Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday, Feb. 27

We're starting out with our thanks! We had boxes last night and I sure did enjoy it! Many thanks.
Nona--68 cans of tuna, 12 cans of salmon
Plee--5 dog snackers, bunches of blankies/catnip pads for the kitties!, 2 bags of catnip toys--really nice, doggie snackers, kitty snackers, 8 packets of FF broth, post it notes, 25 file folders and misc. office supplies
Katie L from Canada--2 boxes Mr. Clean erasers, lots of spring toys, 2 stick cat toys, 9 bags kitty snackers, doggie snackers, 6-3 packs of Clorox Wipes, 4 scratch/massage beds, 200 9" styrofoam plates, lots of Zanie toys--balls, mice and mylar balls
Lannml--1000 9 inch styrofoam plates
Clark, Jessie and rest of family--birthday card for Asha and the birthday $5
Anita S from NY--card, article about Dravin & a donation in memory of Dravin
Amsprinkle--box tops, paw prints, cat cartoon on a framed foam board
Aliece T from Australia--donation for FFRC
Christine H from VA--donation to help with Sevaun's cell phone bill!
Wanda--our wonderful artist friend--a donation for a portrait that she recently did

We also did BOXES Weds. evening--we are grateful for what you do us!
Michael/sophieandlucysdad--20 bags of assorted snackers for the cats
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--4 of the 10 packs of Whiskas Purrferectly Fish
Dottie & Nathan--card and stickers, a beautiful butterfly spiral mobile that will go in the Butterfly Room
Joanne Z/jz-nyc--case of Friskies gravy lovers, kitty snackers, potty bags, bag of pop tops
AuntyFi--for Alma's birthday--a big pillow that will have her name put on it
Mayumi--FFRCNation Tokyo Branch--birthday gift for Jacci's mom, 2 bags of snackers for volunteers, foil meat pack treats and 40 bags of fish steaks---yum!
Connie/warpedinMN--carramels (soooo delicious), 4 replacement mop heads and 18 fleece vests 
Alan from UT--donation to FFRC
Cheri W/neuromom and David--smpathy card in memory of Coz
Jean K/bean-mn from MN--donation in memory of Cozi
Tracy L from OH--coupons for us to use!
Anonymous Friend--40# bag of Precious Litter
Anonymous Friend--24 rolls of Sparkle paper towels

Our tshirts are now ready! They are really nice. We decided to go with tshirts because spring is truly right around the corner. Come Fall, we hope to do a long sleeve item. The shirts are royal blue and a royal purple. They have the logo on the front. On the back, it says:  
FFRC Nation
Many Countries
One Heart
One Mission
One Nation
These shirts are $20 for small thru 2 xl and $22 for 3 & 4 xl.  They are of good quality. If interested, simply go thru PayPal and put in a message as to what you'd like to order. Or you can send a check. 

The pictures for Fiver Friday arrived last night, thanks to Pat B. We will be getting these sent out very quickly! 

We had a report from PetFinders this week. The previous 7 days showed we had 2,141 total views (305 pet view per day). Their average for all Petfinder shelters/rescues is 162. This is why I feel it's important to keep up our stats in our site. Here's something of interest--the breed with the most views overall is the domestic short hair, black/white.  Come on, Jarvis--you can do it--we're going to find you a home! 

The birds have been eating heavily at the bird feeders, which the cats love. They spend hours a day watching them. Joey is right now half on a window sill and half on a Kuranda Tower watching. Every once in a while, he'll leave out a chirp. So entertains the cats!

For those of you who are concerned about Walter---we are aware of his circling again. It's so difficult/ Many of the drugs that help with this are simply not working for him. We are in the process of trying something new soon. We try to distract him and redirect him when he's doing this.It doesn't seem to bother him. It probably worries us more than it bothers him......that's because we all care!

It's here!  It's here! The Covies/Porchies new fence is in. We are thrilled and excited. We have the design figured out, just need Spring. It's in 15 boxes and weighed about 600 pounds!  A webcam friend asked a very good question. Were the doors to this new enclosure have double door entries? The answer is yes. There will be 2-30 inch doors, both with a double door. There will also be a 60 inch door, with a double door that is big enough to open, drive the tractor thru, shut the gate and then open the inner gate. That way we can get the tractor in to mow without a cat getting out. 

Milo and NeMoo are playing. NeMoo taps Milo, who promptly falls over, so NeMoo also falls over. I think she does it to make Milo feel better! Vernon has this "thing" with the litterboxes. He loves to follow the scooper-person around and "bother" them while they're scooping. He just gets so much fun from this. 

Magic is growing. As he grows, his rear legs tend to "fold in" more around his bottom. He's able to get to the litterbox and potty just fine, but sometimes it's hard for him to not carry the poo with him. He's just such a wonderful kitten---so patient with his bum cleanings. He's now 2.06 but we will wait until he's closer to 3 1/2 pounds to schedule his first surgery. He's beginning to get into the low litterboxes by himself, so he is indeed growing! 

Brea and Yambilu are doing just great. Their incisions from their spays are just fine. Honor loves to lay on the narrow yellow cat walk by the window overlooking the parking lot--I've even heard him chirp when he sees cars pulling in! Corby is our walker on the wheel lately. He can log miles on it, but he does it at his pace--normally a slow gait. He so looks like he enjoys it. 

The Barnies are doing great. Each day they get braver and being out more. This next week we will start opening the doors for them to go in and out. Normally we don't wait this long, but due to the weather, we wanted to for sure know they were warm and safe. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weds. Feb. 25

There goes Bender.  He went up to Anne Shirley and gave her the "boss look". She didn't like that at all and walked away. When Bender started walking in the other direction, she hurried up and tapped his shoulder like she was telling him---do not bug me again. But to her surprise--Bender flopped over. That little tap sent him right on over. He gave me the look of---poor me, that whipporsnapper girl needs scolding! So very interesting to watch the antics of these cats!

Here a snore.....there a's amazing how more snorers we have here. As with people, they try to blame everyone else!

We have thanks to give. You all always make our hearts sing with gratitude. 
Danny S from IN--donation to FFRC, in memory of his beloved T.J. who was 18 yrs. old. 
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Billie K from TX--donation to FFRC, in memory of Jonah and his Covie friends
Lois L from IA--donation to FFRC, in memory of Cozi and Jonah
Anonymous Friend--donation to FFRC in memory of Jonah
Cindy Y--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
BearMN/Debra J--donation to FFRC in memory of Jonah
David P from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Lu-Little and Benny--donation to FFRC in memory of Jonah and Cozarelii

We've heard from two recent adoptions. Leopold is doing great. He and his new friend Gracie are having fun together. Ike is also doing good. He loves his new mama and follows her around! 

