Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

We had another adoption yesterday! First, Tibby was adopted on Friday. He went to a family that had him on hold for several weeks while they were moving. As hard as it is to see our cats and kittens go, nothing can take the place of their very own home. Tibby is gong to love it there. Yesterday, Frankie B also went to his new home! This was extra exciting as I believe it'll be a super great home for him. He needed a home where there were no other cats and where he could indeed be the King! His new mama is fine with this. Frankie is wonderful with people-very people friendly, just wasn't too keen about the other cats. So, 2 good adoptions this weekend. We also took in another mama and family of 5 kittens. Mama is a black torti and her 5 kittens are 1 torti (female) that looks like mama, 2 brown tigers (females) and 2 gold tigers (males). They are about 7 weeks old. This morning when I went into Thumper's Room, not one of them was in their pen. We left the door open for mama to jump in/out, but the babies are big enough to also get out! They were all having fun playing. Little Tracer is a bit uncomfortable, the poor thing has not pottied since he's been here. Heaven only knows what the little guy had been eating before he arrived. So, out came the cat-lax. Hopefully we'll have good results, that big tummy will deflate and he'll feel better. Zelda had her first outing today. She actually wanted to come out and cruise. Her wounds are slowly healing. She's back napping in Patience's Pen. Ernestine and her Muppet kitties are all settled into June's Room. They even took a little spin on the floor last night and were playing! It'll be a while until they're out of their room. Bella cleaned the bottom of 3 baby food jars--not a speck was left! The 3 crypto kitties spent a night with Racer. We have a hold on one of them--Babbage. He will be leaving Monday late afternoon. Today is also the Big 1 for Paddy Cakes and Paddy Purr. Happy Birthday Paddys!!!


Friday, July 29, 2011

More woobies!

We had another adoption! Our wonderful, extra cute Scribbles went to a great home. He's going to have lots of TLC. Also heard back from Iowa's new mom and she's doing great. Our newest oldster, Twinkle, is dong good. She's exploring a bit more each day. She requires eye care daily. I mentioned it on the chat yesterday that our 2 little ones, Heinlein and Bujold have passed away. That means that litter of 4 are now gone. Truly, broke all of our hearts, but it's a little feeling of relief knowing they are not struggling so hard now. As short as their stay was with us, I'm still glad they were here where they experienced happiness. We are expecting a couple more adoptions here in the next couple days. We had a box to open last night. It was from msbluewolf. It was full of kitty woobies. She's another self taught (thru YouTube videos) woobie maker. Thanks Blue--we love them and will use every one of them! Yesterday we sent out the last of the basket boxes that had to be mailed along with some other smaller boxes of items. Each day we're working on getting things out. We're also compiling the Name a Cat list and the Sponsor a Pampered Pet list. The new plaques will be ordered in the next day or two. So...things are coming along. Nod is doing great and yesterday he had a good appetite. Rumble has been playing with some of the kittens. Dugster has become a true Velcro kitten--what a love bug he is. Cyrilla is also another sweet kitty. The Crypto Kittens are in full gear again--3 very fun kittens.

Tibby says "Okays I is all packed up an readys to go home today!"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catathon items shipping!

 Our new oldster, Twinkle, has made her way out of her pen. She's starting to put on weight, still looks and feels extremely thin. But, Twinkle is eating! She seems to enjoy slowly cruising and even went out on the outdoor enclosure yesterday. I told her she will never have a flea on her again. We took in another cat yesterday--a black/white female. She is about a year old. She apparently fell between a building and some cement blocks and got stuck. Her hips, being the wider part of her, was wedged. In the process of trying to get out, she received a wound on both hip areas. She also was covered in fleas to the point where much of her hair is missing and her skin is very thickened. She's now flea free and we're working on helping her wounds heal. Dorri-Lynn is now on hold and will be picked up next Saturday. We had boxes to open, so we have thanks to give! Many thanks to Betty for the beautiful cheetah print pillowcases! The cats will act like real wild animals now! Jatcat sent baby food, baby cereal, and can kitten food--all needed items--thanks to Jatcat! Another box was from Classycat2u that had q-tips, a laser toy and dry cat food. Thanks a bunch. The cats had fun last night with the laser light toy--will stay on for 15 minutes. I'm still thinking of the Catathon, it's totally amazing to me what was made possible. What a relief it will be to get that check over to the builders. This is all possible because of you viewers! We're working on getting all items that need to be mailed out done--we're sending mail out daily. Also will be ordering the new plaques today. Our new addition is awesome and already being well used. All visitors now come in thru the new door into the Welcome Room. Thanks for making this possible!

