Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 31, Tuesday

Happy New Year's Day! We have had a wonderful year of 2013.  And I'm so looking forward to an exciting year of 2014! 

We have made many friends. We have had many adoptions. We have started a new "era" here at FFRC. We seem to all love these wonderful CH cats. A year ago we had just Derecho. We have all seen the love he has to give and his determination that it's broadened our minds into wanting to help more of them. Currently we have Derecho, Solee, Cozarelii, Jersey, Merri, Jackson, August, Walter and Lorenzo. One of the new Chicago-5 kittens is also a CH kitten. His name is Wrigley. We seem to have a pull in their direction to give them the love and home they so want. 

In 2013, in Jan., we also had a big volunteer meeting. This gave us direction for the coming year. Also in Jan., our wonderful new sunroom, the Kitty Kabana was started. This has turned out to be one of our favorite rooms!

Feb. 2013, brought on the first of many afghan auctions! These wonderful events have helped us so much financially! We also throughout the year have added our Day Sales as a fundraiser project too.

In Feb., I attended the OVMA--Ohio Veterinary Medical Association's convention. Lots of classes and visiting vendors with their different views and ideas. Also in Feb. and March, we repainted the front office to lavender, June's Room to teal, Kitty Campus Room/Butterfly Room to dark pink and dark purple, the Cat's Corner Room to baby blue and baby pink. They look so nice! 

We also in 2013 had two big events--one was our 3rd Catathon and the other was the 2nd Catstock. Both were a huge success, thanks to the hard work of many volunteers and the webcam friends. The community supported the Catstock event and was ever so much fun! It was the first of having a Horse Poo Bingo! 

The end of May is when the new Mail Room and the back Thumper's Room was started. These two rooms are awesome and so well used. The Mail Room is a huge help as it holds our store items and gives us a big place to send out all of our mailings and boxes. It's wonderful! The back Thumper's Room is an extended quarantine room. At times, we may have 8-10 kittens and cats in there. But what is nice is that on our surgery days, it doubles as our surgery room. Our oxygen tank, autoclave, IV equipment, surgery table, surgery instrument table, anesthetic machine and monitor are all in there and ready to use. We simply love this room as well. 

In the fall, we were able to put in a new Water Shed that made it possible to get the well equipment out of the "ground pit" (which was so so hard to work in) and get it all above ground. So much better!

We had a great fundraiser that enabled us to raise enough funds to get a very nice generator that will feed off of the propane tank. It will run (conservatively) the Kitty Kastle, Mail Room, Main Area of the Rescue Center and some of the house. It will arrive in the middle of Jan. Let the snow begin!

As you know, our dear friend, Paul passed away also in 2013. He will always be remembered as a true friend, a lover of cats and dogs and a person who so enjoyed being a part of FFRC.

There are many other happenings that went along with 2013. I'm sure many of you have other things to add that you have enjoyed about this year! 

When I look at the "whole picture" of FFRC, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Most of this would not be possible without the wonderful support of our volunteers and webcam friends. I thank you greatly for your part of this Rescue Center. 

We had BOXES last night! BIG thanks to each and every one of you!
Mayumi from Japan--Box for Lynnette, 3 bags of Salmon treats snaackers, 2 cases of Tuna Tulle
Anonymous Friend--Ties that Bind book and CD (honors those we call family)
Arden & Charmaine--case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Rebecca & WIllow from UK--Christmas card and fleece Hoodie for Jacci with kitty face on the hood
Nan--Scotty Dog Christmas card--2 beautiful scarves (black pokie dots and cream with blue/green)
Lori R/Loricat13--Red/black kitty carrier with 2 doors for FFRC
Octavia & Friend--for the volunteers--2 bags dried mixed fruit, 2 bags Craisins, bag of Blue Diamond Almonds. For FFRC--20 cans of salmon, 3 cans clams, large can of chicken, 20 cans sardines
Cathy/svcathy & Scott with Mac, Angel, Lennie & Ladybug--Christmas Card. From Trader Joes--4 bags popcorn, English Toffee, Sees Candy, 4 bags Gummy Tummy Penguisn, shopping bag for Octavia with her picture on it!  Too Cute!
Wendilin-- note and a cat on the fence afghan, crocheted cream color hat with yellow flower & blue scarf, 2 bags Red Heart Yarn for Pat, can of Rocca peppermint & Butternut & Almond, 2 rolls Christmas Duct Tape, purple postie notes, pop tabs for Kellen & Box Tops for Caryn
Butterfly Class with MMAKKRE--note to Jacci, volunteers & Derecho--the class made Christmas Angels & Mice holding Candy Canesfor the tree and for the volunteers and kids. Lighted Painting for Derecho & Lorenzo of stars and a kitty. The stars represent MMAKKRE & the Teacher.  Box of cards for the Maine Hospital kids

Cards & Envelopes:
Ron & Cicely R--cards for Hannah, Hospital kids, volunteers, Christmas card for FFRC
Lillian M/Xenamolina from IL with her fur kids--Christmas card
Amanda--Happy New Year postcard
Barb W/KKat444 from IA with Saba and Smokey--Christmas card with note and donation
Susan C from Defiance--donation
Louis L from Paulding--donation in memory of Jack P
Andrea A from OH--Christmas card
Ann/Thursday volunteer--thank you card for gift and a thank you for the webcammer items
Linda S/Weyasmom--for Jimmy & jacci--an Octavia Christmas card
Cindy/Bubbles--donation for Jenna Rator
Janet--Christmas card
Anonymous Friend-pop tabs for Kellen & box tops for Caryn
Paris & Becky M from IN--donation in honor of Arden & Charmaine
Andrea/Peach63 & Lana from Germany--Bear Christmas card and post card with note
Anna S--note with donation
Elisabeth S from OH--donation

Norma G from NH--for FFRC
Beatriz B from Brazil--Merry Christmas & Happy New Year donation
jt2101/Jennifer T from MA---for a contribution for the quilt project
Hillary G from CO--for a Happy New Year
Larissa B--for FFRC
Mitty208--for FFRC in honor of the Comfort Family
Lynne W--for FFRC
Melissa D from VA--donation in memory of Jack P

We had a group of people who donated, in support for the quilt projec: jt2101/Jennifer T, Vixanna R from IL, Electra PA, catlvr14, KZNCO, Littleonemine, NYC-coco, Debra J, Ruth B, Yukitori 3, kittiesmom

We also had a group of people who donated to help bring the Chicago 5 kittens here and for their care:
Mary R from LA, Teresa B from NJ, beachkatz, anne-in-uk, Mary Elizabeth I from AZ, eaglewatcher, Elisabeth W from GA, KB_ld, Anna B from France

Please remember, if I ever forget a name, it's okay to e-mail me and let me know!

We also took in a new cat yesterday. Actually, she's a returned cat. A friend of mine had adopted Hazel in 4/10. Unfortunately she passed away last year and a care taker was to have her---a person that I knew and liked. Somehow, Hazel was placed with another family who didn't particularly want her. Thank goodness they brought her back yesterday. Her birthday is 5/23/09 and was just 7 weeks old when she first arrived. A really sweet, calm all white female! I'm glad she's back with us and we will find a new home for Hazel.

We had another adoption yesterday. Rian went to his new home. I've already seen a picture of him with his new kid-friends--looks like a happy group! 

My wish for each of you is a happy, blessed 2014! Enjoy this time, hug your family and pets and know that FFRC appreciates you! 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday, December 29

Yesterday was a superb day for FFRC!  Friends arrived--one of our favorite things to have happened! Then people came in and cleared out the whole main area of the rescue center in preparation of our Christmas Box Day! Wow--little did I know what was really going to happen! At 2:00, we were then asked to go out onto the parking lot for the arrival of Santa and his Elf! While waiting, we suddenly heard a horn beeping and beeping, getting closer and closer. Then a decorated, big U-Haul turned into the parking lot with Santa driving and an Elf in the front seat! Low and behold--when the back door was opened, it was FILLED with gifts and boxes for the Rescue Center. Joy, joy!! 

We started about 2:15 to open boxes. While I was told "there are at least 13 boxes", there were a whole lot more than that! There were 206 boxes! They were in a very long, wide line in the Rescue Center. We also had a batch of envelopes to open too! It was unbelievable--I was totally in awe of what was presented. 

We had so much fun. Friends were here to help. "Jobs" were passed out. It was so organized and so so wonderful! We laughed, had some tears of gratitude and kept on opening more boxes! What joy was here. You all amaze me and truly inspire me to be a better person. You make a huge impact on FFRC and myself.  I am grateful for each and every box and envelope. 

