Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday, May 30

Our volunteer Amy is home now from her surgery. We're so glad she's home and recuperating. Sending good thoughts and prayers for you, Amy. Ellen, Pat and Megan are filling in for Amy for a while. 

I've heard from Dr. Darcy. She will be here a bit earlier to get all the surgeries started. As usual, all surgical physicals are done first. Then we do the boy neuters, followed by the girl neuters. In between, we will fit in as many yearly physicals as possible. Because Dr. Darcy has a commitment later in the afternoon and also because of our big surgery list, we may not get 100% done.  These are the cats we hope to get done:

Neuters: Dickens, Abner, Dexter, Francis, Byron, Corduroy, Mathew Scott, Burlingame and Hillsborough.

Spays: Jemima, Smallisha, Jessie, Blyss, Fantasia, Genevieve, Josephine, Mayumi, Riika, Carla Mae

The following are questionable due to weight:  Misty, Punita, Unna, Tita and Teva.  These kittens are still young yet. Remember--if the weight isn't there, we don't do it. I believe in placing the kittens safely over the anesthetic risk. We will again be using our wonderful monitor and heating blanket for surgery.

In addition to doing all of this, we have physicals that need done. Oriah, Luigie, Whisk, Ratchet, Navi, Ming, Kerri Kat and Karena need their beginning physicals or their yearly physicals.

If we have time, I'd love to have Ada Jane, Cutie, Freemont, Jackson, Jersey, Merri, Joyful, Lorenzo, Tabitha, Zelda looked at. These cats are getting close to their annual physical time. I will also have another discussion with Dr. Darcy about Walter's circling. A very busy day for tomorrow.

We had BOXES last night! I am truly humbled by the support you all give. I thank you.
Mayumi from Japan--Chicken soup pkts for oldsters, snackers of Chicken & Bonito flakes,  2 boxes of Tulle (tuna flavored)
Irene B/ladydoc--a variety of wonderful jacket/tops--just beautiful! 
Anonymous Friend--4 bags of 40# Precious Litter
Cessna--48 big cans of chicken--cats already had some!
Yarnlover2013/Brenda R--Minnie Mouse Sound & Play, Hello Kitty Crayola, 3 stylo pens, Art Work Craft, Books, Scratch & Sketch at the Zoo set, stained glass kitty hanger, a Lion/Tiger & Kitten framed print, and a cat with 4 kittens framed print, 3 puzzles
Autumncat/Anna--for the Catathon--many numerous items for an awesome Dog Basket--Slicker brush, nail clipper, quick stop, tote for dog itens, woof frame, dog plaque, magnet, keychain, door mat, 2 dog mugs, food scoop, Water To Go, 3 pawprint bowls, metal hook for leash, chuck it ball thrower, dog toys, snackers
LJ323--2 bags Fruit Gems, 2 boxes Fancy Feast broth, 4 cans of chicken and a beautiful afghan that has "popcorn" style kitties, hearts, musical note & paw prints
Velma T/Catzthree from Canada--For Catathon: framed pictures of Sidney Island Canada in Sunset and Sunrise and a picture of her oldster cat who goes on their boat with them!
Larissa--for Catathon or wherever:  Her awesome artwork!  All designed by Larissa and painted by Larissa. Home Sweet FFRC Home bank, Kitty Box "Ode to Black Cats", Card to Fabio from Bessie (they are friends!!), Day and night box, many Mini Paintings with easels, 3 wonderful Harlequin kitty paintings, and a pebble with painted Sheriff Putter Badge for his grave.  
Napa from MA--donation to FFRC, in honor of Betz birthday, to sponsor Coralie
Lovebugs/Pam--donation to FFRC, in honor of Betz birthday, to sponsor Walter
Konnar W from NY--donation to FFRC, in honor of Betz Birthday, to sponsor Cozi
Gusti from Germany--donation to help buy drinks for surgery day and to restock drink refrigerator

We have another report from Petfinder for last week.  We had 765 total views. The top 13 cats were Emma Jo, Camvi, Ming, Merle, Preakness, Liberti, Kerri Kat, Shamballie, Whisk, Emily, Ratchet, Weeja and Daisy. 

Emma Jo loves the new rainbow mousie toys--she carries them around and bats them then all over. Mathew Scott and Dexter are good friends--they always share their toys together. Walter has been wonderful with the kittens--such a good boy!  It's been over a month now that Thomas has had a seizure! I'm so happy for him. August likes to lay on top of the purple tower. When he does, he lets us pet him--such a nice thing to be able to do. Freemont loves his feathery toys. It's really nice how so different each cat is! 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday, May 29

Porchies brushed---check.  Covies brushed---checked.  Millie donkey brushed---checked.  Lots of FFRC cats brushed---check.  Horses brushed---checked.  Goats brushed----uhhhh, nope and not going to!!  They are resisting big time!  Oh well, we have the majority of pets brushed! 

We did a big weigh in yesterday. The majority of the kittens will be 2 pounds and up.  There are some that are just too tiny yet. That's ok---we'd rather be safe than to risk a kitten with anesthetic. Saturday will be a very busy day. We also have quite a few that needs physicals. A very busy day. 

We had BOXES last night and so have big time thanks to give!
Diana from South America--card and gift card for Steve and Jacci (movies--thank you).  For the Catathon--2 wallets, handcrafted in Columbia with a Mola technique.  Very beautiful.
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie in IA--For the Catathon or wherever needed:  book, 2 relaxing CD's, 2 rolls decorative tape, brown cat bed and pad, pet stain remover, Zoomies handfree binoculars, rainbow mice, red heart shaped cookie cutter, red sillicone trivet, milk rings for Pania, 2 polka dot tote bags, doggie snackers, a 3 set Womens Sierra Pacific purse, tote bag, duffle bag, rainbow colored paw prints folding chair
Jatcat--2 HP cartridge for mailroom printer
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin babycat
Nona--3 cases of KMR
Anonymous Friend--2 of 7 lbs bags of Purina One indoor formula
Anonymous Friend--2 of 16 lbs bags of Purina One Salmon and Tuna
Dewitty--week visitor--bag of cat toys, bag of dog toys, crinkle tunnel, stuffed snowman, very good homemade caramel candy, 4 disney stuffed character, and cheese curds (so so good!)
HenryRPeeps and Ohmyguiness--birthday card and $5 for Tabitha
Susan C from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Pam/lovebugs--for Jacci--a Purple tshirt from The Purple Store!
Our Wisconsin Friends, a Wisconsin Basket for the Catathon (SuzieQ, Wendilyn, DeWitty, DCasper, Wanda)--homemade maple syrup, jam, mustards, hot and spicey, book of Wisconsin scenes, tourist flyers, Wisconsin Recipe book, a $40 gift certificat for Mars Cheese Castle and a $200 gift certificate for a portrait by Wanda.
Wendilyn--cat toys, stick/wand toys, 4 rolls of Paw ribbon, beautiful white afghan
SuzieQ1500--5 big crocheted blankets for kitties, a green/purple blanket for Ming, pads for the Kuranda Towers, lots of note cards and note pads, baby food, Fancy Feast
Caren F from CA--PayPal donation in memory of Magenta
Lucy/lulittle & Benny from UK--donation in memory of Magenta
Karen C from UT--donation in memory of Magenta

The Covies got an extra day of run around time on the farmyard yesterday. The walls were blasted with our powerful sprayer and now things are spick and span once again. They all came back last night for suppertime. They love being out and about. They discovered the fresh, new grass growing and it became the favorite place to nap!

The kitties are doing great! I love kittens enjoying good health--so so important. Coralie has been so patient too with the kittens. So nice to see. All the adults are really good with the kittens. The kittens are so ornery and enjoy tormenting the adults! Fun to see too. 

Our old girl, Suzie is doing great. We will have her checked out again on Saturday, although she just last week had  a physical. I don't believe Karula is feeling the best the last couple days.  We will have her checked out also. She spends the majority of her time sleeping. Sure would be nice to get an age on her. A little difficult to tell with no teeth. She's enjoying all the loving and pettings that she's getting.  Jessie (the 15 year old) is also very receptive to all the attention! A nice group of older cats. 

Have a great day. Today is my afternoon with my mom! Have to take her to the Hair Doctor, as she says! Enjoy this beautiful day! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weds., May 28

What a glorious day today is. There are kittens galore playing, roughing up each other, purring, kneading and playing some more. The adults are so sweet. They welcome the kisses, hugs and attention. There is always a sense of peace here at FFRC for me. And if I get an overwhelming urge to "get away", down to the barns I can go. Just sitting on the picnic table in the corral is great!  Handing out horse treats is very nice. The walks down to the "island" too is so relaxing. Spending even 15 minutes in the Cat's Cove is also rewarding. Those cats soak up the attention! So....even when we have a sadness of losing one of our cats, there is still peace here. While I terribly miss those that are gone, the gift of memories of them is so wonderful. And knowing that all is well with them now, is powerfully comforting to me. 

I'm sitting here at my desk laughing at 5 kittens that have been hard at work for the last 45 minutes. Dewitty (our visitor) brought some items in plastic bags and these kittens are busily unpacking the bags for me! They think they are helping. The crinkle of the bags is so enticing! I told them they were going to get in trouble. They just looked at me like "she's crazy to think that"! 

Our Shelter House is done other than the evespouts and downspouts. But those will be coming. Jimmy has put up a clock and thermometer. When Gustwiller's were here last week, they installed 3 overhead lights and a plug in for us. I love how the Porchies and Covies enjoy laying on the table. Of course, they always wipe off the table when done!! 

We have some thank yous to give. I am grateful.
We had some Magenta memorial donations given--thank you very much, means a lot to me: Glynette M from CA, UncleKat from OR, Joni G from WA,  Anonymous Friend, Sheila H from Canada, Arden & CHarmaine from IN, Edward B from FL, Margaret/EarthEyes from NC, Joanna H from Finland, Anonymous Friend for Spay/Neuter Fund, Pat & Ellen from Defiance, Cris_79 from Italy, Janet & Seb & Sylvie, Tina/PeppyCali from WI and Carolyn J from TX.

Thank you too for the lovely bouquet of flowers that was delivered yesterday. They are beautiful and mean a lot to me. 

We will have BOXES tonight. Yeah! Let's do BOXES at 5:30 tonight. Will give me a little extra time to get inside to my kitties tonight! 

We have started the picture taking (thanks to Jenni C) of the Baskets for Catathon. This is a long process so we have to get started!  Pre-registration will also start about 10 days or so before the Catathon. Don't worry--if you don't pre-register for the Catathon, you can still bid. It just shortens the phone-time if this is done beforehand.  We will also have a drawing during the Catathon for all those that pre-register!  Remember, it's June 22!