Buscha wants YOU to give her a home!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twinkle, Twinkle...

We took in another new cat yesterday. This sad case is something that didn't have to happen. She has a 2nd chance and a new name now, Twinkle from Bantry's naming rights! She is a muted calico, 14 years old, very "mothy" eyes. She had over 1000 fleas on her. Can you imagine living with your skin literally crawling? Twinkle is very skeletal and anemic, it took 3 baths to get all the bloody debris from the fleas off of her. Despite all this she's still a sweetie, purring and eating like she's starving. I can't imagine what she must think now that she isn't being tormented with skin/fur worries. Thanks to Bantry for naming her, we'll help her be a shining star!  Someone e-mailed me about a Persian yesterday. Sorry, but I cannot retrieve the info (my phone died), please send it to me again. A big thanks to Mamie for sending the baby food jars! We appreciate it, we were getting very low. With the oldsters, sickies, newbies, we've been using a lot of it. Thanks too to the anonymous donor of baby food from Target--so very nice of you. I've sent out a bundle of t-shirts yesterday. My goal this week is to get things in the mail to everyone--baskets, t-shirts, etc. Racer will be working on the autographed pics of the Pamper Pet Sponsors! I still feel like I'm in a daze about the Catathon. Never in my wildest thoughts did I think it would be this successful. It gives me some "breathing room" to not have worry about the addition! I also want to say a huge, giant thank you for all the gifts that I was presented with at the end of the Catathon--I had no idea that was going on. The love and support you show is overwhelming. It sure helps me get thru the rough spots. I'm grateful to you all. It'll take this week yet to get re-organized from the Catathon, but we're working on it!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Catathon--what a great & huge success!

Wow--what an awesome day we had at the Catathon. Words cannot express my happiness at the outcome of this event. I've thought and thought all morning of what I can say to let everyone know how deeply grateful I am to you all for your support. But, mere words do not seem enough. Please know, my heart is filled with gratitude. The impossible was reached--we made an astounding $17,049.46. I am still in disbelief and am having trouble really grasping this. This extra amount will also allow us to purchase a stethoscope and a scale to keep in the new room. As soon as things settle down here, I will make a list of who won each basket. I'll also give you an update as to how many names were pledged and how many and who were the sponsored pampered cats. This will just take me a day or two. One thing I would like to mention is the name of our new room has been changed. I was asked if catman (Glen from VA) would donate $4,500 if we would name the new room after his beloved cat, I was YES! So, the name of this new room is now Thumper's Room. Thank you catman--I'm grateful for your support. We had many many people visit during the Catathon.The BBQ afterwards also went great--had approx. 70 people here for that! Thank God that there are people in my life that say "Go for it, go after your dreams, we support you". I am so thankful for what you all have done for this Rescue Center. This indeed is not MY Rescue Center, it is OUR Rescue Center. And I have to say GARSH, you are all wonderful! (money was donated for me saying this!!) And by the way, our little Waki is doing great in his new home!


Friday, July 22, 2011

A 6th phone number for the Catathon

We are now adding a 6th telephone number for people to call in on, for the Catathon! The new telephone number is: 419-393-2534.