We received can food, dry cat/kitten food, cleaning products, gift cards, paper towels, TP, toys, tushy/face wipes, cat litter, kitty snackers, volunteer snackers, cushie beds, paper plates, rugs, syringes, lysol/clorox wipes, so so many items! My heart is full of thanks! I hope you don't mind that I am not listing the individual donations, as I was given a gift and told that it was not necessary to do so! Please know in your heart though, that I am extremely grateful. 

A special thanks to Angie and Bill and Goss for all the work that you did in organizing this event. I am indebted to you. Many thanks too for all the people that came to join in our joy of the day! Our cabinets, shelves and drawers are full. What a safe feeling that gives to me!

Another bonus part of yesterday is that our Chicago-5 kittens arrived from FatCat Rescue. They are so full. Our friend and viewer, Xena is a volunteer there. She had sent me video clips of this particular litter a few weeks ago. I had told her at that time, if they need help with them, let us know. She called me and then had Mary Kay the director of FatCat call here on Friday. Plans were quickly made--Denae, of Chicago and chatter friend--offered to get them and bring them here yesterday! And we also received some PayPal donations to help cover her gas mileage. You, our viewers, have been totally supportive of this event and I am thankful for that.

The Chicago-5 arrived, a bit timid, a bit lonesome for their mama. They were given a capstar, wormer and canned food and told to rest up from their trip while we were doing boxes. But, first, we tested them and they are negative! We are grateful for the chance of taking care of them. THere are 3 boys and 2 girls and will have names soon. Thanks to Denae, Xena and Mary Kay for your part in this.

And then we had pizza! Actually, it looked like a buffet in the Mail Room--food galore! Such a wonderful, grateful and happy day. I wish for you an equally wonderful day! 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday, December 27

Oh my goodness--I could see a bit of the floor this morning at breakfast time! Normally it's very very full of cats and kittens. We have had 23 adoptions so far this month. A joyous thing! We had another adoption yesterday. Our wonderful Cashel went to his new home to be with another kitten his same size/age. They are going to rock and roll that house! 

Tabitha has been very busy building her nest up again with paper towels. We used some of her nest this week, so that encourages her to freshen her nest! She works very hard at this! Remember, she received a whole case of her very own paper towels, so we need to let her do her "thing"!

We finally were able to get a 24 x 36 cabinet in the Kitty Kabana Room, Kitty Campus Room and in the front purple office. They are now securely on the walls to hold the particular laundry for each room. The girls put the butterfly designs in Kitty Campus Room. Orange and yellow items go in the Kitty Kabana and purple things go in the front office cabinet! It's nice to have a clean place for the laundry instead of placing them on shelves! 

Emma Jo is feeling great! Her little cold she had upon arrival is now gone. She's active and much friendlier. She is right now playing with pipe cleaners and will not share! They're all hers! Miss Marti is of course on my wrists. Why this sweetie likes this so much is interesting to me! I saw Zata go up to Remison, swat his tail, turn and run as fast as she could! She's an instigator! 

We had BOXES last night! I so appreciate the thoughtfulness and the generosity shown.
Anonymous Friend--spring toys and Christmas toys
Bonnie & BIll D with Gallant, Guinness, GIngersnap, Emmie and Calypso/Smudge--Christmas card from Galland and family with a gift card from Gallant for Pet Supply Plus, shortbread cookies--delicious and some where shaped like Gallant the Lion! and a beautiful Willow Tree wall hanging with the name of "Comfort" on it
Beth/eaglewatcher--2 boxes K-cups dark chocolate hot cocoa, 2 boxes of different kinds of Apple Cider
Octavia--with friend Jennaraab-- Box of Meow Mix cups Shrimp
Another Octavia Box!--2 bags Smokehouse Blue Diamond Almonds, 4 big Kit Kat bars, 2 Hershey Symphony with toffee chips, 5 Mr. Goodbars, 4 spatulas, 2 cans clams, 24 large Chicken of the Sea Tuna
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--All from Trader Joes (extra yum goodies!)--8 bags chocolate covered potato chips, 2 bags Pretzels slims, 4 boxes of coal peppermint candy, 40 individual bags Omega Trek Mix, 2 boxes Candy Cane Joe Joe's, 2 boxes mini gingerbread men cookies, 5 bags milk chocolate chips and 24 cans salmon
Jennifer S from OH & Wendy H from IN (day visitors)--litter, scoops, blankie, toys, cat scratcher, beds, Kickeroos & snackers, paper plates, Dawn liquid soap, Laundry soap HE 
Dawn926--for the 2 new BeaCH kittens--collars: black/white for Jackson, tiger/white for August--both have name tags and phone nuymbers. Also 2 kitty condor cat nip cuddlers for them--already been playing with them!
Mike M who adopted Cashel yesterday--paper towles, TP, rubbing alcohol, windex and zip lock bags
Buddy & Mimi from FL--coupons
Selky Blue & Misty Mae from Canada--my two siamese friends!-- Christmas card with donation for Pania and friends. Also from their house friend Maggie Mae and mama Cindy
H from TX--postcard with a horse! 
Teresa R from FL--PayPal for FFRC
Nigel W from UK--PayPal for FFRC

I'd like to give a special thank you to Mary D from PA. When my daughter Caryn and Kellen went to PA for Kellen's hospital visit, they always visit with Mary. She sent home with her to give to FFRC, a beautiful framed portrait of Putter. It's gorgeous and of course is done by our artist friend Wanda. Thank you Mary and Wanda--I deeply appreciate this. 

Sheriff Putter is doing wonderful. He loves to sit on the couch with Steve and he'll join me for breakfast every single morning. He comes, sits down, stares at me and then I pick him up and put on the couch where he continues to stare! His blue eyes are dazzling. I just pet and pet him! 

We took in another new kitten yesterday. This little kitten is about 10 weeks old and was outside and was brrr-y cold. It's a female, grey tiger with flecks of white here and there on her. She is in pretty good condition--just a bit hungry, a bit thin and lots of purrs to give! Her name is Piet, another Catathon name. 

We also took in another cat last week. She is a returnee. An unfortunate "product" of divorce--where neither side could keep the cat. Her name is Kerri Kat. Her birthday is 4/15/08. She was a kitten when she had first arrived here and has been with the same family this whole time until now. She looks like a big Poppy cat. She will be up here in the Main Area very soon.

We had another adoption this morning. Tatiana went to her new home. There is a little girl in this home who is ever so sweet and she so loves the cats. I think she will be very happy there. I've heard from Deb again this morning in regards to the 5-crew. Sounds like all is well. Raza is doing amazingly well. Ernest. The pictures that we've received looks like they are all happy and content already. I'm so thankful

Remember--2:00 tomorrow (Saturday) is our Christmas Box Opening Day! I'm so looking forward to this and seeing what exactly has been going on! Sounds like fun to me and a big help for FFRC. We have pizzas ordered for about 4:00 tomorrow, compliments of Joyce D.  We'll also have hot chocolate to drink and just have some fun! Come join us on the cam!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thursday, December 26

What a busy day yesterday was for FFRC and a huge adoption day. Our 5-crew (Ernest, Alaska, Merlyn, Arden and Raza) of Deb's started their journey to Georgia. Yesterday afternoon they were safely in their hotel room to rest, relax, potty and eat. Deb has already sent some pictures and they truly do look relaxed on the bed. Today they will complete their journey to their new home. As terribly hard as it is to let our cats go, this is what our goal is. We want them to have their own family and home. This is an awesome home for them and I'm grateful for the opportunity to have this.   PS--just got pics from Deb--they look awesome this morning--all of them!

We also finally was able to get our "Grandma" adoption done. She wanted MiMis to be her lap cat, which I know MiMis will very happily comply. But Grandma was also worried about her being lonesome and really liked the look of Faraday. I put both cats and her in the back Thumper's Room. After about 20 minutes, the decision was made--Faraday goes too. The grandchildren are grown adults so we don't have to worry about children with Faraday. He has two moods--one is loverbug, other is "just let me be alone". Both moods are fine with Grandma and she already loves him. She'll keep us posted. I briefly showed both cats on the cam before I took them to Thumper's Room, but neither really wanted to smile for the cam! And that's okay! 

We also had another bit of good news! At our Christmas get together on Tuesday, I received a message from Curt and Connie (my friends and dear friends of Paul's). They told me that they had planned when Paul's 6 cats get down to two remaining cats, they would adopt them, no matter which ones it was! So, our sweet HoHos and Turtle will be moving in with Connie and Curt next week. I'm thrilled for this. They both already know their new mom/dad. I know Paul is beaming!

