Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday, October 31

Boo!  Happy Halloween!  Our wonderful black cats Arden, Bear, Dennis, Jemison, Remison, Poppy, Solee, Cashel, Big Al and Riley all say have a fun, safe day and keep those black cats inside where they are safe. 

Unless we hear different from Dr. Darcy, we are FINALLY done with all the antibiotics, the vaccines and wormer injections! I am glad, glad, glad! And so are the cats and kittens. It's been a very long treatment program. Right now, we have a very very healthy group of cats, for which I'm so thankful for. 

We had LOTS of BOXES last night. You never cease to amaze me with your support and generosity. YOU all make a huge difference to this rescue center.
Connie S and Hannah and Tookie--a card and for Pasha a baby cuddle blankie, a Lamb Chop stuffed toy and yarn for Pat
Kelly R from CA--Halloween card, M&M's Reeces peanut butter pumpkins, 3 kitty treats, candy corn M&M's, Wellness packets, baby food jars, lot of toys, spring toys, appetisers, Sheeba can food, lots  of Halloween candy, 3 KMR cans, scotch tape, q-tips, sardines, bubble gum
PSW--large giant bag of Bonita flakes
Anonymous Friend--Nonny Biscuits (great for tea/coffee dunking!)
TippynTraylor and Ashley too--for Farrah: Halloween card, 2 collars and a new tag with phone number, toys for Farrah and friends
Maggie J and fur kitties Mickey, Frankie and Maggie from MA--2 packages of stickers for Hannah, Fancy Feast cans, lots of Halloween candy!, 4 extra mega bags of cat snackers, lots of doggie snackers, case of Purrfectly fish, Wellness packets, fun toys for Kitties, Pet stages Scratchers, 2 kitty warmers, birthday card to all kitties at FFRC, sardines, salmon, case of Fancy Feast and case of Halo can food
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of chicken baby food
Erin K and Michael L--2 large packages of assorted chips
Anonymous Friend--24 K cups, 1 box of breakfast blend K cups, case of Fancy Feast turkey, case of Fancy Feast classic and a box of assorted K cups
Anonymous Friend--12 Temptation snackers
Stephanie J/Steffer--case of 12 giant rolls of Bounty Paper Towels
Anonymous Friend--5 gallons of Vinegar
Oilsandsgirl--3 pack of Q-tips, lots of microfiber towels, 2 of the 24 rolls of Paper Towels, 2 12/count Cottonelle toilet paper, 2 cases of Huggies wipes, 8 big boxes of kleenex tissues (this helps our paper products immensely!) 
Gloria & Geremy from WI--Halloween card/letter and donation
Kelly R from CA--"hello" card and payment for order
Phyllis B--payment for order and card
Ellen/kikimycat--birthday cards for Dovie, Fabio and Viola
Sherry & David W and kitties--Halloween card
Austin W from Pldg--donation
Mary G from IN--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lisa G from Germany--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Nancy & Tom G from MI--donation for medical fund in memory of Tom's dad David. Thank you. 
Allan T from NY--donation in memory of Linda Bolioli
Nancy B from MI--donation in memory of Linda Bolioli
Susan F from NY--donation in memory of Linda Bolioli
Merry Christmas!  What? Yes, this is something that Goss has helped FFRC with, knowing that Christmas is not all that far away.We've been waiting until today to post it!  Please visit this site:
Announcing the new FFRC Nation website!
We now have our very own community site, off from Facebook.
The site is located at
You can either create a new account or connect your Facebook login to the site.
It is preferable that you use your chat name as your username on the site. If you don’t chat, just create a unique username.
Please make sure to use your real name in the name field when registering. Only usernames are shown on the site but we use real names for deciding if you are a real person.

First up for our FFRC Nation is a Holiday Surprise for FFRC….with Jacci’s blessing.
“At Christmas time, I know people enjoy giving gifts. But for myself, while I appreciate gifts, the Rescue Center needs them more than I do. I hope you understand--the kitties will appreciate this!” -- Jacci

Our goal is to stock up FFRC going into next year!
Can you believe it takes 20,000 cans of cat food a year!!!!
How about 10,000 lbs of Kitty litter?
…..and that is just two items.

So go to the site and sign up!
Read the 2013 Holiday Surprise tab and join the conversation using the forum.

One note, if you have problems with the site, please let us know. It’s new and shiny but might have a few bugs to work out still. Just email and we’ll try to help you out!
When you run into a moderator or an admin, please pause a second to say a big thanks to them--they spend many many hours a week helping FFRC!

The kittens and cats are doing great. Breakfast times are filled with high energy and very hungry tummies! The young kittens can't hardly wait to get their gruel. And the salmon---it's a free for all! Little Lorenzo has a special craving for it and he WILL get his share! Bella always gets her jar of baby food. Cutie lately has been going for a late breakfast--she prefers to sleep in a bit. Derecho and Lorenzo still get their jar lids full of baby food. Turtle and Faraday already have breakfast figured out and like their plates in a special spot! 

The latest on Jingies, Maurice and Snoops is good! I'm so very relieved. I'll keep monitoring these three though. Suzanna, one of the newly returned cats, is also doing great. She's a beauty. The cats are getting a major groom today. Judy S is here and beautify-ing them! 

Our three oldsters are doing good too. Ada Jane has her "meow" back least for now! Magenta is still eating 10 times a day! Her thyroid is good, she's just a very small girl with a big appetite! Putter is awesome. He's been in the rescue center a couple times lately and has swatted a few of the kittens--that means that Putter is just fine!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday, October 29

Yeah! Today is an "off-day" medicine day! All 1 million kittens and cats got their antibiotics yesterday. No, really, I'm sure I counted a million mouths yesterday! Today we skip and then tomorrow we do it again. I have noticed only ONE kitten with a slight cold and it's very slight. It's Camvie, but remember, this kitten will always have the possibility of showing cold-like symptoms. We're nearing the end of this whole procedure.  What a trip it's been, but well worth it!

We have quite a few dates of "happenings" coming up that you might be interested in.
Oct. 30th, Weds.--CAPS day on the kitty cam chat 
Nov. 1, Friday--something fun happening--will be announced!
Nov. 2, Saturday--next Afghan Auction. Will have 5 beautiful afghans ready to go
Nov. 9, Saturday--Day Sale at 3:00 to ???
Nov. 16, Saturday--Surgery Day
Dec. 7, Saturday--Day Sale at 11:00 to ???

And in between all this there are adoptions that will be happening and visitors coming to be at the Rescue Center! Fun times ahead! 

We had BOXES last night. A thousand thank yous for this support!
Grace R--kitty scarf (I thank you and love it!)
Gina/catlvr14--3 beautiful crocheted shawls for next day sale, lots of notepads
Widdletigger--2 large packages of Cottonelle Toilet paper & big box of paper towels
Anonymous Friend--3 cat beds, for Wilson, Mercy, Milly and Butter a huge bag of peppermint candy, potty bags, purple blanket, pokie dot blanket, 4 microfiber towels, Halloween bags with goodies for Damian and Jocelyn, Jammies for Jacci (I'm the grand mummy!), Halloween candy, Duct tape, postie notes, snackers for ALL the cats, doggie snackers, 2 big mag lights with batteries
Ms Bekkah's Corner--donation of yarn cat balls with cat nip
Susan/schinn--card for Paddy Purr and a donation for Feliz Navidad fund
Fun Fliers/Kim and Bonnie--donation in memory of Paul to go towards medical bills
Postcard from Bulgaria
Susan TC from Defiance--donation for FFRC
Debbi and Jim from Georgia--stuffed doggie toys, ring toys, Skinnie cat toys, treats galore!, bunches of bling-bling safety collars, kippers, squeaky toys, 12 cans of Friskies, doggie treats, Bad Cat calendar, Halloween decorations and fun stuff (we're wearing some today!), 8 crocheted cat coasters in a small dish (Debbi makes these and they are beautiful!), hole free potty bags, deep comfy bed, 2 Halloween soap dispensers   Wow!
Penn & Teller and Pixel--card from them and Ann and Sean plus a letter with cat stories and pictures, 12 non-scratch pads, saltwater taffy, coil toys, cat toys, Friskies can food, 4 pack Clorox wipes, 9-Lives can food, 5 cans of Pounce snackers and a box of Oreo treats
Cheri B--sent another Spoiled Rotten gift box--toys, can of rabbit stew, tuna salmon pouch, roast chicken pouch 
Mike/sophieandlucysdad--coupons, 9 bags of kitty snackers and Purina One and Sheba cat food (60)
xwired2u--bag of pop tabs for Kellen, a Halloween card, paw points from Fresh Step
BearM--donation to FFRC, in honor of National Cat Day
Vasiliki T from MA--a donation to FFRC, in memory of Linda Bollioli
Betz--Halloween cookies to each volunteer!
Gloria C/Linda M from GA--donation to FFRC
Plee9/Pat L from KS--pictures of her cats, a copy of her local rescue's newsletter

I'd also like to thank Pat & Don S and Fran & Leon S, both from Michigan for sending in a donation to FFRC, in memory of David Gregory who is the father and father-in-law of Tom and Nancy/kerswill. Thank you. We are so sorry for your loss. 

