Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 30, Weds.

Wow--what a Magnificent, Mega, Massive Flash Sale we had Monday afternoon!  Such Monumental thanks to Mich and Lynnette for doing the sale, to the Mods for their help, to all the people who provided the items and to those that purchased the items. You all deserve a Mountainous  pat on the back! And you have made a Mighty difference to this Rescue Center! This Flash Sale is a Mammoth help to us and will go towards our general operational needs and our ever incurring vet bills. Hang onto your seat---this sale made a Miraculous amount  of $2,874!  So to you all, Many thanks!  

And we have more thanks to give!
Shelley M--donation to FFRC
Robin H & hubby & 2 cats--2 bags of Purina 1
Christian J from OH--donation to FFRC
Lisa P--donation in honor of an internet friend, Lana
Janet M--doantion to FFRC
Jacksmom--donation to FFRC for GIving TUesday!

And more thanks!
Jatcat--4 green great beds for the new Feeding/Sleeping station for the outside cats
Judy & Phil--lysol wipes, dixie bowls, 6 inch paper plates
Bob B--bag of kidney care cat food
Mich--packets of tuna for Sea Turtle, wash clothes

Just a reminder---if you ever have a question or concern or "wonderment", please never hesitate to ask.  Sometimes things can be fixed quickly or concerns calmed.  It's always ok to email me. 

Keryn, the new cat, is doing better. She's clean, has no fleas now, is on antibiotics and soreness meds. Her respirations are still a concern as is her gimpy leg. We will have Dr. Darcy check her but in the meantime rest is needed and food.  Keryn is so sweet--just absolutely loves to be petted.

We took on 3 new kittens. And of course, they are soooo cute!
Betsy--brown tiger.  Once there were 3 kittens, a family found homes for 2 but couldn't plae Betsy so brought to FFRC. She is a sweetie and has a motor like a semi truck already! Her birthday is 10/10/16.

Ethel & Lucy--found together, brought to FFRC.  These 2 girls are obviously sisters. Ethel is a grey tiger with super thick fur--so soft. Lucy is a very long hair grey and white with the cutest face. We put these two girls as 7 weeks also and with the same birthday--10/10/16. 

These 3 kittens have had their tests, baths, worming, capstar and their Bordatella vaccine.  Their names are from the Name a Cat list. They are in the back Thumper's Room with short visits on the floor until we get their first distemper vaccines in them, which will be today. Won't be long until they are here in the Main Area.  

Little Breanna is doing good. While some days she is extra slow, most days she gets herself to the water bowl and food dishes. She sure enjoys eating. I will be thrilled when I see her play. It's so sweet when one of the cats, especially Derecho, lays beside her. We put her frequently into the litterbox and most times she does potty! 

Woodrow just zoomed by with a piece of old mouse fur toy in his mouth---his look on his face was---don't anyone dare to take this from me!  Little Delight is napping here on the desk, along with PaddyPurr and Vernon and Hensley---one big bunch of furriness!  Elsie and Magic are playing like crazy--so fun to watch. Coralie's watching them with an expression that she thinks napping is much better! 

Check out the new Christmas banner for Chatters!  Thanks, Adrian! 

All is good here. Cats are healthy and happy. The volunteers are awesome. And there goes Harvey zooming by too in hot pursuit by Hoover. The fun of being a kitten! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

November 27, Sunday

The cats should look like turkeys, as much turkey as they got to eat! Every once in a while, I do think I hear a gobble, gooble!  Now, on to Christmas.

We have had 3 adoptions this weekend!
Ramsey left Friday morning with Mary Braid, our vol. I know beyond a doubt this kitten will be loved to pieces! 
Bertha also left Friday. She went to a family that was very excited to adopt her! Such a sweet kitten.
MJ was adopted on Saturday---I can imagine that she has fit in right away and will be so happy.

We had BOXES on Friday night---so very grateful to you!
Patchesmommi/Angel & Patches--coupons, box tops, pop tabs & milk rings, 2 bags of snackers
Anne-in-UK--Purse charms, keychains & bookmarks all made by Anne.  THemes: horses, owls, pawprints, kitties, dolphins & music
Kiwi from NZ--Christmas card with note, BIrds of New Zealand calendar--it's beautiful
Jane W/calico from ME--kitty card with note
June/painteddaisy--kitty card and sponsorhsip of Joyful
Charlotte/needtoretire--Thanksgiving card
CherylAnn--Thanksgiving card
Sophieandlucysdad/Mike---coupons for FFRC
Elaine & Alan from FL--Bear & Lighthouse card & 2 bags of Purina One Cat
Joyce A from CA--donation to FFRC
Dorothy C from MD--donation to FFRC
Shelly M from NC--Eddie White info! 
Katie L from Canada--lots and lots of volunteer snackers & teas, coffees--our shelf looks great!

And more thanks!
Sue M/Mac&Cheese&Doodles mom--donation for FFRC and donation for spay/neuter fund.
Ryan S from Romania--donation to FFRC
JanefromTN--donation to FFRC
David & Christine and Miyu, Yuki & Anya--donation to FFRC & for Trucker & friends for chicken!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Ingrid from Netherlands--donation for Koda

Cookbooks! We have sold over half already! They are $18 and make a fabulous gift for Christmas. They are just filled with wonderful recipes! If you'd like to order, please go to our website at and click onto PawMart.  Or simply send a paypal to FFRC with cookbook in the message box. 

Tomorrow is a special day---we have our Christmas Flash Sale. Many items are Christmas related or would make great gifts! Mich will start about noonish! Check out the video of the items that will show up on our cam periodically today and tomorrow morning. Fun times ahead!

