Thursday, May 30, 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Kitties everywhere and we're doing the kitty shuffle.  In the early mornings, right after breakfast, all the doors are open--front to back.  That lets the cas get use to one another, starts the journey to stay in the Main Area.  Later in the morning, we still take The Farrah Five, Porch kittens and the 4-SomeT's back to the Back Thumper's Room for the day.  They are all growing and doing well.

The Reservoir kittens are now fully in the Main Area. Their appetites are super! Such fun, happy kittens. 

We took in 5 new cats on this past Sunday.
The Memorial Day Kittens arrived--they are 6 1/2 weeks old.  Mama has since been trapped and is now spayed.  These 3 have just a slight URI and are on antibiotics. They have lots of energy and a big appetite. So very sweet.  Here are their names (from Name a Cat list):
Maggie--female, muted calico, with cream up her nose
Marge--female--black & white, with white up her nose, black nose
Mercury--male--black & white, with white & black up his nose!

Mint--a beautiful slate grey and white cat.  She has white stripes on her upper lip area. When she turns sideways, she looks like she's smiling! She arrived at a friends house, very pregnant. She gave birth to 7 kittens. The 7 kittens will soon be spayed/neutered and family and friends will be taking them. But, Mint came to FFRC!  She is a sweet girl and already in the Main Area. Her birthday is 5/12/18. A young adult with a kind heart.

Bub--a handsome boy, black and white. He arrived here as a 7 week old. His birthday is 4/7/19.  He's already hanging out with the gang that's in the back Thumper's Room kittens. I told him he should be in a condo yet but he didn't agree.  After turning his condo upside down a couple times, we sprung him!  He immediately ran over to the other kittens and started playing. He's a great kitten. A good purr motor and lots of fun ambition! 

We also took back a kitten that was adopted from here in December. Her name is Gidget. She was returned due to family allergies. When she originally arrived here on 10/30/18, she came with her littermates: Becky, Bronco, Griffin, Turbo and Tylor.  Gidget has grown and is doing just fine. I would think she'll be back up to the Main Area in a day or two. 

We had BOXES yesterday.   YOU are super appreciated!
Ju-in-ji - CATATHON - Book Basket:  Huntress novel.

Krista and cat Baby (Finland) - Large Homemade Card with pictures of her kitty, Baby, watching FFRC cam.  Kitty Stickers, Moomin napkins, Pair of Kitty Gloves. 2 black kitty magnets

Plee (Pat L) - Boxtops and lid covers, 4 super plush soft blankets, 2 pink, 1 white and 1 blue.

Jenn (A Dose of Love) - Card and gift for Jacci, A Willow Tree Figurine of a Kitty in memory of Mowgli.

Christoper and Stephanie C. (Al) -  A Thank You card and donation, Lots of kitty toys, Temptations, 9Lives, Party Mix Cat Treats, 1 Large can of Friskies, 3 Small Cans of Friskies.

AprilCatlover - 4 Boxes of 20 each bags of People snacks for Volunteers for energy, as we enter Catathon month!

Sean and Kitty Lena (Germany) - 3 Owl and Bird Banners, Label Stickers and Frames.Thank you Notes.  Boys Basket: Boys Hat.  Girls Basket: Kitty Gloves, Kitty Shoulder Wrap, Kitty PJs , Storm trooper Mug, Star Wars Badges, Socks.  Hello Kitty Puzzle, Jewelry Making Kit.  Gaming Mouse.   A Stone Bead Dog Collar, Pencil Tote, Pug Dog Shopping Bag.  Baby Girl:  Shirt, Bib, Socks.  Baby Boy:  Bib, Socks.  Mickey Mouse Basket:  Mickey Mouse Cards, Socks. Kitten Mug, Sunglasses Kitty T-shirt, Cat Napkins, Cat Postcards, Cat Wallet. Scented Candle.  SNACKS for FFRC kitties and Volunteers including: : Licki Lix, Lime Chocolate, SeaSalt Caramel Fudge, 3 bags of Jerky Treats. Gifts for JACCI: Keychain, 3 magnets, Irish Tile Coaster, Irish Wishing Stone, "Learn from Yesterday Plaque.  Gift for DONNA:  Germany/USA T-shirt.  Playmobil Model, Lion/Cub Puzzle, Children's Bandaids, Christmas ornament, 1 Stone Necklace, 1 Jade Necklace, Coloring/Tracing Book.  

Cita (our wonderful Mod) - Case of 200 Stroopwaffle Minis, Bag of Caramel and
Chocolate Coffee Toppers, Amsterdam Cookies.  For Catathon goodies!

Anonymous - (1) 16lb. Bag of Purina One Salmon Dry Food.

Kris K. - Sturdi Flex Height Butterfly Design Cat Carrier,  Large very soft green kitty bed.

Dave and Pat - 16" x  20" Flower Photograph on Canvas.

Rita (Patricia's Mom) - Gift box for Seymour, 2 Laser Lite Toys, 3 Large Canisters of Temptations, 30 Count Box of Fancy Feas--for his birthday.  Will be delivered to him! 

Yvonne Vdk - Box of 12 Broths, Case of Frito Lay Snacks for Volunteers.

Elaine and Alan (in memory of Little Kat) - 2 - 40 lb. Bags of Litter, 3 - 24 Count, Boxes of Friskies, 1 Box of Appetizers, 1- 24 Count of Fancy Feast.  1- 30 count, Box of Friskies.

Craig M. (daisysoleespipersdad) - 10' Playground slide for the Covies, A very special FFRC Jacket for Jacci with Logo on front and back (Jacci's first), 20 T-shirts for Volunteers with FFRC Logo.

June ( PaintedDaisy) - Big Box of Assorted Goodies to be used for Dance Recital and Volunteers.

