Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A spectacular fun-raiser! And a spectacular thousand thanks to you all for making it possible--from the people who bought tickets, to the provider of the items and consolation prizes, to the mods and admins for their help, to Marcia and Lynnette for counting the tickets and to you all for being happy for the winners! 

Here's how the fun-raiser went:
A Catstock Cat                   15x5  = 75     From Anony for Angie M
B Kitty Window Seat          36x5  = 180   Napa & Jeannette Ra
C Kuranda Tower                126x5 = 630  Jeremy
D Casa Condo                     74x5 = 370   bssmom & Andrea Der
E Quillow                              54x5 = 270  Juge0607
F Wallets from S America  35x5 = 175  ooopsiepa & Anony for Connie D
G Tree Photo                        38x5 = 190  RaspberryJam
H Rosemary Afghan            35x5 = 175  Anony for RIchie
TTL $2065

Bump Ups were from: LJ, BUrgundy, JM41, Eaglewatcher, Kittiesmom, nuthaches, Tuesday.  This brings the Grand Total to..........$2505!!!  Medical bills and vet bills will be paid!

 Just an FYI--we had a special item in the Fun-Raiser--item C. The money made from this ($630) will go towards the blankies that we send home with adoptions. The Kuranda Tower is provided by Jessie & Clark and the rest of the kitties.  They have made sure that all cats and kittens go home with a leggydew for a long time now! 

We also had consolation prizes--these went to: Romeosmom, Merlotcat, Michelle Laf, Purplecat, Lurkerbee, Catherine Tho, Tammy, Madisonpepper, Julianne E, Mike in MI, Janet Sch, Donna Won, Anony for Volunteerstyg 

We also had BOXES yesterday--a busy day.
Jeanette B & Fur Haven Kitties -  For Shamballie: Sardines, Meat Sticks, Salmon, Party Mix Snackers & 2 Pkts Tuna and Chicken  (Shamballie is happy!)

Karl19147 - 2 - Sherpa seat belt covers to protect your neck
Jody626 - Heavy Duty Zip Ties for Fence, Pretty Yoga Mat
Pat/Plee, Sandy & Miss Tortie - Coupons, 11 pretty Pillow Cases made by Plee
Justme - For Vernie: 3 Boxes Vernie Licks
Don & Sandy - 2 Tubs Temptation Snackers, 
Arniesmom & Soonergirl - Royal Canin Kitten, Case 40ct Friskies, Case 48ct Friskies

Mark & Dee D - KY with Kallie & Katie -  2 - Kitty Cards  32 bags Cheetos, 32 bags Chips, 3  12ct boxes Cookies, 4 Boxes Belvitas, 32ct variety of crakcers, 2 Boxes K-Cups Green Mountain Coffee, Box of Purrfectly Chicken, 24 Meow Mix Cups, 2 Cave Beds, Cheese Wedge scracher/playstation, Shep cooling mat

Clark, Jessie & The Rest - Happy 3rd Birthday Nikka (20 Sep 2015) with Chicken $5

And more thanks too.........so important to show our gratitude.
Sabine R--a donation to FFRC and all the cats. Sabine is from Germany.
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Sven W from Germany--donation in honor of Ramsay

Today is our HumaneOhio Day. A very busy check in!  We sent up 57  (56 cats and 1 dog). Here's the breakdown:  1 dog, male    &    56 cats!!!!!!!  35 females & 21 males.  Here's the total for 2018, so far:  467 females and 356 males=823.  Plus, to date, we've done 2 male dogs. We're getting closer and closer to that golden goal of 1,000.  Last year at this time we were at 753. 

We took in a new kitten yesterday that was close to being eaten by a dog.  Her name is Kerfuzzy. She's a gorgeous long hair black/white kitten who was loaded with fleas. Itchy, itchy but not any longer. She had two bubble baths to get her clean. She's 10 weeks old with a birthday of 7/16/18.  Kerfuzzy is a sweetie--very friendly. 

We've also had 2 more adoptions. 
Callisynne was adopted 9/24.  She went into a home where she can have so much fun--watching birds and squirrels from many windows! I've already heard back from the family and she appears to be quite happy. She even has a couch facing the window to watch the woods!

Kwan was adopted this morning 9/25.  He went into a home with a mom/dad and 3 kids and 2 other cats. One of those cats is a past FFRC cat! He's going to have lots of loving from the entire family! 

The rumors must stop!  Derecho has NOT had a stroke.  Derecho is NOT crippled.  Yes, he has had a bit more wobbly gait. His top vertebrae and 5th vertebrae was out of alignment but was visited by his personal back doctor last night and all was put back  in order. He probably jiggled a bit too hard when he was walking about. He's also on anti-inflammatories. Derecho is already acting better.  

Many of you knew that Marilyn was adopted......yes but for only 2 days.  She was returned today. It was thought by her new person that she was terribly sad and did not want her to be that way.  So, she is back and I must say, Vernon has been very happy!