We took in a new cat yesterday. This sweetie sure needs some TLC.  She showed up at someone's house, absolutely so dirty, major fleas, super thin and with a very sore front leg. She also shows some respiratory distress that we are watching carefully. We have named her Keryn which is pronounced care-RIN--it's a Name  Cat name. Her heart is so gentle and she just purrs and purrs. She had a much needed bath. Most of her time has been spent napping or eating and purring. 

All is good out on the farmyard. The cats certainly are enjoying their red heat lights. Right now we turn them on at night and off during the day. When it's colder weather, they will stay on 24/7.  It's interesting, some of the grey barn cats have decided they love the Porchie Haven. And that is all fine. Markus, the newest Covie acts like he's been there forever. He's fit in perfectly. The new boy, Nikka is also doing well. While he won't let us touch him, he knows we are his food people and so allows us to get somewhat close. 

Terry is an absolute nut--he's crazy about his early morning snackers. Magic too. He could be sleeping and when he hears Lisa starting the treat routine, he zooms to her like a speedy boy. Some of the cats are still going out in Bella's Place---the outdoor enclosure. They certainly let us know when they want to come in---their meow-er is loud!

Mandisa is doing great. What a sweet girl. She's almost like a Asher look alike but much different personality! Asher is a busy boy, also sweet but loves the action. Mandisa is a slower pace girl who enjoys quiet times with people and kitty friends!

Great news---Jones and Sea Turtle continue to do well. They are both amazing and perfect for our PawMart store. Dodger's Pen door is open and the purple spiral furniture is beside it---it gives the kittens a perfect ladder to zip in and out and up and down. Such busy kittens---all 6 of them are growing and have nice round tummies! Their new friend Delight fits right in with them.

Take care all and have a wonderful, peaceful Sunday! 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, 11/24/16

Happy Thanksgiving to our entire FFRCNation.  It's a day of feeling a gratitude for the things in our lives. I am grateful for my family and home and for each of you. Our FFRCNation is a wonderful group of caring people who, in my opinion, have hearts of gold. Enjoy this day in joy and peace.

We had BOXES last night! YOU are appreciated! 
Carla M/cj500--10 cat toy gift bags--1 kickaroo/2 coils each, 30 crocheted kitty crate blankies
Stinkygreykitty--blue "Paddy Cap" from Ireland, Merry Kissmouse note with adopt stickers & 7 adopt pins.
Laura S with Sophie, Kevin & Fosters--photos of her kitties-12 days of Christmas Cats towel, 9 cases Whiskas
Mary H/Fri vol--5 boxes appetizers, some are special ones for Jolene
Butterfly Class -Belgium--8 yarn angels, 2 framed pictures with kitties/duck/roosters and 5 printed pillows--kitties, sheep, chickens, kitties & horses--all made by the students!
Zoolove/Pam--lg. lighted ceramic Christmas tree with timer, 2 ceramic snowmen, silicone lighted kitty--really neat!, 2 amazon fire tablets for fun-raiser!
Trudy from OH--donation to FFRC
Susan F from CA--Christmas donation in honor of Barbara W
Hannah, our sweet IN friend, her parents Jenny & Andy--Kitty Thanksgiving card
Elaine & Alan B from FL--still giftingh Little Kat's allowance to FFRC (& with a raise!)
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Thanksgiving card with 4 Turkey $5 (will get them a turkey to share!)
Shannon S--donation for the spay/neuter program!
Sharon Y from UK--donation to FFRC
Jeanette B--2 bags of Precious cat litter

Our wonderful Cookbook Vol 3 is doing great. We've sold alot but still have many on the shelves....just for you!  They make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays! Check out PawMart on our website purchase them this way. They are $18. 

Please keep up the voting for our Eagle Rare Life contest. Voting goes to Jan. 4th. Nothing is guaranteed yet in this contest, so every vote is important. The cats and I deeply appreciate this. The site is:

Want to have some fun on Monday?  That's our next Flash Sale. It's at noon this time, by Mich. We are trying to "shake up the time" a bit so we reach all of our FFRC friends! This sale has many things that are for Christmas and for gifts. Plus, of course, some leggydews and biggiedews!  

The 6 kittens and Delight are now out all the time except for nighttime. They still go into Cat's Corner Room along with Breanna.  Breanna had a couple rough days last week--just could tell the world wasn't quite right with her. The last few days have been better with her walking about more and eating good. 

Prance, aka Maggie Mae, another new cat, is doing wonderful. She went to Dr. P's office on Monday and got a clean bill of health! She is a loverbug! Rosemary also went for her physical and did just fine. She has a bacterial ear infection but that should be easy to get control of.  She is awesome---she climbs the 3 steps that we have here in the Main Area--up and down with ease! And she so loves to be loved on! 

We have a few more adoptions coming up--they will happen on Friday and Saturday. The cats that will be going to their new homes are Ramsey, Bertha and MJ.  So happy for these 3 great cats. 

Phoebe will be going to the vet's office on 12/7.  She will have a thorough looking over of her nasal passageway and throat area.  She continues to have very thick nasal drainage and such a snoring sound she can make! We just want to make sure that there's no polyps or anything there obstructing her airway. She will have her sinuses flushed, x-rays will be done and a very good look at her soft palate. 

Eddie White is here in the office with me, playing with a ping pong ball. He's loving it--batting it and then chasing it. He visits me alot on the desk to "help" me! 