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES on Tuesday night.
Connie G had sent 6 boxes and we wanted to wait until all 6 arrived, which was Christmas Eve--so we opened them right up! Many thanks to Conii--I dearly appreciate you and your support.

Box #1-- 2 Cat Dancers, 3 Cardboard Bowl Beds, 4 Flannel Cat Blankets, 1 Pet stage Toy (for the BeaCH boys), 1 red super soft blanket (red), 1 Cat Bed

Box #2-- super soft blankets (red), 2 Cat Beds, 1 Big Bed

Box #3--10 Yeowww! Rainbow Catnip Toys (already passed out to cats in main area, porchies and covies), Lavendar Pillow/Kitty Pod for Jacci, 2 Bags of Coils, 4 Feather Toys, 3 squeak toys, 2 Christmas Catnip pads, Twinkle Chute Tunnel with lights

Box #4--Framed Drawing of Paul and Telo, drawn by Wanda   I LOVE this

Box #5--5 Party Mixes (Snackers), 4 Andes Peppermint Cream, 3 packs Oreos (Peanut Butter, Winter, Golden), 4 Packs M&Ms (Coconut, Peanut, Pretzel, Almonds)

Box #6--Bag of Beggin Strips, Bag od Pup-peroni, Keurig-48 pack.  4 different flavors

We also had Envelopes!
Lucytoons- card to FFRC Volunteers
Becky M--a wonderful letter about her two cats that were adopted from here. Thank you Becky--I loved reading this letter
Suzie- card, includes Day Sale Check
Ellen C from Utah-- card includes donation
Patricia M from IL (shomer5)--card includes donation
Suzanne C (Pinkybear)-- card, includes donation
Sonjamac from Ontario--card
Ron C from NY (cusecat2)-- card
Mark and Terry W from Indiana-- card includes Hoops stickers
Ken and Marlane J from NJ--card,  includes donation for feliz navidad fund.  They are the parents of Maxwell, Beartoe and Goose
John and Suzie S from GA (volspeach)-- card, includes donation for Jimmy and Lynette eating cat food
Suzanne P--card,  includes donation
Teresa S and Jean W from IL (TeresainIL) -- card, includes donation
Irene H from NC --card, includes MasterCard gift card.  Irene is 81 years old and takes care of many feral cats!
Vicky and Pat from Ohio--card, includes Amazon gift card.  They are Clarks parents
Doug and Linda C from Iowa (AutumnChild) -- card, includes donation
Norma B from Iowa --card, includes donation
Judy S- - card, includes Paw Points
Melissa W and Chris from PA--card
Elisabeth H from NJ (Abbackmom) - - card, includes donation
Dee- a volunteer who comes in on Tuesdays--card with picture of her on her birthday (beautiful!)
Kathy D and Joyce-- card, includes Visa Gift Card
Trudy S (from Bryan?)-- card, includes donation
Joan W and Richard S from Maryland--card

Jo Fuller from WI--paypal donation, in memory of her sweet Abby who crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge
Ingrid S from Netherlands--PayPal for Feliz Navidad Fund
Darryl A from Canada--PayPal in honor Leggy, for making beautiful doll outfits for her grandkids
CassieCat--a card and lots of postage stamps!

I know beyond a doubt that I have probably missed a donation and that means I've missed giving a thank you. Please, never hesitate to let me know. Just send me an e-mail! Also, other than a few orders we've gotten in the last 2 days and the mailings that went out on Monday and Tuesday, we are caught up on all orders. If you are missing yours, please let us know. We still have 1 wreath and 3 orders left from the last Day Sale that we haven't heard yet from the people who wanted them. Let us know if still interested! 

Did you see the Elves and Santa that was here yesterday? Yes, they were indeed here at FFRC yesterday! We honestly have the best people helping FFRC. So many came in yesterday to pitch in. I'm very grateful to each and every volunteer that we have. They are a wonderful bunch of caring, loving and compassionate people. 

I wanted to bring up a "touchy" subject. I know many of you wear earbuds while watching the webcam. That is perfectly fine, but it presents us with a little problem. We try very hard to keep some conversations off cam, for a reason. It's a bit disturbing to me when I see some of these conversations on the chat. Please, if you hear conversations that are meant to be private, be considerate enough to not put on the chat. We at times even go to Thumper's Room for discussions, but this is at times very inconvenient, so we sometimes talk very softly in the office. Just please be respectful of our privacy. The alternative is to turn the sound off more.  I'd like to  not have to do that!

Yvonne is one hungry and talkative cat. She is eating to make up for hungry days. Such astounding blue eyes she has. She looks directly at us and carries on a meow conversation! What a beauty! Little Miss Eltoe is coming along. While she didn't eat a good breakfast today, her appetite has definately picked up. Little DeLeon definitely has the FFRC tummy going on. What a purr box he can be! Anna Marie is busily grooming herself by my desk--she is so beautiful. Paddy Purr is also doing better--his appetite has picked up too. We know his eyes are always going to be scarred, but he does just fine! 

Zata was playing Princess of the Hill today. She likes to climb up high and act like she's a super big cat. What a charmer she is. Miata has claimed Kitty Campus Room has her area to be comfortable in. Emily and Allie are beautiful sisters--they are definitely becoming cuddlekitties! You might have noticed Pasha is still here. She will be going back with Hannah today now that their Christmas celebration is over. 

Saturday is going to be a fun day. We will have a BIG Box Time at 2:00, right here at FFRC. I don't know anything about the quantity of boxes, other than I asked if it was over 13 boxes and the answer was a big YES. So, it'll be fun, we'll have snacks here (so if you'd like to come, you are so welcome!!). However this Box Time turns out, please always know that I am so very grateful to each of you. You ALL are a vital part of what we do here at FFRC. 

The 5-crew just this morning! There's 4 of the 5 in this picture!!
Displaying photo.jpg

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tuesday, December 24

Happy Christmas Eve day--a very blessed day. I would like to extend good thoughts to each of you--our FFRC Nation friends. Whether you are a volunteer, viewer, lurker, moderator, admin, fb friend, supporter--whatever your relationship is with FFRC--we appreciate you and am grateful for you. You help make us for what we are. Merry Christmas!

We had BOXES last night! Wow--your generosity is just awesome!
Jeannette B and her kitty gang! from TN--Christmas card, 7 cat snackers, Hoops n YoYo tote for Jacci, Gift for Hannah, case of Appetizers & 2 boxes of Chocolate covered blueberries for the volunteers
Gusti from Germany--for August, Jackson and friends--bag of Purina One kitten and 2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Plee9 from KS--Christmas card, pop tabs for Kellen, coupons, bag of catnip, great books to share!
Arden & Charmaine--4 cases Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast grilled, case Friskies Foil packets
Cassie & Wayne B from CA--2 cases of English Breakfast Tea K-cups--love that tea!
Hannah, Connie & Pasha--gift card from Walmart, 4 large cans of CHicken, case of 32 Friskies Pate
Jim & Debbi with Georgia Cat--rug for Covies, 4 packs of folded potty bags, ring toys, HUGE bags of about 50 toys for the kitties, HUGE bag of toys for Camie & Janie, 2 kitty blankies, sardine dish, 4 cans salmon, 6 cans sardines, lots of candy/popcorn/cookies for Volunteers, K-Cup Apple Cider, band aids, 2 bottles Holiday soft soap, stickers, 2 pairs snuggly Jammies for Jacci!
Lorenzo and his Buddy--case of 9-Lives variety, case of Appetizers, case of Friskies Pate & big bag of Precious Cat Litter
Mary H, volunteer from Archbold--2 boxes Planters salted nuts, 2 inch tape, band aids
Kim R from CA--4 packages hot/cold cups with lids, 3 containers Clorox Wipes
Tammy P/BellaBell from PA--Christmas card for Miss Marti and friends, crocheted bed for Miss Marti, 10 appetizers, 4 packages snackers, licorice (black!) and hard candy
Pat/cathouze & Ellen/furkitty from FL--Christmas card and note, kitty snackers, 5 bags ginger snaps for farmyard pets, doggie nail clippers, vaccum for Kitty Kastle (love the color!), gourmet chocolate covered popcorn, gift for Molly, individual boxes of chocolates for volunteers, back scratchers, 3 Chicken Soup books, 2 inch tape, 2 boxes surgical masks and a price labeler
Ellis & Barb I from Defiance--donation to FFRC
Janet S from IA with Harley& Toby--kitty Christmas card and donation for Feliz Navidad Fund, 2 fresh step coupons and pics of Harley & Toby
Donia/wickedwings with Juby and the furry gang--juby paw print card with a wonderful letter
Jacksmom--Kitty Christmas card
Janice C from PA--Snowman Christmas card with note
Glynette from CA--Snowman Christmas card with note & donation
Cheri & David S--Christmas card
Cecil & Jackie U from OH--Christmas card with donation and pics of TyWye & Ajax (ffrc cats)
Betz from PA--Christmas card with coupons 
Hannah in IN--our special friend--Christmas card with donation and a beautiful picture of Hannah Girl!
Nancy R from SC--Christmas card with donation
Janice & Michael S from OH--kitty Christmas card and donation in the name of Mark & CHeryl S
D'Lee--donation for Jackson & Jackson and for spiders
Jodeann87 from MI--Kitty Christmas card and note
Christine & Sly from CO--Family Christmas card with fur kids
From Santa--lovely gifts for Kathy R and girls
Dave & June H--visitors, adopted Birka 2 years ago--paper towels, bleach, cookies !, cat toys and a case of Fancy Feast
Jessie & Wes W from Ney, OH--2 cases of can food
Lori N from NE--paypal donation, in honor of Joyful (Joyful gets to help decide how to use it!)
Matthew L from FL--paypal donation to FFRC
Janet A--donation in memory of Honey and Wella
Fedorova E from Russia--paypal donation to FFRC
Erin M from PA--donation thru paypal for FFRC
Sophie E from Sweden--donation for FFRC thru paypal
Fergiesguardian/Sue H--a gift card for Amazon.com! 