We had 3 adoptions! On Monday, Bounty went to his new home. He was a long anticipated kitten! Bounty was very happy to go with them. Also Marmalade and Sunnie J went together Monday evening. They are going into a quiet home where I think they will both shine. I checked on them on Tuesday and they had already found the patio doors to watch the bird feeders.

I'd like to send a special thanks to our webmaster, Clay. He does an awesome "job" for us and we surely do appreciate his hard work. He has helped us for a long time now and is a very special FFRC friend! 

We have 2 kittens at the vets today to be spayed. Brea and Yambilu. Yambilu went into heat so that was a must-do-now. And Brea has a hold on her, so we wanted to get her spay done quickly. They will be back yet today. 

Trucker....he's a work in progress yet. He's trying. We're trying. Our vets are trying. He has had a few pooties that were pretty good!  And then a few that weren't so good. As I said, this is something we have to keep working on. We're not giving up.

The fence is ordered for the Porchie/Covie Compound! It should arrive this week. We had to order it a bit early to get the benefit of the good price given to us. It'll be a total of 15 boxes and we will store it out close to that area. Here's hoping for spring! 

Jarvis is our clown boy. He loves those little soft balls. He can leap into the air , grab one and pop it into his mouth in 1 second! He is fast. We're constantly on the lookout for his lost ones so we can keep playing with him! He's a really nice cat, actually a kitten yet, that needs a home.

PS---just got a call from the vet's office. Both kitties are done with their spays and did just great!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday, Feb. 23

Jonah. Our sweet boy has passed over this morning about 4:10 am.  He was much loved. As you know the last 2-3 weeks he has spent here in the Rescue Center. He sure enjoyed that. This past week he has eaten very little and it was obvious this morning that he could no longer go on as he was. He was held and left to quietly and peacefully pass over. Jonah arrived on 8/23/99 as a 6 week old kitten. He came with a severely fractured front leg. which required an amputation. Jonah was the original Covie---the very first, along with his best buddy Blossom who passed away quite a few years ago.  I'd like to thank you all for the love and care you have given him. He was an extra special boy and will be much missed. When the new building is put up for the Covies and Porchies, we will name it something with Jonah's name. He set the tone for having Covies. He was our guiding star. 

Update on Trucker. He actually went with nothing to eat for 36 hours (yes, he had water), instead of the required 24 hours. He was NOT going to eat the food that we were hoping he would. So, we had  little stand-off and compromised. We switched to Lamb, added a little warm water and that was delicious! From that time on and still now, we are giving him about 1 1/2 TBS. every couple of hours. Last night we also introduced Duck dry food--a few kibbles at a time. The result of all of this---he hasn't had any diarrhea since 4:30 am on Saturday! And last night--we had an announcement--Houston---we have a half inch turd (for lack of a better word!).  He is being very carefully watched so that he doesn't get any other food.  The goal is that once his intestinal tract is healed and over a period of time, he will be able to accept other foods. We trade him off in rooms to keep him happy and with friends to play with. He and Magic are such good friends.

Yesterday was Alma's birthday. She is now 2 years old. She arrived here a year ago from Pennsylvania. 

We have thanks to give. We are so grateful for your compassion and support.
Marilyn/madisonpepper--Spoiled Rotten box contained  a variety of snackers, grooming glove and toys!
Christopher and Stephanie C--card and donation, 6 packets of Fancy Feast Broth, lots and lots of kitty toys, kitty snackers and a  toy scratch pad
Kathy/JustMe and Hamilton, Tootsie and Niffie--2 four packs of kitty snacker containers
Andrea W--a beautiful portrait of Ada Jane, done by Portraits by Wanda. Photo done by Pat. I love it and will get it framed and then it will hang on the ceiling in the Kitty Kabana.
Tigercat/54/Great Aunt Julie--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, big bag of Purina One
Nathan--an extra thanks as he is busy in his service to his country. Lots of snackers for the volunteers. 2 decorative tins full of assorted goodies.2 JW Cataction toys, 3 bags Greenies and Pill Pockets, Memory Foam pad
Tanya/Dutchy504--postcards & tourist guide of Edmonton Canada (very nice!), Coffee Crisp bars, Aero chocolate, potato chips with special taste for the volunteers, 100 rainbow loom bracelets and a bag of poptops for Kellen.
Jatcat--2 printer cartridges for the main printer
Carla M--card and Fiver Friday donation
LittleKat and Elaine, Alan B--card and donation
Rebecca R/Jackersgirl and her furbabies--birthday card for Alma and the birthday $5
Joyce C from MO--FIver Friday donation
Mary L from OH--card and donation
Clark and Jessie and rest of family!--birthday card for Alma and the birthday $5
Susan M/Macncheesemom from MA--donation to FFRC
Cindy Y from IN--Fiver Friday donation
Mike & Gwen R--FL and kitties Patches and Angel--coupons and Fiver Friday doantion
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation to FFRC
TerriW/twkitty from CA_-Fiver Friday donation, Scrip and Pawmart order too!
Paula A from OK--Valentine card and birthday card for Ada Jane
Jan M/floppyjan--birthday card for Ada Jane and the birthday $5
Deb/MyKatKat--valentine card
From All the Cats of FFRC--a wonderful valentine card and gift card for Jacci/Steve!!
Pam T/zoolove--a donation in honor of Alma's birthday and a donation for FFRC

In case you are wondering about the birthday $5's--we put these together and then purchase chicken, ground beef, ground turkey for all the cats. Steve cooks the beef/turkey up, drains it all and bags it to be passed out! The cats love it. 

We received another donation from Wal-Mart, in honor of Pat C's volunteer hours that she does for FFRC. She works at Wal-Mart and this is a nice thing they offer to their employees. She's been doing this for a few years. They send a donation every quarter. 

The Barnies are doing great. We still have the barn doors shut, mainly because of the very cold temperatures. Each day they are coming out more to cruise in the barn. They have big hay piles to climb and lots of space to be in. They are also using the litterpool which is very nice! Probably this week, we will open the doors during the day. They stay put when the doors are opened for the horses to go in and out! Shyla, the black cat, has taken up residence in the Feline Fieldhouse. 

We had a special box ad in the Crescent-News yesterday. This one honored Dove who was caught in a leg hold trap and brought to FFRC. She had her front left leg removed and also some of her toes on her front right foot. The lesson was that this did not have to happen. These traps are wicked and so hurtful. She is now in a wonderful home and well-loved. A month ago we did an ad on Coralie. 