Bits and pieces:  The 6 new outdoor cat houses are being used! Once a week they will receive fresh soft blankets. I'm very happy at how quick they discovered them.  Matimba, the mama to the 6 kittens, is doing great. We always knew she was people friendly, just not cat friendly. She's happy and after Thanksgiving, I will be able to look for a permanent home for her. Temporarily, she is in a foster home with no other cats.    I've heard from the family that has Stevie, Vincent and Felix--the last 3 CH cats that were adopted. All is well and all are happy!  Oh--and Vienna and Dorothy are fine! Vienna is enjoying the lap now and Dorothy is comfortable enough to join her family on the couch. 

You might see a calico with a bushy tail flitting by on the cam---that would be Annabelle! She is now comfortable and loves to play. Her favorite thing is to climb the palm trees--she just enjoys playing! Trill too is now comfortable. He has been playing with Eddie White. 

Have you noticed Joyful? She's turning into Miss Socialite! She is letting visitors rub her tummy and pet her head. She's even been enjoying her grooming more and more. It's so wonderful to see her enjoying life. She loves the Kitty Kabana. 

You all enjoy your Thanksgiving Day. Willie Nelson once said: "When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around"  Wishing you a day filled with those realizations of blessings. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday, November 20

What a crazy week it's been. Lots of happenings!  Let's see if we can get everyone caught up! 

Our new cats:
Delight--long hair black/tiger kitten, female, 11 weeks old. She was found outside on Friday at someone's porch, right before that storm. She's a sweetie and is already playing with the group of 6 kittens here in the Main Area.

Rosemary--once known as Bones. She is one of the cats rescued from a hoarding problem at TCP of Michigan. She and the others have been taking refuge at a shelter for 3 months while the court proceedings were taking place. As of last week, all kittens were 100% relinquished and now homes can be found! We have had "dibbies" on Rosemary for a long time and now she is here. Many of the cats are already finding their new home. I'm so happy for them. Rosemary was a youngster when she was found in a field, probably injured from farming equipment. Her legs were severed. She now is a 2 legged cat and is doing wonderful. She's a marshmallow and loves to be loved on. Rosemary is 6 years old. She does fine with the litterbox and gets around just fine. She is in Cat's Corner Room and will be in the Main Area soon enough! I'm thankful to Joni and Michele for working so hard to help these cats go from a sad place to being able to find homes. She is a white calico.

Prance--a beautiful black/white cat. We've already mentioned Prance in the previous blog....but wow--what a gem! She obviously knows what a home is as she has slipped inside my house several times. She goes inside and wanders around. When she sees a person--plop--over she goes for a tummy rub! And what a purr engine she has! She is already on hold for Cheri and Bob who have adopted from us before. Her new name will be Maggie Mae. 

Trill, another new cat is doing awesome. He seems to be comfortable now and is enjoying all the new friends. Peggy is fostering a kitten for FFRC. Her name is Treanna. She's a little brown tiger, about 5 weeks old now. She will be here soon to stay---already knows the group of 6 kittens.  

We have thanks to give---we had BOXES on Weds. evening.
Jatcat--2 cat dancers, 4 replacement pks for the turbo scratchers
Katie L--tub of Temptations & Party Mix, 4 boxes Appetizers, 2 cases Purrfectly Fish
Stephanie & Christopher--Christmas card with donation, comfy Cabana full of toys, balls, giant coils, catnip critters, crinkle owl & snackers
Madisonpepper--2 Christmas houses for kitties to play--Castle & Winter Wonderland
Dottie C--case of 9-Lives, snackers, Color your own Puzzle, 8 pretty boxes with earrings for flash sale, her kitty Ann's blankie for an adoption kitty, special dry food. For the vols: 4 boxes Belvita biscuits. a 40 x 42 afghan called Calamity Jane for Fun Raiser
KZNCO--kitty card, cards for FFRC's use & postage stamps, 3 kitty potholders made by the weavers guild--so beautiful
Wanda, our Portrait friend--a check for $400 for commissions she has had and NYCBird donated 3 gift certificates of $200 each for a Portrait by Wanda (fun-raiser!)
SissyP--donation to FFRC
Neuromom & David--donation to FFRC
Ollie the Hooligan--coupons
Tracy L from OH--coupons
Dan & Joy D--Thanksgiving card & donation to FFRC
Ruffles/Diane--Thanksgiving card
Jeanette B--2 bags of Precious cat litter

Have you still been voting for FFRC?  Hope so! Time is getting down to the finish. Please help us by voting daily! As of this moment, we have  122,774.  Wow.  The site is:   I appreciate the votes for FFRC.

We've heard from the mama of Sparkey and Friskey! The boys are doing great and are much loved! Sounds like both are ornery and so sweet. They have found a wonderful home! The pictures show 2 happy, healthy boys.

And we have more thanks to give!
Melvin S--donation to FFRC
Purple/Nancy--donation to be used for postage for the cookbooks
Vaun--donation to be used for shipping the cookbooks
David T from OH--donation for FFRC

Yes! The cookbooks are in and they are fantastic. There are 594 recipes and many categories. The pictures of FFRC cats that are in the book are super. The entire set up of the cookbook is great. And so so many thanks to give that I'm afraid I'll miss some names. So, on pp-3 of the cookbook, please make note of all the people who helped. But, I would like to extend a special thanks to Svcathy and Purple who put in many hours of work on this project.  It was truly a monumental job and so many people helped make this possible. I thank each and every one of you! 

The cookbooks are for sale at $18. You can simply go to paypal and send the $18 to FFRC. Or you can go to our website and go into our PawMart store and order it that way. I believe you'll enjoy all the recipes. And they would make great Christmas gifts too! 

We have had 4 adoptions! 
Vienna and Dorothy went to the same home! A lady came here two weeks ago and made a softie out of Vienna! She had come with the hopes of adopting 2--a kitten and an adult. She chose Dorothy to go home with her too. I talked to her 2 days ago and the cats were curled up together on the couch. 

