Friday, August 31, 2018

Friday, August 31, 2018

Smile wide, Mitz!  She has pearly white teeth now! She had 11 teeth extracted and is doing great.  It's always amazing to me--you look in a cat's mouth and can visually (maybe) see a few teeth that need some help. But, it's the x-rays that show the whole story of each individual tooth. We always include an x-ray so we can really see how many teeth need help.  I cannot imagine the pain and discomfort that bad teeth cause a cat, even though many times, they (as cats do) don't show it. We have more dentals scheduled.

Wow--our Blankie Bash for Bills was fantastic!  We made $853 from blankets! Our FFRCNation is amazing.  You knew of our need--our repair bills went way beyond what we had in reserve. You heard our need and responded and I am so grateful. We've had a few other donations too to add to our repair bills. Truly our FFRNation is composed of compassionate friends.

We have thanks to give---
Oregon Catlady Marilyn--donation to FFRC
Janet K--donation to FFRC
Dewbus--donation to help with the repair expenses
Julia R from Germany--donation to help with the unexpected bills
LJ--donation to help with repair expenses
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Burgundy--donation to help with repair bills
YvonneVDK--donation for repair bills
Floyd & Patty--donation to be used as needed
Laurie B from NY--donation to help with current needs
Bryan P--donation to FFRC
Pro Gear Boat Rentals--donation to FFRC
Ferole P-donation to be used as needed
Oopsiepa--donation to help with bills

We have an adoption today about around 12:30.   BOXES will be at 2:00 today.  This is followed by another adoption at 3:30.

I've heard from Tshembo's mom.  All is good.  The family dog enjoys giving Tshembo a bath! He's eating good and enjoys playtime with his mom!

I've also heard several times from Wonder and Brinn's new mama. The pictures shows two kittens that are so happy and healthy! I think they landed in a jack-pot of a great home.

Tuesday we have another HumaneOhio day and it's booked full. We have another date yet for September but will only have one HumaneOhio spay/neuter date for October.  Dr. Darcy will be here September 15 for a spay/neuter day. We will of course, have physicals too to do that day.

Love the corniness of Clowey! He zips here and there and plays with one and all. He's very high energy in his playing and in giving love.  What a sweet cat. And we also have Teg and Sabu--both needing homes. These two young boys are absolutely two of the sweetest kittens ever. And their playing antics are high energy--so much fun! All 3 of these kittens will stop immediately from playing in exchange for holding!

EIGHT days to Catstock---September 8th!  Come one, come all.  This is the second year that we will not be doing the carnival part of Catstock.  It's a day of Food, Fun and Friendship--directed towards adults!  The band is Strawberry Hill which is awesome.  Lunch is at 12 noon and there's a whole lot of good food being planned, including veggie packs on the grill.

The band plays from 1:00 to 4:00.  During that same time, we will have FFRC cat bingo, Giant Tic/Tac/Toe, Corn Hole, Pioneer Toys, FFRC Scavenger Hunt, Giant Yahtzee, Rock Painting, Origami Money, and Grown Up Chalk Fun on the driveway.  Then at 5:15, there will be Pizza from Padrones delivered followed by a campfire with s'mores and pudgy pies!   All alot of fun.  Come join us--meet new friends and re-acquaint with old friends.

And of course, the Rescue Center and the Cove will be open for visitors to come and pet and admire the cats! They've been doing extra grooming and lots of primping!

See you at BOXES at 2:00!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Weds., August 29, 2018

Check it out--we're selling some beautiful canvas pictures.  Sale goes on thru 2 more days!  You can see these on our FFRC Chatter's page or on my page (Jacci Moss).  We've sold A, B and C already but still have 3 left.  These canvas pictures are from Ferole and Dave & Pat. You may see a few more FB sales soon.  We have some unexpected bills that we need to raise funds for.  Thanks! 

And those unexpected bills---last week we had the FFRC's air conditioner unit go out.  This bill is approximately $460.  We also had no water yesterday. Unfortunately, a brand new pump and the electric all had to be replaced.  I don't have the cost on that yet, but it will be over $1,200.  Steve and I will pay a portion of this but FFRC will also have to pay a portion.  We also have window problems in Kitty City.  While I had said I do not want to put anymore money into Kitty City, we will have to.  If we don't have these 3 windows repaired, the building is in trouble.  All 3 are completely rotted around each frame. The windows are slipping out. We use this building for event storage, holding of equipment for FFRC and it's our main area for food storage.  This bill will come to approximately $1600.   And just in case you are wondering, the new fan and motor for the dryer was still under warranty.  The dryer is working great now. 

We sent up some kittens yesterday to HumaneOhio yesterday. While I prefer to do all of our spay/neuter surgeries here at FFRC, we needed that last Saturday time with Dr. Darcy to do all the outside physicals and catch up items for the many cats of the Cove, Porchies, Barnies and FireCats. Because we have so many that are now of weight, we sent 8 to HO.  Now, we can get these kittens adopted! Six of these 8 are spoken for already!  The kittens that went are: Doodle, Freckles, Cheerios, Pow Wow, Razzle, Zazzle, CeeCee and Ximanga.  They all did just fine and acting like the goofy kittens they are today.  Their healing ability is amazing. 

We had some donations that we'd like to give thanks to!  YOU are appreciated.
Faithy/vol--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Sandra C--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC

Our HumaneOhio day stats from yesterday--we sent up 47 cats and kittens altogether! It was a good day! Any day we can do more spays/neuters, is a good day to FFRC.  We did 29 spays and 18 males. All surgeries went just fine.  This makes our Grand Total at 725 cats for 2018. Each year we want to increase these numbers. For this time in 2017, we were at 598. And for 2016, at this time we were at 366.  As you know, my goal for 2018 is to reach 1000 (or more!). 

We had BOXES yesterday. Many thanks to all that provided these gifts, to our catetary Mudjie and to you all that show your support to these people. 
Billie K - 6 - 7lb Bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
NHFurry - 60 Hair Tie toys for Vern & Friends
Josette M - 20 Toys for Adoption Bags, case of 24ct Friskies Pouches
Aussiecat - Made by Mom: 7 sets of 5 Beautiful Greeting Cards for variety of occasions
Two Whiskers from kitties Murphy & Nellie

Joseph & Rhonda - ME  Case Fancy Feast Kitten
Judeannlee & Phil - IN  Case Kitten food, 7lb Bag Royal Canin Baby Cat, 2 Boxes Appetizers,
Sleeve of Baby Food, Gallon of Mr Clean,  2 Bags Dr.  Elsies Litter

Kris M - Giant Slipper bed, Large Pillow Top Mattress bed, Large Comfy Cup
Nona-- 10 Sleeves of much needed Baby Food Meat
Anony - 3 Tubs Clorox Wipes, 350 6" plates
Don & Sandy - 2 - 40ct Cases Friskies
Flymom--donation to help buy some baby food meat

Today is the dental day for Mitz. Many thanks to Jennie for taking Mitz to the vet's office. She will come back to us today.  

Take care everyone and enjoy  your pets! 