The days are getting longer in daylight. This is the trigger that causes female cats to go into heat. We've had calls on 4 females yesterday that were in heat already. I was grateful they wanted the phone numbers of the low cost spay/neuter clinics. Please folks, grab an unneutered male or female and take it to your vet for their surgery. It will make a huge difference in the cat overpopulation problem. Now is the time to get started, before all those kittens are born into a world that does not have enough homes for them. Here are 2 area phone numbers:
HOPE in Fort Wayne, 260-420-7729
HUMANEOHIO in Perrysburg, 419-266-5607

Take care to everyone. Please..give your pets a special hug today. Jonah would like that. While our hearts are heavy with sadness at this loss, there is also much joy for having his life spent here at FFRC. Always, the wonderful-ness of a cat's presence in our lives outways the sadness of the loss. 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday, Feb. 21

We're back from the conference! It was a great learning experience. While this is always wonderful to keep learning, it's sure heavenly to get home too!  Between the 4 of us, we attended many classes.

Angie & Dawn S. went to 6 classes on essential oils for animals (covering many aspects of problems) and also 2 classes on feline inappropriate elimination and aggression.

Lynnette went to classes on sales tax and compliance, Current issues at the OVMLB, Infectious waste regulations, HR issues and How to Tackle them and On the Job Training Secrets

I went to Requirements for Pharmaceutical products & usage, Current safety Issues, Legal Dilemmas of Shelters, State Legislation & Shelters, Anesthetic Machines/Ventilators, Keeping Controlled drugs under Control, Feline Inappropriate Elimination and Nutritional management of Chronic Enteropathies.

We also visited the vendor floor with many of the companies that we deal with. We were able to order some new meds that will be helpful to us, ordered more "fun boxes" for our adoptions, checked into anesthetic machines (ours was purchased as a refurbished one 13 years ago), ordered some specialized cat foods, talked to company about testing products, etc.  All in all, it was an excellent conference.

We had 2 adoptions already this morning! Ike went to his new home. He had been adopted from here as a baby, lived in that home for 6 1/2 years and then had to be returned. His new mama loves him already and Ike was happy to get into the crate---I think he knew he'd be going to his new home!

Leopold also went to his new home in Michigan. He has a great new mom/dad and 2 cats at home to be friends with. So happy for Leopold!They also donated 2 big bags of cat/kitten food. Both families will post pictures! 

We have many thanks to give. This Rescue Center is always grateful!
Nona S from NY--coupons
Coralie P--donation in honor of Coralie!
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC
Donna E from TX--donation on behalf of niece Katie E and her beloved cat VooDoo
Judith M from NJ--donation in memory of Cozarelii
Carol G--donation to FFRC
Billie K--donation in memory of sweet Coz
Gusti--to help us with our conference journey
Sylvia D from UK--donation to FFRC in memory of Cozarelii
Brent T from Canada--donation in memory of Cozarelii
Carol G--donation to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Cozi.
Carla C from OR--donation in memory of sweet Coz
Deb J/bearmn--donation in memory of Cozarelii
Karen/kaseyann--donation in memory of Coz

Trucker started a new treatment plan yesterday. He will need to go 24 hours with no food. Poor baby. So far, he's doing ok. It's very probable that he has IBS. This is a very complicated diagnosis, as there are many layers to it. So......this is not an overnight success story. We will keep working with Trucker, with pleasure, because we love him. One of the classes I attended was on IBS. I've already chatted with our vet and we will continue on a plan. If this doesn't work, that's ok, there's more we can do. He's just an awesome cat and so so sweet to work with. I know his tummy must be uncomfortable at times. His heart is full of pure love for everyone.

It's snowing again. While many of us feel we've had enough, I know our New England friends have way more. We are just getting itchy to start our new compound and building for the Porchies and Covies. The good news is that the fence is ordered! So happy about this. And we've given the ok to Dion, our builder for the 16 x 24 building. We are first on his spring list--but to do the concrete, the round must be thawed. Hmmmmm, maybe we can go out and thaw the ground with some salamanders!!

Big thanks to Brownie Troop #20512. They are working on their Pet Badge and stopped in this morning to bring 3 cat pillows and 3 cat toys that they made themselves. We appreciate this!

What's royal blue and purple? Our two different t-shirts that have our FFRC logo and the Slogan on it! This coming week, we will be getting them ready to sell! We really like the quality of these shirts and are excited about it. More info soon! 

We weighed Rebecca yesterday. She is now at 2.01. A long distance from her brothers, but slowly slowly gaining weight. I thank Peggy for caring for her. 

Who are the 2 kittens still here whose mama was Smallisha?  Scott & Tammy
What is Jarvis's very very favorite toy?   a tiny yarn ball---he has to have it every day!
Who likes to climb up high and then meow for help?    Vernon
Who was the very first Covie cat?   Jonah
Which Covie cat needs a job to pay for her cell phone useage?!  Sevaun
Which Porchie cat has a second home with a neighbor?   Azar
Which cat has a white tip tail?    Honor
What cat has a green collar with fish on it?      Coralie

Take care all and have a wonderful weekend!  Right now I have 4 cats on my desk--Honor, Scott, Camvi and Trucker! They are all sweetly tucked in together and napping. What an already wonderful weekend! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday, Feb. 17

I have some sad news to share with you folks. We lost a dear cat friend this morning. Cozarelii passed away. These things are always so difficult for me to tell. Coz was fine when I came out at 4:30 am. I saw him out and about. About 5:10, I went to the back Thumper's Room and he was there on a rug, unresponsive. Both Lisa and I petted him. I then put him in a pen. My plan was to hurry and finish feeding breakfast to everyone and then by that time, I'd be able to call our vet. Unfortunately, he passed away pretty quickly. His front feet were warm, his back feet were like ice. Coz had a severe heart murmur. My thought is that he probably threw a cardiac embolism (clot). This is the worry with severe heart murmurs. Regardless, our Cozi is gone but he passed peacefully and quietly. I thank the volunteers and all of you for caring about this sweet boy. He arrived here just 2 years ago. 

Tomorrow, Angie, Dawn S, Lynnette and myself will be going to Columbus for the OVMA conference. Lots of educational classes. We will split up and take classes that we personally would like to attend. We will arrive home sometime late Friday afternoon. The volunteers will do an awesome "job" while I'm gone, as they always do! 

While I will be at the conference, I will do very little computer work. Please, go lightly on the emails for me! That will help! Thanks!

We had some wonderful news last night at our FIVER FRIDAY celebration. It was indeed an evening of celebration. I am so deeply appreciative of the support that FFRC receives. We went into the evening, knowing we had $15,678.40.  After getting the last paypals/checks added in, we arrived at $19,245.20.  BillyPogo made a significant donation to top it up with $800. Jobear also gave a donation to top up.  So.........the final count is $20,095.20. We had 501 participants, which is so amazing!  If I somehow missed your name, I'm extremely sorry. Please let me know. I feel very honored and humbled by this show of support. My thanks to you all. My promise is to use every single penny wisely and to the max.

Ada Jane ate like she was starving yesterday. What a joy to see her gobble up the food. Jonah is still inside and seems to be enjoying himself. Thomas has not had a seizure in the last week, but has had several of his "episodes". These are the 3 cats that are top of our "watch list". 