Funeral home donations in memory of Laurette P.
Anonymous -  Card in sympathy for loss of Mowgli.
Elaine and Alan - Hand painted Hummingbird Card with Chickie $5 and a donation in memory of Little Kat.
Bonita (JeezerMd) -  Sympathy Card for Mowgli and Farrah.
Sharon (Hawaii) - A Celebratory Card for Jacci's Adoption of Mowgli with a donation.  Jacci will use this donation in memory and honor of Mowgli.
Marilyn,Terry and Jasper - Card with Chickie $5
Cynthia, Polly and Pepper - Rest in Peace Card for Mowgli.

And more wonderful thank yous!
Nicole O--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation for FFRC
Maraco G from Germany--donation to FFRC, use wherever needed
Miranda G from UK--donation to FFRC, in memory of her Pip and Moo
Uwe N--donation in memory of Mowgli
Fran D--donation in honor of Magic and in memory of Trucker's birthday. 💙
Brend R--donation in honor of Magic
Maite--donation in honor of Mitz
Marie & Marley--donation in honor of Mint
Steph M--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation in memory of her father's birthday
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Another special Giggles--and this one is #40!  Check this out:  FFRC Captures and Captions Giggles Scene #40. Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, Directed by Derecho.  Special thanks for sonJamac for her silly kitty speak. This is an official video of ©Friends of Felines Rescue Center, Defiance, Ohio 2018Please click the like/thumbs up button on YouTube as it helps generate more $ for FFRC

The countdown has begun! We are now at 24 days to Catathon.  There will be alot of happenings, come June! I've also been busy working on PetFinders.  We have a whole batch of kittens to get in there. Granted, they can not go until they are spayed/neutered and that will happen soon! 

Take care and enjoy this day. Lots of wonderfulness out there for us!   

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sunday, May 26, 2019

28 days left to Catathon.  We've been very busy with planning this event, but now it's full speed ahead.  We have a very busy 28 days!  Lots happening. 

Many thanks to SonJa and MK for doing all the descriptions of all the items for Catathon--that's a huge project.  The next big project is getting all the pictures taken of all these items.  That begins tomorrow--Jen C will be here. Another huge project. When this is done, the pictures and descriptions will then be added to our website for your viewing pleasure! 

We will do our best to keep you all updated!  I can post a tentative schedule here for June, but know that things do change!  

June 3rd---HumaneOhio surgery
June 4-20th---Pre-registration for Catathon
June 4---call Rent-a-Center (TV and sound bar)
June 4---Call Arthur Phone  set up phone system for Catathon
June 7-9---Dance Recital--we do concessions
June 10-11th (ish)--Catathon facebook auction
June 15---FFRC surgery
June 16-19---Fun Raiser for Catathon
June 17---Call Werlor   HumaneOhio surgery   Advisory Board meeting
June 20---Pre-registration done.   Check on Werlor,  phone practice
June 22--set up for Catathon! 
June 23--CATATHON!!  Starts at 1:00
June 24---collapse and rest!! 

We had an adoption yesterday.  Sweet Monroe went to her new home.  She has been long anticipated in joining this family!  I have a feeling she is going to be super loved!  She's the last of the pack-rat kittens.  An awesome girl.

We have more adoptions coming up but spays/neuters must happen first!  Boaz will be leaving at the end of this upcoming week.  They are very excited to have him join their family.

Yesterday, the doors were wide open, front to back to allow the 18 kittens in the back Thumper's Room the opportunity to come on up!  And it was great--they were comfortable, silly and enjoyed it.  The cats and kittens from main area also wandered into the back rooms.  They had a couple hours of this and then we rounded them up and shut doors for the day.

Now, for today, we have done this again. The difference is that the 7 Reservoir kittens will stay in the front/Main Area!  They will join the Sweetie Kittens and Ashleigh and Atalia.  Lots of fun ahead!  We will put them all in Paddy's Place for a while today, to "anchor" them to this room so they know where to go to for their meals and night time sleeping.

We have thanks to give!Janet K--donation for support for the kitties
AprilCatlover and Laurie--day visitors--clorox wipes and paper towels
Miranda G from UK--a donation to FFRC, in memory of her Pip and Moo
Uwe N--donation in memory of Mowgli
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Graeme R--donation for FFRC
Gusti--donation for August and friends--for extra treats!
James W--donation to FFRC
Marie C--donation to FFRC

We also had BOXES on Thursday--we are so grateful!
Pennysmum - MD - 3 Awesome Fidget Quilts for Alzheimer/Dementia people, Cat Nip toys for Adoption Baskets
JatCat - Can Opener--much needed!
KathyinWV---for Mowgli collar for feeding tube.. Will be used for future kitties in need

Renee B - PA  Whole bunch of Fresh Step paw points, Purina Points and Coupons
SusanB - UK  50 Keychains with FFRC Logo and FFRC Kitty picture

St Pauls Feline Habitat in Quebec, Canada - Chocolate Fountain (for Mowgli) to use as a kitty food feeder with diluted food will be used for kitties in need.  Porcelain raised kitty bowl will be used for our oldsters, Packet of Super Gravy Mix to use for those who need a boost  I am deeply grateful for this very kind help.

ShadowCat/Cathy D - Australia --4 Boxes of BelVita Minis for volunteers
Dawn N - lots of small soft pads for Kuranda Towers, Big Soft Poofy Bed

Anony Friend-- Tunnel for Kitties
Mary G - VA -  3 Bags of Kitty Snackers
Kizzimom - OR - Scrap book for Magic, Very Cute

Annette B: CATATHON  Variety of Cupcake Papers, CupCake Corer & Cupcake decorating set

ShadowCat/Cathy D - Australia CATATHON: 2 Mugs: Koala & Platypus, 1 Tins of Teas, 4 cans of Tea infusions, 2 Floral shopping bags, Floral Microfiber Tea Towel, Austalia Socks, Lens Cloth, Encyclopedia of Australia Wildlife

Pat D - TX  CATATHON: 2 cases of beautiful stones variety and Fordite (made from Ford Motor Co, paint slag.. keychains and lovely pieces-- Gorgeous !
Dark Cat - ID  CATATHON 2 Pretty Laurel Burch Cat bags, Gift Wrap: 15 Gift Bags with matching Tissue Paper
Mary G - VA  CATATHON or other Fun Raiser - Made by Mary: Patriotic Lap Afghan, 2 Patriotic Cat Spot beds

Kizzimom - OR - Card w/Note CATATHON: 4 Coloring Books and 1 Boxes of Crayons Dinosaur Coloring Book, 2 Snowflake Pins & 1 kitty pin

Kim R.  - 2 Silver Jewelry Boxes with Cat Decorations.  These made by Ladies in India.
Leggygal (Peggy)  -  Huge box of Leggydews galore!!!!  