Djak went to her new home yesterday! Her new mama wanted a cat that would be a lap kitty and that certainly is Djak. The other one that left yesterday was Dancer. She wasn't here very long and had fit in so quickly due to her great personality! Both kittens went to wonderful homes. 

Matima is now at a foster home---probably not a permanent home......yet. This is the mama to the 6 kittens. There is no way that she can be in the Main Area. She is definitely not a "cat" cat. Rather, she prefers humans. But, that presents a problem in that we simply could not bring her in the Main Area. I'm working on a permanent home for her. She's quite happy where she is and seems to have settled in nicely already.

Iams is wonderful! They completed their service project for us! Yesterday they delivered the 6 outdoor cat houses for us. They are wonderful.  24 inch x 24 inch and high enough to have 2 levels in them. The roof raises for easy cleaning. Nice and comfy for winter sleeping and feeling secure. 2 went into the new Feeding Station area, 2 behind that Feeding Station and 2 behind the shed near the firepit.  This is the area where we have so many cats outside.  Between these houses, the Feeding Station and the FireHouse, I feel we have the needs of these cats covered now. As of right now, 100% of these cats are spayed and neutered!

Take care and have a peaceful Sunday. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weds., November 16, 2017

That Franklin Thomas! He's like a kitten in an adult cat body! So active, likes to pick and run, chase after the cats and have all of the toys for himself---whatever others are playing with, he wants! And then when we say Franklin Thomas---he looks at us so sweetly innocently.  His pet name is Frankie Tommy. He's a great cat though and is very much adoptable!

Big "happening" coming up! Our Cookbooks will soon be delivered! The cost for the books will be $18. As soon as they arrive, we will show them to you and put them up for sale. All you will need to do is send in a check or paypal, designating your wish.  So exciting!

We have another Flash Sale coming up--the date is November 28, a Monday. This one will be a Mich sale and be full of wonderful Christmas items among other things! When we get a time, we'll pass that on to you.

December 5 is our next HumaneOhio Transport surgery date. We have December 10 as our next FFRC surgery date. We skipped having a Fun-Raiser for November but the one scheduled for December is the 4th to the 7th.  

Our Feeding Station is done! The wooden swingset is now partially enclosed. We used some leftover wood that we had to cut costs but it's really nice. We already have seen cats napping and using it. There's a Kuranda Tower in it and a bench, chair and wooden cat house also, all for sleeping. The platform has their dry food.  This will give the many outside cats another place to have shelter and to eat when the weather is bad.  It's right behind the Fire Circle, by the FireHouse. 

We have taken on 2 more cats. 
Trill--he is a deep orange, American Shorthair male, about 9 months old. He was found in a volunteer's neighborhood. Trill came with earmites and fleas. What a very handsome cat he is. Such a very dark orange. His birthday is 2/14/16.

Prance--what a pretty black/white girl. She was brought here by a neighbor who found her at her front door desperately trying to get inside the house. Prance has not stopped purring yet, even during her bath her motor was going. Her nose is so cute--a solid black button with a white muzzle. Her birthday is 9/7/15, making her 14 months old. 

Our 6 babies and mama have names----finally!  
Matimba--mama, brown American Shorthair
Q-tip--male, grey, white tip tail
Harvey--male, grey
Hoover--male, grey
Louisa, female, grey
Lamula, female brown tiger  (pronounced La Mew La)
Kelvin--male brown tiger

These kittens are now 6 weeks old and are so very active. Harvey is always trying to get out the door. Louisa would follow him in a second! We are trying to find a home for Matimba quickly. She does not do well with other cats which makes it difficult to move the kittens along in their development with other cats. Hoping to have something in place next week sometime. She's a beauty with a super sweet personality. In the meantime we will continue to see if we can incorporate her into a more cat-social mama. 

Friday we have 2 cats going to the vets office for their spays---Endure and Dancer. Larry and Donna will take them. Larry and Donna have been transporting our cats back and forth to the vets for years and we sure appreciate it. 

Dancer had arrived after our last FFRC's surgery date in October. She actually came to us from Dr. P's office and was found at a pole barn dance.  Endure has been seen by Dr. Darcy several times and has had the leg amputation already. We were going to have her spayed last month but she still had a bit of nasal congestion so we had elected to wait. She is now ready and doing great. She is actually playing now which is such a joy to see.

See you at BOXES this evening at 5:30! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2017

There goes Eddie White again---he's everywhere now in the Rescue Center and has made lots of friends. Sure didn't take him long to be very comfortable. He's been napping on my desk now every morning when I do my computer work. Curled right up on a cozie bed! 

And Annabelle--she has adjusted so quickly too. Each day she is playing more with the other cats. She really likes to climb the trees too.  Breanna is out all day long and just goes to her room for night time. 

Mama and babies are doing wonderful! There's nothing thin about the babies anymore! It's so nice to see skinny hungry kitties getting their fill of food and putting some weight on. They dive right into their plates! And mama too is becoming so shiny and more filled out. 

We have a food hound amongst us! And that would be Alice Mary! She now is almost 7 months old. We weighed her this morning and..........(drum roll please!)...she is now 3.09!  This is the most she has ever weighed.  Hoping to keep going forward with her now.  She has the sweetest way of asking for more food---she will sit at your feet, look right up at you and meow a pitiful little meow, which means in a lion voice FEED ME NOW PLEASE! Love her much!

We also have a new kitten. Her name is Teanna. She arrived here on November 5 at 3 1/2 weeks of age.  Her birthday is 10/12/16. She has been with Peggy S for a while now and is doing wonderful. She had went 2 days with no food and came here absolutely yelling at us that her tummy needed food!  Made us smile when she gulped down her formula. She's eating real good now by herself and will be joining the other kittens soon. 