We have about 5 families looking seriously at cats/kittens right now. I believe, on Saturday, we possibly may have 2 adoptions. Today, Marmalade and Sunnie J will be adopted together. They will be going into a home that is quiet--with a mom/dad and 2 young adults still at home. Sounds like a nice atmosphere for these two cats! Ike is also on hold and will be leaving Saturday morning.

Yambilu is doing good. Her ears are healing. Brea's ears also are looking better. Both of these kittens had frostbite on the outer part of their ears. Jarvis is a nut---plain and simple. We love his fun ways. He is now very attached to these small pompom balls that he carries around quite often. Tabitha is so smart. She knows how to use her head to figure things out. She's a fun girl to watch as she plays with her toys. 

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you all.
Pam T--pair of purple Sloggers for me to weather the outdoors in!  Special thanks!
Mary & Bill C, lurkers from MN--kitty snackers, Friskies cans, 10 rolls of 2 inch scotch tape, container of catnip
Beth/eaglewatcher--box of Quaker Variety Pack of Chewy bars, box of Lorna Dunes cookies, 10 jugs of Odo Ban, 2 boxes of Bugles treats for the volunteers.  Thanks for helping us with the people snackers!
NYCKitty45--2 of the 12 packs of Woolzies Balls for our dryers
Donna/Knittinkitten--3 of the 3D cat face print purses---these are just so cute!
Janet B and Alleycat--From the Vermont Country Store: 2 bags of choclate covered fish gummy candy , 2 bags sugar free hard candy
LJ323--2 bags Sunkist Fruit Gems, 4 cans chicken, 2 cans clams, 3 bags kitty snackers and 12 wonderful kitty scarves in all colors!! Big thanks!
Neil & Jean S--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

We also had a special recognition to Kathy/JustMe as this is the beginning of her retirement! Her place of employment sent a donation in her honor! Congratulations, Kathy!

Yes, the new t-shirts are in. They are a royal blue and a purple. Sometime soon when we get back from the conference and settled back in, we will get started on them! 

Keep an eye on our Defiance Crescent News for this Sunday. It'll have a box ad in it in regards to DOVE and her story.  She lost a leg and some toes on her other front leg due to a leg hold trap. About 3-4 weeks ago, we told Coralie's story. We are trying to increase people's awareness and concern for these things. 

Take care to everyone during this time of great weather problems. Stay warm and safe. You all are very wonderful! Give your kitty and other pets a special hug today, in memory of our Cozi. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday, Feb. 15

We're gonna have a party!  We're gonna have a party! Cats and humans are excited. I can't hardly wait! Come join the fun. At 5:30 in the evening on Monday, we will do BOXES.  As soon as BOXES are over, we will have our Celebration of Fiver Friday, including an announcement of the final GRAND TOTAL.  

I want to extend my apologies for not getting all the emails done Friday. I was overwhelmed with emails/paypals. A wonderful, wonderful thing! I kept working the computer as fast as I could, but come time to do our last Announcement for the day, there were still many emails yet to take off.  I'm so sorry, but a good "problem" to have! 

If, when we are done and you did not get a thank you from me by email, let me know. There were 3 times I had to stop printing because the printer over-heated!  lol   So, I might've lost an email or two in the process. 

Saturday a friend, Chris and I went to the Cat Show, so no computer time until mid afternoon. We had a very nice time at the Cat Show. Didn't have such a great time coming home though. The little snow we got was kicked up fiercely by the wind. White outs and slippery roads were there off and on all the way home. I was so thankful to get back safely. Chris also made it home safely. We saw many different cat breeds and lots of cat vendors. And.....I didn't come home with a cat! Brought home a few toys though. 

Saturday evening and Sunday morning was spent taking the remainder e-mails from the computer. What excitement! I cannot wait to share all the news! Here's a run-down of Fiver Friday. 

4 am            $1,550
6 am            $1,725
8 am            $2,480
10 am          $3,682
Noon           $4,462
2 pm            $6,452
4 pm            $12,505.40  **We had an additional donation to boost this.  More below!
6:00 pm      $13,930.40
8:00  pm     $15,678.40

We have a plan. A mighty great plan! And we're excited. We shared this at Fiver Friday with everyone. As many of you know, we have had some of our Covies mysteriously disappearing on their Run-Abouts, only to show back up 5-7 days later. Enough to cause such stress here. We have been so so worried.  As soon as spring has arrived, we will set a date for our new Fencing Compound Project. This project is: an almost 500 foot fence going around a very large area with the Cat's Cove and FieldHouse enclosed inside. The Porchie Haven will be moved over to this Compound too! AND.....a real building so we no longer have to move the Covies up for winter. They can wander around anytime they want to. They can be in the Cove, they can go in Porchie Haven, they can go in the heated new building---whatever and whenever they want too! This will be for the Covies and the Porchies! We must think of their safety! As soon as the ground is thawed, Dion will be pouring the concrete. We will try and do the entire compound in one weekend--we may have big hopes though! More info later, but this will get the idea across to everyone! 

The cost for the fence, which is by Purrfect Fence and made for cats and other animals is wonderful. The cost, with our vet discounts, our multiple roll discount and because they like rescues, will come to $3,916.75. We have a viewer friend, LJ who is covering this cost! I am deeply grateful. Please, when you see her, send out an extra thanks to her! I am beyond overwhelmed by the whole Fiver Friday!  Please also send a special thanks to Deb11111 for her extra donation for Fiver Friday. 

The cost for the new building is $14,452. There will be plenty of room for the 16 Covies and 12 Covies as the size will be 16 x 24. 

I am tremendously grateful for each and every single donation made for Fiver Friday. As you know, the main goal was to help us with the many items that we need to cover that are above what we receive for BOXES. Things like insurance, syringes, monthly flea prevention, all the vaccinations, antibiotics, surgical supplies, utility bills, sewer bills, cleaning supplies, disinfecting floor cleaner, FIV/leukemia tet kits, Giardia test kits--just lots and lots of items. This FIver Friday sets my mind to ease. I am humbled beyond belief at your support. 

Thanks too for Yankeechick who provided a scrumptious lunch for us on Friday. And Zoolove had a very delicious beautifully decorated cake delivered to us on Friday. We were spoiled rotten! 

And to top it off, we still have thanks to give! We had BOXES THursday evening.
Laura/Medic 101--case of Fancy Feast
Pat, our THursday volunteer--snackers, baby food and her craft items for Paw-Mart
Faithy & BObby--case of Whiskas packets
Wayne B--24 big cans of chicken
Shelly H from MI--More FFRC kitty Mouse pads--they are wonderful
Judi R from FL--4 cans of chicken, 21 cans of Fancy Feast, 6 kitty snackers
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--Happy Valentines for the volunteers!  2 cans of Moose Munch Gourmet Popcorn from Harry & David. YUM
Tabbycat--case of Girl Scout peanut butter cookies--they're  already shamelessly being devoured!
Schinn/Susan with Cleo & Ralph--valentines card with a donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund.
Eleanor G from NJ--donation to FFRC
Pat & Ellen, volunteers--donation to sponsor Farrah and a portion of their sales.

