Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saturday, May 30

A beautiful day! Although it does look like winter out there, with all the cottonwood fuzzies still flying around. They seem to be exceptionally heavy this year. In the middle of a 1 foot deep clump of the fuzzies was again Fabio! I went to sweep this enormous pile away and my broom hit something---sleepy Fabio looked at me! And then Gwendolyn came by and she was covered in green pollen and seedlings. She too got a good brushing!

We had BOXES last night. I'm so very grateful for this help.
This was a Donnajb evening! 
For the volunteers--2 bags of Doritos/Ruffle snackers, PB cups, Slim Jims, Oreo/chip ahoy cookies, gum, Capri juice.    For the Kitties--7-12 packs of Whiska pouches, a 24 pack Friskies pouches, scratcher pad, 2 big bags Precious Cat litter, 4 bags Greenies, 6 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 30 rolls PT, Also a wonderful book called Wings of Encouragement.  
Clark, Jessie & family--4 of the $5 famous BD gifts and BD card for Seymour
Susan C--donation to FFRC

We also had BOXES on Thursday evening. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Pat, Thurs vol--6 homemade wash cloths
Sonya A--FL--kitty toy, several Pet Stages Toys, blanket that's black with leopard edges
Donna--2 big bags of Precious cat litter, 2 bags Purina One Kitten dry
Kathy L/katandbuster, a mod, from TX--For Catathon--doggie treats, toys and tennis balls
DiBme from Oregon--lots of kitty toys, made by her! Fun toys!. Catathon--Hello Kitty toothbrush, 2 pot holder/towels, 3 prs kitty socks, pink and purple purse, purse/tote bag
SVCathy & Scott D from CA--HUGE bag of pink Hershey kisses for Catathon
Nona--60 cans of 11 oz KMR
Vicki B--6 bags of RC baby cat food dry
Linda/angelface--24 assorted sizes of Jonah's snoozers
Peggy/leggygal--truck blanket for Trucker, pillow cases, leggydews.  Catathon--5 baby girl outfits, baby boy blanket, lamb pillow and blanket
Jean M/annette20--yarn for Pat (vol), chocolate cookies, 7 of the famous $5 birthday bills!, kitty toys and Christmas stockings full of cat toys
Lisa/munckinljs & Peter S  Catathon--the Cat Who basket--full of goodies and items for this special basket. Many The Cat Who books, bookmarks, book light, kitty pen, dog/cat pillow, kitty stationary/cards. Plus kitty snackers & toys for FFC
Clark, Jessie & the family--$5 for Trucker's birthday & card
Anne B from CT--card and donation
Allen C from UT--card and donation
Sherry W and Dave from NY--card and the famous $5 in memory of Ada Jane
Matthew & Jenny F from OH--card
Donna Q from FL--card and donation
Kerswill & Tom--medical supplies, yarn for knitting Catathon basket, Tea Cozy pattern book. Kitty snackers, Appetizers and Broths.
Nadine H/Electra NJ/PA--Catathon--hand puppet, puzzle, stuffed kitty, Mary Kay hand care kit, paw shoe laces, 2 books, scarf, lg br tiger kitty plush throw blanket, 2 leopard print shirts, 2 kitty head print tank tops (some items will be for a Flash Sale!!) Plus two awesome metal images of photos of the Double Paddys and Trucker--these are absolutely wonderful!! For Catathon, etc.
Zelda Belda/box girl! Yes, Zelda! She wrote a nice letter to me! I loved it. She has sent a donation for a leggydew and cat-o-spirals to be added to the Catathon. She even helped me pick it out! Love this girl! 

Our Jessie had her dental surgery yesterday. She had a full mouth extraction. She's still feeling a bit punky, but is resting comfortably. She is such a good girl. 

Wow--the inside of The House that Jonah Built is DONE!!!!!  As of this morning, the painting will be done! We need to do a good floor sweep and scrub and then can move the furniture in! We also have 2 bird feeders that will go on the outside of the fence. I was so excited at Shipshewana to see two red cement fire hydrants. Well, I had to buy them. One is on one side of the playground and one is on the other. We all know the Covies are expert sprayers. What better thing to spray that a fire hydrant! Check it out when you visit!

Ahimsa is still lagging on eating by herself. She will eat when being spoon-fed baby food. I know that this is not 100% nutritious, but that's ok, for now. We just want to get her appetite sparked. She does come out off and on during the day to watch things from her tower perch. Her fur is looking healthier too.

Bella has it made. A Queen bed was donated to her. That is, a cat-size bed with the word "Queen" written on it. It's now in the dog's pen where she spends so much time. And she does NOT share it with the dogs!

Jerusha is wonderful. She is so patient with all those kittens in the back Thumper's Room. They run, tumble, roll and act like crazy kitties Jerusha is a role model of a mama cat. It's a happy room! 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday, May 28

Steve & I had a nice two days. Went by very quickly. We enjoyed it though. We also found a few bits of furniture for The House that Jonah Built. They are made of recycled milk jugs, are permanently colored thru-out the entire furniture and will last forever. The cats can nap on these pieces and people can sit on them too!  They are 2 stands (big enough to nap on), 1 fairly large but short table and 2 benches. They are all different colors! Now we have this furniture and will have 5 Kuranda Towers so I think they will be all set.

Dion has been here this week. All the walls are up inside now! The top cabinets are up. The lower 2 out of 3 cabinets are in. He's today working on the 3rd cabinet, getting the sink in and the plumbing, then putting the countertop on. The outside fence is now all done but 3 panels. We're chomping at the bit--rearing to go! Won't be much longer. The Covies have enjoyed watching everything. 

Ahimsa is doing somewhat better. She's fairly inactive yet. Fever is now gone for 4 days. She's eating some baby food but is not showing a big appetite yet. This morning she received a grooming, a damp wet-down and some syringe feeding. She's right now resting quite comfortably.

The kittens from the back are up in the Main Area again today. They have speedy wheels and love to tumble. Clarissa and her 4 babes are also out with the others. They are forming some good friendships.

Bella loves it outdoors. Her red poof was washed again today--she so enjoys laying in that. I looked at her a bit ago and she was lightly covered in cottonwood fuzzies! So was Fabio. He was stretched out in the sun, on his back, covered in white fuzzies! Didn't bother him at all. 

Cayden and Lorenzo have been in my office for quite a while, playing with AJ, Major and McKaela. So cute! The little long hair black and black tiger kittens are so fluffy--it's so sweet how puffy they are. All are eating good and are displaying good FFRC bellies. 

We had BOXES last night! I am grateful for what you do for FFRC.
Lee Ann E from NC--donation to FFRC, to use wherever needed
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Maria/snoopybaby--a whole Snoopy Basket for Catathon.  Wow! Filled with many different Snoopy/Peanut items, some of which are--bracelet, pencils, twin size sheet set, 3 stuffed snoopys, t-shirt, scrub top, lunch tote, gift set, mug, tray, back pack, glitter art set, magnets, etc. Also 2 lovely pieces of metal art. One we have hanging already on the walk to Kitty Kastle. The other will be used as a fundraiser! We also received a Snoopy with his own FFRC tag!
Donnajb--2 printer ink cartyridges and One Brother Wireless all in one PRINTER!!!
Vickie B--Catathon, Coke basket--turvis tumbler, pen set, t-shirt, stuffed Coke Polar Bear
Nikka--memorial stone for Beach
Madisonpepper--6 boxes appetizers
Jatcat--a Lasko wall mounted fan for Kitty Kabana!!  Also a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse! (mine has half the letters/numbers gone!)
Tom G-MI--kitty collars. For Catathon--tea cozie pattern book, shower gel, baby bottles, rainbow loom, activity books, 12 skeins yarn, frame for 4 pics.  For FFRC, broth FF, appetizers and a few medical supplies
Maryann/Merry_Marvin with Peanut--HB Jacci card. Kitty windchimes & t-shirt No More Homeless Cats. Mylar ball/mice. bag of Reeses variety and an arch groomer for Bella & Coralie. For the Catathon--fling a Ring, poopie bags with deanter, clips & 2 towels, cosmetic bag
Marcy C from MI--donation for FFRC and lots of potty bags!
Jackie R--2 kitty beds
Ron C--for Catathon--2 awesome Bug Out Backpacks.  For emergencs for home or camping, etc. Wonderful things--1 month supply of food for 2 people, water purification, solar light that will recharge a cell phone, stove, radio--full of great items! 

It's Trucker's birthday today! He's already had special privileges of going out to Kitty City with me--one of his favorite things! He goes all over checking things out. He's such a happy boy! He's also shared two chicken servings with his friends already! Happy 1st Birthday, Buddy. 

Don't you just love laughter? It's a wonderful thing. Sometimes I sit in one of the rooms and just listen to the chitter chatter of everyone. The laughter is the best! We feel that joy and so do the cats and kittens. The compassion that is shown is so sweet. The tenderness, the holding and cuddling of all the cats is a treasure. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Tuesday, May 26

Ahimsa has eaten some dry food last night and again a bit this morning. I just gave her a good grooming too and she enjoyed it. She hasn't had a fever now for 36 hours! She is actually looking around now like she has an interest in life. I'm so glad about this. 

