Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 28

Many thank yous for such a wonderful Flash Sale on Friday! This Sale was needed to give our operational needs a boost.  I saw a lot of high-five-paws going on--the cats were as pleased as I was! 
Much appreciation to Mich for coming and taking care of this Flash Sale. Also to Beth for tagging the items and helping at the sale too. And big thanks to all those that provided the items and the purchasers of those items! And our mods...thanks for all your help too! A great day for sure.

The sun is shining already and we have blue skies! It's suppose to be in the low 60's today. The last of the snow will be gone! I can already picture the Barnies, Covies and Porchies stretching out on the grass and cement to feel that sunshine!

We also had BOXES on Friday evening. YOU are appreciated!
Mary H, vol. from Archbold--3 boxes 20 ct Lays Chips, 5 bandaid boxes, spatulas, 5 bags of Trader Joe's popcorn!
Jeannine/Floppy Jan--felt cat nip toys bought at local Vets office. One is for Sevaun
Clarksmom & Bedheadsdad--gift for my mom's BD!
Judi C/Bam's other mom--a note & Donation
LeannefromCanada & her kindergarten class. The kidsmade a huge THank You card for showing them kitties. They also drew the inside of FFRC with a lot of the kitties!
Wanda, our portrait artist friend--donation for a portrait order
Judy L--donation to be used where needed.

Please keep our friend Phil in your prayers and good thoughts. Tomorrow is his surgery. Please also keep in mind his family and medical support teams.

Have you checked out our updated website lately?  Many thanks to Vaun for your awesome help!  Many areas have been updated--the Memorial page, volunteer page, Firecats, pics for the Covies, an update for the Farmyard animals,  There's now a section on our Main Area, complete with pictures! The tab Ways to Help has also been updated. Also check out PawMart--now current and up to date!  On the gold bar is a tab now for our spay/neuter program and for CH cats.  Vaun is also adding pics to our Flicker page.   

One of the sweetest things happened this morning! Beaumont is not only playing, but is playing now with the other cats. What a joy to see this! He so loves to have his forehead rubbed. 

We have a new kitten here at FFRC. Her name is Makalah Sue (a Name a Cat name). She is about 5 months old but weighs just 3 1/2 pounds. Her birthday is 9/17/15. She was in danger of losing her life yesterday and so was brought to FFRC. Her fleas are now gone. Her fur is clean but still roughish. She will pack on weight quickly as she's happy to have food. And her fur will become soft and slick with time.She also has a much scarred eye from an unattended eye infection. She's one of those instant-purrers!

We have some adoptions coming up.  We have a hold on Beaumont--going to a wonderful person who will cherish this great cat.  Emmitt too will be leaving soon. His dad-to-be has been here several times. He's waiting for construction to be done in his home before taking Emmitt home. This will be this coming weekend. We also have a tentative hold on Emily and Lena to possibly be adopted together. Sometimes when people come a distance to adopt, they have a change of minds once they see all the cats. But Emily and Lena are top on the list! 

Jessie, our oldster, is playing with a toy! So nice to see that. And Gustave is getting into licking and giving kisses! Mendy and Mittens are completely settled in and oh so sweet. The Kitty Kabana cam is back up. You'll be able to see Sooty there. That's her favorite room!

Because our volunteers are so important to FFRC, we would like to share them with you! And that is because we know you appreciate them too! Here is our first one to put on the blog!
Peggy S.    Peggy has 5 cats, 2 boys/3 girls. 
How long have you been at FFRC, she says "not long enough"!   
Hobby?  renovations at home, being outdoors & definitely fostering cats
Name your favorite cats at FFRC: Camvi, Derecho, Magic--really, love them all
Mention an experience at FFRC that had special meaning--when Jacci pulled the surprise 70th BD party at FFRC'
Thank you, Peggy for what you do for this Rescue Center!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday, Feb. 26

Yes---it's happening today! Our Flash Sale by Mich. This Flash Sale will be about 2:00ish.  We have many wonderful items to show to you!  This sale will help us with our operational costs. Here is what Mich will be showing:
Purrpads    $12  (donated by ipurr)
Cat t-shirts  $10   donated by jatcat
BagoPads   $12  donated by Vixanna/Bagobear
Cat Scarves  $30  donated by LJ
Sun cat catchers  $5  donated by hatmaker
Various books  $5-$10  donated by ipurr
Bowl holders  $15  donated by Warped
2-set square/round pot holders  $15  donated by Warped
Cat kickeroo toys/catnipped    $5  donated by hatmaker
headband/earwarmers with cat button  $5   children & adult

I have a feeling it would be possible to coax Mich to show some leggydews/biggydews!

We had BOXES on Weds. evening! Many thanks to you.
Mary D & Randi M--300 6" paper plates, case of fancy feast, case of fancy feast kitten
Mayumi--FFRC Tokyo Branch--gift for Eldora's BD, for the Vols: candy, custard cakes, cookies. And 2 boxes of Tulie Chicken & Tuna!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--bucket of 35 mylar balls, 3-kitty Shack self heating mats/tunnels!
Christopher & Stephanie C--kitty card with note, fish bed stuffed with snackers, cat nip toys, kitty cave, Senses turbo, laser toy
Vicki B--6 bags of RC baby cat dry food
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Hencass from FL--donation to FFRC

Update on our next Spay/Neuter event. March 7--this will be our first Transport Event with HumaneOhio.   Yesterday all families were given a phone call. We also sent their packets of info and consent forms to them. That way, when they arrive, they will have the paperwork already filled out. This will save much time. Check ins are 5:30 to 6:10 AM.  We have 21 spays and 17 neuters signed up!  The cats will be returned to FFRC about suppertime for the families then to pick them up. 

We have several more possible adoptions in the works. More later when things are more fine-tuned. 

The "big snow" that was predicted really didn't happen. We got maybe an inch or two of wet heavy snow. Much of it is gone already. Tomorrow it's to be in the low 40's.  Many thanks to our groomers here at FFRC.  Mounds of fur is being brushed/combed out of the cats. It's amazing how much fur can be removed---that there's still a furry cat left!  One of the few longhaired outside cats, Ceasar, received his big spring groom. He looks wonderful. When it gets a bit warmer, we will work on Fabio and Oliver. These two boys do NOT tolerate much grooming. They will get a nose to tail groom all at one time with a light sedation. Much less stressful for them and for us!  

When the weather warms up, Dion will be returning to put a new shingle roof on the Kitty Kabana roof, where the leak is. Then the finish on the inside above the leaky window will also be completed.  Always something along the lines of fixing/repairing going on!

Pania is doing great. That bench that she likes is most definitely claimed by her. If she wants it, she will gladly "push" another cat off to take her nap! But, it's a gentle push!  After talking to Dr. Darcy about Samson Wolf, we will be scheduling his x-ray soon to take an updated look at his megacolon.  Very curious as to what it will show....hopefully much improvement!  

We've pretty much given up on having Sea Turtle have her residence in the front Thumper's Room.  When we take her there, she whacks at our hands and ankles. So, we take her back to her beloved Paw Mart store and she's as sweet and purring as can be! She totally loves it there. So.....she now spends her days and nights where she wants!

Vernon is just so darn cute. He loves that Dodger's Pen. When he's ready to take a nap, he makes it very clear that he wants to be lifted up into the Pen. Then he burrows into the blankets, making a cave. He can nap for hours! Then when he's awake, he sits up and meows---ready to come back out again! And who says cats can't talk!

Vernon is still working on gaining weight. He's gained one ounce! But we would like to see more. He is on no medicines at all and hasn't been for quite some time. Such a love--he's one of the best cuddlers.  Dorothy is a toy player now! But a quiet one.  She loves to toss toys around in the purple office. If someone should come in though, she stops, waits for that person to leave and then starts playing again. She's still a shy girl but does enjoy her pettings! 