Czar is doing terrific. He and Rosie love to tussel and chase together. Giovanna's appetite has picked up some so hoping she is improving. 

Barnabus is doing good in his new home! Such good news. He's investigated the whole house but enjoys laying in the lap of his humans! 

Take care and I'll blog again probably after my vacation! Tomorrow packing has to be started! I will also keep my emails at a minimum.  All is taken care of and will go fine!    

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Four more days until Steve and I begin our family vacation. We will once again be going to the Outer Banks. Many of our family will be going too. This is a time to rejoice our family, get rested and heal inside and outside. The volunteers have things under control here at FFRC.  I have purposely tried to reduce our intakes--don't want an URI breaking out while I'm gone. The volunteers have got this--they are super experienced and all will be fine. The mods also have this....and will watch over us on cam and in the rescue center. They all know how to reach me if necessary. Besides, Derecho and Coralie also have this and will be super watchful! 

We had BOXES on Friday. I am so very grateful for the support that FFRC is given--you truly make a huge difference for this rescue center. 
Don & Sandy - Pop-Up Cat Tent--claimed by ALL the cats!, chirping bird toy-claimed by Farrah

Andre, Suzanne, Freemont & Lorenzo & Baby Bird - For Hensley: 4 pks Variety Wilderness Snackers, beautiful Wind Chimes in memory of mom
Anony Friend--20  Beautiful Necklaces for Flash Sale
Fred, Gail & BooBoo - 8 Tubs Lysol Wipes
FoF Rescue YouTube Shirt
Contessa - IL Divo CD 'Timeless'  love it!
FFRC Cares and So Do We - 3 Silicone feeding stations, 8 Tubs of Snackers, 2 Pkg. Freeze Dried Chicken

Sean & Lena G - 2 Cases Royal Canin 
Tom in NJ - 2 cute Halloween Kitty Cards -  Tons of Pop Tabs
Karen B - 4 pkgs Lickables, Case of Fancy Feast, T-Bonz Treats for Janie
Snoopybaby & Preakness - 40ct Case Friskies
Barbara E - NC - Kitty Card w/Note - 12 gorgeous Leggydews, 11 pretty Keyrings

Arniesmom & Soonergirl - Kitty Card - 20 Forever Stamps, Donation in honor of March
2 Utility knives w/blades, Legal envelopes, Colorful standard envelopes, scissors, 10x13 Manila Envelopes, Printer paper, colors and white

Dave & Stripey - Nesco Oven Roaster w/thermometer for Fun Raiser,  Mylar balls, 4 pks Kitty Wipes, 4 Pull & Play Kitty Treats

Susan M/Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation to be used as needed
Marilyn & Terry B - Kitty Card with Chicken $5

Clark Jesse & The Rest - Happy 3rd Birthday Dollop (13 Sep 2015) & Chicken $5
Clark Jesse & The Rest - Happy 11th Birthday Charilie ( 15 Sep 2007) & Chicken $5

Elain & Alan FL - in Memory of LittleKat - 2 40lb bags Dr Elsies Litter, Case of Appetizers, 3 Cases 2ct Friskies, 1 32ct Case Friskies, Case of Fancy Feast

Annie G & Debbie M - Case of Purina One, 16 lb bag Purina One Kitten, 7 lb bag Purina One Kitten
Nona - Bird Seed--preparing for winter!

You know one of my favoritest sayings is so true--it takes a village to run this Rescue Center. Think about the many layers of friends (I call you guardians) of FFRC--protecting us, supporting us, befriending us, loving the cats and kitties--simply......taking care of us. I am so grateful. 

I missed passing on a report from our 9/4 HumaneOhio surgery day. On that day, we did 34 cats--20males & 14 females.  Our total as of today for all 2018 spays/neuters is 767.  That breaks down to 432 females and 335 males--sure does make me smile! Plus, we have another HumaneOhio surgeryd ay this Tuesday ......... and it's loaded full! 

Our little kitty TIckles is having trouble with her incision. She is sporting a cone right now to keep her from licking her incision. She doesn't seem to mind it--it has soft edges. She will be going back to the vets tomorrow to get that repaired. And then come back later in the same day.

More thanks to give!
Wendy C--donation for chickie for the kitties
Stephanie M--donation to FFRC, in honor of Magic
Marti W--donation for FFRC
Andrea F--donation for our spay/neuter program

We are having our September Fun-Raiser.......yes, it's going on right now!  Check it out on our fb pages.  It stops at 9 am tomorrow (Monday). We will have BOXES at 4:00 Monday, with the Drawing following that.  And we have consolation prizes! Come join the fun.

I'd like to say a special thank you to you for the lovely cards our family has received for my mom.  I have read each and every one of them while sitting in mom's house. A thank you isn't enough but please now your kindness has sincerely warmed my heart. I love being in her house with Shamballie. It's a peaceful home where I feel comfort at. 

Remember Freckles? Her new name is Ellie. She's doing great. She's been at the vets for a health exam and had a good report. And she now weighs 3.4! 

