Friday, September 30, 2011

So far, so good!

Patricia Ann went to her new temporary home last night and so far, so good. Patricia Ann is beautiful but she's been having a few problems here at the rescue center. We needed to find a certain home for her where she would be the only cat and adults that would work with her. We possibly might have found that home. The family is quite willing to let Patricia Ann be herself. She even wanted a big head scratch from them last night! We'll keep you posted. Good news--between our AdSense account and Amazon Associates program, we had over $520 deposited into the FFRC checking account this month. Thanks to Kurt for setting up these 2 avenues of money for us. Cabana and Nebraska are in June's Room and will probably have their first cruise of the rescue center today. Tasco continues to do well--is using his box 100%. We had 3 boxes last night! Thanks to Sunoco (long hair gold/white cat that was recently adopted) and his owner for a box full of great items--can food, plates, paper towels, spoons, etc. Everything will be put to good use. Thanks too to Cathi B for the canned Chicken Soup for adults--they will love it. Also Annette S sent Friskies! The cats are happy! Thanks for your support. We gave Snooglies some SQ fluids today. She's off her food a bit and we don't want her to get dehydrated. She keeps going to the doors, so we have been carrying her outside for walks. She seems to really enjoy this. All is fine here. Kitties, cats and volunteers are happy! Yesterdays volunteers were Peggy S., Connie G., Donna and Connie D.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

KW gets a custom collar

Maybe we solved the problem for Kurt William not to scratch his shoulder! Titans--I hope you don't mind, but we took 3 of your wonderful plastic cross stitch book marks and cut it to have 3 long bands, which we sewed together. Then we fitted it to his neck and it covers his sore just perfectly. It's not very wide, it's staying in place and you can't hardly tell he has it on. It's working! We'll leave this on for a period of time to completely heal his neck. Snooglies ate her breakfast. She's also been out cruising alot today already. I know when people look at her, they think she is so very thin, which she is, but she's also so very happy! She LOVES us to hold her, which we enjoy doing. Bella's bottom sore is a bit of a problem. She now has 3 staples to close the area. The problem is, because of the location, it's hard for it to heal. I'm very very hesitant on any debriding being done on this area, as she MUST not lose what skin she has there. Time is on our side, so we'll keep working on her. It's very possible we have found a home for Patricia Ann. This won't be considered an adoption, but a trial home. No cats or kids in the home. More later! Breakfast today was provided 100% by webcam donations! Thanks! Big thanks to Jeepers for your donation to help with Snooglies. We've ordered your plaque for the Tree of Giving. I appreciate it. A big thanks to to Wal-Mart and Pat (our volunteer). For every 25 hours that she volunteers here, the rescue center receives $250 from Wal-Mart. Remember that we collect aluminum cans. So, if you're from this area and have aluminum cans, we'll take them! You can drop them off on the left side of the parking lot. Many thanks to Susan G for the wonderful Royal Canin Dry Babycat Food. It's wonderful, the little kittens love it. Also thanks to ClassyCat for the Cat Treat Maze--we fill it with treats and they play with it while they figure out how to get the treats! What fun! Cabana's abscess on her jaw is doing better. Cabana and Nebraska are now in June's Room and are enjoying it. Tasco is spending more and more spending time in the Rescue Center. So far, so good, he's using the litter box! Someone asked me today how long we've been doing the rescue center and I told them since 1999. Then I was asked for how long I plan to do this. My answer was till I die (and remember, I've always said I think I'm going to live to be over 100!).The next question was what makes it possible for you and the volunteers to do this work? My answer was passion. It's wonderful to be driven by passion--it makes the goal of the rescue center fun, exciting and meaningful. And of course, the other part of that answer is the support we receive. I will always use 100% of the money and items donated to the rescue center in the best possible way to do the most amount of good. Thank you for being a part of this rescue center!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now a Featured Channel on!

