Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Magnificent Meet and Greet!

Our Meet & Greet was such a great day. We went past our 1:00 ending and finally slowed up at 2:30. We also had FOUR adoptions! Trey & Jolson were adopted together. These people had expressed an interest in him last week, vet references were great. Trey was in Kitty Campus Room, where they got acquainted with him. Jolson was also in this room and was just a marshmallow with them. They decided they needed 2 cats! I had just talked to the vet the evening before and was told since he was weight bearing and moving the knee, that they didn't need to see him! So happy for both of them. Sharona also found a home. She went to a family that has visited here off and on for quite some time, and couldn't resist her fun play mode. They enjoyed her spunkiness. Tibbits also went to his new home with an awesome young lady. I can guarantee he will continue to be spoiled rotten! We also received a Box yesterday. It was 2 cases of Whiskas Variety Packets. This was sent from Elaine/Willis, aka Quayside. We are so thankful. Octavia particularly appreciates it! I told her she could only "thieve" 1 packet a day--we'll see if she listens to me! Winken, Blinken and Nod have been moved to Patience's Pen. When I get the 9 names down pat on the kittens in June's Room, they will then have their doors opened. The sun is going to shine today, so we will open the outdoor enclosure this afternoon.


Chaplin is ready to find a new family

Saturday, May 28, 2011

What? No Vermicelli?

As promised, the 4 long-hair and 1 short-hair kittens have names. They are the pasta group! Rotelle, Zita, Couscous, Orzo and then we have a Cadigan who is named after Canton's grandma who lived to be 100. These 5 are in June's Room with the 4 D kittens Denae, Denell, Dugster & Dian. Won't be long until they're out, they're busting to get out the door! What an awesome box we received from Mamie (web-cam viewer from VA). She sent a gorgeous bright pink very furry rug/blanket that the cats have already used. Also enclosed was an awesome Laurel Burch bag FILLED with catnip toys and catnip itself. I think the cats & I hit the jackpot! Thanks so much, Mamie. Update on the construction: again the water was pumped out (last time to do this!) and the floor inside the foundation blocks was filled with stone and also stone was put on the outside of the blocks. I believe on Tuesday, the cement will be poured for the floor (we're one day behind schedule, but that's OK). Have a possible nibble on Trey and maybe a friend to! This morning I watched as 11 kittens were all playing with 1 ball. Talk about teamwork! Remember to mark your calendars for the giant garage/craft/bake sale for June 9th through the 11th in Bryan on 1106 Bavarian Lane Rd. Then the next day, June 12th, Sunday afternoon at 2:00 is our Volunteer Appreciation Day. This can also be viewed on the web-cam. Please also mark July 24th on your calendar--from 1:00 to 4:00 is our big Cat-a-thon. This, we hope, will be a huge turnout involving our local communities and our web-cam friends to watch & participate in our telethon. This telethon is a fundraiser for our new addition. Many fun, entertaining things are planned and many baskets will be auctioned off with great items inside!


Tibbits is waiting for a new home!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Kitten Shuffle

I can hardly believe we've had over 458,000 total views to our web-cam since it started over a year ago. It's quite astonishing to me. Thank you all for joining us! The kittens all have speedy wheels on--zoom, zip, and full out running, definitely makes for careful walking around here. The 9 that are in June's Room will be emerging soon. This 9 is made up of 2 litters. One litter is the beige/gold/whites who are named Denae, Denell, Dugster & Dian. The other litter of 5 (the long hairs) are yet unnamed, but will have names today! We also had boxes two days ago. Quayside sent 2 cases of Fancy Feast; 1 for kittens and 1 for adults. Aunty Bantry sent much needed lens cloth wipes for the web-cam. Now, I promise, I won't use sponges on the lens! Thanks so much for these donations. Update on the construction: guys were here yesterday and pumped out hundreds of gallons of water from where they dug the foundation the day before. So, now the trench is filled with the foundation blocks, the plumbing pipes are all in place and a huge pile of stones is on the driveway. The stone will be used to fill inside the blocks so the floor can be poured. I believe they will do the floor today! That's progress! Jolson, the black cat who had major leg surgery) is doing better. He's out and about now and is actually bearing a little weight on that rear leg. He is also beginning to extend the knee better!  Winken, Blinkin & Nod are eating all the way by themselves now. A little messy but their tummies are full.


Salima is ready for a new home!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another day, another kitten. Or FOUR.