Robert K. and Linda T. - Donation in memory of Brooke
Sara S. (NC) - beautifully drawn colored picture of a kitty playing with a ball for Jacci.
Clarke, Jessie and the Gang - Birthday card and Chickie $5 for Marilyn.
Mr Meow - Sympathy card in memory of Brooke and Farrah.  Gift card from Pet Smart.

Manville has figured it out how to play with the kittens (for the most part!)!  He is so silly with those little ones. And many times, the kittens run up to him.  So cuate.  

Porchies, Firecats, Barnies and Covies are all doing great.  I'm sure they are ready for more sunshine instead of all this rain though.  

I've been asked about Jessie.  She is doing great. Our 20 year old girl handles her age beautifully!  And anything Jessie wants, Jessie gets!  She's eating frequent, small meals.  All is good in her world! 

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Wow--another storm went thru this morning. I am so very thankful for our Jena Radar!  The generator turned on this morning while it was still dark.  We just all pause because it's pitch black here inside the center.  I always tell everyone to count to 7 and by then, the generator kicks in.  Our property, as are other people's yards and the farm fields are very very wet. The river, across the road, is high, muddy and fast flowing.  Will be fuller as the day goes by. But, no worries....we will not flood here.  

Steve and I had a good time on our mini-vacation.  Nice to get refreshed and ready to go again.  We had rain there also but there's so much to do at Shipshewana, that you can be inside and outside, depending on the weather. 

31 days left to Catathon!  SonJa and MK are busily making detailed list of all the items!  Jen will be here soon to start taking pictures of each item.  These will go up on our website at the first part of June. That way, you'll have a good idea of what is what!  31 days will go super fast.  Won't be long until you'll also start seeing the pre-registration on the website too!  We are working daily on lots of details.

It won't be long until the Reservoir Kittens will be up front. That wonderful mama, Kayala is just the best.  She is caring for all the kittens--being a mama to all the litters in the back Thumper's Room. Such patience!  Pandora and Pansaroo, the two smallest are doing great.  They are still being bottle fed but they are with all of the kitties during the day--learning good kitty things from the others.  A few of the Farrah Five are starting to eat a bit by themselves.

We have a few cats on hold. Ashleigh and Atalia will be adopted together after they are spayed.  Boaz will go to his new home towards the end of the month. Monroe will also be adopted next weekend. And a few of the itty kittens are on hold but it'll be a bit for them--they have to grow and be spayed or neutered. 

We have thanks to give! And we for sure are a thankful bunch!
Kris M -- donation in memory of precious Mowgli. 
Hans Z from France/Germany--donation in memory of Mowgli and what she stood for.
BIllie K--donation to help feed all the babies in the back Thumper's Room
Lu-Little & Benny from UK--donation in memory of sweet Mowgli
Brooke H--donation to FFRC
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Cynthia W--donation from her sister Gayle B who enjoys the kittycam
PJD--donation in memory of Mowgli
William K--donation in memory of Mowgli
Bonita M--donation in memory of Mowgli and Farrrah, 2 beloved kitties
Billi K--donation in memory of sweet Mowgli
Burgundy--donation in memory of beloved Mowgli, can use for meds
Michelle & Mary--donation in memory of beautiful Mowgli
Michelle V--donation to FFRC
Marie & Ronnie--donation in honor of SonJa and her safe arrival and in memory of Mowgli

Mowgli has made such an impact on so many.  She truly is so missed.  The counter is empty without her. And shoulders seem lost without Farrah.  And I still see those sweet Paddy boys lounging around. And so many others.  It's wonderful that we have the ability to have memories.  They keep those that we loved close to our hearts and warm us up with a good feeling. 

I've heard from Oliver Taylor Blackwell's family--he is doing super fine! Happy cat!  Right before we left, I also had a message from the new family of Toulouse.  She has settled right into her new home very easily and seems to be peaceful! 

All is good here.  Cats are healthy.  Kittens are growing.  I'm thankful for this rescue center and that we have our FFRCNation that is so giving--helps relieve alot of anxiety about running this place smoothly and efficiently.  Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Two more birthdays today--Marilyn and Ramsay are both 2!

We had BOXES yesterday, Saturday. And we are a very happy and thankful bunch here.  

Kathleen W/Kizzimom - For Zelda a Hummingbird kitty toy
AL - PA A wonderful drawing of Jacci at feeding time with Farrah around her neck , as an angel cat  (love this....will get it framed)
Sandra A - 6 rolls 2" packing tape

Anony  friend- 47" Crinkle Tunnel, 2 Bags Peppermint treats for Horses
Karen B - Bag of Marrow Bones for Janie, 8 pkgs Huggies Kitty Wipes
Anony Friend - 60 cans Sardines

Michelle V - 2 cases 24 ct. Tuna
Don & Sandy - 2 cases 40ct Friskies
Pablo -- 10 gallons water, pokie dot tea cup tower

JodyJ CATATHON: FFRC T-Shirts Royal Blue XL & Lighter Blue L
Mich & Vern: CATATHON: Books: Vernors Ginger Ale & Motown, Detroit both in Michigan
Gracie/heartandchains - CATATHON: Books: Disney Golden Book & Disney Magic is in You