Steve and I have decided we are still going on our little Shipshewana visit. We will be back tomorrow later. In the meantime, there is a whole bunch of volunteers that will be here and all will keep an eye on Ahimsa. Connie will give meds and will do breakfast in the morning. Sonja is here and will keep an eye on Ahimsa too. The farmyard is taken care of. Others will check on my house cats. We will be taking off this morning. No worries. 

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to you all. We have all had to deal with a rough week of losses. We could all be down and out, grumpy and "stuck" in our thoughts. But, that's not what we do here at FFRC. I am so so appreciative of your kind thoughts and words of encouragement. You all help me too to stay focused. It is indeed a hard time when we have loss, but look at what is here--lots of joyous cats and kitties that need us! Life is good. There is no way I can even walk thru this rescue center without smiling at these great cats. They love us all. I want to thank you too for your kindness shown in facebook---means a lot to me. 

Right now Corby is acting like a clown--he's upside down, twisting around trying to get a toy out from under a ledge. Camvie and Milo are chasing each other. Franklin is carefully making his way down from atop a Kuranda Tower. Joey has been over by my desk to say hi. Derecho is bopping around, feeling really good. Bender is doing great. Clarrisa and kittens are out and about, just enjoying all the toys. The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are pure joy--happy, happy kittens! And all have nice round FFRC tummies. 

I would like to say thanks too for the following:
Donna/Napa--donation in memory of Ahimsa's sweet babies
Cindy/selkiebluemist--donation to help with Ahimsa's medical care
Jay H--for the new Kuranda Tower for The House that Jonah Built
Eartheyes/Margaret--donation in memory of Tomasina and Ahimsa's babies
Donna/knittinkitten--donation in memory of Ahimsa's wee ones and Tomasina
Mudjie--donation for Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of Thomas & Tomasina
Halo's mom & dad--donation for FFRC in honor of all the cats
Billie K--donation in memory of Tomasina
Fisk Family--visitors--bleach, plates, spoons, sardines

And a big thanks to all of you---just because I appreciate you all!

Well, we will be leaving soon and my computer will be turned off. Have a blessed, happy, peaceful day. See you all back here tomorrow! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday, May 25

I don't even know how to write this blog today. My heart is literally broke and so hurt. As you know, we have been battling something very difficult with Ahimsa and babies. I wrote a blog about it yesterday. Early evening, I had another long conversation with Dr. Darcy. Bless this vet for being so open to talking and discussing anything I need to, with her. The babies of Ahimsa all took a turn for the worse. It was decided in order to try to save mama, we needed to remove the babies from her care. It is with great sadness to tell you that each baby, one after another has passed away.

I have been with this litter most of the night, working with them, trying to save them, but to no avail. Dr. Darcy told me these kittens were likely not going to make it, but we tried. Talking with her, it has become obvious that Ahimsa has a primary viral infection that went septic.. Very bad news. To add to it, she most likely also had a secondary bacterial  septicemia. Double bad news. These kittens had absolutely no immunity yet. She probably arrived with this virus within her. She appeared healthy--ate good, played, gained weight. But with the burden of delivery and the babies, it put her over the edge and has become very sick.

The battle is on to save Ahimsa. She has been receiving fluids, many antibiotics, meds to control her fever and TLC. Now it's a time-game--which will win first--her infection or the meds.

The kittens became weak, swollen feet (from the fluid leaking out of their vessels) and then stopped nursing. Could we have saved them if we had removed them from the beginning?  Maybe.....but we had no idea this was going to happen. Yes, she started showing symptoms of her illness a few days ago. Normally with the meds given, most cats bounce back quickly which was the thought with her. This was not to be. She is still fighting today to survive.

Right now, Steve's and my 2 day off is on hold. I cannot go unless I feel strongly that Ahimsa is out of the woods. Today is a big day for her.

Death is hard. Losing our pets is heartbreaking. People say I am strong because I handle these deaths in a way that I am able to keep on going. To be truthful with you, I am not that strong. They hurt me so very much. I tend to take on the responsibility of their deaths. I value life and it brings much joy.While I may appear to "be ok", many times I am not. I am a private person in so many ways, and this is a category that I deal with privately. My cats in the house and Steve help me with this. And of course prayers.

When a person is surrounded by the happiness, friendships and love that we have here at FFRC, it rejuvenates us all. Grieving is ok--it's alright to grieve. But, I hope and pray, no one ever shuts the door to having another pet or the intake of another cat here, because we don't want to experience grief again. Grief will happen again and again here. It's part of life. But so is joy, purring kittens, happy adoptions, peaceful friendships, sleepy cats in the sun---the list goes on and on. Just look around. Life is all around us to enjoy. Soak it up and be happy.

No one has ever promised that Rescue Work is easy. It's not. It takes hard work, giving much of ourselves, always on alert to how the cats are, watching the kittens for illness, feeding many hungry tummies, working with adoptions, cleaning, educating people how to care for pets---the list goes on and on. If we let ourselves sink into the deep negative ways, then our energy is also there---not able to work for the good that can be done. So, once again, even with a very broken heart, I will, for myself, pick myself up and carry on. There's alot of cats here and "out there" that need our help. And in the meantime, please send good thoughts and prayers for Ahimsa. Thank you.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday, May 24--2nd blog for today

What a day of ups and downs. Tomasina left us way too soon. As I said before, if her death just helps one family to know how chemicals can so affect cats adversely, then her life is honored. 

Ahimsa has been up and down. She did eat some this morning by herself. Since then, she has slacked off of that. We've given her fluids and also syringe feeding her. My big worry is that her milk will dry up. Our vet believes she has a bacterial infection.Her fever continues to go up and down.  She is now on 3 meds (all safe for nursing) for the infection and a different med for the fever. We are keeping a sharp eye on the babies. Our hope is that she continues to nurse them. If at any time we feel they are lagging behind, we will start supplementing them. Such a fine line here.

Here's another update on Ahimsa's kittens. We did lose one of her babies about 3 days ago. He simply stopped eating. Sometimes there is no MAKING them eat. The day before that, we took on a one day old baby--a black and white. Normally I never ever put kittens together unless I can get blood for a leuk/fiv test. In this case, I made an exception. The needles are bigger than the veins so no blood test has been able to be done. He was so so hungry and so, plop---he went in with Ahimsa. She immediately took him and gave him a bath. Most people did not even notice this addition because the kittens have all been lumped together. So....we are now back to 7 babies.

The other kittens are all doing wonderful. They are round-bellied, silly, playful and happy. We continue to give them fun time in the Main Area together. Clarissa is out and about during these times and is doing good. 

We have had 2 sessions of BOXES. I am so so grateful. My time restraints are really pulling at me and so I have gotten behind. I hope that no one is offended if BOXES are not as detailed as usual. I'm just having a bit of trouble keeping up, yet I feel very strongly the need to give thanks. I appreciate your understanding.
Friday evening:
Mary R--Catathon--kitchen grates for kitchen basket
Connie with Elliott & Izabellah--Catathon--a beautiful pink coat/hat with kitty ears. lullaby lamb, Nursery book, soft whit blankie, lamb toy for baby baskets
SVCathy & Scott--Catathon--pink popcorn, M&M's, jelly beans, salt water taffy
Zoolove--Catathon--kitty book, purple heart charm, stuffed siamese kitty, cat face t-shirt for me!
Elaine & ALan with LittleKat--Card, 2 donations in memory of THomas/Ada Jane, stone for Alberts Garden
Pam T--Happy BD May kitties with Famous $5's, for FFRC--serpentine scratcher. Catathon--2 LED peacock lights. Snackers for Vols, lots of odds/ends for Kitty Kastle, 3 stones for the garden
Katie L--Canada--9 Lysol wipes, FF appetizers, kitty snackers, 2 purple bed caves
Vickie L--6 Clorox wipes
Mary from Archbold, vol--2 blue rugs/hand towels, bleach, lots of 9-Lives cans. Special food for Jolene
June/Painteddaisy--lots of items for Catathon. puzzles, dog toys, crayons, play cubes, cosmetic bag, Loopie Doll;. For FFRC--blue & brown blanket  A special item for Raffle/Big Ticket Item--a necklace, bracelet and earrings that match, silver & blue chalcedony stone that she made--absolutely stunning. You are awesome.