I've also heard from the family that adopted Maya, now known as Vayda. She is doing great, there in Tennessee. "She is the perfect combination of sassy and sweet and definitely possesses that beloved "tortitude", despite her CH!"  They also sent pictures and she sure looks happy!

Yes, we're thinking of the upcoming winter already. The Porchies will have additional protection thanks to LJ and Beth.  They worked on a special project the week after Catstock. One section of the shelter house is partitioned off with waterproof curtains. There are picnic tables tucked inside this area with barn houses for the cats to snug into when the weather is bad. They can stay warmer here, away from the wind and wet stuff. Some of the Barnies have joined the Porchies and so we wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for all.  Come springtime, we can simply pull the partitions back--it all works so nicely! 

Alma has a nice short tree that is close to her chosen area.  Many thanks to the anonymous friend that sent it to her. Now, if she wishes, she can simply reach out and climb on her own!

Giovanna needs some good thoughts and prayers. She's struggling a bit but hanging onto a bit of appetite yet.  Yes, she has lost some weight. We originally had her age down where she would be about 10 years old but that was always questionable.  It really is felt she is much older than that.  

Our two newest kittens are doing good.  Czar is a little rascal and loves to play with Rosie--they look almost identical. So much fun can be had by two little kitties! Barin is doing good. A little bit shy but investigates the entire Rescue Center. Has a real sweet personality. 

Take care, everyone. It's a cooler day here--the cats are enjoying that. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Monday, September 17, 2018

Time to do a catch-up.

We had an FFRC surgery day on 9/15.  I'd like to thank Dr. Darcy, Amber, Lynnette, Sue, Dawn E, Becky M, Donnajb, Mary Braid​, Beth & LJ ​for their help.  Also to Gusti for our drinks and to Joyce D for our pizza lunch.

Spays: Myra, Tickles, Toodles.  We also did a spay on a volunteer's cat. 
Neuters: Cashew, Mr. Anderson, Atticus, Lumani, Boaz and Barin.

We also did the first phase of helping Thapar with her eye entroprion. This is usually a genetic condition in which a portion of the eyelid is inverted or folded inward against the eyeball. It results in irritation and scratches to the cornea. We have been applying ointments for weeks to prevent these scratches.

Cashew also had a toenail bed removed from his paw that was injured in the brake caliper.  We are hoping this may have been the source of his pain in that foot.  We will remove sutures in 10 days or so. He possibly still will need more reconstruction of this paw. Time will tell.

​March--Dr. Darcy still feels he will do better with removing his leg.  He had obtained a fractured femur before his arrival and it was left to heal in a bad position. The femur is actually twisted--not ​in a "comfortable" position for his muscles or hip.  Due to needing special instruments to do this surgery, we have to wait until next month. By removing this leg as a youngster, it will keep him from future pain as an adult and oldster. 

You may have noticed a new name above--Barin. We took in a new kitten on 9/12/18. He is a 15 week old brown tiger/white/ASH male. His birthday is 5/30/18. His name Barin means Noble Fighter.  He arrived after being found by himself in someone's yard. He had a mega flea infestation. But, those are all gone now. He is a bit different than most cats as he is another two-legged cat. But, he is missing his front legs from the elbow down. We feel this is probably due to an injury that happened at the elbow joint. All is healed nicely.  He gets along by using his stumps and scoot walking. His fur is bunny-soft. He's a super sweet boy that so loves to be cradled and fussed with. He also has a significant heart murmur--it's graded 4/6.  Dr. Darcy will recheck him next month. Barin will soon be up in the Main Area.

We had BOXES on 9/11. I want to give my thanks to you all for your wonderful support.
Kris M - 2 large couch beds, 1 tan, 1 blue ( perhaps for Spiker and Alma), 2 Touchcat beds with cat appliques, 1 tan, 1 blue, 1 cozy pet bed blue, 1 soft white bed/stand with 4 balls attached.

Kay M. - donation and a lovely letter to Jacci. Boxtops and PopTabs  Introduced to 
FFRC by our Nona.

SpankyEggwhite - handmade decorative flowers, stickers and return address labels for FFRC.

Sean G. - Kitty Fanny pack, 2 little kitty purses, and a kitty shoulder pack.
Barbara E. - 12 handmade adoption bags, bags of homemade tissue holders.
Mary D. and Randi M. - 4 cases of Appetizers

Dottie C. - a bag of earrings, Cats and Dogs coloring book for adults and colored pencils, hairband toys, 2 purses, 9 packs of baby bathing cloths,  6 cans of 9 Lives, 2 large orange plastic bags.

Karen C. -  Knitty kitty ball toy, 5 bags of kitty snackers, bag of candies for the Volunteers, 4 kitty purses, 4 kitty themed clasp child pocketbooks, wind chime.

Snoopybaby and Preakie - 1 16lb bag of Purina One Salmon, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 1 case of Friskies, 2 cases of baby food.