Oh my, more kittens! We took in 4 more kittens. These are the kittens we've been working on with their family. Mama was spayed and we had the opportunity to worm, vaccinate and test mama BEFORE the kittens came in. The babies are 7 weeks old--2 are gold/white (males) and 2 are buff/white (females). The gold/whites are named Dugster and Dian. The buff/whites are named Denae and Denell. Very sweet, friendly kittens. We had a wonderful visitor yesterday here at the Rescue Center. JLA, a webcam viewer from Chicago drove down to see us. It's so nice to actually meet a few of you viewers in person. We truly enjoyed having her visit! We also had boxes yesterday. One box which was sent anonymously contained 2 of those rubbery toys that Asha loves, but these are “Wiggle Worm” shapes, and also catnip infused. Isn't it great that she has chosen something that she loves. Linda T. from Kansas also sent some plastic bags (qt. & gallon), Magic Eraser, Fancy Feast Kitten and a HUGE case of paper towels! Wow! Thanks bunches, Linda. All of it will be put to good use. Today will be a change for some of the kittens. The five long hair kittens (will get names today) and the 4 newbies will be going into June's Room for a couple days since they need more space to rock and roll. Winken, Blinken & Nod are doing good and starting to eat a little own their own. And they are happily getting formula ALL over themselves! This Saturday is another Meet and Greet (despite the construction). Lots of dogs and cats to look at, and another garage sale will be held. It's from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM here at the Rescue Center. Construction update: the sewer line is connected to the house now and the blocks have arrived for today’s work. We received $60 more for the building fund.


Salimo is ready to find a new home!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A good foundation

There truly are kittens everywhere! Hopefully today we will be getting 4-5 of them neutered/spayed, then they'll go up on Thanks to Amy who takes the Petfinder pictures for us. The construction has started! The patio cement has been removed and the beginning of the water drain off system has started. Today they'll be removing the big tree stump and roots and getting the ground ready for the foundation cement pouring. We received money for TWO MORE $250 plaques. Anyone donating $250 or more will have their name on the outside of the new in-take room. The 2 people were Jack & Jackie Shishler (she's a Monday volunteer) and Thanks so much to both of you! We appreciate it. We also had good news from Werlor, the company that removes our trash. Over the years we have accepted any stray cats/kittens that they find. They said the bill we just paid will be our last as they are donating their services to us. How awesome! We did a weight check on all of the kittens yesterday and was very pleased. ALL the kittens had good weight gain except for Frisco. He stayed the same but is on track. Kurt William is doing so much better and is much more tolerant of the other cats now. He's so handsome. Octavia has a new trick now. She "thiefs" a packet of food, then goes and gives it to the kittens. No wonder they follow her around! Had the outdoor enclosure opened yesterday. One time I counted 17 cats/kittens out there! They love watching the bird feeders. The t-shirts with the new logo have been ordered, and should be done in about 2 weeks.


We also want to thank for the great story they did on the rescue center. If you haven't see it check it out, and be sure to like their page on facebook.


Octavia of Loxley, photo mod by Bea Bittencourt

Monday, May 23, 2011

Would you believe, even MORE kittens?

We took in 8 more kittens this weekend. Three are from a litter whose mama was killed on the road. They are identical triplets, all brown/black tigers with the sweetest eyes. One however had an injury to his tail, so it's only a half-tail, but it's fine. Their names are Winken, Blinken & Nod. Nod will be the little fella with the short tail. They are about 4 weeks old and can only eat a tiny bit by themselves, but we are supplementing them with 4 feedings a day. They have good lungs and they sure know how to meow LOUD when they want food or TLC. The other litter is a gorgeous bunch of kittens. There are 5 of them, 4 are long hair, 1 is medium hair. Various colors, all cute, fat tummies and so very friendly. They are about 6 weeks old and eat just fine on their own. They are for the time being staying in Patience's Pen. We have heard back from several of the families who recently adopted adults. Peterson, Novak, Sylvio & Mvula are all doing great & appear to have settled into their new homes just fine. That's what it's all about; getting them wonderful, loving, indoor homes. 

If it doesn't rain today, I believe the contractor plans on coming to get things started. The big tree trunk will be ground out, and the stones and dirt removed to start setting the way for the cement floor.'s becoming a reality! I'm still in awe of all of this! We will keep you all posted as the construction progresses.



Tinkerbell was just 3 days old when she arrived with her mama and sibling Tinker. Her birthday is 3/12/11. She's a beautiful black kitten, her fur just shines. One thing that's always noted about Tinkerbell is her purr. Even just looking at Tinkerbell produces a purr! She's a wonderful, super friendly kitten. She just loves to be held and given kisses. She loves to climb in the kitty cubes and pounce out at the other kittens. Those furry balls are a constant source of fun for her--she never tires of playing with them. Tinkerbell is an exceptionally bighearted little girl.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Plans are finalized--let the building begin!