We had BOXES on Saturday evening. Always know that FFRC is grateful!
Teresa H from IN--dontion to FFRC
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Zoolove--case of Nellies laundry soap, 2 boxes of Landies Candies (choc. pretzels) Very yum!
LJ--2 opened bags of Sunkist fruit gems, 2 soft blankies & 9 of LJ's FFRC Fur Felt Creations!
Ruth D--a box of goodies that she won and passed on--cat related!  Bandanas, paper clips, magnet, kitty cloth pad, note pad, wallpaper picture art---will see at a Flash Sale!
Dave & JUlie--case of Ziwi Peak trucker food
Keiko--lg bag of Bonito flakes, 24 cans tuna, 47 jars baby food, 18 cans of sardines
Anonymous Friend--bag of Precious cat litter
Pablo--potty bags, 3 gals water, 2 packs of pocket dividers
Judy & Phil--20 cans Halo food, 5 packs post it notes, decorative cat dish
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Maite from Spain--donation for FFRC in honor of the Paddys
Zoolove--donation in memory of Sesame 
MJ --coupons

We had another 2 adoptions! Our sweet Keana was adopted by our friend Pablo! I saw a picture yesterday of Keana and Frankie both on the bed napping close by each other! Keana is an extra sweet kitten. Saseka went to her new home too.  Hoping to hear from this family today.
Saseka was one of the grey kittens.

We have a special Flash Sale coming up---it's November 28 and is loaded with awesome Christmas items. This Flash Sale will be done by Mich.  Because we've had more Flash Sales recently, we are skipping the monthly Fun-Raiser.  We will keep you posted as to the time of the 11/28 sale.  Here's an upcoming date you may want to make note of:  December 4-7 will be our next Fun-Raiser. Some really awesome items, including a giant smart TV, a 64 gb iPad, an iPhone 6, a wonderful handmade cat bed by Tom and Kerswill---just to name a few items! More info later!

Take care and have a wonderful week. I have a nice little booklet of nice sayings that I keep close to my desk. Eddie White reached out and put his paw on one.  It says: "The most memorable people in life will be the friends who loved you when you weren't very lovable."  I love this.  Have you ever lost a friend because he/she didn't believe in the same things you do?  I have and it hurts.  But, having friends that love you and care about you just because you are you, are the best! Let's extra appreciate those friends!  I'll give Eddie White an extra hug today!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday, November 11, 2016

Annabelle is out and about already!  She kept peeking out the window of Cat's Corner Room which is an indicator that she was curious and ready to explore. So.....her door was opened and within 2 minutes she was out! And she hasn't gone back in yet! It's so nice to see her climbing the trees and playing with the toys. She's still a little shy but each day is better. She really is enjoying the other cats. Today she was chasing a krinkle ball! 

We had another adoption! Sure love those adoptions. Our sweet Saseka was adopted to a family that has 2 boys. This family was here a few days ago and were so good with all of the cats. Saseka has a good home!

Breanna still goes in her room for night time but during the day she is out in the Main Area now. Even though she is slow, she certainly knows what she wants to do and does it. She finds her comfy beds just fine and her food and water. And she loves to be cuddled. Today she fell alseep with a batch of kitties in the poof pool--she sure looked happy.

We had BOXES Weds. night---we sure are grateful!
Zoolove/Pam--case of baby food
Jazz/Janet & Susan--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Mr. & Mrs. Medic--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Lannml--5 cases of appetizers
Phleblby/Barb W and Mr. Mutt--2 groom Genie brushes, 2 lg. jars of snackers for Coralie and friends. Plus a wonderful letter from Mr. Mutt, also his handsome picture
Plee/Pat L--4 cases of Fancy Feast
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Belinda M from FL--donation in honor of Derecho
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy BD to Whiskers and the chicken $5
Snoopybaby & Preakie--case of baby food, case of gravy lover packets, case of Fancy Feast & 3 pack of Clorox Wipes
Anonymous Friend--40 lb bag of Precious Cat
RoseSF6cats & Marble, Blacky, Brownie, Fluffy & Checkers--12 knitted Christmas mats with 2 flameless candles for each mat.

We have had visitors this week--Keiko was here and we so enjoyed her visit. She is now back home in CA.

We also have Joe and Warped here for a few days. And with them came a ton of wonderful handmade items from Warped.  She brought 48 filled stockings, 18 2-pack kickeroos, 6 warpedeedoos, 12 flannel blankets, 12 bowl holders, 24 potato bags, 4 awesome table toppers, 36 string angels & 19 warpies.  Not only that, they brought kitten food (canned & dry).  PLUS an awesome cart for us to use outdoors. Our climbing pole in the purple office has become barely covered with rope--Joe brought us a whole reel to replace it!  Many many thanks.

This Rescue Center is so blessed to have so many people that help us by providing wonderful items for us to have for Flash Sales, PawMart and our Fun-Raisers. We could not do these fundraisers without your help. I thank you.

We also have more thanks!
NeedtoRetire---donation to FFRC
Thomas W--donation for FFRC
Rebecca W from IL--donation to FFRC in memory of Mary, for her mom's birthday. 
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Sharon C--doantion for FRC
David P--donation for FFRC

We have things pretty up to speed for preparing for winter (I think!).  We have all the straw and hay and horse bedding in. Also the grain for all the geese, peacocks, turkeys, ducks and guineas. The electric water bowls are ready to be plugged in when needed. The red lights are in place. The Porchie Haven, Covie Haven and the FireHouse are spic and span and have blankets in them for warm sleeping areas.  Salt tubs are full and snow shovels are in place. We are also in the process of covering the frame of the big wood swingset---this will become a feeding station for some of the many FireHouse Cats.  In the meantime, we're enjoying this beautiful Fall weather!