Mr. and Mrs. Medic - 2 cases of Fancy Feast
Catlvr14 - potty bags, 6 beautiful handmade shawls, large bag of pop tabs
Linda S. -  5 handmade scarves and 4 handmade hats
Theresa (Ft. Wayne) - donation
Melissa - Sponsorship for Spiker
Barb (Phleb) - Donation in honor of Spiker.
Jean T. - Case of 50 bags of Lays Potato chips for Volunteers

We also had an adoption on 9/13. Our sweet Barnabus made it---he found his very own home. A couple came in and really liked him. He showed he approved by rolling over and showing his tummy for a tummy rub. They have a quiet home for Barnabus. 

We had 2 more adoptions on 9/15.  Pow Wow and Clowey went to their new home. They now have their very own mom and dad. This family visited Pow Wow and Clowey several times before the adoption and so loved them. I believe they will be keeping their names for both kittens. 

Our Connie D did a magnificent rescue of John, our Covie boy.  John and Dollop are best friends and love to explore! They love to race and tear around and climb up the big tree.  John decided to climb the big poles of the Cove and ended up on the super tall roof. ​I'm sure Dollop was encouraging him. ​Then...he realized he couldn't get down. Connie, using two ladders, rescued him!  Thanks, Connie D! 

We have more thanks to give too:
Joanna Z--lots of treats & a donation to FFRC, during her visit to FFRC
Jody626--lots of "stuff" during her visit to FFRC
Judy & Phil--donation to FFRC
Conii, Elliott, Alyssandrah & Gyovannah--10 cat toys, RC baby cat dry, 6 cases of various Fancy Feast, 2 Temptation snackers & 4 cases Tiki cat

Painteddaisy--lots of "stuff" for the cats and humans
Donavon S--donation for Victor, Jackson & their friends
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation for FFRC
Janefrom TN--donation for FFRC
Lena H--donation for FFRC
Helen C--donation to FFRC
​Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Nancy C--donation for FFRC, in honor of Ramsay​

​The dead cherry tree branches have been trimmed back at the Covie's place.  There was actually quite a few of them that needed this done but in one morning, the job was accomplished. Hoping now our playground fence is safe. They will be coming back at the end of the week.  Many of you know our beautiful giant cottonwood grove of trees.  One of these is mostly dead and presents a problem of dropping large branches.  There are also 3 of these huge trees that  have taken to leaning more and more and now presents a problem of falling down. This could possibly knock out some of our small pens on the farmyard, the outside lightpost or some of the smaller trees. We also worry that if these should fall on their own, they may hit some of the many farm animals. So, these 3 trees will be safely taken down. There will still be many of these beautiful trees left. 

Coralie, Kiara and Zelda are on the desk, all napping. Nyota continues to do great. She is such a happy, free to do what she wants girl. ​ She so enjoys ear rubs and can purr very loud. Alma has a new climbing tree. It's lower to the ground for her to stretch on when she wants. I saw her using it yesterday. Vernon still does his "uppies". Eddie White continues to enjoy life and is out and about everywhere--such a joy to see. Magic has had his playtime this morning--he gets great fun out of trying to catch Lucie's tail when she is on the lower level of the Kuranda Tower. And then Lucie usually bats Magic on the head.........and the game is over for the day!  

As you know, my mom passed away Thursday 9/13. I am at a total loss of words. But, I feel this--so much love and prayers, donations in her memory and kindness has been shown to myself and my family thru all of you folks. My heart is full of sadness for the loss of Mom but yet filled with thankfulness for you all.  Mom was such a huge part of our lives that I feel rather lost. My heart, along with my time schedule is all broke. I know time will help but in the meantime, be patient with changes here at FFRC for a while. Know that your caring about my mom has filled me with such gratitude. Mom loved this Rescue Center too. She especially ​​loved her cat Shamballie and Coralie. She and my Dad gave me the compassion that I have in my heart​. ​I have been blessesd with a wonderful family and awesome friends--all of which I am grateful for. While I feel a bit lost for right now, the stories my family and I have shared recently about my mom and dad have lifted my heart.  I know in my heart, that mom is ok, I know where she is and I know who she is with. It's just that act of missing her that is hard. But......memories are a wonderful thing and healer. 

We will get back to a BOX schedule soon, sometime this week. We will also have a Fun-Raiser very soon.  We've had one planned twice now but have had to postpone it.  Will keep you posted. Have a happy day. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A day of many memories for the whole world.  May you all have peace today.

We had an adoption yesterday! Ximanga went to her new home and she now lives in Canada with an awesome mama!  She has a cat friend and a dog friend. I've already heard back and it sounds like Ximanga is doing good.  Her new name may be Myah. She played in a bowl of water yesterday and nearly emptied it all.  A super sweet kitten.