Here is a list of all 6 of the phone numbers for the Catathon:


Let the phone lines ring with bids on Sunday!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One in & one out

We had an adoption yesterday--our sweet Tinker went to his new home. The family that adopted him has other FFRC cats and are treated wonderfully. I'm so happy for Tinker! We also took in a new cat--a white Persian named Frankie B. He has gorgeous blue eyes and is 2 1/2 years old. He's in Dodger's Pen and seems to be enjoy watching all the action. Maybe tomorrow we'll open his pen door. We're fighting this virus full blast and seem to be making headway. Heinlein & Bujold are now out & about most of the time. Only 2 are lagging--Turring & Nod. Tomorrow should be a better day for them. I love watching Jobo and Joben playing--they run crazy together! We had a BOX to open yesterday--it came from Karla B. She sent 3 cases of Friskies cat food. Thanks so very much! We use alot of it. Thanks to Connie D. for bringing some much needed baby meat jars yesterday! With the sickies and babies we've been using alot of it. Thanks too to Christine U. for the paypal donation. If anyone ever has pillowcases you don't need, we can always use them!
A repeat of the phone numbers for the catathon:
If the lines are busy-please keep trying!

Info on the "Sponsor a Pampered Pet" for the catathon: We have 8 cats that can be sponsored. For $20, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you provided a special treat for your pampered pet selection for 2 weeks. During the catathon, just call in and let us know! There's Magentta, Cutie, Bella, Asha, Ada Jane, Farrh, Octavia and Putter. You will also receive a special picture of your pampered pet.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Practice done for Catathon!

Yes, we had our practice for the Catathon! A few little kinks that we've worked out already. Very exciting and only 5 more days. It's Sunday from 1:00-4:15. We now have the phone numbers to call in for bids. Bids can not be taken until the Catathon and then only for what's up on the block at the present time. These numbers are: 419-438-1343, 419-438-9993, 419-439-4679, 419-393-2400 & 419-769-1010. There will be 31 baskets to bid on and 7 big ticket items. The baskets will run 5 new ones every 1/2 hour and the big ticket items stay on from 1:15 to 3:40. For our visitors here at the Rescue Center, we also have many items to purchase in the office.
We had an adoption yesterday! IOWA went to her new home. The family that adopted her has already adopted from us before. Farrah had a nasty seizure yesterday. She, again, fell from a top cat walk. Full seizure for about 40-45 seconds, which seems like an eternity. Then after being held quiet for 4-5 minutes, she's ready to go. She's always super affectionate for the next day or 2 afterwards (although we all know she's super sweet all the time!). She has these about every 6 weeks. We have had her on PB's for seizures before, but one-she's a difficult cat to pill everyday and two--the affects of the pills are not pleasant for Farrah.
We had 4 BOXES yesterday! What fun!
Clarice from MI- a beautiful rug, lots of cool toys, dog/cat treats, a cat clock, refrig magnet, scratch pad toy, a cat sculpture.
Lynn S from MI - 3 rugs (1 of them for A Labor of Love!)
Azuremeow from FL - cat treats, cat wipes, canned food, placemat & dry cat food
Queenofkings from WV - Cat DVD, and 2 neat toys where there's holes in a box for cats to fish out toys (1 for FFRC/1 for Catathon). They also have the FFRC logo engraved on the bottom!
Thanks to you all. You are an important part of FFRC and we appreciate you.
I also love what Clarice wrote: When the world says, "Give up", Hope whispers, "Try it one more time". And that is exactly what we intend to do--keep trying and trying to help as many kitties and cats as we can, even thru the tough times..


Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 17 Update on the URI virus: good news/sad news The sad news is that we lost Gibbs last last night. I have already contacted the family that was going to adopt him, they understand what happened and when they move, will still be in to adopt a different kitty. What a beautiful boy Gibbs was and we will miss him terribly. Our 2 remaining SSF kittens are doing better--both ate by themselves last night late and again this morning. The best news is that they were both playing a little this morning. So....I'm hopeful. Turring is struggling a bit, but is on meds, fluids and syringe feedings. The rest of the cats and kittens all seem to be better today. We gave 32 injections this morning--what a job. As I've said, antibiotics are good for secondary infections, not the primary virus infection. I feel we've seen the worst of this. I understand how hard this must be for you all to be "looking in" at a situation that is out of your reach to help. Please know that we are working hard on helping this problem. I appreciate your caring thoughts and love for these cats. So...keep hope. We had an adoption yesterday! Beautiful Josephine was adopted! We've already heard from this family and it sounds like Josephine has already made herself at home. We wouldn't expect anything less of Josephine! A week from today is the Catathon. It's Sunday from 1:00-4:00 (actually it'll be 4:15!). Please join us and pass on the webcam site to your friends and family. We have a special visitor here for the weekend. Jodiann87 (from Grosse Ile) is here! Jodi also brought with her a wonderful cat basket with a marshmellow bed (basket #1). Catlady (from Milford, MI), sent 8 glass garden art creations--aweome! We get to pick one for Albert's Garden and we'll add 1 to the garden basket (basket #20). It's going to be a HOT week here--90's all week.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

An explanation of viruses

Yes, we have a virus in the Rescue Center--this is not the end of the world here!! Things will be ok! We have had a wonderful spring and summer--no illnesses at all. At any given time a virus can come into our Center. We are on guard about this ALL the time--sweeping/mopping, wiping counters down, watching the cats/kittens, ionizers, good food, vaccinations, etc. This is simply a kitty cold. The fact that 1 out of every 3 cats carry the calici virus is true--we rarely get this, I believe to the high standards we set for cleaning. Cats cannot give humans a virus and vice versa. But, they are the same in the fact that antibiotics do not help. It has to run it's course, usually 10-14 days. When a kitty is over it, their immune system is actually tougher for it. Here at the Rescue Center we do use antibiotics though to prevent secondary infections and because of the high numbers we work with. We also treat symptoms to help them feel better. I constantly am watching these cats & kittens for any little sign of illness. This actually is fairly minor, they will be fine and we'll continue our watchful eye every day at this rescue center. I appreciate all of your concern--it must be hard watching the cats from afar and not being able to reach out and touch/pet them.
We have lots of thank yous to give. I try very hard to never forget to say thanks, please forgive me if I ever miss someone. Also know that your support is extremely valuable to us and hugely appreciated.
Amy Stitches72 - canvas craft items
mkmouse - lots of fancy feast cat & kitten
Wookhan Kim - cash donation
jodiann87 - cash donation
annamarie7 - temptation treats-3 flavors
Cathi B - cash donation
Ilana, Smudge & Josh - scoopable litter 4 boxes
Betty G - pink rug
Speedy - spring toy & catnip banana

It humbles me knowing the support you all give.
All is fine here. Ernestine & Fozzy, Rizzo, Barbra & Gonzo are doing great. They will stay in the new Meowcomer's Room for a while. They are being housed in the wonderful pen that Racer painted. We leave the door to the pen open so Ernastine can go in & out as she pleases inside the room. We have an official hold on Tinker - Mary and Ron are going to adopt him Tuesdy morning. ohiomrspeepers & lovemypetz were here yesterday for a visit. Please continue to vote for us! We're tied for 5th place. A week from tomorrow is the Catathon--help spread the time and date for us thru your personal e-mails please! We are geared up for our practice session on Monday at 2:00. Remember if any of you would like to come for the weekend, Angie (volunteer) still has space in her home or there's also hotels close by.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