Anony Friend-- CATATHON/Fun Raiser - Amish Wicker Basket with drawers
Pablo - CATATHON - Made in Michigan: Jiffy Products

Dilly Di--another wood cube so we now have 2!  Pawprint for the door--is very popular with the cats, especially Coralie

Anony Friend-- Happy 2nd Birthday Ramsay 19 May 2019  with Donation
Flymom-- Happy Birthday to  Derecho, Marilyn & Ramsay with 3 Chicken $5
Betty A & Kitties Socks & Phyllis - CT  Photos of her kitties, 2 flats of Stamps, Donation toward Medical

Paula N - Happy 2nd Birthday Ramsay with Chicken $5
JoAnn & Neil K - OH  Donation in memory of Laurette Baltosser
Tod & Lynn S - OH Donation in memory of Lurette Baltosser

We had two adoptions yesterday.
Toulouse went to her new home with a friend of ours that works at a vet office.  She was going to go last Thursday but I wanted to keep her a bit longer so we were sure her kittens were eating well.  And they are--nice round tummies.  Toulouse is scheduled at our friend's place of work for tomorrow, for her spay. Toulouse approved of her new mama.

Oliver Taylor Blackwell went to his new home. I've been working on finding just the right home for him especially because he is so active and sometimes a bit rough on the other cats.  Something finally came thru and I'm thrilled for him.  A home with enough kids to keep him busy--he's going to have a whole lot of fun playing! And a big house where he can run and run--just like he loves to do! Also, he will be the only cat.  Happy days for OTB!!

Oh my........we are kitten overrunneth in the back Thumper's Room.  We have Kayala and her 5 kittens, The 7 reservoir kittens, the 4-some-T's and now the 2 Porch kittens (Pandora & Pansaroo).   All are doing great.  Pandora and Pansaroo just joined the group today and the reason for that is.........they figured out how to wiggle their noses at the zipper of their playpen and escape.  Such smart babies.  They are still being syringefed but are quickly learning new kitty things.

And now to Miss Mowgli Moss.  This wonderful, sweet girl has now past.  Yesterday morning, she managed to pull her feeding tube out again.  I had made the decision a couple weeks ago that if it came out again, it wouldn't be replaced. Her chin and throat area has been intensely itching, so the scratching began--that's how she pulled the tube.  Some may ask.....why not just put the tube back in?  There are several reasons for this.  Replacing the tube would indeed enable her to keep her weight on.  But.....think about it.  A tongue is super important to a cat. And Mowgli had no "front tongue". It provides the means to groom and to swallow food---she could do neither of these things effectively.  And as important, her cancer had spread---the entire back part of her tongue had become cancerous as well.  There was no decision to even be made here---Mowgli had given it her all and enough was enough.  It's all about the quality of life, not the quantity. And also dignity.  Mowgli had a LOT of that and I didn't wish for that to be diminished. 

I appreciate you all's understanding of this.  These are the horribly awful decisions that sometimes have to be made. Always made with love, common sense and for a consideration of the wholeness of the cat.  These decisions are based on the cat, not on human desires.  With this all being said......Mowgli is very very missed.  Our routine is all out of whack.  She so enjoyed her music for her tube feedings (yes, she told me so). She loved to be told she was beautiful.  And she loved having her tummy full.  And that spunky attitude....something I totally love in a cat.  Thank you all for loving her as well.  Another heartache. I'm always so thankful that love is a renewable resource. 

Steve and I will be leaving tomorrow and will be back Weds.  Good timing--a bit of time to heal the heart.  And please phone will have very little use while I'm gone.  The mods know how to reach me if there's a real problem otherwise all is covered very well here at FFRC.  

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Saturday, May 18, 2019

A big blog full of big thanks.  We've had 2 BOX times and our Fun-Raiser since last blog.  I'm a big believer in passing on my thanks.  It's important because you all make a huge difference to this rescue center.  You help us to keep on, keeping on. And I really truly believe that these cats are very aware that they have friends from all over the world.

Let's get caught up! Here is May 15th's BOXES:
Susan & Chris B with Kitties: Craig, Mara, Rory, Gizmo & Leo CATATHON: Kitty Card with Note
2 Kitty Stickers, English Goodies: Crisps - Roast Chicken, Smoked Cheddar, 5 bags crisps, 2 bag Gummies, Milky Bars, Cadbury Eggs, Sours, Cadbury & Lots of other Goodies

Ju-in-ji - CATATHON: Books: Obsidian Sun & Playing with Fire
KKris - CATATHON: Wall quilt cat kit Cat Stack
Mich & Vern CATATHON: Puzzle Michigan Vintage Kellogg Cereals, Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce, 12 Jars American Spoon Relish, Preserves, Conserve, Grilling Sauce, Mustard, Sour Cherry Fruit, Maple Syrup. Pokie Dot Bubble Wrap, 3 NeedleCraft Kits, Pokie Dot Straws, Paw Print Straws, Pin Cushion, Patriotic Napkins, Pokie Dot Wrapping Tissue, Kitty ice cube tray, 3 kitty storage bowls w/lids, Kitty Spatula, Books: Better Made in Michigan, Strange & Unusual Shipwrecks on the Great Lakes, Waterproof Playing Cards

Michelle B/KittyKat55 - with Shalimar, Samari & Mellow - 33 Fancy Feast Collectors Ornaments  1985 - 2018, 2 Tree Toppers, Fancy Feast Crystal Bowls, Kitty Purse

Eric/LoveMyPetz & Carrie - CATATHON - 2 Baby Swaddle Bags, Girls Tights, Garden Gloves, Hello Kitty Ribbon, Bows, 10 Puzzles, 2 Barbies, Organizing Containers, 3 - Barbie Dream Tripping with clothes and accessories, Skipper, shoes, Tony Packo T-Shirt, 2 Frisbies, Books: Stitch n *itch, Find the Cat, Star Trek, Whats New Cupcake, 3 Discovery Kids Science Kits, Kids Lab & Kids Robot, Kitty & Dog Angels. Patriotic Bandana & Pillow, Christmas Bag, Books: Frozen, Star Wars Gift Set, Doggie Planter, 2 PawPrint Treat Jars, Flameless Candle Set, Knitted Cosy Home Kit, Star Wars B-Day Banner, 2 Travel Mugs, Calendar w/pen & holder, 2 Pony & 1 Piggy painting sets.

