesterday late afternoon. Very nice people. They've been making friends with the two boys and all the cats. Penn and Teller spent the night in Kitty Kastle with them. Sunday morning we will have several adoptions. Our young lady friend that has been visiting several times this week made her final decision as to which cat she would like to adopt. It's Basil! He's a lucky kitty! Also Dolan and Jaina will be going to their new home--happy day for these 2 cats too!

Chances are good that Court will be leaving soon. I've made it a mission to find him a home with no other cats. He's a dear cat--so so human loving, but wow--is he a cat boss. He will do just fine in a home by himself where he's given lots of love. I have a family interested in him. They've been wanting a cat. They travel a lot, in an RV and use to take their other cat with them. Now, maybe it's Courts turn. 

We have many thanks to give:
Kim/kimkost from MI--a donation thru PayPal to be used where needed to help our kitties
Ruth B--a donation thru PayPal in memory of BevM
Tammy J--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Elizabeth M from MI--a donation thru PayPal in memory of BevM
Elisabeth A from MD--a donation thru PayPal in memory of BevM
Anonymous Friend--a donation thru PayPal in memory of BevM
Margaret H from NC--a donation thru PayPal to use where ever is needed. 
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal in memory of chat friend BevM
Beth P from Defiance--a donation thru PayPal to use anyway where the need is

God bless Bev's family and friends. Life is so short. Let's be kind to one in another. Do a kind deed today for someone, in memory of Bev. 

We're still in #1 in Ohio and overall in the Animal Rescue Shelter Challenge. But, our lead now is only by .50%.  What can we do to increase this lead? Please remember to vote! Ask 3 e-mail friends to vote for us today! Put a sticker on your kitchen counter to remember to vote. Ask your co-workers to put a vote in today. Write the voting site down on some slips of paper and pass it out to friends! Ask a facebook friend to vote today. This is a huge undertaking--to get FFRC to win the $10,000. But we're a determined cyber-family group--we CAN do this! 

All is fine here. I'd like to send out a big thanks to all our volunteers. You make a big difference in the lives of the FFRC cats. Asha loves her grooming every day. Willard is developing a swagger-walk--he knows he's "something else"! Linden thinks he was born to jump on the counter 20 times....and that's just for breakfast time. Boulder likes to take a spring toy, bat it, get it, then sit on it.

This is Dolan's most common pose--all stretched out and waiting for a tummy rub. 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday, January 17

That Court is an absolute nut! He is here in the front office, running from one end of the cat walks to the other end, turning around and doing it again. Thud, thud, thud--sounds like an elephant running! Such a wonderful cat with a huge love for people. He's so much fun. We truly need to find him a home soon. 

Update on the new-upcoming SunRoom. The footers were poured yesterday. It will be an 8 foot by 20 foot room, with the 6 BIG windows in it. I'd love to see yellow cat shelfs, maybe do the floor in the yellow epoxy,  yellow window trim--all to show that sunshine is welcome! The cats will LOVE this Sunroom when it's done. Today the floor will be poured, then several days of drying. Maybe on the outside, below the windows (they'll be low to ground for kitty viewing), we could have a garden (a ROCK garden, of course!) By the way, just wanted to further mention, like I said yesterday, this project is already 90% paid for by money gifted specifically to go towards construction improvement! It was donated strictly for the fun of building this! 
So....let's enjoy!

We are still in #1 in state and #1 in overall. We are just sooooo close though--there's only a .64% (yes, point 64%) difference between us and 2nd place. Please vote! We've decided to make a pact! Instead of saying how many times a person has voted in a day, please just put "I've voted" or "Done voting", etc. This will be just fine to say that! 

As you may know already, one of our webcam friends has passed away. BevM died last night from liver cancer. Bev was a friend to FFRC--showed her support in many ways--e-mails, donations, moral support, votes. Just recently she had sent our new bread (food) box for the counter. We just got it put together last night and the glue is dry this morning, so it will be placed on the counter for use. This is what is amazing to me--we never physically met Bev, yet she became such a good friend. I know we will all miss her in the cam chat. Prayers for her family. 

Magenta is doing great. She is back 100%. Jonah is still back in Kitty City and feeling a bit better .Zavatar had to have his feet wiped--he decided to walk the whole 20 feet of the newly poured footers yesterday! His footprints are forever more there--unfortunately todays concrete will cover it up! 

This evening is when Penn and Teller's family will be arriving. They are planning on the boys spending a couple nights with them in Kitty Kastle. That will be very nice for them all to get use to each other before the long trip home. They will leave early Sunday.