A BIG decision has been made. The new addition is a GO!! The contractor has been out again, final plans have been approved and the digging begins next week. There are a couple nice changes in this finalized plan. A small half bath will be included and instead of a tiny hallway, we will expand that to an 8 x 8 room. The contractor likes what we do here and is kind enough to get the building started, knowing we are working on raising funds. This has been a dream of mine for many years. It's time to do it! Racer will soon be posting a picture of the plan (see the "Building Expansion" link above, in the blog navigation bar -Kurt). If you are interested in helping to financially support this project, there are ways that our internet friends can help. We will gladly accept donations thru PayPal. You may also send a check directly to FFRC. Anyone contributing a donation to the building fund of $250 or more will have a plaque listing their name placed on the outside of the new addition. Connie K. and her neighborhood is planning the BIG garage/craft/bake sale in Bryan on June 9th thru the 11th. We will also have another garage sale here on May 28th. We also have a date scheduled in June to have a table outside of the local Wal-Mart. Any donations received at this event will go towards the building fund. There is a HUGE event that is in the beginning stages of organization that will take place in July. We'll keep you posted on that. The AdSense and Amazon money and the funds received from the t-shirt sales will also go towards the building fund. We will keep you updated as to how we're doing. We'll be happy to accept donations, prayers and words of confidence!


"Help build the new expansion? Yeah, I'll get right on that..." -Bella

Friday, May 20, 2011

All's well than ends well.

Our Wellness Clinic went great yesterday, despite the rain. We saw 30 dogs and 3 cats. It was a good day for Earth Angels. I also saw Bravo, a black/white cat that was adopted from here. He looks awesome and loves his mama. Ruth (volunteer) was here yesterday with an update on Edward and Chaney. Both are now doing well and seem to be adjusting to their new home. Both are 10 years old. The shyer one, Chaney LOVES catnip and has been playing with catnip toys. Edward already sleeps with her. We had boxes yesterday! Asha was very pleased as she received some extras of her favorite orange mouse toy. Now she can bounce more of them around! Thanks Aunty Bantry for her orange toys. Also thanks to Jatcat who also sent Asha some of her Orkakat orange mice and Kitten Fancy Feast. We had an anonymous donor that sent 2 cases of Friskie cans. And thanks too to Jatcat for the box cutters with the shields! Thanks so very much for your support to all of you! Every penny I can save will be going to the new addition. The contractor will be here today with the newest (and hopefully the final) plans for the addition. When they're complete, I'll update you on the changes and ask Racer to upload a picture of what it'll look like. The kittens are learning the routine, that when they're called to come and eat, they're starting to go into their room by themselves! What smart kittens. Shorona is glued to the window--loves to watch the birds at the feeders. Kurt William absolutely loves to be petted and made a fuss over. Right now there's 7 kittens draped onto each other, sleeping in the sunshine. Merci and Cutie have been taking naps together.


Don't forget, you have until midnight Sunday to send in your t-shirt pre-order! You can find all the details here on the blog site, just check the navigation bar at the top of the page (click "T-Shirts").


Two of the Orange Brigade kittens snuggling in an Angel Catbed made especially for the kittens here at FFRC.  We received two kitten sized Angel Catbeds as a gift from the nice lady who crochets them. Be sure to check them out at her Etsy Store!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Plan on new plans.

Asha has been taking naps with the kittens! Isn't that just wonderful? She looks so peaceful with them. She's actually on the floor at this moment playing with 3 of the kittens. The new 11 yr. old cat, Trey, is adjusting better every day. He likes to cruise around and is very people friendly. I've heard from Ruth, who adopted the two 10 year olds, Edward & Chaney. They seem to be adjusting to their new life pretty well. She'll be here today and we will get an update. Thank you all for the kind words about our loss of Penelope. I truly appreciate it. She is missed. The new kitten, Frisco is now out with the other kittens and is doing very well. The first night was a little scary for him, but he's making lots of kitty friends now. We are adjusting the blueprints of the new addition a bit. The contractor will be over again today to talk about it. More info later, but it's definitely a GO!!! So exciting and much needed. We had BOXES yesterday! Auntie Bantry sent some fun toys; zanie mice, a kong ball, and catnip flippers. They always love new things. Ilana and Smudge sent Friskies cans, Kitten Fancy Feast, 3 banana catnip toys (which was played with right away by Kurt Williams) and a Jellyfish toy which is now hanging in Cat's Corner Room for the kittens. SallyFromToledo sent Whisker Lickin's Treats, Eukanuba Kitten food, and furry toys. Thanks so much to everyone. Everything that you help supply us with, is money saved that I can put towards all of our medical and operational needs. I'm grateful. Iowa & Kansas have become quite the shoulder-riding kittens. Kurt Williams' rough fur coat that he came in with is slowly but surely becoming softer and shiny. Putter is doing pretty good, for an old boy. We sure do love him. He seems to enjoy sitting and staring at the kittens... Not quite sure what he's thinking!


