Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thank you, danke, gracias, merci, grazie, takk, arigato--so many ways to say thanks and all are heartfelt. I appreciate our fun-raiser yesterday. This will go directly onto helping us pay bills.  

We started with BOXES!  This was wonderful--helped us get restocked! 
Jossette M/Burgundy - 4 Paw Print Blankets
Tina - Baby Banana Bed--so cute!
Anony - Tin of 3 Yeooow Catnip Sardines
Diane & Michael T - Remote Control squeek toy for Spiker & Jerky Chips 
Marie M/M&M - NM  For Vern & Ramsay Happy Birthday card with 4 Chicken $5
Happy Birthday card for Derecho with 2 Chicken $5

Rita - For Seymour - Happy Birthday! 2 Pkgs Temptations, 12 pk of Fancy Feast Feather Toy & bag of 13 cat toys
Sean G - Case of 9-Lives
Janet/Jazz & Susan - UK - 2 Cases Fancy Feast
Katie S - 18 cans Bubbly flavored water, case of Purrfectly Chicken
Madisonpepper/Marilyn S - NJ  Kitty Card 60 cans Beyond & 60 cans of Dr. Elsies & Fancy Feast
Sonja xoxoxo For Vernie - 3 Boxes Whiskas Pckts

Karen B - 74 - 30gal Hefty trash bags, 40 lb of Snacks for Vols, 24 Rolls of Viva Paper Towels
Dawn N - 16 Tubs Party MIx
Ashlyn M/tootsiecutie - 4 cases Fancy Feast
TearsFromADream - Toys Balls w/bells and Coils, 6 Boxes of Purrfectly Chicken & Fish
Elaine & Alan D - 2 40lb bags Dr. Elsies Litter, Case of Fancy Feast, Case or Appetizers, 2 cases 24ct Friskies, 1 case 32ct Friskies

John - OH  A very nice note with Donation
Joy & Don D - NY  Card with Donation
Anony Card with $40 Donation for Catathon X4 = $160

And now........ta da........the Fun-Raiser!
A  Rosemary's Afghan       33x5 = $165                     Cantoncat--drawing for vols.
B  Kitty Picture                   35x5 = $175                     Ruth Dry
C  2 Carriers                       40x5 = $200     Pink: madisonpepper  Purple:Knittinkitten
D  Afghan by Andrea          30x5 = $150                      CaseyAnn
E  Sunfower Canvas           29x5 = $145                     Diane Bal
F  Cat Tree                           54x5 = $320                    ju in ji/have a drawing for Vols
G  Kitty Kasa Bedroom       74x5 = $370                     Chris Mil
H  Sprocket Printer            39x5 = $195                     Beth/Eaglewatcher
This came to $1720!!!   Simply wonderful!  And then we had a bunch of Bumper-Uppers from some really awesome folks!  This increases the value of the Fun-Raiser.  Many thanks to Judy & Phil, Jude, Eaglewatcher, Joe603, Dawn, DebbiDear, Farmgirl, Jay H, Gusti, Anonymous Friend, Annette and Contessa.

This brought the Grand Total to $2,400!  Watch out bills.......we're going to get some paid!  Again, many thanks! 

It takes a whole lot of people to make our events be successful---ticket buyers, mods, admins, YOU, Marcia, Lynnette, the folks that donated the items....lots of great people! 

Remember, if you order your Amazon items thru our website at FFRC gets a bit of funds from that!  We just received $276.76 for the March sales! That's like FREE money!  You can order FFRC items or personal items! 

We are having some good work being done on Zorro's leg.  Many parts of the leg is responding to the debridement of it. Time will tell as we continue to work on it.  Bart's leg too is showing signs of healing. Zorro, Bart and Sherry are good friends together. 

We had an adoption yesterday! Jilli went to her new home.......with my daughter Dawn. She and Grace have been waiting a long time for her. The first hug that Jilli gave Dawn got her her new home! I've already seen pictures and Jilli looks quite happy! 

We had a HumaneOhio spay/neuter day today! We sent up 37 cats and kittens. This broke down to 21 females and 16 males.  This also includes 2 of FFRC kittens--Drizzle and Sizzle.  This now brings our grand total to 468 spays/neuters for 2018 (264 spays/204 neuters).  For 2017, at the end of May we were at 351. 

Have a great day! Spiker says---Recognize the power of a purr--it can make you smile and improve your day.  

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Adoptions!  We love these happenings especially when we feel that "extra good thing", knowing they're going into super homes!

Yesterday Zeek and Wells went into their new home. They will also have 2 girls that are super excited to bond with them. I've already seen pictures and the kittens look very happy!  These are 2 more of Jillian's litter.

Earlier this week, we had 3 cats go to the same home. Tina, Charlie and Mandela--they knew each other as they had been sharing the back Thumper's Room.  A family who had elderly cats lost the last one recently and was anxious to have some more cat friends! Since these 3 knew each other already, she chose them!

We've also heard about Giesela and Thane. Giesela is now called Sybil and Thane is now Simon. They settled in spendidly. They have been running around, wrestling, eating and napping. The new mama says these two kittens have her heart already. 

We also took in and adopted out the same day, 2 long hair cats that have been in a home for almost 4 years. The owner is no longer able to care for them due to her health issues.  We had already been made aware of this and so had this planned. This way, these two cats didn't have to adjust quickly to here and then move again.  They have been called Kitty and Cat.

Yeah---SonJa has her descriptions done and Jen now has all the pictures done except for the Catathon's Fun-Raiser. That will be completed this weekend. Now, Vaun will do her magic and make all this fit into our website for your viewing pleasure!  We'll keep you posted as to when this will happen.