Here's a few questions to test your brain! 
***  How many different types of bird-like animals do we have on the farmyard? 5  chickens, ducks, geese, peacocks and guineas
***   How many black/white cats do we have here currently INSIDE?  7  Abe, Clarissa, Dorothy, Lena, Tabitha, Zelda & Mittens
***  How many  CH cats do we currently have right now?   11  Derecho, Walter, Merri, Jersey, August, Jackson, Alma, Felicity, Vernon, Hensley, Franklin Tommie
***  How many computer towers does it take to make FFRC work?    4 
Here's a little interesting info:  we have 8 smoke alarms, 2 carbon monoxide alarms and 7 fire extinguishers.

See you at the Flash Sale! 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Weds., Feb. 24

It's raining, it's pouring right now.  And starting to get icy. Sounds like some snow on the way too.  We'll batten down the hatches and make sure everything and all the cats and barn animals are safe, warm and comfy.

We had BOXES Monday evening.  We are a grateful organization for your help!
IPurr/NancyP--50 ipuur wonderful pads, Kitty DVD for kitties, 9 kitty books, Duvet and Shams, 7 suncatchers---all for next Flash Sale!
Bagobear/Vixanna--24 crocheted blankies for FFRC kitties & 10 cotton crate pads 18 x 22 for next Flash Sale!
Warped/Connie S--wonderful bowl warmer pads and 2-set matching hot pads--for the next Flash Sale!
Painteddaisy/June--For Joyful--Valentine card & sponsorship of Joyful, toys, stuffed heart, special food all for Joyful!  For vols: Milano cookies, candy, Pringles, Gem Juice candy too!
Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie--2 pkg spring toys, 2 heated water bowls
LJ323--6 kitty scarves--for next Flash Sale. 8 cans chicken, 2 kitty beds, 2 orange pads, Harlequin blanket, 2 bags Gem Juice candy!
Julie, our vol--8 cuddle cushy beds
Eaglewatcher/Beth (who is visiting right now!)--2 bags Purina Pro Plan dry food
Mo S, Beth's friend--donation to FFRC
LittleKat--Panda card with a spay/neuter donation
Macncheesemom--card and donation to FFRC
Mykatkat/Deb--valentine card & donation to FFRC
Volunteers of Treasured Friends--a very nice thank you card for FFRC taking Samson Wolf!
Clark, JEsse & the Gang--card with donation for spay/neuter, also spay/neuter declas. HB to Alma (3) and Asha (6) and the chicken $5's!
Jaquelin M from AZ--donation to FFRC

We've also heard from Leeann who adopted Sergei! He is a part of their family. He loves a lap and plays with Tang. They think he's very sweet and cuddly! I also heard from Mich and saw pictures of Peymon/Simon and Cheddar sitting together!  I love hearing about our adoptions!

Update on Lynnette:  she has been very busy meeting with insurance reps to get things settled about her housefire. It is a total loss but her insurance company is indeed there for her. They will be moving into a rented house soon (and completely furnished with rented furniture!) until her house can be replaced. She is grateful for your kindness, prayers and good thoughts.  Her dog Minnie and 2 cats are doing good. 

All is good here at FFRC, although extra busy right now. Vernon's appetite is picking up a bit. Emmit is a dear---such a playful, loving cat. Elsie is Elsie--climbing all over and waiting to be rescued! Derecho is mooching lots of chicken from Beth! Sea Turtle is completely happy in the mailroom. If we bring her out, she swats our ankles! Love that oldster. Samson Wolf has gained a good amount of weight! So far, so good on the poo without having to use meds! We keep a check on this. Alma made her way to the litterbox today---she is so so good about getting to the box. She is also doing good. 

Here's some fun things about FFRC!
How many outside storage and cat sheds do we have?     13 (and each has a specific use)
Who are our Persians?  Seymour, Paddy Cake, Paddy Purr, Jolene, Joyful, Beaumont
Who are the long hair cats outside?   Ceasar, Oliver, Fabio
How many emergency bells do we have outside?  3
Who has a cleft lip/palate?     Cliff and Lucy Ann
What are opening/closing dates of Earth Angels?  2004-2011  (over 11,000 surgeries)
How many CH cats have we adopted? 10  Oriah, Freemont, Wrigley, Addison, Cecil, Milo, Charleston, Lorenzo, Solee, Bender

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday, Feb. 22

Wow!  What a busy weekend. We were hopping! And the cats joined right in!

Saturday morning, we had another proposal happen at FFRC.  Elizabeth and Elliot are now engaged. He came early to FFRC before Elizabeth arrived. He knows how important  Merri is to Elizabeth. He had a beautiful engagement ring in a pretty net bag, with a note "Will you marry me?" and tied it to Merri's collar. As usual, Merri came down to see Elizabeth when she arrived. She saw the note and Elliot appeared and she said YES!  What a wonderful happening! 

This makes our 3rd proposal here at FFRC.  My granddaughter Ashlyn, friend Jason and now Elizabeth. 

We had our 2nd public surgery day on Saturday. It was a very long but productive day. We spayed 7 public cats and 13 public boys. FFRC added 2 spays and 1 neuter. Total for the day was 23 spays/neuters. Wonderful! Two of the surgeries included 2 hernia repairs (FFRC's cats Sooty and Mittens).  Also all the public cats were in heat, which requires a bit longer surgery. All recovered just fine. It was a wonderufl day!  Next is our Transport Day on March 7. We are already booked full.

Many thanks to the following for helping on our surgery day: Dr. Darcy (of course!), Amber, Lynnette, Sue B, Becky M, Pat P, Jackie S, Mary H/braid, Sharon/Pablo. Also thanks to Pablo for the cake, Gusti for the drinks and Joyce D for the pizza! Gave us energy for the long day! 

Happy Birthday to Alma, our sweet girl. She is now 3 years old and has been with us for 2 years. She came from Philly, PA.  She is amazing at what she has accomplished. She's a "figure it out" cat!

Yesterday, Sunday, was our annual volunteer meeting. We went over many many topics. We had a great turn out, followed by cake! It's always wonderful to get together, chat with each other and go over many updates. The best part is getting input from the volunteers. They are a huge asset to FFRC. 

As many of you already know, our Lynnette had a tragedy Saturday night. She lost her home to a fire and also lost 2 cats due to smoke inhalation. The people (Lynnette, Jimmy, Haley and young Jimmy)) all got out safely though but with just the clothes on their back. They were able to get 2 cats and their little dog out safely too. Insurance adjusters have already been notified. Such a sad, horrible thing. Please keep Lynnette and her family in your thoughts and prayers. 

We have thanks to give!
RoBoT-MaN--donation for our spay/neuter program
Pablo/Sharon--donation to FFRC

Also a big huge thanks to Brent and Jenny (from Canada) for the wonderful car load of items! This is Montana and Crews mom/dad.  They brought a bunch of things---Clorox/Lysol wipes, plates, granola bars, a smoker for the Shelter House, juice, sharpies, Bounce, raincoats (for outside farm helpers), vinegar, glass cleaner, HE laundry sp, colored paper--and more!  We are so grateful!

We've received a couple emails from past adopters! Craig (who also adopted Daisy) says that Solee is doing great. I've seen a picture of her today in her poofy bed---looks so very happy. Solee is active and happy.

We've also heard form the mom who adopted Ike. She says he's her baby and best friend. He is happy and healthy and loves snuggling! She also says that he is perfect!  Happy news!

We had 2 adoptions this weekend! Our two boys, Bender and Bam were adopted together! They went to an awesome home. Bender loves his belly rubs already by his new mom and dad. Bam is lucky too-his new dad is a pet groomer! When Bam gets his fur grown out, he will send pictures! And Bender has his 9 tier Kuranda Tower, just like the one he loves here! 

Take care and have a great week! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday, 2/19

Tomorrow is our surgery day. We are excited. It feels like “old times” from when we had our Earth Angel Spay/Neuter Clinic. We loved that clinic.  I just dug up info on it today. We opened it 2004 and closed it 2011.  Our vet had to pursue a full time job. We understood that.  In those years, we did over 11,000 spays and neuters. Very happy about being a part of that. Now……it’s time to continue doing as many spays/neuters as we can make happen. 