John MacGibbon was kind enough to write about FFRC in his blog over at Martinborough Musings. John is a webcam viewer from New Zealand. Be sure to check it out. Thanks John!


"New Zealand? I's never eben been to da old one and dey goes and make anudder?!" -Cyrilla

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Building Expansion!

We have taken in an older cat that's been named Trey. He's 11 years old, beige/white. We won't consider him an oldster (yet!) as we'll be looking for a home for him. We also took in 2 ten year old cats yesterday named Chaney & Edward, but they've already been adopted. One of our volunteers, Ruth, had lost both of her geriatric cats recently, so she decided she'd like to give these 2 a try! We'll keep you posted on how it goes. I've heard back about Peterson and he is dong so good! He's already sleeping on their bed and is quite attached to his new mama. She'll be sending pictures for us. We did 3 surgeries yesterday for our FFRC kittens. Tinker & Salimo were neutered and Leotie was spayed. All 3 didn't even realize anything happened to them and were already bouncing around last night. We also received boxes! We had the funniest sounding box too... Mamie sent a box with a toy singing bird in it, and the kittens love it! Mamie also sent toys for the dogs & KMR.  We received some dry adult Iams food from the FFRC FANS. We now have a wonderful variety of adult food! Makes me feel "safe" when the cupboards are stocked again. Felinetoyz sent some of their favorite treats, Temptations, as well as baby food for Bella! We received some IAMS dry adult food from Oreo (aka Pooky) & Zeus & catmom74, and financial donations from Sonnykat (for the new addition) & from Kelly M. These are the things that help keep us going. You are all so appreciated. We had a special truck come yesterday.....from IAMS! They delivered some adult cat food. We were cheering! Between you all and IAMS, the cats won't go hungry now! We also took in a new little kitten yesterday named Frisco. He's a deep orange marble boy, but a little shy, so we're loading on the TLC. We'll help him figure out that people are kind. A special saying from Canton's grandma "Never think about what you're going to do tomorrow, just do it today." Good words for a rescue center. Which is why a decision has been made... We're going ahead with the plans for the new in-take addition!!!  This is a huge step for us, but a dream of many years. This addition will be so beneficial to the cats. More later!


I will be setting up a page with more information on the expansion and special fundraising events for the building fund soon. Just so you can see right away what kind of expansion we are planning, here is a building layout with the new expanded hallway (yellow) and in-take room (red) shown, as well as a greater amount of detail to the rescue centers main area.


Click to embiggen

Monday, May 16, 2011

Peterson and Novak!

Peterson has found his very own home! He was adopted yesterday into a family that has plenty of time of give to Peterson. We sent him home with a laser light and a 4 foot crinkle tunnel! I've also heard again from Novak's new family and all is fine there. He and the other 2 cats are very happy. We are all very glad for him. The new cat, Jolson is doing good. He was hit by a car about a week ago and severely fractured his rear leg. He was taken to Dr. Pettigrew's office where a femoral head resection & a knee repair was done on May 12th. He arrived here at the Rescue Center on May 14th. Our hope is that the leg surgery will be successful. I would like to explain why some leg fractures are repaired while some are amputated. If the leg is a severely crushed fracture and cannot be repaired, that's when the decision to amputate is made. Jolson is about 9 months old and will be on cage-rest for 1 week. Then we start physical therapy. Kurt Williams amputation surgery is healing very nicely. Asha has found a special small orange rubbery toy that she loves, and she goes crazy while playing with it! Raza's kittens are doing super great. They're all over the place now and growing like weeds! The other group of 18 are also doing well. All are out most of the time now. Emaline has found a special comfort in grooming them. She's in heaven when she has 1 or 2 in a cushy bed with her.

The Orange Brigade
Scribbles, Manon, Waki, Gibbs, Telo, and mama Raza

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Come meet the kitties and dogs!