We took on  two new kittens.
Sherry--female, all black. This little sweetie was inside a pop machine. She got herself out but both back legs were sore for a day or two. Not anymore though--she's bopping around and enjoying all the toys! Her birthday is 4/16/18 and 6 weeks old upon arrival (5/27/18). 

Bart--male, black/white. Poor boy--he was a HBC (hit by car).  His rear right leg has a rather severe laceration in two places. Plus, he has several areas on him that have little tears and bruises.  We soak his leg every day and apply his ointment followed by a dressing for a couple hours. He's been resting alot but has begun to play. He arrived 5/27/18 at 6 weeks old. His birthday is 4/15/18.

Update on Zorro--This little boy has now been with us for 9 days.  He came in at 1 lb--just a little boy. The 2 areas on his leg where a string had been tied are still defined--you can still see the string marks. He is on antibiotics and  soreness meds.  He also gets several medicated soaks a day. After his soaks, he gets a dressing applied to hold in place the healing ointment. Today starts the big day of debriding this whole area--slowly, slowly. We had to wait until the skin "pocketed" which allows us to start removing some of the hardened skin. We are hoping the skin underneath will heal.  This is all being done to try and save his leg. He's already growing, eating good and playing like a pro! I know there's been some concern that we could be doing more.  Short of surgery, we are doing exactly what we are suppose to be doing. He is much too small for an anesthetic. All of our treatments  here at FFRC are governed by our veterinarian.

We have some thanks to give:
Ju-in-ji--donation for our spay/neuter program
SonJa--donation to FFRC, in honor of Bill & Angie L
Janet M--donation to FFRC

Callisynne's kittens are doing great. All 7 of them are toddling about and starting to eat on their own.  Both Wonder and Brinn are a tad underweight so they are being supplemented. These kittens are super sweet! It's so cute to see them tumbling about.

Today was beauty parlor day for Oliver, a Covie. He's had his bum and tummy shaved and brushed out nose to tail. He looks good!

Harvest is doing great. She is now in the Main Area all the time--no longer needing to go back to the Thumper's Rooms. She loves to be petted and have her chin rubbed.  A very nice oldster.

Nyota is almost at the place where most of the burns are healed. We are planning on having her spayed on June 9th, here at FFRC.  

Today at 4:00 is BOXES, followed by our Fun-Raiser and then Consolation Prizes!  Come join the fun! 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sunday, May 27, 2018

The hooligans are running crazy!  The 13 kittens that hang out in the Kitty Kabana now are out 24/7!  We have to watch where we walk now! Their energy level is sky high! 

We went from cool temps to hot summer. We're suppose to reach the 90's today. I saw the ducks and geese in their tubs of water this morning taking baths. They also have access to the back water (at end of property, from the island) so they can go swimming. The horses, donkey and goats love being out in the corrals with the grass. 

We had two adoptions on Friday. Gisela and Thane went to the same home together! Happy new family! They went right into their carrier like they just knew there was a home waiting for them! 

We saw Guntherie on Friday. He came in for a few remaining treatments. His new mama so loves him. Guntherie is definitely queen of the house! She sure looks great.

Little Zorro looks great. His sleeping pen is still in the front Thumper's Room but for most of the day, he's out and about. He's still on antibiotics and soreness meds, plus leg soaks. While we are being optimistic and he does bear some weight on it, the leg that had the string tied to it is rather stiff and hard and discolored.  On June 9th, Dr. Darcy will take a look. In the meantime, we continue his treatments which includes many hugs a day!

Nyota continues to improve daily. She is growing some fur back on her face! Three of her paws are starting to look more normal. The fourth paw is definitely healing now. One of the toenail beds will probably have to be removed. This can be done when she is spayed eventually. 

We had BOXES on Friday afternoon! It was wonderful. And we are so very grateful!
Beth/Eaglewatcher - For Derecho--3 Butterflies for his spin toy (he loves  this!)
Zane - 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Stripey & Dave - For Nyota - Pink Kitty blankie (she has it with her!)
Chou Y - 3 boxes Friskies
Ashlyn/Tootsiecuti - 16 cans of Lysol wipes, 12 boxes Purrfectly Chicken, 12 boxes Purrfectly Fish
Anonymous Friend- 200 13-gal Trash Bags
Sean G - 2 cases Fancy Feast, Lg bag of Meow Mix
Angel - 640 6-in Plates
Lostgirl - 6-Gallon Jugs of Mr. Clean
Denise & Elizabeth S  - 8 boxes of 12 Friskies Pouches, Tub of Party Mix
KathyinWV - Coral Runner Rug
Tina - Box of Correction fluid, Box Meow Mix Cups, Case of Fancy Feast, Tub of Party Mix, 2 Banana Beds (1 for Janie/1 for the cats)
Barbara E - Kitty Card - 9 Barb Blankies for FFRC
Yvonne VDK - Case of Royal Canin Kitten food & 16 lb bag of Purina One
Kathy B/Kathy831 -  Peacock Card with Note & 3 Chicken $5
Julianne B & Blue - Daisy Flower Drinking Fountain
Sonja/Mod - Q-Tips &  Antibiotic ointment
Marilyn & Terry - Kitty Card & Chicken $5
Nancy P/iPurr - IL  Kitty Card & Weight Circles 
Miranda - Coupons
Mitzi S - IN with Kitties Rose & Coheed - Butterfly Card with Note, 2 Chicken $5, Donation 
Realty 5 Defiance - Donation from a house sale as their chosen charity $151.70

Kathy B/Kathy831 & her nephews Marco & Luka 3 beautiful pictures using the Diamond Painting method, Kitty Basket: Titanic Kitties done by Marco age 6, Dog Basket: Daschund done by Luka age 9
Angel Basket: Angel in a Garden by Kathy  Horsin Around: Horse by Kathy
Dog Basket
Sonja/Mod - Food of the Mods or Canada Basket: Lays Ketchup Chips, Hickory Sticks, Can of Tim Hortons Coffee