We  had BOXES last night--you all are generous, awesome and appreciated!
Nan K/Lanark--some beautiful gorgeous handmade scarves to help raise money for FFRC
Amber--kitty of Tom & Nancy G/Kerswill--a letter from Amber, book (Sleep Tight Ginger Kitten), fuzzy kitty mat, kitty toys, 6 pillow cases, Friskies can, bunch of appetizers, Natures Recipe wet containers, 3 cans of salmon, case of Royal Canin baby can and a case of kitten can, doggie snackers, PawPrint door mat, postie notes, big white envelopes, Mr. Clean Magic erasers, Dawn soap, 4 Lysol wipes, 2 boxes Bounce and some cards (variety)
Jacksmom--BIG bag of candy, sugar free werthers, Reeses PB cups (I promise, they'll be shared!), 2 boxes of cookie varieties, 2 bags of Lindor truffles, 4 cases of Capri juice, 3 boxes of Capri Super V juices, big bag of assorted candy and 2 boxes of Keebler snacks--volunteers and I thank you!
Autumn Kittyfriend--2 cases of Juicy Juice, 1 case of Minute Maid juice boxes and box of individual Pringles--another gift to the volunteers!
Marilyn G--2 big super soft blankets (one especially for Gallant)
Jody M--can of KMR, 2 boxes of Fancy Feast Appetizers, bunches of medleys and lots of Temptation treats
Dave/wolfpatch--card and a note, 50 laser lights (to be used for adoption bags) and COOKIES!! These are delicious hand made by Dave, peanut butter cookies shaped with a kitty's face!
Sandra E--300 nine inch plastic plates
EclecticKatz from NY--coupons
Juanita W from OH--donation
Judy W from OH--Chief register tapes
Kate E from UK--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal to help with the new SunRoom

We received our weekly PetFinder report--this one is a bit different. We had 2,585 total pet views. The top 12 cats that were viewed were: Preakness, Engelina, Badu, County, Nancy, Weber, Boulder, Purrby, Drake, Tizzie, Pushkiss and Pushkin. 

Doce is getting stronger--he followed me out to the kitchen again this morning. Love seeing him walk. This morning, Derecho (who was house visiting) was laying on his chest, when along came Doce. Doce climbed right up on top of Derecho and hunkered down on his neck. It was so cute. Both looked pretty pleased with themselves! Conii has ordered a couple more vests for Derecho. I believe one will have his name on it--would be nice to use for programs and for visitors to see! 

Beautiful Dahney.  She'd love to have your vote for FFRC!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday, January 16

Yeah! Hip-hip-hooray! Wow! We did it!  We came in first place for week #1 in The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge! That means our votes HAVE BEEN VALIDATED and we will receive $1,000. This is wonderful news! This first place weekly win is because of YOU!  Yes, YOU! And I'm so very grateful to you. Now, on to build that slim margin of a lead that we have. As you know, if we come in first place at the end of this voting time (April 28), we will receive $10,000. Then you're fingers can take a rest. Remember, keep our votes honest--don't delete cookies. The saying now goes: Cookies are for eating, not deleting! 

We will have BOXES tonight. We actually had 7 boxes come yesterday, so we'll have those 7 for tonight to open. Fun! 

I'd like to say thanks for these 2 donations:
Karen C from IL--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Bradley B--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

The three surgeries from yesterday went very well. They were back home here at FFRC by late afternoon. All three spent the night in Cat's Corner Room. They are now out and about, including the new boy, Boing. He came out of the room immediately, like he's always been here. Court is still super wound up. He's wonderful with people, but has become a bully to the other cats. I have been working on finding a home for him since last week--a home with no other cats. Hopefully will get a call today in regards to this. He would do wonderful if he is the only cat in the home. 

Magenta is doing much better. She spent the night in Dodger's Pen and is now back out cruising. She has been able to jump on the counter today without falling. She even jumped from the washer onto the sink area for her morning drink. So, it appears that today will be a good day for our sweet girl. Jonah is also doing better. He received fluids yesterday and is now eating a bit. He seems to be wanting to go back out to his home in Kitty City, so that's what we'll do, while keeping a sharp eye on him too. 

We are still cleaning Joyful's eye twice daily. The conjunctivitis is almost gone. Then we can get on with the business of "sweetering her up"! Here's the latest news on Gallant--he IS neutered! The swelling has finally gone down enough to confirm this. This is good news for him and us! 

Remember, I mentioned that we took off the outdoor enclosure to the rescue center? This was a must, as  we were having some water damage to the bottom of the wood.. Also the way the 2 roofs came together, it was causing a backup of water under the edge of the roof, causing damage. In the last week when we had so much rain, the water came into the office. Not a good thing.We cannot have this continue because of the damage it is causing and would continue to cause. But, the cats LOVE this enclosure. I had our construction guy over last week. He was also here yesterday. The reason the office flooded is because the outside where the enclosure was is 3 inches lower, allowing water to back up along the office and then come in. We need to replace this enclosure as it is well used. Because of the wire walls, we could basically use it only 2 1/2 seasons of the year. We have our estimate for the new sunporch and we're gong to go ahead with it. It will be 2 feet wider and 4 feet longer. It will be able to be used year-round and be full of windows--actually it'll have 6 windows, each 3 x 5--nice big sun windows! Please don't worry about the finances--we already have 90% of the estimate already donated. So, this is a GO! 

We have a few cats on hold--Penn, Teller, Graciela,  Jaina, Dolan, Sylvia, Faleena and Boulder. Remember they are not 100%, until they are officially adopted and in their new homes! We also have 2 other families that are seriously looking, but haven't made a commitment yet. That's our goal--wonderful, loving, indoor homes for our kitties and cats. 

Magenta and Gent--two beautiful cats.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday, January 15

Janet/Janak made it back safely to New Zealand. What a long flight, but we're glad she arrived safely. Magenta took a tumble today--right off the edge of a piece of cat furniture. We're not sure if she was stumbly before she fell and that caused the fall, or if she fell and became stumbly from the fall. Whatever--she's a bit off. We have her in a pen this morning, with a heater pad and anti-inflammatories in her. We were concerned that she would stumble and fall off something again. She needs to rest and be a bit sturdier before coming out of her pen.