Tomorrow we have 8 spays and 18 neuters, plus we have our Sooty, Mittens and Mendy to do too (will be 1 neuter, 2 hernia repairs & 2 spays).  Check ins start at 7:30-8:30.  Check outs will be mid afternoon. 

And then the next date for spays/neuters will be our first Transport which is March 7.  In Sunday’s newspaper will be our first ad promoting our Voucher Spay/Neuter Program!  Very excited about this. And nervous too as I know the days are getting longer and cats will be going into heat.
We also have a few physicals we would like to slide in tomorrow while Dr. Darcy is here. That would be fore: Beaumont (recheck of his eyes), Bam (his first physical here), Vernon (just to see how he’s doing), Samson Wolf (have his megacolon checked) and Joline (have her kidneys rechecked).

We have thank yous to give! This Rescue Center is always so thankful!
Marcia S from MI—donation to be used where needed
Mich & Vern—donation for our spay/neuter program
Nona—8 electric bowls (more below)
Kerswill—donation for our spay/neuter program
Bellabell—donation to cover for a cake and goodies for our vol. Meeting on Sunday

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet boy Peymon was adopted by Mich and Vern. He is such an awesome kitten. Mich said he slept most of the way home.

Our “bowl collection”!  What is that?  Nona has been helping us by sending us electric bowls. We also have some coming now from Tigercat.  You see, we have many places outside that has waterbowls—Barnies, Covies, Porchies, Firecats. On the brrry cold days, the can food also freezes quickly. So, we can put that can food in an electric bowl and presto, it doesn’t freeze!  Also the dry cat food has water in it and when it is very cold, the cats simply don’t eat it. Put it in an electric bowl so it tastes better and they eat it! So, we are so appreciative of these electric bowls!  Thanks for your help!

Check out our Petfinders!  (   We’ve been also busy getting that all the way updated. We’ve added more cats, deleted those that are adopted and added lots more pictures!  Also keep checking on our website at  We are still updating that as well.  Lots of new things!

Bam is cruising about here—he’s really becoming more at ease. I was just told recently from his past mama that he had had a Lion Cut. She said his fur will grow out much longer. He’s a handsome boy. Mittens and Mendy are also out and about now. They seem quite comfortable and are playing and making friends. Both of them purrs very easily. Felicity is here in the office with me—she is becoming such a playful girl. Love watching her run after a toy! We’ve had a couple windows opened 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday, Feb. 18

We had BOXES last night and I want to pass out a thousand thank yous! First--
Pam T/zoolove--6 bags Nellies natural HE Laundry soap
Susan345--a new Caribbean Cruise Pirate ship
Sara, Contessa's daughter--20 bags Frito snackers, box of 12 pks Oreo cookies
Beth/eaglewatcher--3 pages of FFRC postage stamps with Please Spay & NEuter on them, lg bag of PurinaProPlan
Furrhavenkitties/Jeannette B from TN--For Magic--Valentine's Kitty card, glitter balls, fun foods, lots of snackers, Meow Mix cups, snackers  (Magic said he would share!)
Mandysmom/Fran D--Kitty Valentine card. Items to be used for anything where fits: nice shoulder purse, leopard kitty back pack, pretty necklaces, kitty earrings/necklace, 2 pet pooper candy dispensers, Guess wallet, Chef & Menu chalkboard & decals, Butterfly wall decals & 2 fabric butterflies for the Butterfly Room
Nona--5 heated bowls for outdoor kitties (already in use!)
Pckrbckr--snackers for Lena & Jackson
Don & Joy D from NY--kitty card with donation
LittleKat & Elaine/Allen--LittleKat's Happy 17th birthday--kitty valentine card with KittyKat's allowance for donation!
Cheryl L from WA--Valentine card

Then we had 2 special delivers--both from school classes--made my day! 
Butterfly Class from Belgium--Derecho's pen pals!  Postman decoration delivering card for Jacci and Derecho with a letter. Students made a bouquet of heart flowers for Derecho and teacher made him a pretty rug! Students made Valentine picture of Derecho, also hand hearts with Derecho's picture!

Michelle Admin Assist of Cole Academy in MI--2nd grade made kitty pictures and donated them to raise money for FFRC.  These pictures are so beautiful!

And then.........there's more!  We received a donation and letter from Dr. P's office in Bryan to support our Spay/Neuter Program for $250. This just thrilled me! And then.......a miracle and lots of generosity happened! We were given MORE gifts of donations for the spay/neuter fund to match and add amounts to Dr P's donation. I was truly overwhelmed by the generosity--you folks move me in so many ways. A big thanks to the following for your additional spay/neuter funding:
Zoolove, Deb11111, Eaglewatcher, Joey, Joco, Littleonemine, Lannml, Pawlapurr, Robotman, Eartheyes, Oldestmanalive, Brookbosse, RoseSF, Kreger426, LJ, Leggygal, Timbrwolf.  The total of all of these donations (including Dr. P's) came to $2,560.  My gratitude is immense. we come. FFRC is going to make a difference in reducing the number of too many kittens without homes. And get this.....yesterday was a Random Acts of Kindness Day!  

And I'd also like to give big thanks to these donations:
Gusti--donation to cover drinks for our surgery day!
Mark S from MD--donation to FFRC, thru PayPal
Nan K from UK--donation to FFRC, for spay/neuter program
Jane W from TN--donation to help FFRC
Ann/newfiedogmom--donation in memory of dear wee Panda to go to Feliz Navidad Fund.
Anonymous Friend--donation to help with Sooty's surgery

Beamont is doing wonderful. He's sleeping on my desk (again!). He gets along great with everyone and is so very playful. It's so nice to see him making decisions for himself now that he is free to roam about. Sometimes he's in Kitty Kabana watching outside, sometimes playing like crazy, sometimes going around to people for extra head rubs---he's quite amazing!

Bam is our newest cat. He's an all white Doll Face Persian cat. Meaning, he's a Persian with a roundish face. And his eyes....oh what a beauty--crystal blue. He came up to the Main Area by his own choice--decided he was ready. He's tested, vaccinated, neutered--all is done and he will be looking for a new home. But first, he needs his vet physical (will happen on Saturday). He came because his mama could no longer keep him--he was a well loved cat. He's getting use to the routine and loves to be petted. He also chirps!

We have names for the other 2 new cats. Mendy and Mittens (both Name a Cat names)! These 2 cats came to FFRC on 2/13 after their mama passed away. They are young---6 months old. Their birthday is 8/10/15. Both are very sweet and both purr very quickly! They will be up in the Main Area soon.  Mendy is a torti, with a gold band under her neck.  Mittens is a tux/black & white with a white bib/muzzle and toesies.  

Saturday is our spay/neuter day (our second one for FFRC to offer to the public).  Currently, we have 8 spays and 18 neuters scheduled. Plus, we need to get Mendy spayed and Mittens neutered. Mittens also has a very significant umbilical hernia that will need repaired.  Dr. Darcy will also take a look at Sooty--maybe will do her spay/umbilical hernia repair too.  Check ins are 7:30 to 8:30.  We are ready and excited and have volunteers ready to lend a hand!

Next will be our first Transport on March 7, which is filled to capacity.  20 spays and 17 neuters.  Soon, we will be opening the schedule for the April Transport. 

All is good here.  Magic and Trucker are here on my desk napping.  Dorothy is playing on the floor with 4 different toys! Beaumont is watching her---maybe he will join in.  Hensley is having fun with a sparkle ball.  Gustave and Tabitha are napping side by side.  And Coralie is on her doughnut cushie that she likes to nap on every morning.  

If you get a chance, check out the updated website at:   We've been working hard at updating it.  There's even new categories, new pics, new stories!  Big thanks to Vaun who has been working hard helping with this big project! 

Sunday is our annual Volunteer Meeting at 2;00.  Lots of info will be discussed, updates, etc. Plus cake of course! 

