Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tuesday, September 29

Froggy is awesome---he got himself scooted over to his own plate of food this morning--he is so determined. Sometimes people look at a cat (or any creature) like this and think because of the level of his "disability" that he doesn't think for himself. How wrong is that! Yes, physically he struggles, but not mentally--that boy is thinking all the time! And if you were to ask Froggy if he has a "disability", he'd probably answer a big firm NO!

Iams Company is coming still this week, but the days have changed. It's now Thursday and Friday. I believe we are ready for them. Very excited about these two projects. 

We had BOXES last night for which I want to send out a big thanks for.
Arden & CHarmaine--4 cases of Friskies & 40 lbs of Precious kitty litter
Deb11111--8 trays of Appetizers!
Joco/JoAnn C--2 more trays of baby food
Luvtheanimals--Hammock scratcher, Peek & Prize toy with 3 extra balls, 3 bags of Greenies
Zoolove--2 cases Fancy Feast, case of Friskies, 5 bags Precious Kitty Litter and a cute book: Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed!
JustMe with Niffie, Tootsie & Hamilton--for a Raffle--Peace Music Box & a Peace doormat--both are beautiful
Jatcat from CA--bottle of Recovery SA powder for the breakfast mix
Judy & Phil--20 jars baby food, potty bags, 3 boxes with cat food
LostGirl/Debbie--Odoban (saved me a trip to Ft. Wayne!)
Jean K, visitor--lg bag of dry cat food, 10 cans of Friskies
Ron & Barb W from VA--donation to FFRC
Ryan & Whitney/Whitster from OH--married on 9/26. In honor of the guests at their weeding, both made a donation to their favorite organization & Whitney's was FFRC!
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Susan G from NH--Putter card with international mailing stamps
Maureen M from MA--donation for FFRC
Dorothy R from CA--donation for FFRC, especially Coralie & Trucker
Deb B, Deb11111--doantion for the Paddy brothers
Joyce D--for the wonderful pizza for our surgery day and the desert pizza

I've been asked if it's wise to let little Elsie be adopted.  I'm sitting here at my desk, watching her. She is running with a toy in her mouth. Most of our furniture isn't moved too much so she's fully aware of where things are. She's a smart cat with a superb brain! She has things figured out. And even when things are moved about, she figures that out too. In her head, she is just fine. Now she has decided to chase Charity, one of her good friends. She's right on her tail, keeping up! With the right home, she can indeed be extremely happy and confident in her abilities. Go, Elsie, go!

Sometimes in the life of this FFRCNation, things happen to other people that may seem unfair. Please know, that every single hard decision I have to make, I put much thought into it---decisions of big magnitude is not made lightly. So, if you ever here of "things" that may happen that I've been a decision maker in it, please know that it was done with wisdom, compassion and good thought. 

We have an invasion of Barnies! It's so sweet---the 9 newest Barnies have gradually made their way up to the Firecat zone the last month. Very fun to go out there and see who comes to you. But, the Barnies still eat/sleep in the big red barn. They seem very tolerant of each other. The Covies have some secrets that I haven't figured out yet. It's so interesting to watch them. Sometimes 6-7 of them will line up along the playground fence and just stare and stare into the woods. Something interests them! They all too get along very well together.

The farm animals too are doing good. Maverick has fit in so well. We have been letting the horses now out into the big farmyard with no worries. They don't "push" the boundaries along the woods at all. It's all safe though as it's fenced in too. Millie is doing much better. The other day I say her trotting which was wonderful to see! 

Sergei and Daisy now have their sutures out. Both are doing very well. On Saturday, we will pull the tubing that is in Daisy's ear. Getting closer to being adopted! Sergei and Gustave both are such smooth walkers and runners. They truly are amazing.  Being 3 legged is not a handicap at all, as we all know, by watching these cats! 

Many of you know my family has several major medical issues with family members. I want to say a huge big thanks to you for your prayers and good thoughts. Today is a big day for my sister Nancy, so once again, I will be at the hospital. The volunteers are awesome and are so extremely helpful. 

We are in a voting contest. If you could help us, I'd certainly appreciate it. The site is: http://eaglerarelife.com/content/jacci-moss   All it costs is a few seconds and votes! You can vote once daily.  Thank you. 

Farrah is on my desk. She loves to stare at me, which I find so sweet! Zelda girl is also on the desk, watching things out the opened door. Coralie is behind me--all stretched out and lounging--looking quite happy with herself! Acadia is also stretched out on the floor, batting at toys. What a joy to see. She is steadily putting on ounces and looks good. Paddy Purr is very close too--trying to stay awake but failing. He soon will be napping. Cecil just bounded thru the office--that little fella can fly. All is right here at FFRC. These cats have our hearts! 

Take care and have a happy day. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sunday, September 27

Surgeries are over and all is well. We did 10 boys and 13 girls. A very busy day but all went smoothly. All physicals were good too.  It's amazing how fast they recover. Many thanks to Dr. Darcy, Amber the vet tech, Sue, Pat P and Diana who all made this possible. We always do the boy kitties first then the girl kitties.  We did nix one surgery and that was Lilly Rose. Her weight was just 2.03 which is big enough, but she just appeared so thin. I'd rather be safe than sorry. 

We will get her spayed soon along with her one eye removal. Elsie also will be scheduled when she's a bit bigger for both of her eyes to be removed. She is blind and her eyes are non-functioning. There is some thought that these "unusable eyes" can sometimes lead to cancer, let alone possible infections. We expect them both to do great. After these surgeries they will both be up for adoption. 

Froggy did have a bit of an effect from the meds used for his neutering. He had a fairly hard seizure during recovery, well after his surgery was done. He continued for many hours to not be himself. He's still not 100% back to being Froggy this morning but we're hoping for a full recovery. 

All the kitties spent the night in the back Thumper's Room but they were back out and about in the Main Area early this morning. All zooming around. Their recoveries always amaze me.

Just in case you missed it, these are the boys that were done--Froggy, Gustave, Morgan David, Tio, Rez, Gandolf, Hans, Alphons, Byrne and Cecil.
The girls were: Amaryliss Pocket, Dutchie, Elsie, Fancy, Fawn, Hoot, Lexa, Snookie, Squeeky, Tara, Panda and Charity. 

Dr. Darcy also looked at Acadia and was very pleased with her progress! She is out and about all the time now, no longer wanting to be in her pen. She is gaining ounces all the time and her fur is already getting some shine to it! 