Someone asked about Macallan. Yes, Macallan wasn't feeling so good a couple days ago. He had a bit of a sore throat. But, he's much better now. We have Jonah (Covie cat) in Thumper's Room since yesterday. He too has been rather punky and not eating. Jonah's birthday is 7/15/99, so he has a little age on him. Oh.....Judy S just told me that he ate a little of the Bondi-Licks! We will still give him fluids today. BOndi said she'll gladly share her Bondi-Licks.

We had an adoption on Sunday! Drake went to his new home. He went to a family that has adopted from us before. Drake is specifically for their son's birthday who loves cats. A very good home. We have also taken in a new cat. His name is Boing, a handsome grey/brown tiger and white. Boing is about 8 months old and a male. Today we have 3 of our cats at the vets for their physicals and surgeries. The 3 are Boing, Haylow and Sylvia. 

We had BOXES last night! You all are wonderful for the support you give!
PJ--case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Deb11111--case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Faithy--case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers, case of Tiki food, 5 cat charmers, 5 bags of mylar balls, Frolic cat lazer light, 5 bags of spring toys and a 20 piece bag of toys
Marilyn S--For Gallant: 4 Yeoooow catnip bananas and 2 Yeoooow catnip rainbows. He LOVES catnip! He said he would share 1 or 2 of his toys.....maybe!
Arden & Charmaine--Case of Fancy Feast beef grilled
Nicki M--case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Pat L from Kansas--coupons
Colin & Patricia M & Chico and Aria from Canada--Christmas card and a donation to be used where needed
Joanne H/Anniecat from KS--kitty card and a donation to be used where needed
Kitty Friend Autumn--case of juic boxes for Volunteers and a box of 2" Scotch tape
Mary H from Archbold (and visitor Saturday)--2 boxes of kitty wipes, 2 boxes of latex gloves, 2 reams of paper, 3 packages of laser paper, small foam plates, plastiac bags and 6 fleece kitty throws
Joan S--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Brenda C--donation thru PayPal for FFRC, in honor of the Pushtwins
Carl C from NM--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Neil and Jean S from OH--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Matt F from IL--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal for Dove and Sevaun's birthday

This is such an awesome video, made by one of our webcam friends, Phil P. Check it out at:  It's all about FFRC cats and "our FFRC song", Lean on Me. Thank you Phil for sharing this with us. 

Vote, vote, vote!! We are still in #1 for State and Overall! Isn't that just wonderful?!! I'm thrilled and grateful. Please remember to vote daily at:  If we can come in #1 position overall when it's over on 4/28, FFRC will receive a check for $10,000. Every vote is important to us. Thank you. 

Joyful is coming along. She has a slight eye infection that we're working on--cleaning her eye 2-3 times daily. It's already looking much better. Gallant is awesome and is in the final stage of his healing. He's been here 4 weeks. The fur will take quite some time to grow back. We will see how much fur comes back. But, he's happy, healthy and playful! 

Paddy Cakes says he'll trade you his toy for a vote!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday, January 13

Wow--the rains came down overnight to the extent that we had a little bit of water in the front office. But, it's gone now, all cleaned up. Our construction guy was here this past week and we have already talked about this problem. So, we'll get that taken care of soon.

Magenta is on my desk--what a wonderful oldster she is. We had another program yesterday. This one was in the next county over, to a 4-H group. Had 60 kids there, between the ages of 6 to 18. A very very nice group of kids. I took a Z with me (Zap) and Derecho went again. Zap was fun--to show them a different breed of cats and to talk about the differences. Derecho was awesome and seemed to have enjoyed it. We talked about disabilities and determination. They also donated a lot of items---paper towels, food, toys, plates, soap, disinfectants, etc. The kids brought all these items in! We also talked about the care of cats and the importance of spaying and neutering.

Mayor Anony spoke his mind yesterday morning, as we had the Mayor Speech. According to his speech, there are three simple words that the Covies are committed to: Love, Compassion and Respect. I understand that Muffin made a sign with these words on it, but Sevaun got hungry and ate it. They are working on another sign. 

We had BOXES yesterday morning. We did something different--opened them in the morning, after Mayo Anony's speech! Thank you ever so much for these gifts.
Cindy H/Chaqua from MO--Happy New Year note, Laurel Burch socks (love them!), Spritz cookies (they are beautiful and delicious!), toys for the cats, doggie snackers
Autumn, our kitty friend--18 rolls of Northern toilet paper
Arden & Catmaine--10 cans of Reeses sardines--these are very good!
BevM--Rooster bread box--Octavia was thrilled
Marilyn S/Madisonpepper & fur kids--For Gallant--8 cases of Appetizers, 2 catnip toys and 6 boxes of Weruva packets (Gallant says an extra thanks)
Anonymous Friend--40 lb Precious Cat Litter
Anonymous Friend--cuddle pads with buckewheat inside to warm up
Phillip--musical egg with a sleeping kitty inside (Phil--this is absolutely beautiful and I appreciate it)
Widdletigger/Elisabeth--a case of Tropical Juice boxes for volunteers
David/wolfpatch--3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Adrian & Malcolm from UK--a donation for FFRC, to go towards the new computer
Rita/Cantoncat--donation thru PayPal to go towards the new computer or wherever is needed
Bev M from WA--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Helen M from UK--a donation for the new computer or wherever may be needed
Giuseppe P from Italty--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Karen T-O from TN--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

We're still holding our lead in #1 position overall in our voting!! We're ahead by just a little slim lead, so please keep up the votes and moral support. You all are awesome. We are there in that position because of YOU!! We're sure thankful! 