Today is our Meet & Greet, combined with a garage sale, dog/cat food drive and towel drive for both the Rescue Center and A Labor of Love Dog Rescue. We will give you the details as to how it went later after it's over. We had boxes yesterday! We received a dozen Heinz baby food meat jars from an anonymous donor. If anyone would like to let me know who donated this, I'd appreciate it. We use a lot of this meat baby food, as it's helpful for our kittens, oldsters, and cats that are felling ill or recovering from something. Thanks so much. Bantry sent Temptations treats and Friskies Prime Filets. The cats love their treats! Octavia was sitting on the box even before it was opened! Mitty sent IAMS adult chicken food and 2 journals. I will make good use of the journals! A week ago, we were desperately low on adult dry cat food. That is no longer true, thanks to you web-cam viewers. We've received enough to get us by for a bit. You are ALL awesome! The group of 18 kittens are out and about most of the time, including night time. What fun they have. Never a dull moment around here. Tinker even discovered how to climb to the highest of the cat walks. I can't bear to watch! Raza's 6 kittens were out today for 2 one-hour sessions. They did terrific. Raza was also out. She loved being out in the outdoor enclosure. Then, all of a sudden, she came back in, went to her room, called her kittens, and that was it--they all went back in their room for a nap together! Asha has been playing with the kittens and with toys. Kurt William had his surgery yesterday and is doing very well. His right front leg was removed due to a complete radial nerve tear. He was down on the floor for a short exercise time last night, and he was able to run, no dragging leg to slow him down! That was wonderful to see. Dawn S. was here yesterday and tended to Albert's Garden. She planted many beautiful flowers. It looks so nice. Thanks Dawn. We have already received one estimate for the possible new addition (for a quarantine/intake room). When I get all the facts & figures ironed out, I'll pass on more info to you all. Recently Maiden Heaven sent something to me that I am passing on.
“Hoping you have a day filled with wonder & an evening filled with peace.”

Kurt William
Kurt William

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Peterson!

---Note: This is the blog post for May 12th, 2011. I was unable to publish it yesterday due to a Blogger outage.--

Today is Peterson's first birthday! He was born here at the rescue center and is still looking for his own special home. Somewhere out there, is his home. I just KNOW that he will get that opportunity to have his very own family. Peterson's already had an extra bonito flake treat this morning and an extra big hug. Saturday morning from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. will be our next Meet and Greet. In combination with having A Labor of Love Dog Rescue here with their adoptable dogs, we will have another garage sale with lots of items. We're also having a food drive (dry and can food for cats & dogs) and a towel drive (any kind of towels, including paper towels). We will also be offering to microchip your pet. The cost is $40, and that includes the registration paper. We had lots of boxes last night! From Debra B., we received 4 Temptation treat variety packs. The cats love these these. Teresa C. sent both Royal Canin Adult AND Kitten Food dry cat food. We had an anonymous donor from PetFood Direct for Pro Plan Kitten canned food. If you sent this and would like to let me know, I'd appreciate it. We certainly can use this great kitten food. Quayside sent Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken packs and Temptaion Treats--you've picked 2 of their favorite things! Cantoncat sent Eukanuba Dry Cat Food. I think the word got out that we were very very low on adult dry cat food. ALL these donations are appreciated and will be well used. We also had a new friend of the webcam, known as ohiosmrspeepers come yesterday with a big variety of needed items! Raza and Tinkerbell were spayed last night. They both recovered beautifully. You may have already heard the news about our dear little Birk; if not, please check for the information (note: due to the Blogger problems which caused yesterdays outage, the comments are not currently available, but according to Bloggers situation report they will be restored soon). Last week, when our friend Connie K. left here, she came upon a severely injured cat at an intersection. She scooped the poor cat up and brought it here to the Rescue Center, but he was already gone. Thank you Connie & Curt for helping this cat. After they left, I received 2 phone calls from people wondering if the cat survived. I also just received a donation to the Rescue Center "in honor of the lady who so unselfishly helped a cat that had been hit by a car". I just want to note that I also am grateful for people like Connie & Curt. Emaline (calico with 1 eye) is "stuck" in my house. She's an awesome housecat, but when I try to put her back in the Rescue Center, she refuses. She has a few allergy problems, but she's wonderful & loving and we need to find her a new home as well.

Exploring Expansion

I have had a goal in mind for several years for the Rescue Center. It's time to explore some options on it. I have always wanted a separate room for all incoming kittens and cats. Every cat and kitten that arrives has the possibility of bringing in bacterial germs, fungus and viruses. To help keep the spreading of these things to a minimum, a completely separate room is necessary. I have had dreams about this! It would be so wonderful to have such a room, built onto the backside of the Rescue Center. It would have it's own water source, small refrigerator for meds and test kits, a work area to draw blood and do exams and holding pens for incoming cats and kittens. This room would have access by an outside door, so all incoming goes directly into this new room, NOT through the Rescue Center. I've drawn up plans and have talked to 2 contractors who have already come and will give me estimates very soon. I have no idea if this is something that will be so "far out there" that it's not even feasible, but we're going to go thru the process of finding out! We'll keep you all posted. 