Chris, who I went to the Cat Show with, made her annual donation to FFRC, in memory of her Joey who passed away many years ago. I thank you, Chris. 

**IMPORTANT** I would like everyone to know this. Lilies can kill cats. Please be extra cautious. Some are so potent to cats, that even inhaling the pollen can make them very sick and can cause death. I know a cat that died last night from lightly biting once into a lily plant. Two common lilies are the Easter Lily and the Stargazer. Just please, be extra cautious, especially when Easter comes. Keep your cats safe. 

I love this little thought:  (author unknown)
Cats come into our lives to teach us about love,
they depart to teach us about loss.
A new cat never replaces an old cat,
It merely expands the heart. 
If you have loved many cats,
Your heart is likely to be very big.

A big discussion was had yesterday that I found very interesting. What is a friend? A friend can mean so many things. It can be someone who knows you so very well and still cares with the whole heart. Usually the words "respect", "loyalty" and "honesty" come up. These are key parts of forming a friendship that is trustworthy. These may be considered the backbone of friendships. A friend doesn't play mind-games. They are there for you ..... just because!   A friend has your back, one who cares about you no matter what, one who defends you, comes to your aid and listens to you. It's a relationship that is formed where both sides feel "safe" with one another. It's a great thing! I feel our FFRCNation speaks volumes about friendships. 

Life is too short for negative drama and petty things. So laugh, love truly and enjoy your friends and family! See you tomorrow at the Celebration of Fiver Friday! 

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday, Feb. 12

Tomorrow is our big Fiver Friday! We hope to make it fun for you, while letting you know more of what goes on here at FFRC. 

Ada Jane so enjoyed her birthday! All the cards, well wishes, extra good treats and food---made for a great day for her. She's doing good this week. Is eating pretty well!  Rebecca is hanging in there. She's gained 2 ounces but is still half the size of her siblings. She's trying though. She's a real sweetie and takes her syringe feedings very nicely.

We had BOXES last night. We are vrey thankful for your kindness
Pam T/Zoolove--Book: I Could Pee on That and other Stories. Valentines Happy Birthday to Ada Jane and a donation for snackers, 4 sets of wonderful sheets for Kitty Kastle
KnittenKitten/Donna H--2 great kitty purses
Wayne B from CA--12 cans Mackerel & 12 cans sardines
Cessna & Wayne--lots of cans of Tuna, Sardines and Mackerel! 
Kerswill--Extra long pipe cleaners for adoption bags, Tuxie microwave warm up kitty!, K-Kups Rescue Roast Coffee, Puzzle for Amy, Box tops/Pop tabs for Kellen/Caryn, Snackers for Volunteers for Valentine's Day, salmon, tuna and snackers for kitties, thank you notes/posties
Diana from S.A.--ten of the best scoopers anywhere!
Bruce S--donation in memory of Gerry S.
Mary Alice W.--donation in memory of Gerry S.
Macncheesemom/Susan M--card with donation for the 11 new cats coming in
LostGirl--card for Valentine's Day
From all the cats here--sent a wonderful Valentine Card to me!
Neuromom Sherri & David--Valentine Card and a Seymour Card * Fiver Friday donation
Jessie & Clark--2 wonderful packs of Fives for Fiver Friday! Love these 2 kitties!
Lynn & Gary from SC--note with donation
Maria S/Snoopybaby--birthday card for Ada Jane and a donation
Diane D from MI--Fiver Friday donation
Mark S--2 BIG bags of Precious Cat Litter--thanks--we used them this morning! 
Tracy L--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Judith M from NJ--donation in honor of Ada Jane's 20th birthday
Nelly W from NC--donation for Ada Jane's 20th birthday for treats for her & friends
Adrian and Patch and Malcolm--donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday for snackers
FaithyMD and Bobby--2 pairs kitty slippers, purse, 2 rose throws, coupons and a bag of pop tops for Kellen
Domingo F--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

We had an adoption yesterday! Our young Noble went to his new home. The really neat thing about this is that he picked his mama! She came here for the second time with an open heart and Noble grabbed her! I've already heard from her and she said Noble is doing wonderful! I've also heard from Soon-Ja's new family. All is well and happy. Soon-Ja is already sleeping with her little girl at night!

What does Magic like best?  There's 3 things---his own tail that he chases, the squeaky bird toy hanging from the ceiling and the third is Trucker's tail! Trucker is so patient with him. I just love that Solee girl. When you sit on the floor, she backs up to you so you can scratch her back! 

The Covies were out running this past Sunday and Tuesday. Their next run-around is Friday. We always bring Jonah inside during this time just because of his age. The others stroll in and out of Kitty City all day long, but have all been coming back 100% when the supper call goes out.  We have a big surprise coming in regards for the Porchies and Covies. The BIG NEWS will be told during the Fiver Friday! We are so excited! 

We will have another adoption tomorrow--about 4:00-4:30. Bounty will be going to her new home. This kitten was born to purr! She loves everyone and everything.

Yambilu is sure coming around--so sweet and has a good purrer. Right now, there's a nuthatch on the feeder attached to the window of the purple office. There's about 6 cats checking it out. I can't wait for spring to be able to get those windows open!

Take care to everyone. It's so nice to see the friendly chat on the cam, the nice remarks and feedback on the facebook. I can always feel your smiles. Thanks for caring!  

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday, Feb. 10

Trucker's box came!  It's here! And we've begun his new treatment. This particular treatment is for Treatment Resistant Diarrhea in Cats.  That definitely would be Trucker. We'll keep you all posted. Trucker's already had his run in the house for the morning--he loves it. Chirps, meows, does so many vocals while he's running around!

Ike is out and about in the Main Area. He finally came up 2 days ago, spent his first day watching things from the Kitty Campus Room. Now, he's relaxed and is even enjoying the Kitty Kabana Room. Ike is really a very nice boy.

Bender is laying here beside me--truly takes up my whole desk top---I love it. He so loves his belly rubbed. NeMoo--remember when she first came in, she wasn't so sure about the other kittens? She's doing so good now--is playing and running with them. 

We had 2 adoptions yesterday! First to leave was Chauncey. He went to a home with 2 young boys that love cats. Then Soon-Ja left for her new home. She went to a home with a young girl. Two good, happy homes!  More coming up!