Take care everyone and have a great day. Aza came by this morning for breakfast. What a big boy he is! Always enjoy his stops. He's our boy that we share with the neighbors. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tuesday, Feb. 16

Last night at BOXES, we had a discussion about FIP. I know it was also recorded but I've had quite a few people ask me now if I would put in the blog, so I shall.  It's not exactly as it is on the recording because I added a few things in while talking, but for the most part, this is it:

FIP   Feline Infectious Peritonitis

I am not an expert in FIP at all, but I have had a lot (too much) experience with it.  I understand there’s a lot of talk going on about FFRC and FIP.  That is fine and that shows concern. So…let’s address this right here openly and honestly.

FIP is a lethal and incurable disease that’s made worse by its difficult diagnosis. FIP is difficult to diagnose, not possible to treat and almost always fatal.  This dreaded disease sends chills down the backs of rescue/shelter people and catteries.  Truly no three letters have more power to strike fear into the hearts of cat lovers than F, I and P.  It is the most dreaded disease in veterinary medicine and a big threat to a cat’s health and survival. There is much not known about this disease which makes it even harder.  There are a few things known about it but there are far more questions than there are answers.

What causes FIP?  FIP is caused by a virus—a common strain of coronavirus. ALL cats have the corona virus in them. It’s what the cat’s body does with this corona virus that makes all the difference. There are 2 types of this virus which cannot be distinguished from each other in lab tests. One is type does not cause the disease or is only mildly virulent. This infection with this virus does not produce any signs other than maybe a very mild diarrhea.

The other type is virulent—this is the cause of FIP. It is believed that FIP occurs when the corona mutates to virulent or active FIP in the cat.  What causes this mutation is unknown.

So, what that means is FIP develops when a usually harmless strain of corona mutates in the cat in a way that gives the virus the ability to replicate itself in some of the cat’s white cells. When the immune system mounts a defense against the invaded white cells, the immune system ends up damaging its own protective cells and tissue. The result causes damage to multiple systems at once and ultimately leads to death.

Cats in multiple cat environments are at much higher risk for corona infection than solo cats because they are more likely to be exposed to the feces of infected cats.

How is the virus transmitted?  Corona /fip can be found in the saliva and stool of infected cats. FIP may possibly be transmitted across the placenta. The significance of this is not known. The FIP corona can live in the environment 3-7 weeks. After 3 weeks though, the number of virus particles present is probably too small to cause infection. Many disinfectants will kill the virus, including bleach, which is what FFRC uses.

FIP most frequently strikes young cats. It’s a quiet disease at first. It will cause weight loss, poor appetite and deterioration of body condition. There are no proven treatments for the condition. Diagnosing FIP can be challenging.

There are 2 types of FIP---wet and dry. DRY FIP develops areas of inflammation called granulomas. The granulomas can develop in the abdomen and in other areas.  ALL dry FIP’s IF they live long enough will slide into being wet FIP.  Wet FIP causes damage and leaking blood vessels in the abdomen or chest. The abdomen or chest fills with fluid, breathing may be difficult. Wet FIP tends to develop much more rapidly.

Diagnosing FIP is a challenge. The condition is often diagnosed based upon clinical suspicion when a young cat develops unexplained systems consistent with FIP. They may have changes in their blood cell lines and blood protein levels. Blood tests for coronavirus antibodies may offer some insight into the diagnosis, but the blood tests cannot differentiate between the 2 forms of coronavirus. The only 100% way to diagnose this is thru a necropsy.
As was said it’s difficult to diagnose FIP. In an attempt to try to make the best diagnosis that can be made while the cat is still alive, there are a few criteria that can be followed:  Low lymphocytes, positive corona test, elevated globulins in the blood.  As you can see, testing is not made easy. Despite the claims made by some labs and test manufacturers, there is currently no test that can distinguish between the good and bad corona virus.

How is FIP treated? There is no cure for FIP.  A survivor of FIP is very rare. Cats can be given supportive care and possibly extend her life for a short amount of time. Because the dry form of FIP progresses more slowly, cats with this form can sometimes live longer than those with the wet form. Cats with FIP can be treated with prednisolone. This sometimes gives a bit of relief to the symptoms for a short period of time. Other supportive care can be appetite stimulates, antibiotics, vitamins, fluids, quality nutrition. If the cat becomes clearly distressed, however, euthanasia is the most humane approach.

Which cats are more likely to develop FIP?  As you would imagine, the cats most likely to develop FIP are those with the weakest immune systems. The largest number of FIP cases occurs in young cats. FIP is rarely seen in cats between 3 and 10 years old. However, starting at 10-12 years of age, the immune systems of these older cats apparently decline, making them more susceptible. This does not always hold true though. Think about 2 FFRC cats when we had our FIP scare last year---Trucker and Camvi. Both are young and both very immune compromised. Neither became sick.

It all sounds pretty hopeless, doesn’t it?  Truthfully, it is indeed very hard for me and for you.  Up until last fall, we only had to deal with the wet FIP.  There are so many studies going on in regards to  learning more about this horrible disease. It’s still a disease that raises it’s ugly head at us and has very few real concrete answers.  Some changes have been made in the FIP world.

FIP is still thought to be a disease that is caused by the MUTATION of the corona virus. This means that for some bizarre unknown reason that corona virus changes from good to bad.  It was thought that there was no correlation or transmission between cats. So…..we didn’t have to worry about this particular disease in that respect.

But to be truthfully honest, I do not believe that as the whole truth. We have seen here at FFRC, a whole litter getting FIP. This to me shows a horizontal transmission for FIP.  We have seen this past fall,  where we had 4 unrelated cats get the dry form of FIP. This has to also be horizontal transmission.  And to complicate things more, all 4 of these cats showed very different symptoms.
I know there’s a worry “out there” amongst you about FIP and FFRC.  Please…’s fine and healthy to talk amongst yourself, just please be sure your facts are correct. The worse thing anyone can do is to speculate without knowledge behind it.

What can we do here at FFRC? We learned a few things about this from this past fall.  Remember when Fancy arrived? I said right from the start, something wasn’t right. We treated her and medicated her, things seemed better and then she plummeted. In the future, any cat that does not “seem right”, will NOT be put in the general population. Their quarantine time would be much longer than normal.  Another good way to help is to keep litterboxes extra clean. Here at FFRC, we are very good about this but will up this cleaning even more. Making sure we continue doing our second FIV/leukemia tests.  The bottom line is observing observing and more observing.  Cleaning is also important. As our vets have said, we probably would have experienced much more diseases had it not been for our good cleaning.

But what else can we do? Please remember, we do not normally get the cream of the crop here at FFRC. We give it our all to help all the incoming cats to feel good and to feel love. I know there’s a worry out there in our viewer audience. Should you not adopt from FFRC?  Whatever you decide, please at least don’t criticize us. We are a rescue and we try our hardest.  Did you know there are at least 40 different viruses that cats can get? Many of these come in thru our door. FFRC can do a LOT of good things---we have done this long enough to know how to treat so many awful things. We know how to make the combination of antibiotics work, we know how to help those with calici and the herpes viruses. We have our protocol from our vets for so many of the bad things that come in thru our doors. But give me a cat with FIP and I cannot help even a little bit. The biggest thing now is stopping it at our door before it can spread.

I know right now there are a few cats “out there” that we have adopted out that are sick and possibly have FIP. For this, my heart terribly aches. Please know that I would never ever let any cat out these doors if I had one split hesitation of their health. I would not do that. Some days I feel terribly guilty for when an FFRC cat becomes sick in their new homes. 

Knowing that FIP is such a horrible thing to figure out, do we stop taking cats in?  Do we just shut our doors? Do we not take in any more pregnant cats? Do we put all the cats in cages? Or put 4-5 cats in each room area and take no more than that? Do we euthanize all cats that come in that appear “off”? What do we do?  How will this year be different?  All I can say is that I try my best. And I mourn deeply with the families that have lost a cat to FIP.  This is one thing I cannot fight. I understand your worries and your concerns. Please know that I am always open to discussions. I’d rather meet something head on than to think people are talking and possibly not having the correct info. And remember---in the FIP world, so much is uncertain.  I rarely say the word hate, but simply put, I do hate this disease. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 14

The cats and I would like to wish you all a very special Happy Valentine's Day! They love you all and are grateful for what you do for them!