mama & 4 babies have names

July 14, Thursday The new mama calico is wonderful-super friendly. We've taken on the Muppet Clan! Mama's name is Ernestine. Calico is Barbra. Torti is Rizzo. Black/white is Gonzo. Tiger/white is Fozzy. A really nice litter of babies, but then, aren't they all! THis group in in the new Meowcomer's Room in the silver pen. It's a great pen--plenty roomy enough for them. Emaline continues to be a mother to many of the kittens. Have a possible interest in Marja and Tinker. Bumble Bee is growing--she even gets involved playing with the big cats. Couscous is such a fun boy--he likes being a part of everything that happens here (in other words, he's very nosy!). Watched Putter this morning, very interesting. He sat there just watching (and waiting) for a certain kitten to get close to him. As soon as that happened--whap, he hit his mark. I swear I saw him smile. Good thing the kittens are never offended by Putter. The 2 new kittens--Jobo & Joben are fully acclimated and in the thick of the play group. Fun night last night as we had BOXES to open. Big thanks to Elaine & Willis who donated money for a plaque--got it ordered already. Mitty donated 2 laser lights & a red marshmellow bed for the Catathon. Now we have 1 angel bed & 3 marshmellow beds for the catathon. Will have to tell the cats they cannot bid on them! Thanks to Dave & Cindi for the great afghan for the catathon--it's so colorful, love it. Cantoncat donated Fancy Feast which of course the cats love! Catman donated money for a plaque which has also been ordered. Can't wait until we get the plaque display up. I'm sure Racer will take pics of it and put it on his flicr page. ClassyCat2U sent candy for the volunteers (yum!) and refrig. magnets for the Center and for the Catathon. Speedy sent catnip, fancy feast and toys for Asha. Big thanks!An anonymous donor sent 3 packs of the Q-tips swabs, we sure do use alot of these. Please forgive me if I ever forget to thank someone, I try so hard to give proper thanks, I would never intend to forget to pass on my gratitude. If not for you webcam donors, this Rescue Center would not be where we are today in improvements, etc. A heartfelt thanks.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New mama and kittens!

We have a BOX to open tonight! It might be a little later as Steve & I are going to the movies. I also have thank yous to do. We opened boxes last night. Cantoncat sent some amazing things from her home town in Mass. for a Canton Basket for the Catathon--a really awesome basket. Also Lori D. from Largo, FL sent 3 absolutely beautiful porcelain dolls--so very pretty. This Catathon on 7/24 has some really terrific items in it. We received some financial donations for the new addition as well. Ann S. from Old Bridge NJ sent a donation for a plaque and Petra and her mom Rose also sent a donation for a plaque for the new addition. The webcam viewers that we have here on our site are as important to us as our volunteers are. Thank you. Marja is now out & about the rescue center--she's adjusting fairly well--she's a really nice adult. Little Joben & Jobo are also out and about now. They love to play with the other kitties. We took in a new mama cat (calico) and 4 newbie babies--they are maybe a week old. mama has tested negative for FIV /Leukemia and has been wormed and capstarred already. She'll be vet checked by Dr. Cindy on Saturday. Babies are cute, just starting to get their eyes opened. All is well and peaceful here. Please remember to vote. The site is


Monday, July 11, 2011

Octavia hit the jackpot

7/18 Someone left the food cabinet unlocked last night--found evidence of 6 packages of food, of course they were stripped clean. I'm offering a new catnip toy to the cats to give me evidence of who did it! Today Jobo & Joben were moved from the new Meowcomer's Room to Dodger's Pen here in the office. Both are doing good. They'll now spend a couple days in this pen to acclimate to their new surroundings. Wonderful kitties. We also took in a new cat yesterday-Marja, a returnee. She originally arrived 6/21/07 and was adopted 3/27/08. So, she's been in this home for 3 years. Marja is a dark marble tiger. Her birthday is 5/3/07 so she's just a little more than 3 yrs. old. Her owner had to move and it wasn't possible for her to take Marja. She spent yesterday in Meowcomer's but is now in the main area, in pen #1 for the day to acclimate. A very nice young adult cat. A few reminders: our volunteer Angie/Bill has offered their home if anyone is coming to the Catathon and needs a place to sleep. Just let me know. Also the 1012 calendars are on sale now--they are terrific. 100% of the money comes back to the Rescue Center. You can pay thru PayPal or send a check, earmarked calendar. Cost is $20 or $23 if we need to mail them to you. Kurt William's shoulder sore is doing much better. The 3 crypto babies are always napping together--very cute, a big pile of black/white fur! Putter loves going into the new Welcome Room. I think he knows he's special because he's the only one allowed to do this. Nabbit is a huge play machine. But when people sit in the rocking chair, he's all over you. A big loverbug. Denelle loves to drag around those big Kickaroo toys. She's very determined. Heard from Zander's new family--they sure do love him.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

2012 calendars now up for sale!