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Elsie FFRC Moss.  Yes, Elsie is officially a resident. Here's how it works--all cats and kittens have FFRC as their last name. But, residents have a second last name of Moss.  I figure I'm responsible for these cats for the rest of their lives. Why did we make Elsie a resident?  Just.....because.  She's been here from a young kitten and is now 3 years old.  Even though she is so strong in her life of doing what she wants, this really is her home. And besides.....I don't think I could bear her leaving.  We do not do this often because our main goal is to find homes for these cats--that's what we do. But, every once in a while, it happens. when she's extra ornery, she'll be called Elsie FFRC Moss...behave!  And right now she is on the Kuranda Tower by my desk, thoroughly "staring" at me. Love this girl and all she does.

We had BOXES yesterday. I am constantly amazed at the support we are given. You truly do make a difference to FFRC.
Don & Sandy - Lint Rollers, Alba hand lotion, 4 Tubs Lysoll Wipes, Pink Pokie Dot Tiunnel & bed (the cats & kittens already have been having lots of fun with this), Case of Vernie Licks, case 24ct Friskies, 

Judeannlee & Phil (Happy Birthday Phil)--Tower of Turbo, Bag of Mylar Balls, Sevaun Tubo Track, Case of Fancy Feast Broth

Caitc O - 2 Boxes 60 ct Bic Pens and an awesome purple lLazy Sofa/air bed!

Sean G - Paderbon sign ( City in Eastern Germany),cute collar for Janie, 4 suction cup Toys,  Candle holder/warmer, 1 bags Snackers, 10 pkgs Chicken, Beef & Salmon Sticks

Vicki B - 3 7lb Bags Royal Canin Baby Cat (on our much needed list!)  extra thanks

Plee/Pat L - Gorgeous lapquilt/wall hanging made by Plee using Larissa's Harlequin Cat design for fun Raiser, 2019 Flower Calendar

FFRC Cares and So Do We - 9 Bottles of Lysol cleaner, Box of Mr Clean Magic Eraser, 12 Tubs Lysol Wipes, Case 12ct Lg, Friskies, 6 boxes Purrrfectly Fishm 3 Boxes of Little Scoops, Tub Temptation Snackers, 4 boxes Fancy Feast Broths, Cast 30 ct. Fancy Feast, Case 40ct Friskies

Debbie & Annie - 8 bottles Liquid Hand soap, 90 33gal Trash Bags, 200 13 gal Trash Bags, 580 Zip Lock Sandwich bags, 216 Quart Size Zip Lock Bags

Kris M - XL Memory Foam bed--cats already using it!
Beth/Eaglewatcher, 2 boxes of 2 each Quick Dam Flood Barriers
David & Pat - Birch Trees Photo on Canvas for Fun Raiser
Leggygal/Peggy CA - 6 sets XL sqaure pillow cases, 5 Leggydews & 17 Biggiedews
Craig S/HankyGrapevine - ME  Smokey Bear Magnet for refrig.
Elain & Alan - Hand Colored Card by Elaine w/note & Donation in memory of Littlekat
Mary Lee S - MA  Donation
Clark Jessie & The Rest - Happy 1st Birthday John (August 25th)  & Chicken $5

Beware of those plastic bags. They certainly can pose a danger to cats. I know of a family of cats that was playing with a bag, with one of the cats inside the bag. They fell asleep on the bag and the cat inside couldn't get out. Good thing the owner was close at hand.  I also know of a cat that received a major leg fracture--got it's leg caught in the handle which scared it and she took off running--rounded a corner and crashed into the wall.  Keep your cats safe! 

We've had a couple people asking about our FFRC pics on Flickr.  The link is:       Enjoy! 

Barnabus has chirped at us, he's purred and he's down walking around more in the front Thumper's Room and Welcome Room! Slowly but surely, he's getting some love-dosed confidence! 

Jones is officially feeling better today and what a joy that is.  Our boy has had a very rough 3-4 weeks.  He has a multitude of problems at times. Nothing has seemed to help too much. Jones is a cat that is very unique. But, yesterday afternoon, he came bounding to us like he use to do. Tail up in the air, his unsteady gait and with a sparkle in his eye that said..........I'm baaaacck!! This morning, he was still our Jones boy in how he acted.  We just want him happy and healthy!

We have more thanks to give---you are appreciated!
Gusti--donation in honor of Elsie's FFRC adoption!  Elsie gets to pick what she wants and that is.........more snackers and toys with feathers!  So be it, Elsie!
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation in honor of Hensley birthday
Heather H--donation in honor of Phil's birthday!
Janet K--donation to FFRC

Here are some of the cats on hold:  Cherrios & Prentiss (together), Razzle & Zazzle (together), Ximanga, Doodle, Freckles and possibly Clowey!  We just have to get them spayed/neutered!

Tuesday is our next spay/neuter date with HumaneOhio.  Our next one after that is the next Tuesday, the 4th.  These two surgery dates have boomed with a huge amount of people wanting to get their cats spayed/neutered. These are loaded and overflowing.  The 3rd next HumaneOhio is September 25. 

Tuesday, August 29, Mitz goes to the vet for her dental work.  Two more dentals are scheduled for September 12th for Dingy and Oliver. More dentals coming up too. 

Short blog but wanted to get our thank yous out!  Have a super great day! 

Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday, August, 24, 2018

Crazy! Nuts! Super active! Super sweet!  All of this describes our current load of kittens! Lots of action from them. What one doesn't think of, another will and then they all join in! Quite a few of them are on hold---we're just waiting to get them spayed/neutered. They have to be at least 2 lbs. to accomplish this.  

We have thanks to give!
Melvin S--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation to FFRC in memory of fiance Jim. Use where needed for FFRC
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Ruffles & 2 granddaughters--day visitors--2 bags can food, treats, toys, dog treats for Janie, goodies for volunteers, PT, Cazy cat lady bandaids. 

PJPanda--evening visitor--water, Vernie licks, Pania flakes, Friskies xtra gravy, Whiskas Purrfectly chicken.  Cookies, nuts for volunteers. Plus, PJ made Alma's cubby 2 areas super comfortable and safe.  She made the sides, tops and bottoms cushioned so Alma doesn't bonk her head so hard.  She loves it and thinks she's a queen now! Many thanks, PJ. 

Today is Hensley's 4th birthday! Happy birthday to our buddy!

Just want to say a big thanks to our volunteers.  I feel they are the best in the world. Their caring, compassion and time giving ways is beyond anything I've ever seen. And when one cannot come, someone steps in and takes that persons place.  They are incredible and are the backbone of this Rescue Center. 

Lucie is here with me.  Every morning when I sit at the computer, she comes over. She trills and chatters non-stop until I pick her up and get her comfortable in my lap! I just love to hear her "talk".  It's so sweet.  And then there's Spiker--he comes over and with his right paw, taps, taps, taps my leg.  That means "uppie" (in Vernon talk). He likes lap time too.  And don't forget Hensley. He will come and twine around my legs--that's his talk for uppies.  And then Zelda gets jealous and wants her lap time too.  I need more laps! 

The yard and barnyard is drying out from our heavy rain.  The ducks and geese are happy--they have a big "pond" in the horse corral for a weeks worth of swimming! The youngest ducklings are now half the size of their mama.  The guinea hens look half grown now. They too get out during the day and are practicing their flying abilities. They tend to stick real close to each other and easily go back in their pen at night time for safety. 