Our deepest sympathy to Linda Bollioli's family. Linda has been a viewer of the kittycam for quite some time. She and her husband adopted Butterburr and Betony a little over a year ago. Her husband has asked as an alternative to flowers, if donations would be made to FFRC. We are so sorry for your loss. Linda considered Betony and Butterburr as "her little children".

Do you live in the Defiance area? Do you need someone that really knows the computer business? We highly recommend Dean Taylor. He has been helping FFRC for a couple years and has now branched out on his own. I highly recommend Dean for your computer needs. His office phone is 419-439-4154 and his cell phone is 775-453-6754. His business is called DLT Computer Solutions. 

We have moved Shiloah and her 3 kittens and the 3 Arkie kittens now to Cat's Corner Room since it's a bigger room. Faraday is now out and about. Two other newbies (Suzanna and Hookie) are also out and about. 

We have very good news for 3 of Paul's cats. Snoopy/Snoops/Noopers went to a neighbor who was here this weekend for a visit and saw him, fell in love with him and came back for him! Also a past volunteer from years ago is back in Defiance and wanted the companion of two cats. I asked her if she would try Jingies and Maurice. Her living room and kitchen join together and can be shut off from the rest of the house, so these two shy cats won't get "lost" in her home. She has lots of time and love to give, so we will give this a try. I want so much for these two to have a happy, loving home. We'll keep you posted. 

We have a really fun thing coming up for all our supporters and friends! Jo Ann C is heading this project.  It's for an FFRC fund raiser quilt project. "There have been so many good suggestions posted for the quilts the FFRC Nation is making as a fund raiser for FFRC. The first quilt(sO are expected to be auctioned off the middle of Feb., 2014. All the information and specifics can be found on the FFRC facebook chatters page. If you don't have facebook, you can email Jo Ann at All instructions will be emailed back to you. The deadline for sending in your quilt squares is December 31, 1013. This will give Vixanna R enough time to put the first quilts together by the middle of February. And there is NO skill or sewing needed on your part. Just two 7.5 inch squares of 100% cotton are all that is needed. You can send in plain fabric, cat themed, a sewn or appliqued square or something that represents your country. If you are unable to send in any quilt squares, we are offering to put your name on the quilt border in exchange for a donation to Vixanna to cover her costs. Any amount is fine. This is turning into such a fun project that virtually EVERYONE in the FFRC Nation can participate in!"  Join in the fun and send your quilt square in! 

You know, I so enjoy FFRC! I just had to say it. Between the cats, the volunteers, the viewers, our visitors--it's a fun place to be! Thanks for being a part of what we do here! 

Puzzone, Trusty and Mogo--3 sleepy babies

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday, October 27

Our new treatments are still on-going, but starting to be checked off the list! As you know, all tapeworm injections are now done. As of 6:00 last night, all Bordetella intra-nasal vaccines are now done. Both of these treatments are a one-time deal with the Bordetella being repeated in a year if still here. The antibiotic treatment is half way done! They have all received their first week of this "sensitive" antibiotic. Today is an off day with it being given again this coming week on Monday, Weds., Thursday or Friday! So, we are nearing the end. I'm very grateful as this is all very time consuming. We've had very minimal coughs/sneezes from the modified live vaccine of the Bordetella. All in all we appear to have a very healthy group of cats and kittens!

Our Afghan Auction was awesome! It ran 24 hours, with wonderful results! Afghan A went for $260 (Billypogo). B went for $253 (Lynn). C went for $205 (Nikko).  D went for $305 (Hull).  E went for $301 (Oilsandsgirl). We also had $276 pitched in extra by Maddysnana, Aunty Fi, Gusti and Justme. The grand total came to $1600--wow, just fantastic! We had over 140 bids from 40 different people! 

We had BOXES too on Friday. Many thanks to each of you for this awesome support.
Hannah & mom Jennifer from IN--Halloween card with stickers, bag of Reese's PB cups and Hershey's Minis, paper plates, box of 13 gallon trash bags, bottle of HE Tide, 2 big cans of tuna and 2 big cans of chicken, 12 jars of baby food meat, Bag of Purina Kitten Chow, 10 cans of Friskies and a large package of kitty wipes
Donia/wickedwings from PA--2 jars of baby food meat, 3 cans of KMR and 3 cans of Iams cat food (from her kitty Thunder who went to the Rainbow Bridge)
JodiAnn from MI--2 bags of pop tabs for Kellen, 4 kitty harnesses, 9 bags of kitty snackers, 2 cases of Wellness packets, 24 cans Canyon Creek Ranch kitty can and 10 cans of Wellness 
Shirley W from Defiance--donation for "the dear little souls"
Missy MJJ & TemmyKitty12--sponsorship of Farah in honor of her daughters upcoming birthday
Carole O from CA--coupons and box tops
MLS/Linda--egg cartons, 20 cans of Fancy Feast kitten turkey, box tops and hole free potty bags!
Janet M from FL--donation for help with Paul's kitties and in memory of Minto.
Barbara W from WA--donation in memory of Scott W
Janet/janak--a donation in honor of her Honey cat
Janet W from AL--donation to give Kiko a special treat
Maddysnana & Papasteve-donation in celebrtion of Paul's birthday in Heaven
Curtice Advertising & Design--donation to help with the cost of meds
Silvia H from TX--donation in honor of Paul's birthday
Deb N from NH--donation to help with the meds and other expenses
Aunty Fi--in honor of Paul's birthday
Lisa, our baker friend, came bearing gifts of cookies and pies! 

Be on the alert!  Something fun is going to happen and it will start on November 1st! Keep your eyes open! Be on the alert! More info coming your way very soon!

OCTOBER 30--IS OUR NEXT CAP DAY!  Yes, we will allow caps on the chat for this fun, mischief day on the kittycam! We did this once before and had some fun with it. We promised our viewers we would do it again, so now you have the date for it! 

Check into our Zazzle account at   The new 2014 FFRC calendar is now available in this site. It's all FFRC related and really nice! Thanks to Goss, Wanda and Larissa for making this happen! 

It appears we had quite a problem with Octavia the other night. Due to some "poor behavior choices" on her part, she was put in jail (pen) and had to have help with her bond! We truly need to hire a detective as now I understand there's a different story to be heard. Maybe Octavia wasn't quite the "bad girl" as thought of for her crime. LBG (Little Brown Guy) had to have his vaccination (Bordetella) yesterday too and felt pretty sorry for himself and asked for a bandage on his nose, which also covered his mouth. Well, it turned out that Zelda may have had a part in this and wanted LBG to have that bandage put on to keep him quiet. Hmmmmm, now I'm not sure what to believe, but the second story is that Zelda might've done the "bad crime" that Octavia was blamed for and LBG was witness to it. Hmmmmm......not sure which cat to believe now!
But, we have lots of people to thank for sending in Octavia's bond money! So, thanks to the following for helping our girl get her freedome: Karie B from IL, Joan N from NY, Billypogo, Julie P, Oilsandsgirl (for attorney fees), Tammy C, Amy H, Wacats, Ju-in-ji from Netherlands, Laurie H from WA, Faith M from MD, Kathie S from FL, Debra T from OH, pupnkittylovr from TX, Anna B from France, Gusti from Germany, Laurie G from ME,Colleen P from CA, Cheryl L from WA, Marilyn B from IL, Maddysnna from NC, June K from NY.  This came to a grand total of $310--isn't that just wonderful! Thanks for the fun that we had with this! 

We had an adoption yesterday! Our wonderful Viola went to her new home. She is going into the home that also has Theo. What a wonderful girl she is. This new mom of Viola's will give her lots of loving!

We have several other cats on hold--Gancache, Trusty & Puzzone, Venus and Camilla and Sasha. 

Our 3 "arkey" kittens are doing great. They are growing and so very active. Shiloah, the mama to Sasha, Sunny and Sadler is a wonderful young adult. Her 3 babies are growing and love to run and jump out at our feet. They are play-machines! Faraday, the Snoops look alike, is such a calm boy. He is gorgeous and loves to watch the kittens play. Venus, the new siamese kitten is wonderful and has just fit right in. She's very comfortable now and loves to play with all the cats. What a purr-girl she is! 

Dodger, Harley and Keeley are slowly but surely feeling better each day. They're the ones that came in with massive diarrhea and fleas. It'll take a while to get their fur coats in good condition, but their body weight is increasing and they're happy now! Pasha will have her shoulder sutures removed this week. This little kitten can fly on 3 legs. 

The 3 "arkeys"---Markie, Barky and Zarkey! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday, October 24

The Afghan Auction is on! It will continue until 6 pm sharp tonight.  We have 5 afghans--one is from Coloreagle and 4 are from Rosemary B from Africa. All five are beautiful. Check out the progress of this auction on the Facebook chatter's page. It's exciting!