We have heard from the family that adopted Columbus and Murphy. "They have both grown into such loving, beautiful cats and they are beloved members of our family."  They also sent a picture--they both look lovely! It's always so nice to hear from our adoptive families. This is what we want--kind, loving, indoor homes. I always consider they've "made it" when they find that home. 

We had BOXES Friday evening. You are appreciated!
Sara, who is Contessa's daughter--20 pc crackers & cookies, lg bag of MYM's, Temptation snackers, RC babycat dry, lysol/clorox wipes, box of Reeses pb cups for Valentine's Day
Sandy E--3 boxes Sheba, box of Iams & 2 heated pet bowls
Denise T from VA--valentine's card with donation
Schinn with Ralph & Cleo (our awesome mod!)--valentine's card with donation for Feliz Navidad Fund
Jane/calico17--valentine's card with donation
Sherri/neuromom & David from NY--valentines card with 2 chicken $5
Judi Sp--3 bags of Precious Litter
FFRCNation sent Jacci and my mom some beautiful valentine flowers!  Thank you!
Mary H/Fri night vol--3-3 pkg lysol wipes
Roberta L from OH--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Billie K--donation to help with Sooty's care.

Lynnette, Chris and I went to the cat show yesterday. We had a very nice time. We replenished the pole toys that our visitors use alot. Saw many types of breeds there and we also watched some of the judging shows going on.  It was nice to have a bit of time off.

Beaumont continues to do great. Each day he plays more and makes more ct friends. He's very good with all of the cats. It's been much joy to watch him discover toys--I do believe he's got a bit of clown in him! And he likes to like hands! Dr. Darcy will take a look at his eye on Saturday.

I was asked this past week why on earth that FFRC would accept "handicapped" cats when they couldn't possibly be really happy. I tried to explain. Most people "get it" but sometimes people choose to not want anything to do with something that is not "perfect".  I looked around this morning. There is Coralie by my desk--so sleepy and happy. All it takes is to say her name and she will give you that slow eye closure that means she cares. And there is Hensley here too--he's found his favorite plastic ring and is tossing it up in the air. He's a fun boy! And over on the cushie is Trucker and Magic--obviously they are best friends and both have a lot of love to give. I watched Alma this morning too--she is simply awesome. She got to the litterbox by herself and then back to her special pad. She then proceeded to play with her toys. Joey just buzzed by--he's here, there and everywhere. Nothing slows him up! And Pania! This special girl has her schedule down pat! She has picked "her" bench as the best seat in the house. And that is because incoming people will pet her first! And who is that white/grey blur that just ran by--of course, it's Elsie. She runs, plays, climbs and goes everywhere she wants--blindness means nothing to her.  There's so many others. First and foremost, these cats are not handicapped.  It's not in their or our vocabulary! They are quite capable and are simply being the cats they were meant to be. We love them all.

How about another story?! This one is on McLovin.  This story was written (9//9/12) by our friend Canton:
"We are the witnesses to the reality that when we focus not on the cruelty of others but rather on the ability to move forward and use our strength to help heal others we can truly make a difference in a life.

Sometimes it’s hard to not dwell on the cold hearted, but only if we let our warmth show can we bring warmth to another.

His name is McLovin and he was born around 4/24/2012.  He was just 9 weeks old when a horrified person witnessed him being thrown out of a car window on June 26, 2012.  This kind hearted person, ran to him, picked him up and brought him to FFRC.  Immediately, team FFRC sprung into action. 

His face looked like a pizza, all covered in red.  There is always a tell-tale sign of being thrown from a moving vehicle, because the kittens normally land on their face first. His lip area was hanging down from his lower jaw.  Again, a common issue when the face hits the ground.  But the most damage was done to his right front leg.  He hit the ground with such force the nerve was torn in half, resulting in absolutely no feeling in that leg.  His right leg was also very sore and tender and it hurt to put pressure on it when he walked.  He was immediately given soreness meds and put on antibiotics.  His lip area was cleaned up as was his face.  He was scared, so very scared.

The next day his rear leg was much better and he was eating.  He was also purring and seemed much happier about things, and much less scared.

On 6/28 he was taken to the vet for surgery.  The vet concurred with the original assessment, McLovin’s front right leg could not be saved.  Once removed, the vet worked on his lip, literally tying up the skin and holding it in place with a button and sutures. 

For the next few days, he was kept quiet while he recovered.  He was on pain meds and antibiotics.  Extra care was taken when he was fed to keep his lip area clean.

Ten days later his “button” and sutures were removed from his lip and leg area.  His lower lip still hangs a bit low but that is just how it is now.  As long as his face is always checked to ensure he never “collects” food in that “pouch” he’ll be fine.  And as we all know, he has a very high energy level.  He runs and plays just like any kitten.  He is super lovable, loving his pets.  His name fits him well.  So does some of his nicknames such as  McCrazy and McGoofy. 

We see him wrestling and playing with all the other kittens because he is just like all the other kittens.  Him and Weber are good buddies.  Then again, he’s good buddies with just about every cat.

He is up for adoption, having fully healed. His differences are only in what people see.  He doesn’t think he’s any different than any other cat.  He just runs and plays and purrs and shows McLove to anyone willing to stop and say “hi”.

He loves people, reminding us the incredible ability of an animal to forgive and move forward. His medical procedures are behind him.  McLovin reminds us every day that all that matters is today and tomorrow.  He doesn’t dwell on the past, he just wants to play and chase the laser light and climb up the cat tree.  He just wants to be loved and mclove someone back.    CURRENT UPDATE:  Ou volunteer, Amy, adopted McLovin and both are very happy! 

A webcam friend wrote this and I just love it--has a lot of meaning in it:   "I ask that each of you that choose to chime in, use your kindest voice when doing so. Far too often people say things in the two denominational world of social media that they would never say across the table to a guest. So lets all remember we are guests at our friends across the globe's personal space when they read this, and speak together with respect and kindness."  Makes a lot of sense to me.Take care and have a wonderful Valentine's Day! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday, Feb. 12

It's coooold out there. I'm so glad the Porchies, Firecats, Barnies and Covies have their warm places to go to. A little more than 5 weeks until it's spring! 

Sooty had her surgery on Weds. She's doing pretty good. She had a bit of a rough day on Weds. in that her temperature kept spiking to 103-104, going down and then going up again. But it's down now. Stillhave her on soreness meds and antibiotics. She's resting in Dodger's Pen. Today we will move her to her Cat's Corner Room that she likes. Hoping this weekend she will be up and about more. She is still purring!

Tomorrow morning and early afternoon I won't be here. It's that time of year--my friend Chris and I will be going to the annual Cat Show in Perrysburg. I can't wait. And no, I won't be coming back with any cats---I've never done that! But I sure like to look at all the breeds and talk to the owners about them. And the vendors---oh, what fun! I'm sure there will be a toy that will intrigue me to buy it for the kitties!  I'll be back early to mid afternoon as we have people coming to look at the cats. 

We had BOX and ENVELOPES last night! I am grateful for you all.
Debbie/lostgirl--2 bags of RC baby cat dry, 1000 6 inch paper plates
Jim & Mary S from OH--kitty card, note with donation
Clark, Jessie & the family--Happy 3rd Birthday card for JJ, our Porchie & a $5 chicken $
Auntie Donna (Clark/Jessie's aunt)--Valentine card & 2 $5 chicken $
Insurance Agent Napoleon, OH--Chief tapes
Teresa H from IN--donation to FFRC
Charlotte L from WI--doggie card with donation to FFRC
Hannah S, our special friend who loves Trucker--a Valentine card for Trucker
Helen N from OH--donation to FFRC
Katie L from Canada--a new kitty very tall scratching Palm Tree!
Anonymous Friend--case of Sparkle towels for Tabitha
Shannon S from IL--donation for our spay/neuter program
Danae W from IL--donation for our spay/neuter program
Debra J/bearmn--donation to FFRC in memory of Adrian's mom
Wanda E, our portrait maker friend--donation to FFRC for one of her artworks

Good news in regards to Scooper.  She is doing great!  It's always so nice to hear back and to confirm that all is good with the adoptions.