Sweet Yvonne is now up in the Main Area. She's gone to the back door twice now to go back by herself to the front Thumper's Room for a little nap. While I was getting her breakfast today, she meowed 68 times! Yes, I counted them! What a talker she can be. She is a doll--super loving. 

Our 5-crew cats are now ready for their big trip to join Deb's family. She will be arriving soon (about noonish) to see her kitties! They will be leaving tomorrow morning early. What a wonderful opportunity for these 5 cats. They've had their nails trimmed and their ears cleaned and their health records are ready! 

We had another adoption this morning also. Poppy went to her new home. She is going to be one very much loved on kitten! We also have a confirmed hold on MiMis--the long hair calico cat that belonged to Paul! She will be going to a home where there's a "grandma" that will rock her and watch TV and our webcam with MiMis! 

Today the last of the sutures for Miss Eltoe will be removed. Her incision looks good. We already removed the sutures from her lip. Looks like everything is healing nicely. Two super ornery cats! One is Hankster--oh my garsh. Love this boy! He loves breakfast time and is helping everyone eat their food! What a joy he is! And then there's Cachel. Some days I think there's 10 of him! He's here, there and everywhere! Love him to pieces. What fun these two boys are! And then there's George. He's decided this week that we are all his trees! What an awesome cat he is. 

Little DeLeon is feeling better. We've been working on his ear twice a day. Solee has been practicing climbing the Kuranda Towers! I swear she has a smile on her face when she gets at the top! Dovie has been very much enjoying the birds at the feeders this week. She'll spend hours on the cat walks watching outside. 

All is fine here. Have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy your family, friends and pets! 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday, December 22

Three more days until Christmas! The cats are getting excited! They know more turkey is coming! And they are thankful for this season of love and friendship. I even saw Octavia share a packet of shrimp today--now, THAT is a miracle right there!

All is well here at the Rescue Center. We also had another adoption! Sadler went to his new home. I've heard from them already and sounds like it's a wonderful bond that's already happened. This is what we love to hear!

As you probably already know, we lost our Chandini directly after her surgery on Friday. Apparently there were some abnormalities in the abdomen which ended up being a factor. These kind of sad events kinda knock the sails from us, but it's part of what happens at a Rescue. Her time here was very short, but during that time, she was well fed, had a heater, was clean and had lots of loving. So....we carry on and will keep on loving them as they arrive. Give your pets a hug--life is never a certain thing. 

We had BOXES last night! I so enjoyed it. And I so appreciate you all
Carla/Beachkats - OR--  Lifesaver Dolls for Vols and kids made by Carla
Karen C - KS--  Kitty xmas card Pawket money w/Donation,  Sheet of stamps, roll of 2" tape, Bag of Kit Kats, 2 Reeses pb cups,  Party Mix snackers, 5 cans FF, 4 cans sardines
Marilyn S/Madisonpepper - NJ  w/ Serena, Madison, Pepper, Christmas & Michael, Kitty card w/ note,  lots of wrapping paper, Simply Nourishing chicken & salmon stew,  5 Newman's Own Organic, 2 Fussy Cat, 2 Royal Canin, 13 Weruva
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54 - IA-- 2 cases FF kitten turkey
Lillian D - VA w/ Kitty Kathy, kitty Christmas card w/Donation, Santa Helper towel for KK,  Victorian Kitty doll for Jacci,  3 rolls peace ribbons, blue and red satchel, lanyard, coupons,   2 peace blankies, 4 magnetic note pads
Hannah - made Jacci a bracelet
Dave S -  2 lg bags Purina One Tuna
Maryann O/merry_marvin - CA --Christmas card,  Kitty Stocking full of toys,  Box 48 ball point pens,  Books:  Jingle cats w/CD, The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye, 2 Wonders of Learning Guide to Caring for  companion kitties, For Kitties & Helpers:  Sticky notes,  Sharpies,  12 cans FF, toys, licorice, 3 Werthers, spiral licorice,  First Aid Kit,  Kitty & doggie snackers
Liz G/Naturelover - TX--Thermal Aid Elephant for heating or cooling, Senses Comfort Zone, Master Card gift card,  Andes pepermint chocolates,  Bag of Ghirardelli chocolates variety,  Bag of Dark Kisses, Milk Choc Kisses & Marshmallows,  4 boxes of hot chocolate
Aunty Julie -Christmas card,   From Magenta and friends-- Santa hat bed,   5 sheets stamps,   3 (GC"s)  Magneta,,  3 oxes cat grass,   10 Jumbo bags Party Mix Snackers,  16 cans sardines,  4 lg ball toys,   2 doggie busy bones,   3 big bags pop tabs for Kellen  Homemade:  rum balls, treasure cookies, bar cookies and banana bread  Box of decorated cookies for Jaccis grandkids
Lucy O/Lucy Toons - UK  Christmas card, stickers for Hannah, cards for Jacci & Steve, Volunteers and Maine hospital
Jean & Jim M - FL w/Loni & Lucy--  Santa card w/Donation
Cynthia M/CyndiM1 - w/Patch   Santa card w/Donation
Julie P - IA   Coupons
Karen L - OH  Christmas poem w/Donation 
Cheryl & Dan H - MD  donation and a hello to Kiwi
Yumiko from Japan-- Christmas card & diorama and some very cute kitty band aids
Sandi A - NC  Kitty Christmas card w/note & Donation
Buddy - Defiance   Donation & Chief Tapes
Carla & Jim M - FL Christmas card & Donation
Sheryl S/smallisha - VA  w/ Paul and Tricia --Christmas Card w/note
Judy R/MsNiceinVA   Kitty Christmas card w/note & Donation
Beth A/Eaglewatcher - IL  Peace card w/note
Joni  W - IA   Kliban cat card w/Donation
Ruffles29 - MI  Kitty Christmas card w/note  gift card to Pet Supply Plus
Bopeep - FL  Kitty card w/Donation and some for Preakness  Card for Hannah & my mom
Dewitty--card for my mom
Kate&Pat - N. Wales  Kitty Christmas card and Happy Christmas in Welsh!
Elly24 w/Buffy & Midge  Christmas card
ABQcat  Christmas card w/Donation and a hug for Lele
Fiona & Sammie w/ mom Faith/Ugottafriendinme - ME -- Christmas letter w/Donation in honor of Fiona, Sammie and Kiko--  Kitty Bag with Fiona & Sammies whiskers glued on it.. very cute    Pictures of Fiona and Sammie  beautiful kitties
Cindy/MrsHat--  Baby food, Baby cereal, snackers, Kitty wipes & pop tabs for Kellen & egg crates..

I'm trying something new with the Thank Yous.  If it doesn't "work", I'll go back to the other way.