Plus, we have more thanks to give!
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Sandra C--donation to FFRC
Janet K--donation for the cats of FFRC
Olga & Marno from Netherlands--donation from their cats Fred & Sasja for the kitties
Billie K--donation to help with Zorro's leg care
Dee L--donation to FFRC

Eric & Carrie M--for FFRC: coffee cups/lids-lots!  2 cans chicken, 2 boxes Purrfectly chicken, books for the volunteers.  For Catathon--goodies for the Food for the Mods basket & for the volunteer basket

We tried and we tried and we tried.  But....Miracle was called to the Rainbow Bridge.  These things are so sad for us.  The meds he received from his mama's surgery may indeed have affected him. But........the alternative was to not try at all. And that, we couldn't have done. In the meantime, he had a foster mama that let him nurse, he had volunteers that continued with his feedings and he had foster sisters and brothers that kept him warm and snuggly.  We shall miss him. I thank you all for loving him thru the cam.

Today starts our Fun-Raiser! Check out the video on the cam site and also the pics and descriptions on the chatters page.  There are 8 items to choose from. This money is very much needed to help us pay on our medical company that we purchase many things from and to get our veterinary bill widdled down.  We will have BOXES on Weds. at 4:00 and the fun-raiser will be right after that!  And of course, we'll have consolation prizes too! 

SonJa is now 100% done with the descriptions of all the Catathon items! She has close to 50 pages of descriptions! Wow! And today, Jen starts with taking pictures--she's working her way thru the baskets first! Everything will all come together! We are excited.  Mark your calendar--it's June 24, Sunday.

We have been leaving the doors open from the back Thumper's Room, front Thumper's Room and also the door leading into the Main Area in the early morning. We're trying to encourage Charlie, Mandela and Harvest to come on up! All 3 have been up for minor excursions. 

Take care and enjoy this holiday Sunday/Monday! 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Friday, May 25, 2018

I missed the cats and kitties!  While it was wonderful to have some down-time with Steve, it was also wonderful to be back.  Many thanks to the volunteers for taking care of everything while I was gone.  All is good.  

We took on a new kitten. His name is Zorro--he's a cute black/white kitten. He arrived at 5 weeks old with a birthday of 4/16/18.  He was brought to FFRC after someone found him with his paw entangled in string. The string was very tight. His front right paw was very swollen and purple. Zorro is on antibiotics, soreness meds and multiple leg soaks a day.  We are trying to save this leg.  While we are always optimistic, we also know that this leg is rather "hard", not a good thing. He sure can play though and is such a happy boy. He loves to be held.  He's only a one pounder so has a way to go before any surgery can be done. In the meantime, we keep working on him!

We also took in a past FFRC cat.  Her name here was Harvest and was adopted as a kitten in 2005. She's been in the same home all these years and because of a family change, she needed to come back to FFRC. We welcome her. Such a sweetie.  Her birthday is 10/10/05 so she is now 12 years old. She's been with the same family all this time and has never been outside.  She has today taken a walk from the back Thumper's Room to the front Thumper's Room. She is very relaxed and probably will be in the Main Area soon.  Harvest is a grey tiger & white. 

Miracle is hanging in there. He has slowed his scheduled every two feedings down, so we are going more often, but in smaller amounts.  He snuggles into the middle of the puddle of kittens so he's always nice and warm.  And he latches on to Callisynne too for extra nutrition.  Hoping this sweet baby gets stronger. 

We had BOXES on Monday afternoon.  I am very grateful to you all.
Anonymous - (Bird Basket)  Owl caller, owl stickers, (movie basket) 6 movies, What's Poppin' t-shirt, Movie Time Popcorn. (Peace and Love basket)  Peace
Volkswagon toy, (Kids or Horse basket)  Farm Animal Stickers. Kitty stickers, 
2 Mice toys for 1 for Cutie and 1 for Mars,  Think Pink magnet.

Lindsey P. (Mi) - 2 bottles of catnip bubbles, 3 bottles of catnip spray for FFRC.  Coupons, (Reader basket)  The Little Prince book.

Carri - ( Wisc)  6 catnip toys for Derechos birthday:  3 bananas, and 3 whales.  
Babble Ball toy, 4 cases of Perfectly Chicken packets, 3 cases of Perfectly Fish

Heather ( Judeanlee and Phil's daughter) - 5 scrub brushes, Lots of homemade 
Key fobs in many different designs--you'll see these in a Flash Sale!!  

Chou Y. - 1 case of Friskie food packets.

Jeanette B. and the Fur Haven kitties (Tenn) - 2 Large Bags of homegrown catnip, (Sock basket)  pair of Nashville Tn. socks, donation check to help with postage
for catathon, 3 rolls of packing tape.

Josette M. (Burgundy) from France - 2 (24) case of Friskie Gravy Sensation packets.

Ashlyn M. - 1 case of Whiskas Perfectly Fish packets.

Nancy S. (Nancepants) - (Food of the Mods basket) - 3 bags of Utz Crab Chips.

Patricia L. - 1 (16) case of Sheba Perfect Portions, 3 cases of Perfectly Chicken packets.

Sonja M. (sonjamac) - (Food of the Mods, Canada baskets) to be divided between the 2.   1 Hudson Bay Blanket with Hiking Strap, 1 Large Caramilk Bars for Jacci, Coffee crisps, Smarties, 2 Maple Sugar Shortbread boxes, Socks for (sock basket), Sunglasses for ( kids basket), 2 Boxes of Caramel chocolates, Canadian Maple Syrup.