On June 6,7,8 we will be handling the Concession Stand once again for Defiance's Dance Recital. I believe this may be our 5th year to do this. We use this as a Fundraiser for FFRC. We will set up for Friday PM, Saturday afternoon & PM and Sunday afternoon.  We have to completely tear everything down each evening. It's a fun fundraiser for us! We even know some of the dancers-- Elizabeth, Unique and Jocelyn will be performing! 

Have you done a spay/neuter yet this spring? It's time--grab a cat and call a vet! It's impossible to find enough homes. Let's prevent these births---it's the right thing to do.  Thank you. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday, May 27

I was almost done with the blog when I decided to take Magenta in the house with me so I could hold her while having breakfast.  I will just add this extra at the top and then call it done. A very sad day. My heart is heavy. I had her on my lap. She took a very big deep breathe...and then she stopped.  Our dear Magenta is gone. I knew in my heart that her time was short but wasn't expecting this quite yet. We're never ever ready for this. I will miss her terribly as I know many of you will too. She arrived here originally 2/20/03. She was painted purple, hence her name. She also gave birth to 4 kittens which we found homes for. Magenta was actually adopted twice, but returned twice when her owners passed away. The last time we decided she was a "keeper". She was made a resident  on 4/18/09. Magenta....what a wonderful cat, so full of love to give and readily accepted love back. We will bury her next to Putter. A big feeling of sadness for this loss.

We finally got the 2 new oldsters for FFRC yesterday late afternoon. These are the 2 that I mentioned quite a while ago. They are Suzie and Jessie. Their mama is elderly and needs family to help her. So, she is now out west to be with family. She has 2 cats that will stay with her, but since Suzie and Jessie are elderly themselves, it was not in their best interest to fly them there. We will care for them. Jessie is a Main Coone type cat--long brown tiger fur with a big white bib. She is a talker and a window lover! She so enjoys the birds. She is 15. Her "sister" Suzie is much older. She is 28---yes, 28. This is not a typo. She is confirmed at 28. Both just went to see Dr. P and are both in pretty good health. Suzie needs some work on her coat. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but she has "bits and pieces" of fur, here and there. We are going to try and trim up the long stuff! Very interesting looking cat! Her 2 greatest joys in life is eating and sleeping on a cushie! I don't believe her sight is sharp, but we have to remember her age! Welcome, Jessie and Suzie! And yes, we now have 2 Jessie's. A very unusual happening for us.

Our little guy, Luigi, is doing great. He will be looked at on Saturday--our surgery day. He's getting along and walks fairly good. He's been missing kitty company, so this morning he is up the Main Area for a bit of fun. He is a round kitty!

Bella was in heaven yesterday--she was outside quite a bit, several different times. She loves the kitty-stroller. But her greatest joy is being on the cement. She loves to roll and roll on it. She also lets us know when she wants to go out. She will meow and meow. We're not talking little meowers coming from her--but big loud wail of meows! She wants out and she wants out NOW! She has to have a babysitter, of course. She's not allowed out without a watcher assigned to her!

We have some thank yous to give!
HEather & STephanie H from Cincinnati, OH (Judy and Phil's family)--8 gallons of vinegar!
Eugenia S from Russia--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Kelley F--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

Tomorrow, Weds. will be weigh-in day for our big Surgery Day on Saturday. Some of the kittens are very small yet and make not make weight. They must be 2 pounds to have their spay/neuter. We also have a few that needs their yearly physicals. 

Defi (black/white Defiance College cat) will more than likely end up being another outside cat. We know for sure that he's been outside for at least 6 months. When a cat is bent on being outside, it's sometimes impossible to keep them in.  Our cats of FFRC that are adoptable are 100% INSIDE ONLY. So, when we have one that is NOT going to stay in, we make sure they are neutered, vaccinated, wormed, has flea prevention,  etc are done so that way when they zoom out the door, they are at least medically up to date. Defi has been scoping out the doors and windows ever since he arrived. He's already zipped out like a streak a couple times. We've been trying to convince him otherwise, but sometimes their desires have to be recognized. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday, May 24

If you come for a visit, you'll need to go to the "island" and sit, rest and relax. It's at the back of the property. It's not a real island but it's surrounded 3/4s of the way by backwater. Lots of birds, sometimes can see the fish flip, the eagles can sometimes be seen, turtles might be basking in the sun and deer come to drink. It's so very peaceful. Yesterday we took my mom's picnic table down there and Paul's memorial bench. Our farm ducks and geese love to go swimming here and sometimes the barn cats follow us there. You'd like it!

Next Saturday, the 31st is our surgery day. We will get as many done as possible. Will be one of the "big loads". A list of who will be done will be given next week, after weigh-in. And those that are on hold will be making their way to their new homes!

Magenta.  Our dear sweet Magenta. Some days she eats good, some days not so good. She's getting lots of attention. Any time she asks for food or lovings, she gets it. I feel that Magenta is becoming tired. I think of the word rejoice. We all rejoice in knowing her--she's given lots of love to us all. Knowing and giving love freely gives our heart the full go-ahead to be happy in knowing that some day our pets will pass away, despite our wish they stay with us. We cherish them while here, mourn for their loss but rejoice in having known them. We learn this so often at FFRC. So, we cherish with a big open heart now while our sweet Magenta is with us. 

The kittens are all doing great. Where they get their energy is simply amazing. So much fun to watch. They're all eating good. So many different kittens from different litters, different personalities. It's like one big happy family litter---kinda like our FFRCNation Family! 

Walter, Walter, Walter.  Poor buddy. He clunked his head pretty hard this morning. But, as with the way of our CH cats, he brushed it off and went on his way. I worry about him. He seems to forget sometimes that he can't do circles up on the ledges. We've been watching him closely. But anyone that knows Walter, knows that Walter is very independent. It's HIS way, certainly not ours! Part of the reason we love him so much. 

Our new cat, Defi is doing good. He's relaxed, enjoys napping on the desk and looking out the windows. Karula is eating good. She makes such a soft wonderful "noise"--I truly do think she uses it like a sonar for her?? It's quite interesting. Oriah is one of the biggest leg rubbers ever known here (other than Freemont!).  

We had BOXES last night. Many thanks to you all for this awesome support.
HenryRPeeps and Oh My Guinness--card and $5 for Hazel's BD.  Even though Hazel has been adopted, we will share browned beef and turkey for all the cats! 
Polly E from IA--donation in memory of Lois L  She also included a copy of the obit.
Mimi from FL--coupons
RoseSF6cats--donation in memory of Lois L and coy of obit
Jean/Annette20 from CA--kitty card and donation
Aunty Julie C--a card for Miss Magenta with a gift card (to be used for Magenta's wishes!) and stamps for mama Jacci! So sweet!
Karen T from NJ--card with donation. For Catathon: Hello Kitty items, Laurel Burch zipper bag. Sentsy--2 large warmers, 2 plug in warmers/with candles also accessories to go with the Sentsy
Sandra A--for Catathon: 2 Little Tykes Toy Drop & Roll for the 2 baby baskets and a place mat, tennis balls and pull toy for the dog basket.
Oilsandsgirl--memory stone for Dora. This will go in Albert's Garden today.
FaithyMD and Bobby--box of angels for whatever use needed, 8 new puzzles for the Catathon. Laser bird toy (already being played with!) and pop tabs for Kellen, coupons.
Jessica D--donation thru PayPal
Philip P -NJ--a donation to FFRC for birthdays! The birthdays are Phil, Sonja, Val and Jobokitty!

If you live around FFRC area, there are two low cost spay/neuter clinics. One is in Fort Wayne (HOPE) on Maycrest, 260-420-7729 and the other is in Perrysburg (Humane Ohio) 419-266-5607.  The reduced cost of the spays/neuters is well worth the bit of gas for travel.

We took in a new kitten a couple days ago. His name is Luigi. He is a sweetie, a small brown tiger with such enormous eyes. He was brought here after being found unable to walk. He's probably a HBC. He appears to have a fractured pelvis. These are things that can't be "put in a splint", so time and cage rest will help. He's doing some walking. His favorite way to sleep is flat on his bag with his legs all sprawled and his tummy waiting to be tickled. Luigi loves his chin rubbed too!

Oh oh--the cats have gotten me in trouble again.  Specifically Emma Jo. We all know how she loves to eat.  I had the copy of my Name a Cat on the desk since I was using it. I walked away and when I returned, there she was ripping it in shreds. She looked up and I was able to get a little section out of her mouth that I could read. But, most is damaged. So....if you have sponsored a name that we haven't used yet, please send it to me by e-mail and I will look for it on my paper. I told her she was grounded, but she certainly doesn't believe me! Have a great holiday weekend! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thursday May 22

Want to hear a cat sing and talk back to you?  All you have to do is say "Pania" in a sing-song way and she'll answer you!  Every time!  But then you have to give her a milk ring or a few kibbles of RC babycat dry food! She is such a fun girl! Love her. 

Karula is really doing good. She's progressing her walk-abouts in the back and front Thumper's Room. Nice and easy and slow--that's the way she moves. She loves to eat too! She does this "soft talk" when she walks around and sometimes when just laying in her bed. I wonder if it's a comfort sound she makes. She even strolled about in the Mail Room (oops, don't tell anyone---remember the Mail Room is suppose to be off limits to cats!). 