We had a bit of a problem yesterday morning. We've been trying to get the dead branches cut out from the edge of the woods that border the Covies playground.  Yesterday, two large branches fell down and landed on the fence. One section was ripped open clear to the ground. We also had three of the fencing areas around the spring arms damaged.  But...zip strips saved the day.  I called the tree company and explained what happened.  They are going to try and be here today. I sure hope so. We have to protect our Covies and hat means getting all thoe dead branches and trees away from the fence.

I have thanks to give. I am humbled beyond words for all of you so very kind folks.
James R--donation to FFRC
Samantha from Germany--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Gem--donation to FFRC
Brittany G--donation to FFRC

We also had donations made to FFRC this past few days.  We are so grateful!
Kerswill--2 scratchers, 1 baby kitty bed, 6 folders, 2 RC dry food, 2 dog toys, 12 broths, snackers, Friskies, many assorted broths & Applaws

Ruffles--Purina One dry food, 24 cans Friskies
Kristie C & Family--24 cans Friskies & snackers
Sunny & Carlos W--24 cans Friskies, toys, and a donation in honor of Lucie, plus another donation
Tina S--Mr. Clean, Clorox, 2 cases water, RC dry food
Joanna P--donation for FFRC
Pablo--lots of water!

Jill L--meds that are no longer needed, can food, pan liners, spring toys, Paws garbage bin, donation for Jasper

Craig, Marianne, Daria, and Daisy, Solee, Pippi--6 pack PT, Clorox wipes, Mr. Clean, Dawn soap, 2 packs paper plates, 2 boxes trash bags, 2 bags Reese's PB cups, 2 packs of batteries for Weather Alert Radios, 13 containers of Sheba cuts 

I feel that I do not have all the names on paper, for which I apologize.  For those that I've missed, please don't hesitate to email me. 

Farm update: the guineas are half grown and are out day and night now. They sure are noisy.  The baby ducks are almost as big as their mama. Lots of ducks quack talking going on.  Harriet, the newest goose, bosses us everyday! She is people-bonded. Apples are dropping on the ground--we toss a few to the horses each day. The Barnie cats are wonderful. They now inter-mix with the firecats.

Barnabus and Jones are friends! Jones has given much comfort to Barnabus. And this is good as it gives him courage. He needs this courage because tomorrow Barnabus will be adopted. This is a good home that is eager to show him love--just what he needs. 

We will also have two adoptions on Saturday. Two of my favorites (but, aren't they all?!!), Clowey and Pow Wow will be going to their new home together.  I believe that adoption will be around 8:00 am. 

Today is BOXES at 3:00!  

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Catstock 2018.....what an awesome day!  Full of fun, meeting new friends, catching up with "old" friends, eating great food, listening and enjoying an awesome band--Strawberry Hill.  Some enjoyed playing FFRC cat Bingo, some played our paper games. The pizza for supper was delicious. 

And yes, it did rain some. And yes, we still had lots of fun.  It really doesn't matter what the weather is.......just bring a group of people together with the same love of cats and having friendships and it's always a good day! So many wonderful people.  Both here and on the cam.  We broadcast the whole afternoon for our viewer friends. 

It still gives me great wonder -- how did we become so very fortunate and blessed to have such great friends, awesome support, people that back me up, folks that love our cats so thoroughly, awesome volunteers, the kindness and compassion like I've never seen before? It fills me with joy and thankfulness.  I look around and see it, feel it and just know that we have such great people involved in our FFRCNation. I am ever so grateful to you all. 

Strawberry Hill--you are awesome and we totally love your music! Thank you for coming!
Snoopybaby--thank you for gifting back your winnings to FFRC.
Volunteers--thank you for providing all the food and for being here & putting up with my craziness!
Friends--thank you for coming. We LOVE visitors!
Strawberry Hill fans--thank you for your donations to give to "our" band!
Mods & Admins--thank you for the videos (before and during), for promoting Catstock, for answering questions from the viewers, for always being here for FFRC
Crescent-News--for the picture in the Crescent today
Supporters--for helping us with the finances of Catstock
Viewers--for joining us on cam for the afternoon
Friday helpers--thanks for decorating so beautifully for Catstock
Everyone--so many thanks to give--hugs to you all! 

And still more thanks to give:
Marcia S--donation to FFRC, where needed
Nancy S --donation to FFRC
Art S--donation to FFRC
Kittiesmom--donation to FFRC, use where needed

Carri M from WI--donation to FFRC, in memory of her mom
Michael K from OH--donation to FFRC
Purple--donation to FFRC for any purpose
Mary Ann & Paul B--donation for "Riding for Rescues" from bike miles!

The two newbies--Tickles and Toodles are doing wonderful. They are in the Main Area and have made many friends already--it didn't take them long at all, just jumped right in! 

I've checked in with the foster for Greybie--she's doing good, healthwise but is still very uncertain about becoming friends with people.  Time will help!

Barnabus has discovered the back Thumper's Room and he likes it! He is enjoying climbing around on the Kuranda Towers.  

The wound on Boaz's face is finally healing nicely! He's so good for his medicines and cleaning of his cheeck. 