We are now featured on the front page of Pets/Animal section on! What a wonderful thing for FFRC! The banner that is displayed has our little Tookie kitten on it. We took in another kitten. Lisa found him at her dog rescue and was worried about his safety. He's the same age as Nuggie and Cabana. His name is Nebraska, named by Kathy, our volunteer. Nebraska is a grey tiger, very similar to Selby. He's in Thumper's Room making friends with Cabana. Tasco, the part Havana cat is spending some time in the main Rescue Center now. He's doing great and has used his box 100%. The Cat's Corner Room door is open now a couple times a day to let the "herd of kittens" come out and play. They love it. They're all so tiny. Our next surgery date is Nov. 5th. Dr. Cindy will be coming to do lots of spays and neuters for us on that day. We had a box last night from Cobbis who sent a case of Friskies and a case of Whiska packs. Thanks so very much! The cats also send their thanks. Our old oldster Snooglies likes to sit in my lap when I'm at the desk--I don't know who is happier about that--her or me! The 3 kittens that Jodi had fostered for FFRC are now here and have names. The black/white is Wonder, the tiger/white is Marvel and the tiger is Noble. Kurt has been working on the shelves and bed box designs that he'll be doing in Kitty City. It will be awesome. A webcam friend Peverley will be visiting the Rescue Center this Saturday with her friends. She will be visiting all the kittens and cats, but particularly the kitten that she brought in--Peverley. Remember to start voting again this Monday Oct. 3. Thank you.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Kitten Time Again!

The 11 kittens have been moved to Cat's Corner Room so they can start acclimating to the main area. They are: Mary Katherine, Nuggie, Cassi, Chia, Claudius, Picasso, Wiggles, Shastah, and the 3 from that were being fostered by Jodi. Just this morning, we opened the door and left them out for their first cruise (except for Nuggie and Mary Katherine). We'll be going on kitty hunts again, to put them back in their room off and on today! We also took in a new kitten yesterday. Her name is Cabana, she is about 4 ½ months old, and only weighs a bit over 2 pounds. She is black with a 4 inch natural tail. She loves people And is spending time in Thumper's Room with Tasco for now. We had a few boxes last night. We received from Paul W. some Q-tips, KMR, and paper plates. Thanks Paul! All will definitely be put to good use. We also received a box from Margaret S. She sent some Friskies can food and a case of Fancy Feast. These are the things that help keep us going! Also, Clemm a webcam friend and volunteer made some baby blankets for the cats. They're very pretty and are already being used. Kiwi sent some of that wonderful Cat-Man-Doo Bonito Flakes. Of course, Octavia had the first bite of it! Cabbage has been playing with the kittens--so nice to see. Snooglies is eating fairly good, but sleeping a lot. She definitely shows signs of being a geriatric cat, but we'll love her for as long as she's with us. This Sunday is our Pet Blessing day. It's at 2:00 and you are welcome to join us thru the cam. Remember, Monday, Oct. 3rd is when we start voting again at The Animal Rescue Site. Please pass this along to your friends and families and we'll make a big voting day happen! I'm grateful for your support.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Catch-up day!

Sorry I got behind on the blog postings, I've been a little busy -Kurt

We're kittens overrunneth! New kittens have arrived. We just took in 3 more grey/silver identical babies. They had been found in a trash dumpster a week before arrival. A family kept them temporarily until they were brought here. They are Cassi and Chia for the 2 girls and the boy is called Claudius. These are sweethearts who have a big booming purr. Sometime this week, we'll also be taking in Jodi's 3 kittens that she's been fostering. They were tiny wee kittens and are now 8 weeks old. We have all the newbies now in Thumper's Room, all on the floor to cruise and play. They are: Picasso, Wiggle, Shasta, Cassi, Chia, Claudius, Dulcy, Mary Katherine, Nuggie and a returned adult cat called Tasco. Tasco is a cat that was adopted from here 2 years ago. Much to the owners sadness, he had to be returned. He is part Havanna -a big cat that was found 2 years ago as a wee kitten along the riverbank. He's awesome and loves people, cats and dogs. I heard from Leotie's family yesterday and they love her. Actually called her a sweetie and an angel! Of course, she sleeps in their bed with them! We also had an adoption yesterday that we're extra thrilled about. A volunteer, Sigred who adopted Winken a couple weeks ago, came back to get his brother Blinken! Now the 2 brothers are together again! Twinkle looks wonderful and happy. You can tell her from Ernestine as Twinkle has a lightly tipped tail. Tookie is a super lovey girl. We're close to our 5th week of no seizures for Farrah!