Saturday evening:
Annette--Catathon--pokie dot picnic tote, items for sewing and spa basket
Herta B--a drawing by Drew Strouble for Big Ticket Item--it's signed, numbered and awesome!
It's called "HEllo There", a tuxie kitty print 14/950
James M from MD--Catathon--Craftsman tool bag and a Coke tin box
Gusti--Catathon--Disney item, girls socks. also lots of stickers. 2 bags snackers for Sevaun
Anne from UK--lots of charms--sold out at Mich Flash Sale!!, cute items for Baby Catathon Basket
Ichabod & Screeches Mom/Dad--snackers, pipe cleaners & tuna/chicken
Mich & Vern--for the vols--Salt Water Taffy, Russell Stovers, other treats for vols
Angelface--Catathon--books, 2 blankets for kitties. A beautiful afghan, black and white, outline of 2 cats
Brenda R/yarnlover from CA--Catathon--3 kitty & book totes, 2 kitty totes with pockets/zipper. 3 cat pens, kitty magnet, puzzle, Christmas coloring books, kitty hooded bath towels, twisty crayons
Love4cats with kitties--2 big bags of yarn for whoever can use it, kitty bed, FF case, FF broth, snackers, peppermint candy.  Catathon--mini chalkboard clis, orange beach towel, items for Christmas basket
Katie L from Canada--kitty snackers, doggie snackers, FF kitten 2 cuddle tunnels, bag full of microfiber cloths
Brent & Jenny with Montana & Crew & Snappy--our Canada family who has awesome cats! They have sent with Sonja many many items of need, to FFRC. I am truly grateful. Sounds like it was fun stuffing Sonja's car full! 

Many thanks to our friends thru PayPal:
Kathy K--donation to FFRC, paying a gift forward
Mary H from PA--donation to FFRC, in memory of Ada Jane. 
Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho's meds and babyfood
Glynette M from CA--donation in memory of Ada Jane
Fi--stone for Tomasina
Brenda L (adopted 2 of our kittens)--donation in memory of Tomasina
Kelly L--donation for FFRC
Debra/bearmn and Dean--donation in memory of Tomasina
Karen/kaseyann--donation in memory of Tomasina

Just a heads up--Steve and I are suppose to be gone on Tuesday and Weds. for our anniversary. We would enjoy going to Shipshewana. So, if we're gone please know I will not be doing computer checking (emails, etc).  But, if things are kinda shaky yet with Ahimsa, we have already said that we will go at a later time. 

More updates later. Know that most things are going good here. Lots of wonderful visitors. The floor of The House that Jonah Built is now dry and looks wonderful. Lots to be done this week. Our sheds on the farmyard are getting painted--they too look very nice. It's cottonwood fuzz time. We have a large grove of cottonwood trees and each is spinning off millions of fuzzies. It looks like snow here!

Sunday, May 24

It is with sadness to tell you that Tomasina has passed away.  I got up this morning at 3;00 am to check on Ahimsa and Tomasina. At that time, Tomasina was unresponsive, but color good, respirations good.  As the morning continued, she seemed to further sink into a coma of sorts. I talked to our vet this morning and really, there was nothing we could give to help her. At 10:30, she passed away, peacefully and quietly in her purple basket that she chose for herself. I'm sorry we couldn't have had her longer, to give her a good long life. It was felt that the chemical she got into probably triggered something  in her already compromised brain. We had her such a short time but we already knew she was a gentle soul. If we learn one thing from this---it's to protect your pets. Never guess about chemicals. By doing this, then Tomasina has served a purpose as a reminder to keep chemicals safely away. Thank you for caring about her.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday, May 22

What a beautiful day it is. Sun is shining, blue sky, birds are singing and the air is warm! Love it. So do the cats--they love the windows!

Dr. Bill came early this morning again to check on Derecho and gave him another adjustment. He thought Derecho's alignment was much better. He's still receiving his anti-inflammatory med. And he is walking better--is able to get his feet under him now and is steadier. I'm sure each day will get better! He's enjoying the extra pampering!

The 14 kittens have been enjoying the fun, play time here in the Main Area. A couple times a day, we get the 14 kittens together for exercise and socialization. They run all about, up the palm tree, up and down the Kuranda Towers--just all over! They are healthy, happy and so very sweet!

The Covies are out today running around in the sunshine. They so love being out. The Porchies are doing great and frequently are seen in the playground area playing. The Barnies are also good and stay close to the grey barn and the big red barn. 

We had BOXES last night. I am so very grateful for your support.
Pat, volunteer--wash cloths, kitty blanket, jingle bell balls
Janet B/Scooterkitty--potty bags.  Catathon--butterfly frame, stitch marker, 5 pc scredrivers set (2 sets), kitty buttons, wonder clips
Cathy/svcathy & Scott--Catathon--stash tea gift collection assortment
Linda/MLS--potty bags, po tops for Kellen, milk rings for Pania, Catathon--kitty placemats
Patricia M from CA--Catathon--12 cookbooks! 
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--1 lg. Purina One adult dry food, 1 case Purrfectly fish packets, 2 cases FF kitten turkey
Katie L from Canada--4 kitty scratchers, 7 boxes of 3 each Clorox wipes
Cheryl from WA--coupons
Susan/macandcheese--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie and the family gang--$5 famous BD gift & card for Tabitha
Mommymyrna--Catathon--3 handmade stuffed animals, many beautiful handmade sweaters, dresses, bonnets, booties---wonderful
Vicki B--4 bags of RC babycat dry, 1 big bag adult food
Mich & Vern--Purple stuff for Catathon--Dawn soap, candle, latex gloves also garden stakes, snackers for volunteers, sweatshirt craft book, puzzle, material swaths, kitty shape ice cube tray. Also towels & wash cloths for FFRC
Patricia M--For Catthon--Boyd Bears Basket with many wonderful items, all Boyd named items!  Also for other baskets--3 melon ball scoops, kitty pitcher, candle, oil defuser, shea butter lotion, pasta/veggie steamer pot, fairy home, grille wipes/cookbook/frying pan
Catherine S from PA--donation to FFRC

We have more names! Our new newest arrivals are a sister/brother group. The black male is now called India. The grey female is now called McKaela. Both names are from Name a Cat names. Both are doing great and are now in the back Thumper's Room, with the other 14 kittens. They arrived a bit shy, but are now climbing and playing with all the other kittens. So nice to see. 

Tomasina had a seizure this morning. While her paws are looking better and are being treated, this morning was hard. We did have a little light shed on the problem. Accidently, a chemical had been spilled in the car she traveled in and it's very possible that she had gotten into it. This was completely unintentional. This would explain some of the trouble we are having with her. Our vet is aware and is looking into it for us. In the meantime, she's being given lots of TLC.

I would like to extend a thank you for the following Ada Jane memorials made--Gill H from UK, Helen D/eaglespirit, Lucy/lu-little, Mary Ann B from SC.  I appreciate this.

I received a bookmark with the following saying, which I love:
Watch your thoughts for they become words.
Choose your words, for they become actions.
Understand our actions, for they become habits.
Study your habits, for they become your character.
Develop your character, for it becomes your destiny. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday, May 21

I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the showing of love and compassion in the loss of our Ada Jane. It's kinda a hard thing, isn't it. We are grateful for the years we had her and would never wish her "one more day" if she couldn't handle it. Yet, we are sad  for this loss. And then funny, wonderful memories come and take over the sadness. One minute I'm laughing about things she did and the next I am sad. But I know in my heart, that she is at peace and is just fine. It's just her "presence" that I and all of us miss. Thank you for caring. We indeed have a wonderful compassionate FFRCNation.

You may have noticed that Derecho is having a bit of mobility problems and you would be correct. Dr. Bill checked him over last night and found a cervical vertebrae out of alignment. He treated this and we've started him on anti-inflammatories. This morning, after videoing him and sending to Dr. Darcy, taking his temp, etc, it's been thought he probably has "webbled instead of wobbled"--in other words, with his exaggerated twisty walk, has probably irritated some nerves. So, he's now on stronger anti-inflammatories. Hopefully within a few days he will be better. By the way, Bender is doing so much better!

Tomasina is also showing a few problems. She had arrived with a few red spots on her front pads. These have now erupted into major sores. Why, we do not know that. But, they are being treated. She seemed especially uncomfortable this morning when I had her out, so I put her back in her purple basket that she seems to love. We usually get her out a few times a day, for hours to be on a blanket, bed or the Princess Bed with us. But, today is not a good day to do this for her. We are also on "seizure watch" with her. Some of her actions indicate some minor increased seizure activity. We just want her to be happy within herself.

We took in two new kittens yesterday--a black stripey male and a grey female. They were found when they were one day old--actually 3 of them. They were taken to a foster mama who has decided to keep one. We have had it in our plans to take these on when they were weaned, which they are now. They are about 6 weeks old. Because they've already been to a vet for their first FIV/Leuk test and a worming, they're ahead of the game! Yesterday we caught them up with vaccinations and another worming yesterday. Today they will join Jerusha's group for some rocking and rolling fun!

We have names! For the long hair black and black tiger babies:
Sparkle--LH black tiger, female (peggy s is fostering)
Markle--LH black tiger, male (peggy s is fostering)
Rourke--LH black with white belly, male
Radiance--LH black with white throat/belly, female
Rapture--LH black with white belly, female
All 5 of these babies are now doing much better. There were a few days that we were worried, but they've got living down pat now and are enjoying games, fun and eating! Jete and Amani are also both doing wonderful now--full bellies and full of playfulness. All ten kittens in the back Thumper's Room were rewormed and vaccinated yesterday.