Coralie and Derecho loves the pink donut with the tunnel within itself! They both dive right in there. This morning, I saw 5 different kittens go into the donut tunnel--they sure know how to have fun!

And we had BOXES on Friday! Many thanks to Lynnette, LJ, Beth and Ann for helping to open the Boxes.  I had intentions of doing this but got a call from Steve saying he could be discharged earlier. So.......I left quickly to get him only to find out, due to more bleeding from his incision, that he had to stay one more night. But...he's home now.  And as LJ, Beth and other friends said.......sure glad he's home as we KNEED him! 
June C - NM  3-24ct Cases Fancy Feast, 4 cases Fancy Feast Medley
Pat L - SC  11 trays Appetizers, 2 Boxes Fancy Feast Broths
CJ500 - Beautiful Chirstmas Wreath (made by CJ) to raise funds
Vicki B - NC  4-7lb Bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Nycbird - 10-4pks Bumble Bee Tuna
Sean & Lena G - 2 cases 9-Lives

Sunnie J - For Zelda & Friends - 4 Bath Towels, Teal & Mint, 2-6pk of Washcloths, 2 Pet Picture Frames, 2 Legal Pads, Lots n Lots of Sticky notes, Thank You cards, Note Cards, Paper Clips, 2" tape, Staples, Pencils, Sharpie Pens, Gel Pens, 5 Kitty Adoption Folders, 4 Grip Hooks, 2-Ink Pads, Mr Clean Magic Erasers, Kitty Salt & Pepper Shakers & Kitty Wipes

Don & Sandy - Case 40ct Friskies
Rhonda & Jospeh - ME  Case 24ct Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--10 bags of litter

Mr. Whiskers - For Spiker & Friends - 10 Tubs Party Mix, 2 Tubs Temptations, Bag of Pania Flakes, 12-11ct Sheba Meaty Sticks, 12 Boxes Fancy Feast, Cat Nip Mist, 12 Bags Litter

Jean T - Tray Fancy Feast Appetizers
FFRC Cares & So Do We - Case of Ice drinks
Linda LD - MI  for Catstock 2 pkg of 4 pins
KathyinWV - Note and Paw Print bath Fizzy with toy kitty inside!
Anne, Kevin, Brent & Bailey - UK   Card w/Note & chicken $5
Rene B - PA - Purina Cupons & 9 Paw Points
Iowa Cat Lady Marie & The Magnificent 7 - Card with FFRC Kittys-Note with Donation
Linda & Bill H - MI  Happy 16th Birthday Bella ( 1 Sep 2002)
Denise & Elizabeth - Kitty Card & Donation
Eric & Vanessa S - Kitty Card - Donation
Sara M CO - Kitty Card Name a Cat Hobie
Andrea D - Gift Cards for Amazon & Arbys  2 for Lucie and Janie
Jean S - FL  Donation for Feliz Navidad Fund

The kittens and cats are happy and healthy. We have more adoptions coming up!  Take care and have a super week! Please know that you are all important to FFRC and so very appreciated.  You make a HUGE difference to us.  It truly takes a Village to make FFRC work--our great FFRCNation. 

Friday, September 7, 2018

Thursday, September 7, 2018

Cooler temps are coming! The volunteers and cats are glad!  I always find it interesting, that even though we are air conditioned, on those really hot and humid days, the cats can still feel it. They become “flat cats” on the floor.  Extra thanks to those that provided drinks for the volunteers—we’ve sure been doing a lot of rehydrating!

We took on two more sister kittens:
Tickles and Toodles.  They were dumped at a church a couple days ago in the very hot weather. They huddled by the trash containers the entire day. A friend of ours and her brother took food and water to them during the day. When they were still there early evening, they brought them to FFRC.  Both were a bit dehydrated. But…somewhere, someone treated these two kittens kindly as they are friendly. How does one come to be dumped then?  I will never know or understand that.  Toodles is a gorgeous brown tiger with golden eyes. Tickles is a black/white with a white splotch on the back.  Their birthday is 5/9/18, making them 4 months and 1 week old. They arrived 9/4/18. 

The other two newbies—Myra and Boaz—are doing terrific. They are now in the Main Area and have joined the rank of playful kittens!  They both have just fit right in.
Annetta is especially happy.  Somehow her little toy that she thinks is her baby got lost.  Connie D found a replacement. Last night, Annetta had it in her mouth and was doing her special meowing that she does when she’s carrying it around! Thanks, Connie for making Annetta happy!

We also took in a young kitten that our volunteer Susie found on her way to work.  We got her up to date on the medical part but she needs major TLC as she is very unsure of humans. So…..she is at a person’s house who is big-time holding her and helping her know that people are nice! Her name is Greybie.

We had BOXES on Monday!
Sunnie J - For Zelda Belda FFRC Moss - Kitty Card - 6 Bags Snackers, Coupons, 2 bags Oreo's, 2 pkts food.  Pretty hand painted porcelain statue of two kitties  Zelda sends a special thanks!