Trucker and magic are here by my desk, playing with each other--batting at each other and rolling around. They sure have fun together. Asha is also by the desk--she does the "frequent petting" thing--sits close enough so the hand can reach and give pets! Joyful and Joline and Seymour are good friends. They have claimed the Welcome Room as theirs. The Kuranda Tower by the window is a big hit with them. 

Sea Turtle has also made her claim. The two shelves in the front Thumper's Room are hers. She loves to sleep in the curve of the scales. And the top shelf---what joy! It looks out the window where people from outside stop and talk to her! She keeps track of all the goings on there.

We had BOXES Thursday evening. We are grateful for your support!
Pat, Thurs Vol--handwarmer and kitty blanket for PawMart that she made
Joco--case of Fancy Feast turkey
Katandbuster--2 bags RC baby cat, 1 bag of RC kitten
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--3 bags of kitty snackers. Toys for Daisy! Daisy came in to pick which was her favorite but they all ended up being her favorite!
Judy W from Cecil OH--chief tapes
Alan & Elaine from FL--card with donation, whisker from LittleKat, forever stamps

Also thanks to the following:
Joyce R from TX--donation to help Acadia
Selkiebluemist/Cindy--donation for the care of Acadia
Elisabeth W from GA--donation to FFRC
Jan from HI--donation to FFRC to help with the new kitties, Little Bit & Acadia
Jane W from TN--donation to FFRC
Tim/timbodut from England--donation for Little Bit & FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Scarlett--donation to FFRC

I received an email from the Iams Company. They are still coming but the date is changed. It's now October 1 and 2. We had to get all the supplies ready for this big undertaking. They will supply the workpower though! They will be working on the Porchie Haven and the Playground Tower. 

Bender is here in the office with me. He's following Marlow who is carrying around a purple stuffed toy. Behind Bender is Hoot, Charity and Tara. A train of cats! Walter is on the high shelf looking like he's trying to figure out how to get to the window to go into the Kitty Kampus room.  I think I'll close my eyes--he's so determined to do things! Rios and Neemu are flipping Meoooow catnip toys around--always fun to watch. Sindile is swatting a coil toy. He is feeling much better. Sherlock and Mycroft just shot thru here in full chase. Life is good and fun. And yes, Walter was successful in jumping thru the window into the Kitty Kampus! 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday, September 24

Oh oh---here comes Vernon! He has a special route that he uses to get up on my desk. All the while he's climbing up, I hold my breathe. He does NOT like for me to help him! He's a do-it-yourselfer! But he sure loves to be loved on! After he makes his way up, then he plops himself on the cushie that's on the desk and takes a nap. Mission accomplished!

We took in a new kitten two days ago. She was only 8 ounces when she arrived, gained an ounce yesterday! She's a grey tiger with a very light torti mark. Her name is Little Bit--a Name a Cat name. She's oh so little, but is eating by herself which is incredible. We have her down as about 3 1/2 weeks. She arrived loaded with fleas, a 3/4 rating. I'm sure she felt so much better without those itchy things. Her appetite is great.

We had the Raffle last night--it was pure wonderfulness! Here's the winners:
Item A:  Rosemary's afghan, won by Betsy Pal    73 tickets=$365
Item B: Diana's Columbian Purse, won by Missmic     33 tickets=$165
Item C: Diana's Columbian Purse, won by Kerswill     63 tickets=$315
Item D: Warped Table Toppers, won by Charlotte, Wet, Joann, Ladydoc   60 tickets=$300
Item E: Justme's Flower Pots, won by Mudjie from Gusti    53 tickets =$265
Item F: Eclectra's metal picture of Derecho, won by Jackersgirl   114 tickets=$570
Item G: Pat Thursday volunteer's cat gourd, won by Lannml    49 tickets=$245
Item H: Hatmaker's cat afghan, won by needtoretire    71 tickets=$355


Then we had some webcam friends who bumped the total up! They are: Wolfpatch, Dewbus, Joco, Straycatlady, Lewbeth, Nuthatches, Vern & Mich, Gusti, Preakness & Kathie3103.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. This FFRCNation never ceases to amaze me!

New total came to-----$3,100

Isn't that just wonderful! This Raffle went to help us with the day to day operational needs. It is so nice that we can send in a few bills now, marked Paid In Full! Thank you so much.

As always, we had consolation prizes. Those winners are: Hannah S from Plee, romeosmom, Phyllis BA, David E W, Kimberly F St, Dixie Di, Julie Pe, Minnkitty, Barb W from Gusti.

In my book, you are all winners and greatly appreciated!

We also had BOXES right before the Raffle. Many thanks!
Donna/knittinkitten--adult cat coloring books (they're awesome!), 3 bags Precious cat litter
Jennifer S/jacksmom--case of Fancy Feast appetizers
Anonymous friend--pkg. of coil toys, 2 cases baby food
FaithyMD--4 bags of CET chewies for kitty teeth
Great Aunt Julie from IA--Giant box of milk bone snackers for Daisy (she likes them all!)
Joco--3 bags Royal Canin Kitten dry, 10 cases baby food
Debbie/LostGirl--6 giant bottles Mr. Clean
Zoolove--t-shirt--Caring for animals isn't wht I do, it's what I am!  Horse thermos tumbler, Lang door mat--Cat with ladybug on it's nose "Live Joyfully"
Elizabeth A /ama from RI--note with coupons
Aunty Kathleen from CA for Janessa--donation for whtever Janessa wants (she votes for chicken!)
Craig, Marion & Daria M--gift card for PetSmart

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tuesday, September 22

There goes Bender--he just mosies around! What a sweet boy! He has that special look that tells you he loves life. Right now he is sitting all knuckled in, watching the birds at the feeders. We added the new ramp to the tall window sill in Kitty Kabana. It's rather steep, but those catts and kittens sure do love it! Zip, zip, zip, up the ramp, thru the window, in back thru the door, just to do it again!

Sergei is doing great. He thought he'd be helpful and remove a few sutures for me. But, all is good. No damage done. His incision looks great. Daisy too is doing great. Her appetite isn't quite up to snuff yet, but that's ok. She loves her walks--the longer the better!

The raffle is going on right now! If you'd like to participate, there's a video with the site on the webcam and also on our facebook pages! BOXES will be tomorrow evening at 5:30 and the RAFFLE will be at 6:00. Of course, we also have consolation prizes!