Today is the day that Janet/Janak has left to go back to New Zealand. She has been here since December 1, all except for one week that she spent with our friend Val H. Janet has become a very good friend to me. I asked her last night what was one thing she really enjoyed. Her answer: was really getting to know the volunteers! I loved that response. Janet not only has helped me with many projects, but her friendship is genuine.....and I will miss her. 

You might have heard already.......yes, FFRC got a new computer and monitor. The old one is only about 1 1/2 years old, but it's been running 24/7. We've been experiencing some very odd things with it lately and was worried about how much longer it was going to be reliable. Well, as you know, we sure don't want that computer to go down.  So, the new computer is in place. Not all the kinks are worked out yet, but will be soon. 

We had TWO adoptions yesterday! Yes, our wonderful Pushtwins were adopted together! Pushkins and Pushkiss went to their new home. The new family will even keep their names! These twins are going into a home with 3 wonderful boys. 

Sleepy boy Willard.  He's dreaming of how to thank you all for your votes!!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday, Jan.12

Just a short blog of information!

Saturday's agenda:
Before 10 am:  both Push twins are expected to go to their new home TOGETHER!
At 11:00 am: Mayor Anony will give his "the State of the City speech"
Directly after his speech: The Grand Mix Up of Yummy Foods to be given to the Covies
Then we will follow that with: BOX TIME! Since we didn't get to do boxes last night, we will be doing them today--approximately 11:20 am????
2:00 pm--have a program to do for a 4-H group of kids in the next county. 
Evening: Steve, myself, Janet and Val will have a meal together

Busy day!

Yesterday was our program in Bryan for Amy's 4th grade class (Amy is our volunteer). Janet went with me and we had a very nice time. We did two classes, each followed by us opening their Christmas gifts to FFRC. We received paper towels, can food, toys, litter! It was fun. We took Derecho, Weber and my Z Zeke with us. Derecho was unbelievable--he showed them how he walks and seemed to be ok with being there! Amy also brought her cat that was adopted from FFRC. A good day! 

Computer information: Yes, FFRC is getting a new computer system for the webcam. The current one is 1 1/2 years old and has been ran 24/7 this entire time (except when we had the Derecho storm!). As you may know we've been having some problems with the current computer. So, while Janet is still here (for 1 more day), I decided to take the plunge and get a new system while she is still here to get it in place. It would be awful if it went down again and I was not able to get it going--so that is why this decision was made. The "old" computer will get a major cleaning and then kept as a backup. 

Please remember to vote! We're still #1 overall, but just by a slim, small percent! Please help us to stay in #1 position! 

Jaina says--that's all, folks!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday, January 11

Now it's raining Fancy Feast Appetizers. Someone asked last week what we were low on and at that time we had one case of Appetizers left. Now they are arriving and we are so grateful. I am beyond humbled and amazed at the support you all give to this rescue center. We are indeed blessed by what you do for us and for your friendship. Every night, before bedtime, I go over what has happened for the day and each day ends in thankfulness. By the way, it really is raining outside too! It this was snow, we'd have a lot of it! The temps are warm and almost all of our snow is gone. Whiskers is dreaming of more snow to come so he can play again with the snowflakes coming down!

Gallant is playing! Actual cat-playing and enjoying it! He is a real joy to watch--he's like a kitten discovering the fun of playing. He obviously has been around other cats as he's very comfortable with them. He and Joyful still spend their nights in Cat's Corner Room. They are fine together. Joyful is coming towards us more often (after being coaxed) to be petted. We still have a long ways to go to get her to not grumble when we pick her up. But, we're patient!

Yesterday, Janet and Val went over to Judy S's house to see Judy's cats. They had a very nice time and enjoyed seeing the cats in their own home. Saturday is their last full day with us. It's been very nice to have Val here this week with her FFRC cats--they are wonderful and love their mama. Sunday starts Janet's trip back to New Zealand. I will miss her very very much. She's become a big part of FFRC. Maybe a snowstorm will happen?

Okay--little Pushkiss has appointed himself my secretary. He has succeeded in totally erasing some of this blog into cyberspace, has played with the keyboard to the point where I can't make out my own words and he's purring his little head off!! I told him he could have 30 seconds of keyboard playing (after saving what I've already typed), so here goes: slllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnfalks;eifghaslkdddddddddeeddddddoi3 333333333333333[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[     [[[[[[[SSSSSSSSSfkkkkkkkkkk     That's it--he's done! I've now put him in a room to play! His interpretation is: I love FFRC, but soooo happy to be adopted with my brother! 

Tomorrow is a very important event. Mayor Anony came a knocking at the door yesterday. He has news for all of us that he would like to deliver tomorrow to all of his friends. You are invited to listen to his "The State of the City" speech. It's at 11:00 am, on the cam. Queen Bella and Porchie Hank have baked him in his speech making. Hope you can join us. He's also requested one of those special lunches to be served to all of Kitty City Covie residents after his speech (specifically a mix of tuna, salmon and sardines-yummm)!