It appears we have a new Covie cat! Remember Nikka, the brown tiger teenager cat that arrived this summer? She's a very shy girl. In the mornings she eats with the FireHouse Cats. And then one evening, she decided to join the Covies---so up the fence and over she went. Normally there's enough slack in the fence that animals can't climb it, but she's small enough that she was able to. Getting back out is not an option---she can't climb out. And she obviously doesn't want to----she appears very happy to be a Covie! And the Covies are happy with their new friend. So....she stays! 

Last night was our Warped Flash Sale! 95% of the items were handmade by Warped. I would just like to say a big thanks to her for all the hard work and the love she puts into her items. Another thanks to Lynnette for helping with this sale.And to all of our FFRCNation for helping us with our Flash Sales, Fun-Raisers, your votes, your support in many ways. Our mods also play a big part of making the Fun-Raisers and Flash Sales successful. I sure appreciate them too! I am one very grateful person. This particular Flash Sale will go towards our General Fund. Just in last night's sales, it came to $2023!! Thanks again, Warped!

Thirteen more days to Thanksgiving! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Annabelle is here! What a beautiful calico girl she is. She handled her flight from Puerta Rico just fine! She is 8 months old. She is now in the front Cat's Corner Room--checking us out, getting use to American life and hearing our voices and receiving lots of love.  Here is her story that we will pass on to her future adopter:

"My name is Annabelle. I'm 8 months old and I came from Puerto Rico all the way here to find my forever home. I'd like to tell you my story.
I was abandoned at a cat colony while I was still very young. The man that feeds the cats in the colony can barely take care of himself due to his extreme lack of resources; the life for us all was very, very, hard. There were so many cats around and I was being picked on. I was so scared. Luckily for some of us, some ladies came to help and took us in. We were spayed, received vet care and were well fed.
I went to foster care with some other kitties from the colony. But I was still so confused by being abandoned that I remained shy for a while. Then, my foster siblings were sent to other places to be adopted and I started to relax and to show my true self.
I love to lick people's hands, to knead and to follow my human around. I love to nap by your side and to give head bumps. I'm also good with other cats and I played with my new friends at my foster home, but as I was bullied, I may be shy at first. My favorite toys are kickers! I'll take those and drag them around. I am very cooperative."

So.........Annabelle has a home here until we can find her forever home. We'll let her decide when she's ready to join in the Main Area.

There has been a change of plans for our new CH kitten that was to arrive. The transporter has had a family death and so we will reschedule this when things settle down. His name is Spike but since we've had a Spike before, we shall call him Spiker. He's an orange kitten. Spiker will be loved and be able to be the kitten that he is. More info later.

We have thanks to give! I always love this part!
Jack D--donation to FFRC for Tomi's birthday!
Michael JW--donation to FFRC
Susan G--donation for a happy birthday to Tomi
Janet K--donation for FFRC to be used wherever needed
Brenda R from VA--donation for FFRC, use as needed

Names coming soon for our new mama and her 6 babies. Oh my goodness, what a difference already seen with these kittens. While mama is still on the thin side, her babies are sporting a nice roundness to their tummies! And playing like crazy kitties do! A very sweet bunch of kitties and mama too. The healthier she gets, the more her American Shorthair look is coming out in her--so pretty. 

An awesome day we had yesterday. And the reason for that is because it was a spay/neuter day!
Our HumaneOhio transport day went very well. Check ins went smoothly. We had 38 cats on board the neuter/spay truck! That was made up of 28 females and 10 males. Love getting these cats done and love seeing that truck full. Check outs went pretty smooth--all back at their homes now.  Here's our number count so far for the year:

On 10/17, we had done 455 cats and 4 dogs.  Now, we can add 28 females and 10 males. Also we take into account how many spays/neuters we've had done thru our voucher program. We can add 15 females and 8 males to our total. Our voucher program is where we have people make their own appointments and do their own travel to HumaneOhio and we give them a voucher so they have a nice discount off of the surgeries. And last week, we sent 1 cat to the vet's for his neuter.  So..........our grand total as of today is 309 females and 207 males and 4 dogs that FFRC has helped.  That comes to 516 cats!  

My favorite thing I've seen is still this:  Know how to safe 100 cats lives?  Simply spay or neuter 1 cat!  Let's keep this spay/neuter program going!!  Our December schedule is almost full already! 

Know what's coming up? A Flash Sale by Warped! You all already know the awesome things that Warp makes--just super wonderful items! She will be bringing some newly made things with her---40 some stockings, table toppers and lots of her warped string angels! And there's still more!  This Flash Sale will be Thursday evening at 7:00 pm-ish.  We like doing different times so that we can share the fun times!

Breanna is just amazing! We have her out in the Main Area more and more. It's not unusual for her to just cruise about! She may be slow but she's mighty! The other cats are kind to her and she seems very content. She loves to eat and she so enjoys her soft beds. 