SonjaMac - 3 Bags Maple Caramels, Cadbury Eclairs (from UK trip), Posties & Pop Tabs.  5 Names for Name a Cat

Conii with Elliott, Alyssandrah & Gyovannah - From Nuts.com  8 bags of a variety of People Snackers   Very yummy!

Don & Sandy - 24 bottles of G2 Gatorade, 24 Bottles Tropicana, Case 24ct Friskies 
Anony Friend - 2 sleeves BabyFood 
MaryAnn/Arniesmom & Susan/Soonergirl - 2 Boxes Fancy Feast Broths 
Kris M - Sofa Bed for kitties, already claimed by Spiker 
Sharon/Pablo - Water gallons and water bottles & Chips for Catstock

Annie & Debbie - 4 Bags Litter, 4 Cases Fancy Feast Broths, 10-7lb Bags Royal Canin Baby Cat, 2-16oz tubs Temptation Snackers, 2 Cases Fancy Feast, 4 Cases Tiki Mackeral

RoseSF6cats - Donation
Tom C - IL  Donation
Mikala K & Billy, Mikey & Jewels - OH  adopting Razzle, Dazzle & Leah - Litter coupon, Walgreens Gift Card

Julie & David - Happy 4th Birthday Hensley ( 24 Aug 2014)  Chicken $5
Marilyn & Terry B - Kitty Card & Chicken $5
Joyce S - Donation in honor of Chris P
Anthony M—donation specially for Derecho

Update on Steve! His surgery went very well on Tuesday. He was able to get his “real fake” knee. If the cultures show nothing by Monday, then no infection!  If it comes back positive, he may need a couple weeks of IV therapy, but the doctor thought the knee looked good! He’s already been up walking a bit and thinks this knee is wonderful! Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts. He will be home today!

Saturday/tomorrow is Catstock! Come one, come all for some fun adult time!  The Band is ready—Strawberry Hill is awesome! Lots of food, some fun things to do. Campfire, grilling, meeting and greeting and being around people who care about FFRC.  The cats are all ready for lots of visitors! Lunch is around 12 noon. Band is 1 to 4.  Pizza and then campfire around 5:15 on.  See you then!

Remember, if you’d like, you can send in a PayPal for the Jam Jar for Strawberry Hill!  We appreciate your support. In the Message Box, please put For the Jam Jar.  We’ve been working on the cams this week, getting them ready so the viewers at home can listen to the band too!

We have more thanks to give---
Jakesmeowmy—donation to FFRC
William K—donation to FFRC
Dewitty--donation to FFRC
Mr. Whiskers--donation to help SPiker with flea prevention and vaccines. Also bags of litter.  Spiker will share that!

David D—donation to FFRC
Hallie G—donation for FFRC
Gisa Z—donation for FFRC, to help with Catstock
Susie H, volunteer—donation to help with a kitten Greybie
Shannan W—donation for FFRC

We’ve had three adoptions yesterday morning! The twins Zazzle and Razzle plus Leah have their new home and family!  These are the School & Woodpile kittens.  I've already heard from their new family and they are all 3 doing very well! 

We've also heard from the family that adopted Cheerios and Prentyss.  Prentyss isnow JuJu and Cheerios is Pina.  They have won over their other cat Kiwi who would like to think she's their new mama!  The kittens are both doing great.

Take care. Have a great day. Catstock……..here we come!  1 more days!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day.  This is a public holiday held in honor of working people! Hope you all have a very nice day.  Without labor, nothing prospers.....Sophocles        And I always love this one........I learned the value of hard work by working hard......Margaret Mead    

We had 4 adoptions, I don't believe have been mentioned yet.
8/30--Prentyss and Cheerios were adopted together!  Prentyss was ready but waited for Cheerios to have her spay. Prentyss will be called JuJu and Cheerios will be called Pina.  They went into a home with another cat. Super nice home!

8/31--Freckles was adopted. She went into a home that has been excited to have her. She will have a dog as a friend too! Such a great kitten.

8/31--Doodle was adopted. She's going to be a very happy kitten in her new home! She's another one of the grey/white kittens. She was found in a woodpile--now she has a much better home!

We give you thanks!
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
DonnaB in GA--donation to FFRC, in honor of Coralie, Spiker and Elsie

Fran D--a donation to help with repairs or wherever is needed
Davszy--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed

I've been asked about an update on Seymour. I made a call to check on him and he is doing awesome! He has people friends and cat friends.  He's allowed to be in the big room for playtime with a few friends so he doesn't get overstimulated. He's loved and his health is great! 

By now most of you have heard that we had an event here Saturday morning. Many of you saw the Sheriff's here. I just want to mention that all is fine.  A call was made to the Sheriff's that something was wrong at FFRC.  They responded in full force to protect us.  All is fine, all is over and done with and nothing really happened. But what DID happen is that our law enforcement responded quickly to protect us. We are fortunate to have these great people watching over FFRC.  