The Covies are doing good.  Several people have been working on getting them groomed.  I think that's a job that never ends.  They are such a happy group of cats. Quite a few of them are starting to show their age. But we have some yongsters still in there to keep things hopping! 

Today is the last day for the t-shirt sales that say "I'm just here to pet ALL the cats".  FFRC's name is on the shirts and the logo is on the sleeve.  Check out fb pages or chat video for details. Can send me an email to order thru paypal or can send a check with info. 

Many thanks for the Flash Sale participation!  You all are awesome. Many thanks to Mich and Vern for coming to run this sale. And to the people who bought the items and to those that provided the items. And of course, to the mods too who help on chat with the sale and for the video of the items. Lots of people involved in helping makes these successful.  A close estimation of this flash sale is:  $1,163!    Many thanks--we needed that help with our operational needs! 

And then we had BOXES Tuesday! You are so appreciated! 
Don & Sandy - Case 40ct Friskies, In Memory of Paddy Cakes: Garden Plaque 'You have left my life, but you will never leave my heart'

ADoseofLove - 4 Pretty Bibs for Lucie, Toasty Bed, Lady Bug Play Center (Ramsay loves it!)
In memory of the Paddy's: a Windchime 'We will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge"

Jodie J - Outfits for Goose: Catstock Tie Dye, Kitty Dress, Peacock Dress & TieDye Bandana for Janie

Vicki B - 18 wool dryer balls, 2 Cases Appetizers

Donia/WickedWings - 2 sleeves Babyfood

Patty P with kitties Fran, Willow & Sunflower - 3 bags Bonito Cavier for Coralie & Friends

Phleby - Case of Fancy Feast, Case Fancy Feast Kitten, Fancy Feast Broth, 24 cans of Salmon

Tina - Memorial Angel Plaque for the Paddy's 'Forever with the Angels, Forever in Our Hearts"

TearsFromADream & Abby - Quart storage bags, Catnip Crinkle Bag, 2 Bags Temptation Snackers, Friskies, 4-T-Shirts for Flash Sale, White Bisque Cat Lamp w/bulbs

Barb E - NC  12 Pretty Leggydews & Bunches of Sling Shot Kitty Toys

Karen B - In honor of her sisters Birthday: 4 cans of Salmonm 4 Boxes Delectable Squeezables, 2 Boxes Fancy Feast Broths, 12 cans Sardines

Yvonne VDK - 2 boxes Fancy Feast Broths, Lg Bag of Iams, Box full of Chips for Vols

Nona - 14 cans 11oz KMR

Misty/Flymom - White food mixing bowl, case 24ct Friskies, 10 Appetizer Singles, For Jacci & Donna 6 Boxes of Belvita Cookies

Abigail S - Day Visitor: Kitty Wipes, Lysol, kitty pillow, 2 meals for Janie, Licky Licks,  Paper Towels, Dawn Soap & Bleach 

Andrea F- 1 tub Party MIx Snackers, 3 cases 32ct Friskies

Betty F - WI  Lots n Lots of Stamps different denominations

Grapevine - For Peggy - Foster Pin, Peace & Dove Flag for Catstock in memory of the Paddys (already hanging up, awaiting Catstock!)

Alexandra & Thomas B - Washington DC - Kitty Card with Note & Donation in Memory of the Paddys

Macncheeseanddoodlesmom/Sue M - Donation in memory of the Paddys

Phil & Judy - IN  Donation

Clark, Jessie & The Rest - Happy 4th Birthday Hensley (Aug 24) with Chicken $5
Clark Jesse & The Rest - Happy 6th Birthday to Joey and happy 6th and Happy 5th Birthday to Clark, Camilla, Cashel, Carlton & Clayton!

Yesterday we were able to get a section of the front memorial garden all set with the Paddys special items, including their memorial stones.  Still so very hard to deal with their loss. I know we all miss them terribly.  If you come to Catstock, please check it out. 

Nyota is doing wonderful! She's out and about mostly in the purple office and Kitty Kabana.  She is ever so sweet. Her tail and back always goes up when she sees us! Such a special girl! 

15 days till Catstock!  Lunch will start at noon.  Come hungry!  And then stay hungry as pizza will come in evening at 5:15 with a campfire after that for campfire food fun!  Enjoy the afternoon's fun things! And remember.......Strawberry Hill band is here 1-4.  they are the best! Lots of chairs to sit and visit and listen to the band. Paw-Mart will also be open.  Also the kitties and cats are awaiting your presence. They have already started extra grooming so they can show off their shiny fur. And Janie has tried on her Peace bandana--looks good on her! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

It's happened! All the kittens are now in the Main Area. Lots of various sizes. They are all sweet, ornery and are making friends with one another.  This morning was a treatment time--have everyone caught up to date with wormings, testings, vaccines!

I have never seen so much rain come down as I did yesterday late evening.  It just kept coming and coming. Then, all of a sudden, our 3 giant basins that empty into the river was overran with water and it had no where to go. The parking lot had many inches of rainwater and then it backed up into the Kitty City.  The Sunporch (of the Porchies) also flooded--it simply came in over the doorstep. The Purple Office area was severely flooded--from one end to the other.  Everything is "dry-able" except my desk and units--they absorbed quite a bit of water. We used 2 shop vacs to suck up all of that water.  The back door also let rising water come in to the little hallway. Once the rain slowed up and the big basins caught up with the overflow of water, things settled down. We have had a lot more rain this morning but so far, so good today with no flooding.  

Barnabus is coming along. He's still in the front Thumper's Room and enjoys the quiet and looking out the window.  He is missing something and we hope to fill that void with love.  He enjoys being held and petted. 

Remember, the t-shirt sale continues till Friday.  Just e-mail me and let me know how many and what size(s) you would like.  You can send a check or send in a paypal.  We'll take care of the rest! These are nice shirts with a really neat saying  "I 'm just here to pet ALL the cats". 

Tomorrow is our Flash Sale! This sale will help us with our operational costs which is always a need for FFRC.  There's lots of great items--many that you haven't seen before. Come join the fun at 2:37--Mich and Vern will arrive! 

We are having BOXES today at 1:00!  Again, I'm so sorry I've gotten behind. Please know that the cats and I are very grateful for each and every box.  These boxes truly are important to us!  Just ask Zelda!

Little Desi is doing good. He loves all the kittens and is fitting right in. His wound is healing nicely. Kwan is also doing well. I suppose if someone saw him anew, they would wonder still what happened to his fur. But....each day is better. He sees himself as a handsome dude, which of course he is. 

We have our dentals scheduled. On August 29, Mitz is scheduled. September 12 is for Dingy and Oliver. October 10 is Zap and Zest.  October 31 is for Winston and Rosemary.  I realize that Dingy is very very old but his teeth are very very bad.  In the past, we could never look at his mouth. His heart and lungs are good so we need to do this dental to help him be healthier. Steve and I will, of course, cover Zap, Zest and Rosemary.  FFRC will cover Mitz, Dingy, Oliver and Winston.  Dentals are one of the best things to continue good health with cats. 