Everyday we leave the door to the Welcome Room Office open, to encourage Paul's 6 cats and Faraday to mingle with the rest of the crew. Also mama Shiloah is getting more use to the other cats too, which will make her transition into the Main Area much easier. Her kittens are running around like crazy. I love seeing kittens laying on their backs with their feet playing with a toy! So cute. The 3 "arkeys" Markie, Barky and Zarkey are so so tiny, yet so strong and silly. They zoom around like big kittens. Their appetites are good and they love their little friend Pasha.

We had BOXES last night! We are a very grateful Rescue Center for these gifts.
Sandy S/allanimals from Iowa--for Pania and friends--case of Sheeba salmon, and a 2014 365 kitten day calendar
Mayumi from Japan--2 cases of Tulle food and a "Socks" stuffed Zelda!
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila--2 boxes/12 packages of Dixie Cup Hot cups for our Keurig--we love our Keurig!
Kate & Roger C (Venus's new mom/dad!) from Tenn--gift bag for Kathy and girls, 2 gift bags for Pat, beautiful yarn for Pat. Gift bag for Janet and one for Jacci. 2 Walmart gift cards--one for Paul's kitties and one for Jacci to use for her kitties!  A creepy crawler spider, peanut brittle. Also 2 afghans for future auction. One is in memory of Paul (multi colored hexagon) and one is in memory of Pat (cat on a fence). 
Pat L--case of baby cat food, case of kitten cat food, case of adult gravy sensations
Holly W from MI--card with donation in memory of Minto, donation for Paul's medical needs
Jatcat--an awesome LED flashlight!
Jean S from WI--card for volunteers and Jacci & Zelda. Donation for Feliz Navidad fund and one for our crafters too.  2 flashlights with D batteries and 2 ball cap flashlights. Crackle tunnel, packing tape, postie notes, doggie snackers, cat nip/cat nip seeds, BIG bags of cat snackers, 5 bags of volunteer candy snacks, bag of Truffles for Janet, movie popcorn, 8 cans of Fancy Feast Kitten food, kitty toys
Mudjie--some scrumptious, delicious good food box from Lou Malnati's "taste of Chicago Pizza" in honor of Janet's birthday.  (Steve will cook this on Friday for her!)
Diana--pizza lunch for Janet's birthday. Also a beautiful fisherman's design garden bench in memory of Paul
Anonymous Friend--a wonderful new Palm Kitty Tree. The cats love these palm trees and use them heavily. The used one will go into Kitty City for the Covies who will enjoy it. 
Joan N--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Kim K from MI--PayPal donation in honor of Janet's birthday

Almost 100% of last week's Day Sale items have been sent out! We're almost there! If, as you receive you orders, there is a mistake, please let us know. We truly aim to get the orders correct. 

This week has been oh, so busy. We are individually giving meds to each cat here at the Rescue Center. As you know, we started with the tapeworm injection. They have now also individually received (including today) 5 days of antibiotics.We have 2 more days, then will go every other day for a few more doses. Today our new vaccines should arrive. We've never given Bordatella before to our cats. This is more commonly known as a dog vaccine, but to help prevent specific upper respiratory infections, each cat/kitten will receive a feline intrnasal bordatella vaccine. This and the tapewormer is now added to our protocol for each incoming cat. These meds take a tremendous amount of time daily to give. So, what was going to be my week of playing "catch up" now has given way to top priority--the cats and their meds. Someday.............maybe...........I'll catch up! So, in the meantime, please be patient with me!

I'd like everyone to realize something--you will, once we give these intranasal vaccines, WILL notice some coughing and sneezing for a few days. This is NORMAL and NOT cause for worry. Normally we use a killed virus for our vaccinations, but not so with the Bordatella vaccine. This is a live virus and will quickly spark their immune. They will be fine and this will give us a greater scope of protection against some of the URI's. 

Now--on to Minto. I'd like to dedicate some explanation now of his necropsy. His necropsy represents a huge thing to FFRC. While very expensive (thanks to our donor friend for footing this bill) we have learned a lot. It is a very valuable tool to me. I am extremely devoted to the health of these cats and kittens. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we do much more than most rescues and shelters. But, we are now adding more to our protocol as mentioned above. Let's begin with Minto's findings. First, and the least cause for worry is Cestodiasis--a fancy word for tapeworms. As we've said before, this worm is NOT transferable cat to cat. They only get it from ingesting a flea or a rodent. This of course was not the cause of death, but could cause his body to be somewhat compromised. He also had a viral and bacterial rhinitis and bronchopneumonia. Viruses are difficult to fight--they do not respond to antibiotics. But we can do supportive care. Bacterial things we can fight--with antibiotics. Another thing we learned is that the normal antibiotics (the one that is normally the first "go-to" med) is resistant to his particular strain of bacteria. Very important to know. We now know that the medicine we are giving daily right now IS sensitive to this particular bacteria. So, this is very good news for us to know. Because he was immune-suppressed and had an overwhelming infection, he also became septicemic (having a deadly blood infection) from the bacteria and this then attacked his heart muscles, which further compromised things. Bordetella bronchiseptica and pneumonia are the "bronchopneumonia" part of the picture. 

So.....what do we do? We learn from this and continue on. I know this all sounds scary and chilling. But, NOT knowing is more scary. We have resources we can use to fight these health problems! Our cleaning protocol is excellent and our vets are pleased with what we do. Many of our kittens and cats arrive with fleas. From now on, all incoming kittens (age permitting) and cats will receive the one-time injection for killing tapeworms, along with the already strong wormer protocol that we do. The bronchopneumonia we can fight by giving the intranasal Bordatella vaccine. This is a huge plus for us. It's expensive but do-able!  We also know which antibiotic to use--this is extremely important. This is just a matter of switching meds. So, we now have a new package deal--we have ammunition to fight these darn infections. When we started this Rescue Center many years ago, I made it clear--we would give the best possible medical care that we could and I aim to continue doing this. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the day to day care, but I know with the support that is shown to FFRC, we can do this.

Our lazy boy Snappy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday, October 22

Busy times! Lots of kittens. Between the kitties and the CH cats, we sure are doing the kitten shuffle here! Lots of action going on that we need to be careful when we walk!

We have a new mama and 3 gorgeous kittens. Their birthdates are 9/14, which makes them 5 weeks old. Mama (calico/tiger) is Shiloah.  Long hair gold, male is Sunny.  Long hair gold and white, male is Sadler. Short hair, calico/white, female is Sasha. These kittens are in and out of their pen all day long--just bouncing all over the place! They are still in the back Thumper's Room. 

We also have another new adult cat. Friends of FFRC found him and he is just gorgeous. He's a male, very long black/white fur and looks alot like Snoopers. Except he has the Octavia dot on the chin--very distinctive. His name is Faraday. 

Our little sweetie Pasha is doing awesome. She is already running and playing and climbing. It's unbelievable her energy level. She chirps just by looking at her! 

We have a few cats on hold.  Venus will be going to Tennessee with a family who is thrilled to have her. She'll still be with us for another week or two. Camilla and Sasha will be going to Courtney, our calico mama. Yes, she loves calicos and has the space/finances/love to give her calico family! I'm thrilled for her and her cats! She'll be moving the first of December so the transportation will be right after that. Ganache is also on hold--he will be going to his new Minnesota home with WarpedConnie and Joe! So happy for Ganache.  Viola will be leaving this weekend and will go in the home where Theo went to.

We also have several other families that are seriously looking at a few of our kittens.  More on this later. This past Sunday, Sara went to her new home and then on Monday, Togo went to his new home. Lots of changes starting to happen! 