We truly have LOTS of thank yous to give! 
We had BOXES last night! Such joy to receive these gifts---thank you!
Gill H--3 Monki soft cloth kitty totes (will use as consolation prizes for afghan raffles!)
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 cases Sheba Pate, case of Iams Kitten
Robotman from CA--plastic bags, 20 laser pointers for adoption bags!
Kikimycat from PA--5 cases of Appetizers
Susan345--6 containers of Gerber Rice Cereal
Judy--2 cases Fancy Feast gravy lovers, 2 cases Chicken Soup for the Cat Lovers Soul for kittens, 2 cases Appetizers
Arden & CHarmaine--2 cases FF grilled seafood, Purina One Kitty dry, 4 big bags of Precious Kitty Litter!
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--box tops for Kellen, Spartan Labels, stickers, 4 wonderful sets of votive candle sets, to be used wherever needed!
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--BD card for Big Al with $5.  Big Al has requested ground turkey to share with everyone!
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Nona S from NY--butterfly card with funds for TEN cases of baby food meat!
Sue M/macncheese from MA--card with donation
Margaret S from Paulding--donation
Debi B--donation in memory of our chatter friend, Lois L
Svcathy/Cathy D--wow--snackers for the volunteers! PB pretzels, caramel popcorn, chocolate covered potato chips, gummy bears, jelly beans, jar of crunchy cookie spread, cookie & cocoa swirl spread, chocolate chip dunkers & oatmeal & cranberry dunkers!   For Catathon: lots of things for the crochet/knit basket--lots of great yarn and in wonderful colors, drum to store yarn, crochet book, spring knitting book, crochet answers book, sock loom, a tote bag filled with knitting needles, scissors, tape measure, double stick tape, etc.  Another great basket coming up!
DeEtte--for Catathon: this is for the Laurel Burch basket--2 purses, 3 cosmetic bags, hand bag, 4 luggage tags, note cards, note pads, magnets, zipper bag, large tote, box of Christmas cards! 
Conii--for the 2nd Williams & Sonoma bsket--5 stainless nesting bowls & a Cuisinart 4 cup chopper grinder.
Gina/catluvr14--tabs for Kellen. For various Catathon baskets: salad tongs, storage containers with frogs, BBQ cutlery, socks for kids, dog toys, kitty toys, Hello Kitty word find, Spiderman dehydrated towel, Yardley lavendar soap
Eric, Carrie & Jimmy--evening visitors: For FFRC: sticky notes, snackers, box tops, pill pouches, mail cutter.  For the Catathon or wherever needed:  lots of awesome items for various needs--there's things for the baby's basket, Mickey Mouse, Kitchen, Kid's Kitchen, Kids, Hello Kitty Basket and the Rainbow Basket. I so appreciate this big help. For the baby's baskets, the two photo albums were made by Carrie--so very nice.  
Alan G--sent a big box of FFRC paper pads that we will use for a new item in our Catathon Store!
Shannon S from OH--donation for FFRC in honor of Leonard and for his care and for his friends!
Sonja M-our visitor this week!--vinegar, bleach, cat can food, pouches, baby food, tuna, sardines, doggy treats, fruit juices, volunteer yummies, cat snackers--so much and we are so greateful! This is also in honor of Pat and Ellen who have taken her to various places to get items! 
Lauraeagle from CA--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Jane W from TN--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Karen C--donation in memory of Lois L

 We have updates from Petfinders! It's been a long time since they've given us these stats, but they're back on track! Last week we had 1,088 total pet views of our FFRC Petfinders! The top 13 cats that were viewed are: Camvi, "CH info page", Wrigley, Canton, Ming, Kerri Kat, Daisy, Tabith, Navi, Preakness, Whisk, Emily and Ratchet! Such wonderful cats!

We have names! Finally, Smallisha's sweet little crew of 4 are named! Oh my goodness, their little tummies are so very round! The two girls are: Tammy and Willow. The two boys are: Scott and Moose. These are names from our Name a Cat.  These 4 will be a bit tricky to identify as they are all black, no white.  Tammy and Scott will have their tips of their tails trimmed to make a "flat tip tail".  Remember--tipped tails==names with T's in them! Get your binoculars out! We'll have to wait till they have any tail fur though to trim! 

Let's talk about something! I've been hearing a few disgruntled comments about FFRC not being able to take in their cats/kittens. I have also come to realize that some people think we never say no to intakes. We need to clarify this. There is no way ONE rescue center can keep up with the need to take in all the homeless cats. Even our county alone is more than we can handle. There is simply no way one rescue could possibly keep up with this. I will be honest with you, as always---we routinely turn away many cats and kittens. We could easily take on 500 cats a MONTH and still the phone would ring. Each incoming cat, on an average, costs us $350. If we took those 500 cats in, that would be $175,000. Then where would we put them all? There's not enough space, energy or people to do this. And that's just ONE month. The answer comes again to the PUBLIC. We all need to pitch in and SPAY and NEUTER.  THAT is the whole key to this. It's so simple. Do it BEFORE the female gets pregnant. Do it BEFORE that male gets a female pregnant. Don't wait until babies are born and then assume we can cover them. And if you find a stray with babies, when they are 6 weeks old, get the mama spayed. Reach out to these cats and help them and in return you are helping us. I learned a long time ago (from many talks to my wonderful friend, Dr. P) that to successfully run a Rescue Center, it has to be done from the heart but just as important with a brain. Know our limitations, know the health/safety value of what we are doing, be compassionate but use the head too as a guideline.  And above all--spay and neuter.  Please, don't criticize us for not being able to take in every cat that needs a home. Instead, reach out to that cat and do something constructive--spay/neuter it!  It'll make you feel good too!

I am in heaven on earth here. Seymour is scooting by happily playing with a catnip toy. Paddy Cake just walked by too with that goofy spring in his mouth. Coralie is happily accepting more kitties in her circle. Kittens and cats have holds on them--means great homes coming up! I don't hear a single sneeze, cough or see a "wet eye"! There are 9 kittens ricocheting off the walls here! Emma Jo is chasing a paper wad. Solee is happy eating a few RC kibbles. Wrigley is zooming around on the catwalks above me. Cozarelii is sitting watching the crazy kitties! And to top it off, we have a spay/neuter date coming up! Makes for a great day!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday, May 20

Karula. Yes, that is the new name for our new cat. She is a torti, an oldster, blind, deaf, declawed front 2 and toothless (well, she has one tooth, but that needs to be removed). She also has a pellet over her rib cage. What a sweetie of all sweeties. She purrs like a soft musical song. And she loves to be petted. My son and family have been feeding her this winter but couldn't catch her. Yesterday, after bumping into car tires, she got scared and got onto their porch where my granddaughter Lissa and friend Kelsey picked her up.So a trip to grandma's happened and here she is. An oldster. She's been tested and bathed. She is already on the floor of the front Thumper's Pen. It will take some adjustments as she learns her way around before coming into the Main Area.

Her name is Karula. It means Place of Peace which is an African term. We hope that she finds peace here, her new home. It's also in honor of Mudjie, our mod who has been visiting Africa for 3 weeks and will be home today.

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to Big Al. Our Big Black Beautiful Baby Boy. That''s what I always call him. He likes it!  Big Al arrived here in June 2007. I remember he showed up and would not let us catch or touch him. This went on for several weeks. I decided he HAD to be trapped and at least neutered. So, the live trap was set. Within a half hour, there he was, sitting up as best he could in it. I approached him, expecting him to be wild. He raised his tail in greeting. I reached in, gathered him up, walked him into our clinic and he was promptly neutered! Since then, he's been a big baby and we love him so much! He is now 9 years old.

We had a quick un-flash Sale yesterday. I thank you all for your support. I know our Sales are not perfect--it's impossible when we have to work with the cam lag. But, we do the best that we can. Your support makes a big difference to FFRC. We sold 16 beautiful Leggygal-made Biggydews!

Have you ever seen Zelda drink water? She takes her paw and dips over and over again from the water bowl. So cute. Coralie is being more tolerant of the kittens. Yesterday I saw her napping twice with 3-4 kittens within her circle. And this morning she had a snack and shared with 2 kittens. So very nice to see. That Jessie is a fun kitten--she is all-speed ahead. Always playing and running!

A chatter friend of FFRC's has passed away. Lois Lloyd passed away on 5/10/14. I talked to her daughter and she expressed how Lois sure enjoyed watching the cats. She was 88 years old. Her chat name was cats4lover.

We had BOXES last night. Many, many thanks to you all.
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--2 Birthday cards for Derecho & Farrah, 2 cans of yummy food and 2 snackers for these birthday cats!
Janet S--an absolutely stunning white/blue afghan with blue kitties (for Catathon Raffle)
Clare C/chippy38 from NH--card with donation
Leenie from AK & letter from Dhana, Weasley, Samson & Delilah--For Catathon--various books written by Lesley Anne Ivory, also a Lesley music box and postacards! A doggie purse, FFRC key chain. For Feel Good Basket--bath salts, body collagens, moisturizer, shower gel, body salts, soap, organic molding mud and beads. Another box for snackers for the volunteers and a puzzle for Amy. Yarn for volunteers to use and for the knitting/crochet Catathon basket. 
Norma B from IA--For Catathon--6  movies for the Movie basket, a mountain metal pottery plaque, metal cat napkin holder. For the Porchies, a sign that says "Welcome to the Porch" sign!
Cindy H/MNsnowy--potty bags, kitty inside a wicker frame, candy cord, note cards.  For the barn a sign that says "Manure Happens"! For Jacci--polished Lake Superior agates (love this). 2 bags of necessities for Kitty Kastle. A purple/white bracelet for Day Sale, Hair dryer and a Baby Taggie for Catathon.
jz-nyc--4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Oilsandsgirl--6 cases of Fancy Feast appetizers
Gusti from Germany--card, puzzle for Amy, For Catathon:  3 lovely pillowcovers (dog, bird and a cat one), frog salt/pepper shakers, elastic clips, 2 daffodil doillies, cat key holder, cat hanger that goes over door, 2 table sets (runner and placemats), butterfly rug for kitchen floor, KMR
Vicki B--Fancy Feast medley
Kikimycat--gauze for surgery. For Catathon/Day Sale--black and white cat mirror and 3 awesome flower frames (so pretty)
Sonja from Canada--week visitor!--50 writing pens, baby food jards, 2 Tide HE soap, Bounce, Salt water taffy from Canada, cat toys, paper clips, memo pad
Sherie S and Sharon C (day visitors)--Sheba cans, paper towels, Mr. Clean pads, Whiska, lysol, chicken can, Dawn soap, baby food
Judy and Phil--4 gallons vinegar, 3 gallons bleach, Clorox wipes, gallon of Odoban and 2 hand disinfectants
Ann Marie F--donation for FFRC
Napa--donation for Pania's care
Cantoncat--donation in memory of Lois Lloyd (she loved Putter very much)
Marilyn B--we are coming up to 11 million views, so an $11 donation in honor of that! 
Lannml--a donation in memory of Lois Lloyd

We took in another new cat this morning. He has been seen for about 6 months, all thru the winter. He started in good weight but has become thin. We got a call to please come and get him as they were able to get him into a building at Defiance College. Sonja and I went--what a sweetie he is! He was hungry and so we fed him a can of food on the spot! He's a friendly boy! He is black and white. His test, bath and vaccines have been done. He shall be known as Defi (for Defiance College). On our way back to FFRC, I thought he was safely tucked in his carrier behind my seat. Next thing I knew, I had a claw on my head and I said "Ummm, cat is out!". Sonja babysat him the rest of the way home! Defi is a winner--such a nice boy. 

The latest group of 8 kittens are now out and about here in the Main Area. There are kitties everywhere. We are definitely doing the kitty shuffle now. Everyone seems to be very healthy and happy. Oriah is walking about more in the Main Area too. We let her choose where she wants to be--the Main Area or the Thumper's Rooms. Joyful absolutely loves the open windows. She so enjoys that. 