We also had some PayPal donations that we're thankful for:
Billie K from TX--donation for anything we need to make Christmas a little merrier!
Janelle C from TX--donation in honor of Jodie and RIchard M, wishing them a Merry Christmas and a hearty welcome to FFRC Nation!
Ellen/kikimycat--donation from sale of her brooches from her KikitheCat Shop! She donates 15% of her sales to FFRC. Thanks!
Laura E--donation from PayPal for Jimmy's KMR drinking!
Priscilla G from CA--donation for Jimmy guzzling KMR Show
Barb W from WA--for Jimmy drinking KMR!
DeAnne S from IA--for Jimmy's KMR Adventure and the weak "meow" as he swallowed it down
Elisabeth A from MD--for Jimmy to have a fund to pay for his KMR habit
Jennifer W from MD--for Jimmy's KMR fun
Brooke B from OH--for the KMR challenge
Altogether Jimmy's KMR challenge made $130 for FFRC. Oh my goodness, I think he must have a cast iron tummy!

Today is our Christmas family day, so this Blog will be short!  Besides the joy of Christmas, I am concentrating on the word Positive. I am always the type of person who would rather think in positive tones. It's every person's choice whether we surround ourselves with negative feelings or positive feelings. You viewers/supporters are a big reason for my feeling positive. Your joy, your support, your good thoughts and prayers--they all add up and truly help me to keep myself focused on the good of life. I love this rescue center and will continue it on, with a positive feeling! Thank you for this gift you given to me. 

All is fine here. Miss Eltoe is eating great! She is on her way to a little tummy! She was even playing yesterday. Today, little Hark will get his mouth sutures out. A couple more days yet for his shoulder sutures though. Ernest's incisional site looks very good. Little Zata is growing and eating like a 10 pound cat! The general health here is very good, for which I'm so grateful for. Miss Marti is on my desk--her usual morning spot. Her favorite place to nap is across my wrists! Miss Molly is doing awesome. The family that would like to adopt her was here Saturday to visit with her. She likes them! 

The Covies were out and about on Friday. With Connie D calling them for supper, all 16 returned. Leonard has fit right in. Today, being it is Sunday, they will again have their door opened and they'll get their run-about. The Porchies continue to do well. Looks like Big Al is once again "stuck" inside! He won't go out--he refuses. He is a smart boy! Walter and him get along great. 

If you have an order for us and it has not arrived, please let me know. We do truly want to be 100% correct on our mailings. We realize that we do make mistakes but we keep trying for all to be delivered correctly. Don't hesitate if you have not received your order yet and if it probably should have been there by now. Thanks so much for your orders.

Take care, have a wonderful day, do something nice for someone else--pass on that positive feeling! 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday, December 20th

$295 for fish/chicken eating deal! Yes, that's right! At BOXES last night, we had a fun time. We received some treats for the cats but they are good for human consumption too! So, upon a "I dare you", we did! We had chicken and dried sardines and earned $295 for FFRC! Thanks for joining in on the fun!

We took in a new cat yesterday. A black cat with a few white specks here and there, about a year old. Her name is Chandini. Unfortunately it looks like her front paw has been in a trap. We got her started on pain meds and antibiotics right away and called the vets. They were able to get her up today so she's already been transported there. A probable amputation will happen, but we'll know more later--sometimes they can work magic there! We'll keep you posted.

Our little Miss Eltoe is still eating today. She actually has a tiny tiny tummy on her today! She loves chicken! She likes to sleep on the cat tower by my desk. And I like watching her! 

We had BOXES last night (Thursday)! Many many grateful thanks to you all! 
Russ and Sandy A from MI--note with donation from their mom Alice who is 104 years old! Also a great kitty Christmas stocking--now with things in for the cats!
Mayumi from Japan--gift for Hannah, card for Hospital kids, singing Christmas stocking card, bag of individual sundried sardines, Kit Kats Japanese style (strawberry) and a dozen chicken catfood cans  
Pat, our volunteer---neon pink kitty blankie and a grey, white & black Cat on the Fence Scarf
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Royal Canin Baby cat food
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--12 K-cps dark hot chocolate, tower of chocolate and other goodies, box of 50 flavors of Jelly Belly Beans! All extra yummy!
Beth A/eaglewatcher--heated mattress pad for Kitty Kastle--big thanks!
Loricat--300 hot & cold cups 12 ounce with lids
Francis S from ME--with Moonlight, Headlight & Day light cat friends (a neighbor of our mod Schinn)--a Christmas card with a donation in honor of Susan/Schinn
Susan/Schinn from ME--kitty Christmas card with a donation for Feliz Navidad Fund, pics of her kitties Cleo and Ralph
Beth & Gary T from IL--Christmas card with their 5 kitties
Diann G from IL with Chesley--Kitty snowman card with donation
Jana L and Oreo "Obin"--Christmas card with Walmart Gift Card
Kimberly R from CA--4 packages Temptation snackers

We also had some PayPal donations!! Many thanks!
Ronald R from CT_-donation in memory of his friend's cat Annie, who passed away at 13 years, last week. Use for the Feliz Navidad Fund.
Neil S & family from OH--paypal donation to FFRC
Shannon S from OH--paypal donation to help with Leonard's care
Judy M from NH--Paypal to help care for the CH cats
Helina P from Finland--donation to use as we need. 
Laura E--paypal donation for Jacci taking a "nibble" of the sardine
Judy S--donation for Joni, Jimmy and Lynnette for eating the sardines
Margaret H--donation for human sardine eating frenzy!
Brooke B--donation for sardine fun
Elisabeth Airey--donation because Joni is a good sport
Romeomom-Sarah P--donation for the care of Zata
Sonja--donation for Jimmy, Jacci, Joni and Lynnette with Hugs!
Pat/cathouze--for Joni eating the sardine chips and for all participating in it

I just realized I did not get the thank yous up from BOXES on Weds. night. Here it is:
Caren F--case of Friskies, case of Fancy Feast Kitten, case of Friskies Senior Salmon
Gerricross--7 lb bag of Royal Canin Kitten
Sheila/Oilsandgirl--24 rolls, large, paper towels.  Tabitha is soooo thankful!
Yarm1/Mona & Alex B (future family of Kona & George)--3 cases Friskies Pate, box of 6 Temptation snackers
Susan/Missmic from WV with Misty, Ebony & Savannah--card for volunteers, quilted purse with kitties "Rescue is my favorite breed"--I LOVE it!, Cat's Meow bracelet--very pretty!
Heather & Marsha R from FL--kitty card (love it!), 6 cans Fancy Feast, case Meow Mix cups (Octavias preferred brand!), 3 beautiful rocks painted with kitties for the spring garden
Sheriff Putter and Friend--18 tiny construciton hats for kitty assistants to wear during construction of cabinet/counter top!, dark chocolate Hershey bars, bag of sunkist fruit gems (a favorite!), 1200 dixie spoons
Connie K--yummy cupcakes
Jennifer/MrsKlunk--case of fancy feast turkey, case of Fancy Feast grilled, 6 bags Purina One adoption size
Norma F/mmiralb--Puerto Rico--Christmas card with note
Sophie&Lucys grandma--Christmas card with donatio
Ken & Sally H from NJ--Christmas kitty card with pictures of their Tortie Cassie who is 15 years old
Margo from NB--Christmas card with note & donation
Marty, Daria, & family (and Ruby!)--Christmas card with donation in honor of Dawn S  (Ruby came from FFRC!)
Julie P from IA with Sophie--kitty Christmas card
Mike/sophie&lucys dad in MI--Christmas card with Applebees gift card for Jacci & Steve
Terry M from IN--Christmas card with donation
ColleenMP--Christmas card
Cheryl L from WA--Christmas card
Sarah P--coil toys!
Mimi from FL with Buddy--pop tabs for Kellen, Christmas card plays Jingle bells with a note
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--birthday card for Mayor Anony with $5 (for extra Covie treat!), Christmas card with donation
MKmouse--card for Jacci and one for volunteers
Helina/Pilvi--Christmas note with donation

Jackson and August are wonderful. They both can purr and both love to have their chins rubbed. You can tell they are very much dependent on one another. I even saw them both in the litterbox at one time! They are both eating good and are relaxing more each day. Remember when Jersey and Merri first came home? How worried they were? And now look at them!! 

Dovie girl is right here by my desk. I love how she looks at us and does the slow blink--a kitty kiss for sure! Miss Marti loves to sleep inside the clear plastic jugs. Emma Jo is getting braver every day and so friendly. When she first came in, she was a bit shy but not any more. Camvie did her morning "trick" again today--a quick nose lick then a little love bite. Then she purrs! What a sweetie! 