I am amazed at how fast our surgery slots have filled up.  For our 2/20 we are full--we've juggled numbers a bit and now have 8 spays and 16 neuters.  For the 3/7 Transport Project, we have been allotted to have more boys--our numbers are now 21 spays and 17 neuters. 

We now have our Voucher Program ready to go.  If you live in this area and would be willing to transport your cat yourself to HumaneOhio, we will give you a voucher to help pay for this. An indoor cat (male or female) is $45.  An outdoor cat (male or female) is $25.  Our FFRC voucher is worth $20 off of these costs. You would have to call HumaneOhio to set up your apointment and then contact me here at FFRC (419-393-2400) to receive your voucher.  You can't beat this---please...don't let your cat reproduce. There is simply not enough homes. We WANT to help you to get your cat spayed or neutered. Call us at FFRC. 

Want to hear a story?  I've been reading stories at BOX time if time permits. But, yesterday I was working in my computer and came across an old file that was from years ago when we did a fundraiser called Be an Earth Angel.  I just so happened to read Dodger's story last night but this is a longer version of that, written by our friend Cantoncat.

"His story is all too familiar.  He was, by all accounts, a very loved cat.  But the owner that cared for him, that loved him passed away. The owners family packed up the house and locked up the doors.  They put the cat out to fend for himself.
A neighbor saw him and tried to catch him, but couldn’t.  Then he wasn’t seen for quite a while.  Maybe 6 months passed and the neighbor heard some noises in the basement of the abandoned house.  Incredibly the cat was still alive, barely alive and barely recognizable as a cat.
It was Oct. 11, 2010 and Jacci wasn’t sure what she was dealing with.  At first, she wasn’t even sure this creature before her was alive.  He was covered with thousands of maggots, his fur was completely matted.  First he was given IV’s, next the shaving began to remove the fur and the maggots.
As she shaved away layer and layer, Jacci paused, wondering if this was even right to continue.  Would he just pass away anyway from the damage the maggots had already done?  Knowing he had survived for months on his own, she decided he deserved a little time to win this battle.  They let him rest after giving him pain medication, more IV’s and several more baths.
His teeth were all rotted out, but that could wait.  First to get his body to not hurt.
The next day, more baths, more shaving.  He seemed to be a little better.  More IV’s.  More pain meds.
The next day, his body was now maggot free.  His wounds were now healing.  He was starting to look like a cat.  A very old cat, a very sad cat, but a cat.  He was named Dodger.  He had dodged death and now was on to next stage, recovery.
The next day he took some food on his own.  He still needed to be syringe fed, but he was actually hungry.  He actually had the strength to partially bathe himself.  And he chirped at the volunteers.  It was progress.  Slow progress but considering how he looked when he came in, it wasn’t a baby step, it was a giant leap for catkind.
Back then, there was no Thumpers room.  So he was placed in the pen in the office so Jacci could keep a close eye on him.  He mostly slept, but slowly got stronger.
After a while he would come out very slowly of the pen, take a few laps back and forth and then return to his pen.  He seemed to be a little cold and loved to sleep on the heat pads given to him.  Pat knitted him a sweater which he seemed to like very much.
One day he emerged from the office, in his bright orange sweater.  He immediately captured the hearts of webcammers everywhere.
His age could never be accurately determined.  The vet declared he “was older than dirt.”  He was indeed an old, old cat.  He had his good days and not so good days.  About a month after his rescue he had a major setback.  He may have suffered a minor stroke.  More meds, more fluids were given.  The next day he seemed to respond and seemed interested in things again.
More sweaters were knitted and he happily let the vols put them on him.  He would take his slow strolls out to the main area.  He was like a dignified professor, walking with his Yale-like sweaters.  He would climb up on the purple flower and take a rest for a while.
By early December he was out and walking around much more.  He was now sporting his Christmas sweater, bright red.
Whenever he would have a difficult day, he was given medicine to help ease his pain.  His fur was starting to grow back, but he seemed to like the warmth of his sweaters so continued to wear them.  He never fussed when they were put on, he knew they made him feel better.
We even got to see him play some nights.  He was a cat, after all.  But at night when it was time for bed, he would go back inside his pen.
It would have been understandable if the decision was made when he came in to end his journey right there.  But his pain was able to be eased and his will to live was strong.  The decision to give him a chance to live was made knowing he didn’t have long to live, but why not let him live his remaining time on earth surrounded by love and why not let him become a cat again. 
He loved his treats and loved his petting more.  He loved to be loved on by the volunteers who all spent countless hours with him, making sure he knew the world that once abandoned him was not the world he was going to remember lastly.
January, 1 2011 was a New Year for all, including Dodger.  This was to be his last New Years, but it would be a year in which every day of his life, he knew love and became a much beloved cat.
On February 14, 2011 Dodger made the journey to the Rainbow Bridge.  And while many, many tears were shed for him, it was hard not to smile remembering the journey he took in his final months.  He arrived in unspeakable condition, but was surrounded by Earth Angels who were determined that he would know the power of love. 
The pen he found recovery in, the pen he found peace in was renamed Dodger’s Pen.  It is a pen filled with hope and is a constant reminder that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity in their lives, but especially on their final journey here on earth."
Thank you Canton for Dodger's story. Hugs. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Weds. Feb. 10

Update on Solee! She is doing great and appears to get along with Daisy, the dog and the other 2 cats. The pictures I've seen sure shows a happy girl! I also talked to the lady who adopted Liesl and Everly--these two kittens are much loved. Also did a check in on Towanda and Acadia. Things are going smoothly there. Both have been on the sofa with the lady. As she says--they are watching TV with her!  And one more update--Cyrus is also doing what he's suppose to be doing---using the litterbox.  Such a good boy! 

Oh! And another update--we've talked to the dad and mom that adopted Wrigley, Tia and Edna.  Wrigleywas our CH boy, Tia was part of the Golden Swarm and Edna is that beautiful calico. They are all doing great. The family also donated 2 turkeys to FFRC for treats for the cats!

Beaumont--wow--what progression he has made. He is really enjoying being out of Cat's Corner Room although he still sleeps in there at night. He likes the Kitty Kabana room and has scouted out much of the rescue center. He also seems to be relaxed and is good with the other cats. Plus, he's using the litterbox 100%. It makes us all smile when we see that he is playing. He's come a long way in just a week. 

We had BOXES on Monday evening. We give you big thanks!
Zoolove--case of chicken baby food
Laura/Medic101 & hubby--2 cases Fancy Feast
Deb11111--5,000 of the 6 inchpaper plates 
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Kittiesmom from MI--valentine card with the $5 chicken
Plee from SC--kitty card with Walmart gift card
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy Birthday to Juby card. Also card for Bender's 5th birthday along with 2 of the chicken $5's.  And a donation made in memory of our sweet Ada Jane for the spay/neuter fund. 
Trudy S from OH--doantion to FFRC
Brenda R from VA--donation to FFRC
Needtoretire--donation for our spay/neuter fund
Tom W--donation to FFRC

A big thanks to Deb11111 who made an extra nice donation to our spay/neuter program. I am deeply grateful.  

Here's an update on our scheduling for the two upcoming spay/neuter dates. The first one is 2/20, here at FFRC. We have 8 females and 18 males signed up. Because of the longer surgery time for spays, we will consider this a full event and very happy for it! For this event, FFRC is paying for the majority of these surgeries plus giving a complimentary soreness meds, capstar and a wormer. 

The second date is 3/7. This one is our first Transport with HumaneOhio.  Right now we have 21 females and 8 males signed up. We have room for 2 more boys. For this event, FFRC is paying $10 per cat to be deducted off of their $25/$45 charges. Plus FFRC will cover the gas charge for the Transport bus. 