We had BOXES last night--wow, did we have boxes!  I am in awe of the support we have been receiving for Catathon! Our Baskets and Big Ticket Items are all shaping up into something wonderful for Catathon! Many thanks to you all for this support and for the supplies for FFRC!
Butterflyclass from Belgium  w/note    For Derecho's Birthday  in a Box With Love,   6 origami kitties
  Caterpillars that turn into Butterflies, Caterpillars made using the students footprints,   All lovingly made by the Butterfly Class of Belgium and  Snackers for the kitties
Keiko--  Catathon--  Kitchen - Wilton Cookware:  Heart cake pans, Heart Bundt pan, nesting Heart cookie cutters 
  12 count purple silicone baking cups and   Hello Kitty Wind Chimes
Billie K--for Jacci & Steve--Strawberry Hill Breads: Walnut, Poppy seed, Apple Cranberry & Chocolate
FaithyMD-- Bag of Iams Kitten Day
Anony Friend-- Catathon Buttered popcorn jelly beans, Leashes for Camie and Janie, Jimmy - Jerky,  Family - Lawn Darts/Bocce Ball, 2 Frisbees, Disney Pink Cheshire Cat, Pink: 2 Crystal Light Lemonade, Jolly Rancher water flavoring, 2 bags Ghirardelli Raspberry Chocolate, Spa: Nail dryer with nail accessories, Pink shavers, Pink shaving cream, Pink Lip Gloss, Pink Nail Polish, nail polish remover pen,  2 - Light up Balloons, Boys: Batman Fleece, 3 T-Shirts - Batman, Superman & Spiderman, Blue shirt w/Batman Swim trunks, light up balloons, Glow in the dark Lollipop kit, Sand Art kit
Patricia M/himmichgal--  Doggies, Janie & Cammie: Key chain Best in Show 
Joann B - NH--Catathon--Tools & Gadgets - Stanley Hand Saw, 9" magnetic torpedo level   Dog: Toys,  Kitty snackers
Karen C w/ Sunny - KS  Kitty Card    Donation for medical   Catathon-- Made by Jan R from Marion OH
    Cat Purse and a Flower Purse
Mary R--Catathon--Kitchen: Set of Red locking stacking storage bowls
Ruffles/Diane D - MI Catathon-- Dog:  Doggie dental sticks, Snackers, Labrador food scoop, Rawhide chew, Retractable leash
DiBme Catathon--  Kitty: 2 Kitty toys, Kitty collars, 3 bags Snackers, pink Kitty bowels,   Dog socks, 3 Doggie toys, Pink: Square storage cube, Bucket, and bag of pink stuff,  Sewing: Kitty Buttons  Kitchen: Watermelon knife w/sheath, Boys: horses and other figures
  Gadgets: 2 Glow in the dark flashlights,  Bags & Bags & Bags of kitty toys and catnip made by DiBme
FloppyJan Catathon--  Coke: straw dispenser, clock, metal sign
LostGirl Catathon-- Gadget - Multi purpose tool/gadget, 3-D Laser cut Mars Rover model
  Hover Kraft, Sewing: Sewing machine trinket box,  Pokie Dots: 2 Boot planters, Dog: Dog planter
Cheryl L - WA  Much for Catathon, many baskets! Book: Mental Pause, 2 book lights
  Spa: Gel mask, Terry head band, lotion & scrubber, Chicken Soup word find
  Boy:  Kite, Spiderman toothpaste & scrubber, noise maker, 2 laser finger gloves, grow a towel, grow capsules
  Shrink art, Spiderman shrink & reveal, Soap, towel, stickers   Kitty: snackers, DVD and Stickers,   Pokie Dots: Flip Flops   Girl: Kite, Princess tooth paste & scrubber, 100 piece puzzle, Frozen bubble pendant, mini sparkle & shine,   Dog: Leash w/matching collar, tennis ball type toy, towel, stickers, learning cards,   Baby: Story books,  Family/Summer fun: 2 bubble sticks, toss rings, Baby Boy: socks, 2 outfits,  Girls Garden: tools, seeds in pots, watering can, pink sun hat  Kitchen: 2 Cookbooks,  Hello Kitty: carry bag, stickers, erasers, 2-word find books, color foam, velvet art, 2 Hello Kitty pillowcases,  Orange ya Glad: pool toys, 2 beach balls, water balloons,  Disney: Puzzle, games,  journal, confetti crayons, musical recorder, coloring book,  Garden: Worm stake
Linda  pile of blankies for Flash Sale
Jennifer M -- Catathon---  Pink: Kitty back pack,  Puzzle: Kitties in a bowl
KatnBuster one of our marvelous mods For FFRC:  16 lb bag Purina One,  4 lg cans Lysol wipes
Kerswill--Catathon-- Puzzle:  Unexpected Company, Garden, Kitty on library shelf, Winding Down, Soft Spot
Jeannette B  Coupons Catathon--  Book:  Lydias Charm, Looking  for a Miracle, Hunters Field Notes, Billy Graham and 2 others,   Hello Kitty: Headphones, Camping: Watermelon knife w/sheath,  Watches with lots of colorful accessories,  Dog: Pet Bowl Cleaner,  Kitty: postie notes,  Purple & Pink:  Votive candle holders?
  Lodge (Big Ticket) small iron sauce pan, Garden: Cat Scat protection from digging, 
SVcathy another marvelous mod & Mr SV  Jacci & Steve: Los Angeles CA t-shirts.  Catathon--Movie: Stickers
  Wisconsin basket: Chocolate Macadamia Coffee, Black mug white kitty, White mug black kitty, Pink: Ghirardelli Raspberry Chocolate,   LA T-Shirt, Pink stuffed kitty, Supergirl tumbler,  Dog - Bag clips, Kitty: Stickers,  Disney: Tie Dye Minnie Mouse
Linda   8 cases FF kitten
Timberwolfpup    Pink/purple small storage container
Conii G--donation thru PayPal to cover the name plate for The House that Jonah Built
Wanda, our artist friend--donation to cover another portrait that she did.

We also had memorial gifts given to FFRC, in memory of our Ada Jane. Many thanks to the following:
Geremy & Gloria from WI, ABQcat from NM, Fran D from FL, Sandy DE from Ontario, Zoolove from OH, David P from Netherlands, AuntyFi, Janet A from NZ, Conii G from FL, Eartheyes from NC, Felinetoyz from WA, Ajpritting from WA, Knittinkitten from PA, Billie K from TX, Kimkost from MI, Minnkitty from MN, Lann from IA, Sus H from OR, Canton from MA, Gusti from Germany, Ju-in-ji from Netherlands

A big thanks to our volunteer, Megan who runs Goin' Postal here in Defiance. She did a fundraiser for FFRC, thru her store and brought to us $360!  Megan--you are awesome! Thank you.

Franklin is really settling in now--he has such an interesting gate--like a "dog trot", back legs off centered from his front. But, he gets where he's going and with a good attitude. Milo has decided he's Uncle Milo to some of the kittens--he likes to give them baths! Ahimsa's kittens are round and so sweet and warm! Lucy Ann enjoys watching the birds out the back window. Bella is still going out many times daily in the dog's fenced area. Sometimes she stays there all day long. Felicity enjoys watching the birds also. She has discovered "the loft" in the Kitty Campus Room--loves to nap there.

Remember our dear friend, Hannah, in Fort Wayne, that visited us? She frequently is an FFRC cam viewer. She has recently written a short article about overpopulation--it was an assignment for school. I would love to share Hannah's own words with you all:
"More than 50,000 kittens and puppies are born each day in the United States alone. Each year, approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized (1.2 million dogs and 1.4 million cats). I believe it is important to spay and neuter pets.
Spay and neuter of pets helps in reducing the number of unwanted pets.  Prior research studies suggest that 7 to 20 percent of pets entering a home are no longer in that home six months after getting them. Animal shelters cost a lot to run.
 I believe it is important to spay and neuter pets. Don't allow them to breed and add to the pet overpopulation problem. Go spay and neuter your pets today."  Well said, Hannah!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TUesday, May 19

We had an awesome adoption yesterday! Rachet found his new home! And HE picked THEM! It was wonderful--two wonderful people who genuinely enjoys cats!

It's been a kitty circus around here. To help the kitties socialize with the other cats and kittens, we've been grouping them together for playtime! Twice today already, they've had mass group time! This also starts to build their immune systems up. As you probably know, when kittens are about 5-6 weeks old is when their immune systems from their mamas, start to decline. So, we will build it up by exposure. They will also soon start their vaccination protocols. All have already received their Bordetella vaccs. Their little tummies are all round. Eyes are bright and clear, their activity levels are high. Such nice kitties that will grow up to be friendly adults! 