We had BOXES last night and I'm so very grateful for this help. 
Joni G/catcrazy63 from WA--2 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten
Piperjo--case of Fancy Feast appetizers
Furkitty/Ellen & Cathouze/Pat--birthday gift for Lynnette, 2 gifts for Jimmy and Eric, gift for Molly.  Book "What my cat has Taught Me about Life" for Zelda, 2 cat teaser wands, 2 catnip tails made by Pat, kitty snackers, 2 big cans of tuna, 24 jars of baby food meat, smarties & sweet tarts for volunteers, kitty plate with 4 cute kitties for Day sale and 30 gallon trash bags
Caren F--8 bags kitty snackers, crinkle play mat for Lorenzo, kitty toys that are interactive!
Sonjamac from Toronto--for McAwwwww kitties and friends--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Oilsandsgirl--2 cases KMR and an electric bed for winter time
Linda/weyasmom from FL--card with a donation for the kitties
Pat K from NY--box tops for Caryn & girls
Alan C from UT--donation
Mimi & Buddy from FL--coupons 
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Mary H from Archbold (Friday night volunteer)--wash cloths, laundry soap, styrofoam plates, plastic bags, wind chimes, toys, lysol wipes, writing pads, liquid hand soap, 6 cases of water she got for 39 cents(!!). 
Judy & Phil--day visitors--litter, peanut butter cups,magic erasers, bleach, snackers, coupons, Sheba cat food, appetizers, individual licorice snacks
Jeff & Jan from Vermont--day visitors--2 blankets, basket with pad, catnip toys, stuffed Venus, ground coffee, Vermont maple syrup and Vermont Taffy, black/white coffee cup
Connie and Hannah--visitors--laundry soap, bleach, blankies, toys, hand soap and pop tabs for Kellen
Shari/sillysticks and Valerie--will help sponsor Ming!
Deb11111--12 roles of Bounty paper towels
Joe & Connie/warpedinMN--84 catnip pads, 50 small blankies, 12 large blankies, mop heads, 13 & 33 gallon trash bags, Friskies & Sheba canned food, chips snackers, grapes & strawberries!
Catherine D from CA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Beth A from IL--donation to help pay for the special antibiotics for the FFRC gang!
Kathy K from IA--donation to help pay for the special antibiotics for the FFRC gang!
Gusti--a donation for Janet's birthday
Alison T--donation from PayPal for FFRC
Hencass from IL--donation, in memory of Paul
Rochele C--donation for Janet's birthday--a pizza lunch
Eagle Spirit/Sally H--Fancy Feast Appetizers for Joyful, Meow Mix for Octavia and Mega snackers for all the kittens
Holly W--donation in memory of Paul
Jeannie S from OH--donation for FFRC
Jeffrey F--for kitties, kitties!
Chancecat from MA--donation for Putter, to try and console him for his Tigers losing to Boston!!
Curtice Advertising & Design from NM--donation in appreciation of our work 

I am very grateful for your help and support.  

Markie, Zarkey and Barky are doing much better. The diarrhea is getting better. Another bath is being done on them again today! They will go into June's Room now so they have more room to romp. 

Three days ago, all the cats and kittens received their injection for tapeworms. This will now be a new protocol for all incoming cats--a tapeworm medication whether they have fleas or not. There's only 2 ways of getting tapeworms. One is by having fleas, the other is by eating rodents. Results are not completely in yet for Minto. We will put together a full picture of the findings when we have all the info.

Yep--this is our silly Whoebe!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday, October 19

Surgery Day today! Busy, busy! The females that were spayed are: Kona, McSplish, Poppy, Bugg, Anna Marie, a new Siamese kitten and the new mama calico/tiger. The last two will be named soon.  The boys that were neutered are: McSplash, Lorenzo, Ganache, Dodger, Harley, Clayton, Clark and Cashel.

Clayton, Clark and Cashel were the smallest and they did just fine. Already back on the floor running around. While Dodger and Harley were recuperating, we were able to bathe and clip all their awful mats out. I believe they've had a daily bath due to the diarrhea. That's getting better though. We ended up not spaying Keeley as she had a vomiting spell. Didn't want to further upset her tummy. 

We had two new arrivals. The first one is a calico/tiger mama cat that is a nice young adult. Her 3 kittens are stunningly cute. One is a calico (beautiful markings), a male (gold tiger, very long fur) and the third is a male (very long fur, orange/white). Names will be given soon. The babies are about 4 weeks old and just starting to eat a bit by themselves. The mama has a systolic murmur but it's rated as only a 1/6. So very mild. 

The second new kitten is a Siamese. She arrived when a family that had found her no longer could keep her due to allergies. She has a tremendous purr, gorgeous blue eyes and so people-sweet. She is about  old. She's already received her distemper and leukemia vaccination.

McSplash also has a 1/6 functional heart murmur. A background squeak can be heard. This too is very mild. Dodger (the second) is extremely friendly. He went down purring and woke up purring and wanting to be petted, petted and more petting! 

Pasha had her front leg amputation done. Dr. Darcy did a superb job.After seeing the inside of her leg, we made the right decision to amputate versus doing a pin. There was major damage to the joint. 

Many thanks to Lisa for the cookies and pies for today, to Joyce D for the pizza for everyone and to Gusti for drinks for today.

This morning, with great difficulty, I was able to get LillyAnn into a crate and sedated. Upon checking her tummy, there is a definite scar line. She also has not gone into heat, so we are declaring her as spayed. LillyAnn will be a farm cat where she will be much more comfortable. She is definitely not happy being in the situation she's been put in--being housed with so many people near her. She will be a much happier girl and we have lots of barns and food to share with her. 

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you all!
Lannml--2 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten Turkey
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, 2 packages of coil toys, a warm buddy for Pasha and a self warming kitty bed for the upcoming winter
Caren F--case of Fancy Feast Turkey kitten and a case of Chicken Soup for Kitten Lovers Soul
Pat and Ellen/furkitty/cathouze from FL--2 dozen jars of baby food meats
Arden and Charmaine--5 cases of Fancy Feast kitten turkey and ocean fish
Oilsandsgirl--6 cases of Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Piperjo--2 packages of coil spring toys and 2 cardboard bowl beds
Sherry and David from NY--sympathy card in loss of Minto, Lowes gift card in memory of Paul, Halloween card
Tom & Betty W from VA--sympathy card for Paul and a donation for Paul's cats
Bud and Bits--sympathy card for loss of Paul
Kathy K/zsa zsa's mom--a leaf for the Tree of Giving
Holly W--donation in memory of Paul, for meds for the kitties
Susan G--donation in memory of her mother who passed in September, to get meds for the cats and kittens  (I'm so sorry for your loss, Susan)
DebbieDear--donation for meds for the cats and kittens
Aunty FI--donation in memory of Paul
FaithyMD--donation to help with the necropsy for Minto

It takes a real man to wear a tu-tu! We had such a good laugh last night. As you may know, Elizabeth is a dancer and she and Jimmy were going over the ballerina poses, which Jimmy caught on to rather quickly. Next thing we know, a tu-tu arrived in the mail for Jimmy (thanks maddysnana!!). He was good enough to model it and show us those 5 ballerina poses again. We had a good time! That's part of what FFRC is all about--enjoying life!

Many good wishes and thoughts are with our volunteer, Jenni who will be running a Marathon tomorrow. It's 26 miles--unbelievable. It starts at 7:30 tomorrow morning. We're with you in spirit, Jenni! 

We have Walter's Loc8tor on his collar. We have also put one on Bella, just in case she goes astray while basking in the sun (we always cat-sit her when she's outside). It's pretty cool. Just press a button and do a circle--it'll tell you which direction to walk. Then as you become closer to the cat, it beeps louder, faster and greener.  The tag itself also beeps and has a flashing red light!

Made by Aunty Fi

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thursday, Oct. 17

Another pick up load went to the postal office for the Day Sale items! Some of the packages will arrive at  their destinations today! As always, if there are any errors, please let me know.

This morning the door that separates the front Welcome Room Office and the main area was opened for a few hours so the cats could go back and forth. We were trying to encourage Paul's cats to come on in and join the rest of the gang. I know MiMi and HoHos came in for a while. The Main Area cats eagerly went thru the door to the back Thumper's Room, so lots of new friendships hopefully are starting to be made. Each time doing this will be a little easier on all of them.

Barky, Markie and Zarkey are doing great. They are partly on the dish and partly on the syringe now. Little Pasha is feeling stronger and is gaining weight. We are keeping her on antibiotics so she will be ready for her surgery on Saturday.

We had BOXES last night!  So many wonderful people "out there" that we're so grateful for!
David S from Payne, OH--Chief register tapes
Rosemary B from South Africa--three beautiful hand made afghan's for an afghan sale. Extra hugs--these are gorgeous!
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers & Whitefish/sardines and 5 cases of Friskies variety
MJ/Mudjie--pop tabs for Kellen, paw prints for litter
Reeses for Jacci, Birthday cards with $5 for Dovie, and one for Fabio from Oh My Guinness & Henry R Peeps, Halloween Card with gift card from Walmart.  Also 4 horse shoes--one for Mercy, WIlson, Jacci & Steve made by daughter from recycled horseshoes--they are so nice!
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze from FL--lots of baby food meat jars (Bella is smiling!)
Gusti from Germany--case of KMR liquid, 2 cases Fancy Feast Appetizers and 2 cat dancer toys
Janet B--2 cases baby food meat
Octavia and anonymous friend--2 packs styrofoam plates, box of lots of assorted candy for volunteers, 8 bags of Russel Stovers sugar free candy, chocolate covered raisins, 2 bags M&M's and then lots and lots of salmon and sardines, with also a few cans of chicken.  Also an animated Christmas frog!, big bag of assorted balls and mice.
Maggie/magspa203--purple rug for Caryn, another rug for FFRC, box of folders & office needs, pens, 6 magnetic note pads, 6 hand crocheted mice/catnip, hand crocheted butterflies, big bag of Dum Dum suckers.  For Putter & STeve--blue hand crocheted bowl bed with replacement pads.  Lime green rug for FFRC
Bonnie, Dave and Michael--SouthPaw bouncing cat balls
Magentas' Aunt Julie/Julie P from Mass--card for Magenta, 2 walmart gift cards and 3 books of stamps
Peggy K from NH--card and donation in memory of Paul, to sponsor Jersey
Judith B from WA--coupons
Tom & Nancy/kerswill--big bag of Purina One Indoor adult dry food
Carmel D from France--donation thru PayPay for my house cats (extra thanks!)
Hilla;ry B from Australia--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Neil & Jean S from OH--donation thru PayPal to FFRC 
Jatcat from CA--donation thru PayPal for "Paul's Condo" for silver pen in back Thumper's Room (already in place)

Lorenzo is wonderful--that boy sure can purr. He was again playing with Derecho's tail this morning.  Poppy's chocolate colored fur is starting to take on more of the black look, now that she's becoming healthier. Such a pretty longhair black kitten. Juby and Kukster are two of a kind--both so active, so playful and ornery, yet super affectionate.