We have quite a few cats on hold too! They are: Navi, Wrigley, Merle, Jessie, Blyss, Francis, Josephine, Punita, Tita and Teva. So happy about this!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 17

Ever heard a cat singing? If you've been hearing Jemima then you know cats can sing! She truly chirps, chortles, hums and sings to her babies and to all the kittens! It's quite interesting to listen to her. So many different tones. She loves those babies and gives good care to them. Smallisha's kitties are growing. THey have nice round FFRC tummies. She's a sweet mama too.

I'm beginning to get worried. Between 3 granddaughters graduation in June and their parties, a family wedding, another family graduation and preparing for Catathon.....time is going to run very very short and very fast. Be patient with emails and responses from me. I try very hard to keep up but some days are rather difficult. Right now too it appears we have a bit of flu running thru some of our volunteers--no fun for them. Keep FFRC wrapped in your friendship and patience. 

We had BOXES last night! It was fun and I'm very grateful!
Butterflyclass--an extra special box from our butterfly class in Belgium. They love the cats here but especially Derecho. This box was totally filled with love! There was a special statue that resembled Derecho, painted by the class. This will be a treasure to me forever. There were also kitty toys , snackers, kitty balls all for Derecho and friends. Also 2 framed butterfly artwork done by the class for Derecho. Hearts to each of the children and to their teacher! 
Robin H and her Pre K class from Georgia--another awesome classroom and teacher. This is the class that many of us sent postcards from our town/state with a bit about our personal pets. We saw pictures from FFRCNation including a map where each postcard was received, a BD card and pictures of Robin's kitties Half Baked, Little Girl, Noel and Squeek. It's sheer pleasure to see teachers such as these who do such caring projects with their students
Robin's class also earned their own money and donated items to FFRC--kitty snackers, bag of Reese's Pieces, silvervine, appetizers, pop tabs, blankies, toys with feathers, Fancy Feast, Whiska, cat toys, Clorox wipes, paper towels (for Tabitha) and baby food jars
Tina F/peppycali--8 cases of large cans of the Friskie can food (extra thanks--these help us with the Barnies, Covies ) 
Zsa Zsa and mama--3 of 6 packs of canned chicken (yum!)
Beth/Eaglewatcher--2 reams of purple paper, special plastic bags to be used for catathon / store for packaging.  Also an airline approved pet carrier for a cat basket for Catathon
Joni W from IA--card and donation in memory of Putter, To be used for Catathon or wherever needed: A really neat sign "I kissed a Cat and I liked It" sign, a Kitty ring holder by Brighton (just so lovely) and a cat hand towel that is beautiful
Linda/mls9690--bag of pop tops, Kitten Fancy Feast, baby food meat jars. For the Catathon--extra small doggie life jacket
Gusti--large bag of Royal Canin kitten dry food
Kelly R--2 cases of KMR
Craig and Merianne M and kitties Mr. Fluffy & Hope from MI--letter and pictures of kitties, Werthers candy, Jolly Ranchers, Peppermints, kitty snackers, 12 natural cat food packets, a soft sided play pen! For the Catathon: 2 craft kits/bracelet kits, paint by number kit, kitty socks, tshirts/kids outfit (for Day Sale)
Cathy H/ordinarydiva--sent an Amazon gift card to honor the passing of Donna Summer. Also with condolences of Putter. 
Tammy & Keith--2 blankies, catnip toys, jingle balls
Paul R from VA--donation in honor of Farrah's birthday
Karen C from NC--donation to FFRC

We had an adoption this morning! Thursday went to live with the 2 sisters that are in the 2 condos and now they both have 2 cats! The second sister will love Thursday, I'm sure! The other 3 cats have adjusted beautifully. We have a few other cats on hold. They are: Navi, Wrigley (yes, Wrigley!), possibly Merle, possibly Jessie, Blyss, Francis, Josephine, Tita and Teva. This is all good news! 

Felicity is such a nice cat. She's playing! And today brought a big smile. Oriah was playing with the toy that rotates round. It was so very nice to see her enjoying this toy! 

Joey is doing wonderful. His courage is growing! He loves the windows and spends a great deal of time watching all the action outside. Happy Birthday to 2 of our cats! Camvie is now a one year old and Roland is 7 years old! Camvie is here in the Main Area and Roland is a Covie. 

The cats in the Kitty Kabana Room almost had a nervous breakdown today. A chipmunk decided to say Hi thru the screen! I thought the cats were going to go bonkers in their wish to get that bold critter. How dare that chipmunk act so brave with 8 cats staring at him thru the screen. Whew--sure glad we have special cat screen! 

Don't forget this coming Monday is our unFlash Sale! It's at 2:00 and will be strictly Biggydews! Come join the fun. This will be our last fundraiser sale before the Catathon. Biggydews are $15 and they are beautiful! Take care all and have a happy Sunday! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday, May 16

Whisk is staring at me. Yep, a deep long stare. He knows I have cat snackers in my drawer. And yes...I gave him some! 

The 8 kittens that Peggy have been fostering are back. Oh my have they grown! They look terrific. I do believe they consider themselves as one litter now. They sleep in one big clump! Misty is on hold already. Her new family visited her again yesterday. She has the cutest cream tip tail. Unna is ornery. Teva was the first one out of their pen this morning. They'll have the entire back Thumper's Room to play in today. Joyful is watching them from up high!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Derecho. He is now 2.  Derecho arrived on 7/4/12 at 7 weeks old. Remember his story? His mama had his litter in a woodpile. At 7 weeks old he wasn't able to keep up with the litter any longer. Mama and siblings left him behind in the woodpile. So the family that owned the property and knew about the cats brought him in. We are so grateful. Derecho was our first CH cat. He has opened up a whole new world for FFRC. 

It's also a Happy Birthday to Farrah. She arrived at FFRC on 6/27/09 as a 7 week old kitten. She was found in a woods, all alone. Her first seizures started in September 2009. Her meds have been adjusted numerous times but for the last two years she has been on the same dose and it's been successful. What a sweetie she is. She is now 5 years old. She was made a resident quite a while ago. She seems so emotionally attached here that we were concerned about disrupting her routine in consideration of her seizures. She loves to ride on shoulders!

We had BOXES last night. Hugs and thanks to you all!
Donna H/knittinkitten 2 and Shadow & Starla--Forwherever it's needed: cat gift bag, 5 wonderful books, post it notes, small cat zipper purse, snuggle safe, meow picture frame, ear wipes (dog basket), volunteer snackers, kitty wipes (cat baskets), bag of beaded bracelets (so pretty!) for a Day Sale. I would also like to thank Donna for 2 special items--a cat angel necklace from all the kitties to remind me of all the cats waiting at the Bridge and a special kitty angel bracelet in memory of Putter. 
Connie/warpedinMn--2 cases of KMR
Lannml from IA--2 packages of 2 inch scotch tape, 2 cases of KMR and 6 rolls of bubblewrap (getting ready for Catathon mailings!)
Joyce R from OH--For the Catathon: a beautiful framed picture of 5 kittens and flowers
Pat C (vol)--2 hand warmers and a bubble gum pink filet crocheted butterfly afghan (beautiful!)
Conii and Elliott and Izsabellah--a 2nd kitchen box, all WIlliams & Sonoma items! apron, matching towels, 2 hand mittens, 6 stainless steel odd-size measuring spoons/cups, 8 stainless steel standard measuring spoons/cups, zester grader, whip, cuisinart 7 speed hand mixer, stir fry spat, 3 piece All Clad stainless steel strainer set. 
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila H from Canada--2-3 pack Lysol wipes, case of kleenex
DeEtte--Catathon Inspirational Basket:great books!, 10 Monet note cards, sponge, 2 CD's, aloe socks, aloe gloves, Turbie hair towel, 2 Perpetual calendars, Cucumber eye pads, foot pumice, aroma diffuser, body wrap (heat/cool) and a Bath/Body supply of spa set items!  For the baby baskets:2-3 pack hooded Mickey Mouse bath towels for each basket, gorgeous pink baby slippers and a beautiful picture frame for each boy/girl basket (can put statistics on it!)
Vicki B--2 cases of Fancy Feast Medley
Karen B--copons and CHief Tapes
Nona--4 cases of KMR
Canadanana--2 cases baby food meat
Peggy K and Shamus and Megan--Putter card and donation
Jeannette B from TN and the Fur Haven kitties--card and donation to the Feliz Navidad Fun in memory of Putter
Jean K from MN--card and donation in memory of Putter with a special hummingbird charm 
Zelda and anonymous friend!--styrofoam plates, ping pong balls, LOTS of toys, light up suishy balls. For the volunteers (she's bribing them!): breakfast bars, cotton candy, cashews, combos, marshmallow eggs, pretzels and full size candy bars! 
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--birthday wishes and the famous $5 bill for each for Rory, Treesa, Farrah and Derecho.  Steve keeps making the favorite browned hamburger and turkey that is shared by all! 
Ingrig/ju-in-ji--Paypal for FFRC in honor of Derecho's birthday!

We also had a special PayPal from the Steinbach Veterinary Hospital for "taking in Alma and giving her a wonderful life! We miss her but are so happy she's with you". Wow--that made my day!     This is in part, my reply:  "She is truly an awesome cat and very inspiring.  That girl is a toughie. Once she figured out she can get herself mobile, she has been very determined.  We made her a cart to be able to move in.  Nope--she doesn't want it. She'll do it herself.  So we made her a belly sling to give her support so she could move better. Nope to that too.  So we practiced standing with her. That was ok with her but she didn't want us to help her walk. So, she's figured it out. She leans against a wall, figures out where she wants to go. Yes, lots of it is flip-flop, but I do believe God gave her rubber bones cause she just keeps on going. She uses legs, walls, furniture, etc to get from one place to another. She has her favorite bedtime circle bed. We put her in our surgery room for night time--very cozy, she loves it in there. But in the morning, after breakfast, she heads to the door. She wants up into the Main Area. So, of course, that is what happens. She spends the day in the Main Area. She is wonderful and an extremely determined girl. We all love her. Thank you for trusting her in our care. "     We can all learn so many lessons from these CH cats, can't we?!

This blog is rather short--I get to have a fun day with daughter Caryn. To help me, please keep emails short today so I don't get too far behind!  Hope you all have an awesome day too! 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday, May 15

Today is the day our 8 kitties come back to FFRC. Peggy has taken wonderful care of them. I thank you, Peggy. This is the Werlor litter and the Foster 4 litter. They're eating good, playing like wild things and such big loverbugs! They will spend a few nights in the back Thumper's Room but will have visitation time in the Main Area!

Other than the evespouts and downspouts, the Shelter House is done! Even with all the rain that we've received. We have 7 picnic tables under it and ready for people to enjoy it. Fabio was sitting in the middle of it this morning, on a picnic table--just surveying his back yard!