Our newbie, DeLeon, is doing better too. His left ear is terribly infected but we're working on it a couple times a day. His tummy is definately the "ffrc tum" that we like! He's a big big eater for such a little boy. His frostbite/frosted areas are healing. Such a happy kitten. When he starts walking towards you, he drops and rolls!

Even though it's raining today, we opened the door to Kitty City for the Covies to do a RunAbout. They are happy, happy! They're dodging the water drops! Leonard who is now a Covie is doing great. He's fit right into the Covie gang! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday, December 18

I am so grateful. Grateful that Elizabeth and Angie are home safe and sound. Grateful that we have the two CH brothers under our care. Grateful for another new little gold baby.

Angie and Elizabeth got back to FFRC about 2:00 am last night/early morning. What a long day for them but they did have the pleasure of a few hours in the sun and on the beach! They returned with our two CH boys. We fed them, they pottied, we showed them to the cam (took the cam into the Thumper's Room) and then turned the light off for them to catch up on their sleep. But first, they were told that they were safe forever, would never want for food, would always be clean and have soft things to lay on and will have love galore. I do think they understood.

This morning, they received their baths and names! The black/white kitten is now known as Jackson and the grey tiger/white is now known as August (both after cities in Florida). Their birthday is 7/4/13. They've already been tested, wormed, first vaccinations done and their first physical. They both use the wide stance walk. August has quite a few tremors to his face. Both enjoy a head rub and can purr! Later today or tomorrow they will move up to June's Room so we can get to know them better. Welcome to Jackson and August!

We also took in a new kitten this morning. He's about 10 weeks old. He will have a name soon. He was found by a person yesterday, caked in snow chunks on his legs and tummy.  Poor fella had to be wading in the snow. His eyes were pasted shut and he has a very mild URI. This kind lady who found him took him to a vet who treated him and sent home antibiotics and eye drops for him. So, he's now here and we'll finish his care and then find an indoor home for him. There's one problem with him--he purrs so loud and so much that it's hard to listen to his chest! What a doll he is! 

I would like to tell you about Wella. Some of you, I understand already know. Little Wella passed away on Monday. A very sad happening. Peggy has been caring for little Wella since she was just a few days old. Peggy is the best foster mama in this whole wide world. She loves these babies and is extremely good at giving love and care to these wee ones. It's unsure what exactly happened to Wella.  One minute she was playing, the next minute she collapsed. Nothing could be done. She passed away even before she arrived here. I will tell you all what I told Peggy--if she was destined for a short life, I'm very grateful she had this short life with Peggy. 

Isn't the joy of seeing a child interact with the kittens wonderful? I love seeing the cats and kittens thru their eyes--their excitement. Most of the children that visit are so sweet and kind to the cats. The cats learn they can be happy with these little people.  It's also fun to see the interaction of the dogs with the cats. We leave the top of the dog's door open and the cats frequently jump in and spend time with the dogs. 

Little Miss Eltoe is doing a bit better. We are still syringe feeding her but she is also doing a little eating on her own! Hark is doing awesome--he's running around and keeping up with all the kittens. He is a joy and so so happy. Miss Molly now weighs 1.13--she's gaining! All is fine with our FFRC world!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday, December 17

Oh happy day! Our two new CH brothers will be here today. Well, actually they won't arrive until wee hours of the morning. Angie and Elizabeth have arrived in Florida safely. They are actually at this moment at the beach, waiting to return to the airport to pick up the two brothers. At 3:30 they will be getting the boys. I'm so anxious to know they are safely in our carriers and thru security. We have the top two pens in the back Thumper's Room all ready for them. They can go back and forth and of course be together. Soon though we will bring them up to Cat's Corner Room.

We had BOXES last night. You all never cease to amaze me. I am so grateful for the items received.
Cheri B--"Spoiled Rotten" box, sprong toy, Yeowww catnip cigar, 3 cat snackers, 2 cans Holistic Select cat food
Amanda from FInland--Christmas bag of candy, May the Angels be with you card and a beautiful kitty angel stained glass--I love it and it'll be put up today
Joanne H, Andrew and Horace the cat from UK--Christmas card, picture of Horace, 400 big paper plates, 200 large trash bags, 4 packs of dry cat food, cat toys, lots of cat snackers
Joanne/Bouddicea--2 cases of Fancy Feast, case of Friskies, 2 cases of baby food meat, 20 appetizers and 16 tins Rosebud Salve (for the volunteers)
David from NY and mom Sherry with their pets--Thinking of You card with a Christmas note, a beautifully wrapped gift with a quilted Vera Bradley purse (I love it, David!), Christmas ornaments and a giftcard to the movies (which we'll use tonight!)
Heather from FL--big poof for the kitties--already on the "princess" bed
Anonymous Friend--24 pk color Sharpies, snowflake blankie for Mayor Anony's birthday, Snuggly blankie for the Covies, safety pins, Purple sparkly jammies for Jacci (slept very good in them!!), stocking stuffed with goodies for the kitties, toys/collars/snuggly blankie for Janie & Camie, Chocolate Truffles with Bailey's and a CD: John Denver & The Muppets (love this!)
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54 from IA--case of Felidae canned food and case of Canidae canned food--a very good food for oldsters, youngsters and sickies
Betty & Tom W from VA with Samantha--Christmas card with note & donation
Dan & Pat R--Christmas card & pic of Kai a 12 year old FFRC kitty!
Tweety324--Bob Cat Christmas card with note & donation
Kay L from MI--donation
Linda V--Christmas card with note
Susie M from OH--Kitty Christmas card with letter & Donation
Janet R from Delphos--Christmas card with donation
Julie L and Bentley, Leo, Lexi, Lucky & Trinity--Christmas card for Derecho with a note
Linda A from Columbus with Haley & Sissy--Christmas card with note & donation
Courtney/calicomom--ME with the Main 15 Calicos--Kitty Christmas card with note and donation
Tim H/littlehobosam with Sam, Angel & Fluffy--Christmas card with note. He has his kitty pics on ustream.tv/channel/littlehobosam
Gina S/catlover14 from OH with Big Buddy, Grey Kitty & Jenny--Christmas card with note and donation to Medical Fund
Tracy/Coolbreeze & Kathy--Kitty Christmas card
Barry & Lori P from IA--Christmas card with her kitties and donation
Luann W--Christmas card with note & Donation
Colleen A from NE--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila--donation thru PayPal to help with flight to get CH brothers
Lisa--our baker friend--donation of lots of pies and cookies--absolutely scrumptious. We love it!

We also had a lovely poem by Derecho! That sweet boy is so clever! It was lovely!

We have constant entertainment here! On the window ledge by Dodger's Pen are several bird feeders, two of which are fastened to the window. There's usually several cats on the ledge during the day, watching the birds eat. Lately the cats are even trying to climb the window. The funny thing is that the birds know they are safe! They just sit there, eat and watch the cats!

We had two adoptions yesterday! Bugg and Wayne! Both went to families that have lots of time to give them TLC! These are happy homes! Both will have children that will love on them too!

We also have several cats on hold!  I'm so happy about this as I feel they are all going into wonderful homes. They are Ernest, Alaska, Raza, Arden & Meryln (all in the same home!), Miss Molly, Miss Marti, Sadler, George & Kona (these two together!). And we're working on several others--Ginger, Markie and Barky. Such great news!

Want some more great news? We have heard from the company that has the Precious Litter. This litter is superb.  It's very hard clumping and very little dust. Tomorrow in the afternoon, FFRC will be receiving 100 forty pound bags FREE from them! This is just wonderful. We are so grateful!

The kittens have been on the shelves and have been trying to investigate the upside down tree.  I can see the longing in their eyes! But, the tree is safe! Yesterday the cats had another ham bone! It's absolutely amazing how they can pick off every speck of meat from it. Lots of grinning cats around here!

Look at this smiling girl!  Zelda Belda!
Displaying photo.JPG

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday, December 15

Yesterday was our surgery and physical day. A very good day. Dr. Darcy made it in even with all the snow! We had 4 cat spays: Miata, Miss Marti, Emma Joe and Sadler.  We had 6 cat neuters: Apache, Rian, Sunny, Hark and 2 boys that belong to a volunteer. We also did a volunteer's dog. All is fine. 

Apache had his 2 little claws (his extra ones on front feet) removed. These are the polydactyl toes. The toes are still there, but that toenail is gone. This will prevent these two claws from ever piercing his foot pad--a nasty, painful thing. He will be adopted today by Angie and Bill. 