Whiska and Snapper are two nice teenager cats. They're siblings and love to play. Both really enjoy runnng the orange wheel in the Kabana Room. London sometimes will jump on and be the 3rd running partner. If they pay attention, they can all three run at one time!

We will come up with an Afghan Sale soon--one that runs the 24 hour kind of Sale. As soon as a date is picked, we will let you know.

All 6 of Paul's cats will have their physicals on Saturday when Dr. Darcy is here. Joline and Joyful are both doing great. Joyful was laying on the desk with her front paws folded on top of each other, looking so comfortable! 

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by an encounter with another human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this inner light."  Thanks to my family, volunteers and FFRC Nation who continues to inspire me to continue this rescue work.

Azar--one wonderful Porchie boy. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday, October 15

This is a wonderful week. There's no snow on the ground (okay, so I know it's only October), Octavia only stole 2 packets last night (instead of her usual 5-6), the 3 newbie kittens from Indiana are all pretty and clean (it's true--they've had 3 baths already, but for right now, they're clean!) and all the cats appear to be very healthy (yes, I know we have a few sneezers, but that's ok). This all tallies up to a great day!

The little calico kitten of Viola, Camilla can already walk on the wheel--so cute to see this little one pound kitten making it go!The 6 kittens of Viola's are doing great. They are out and about much of the time. Those blurry little beings that you may see dashing on the cam are probably them. That Clayton is extra cute. Clark is extra big. And they're all extra sweet!

Ganache has had two treatments by Dr. Bill and appears to be feeling much better. His alignment was out of whack. Thanks to Dr. Bill for helping our little guy. Paul's cats continue to progress. Turtle, Snoops, HoHo and MiMi now frequently walk about the front Thumper's Room and into the Mail Room. Their confidence is building. His birthday is 7/2/13.

Allie, Emily and Daisy also have grown in confidence and are now all loverbugs. Such nice kittens. Kukster continues to bathe the little kittens. We use to worry that he was licking to clean them before eating them (just kidding), but he's doing a great gentle job with them now.

I ran across an old picture of Asha when she was almost all light beige--it's amazing the change in her color. She's sitting on my desk right now head butting me. Trusty's sore eye looks great today. He is such a great kitten--full of purrs.

Barky, Markie and Zarkey are doing terrific. They are eating about every 2 1/2 hours. They're still being syringe fed, but sometimes will venture to the dish and eat by itself. Their little tummies are nice and round--known as the FFRC tummy. They get to get down on the floor a couple times a day to play about. Their birthday is 9/14/13.

Our new little gold  kitten has a name. The visitors we had here, Connie and Hanna were awesome and so helpful. Hanna (our young friend) just joined right in and helped immensely. She really liked this little kitten. So, her name is Pasha--all letters taken from her first and last name. Little Pasha has two jobs this week--one is to gain weight for surgery on Saturday and the other is to get rid of the infection in her open fracture of her right elbow. We're helping her with both of these jobs. Pasha arrived Sunday morning. Her birthday is 8/18/13. 

We had 3 other arrivals Sunday morning. Actually four arrivals. Three kittens (about 3 months old) and their mama. In this particular case, mama didn't like the kids, so a friend of mine is watching her until her spay. The three kittens are gorgeous. Two boys/one girl.  The boys are Dodger (gold/white, long hair) and Harley (white and grey brown tiger, long hair with a white tip tail). The girl is Keeley, a short haired calico who is beautiful. They had an excessive load of fleas and severe diarrhea. Fleas are gone, but it cost them alot of fur. But, that will grow back. The diarrhea is getting less each day. Good diet will help too with this. Their birthday is 7/7/13. 

This Saturday is our next surgery date. Tentatively we have 16 surgeries scheduled, but that isn't concrete yet. We also will schedule surgery for Pasha's leg too for that day. We should have results from Minto's necropsy on Friday--hopefully something will shed some light in regards to his death and how we can combat it. 

Please.....give yourself a big hug from me. The ustream video commercials are making FFRC some money. I thank you for putting up with the commercials. Revenues from ustream have almost doubled and that is awesome and due to YOU!  Thank you for being patient and understanding about those ads! 

Happy birthday to Fabio. He is 6 years old today. Fabio arrived in the winter of 2009, but was elusive. Then on 2/10/10, he went into a trap I had set. I was so happy to have trapped him. When I walked up to him, all defenses were down and he became the silly pet-able cat that he is today! He was neutered immediately at our spay/neuter clinic and has never left us since. 

We have a lot of thank yous to give. I am grateful for your support.
Lisa K--thank you for the brownies and pies for Paul's memorial service. 
Arden & Charmaine B from IN--donation for the new little girl that needs surgery on her leg (Pasha).
Elisabeth A from MD--donation to help with the surgery for Pasha
Deb B from MN--to go towards the cost of the necropsy for Minto--I'm deeply grateful
Ju-in-ji--to help sponsor Callen
Nigel W from UK--donation for FFRC
Margaret H/eartheyes--donation in memory of Paul
Elizabeth G from TX--donation to FFRC--use wherever is needed
Joanne P from FL--donation to help with Paul's memorial service
Bernard G from NY--donation in memory of Paul
Catlady from MI-donation in memory of Paul--use to help kitties that are hurting.
Tom & Lori D from FL--donation in memory of Paul & his kitties
Pam/belltime--donation in memory of Paul
Joanne V from AZ--donation for FFRC
Pam Raver/buckeyecat from OH--donation in memory of Paul
Leasa S from UK--donation for FFRC
Judeanlee--donation in memory of Minto and for Paul's cats
Anonymous Friend--donation in memory of Minto
Nancy G from MI--donation in memory of Paul
cjcat/Carolyn from PA--donation in memory of Paul
Norma B from IA--donation in memory of Paul
Gregg G (volunteer)--donation in memory of Paul
Trudy S from OH--donation in memory of Paul
msowl--donation in memory of Paul
Chris D--donation in memory of Paul
Jane Z from CA--donation in memory of Paul
Lewbeth and Betsy--donation in memory of Paul
nancyerin from FL--donation in memory of Paul
Linda S from TX--donation in memory of Paul

I sure didn't want to forget these thank yous either, from BOXES on Oct. 10, Thursday
Sue B/iluvmykitties--4 bottles of HE Tide
Susan345--4 cases Mega Temptation snackers
pat/cathouse & Ellen/furkitty--4 quillows for day sale, ginger snaps for Butter & friends, Book (Fannie Flagg-Standing in a Rainbow), 4 Gallant lions for Day Sale, box of 500 poopie bags, 5 awesome knives that we can use for the Day Sale
Judith L--heat pacs for kitties
Bonnie, Dave & MIchael--bag of 24 ct nip toys
Grace R/Wondertech--Happy Habitat tent for kitties
Betz--donation for Cutie's plates to be shared with her friends.
June/painteddaisy--donation to help with shipping for FFRC

We have a leaf added to our Tree of Giving, thanks to our moderators. It's been placed right under the leaf that Paul had put on the tree in memory of his wife Tyna and his father, Paul Sr.  Thank you mods for making this possible.

Just an FYI--if you get an e-mail from me, from ffrcmoss@gmail or fofrescue@gmail--it is indeed from me! No one answers my e-mail but me! 

Markie, Barky and Zarkey's favorite thing to do--climb legs or sit on shoes! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saturday, October 12

I don't even know how to say this anymore. We have lost our little Minto. He started not feeling well Thursday night but ate breakfast Friday morning. Yesterday he went downhill.  We treated him with everything we had, per our vets, but to no avail. He passed away while being held inside the house, with me this evening. This is so hard to deal with.

On Monday, we will take Minto to the vet's office for a necropsy. It's important that we find our why he passed away as his symptoms are exactly as the other 3 kittens that passed away. Chances are high that it will come back as a virus which is extremely hard to treat. We clean, we give vaccinations, we keep stress levels down, we feed good quality food, we treat symptoms, but those viruses are tough. 

So, our little boy is gone. He was so loved.