Let's have a day of Appreciation for our Moderators. We have the world's best Mods--truly do. These moderators do this "job" out of the goodness of their hearts. It is NOT an easy job. Day after day, they give hours and hours to FFRC, because they WANT to. Can you imagine what they go thru?! Some are literally on for hours at a time. They sit and read the chat, keeping an eye open for trolls, trying to keep the chat light hearted and positive, keeping it safe for kids to read too, helping all to abide by the Chatters Rules of Conduct. There are literally over a thousand different viewers that come on daily. At times, there are 600-700 viewers on at one time. Now, THAT is a big job for our moderators, but they do it because they care. So, please have patience with our mods when you may feel wronged. They are human too and sometimes they too have a rough day. They truly have the best interest of FFRC in their hearts. Please give them a big thanks when you are on chat today! I think they are wonderful and I thank each and every one of them.

We had BOXES last night! The cats wanted me to pass on their thanks---lots of meowing going on, which means Thank YOU!!!
Cheri B--Senses Cat Design Turbo Trac and a case of Huggies/Kitties eye/face wipes
Gramma June for Derecho and friends--Meowstard (a gravy with omega fatty vitamins added to it for skin/fur) and a Mouse go Around which is a big hit! 
Nicki M--2 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Julie P--2 door stops (thanks--we need this to keep June's Room door open!) and a quiet time deluxe kitty pad
Patty V/middiemom04--case of Fancy Feast grilled, case of fish & shrimp and a case of Appetizers. Also a big bag of Purina One for Adults, Purina One Indoor Advantage and a Purina One Kitten--the cats love this dry food
Jane W/calico17 from MA--Christmas card and a donation to help with surgeries (Feliz Navidad fund)
Beth C/pet_faery from CT--Christmas card and note and a donation in memory of all the pets that have gone over to the Rainbow Bridge
Gretchen S--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Thomas M from CO--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Voting status: We're still #1 in Ohio and still #1 overall.  Our lead for first place is very slim--it's a tight race. Please remember to vote for FFRC! GO to

For a vote for FFRC, Betz will let you rub her tummy! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday, January 10

We are still in #1 in the state of Ohio and #1 overall in the votes for The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge. The overall #1 place is not by much though--just a few votes difference from the #2 slot. Please help us with your votes. You can vote daily. The site is: The cats and I are appreciative!

The cats got to go out in their outdoor enclosure yesterday. The second the floor door opened up, zip zip, they went very quickly outside! They had till mid afternoon to have the door open and enjoy the air. Almost felt like spring. The next couple days will be mild. 

Joyful made a trip to the vets yesterday. Just to make SURE that there were no fractures of her ribcage, we asked for a chest x-ray. They were able to do an x-ray without any sedation! She was a bit worried at first, then they played with her to calm her down and she cooperated having the films done without sedation! This is a BIG deal for her! All is fine--rib cage is normal. But, they did send home a few days of  meds for soft tissue soreness. When she got back home, we let her out of her pen, and she immediately started cruising about again! Joyful is definitely making great progress.

Gallant also was out alot yesterday. He loves the soft beds and blankies! His burns are healing so quickly now. At night, we put Gallant and Joyful both back into Cat's Corner Room to sleep. But, today they are out and about already!

We had LOTS of BOXES last night! Wow--what a lot of wonderful gifts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Margaret H/Eartheyes & Shamballie from NC--Essential oils, book "Dancing with your Dark Horse", Bonito flakes, quartz rock for Jacci, a beautiful heart-shaped rock, Gifts for Janak and Cheri (Derecho pendant), 2013 Yoga kitten calendar, Essential oils soap, book plates, case of Fancy Feast, sardines, whiskas trays, 12 solistic grain free food, solistic canned food, tuna and an assortment of flavor canned foods
Rebecca A and Willow from UK--Happy New Years card, lots of toys, 2 boxes of BOndi-Licks and a wonderful crinkle tube
Deb11111 from MN--case of Fancy Feast Appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast Grilled
Laura/Medic--2 cases of Fancy Feast grilled
Julie P--case of Fancy Feast white fish & tuna
Caren F--2 cases of Friskies Gravy sensation packets
Cheryl G--case of Fancy Feast Medleys, Fancy Feast gravy lovers, FORTY rolls of toilet paper(!) and 12 rolls of Bounty paper towels
Anonymous Friend-6 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Bev--case of A/D canned food (we picked up from our vet's office!)
Jennifer/Jacksmom--2 cases Royal Canin baby cat can food and 2 big bags of Royal Canin Kitty dry
Aunty Fi--case of Fancy Feast classic and a case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Alex P from Toronto--big case of Huggies baby wipes (1,120) for kitty wipes
Brenda C--case of Friskies Meaty bits and a case of Friskies Senior Diet  Lamb and Rice
Colleen/schnowzer--5 bags of Temptation treats and 3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Anonymous Friend--a big bag of Purina One kitty dry
Aleda S--2 cases of paper towels (24 rolls)
Anonymous Friend--paper towels and an order of Scoopable Kitty Litter! 
Janet/Janak--For Kitty Kastle: a Shark sweeper to keep the Kastle clean
PSW from CA--a donation thru PayPal for the Pushie Twins
Kelly S/kellyssong from MD--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC, in memory of her furbaby, JoJo

I cannot say enough how much your support means to FFRC--thank you.