Happy Birthday to Ada Jane. Today she is 20 years old. We have had her here in the Rescue Center for 10 years. Ada Jane has always been a gentle soul. She had a couple birthday cards this morning. All the cats enjoyed an extra yummy treat of chicken, in her honor. Ada Jane enjoyed it too. 

We had BOXES last night---many many thanks!
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54--socks, socks!! Socks for Steve!  and 2 large kitty beds that we already are using for the cats!
Anonymous Friend--tub of Temptation Snackers
LostGirl--15 bags of a variety of Snackers
Gina/Catlvr14--Vintage Ripple Fan Afghan 54 x 70 and a matching kitty blanket that is 25 x 20. Pop tabs for Kellen and 3 bags of snackers
Brooke who is visiting--case of Fancy Feast, snackers, 2 pole toys, stuffed rat, catnip ball, toys & a kickaroo. For Valentine's Day--a red bucket filled with goodies & a Teddy Bear!
Nona--12 cans of Salmon, 12 cans of Chicken
Jayne M from OH--donation in memory of Gerry S.
CindyM1--Valentines card and note with 2 coupons and a donation to use with the coupons!
Kelly & Penny--card and donation in memory of Gerry S
Trudi S from Bryan--donation for FFRC
Melissa L from NY--donation for FFRC
Judy & Phil L from OH--donation to FFRC in honor of Ada Jane's birthday
Geremy K from WI--donation in honor of Ada Jane's birthday
Billie K from TX--donation in honor of the 20th birthday of Ada Jane's
Nancy R from IN--donation in honor of Ada's Jane's special 20
Kathy M from MN--donation in honor of Ada Jane's 20th birthday
Ju-in-ji--donation to FFRC for Ada Jane's birthday
Selena and Scott H from IN--donation to FFRC in honor of Ada Jane
Yankeechick/Terese--is donating a lunch for Valentine's Day on Fiver Friday and a special treat for the cats!

The sample T-shirts are here!  We love them! The front has our logo on them. The back says:
FFRC Nation
Many Countries
One Heart
One Mission
One Nation
They come in a royal blue and a purple. Lettering is white. We will have sizes small to 4XLG. They are of good quality. More info later! 

Seymour continues to do good. He loves to run from the Welcome Room Office to the back Thumper's Room. He has come up to the Main Area twice today, but then goes to the door to go in the back again. He's having fun!  It's so interesting to me how the siblings Anne Shirley, Triumph and Mogo play so much together and nap together. Scott has shed out one of his 2 white whiskers--the one on the bottom. He did this before and they came back white. We'll see what happens this time!

Felicity and Milo just trotted by--they love to bird watch. August is playing with Leopold. Rebecca ate a pretty good breakfast today by herself. Tammy is walking around with a coil toy in her mouth--I think Paddy Cake taught her this trick. And here comes Nelson with a coil spring in his mouth too!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday, Feb. 8

Oops--wait--can't get started yet. Here comes Coralie. Almost every time I sit at the desk, here she comes! She wants in the lap, with her head on the left side, a cushie under her and positioned just right so she can put her paws on the key board! She's not fussy at all!

It's 40 degrees today--a heat wave for us! We have the windows open for fresh air. The cats are enjoying it. We have 5 1/2 weeks until it's Spring--we're on the countdown! 

We had 2 adoptions on Friday! Caleb and Norton went to their new home together. These two kittens were already loved even before going out the door! We have several other cats on hold--Bounty, Soon-Ja, Nelson and Chauncey.

We had a cat returned. Rita arrived yesterday with Seymour. I want to say this--this was a huge act of love and unselfishness on Rita's part. She felt that Seymour was not happy--he wanted to just stay in the bathroom and not participate with anything. He seemed sad to her. So, he is back and very welcomed. It was very interesting--when Rita put him on the floor, he immediately scampered around, went to the door to the front part and wanted to join right in! We told him he needed to wait a bit. This morning he is now in the Main Area. He's eaten a good breakfast and has been lounging on the Kuranda Towers. 

We have some thanks to give!
Donnajb--donation to help with the new 11 barn cats that will be arriving this week
Lois/lannml---donation in honor of Ada Jane's 20th b-day this week! 

We appreciate our lurkers and chatters! We realize many of these friends have a connection---they are also Decorah Eagle friends!  FFRC has made a donation to Decorah Eagles in honor of our mutual friends. 

Please check out our updated Paw-Mart FFRC Store in our website! It's not completely done yet but close! We have many new items! The website is:   We have listened to you, our supporters, as to different items you like! 

We are eagerly awaiting a box for Trucker! It comes from a company that works with cats that have chronic diarrhea. Their success rate is 97%  Trucker will put their products to the test. We are also feeding him foods that has less grain in it. We don't give up easy, do we, Trucker?! He's trying his bestest to get to that point where his stools are firm! 

Remember to mark your calendar for Friday---our Fiver Friday day. We've been working on it here! It'll start as early as I can make it happen and go off and on all day long. We'll keep it going into the late evening. Periodic chart updates of the donations will be given. Lots of cats bits & pieces of info will be shown. Thank you tabs with the donors names on them will be put onto our display board. Lunch will be provided for everyone here. There will be explanations of what the donations are used for. A few stories will be read. Lots of action, appreciation and fun will be had. Extra awesome thank you cards will be sent to the donors! Come join the fun and be a Fiver Friday donator! 

As you know, Ada Jane has a birthday coming up--it's Tuesday! This wonderful girl will be 20. We love her so. It's a fact she has been struggling a bit this past week. We are keeping close tabs on her. We are giving her much love and anything that she will eat. She truly knows she is top-cat here! 

Oops--now Trucker is demanding his time. He wants in the house....again....and right now! He has many 5-minute sprees of whipping around inside. That boy can fly! 

Today the snow melted enough I could see Putter's gravestone. Sure miss that boy. I can hear his message---be kind--be kind to one another. It's a simple choice to make! It will make your heart happy. 


Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday, Feb. 6

I love looking around at all the cats here. It's quite amazing to me. Just like when you have a roomful of people--we're all so different from one another--and that's a wonderful thing. It's like that with the cats and kittens too. They each have their own personalities! And that's why, when we have an adoption, I love it when people really figure out the personalities--which one would make a good match. It gives me great joy when the new family calls me and lets me know that all is well. The bottom line is to find wonderful, loving homes for these cats and kittens where they become a family member!