We had BOXES Saturday evening. Many thanks to you for caring about FFRC.
Barb W, our vol--2 cases babyfood, big case of food for Rena and the Firecat friends
Lannml--for the Covie friends--9 bags of snackers, a case of anchovies & a case of sardines. Sevaun approves!
CherylAnn from WA--box tops, pop tabs, coupons, note pad, a great book, 27 sets of colorful knitted wash cloths for pawMart
Jacksmom from FL--5 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 3 cases babyfood
Ferole--Christmas ornament of Maverick for the family, so thankful
Lucygoosey from IL--kitty care with note
Nicholas & Melissa B from PA--coupons
Macncheesesmom--note and donation
Sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Carol H from VA--donation in memory of Tiny Toes
Mike & Gwen R with Angel & Patches--coupons
Vicki B--7 bags of Royal Canin baby cat
Melvin S from PA--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to welcome Acadia
Jo603--donation to FFRC
Anonymous friend--donation in hnor of Just Me & the Lorenz Family
Beth A--donation in memory of Brad & his wonderful skill & love for the FFRC kitties
Diane P from OH--donation in memory of Brad
Geremy K from WI--donation in memory of Brad, Bella's hero. 
Patricia/Scarlett--kitty snackers and giant chocolate chip cookies

We took in a new cat on Sunday. Her name is Acadia, a Name a Cat name. She was found on a back porch the night before. Truly, a skeleton of a cat. She's a young adult, but only weighed 2.12. Many of our kittens weigh more than that. Sunday we started with SQ fluids and giving just 6 ml's every hour. On Monday, we were able to get just enough blood (3 drops) for her FIV/leukemia test--it's negative. Whew! We were then able to bump her syringe feedings every 2 hours, but with 15 ml's each feeding. Later in the day, she ate a tiny bit by herself--what a great thing! Today, she has been syringe fed twice, but is eating better on her own--soft foods for right now. She has already gained 8 ounces! It's hard to hold her, although we do of course. You can feel every bone move. So so sad how pets can get into these horrible conditions. She has a will to live and we're going along for the ride with her! She's a sweetie and surely does enjoy people.  

The big group of the littlest kittens come up to the Main Area once a day for quite a few hours. Talk about energy level! It's zooming here! And then they crash for a nap, but watch out for when they wake up--back to zooming! Their appetites are ferocious--unbelievable how much they eat. Froggy is doing great too. He has quite a routine. Sometimes in the Main Area, sometimes in his pool, sometimes on the floor in the back Thumper's Room. He's a busy boy and loves to play. 

The Porchies are doing great.You can tell it's cooler in the mornings--they are sleeping all curled up! The Covies too are doing great. They sure do love their playground. I love watching them when they fast-run long distances. The Barnies are super friendly and love the stacks of hay in the barn.

We've heard back from the Iams company---it's a 100%-a-go-project with them! They will be here probably September 30 and October 1.  We will supply all the materials at our cost and they provide the labor and their own meals. Isn't that just wonderful! We are very excited. So very grateful for these projects and the wonderful people willing to help with them!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday, September 19

Two more adoptions! Yes...........just what we love, if it's to the right home--loving, indoor homes where they will be cared for and given vet care! Two little shy kittens--Mosaic and Sophie went together to the same home. So happy for them!

Our two surgeries from yesterday went good.  Sergei had his unusable front leg removed. Because he couldn't use it anyway, he's already out and running about. I even saw him on the third level of the Kuranda Tower already! He will be on soreness meds for another two days. 

Daisy also had her two surgeries done. She is now spayed and has her ear hematoma repaired.  At the end of her spay, she started throwing PVC's (irregular heartbeats). Just a few, then at the end of surgery, there was a series of them. So, the spay was completed and a different quicker method of ear hematoma was done. A stiff plastic drainage tube was inserted into her ear. She will have this for 2-3 weeks. 2-3 times a day, we will "push" the drainage out of the tube to keep ear flat. Then the tube will be removed. The other way of repair would have been a "quicker fix", but because of the PVC's, she was taken off the anesthetic, so the tube-fix had to be done. It's very effective, but instead of a 10 day wait to remove stitches, we now wait 2-3 weeks for the drainage tube to do it's job. We know which medication was used for her surgery, which will be passed on to her new family when that time comes. If she ever has to have another surgery, it's fine, just would stay away from that particular drug. All is well. She too is on soreness meds for a few days.

Little Sindile...what a sweetie he is. I thank Dr. Darcy for helping us with this kitten. As you know, his balance system was completely haywired. Was it an injury?  Was it a disease caused by the fleas?  Different meds were tried, but not showing much improvement, until last night. A different antibiotic was started and this morning shows a big difference in him already! I am so thankful. When you pick him up to hold him, he just melts in your hands.

We had a BOX on Thursday evening from Orcawhales/Tracy and her sons Bryon and Dillon. In it was a beautiful pillow with a picture of Wilson on it.  It said: "Our beloved Wilson. Your footprints will remain in our hearts".  I absolutely love this. Thanks you.  Also 4 packets of cat snackers.

Our next Raffle starts tomorrow, Sunday and ends Weds. at 9 am. These raffles are very important to us. Questions that may be asked. Doesn't the adoption fee help to cover things? The answer is yes, of course. But, each cat here has a minimum cost of $350 put into them for their beginning care. The adoption fee is only $90. So, you can see there's quite a difference.  We receive no government, state or city revenues. This Rescue Center depends heavily on donations, raffles, flash sales and our PawMart store. Just the weekly costs to keep this place running is scary to me. Please always know that I am penny-conscious! I am very careful and very stingy when it comes to the rescue center, trying to make every cent work to capacity. 

Enjoy the upcoming Flash Sale! There's 8 awesome items in it. And each item was donated by an FFRC friend for us to use. The generosity of our FFRCNation is truly amazing and appreciated! Each raffle ticket is $5. Can send a check (but email me to give me a heads up!) or can go thru PayPal and send a message with it. And of course, we will have consolation prizes!  

I'd like to let you know about a dear friend to FFRC--Brad. Brad passed away earlier this week. He fought a long battle with cancer. He was an extra special person to us and to the Rescue Center. Over the years, Brad built many different pieces of cat furniture for us. We always had fun creating a new design. Brad would come in and spend much time loving on the cats---always smiling! The first time that I met Brad, he walked in with this itty bitty broken up kitten in his arms. He had found her lying on a busy road. She had fractures and neurological problems but she survived. Her name is Bella. Each time Brad would come, he would make a point of petting her. Brad will be missed. Truly a good friend. 