Photo by  Amy Brown McCarty; Mod by Bea Bittencourt

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy Kittens

Running, playing, jumping, attacking, purring--that's what it's all about this morning! The kittens are all crazy. I do believe they all developed spring legs during the night! What fun to watch them. Yesterday our new big white cat, Willis was neutered. This morning his door was opened to his pen. It took him all of 10 seconds to come out and be with the rest of the gang. Kurt William (named after Racer) has his pen door opened and come out if and when he's ready. He loves those catnip fish toys. He has a complete radial nerve tear in his front right leg. Due to a heavy surgery schedule yesterday couldn't get his surgery done. This leg is 100% useless to him--there's absolutely no nerve there to help him use it, so it's a "drag leg". Thursday will be his big surgery day--amputation of this leg and his neutering. He'll be thrilled when he's able to run and play without the hindrance of that leg. We had 3 BOXES yesterday! They all were from Felixkatz, our Bermuda friends Gloria & James. They definitely had the kittens in mind with this order! Royal Canin baby dry food and can kitten food. This will be well used and so much appreciated. Also a few toys! Thank you. Asha has become so much more open with her play and social skills. It's like a butterfly emerging! Yesterday she took a spring toy and flipped that thing all over the office, chasing it! I believe Grommit has "taste-tested" every kitten here! He bathes them then proceeds to soft chew a little. No harm done and he lets the kittens go. I truly think he just wants to play as he's such a young cat himself. The big cats had 3 hours of outdoor enclosure time yesterday-was so nice that they could be out in their porch. No babies allowed out there yet. Please continue to vote for us! 


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going home :(

Hi everyone, this is Kurt, filling in for Jacci today on the blog. I am finally heading home this afternoon. I wish I could stay longer, but I will be back soon for the big fundraiser in June. Until then I will just have to get my kitty fix from the web-cam. As for whats going on at the rescue center, Lilly is doing much better and is back with her group and running and playing. Birk seems to be picking up a little today too, so hopefully she will be back to bouncing around the deck of her pirate ship in a few days. A new kitty came in last night with a badly broken leg, so it is being removed today. He is a very sweet cat, loves to play and be petted even with his injury. Other kitties visiting the clinic today are Raza, to be spayed, and Willis, who was neutered this morning. The States (Georgia, Iowa, and Kansas) are out of their pen and running around now too. They will eat meals with the other kittens today but spend one more night in Dodgers Pen, after which they will remain with the other kittens in the Cats Corner room.  

I just got the finalized earnings report for the ads that are shown on ustream. The rescue center made $344.31, so added to the Amazon referral fee for last month of $158.23, the total online income for April was $502.54! Remember, anytime you plan to shop on Amazon, use the link on the blog and the rescue center will get a percentage as an advertizing referral fee. Last month we had enough referrals to earn 7% of the total amount purchased from Amazon through our links. Ask your friends and family to do the same! It doesn't cost you anything more when you use our link, and every dollar is important for a small non-profit rescue center like FFRC, which receives no local, state, or federal government funding. Also please keep voting! With all the kittens running around here at the rescue center, that $1000 state prize will almost completely cover the cost of their spays and neuters.

Ok, I keep looking for more things to do or write about because I don't want to leave yet, but I really should get on the road since its a 4 hour drive. If I get home soon enough I will try to get the new Cat Tails videos that jacci made for DCTV on YouTube. Also be sure to check out all the pictures and video I took myself while visiting the rescue center on my flickr page (just the pictures are up now, the videos will be coming over the next week or so). Just click on the flickr logo that's at the side of the blog page. Thanks again to everyone that donated gas money and money for the new web-cam setup, I really appreciate it. Keep watching the 24/7 web-cam, and I will see you all again in June for more special kitten shows and an on-site live stream from the fundraiser!

"fine! go's home! sees if we care!"

Monday, May 9, 2011

What? Another Kitten Show Tonight? YES!

I am still here so there will be one more Kitten Show tonight at ~8pm EDT


We took in 3 more kittens. They were found by a friend ofthe Rescue center and so one has been named after her--GEORGIA. The other 2 are named IOWA and KANSAS after web-cam viewers. There's 2 girls, 1 boy. Georgia is black/white, Iowa is grey tiger with white socks & Kansas is grey/white. All 3 are so sweet. They possibly will be out and about tomorrow. Also took in a young cat, about 9 months old. His name is WILLIS. He's all white and so very sweet. He's already on the surgery schedule for tomorrow. Time permitting would also like to get RAZA spayed tomorrow. The kittens are spending more time out & about--sometimes they're just crazy acting kittens--so much fun. We had 2 BOXES also, both from MEDIC 101. Thanks so much for the 2 cases of Fancy Feast--seafood & variety pack. Definitely will be put to good use. The cats went out on the outdoor enclosure yesterday-it was so nice. We don't open the floor door, that way the little kittens don't have access yet--too small to go out there yet. Racer did another Kitten Show last night--always well received!


Tibby shows me how she feels about my being late with the blog today.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Last Kitten Show TONIGHT!