Tomorrow is the Celebration of Life Memorial Service for Paul. It is here at FFRC at 2:00.  It will be on the cam, sound will be on, but the chat will be suspended during the service. Afterwards, the volunteers have sandwiches and other food available for everyone to share. Lisa again has provided us with pies, brownies and goodies. People attending will be invited to share any stories they would like with everyone. Six white doves will be released--Paul loved birds. His truck that he loved will be parked out close in the farmyard where the service is. He is greatly missed. 

The Day Sale was today and was extremely successful. I am so very grateful for the support shown. This truly means a lot to me. It helps so much with our bills. Thanks to the mods for playing a big part of this. Thanks to the buyers and the viewers. A big thanks to Jenni, Amy, Dawn, Angie for helping with this event. Another big thanks to Connie/warped for doing so much of the packing up of the orders. Joe/Connie's husband helped run sold items to the mail room. Becky M, another volunteer, came in and did the feeding while we were all so busy. Joyce D provided a pizza lunch for us all. A big effort given by so many--couldn't have done it without your help. 

I have a feeling next week is going to be the beginning of a long peaceful, extra happy time for all of us. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday, October 11

Has it really been 3 days since the last blog?  Yes it has been.  Has it been 3 nights that we've not had boxes? Yep, that's true too. Does that mean it's been a bit overload crazy around here. You got that right. Next week I hope begins a long long week of peace, sweet peace. Hang in there with us and you'll see--we'll get caught up.

I have so many thank yous to give that I want to get right to that. Thank yous are very important to me and this rescue center.
FaithymMD--2 smart phone Pet ID tags for Walter and friend
Lucy P/LuLittle & Benny--2 yoga cat mats (blue and green)
Bonnie, David and Michael--note to Walter and crinkle toys for Walter
Oilsandsgirl--12 cans Pink Alaskan Salmon
Brooke B--4 feather flip toys for Lorenzo
Mayumi from Japan--6 packets of Mon Petit (a kitten milk), 4 cases of Tulle (chicken and tuna), 3 packets of chicken filets, 16 packets of extra soft Kleenex for the volunteers and stickers for Hannah
Laura/Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Janet/Janak--20 mega bags of Temptation snackers
Kerswill/Nancy & Tom--case of Fancy Feast kitten turkey, Friskies Pate, 9 Lives and a 40 pound bag of Precious Litter
Vicki B--3 bags of Royal Canin baby cat dry
Tara--card with CD and donation for FFRC Nation and a donation from picture being done by Wanda
Jean K from MN--card
Romeosmom from MO--coupons and pop tabs for Kellen
Sevren--reflective collar for Wandering Walter
Julie P/tigercat54 from IA--halloween bib for Molly (cute!)
Caren F--package of springs & mylar balls, case of Friskies salmon, Fancy Feast kitten turkey and a case of large cans of Friskies Pate
Warpedinmn/Joe & Connie from MN--12 human size blankies (now called Warped Dee Doos!), 12 kuranda pads, 24 cat nip toys, 50 kickeroos, leggydews and cat nip pads---all for the Day Sale!  Lots of sewing done and I really apprecitae this!
Tana--2 gallons of bleach, and lysol wipes
Deb11111--12 rolls Bounty paper towels
Defiance Dance Studio--donation for the cats
Kona & Minto (our 2 FFRC kittens) received a donation in honor of them being picked up and held!! And also in memory of Paul
Gusti--2 blankies for Rosi and Toby and in celebration of Dove's birthday

I would also like to send a special thanks to the following people who sent a donation for Paul--whether it be for the care of his cats, his medical needs or for FFRC, I thank you so very much.
Phyllis B from MI, Rosesf6cats from IA, Judy S from VT, Renate M from Defiance, Ruffles29 from MI, Jean K from MN, Julie P, Anonymous Friend, Renee C, Peggy E from MN, Marlane & Ken from NJ, Deb M, Catherine D, Janet S & Toby & Harley, Billie K from TX, Helen M from UK, DebbiDear from CA, Lostgirl from NJ, Sigrid from Defiance, Penny V from Ohio, Holly Ann W, Sue H from OR, 
Lois L from IA, DeEtte P from OH

Tomorrow is our Day Sale starting at 10:00 am (FFRC time). Oh my goodness, we have a lot of items to show you. I've a feeling this sale will run a bit long! Please be patient with us here at the rescue center and the mods and with one another. Remember, ustream is always about 20 seconds behind FFRC. Iphones, Ipads, tablets can be 35 seconds or more behind. So, we shall all do our best and hang in there together! During the Day Sale, while items are being sold, the chat will be kept to those notes only--no chit chat during that time as it makes it hard for the mods to pick out the names of people wanting things. We'll explain it all in the morning and do a quick, simple easy round first so it's all clear! 

I want to say a special thanks to our volunteers for their super patience and compassion especially in these last 4 weeks. Many things have happened and we've all been out of our normal schedules. But, they are wonderful and just go with the flow. I thank each and every one of you. 

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet little Kwee left with her new mama Courtney and friend to start her new homelife in Maine. They arrived home last night safe and sound and Kwee/Zoey is now a good traveler! Rosi and Toby are also in their new home and traveled just fine too. 

Our new kitten Ganache is doing great. He's so little but can keep up with Walter. They seem to have a real bond with each other. So sweet to see. The 3 little brownies are doing great--Barky, Markie and Zarkey. They move as "one unit"! Where one goes, they all go. Volunteer Peggy S took them home for 2 nights to help out with them. They love her! Trusty is named appropriately. He will lay on his back forever, just to have his tummy rubbed.

Viola's litter is growing. I do believe little Carlton is doing better. There are days where he spends "just staring off in space" and not participating with the other kittens. But today, he seems to be playing much better now. He's so so sweet. They are growing and climbing and acting like bigger kittens. Won't be long until Viola will be going to her new home (to join Theo!). 

Hard to believe in about 4 weeks we will need to move the Covies up to Kitty City for the winter. We will keep them in Cat's Cove for as long as possible, providing the weather is decent for them. Today is the day they get to cruise about the farmyard--they love it. 

Take care everyone and see you at the Day Sale!

Minto when he first arrived, getting his bath.  Picture taken by Diane F.
  Picture 538.jpg                                                                                                                       

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday, October 8

We truly are kitten runneth over. The 3 newbie tiger babes now are named (compliments of Kelly!). The boy brown tiger is called Barky. The girl brown tiger is Markie. The boy brown tiger with white toes is Zarkey. Yes, these are real names! THese 3 kittens are an absolute joy! They are already spoiled--just how we like them!

We also have a new kitten in that we tested this morning. Test results are in and he is negative for FIV and leukemia. He arrived yesterday.  A friend of a FFRC friend found him. He spent the day in an office until he could be brought here. He has stunning black and white markings--really striking. His name is Ganache, a Catathon name. He's about 5 months old.

Sammie and Fiona have reached their destination! They are now home with their mama Faith in Maine. It sounds like all is well and both sides are happy and doing great!

Paul's cats are doing a bit better. We have now progressed to opening the back door so the front and back Thumper's Room is together. They are becoming braver and starting to explore more. Here are their names:
Jingles/Jingies---solid grey
As you can see, they all have nicknames! Jingles was the special cat to Tyna. Turtle was Paul's special cat.

We have a busy rest of the week. Thursday and Friday are Paul's garage/apartment sale, Saturday is the Day Sale and Sunday is Paul's Memorial/Celebrate his Life at 2:00.  We will be broadcasting this ceremony, as I know he made many friends thru the kittycam. During the ceremony, all chat will be stopped and then resumed after the ceremony.

I'd like to give you a run down of the things we will be putting up for the Day Sale.
Christmas Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments (collectibles)   $8 to $65
2 packs of crocheted hotpads    $9
Gallant crocheted cat toys  $10
Leggydews    $12
Weaved Coasters, set of 4    $12
Lavender Bags   $12
Crocheted scarves  $12
Crocheted Hand warmer/scarf sets   $15
Pat's crocheted blankies   $15
Ceramic Coffee Mugs (2 sets)    $15
Catnip Pads    $15
Partylite Candle Set    $15
Catstock tie-dye t-shirts   $15
Country Quilt    $2-
Placemats (4) and Tablerunner    $25
Quillows    $30
Brown Fresh water Pearls Necklace & Earrings    $35
Blue Fresh water Pearls Necklace & Earrings    $35
Blue crocheted Pearls and Quartz Necklace   $40
AAfghan aqua    $40
Handmade full shell necklaces (2)    $150
Plus more!!!!!!!!!!

We have had two adoptions today! Chrissy & Doug from Wisconsin have been here as visitors and just couldn't leave without two new kitties to take home! Doug chose Toby and Chrissy chose Rosie! Two awesome new family members!

We have had some additional donations made to FFRC, thru PayPal in memory of Paul. Some of these donations are to go for Paul's cats, his memorial service, medical bills or for FFRC. Those would be from: Kellyssong from MD, Amanda S from Defiance, Lois L from IA, Bianca D from WA, Andrea W from PA, Kazz72, Marcia S from MI, Brenda C from LA, Kim K from MI, PSW from CA, Barbara D from NH.  I am so very grateful to each and everyone of you.