Susan & Chris B with Kitties: Craig, Mara, Rory, Gizmo & Leo - Roast Chicken 
KathyinWVa - Case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Diana D - Pretty Teal Rug
Mich & Vern -  Canned Chicken, Vols: 2 Bags Mini's 
Conii - CATATHON: 3' Peace Pole "I Dig the Earth"

Michelle B/KittyKat55 - with Shalimar, Samari & Mellow - Folders for Adoption
Brian C - In Memory of Baby Doll who was 22 and in honor of her sister Rascal also 22.  Donation for sponsorship of Elsie, Ramsay, Magic & Pania.  RedWings Beach Towel & Glass for Steve, 8 Tubs Lysol Wipes, Sponges, 2 Bottles Dial Soap, Magic Erasers, Box 40ct. 30 gal Trash Bags, Batteries, 3 Tubs Snackers, Bag of Purina One Adult & Kitten, Lots of Tuna and Chicken, 2 Boxes Sheba, 2 Boxes Squeeze-Ups, 4 boxes Delectables,  Variety of Kitty Toys,18 Pizza Combo Snacks, Tub of M&Ms, Box of Candy Bars, 2 boxes 50ct Lays Chips & Slim Jims

Eric/LoveMyPetz & Carrie -  Organizers, 2 Bags Starlight mints for Horses, Gifts for Jacci, Lynnette & Donna, 2 Boxes Swiss Miss K-Cups, Kitty & Dog Angels, 20 Cans Tuna, 80 K-Cups Coffee
Anony Friend-- 2 16lb Bags Purina One, Bunches of Sheba Beef Sticks

And then....we had our Fun-Raiser/BOXES on Thursday.  First, we did BOXES:
Anony Friend - 12 cans Sardines
Barbara E - NC  6 Lovely Adoption Bags & a bag full of Kitty Sling Shot Toys

Sunnie J - WA Kitty Card with Note, Box Tops, Envelopes, Kitty Search and Find Toy, Note Cards w/envelopes, Variety of Greeting Cards, Noisy Kitty Bag Clip, Kitty Food Samples, Paw Print Photo Frame, Critter Shopping Bag, 4 2" rolls Packing Tape, Figurine Kitty looking into a goldfish bowl, , 2 kitty coin purses, Kitty Snackers, Biscotti for Catathon

Diane P - 4 Cosmic Catnip Carrots (Ramsay LOVED his) and 4 Cosmic Catnip Peppers
FFRC Kitties - 2 Cases 30ct Fancy Feast
KathyinWV - w/Note - Calming Kitty Pillow that purrs!

Sandy S - 6 Calming Collars, replacement sign for FFRC Caring Candle, 4 Cat Nappers, Rainbow Bridge Kitty Tile
Kris K - Huge bed for mom and babies

David H - PA  Sponsorship for his 'Gang' Kiera Coralie, Magic, Vern & Hensley
John & Suzanne C - FL  Donation
Sullivan Family - Donation in memory of Brooke Bosse

Clark, Jesse & The Rest Happy 2nd Birthday Card May 16th Ramsay  Chicken $5
Marie & Miranda Happy Birthdays to Camvie 17 May (6th), Marilyn 19 May (2nd), Ramsay 19 May (2nd) 4 Chicken $5

Kathy & Dennis & critters - WV - Happy Birthday Card Marilyn & Ramsay & 2 Chicken $5
Marie & Miranda-- Donation in memory of Farrah

Sunnie J - WA CATATHON: Disney: Mickey & Minnie Mouse, Stuffed Toys, M&M Socks, MInnie Mouse Surprise Book, Star Wars Book, Disney Princess Book, Hello Kitty Pez Dispenser, Minnie & Mickey Card Games

Gracie/heartandchains - CATATHON: Stuffed  Lady (from Lady & The Tramp), Disney Abu (Monkey from Disney's Aladdin), Card Game 
Mich & Vern CATATHON: Michigan Playing Cards, Michigan made from Native Copper nugget
Ju-in-ji - CATATHON: Book  - Crimes Against Magic

Derecho (with help from a secret friend) - Flowers for Jacci!  Soooo beautiful

And then more excitement....the Fun-Raiser! 

A 18" Cat Necklace                 $160             Lgecko
B Kids Fun Times                          85              Plee
C FFRC Tote Bag full of stuff    310              Tweeti Tweet
D Air Fryer                                    280             Connie S
E Cat Quilt                                    175             Diane Kw
F1 Framed Photo                         115            Anony for Vols
F2 Framed Photo                          45              Fritzi3739
G Bago FFRC Signature Quilt     335            Patrick 
H Cultivator                                  200           Chelsea Data CA

That total came to: $1705
Bump ups Anony $1000 followed by more bumper uppers: Bella, Yvonne & Anony $300. 

Our super awesome Grand Total: $3100!!!!!  We can pay our medical supplier bills!   Many thanks to all that made this possible.