Anonymous - Stuffed Monkey for Lynnette, Stuffed Sloth for Ramsay, Stuffed
Koala Bear for Alma.  MickeyMouse cookbook (Kitchen basket), 4 packs of Kitty
Wipes, Variety of Cards for Jacci, Box of Frontline Flea and Tick, Pack of Shiny 
Sharpies, Pack of Bic Pens, Pack of Highlighters, Box of Safety Pin, Box of Paper
Clips, 6 prong outlet.  Bunny Salt and Pepper shakers (Kitchen Basket), Buttered
Popcorn Jelly Bellies for Jacci, Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Book (Reading
Basket), 3 Kitty Brushes, 2 Droppers, Kitty Jammies for Jacci.

Debbie D. (WandaKittysMom) - Flash Sale check and Chicky $5.

Diane D. (Mi) - (Ruffles) - Flash Sale check
Carolyn R. (tina) - Donation for Paddy Cakes.
Sue M. (Ma) - (MacNCheeseDoodlesMom) - Donation to be used wherever

Brian B. - Donation for wherever needed.
Phil and Judeanlee - Donation.

Sandra E--4 cases Purrfectly chicken & 4 cases Purrfectly fish

Sandy A--2 cases Purrfectly chicken, 2 cases Purrfectly Fish, 3 cases FRiskies Gravy Pouches

In the back room, we have several adult cats: Charlie, TIna, Mandela, Harvest and Nyota.  I feel Harvest and Mandela will be coming up soon. Nyota is in the top two condo pens so she has plenty of room.  Her feet are healing very nicely and I noticed this morning that a bit of fur is starting to grow back on her face. She still gets treatments twice daily.  And I believe her singed fur is getting a bit softer! 

Do you know how many days to Catathon?  It's now 29 days! It's getting closer.  SonJa and MK did a lot of the descriptions earlier this week. MK had to go back home but SonJa is carrying on!  On Sunday, Jen comes to start taking pictures of everything. Then.....everything is sent in to Clay and Vaun and they start the process of entering all of this into our website.  It's quite a process! 

We have more thanks to give!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Caitlin OT--donation to FFRC for Catathon

Conii-donation in memory of the passing of TIna's 4 babies.
Mark S--donation for the care of Miracle
BillieK--donation to celbrate the arrival of little Miracle
Laura L--donation because she enjoys the livefeed on youtube!

A few dates coming up:
May 31, Thursday--Humane Ohio surgery day
June 5, Tuesday--Humane Ohio surgery day
June 8, 9 and 10--Concessions for Dance Recital
June 9, Saturday--FFRC surgery day
June 18, Monday--Humane Ohio surgery day
And then there will be all kinds of dates coming up in preparation of Catathon!

Callisynne's kittens are toddling about!  They are still so so small but have much energy. Sometimes they get on their backs and have to wave and wave their feet until they can right themselves! They are all so very sweet and love being held. 

Wow--when I walked in the door yesterday, I was met with 3 days of Boxes that had arrived!  So we're not so rushed, we will be doing BOXES today at 2:00.  Hope you can join us! 

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Before we do the update on surgeries, I'd love to give thanks for our BOXES from Thursday afternoon. I have always been taught to give thanks. Our FFRCNation always blows me away with the generosity shown. Sometimes it's hard to fully express my sincere thoughts on this. Please know,  I am very grateful for your support.

Love3cats--- Blue and Purple Runner Rug
Patty PK - 2 tubs Party Mix, Case of Wellness
SvCathy Our Mod - Hello Kitty Chocolate filled Marshmallows for Vols

jz_nyc - FL - 4 spiral notebooks, Roll of 2" packing tape, Box of Advantage II for Kitties, 3 bags Temptations   This was given in memory of her beloved cat, Annie

Dim/Robert D - lots of Peacock Feathers to use for adoptions!

Mr. Whiskers for Spiker  6 Boxes of 16 Creamy Broths, a Kitty egg shaper for Miss Eldora's breakfast.

Elaine & Alan - 4 Cases Fancy Feast Variety, 2 Boxes Appetizers, 2 Cases Sheba Cups, 105 bottles of water, 2 pkg Velveeta, 4 boxes Biscotti, 9 12pks of pop 

Bailey Ann & Kevin - UK - 3 bags of Snack Pockets Variety, 6 of 6 each Chicken & Liver Rolls
Victoria S/Pentecostal Church of KY - Donation in memory of Barbara Hull

Mike/sophieandlucysdad - MI - Donation in memory of Lucy
Jane W/Calico17 - Happy Mothers Day Card with Donation

IowaCatLadyMarie & The Magnificent 7 - IA  Happy 1st Birthday Ramsay  (Robby is 10 yrs older than you!)

SvCathy Food of the Mods: Starbucks Coffee Mug and 2 Bags of Starbucks Coffee Hello Kitty: Choclolate filled Hello Kitty Marshmallows

Sheila J/Sunnie J - Tea Time:  Tea infused Jam
Hankygrapvine - Horsin Around: Mini toy horses, Make It& Bake It Horse Sun Catcher, Stickers & Redmans Horse figures to Paint Kit

Scotty our Scotland Mod - Kitty Card  Food of the Mods: Scotland & UK Treats: Chocolate & Caramel Wafers, Chocolate Tea Cakes, Snowballs, Edinburgh Castle Rock Candy, Fredo Faces, Cadbury Heroes, Caramel Wafers, Mint Chocolate Candy Bars & a Gift for Shawn/HappyFlame

Gracie - Ty  2-Monkies (one for Lynnette), Leopard & Gorilla Ty Sketch Pad
Jayne M - 5 Piece Hello Kitty: Back Pack, Pencil Case, Water Bottle, Carbiner, Lunch Bag

Debbie & Annie - Texas: Chocolate Cow Patties, Texas Postcard, Big D (Dallas) Mug, Oven Mit, Hot Pad & Kitchen Towel, Texas Boot Mug