Guess who is my new desk friend!!  It's Joyful! Yes, our sweet shy girl is becoming more and more brave. I've even seen her letting visitors pet her. So nice to see her happier with herself--she had a lot to overcome from her hard past. If you're walking thru the Rescue Center and feel a cat throwing herself at your legs.....that would be Bonnie! She grabs those legs and hangs on (no nails though!). Of course she expects to be picked up and loved. And Endure---if you want a sweet hug, just pick her up. She has a wonderful way of laying her head on your shoulder and totally relax in your arms. Love these cats!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday, November 6

Incoming coming! Just received an email from the 2 rescue ladies who are helping the cats in Puerto Rico. This is where our Polly came from.  We have agreed to take on Annabelle who is a beautiful calico girl. This Puerto Rico rescue organization does a wonderful TNR program. Sometimes they come across an exceptionally nice cat (such as Polly) that they would rather not return to be on their own.  And then they came across Annabelle. She has been in a foster home for about a month or so to help her "convert" to indoor living. The last video I had of her she was kneading away on a soft blankie! She will arrive at the airport this evening, close to midnight. Steve and I will be picking her up and then will head home. Hope to be back here about 1:30 am perhaps? 

And then there's another cat that we've agreed to take on. It's a CH kitten, gold tiger with a name of Spike. He comes from Fat Cat Rescue in Chicago. He's just a kitten, uses the litterbox (!), eats just fine by himself.  Sounds like he will be arriving on Tuesday, the 8th. your hearts for another one! 

We've had 5 adoptions since last blog!  First, our two sister/brother were adopted together--Sintel and Janna.  Janna was initially picked and then this family couldn't bear to let her brother here. Sintel did a good job--kept rubbing on the crate's door!  

And then Tiyani was adopted to our moderator and friend, Gem. Tiyani is the one that had that very large cuterebra in his neck. He's such a happy kitten--full of love and courage. I've seen a video already of him exploring his new home!

And then........Joey left for his new home this morning! And much to our happiness, Todd joined them and so both were adopted by Jenny and Brent. They are on their way home to Canada right now. Montana and Crew are awaiting their new brother's arrivals. Joey has been here for almost 3 years. He came here from living in a basement in a cage then to FFRC and now to a wonderful, loving home. He has "made it"---has found his special home. While I miss him already, my heart is filled with gratitude for this chance of having his very own home. 

Mama and her 6 babies are doing wonderful. They are working on obtaining that "FFRC belly look" rather quickly.  It's amazing what getting rid of hundreds of fleas and having water and food can do to the general welfare of health.  They are now down on the floor in the back Thumper's Room and running around on speedy wheels! So much fun to watch!  Mama just watches them--she is a very proud mom. 

Breanna continues to visit in the Main Area and appears to be enjoying herself. She goes back into the Cat's Corner Room some during the day and for all night. She sure enjoys eating too!

We had BOXES on Friday---you all are awesome and much appreciated!
Alice & Lou/Twocats--4 cases Fancy Feast, 1 case Friskies, 3 cases Snackers
Kiekokat--4 tubs snackers, 1 lg bag Bonito flakes, 2 rotisserie chickens!
Jo3100--3 cases Friskies, 1 tub snackers
Anonymous Friend--case of Temptation snackers
Justme--4 cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Friday Mary, vol--bleach, bag of Beyond dry, 5 Muse bowls, lots of Joene packets, 15 cans FF

We also have thanks to give here too:
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation to help with the care of mama & her 6 babies
Billie K--donation to help with mama and her 6 babies
Becky M, Monday vol--donation to help where it is needed
Ruth D--donation to help with the new family of 7. 
Fran D--donation for Feliz Navidad Fun in honor of Coralie & others and in honor of her birthday (11/6--today!)   Happy Birthday, Fran!
Gill H from UK--donation in honor of those that record boxes for YouTu

Jenny & Brent from Canada--a boatload car full of items--plates, cups, G2 drinks, vinegar, 13 gal. trash bags, lysol/clorox wipes--we super appreciate their generosity.  They also made a donation in honor of SONJA for taking care of their kitties while they are here visiting!

Remember how I always say if there's an error that I have made, to let me know?  Well, this morning I heard a soft knock, knock, knock on the door. It was Muffin from the Cove. She apparently asked Anthony for permission to come up and talk to me.  The list I made on the last blog of our oldsters accidently left her name out! She wanted a correction. Muffin's birthday is 7/1/2003 so she is 13 years old.  And back to the Cove Muffin went! 

Jordaan made a trip to the vets office this week as he needed to be neutered.  We will not have an FFRC surgery time for November as Dr. Darcy had to have a finger fracture repaired. We will though have a December FFRC date! She is recovering nicely.

Tomorrow, Monday, is our HumaneOhio Transport day. We have about 43 cats signed up for spays/neuters. We always know a few will not show up as most of these are outside cats and sometimes hard to catch.'s a wonderful day anytime we can do these spays/neuters! Check in is at 5:30 am!  Another busy day. 

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday, November 4, 2016

Poor babies and mama.  It truly saddens me when tummies are so empty that their dish of food is literally inhaled.  We took in a mama and her 6 babies yesterday. The man who brought them plainly said---if you don't take them they would go in the river. This I will never understand. My thoughts on that is to simply consider the cats and let the matter of the man's attitude be dealt with elsewhere. 

So..........we now have 6 more babies and their mama. They have been tested, wormed (1 of many), bordetella vaccine given, distemper given to the mama too. And they've had their bubble bath--whew--they sure needed that! They were so very itchy--lots of fleas on all 7 of them. It must feel wonderful not to have the itchies. And their ears must feel better too---they've had their ears cleaned twice now for earmites. 

Mama is a brown American Shorthair with a very sweet attitude. She leans into our hands in a big way to be petted.  The kittens are:
4 grey tigers, which consist of 3 boys, 1 girl. One of the boys has a tiny white tip tail.
2 black tigers, 1 male, 1 female. Names will come soon.

It won't be long until our FFRC cookbooks will be here! We will be taking orders for these books soon. The price is $18. What a great gift too for Christmas! So many categories filled with great recipes!