Remember if you need a place to put your vote for The Animal Rescue Site, consider The Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary  at St. Pauls, NC.

We have an opportunity to do a fundraiser! There are grocery stores in northwest Ohio and Northern Indiana that sells products with the SPARTAN label on them. We can receive money for these labels. Simply remove the UPC from the labels. We collect them and when we reach 1,000 of them, we turn them in. For every 1,000 UPC's, we would receive $20.

One of my favorite sayings:  Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened....happiness never decreases by being shared.  Buddha

Bella got to go outside today for her "sunshine stroll". She loves it. Jersey has been out and about all day today, just strolling around! What pleasure to see him doing this. Molly's been here for a visit today and took her afternoon nap on the flower, with a multitude of kittens keeping her company!

Well, this blog has taken the entire day to do! Lots of stops and starts, so it's time to get it published before it turns into Weds.!!

Molly and Minto taking an afternoon nap.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6

Fiona and Sammie left yesterday to begin their journey to reach their new mama, Faith! Her friend, Sandy picked them up and proceeded on their way to join up with Faith, Such excitement!

This coming week we will have more visitors. Courtney (calico mama) and her friend Carol will be arriving on Wednesday to adopt little Kwee and a friend. 

Remember this Saturday is our next Day Sale! We have lots of items available. Think Christmas presents too! The 13th at 2:00 is Paul's Memorial Service here at FFRC. Then on the 19th is our next surgery date. 

This morning, we removed the sutures that were in Paddy Purr's nose. I was so proud of him--he sat there and didn't squirm at all. Such a big boy! He deserved 10 kisses for that. His nose looks a little bit better--a bit less swollen.

We took in 3 new little kittens. Two boys and one girl. Two are brown tiger (boy/girl) and the third is a boy tiger with white toes  All 3 are so sweet. Diane and Penny have taken over their syringe-feeding while they've been here.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks heading your way.
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze from FL--5 red flashlights, 9 LED flashlights, 8 smaller flashlights and batteries. We will be prepared!
FaithyMD--Digital wireless RF Universal locator and a "pocket thing"  for it! As soon as things settle down, we will be looking at this and the one that arrived a couple days ago!
Electicat/Karen & David and kitties Harley, Kody, Bonnie, Gracie & Teddy--a note and a gorgeous white and mint green afghan for Day Sale or auction.
Ted E--2 cases of Temptation treats for the Covies and 2 cases for the Rescue Center
Anonymous Friend--2 BIG cases of Friskies Shreds, 2 cases Temptation snackers and 2-32 pound boxes of A&H litter
Michlynn/Lynn from MI--card with note, coupons, bunch of really nice cat toys, ruffle scarves for the Day Sale (love these!) and 3 Catstock kitty tie dye shirts for the Day Sale
Laurie/felinetoyz from WA--3 cases of Friskies, assorted flavors
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--rechargeable flashlight and 4 sleeves of hot cups with lids (we're prepared for winter now!)
Arden & Charmaine--10 cans of Reeses Sardines, case of Tiki cat can food, 2 cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Friskies
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes and coupons
Rob & Sarah P from MO--coupons and pop tabs for Kellen
FaithyMD--new variation of FFRC Nation--really awesome
Sheriff Putter also had a special letter for Wayward Walter that was wonderful!
Kathy S & Laura S from MI--donation for FFRC (visitors)
Penny from Ottawa, Canada (visitor)--5 packages plates, 2 gallons of vinegar, 2 teddy bears & 2 blankies for the new kittens, laser pointer and a String Fling toy
Diane from Ottawa, Canada (visitor)--5 packages small plates, 4 packages styrofoam plates, 3 blankies, 5 gallons of vinegar, 2 small Purina One dry food, 2 large Purina One dry food
Chrissy & Doug from Wis (visitors)--4 blankets, 6 bags of Temptation snackers, 1 bag of healthy weight snackers, Party mix snackers and 3 boxes of Fancy Feast.
Diane & Penny also brought together sardines (!), package tape, postie notes and felt pen markers
Patcat--brought 20 of the Catstock tie die shirts for the next Day Sale!
Pat & Ellen from FL--donation sponsor for Farrah
Ingrid S from Netherlands--donation for World Animal Day
Janet A--donation made in honor of Pat the volunteer for making her two scarves
Lisa K--brought us very yummy cookies and pieson the day that Paul passed away. So nice of you. 

I would also like to say a big thank you to the following for their donations. These donations were made to FFRC, some to be used for Paul's needs/cats, some for FFRC in memory of Paul. Because of space, I hope you do not mind that I will list in rows. Thank you so much for caring. 
Barbara Wicklung from WA, mkmouse from NJ, Nancy L, Lynn R, Mamie from VA, JillR27, Caren F from CA, Kathy M from MN, Glynette M from CA, Eugenia S from Russia, Bantry, Joanne V from AZ, Janet from NZ, Neil & Jean S from OH, Lucinda H from Nova Scotia, Ingrid S from Netherlands, Oilsandgirls from Canada, Miau23 from Germany, Felinetoyz from WA, Randolph & Winston from NY, Sharon S from MI,Daydreamz2 from IA, Thomas P from NJ, Mary R from LA, Bamagirl153 from AL, Vaunita from PA, Nancy S from MD, Dianne W from OK, Beth A from IL, Gusti from Germany, northpolemn from MN, Ruth S from IA, Susan C from ME, Brenda R from CA, Napa from MA, Dawnstar from UK, Ruth B, Arden & CHarmaine B from IN, Ron & Cecily from CT, Theodore E from CA, Sandra E from Canada, Kate & Patrick E from Flintshire, Lu-Little & Benny from UK, Mudjie, Pam T from VA, Lesa S from MN, Elisabeth A from MD, kittygirl7 from Canada, Bernard G from NY.  This list simply amazes me and I'm grateful. 

If at any time I have missed a name, never hesitate to e-mail me. 

Today we moved the 6 kittens and their mama Viola to Cat's Corner Room. It's about twice as big and since the kittens are growing with lightning speed, they needed more room! They can toddle about now on pretty steady legs. They sure like to play! 

Those grey kittens are doing great. They are super ornery, especially in the mornings--always trying to foil my best laid plans to prepare breakfast! Dovie Girl loves people! Yes, she does. She will reach out to get attention! Every day at least twice, Asha will get on my desk and give me head butts. So very sweet. 

I have just in the last day been able to go onto facebook and read the entries about Paul. Feelings are still rather raw and open but reading your entries is very healing. On our website, is a new memorial page for Paul. Please copy your pictures, posts, stories about Paul onto this page. At his memorial service, I will copy these and put onto a table among other items of Paul's. If you have any trouble entering your information, please let me know by e-mail. Thank you very much.

Oh what a beautiful girl--Asha.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday, October 4

This is a Paul blog today.

As you probably already know, our dear friend Paul passed away early this morning. Some of us were with him thru the evening last night. On Weds. he was still talking and he and I enjoyed going over his truck driving years and talking about his cats. Oh, he sure loved his cats. 

He passed peacefully and so quietly. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for caring about Paul. I've enjoyed hearing stories about him. He was one special guy and was much loved by his friends and fellow-volunteers. I have enjoyed seeing so many pictures and posts in facebook. Very soon we will have a page on our website to honor Paul with pictures, stories and thoughts. Thank you for caring about Paul. 

This is his obitusary: 

Paul Edward Marowelli Jr.
Defiance--Paul E. Marowelli Jr., 46, passed away on October 4, 2013 at Defiance In Patient Hospice Center. He was born in Toledo, Oh on Oct. 24, 1966, son of Paul Marowelli Sr. and Joyce Brown. 

He married Tyna Jane Weiland in 2007. Paul was proceeded in death by his father, his wife and grandparents. He is survived by one brother Clifford and mother Joyce, both of Mesa Arizona and his in-laws Willie and Carol Weiland. 

Paul was a truck driver for many years and also loved being a grandfather to RaeRae. Paul loved to fish and enjoyed working with animals. He volunteered at Friends of Felines' Rescue Center in Defiance, Oh for 7 years and also Tri-State Transport and Rescue for 3 years. Paul also included in his family his 6 cats. He was loved by many friends and had a way of making anyone smile and laugh.

A celebration of life memorial will be held at Friends of Felines' Rescue Center on 10/13, Sunday at 14597 Power Dam in Defiance at 2:00. 

Those planning an expression of sympathy are asked to consider memorial contributions to Friends of Felines' Rescue Center to help take care of his cats and to help financially with medical costs for Paul. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday, October 3

The kittens are growing! The Ten Group that spends their night times in Cat's Corner Room will now be out and about at night, except for Minto. We'll try it tonight but if there's too much rough housing, we'll put them back in their room for the night for another week. 