Joco - Minnesota Basket: 2 'My Pillows' & a travel pillow, Birch Canoe made by Pat Cruise, Red Wing Pottery Utensil Jar, Watkins Vanilla, 8oz jar Raw Minnesota Honey, 3 Piersons Nut Rolls, 4 melamine plates: Paul Bunyan with Babe the Blue Ox, White Tail Deer, Loons & MN Farm Scene, Spam Lunch Box: 2 Hot Pads, Roasted Wild Rice, Sandra Sams Dakota Tribe, Running Painted Pony, art medallion, Butter Almond Toffee, Book - Highway 61 Re-Visited, Prince card, Can of Spam

Jody626 - Coffee: Mini Moos, 2- Duncan Hines Cup of Coffee Cake, Bareggio set of Coffee Mugs w/4 stir spoons

Mudjie - Food of the Mods: Kitty apron & Texas Bluebonnet, plus a Horse shoe  Horsin Around: Bandanna Horse Shoe

Now that we are at the place where the majority of the Catathon items are in, I'd like to say a special thanks to our Catetary, Mudjie.  You are wonderful.  Many thanks. those fingers! We've kept them busy!

We have even more thanks to give too!  It's wonderful that saying thanks is a constant renewable thing!!
Dawn N--20 boxes Whiskas chicken packets!
Karen K--donation in honor of Ramsay's 1st birthday!
Billie K--donation in memory of Mama Calico Cat & Swizzle
Wendy C--donation to help with meds for Nyota
JanefromTN--donation to FFRC

The kitten crew is now out and about much of the day time.  For night time, we still put them back in Kitty Kabana.  They are all doing good. Such energy, big appetites, great flying abilities and super cuddliness! 

We took on two new young adults.
Charlie--she's a gray/white female, weight of 6 lbs.  Her birthday is 3/19/17, arriving at 14 months of age.  She was found alongside a road, barely moving. A neighbor and her friend went back to check on her, especially due to the very heavy rains and brought her inside.  A real possibility of being bumped bvy a car. She has a mark on her left hip. She's friendly, no microchip and is of good weight.  A rel pretty girl. 

Mandela--she's a grey tawny torti female, weight of 7.3 lbs.   She was found by herself by a friend of FFRC's.  She is about a year old with a birthday of 5/7/17.  This is a Name a Cat name.  More on her below. 

Surgery update!
We did 16 surgeries. This breaks down to 6 females and 10 males.  This brings our grand total to 431----243 females and 188 males. This time last year, we were at 351.  

The spays done were:  Gisela, Zoie, Grace O'Malley, Jillian, Mandela and Charlie
The FFRC neuters done were: Thane, Mars, Wellington, Wells, Zino and Zeke
The public neuters were: 4

We then did 11 physicals:
Derecho--a little gingivitis, no more than before, physical good
Marilyn--heart sounds great! Heart murmur--2/6.  Dr. Darcy does not feel her heart will be an issue with her at all!!
Spiker--good physical, still has a dental scheduled
Alma--good physical, she then got to climb her tree!
Annetta--good physical--no advancement of her cancer--super news!  Dr. Darcy got to see how silly she is when she plays!
Paddy Cake--Needs a dental--probably several teeth removal, otherwise good
Paddy Purr--good physical.  heart murmur still 3-4/6, nose is stable
Hilary--good physical
Mitz--needs a dental, otherwise good
Eddie White--needs a dental, otherwise good. He was such a good boy--the best he's been for a physical--wasn't scared!  He has come such a long way!
Nyota--all is good! Dr. Darcy is pleased with her healing process.  She continues to get two soaks a day (will be one soon) and her special ointment applied.  Two of her feet are now pale pink, as the pads continue to heal. She's an awesome cat! 

Many thanks to Joyce D for the pizza/breadstick lunch and to Gusti for the drinks for surgery day.  So very kind of you both. 

And then we had a bit of a surprise yesterday.  Our spay of Mandela actually turned into a C-section.  While we thought perhaps she was in heat, we did not realize that she was actually pregnant.  Her tummy was barely roundish.  Her spay began and it soon was apparent that she had a single baby that was full term.  Mandela received, for a sedation, a "cocktail" of meds. All normal for an adult. But one of the meds is never given to little kittens as it can depress the respiratory system. There is a reversal to this but we've never had the experience (and don't want to again!) of having a baby receive this med.  We had nothing to lose--so a very small dose of the reversal was given.  Very quickly, the baby took a better, deeper respiration, then meowed!  It truly was a miracle.  And then the respirations kicked in! We weighed him--most newborns are 3 to 4 ounces--he weighed 3.7 ounces!  A full term kitten! It gave us great joy to have this little one survive.  His name is appropriate--he is called Miracle.  
Miracle was given to his mama, Mandela. At first, she gave him a lick or two. It took a while but then he did nurse.....once.  After that, Mandela made the decision she was not up to motherhood and reacted poorly with him. We were very concerned for his safety. So, Miracle was given to Callisynne.  She took him in, gave him a good bath and let him nurse. We are supplementing him too as the other kittens are a few weeks older.  This morning though, his tummy was full but we still supplemented.  He fits right in with the rest of the kittens, now made up of 3 different litters.  
You may wonder---if a mama cat is spayed, can they still nurse?  The answer is yes.  Many times when a c-section is done, the spay is completed also at that time.  The problem here is that Mandela simply didn't want the kitten. And that is ok--all is taken care of.