We had BOXES last night and also the night before! I am so very thankful for your support, which gives me twofold things---the gift itself and the support it means. Thank you.
Pat, our Thursday evening vol--delivered 75 cans kitty food & litter and doggie snackers/food from Wal-Mart, where she works. So nice of her.
Julie P-2 cases baby food
Eaglewatcher/Beth--For Trucker--case of Canidae, case of canned venison & a bag of dry venison grain free
Laura/Medic101--case of Fancy Feast
Cheryl L/momreadz from PA, with Brotherman, Buggy and BooBoo Binkins--14 wonderful crocheted Catghans--for all to share, scratcher board and a crinkle tunnel
Phylis B/kittiesmom with Emmie & Buddy--Valentine card with note & donation
John & Suzanne C from FL--kitty card with note and donation
Vinnie in Cleveland OH--birthday card for Ada Jane's 20th birthday on the 10th
Sev, our mod--Happy Birthday Valentine for THomas with a poem.
Donnajb--4-40 lbs bags Precious kittylitter, Katmandu Bonito Flakes, Crazy cat toys, highlighters, tape, rainbow paper, paper clips
Joco-JoAnn--tube socks for Steve!, very funny pictures for Dr. Darcy!, and Puffcorn for all-super delicious!
Scott & Cathy/svcathy--kitty snackers, bonito flakes, 12 cans chicken, Lysol wipes
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--box of Apple Cider k-cups
Susan L from OR--cat grass, catnip, snackers, Sheba can food, kitty brush and lots of toys
June K--2 lg bottles L-Lysine
Zoolove--tube socks for Steve!
Gossamer--brown fuzzy poof (that Ratchet promptly claimed!), case of variety of kitty can foods
Billie K--cans of Tuna, chicken and sardines-yum!
Susan345--2 cases of Dixie hot/cold cups & lids
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Bobby & Faithy--6 cans chicken
Kelly R/littleonemine--2 red soft kitty beds, q-tips, postie notes, 2 inch tape, lots of variety of can food, leopard blankie & a pink blankie, passport welcome rug, a rock for our garden! and a special scratch/play pad for Coralie
Emma--day visitor--Fresh Step litter, cans of tuna and chicken

We also had some PayPals come in!
Hallie G--for a monthly donation
Janet M--for a monthly donation
Debbie/lostgirl from NJ--donation to help with the 11 incoming barn cats
Kelley F from TX--donation for FFRC
Renee C from Canada--donation for FFRC
Arden & Charmaine from IN--donation to help with the new barn cats
Julie A from CA--donation to help with Trucker's medical bills
Shannan W--for a monthly donation

Next week our Barnie population will grow. A man who has had some of life's hard knocks, needs to place his 11 barn cats. These are not ordinary barn cats, but friendly cats who even know their names. We will start them out in the big red barn, We will close the doors so they can figure out the barn before we turn them loose on the farmyard. I hope they all become comfortable and find the various barns to their liking. 

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. Murphy and Columbus are now residents of Chicago! They went to a wonderful new mama and dad. We've already received some pictures and the two kitties sure look very happy already! We've also heard from the different families that adopted Jemima, Betra and Mr. G.  Sounds like all is well and going smoothly!

Every once in a while I like to remind folks of this---if there has been an error in anything that has happened with you, in regards to purchases made, emails, anything, please feel free to email me about it. 

A special thanks to 2 anonymous friends who donated a sleeper sofa to FFRC, to be used in the Kitty Kastle! It's beautiful! On Wednesday, Ken's Furniture pulled again into the parking lot! What an awesome surprise. I understand that Ken's Furniture pulled out all stops in trying to help these two FFRC friends to be able to make this possible. We're thrilled. It fits beautifully in Kitty Kastle. Thank you to our friends and to Ken's Furniture!

Some of you might remember Fiver. He was a little kitten that arrived here with a mama and his siblings. He arrived here on July 11, 2012. Poor little fella had a terrible eye injury from glass that happened during a bad storm. Unfortunately he passed away shortly after eye surgery. He represented a lot to us. A little kitten that arrived in sad shape, left this world way too soon, but was happy, full bellied and with a full heart. This next Friday, we will have a Fiver Friday. This is a fundraiser to help FFRC while heading into the spring season which means kitten season. We are hoping that, if you are able, you can donate a fiver, a $5.00 to FFRC on 2/13. If you'd like to mail it in, you can do this early, but please mark the envelope Fiver Friday. This will be a day long event. The entire day will be designated Fiver Friday. Starting early, PayPals will be checked. We will continue to check our PayPals often. Every 2 hours or so, we will come to the cam, announce our total, which we will keep track of on a chart, for the entire day! We will also put a note up to represent your donation (name only, not amount) and keep showing that throughout the day.  You'll hear the full story of Fiver. You'll hear about many of our monthly bills that we have and where our money goes. The donors will also receive in the mail, a special Valentine thank you from different FFRC cats. It'll be a busy, fun, exciting day. Please join us! Fiver Friday--Feb. 13, Friday--all day!

Yambilu is doing better and better. She is getting braver and more sure of herself. Her ears with the frostbite seems to be healing a bit each day. Ike still hasn't emerged from the Thumper Rooms---he has no interest (yet) of coming into the Main Area. We're still waiting! Magic spends some of his days in the Main Area, some of the time taking naps in his pen. Hensley is using his litterbox! We want this to be a firm habit of his, so we still place him in his pen several times a day, just as a reminder. For a kitten that never used it before, he's doing really great. And such a sweet love he is. He has that generous personality, like Vernon. 

We are expecting Addison to go to his new home this weekend. Also Caleb and Norton will be leaving this late afternoon. These are three wonderful kittens, finding their new homes. 

There must be a big meeting in the Kitty Kabana---I just saw 7 cats go walking in there, one after the other! I best go.....need to see what the scoop is! 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuesday, Feb. 3

What a wonderful raffle! Thank you all for making it a success! First, we had a box to open! Thanks to SonJa, our moderator for the bunches of kitty snackers---for SonJa and friends! As you said--gotta have those snackers!

Then we did the Raffle! It was fun, extremely helpful to FFRC and worth a few laughs!
A--Afghan Winter Sky--won by BeanMN   (51 tickets)
B--Porsche Jacket--won by Lannml (42 tickets)
C--Mink Blanket--won by Luvtheanimals (69 tickets)
D--African Flowers Afghan--won by Kaseyann/Karen (67 tickets)
E--Jade Pineapple Afghan--won by Macncheesemom (46 tickets)
F--Cabin in the Woods Afghan--won by Gisa Zig  ( 51 tickets)
H--The Story of Us Book--won by Quinceysmom (231 tickets!!)   
Total:  $3,380.

Big thanks to Donnajb, Keiko, Nikka, Joco and FloppyJan for topping off the total for the Raffle! Our Grand Total for the Raffle was $3,610.  I am grateful. I even heard a cat cheer going up, led by Derecho for all the support! I promised Trucker, who was asking so politely, that a little chicken snack would be given! 

We also had Consolation Prizes. Those that won are: Jimmy, Anonymous Friend, RaspberryJam, Eaglewatcher, Debbie Joh, MadisonPepper, Joco, Kathy3103, Ron Rob, Frandavis16, Missyhoho, Joanna Bal, Newfiedogmom and Donnajb! Many thanks. 