Navi is now on hold. She will be going back to his past owner! Things have worked out where she can go back. We're all happy for Navi and her owner. This will happen in June sometime. We also have several of the small kittens on hold. Surgery date is 5/31. 

We had our afghan raffle last night! It was wonderful and I deeply appreciate this support. This fundraiser will help us alot. And the lucky winners were:
Afghan A  -  Gusti
Afghan B  -  Lori W/lewbeth
Afghan C  -  Karen Bar
Afghan D  -  Sara Pal
Afghan E  -  Norma Bea
Congratulations! Your beautiful afghans will be packed up today! The consolation prizes (leggydew and cat toys) went to:
Norma Bea (2) (has donated them to FFRC for adoptions!), Judy and Phil, Lynnette R, Elizabeth/vol, Nigel We. Congrats!
We sold a total of $456 tickets which means we took in $2,280. We also had $$ donated to help us with shipping by Crashgirl. Many thanks! This means on an average, each afghan averaged a value of $456. Just astounding! Thank you. This will be applied directly onto our FFRC bills.

The kittens have now spent the last 2 nights out of their room. All has been well. The adult cats have been really good with them. Jemima is something else. She has taken on the role of mama to all the baby kittens. She is the best singing/chortling cat I've ever heard. She calls them and calls them. Typically, as known to cats, some come, some don't! She is so kind to them. 

We also had BOXES last night! I thank you all for your generosity. It truly helps us alot. We are working hard on the Catathon Baskets. We're hoping all items will be in by the end of May so we can start taking the picures of the Baskets and Big Ticket Items. Once that is done, I'll be showing you the Baskets in detail! Some new ideas for baskets!
Anonymous Friend--more puzzles for the Puzzle Basket for Catathon! Jumble puzzle roll up mat, peel /stick puzzle saver, diet cok puzzle, double sided puzzle (designated the World's most Difficult jigsaw puzzle!!)
Ferole--a gift--a beautiful purple round glass sun catcher   I LOVE it!
Kelly R/timbrwolfpup from CA--For Catathon: 8 scrap booking sticker packs.  For FFRC--gummy snackers!, package of Reese's eggs, 8 bags of plastic spoons, 7 bags of cat snackers, 3 micro fiber window/wall washers and for Kitty Kastle an assortment of toothpaste, shampoo, etc.
David, Neuromom and team from NY--For the Catathon Bird Basket: lots of wonderful items--simply awesome. bird designed pillow, crystal rainbow sun catcher, bird books, sunflower seeds, window bird house, bird notecards, tubular bird feeder, puzzle, stickers, treat bars, Woodstock wind chime, bird seed, bird bath, suet cakes, 4 Chesapeake Bay bird house candles, jewel bird statue, cedar suet station, cedar bird house!  Wow!
Kelly R from CA--card, lint rollers, 2 inch tape, book marks, snicker eggs, an awesome rock that says "Believe", fancy feast appetizers, baby food, 2 bags of Wilderness Kitten dry food
Keiko and Ray--3 bags cat snackers, case of Fancy Feast, case of Friskies pate and a note
Sandra A--card with donation to be used wherever needed. For Catathon, family fun/summer fun basket: Hula hoop ring toss game, backyard darts, badminton/volleyball game and the washer toss game--great games for this basket! 
Beth--for the kids cooking basket: a mini 3 piece bakeware set with utensils, pots with lids, steamer, 2 little fry pans! This is another great basket!
Nona--4 cases KMR--the kitties thank you too!
Sandy/canadanana--2 cases baby food meat
Anna C--a purple Red Bud tree in memory of Putter. This tree was planted close to his burial area. 
Mareiki M from Germany--donation made thru PayPal for FFRC
Joco--a special snackers for Steve and me (puff corn with peanuts for Steve and puff corn with pecans for me!0 Plus 20 bags of puff corn for the volunteers! Such a great snack. Joco also sent 2 copies of her Conversations II. It's filled with her wonderful conversations that she has gathered between the cats and different people here at FFRC. It's really a wonderful booklet. I thank you Joco for sharing this with FFRC. 

Jersey is out and about exploring. He loves watching the kittens play. Derecho and Lorenzo have both been practicing climbing the big hemp pole. They are fairly successful. Joey was seen on the far side of the Main Area way up high walking about on the cat walks! Wow--he is so brave and he was doing great! Cozarelii loves the big pink poof--especially if it's on the Princess Bed! He gets himself up there and naps so very soundly!

The secret to a God Life is to never stop...smiling, loving, hugging, thanking, laughing, forgiving, learning and playing! Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tuesday, May 13

The 8 kittens with foster mom Peggy S are doing well.  Day after tomorrow they will all come back to FFRC to stay. Peggy says they're running crazy! Let the kitty games begin--more fun brewing for us!

We had to give mama Smallisha a different nest area. Several times this morning, we carried her babies outside of Dodger's Pen. She was ready for a change! So, we set them up in June's Room.  The cabinets have a very comfy bed for her and the 4 little ones. She (like how Jemima did) can jump in and out of the room's window door. Hopefully she will find it satisfactory and let the kittens stay put! She's a wonderful mama. Babies have nice round tummies.

Kizzie is doing wonderful. She comes forward now when we go into the back Thumper's Room to be petted! Won't be much longer until she joins everyone up front! She's about ready. Oriah is such a quiet girl. I don't think I've ever heard her meow. She loves rubbing ankles and loves to be petted. She seems quite happy in the back Thumper's Room but sometimes she comes to the Main Area's door and asks to come in, which of course we let her. She enjoys back scratches too!

We had BOXES last night--many, many thank yous to you!
Charlotte and Brutus from Canada--card, lifesavers treats, cat magnet, lots of disposable gloves and a catnip toy for Seymour (which he's already played with!) For the Catathon: 3 CD's of local artists of North Alberta BC and 3 DVD's
Leenie from Alaska--lots of pillowcases for the Covies
Rebecca & Willow from UIK--Catathon: rainbow basket, a rainbow backpack
Steffer48 and Chessie & Chloe--card and a set of peacock salt/pepper shakers for Jacci  (I thank you--so beautiful!)
Cheryl G--Catathon--kids kitchen basket: Curious Chef 17 piece measure & prep kit and 6 piece fruit/veggie prep kit
Oilsandsgirl--cases of baby food meat
Sandra E from Canada--card in memory of Putter
Debbie957--card for Putter, donation in honor of Lorenzo
Card from NJ--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Vinnie T from Cleveland--card in memory of Putter
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--birthday cards for their friends Azar and Joline with $5 for each!
Judith B--publication of her local rescue, box tops and card/donation in memory of Putter
Connie & Hannah and kitties Tookie & Pasha--Mother's day card and letter
Kathy K/Justme--card and donation in memory of Putter
GramCarol--donation for FFRC
Theresa H from Fort Wayne--donation for FFRC
Linda & Gloria  from GA--card and donation from each in memory of Putter
Cheryl L from WA--card for Mother's day
Nona S--two shirts "Keep Calm and Love a CH kitty tshirts to be given to volunteers!
Marcia S --donation in memory of Putter
Jennifer P--donation to FFRC
Judy/judeanlee & Phil/marmytoo (day visitors)--2 pkgs cat snackers (for Covies/Porchies), catnip toys, snuggle safe, 400 6 inch plates, paper pads, case of Fancy Feast can, cuddle pal

We're working full speed ahead on the afghan raffle. 5 beautiful afghans up for raffle. The raffle is 6:00 tomorrow night (Weds.) and BOXES are 5:30 that night. Tomorrow also the electrical guys will be here to fix the short in the farmyard electric pole. This is the source of all electricity to the Covies, the barns, for the Porchies, etc.  It's important that it is safe. This will be a 2 day project and when they are done, we will be much safer. The Barnies love the tall bales of hay--it's their napping spot! 

August and Jackson have become good friends.  There's some kind of feud going on between Freemont and Alma. Or maybe it's playing?!  They lay facing each other with their paws swatting each other, over and over again. Very interesting to watch. Can't quite interpret yet what is going on! Will keep you posted.

Joyful has found her spot--it's laying in the window sill in the back Thumper's Room. She loves it. She watches the birds, watches the dogs, basks in the sunshine and just enjoys the breeze. She looks so peaceful there. Here comes Coralie, my sweetie, into the front office. She's smiling! She is actually laying on the packing paper with 3 kittens. Sometimes that is good, sometimes she doesn't want them "in her circle". She still considers Thomas her best friend. 

Remember--mark your calendars for June 22--the Catathon! The Baskets are awsesome, the Big Ticket Items are wonderful, plans are coming together. Pictures of the completed baskets will be taken soon so you all can view them, plus we will show them to you piece by piece on the cam! 

Enjoy your day! It's a wonderful day to do something that will be remembered--sing a song to a friend, give a ride to someone, spay/neuter a cat (had to get that in!), visit a local shelter/rescue and play with the cats/dogs, pay for someone's coffee! What fun this could be--coming up with ways to have fun!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday, May 10

The 4 Werlor kittens have packed their bags and left. Yep, that's right. They are on vacation. Yesterday, Peggy S had her 4 foster kittens here while she volunteered.  When she packed up the 4 to take home again, the Werlor kittens looked big eyed and questioning. You see, the fostered kittens told the Werlor kittens all about the wonders of a home--and they wanted to experience it! they went.  Can you imagine the fun they are going to have?!! They will all 8 be back to stay next Thursday to stay.

Thanks to Michlyn and Vern--they visited yesterday and did a flash sale for us. I realize we've had several now this week, but they are a big help financially to FFRC. I thank you for your support. Items are already being packed and will be mailed out Monday! Thanks Michlyn and Vern for your friendship, your visit and lovings on the cats.

We are now almost a month since Thomas has had a seizure! That must feel so good to him. I'm happy for him. He's so good about taking his meds now--no fussing at all. Of course, it always ends with a kiss, so he doesn't mind the meds. 

Daisy is becoming a pro at the Cat Go Round Wheel. It always makes me laugh when I see a baby kitten on the wheel, slowly walking and making it go around. The smaller kittens spent the night all together in the Cat's Corner Room last night. They have figured out how to get out the window door of June's Room, so in they all went to Cat's Corner Room. 

We have labeled the litters--they are the Goldie litter, Jemima's litter, Dora's litter, Menard litter, Smallisha's litter, Peggy's foster litter, Werlor litter and then there's little Riika, a lone incoming baby. All are doing well and their vaccination protocol is being done. 

We will have our next surgery date as May 31st, a Saturday. This will be a heavy surgery date as many of these kittens will have reached their 2 pound weight. Then they all go onto PetFinder's! A few are already on hold. 