Sometimes I wish I could hide the sad things. But....I have always promised to be honest with you all. You deserve that and I respect you all too much not to be honest, even when sad things happen. We have lost all 4 kittens of Tina's litter.  They have never been thrifty. They have had severe diarrhea and have lost weight. None of the treatments we have done have helped. Over a matter of 3 days, all 4 have passed away.  I've talked to Dr. Darcy and we simply do not have an answer as to why.  These are one of those things that we just don't know.  Now.........Tina needs some special TLC and a decision for her future. Tina is not an indoor cat, really prefers us not to hardly pet her. She was originally found in the big outdoors.  Remember my friend from Toledo--she agrees every year to help me with hard to place cats and will do this a couple times a year.  She accesses them too and helps to find the perfect home, whether it be inside or outside.  Tina will be spayed within the next two weeks. I have asked her to take on Tina for us as this is like a big scary place for her---too many people, too much noise, too much action. I feel in my heart that things will be good for Tina.

Farm Update:  we have acquired a few new farm animals.  Last week we took on 3 adult Road Island Reds (one of my favorite breeds).  And on Friday, we took on 2 more adult Road Island Reds.  Mr. Rooster is so very pleased!  He now has these 7 plus Checkers, the Barred Rock hen. Plus we took on a new goat--Onyx. She is a Nubian goal. And Pickles (the Alpine goat) is thrilled to have a friend. It's been so sweet to see this friendship! 

Got some Jacci and Steve news!  We are going to take off for 3 days this week--Tuesday, Weds., Thursday.  Need a little break. I use to never ever do this, but sometimes a break is much needed.  It's also our anniversary. We enjoy going to Shipshewana and just spend our time, with no rushing, at the flea market, the auction and the downtown quaint little stores. I leave the Rescue Center in very capable hands---the volunteers. 

We have two awesome people starting the Description of Catathon Items!  They are SonJa and MK.  We knew SonJa was coming and was soooo surprised that MK could come too!  This 2-some team will take care of this huge job!  Later this week, Jen C will be coming to take pictures of all the Baskets and Items--another huge job.  Once this is all done, all this info is sent to Vaun and Clay--they organize it into our website at  You will then be able to view and read about all the magnificent items for Catathon.  Many thanks to Jen, SonJa, MK, Vaun and Clay for this big task. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday, May 17, 2018

FFRC's surgery day is this Saturday.  We have our tentative list.  Remember, thigs can change at the last minute due to weights.  Here is our hope-to-do-list:
Gisela, Zoie, Grace O'Malley, Jillian, Tina

Thane, Mars, Wellington, Wels, Zino, Zeke

Plus, we have a handful of public male cats coming in.  

We also have quite a few physicals to do: Marilyn, Spiker, Alma, Annetta, Derech, Eddie White, Hilary, Mitz, Paddy Purr, Paddy Cake & Pipkin.  Most of these are for their annual physicals. Remember.....those physicals are so important, just like your cats--that's where problems may be resolved while still a small problem. 

We had an awesome Warped Flash Sale yesterday.  Many thanks to Warped for her wonderful boxes--they were just full of all her famous things. We saw warpedeedoos, kleenex pouches, table toppers, crate pad, coasters, neck coolers just to name a few items.  These items are superb in quality. We are always so so grateful to Warped for sharing her items.  And thanks to Mich and Vern for coming to do the Sale. They even got to squeeze in kitten-holding-time! The money from this Flash Sale will help us with our operational needs. These needs have mounted with the increase of kittens--but we'll get those bills widdled down! 

Box #4 was not opened--we just simply ran out of time. will have the pleasure of that fourth box sometime soon. We'll keep you posted!  

We have many thanks to give!
Andrea W--a Happy Birthday donation to FFRC, to Camvie, from her best friend Janie!
William P from FL--donation in honor of Lucie
Melvin S Jr.--donation to FFRC
Sara F--donation in honor of Farrah and Derecho's birthdays!
Fran D--donation in honor of King Derecho & Pretty Farrah's birthdays
Adrian, Malcolm, Spook & Dusky--donation for treats for sweet Nyota
Ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho's Birthday & for Nyota and Thane
Christopher S--donation to FFRC

It happened!  The floor kittens of the back Thumper's Room spent the entire day and night time in the Kitty Kabana room.They are now the Kabana crew! Their door was opened this morning and they are free to investigate and run about.  We will occasionally put them back in the Kabana to make sure they continue to eat good.

We had 2 cats returned yesterday.  They were both about 3 1/2 months old when adopted. They just recently turned 1 years old. Just as a refresher:
Paislie: her mama was killed by a dog. This dog then grabbed Paislie when my friend saw what was happening. She got the kitten away from the dog and brought here to FFRC.

Helga: found on a porch, all alone, no mama, was dehydrated.
They were adopted together and returned yesterday. Remember, our policy is that we will take back any cat or kitten, for any reason, without question.  They are doing good. Both cats are now in the back Thumper's Room, on the floor. Helga is out and about already. Paislie is a little shyer.  When they are comfortable we will see if they are ready to come to the Main Area. 

Vusiko is such a clown. She loves to whap a person when they go by her. Just for the fun of the reaction.  She's a little rascal--sure love her! Eddie White was on top of the refrigerator this morning, just watching things happening. What a difference in his life since he decided to join us. Pipkin too is remarkable. Remember when she was so very shy.  Now she likes to nose-kiss!

Things really start happening now for Catathon!  Baskets are in order of rounds now. Tags are on most of the items--others will be complete soon.  The special tags for each (of who the winners will be) will also be placed on each item soon.  Descriptions and pictures of each basket and item will start next week.  Volunteer slots will be filled for where help is needed. Talking to the telephone company to work on setting up the 7 phones will happen. Food will be planned for the big day. Discussions on the cams and microphones has to happen. Lots of things going on!   There are only 38 days left until Catathon!

Today we will have BOXES at 3:00.  See you then!  Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Weds., May 16, 2018

Oh boy---this is going to be fun!  Today all the kittens that are on the floor of the back Thumper's Room will be going into the Kitty Kabana Room for a short time and then they will have the freedom of the main area. Watch the walking---this is when we have to do the kitty shuffle!