Next Saturday will be our FFRC surgery date. There will be many spays/neuters that will need to be done. A busy day for sure. Later this week, we will do weigh ins and make that list for who can have their spays/neuters. 

Our Iams friend was here again yesterday. He confirmed the date for their service project to be September 30 and October 1. We are very excited. We will have to put together the shopping list for these two projects. Insulation, paint, wood for the playground tower, wood for the Porchie Haven walls and then the wonderful white fiber board too. And of course screws, paint brushes, etc. The list goes on. If we can, it's possible to put that playground tower so it has TWO levels!! The lower level for those that are worried about the height and the top level for those that want to be way up there! Oh what fun they can have! When this project is complete, the Porchie Haven will be ready for all 4 seasons! 

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you learn in school.  But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything.---Muhammad Ali.      I am thankful for our FFRCNation's friendship! It is indeed something hard to explain. It's a "feeling" that is oh so precious. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thursday, September 17

Be obsessed with giving thanks! Be aware of the thousands of little good things, the thousands of things that go right every day. We here at FFRC are also filled with gratitude. It's impossible to feel gratitude and depressed at the same time!  What an exceptionally great week it's been.

Lots of community friends---we saw many people from Defiance that were present here this week. Always so nice to see.

Lots of webcam friends---this in itself is great joy. To actually meet these people that we know just thru the cam--to put a face and personality to them. It's wonderful.

Our Storage Room---we put things away of donations that were given to FFRC. No sooner than things were put away, than another car would pull up with more items. It gives me much joy to have the shelves full and to feel "safe" with our supplies. A big thanks.

Boxes last night---such wonderful gifts were given.

3 adoptions---Yes, 3 in 3 days. Preakness went to California with Snoopybaby and her husband. They have arrived home and all is going great. Preakness traveled just fine. I was a little concerned as she had been with us for 4 years, but it's happened......she has her very own home! Merit also went to her new home, with Shawn/HappyFlame in Georgia. It truly sounds like a perfect match and Merit and Shawn are great friends already!  Kazumi was adopted by SVCathy and Scott yesterday and flew to California with them. That too is a wonderful, loving home. They've arrived home safe and sound and Kazumi has earned his flying wings for traveling so nicely!

2 new kittens have arrived---The first one, which you already know about, is Karma. She is a spunky little thing. Already has joined the group for rocking and rolling. What a special kitten she is. She's so happy! It must feel good not to be crawling with hundreds of fleas. The newest one is a black kitten with a itty bitty white chest. He's a little boy of 6 weeks of age. His birthday is 8/4/15. He was in a car engine, not once, but twice. He arrived yesterday morning. His name is Paden, a Name a Cat name. It is Scottish and means royal.

Our new computer lines---so thankful for them. These are possible because of Pat B, our volunteer. She spent many hours working on this. They are now tacked up nicely thru the rooms. One goes to the Mail Room computer, one is for the security cams and one helps us to connect to outside on the farmyard. It's wonderful and Pat is much appreciated. Ellen helped her too!

A note left in the back Thumper's Room brought much thankfulness--"There's nothing quite as joyful as a room full of kittens"  By Bonnie & Billypogo

Wonderful, handmade items that are received---these continue to amaze me. So much talent "out there" in our FFRCNation. And given with a whole heart for us to use as we need. It's just wonderful.

And of course, our cats---each are treasured, each are hoped for the very best. Each have their very own personalities. We so hope for a wonderful, loving home for each.

We had BOXES last nigh, Wedst---many thanks!
Katie L from Canada--2 tunnels for inside & 4 BIG tunnels for the Playground. Lots of snackers for all the cats.
Jacksmom--case of babyfood
Lynn H/yappiecat--7 Happy Meal kitties, 2 crinkle tunnels, material for Angie, Yarm for Pat C, milk rings, kitty figurines that will go in the PawMart store. Also Lots of books with The Cat Who titles!
Margaret D from CT--donation in memory of Tiny Toes
Robert & Renee H from IA--donation
Donna/Clark & Jessie's Aunt from FL--card with a donation
Dewitty--4 towels, 2 catnip beds/scratch & sniff type, 3-3.2 lb bags of Iams dry kitten
Vicki B--7 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry food

We also had BOXES Monday night---we are thankful!
Judi Sp--40 lb Precious Litter
Erin K from GA--2 haunted house cat scratchers, 2 bags Purina One
Miss Becckah's Corner---crcoheted kitty toys
Linda/angelface from WA--Kitty Tin with kitty greeting cards
mama Rita/wisccatmom--3 bags kitty snackers
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy Birthday card and the famous BD $5 for Markie, Barkey, Honey, Lele and Charlie. And in memory of LaDonna's BD too.
Patricia L from MI--sophieandlucys grandma & Mike's mom--donation
Susan/suepurr from NE--note with donation
Kathy A from NY--coupons
SVCathy & Scott--case of water & snackers for humans and the cats
Kelly R/littleonemine & LJ323--as they say---Lots of Stuff!

Other thanks:
David P from Netherlands---donation to FFRC
Midwestergirl--glass cats, ceramic cat planter, 7 pairs cat socks
Amanda S--donation in memory of Wm. Runyan
JustMe--donation to FFRC, in honor of Beth and the Lorenz family

Volunteers---these are the bestest people in the world! Truly, they give with their hearts. This Rescue Center would not be the same without them. Their hearts and compassion are big!

I know some of you have noticed that Sindile has been a bit wobbly lately. You are exactly right. After much talking to Dr. Darcy, it's possible this is from an injury or it could be a disorder from having his heavy flea infestation. We are working on it full force!

Tomorrow is our surgery day for Daisy and Sergei. Daisy will have her ear hematoma repaired and her spay.  Sergei will come back with that terribly crooked and useless leg removed. They both should do just fine!

I've always enjoyed this quote:  "In life, one has a choice to take one of two paths: to wait for some special day or to celebrate each special day."  Rasheed Ogunlaru

Take care and have a very awesome day!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Monday, September 16

Catstock 4........what a great time! Blue skies, even though it was a bit cloudy, it was wonderful weather! We had lots of children come---that was my hope! The band, Strawberry Hill, was beyond awesome. We are so grateful to them. They've given us the thumbs up for Catstock 5! The new cam and sound equipment worked beautifully. Lots of community families came. Many webcam friends were here. The food was yummy! Over 1,000 tickets were accounted for, for the carnival games! Our "encouragement walk" with signs was fun. The 50/50 ticket drawing was great. The people enjoyed seeing the LJ Playground/Covie area. Also lots of visitors inside the Rescue Center. The PawMart FFRC store was kept busy.