Just an FYI--tomorrow is Steve's second surgery (and we hope his last).  We leave in the early morning for the hospital. The doctor won't know until the surgery has started whether the infection is completely gone and if he will get another temporary antibiotic cement knee or a new replacement prosthesis. Asking for prayers and good thoughts that he gets a "real" knee.  He will be home on Friday.  If possible, please keep e-mails light. It's going to be a very busy week for me. 

Just in case you missed it, here's some tidbits of info about Catstock!  It's now only FIVE days away! 
It's September 8th!  Come one, come all.  This is the second year that we will not be doing the carnival part of Catstock.  It's a day of Food, Fun and Friendship--directed towards adults!  The band is Strawberry Hill which is awesome.  Lunch is at 12 noon and there's a whole lot of good food being planned, including veggie packs on the grill.

The band plays from 1:00 to 4:00.  During that same time, we will have FFRC cat bingo, Giant Tic/Tac/Toe, Corn Hole, Pioneer Toys, FFRC Scavenger Hunt, Giant Yahtzee, Rock Painting, Origami Money, and Grown Up Chalk Fun on the driveway.  Then at 5:15, there will be Pizza from Padrones delivered followed by a campfire with s'mores and pudgy pies!   All alot of fun.  Come join us--meet new friends and re-acquaint with old friends.

We had BOXES Friday. It's been a wonderful thing--lots of boxes helping us to restock, refill and give us much to be thankful for.  You are so appreciated! 

FFRC Cares and so do we-- 6 cases of Ice Sparkling Water for the center.  6 different flavors.We love this as the temperature has been hot!

Madisonpepper:  Monthly Cat Lady Surprise Box,  milk ring toys in shape of kittyace, laundry Hampurrrr, peacock feather toy, cat earrings, shiny cat scarf.

Donna F.:  2 cases of Gerber baby food, 1 beef, 1 chicken

Eric (our wonderful mod) and Carrie:  5 cases of 6" inch black plates. 5 cases equals 5,000 plates!

Kris M.:  2 (20x25) hooded lounge beds, 1 teal, 1 tan.

Mary and Randi M.:  4 cases of Gerber baby food, chicken

Sandra S.:  Dachshund purse, a pair of Pilgrim figurines, Angel figurine.(for store)

Dawn N.:  10 large canisters of Party Mix snackers.

Don and Sandy:  2 large canisters of Temptations snackers,  1 large soft Pumpkin hooded bed.
Beth (Eaglewatcher):  Electric rotating butterfly cat toy for Derecho.

Bob Root/Joy Poland:  Lovely cat angel statue for our sweet Paddys.

GidgetheMidge:  6 cases of Beechnut baby food, chicken

Maryanne H./Susan S. (arniesmom/soonergirl):  Large bag of Royal Canin
           Kitten food dry, Box of Delectables. 

Conii and Elliott:  1 case of Wellness pate,  2 cases of Holistic Select chicken,
           2 15lb boxes of EasyClear wipes.

Anonymous: 1 giant canister of Temptations, 3 large canisters Party Mix,  2 canisters of dental snacks, 4 large canisters of Temptations, 4 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers.

Anonymous:  960 white 6" styrofoam plates
June K.. (Painted Daisy) STUFF,  LOTS AND LOTS OF STUFF
Linda (MLS):  8 packs of styrofoam plates, 2 sizes- 2560 total

Anonymous:  1 case Friskies, 1 case Weruva Health food, 2 cases of Fancy Feast Broth, 3 cases Sheba broths, 1 case of Sheba Perfect portions, 1 case of Tiki Succulent chicken, 1 case of Friskies Bits large cans.

Susan Castle: donation for FFRC
Martha C.(Tx):  box tops, weight circles, a donation from Mr. Whiskers to Spiker, Chicky $5
Nancy S. (Wa):  sponsorship for Ramsay, donation to FFRC
Pam J. (Ca)  Hanky Grapevine:  a catstock magnet
Terminator:  Lovely thank you card to Jacci and Vols.
J and J (Pa):  Chicky $5
Clark, Jessie and Family:  Happy Birthday Card for Zavatar, Chicky $5
Sean G. :  2 cases of Nine Lives 

We have two new kittens!
Myra--black/white, female. She is 8 weeks old, born 7/5/18. She was found all by her lonesome. Her name is a Name a Cat name--Myra.  She came in with an URI and major load of lice.  Both are under control---antibiotics and special bath/meds for the lice is all working nicely. What a sweetie--super nice. And very playful. 

Boaz--another Name a Cat name.  Pronounced Bo-ez.  He's 12 weeks old, all black with a tiny white spot on his tummy.  He arrived with a bite wound to his right side of face and was draining. This wound area was shaved and then flushed. Antibiotics for him too.  He's responding nicely to this and is healing. So very playful and likes his tummy rubbed.  

Have a wonderful day.  Come join us for BOXES at 1:00 today!