Everyday brings us closer to Catathon. BOXES have been a huge help to us organizing the Baskets, Big Ticket Items and the Catathon Raffle! Following are my thanks for last night. Please know my thanks is huge!
Jatcat - CA   4 rolls scotch tape, 3 rolls 2" tape, pkg of pens, pkg of postie notes,  3 Safety Cutters
Carol L - IA      CATATHON    Laurel Burch note cards, Charles Wysoki Blank Card assortment
Mike & Gwen R - FL   CATATHON   2 Magnetic Bamboo Cutting Boards
PSW---3 stuffed Grumpy Cats - use where ever
Patricia M/Himmichigal--  CATATHON   Wonderful Books, Set of 3 Friends and Family organizers, 2 soft kitty pads, Kitty Coffee mug, Spatula, Vera Bradley coupon organizer, Pancake batter container, food labeler, Serrated knife with sheath, chicken 3 min egg timer, Berry Cook Book, Turkey lifter, Pampered Chef Baster & Cleaning brush, Kissing Fish Salt & Pepper, Flower Pancake shape maker, Zester, Cutting board with pictures of herbs, Small pouch for carrying small items, Color change Markers, Splash the Black Cat, Stuffed Bunny, 6 TY stuffed toys, 6 movies, Fuzzy Slippers, Pink heart mug, 4 leashes, Gloves infused with vitamins, ice gel mask, Magnetic picture frame with easel back, flowered thermos, Puzzle, Avon Fiber Optic bouquet of white roses, yellow Tiger cat statue, Autobiography of Santa Claus, Cards, 2 blankies green & red, 2 Jingle Bell collars, Santa Claus card holder, Xmas Cookbook, Jingle Bell door hanger, Snowman nightlight, Box of 3 Hallmark Keepsake, ornaments, Snowman Bubble night light, Snowman box full of ornaments decorations, games
Linda H - OH  Jamie's mom--  CATATHON   Spa: Handmade Mineral Natural Make-up, 6 eyeshadows, 3 polishes, 3 mascara and other nice things
Linda G - WI & Debbie--Paper towels, 4 spic and span cleaning cloths, 
  Kitty note pad & Kitty Tote for Raffle
Robotman CATATHON  HUGE box of stuffed Tigers and kitties 
Macncheesesmom--CATATHON   Orange you glad you get to go to the beach today?  All things orange!  2 noodles, Beach bag, 2 towels, lots of pool toys, 2 tumblers, paper plate set with cultlery, sand bucket, bubbles, can cozie, swimming goggles, towel clips, freezer bag, sunscreen, lip balm
DiBme/Diane P - Happy Mothers Day card with $5 x2  Bags and Bags of catnip toys!  pompoms, kickeroos, peacocks, a Gazillion of them all Tabitha approved!
  KatnBuster one of the wonderful mods--CATATHON--Puzzle: Stow & Go, 1000 piece puzzle pretty landscape, 1000 Ravensberger puzzle, 8 rolls of Paper Towels (also Tabitha approved), 4 jugs Tide HE, case of FF Kitten, 12 appetizers
Margaret/EarthEyes CATATHON - Gadgets: engraver for tools, 2 pr Laurel Burch socks
Neck form for showing Jewelry  Starfire Black Onyx 20" necklace with a huge Carved Black Onyx Pendant in Gold filled setting--this beautiful piece was hand made by Margaret. It's astounding!
Dewitty--visitor this week--Rock n Wobble toy for kitties, wash cloths, 8 hand towels for surgery room, 3 bags kitty snackers   CATATHON--Christmas flower design on a plate in an easel, Xmas Salt&Peppers, Note pads, Xmas cards and note cards, Stickers, Kitty switch plate, 2 book markers, Necklace & earrings of blue crystal called a Caterpillar by Painteddaisy Also many supplies for FFRC--wipes, cat food packets, K cups, Tide HE, spoons, treats for the volunteers, including cheese curds!
Sue-z--visitor this week--Q-Tips   Pop tabs for Kellan, Magic erasers,  4 bags Kitty snackers, 2 boxes Whiskas, bag of Sheba for Magenta CATATHON--Garden: Resin fairy statue, Hello Kitty: hand sanitizer, Boy & Girl: Giant Bubble wands, Girl: Headband design kit, Pricess Coloring pad, plus FFRC supplies--PT's, chips, Clorox wipes, kleenex, Dawn, Tide HE, asst. candy for volunteers, Mr. Clean, vinegar & bleach
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie - IA   Catstock nail stickers
jznyc/Joann D w/ Betsy, Jenny& Mitsy -BD card for Farrah & Derecho  2x $5
Betty & Pat w/ Meow, Tinkerbell & Tasha - HB card Derecho with Donation
Clark, Jessie and family - FL  HB card Camvie  $5
Colleen02 - Donation in honor of Adrian Ot for Mothers Day
Michele & Frank--6 cases water
Karen C--donation to FFRC
Catherine H from NY--donation to use wherever needed
Ursula H--donation for HB to Derecho! 

You know all those ads that you see on our cam for kittycam?  I know they can be annoying. But, think of it this way---they bring $$ in to FFRC! And for the month of March, we received $1,638.59----just for those ads!  wow---I'm thrilled! This makes it easier to put up with those ads--just think of them as dollar signs!!

More work is being done on the floor of The House that Jonah Built. It looks so nice! I'm estimating a week from Thursday is the official "done" date!  The Covies and Porchies are already enjoying the playground. The 29th is the date for Jessie's dental surgery. She too will need some extractions. We have her on antibiotics right now, in preparation of this. Tomasina is doing good. We keep doing "things" to stimulate her--changing her location, petting, talking to her. Ada Jane has been sleeping most of the day today. She looks so so comfortable in her wicker bed, all snugged up with cushie blankies around her. 

You all have a great day. It's taken me forever today to get this done........and it's all the kitties fault! I keep leaving the desk to go watch them! A great way to spend the day. 

Next blog we have to go over kitty names!! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday, May 17

We had our Surgery and Physical day yesterday. All went well. Here is a wrap-up of what we did.
Magic--neutered--had to search a bit, but he is now tic-tac-less! Dr. Darcy was so impressed by him!
Clarissa--spayed, physical good.  She can, of course, continue to nurse her babies.
Amani--spayed, physical good.  Already running around last night.
We also did a couple neuters for volunteer's stray cats.

We did quite a few Physicals too. Those with good physicals (good teeth, heart, lungs, etc) were:
Asha, Bella, Corby, Cutie, Derecho, Emily, Kiara, Milo, Scott, Zelda, Franklin.

We also had these physicals done:
Jessie--needs a dental.Already have her started on antibiotics in prep for her dental. 
Joline--all good, but kidneys somewhat small
Farrah--all good, has a K9 tooth fractured, but is ok
Cayden--all good, keep eye on stump for future sores 

Bender--all good, except for his "hip/stumbliness". He probably took a fall and appears to have a sore spot along his lower vertebrae. Will continue his anti-inflammatories. Hopefully in a couple weeks will have full recovery.

Tomasina--heart, lungs teeth good.  After many different testings, it was determined that she has 3 areas of her brain that is affected neurologically. Her cerebellum, brain stem and the cerebrum. So, our sweet girl has more going on with her than just her CH. We'll continue to love her and give her as good as quality of life that we can. 

Ada Jane--heart, lungs good. Her liver tumor has again grown, as we thought. It is lumpy and now extends past her ribcage. But, she is holding her own. Livers are an incredible organ and can be very compromised and still continue to function. Her anemia has increased as well. So.....we give her anything she wants and continue to love and hug on her. She'll get another "walk about" outside today! 

Ahimsa had her babies yesterday, early in the wee hours of the morning! She did just great and when all was done, she had 7 healthy little tiny babies. She's being a good mama, is eating good. The babies have nice round milk tummies! They are lovely!

Our mama Jerusha is also doing better. As you know, she became jaundiced. We have her on treatment for this and it should completely heal and not cause a problem to her or her babies. Her kittens are growing and run and tear around--they love to climb!

Yesterday while Clarissa was busy with surgery, we let her kittens out to cruise about. They had a great time! It took them a little bit to realize they were safe---then the fun began! 

We have many thank yous to give. Our hearts are full of gratitude for YOU!
Ingrid S/ju-in-ji--donation to FFRC, for Bender's meds & for Derecho's 3rd birthday
Bedheadsdad/Pat--doantion of a few more purrpads for the adoption bags!
Jacksmom--domation for FFRC, to make a FFRC Gift Basket for Catathon
Patricia/pinetree--donation to FFRC
Brad B from KY--donation to FFRC
Arden & Charmaine from IN--donation in honor of 7 new babies
Gusti--donation in honor of Rory's birthday & in honor of 7 new babies.

Wow---our Catathon Basket and Big Ticket Items are coming along--I am deeply grateful for you all for your help with this! It's so exciting. 