Our parking spaces were very full.  We filled up the lower area by the river, then filled the lower corral and the side area by the woods. Next, we started filling up the main corral. This was much fuller than last year. Parking went smoothly. We had 2 golf carts toting people back and forth.

The donkey/goat poo Bingo was done with number 1 being the winning square. Next year will have to feed them more as they took a bit of time to "product"! We are in the process of contacting the winners this week.

All in all, it was a great event. Numbers are up. We saw many people from our home town,  That was wonderful.  I would love to thank each person individually, but that would be impossible. Please know, whatever your part of Catstock was, we here at FFRC are very grateful for your help. From the littlest job to the biggest job, it took a huge group effort...........and we did it!

It was great fun! Lots of hippie looking people! Lots of smiles and laughter and dancing. We will start organizing everything from Catstock 4 so we can be prepared for Catstock 5!

We had an adoption this morning. Our lovely Preakness went with Maria/Snoopybaby and her wonderful husband. This has been a thought for months. I've seen videos of their home which is perfect for cats. After meeting this couple, I knew Preakness would be just fine. They live in California and are on their way back home now. The crate for Preakness is very big and comfortable. Snoopy will keep us all posted. They also gave a donation to sponsor Charleston!

We had BOXES Friday evening. Many thanks to you all.
Piperjo--awesome hand crocheted Purses/bags, beautiful handmade jewelry for Catstock
SVCathy & Scott--USB cables
Vaun--3 boxes of new business cards for FFRC
Mary, vol from Archbold--syrofoam plates, dog snackers, Joelene's Appetizers, TP & PT
Anonymous Friend--5 bags of Precious cat litter
Katie L from Canada--3 Yeoooow Bananas, 10 pkgs of spring toys, 4 cases Appetizers, 5 cases Lysol wipes
LJ--2 big containers of Clorox Wipes
Craig, MaryAnne & Daria--Round kleenex packages, 5 microfiber towels, 3 clorox wipes, Trash bags 30 gal. size, ALL Laundry soap, dog treats, KitKat/Reeses candy, 2 bags of Iams kitty dry 

We also have more thanks to give to those that visited this weekend for their gifts!
LeslieLaPurr--a big bag of awesome yarn--will be used for FFRC
Ruffles--bag of Purina One, 20 cans Fancy Feast adult 
Rose--2 cases pop
Heather--4 lg. Clorox wipes
Roberta S/chance10--Cat's Meow Village Features & Cat Boyd Bear figurines
Judy & Phi8l L--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Deb11111--15 cans tuna, 12 cans chicken, 5 bags Purina One, 1 bag Goodlife dry
Rita from WI--2 cases Appetizers, 1 case adult Fancy Feast
Mommymyrna--2 cases baby food & a big bag of wonderful handmade Christmas ornaments!
SVCathy--Kcup coffee
Snoopybaby/Maria--30 cans Fancy Feast, 2 bags Purina One, case Friskies, kitty wipes, 3 tubs Clorox wipes, lots of kitty snackers, 12 cans tuna, doggie snackers, K-cups coffee, 2 boxes q-tips, hand sanitizer, 200 big paper plates, 180 6 inch paper plates

Jenny and SonJa came from Canada with a carload of goodies from Montana and crew. Some of which were K-cup coffee, human goodies, kitty goodies, plastic bags, baby food, sardines, dog snackers, vinegar, solar lights, Mr. Clean, bleach, HE detergent, etc. Big thanks!

Another group of people I'd like to thank are our PayPal friends:
Jacquelyn K from OH--donation for FFRC
Doubleydibleydoo--donation for Catstock
Amanda S from IL--donation for FFRC
Amy C from IL--donation for FFRC
Gisa Z from Germany--donation for FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC

Happy Birthday today to Markie and Barky. They are part of our Covie group and are very happy. They are now 2 years old. They arrived when they were just 3 weeks of age. Two awesome brown tiger cats.

Our next "event" will be when Iams comes and helps us with those 2 big projects. We're all very excited about this. 

As you know last week we had a few kittens just a bit "off" and not gaining weight. After syringe feeding them for a full week, I'm happy to say they are doing much better. All have the roundness of that wonderful FFRC belly. And their energy level has sky-rocketed. 

I have sad news. Austin, our Porchie and handsome white cat with the black tail was hit by a car yesterday and died instantly. My heart aches terribly that this happened. If he had been in the Covie playground he would be safe.  But, I tried that and he was terribly miserable. The choice was mine and Austin's to make and we both made that decision---be free, as a Porchie and try and be safe. For sure he was much happier, but it meant that his life was shortened. This crushes me. When we built the playground our intention was to house the Porchies there too, as you know. This was not to be. They did not "match" and fights, growling and unhappiness happened for those that we tried. Porchies are Porchies and Covies are Covies. Life is good in the Playground. Porchies are happy as they are..........we have to accept that. 

We took in a new kitten on Friday.  We have used a Name a Cat name and her name shall be Karma. It was getting to be late afternoon on Friday when I saw a few FFRC people going along the edge of the property looking like something was wrong. Well, what was wrong was a wee tiny kitty out by herself, trying to keep up with the peacocks! KatnBuster spotted her first. Karma was brought in the rescue center. She was very loaded with fleas and eyes that were very crusty. We bathed her, tested her, cleaned and medicated the eyes and started her on antibiotics. And also syringe fed her. She is now already getting spunky and energetic. Her weight today is 16 ounces, up 3 ounces already. Her birthday is 8/10/15. 

This morning we got our treatments on the cats and kittens caught up. All is good. The young kittens are enjoying free time running around in the Main Area. Enjoy this beautiful day. And treasure your pets. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday, September 11

First, I'd like to pass on my sympathies to those who lost loved ones in the 9/11 event. Let us all learn to love and be kind now, in the moment, to each other.

Catstock is tomorrow! This has been a very very busy week. Guests are coming in for the weekend! Parking guide poles are up and ready. Backwater bonfire is ready. Shelter House washed and scrubbed along with the benches and chairs. Lots of cleaning everywhere! Cats have been groomed and toenails trimmed. Games are ready. The gate arch is up ready to welcome our friends. Camera and sound are being worked on. The band stage is decorated.

Today the 2 giant tents arrive along with the porta pots. Then the action continues as we set up the tables for the games and put the stakes in for the game names. Prizes are counted and ready. The Bingo ground board is about ready. The corral section will be removed today to allow parking in the lower corral. If need be, we have the upper corral ready too. Everything is falling place.