Starting Monday, we will run our next afghan raffle. We have 5 beautiful afghans picked out. They will go on  facebook on Sunday to show you which ones. Raffles seem to be the most favorite way to go with these awesome afghans, so we will continue.  For the Catathon, we have 5 afghans already picked out to auction for bids. As soon as you see the display on facebook, feel free to put your raffle wishes in.  The drawing for these 5 afghans will be Weds. night at 6:00.  So, that means BOXES will be at 5:30 pm. 

Monday is our Advisory Board Meeting in the afternoon, mostly centered on the Catathon. Tuesday, weather permitting, the Shelter House will be erected!  Very excited about this. The cats will like it too--I can already picture them stretched out in the shade on the picnic tables! They will join our visitors there for their picnics too, I'm sure of it! 

We had BOXES flast night. I am so very appreciative.
Patcat--day visitor, with a friend--For the Catathon: Bean Bag Toss game, Jamz Instant Rock Star guitar, Jamz Instant Rock Star drums, Hello Kitty Ultimate Art Kit. And 2 cases of pop for the volunteers
Michlynn and Vern--day visitors--case of tuna, coil toys infused in catnip. For the Catathon/Day Sale/wherever: paper pads, jorunal book, wash clothes, electronic mouse chaser, Sisal Den Scratcher, Twin bed set for a boys basket, crazy stem cat toys, Tranquility and Serenade angels, sets of note pads, Hello Kitty mini doll, hot wheels, a special bear hug salt/pepper shakers set, 3 gel candles, child's heart apron
Vicki B--12 pack Fancy Feast Medley
Medic/Laura--2 cases Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--awesome 5 puzzles for Catathon
Kikimycat--a neat Smart funnel.  For the Catathon or whatever: Hello Kitty lunch box, FFRC Christmas cards of FFRC kitties, picture frame with "quilts are like cats (for basket), neon color nail polish, 6 satchels for Christmas basket, 8 neat packs of assorted note cards 3 x 3 (these are really nice--Day Sale!)
Jan H and her knitting group from TX (friend of Beth)--a wonderful box of blankies both knitted, crocheted and sewed for our FFRC cats!
Rebecca & Willow from UK--2 packages of squirting ducks, 2 packs of bath crayons (for Catathon)
Leggygal--a box of wonderful Leggydews!!!  Our supply is replenished! Big thanks!  Also for the Catathon--5 awesome dollies. Each dolls includes 2 additional outfits. These dolls weigh 4-5 pounds each, are beautiful, have never been played with (yet!) and are in original boxes. They are so pretty!
LJ from RI--note and donation and bag of name tags!!
Ann F--donation for FFRC
Josh/Llana & and Smudge and Allie from GA--note and donation, paw points
Jean T from AR and Marie and Leah--card with donation in memory of Putter, whiskers (thanks!)
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from MI--coupons
Trudy S from Bryan--donation
Tom and Linda C and Happycat and Colin--donation for Tom's birthday for the oldsters and new incoming cats.  Happy Birthday!
Gusti--donation in honor of Hannah, our friend. Happy Birthday! She gets to pick a name for a cat!
Mitty from OH--donation in memory of Putter

I'd like to say a thank you too for the cards we have received in remembrance of our Putter. It means a lot to me. Steve and I have shared these. 

Felicity has decided that playing with toys is quite fun. She frequently can be seen in the Kitty Kabana Room playing with catnip mice. What a change in her! Love her free spirit attitude! Jackson now struts all over the Rescue Center. Him shy? Not much anymore--such a pleasure to watch him. Alma has got to be the most determined cat I have ever ever met. She figures out what she wants to do and where she wants to go. She does it! It's quite amazing to watch this cat's enjoyment of her life. She's a happy camper. I know it's difficult to watch her flip around sometimes, but truly, she is doing awesome! Magenta is struggling a bit. We feed her whenever she wants and then we try again. She's getting hugs and kisses. We treasure this sweet cat. Freemont and Lorenzo are best buds. They even nap together! 

FFRCNation! Many Countries, One Heart, One Mission, One Nation, FFRCFamilyNation. No one can do it all, but together we can accomplish so much. Every small act of kindness adds up to miracles. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Friday, May 9

Joey and Coralie have now both graduated!  They both spent the night in the Main Area! How exciting--they're moving on up! Coralie likes it here. She's not too fond of the cats getting in her immediate circle, but that's ok.  We all have our likes and dislikes. She actually likes Thomas--it's really nice they have formed a friendship. They sometimes nap together. But Thomas' very favorite place to nap is in the back Thumper's Room, in the hexagon bed with any of the kittens that want to join him. He's like their Uncle Thomas--always like a kitten magnet!

Wrigley....what can I say but he's a whole lot of fun. He's on my desk now, continually pulling my fingers over to him so he can chew on them! What a love he is. He's a true fun boy--he likes to be involved in whatever is going on. Hopefully we'll find a great home for him!

Aunty Martha L was a big hit yesterday--she brought in a ham bone for the cats. We get to do this a few times a year--they love to pick, gnaw and chew on these ham bones. Keeps them very busy!

We had BOXES last night. My gratitude to you--boxes are very appreciated here at FFRC.
Eaglespirit--for the Catathon Movie basket--3 movies, Homeward Bound 1 & 2, The Beaches, Lego reading book, popcorn
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Gerber baby meat
Anne B from CT--Catathon: 2 decorated boxes (very nice!)  Also volunteer candy, Dawn liquid dish soap, Purina cat chow, Purina kitten chow and 2 owl key chains
Anonymous Friend--from OZBO, 2 cases of baby food meat
Anonymous Friend--from Amazon, a bag of Blue Wilderness dry cat fod, in honor of mod Darkcat!
Shamballie with help from Eartheyes--a dozen cans of liquid KMR
Aunty Julie/tigercat from IA--2 cases of turkey baby food
Newfiedogmom--3 cases Friskies pate, 9 packs of Odoban solid
Widdletigger--for Catathon--kids in the kitchen basket--a cute kitty kitchen apron
Laura S--for Jacck, a portrait by Wanda of Putter (extra thanks!), Derecho, Lorenzo, Freemont and Thomas   Love this and will get the frame done soon.
Tom & Linda (wyoeaglefan) K from WY--donation in memory of Putter.
DebbiDear--donation in memory of Sheriff Putter
Ferole P from OH--is another artist that has sent many pieces of her artwork, on different medium types, so beautiful, all for the Catathon.  Will be showing these soon!

Remember, never hesitate if I make a mistake on the thank yous, etc.  If any of the Anonymous Friends would like to put a name to the gift, I'd be happy to acknowledge that too. Sometimes the boxes come with no names at all attached to them.  Thank you.

The guys were here yesterday for the Shelter House. The stone is now all laid and raked around the base. All the concrete is now scored. THe tresses are here and just waiting for the Amish team to come help put them up!  Today is the Running of the Covies--right after their breakfast they will have their door opened again for their day of cruising. Oh what a great day for them--they love this.  Auntie Connie will call them in for suppertime. 

We had a quick Flash Sale yesterday. Thanks for the support. We do these quickie sales as a way of financially helping FFRC. Bills are big, as is our gratitude for the participation with our Day Sales and Flash Sales. I do believe we will be having an afghan raffle coming up soon! 

Punita, Unna, Tita and Teva are doing great. They have little wings on their feet! They're growing and doing a great deal of exploring.  We now have a set of steps in front of their night time pen, so during the day they can go in and out of their pen as they want. 

The 4 kittens that Peggy S are taking care of were here yesterday and will be here again this morning for a visit. Next Thursday, they will come to stay. This is Burlingame, Hillsborough, Mayumi and Misty (3 golds/1 torti). They are such little loverbugs! 

The golden litter is growing so quickly. They can be out at night now and we haven't had to worry about anyone playing too rough with them. Actually, they are the rough players!  I'm thankful that we are at a healthy state here. Happy, healthy cats---that's my goal! 

Take care all. Weekend is coming up. Enjoy your family and pets!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thursday, May 8

The morning birds are singing--one of my most favorite things to listen too. Second to a huge cat-purr! While Putter's absence is greatly felt, the love and comfort of the other cats and the friendship of all involved is so very comforting.

The 4 newest kittens have names. They arrived the day that Putter passed. So, their names reflect our Putter boy. They are a happy litter of babies.
P  for Punita   black
U  for Unna   grey/white
T  for Tita   black tiger
T  for Teva   grey tiger
The first 4 letters in Putter's name. He would've loved to have done his whap of approval.

Outside work:  the protective seal is being applied to the gazebo. THis will be the first full summer to use the gazebo.  It's already been enjoyed by visitors.  The shelter house has the concrete all set and the lines scored in. I believe today the stone will be hauled in to put around the shelter house. The trusses are not in yet but when they arrive, they plan on putting the top on the shelter house in just a couple days. The dirt track from the gas line being put in from the Jenna Radar to the gas tank is pretty settled now so grass seed will soon be put down.  The newest sewer line is still humped up and will take some time to settle down before we can level it and seed it. But, at least, no more back up in Kitty Kastle! The trees are leafing out--such a beautiful thing!

We had BOXES last night--my gratitude is huge. I thank you.
Anonymous Friend--a case of Life Abundance food for Oriah
Sandra E--For the Catathon--flag holder and Derecho flag (for garden basket).   For Albert's Garden--a flag holder and a flag of Putter--it's beautiful. Thank you.
Mary Ann O/Merry+Marvin from CA and fur bby Peanut--card and note for Jacci.  American Express and visa gift card--one for Jacci/Steve for movie /popcorn (extra thanks!!) and one for food for volunteers for Catathon Day--so very nice!. Hello Kitty items for Hello Kitty Basket, 2 kitty mugs for Day Sale, Natural Balance packets & 6 cans can food & Holistic treats for Magenta to try, 2 navy blue towels.
Aunty Julie/tigercat54 from IA--3 cases Weruva Cats, black scarf gift for Jacci (love it, so soft). For Catathon--4 awesome puzzles, Lifeguard on Duty, Explosion, THomas Kincade 4 pack box and Stable Companion.  Really nice puzzles!
Sandra A--for Catathon--plastic tote box, 2 sets kiten towels, dish cloths/mitts. digital thermometer, candy thermometer, ninja express chopper and donation where needed!
Shamballie (with help from Eartheyes!)--3 containers Powdered KMR, 6 pack 2 inch tape, 3 bags RC baby cat dry, big bag RC kitten dry, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey, 2 cases Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp adult
Vicki B--2 cases Fancy Feast classic Broth packets, 2 cases Appetizers
Gerricross--case of Fancy Feast Variety, 2 dozen K-cups variety pack
Anonymous Friend--case Chicken Soup for the Kittens Soul, 2 cases Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast, Nutra-Cal tube
Autumnkitty--for ALL cats everywhere at FFRC--kitty snackers, Chicken Soup for the Kittens Soul can food
Widdletigger--for Catathon, a basket for "Kids in the Kitchen" --2 awesome kitty oven mitts, Book: Science Experiments you can eat and a book Kid Proof cook book.  Also  kids Kitty apron!
Leggygal--4 cases of baby food meat
Beth/eaglewatcher--6 cases of baby food
Pat and Ellen--for Catathon sewing basket--sewing machine (!), material, sewing box with accessories
Anonymous from cases of baby food meat
Napa/Donna--4 cases of baby food for Pania and friends!