We had BOXES Thursday evening:
Timbrwolfpup--for Catathon--comb/styling brush and a case of Friskies
Anonymous Friend--for Catathon--Vintage America puzzle.  Games--logo party game, TV/Movies games and Rachel Ray/Cake Boss items for Kitchen Basket
Kelly R/littleonemine--Many items for Purple/Pink/Movie/Baby/Girls Baskets--scrubbies, book, candy, erasers, Baby lotion, luggage tags, leggydews, bandages, etc!
Dottie & Nathan--Many items for Kitchen, Spa, Purple, Christmas, Books baskets--soap, lotion, notebooks, mugs. Also round toys that Vernon loves, assorted medical supplies
Rob & Sarah/romeosmom--Items for Crafter, pink/purple Baskets--yarn, flower loom, spoon knitter, scissors,, round loom, storage bags
Julie & David from UK--Happy Birthday donation to Trucker & friends, scratch & massage bed
John & Rachel--Lodge cast iton set--skillets, cooker & cookbook
D'Ette--Laurel Burch basket--many items! mugs, pouch, memo pads, note card, socks, bookmarks, tote, scarf, purse
Pckrbckr--Hello Kitty Blanket for Catathon
Gusti--24 rolls of PT, 9 containers Clorox wipes, 2 big boxes of 30 gal. trash bags
Linda B--donation in memory of Geraldine S
Edna/Gem & Mama Gem--4 tumblers for Pink basket, for Pokie Dot basket--neck pillow, 2 prs socks, sunglasses
Donna H/knittinKitten--Pokie Dot basket--5 pair socks, silicone gloves. Also 40 lb kitty litter Precious
Ellen E/kikimycat with picture of Kiki--many awesome items for different baskets--Book, Puzzle and for Flash Sale and Catathon--a Bellacase metal kitty, stained glass kitties on a picture frame, statue of kitty sitting on a pile of books, Painted cat puzzle, 10 prs earrings, 2 kitty pillow shams, kitty in a hoop wall hanging, metal walking kitty, Wickerville wall hanging, 2 paw print framed kitty prints

And then we had BOXES Friday night:
Mary H from Arch--Flash/Catathon--necklace/earings and a Peacock ornament, 3 bird ornaments
Timrwolfpup-Purple Basket--2 Bella cat food bowls
TippynTraylor & Ashley too--2 HB cards for Farrah with Fancy Feast & appetizers
Lannml--Spa Basket--10 pieces Aveda beauty products
Nona--Catathon: for the volunteers--lots of wonderful goodies from taste so good on that day!
Julie & David from UK--HB Trucker--2 large kitty cubes
Joanna/Jo603--Many items for various Catathon baskets or for Flash Sale--Spa, book, Christmas, Pokie Dot, Kitty--bare minerals cosmetics, statue of girl holding kitty, 4 books, Precious moment ornament, pink duck, 2 black/white bowls, Boyds Bears resin statue, butterfly earrings
Leanne from Ontario--lots of items for different Catathon baskets--Girls, Spa, Purple, Kitche, Hello Kitty--reebok hat, dipping cone, paddle ball set, carry bag, cat journal, I love kittens games/purse & book. For FFRC Garden--LED kitty with glowing eyes. Snackers for volunteers & kitties
Donna /KnittinKitten--1000 t-shirt bags
Joann Z/znyc--items for Kitchen, Doggie, Boys/Girls/Hello Kitty Baskets--stickers, pop up game, coloring books, Happy Paw waste bag dispenser, magnetic shopping lits
Ellen --wonderful items for the Dude & Dudette Basket--knifes galore, knife sharpener, tiny stove for back pack, candle, survival blankets, belt, air BB gun
Anonymous Friend--2 cases baby food
Anonymous Friend--25 cans KMR
Jo Ann/Joco--Big Ticket Item--afghan made by Joann and her mom, cream color--it's beautiful
Karen T/Black1031cat--kitty card--items for various baskets--Book covers, iStylus for tablet, COACH purse with wallet!, 3 different Scentsy burners with lots of wax to go with them--very pretty!
June/painteddaisy--box of 32 Skinny Cow snackers, 4 pretty rugs for new building, computer paper, tags for store. Mickey Mouse hooded towel for Disney Basket. Lots of items for various baskets--kitty, dog, pink, purple, hello kitty, kitchen, boy!--tattoos, sticker book, stuffed toys, dog notebook, toy, Do it in Glitter, tape kit, puzzles, yellow small spatulas, 3 purple cupcake note pads
Gusti--16 lb Purina One, case of baby food, 6 containers baby cereal, 12 cans Lysol wipes, 12r rolls Bounty towels
Faithy--items for Tool, Gadget & Knives Catathon Basket--Workzone work light, carpenter saw, 8 in 1 pocket pruner, Fiskars pruner. Also a small silk purse/trinkets & earrings.

We also had a special  boxes from Larissa and LJ! They were filled with awesome craft items. Some will be for Big Ticket Items, for the Catathon Raffle, for the Catathon itself. So many items it's hard to describe them all! Heart Canvases with Sevaun and Magic, Sparkle cat wall hanger, Ode to Black Cat tissue holder, Purrcasso Tea Box & scarf with beret & paint brush, bird feeder, Night & Day tay, mini Harlequin treasure chest, 2 canvas painting "Junkyard Cats", Harlequin kitties with frames, the rare Black Harlequin with gold heart and a tiny one on an easel. The black Harlequin Afghan--it's stunning! So many items, even more than here! Absolutely fabulous.

If I have missed anyone, please forgive me. Just drop me an email! 

As we are preparing for this 5th Catathon, it truly amazes me the support we are given. My heart is full of thank yous for your generosity. It's going to be an amazing Catathon! 

All is good here. Breakfast has been done for quite some time now. Tummies are full and kitties are napping. The cats are enjoying the shelves in Kitty Kabana. Mama cats are resting. We have a few families wanting to adopt and will be back! Ada Jane has eaten two breakfasts. Vernon has his ring toy and is happy. Tomasina is on the Princess Bed. Pania's fur is growing in where she had a wound--is healed now. Bella is in her puff bed outside in the dog's kennel. Zelda is napping on the desk. All is good! 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thursday, Mary 14

This cooler weather has brought out the "goofies" in the cats and kittens. I do think I've seen almost every cat here zipping and scurrying around, just for the fun of it. Thru the tunnels, up the poles, jumping on the Feline Snoozers over to a window shelf and up to the top kitty walks. So much fun to watch!

We had BOXES last night. We have major thank yous to pass to you all!
Anonymous Friend--For the Catathon--Mama Llama Red Pajamas & Sticky kitty books, Zoomy Illustration machine, Axis Helicopter & AA batteries, Chicago Cutlery 3 knives with sheaths, 2 boxes of movie popcorn--these for the Book, Girls, Kitchen & Movie baskets!
Justme, our wonderful mod--for Pokie Dot Basket--screen protectors, clam shell glass case, World Traveler Gym bag, Infinity scarf
Amy from IL--Vera Bradley items--pokie dot KissKiss coin purse & bag, Lovie Bunny & plush blanket--not sure yet if in Vera Bradley, baby girl or Pokie Dot baskets!
Conii with Elliott & Izabellah--for the Kitchen Basket--a Wolfgang Puck 12 piece Mixing bowl set Prep Center
LostGirl/Debbi--Sewing Basket--7 inch trimmer scissors, seam ripper, 26 colorful spools of thread in a cady
Purplecat, another wonderful mod!--For purple Basket--logitech mouse, mousepad, M&M's & Thermos
Mann & Dan R & kitty from CO--card. A Rachael Ray Cook Set--a super awesome item for a Big Ticket Item for Catathon
Oilsandsgirl, yet another wonderful mod!--For Laurel Burch Basket--feline family tapestry throw. For pokie dot basket--sunglasses case, 14 clothes pins & Pink pokie dot duffle bag. Family Fun--Game of Life.  And a Brother computerized sewing machine (a big ticket item?)
Sonja A--spring toys. For Spa Basket--20 sticks insense. For Garden Basket--Mushroom on a stake
Timbrwolfpup--for Purple Basket--iPad case, dresser styling comb
Ellen & Pat--630 6 inch styrofoam plates
Sandra E--a maroon and grey pet stroller--possibly a raffle item?!
Eaglewatcher/Beth from IL--for Dude basket--2 coleman sleeping bags
Neromom/Sherri & David W from NY--Mother's Day card with famous $5
Clark, Jessie & Family--Birthday cards with famous $5 each for Sarge, Derecho, Rory and Farrah
Hannah S and Tookie--Kitty Mothers Day Card
Jane W/Calico from MA--Mother's Day card
Deb H from KY--note & donation to FFRC
Annette & kitties--kitty card
Teresa H from IN--donation
Melissa L from NY--donation
Cheryl L--Mother's Day card
Juliet & David from UK--Village Kitty card Happy Birthday to Trucker & famous $5
Edward H/eddie from OH--donation in memory of his kitty Fu-Fu
Charleen P from Miss--a thank you card
Darkcat, still another wonderful mod!--a donation made to FFRC, in honor of Mich!

As you know, we have begun great work already for our Catathon event. It's June 28th and is fast approaching. We are working on the Baskets and the Big Ticket Items. I was organizing things this morning and stopped to look about me. I am completely in awe of what YOU all make possible for us here at FFRC. The trust you put in us is humbling. And because of that, I try very hard to use every penny to the max. It's hard too to believe that this is Catathon 5. This fundraiser is to help with The House that Jonah Built and the floor for this building. It will be an exciting day!

Dion is now done on site until the floor is done for The House that Jonah Built! The ceiling has two coats of paint on it and the eave spouts/downspouts are in place! He's a head of schedule! Bruce and crew will be here Tuesday to begin the floor epoxy which will take the rest of the week. We are getting close!!