Miata is now spayed! She was NOT pregnant. Actually what prevented a good feel to her tummy area is because she had a fair amount of adipose (fatty) tissue!! Sure made us laugh. And then when we surgically shaved her tummy we saw a definate scar of a past surgery, which we thought was probably a spay. But, we needed to make sure. It turned out she was still intact so the spay was completed. Mystery solved!

Hark did awesome, although he had 3 parts surgically worked on. His bottom end (he was neutered), his middle (leg removed) and his chin (scrubbed, trimmed and sutured together). He spent the night in a pen but was out and about this morning. Hark is a lovebug--rubs and rubs on 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds to get attention! What a charmer! He looks good and is feeling good.

Then Dr. Darcy did the physicals:
Ernest--looks awesome, incisional area healing nicely--all is good
Alaska--has a very small dermal freely movable lump on neck--is benign and nothing to worry about.
Camvi--right eye remains the same
Cozarelii--good physical, has upper top left K-9 tipped off from hitting it
Derecho--good physical, has upper both K-9 teeth tipped off from hitting it
Faraday--physical good, lightly sedated so we could do his second leuk/FIV test (negative), caught him up on vaccinations, shaved his hiney area and brushed him till he shined!
Merlyn--physical good
Arden--physical good
Raza--physical good, noticed how nice her fur is
Miss Mollie--checked rear fractured leg which is in the process of healing. When she is 2 pounds or so we will do another x-ray. The positioning of this fracture isn't the best, but time will tell what we will do after the x-ray. In the meantime, she's now running around like a silly girl! 
Paddy Purr--will switch eye meds. In January, if not a marked improvement, will have a scraping done of eye to send to lab to check out the tissue. He is eating pretty good right now!
Ponia--physical good, eye appears to be the same

All in all a very good day. It's so wonderful to have that back Thumper's Room available for quarantine space and for our surgery room when needed.  Many thanks to Joyce D for the pizza lunch--tasted so so good! Big time thanks too, to Beth for the wonderful monitor for the cats. We used the pulse, EKG yesterday. We'll keep learning more how to use it. It was such a peace of mind to have that "beep-beep-beep" going yesterday! 

We had BOXES Friday night. We are grateful for your help.
Belinda F/Dawn30NC--donation and a wonderful Christmas clock that plays music
Jill H/nibbiesmommy from NZ--cards for Hospital kids
Kelly R/littleonemine--treats for the volunteers--lots of different candies to share!
Sweetpea--Christmas card with note
Judy & Jay from NJ--Kitty card and donation in honor of volunteers
Dawn926 & Carol/Grubbcarol & Bob--6-12 oz. bags of Royal Canin Kitten, 2-12 oz bags of Royal Canin spay/neuter dry, 2 cases Royal Canin baby cat, case of Sheba, Evo cans, Evo dry kitty food, Bonito flakes, cat snackers, coil toys, nibbler toys, Christmas plates (big/small), cat nip, 3 Thunder shirts, 2 small e collars, new collar with tags for Lorenzo, 2 furminators, nail clippers, 2 slicker groomers, Frontline spray, 2 stainless food bowls, eavy duty dog bones, doggie snackers, lots of office supplies, 3 beautiful rocks: amber, lapis & amathyst, Peanut Butter pretzels for Steve, black licorice, smartie candy canes for volunteers and candy, 2 HP laser jet printer cartridges 12A, lots of good pens

I've heard from VIxanna, who is working on the quilt project. Some donations have been given to her to help with the expense of this project, but now with the 2 new CH kittens coming here, she would like to donate that money back to FFRC and cover the Quilt Project herself. So very nice of you. So, these people need to be thanked for their donations: ElectraPA, Nadine C, Catlvr14, Kay B, Littleonemine, NYCcoco, Debra J, Ruth B, yukitorti3, kittiesmom.  So very nice of you. 

We have also received some donations for which we are thankful:
Kmergen--donation to help with trip to Florida to get the new kitties
Amanda K from NY--donation to FFRC
Jo Ann C--donation to help the CH kitty trip
DeEtte--a donation to go towards the trip to pick up the CH kitties
Pat/cathouze & Ellen/furkitty--donation to help with taking on two more CH cats
Ruth B from TN--donation to help with the travel of CH kitties
Pat & Ellen--donation to help get volunteer kitties neutered and for the Feliz Navidad fund
Anonymous Friend--to help with Ernest's surgeries
Wanda E, of idoportraits@gmail.com--another $200 for 4 more orders!!
Maria L from NY--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation for Happy Birthday to Shamballie
Eugenia S from Russia--donation to FFRC
Eric B from Japan--donation to FFRC
Arden & CHarmaine B--donation to help with trip to Florida to get the 2 CH kitties

By now you may have heard that we are going to add to our CH family. There are 2 CH brothers who need help in Florida. They have already beat the odds. The park they were dumped at normally have a 1 out of every 3 adults that are dumped, are usually dead within the first 72 hours. It was confirmed on Friday that FFRC will have the privilege of giving them a home. So, they are now safe in the fenced in back yard of the rescue people that helps this particular park. Many thanks to FabuStrikesAgain, an FFRC viewer that started this rescue in motion. Angie and Elizabeth are the 2 volunteers that will be heading to Florida on Tuesday to pick up the brothers. My deep thanks to them. 

Do we HAVE to add on to our CH family?  No.  Do we NEED to?  No.  Do I WANT to? Yes. Ever since Derecho has arrived, my heart has been with the need to help CH cats. Of course, I love all the cats, but I have definitely felt that tug towards the CH cats. I thank you all for the support shown in the last 2 days of our taking on two more kittens that need help. This means a lot to me.

Also as many of you may know there are a few people "out there" who continue to be negative about decisions made at FFRC as to what cats we may take in. My question is--why?  We work our bodies hard here taking care of things. We give our hearts to what we are doing. We are deeply involved in helping cats. Why criticize me because of a decision I make? Is it because it's a different  decision then what you would've made? That's ok--we're all different, but let me make my own decisions without feeling your wrath.  I would prefer no more comments made on this subject. The reason is this: I REFUSE to let anyone take the JOY away from me in regards to this Rescue Center. I love what we do here and I will always give my best. We have the best supporters, viewers, mods, admins, chatters in the world and I dearly appreciate your positive impact on us. Be with us in a positive way. So, let's let this subject be done. I'm going to have a great day, because that's what we do here! Thank you.

A friend gave me this quote today and I love it:
You don't need to defend.
You don't need to prove.
You just need to BE. 

Camvie--a very sweet kitten.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday, December 13

We are down to 12 days of Christmas! Zelda, Octavia and Walter are demanding 12 containers of Appetizers.  I told them they can share TWO--but that's all.  

Today we removed the many sutures from Ernest's incision. I believe there were 22 of them and some of those were running sutures. His incision looks great--is healing nicely. Such a good boy--just sat there and didn't really complain. How can a cat complain when you're getting your ears scratched?! He's still on antibiotics but that will be done soon.

The weather man says we possibly may have up to 8 inches of snow. Then another weather man says maybe 3-5 inches. So, I think I'll just wait and see what comes down! But we will "button down the hatches" out on the farmyard. We'll make sure the horses are snug in their stalls later today, the Barnies all have fluffy blankies and their heater lights are working. The Porchies are all set--their electic beds are on. Sidewalk salt is ready, shovels are handy and the snowplow guy has been called to make sure we're on his plow list (along with my mom!).

Here's the update on the generator: The generator is ordered. I just talked to them this morning and they have us on the work order. So, when the generator arrives, it won't take much time to get the generator up and running. We've also talked to them about getting a dusk to dawn parking lot light put up. That parking lot is pitch black at night! We've had a motion light but it's been replaced 3 times and is again not working. Time to let the professionals do it!

I want to give a very special friend a super big thank you. Beth/eaglewatcher has donated to FFRC a wonderful gift. It's a Veterinary Monitor! We will be able to use this for surgery as it monitors an EKG, Respirations, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse Rate, Blood Pressure, Temperature and the CO2 rate.  This is such a super addition to our surgery equipment. We will also be able to use it to check readings on injured cats as well. I'm thrilled to have this wonderful piece of equipment. Our past monitor read oxygen level and pulse only. Thank you Beth--you are an angel to us and particularly for the surgery cats. 