Consolation Gifts were given to: Donna Wom, Belltime, MissMic, KittyKatLady, Madisonpepper, Alan Cmo, Kris K, Kristom, Anony, Littleonemine & Napa

And there's more thanks to be given:
Michelle & Mary--donation in loving memory of Joyful
Nicole O--donation for FFRC
Jones Shop--donation for FFRC
Ronnie and Marie--donation to FFRC, in memory of Farrah on her BD and to Derecho for his BD, use as needed
Ju-in-ji--donation to FFRC, for medical needs
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Deborah S--donation for FFRC
Fran D--donation for Derecho's BD
KittyKattlady--donation for chickie $$ for Marilyn & Ramsay, for their BD's
Anne L--donation in honor of Farrah's BD
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Judy & Phil--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Margaret W, from cats Kitty & Murphy--donation to FFRC


We had an awesome day yesterday.  Mars Iams encourages community service work!  In the morning, there were 28 people who came to work and then a different group of 25 came for the afternoon.  We are so so fortunate.  Originally, we planned on a day of putting a fresh coat of sealer on the gazebo and a fresh coat of paint on all of the FFRC sheds. But, it rained which made that impossible.  Our stone guy, Russ Steffel was wonderful in that he changed his schedule and delivered many loads of packing stone.  So, these wonderful people spread tons and tons of stone on many places that were needing a fresh layer.  Gotta keep visitors (and animal's) feets dry!  WE are so very grateful for all of this help.  What they did in one day would've taken us weeks to do. 

I've heard from a couple adult cats that have been adopted!  Debbnie is doing awesome and loves sleeping on the bed with her new mom!  And Victoria is providing alot of love and comfort to her new mom! Love adult adoptions!

Steve and I will be gone Monday -Weds.  This is our annual trip to Shipshewana for our anniversary.  Please know that during these few days I will not be on a computer so will not be able to answer emails, messages, etc.  However, if the mods need to get in touch, they know what to do! All is well cared for.  I am always so grateful for wonderful volunteers--they know their stuff here! 

We will have BOXES today at 1:00.  Hope to see you there! 

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Weds., May 15, 2019

Happy day, the sun is shining!  Temps still cool but it's wonderful to see that sun!  The Porchies and Covies love rolling on the warm cement!  The grass is growing for the horses, goat and donkey.  We still have lots and lots of big water puddles but the ducks and geese ar enjoying that!

Pandora and Pansaroo are doing wonderful. They are little chubbies--just how we like them. And best news of all--they are now sleeping thru the night!  That helps me alot!  They are now almost 3 1/2 weeks old  and sure can waddle around!  Yesterday, one went thru the door when a volunteer opened it.  We heard a little squeakkkkkkkk--help.  Opened the door and she ran as fast as her little legs could go, right back into the lap!  

We also took on a new calico mama on Monday.  She came with 4 kittens.  They had been found in a yard, all together.  A family took them in, fed them for a few days and then brought to FFRC.  All are sweet and appear to be healthy.  They are known as the 4-some T's.
Toulouse--mama, calico tiger
Tily--female, white with gray
Toronto--male, buff and white
Tobias--male, orange tiger/white
Ting--male, tiger and white

We have a busy back Thumper's Room.  Kayala's kittens are starting to "fall" out of their big bed. Eyes are open.  Tummies are full. These are the Farrah kittens.  The Reservoir kittens are doing very well.  We've been doing more TLC and it shows--seems to be enjoying people more.  Soon, they will be in the Main Area.  These 7 are high energy and dare devils!  When they are not napping, they are on the move! 

We had BOXES on Monday! Wonderful, awesome boxes!  Many thanks. 
Anonymous -- 2 cases of 30 cans of fancy feast gourmet naturals 
Anonymous -- 9 boxes of fancy feast broths,  6 bags of True Chews Dog snacks  

Ruffles -- Michigan Basket , old maid card game, great lakes post card, 4 coasters, milk chocolate hot fudge, map, Michigan lighthouse guide, Stickers Donation in memory of Brooke

Plee -- Navy Blue Black Cat Blanket
Josette / Burgandy -- 1 case (30) fancy feast gravy lovers
Michlynn --  Henry Ford  book, coasters  for Catathon
Spiker -- Swimming Swan picture -- so nice of Spiker!

Sue & Cris -- 25  FFRC Key Rings--will see in Flash Sale!
Jbond -- Pilot Kitty Shirt, 6 pairs of kitty socks (catathon)
Pursley -- Michigan State T-Shirt (catathon) 
April Catlover --  Crystal Light packets, Box of Assorted Snack Bags 

Akiko/ Respect Design, and her kitty Charcoal  -- Special Mowgli personal baby food jar photo , 4 cases of chicken baby food    Many thanks! 

Anonymous Friend -- 24 cans sardines  (used some today)
Anonymous - from  Smiling Paws Pet , Cat Cube Bed 
Anonymous Friend -  2 kitty donut  tunnel, kitty face & tail cat bed ,  (Fun Raiser) Phillips Grill Pan and Bacon Rack accessories for Air Fryer, phillips air fryer 

Kris K -- Super Soft Fur cat bed  
Anonymous - 6 boxes of 30 soups

Jeanette B - (catathon)  Patriotic kitty towel, 4 place mats  stars & stripes , coin purse, socks, yarn , candles,  wooden wagon , metal heart wall decoration , table cloth, book stand,  4 pack sparklers, I Love the USA plaque, Serving Tray 

Anonymous Friend -- Amish basket/catathon -  Gourmet noodles, soup mix, owl cookie cutters, assorted pancake mix, 

Anna & James,/ skippy/rusty -- Card & donation in memory of Farrah 
Marilyn & Terry B -- Card & $5 chickie 
Martens Family -- Donation  in memory of Brooke
Reality 5 -- $70.71 Donation 
Mary M -- Letter & Donation in memory of Brooke
Dr. Daniel & Wife -- Letter and Donation   They love their FFRC cat!
Mellissa L -- Donation 
Kris K -- Card for Derecho & donation 
Paula N - Card & 2 $5 chickie money 
Konnie B -- Birthday Card for Derecho & donation for chickie
Joy & Don B / the herd  -- Card and Donation 
Dottie C -- Letter & donation
Margaret D -- Card and Donation in memory of Tiny Toe  

We have BOXES today at 2:00.  And we are also doing our Fun-Raiser. It's over Thursday at 9 am.  BOXES will be at 3:00 on THursday, followed by the Drawing!  