We also took in a new kitten/young cat. Her name is Haylow, as she was found at a church. She's a beautiful brown tiger cat with lots of dots! Such a nice, friendly girl. Her test is negative and she'll get he bath today. Haylow loves to be petted.

We had an adoption yesterday! Purrby went to his new home. He pretty much picked out this lady as his, when she came in the door. It was definitely someone that Purrby wanted to be with! The whole time she was here, Purrby was close by. 

We also have a hold on the two Pushtwins--to be adopted TOGETHER!! I am so happy--this is what we were aiming for. Pushkiss and Pushkins will go on Saturday morning. Their new home will include 3 boys that are ever so gentle with the kittens. I'm very happy about this! 

Our last PetFinder weekly report is out. We had 1905 total views. The top 12 cats that were looked at are: Engelina, Badu, Pushkin, Pushkiss, Miau, Weber, Octavia, Betz, Basil, Boulder, County, Farrah. 

Zavatar--he absolutely loves to play in the sink with the water dripping!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday, Jan. 9

It's snowing! It's snowing! Well....actually, it's snowing paper towels! Yes,indeed--we have a supply of paper towels now! The word last week was our supply of paper towels was low. Our friends have come thru again for us--to the tune of 95 rolls of it. Yes, that's right--95 rolls! Steve and I went to the movies last night and normally I don't do BOXES on movie night. But, when we got home, the front office was filled with BIG boxes. Had to open some so we could walk! It was wonderful!

Anonymous Costco Friend--15 rolls of Bounty
Widdletigger (on behalf of Zazatar!)--16 rolls of Basic Bounty
WendiLynn--20 rolls of Sparkle 
Aleda S--24 rolls of Bounty 
Susan G--20 rolls of Sparkle
So............that's a whole lot of paper towels and we are so so thankful!

We also had these donations--
Deb B/deb11111--donation thru PayPal for FFRC to help with yesterday's vet bills
Joseph V--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
CaSandra H/hencass--donation thru PayPal for FFRC to be used wherever needed
David F--donation for FFRC thru PayPal

We had our vet day yesterday. It was very interesting! JoeBob was neutered--mission accomplished. He's doing great. He was such a lover bug there! Then, Gallant was given a good look over. They were quite impressed with his healing abilities! He was such a goooood boy there--happy to be petted and happy to show off his progress! They feel he will continue to heal just fine! Then there was Engelina. Her x-ray was done of her front left leg--the one that is bent and causes a bit of problems sometimes. They also took an x-ray of her front right leg too. Right leg was normal. But, now we know why her left leg is as it is. It's called Radial Agenesis. She's missing her radial bone--it's completely gone. Her ulna is there, but doesn't have a real good attachment to the joint. So, that is why her leg has a deviation. But, the good news is that it's ok! She can go her entire life just as she is. Now, if she starts having a great deal of pain or the leg becomes not very usable, then sometimes they do an amputation. Time will tell, but she will be adoptable! 

The door is open! Cat's Corner Room is now open and Gallant and Joyful are both out cruising. We may still put them back in for naps and quiet time, but for the most part, they are out! Gallant came out first and is just casually cruising about. Joyful came out on her own and seems to be comfortable with the other cats. We'll keep encouraging people-contact with her, nice and slow though. The one thing we have all noticed though, is she does not like being picked up. Remember, the person that did the abuse, was a kicker. So, maybe being picked up is too scary for her, maybe her ribs hurt? But, regardless, she is starting to like being petted! 

We also have a very very slight fungus here in the rescue center. There's 3 cats with a tiny spot of it on them. So, they have already had their fungus-bath and the entire rescue center is on fungus-meds. This use to be a hard problem to deal with, but not anymore. The meds do take care of the problem. They'll be just fine!

It's a fairly nice temperature day out today, considering it's January. We have a door open and two windows! Later this week is suppose to be almost 60 degrees! The cats are loving the windows being open. Possibly may open the outdoor enclosure for them too!

The tree of cats!
Queen of the Castle

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday, Jan. 8

Voting started yesterday and we are right now in #1 spot for Ohio and #1 spot overall!!!! Hip hip hooray. But, there's other organizations right behind us. The voting continues till April 28, so we have a long way to go. I am deeply grateful for your votes--this means so much to me and FFRC. The support this shows to me is overwhelming and humbling. I will always do my best for FFRC.  Please keep voting daily and remember--let's keep our votes honest! 

We had BOXES last night! You all are awesome!
Arden & Charmaine--case of Fancy Feast Grilled
Wolfpatch--case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
From Octavia--6 packages of Batteries for mama kitty with note "Let there be light so she can see to snag her goodies!"
Kerswill/Nancy G--mylar balls, cans of Friskies, cans of Tuna and a big bag of Royal Canin Kitten dry food
Nancy D from OH--donation for FFRC
Janet/Janak--a wonderful shirt for Jacci with our dear Derecho on the front and back (from our Zazzle account) 
Thomas H from Germany--card playing Silent Night, yummy chocolate candy, a CD that looks like beautiful music, cat snackers and Bondi sticks. There were also an old old map of Defiance, prints of Defiance buildings from days gone by--loved seeing these. Also envelopes with FFRC logo, FFRC business cards with a holder and FFRC postcards for Christmas, Halloween, spring and fall. Thanks, Thomas!
Peter G--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Wayne R--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Joan N--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Joseph V--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Larry Clark from VA--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

We still have more of Mike's special FFRC CD's. Every song on this CD is about FFRC. Mike wrote some of the songs himself and of course, he sings every song on the CD! If you're interested, go to our website at:   There's a picture block with the CD on it.