Ada Jane has not eaten real well the last few days but still is interested in life. She is just a real sweetie cat to us all and love her so much. It's amazing to me how she gets these spurts of energy!

Right now, Ahimsa is in the closet in Kitty Campus Room, sharing the bed with Coralie. Both seem very peaceful. So nice to see. Preakness is wonderful--she and Solee love to play and play bump into each other. I think they do it on purpose and then end it by grooming each other! 

All is good with the Barnies, Covies and Porchies. Our new boy, Grizzly is a dear. So rough and tough and yet so sweet too. Loves to be petted, as long as his tummy is full! He gets along well with all the Porchies. The Covies will be out 3 times this week, which they love. I often see them wandering around in the Playground area. When it's finally closed, they will already be use to it. We will close it after the floor is done, to allow easy access for the equipment.

Take care. See you soon at BOXES at 5:30!  

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Weds. May 13

Somehow or another, I have gotten behind on the blogs. I will try to get caught up here. It's always important to me to say a thank you for our wonderful supporters. I know that you can keep up with most things thru the facebook and the cam, but saying thanks needs special attention. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening. I truly am grateful for the support given to us.
Gill H from UK--Jojoba Oil soap for Spa Catathon Basket
Beth/eaglewatcher--Dude Catathon Basket--LED lantern, 9 piece tent kit & 3 man domed tent
Gem, our mod--Pokie Dot Basket--mouse pad, handbag organizaer
Anonymous Friend--Kitchen Basket--Vera Bradley Apron
Timbrwolfpup/Kelli--Purple Basket--volumizing Giant comb
Julie P/great Aunt Julie from IA--1/2 of heart in heaven--made by women in Napal, Doggie Basket--a doggie mug.  Garden Basket--Butterfly wind chimes
Leggygal/Peggy--5 boxes of Leggydews and assorted sizes of blankies for Covies/Porchies
Billie K--note kitty card, a wonderful Merle Norman Basket filled with many great items
Gusti--case of KMR-
Fi--Purple Basket--sunglasses.  Pokie Dot Baskt--sunglasses. A book for the Book Basket. Movie Basket--Lives of Tomasina. And a name tag for our Tomasina.
Wanda our portrait artist, commissioned by Jo--Portrait of THomas--it's awesome
MKmouse/a mod--Disney Basket--photo mosaic puzzle
Donna H/knittinKitten--40 lb precious Litter
Carl C/cj500 from FL--Purple Basket--purple scarf, 6 ruffle scarves, many variety of scarves for our store or wherever can use them.  Very nice!
Ayako Matumoto from Japan--Dog Basket--dog toy, orange ball with toy inside for Cat Basket. kitty wash clothes, kitty wands, darma toys, lots of other toys. And many kinds of candies and treats from her country for us to try!
Wendi B & furbabies--donation--Packer pens for Bill, 2 Vera Bradley totes for Basket, Pokie Dot basket--wallet, lg duffle bag. Garden Basket--3 chicken yard stakes, Pink Basket--pink cat socks. Dog Basket--reflector bands for dog legs for a walk, Purple Basket--65 boxes of purple lights
Ruth D from NC--Sewing Basket--needlework kit. Kitchen Basket--kitty salt/pepper shakers, a book Unexpected Cookbook Hobbits Cookery. Stuffed kitties, pink kitty angel & leopard, tiger blanket
Kathy & John--Family Basket--Scrabble, Monopoly & cat Monopoly games, Christmas Basket--10 photo frame cards, 2 Vera Bradley Purples, Pink Tote on rollers, for Kitchen Basket--kitty dish drainer.  Kids Basket--engraving Art.  Spa basket--body nature basket, sweetpea basket
Hull/Diane, week visitor--8 cans Tuna, for Volunteers--candy, ice wine, maple syrup, Box of Nuts on Clark popcorn, Butter Maple Cookies

Big thanks to Lynn for the beautiful jewelry you sent for FFRC to use--absolutely wonderful!
Beth--donation, in memory of Slick, Thomas, Riley
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Pomahob--donation to FFRC
Ernest N--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to celebrate Rowland's 12th birthday--party snack time!
Cindy/selkiebluemist--donation in honor of her MistyMaeMoon's 12th birthday. 
Suzanne G from NY--donation in memory of her dear friend Domelia N. 
Roberta L--donation to FFRC
David W from CO--donation to FFRC, to use wherever needed

And then we had a special opening of a box on Tuesday evening. Contessa/Laura and her husband Gary are here to visit for a few days. She lives fairly close to Eartheyes, who had a special box for FFRC. Contessa picked it up for her and brought it here. We opened the box last night. It was the most gorgeous, precious crystal cluster ever seen! It's stunningly beautiful and I'm humbled and honored to have it here, gracing our Rescue Center. It has a place of honor here at FFRC, on a corner in a rock garden for all to see and appreciate. Thank you, Margaret.

Also, we had donations from Contessa: homemade Mac/Cheese meal for all to share (it's yum!), baby food jars, box of towels, Avon Chocolate Jewelry, Pic of Ming by Lori, pic of Bender and a special pic of Challenger, the eagle.  
From Margaret/eartheyes--Bonito flakes, spring toys, cat nip toys, Sharpie pens, 2 great books purple tissue paper for our store and lots of dry cat food. 

Many thanks too to Diane/Hull who won the wonderful "Past" tile from our Raffle. She has donated it back to FFRC, to be used to most benefit the cats. Thanks, Diane and for all your wonderful help.

Bender: yes, you may have noticed that Bender has been a bit wobblier than normal. Possibly he fell from a Kuranda Tower? We're not really sure. He's been started on soreness meds and anti-inflammatory meds. Bender is much better and is enjoying all the extra back rubs and attention.

Ahimsa is still "with kitten". I asked her today if maybe she just isn't full of poo and gas. She said, why, yes, she actually is! Hopefully it won't be much longer--she is watermelon size big.

Our mama Jerusha worried us on Monday as she was jaundiced. After getting a course of treatment plans from our vet, she is doing much better. And her appetite has picked up tremendously. So much better! 

Clarissa is doing very well also. We put her in the front THumper's Room today for a break from the kittens. Then we opened the door to Cat's Corner Room, but the kittens decided they'd stay in the safety of their room. They had visitors though, from the other cats!

We had an adoption today! Our sweet Mogo found a home. This family actually came in looking at a different cat, but Mogo picked them and so found a home!  We also had an adoption on Sunday. Our sweet Betz was adopted. I'm sure she is being lavished on with love!

The construction is going great. This week the kitty door was put in, the 4 windows were put in. Also the ceiling has the sheetrock up and painted two coats. The outside vinyl siding is almost all the way up too! What progress has been made. Next week on Tuesday thru Friday, the epoxy floor will be put in. It'll be the same as the rest of the floors. On the fence, we finally got the 2- 60 inch gates in (they are double entry for safety). It's all coming along fairly quickly. 

Paddy Cake is so handsome. Kiara is still enjoying us tossing spoons and syringes into the sink for her to tap. Solee loves her baby kitten little kibbles. Every breakfast, Gwendolyn still brings her brother Caesar up with her. We have a new Porchie called Grizzly. He is a BIG brown tiger, sounds very hissy and grumbly until he eats his two bowls of breakfast, then he's a happy boy! He arrived already neutered. Welcome, Grizzly. 

Please remember, if I ever forget to mention something or have made an error, it is very alright to email me and let me know. Take care!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mother's Day to you all! You may be a mother figure in many different ways--whether it's to your child or your pets, we wish you a wonderful, blessed day. 

This is a Raffle & BOXES Blog! I am deeply grateful. My heart is full with your generosity and compassion and for caring about this Rescue Center. We can completely pay our dental bills, pay the FFRC insurance bill and have a tad left over for operating costs! Wow---this is awesome! 