We have thanks to give! 
Fran D--donation in memory of Paddy Cakes
Destinee M--donation to help Catstock
Lucy & Benny--donation in memory of Paddy Cakes
Billie K--donation in memory of the Paddy Boys
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation in memory of Paddy Cakes, for spay/neuter program
Schinn--donation in memory of Paddy Cakes
Mark S--donation in memory of Paddy Cakes & for Tshimba's care
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Caitlin--donation in memory of Paddy Cake
Burgundy--donation in memory of a friend who passed suddenly

Love our Giggles Videos! Here's a new one. Derecho has been busy directing this. Please click on the like/thumbs up botton as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC!  Enjoy this video--it's wonderful.

We have a Steve-Update.  He had an appointment with the surgeon yesterday.  His next surgery is scheduled for 9/4. One of two things will happen and we won't know until surgery has begun. If the infection is still present, a second cement knee will be put in and he will do another 6 weeks of antibiotic infusions.  If it looks like the infection is gone, he will get his "real fake" knee!!  And a possibility of 2 weeks of antibiotic infusions.  He will be in the hospital until 9/7. For now, he can walk without his walker but he must wear the full leg brace.  So....forward we go! 

What happens in 18 days?  It's Catstock Time--September 8! It'll be a real groovy time, folks! Lots of peace, fun, food and friendship going around! We invite any and all to join us! The cool band Strawberry Hill will be here  from 1:00 to 4:00. There will be lots of hippie-type people around. The food being planned is swell--you'll enjoy it! There will be things to do too. Plus, the cats and kitties will be expecting a visit from everyone. We'll eat around noon. Visit and enjoy the activities all afternoon.  Then pizza is coming at 5:15--it's the bee's knees best! Following that is campfire time, complete with roasting marshmellows and enjoying pudgy pies.  Peace, love and cats to everyone!

See you at BOXES at 1:00! 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Sunday, August 19, 2018

How on earth did we get to Sunday? This week went very fast. Lots going on. 

We are currently in the middle of our t-shirt order.  If interested, simply send a check or a PayPal to me, along with your size.  For more info, there's lots on our cam and fb pages.  These shirts are a grey with green lettering and are very nice.  You can also go to:

Tshembo had his visit for his dental on Weds. I'm glad we bumped his appointment up as he had major dental work done.  He has severe stomatitis. All of his teeth were removed except his lower canines and incisors. He's going to feel so much better. It's amazing--you can have a toothless cat and they will still eat dry food, which he is already doing.  

We also had Kwan make a visit on Weds.  He indeed has a major skin problem but it is under control.  He has now had 4 special baths and is on oral medication. He's "safe" now and is so very happy because he can play with the other kittens. He's a little play machine and a major purring kitten! 

This Weds. is our Flash Sale. Lots of great and new items in this sale. Mich and Vern will be here and will start the sale about 3:37ish.  Come join us.  This Flash Sale will help us with operational needs. These are the things that need attention to pay each and every week or month.  I am appreciative of the folks that provided us with the items that we can sell! 

We've taken on a new kitten. He was found in another county and taken to Dr. P's office.  He has a laceration around his bum but it's healing. His name is Desi and is a dusty orange tiger. His birthday is 6/9/18. He's super friendly and wants to play with the other kittens. Since he was already in quarantine at the vet's office, he will be out amongst the kittens soon.

We also took on a new adult cat. His name is Barnabus and is the triangular-shaped face siamese. He's a Lilac Point and is 3 1/2 years old. He came from a family that could no longer keep him and so brought him to FFRC to find a new home.  He's hanging out in the front Thumper's Room and the Welcome Room for right now. What a beauty he is. He loves his head rubbed and has a great purr motor.  His birthday is 12/12/2014. 

Catstock is now 20 days away! Every day we are getting things accomplished for this event. We look forward to having our friends come--volunteers, chatters, mods, admins, lurkers--everyone is so very welcome to come and have a great time together! Lots of good food too!  And the band tells me they are excited to come!  They are awesome......Strawberry Hill! 

Yesterday was a busy day here at FFRC, with Dr. Darcy.  Many thanks to her for coming and giving many physicals to our inside and outside cats. Thanks too to Lynnette and Donna for helping. And a thanks too to Lynnette's granddaughter that pitched in too! We did some inside cats, Porchies, Covies, Firehouse cats. Will try and still get some done of those that we couldn't coax over to us!  Here's the results:
Mayor Anony--good physical, wormer given
Dollop--good physical, distemper vaccine given, wormer given
Dude--good physical, wormer given
John--good physical, wormer given, distemper vaccine given
Lucas--good physical, although needs a dental, distemper/wormer given
Muffin--good physical
Oliver--good physical, although needs a dental, wormer given
Rolland--good physical, wormer given
Rory--good physical, wormer given, medication to left eye
Sevaun--good physical, wormer given
Soyboy--good physical, wormer given
Sylvan--good physical, although dental needed but not priority, wormer given
Timothy--good physical, wormer given
Victor--good physical--wormer given
Walter--good physical, wormer given.
ALL of the above were also given a nail trim

Winston--physical good, wormer/distemper given. Needs a dental
Dingy--physical done--very old boy but needs a dental, heart good, wormer given
Toasty--physical good, distemper/wormer given.
Hopper--physical good, wormer given
Jimmy James/JJ--physical good, handchipped tartar, wormer given
PB/Peanut Butter--physical good, distemper/wormer given
Sargent--physical good, distemper/wormer given
Shamballie (mom's cat)--physical good, wormer given

Jones--many of you know, he has had major problems but especially the last couple of weeks, we will try a new med on him to help him feel better
Janie dog/cat--physical good, still barks like a dog but climbs like a cat!
CeeCee--physical good, had an URI, good lungs now, treated ears again
Cherokee--physical good, leg in state of healing
March--physical good, a decision will be made later regarding his stiff leg
Cashew--physical good, his healing leg causes much pain, a decision will be made
Clowey--physical good, his leg is healing nicely
Kwan--physical good, skin/fur starting to heal
Jessie--our very old girl, physical good, heart good
Elsie--good physical, still ornery!
Barnabus--physical good
Annetta--physical good, no further signs of cancer !
Asha--physical good, treated ears
Kiara--physical good
Magic--physical good, so very sweet!
Pania--physical good, eye continues the same, no changes
Ramsay--physical good, treated ears
Xhimanga--physical good, her abnormal gait appears to be neurological , shouldn't be a problem

Plus, Dr. Darcy did physicals on 8 or my 9 cats in the house. That makes a total of 49 physicals done yesterday.  No wonder we were all covered in fur! 

We have wonderful boxes awaiting to be opened. I apologize for not getting to this already but the schedule has been super tight.  We WILL get to them. Please know, these boxes are very appreciated and the sender of them too! They make a huge difference to FFRC.  