I'm very sorry to tell you that Smallisha has lost one of her babies. That very small little black one has passed away. It was a little female. She was born very tiny and just hasn't hardly gained like the other 4 have. Smallisha is ok--she's taking great care of the other 4. We had been calling her BabyCakes, so that is what her name is.

Joey is doing great.  He has now spent 2 nights here in the Main Area. He's even figured out he can climb the kuranda tower by my desk and go into the Kitty Campus Room. What a brave boy! I believe we will also let Coralie spend the night in the Main Area tonight. She meets me at the door in the mornings, raring to go thru the doorway and join the Main Area! She's ready!

Zelda is here by my desk, napping on a box. Why is it she loves boxes so much? She is just a wonderful cat! Jackson trots all over the rescue center now. He easily gets around the Kuranda towers to view out the windows and to nap. THere's 6 kittens at one of the windows right now watching the peacocks. They look like they are so interested, yet ready to flee if one of the peacocks looks at them!

We also have big thanks to give for donations.
Sylvia H from TX--in memory of sweet Putter
Deb1111--donation for spays/neuters
Canton from MA--donation in memory of Putter and for all the times he made me smile
Hencass--in memory of Putter Butter
Gusti--in memory of Sheriff Putter, for Smallisha and her whippersnappers, for Joline's 10th birthday
Pat and Ellen--donation for sponsor of Farrah and for sales from ebay and amazon
Mary S from NC--donation to FFRC
Karie B from IL--donation in memory of Putter Butter
Pam T from OH--in memory of Sheriff Putter
Ken & Marlane J from NJ--in memory of Putter, glad to have been able to hold him am...a Flash Sale...on the cam!  Yes, we are doing this as a needed fundraiser for FFRC!!

Putter's Ponders:  When you rise in the morning, be thankful! It is a privilege to be alive, to breathe, to enjoy, to love, to BE THERE in the glory of the day!  How so true! 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Testing again to check picture passage to blog! THis is Walter!
Testing for flickr picture!
Hi all, its Lenz. I am just doing a test post to check out some new web tech but I figured it was a good excuse to post a great shot of our beloved putter...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

TUesday, April 6

I am honored to have seen so so many wonderful emails, pictures, messages, flower bouquets, notes, chat, fb posts--all to do with Putter.  I have cried a billion tears visiting all the sites---some sad, some funny, some really good memories. He was a very well loved cat. Putter was the best huggiest cat ever. It makes me realize again and again---there is much more to that globe on the wall besides just being a camera. YOU have entered our world and we have entered yours--all to form a friendship with each other and with the cats.  I thank you for this. Putter was an extra special cat to us all. He was Sheriff and he had a heart of pure gold. He is missed terribly. As is the way here, we grieve, we are sad but we know what we need to do--there's abundant life here at FFRC. Time to move on, get adoptions, raise these kittens, pet and love them all and carry on. And never forget the love of Putter. One more time...Putter boy...what do you say?  Here it is, his favorite thought---love your pets and get them spayed and neutered! 

Joey is graduating!  He's moved to the Kitty Kabana Room during the day! And he's actually doing quite well. We stroll his wheeled tower to the Kabana and he cruises about there and in the front office.  He's getting braver and he loves this room!  Today after the cleaning is done, we will again wheel him and his beloved tower to the Kabana. There's a possibility that he'll be spending the night here in the Main Area.  It's been months, but he's doing it----getting brave!  And what a handsome fella he is. He loves the windows!

We had BOXES last night. My big thanks to you.
Carolyn E/pckrbckr36 from WI--letter with a sheet of stamps, 12 sets of cards of photos taken by Carolyn--these are really beautiful cards (Day Sale or Flash Sale!)
Anonymous Friend--40 lbs of Precious Cat litter (already used!) and a great Cat Behavior Answer book
Nona--2 cases of KMR, 2 tubes of Nutri-Cal
Robert W--curly curvy cat scratcher!
Rosemary B from South Africa--4 absolutely stunning afghans, to be used as needed.  Rosemary--your work is awesome, we all thank you.
Conii and her kitties Elliott and Izabellah--For the Catathon: Williams-Sonoma basket: 2 blue oven mitts, 2 sets of 4 kitchen towels, apron, 8 piece measuring cups/spoons, 4 piece measuring cups, 6 piece Bakeware Essential including muffin pan, cookie sheet, half-sheet, two 9 inch cake pans and a cooling rack--awesome basket coming up!!  For FFRC: card with a donation, 4 snoozy kitty beds, Cat's Meow toy, Pet Stage tower cat toy, large fluffy cat bed, Scratching tunnel, scratching bowl bed, turbo track toy, 2 kitten climbing posts and 4 16 inch catnip toys
Sheila H/oilsandsgirl--3 cases of appetizers, 3 boxes of Tim Horton Coffee k cups, 5 lint rollers, 3-4 packs of 2 inch tape
Littlefrank1 from Canada--donation to use for Dexter and doggies!  For the Catathon and for office supplies for FFRC--so many items! Wow!  stickers, blankets, pillows, pictures, tablets, Craft kits, yarn, beads, 3 Frolicat toys, 2 dolls with baby blankets and bassinets, mirrors, lots of office supplies, stencils--thanks bunches
Martine L from CT (Blue Team)--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Holly P from CT--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Norman from CT--husband of Katherine, donation in memory of her, to buy snackers for the kitties and volunteers.  Kathy's chat name was taishan.
Holly P from CT--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Martine L from CT --donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Christopher R from CT (green team)--donation in memory of Katherine Elkins
Tom & Jean L from Defiance--Chief tapes
Tara/Anna and Janet (day visitors on Saturday)--envelopes, Leslie and Ivey Book, garden angel cat statue
Phil and Judy (day visitors on Sunday)--3 gallons bleach, box of tshirt bags, copier paper, odoban, licorice sticks, Dawn soap, Bounce, box tops, pop tabs
Chet and Pam M from OH--donation in memory of Vicki Gray
Joanna H from Finland--donation thru PayPal
Diane L--treats and can food for Coralie

Special thanks too, to the following for your donations made to FFRC, all in memory of our Putter. 
Sandra M from Bitish Columbia
Chris U from Canada
Rebecca H
Kathy M from MN
Mary H from PA
Beth M from FL
LuLittle from UK
Glynette M from CA
Gillian H from UK
Kaseyann from UT
Halos Mom & Dad

Mama Smallisha is doing good. Sometimes she looks at those kittens like she's not quite sure what is going on.  Today we will open her pen to let her stretch her legs.  

We took in 4 new kittens yesterday. They were found at Werlor's, our local trash company. They care about cats! They are trying to live trap the mama.  The kittens are about 4 1/2 to 5 weeks old. We have a black one, a grey one, brown tiger and a grey/white one.  They all have something in common--they're all girls! We have a special idea on their names--more later on this!

Kizzy is coming along!  She's now out of her pen and is cruising about the back Thumper's Room! She even has a happy face on! And she's eating good now too. Has a more relaxed look about her. And what a cute face she has--a bit round and wide. Love her. 

Oriah is now up in the Main Room almost all the time. She absolutely loves to be petted.  Not the biggest picker-upper girl, but leg wraps and pettings--yes! Riika is a hoot--oh my goodness, this little sweetie is a charmer. She loves petting and she knows she's ever so cute. Camvie is the official bug chaser--any bug that may come in will have Camvie right on it. Wrigley needs a Wrigley-sitter at times. When I'm working at the desk, he is forever after the mouse--even knocked the screen over yesterday. He just looks at me with his head a-bobbing, full of innocence. What a sweetie!

All is well here.  Kittens are so sweet and funny and so very active. They are either soundly sleeping, eating like crazy or flying around in play. Our next surgery date is 5/31. 

We have a very short SALE tonight, about 7:00 pm, when we get back from movies. We have 6 of the HUMAN sized leggydews, big enough for a twin size bed. They are $50 each. They are double sided. Very nice!  Won't take very long! Thank you for your support!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Monday, May 5

Hello to our FFRCNation.  I have very sad news for you. Our sweet oldster Putter has passed away this morning.  He passed at 5:50 am while being held.  He was peaceful and quiet.  Putter first arrived 6/7/10. His birthday was 6/7/97. He was 16 years old, almost 17.  Putter was found at a golf course across the river from here. He was in awful condition and was a completely matted boy. What a handsome Himalayan he turned out to be when his fur all grew back in. Putter was our Sheriff, our sweetie, our dear friend. He was always kind even when he would whap the kittens. We all have great memories of this extra special boy. I will always remember his hugs--oh my goodness, this boy could give the bestest of best hugs. And he was the star of the first Catstock. Even had a song wrote just for him. Putter has been a house cat the last couple years. He loved to watch sports with Steve. We will miss him greatly. While my heart is broke for this loss, it was time. He gave us all his love, but the last few days he's been rather tired from hanging on. Rest in peace now, my Putter Butter boy. I love you and will always cherish your time with us. Thank you all out there in our FFRCNation family for caring about Putter. 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday, May 4

Magenta ate pretty good yesterday--a reason to celebrate! She's a happy girl, loves her cuddling and is enjoying her extra special treats. Every day with her is treasure.  Putter spent the evening with me on the couch. He's such a snuggler. My other cats will pile right around him. 

Jemima is doing good. Her appetite seems to be picking up. It should after all the yummies she's fed! She's a very sweet mama to all the kittens and is a very laid back cat. 

We have a new mama!  Smallisha had her kittens! Oh my garsh--what a shocker this was for me. I was way off--her tummy was so small I truly did not think she was anywhere near ready to deliver. Out of the blue on Friday, Beth came and got me telling me that Smallisha was having her kittens. I said uh-uh--no way.  She said yes, right now! I expected a joke was being played until I saw Connie sitting in front of the octagon bed with the kitties. Smallisha had them in there, along with Thomas and 2 gold kittens from Peggy S's group--all of them were in there!  What a pile of felines! We had a good laugh, got Smallisha situated in a pen with the 4 kittens, checked Thomas who thought this was a great adventure and made sure the 2 goldies were ok. She then proceeded to have one more kitten making a total of 5. All are jet black, head to tail, 3 girls/2 boys. She's an awesome mama. Still makes me chuckle every time I think of this! Don't ever ask me to determine a due date again!! 