The 2012 calendars are now available! Every calendar is hand done by Kate and each is beautifully done. Every month shows a different cat from the Rescue Center. Cost is $20. If we need to send it to you, it's an extra $3. You can pay thru Paypal or just send a check, but earmark it for the calendar. You'll love these calendars! Two weeks from today is our big Catathon! It's zooming here fast. You can be a part of it thru our webcam on 7/24 from 1:00-4:00. We will have a "pre-show" at 12:45 to explain the details of how to bid, etc. We have 30 plus baskets up for bid and several big ticket items. Have a few thank yous to give. Catman (Glenn from VA) sent a wonderful cat tshirt, cat keychain & a donation for a plaque for the new addition. The plaque is already ordered. My thanks to you for helping us. Medic from IN sent another case of Fancy Feast. Looking forward to your Monday visit. Aunty Bantry is awesome and a wonderful artist. She sent one of her picture designs that is tremendous. This will be part of our Catathon. Putter got a special hug sent from Bantry! All of your support is overwhelming and so much appreciated. Racer is at home busily working on multiple projects for the Rescue Center. He'll be back next week in preparation for the Catathon. I do believe Emaline has given about 15 kitty baths today--you'd think she'd run out of "bathing spit"! Judy S. picked up her 4 cats yesterday--her vacation is over & she'll be back Tuesday. We had visitors yesterday--we do indeed love visitors--it's partly why these kitties and cats are so friendly. Everyone is starting to get the hang of entering the Rescue Center by the new back entry door. The sad news: our little Dovie girl passed away last night about 9:30 pm. As many of you know, she had multiple physical problems. Our vet said from the beginning she worried about her internal organs. She was spayed & all went fine, so we thought we were safe. But that was not to be. It is thought that she probably had a heart defect as well. She had so much loving yesterday. I'm often asked--if you know a kitten doesn't have a good outlook, why take it and risk having a heartache again. The answer is simple--it's not even a decision making circumstance--if the kitten or cat comes in & we suspect a possible early death, there's no question to it. That cat needs as much, if not more, loving as we can give. We would never turn down a cat just because of this. Not an option. It's here, we love them, and do what we can to make their life happy. Sure, heartaches are hard, but it's part of what happens. We continue on with our work. Now, I'm wondering if anyone wants to come and adopt Diffie? He's making it absolutely impossible to work at the computer--I'm getting pretty good at typing with his head on my fingers though! What a doll! Oh no, I just took him to the back door, and he beat me back to the desk. Oh wellBuffin & Wiffin have completely readjusted to being back--2 very happy young cats.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

vote Vote VOTE!

Wow again! We've moved up in the voting status for The Animal Rescue Site. We are still 1st in Ohio, but have moved to 4th overall! It's just amazing to me--thank you for your votes and support. We have lots of other thanks to give too! Speedymeme was here yesterday for a visit. It's always so nice to have any of the webcam viewers come for a visit. Speedy also brought LOTS of supplies which we truly appreciate. We opened boxes last night which was alot of fun! We love boxes. Peverley sent some beautiful jewelry for the Catathon, it's absolutely stunning. Thank you! Jatcat sent KMR and baby food--always needed items. Clarice G. from MI sent 5 boxes of kitty litter--it's amazing how much litter we go thru). Diedre sent some chicken Friskies--another favorite of the cats! We also received some of their favorite toys--springy toys from an annonymous donor. FelineToyz also sent some baby food for Bella for the Catathon--and we ALL know how much Bella loves baby food! Mary Louise S. from CA sent some ink cartridges for our printer--thanks bunches. We make tons of copies so this will help us. Loved the picture of your Abigail cat too. The Cats Cove Cats got a treat yesterday too. The bonito flakes that PJ sent for them! We had 5 surgeries done yesterday: Joben was neutered and Dovey, Bumble Bee, Tweeny & Athena were spayed. They were all running around last night having fun. We still have Joben & Jobo in the Meowcomer's Room. They'll be in there for a few more days as Joben has a bit of a cold--don't want to spread it! We'll be working on the baskets for the Catathon today. The wonderful pen that Racer has been working on for the Meowcomer's Room will be done today and moved in also.