Those 2 Bermuda Paddys are quite the brothers. When one is zipping around you can almost always see the brother right behind. It's a joy to watch them. The cats had their window open yesterday to the outdoor enclosure. They loved it. The Cat's Cove cats also got a 2 hour outing to run around on the farm grounds. They always come back, food is a big motivator! We got 2 BOXES yesterday. Quayside sent a case of Whiskas Purrfectly Fish packs. The cats love these. Before I could even get them put away, that Octavia was already off with one of the packets. She went under the big silver pen and refused to give it up. Thanks so much Quay! Also received a box from Debra B. She enjoys watching the cam and sent a laser light, 24-count Friskies Prime Filets, q-tips, KMR and Clorox Cleaner spray. Thank you, Debra! Everything you sent will be well used. We always appreciate boxes, they certainly helps us in accomplishing what we are doing here! Tinker is definitely the leader of the 12 pack of kittens. He's a very busy boy. Those extra toes of his help him achieve his orneriness level! Dunakin is another very active kitten. He stirs up the 12 pack and gets them playing. Zander enjoys giving Cyrilla baths. Racer & I went downtown yesterday and talked to a business that does T-shirts. We're in the process of ordering t-shirts  with the new logo on it!


One more kitten show tonight! ~8pm EDT


nip poster
Paddy Purr has a nip problem.

Friday, May 6, 2011

More Kitten Shows!

I will do another kitten show tonight (Friday May 6th) around the same time (8pm EDT).


Racer's evening Kitten Shows are a big hit, so much fun for the viewers and the kittens! We received a BOX from Linda T.! She sent a gift card from Meijer's for kitty litter (which of course we use ALOT of!) and some Royal Canin can kitten food (good food for growing kittens). Thanks so much Linda, we sure do appreciate you! We had our monthly taping for DCTV show yesterday. This new segment should start airing next week. Thanks to DCTV for giving us this opportunity. A Labor of Love Dog Rescue also showed 2 of their dogs. Murka is now my new desk cat. He curls up right in front, watching the screen. Our oldster Magenta has gained 2 ounces! She's so small, stays right around 5 pounds. Asha just jumped from ground level up to a shelf about 3 feet up, what an improvement. Farrah is doing great. Her chipped tooth from her fall earlier this week is doing fine. Please remember to apply flea prevention to your dogs and cats now, before flea season is in full swing! Prevention is much easier than treating an infestation.


Grommit Blues
Grommit Blues
Just don't ask him to play his saxophone for you.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Kitten Show Redux

The Kitten Show last night was a great success. It's amazing the energy level that comes from a rescue center full of kittens! I received TWO phone calls yesterday asking for more Kitten Shows. Subra, Leotie and Deek's mama has a name! It's Queenie for our webcam viewer QueenofKings. She's really a nice, very young adult cat. Queenie is mostly white, with a tiger tail and a few gray tiger splotches on her. She loves to rub on legs. Road construction still going on with our road & possibly will be back in front of our house today. Right now there's 4 cats looking out the window trying to see where all the noise is coming from. Farrah's neck can't stretch any further! We got 2 BOXES last night. LindaInKansas sent some Royal Canin Dry Babycat food-they absolutely love it. The crunchies are teeny tiny size--just right for small kittens. Oskarsophie sent something for our oldsters--Friskies Tender Cuts made for seniors. Thanks so much both to Linda & Oskarsophie. We have so much to be grateful for with all the support we receive. Zander was bathing a kitten this morning. Paddy Purr was playing with little Subra while Missa totally ignores them!! Raza's 2 kittens Scribbles and Ketzie has climbing down to an art now. Pocus and Peterson still love taking naps together.



Wednesday, May 4, 2011

And then there were 22... Kittens!

The mama cat to Subra, Deek and Leotie was spayed yesterday. We are going to try to convince her to be an inside cat--the first day she desperately wanted OUTSIDE, where she was familiar. We'll talk to her and explain how INSIDE is so much better. Don't have her named yet, but will very soon. She's almost all white with a tiger tail and a few tiger spots on her. The 3 kittens (Subra, Deek and Leotie) are now down and running around like crazy kittens should. It's definitely time to do the kitty shuffle walk around here. It's so energetic here with the kittens, but please, keep pushing for people to spay/neuter those cats. Racer did another Kitten Show last night-so much fun! Thanks Racer for letting our viewers see the action, complete with sound. We had BOXES last night! CGR sent another beautiful collar, either for Asha or another cat here in need. Asha thinks she's beautiful with her new collar (which she is). JATCAT sent 3 cases of Fancy Feast canned kitten food, which is in high demand right now. FELINETOYZ sent IAMS dry kitten food, one of our favorite foods to use. QUAY sent Fancy Feast Appetizers food & Whiskas pouches. We put one box of pouches in the food cabinet to use right away. Thanks so much for all of your support. It is such a good feeling to have our food shelves stocked, a feeling of security. YOU ALL are as important to us as the people in our local community are. Putter told me this morning that he thinks he's extra important now, being Sheriff Putter (see pics on facebook). That cat is getting quite a wardrobe!