We had BOXES last night---sending a big thanks to you all!
Knittinkitten from PA---LOTS of feeding dishes & a beautiful charm bracelet
MacNCheeseanddoodletoo--Chair cover
Billie K--12 FF appetizers, 12 cans of chicken, 2 bags of RC baby cat dry
Alice and Lou too and kitties--2 big Purina One Dry cat, 1 Purina One kitten dry, RC baby cat
Vicki B--6 bags of ROyal Canin Baby Cat dry
Elaine & Alan from FL--1 case Fancy Feast, 4 cases Friskies
Beth, our visitor--2 bags Dry Purina One, 4 cases water, 30 appetizers, 4 chickens (for Derecho and friends), super lots of snackers & 2000 6 ich styro plates

We have more thanks too!
Madisonpepper--donation to FFRC to help with the new family of 7
Gusti--donation to FFRC for the new kitty family for their food
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC

If I ever miss giving a thanks or have any names wrong, it's always ok to let me know by email!

We have a new climbing tree! Thanks to an anonymous friend who wanted FFRC to get something that all the cats will enjoy and have fun a tree it is!  It has lots of leaves where the cats can hide in and 3 levels where they can climb to!  We'now have 2 of the palm trees on the side where Alma is. Yesterday Alma climbed almost to the top of "her" palm tree all by herself! 

We have moved Breanna up to the Cat's Corner Room. We also put her on the floor in the Main Area. Derecho was interested in her today---I think he will be a good Uncle to her. She purrs and is definitely aware of her surroundings. She enjoys being cuddled.

Jones and Sea Turtle are doing wonderful. Anyone that walks into the PawMart is usually greeted immediately by Jones. He's quite the character---spunky boy! And Sea Turtle is amazing---she is feeling very good!

Our wonderful Fall weather continues. A bit cooler but a beautiful Autumn. The cats that can go our in Bella's Place sure enjoys it. I've seen the Porchies, Firecats, Barnies and Covies all napping in the sunshine---must feel so comforting to feel that warmth. They are all doing good. 

I was interested in the overall ages of our cats and came up with this. Thought you might enjoy this too:  (will just list those 9 years and older)



Sea Turtle-19

We have some wonderful older cats (and dogs!). Treasure each and every day with them and with your pets.  That Derecho----he is one smart boy. He put his paw on this piece of paper I had and looked at me---I know he wanted me to share it----Do what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile. Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you live.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2, 2016

Wow---what a beautiful fall we are having. Temps in the 70's. Tree colors are stunning! The farm animals are so enjoying this too. I even saw the donkey kicking her heels up yesterday and was sprinting around the farmyard! We have the windows wide open here in the Rescue Center. The cats are enjoying laying in the sills. Another bonus--no electricity being used for air conditioners or furnaces! Yeah!

Yesterday was our Flash Sale. Many thanks to Mich, Lynnette, all the purchasers, the makers & donators of the items and the mods for helping to keep us organized during the Sale! We made approximately $1370 from this sale. Wonderful.  These funds will go towards the leukemia/fiv/heartworm test kits, antibiotics and a batch of distemper vaccines! Thanks to you all!

We had BOXES on Monday night---so many thanks!
BillieK--2 cases babyfood, 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Jeanette/ABCcats/Fur Haven Kitties--Halloween garden flag, PB cup candy corn, and snackers
Nona from NY--34 2017 calendars to share, coupons and "stuff" for vols
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Calico17--Halloween card with spay/neuter donation
Barb W--2 bags dry food, 4 cases can food
Carlos, Victoria & kitty Abby--3 cases Fancy Feast, 4 boxes Whiskas, 3 cartons Friskies
Catlvr14--2 Crime Cats books (signed) & 10 beautiful shawls in many colors for Flash Sale
Beth/eaglewatcher/visitor--2 bags Purina One kitten, 2 bags Purina One Adult, 4 cases Fancy F.

And a few more thanks:
Keith G--6 bags of food
Fran D--donation to welcome Brianna home. And for Coralie "wheeling" efforts!
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Donna B--donation to FFRC in honor of Coralie

Adam Z from GA--donation to FFRC
Katy & Charlie from Hungary--donation to FFRC

Shannon & Donavon--donation for care of Leonard, Victor, Jackson !! & Markus & friends

On Friday, our Jordaan will be making a trip to Dr. P's office to get his neuter done. There is a chance we may not be able to have another FFRC surgery until Dec. (too many conflicts) and because he's a teenager, he really needs to have his neuter be done.  Thanks to Beth who will be taking him there. 

Breanna had her first outing in the Main Area today. She spent some time in the playpen. A few kittens ventured in with her. Breanna does cruise about in the back Thumper's Room and eats just fine by herself. 

Monday is our next HumaneOhio Transport day. Currently we have 43 cats registered, knowing that not all will probably make it. Sometimes it's hard to catch those feral cats. 

Paddy Purr, Paddy Cake, Joline, Todd and Felicity had their tummies and bottoms trimmed this morning---sure helps with the grooming. The Paddys also had their feet trimmed---they are a bit of messy boys at times! 

At this moment:  Paddy Purr is snoring on my desk. Hensley is napping right beside me. Endure is on my lap purring.  Ashlyn is cuddling with Bonnie. Mandisa is playing with a catnip toy. Joyful, Todd and Koda are in the Kabana watching out the windows. Coralie and Merri are in the towel cabinets enjoying their private naps. Cutie is looking out the window in Kitty Kampus room. All seems to be at peace.

Sevaun was playing this morning at breakfast with her turbo track. She chirped and said: There is nothing better than a friend--unless it is a friend with a pizza.  She has her priorities, of course!