We have much thanks to give for some boxes that were opened.
Kiwinanz (from New Zealand): 1 case baby food, catnip, Whiskas packets, Fancy Feast
Christine S: cotton tip applicators,
Margaret S: Friskies can food
Nuki-mom from VA: cash donation and a Wal-Mart gift card & a lovely letter
Jatcat: new box openers and replacement blades

I weighed Snooglies today. She arrived here on 9/13 and weighed 5.02. Today she weighs 5.13. Yeah for weight gain! She sure loves that baby food! She's feeling better now and starting to cruise about again. Kate and Judy S. are lavishing the TLC on Mary Katherine and Nougies. They are relaxing, eating good and enjoying being in a safe environment. We had a box to open last night. The box was from lewbeth12. She sent cat treats, baby rice cereal, Fancy Feast, Whiskas, kitty toys, and a great monkey sock pet bed. Thanks so much lewbeth. Especially love that monkey bed. Kurt Williams' shoulder is looking real good. We'll keep his sweater on for a few more days to make sure all is well. Cinnabon and Macallen love each other--these are the twin gold boys. They are so sweet and fun. Racer is almost done with the 2 shelves that go in Thumper's Room--they're beautiful and will probably be put up on Saturday. Just heard from the lady that adopted Sensi. She's doing awesome! Also heard from Titans, who adopted Barbra. All is well and happy there! Neil and Anna Marie called yesterday about Bandita (Vicky). They love her.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Spay and Neuter!

My wish for all cats and dogs: I wish that somehow all the cats and dogs would get spayed and neutered. There are NOT enough homes for all that are being born. Here at the Rescue Center, I can keep up with the daily medical treatments, the intake procedures, the adoptions, the doorbell, phone and the daily routines. It's turning people away that is the very most difficult thing to do. And it's simply because too many cats are not neutered or spayed. The thing is, this is a problem with an answer! Get those cats neutered or spayed!

We had boxes to open last night! Many thanks to Quayside for the 3 different kinds of Whisker treats for Putter and the oldsters. Putter says thanks too! Snooglies is doing pretty good. She's ever so slowly gaining weight-8 ounces so far! She LOVES baby food. Picasso, Wiggle and Shasta are now sharing June's Room with Mary Katherine & Nougie. Mary Katherine & Nougie both need lots of hands on as they arrived fairly shy of people. We're working on it. Bella is doing a bit better today. She continues to take her meds willingly as long as she gets a good petting afterward! Farrah is in her 4th week of taking her PB seizure meds. She loves the pill pockets which help tremendously. Usually her seizures would be every 5-6 weeks, so we'll continue to watch her. We may still have adjustments that need to be done on her PB dose. The voting is done on The Animal Planet Rescue Site. As you probably already know, we won a weekly award for having the most votes in that week and also won the Photo Contest (JJ's picture). Both of these resulted in a $1,000 check to FFRC!! The last quarter for this year's voting starts October 3rd. Please be ready to vote again!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back in Time!