Beware of kittens flying around here! The back Thumper's Room and front Thumper's Room doors are open for a while this morning. We're encouraging the kittens in the back to be brave enough to come up and join us in the Main Area.  Lots of kittens to add to the mix. In the next couple days, we should have them all up here! 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Weds., August 15, 2018

We had BOXES yesterday. These boxes make a huge difference to FFRC—many thanks.
FFRC Cares & So Do WE -- 2 packages of Pania Flakes, sweet & salty sweets for volunteers. 5 packs of 50 bio-degradable 9" paper plates, 10 packs 6' paper plates, 2 packs-gazillion spoons 

Gusti -- 15 packs of spring toys, 2 packs mylar balls, 5 packs of 20 pom poms, 4 cat dancer toys

Jana/Lavendercats226 -- 4 pack Lysol wipes, box broth packs, 1 box appetizers, box of 13 gal trash bags, 1 case of frisky cans  

Fred & Gail & BooBoo --2 cases appetizers, 2 cases of broth, 3 boxes glad zip-lock freezer bags,2 large bottles of Mr. Clean, 4 pack Lysol wipes 

Judy B -- 2 cans pink salmon(, 1 bag Pania flakes, large case (552) of odor free baby wipes

Mary D & Randi M -- 4 cases of baby food,  

June/paintedaisy -- STUFFS , including a beautiful windchime made by June to be in a drawing for the volunteers!

Grace Lee -- Boudin Sourdough, 6 different bread assortments  Will share……very yummy
Envelopes -
Kiki – Donation to FFRC
David H - for Coralie,Hensley,Magic, Kiara, Vernon
Maria/Iowacat lady -  for Jabberwokyi's 14th birthday – donation  Very cute pic of Jabberwocky
Need to Retire - Donation for Meds & Spay/Neuter program 
Gary H - Donation in memory of Barb Hall 

T[shirts are now for sale.  These are “I’m just here to pet ALL the Cats” shirts. The logo is on the sleeve. They are a grey with green lettering. Please check our fb pages for more info. Can email me with a paypal for an order or can send a check.  Be sure to state size(s).

Today Tshimbo will go to the vet’s office for his dental. We had another cat scheduled for today but his teeth are much worse so he’s a priority. The other cat is already rescheduled. Kwan will also take a ride to the vets office for multiple skin scrapings. As soon as we get the nod from the vet that we have fully treated him for his mange, he can play with others. He KNOWS there’s kittens on the other side of the door to the back Thumper’s Room and he wants in there so badly.  His time will come soon.

We have more thanks to give:
Judy & Phil—donation to FFRC
Pamela C—donation to FFRC
Lana H—donation to FFRC
Kristina S—donation to FFRC

It is with a very sad heart to let you know that our Paddy Cakes has passed away and has joined his brother Paddy Purr.  I received a call last night about 11:30. I immediately went to the rescue center but barely had 30 seconds to give Paddy Cakes a kiss and to tell him he was so loved before he passed away. Purr was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and died suddenly on 6/21/18.  Cakes was diagnosed with the same cardiomyopathy the end of July and has been treated each day for this. They passed a mere 2 months of each other. These twin brothers have been a part of FFRC since their birth date of 7/31/10. I simply cannot imagine them not being here. As Dr. Darcy says—“Each day with a cat that has cardiomyopathy is a gift as unfortunately they can simply die so quickly. There was nothing else that could have been done. Cakes had some good days because of the meds and fortunately neither suffered. This is one area that we can’t win the full battle because the heart is core and so vital to life”.  I have no words of comfort as my heart hurts for the loss of these two boys.  I can say though…..that both Purr and Cakes knew beyond a doubt that they were so loved by many in the world. They had our hearts and we had theirs. They were also our St. Paddy boys and they enjoyed that celebration. Hug your pets—each day is a treasure to be with them.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Tshembo--he's living the life of leisure! This boy has waltzed right in like he's always been here. And his favorite place to nap is deeply snuggled into the big red poof in the pool! He sure loves his comforts already! And toys......all toys are fun to him. He's a real sweetie.

We had BOXES Friday! It's wonderful to have these wonderful gifts sent to FFRC.  They truly make a difference to us.  Many thanks.
Tina - Rainbow Tunnel for kitties

Ellen/EPowera - 9" plates, 4 tubs Lysol Wipes, 3 Boxes Ziploc Sandwich Bags, 3 Boxes of Ziploc Snack Bags, Case of 9-Lives & Sleeve of Baby Food

MaryAnn H - For Zelda, Ramsay & all the Office Helpers--Washcloths for kitty faces, Black Sharpies, Highlighter Sharpies, Divider Notebook Pages, lots of Postie Notes, White-Out, Push Pins, Gel Pens, Colored Printer Paper, Ream of White Paper, Legal Pads & 6 Kitty Folders

Denise & Elizabeth S - SC  Kitty Card made by Denise w/note, 18 Fancy Feast Filets, 2 Boxes Broths, 3 bags Fancy Feast Snackers, 14 Kitty Folders, Beetle Bat Around Cat Toy, 2 Kitty Zipper Bags, Buttons for Catstock, Box Tops, Coupons, Whiskers 

Don & Sandy - For Dingie - 2 Sleeves of Ham Baby Food  For others: 2 Sleeves Baby Food,  Banana Kitty Bed. 2 BIG cases of water, 

Diana D/love3cats - 2 Long Rugs, Blue & Purple from BB&B
Gusti - 2 Lg Bags Purina One for the Kittens
Carri M - 2 Tubs Clorox Wipes, Case of Fancy Feast Kitten
Plee - 12 cans Friskies
Anony - 2-Yeooooow Bananas, Sleeve of Baby Food, 2 boxes Delectable Snackers
Tiko aka Mars - Box of Belvita & Bag of Kitty Toys

LJ323 - Chocolate Piza, 4 Ramsay Wraps (bath towels), Office Clippies, 
Felted Kitties:  We Are Beautiful Paddys made with Paddy fur, Stars made with Derecho fur, Barnyard Kitty made with Jolene Fur, Happy - made with Phoebe Fur, The Paddys made with Paddy fur, Love You made with Jessie and Jonsie fur & Hi made with Jessie fur

Mary B - CT  Kitty Card with Donation in memory of Tinytoes
Marilyn & Terry - Kitty Card with Chicken $5
JJ - PA - with Patsy, Oatmeal, Blanco, Rebar & Wilson the dog - Kitty Card & Chicken $5
5cats2luv/Linda & Bill H - MI  Kitty Card with a note
Realty 5 Defiance - Donation from sale of house, FFRC was the chosen charity $145.20

The 4 little ones--Zazzle, Razzle, Doodle and Cheerios are doing great. They've had 3 days now back from being fostered. They are brave, ornery and so sweet! Doodle is a little quieter but is now out and about with everyone. 

I've seen more pictures of Wonder and Brinn--they look happy and content.  And we've heard from Tillie Rose's family again. They sure love her! We're always happy to hear how our kittens and cats are doing. 

And we have more thanks to give!
Michael D--donation to FFRC
Judy L--donation to help with Catstock!
Helen C--donation to FFRC
Melvin S--donation to FFRC
Kelly Ireland--donation to FFRC
James R--donation to FFRC

King Derecho wanted a conference yesterday with me. He had some observations to make and was in a chitty chatty mood (I really think it was for the chicken treats though).  He said he's learned that under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved.  And he said this is for cats as well as humans.  And that everyone you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile (and sometimes catnip)!  And yes, this wonderful cat got some chicken! 