Remember there is also an Encouragement Walk in honor of cats in the afternoon tomorrow! Lots of games. Hot fresh popcorn will be made. 50/50 drawing will be going on. Lots of food. Face painting and tattoos. And of course, the wonderful band Strawberry Hill---they are awesome and we are so grateful they will be here.

Join us on the cam. A big thanks to Dawnstar, JustMe and Scot who have been working on the cams. There's the possibility of multiple cams for you to watch! The new sound system too is almost ready.  Be assured, the little kitties will be safe. They will all be tucked away in the back Thumper's Room or in Cat's Corner Room. We also have volunteers stationed in the LJ Playground and Covie area to answer questions and talk to visitors.

We have many thanks to give. Our hearts truly are full of gratitude for your help.
BOXES, Weds. evening
Joco/JoAnn--12 bottles Lysol cleaner, purple flower Spider Bed!!
Lostgirl--a card with a shark!, 3 boxes 13 gal. garbage bags
MimiinFL/Mimi & Buddy--pop tabs for Kellen, VW Flower Power bus for Catstock and a great letter!
Cantoncat/Rita & Chance--4 lg. tubs snackers, microwave gruel bowls
Keikocat--microwave gruel bowls, case of Sheba and a great can opener
Deptfor/Pauline in UK--more of her wonderful glass art work! glass kitty necklaces and Christmas tree ornaments
Madisonpepper--4 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 cases Appetizers
Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie--6 giant fuzzy spring toys, lots of fuzzy pipe cleaner toys
LJ323 from RI--our visitor! 2 bags Sunkist fruit, 4 memory pad rugs, 2 XL memory pad rugs, 2 blankies, 3 cans salmon, 4 kitty cave beds & 8 of her awesome kittyscarves!
Clark, Jessie and the Rest--Happy 5th Birthday to Solee and the famous $5

BOXES, Thursday evening:
Dewitty--a neat Catstock/cats bag with wide over the shoulder straps
MLS--5 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Katie L--2 boxes of kitty snackers, case of 10000 potty bags, 6 cases baby food, 5 cat tunnels, 4 boxes MeowMix cups, 5 cases plastic microwavable gruel trays, 2 bags of yum dog treats
DoubleDibley/3D--2 cases Fancy Feast, 24 pack Friskies & 32 pack Friskies
Jatcat--a blue and a red Kitchenaid Can openers--we sure had need for can openers!
Deptford--more of her awesome glass work--each are different--Christmas trees and hearts
Joco--9 large bottle of Mr. Clean
Conii & her 2 awesome cats--10 cases black microwaveable gruel trays (yes, we will use them all!)
Gina/catlvr14--poptops for Kellen, 8 beautiful handmade shawls in fall colors
Linda S--13 handmade potwarmers  in a variety of colors & 1 warm beige shawl
Belltime/Pam S--bag of Precious cat litter

We also have PayPal thanks to give:
Domingo Fivoli--donation thru PayPal
Pat & Ellen--sponsor donation for Farrah
Jakesmeowmy--donation for FFRC
Gusti--donation to help with pop/juice/water for Catstock
Roberta L--donation thru PayPal
David & Christine--donation to use for kitty food or medical needs

We had two adoptions on Monday. Strawberry went to her new home. Her first trip was to the vet's office and then went to her new home from there. I've already heard back once from her new family and all is well. Sounds like she's enjoying being the only cat! India was also adopted by a volunteer. Last I heard, all is well and he likes sleeping on humans!

There sure has been a lot of kitty action here. ALL the young kitties are now out and about in the Main Area for a few hours every day. Makes for lots of action. Lilly Ann is so silly--she leaps in the air at the Ming Strings. Charity and Alphons race from one end to the other. Tara and Dutchy are such good sisters--always napping. Lewes's leg remains strong. Gustave is going very fast on 3 legs. Bender is also doing good as is Derecho. Janessa is doing so much better--her appetite has picked up and she's becoming a cuddler-girl.

Cecil is starting to put on a bit of weight now--such a cuddler boy! We've found something that Sea Turtles loves--chicken! She must've been talking to Derecho.  Panda and Rez chase string toys in unison! Jessie has discovered she likes the front Kitty Kabana windows. Tabitha has a new sleeping spot--on top of the linen cabinet in the Kabana. Elsie continues to climb high and then meows and meows. She knows we will come and rescue her and help her down.

All is good. We're a healthy crew, just waiting for Catstock! It's tomorrow!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday, September 7

I heard the oddest conversation the other day down on the farmyard. It went something like this:

Mercy---hey, Maverick---you better eat a lot of grass right now.
Maverick---I have been---I've never had grass before. But is there a special reason?
Mercy--all you have to do is listen to Millie the donkey and Pickles the goat and you'll see.
Pickles---trying to talk under her breathe--eat snacks,  eat grass, yum yum  You got that, Millie?
Millie--I'm trying to fill up, but Jacci's told everyone not to give me snackers right now. Something about my waist line has disappeared.  It's just temporarily hiding. I WANT a snacker for Saturday.
Mercy--yeah, Millie and Pickles---no disappointing anyone on Saturday. That's the wonderferul Bingo day and you two are the star poo-ers.
Maverick--I think I missed something here--Bingo?
Pickles--yes, Maverick--we are celebrities and get to poo on a giant Bingo Board. It's a win/win fun game for Catstock visitors, webcammers and volunteers. You need to let us have the best grass.
Millie---gotta find some snackers---gotta store up that poo, you know.
Mercy--just eat lots of grass--that'll do the trick.
Pickles--Millie, I'll let you in on a secret.  I've figured out how to open the snacker door inside the big red barn. There's a whole bag of snackers! Anthony hasn't figured out yet how that hole got into the bag.
Millie--will you show it to me?
Pickles---yes, but you cannot show Mercy--she's on a major diet. But, that's ok, she doesn't help with the Poo Bingo. It's only you and me!
Mercy--You two can do the poo-ing on the Bingo Board and Maverick and I will stand there looking cute so we get all the pettings!  Keep eating, Pickles and Millie---you have a BIG job to do on Saturday!