Mondays post didn't make it to the blog, so here it is:

Monday, September 19th

There's kittens and cats everywhere! Snooglies is not as energetic today. She's sleeping more than she has been, but is eating. I weighed her and she's gained one more ounce over 3 days time. So at least we're going in the right direction. Today I'll be getting Barbra and Bandita's health records ready for their adoptions tomorrow. I've already heard from Anna Marie today. They are on the road, heading this way. The adoption itself will take place tomorrow. Anna Marie will adopt Bandita and she will be taking Barbra with her to meet up with Titan (both live in Missouri). The 3 little kittens in Thumper's Room today received their first vaccinations. They're Picasso, Shasta and Wiggles. We also took in another new kitten today. Our volunteer, Judy S., found him in her yard. This poor thing made me cry. He is so utterly thin it hurts to look at him. He's about 4-5 months old and weighs just a little over 2 pounds. He arrived with fleas but those are now gone. His first "meal" was fluids, then we started feeding him every 45 minutes, in very small quantities. He's white and buff. Judy would like to name him Caramel Nougat and call him Nougie.

Wednesday, September 21st

Our visitors from Missouri have arrived home safely. Anna Marie & Eric came Monday night for a visit and then stayed at one of the local motels. Yesterday morning they returned to officially adopt Bandita. It was love at first sight for all 3 of them! They also took Barbra who has been adopted by our Titan friends. Titans live close to Anna Marie, so they did the drop off last night. All went well. Two great adoptions. We took in a new kitten. Judy S., a volunteer, found him in her yard. His name is Nougie. He's about 4 1/2 months, but his arrival weight was that of a 2 month old. He's steadily gaining weight. He has a wonderful purr to him and loves to be held. But, he still has that "flight" instinct in him when down on the floor. So...we're working on him! Snooglies has gained another ounce. I truly wish I knew how old she is. She appears to be ancient. She loves being held, just relaxes and enjoys it. Bella's bottom abscess wound is slowly starting to heal. It's a week old already. She had a setback, but I think we're on the road to recovery now. Will take some time. We have proof now--Emaline likes the Cat Go Round Wheel! Now we need to get Asha on the wheel! Twinkle now looks like a regular cat! She also loves attention and being held. It's a pleasure to see her walking around enjoying herself.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

3 Amigos

Yesterday was our Fall Festival day at Kircher's Flowers. It was fun, made $220, saw a lot of people who has adopted from us and talked to alot of supporters. It was a good day! We also had 2 adoptions yesterday. The family that adopted Subra & Baacha decided that Latte' needed a home and came adopted her. We were so happy for the family and for Latte'. Amy, a web-cam viewer from MI., came and adopted Jobo. Two lucky cats and two lucky families! We also took in another new little kitten yesterday. This sweet long hair black/white baby was tossed from a car and has a scabbed up face. Her name is Shasta, named by Gossamer from the Catathon Name a Cat. The 3 littlest kittens are now friends and are together as a group in Thumper's Room. The little black kitten's name is Picasso after the famous Spanish painter, in honor of our Spanish friends on the web-cam. So, the group consists of Picasso, Wiggles and Shasta. We also had boxes Saturday night. Bantry and her mom sent some awesome toys, cat treats, sheets, blankets and pillow cases. Loved the card that Bantry sent! I had a wonderful surprise box--Elaine & Willis sent 3 cases of sardines!!! Yes, I LOVE sardines! I told the cats if they're extra good, II will share with them. CathiB sent a case of Whiskas packets. The cats of all ages love this. Michlynn sent a whole box load of various rugs. We can always use rugs! Cobbis sent a case of Whiskas and a case of Fancy Feast. We sure do appreciate the food orders--helps us a lot. Ellenbeth557 sent food, cat treats and great toys. We also got to see pictures of Ellen's cats. Thanks to you all for your support. It makes a huge difference for the rescue center. Each day brings a little better fur coat and skin condition for Patricia Ann. She's a wonderful cat, is out of her pen most of the time and is eating good. Snooglies is doing awesome. She's still very thin, but she has a great appetite. Most of the time, she's is out of her pen. Twinkle looks terrific. She's filling out nicely and no longer resembles a bony girl. She's ever so sweet. The days are cooler now, so we can have the windows open to the outdoor enclosure more. I counted 21 cats and kittens out there at one time this morning! Asha is a wonderful girl. She still loves to be held and petted. Bella's bottom sore is healing nicely now.