We took on a new kitten yesterday. His name is Kwan, a Name a Cat name. He is 12 weeks old and was in major need of help.  He arrived with mange, something we do not see often in cats. In his case, it had completely covered his body--very  "moth eaten" fur--lots of 
patches of fur gone--nose to tail. His birthday is 5/19/18.  He has been bathed with 3 separate shampoos, had an injection for mange and today had Bravecto applied today. He should be well treated but will remain in quarantine for a while yet.  He has an awesome personality--just purrs by looking at him.  And can you imagine how much better he feels?! 

Our three newest Porchies are doing well and are friends. Toasty, Winston and Trapper act like they've been here now forever--they've fit right in. The  y  Dingie, the black oldster, spends a lot of time on the porch and also in Porchie Haven.  Grizzly is a constant companion out on the farmyard.

Paddy Cake is doing wonderful and for this we are grateful.  He takes his meds well and is mostly back to himself.  Jessie, our oldster, is also doing great. She's eating good and so loves to have her chin rubbed. Camvi loves to go out to Bella's Place/doggie run. She will go out there and nap for hours in the sun. Ramsay loves his blue plastic cave--he will even dive into it! And Zelda is still so very cute!  Take care and have a great day. 

Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday, August 10, 2018

BOXES today at 3:00!  It's been a doozy of a busy week and so I've gotten behind on Boxes.  Come join u s at 3:00! We are always so truly grateful for this help to FFRC.

We took on a new little wee kitten. His name is Lucas and he's a grey tiger boy.  He arrived at 2 weeks but in his heart already, he pictures himself as a big and tough boy! He's a sweetie and is being bottle fed. Lucas was found all by himself at a trucking company.  He was here at FFRC for a couple days and then Auntie Peggy took him home yesterday.  His birthday is 7/25/18.  He'll be back weekly until he gets bigger and then he'll join the kitten crew!

The fosters that Auntie Peggy had are returned now. They are Dazzle and Zazzle (the twins), Doodle and Cheerios. They are doing super! Great appetites.  Yesterday they were out a little in the Main Area but spent the night in Cat's Corner Room.  Today, they are back out in the Main Area.

We have some thank yous to give:
Melvin S JR--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to FFRC for International Cat Day!
Gusti--donation for little Rosie and her new siblings
Christopher A--donation to FFRC
Abbie S--visitor & family--5 doggie foods, 4 Meow mix cups, Mr. Clean, small plates, toy mice

Eddie White went to the vet's office on Weds for his dental. Poor guy had some major teeth work done. It's amazing how we can see a few things that are amiss but then the x-rays show the real problems. He had 11 teeth pulled with some repair of a few others.  He's still not 100% active but is eating good and is feeling better today.  Next week we will be sending Tshembo  up.

And speaking of Tshembo---he's now fully in the Main Area. Once he crossed the threshold, he had it downpat! And never went back to the front Thumper's Room. He's made lots of friends and is very comfortable. His fur is now a little fuzzy and starting to grow back.

Our 3 newer kittens, Freckles, Pow Wow and Rosie are all doing great.  They joined in with the other kittens in the back Thumper's Room like they had always known them. There are now 14 kittens in the back. 

I've been asked for a farmyard update:  The new chickens have been in a fenced in area, connected to their coop since their arrival. Their ramp to the coop will be opened today so they can now come and go anywhere on the farmyard as they please.  The guineas are growing quickly and are flying in their big pen.  We'll keep them penned for another couple weeks. They love strawberries!  The big ducklings are fine--all are accounted for and are happy quacking about.  The new 12 ducklings are growing everyday and are enjoying a big tub of water. We still put them in a pen for safety during the night time.  The rain has helped the grass grow so the horses, donkey and goat are happy about that.

28 more days until Catstock!  A fun time for sure coming up!  Preparations for this has been in full swing.  The new (and bigger) FFRC scavenger hunt is now completed and promises to provide some fun.  Firewood is ready too for a bonfire for roasting marshmallows and making pudgy pies! Come hungry because there will be lots of good food!

Paddy Cake continues to feel good and takes his medicine like a good boy!  Little Cashew's foot is almost healed 100%.  Now we have to watch and make sure it's a "comfortable leg" for him.  Mitz has decided the Welcome Room is her spot--she's enjoying being the first cat to meet and greet people as they enter. 

See you at 3:00 for BOXES!  Have a super day!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Happy Spay & Neuter Day!  Today was another HumaneOhio day!  We sent up 37 cats. This broke down to 18 males and 19 females.  We have a new Total!  We have had 2 Voucher cats--both males.  That made our total 639.  Now, with these 37 cats--it's a total of 676!  This breaks down to 385 females and 291 males.  We sent up 3 of our boys--Clowey, Cherokee and March.

It is so very hard to never have enough room to take in the many kittens and cats that need help. But, sadly, it's true. We get socked daily with calls wanting us to take in more and more and more.  We try but of course, it's impossible. That is why we are trying to do as many spays/neuters as we can.  Currently, we do 3 spays/neuters a month. with this overwhelming problem.  Even if each person did ONE spay/neuter, the impact made will be great. Thank you.

We had BOXES yesterday. We are always so very grateful. Everything given to FFRC is used 100% and with a smile!
Rascal Boots - 6 cases Baby Food, 4 cases/48 Lg cans Friskies

Donna & Sandy - Case 40ct Friskies,  2 cases Friskies,  Pet Cooling Mat for Covies, Box for Vols full of Chips Chips, Popcorn and more Chips, 20 single pks of Cookies & Crackers, 120 9" plates, 150 Galsize Zip Lock Bags, 4 Tubs Lysol Wipes, 90ct Glad 13 Gal Trash Bags,  3 bottles Mrs Meyers good smelling soap

Sean G - Ireland - Kitty Card w/note - Cute Kitty Postcards, Horse Statue, Doggie Storage Container, Book: Cats Instruction Book, Bag of Allsorts & Smiley Face Mug for Jacci, Dublin City Sings CD, Fleece square with balls for kitties, Ireland Magnet: May The Road Rise Up to Meet You, And the Wind Be Always At Your Back, Smelly Goody candles, Snacker dispenser Toy, Chocolat & gift for Donna, 2 Big Bags Pania Flakes 

MaryAnn H - MO  Beautiful Letter to Jacci & FFRC, Donation, Photos of her kitties Mama, Tillie & baby Arnie, Yeller 12yrs, Callie 8yrs, Patches 13 yrs, & George  Sammie who has used 8 1/2 lives already, Story of Baby Arnie. 

Napa - Pania Bell for Pania to summon humans to give her Pania Flakes
Anony - 6 cases of Baby Food (one ham a favorite of Dingie)
Maria & MIranda - Sweden - Birthday Card for Spiker, Lucie & Paddy Cakes, 3 Chicken $5
Linda & Bill/5cats2luv = Book: Purr More Hiss Less, donation
Sherry & David NY - Chicken $5
JoAnn A & Tinkybell - FL  For Ximanga Chicken $5

We've heard from Joy who adopted Wonder and Brinn. They have new names. Brinn is now called Brynn Ann and Wonder is now Renee Lyn.  They are doing both. The pictures sent are wonderful! 