You never know what one might hear on the farmyard. It's quite an interesting place! Here's the scoop---Donkey/Goat Poo Bingo is in full force right now! The Bingo numbers go 1 thru 25 and each square is $5.  You can get 1 square or many squares. Any amount of people can share a square! Just go to PayPal and include in the message what square(s) you'd like. OR send in a check to FFRC and include a note. If you send a check, be sure to email me so I know that a check is on it's way.  On Saturday about 4:15, Millie and Pickles will have access to the Giant Bingo Board in the corral. The first square poo-ed in, is the winner! It's a 50/50, so 50% goes to FFRC and 50% is divided between all that are on that winning square! The only square that is off-limits is #13--that one is 100% for FFRC.  Join the fun!

We had BOXES on Thursday evening.  Many giant thanks to you!
Jocelyn--kitty statue for Derecho which says that he's the Worlds Best Cat
Pat, Thursday volunteer--10 jars baby food, snackers. For a future raffle--a beautiful afghan and a small blankie tomatch, in memory of FiFI
Vicki B--2 bottles of Tide HE
Jatcat--4 sm. spatulas, silicon, bright colors
Laura/Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast. Happy Wedding Day this weekend!
Schinn--case of Fancy Feast Kitten and Appetizers
Carla M/cj500--crocheted 30 pretty scarves, so many colors & types, 6 dishcloths and 2 beautiful kitty blankets
Beth/eaglewatcher--dust filters for the computers
Aleta--a should pouch for Trucker so he can hitch rides!
Midwesterngirl--12 pairs Cat socks for PawMart,  zippered Purple Cat Totes for pawMart
Lannml--1000 9 inch styrofoam plates
Neuromom & Dave--flash payment & donation from Dave
Sophieandlucysdad/Mike--coupons for dog kitty products

We also had BOXES on Saturday.  We are grateful to you!
Gusti from Germany--for Catstock--prizes: little packets Kleenex, stickers, 6 pencils with erasers, 9 animal puzzles, 3 notebooks, 5 character erasers, 10 bug holders with magnifier
Alieca & Sandra from Australia--kitty card, Kangaroo necklace with opal for Jacci (so so pretty). For Trucker--soft stuffed Koal bear and a blankie that says Trucker Moss
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 cans Clorox wipes
KZ & THeo from CO--bird card, a wonderful prayer flag made by local artist, will be hung on gazebo. tiny kitties on a couch figurine, 2 beautiful stone kitties, kitty mug made by Millie Blackburn, 6 cans kitty food, l-lysine
Ellen/kikimycat--hand blown cat beads that she made earrings, necklaces and pins--awesome!
Laura/medic--$164 as a donation representing $1 for each person attending their wedding!
Linda & Thomas C--donation to FFRC
Pat & Vickie--week visitors--2 boxes Purrfectly Fish, case of Sheba, case of Friskies, 2 big bags Purina One
Michelle & Frank--day visitors--4 gal water, 4 gal. water, 4 gal. vinegar, 7 cans Friskies

We are also grateful for these donations:
Joco--donation thru PayPal
JillR27--donation to be used where needed
Hallie G--donation thru PayPal
Doubledibleydoouk--donation to sponsor Magic
Janet M--doantion thru PayPal

I'd like to also take this time to send special thanks to all those that help FFRC with your awesome handcrafted items. You give generously and these items are very important to FFRC--it makes a BIG difference to this rescue. You are so appreciated.

We had an adoption yesterday! Amani went to her new home. She has been much wanted by this family! Such a beautiful, sleek girl! I'm happy for her but will miss her on my desk. She was my helper. Already though, Merit has taken over!

All the Covies and Barnies received their monthly flea prevention. The Porchies had their nails trimmed a few days ago--they wanted to be all prettied up for the incoming visitors!

On Friday, Gustave had that bum front leg removed. He's doing terrific. Actually, when he came back to FFRC, he immediately went on the floor. He handled the anesthetic just fine. He found the Princess Bed and took a long nap. Today he will have the 3 "special" sutures removed. All the other sutures will be removed later this weekend.

We've had a few kitties that are straggling behind in eating, so for the last 3 days we've been syringe feeding them. They are Elise, Tio, Tia and Cecil.  I believe Elise was thin because she simply wasn't finding the food dish. Tio and Tia just have been "off". Cecil had a rocky start. Now, all 4 are doing much better---beginning to get a hint of an FFRC belly.

The 10 kittens from the back Thumper's Room are enjoying more time up in the Main Area. These 10 kittens have little wings attached to them---they are super fast! A strong possibility of a home for Strawberry.  Valeta is also on a firm hold now.

We had 2 almost oldsters returned to us. They are Telli and Tazer. These are sisters that have never been seperated. They were adopted when they were little kittens and they are now 11 1/2 years old. Both are tortis. Telli is very thin. Tazer is very........well, fluffy. Both have such sweet personalities. Their mama passed away and needed to be returned to FFRC. Tazer quickly wanted to come up to the Main Area. Telli is still hanging out in the Welcome Room and front Thumper's Room.

Yesterday we tore things up! It was scrub day. Every Kuranda Tower, Feline Snoozer and anything washable went out on the Parking Lot. Pat and Vicki sprayed, scrubbed and then blasted with the hose--all sparkly clean!

Iams Company came on Friday. They contacted us about doing a service project for FFRC! Isn't that just wonderful!!  Here's the idea--2 of them! First, for the Porchie Haven (to house the many many Porchies/Firecats), they will insulate the walls, put up plywood and then put our white durable washable board up. They will then paint the floor.  Second--a new jungle jim in the LJ Playground. This will be 8 to 10 tree limbs put into the ground 2 feet (with cement) and then a platform on top. At the top of the tree limbs will be a hole big enough for the cats to go thru. So the cats will be able to climb the poles, slip thru the hole and be king/queen of the jungle jim up high! Sounds like both of these projects are a go. FFRC has to provide material though. This will probably be Sept. 30, Oct 1 and 2.

5 more days to Catstock!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thursday, Sept. 3

We took in a new kitten two days ago. His name is Sergei, meaning protector/shepherd. He is about 13 weeks old with a birthday of 6/4/15. He arrived with severe earmites, not neutered and a past injury to his front left leg. It appears he had a severe injury to it. His elbow and ankle are fused with the entire leg not usable. Poor fella--he must've went thru a rough time. He's had a bath, his ears cleaned several times, tested, vaccinated, wormed and is now in the Main Area. Such a nice kitten. His surgery for amputation is September 18 at Dr. P's office.

Tomorrow is another surgery day too. Two of my cats will be going up for dentals. Gustave will also be going for his amputation of his front right leg. I believe he will do just fine as he too already knows how to go about 3 legged. Donna and Larry will take all 3 cats to the vets tomorrow.