Monday, May 13, 2019

May 13, 2019

Dr. Bud has progressed!  He's now in the Main Area and has chosen to stay instead of going back to the Front Thumper's Room! It is so nice to see that he's confident enough to stay where all the action is!  His wound continues to look good. He so loves the windows in the Kitty Kabana Room.

We've had 3 more adoptions!
Calvin and Ruth Marie went to their new home together on 5/9.  I've already heard from the new family.  They say that both kittens are doing great and they love the family dog too!  He's their brother Louie and the 3 play together nicely!

The 3rd adoption is Mowgli!  She is now Mowgli Moss.  Yes, she is adopted by me!  She is such a love, so very sweet and it matters to me that she knows she really has a family. No worries---I checked with Zelda first and she said it was fine as long as Mowgli didn't join her at BOXES!  So....whatever time Mowgli has left, I will extra cherish her.  I know she has many folks "out there" that love her too. I sure don't mind sharing her!

We had HumaneOhio spay/neuter day today! These are always a great event for us.  We sent up 39 cats.  This broke down to 22 males and 17 females.  Our total now for 2019 is 478 plus 2 dogs makes 479!

We have thanks to give!
Cynthia C from TX--donation to FFRC
Jones Shop--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
JanefromTN--donation for FFRC
Kelly I--donation for FFRC
Charlotte T--donation for FFRC
James R--donation for FFRC
Sylvia H--donation to help thekitties
Gusti--donation for Mowgli with love
Marie C--donation to FFRC
James & Laura G--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed most and in memory of all thekitties we've lost, those that have been rescued and those yet to be rescued.

The two kittens, Pandora and Pansaroo have graduated out of their playpen for daytime.  During the day, they will go into June's Room.  Then for nighttime when Hatima and Ramsay go to bed, these 2 babies will go back into their playpen, in my house so I can feed them during the night. I'd like to thank Beth/eaglewatcher for doing the day feedings last week while she was here.

Have a bit of sad news.  The 3 kittens, Leona, Picasso and Tripp have passed away.  They arrived not in the greatest condition and so, one after another they passed.  I'd like to thank Auntie Peggy for taking them on, knowing they were not the healthiest of kittens.  They knew love ands were super cared for.  Thank you, Peggy.

I know you all expected to have Hatima adopted this past weekend. Unfortunately, that did not happen.  Sometimes events happen, plans change and that's all ok.  Hatima is just fine for the time being!

All is good.  Kittens healthy.  Cats are wonderful.  Have a great day.  BOXES at 2:00 today.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday, May 9, 2019

We had another adoption yesterday!  Debbnie went to her new home. I felt this was going to be a super wonderful home for her--she will have tons of attention from her new mom.  She went right into the carrier like she knew it was the next step to her very own home!

We have more adoptions coming up before the weekend is over--Hatima, Ruth Marie and Calvin together and Monroe.  And I believe there is going to be a special adoption too coming up.  As soon as I know more, I'll fill you in!

Boaz is doing so very well.  He's being careful (or at least he tells me he is!).  He has a limp and a "sag" in that leg when he walks, but the muscle tone is building.  He's a very brave boy.

Dr. Bud is doing good.  His incision is flat (so no pus buildup), no fever and no heat at site. Maybe, just maybe, this third time dealing with this infection has done the trick.  Amazing that the infection formed underneath the scapula from a bite wound. Dr. Bud may be a candidate for the Cove.  He's not an inside cat, never has been and really is not comfortable inside.   We've left him out in Bella's Place, the dog run, a few times and he is happy there. He would think the Covie's playground is super nice!           

We had BOXES yesterday!  Wonderful, delightful, awesome boxes!  Many thanks.
Iowa Catlady Marie and the Magnificent Seven - Happy 12th Birthday Robi  Card 

Clark, Jesse & the Rest - Happy 16th Birthday Roland (May 11, 2003) & Chicken $5

Sue/Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation in honor of Marilyn
Anony NY - Coupons, Box Tops & Stamps for Donna

Donny & KathyinWVa & furbabies - Mothers Day Card - Labels: Heart & Paw prints, Spay, Neuter, Adopt, Jacci Rescue Mama, BookMarks with lots of FFRC Kitties $4 each

Jody J - for Josh & Ashlyn -Baby jumper with horses

Lorrie & Mike W with Kitties - UT,  5 Embroidery scissors attached to beads Very pretty.
Friend of Sweet Mowgli - a Butterfly Bush plant for FFRC
Keren B - 2 boxes Squeeze-Ups

FFRC KItties - 32 Lg Tubs Clorox Wipes
Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 cases Fancy Feast
Plee - 3 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten

Haroom A - 3 Tubs Clorox Wipes, Case of Baby Food, 2 Cases Fancy Feast
Dimwit - Box of (at least a million) Bubble Wrap Bags
Susan345 - Card, Pirate Ship, Box Tops and a gorgeous Kitty Quilt

Anony - 320 6' foam plates, 12 gal. Mr Clean Meadow & Rain 
Sheryl C - ME  Kitty Card with Note, Donatiion for Mowgli & Boaz Medical Expenses
Diane G - CA  & Furbabies - Sympathy Card  Donation in memory of Farrah and in honor of Mowgli for food and meds

June/Painteddaisy - Kitty Card - Donation in honor of Paw Paw
Michelle & Mary - CATATHON: Catlady Old Maid card game
Luvforcats - CATATHON: Alaska Socks & Mouse w/cheese socks, pokie dot wind whirly gig

Lorrie & Mike W with Kitties - UT  CATATHON: Patriotic Pillow (Hand quilted by Lorrie), Star Trek Pens, Kitty T-Shirt
JBond - CATATHON: Real Fruit Pectin, Ball Jar Canning Lids, lg jar of Pickling Spices
Jody J - CATATHON: Pokie Dot Crock Pot
Beth/Eaglewatcher - 2 Coleman Sleeping Bags for camping CATATHON

And now, let's give an update on CATATHON!!  It's been awhile since we have done that.  It is only 43 days away now. A lot of things will start happening very soon. 