I will do another Kitten Show tonight. It's too hard to really pin down a time to do these shows, since you never know whats going to happen around here on any given day, but I will try to start between 7pm and 8pm EDT. As always, the cam is on 24/7 so you will have the big cats to watch til I can get the kittens out.


Captain Birk
Captain Birk

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yay for adoptions!

Our gray/white Tumble was adopted yesterday. He went into a home where the new owners are home all day with him. I do believe he will be one wonderfully spoiled boy! We also took in 3 more kittens. Their names are Subra, Deeka and Leotie. They are about 8 weeks old, 2 girls, 1 boy. They are all variations of gray tiger & white and black tiger and white. One short, one medium and one long hair--quite a variety. We heard from Mvula's family and all is well. Nova was playing with the new pirate ship toy today and was in a drag-down tackle fight with it. I believe the ship won. This morning, Emaline was fast asleep with 4 of the little kittens, all snugged around her. Every time we go into June's Room, Raza's kittens run as fast as they can and right up our legs. We have become trees again. We have seen 6 of the 12 older kittens already on the Cat Go Round wheel.


Sylvio is such a handsome boy. He was a very loved cat by his family but they no longer could keep him. He adjusted quickly here, and is a pretty laid back cat. When he was a kitten, he was found by the family's malamute. The dog brought him from the woods to the house, where the family decided to keep him. Sylvio and the malamute were best friends. He's still a young adult, only 5 1/2 yrs. old. Sylvio has a play streak in him too--loves the toys. He, as you would guess, gets along great with the dogs here. We love to brush him daily as he so thoroughly enjoys it--even rolls over for a belly brushing! He's always been an inside cat and loves laying on the window shelves to bask in the sun. A handsome boy, super friendly and enjoys people. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shave and a Haircut

The new kitten Dunakin has joined the group of 12 already. He knew exactly what to do to get "his way" to play with the other kittens--mew, mew, mew and more mews! So, now he's happy having a big group of "siblings". We had the new audio on the web-cam a few times yesterday. The audio and new cam seem to be working very nicely. Racer has been very busy updating pictures and videos which you all will be able to see. Brought Oliver in from Cat's Cove for his spring grooming job. He now sports a bald belly area and perfectly groomed fur. He has the longest fur of any cat I've ever seen. Now all 3 of the long haired cats are done--Oliver, Gus & Fabio. Grommit is doing wonderful-just a slight stiffness in his back right leg. Zander is a very graceful 3 legged cat with the most handsome eyes ever. Raza's 6 kittens are growing fast and round. Our next 2 Meet & Greets will be May 14 & May 28. This is when the Rescue Center and A Labor of Love Dog Rescue join up for a morning of extra showing of dogs and cats. We will combine both of these with a garage sale. Also remember the BIG garage/craft/bake sale on June 9th thru 11th in Bryan, Ohio. This event will have a finale on June 12th, ending with a Volunteer Appreciation Day here at the Rescue Center, starting at 2:00.


"You woke me for this?"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Kitten Show was a success!

Thanks to Racer for setting up the Kitty Show last night--it was fun and complete with sound. The kittens even wore a little sign reminding people to vote! They also played big time with their new pirate ship toy. Thanks, viewers, for sharing in our fun. We also had 2 packages arrive yesterday. One was from CGR--these were 3 beautiful collars--all for Asha! When she gets tired of one, we can switch. Thanks cg--Asha looks stunning with her new collar on. Thanks too to the person who donated the KMR powder. If you'd like to let us know who sent this, I'd love to give proper thanks to you. It's a well used item here with all these kittens. We took in a new little baby yesterday, a little black male kitten with a white mark on his tummy. Just 6 weeks old, found in a park. He is named Dunakin, after the people who rescued him. He's a cutie! We now have over 400,000 total views on our web-cam. This is just amazing to me. I remember when we reached our first 1,000 and thought that was simply awesome! I heard from the family that adopted CLOUD--she's doing great, settled in very quickly and is sleeping on the bed already! A good report.


Also, for those of you wondering about Hiro, he has been found! He has been staying with a neighbor. 

We have a winner in the logo contest! You can go here to view the new official logo as well as the other 2 finalists. Thank you to ALL the people who submitted. 

Bella and Putter
Bella and Putter...

Bella... and Putter
Bella... and Putter.