I'm sad to have to pass on that we lost one of the black kittens in the back Thumper's Room. Swizzle has gone on to The Rainbow Bridge.  When he came in, he weighed significantly less than his two sisters and just never caught up.  He then caught a kitty-cold and never required, despite treatment.  Never underestimate the force of those kitty-colds. 

We've heard from the mama that adopted Erica, Eula and Emma Jane.  All are doing well.  Emma Jane continues to take wonderful care of her kitties. Eula and Erica (now known as Lark and Lilly) are growing and love to play!

We've also heard from Congo's family. They absolutely love him. He's grown so much already and so loves his family. He's thoroughly enjoyed by his family.

These Giggle Productions are wonderful!  We're up to: FFRC Giggles Scene #24!  Production by FFRC Captures and Captions, directed by Derecho.  Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps general more $$ for FFRC. 

We had BOXES on Monday afternoon!  Many, many thanks to you all! 
Gracie - 42 pk crackers & cookies for Vols
FFRC Kitties - Happy Mothers Day Card--toy, horse pencils, lighted cat ball & bird whistle
FFRC Kitties - Happy Mothers Day Card - Burt's Bees Foot Creme, Hand Creme, Balm for lips cuticles, and hands
Anony - 2 lg bags of Friskies
David & Pat - 16x20 Photo Canvas of Beautiful Tortie Kitty named Monkey
Anony - 2 bags of Assorted Cat Toys, 6 Tubs Clorox Wipes
Rebekah - For Ramsay Red Feather cat toy & Banana Bed
Eaglewatcher/Beth - Happy Birthday Derecho Box of Fancy Feast Chicken Filets
David & JUlie from UK--2 happy birthday toys for Ramsay
Pat L from Ontario--Weruva boxes for the cats

Barbara W/KKat44 - IA - Poptabs, Washcloths, 2 wall hangings 'Family: Where life begins and Love never ends" Do All Things Withe Love"
Kris M - Happy Birthday Card for  Derecho w/Donation & Lion King Couch
Vol Julie & Glen - Donation in honor of their marriage for Nyota's care
Susan G - Box Tops & Donation
Maria & Miranda - Sweden - Happy Birthday Card for Derecho & Ramsay  w/ 2 chicken $5
David & Julie - UK  Happy Birthday Card for Derecho & Ramsay w/ 2 chicken $5
Avery FFRC Neighbor Donation
Gift from Gusti, Art by Wanda - Portrait of Miss Eldora

Warped/Connie - MN - 2 Biggie Blankets, 2 Warpie blankets, Warped Rug, Set of Coasters, Table Topper, Crate Pad, Bowl Holders, 2 Tissue Covers, 2 Hot Pads, Potato Bag, Ming String, Kickeroo, Worm & Bug Catnip Toys, Catnip Pad, Jar of Warped's Special Homegrown Catnip

Gracie - Ty Monkey/Coconut & Kitty KiKi,  Book: Hey Baby (animals) 
Anony - Tea Time: 4 Butterfly Teacups w/4 saucers and 4 metal stirrers

Annie & Debbie - Texas: 16 pouches of Yaupon Tea, Braunfels Brittle, Squittle: Brittle with a squeal, 2-Slow Pokes, Salsa Verde, Bacon Salsa, Jerky & LoneStar Cavier

KathyinWV - Bird: Book: Backyard Bird Lovers Guide
Kizzymom - Horsin Around: 2 Horse Color Books with 2 pks colored pencils, 
Kitty Satchel, Star Trek & Star Trek Next Generation Kitty pins, 3 Star Trek Tote Bags

MKmouse/Mod - Food of the Mods: Popcorn: Maple, Kettlecorn & Caramel, Disney Gummies, Goofy Pops, Minnie Krispie Treats, Goofy Cotton Candy, Mickey Salted Caramel, Cinnamon & Chocolate Fudge Cocoa, Mickey Shortbread Rounds, 2 bags Mickey Goldfish, Mickaroni & Cheese

Barbara W/KKat44 - IA - Baby Boy & Girl: 2 soft blankies, 4 Sippy cups Bird: Natural Fiber Nesting House, 2 pr of shoes 

Elmira - GA   Donation for Catathon

We also announced the winner of a special drawing for our Instagram joiners!  To push up numbers, a drawing was done!  The winner is:  Mitzi Fl       Congrats!

And we have more thanks to give!
Phil & Judy--donation to FFRC, plus PT, TP, Clorox wipes, soft soap refills, baby food, posties, crochet hooks, sock.

Eugenia S--donation for Nyota
Lynne W--donation for FFRC
Burgundy from France--donation for Nyota for comfort
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Zorro---donation for Nyota, for her care
Mary S--donation to FFRC
Boud--donation for Nota's care or where needed
Fran D--donation to help towards Nyota's medical needs
Caitlin O'T from OK--donaion for Nyota, treats for Magic & friends
Melvin S Jr--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to use as needed
Madisonpepper--to help with Nyota's care
Kerralee S from NZ--donation for FFRC

Today is Derecho's and Farrah's birthday.  Chicken was dispersed this morning, even before breakfast, for everyone to share, in honor of these birthdays!

For those that keep track of names, we have a name-change.  Callisynne's Kubu is now Kadu.  Sorry for that error.  Also we've had an update--the 2 fire kittens Wonder and Brinn are totally FFRC kittens now and will not be going back to the original family. 

Update on Nyota. She is healing everyday. We have started to fill the big tub with warm water and have her stand in that. Yesterday we did that 3 times--it helps to keep her feet clean and it's also soothing to her. She, of course, is still on pain meds and antibiotics.  Her appetite is good. After her bath, she likes to be held for a bit. 