We had BOXES last night! Thanks ever so much for your gifts!
Sarah P/Romeosmom--2 cases of Fancy Feast grilled, kitty tree with a tunnel
Zsa Zsa and mom Justme--4 cases Friskies Pate, 4 cases Gerber baby food
Anonymous Friend--Snackers for outdoor kitties, doggie snackers, 2 microfiber cloths, 4 washcloths & 4 towels, 2 rugs (purple & yellow), 4 pillow cases, Grey pokie dot blankie, pipe cleaners for kitty toys, stickers for Hannah, bird windchimes for FFRC, green afghan made in Ireland, band aids, 2 tubes of Udder hand cream, lots of office supplies, including a purple pen with refills!, lots of K-cups variety (we use a lot of these)
Gerricross--K-cups--coffee cinnamon and a fariety, case of Fancy Feast Kitten, box of 30 candy bars--Hershey, KitKat & Reesses--great for a snowy day!
Autumn Kitty--24 giant rolls paper towels for Tabitha to "Party On and Have Fun"!  She is rapidly supplementing her paper towel nest in the cabinet!
RoseSF6--Christmas card for everyone, toy balls, case of WHiskas pouches, case of Purrfectly Chicken, 9 Mega bags of cat snackers, bag of Hershey candies--we must have our chocolate!
Kikimycat--package of chuck pads
Pat L/Plee from KS--cross stitch card with coupons, 10 Mega kitty snackers, 12 ans Sheba variety, 2 stainless feeding bowls, package paper plates, 2 sham wows, 2 doggie snackers and books for the volunteers to share!
Ganache with Connie/Warpedinmn & Joe, also Sizzle, Ebony & Willow--note from Ganache saying how much he loves his home, 10 awesome wonderful Warped-de-Doos for twin size beds. Will do a special 24 hour auction sale for these soon! They are really nice!
Julie L from FL--card with walmart gift card--big thanks
Nancy/kerswill & Tom G with Amber & Dominoe--Christmas card
Colleen/Leenie from AK with Sampson, Delilah, Weasley & Dhana--kitty card with coupons
Janet D from Defiance with Greer & Greenwood--Christmas card with donation
Janet H from Paulding--Christmas card with donation
Kai_Madkitty/Cheryl M from TX with Kaihime and Mad Kitty--Christmas card
Rob, Sarah, Sean & Rachel--Christmas card with picture of the family
Amy B/Jobo from MI--Chritsmas card
Picture of Shadow & Patches
Gusti--butterfly card with note
Susan C from Defiance--donation
Amelia M from ND--donation
Anne H from WA--note about those solar lights that we received!
Wendilin from WI--Chritmas card
Service Master--donation and Christmas card
Judy--Thanksgiving card
Budd Family--kitty card with Pet Supply Plus gift card
Patcat--Christmas card
Pauline& Jim--DeptfordDenmans--Christmas card
Laurie B from TX--donation to FFRC, in honor of her mother, who loves watching FFRC. Today is her birthday!
MacandCheeseMom--donation to FFRC
Peggy S (volunteer)--made a donation to FFRC in honor of her family members
Jean M/Annette20--donation for FFRC (thanks for covering our mistake!!)
Chris & Stephanie--2 Petco gift cards (loves Derecho!)

Many of you have been asking about the booklet that is being made of Joco's conversations with the FFRC cats. They are at the printers right now and will be here in the next couple of days! When they arrive, we will let you know. They are really very nice! 

Tomorrow is our surgery day. Sure hope the weather is workable. These are our plans:
Miata--spay IF she is not pregnant & a second leukemia test
Miss Marti--spay  weighs 2.15
Emma Jo--spay   weighs 2.15
Apache--castrate   weighs 6.06
Sadler--castrate  weighs 2.08
Rian--castrate  weighs 3.03
Sunny--castrate  weighs 3.02
Hark--castrate & amputate front left leg  weighs 2.06
We also have a few "extras" of pets that belong to volunteers that we want to help. 

Those that will be having a physical are:
Alaska, Ernest, Merlyn, Raza, Arden, Camvie, Cozarelii, Derecho, Faraday, Suzanna, Paddy Pur.  r, Ponia and Miss Mollie   Some of these will need their rabies vaccine, some need rechecks on teeth or eyes. 

All is well with the FFRC world. I need to get going though--I see the cats are having an argument at the door. Some think they can go out and make snowcats in the little snow that we have. That's not gonna happen! 

Sleepy Camvie. She takes most of her naps in the dogs room with Janie--her best bud!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday, December 12

We now have the Running of the Cats here in the Rescue Center. The laser light can get about 15 of them running and running and running. The funny thing is, on the cam, you cannot see the red dot, so it just looks like the cats are running amuck.  What fun! 

What an awesome day so far! We have had two adoptions already today, starting at 6:15 am. The first one to leave was little sweet Callen. That kitten has so much love to give--he can not get enough or give enough--it just oozes out of him! He went to a home of 5 people--lots of love to give. The second one was our wonderful Kukster! He went to a home with another young adult cat and a mom/dad. They already love him and Kukster sure did show that he likes them very much here at the center. Good news!

We had BOXES last night. We are so grateful for your support. 
CGcry--poptabs for Kellen, Chief tapes, Christmas card from Asha and 3 wood carved ducks for the Mail/Sale Room
AutumnKitty--5 bags snackers (Barnies, Covies, Porchies, Welcome Room, Center kitties)
Kikimycat from FL--24 Bic pens, variety of pens, papermate, felt tip pens, gel pens, etc., box of mechanical pencils, large Sharpies. Bunches of candy all individually wrapped for the volunteer candy drawer
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--4 extra yummy chocolate bars, peacock ornament for our tree, Cat Rules 2014 calendar
Fairview High School FCCLA class, teacher Jill S--4 big pillow cases made by the class
Anonymous Friend from wag.com--2 cases appetizers Seabass & Shrimp
Hannah S & Family--day visitors to adopt Pasha--2-2014 calendars, HE laundry soap, case of Friskies
Phil & Judy--day visitors--case of Fancy Feast, case of plastic spoons, scratchers, cat snackers
clorox wipes
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--large bag Royal Canin Indoor Adult, large bag Royal Canin Kitten, 2 cases Royal Canin can baby cat
Christopher & Stephanie from AL, in memory of mom's grey tabby cat--Christmas card, collapsable kitty bed, Prowlin Pals--fish with sound, variety bag of toys, other cat toys, 3 packages cat snackers
Barbara F from CA--2 bags Royal Canin baby cat dry
Anonymous Friend--Royal Canine baby cat dry, case of Tiki cans, case of 9-Lives and a case of Friskies
Asha (!) with a friend--Container of Yeowwww catnip and 1,000 plastic spoons
Elskates with Brigette, Natasha & Savanna--pictures of her beautiful kitties, donation for snackers
Louise D from TX--kitty Christmas card
Wayne and Kay/Bensam--Christmas card with donation
Karen B from Defiance--coupons & Chief Tapes
Elizabeth Z in memory of Linda B--donation
Roberta S from AZ--Christmas card (day sale payment)
Lynn & Vern/Michlynn from MI--Christmas card with donation
Larissa and Widdle made a beautiful card (all with FFRC cats) and a wonderful story to go with it--all in the nativity scene. It's really quite touching! Thanks to you both.

We also had some donations! We thank you!
Brian B from NY--PayPal donation
Mary B from TX--PayPal donation
Domingo F from Italy--PayPal donation
David W--donation from PayPal

Wanda, our beautiful artist friend also sent in another $200, for 4 more orders! You folks are keeping her busy!

Kiko is busily trying to bury a plate of food. He obviously doesn't like it. All the toys in a 7 foot circle are being pushed over to the plate and piled on top of the plate. Pania is sniffing and examining a spot of snow that came in on someone's shoe. Melia is licking the snow now! Turtle reached out to our visitor just now and patted him for attention. Meowzer is now trying to pull the toys off of the plate so she can have some lunch! These cats....always making me laugh! 

We took in a new kitten yesterday. She was an "I found her on my porch and don't want her" type of kitten. A real beauty. She's about 13 weeks old, black/white, so very thin. She's been tested, vaccinated and is starting on her way to having an FFRC belly! No name yet, but soon.

Our Christmas tree is up, or I should say upside down! We hung our upside down Christmas tree yesterday. It's beautiful. It has lights and ornaments. We had fun putting it together. The cats are worried though--how is Santa going to put Christmas presents around the tree when it's hanging from the ceiling? I told them not to worry! They've been good kitties and will get a special Christmas breakfast! 

All is well here. The kittens enjoyed watching the little bit of snow that we got, from the Kitty Kabana windows. We have those wonderful bird feeders there too so it's quite entertaining. 

Such a pretty girl--Emily.