Many thanks for the BOXES!
Timbrwolfpup/Kelly & furkids from Canada--For the Catathon--2 Skritch Scratch kits and purple nail polish, plus 2 cases of Friskies for the cats
Andre/Sunnykat from Canada--For the Catathon--3 beautiful purple bracelets made by Andre, for the Purple Basket, Girls Basket and Hello Kitty Basket
Gillian from UK--for the Catathon--beautiful baby boy clothes--all handmade--onsie, mitties, sweater, hat and bib.  For the Sewing basket--Cross Stitch kit. And Bondi Licks for the cats
Lostgirl--For the Catathon--kit to make wall hanging and many wonderful books---all for the Sewing Basket (info on quilting, bed runners, fabric flowers, etc.)
Eartheyes with Rosebuddie & Sweetie--for the Catathon--a purple Sherpa Pet Carrier!
Lannml--for the Catathon--Garden Basket or wherever needed--2 solar statues, a boy & a girl, each holding a jar of lightening bugs that light up! Really ice!
Mimi-Stinkypeeps from FL--for the Catathon--12 ceramic magnets-cats/dogs/birds, 3 ceramic kitty tiles in frames/3 ceramic kitty coasters. Plus 2 crocheted scarves--one is bold/the other pastel. For the baby baskets each--a beautiful crocheted afghan
Lynn-our moderator, from Canada! For the Catathon--beautiful variety of jewelry. All sterling silver and gems
Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie from IA--for the Catathon--nail stamping kit
Elizabeth L, our FFRC girl!! A magnetic metal bl/wh pokie dot board for Catathon
Beth, Andrew & Rose, day visitors--donation also snackers & toys
Tippy--a heart shaped stone dedicated to Slick
Lann--donation in memory of Riley

Here's the update on the RAFFLE!
Item A     40 tickets==$200      won by Vicky H
Item B      83 tickets==$415     won by Diane PR
Item C      87 tickets==$435     won by Atthebeach
Item D      43 tickets==$215     won by Rene Cha
Item E       80 tickets==$400     won by LJ, given to Angie
Item F     158 tickets==$790     won by Clarksmom
Item G    133 tickets==$665     won by Tammy C
Item H     47 tickets==$235      won by Hull/Diane

Total of this is     $3,380

We had additional funds donated to FFRC, to bump up the amount. You simply amaze me. Thanks to:
Joco, Farmgirl, Littleonemine, Minn, Doubley, Eclectra (& Connnor, Tommy), MaryMort, Mary H/vol from Arch, Hencass,and Donna (in Faithy's name) and Jo603    I appreciate this!
The total after bump ups ready??!!!!!      $4,140.  Big thanks!

We also had consolation prizes that were won by: Bedheadsdad, Sandra DE, Joann C, Romeosmom, Marilyn Fa, Connie D, Lori Gi, Amy Ha, Diann Ba, Carl Pi, Calicokat, Ann Sc, Arden & Charmaine, Fi, Joann Ba, Mary Ke, Anonymous Friend and Ingrid Sc

You are ALL winners in my book. Supporting FFRC thru your raffle help, your emotional support, the way you congrat other people, the kind wishes you give to others, your "lean on me" talks, your compassion for our cats--all of this is noticed and appreciated by me. Have a wonderful, happy day! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday, May 9

Our kitty cup is filling up and over.  We took on 5 new babies yesterday. They are ever so sweet. So little. They are about 4 1/2 weeks old. Very thin and were famished upon arrival. They got a whiff of food and went totally into the plate of food. We have 3 girls, 2 boys. All black tigers and black with bits of tummy/neck white spots. So friendly and lovable. This litter was found on a porch, shut into a cardboard box. Names soon. 

We also took on another kitten this morning. What a dandy! She's an American Shorthair mix, with a tiny bit of torti on her. Such a beauty. She was found all by herself in a yard. No mama, no siblings. So, she is now here. Her weight is good. She is 5 1/2 weeks old. Name soon. 

Our back Thumper's Room has now been turned into a kitten nursery with mama Jerusha overlooking them all.  She is only nursing her own 6, but is sweet to all of them and overlooks them as they play, eat and nap. 

Tomasina is doing quite well. She is already very comfortable in June's Room and can get in and out of her bed cabinet just fine. She has a favorite bed too! We bring her out several times a day so she has hours of freedom to go where she wants. 

We had BOXES last night. Wow--we're ever so grateful!
Justme/Kathy--Leaf on Tree of Life for Riley and Thomas
Trucker & friends---sent me a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day---I love it!
Zoolove--for the Purple Basket for Catathon--purple paw measuring cups, bracelet, pedometer, kitty mug and apron
Mary from Archbold, volunteer--27 Fancy Feast, 2 Hello Kitty Necklace/basket for Catathon
Janet B/scooterkitty with Sadie & Gracie--for Catathon--2 kitty mugs, kitty coasters and lots of cards/envelopes and note pads
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Elaine & Alan B and their wonderful kitty--a card and notes
Anonymous Friend--a pink Quartz & silver pendant for Catathon or where needed
June/painteddaisy--kitty charms
Andre/Sunnycat from Ontario--for Catathon--purple basket: purple nail polish. 4 cans tuna and a case of Friskies
Jennifer/Lyathyan--Book: Tail Chasers Song. For Catathon--2 puzzles  For the Pink basket--bracelet, construction  paper, 3 legal pads, Hello Kitty, Pink Panther PJ's and postie notes
Pat  & Ellen--1000 paper plates 9 inch, plus a donation for special Farrah & from their sales
Judy Sp--2 of the 40 lb bags Dr. Elsie litter
Glynette M from CA--donation in memory of Thomas & Riley
Susie H from Defiance--donation for Thomas' memorial stone

I would like to mention something here. I mentioned on chat the other night that I lost my Slick cat about 3 months ago. Overnight he became sick and passed early in the morning. This was a tremendous loss to me. I still miss him to this day.And it's still hard to talk about him.  I so appreciate you friends "out there" in your letting me know you are sorry for his loss. It has been questioned by 2 people--why I did not mention this sooner. When it's implied that I should've made this public knowledge, that is wrong. Slick was my personal cat. I give up enough of my private life without having to disclose all things. I do not mean to sound harsh, because 99% of you have been very kind about my loss of Slick. It's that other 1% that is in the wrong. For you 99% of people, I appreciate you acknowledging my right to privacy. 

All else is fine here. Kitties galore. Cats are happy. Emily is such a sweetie---loves to be petted. Tabitha is still licking us and unrolling her paper towels! Hensley still grumbles when his tummy is hungry. Derecho knows what the word chicken means. Felicity still waits for me with just her ears showing for breakfast. And Vernon still climbs up on things and cries like a baby kitten to have help to get down. is great. We're a happy bunch here.

See you at Boxes at 5:30 and for the Raffle at 6:00.  Thanks for being friends to this Rescue Center. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday, May 8

What a great way to work at my desk. Zelda is here on the desk with me. Debut is on top of the desk, watching me. Cutie is snoozing beside me. Lucy Ann is napping behind me. And Jete and Amani are playing on the floor. The sun is shining in the door. Shamballie is out playing with his shadow! Preakness is giving herself a grooming here in the sunbeam. A great day for sure!

Our Tomasina had a nice morning. She spent the night in June's Room and seemed very happy and comfortable. She ate a good breakfast today. She also was placed on the princess bed in the Kitty Kabana room. She stayed there for quite some time--she seemed to enjoy being up high and the view outside. When she was done, she got down! She does know what she wants and how to do it. She is a real sweetie.

Our raffle is still on. We have 8 items and they are all wonderful! Ticket taking ends tomorrow (Saturday) at 9 am.  All it takes to win is one ticket!

We had BOXES last night! We are grateful for YOU!
Donnajb--4 count 4 packages of Lysol sponges & bunches of 3 x 3 post notes, lots of kitty snackers, 8 cases of Fancy Feast kitten, 4 boxes Whiskas Tender Bites, 12 cans Clorox wipes, TP (!), 3 big bottles Mr. Clean
MaryMort--a really neat kitty clock for Catathon
Gusti--doantion to FFRC, in honor of Haley's graduation 
Alison V--doantion to FFRC
Pat, Thursday volunteer--4 crocheted dish clothes, 2 for kitchen basket for Catathon
Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
JoAnn/Lostgirl--for Catathon sewing basket--kitty sewing basket, kits for making quilt & placemats
Pat L/plee from SC--4 boxes Appetizers
Conii G--card, for Catathon & FFRC--each gets a beautiful hammered copper bird bath that goes on top of a peace pole--so so pretty
Kathy K/justme--for the Catathon--a wonderful Peace Pole, that is in memory of all beloved passed cats. Kathy also brought one to FFRC, which we placed in Albert's Garden. 
LJ323--For the Catathon Kitchen Basket--2 sets of kitchen towels with matching oven mitts, set of 2 skillets. For the kitties--2 red crochet kitty beds & 1 black kitty bed, 3 cans salmon, 6 memory foam rugs. For vols--2 boxes/36 cans of Pringles
Clark, Jessie & Family--BD card for Roland (11) and Azar (4) with 2 famous $5's
Trudy--donation to FFRC
Sherry & David W from NY--card in memory of Thomas
Sweetpea from CA--kitty card with a beautiful poem and $5 for the Turkey pot!

And a BIG thanks to all of you who shop Amazon thru our website! We just received an email saying that our deposit from Amazon for March was $1,209.94.  Keep shopping thru our website! Thank you.

The construction of The House that Jonah Built continues. Dion put the insulation in the walls yesterday and got almost all of the sheetrock up on the walls! So exciting. 

Your brain work-out for the day!
How old is Ada Jane?
Who are the present 3 legged cats of FFRC?
Who is the brown tiger/slight torti that Paul brought to us?
How old is Jessie?
Who is the American Short Hair from Staten Island?
Who has that 1/2 tiger/white tail?
Who are the 3 main counter cats for breakfast?
Who arrived with his mama, from MN?

20 yrs/3 months.    Asha, Bella, Cayden (3 1/2),    Emily.    16 yrs.    Joey   Triumph.   Farrah, Neemu & Zelda.    Seymour

We've heard about Jamie, our adoptive cat. Linda, his mama, just called and she loves him. She says he follows her everywhere, sleeps with her, lays at her feet and loves to play with the other cat, Little. A great story!