Yesterday was a vaccine, worming, flea prevention, toe nail trim and weight day. Kept us busy for a couple hours! We are current on all the treatments!

Our next surgery date here at FFRC will be September 26. This one is the 4th Saturday of September instead of the third. Hopefully our itty ones will make weight by then!

If you come for a visit and want an extra cuddly cat to hold, get Charleston! This sweet boy is a cuddler in every sense. He loves to be held and loves a lap. Such a nice boy! If you like lickers and purrers, that would be Merit!  If you're wanting a computer friend, that would indeed be Kazumi. Isn't it wonderful how they are all so different from one another.

We had BOXES last night. I am forever grateful for your help.
Deb/lostgirl---3000 6 inch paper plates
Nona S---8 cases of liquid KMR
Clark, Jessie & the gang--BD card for Zavatar's 4th birthday & the famous $5
Susan345--1000 6 inch paper plates & 1200 9 inch paper plates
Anne in UK--various charms, with/without tassels, bookmarks, purse charms--many designs, all wonderful, many colors, designs
Barb W for Rena and Friends--32 cans of Friskies pate
Leanne from Canada and her kitty!  lots of yummies for the volunteers--maple leaf cookies, gummy spider bears, hot chocolate mix, Kcups, chocolate bars. The kitties received kitty snackers. Also doggy snackers, 2 pillowcases, 2 picture frames, post it note dispenser, monkey stickers, 2 cat pins for 2 vols.
Shannon S from OH--for Leonard & Victor & their friends, a donation
Karoly S from Hungary--donation thru PayPal
Geremy K from WI--donation in honor of Bella's birthday
Shannan W--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Trucker continues to do good.  We cut back on his medications a bit more and so far, so good! Lorenzo loves to lay in the sunshine here in the purple office--it comes streaming in thru the door. Felicity was just groomed and seemed to enjoy it. She for sure enjoyed the spoonful of baby food she received afterwards! Little Hoot is growing a wee little bit! What a sweet girl she is--always ready to be held.

We've had the 11 kittens from the back Thumper's Room up in the Main Area a couple times now. They are doing great--zipping around like little silly kittens. Mama Strawberry stays in the back--she said there's no way she's coming up here yet! Yep, that's what she said. Froggy also came up front for a while. He's making lots of friends.

We had 2 adoptions yesterday. The brothers, Phillip and Paul were adopted together---I'm so happy for them--they'll be together forever! They went into a home with a young girl that will surely love them!

This morning we had another adoption. Beautiful Rapture went to her new home. She will have a cat friend to play with. I could tell she already was thinking her new family was very nice.

Today we had the Porchie Haven delivered. I wasn't quite ready to get it yet but we have an opportunity possibly with the Iams company. They are coming here Friday to see what project they can do for us. We will need the Porchie Haven insulated and walls put up on the inside and the floor painted.  This can possibly be their project so we needed the shed here for tomorrow to show them. Hope this will happen!!

9 more days to Catstock! Peace and cats to all.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday, Sept. 1

Happy September Day! It's been very warm and very muggy here the last few days and predicted for the rest of the week. Fabio and Oliver are waiting for cooler fall days.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks to you.
FaithyMD--can of Fancy Feast
Mary H/vol from Archbold--3 giant sponges, 3 kitty magnets
Cindy H/mnsnowy from MN--2 rolls 2 inch tape, Bee Kind sundry items for Kitty Kastle, lots of ceramic bead necklaces, small purple trinket box with bling. For Catstock--peace necklace and feather hair clip
Joco/JoAnn--6 rolls 2 inch tape with 2 tape dispensers
Vicki B--2 1/2 gal jugs of Tide HE
Judi Sp--40 lb Precious kitty litter
Clark, Jessie & the Family--Happy 13th birthday Queen Bella and the famous $5
V from PA--coupons
Shawn B--a gift from her boyfriend for FFRC, for his birthday!  Great!
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy boys!
Gusti--donation to FFRC, to cover shipping
Michael M--donation for FFRC

We have names! Yes, the latest mama cat and her 4 kittens now are named!
Strawberry--mama cat, brown tiger with 4 white feet, white bib, black tip tail  dob 8/4/14
Charity--female, bl tiger, front white toes, white bib, rear feet white  dob 7/17/15
Hans--male, br/grey tiger, front white toes, white bib, rear toes white
Alphonse-male, br/bl tiger, white muzzle & whole white chest, no neck ring
Bryne (pronounced Burn), male, gr/bl tiger, white muzzle, white neck ring
All names are from the Name a Cat name list.

They are doing great. Won't be long until the 10 kittens from the back will join the group of kittens in the Main Area. Watch out then--bunches of kittens running crazy! 

Sea Turtle is doing good, although in the last week she seems to have aged a bit. She loves the open window in the front Thumper's Room and spends alot of time there just watching things. She gets lots of pettings there too.  Our other oldster, Jessie is also doing good. Jessie is 16 years old, probably has Maine Coon in her and has a beautiful white bib. 

Today is Queen Bella's birthday. She is now 13 years old. That's so hard to believe. She was just 6 weeks when she arrived, all broke up from being hit by a car. Her rear right leg had to be removed. She also has some paralysis in her tail and the left rear leg. But, as you know, she gets along just fine. She's a zippy girl--can zoom and scoot just fine! She so loves spending her days out in the dog pen with Janie and Camie. They are good friends and often share the same cushies.  Also Happy Birthday to our wonderful Porchie Zavatar. Zavie will be 4 years old tomorrow. 

We have a new kitten. He's all black and is 6 weeks old. His birthday is 7/20/15. He was found at the end of our parking lot, alongside the road, on Sunday night by a volunteer. So grateful he wasn't hit by a car. This little guy appears to be another cat with mild CH. He's a friendly little guy and will be down today to play with the group in the back Thumper's Room. His name is Cecil, another Name a Cat name, for being brave and after a very loved big cat. 

Preakness is doing great. Her mid morning nap spot is on my desk, usually with Fredo beside her. Trucker and Magic are also taking their mid morning nap on a foam pad here in the office. Emmitt and Kazumi are razing it up--those two kittens have endless energy and can fly when they're playing! 

Solee is doing wonderful. Her favorite thing is her own plate of RC babycat food in the morning! Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr when to the beauty parlor yesterday---had their nails trimmed, their bottoms trimmed and the fur on their feet trimmed also. So handsome! Merit is such a beautiful calico--one of the sweetest, lovable calicos ever. 

11 more days to Catstock!