Next week, Lynnette and I will be arranging all the Baskets, Small Big TIcket items, Big Ticket items and the Big Big Ticket items. I know, I know.....where on earth did we come up with these names?! lol  All I can say just happened and the names stuck!   These items are organized in order and placed in various buildings according to their name.  

The following week, SonJa and MK arrive and they will write a complete inventory of each and every item.  The end of that week, Jen arrives and will take individual  pictures of everything.

Then, these descriptions and pictures goes to Vaun and Clay who will organize all of this into the website.  When this is all composed, then everyone will have access to this to let you view all areas of Catathon.

The week before Catathon will be the Catathon Fun-Raiser!  Very awesome items. The winners will be announced during Catathon itself. 
We will then have 2 weeks of pre-registration. If you even think you may participate in Catathon, it's great if you pre-register.  It cuts down on the time on the phone.  It's not required but does help alot!

Phone guys will come in the week before and put in the extra 7 lines to the phones so we can have 8 working phones during Catathon. Cats will start preening and practicing their smiles in anticipation of visitors! 

Food meals will be planned--lunch and supper for the big day for all those that are helping!

And during all of this time, we have tons of kitten and cat care to give!

Here is the latest, most up to date lists of Catathon!  I must say, we have never been so far ahead of the game as we are this year, thanks to you all who have contributed.  

100% of the baskets are FULL!  In fact, some of the baskets are divided into two awesome baskets! Remember though, that if you are still sending things in, we will continue to add to the baskets.  A few things, with the giver's permission, we will be putting into future fun-raisers and flash sales, which is so wonderful to be able to do. is the latest-----
This is the Catathon Fun-Raiser:

ROUND 1      None
ROUND 2     A--Insta-Pot 6 qt. programmable pressure cooker,
                             Breezy Blossom design
                       B—Kitchen Aid, Artisan Design 5 qt. tilt-head stand mixer

ROUND 3      C—TWO Harlequin Cat pictures/oak frames (2 winners)
                        D—Weber Grill & accessories

ROUND 4       E—
                         F—Pioneer Woman II

ROUND 5       G—iPad (6th generation) 128 gb, wifi, gold
                         H—FFRC’s CH Book

ROUND 6        I—The Amish Country Store Basket
                         J—Samsung Smart TV, Curved 55”, 4K UGD 8 series LED

Round 5 will consist of:      (we can actually call this full too!!) 
ROUND 5                 SMALL BIG TICKET
SB 301       Crazy Alphabet Bag
SB 302       Cat Furniture multi-level tree, cat condo, tower & ladder
SB 303       Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper Food Processor
SB 304       Black/white bean bag cat chair
SB 305       Bestek Cordless Stick/Handheld Vacuum
SB 30 6       Original Magic Bullet, 11 piece
SB 307       Mary Frances Beaded Kitty Coin Purse
SB 308       Cat Care Bag
SB 309       Society 6 Kitten Throw Blanket 51 x 60
SB 310       Ironing Center on rollers, with Fabric Wicker Baskets
SB 311       Laguiole by Flying Colors Classic style 8 piece steak knife
SB 312       Wise All-in-One Auto Kit—Be Wise, Be Ready
SB 313       BBQ 18 piece tool set, stainless steel with alum. Case
SB 314       It’s All About Cats “basket”
SB 315       Elegant Purses—3 sets of 2
SB 316       Spa and Relaxation II
SB 317       Cruisinart Electric Fondue Set, 3 qt.
SB 318        Peace Pole  4’ tall, Stephanie Burgess  “Grace and Gratitude”
SB 319       Oster Toaster Oven, 4 slice, dual dial controls

I won't list the baskets again since they are full. 

These are the Big Ticket Items: divided between Rnds 1-2, 3-4 and 6,7 (up for 2 rounds)    
201 Books-Gwen Cooper1 autographed
 202 Afghan, crocheted, 80 x 60 purple/wh
 203 Veteran/Patriotic
 204  Instant Pot 6 qt. Duo Plus 60
 205  Thomas Kinkade Narrated “Christmas Story” House
206 Shark Flex Corded Ultra light vacuum
207  Bunn Bremer 10 cup carafe
208  Collectible Barbies
209  Amish Country Food Plus
210  Camping Galore
211  Girls Fun & Activities
212  Siesta Hanging Cat Bed
213  Home Theatre Projector,   screen/mount
214  Thomas Kinkade Illuminated Christmas Village Wreath
215 Peace Pole 8’ “Love is Patient”
216  Kuranda Tower, 7 level
217  Lamb Rocker-Olive & Cocoa
218  Gardening is Great
219 Cat Furniture, 67” tree, slope, perchs, condo, activity center Feandrea Songmics
210 Elama Butterfly Garden 16-piece blue stoneware set
211  Derecho Book

BIG BIG TICKET ITEMS:    Rounds 1 thru 6
401     Canon EOS Rebel T6(W) with lots of accessories
402     Weird “Mod” Science Collection
403     Kitchen Galore
404     Pioneer Woman Deluxe
405     Gskyer Telescope, 600x90mm AZ Astronomical Refractor Telescope with     Gosky Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount and book “50 Things to See”

TWO THINGS---all items are subject to change yet--this is a constant rearranging of things.  Also, we are trying to please everyone and their donations because we are utterly grateful!  If your items are still coming, we can adjust.  Now though is the time to maybe start thinking of Catathon Day itself!  Did I mention, it's only 43 days away??!!!!  As always, if you have questions or concerns, feel free to email me! We aim to please! 

Thanks to you all.  Enjoy this day and the upcoming adoptions over the next few days.