The litter that Peggy S is taking care of visits here on Thursdays and Fridays. She, as always, is taking great care of them. They have names! 
Burlingame     male     gold tiger
Hillsborough   male      gold tiger/lighter
Mayumi          female    gold tiger
Misty              female    grey/cream torti   cream tip tail

We had 3 adoptions yesterday! This was an extra fun one! Two sisters who live in a duplex were ready to have cats again. Their oldsters have long ago passed away. One sister who is extra fond of white cats adopted Hazel.  The other sister really liked Canton and didn't want to seperate her from Treesa so she adopted both!  They have patio doors that look out to a feeding station for birds and squirrels that the cats should really like. They will call in a couple days with an update.

We had BOXES Friday night. Big time thanks to you all!
Loricat--Hello Kitty little girl clog shoes for Catathon
Mary M/MissPixie1 from WI--for the Catathon--Finding Home signed book--wonderful!
Wendi B/Wendilin from WI--2 packs of pens, purple paper ream, dry erase markers and a BIG Post-it Pad  Also for whatever our need is: afghan, 2 purple purses, family picture frame, Peace, Love and Rescue t-shirt, black/purple purse (some will be for Catathon, some for Day Sale)
Zelda and Friend--for me!! a mom frame for her picture! And a keep sake box that has Covies, Porchies, Zelda, etc. names on it.  I LOVE it!
Anonymous Friend--for a volunteer drawing for Catathon--Keurig 6 cup K-cup with reusable coffee filter basket, 3 peace bags.  The drawing will happen during the Catathon!
Pat D/Elviscat--2 cases Fancy Feast gravy lovers, Fancy Feast grilled, Friskies shredded
Anonymous Friend, In Memory of CGCry--2-3 packs of lysol wipes, case of Whiska chicken, 1200 9 inch plates, paper towel.  An extra thanks.
Conii and her kitties Elliott and Izabellah--2 large bags of doggie snackers, 12 big bags of Grumpy Cat snackers, TWELVE bags (yes, 12 and we're happy!!) of various flabors of Chip 
Ahoy cookies and Oreo cookies, 6 boxes of Ritz PB crackers, 2 bags of Lancaster cremes.  For the Catathon: From Williams-Somana--3 spatulas, 7 inch large mixing whisk and 2 small whisks.  This will start a new basket of Williams-Somana items!
Theresa and MaryLou--Cat on a Fence afghan with a mouse! and 12 afghanettes!  Wow!
Sheriff Putter--he had delivered 33 lbs of sardines and 8 lbs of clams!!  Yum
Pat & Ellen--play cube, turbo scratcher replacements, vinegar and bleach.

Pat also donated to FFRC 3 special Quillows.  Recently CG had asked Pat to make 3 quillows for her. She picked out the material herself. Pat is so generous and of course made them for CG but she passed away before they were delivered. These Quillows will be offered either at a Day Sale or for Catathon. Thank you Pat.

We've also had some PayPal donations--I'm very grateful.
Carol N--donation to FFRC
Renea B from VA--donation to FFRC
Rob S--donation to FFRC
Jan T from Hawaii--donation to be used for Jemima, Magenta and Putter for an extra treat
Gisa Z from Germany--donation to FFRC
Joanna H from Finland--donation to FFRC
Kate E from UK--donation for a special treat for Magenta and Putter
Patricia T from UK--donation for a special treat for Ada Jane
Konnar from NY--a special donation using his allowance for something for Pania and Coralie
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Billie K from TX--donation for a treat for Magenta and Putter

Yesterday I had some extra fun! I went to the Pet Expo in Fort Wayne with my daughter, Caryn, granddaughter Kendra and sister Patti.  So nice to be with family! Lots of dogs up for adoption. Saw many breeds from chihuahuas to St. Bernards. Only a few cats were there. 

Lorenzo has a favorite toy--milk carton rings! He can play for a very long time with one.  It's also Pania's favorite toy so sometimes they share one! Thomas hasn't had a seizure for 2 1/2 weeks! Yeah--I'm so happy for him. He now lets me give him his medicine by holding him like a baby and just put them in his mouth followed by a bit of meat juice! He is some special boy! 

Oriah is doing great. I think her mouth feels great now as she is digging into her food plate with gusto! Nice to see. She's the biggest leg wrapper cat we have (other than Freemont of course). Jersey now thinks it's great fun to go into the Kitty Kabana room, climb up onto the table (while we hold our breath), go thru the window into the front office, climb down the Kuranda tower then go back into Kitty Kabana room to do again! 

Felicity is so funny! She loves that Kitty Kabana room. I love to watch her play. She's very content. Joline spends half her time in the Main Area and half in the Welcome Room office. She looks great. Her fur is long, her tummy fur is very curly and she has a bit of an FFRC tummy. 

 We are at a very healthy spot in the Rescue Center. I'm hoping our new protocol on vaccinations has something to do with it.  Anytime you introduce a new cat or kitten, that feline can bring in a whole new host of "bugs" in. So we protect with vaccinations, stay very clean and provide a happy, relaxed home. These are three things that keep those bugs at bay. 

Remember--"The pages of yesterday cannot be revised, but the pages of tomorrow are blank and you hold the pen."  author unknown   "You can't reach for anything new if your hands are full of 
yesterday's junk"--Louise Smith

From Putter:  Just think how awesome it would make you feel by saving a life. It's simple--just spay and neuter! 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday, May 2

Jackson finally has it all figured out! He's friends with us, big time now! You can walk right up to him, reach out to pet him and most of the time he now raises his tail or his head for a pet! Wow--he did it! He crossed that invisible line of "being leery of people" to "I'm your friend"!  What a joy to see this. 

We took in a new baby kitten yesterday. She was in danger of becoming a dog's meal. She's a little black/white kitten, about 51/2 weeks old and her name is Riika. What a beauty and a big heart of love! She is at this moment, snugged up with Jemima! 

Kizzy has also arrived. Eric and Carrie brought her Weds. night. Kizzy is CGCry's cat. At her death, when the nurse called, we told them that FFRC would take care of Kizzy.  This does not mean that she is a permanent. We hope to find her a quiet home where she is queen of the house! She's all white. I do believe she is bewildered a bit--a little lost at all the changes. She enjoys being petted.

Wrigley and Oriah are side by side on the window shelf watching the birds at the feeders. Navi thinks she's a kitten--playing and flipping over toys! We have not brought Joey up to the Main Area yet. He asked for a bit more time in the Thumper Rooms. He likes it there. Kerri Kat is still washing her entire head when she drinks from the faucet! So fun to watch her do this.

We had BOXES Weds. evening. Many grateful thanks to you.
Sue M--donation to FFRC
Karen C--card from Sunny, donation, baby food jars, Fancy Feast can, Kitty snackers,  Whiska and Meow Mix packets, coupons and Paw Points
The Bubbas/bubba1021--case of Whiska Purrfectly Chicken and a case of Appetizers
Mayumi from Tokyo--2 boxes of TUlle (chicken and tuna), package of green tea cream oreo cookies. For Magenta and Joline-can of chicken with bonita flavoring
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby cat Dry
Betsy and Lewbeth--For the Rescue Center: 2 boxes of doggie snackers, large bed pad for Cami and Janie. For the volunteers--20 bags of Classic Mix chips & 12 packages white cheddar popcorn, 2 brown rugs for the kitties, kitty snackers and toys.   For the Catathon--donation to help with a garden basket, lots of items for the garden basket: spiral decoration, gloves, frog and lily pad decorations, starter pots, knee pads, basket, garden plaque, flower stake and 2 butterfly stakes, pruners,solar hummingbird light, accent solar light, aroma burner, quick soil mix, garden tools, 2 turtles, various bulbs and seed packets.  Feel Good/Young Girl basket--2 sets of hair bruishes, pack of cute binderclips. Also a bird binoculars for bird basket
Betz--For Catathon--expandable spandex fanny pack
Eaglewatcher/Beth--1000 potty bags 
Mary Elizabeth I from AZ--donation to be used as needed.
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Starrylightmeow & Pondracer from UT--donation in honor of their anniversary!
Laser Tattoo Removal eGuide--donation for FFRC
Melissa L--2 handmade slippers for FFRC--so so pretty!
Pat/Mirage's mom--a baby afghan (will use for baby basket for Catathon)
Susan S from WI--donation, can be used for bleach, vinegar and water

Remember if you make a purchase thru Amazon you can go thru the FFRC website, click on the Amazon button and then FFRC gets a bit of credit! For April, YOU brought $156.89 to FFRC! Thank you. 

Smallisha, one of our newest cats is doing good. Here's the news on her--yes, she is pregnant. A cat is pregnant for 9 weeks more or less. Many vet offices will spay a pregnant cat if done before 7 weeks. Yes, that may seem sad, but I have to consider it as saving lives. The bottom sad truth is that there are simply too many kittens being born and never ever enough homes. We have in the past spayed pregnant cats if brought here early enough. I personally, for our FFRC cats, would like to do it before 6 weeks. I feel Smallisha is at that point and so consider her too far along to spay. So....she will have her babies. She will be spayed when kittens are 6 weeks old (or close depending on our surgery date at that time) and the kittens will be spayed/neutered at a young age. And we'll love the kitties. 

This morning Beth will be taking Oriah and Thursday to the vets office. Oriah needs her last two remaining teeth pulled. She will also get a physical.  Thursday, along with a physical, will have her spay. They will both be home later today.

We so love our cats and wish for them to live forever. Of course, this doesn't happen. The time of being with your pets is NOW, in the present. Take that time to love your pets. I believe most of you know that two of our oldsters are struggling a bit. Both Magenta and Putter. Magenta has slowed her eating up--not asking for as many meals. She is visibly more fragile. Putter has grown old overnight. They both love to be loved on. These two cherished cats could live to be a hundred and it still would be too short. I will give both many hugs for you all. 

We're working full speed ahead on the Catathon! Remember--it's June 22, a Sunday. The cement was poured for the Shelter House on Weds. It's just sitting now, drying and looking wonderful! Next week, the roof will go up. We are already envisioning our events using this, visitors sitting under it and having a good chat,  volunteers having lunch outside, our FFRC meetings can be held here and just a nice area for people to gather at FFRC! 

Quick!  Grab a cat and get it neutered/spayed!  Real quick--you will be saving lives!
Q: What are the benefits of spaying/neutering cats at eight weeks old?
A: A reduced risk for reproductive disorders and lower risk of mammary carcinoma. Also, the animals seem to tolerate the procedure very well and recover more quickly and painlessly than those sterilized over six months of age. In other words, less surgical trauma, quicker recovery and fewer complications as a result of the surgery.