We've taken on 3 new kittens. 
Pow Wow--in memory of Nikka. He's an ASH (American Short Hair) tiger/white with a white muzzle & chin.  He's 7 weeks old with a birthday of 6/25/18.  He arrived 8/6.  He and his brother were simply on a doorstep of a lady who has big dogs that do not like cats. She snagged them up for safety and brought to FFRC. 

Freckles--he has a cute little dot on his nose! He's charcoal & white but as the charcoal goes back on his body, it looks more black! Very cute. His birthday/entry of course, is the same as Pow Wow's.  He has a white blaze up up  nose to forehead.  Both of these boys are very sweet and very playful!

Rosie--in honor of Gusti.  She's a beautiful brown tiger, only 4 weeks old, weighing 14 ounces.  She was found in an alley--no mama, no littermates.  Her birthday is 7/9/18 and she arrived on 8/6.  What a sweetheart she is.  Today, she got to join Freckles & Pow Wow for company.  They are all snugged up together napping at the moment!

We have more Thanks to give:
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Tina S & friend--day visitors--lots of wonderful items!
Eaglewatcher--donation to FFRC, in honor of Elizabeth's birthday!
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Eric M--donation to help with Tshambo, Paddy Cakes & the spay/neuter program
Davszy--donation to help where needed
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with Clowey

Paddy Cake continues to do well.  And he will continue on his meds.  I'd say his personality is fully back too!  Tshambo is doing wonderful. He loves to put his head in your hand so his ears can be rubbed.  He's very good with the other cats. We've been trying to coax him into the Main Area---but to him, just looking into this area is enough for him!  

Soon, we will be letting the crew of 11 kittens up into the Main Area. Then we start all over again with adoptions!  Most of these 11 are way too small yet for spaying/neutering. But, they are growing and are very active. 

A friend sent this to me---I'd like to share (it's for Friendship):
I've learned....that under everyone's hard shell is someone who wants to be appreciated and loved.   I've learned...that no matter how serious your life requires you to be, everyone needs a friend to act goofy with.  I've learned...that being kind is more important than being right.  These words are by Andy Rooney.  Take care and I wish for each of you to have a very wonderful day! 

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Paddy Cake is back!!!!  I'm happy beyond words.  In the last day or two he is doing some of his routine things--laying on the wheel for his naps, eating his baby food that he loves, carrying his toy spring around in his mouth. We have been able to take him off the pain meds and have decreased his Lasix to once a day. He is still on his heart regular twice daily. Plus his anti-coagulant is every 3 days. Even his eyes have that look like he's back ..........and planning on staying with us! I know I can say this for everyone---we are so thankful!  

We had a HumaneOhio surgery day this past Monday. A great day! We sent up 44 cats--31 females and 13 males! Love these numbers.  This brings our total for 2018 to 637.  Our total so far is 366 females spayed and 271 males neutered. At the end of July 2017, we were at 476. We are on our way to 1,000 spays/neuters for 2018! 

We had BOXES yesterday. I am grateful---these boxes truly make a huge difference for FFRC.
Auntie Sonja for Vernie - lots of Delectable Squeezeups

Don & Sandy - Mirowavable Neck Pillow for Jacci (love it!), 2 Boxes Meow Mix singles 1 Box Meow Mix cups. Large bag Meow Mix

Tina  - 78 -33gal Glad Trash Flex Bags

Annie & Debbie - 2 Chicken Whale toys for babies

Barb E - NC  Kitty Card w/note, 12 Adoption Bags, 2 LeggieDews, 10 Kleenex Holders

Mr. & Mrs Medic 2 Cases Fancy Feast

Caitlin Ot - 1000 6" plates

Patty PK - Belvita - 60 pks of 4, 15 Tubs of Colorox Wipes

Gidge the Midge - 2 -32ct Friskies & 2 - 40ct Friskies

Julie & John E - Treat for Paddy Cakes, Dry Food, Disposable Gloves, Trash Bags, Foam Plates

Katie L - Canada Teacher - 6 Kitty Kasa Bedrooms, 6 Penthouse Beds, 2 extra sides

Sonja - Postcard from England

Susan M/MacncheesandDoodlesmom - MA   Kisses to Alma & Derecho & Donation

Jeanne S - FL  Donation for Feliz Navidad

Mich & Vern--lots of good "stuff"!!  thanks!

Update on Tshembo.  He's a sweetie! He may not have much fur left but I've told him that it will grow back again and he will never have another mat again. He loves to nap in a real tight ball.  His bigger worry is his teeth and gums. Such horrible condition. The injection given has helped alot and he is getting antibiotics daily that are a big help with mouth problems.  He's starting to eat better too. He loves his head rubbed (on top--not by his jaw yet).  A very nice cat. 

I've heard from TIllie Rose's new family! All good news. They love her and say she is very comfortable. Loves to be petted and loves to purr. She has explored the whole house! So happy for TIllie Rose to have her very own home! 

We have more thanks to give!
Linda S--donation to FFRC, in honor of Elizabeth's birthday
Juge0607--donation to FFRC, in honor of Elizabeth's birthday
Eaglewatcher--donation to FFRC, in memory of Peggy's sister Shirley
Karla M--donation to FFRC for Paddy Cake
Donna B in GA--donation for Coralie and Spiker
Jo603--donation to FFRC
Mary Ann & Paul B--donation to FFRC for "biking bucks", they bike for FFRC!
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Annette20--donation for Paddy Cakes & for Tshembo

We had 2 more adoptions!
Brinn and Wonder went to their new home yesterday. These are the two kittens that were the only survivors of 15 cats in a house fire.  Their new mama spoke for them shortly after their arrival.  They had a slow start but in the last few weeks have been super growing! Two real sweeties.  They will have lots of lap time with their new mom! 

We had a Flash Sale Weds.  Mich and Vern were here! Many thanks to these two wonderful people who give their time to do these Sales. And many thanks to all who made or provided the items that we sold and of course to those that participated. And a big thanks to the mods too for doing the PR for the sale. The total came to $1,784.  This is wonderful. We had just put in a big order of flea prevention and so this amount will be applied towards that.  Many many thanks! 

The 11 kittens in the back Thumper's Room are doing great.  CeeCee still needs some extra help and Dr. Darcy will check the 3 "leg kittens over" on August 18--March, Clowey & Cherokee.  The 7 school kittens have very very round tummies. Manfred is very small but sure can eat! 

Here's some of our August dates:
August 7---HumaneOhio surgery day
August 8--dental day for Eddie White
August 15--dental day for Mitz
August 18--Dr. Darcy visit--may do all outside cats' physicals, wormings, etc
August 28--HumaneOhio surgery day

And of course, don't forget Catstock is September 8th! Only 34 days to a fun day! 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Happy August to everyone! What a busy month July was for us. We had 28 adoptions! Very happy about that. Now we need to get the wee ones that are here to grow so we can get them spayed and neutered and then help them find their very own homes!

Today is a landmark day!  We are now 100% on YouTube. FFRC is no longer on Ustream.  We left Ustream showing 21,469,129 views. So far, so good--we are all adjusting! 