I can hardly contain myself! Yeah for Hensley!  He has now pooed and peed several times in the litterbox! What exciting news! It's still a work in progress, but we're going in the right direction. Today we should receive a different medicine for Trucker that Dr. Darcy wants to try. As soon as it arrives, we will start it. We probably will not have a surgery date this month. 

NOW is the time to spay/neuter those cats and kittens that did not get done last year. Please.....don't wait much longer. Next month is spring--days are already getting longer. Cats will start back up in heat in March and presto---kittens galore. This is a universal problem---too many babies. You truly can play an important part in saving lives. Every single intact cat that you spay/neuter is a life-saver. 

As you know, our area got a huge amount (for us!) of snow on Sunday. I heard on the news that we received 13 inches. Schools were closed Monday, delayed today. Our parking lot is now plowed and roads are plowed but slick and ice-packed. The farm animals are doing great--lots of extra care has been given to them. We were short of help on Sunday and a bit on Monday too. Elizabeth stayed here for 2 nights to fill in. Extra big thanks--a huge amount of help! 

Ike is doing good. He's still shy but is slowly gaining his confidence. Yambilu is wonderful--loves to purr and to be petted. Won't be much longer until Yambilu is out in the Main Area. Great news--we asked Magic if he could lay very very quietly for a blood draw. He's grown just enough on those crooked legs, that I could pull down on them a little. Presto--got enough blood to do his Leukemia/FIV/Heartworm test and it is negative!! Whew!

I'd like to say a special thanks to Joni and Pat B for the wonderful pictures and videos that they put on our facebook pages.  I've had so many people comment how it makes them feel more connected to FFRC. 

This is our OVMA conference month. Angie, Lynnette and I will be going late afternoon on Feb. 18 and we will return in the afternoon on the 20th.  This will allow us to attend a full day of classes on Thursday and also Friday morning. Some of the classes I'd like to attend are on Pharmaceutical Requirements, State Legislation for Shelters/Rescues, Compassion Fatigue, Feline Inappropriate Elimination, Ohio's Infectious Waste Regulations, Zoonotic Ascarid Ova. 
There are so so many wonderful classes to take! Never enough time!

The cats are exhausted--it's hard work watching all the birds at the feeders. Right now there are 7 cats at the window in the Front Office. All the chirping going on is wonderful! Unelma just strolled by--she has been playing with toys! So nice to see. Enjoy your Tuesday! 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday, Feb. 1

Welcome to Hensley and Yambilu.  Hensley arrived from North Carolina and was brought here by two volunteers. He's about 5-6 months old, a grey/brown tiger. Very very sweet. He is a kitten with moderate CH. We had him out and about last night in the back Thumper's Room--he really likes Trucker and Magic and was playing. 

Yambilu, pronounced yam-bee-lou is a name from Name a Cat and it means Heart. He was found at a volunteer's friends' place of work. Yambilu arrived a bit hungry, dirty and very needy. He loves to be petted and hugged. He had his bubble bath and looks squeaky clean now. He has a tiny sore on the back of his ankle, but other than that, he is in good condition. Yambilu will lay on his back and wiggle his way towards you to be petted!

Our Mr. G was adopted yesterday. His new mama saw him as soon as she arrived. Lots of petting, then she proceeded to pet all the other cats, but ended back with Mr. G.  He was soaking it all up! I've seen 3 pictures already of him in his new home--looks like a happy boy already! 

We had quite a few visitors yesterday--hopefully some of these will results in more adoptions! The people that want to visit and see Columbus will be here Weds. They will spend the night and leave Thursday morning. They are interested in adopting two kittens! Addison will be leaving on Sunday. 

Ike is doing pretty good.  He's still not ready to make that step into the Main Area, so we will continue to be patient with him. He's a handsome guy. He sure loves to be petted.

As many of you know, we are expecting quite a snowstorm today. It's already begun and to continue snowing all day. Last night, a big check was done on all the Barnies--their food dishes are full, warm can food was given and their heat lamps are on. The Covies and Porchies are all snug. The Covies have already been told they won't get their "out and about" today---too much weather today.  Shyla, the cat that likes to stay in the open Feline Fieldhouse is all snug--blankies fluffed and dry food refilled. The ducks, geese, chickens and peacocks got extra feed last night. The lean-to for the donkey and goats has fresh straw in it. The baby bunnies are happy and dry and protected. Horses will be out for only an hour today--have to be careful because there's a little ice under the snow. Wilson took a fall the other day--he's ok, but not a good thing to have happen. 

We did BOXES yesterday early afternoon. We are always so thankful for your support.
Billie K--4 cans salmon, Bumble Bee
Pam T/zoolove--big container of Temptations Tumblers
Donnajb1951--we were out of volunteer snackers, but no longer!  Austin cookies and cracker, Frito Classic Mix Pack, apple juice boxes and a Nabisco variety pack--big thanks!  Also a tub of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, spring toys, 4 cat teaser toys, 3 big Mr. Clean, 2 dozen kitty snackers
Michelle/Callie &Frank/Harry--4 gallons of bleach and of vinegar
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation for FFRC
Carmel & Geoff S from Australia--donation to FFRC
Pauletta/badwolfnc from NC--donation to FFRC, in honor of Angelface52
Eric (moderator) & Carrie--cans of chicken, salmon, tuna and kippers. Also doggie snackers, kitty snackers and volunteer snackers! 

A big thanks to all of you who purchase Amazon items thru FFRC--we received a payment of $705.31 from Amazon! How wonderful. 

I'd like to say a big thanks to Kathy/JustMe. She sure surprised me two days ago! A van pulled into the parking lot, from Ken's Furniture, bringing to our Kitty Kastle, a brand new mattress and boxsprings. Wonderful! So so comfortable! This is a "pay it forward" gift from Kathy. Thanks too to Angie for helping with the details of this. Ken's Furniture is a wonderful business here in town and worked hard to help Kathy with this gift. If you'd like, please send a thank you to   I also mentioned on cam, that I will do an act of "pay it forward" to help someone. Thanks, Kathy!  I'm grateful.

Our raffle is still on! 5 beautiful afghans, 1 mink blanket, 1 Porsche men's jacket and the awesome FFRC book of CH cats! Tickets are $5.00. BOXES will be 5:30 Monday evening and the Raffle will be at 6:00 pm.   Come join the fun. Of course, we will have consolation prizes too!

When you see our admins and mods, please give a special thanks to them---they all work so hard for FFRC.  I am grateful for them. It's peaceful here. Chauncey and Leopold are tussling together. Tammy is asleep on my desk. Coralie is in my lap. Zelda is right close to me. Rebecca is playing and feeling so much better. Caleb and Sunnie J are playing footsie together. The snow is falling and is so pretty. Time to go in and spend time with my house kitties. Have a great day.