Be ready!  2:26 pm today (FFRC time!) is our super wonderful Warped Flash Sale.  This is a Flash Sale made up entirely of those wonderful items that Warp makes!  We don't know what's in the boxes--they will be open right there on cam during the Sale! But.......we guarantee, you'll love all the items! 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day to all of our 4-legged and 2-legged moms out there!  That feeling of giving and receiving love is just the bestest! Have a wonderful day.

What is the definition of a moderator?  According to the dictionary it means "the person who is in charge of the discussion and makes sure that it is conducted in a fair and organized way".  We have many moderators of our webcam. To me, moderators are much more than that.  They are there too to protect FFRC, they are always protecting me, they protect the viewers and chatters. They keep those trolls at bay. All in all, they do alot for FFRC. And they do it because they love FFRC and believe in what we do here. 

Do you know that our moderators give hours and hours of their time each week, let alone each day for FFRC?  You may not see them all--some are behind the scenes, but they are there. Our webcam chat would literally be non-existent without them. We would simply NOT have our chat if they were not there.  

In saying this, my wish is that everyone would be thankful for them and to them. Listen to them when they say something in regards to our policies and rules for our chat.  

For those newbies, did you know that having sound was not always here?  And then when we did get sound, we had it turned on for only a couple days of the week?  We now have sound all the time. That's wonderful but it also means that sometimes it makes it difficult for us to having any sort of private conversations here in the main area.  To do that may mean to actually leave the building since some people use "extra hearing powers" and even moving to a different room we can be heard. Many times it is not feasible for us to leave the building to talk. So, I am asking---out of respect and common sense--if you hear conversations that maybe are not intended for all to hear, do not repeat these conversations on chat or to each other in other ways.  It's disrespectful. 

These moderators are everything to our chat. Please, even if you do not agree, listen to what they say. They have all been around for a long time here and they know what is good for FFRC.  I dearly would appreciate that.

We have a "Code of Conduct" for our chat. I would really appreciate too if you all would take the time to re-read this--oldster chatters & newbie chatters.  We want chatting to be enjoyable.

**This is a fully moderated chat that is strictly G rated for the benefit of children and adult members. We want you to feel welcome to chat while remembering that posting is a privilege, not a right.
**Potential adopters, visitors and volunteers in the Rescue Center can see the cam view and chat on a monitor just as you are seeing them so your chat should be as polite and respectful of them as it is to fellow posters.
**If you see something on chat that is inappropriate or if you view actions by a visitor that are inappropriate, send a Private Message (PM) to a moderator (mod). Do not post any negative comments on the chat about what you read or see. If the mod feels a phone call to the Rescue Center is needed, the mod will make that phone call. Let the mods do their job. Please respect the mods who are volunteering here. They are here to make sure all viewers have a good experience. Mods will delete inappropriate posts and ban chat abusers as they deem necessary.
**Please do not use capital letters except for abbreviations. Your comment may be removed. Also, links or images deemed by to be offensive will be removed. If you wish to post an appropriate link, please ask a mod to accept a Private Message (PM) and PM a request to them to let you post the link. There are times that mods use capitals to get my attention.
**Use of language that is deemed inappropriate, including inappropriate words with characters replacing letters, will be removed. Do not use profanity, personal insults or other inappropriate comments. Continuously posting the same word, phrase, icon, etc., in rapid succession is not permitted. While good natured ribbing from established friends is acceptable when appropriate, behavior that makes other chat members uncomfortable is not acceptable.
**Please realize we are an international group of friends and words you deem suitable may be removed, due to cultural meanings. Please do not be offended by this.
**Do not use multiple user names. This is masquerading and the names will be removed. Mods are allowed to have a mod name and a chat only name.
**Please help protect mods a little! The moderators are human and do make mistakes that may not have been intentional. Please send a polite PM to the Mod if you feel their action was unfair. It is possible a simple explanation can resolve the issue.
**This is a safe, cool site, so let’s protect its environment. Please avoid all comments regarding animal abuse, declawing, alcohol or drugs and politics or your comment may be removed.
**For your safety, don’t post your email address or your Facebook name in chat as they can be viewed by the general public and non-members of FFRC chat. This could result in unwanted e-mails on contacts. As in all internet activities, be conscious of what personal information you post.
**Do not solicit donations to private parties or to other organizations. This chat is for Friends of Felines’ Rescue Center only! Please do not make posts in regards to personal need of funds. These types of posts should be put on your own personal FB page.
I thank you for your help with these matters.
Nyota continues to heal a bit each day. She gets twice daily treatments and tolerates them very well.  She continues to be on antibiotics and pain meds.  Two of her feet appear to be healing. The other two are still very sore, puffy and red.  She is a wonderful patient!
I have a loss to let you about. Our wonderful beautiful Mama Calico Cat (Firehouse Cat) has gone to kitty heaven. She is our cat that was diagnosed with cancer in her ear. We had been able to delay the end results with meds but no longer.  Mama lived an awesome life here--was always present to us.  Her beautiful self is missed.
We had an adoption yesterday. Our mild CH Charmaine was adopted! And the really good news too---she went to the same home as Gavin, our other CH cat! They went to PA. She did good on the trip and was acclimating well last night to her new home, with Gavin following her around. Let the fun and games of brotherness/sisterness begin!  I'm very happy for Charmaine.
Next Saturday is our FFRC surgery day. I believe alot of the kittens in the back Thumper's Room will be able to meet that 2 lb mark.  That means those who are on hold will be able to get into their new homes that have been waiting! 
Mark your calendar---this Weds. at 2:26 in the afternoon is a special super duper Flash Sale! It's a Warped Super Sale! No pictures will be taken of the items to show ahead of time. It's all a surprise! Lots of great items--4 big boxes! Mich will be here for the sale!  We are very excited. Many thanks to Warp for these Flash Sale Items!
Just in case you are new, here are some of our FFRC links!
Take care, enjoy this wonderful day.