I am thrilled with these results so far and want to do more, more, more. This feels like the "right" thing for FFRC to be doing. I've already heard of cats going into heat for this spring. Please, if you can, help out and reach to others in your area to guide them to low cost spay/neuter clinics or to offer to help with the cost of a spay or neuter. This is important. We CAN make a difference.

That Leonard--what a scamp he is and so so cute and smart! He figured a way to shimmy up the big poles on Cat's Corner, get onto the roof and then make a flying leap to the tree and shimmy down. He did this 3 times in a matter of a half hour. We were going to let him just stay out and be a Porchie if that was his wish. But, no......he then wants back into the playground! What a silly boy. And after watching him make that flying leap to the tree, I decided that was not a very safe thing to do. So the tree has been trimmed back (once again!) and he now is staying put. Love that boy.

Today Sooty will be going to the vet's office for her surgery to remove that back leg. I will be so glad for this surgery to be done. She's out and about now but is so so careful with that leg that it doesn't get bumped.  It hurts when that happens. The leg is not a "fixable" leg. Give her 1 day and I'm sure you'll see her flying around here! She's amazing. 

Take care and have a great day. I do believe we will have a few more adoptions coming up but none are 100% confirmed yet. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sunday, Feb. 7

A whole week into February already. We've had 7 adoptions so far. As you know, Jester, Towanda & Acadia (went to new home together!), and Liesl and Everly (together). Yesterday, Scooper was adopted to a very nice young man. He spent much time deciding and Scooper was the one! And then Solee went to her new home too. She went with Craig M's family (who adopted Daisy also from us). Craig has already said that Solee spent a good first night. 

All of these adoptions are wonderful. Sometimes people want to keep every cat forever. And I can understand that! I do too sometimes. Sometimes I want to shut that back door and say---they're ALL staying--I don't want anymore to leave. But, we cannot do that. We are a rescue. We want these homes for these awesome cats. Each cat DOES matter. As wonderful as I feel FFRC is for cats, there's that something special about their very own home! They are extra important to that family. And if they ever have to come back, that's ok. We will take them back and try again.  However, there are some cats that are indeed permanent residents. And we love them like crazy. 

Yes, Acadia did come back. The family that adopted her tried oh, so hard to help her to be happy. They really wanted it to work but Acadia was not the "right" cat for their family. She needed a quieter home. A week before Acadia came back, I was pretty sure she would be returning. I received a call from a Grandma who wanted an adult female cat, maybe two. So, arrangements were made. IF Acadia came back, she would be thrilled to try her in her very quiet home with no kids. But she wanted a friend for Acadia too. So, Towanda also went. I've heard back from her yesterday and both cats are doing good. Both cats have ventured thru the whole house and enjoy the couch. Sometimes a cat just needs a quieter home!

Friday we had a BOX! So grateful!
Lucygoosey--bag of Chex Mix, 7 bags of kitty snackers, bag of cat toys, 10 cans of Friskies, 8 packs of crackers, Valentine treats for volunteers!
Mary H, vol from Archbold--lots of bubble wrap

And then we read stories again! I've been trying to read stories a few times a week. These stories came from our Catapalooza event 2 years ago. I enjoy re-reading them! Such wonderful memories. 

And more thanks!
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Michael John W--donation to FFRC
Brendan D--donation to FFRC
Gusti--donation to help with Sooty's medications
Renee/jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC, to use where needed
Dakota O from Canada--donation to FFRC

We took in a new kitten Friday evening. She is about 4 1/2 months old and is all black. Her name is Sooty (a Name a Cat name). Oh my goodness, what a purr girl she is. Just looking at her produces an enormous purr. And that is amazing, considering her injuries. First, she has a very large umbilical hernia. This requires much observation as we do not want any complications from that (twisting of the bowel inside the hernia). But, she also has a severe leg injury. The ankle is disconnected from the upper leg and  the toe bones are fractured. She is scheduled for surgery on Weds for an amputation---there's no fixing this foot. Sooty is a sweetie and is enjoying the food and TLC that she is receiving.

We have moved Beaumont to Cat's Corner Room---this way, he is more "involved" with us--we can see him and pet and hold him even more and he can see all the happenings. He's receiving his eye medication. 

Lots of things coming up on the calendar!
Feb. 8--Flash Sale!!  Mich & Vern will be coming!  1;00 FFRC time
Feb. 10--Sooty's surgery day
Feb. 13--the annual Cat Show that Chris and I go to together
Feb. 20--our 2nd  spay/neuter day!  
Feb. 21--volunteer meeting 2:00
March 7--our first Spay/Neuter Transport with HumaneOhio! 

Yes, our numbers are going down! While we miss our cats that are adopted, we are thrilled for these adoptions. It's very important to get as many cats adopted this month and March as possible. The reason---kitty season will be upon us before we know it. And that again, means too many kittens that won't have homes. So....we will hope to find as many homes as possible for our adoptable cats yet this winter! They deserve a chance. Once kitties come in, unfortunately, the cats take a back seat when it comes to adoptions. For spring, summer and fall, for every 15 kittens adopted we can usually only adopt 1 adult. is the time for these wonderful cats to find a home! 

We are focused. Good cat care, lots of TLC for all the cats, adoptions, spays & neuters.  Spring is not that far away. Already the days are getting longer in daylight which will trigger those female cats to go into heat. On the 20th, we will have surgery for both females and males here at FFRC. On the 7th of March is our first transport. We will be able to sign up 30 cats each transport day--males and females.  On the 20th, the girls are $15 and the boys are $10. Last time they were free to start off with a bang! We do not want to deplete our spay/neuter fund too quickly. But, we will do big discounts. 

For the Transport, spays/neuters for outside cats are $25.  Spays/neuters for inside cats are $45 (these are HumaneOhio prices). But, FFRC is giving a bonus and will offer to further reduce that cost by $10 per surgery. That means the cost will be $15/$35.  We WANT to encourage people to get those cats spayed and neutered. We are determined to make a difference. So many kittens are simply left to grow up to produce more kittens. So many are euthanized on a daily basis, here in our NW Ohio, simply for lack of homes. We want to be a part of the solution. 

Have a great Sunday! 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, Feb. 5

What a wonderful Puzzle Raffle we had last night! I'm so so grateful. Here's what happened:

A/Alma     15 tickets--$75    won by Ju-in-ju for FFRC!
B/August x3    10 tickets--$50     won by KimKost, Gusti & Martha (vol). (had 3 puzzzles)
C/Cayden x3     15 tickets--$75     won by Plee for Damian, Missmic & Tom Woo
D/Coralie     27 tickets--$135     won by Clarksmom
E/Derecho     62 tickets--$310     won by Kris Math
F/Fabio x 3     15 tickets--$75     won by kathie3103, minnkitty & Gillian Ham
G/Farrah     11 tickets--$55     won by SVCathy
H/Lorenzo     16 tickets--$80     won by MacnCheese who donated this to Sharon S
I/Jackson     10 tickets--$50     won by Tom Woo
J/Jersey x2     17 tickets--$85     won by Anonymous & Tom Woo
K/Magic     15 tickets--$75     won by Clarksmom
L/Sevaun x2     35 tickets--$175     won by Gregg (vol) & Christine Hop
M/Seymour     31 tickets--$155     won by Tom Woo
N/Solee x 3     38 tickets--$190     won by Donna Ma, Missmic & Daisysdad
O/Tabitha x 4     17 tickets--$75   won by SVCathy, Missmic, Kerswill & Kimkost
P/Magic & Trucker x3     32 tickets--$160    won by Orcawhale, Susan345 for Hannah S
Q/Trucker     12 tickets--$60     won by Billy K
R/Vernon     19 tickets--$95     won by Tom Woo
S/Walter x 2     35 tickets--$175     won by Louiexiv & Anita for Betz

Just amazing!  A big thanks to Jacksmom for providing these puzzles to FFRC!  
The total of the above is $2,160.
We had an additional $110 to add for just consolation prize drawing.
That new total then was  $2,270

And then came the Bump Ups, for which total astound me. Deep gratitude to: Deb11111, Zoolove, Snoopydogmom, Lannml, Joco, jo603, farmgirl, Judeanlee, nuthatches, eaglewatcher,   Wow--this added another $2,065 which made our GRAND TOTAL AT $4,035!!!!