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Greetings and Farewells

I'm so sorry to tell you that our little Bitsy girl passed away during the night. All was fine with her, then late afternoon yesterday she went into respiratory distress. She actually took her midnight formula, but passed away at 3:00 AM while I was holding her. This little girl was so loved and will be so very missed. We all ask, WHY does this happen. I don't know. All I do know is that I'm glad she was here for the short amount of time that she was.The other bit of sad news is that our Murka boy is also gone. He had been having trouble with his mouth but absolutely would not let me look. So, he was sedated yesterday and a large mouth tumor was found. After talking to our vet, it was decided to euthanize him. This tumor was painful for him. He was surrounded by love when he passed away.

One of the reasons we can keep doing what we do, even on horrible days, is because of all of you. You all are fantastic supporters. In the Animal Rescue Site shelter challenge we are 1st in Ohio & 8th overall. Thank you all for your votes. This quarter goes until Sept. 18. Our 2 adoptions from 7/3, Deek & Dian already have pictures on our facebook--looks like they are settling in nicely. The 4 newbies Asimov, Bujold, Gaiman & Heinlein had their first outing yesterday and they did quite well. All 4 came out and were playing. They have been out most of today so far and are having a lot of fun exploring and investigating. Telo is becoming my new desk friend, always into everything including the fingers which makes typing very difficult! Dovey is also out & about more, becoming much braver. It seems we have another Peterson; Subra was spotted nursing on her mama Queenie. They're about the same size. Emaline loves the marshmellow pillows--she sinks right into them. Couscous enjoys spending time with her. We had another organizational meeting yesterday for the Catathon. This is going to be a big event. Things are coming together for it. Today is a clinic day which is actually our last day of surgery until I can find a new vet. We will get as many of our FFRC kittens done as possible. I have a few ideas for the clinic but it will be closed for the month of July while we reorganize. Dr. Cindy & Dr. Amanda are both willing to come once a month to help keep our kittens/cats spayed and neutered. Remember, no felines are adopted from the Rescue Center until the spay/neuter is done-this is a policy that will not change. Kurt William is working hard on figuring how to climb the poles--it's hard work but he's slowly figuring out a system. We took in 2 new kittens yesterday, separately. One is Jobo, a male white/black tiger, around 8 weeks old. The other is Joben, a male brown tiger/white, 9 weeks old,. They both have something in common... They're purr machines!


"Gweetings, Erfling!"

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

We had 2 adoptions yesterday! Deek and Dian went to the same home! The family came in yesterday on the mom's birthday and the daughter's birthday is today. What great birthday presents! I've heard from the family that adopted Joseph and Aligiant and all is going well, with very few grumbles! They will keep us posted. The 4 newbies, Azimov, Bujold, Gaiman & Heinlein had their first vaccines & flea prevention today--getting them ready so they can join the kitty gang in play. Athena & Tweeny are also doing great. Little Dovey still hangs back. She's a great toy player but prefers to be alone. We'll keep working on her! Bitzy is doing great. Her legs are getting stronger and she can wobble around a little now. Her paw is healing. Now that the new rooms are essentially done, we are encouraging people to come into the Rescue Center by that back door. I love this new addition! It's wonderful to have the Greeting Room--paperwork, questions, etc. can be done there. The bathroom is awesome. No more sending people into my house! I've had 4 cats in the new room also--the Meowcomer's Room. It's wonderful to be able to check these cats without worrying about if they have fleas, are they sick, etc. These 3 rooms are the best thing ever! Remember, if anyone is interested in donating $250 or more, you will have your name on the outside of the new addition! Racer will take pics to show everyone when we have that done. Bumble Bee continues to grow--she plays with all the kittens, doesn't matter their size! Putter seems to be slowing up these days and he's a little quieter than normal, but nothing appears amiss. Last night we had a whirlwind of activity-some of the kittens started in the office, raced down the hallway to Kitty Campus Room, up the furniture, thru the window and back out to the office, just to do it over again. Must be fun to be a kitten!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kittens in bloom