WE had BOXES yesterday--lovely lovely boxes! We (as in humans and the cats!) are always so grateful for boxes. Helps us tremendously with keeping our shelves and cabinets stocked. 

Yvonne VDK - 24ct case of Purina Pro Plan, Bag of Iams, 24ct Case of Gatorade

Don & Sandy - Happy Birthday Paddy Cakes - Furry Kitty Mat, For Flash Sale: 3 Kitty Theme Plush Throws

Mary D & Randi M - 2 sleeves Baby Food
Auntie Sonja for Vernie - 2 pkgs of Delectable Squeeze - Ups
Tina - Garden Kitty Angel "Forever in Our Hearts" for Paddy Purr, Appetizers, Temptation Snackers

Andrea S/Amsprinkle - PA   Pop tabs & Box Tops for Karyn, 12 Crocheted Kitty, Crocheted: 13 sets: skillet handle cover & 7 sets: 2 hotpads, Dish Cloth, Hot Pad & handle cover, Beautiful Cat on a Fence Afghan in Fall colors

Kim G - PA  Kitty Card & Note, 2 red & blue Kitty Beds, Pkg of Tuna treats, 2 metal Food Bowls, Scratch House
Madisonpepper : CatLady Box:  Kitty head planter, 2 kitty toys, Caturday Shirt size M, 2 Throw Pillow covers Me & Ow, Kitty travel bag.

Clark, Jesse & Dad - 20+ adoption blankets made with Catathon basket fleece
Karen B - Bag of Purina One, 12 pk of Broths, 3 cans Salmon
TearsFromADream: 8-Box Meow Mix Singles
Visitors Peverlys Mom and Sons - 3 cases Water, 900 Baby Wipes, 8 Blankets, 12 rolls Paper Towels

Visitor Kathryne - Spoons, Catnip, Clorox Wipes, Sponges & Fancy Feast
Margaret D - CT in memory of Tiny Toes - Donations
Suzanne C - FL  Kitty Card w/Note Donations
Schinn & Ralph - ME  Happy Birthday Paddy Cakes with Chicken $5
Randy P - HI  Donation
Mr. Whiskers & Martha - TX - Box Tops, Coupons, Weight Receipts 

I would also like to say a big thanks to our moderators.  I received a big bouquet of flowers from them. Sure perked up my day.  Many thanks to the best mods in the whole wide world!

Paddy Cake! Yesterday was his birthday and today is a Prancing Day for Paddy Cake.  As many of you already know, Paddy Cake had a terrible day on Monday.  He was on the counter as usual, when he had an "episode". He completely lost his balance, his back legs didn't want to work (probably due to a clot) and down he fell.  He had all the classical signs of Cardiomyopathy.  His respirations were accelerated.  His heart sounds were poor and his heart struggling to work effectively.  He had crackly breathing sounds from fluid in his lungs. 

CM is thought to have a genetic predisposition for this condition. And remember Paddy Purr passed away just a very short time ago, believing he also had CM.  They both have had heart murmurs for years with Dr. Darcy checking them monthly. Some studies show that Persians are more prone to CM. 

CM occurs more often in cats 5 to 7 years of age. Yesterday was Cakes 8th birthday. So.....what do we do?  We started treatment immediately. We did not want to transport him to the vets due to added stress which he did not need. Dr. Darcy guided us in what to do. He's on an anti-coagulant to help the clots from forming. Lasix to help with the lung congestion. Soreness meds as this is rather an uncomfortable disorder. And he's on a heart med to help keep his heart better regulated.  Here's the problem--this disease throws clots and that is what kills. They can go anywhere but in particular the brain, the lungs or in the pelvis saddle. 

Yesterday was still a rough day for Paddy Cake. He was quite wobbly and would fall over. He spent all day and 2 nights in Dodger's Pen (Vernon didn't mind).  Today he is back on the Main Floor.  He's not very active but he did have a bit of a prance to his step.  This morning his respirations were very high but this late morning, they have decreased and are close to being normal.  His color is still off somewhat.  As long as he settles, is not hyped up, not too much excitement here, we will let him be himself in the Main Area. 

Many of you know this is not a diagnosis that we like. It's unpredictable and often times the prognosis isn't good.  But.....we have a great vet who I was able to contact immediately and we were able to get him started on everything right away. From this point on, he will be on meds the rest of his life. Please keep him in your prayers and good thoughts.  

We have more thanks to give!!  YOU are appreciated!
Burgundy--donation for March and Cherokee
Fran D--donation in honor of Spiker's happy birthday!
Gisela--donation for Manfred and siblings
Best Friends Animal Society--donation for a ResQWalk payment
Gisa Z--donation to FFRC
Andrea W--donation for Paddy's birthday--in honor of Cakes & in memory of Purr
Donavon S--donation for the care of Victor, Jackson & their friends
Lynda S--donation for Paddy's birthday 
Brad B--donation to FFRC
Jeanne L--donation for FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with the new kittens that have come in
Deb11111--donation and a hug to help Cakes with his meds

Judy & Phil--visited Sunday--facecloths, case of water, post it notes, 12 hand towels, 4 pkgs kitty wipes, 15 bath towels, 6 dish brushes, 4 hand soaps, 10 softsoaps, scratcher pad, 4 pillowcases

We've had 5 more adoptions!
7/30--Virginia & Neal left with their new  mom and dad. This couple has waited a long time for these two kittens and have visited often. Virginia and Neal already felt very comfortable with them. They always purr and purr for their visits!

7/31--Zurple & JoBella--these two kittens went to a home where their new mama has lots of time to hold them and give them lap time. Plus her little granddaughter loves kittens!

8/1--Tillie Rose--love having adult adoptions! Tillie Rose purred and purred today when I picked her up to put her in her carrier. She's such a laid back cat. One of her favorite places to hang out was by the door where we all go in and out---that way she could catch extra pettings! A real pretty girl.

Life and death. It's part of this world and something we cannot avoid. Sadly, we lost a farm animal this week.  Our sweet black goat Onyx passed away. She has not been here very long with us. We adopted her knowing she had some health issues. She is surely missed. On the same day, we had one of our ducks hatch out a batch of eggs--so many I cannot get a good count but it's somewhere around 12-14 ducklings.  Mama is a rouen duck and it looks like the babies all match her! They are safe in a pen for a couple weeks until the duckies are a bit bigger. 

We also took in another new cat.  This is the cat that found Eric, our friend and moderator.  His name is Tshembo--pronounced Tshem-bow. This name means Hope. And hope he has been doing.  Hoping he would be found and helped. He was found with an almost complete body matting of his fur. We were actually able to remove both sides of his back in one piece.  The fur mats that were shaved off was full of bugs and dirt. How awful he must have felt. He also has severe stomatitis.  He is being treated for this and hopefully will help him eat with less pain.  What a good boy. At one point yesterday, there were 3 of us working on his fur and he never minded a bit. He would purr and knead--it must have felt so very good.  His birthday is 5/20/16--just a young cat at 14 months.  What a sweetie he is. 

Take care and have a wonderful day!  The beginning of a great month!