Today is the day for a vet visit. We'll be taking JoeBob for his neutering, Engelina for her x-ray and Gallant to have his burn wounds checked. 

Gallant is playing toesies under the door of his room with any cat that wants to play with him! He is ready to come out and cruise about. His burn wounds are now 3 weeks old and they look beautiful and are healing very nicely now. So....after his vet visit today, Gallant will get some time out of his room in the next few days. Because of this "advancement" I showed Gallant to the cam last night. He's ready for the world to meet him and see him! Yes, you can still tell his wounds are there, although it's much much smaller than it was. But, we can't keep him in his room any longer--he wants out!! So, enjoy our boy! Please let's not worry about what happened to him or who did it. It's time to rejoice--he's healing, he's alive and he's happy!

Next week is when Penn and Teller will be meeting their new mom and dad! They will be staying two nights here at Kitty Kastle before heading home. I'm so happy for these 2 boys. They love each other and are 2 wonderful cats!

Drake is one of the nicest kittens. He has such a handsome face too. Right now, Obadiah is laying on the big red poof, half way covering up Derecho--they're sleeping buddies! Georgia is a love--she so enjoys those chin rubs. Octavia thieved two food packets yesterday--so proud of her!

PAUSITIVITY--noun: The feeling of joy and optimism that comes when you stop to take a moment to restore and nurture yourself.  This saying comes from a wonderful book that Janet gave me called "Pausitivity ". 

Enjoy your day, be joyful and grateful in it. Life is rich in pleasure--find your pleasure and enjoy! Pet a cat, help a person today, give a compliment, lend a helping hand, spay or neuter a cat or dog--do something that passes on goodness! Putter sends his love.

Yes indeed, Doce is growing!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday, January 7

The voting starts today! What a wonderful opportunity we have--the possibility of winning $10,000 IF we come in first place at The Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge. Go to: and cast your vote daily for Friends of Felines Rescue Center. The last day of voting is April 28 with the results being posted on May 1. Please ask your family, friends, FB friends and just everyone to vote for FFRC! We, here at the Rescue Center, very much appreciate your support. Use that power of finger voting!!  Every vote counts and is important to us!

Derecho and Janie both say--"Please vote for FFRC!"

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday, January 6

We got a little dusting of snow last night. This next week it may reach 40 degrees. Maybe we'll be able to open the outdoor enclosure for a sunny afternoon of fun for the cats!

My fingers are ready to go--been practicing the voting technique click! Tomorrow the voting starts. Please help us by voting for FFRC. This quarter is a big one for The Animal Rescue Site. First time ever they will be giving away $10,000 instead of $5,000 for the organization that comes in first place. Starting tomorrow morning, please visit:

We have a big puff here in the office--the cats love these. Currently, Linden, Miler, Pants and Tizzie are sleeping together in one. Now, THAT'S a big ball of cats! They're sunk down in the middle! Farrah is visiting me here on the desk. I love how she chirps at me. Badu has already had her morning bath in the sink. She loves to have the water run over her back.

We had BOXES last night. Big time thanks!
Patty V/Middiemom--TWELVE cases of baby food
Gramma June--For Derecho: 1 case of variety of Tikicat canned food and a bag of Wildside Lobster treats (which he had some of this morning, and shared some with his friends!)
Buddy and mama Mimi in FL--Note from Buddy and a big bag of pop tabs for Kellen
LittleBit from MS--card, note and gift card to Walmart
Rene H from NC--card with note
Laura H/Medica from IN--card with note
Betz from PA--donation for "Cutie plates" and friends, donation for Jacci/Steve to go out for a CALM dinner (I love this!!), and a donation to get a stuffed toy for Joyful (we'll write Joyful's name on it!)
Anina N A from Norway--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Angelina B from Denmark--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Weronika W--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC, in memory of Angel's Luckenfire

Yesterday we had 3 different families call about potentially adopting a cat or kitten. Unfortunately, all 3 families had cats or dogs that were not neutered or spayed. Our policy is that ALL cats and dogs in the household be neutered/spayed. This is just our way of encouraging people to get their cats and dogs neutered. It's our policy and we will stick to it. It's all about educating people about how important this is. 

FYI--All cats that are adopted from FFRC, go home with their own health record. This will include the dates for all vaccines, leukemia/FIV tests, wormings, flea prevention, spay neuter date, vet physical date and any other medical treatments each individual has received. It will also say when the cat arrived at the rescue center and give a birth date. We encourage people to make a copy of this record and send it to their vet's office. 

If you are considering adopting a cat (or dog), please ask yourself these questions:
* Are you willing to share your life with a cat or dog?
* Can you provide a secure home/safe environment?
* Will you keep the cat or dog current with vaccines?
* Are you financially able to give your new pet veterinary care when needed?
* Do you have time each day to spend with your pet?
* Most importantly, are you prepared for a lifetime commitment to your cat or dog?