Many congrats to all the consolation winners too!

Big thanks to Pat P and Lynnette for doing the tickets for us--that's lots of work! This Puzzle Raffle was designated to help with the FFRC's property tax, to pay for 2 of our main medical companies and to pay for our disinfectant cleaners. Steve was already writing the checks out last night to get that in todays mail!  You, our FFRCNation, totally blow me away. My simple "thank you" never seems enough but please know it comes from deep in my heart.

We also had BOXES last night--more wonderful things!
Pat, our Thurs vol.--2 pr handwarmers, kitty blankie & a blankie for FFRC
Sue M/macncheesemom--donation for S/N in memory of Macaroni & photo of Mac
Clark, Jessie & The Rest--Happy 4th Birthday Gallant with a chicken $5
JustMe/Kathy--a mounting accessory for our cam (more info later!)

And even more thanks!
David P from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Pawlapurr--donation to help our spay/neuter program & for reading stories!
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy Boys

And wow--more thanks--we had BOXES on Weds. evening!
Barbara E from NC--card with note & 4 fleece blankies
Jatcat from CA--2 refills for printer ink
Rascalboots/Heather & family from OH--10 pkgs spring toys, 35 variety of snackers
Miss Meyers 2nd grade class--2 cases of baby food
Deb11111--12 boxes appetizers
Anonymous Friend--new collar for Solee & a new purple bed for purple office
Dottie C from NB--yeah, the box finally arrived!! calendars, 6 red solar lights, Gum, Belvita snackers for vols, 2 bags Instinct dry food, bag of 30 kitty toys, kitty wipes, 100 ultra fine needles & insulin pens
Pat our Thursday vol--2 boxes trash bags, Mr. Clean & PT
Jane & Leeann B--Senses toy, towels, PT
Cessna & Wayne B--45 rolls TP
Jane H from OH--donation to FFRC
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation to FFRC
Susan C from OH--donation to FFRC
Anne B from CT--kitty card & note
Laura & George C from OH--donation in memory of Jack Palmer
Suzanne C from FL--kitty card with donation
Pam % & Peverly from CO--card, note, donation & a Valentine card
Bob & Marty M from OH--donation
Barbara B/frenchsilk & Kiki from NY--card, note & donation

Simply put--wow!  What a lot of wonderufl, compassionate people to help this Rescue Center

I have heard from Jennifer who adopted Rios, Elvis & Amaryllis.  They are all doing really well. Elvis is happy to play and eat and eat! He enjoys the dogs. Rios loves to play in the middle of the night & watch the birds. Amaryllis who is now Lucy Lu is a little shy but is enjoying her new home. She likes to sleep upstairs with the family. They are loved and a part of their family.

Beethoven is now here at FFRC. We took him in on Weds. so we could keep track of his eyes. They really seem to be doing good. He has a new name though, to start his new life here. His new name is Beaumont--a Name a Cat name. A handsome name for a very handsome cat. He is 1 1/2 years old, full buff/white Persian and has completed his Championship points and has earned half or his points for Grand Champion. Due to an eye condition, he can no longer be showed. That's quite alright with us! We love him for being a cat! He is in the back Thumper's Room, relaxing and enjoying a pen-free time. I do feel this is a bit overwhelming to him but he will soon know that life is good and he can do what he wants, when he wants! He simply melts in your arms. He truly has the biggest gold eyes I've ever seen. Welcome, Beaumont!

This afternoon we are expecting 2 adoptions to happen! Both Liesl and Everly will be leaving for their very own home together! That was our goal--a loving home and that they can stay together.

We also have another special adoption---Solee! She is going to an awesome home on Saturday afternoon about 2:30.  Craig and his family (who adopted our Daisy dog) would love to give her a home where she will be spoiled and happy! Solee has been here for over 2 years but I believe she will do just awesome and be a happy girl! 

We received much info yesterday from HumaneOhio! This is the organization that we will be using to continue our desire to spay/neuter more cats. Lots of plans in the works. We are determined to reduce that overpopulation cat problem which also will reduce homelessness for cats and neglect and abuse that results from too many cats and not enough homes. It's very important for us to step up and start making a dent. But, we want to make a BIG dent! 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weds., Feb. 3

This weather is so crazy. It's 52 degrees. This winter has seen many warm temps for Ohio and very little snow. Makes it easier for all the outside cats and the farm animals though!  46 more days till spring! 

We had BOXES Monday evening! We love boxtime and am always so appreciative!
Vicki B--6 wonderful bags of Royal Canin Babycat (Solee says thanks too!) & 6 cases of KMR!
Conii with Izabella & Elliott--6 cases babyfood
Kelly R/Littleonemine--M&M's for Lynnette & mailroom, animal crackers, 8 cans tuna, freeze dried chicken, case babyfood, ping pong balls
Gina/Catlvr--8 beautiful crocheted scarves 20 x 62  (great for a Flash Sale!)
Linda S--wonderful 2 crocheted scarves and 9 hats--so pretty!  (Flash Sale coming up!)
Tracy R from WI--note and package of pom poms for Magic--he says a big thanks!
Connie/Warped--a box of awesome items arrived--10 valentine heart toys, 12 spider toys, 36 catnip kit toys, 12 warpies and 36 carrier pads. Wow--look for these at a Flash Sale! Many thanks.

We also have PayPal thanks to give!
Beth/lurkerBea--donation to help with our spay/neuter program (vouchers)
Tracy L from OH--donation for FFRC
Knittinkitten--donation to FFRC in celebration of the reunion of Lorenzo & Freemont

I've heard from the family that adopted Wigglez and Alfonz. All is good! Wigglez is now called Meowfoy and Alfonz is now called Sketcher. The kids and cats are enjoying each other. They are both growing and are healthy. Love these wonderful homes!

Wow--$1,107.67 was put in our account from Ustream! That is for our share of the ads that you all see while viewing our cam. I sure do thank you for your patience with those ads! 

Our Puzzle Raffle is going on right now. It's over at 9 am tomorrow morning. BOXES will be at 5:30 tomorrow evening with the Raffle at 6:00. We also have some great consolation prizes to give away! It's our way to say thanks! 

January and February are always a bit slower paced for us. This is when we take a deep breath and get caught up! We have updated many things--phone call lists, files, record keeping, our website, petfinders. The list is many and we are accomplishing it. I'd like to say a big thanks to Clay and Vaun (our mod) who is helping to update the website. That's important. 

Vern is feeling a bit better. I do believe his energy is a little better. We continue to give him his medication and feedings throughout the day and evening. Cleo, Rooney and Kit are now back to "snuff" are are feeling good! Cleo and Coralie are at this moment, sharing a cushie bed together! Bender is on the 9th high level of the Kuranda Tower. I told him to be very very careful when he comes down! Jessie is moseying around the office--it's so nice to see her out and about.

Things are coming along for Lorenzo and Freemont. I've seen pictures and have had reports! Every day brings they are more content with sharing their lives together and with their mom and dad. It's a real joy to see this.

I think one of the nicest things about cats is that (for the most part) they get along so sweetly and beautifully, despite their differences.  Life is so short--I wish people were more like this. I think I myself and everyone can take a lesson from them. 

Pania is doing good. No recent UTIs! That is good. She's also been exploring a bit further than normal and seems to enjoy that. Seymour has also been coming into the Main Area more in the mornings when we leave the door open. He comes in to check things out but he always goes back for the day. He and Joyful have to rule over the office together! Poo report:  Alma is doing great! Samson Wolf's diarrhea is much better. Now we shall see where this all goes. He's such a sweet boy. Walter is in sparkle/glitter pom pom heaven! And Bella had her half jar of baby food today and so enjoyed each pawful.  Hopeyou all have a great day!