Viola's kittens are growing and eating better and better by themselves! They are such fun little players--the world is a big playground to them, all in the confines of June's Room. Viola has turned out to be an awesome mama. She is so relaxed and enjoys her away time from the kittens but is keeping up totally with their care. 

We will have a few visitors coming in this weekend. Fiona and Sammie's Aunty Sandy will be here on Friday and leave with the two kittens on Saturday for their journey to their new mama Faith. Di will also be visiting for 2 days. Di will be bringing a friend. Jobo and Jobo's mom will also be here this Saturday for a day visit. We love visitors!

You would all be very proud of Minto. That little one goes around all the time with a food-crusty nose! That's because he always has his nose and mouth in a food plate! He's doing great! LillyAnn is also eating quite well. We're feeding her a combination of baby food mixed in with soft food and she's eating this just fine. Her tongue is looking good. She is quite shy and finds comfort in her pen where she feels safe and sound. She possibly may become a Porchie as inside living is definitely not her thing. She tolerates being held and loved on, but given the chance, she wants to escape right back into her pen on her bed. 

We had BOXES last night. Thank you! Your help is truly appreciated. 
Weya from FL--a webkinz kitten that looks like Kona. We marked the ear with "Kona"!
Anonymous Friend--big bag of Purina Indoor Cat,a 40 lb box of cat litter, 2 Lysol 3 packs, a box of 13 gallons Kitchen bags, bottle of Dawn soap, GPS tracker for Walter!, Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, another case of Fancy Feast.  Thanks!
Vickie B/nyckitty45 from NY--4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten, bag of Royal Canon dry kitten food, case of canned Royal Cannon Babycat
Kathy K/JustMe--4 boxes of ziplock bags and two 50-count boxes of drink cups (for Keurig) with lids
Brenda C/catatonic_cajun from LA--two big boxes of Bounce fabric softener
Susan345--4 sleeves of coffee cups with lids for Keurig
Hannah our friend from IN--pack of cool cat stickers with card and letter, 2 big bags of Temptations. Hannah also made a very nice Hello Kitty basket and pillow for the baby kittens, 2 very large cans of Tuna. Thanks to our sweet Hannah!
Austin W--a donation to FFRC
Betty L--a happy birthday card and note with 2 pictures. One of birthday boy Ollie who is 1 and one of Ollie and Mom Betty.  Happy Birthday to you both!

We also had some PayPal donations--a big thanks!
Gerri R/GraceToo--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Daystar2020--donation in honor of the tireless search effort by the volunteers for Walter, to restock their supplies with their favorite goodies
Kathy K from IA--donation for a cake for the volunteers for the rescue of Walter (yummy!)
Gusti--donation for Walter's Return-Party!
Mary K WC from TN--for a giftcard from McDonald's for Paul
Dawn H from MI--to go towards anything, in honor of Walter's return
Janet S from IA--for whatever is needed, in honor of the safe return of Walter
Elisabeth A from MD--however we need it, in honor of Walter
Phyllis W from AZ--to offset costs of finding Walter, or any other needs of FFRC
Gary B from Canada--a donation to ffrc thru PayPal
Cn1919 from PA--a donation for Happy October! 
Sarah P from MO--for the flashlight fund!
DeEtte P from OH--to help buy flashlights for FFRC, in celebration of Walter's safe return

Here are a couple dates for you! Our next Day Sale is Saturday October 12 at 10:00 am. We will later give you lists of what will be available, as some as Hallmark Collectibles. A fun day! The next surgery date is Saturday, October 19. This will be another busy surgery day.

We had a report from PetFinders. The top 15 cats that were viewed are: Ginger, Toby, Whobe, Kenco, Temba, Kiko, Little Hank, Karena, Weeja, Melia, Intrepid, Archer, Navi, Whisk and Dove. 

From Jimmy: He said Timothy (Covie cat) got a "free pass" and had a day of play out on the farmyard. He helped Jimmy round up the loose donkey too! Eric got to pet Cliff, even his tummy! 

Dovie is laying close to my desk, purring her head off! I love how she reaches out her paw for a pet. Asha is also close by as usual. She never misses an opportunity to be loved on. Zelda was on my desk, all stretched out, but is now sleeping on the file cabinet. There were just 2 cats on the new orange wheel, making it spin in the Kabana Room. 

Update on Paul: yesterday while visiting him, we pulled up lots of pictures and stories on facebook and showed him. He really enjoyed this. He also asked me to show his nurses the pictures so they would know what he looked like before he became ill. Paul's appetite wasn't too good yesterday. He is very weak, but still smiling. 

Our sweet little Lorenzo. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct. 1 Tuesday

Walter is back home! We're happy, thrilled but most of all extremely thankful. He's safe and unharmed. Our heart wrenching ordeal ended about 12 hours after it started. It's hard enough to lose any cat but when you add his CH and being deaf on top, ohhhhh, it made for much worries. But, he's home, he's happy and he's still wiggly!

I have so many thank yous to give. The minute word got out that Walter was missing, volunteers started showing up. Friends of Walters arrived to search too. A neighbor took his pontoon along the river edge to look up in the brush. People scanned the big woods over and over again. The mail lady, trash man were notified. A lost ad was on the radio stations. Eighty posters were given to each and every neighbor on both sides of the Rescue Center. The farmyard was searched. Pizzas arrived for lunch for all the volunteers.  A "thank you cake" will arrive today. There were so many people everywhere looking and looking. The one thing that was missing, is the constant calling of Walter. We knew he wouldn't hear, so all eyes were pealed looking for him.

Big thanks to the mods for helping overtime with the chat. I know the viewers were also very concerned about Walter. While we were searching, the mods and chatters were keeping everyone's spirits uplifted on the chat. I am thankful for you all too. And I know the lurkers were also very concerned. Thanks also to the admins of fb for helping with the extra load of posts about Walter. We are so blessed to be surrounded by caring people. 

I mentioned to the mods that the "feeling" of the cam at times comes across loud and clear. I thank you for that. The love, concern, compassion is truly felt by us, on this side of the cam.

I stood at the fence yesterday, with a phone in each hand waiting for a call about Walter, and overlooked the grounds. I saw people everywhere searching. My heart was so full with gratitude as it still is today. Our volunteers and FFRC friends rock. They saw a need and they arrived to help. I'm grateful.

How was Walter found? He was sleeping, curled up tight in a tall spot of weeds. Many of us had walked along the path of where he was many times, so it was obvious that he had moved about. But, there he was, sleeping! His "spot" was about 4 feet from the edge of the road, along the river side. When he was touched, up popped his head, just like he does here. What a wonderful boy!

Walter is back home, right where he belongs. So.....what did we learn from this? There's a few things that will be done. We're going to look into different GPS programs. I will also, hopefully today, make new name tags for all of the residents with a phone number on them. Right now, all they have are their names. Also a big laminated sign will go on the back door where it's thought Walter exited at. A big caution--don't let any cats out sign. I am also going to get better flashlights. While we have a couple good flashlights, we were limited by poorly lit flashlights at first for everyone to use. It was dark out yet and foggy---we need a few more strong flashlights. So that will be taken care of. It's always important to learn something good from hard times.

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks!
Kim C/coloeagle--donation in memory of Justme's Aunt Evelyn, 2 beautiful afghans for Day sale or auction
Oilsandsgirl--5 cases of Fancy Feast turkey kitten food, 3 boxes of gallon size ziplock bags, case of Nantucket k-cups, Newman's k-cups, case of coffee cups and lids
Ms. Bekkah's Corner from Virginia--6 crocheted toy balls
DayDreamz/Susan M from Iowa--lots of K-cups
Mayumi from Japan--2 cases plus 4 extra packs of Tulle cat food
Summer & Tessa & family from OH--kitty snackers!
Ellen and Pat from FL--personalized mug with Saint Gertrude, Patron Saint of Cats--love it
WarpedinMN--3 sizes of polybag mailers--lots of each size
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--birthday card and a $5 bill for Alaska
Colleen MP from CA--lots of coupons
Sandra L/friend of Sammy & Fion's momma--donation in memory of Meg M
Trudy S from Bryan, OH--donation
Susan TC from Defiance--donation
Nadine/electraPA and kitties Conner, Tommy and Jakey--kitty beds for Walter, Jersey & Merri, garbage bags, ping pong balls, a beautiful rose quartz rock and a tie dye cat shirt for Janak
Martha M from Arkansas and kitties Tuck, Isabella and Maisie for LilyAnn--Donation for soft food, 2 extra soft blankies, stuffed brown bunny. For Angie--extra fabric for blankets
Kikimycat--a "volunteer Delight Box"--12 pack of variety cookies, pack of cookie/crackers packages, 80 juice packs, 20 pack mixed chips. Also 5 cans of salmon and a flashing butterfly light
Gusti from Germany--a donation to help with drinks for surgery day and later on!

More about the other cats later! This blog is simply to give thanks!  Garsh, we sure love that Walter! 

Taken from Facebook, posted by Diana CR