Graciela, Faleena and Boulder are already sitting on the window ledge, looking out where the bird feeders are. I do believe they are waiting for daybreak, so they can watch the birds come in for breakfast. The Covies had extra visitors yesterday. We always encourage people to stop by Kitty City and visit the Covies. People are usually impressed with how very friendly they are! The Barnies are also doing great. They love their heated sleeping areas and thick quilts. All have heated water bowls so we never have to worry about frozen water bowls (even the horses). 

Pania did it again last night--she climbed up to the top of the tall yellow pole--clear up to the ceiling. This pole has steps on it, so she can easily go up and up, safely. She always looks so very proud of herself! Doce is doing good. Dolan is a good cleaner-upper for Doce. Telo will like his face, chin and paws clean of any left over formula. Good for Dolan, good for Doce! Last night during his late night feeding, Emaline came over, gave him 2 quick licks, then went about her way. 

Isn't Dove a beauty?! Such a happy girl. Check out how good that paw looks now!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday, January 5

Saturday, January 5

Happy weekend! Time keeps marching on. Do you realize that in a few months, female cats will be going into heat? The days will be longer, temperature warmer and presto--many cats are in heat. PLEASE, if you have a cat that is intact, whether it be a female or male, NOW is the time to get he/she spayed/neutered. Don't wait until spring. There are so many low cost spay/neuter clinics around--check into it if finances is a reason for not spaying/neutering. There are NOT enough homes for all the cats and kittens "out there". Help us by helping them--spay and neuter. If you have cats in your neighborhood that is unowned, but people take care of them, these cats are the biggest reproducers. They need spayed/neutered also. It is possible for a mama cat, starting in early spring to late fall, to have FOUR litters. Kittens that are born in April have the possibility of having their own kittens in the late fall. I've been checking with other rescues/shelters and everyone's adoption rates are LOW. Mostly due to the economy. Please don't let a single kitten be born, that has a high chance of not having a home.

Here is our weekly PetFinder report. Our top 12 kittens/cats that were viewed are: Badu, Engelina, Audrey, Boulder, Coca-Cola, Weber, Graciela, Octavia, Dahnay, Buckeye, Miau and Georgia. Such wonderful cats!

We had BOXES last night. So much to be grateful for.
Philipcleonj--3 cases of baby food, variety of flavors
Kerswill/Nancy G--spring toys, 2 catdancer bowtie chasers, a new NET TUNNEL!!!, and a big bag of Precious Cat Litter
Cheryl G--case of Fancy Feast grilled, 12 cans of KMR liquid, Catnip cat dancer (maybe Pania will like this!), 10 cans of Reeses sardines, bag of Royal Canin baby dry
Nancyerin--Stunt Pilot cat toy (big hit!), Royal Canin Persian formula, Big Mama "scratch a Rama" mat
Caren F--case of Friskies Poultry and case of Friskies Fillets
Middiemom04/Patty V--6 boxes of assorted flavor Appetizers, and a bag of Appetizers too
Anonymous Friend--12 jars of baby food
Joyce D from CA and Kathy D from NC--clementines, 3 denim corn bag warmers, safety letter opener, White Out, pop tabs for Kellen.  Lots of things to replenish our first aid kit--safety scissors (thank you!), 2x2, 3x3 gauze pads, tape, cloth tape, conform tape, band aids, taga-derm and box of gloves. Thanks!
BevM--2 tan leopard & 2 grey leopard cat pads for the Covies (and one goes to help Doce!) and lots of spring coil toys and krinkle toys
Julie P--2 packages of spring toys and 2 cases of Appetizers
Dewitty--2 cases of Fancy Feast (1 grilled/1medleys), case of Friskies bits
Newfiedogmom--case of KMR liquid, 6 bags of VitaGravy, 2 boxes of baby food, box of Arm & Hammer litter and a case of Royal Canin can food
Domingo F from Italy--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Malgorzata P--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal

There's still time yet to submit your recipe for the FFRC cookbook II. Please do this, as not only are the recipes great, but it's fun to see all of our FFRC friend's names in the book! Go to:

Here are a few other FFRC related sites--might be fun to check them out!

If you are still interested in purchasing one of our wonderful FFRC Catstock CD, you can go to our website ( and go to the CD picture that is labeled Catstock CD is Here. The songs on it are specifically for FFRC, by Mike Chamberlain. It's really nice!

Voting begins Monday, Jan. 7. Please mark your calendar, ask your family to vote, spread the news to e-mail friends and facebook friends. The stake is higher this time! Instead of the normal $5,000 prize, it is now $10,000. We have to come in first place, in this first quarter (remember, we won this for 2012!!). Can vote at:  We can do it!!

Joyful is progressing each day to being happier and more relaxed. Doce had a good day yesterday. He loves to purr and can toddle around a little bit! Dove is awesome and still is sharing June's Room with Pania. Miau's tan spot on her head is now almost gone--just the grey mark is left. We've been doing bubbles still--the cats love it and will even reach up in the air to pop a bubble. County loves watching the birds--he's at the bird window quite often. Our pipes are still unfroze. Cutie is feeling good and eating better again.

It's so much fun playing with bubbles!