A big surprise day that resulted in 2 great adoptions for "hard to adopt cats"! I had been in contact with a family that had been looking for a Himalayan about 5-6 months ago. Their family schedule is now such that they could adopt. They definitely wanted Joseph, but also a second cat. Allegiant had been returned the day before (thru no fault of his own, and he was well taken care of), so they decided Allegiant should come home with them also. Their house is huge and a 3 story, so if the boys decide they'd rather not be friends, it'll be fine, they'll find their area of comfort. Will keep you posted! The 3 kitties in Dodger's Pen are now out and about. Tweeny is super friendly. Athena & Dovey are a little more cautious, but are out tentatively playing. We had 2 boxes that we opened last night. Many thanks to Mary2u for the wonderful Royal Canin Baby can food. Our kittens are healthy partly due to the good food they have. Thank you Mary! Also a big thank you to DeEtte for your 2-part donation. She donated $$ to go towards our Felix Navidad fund and also $$ for the new addition. Your plaque will be added to the outside of the building. Many thanks to all our supporters. All is well here. Bitzy continues to grow, the newbies Asimov, Bujold, Gaiman and Heinlein are getting lots of TLC, Asha is wonderful, Putter is still the Sheriff, Octavia snitched 1 packet at breakfast and Bella already got a half jar of baby food this morning! Remember 7/4 is the first day to start voting again at The Animal Rescue Site!

"I has a flavor"

Friday, July 1, 2011

SFF Kittens

The kittens and cats went camping last night! They had their very own tent with a big tunnel (compliments of Stacey) to play in all night and they had lots of fun. We had 4 new kittens arrive yesterday, 3 boys and 1 girl. The boys are named Asimov, Gaiman, and Heinlein, and the girl is named Bujold. These 4 kittens, retrieved from a hoarder's house, are about 6 weeks old. They were living in very awful conditions and were covered with hundreds of fleas. But, life is turning around and they are flea free, bellies full and romping already in Patience's Pen. Tweeny, Dovey, and Athena had their first short outing today to play in the office. It's been determined now by 2 vets that Dovey's problems are something she was born with (shortened tail, deformed rear leg, and she has an umbilical hernia). There's some concern for her as to if there are other deformities we are not aware of yet (heart, etc.). Time will tell. Right now she's probably happier than she's ever been, playing a little with new friends and having enough food. We are slowly but surely getting the 3 new rooms stocked. Yesterday we started getting supplies in the Mewcomer's Room. We even put in the new Ionizer that was a gift from Jatcat. We so appreciate this as it will help immensely with germs, bacteria, etc. Thanks Jatcat! Today we will work more on getting the desk ready so we can do the paperwork in this room for new intakes. We had boxes the last 2 nights! Quayside (Elaine & Willis) sent Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken (a real favorite), Mary Louise S. from Fair Oaks, CA sent toys , can food, treats, stamps, sponges, and office supplies (all will be well used). Mary2u sent KMR for little Bitzy (who is growing). SarahEO sent 4 cases of Gerber chicken meat in the jars (we were definitely low), and we had an anonymous friend that sent Clorox Wipes, Q-tips, and Royal Canin Dry Cat Food-we so appreciate it. I always find it quite amazing how when we add things to our shopping list, many times these are the items that arrive in boxes! Also a big thanks to ohiosmrspeepers and LoveMyPetz for the supplies for the cats and items for the Catathon. You are amazing. Our Wellness Clinic was very successful yesterday, we saw so many cats and dogs. Little Bitzy is eating well, and Bumble Bee loves to play with all sizes of kitties. She's a little toughie.


Update: The anonymous gifts were from MollyBlum. Thanks!