Kurt William
Kurt William

Friday, September 16, 2011

More gains

We have some nice updates to pass along. Twinkle is steadily gaining weight and is so happy and contented in her life here. She has the entire Rescue Center figured out, even with her limited sight. She is truly a joy and is much loved. Patricia Ann is cruising about quite a bit now and is adjusting well. Her appetite is good and she's having fun! Her skin is still rough, scabby and thick, but it is certainly starting to heal, and her fur is a bit softer today. Snooglies is also out and about more and she loves to be held. She's still being treated for a UTI and will be for the next week, but her appetite is increasing, and when she was weighed today she showed a gain of 5 ounces! Our new little baby kitten has a name. It's Wiggles, in memory of a 20 year oldster of a web-cam viewer. He's about 5 weeks old, gray tiger/white. He's so darn cute when he lays on his back and plays with his toes. He was very dehydrated upon arrival but is eating well now. Danelle & Denae are 2 of the nicest kittens--so loving and playful. Hopefully they'll be adopted soon. Putter was crazy this morning--actually trotting around the Rescue center with gusto! We had boxes last night to open. Quayside sent 3 cases of Purrfectly chicken--one of the cats favorite foods. Thanks to Elaine & Willis for that donation. I gave Raza an extra hug for you! We also received 2 cases of Friskies but don't know who sent them. Thanks for your support! Thanks also to John for your sponsorship of Twinkle and Emaline. We'll be sending your photos to you soon. Tomorrow is our Fall Festival day at Kircher's Flowers. If you're in Defiance, come and visit us! We still have some 2012 calendars for sale. They're $20, plus $3 in shipping. If interested, let me know by e-mail. You can pay by check or PayPal. They're beautiful, hand made by Kate and features FFRC cats and kittens. We also still have a few Catathon DVD's left. They're $10, including shipping.


Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yesterday was our Viewer Appreciation Day. We left the audio on from the previous night clear thru this morning. We will definitely do this again sometime in the future. Thanks for joining us. We have now went over 1 million total page views for our web-cam. That is absolutely astounding to me. I remember when we hit the first 1,000, I was thrilled. We also had boxes last night. Jillr27 sent 2 cases of Friskies can food and baby meat. Thanks Jilli for the food--we will make good use of it. Thanks too to Clarice from MI who sent 4 giant containers of Clorox Wipes. We love using these wipes and appreciate your donation. The Hall family sent Friskies can food and cat treats. This is the family that recently adopted Subra and Baaka. Thanks for the donation and giving these 2 kittens a wonderful home. Our new cat Snooglies is now holding down most of her food, and she has received 2 subcutaneous fluid treatments. She seems to be feeling better. Her urinalysis shows that she has a urinary tract infection for which we have already started treatment. She's even been out a few times to cruise around. Patricia Ann is gaining weight and I do believe her skin is a bit softer--in the beginning healing stages from all the fleas. She's cruising around a bit and is becoming more comfortable. She's a sweetie too. Barbara is now on a hold for the Titan family. She's such an extra wonderful kitten. Bella continues to heal and is feeling better today. Ernestine is laying beside me with 6 kittens nursing on her--only 3 are her own. It's fairly cool today so the outdoor enclosure window is open and the cats are enjoying going in and out. The muppet kittens are cruising about more and more each day.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Viewer Appreciation Day TODAY!

We now have 5 oldsters here at the Rescue Center. At one time, we had 8 oldsters, but would like to keep that amount to 5 or lower, considering the extra care needed. Our new arrival is called Snooglies. She came from a Michigan shelter. A web-cam friend is a volunteer there and asked us to take her in. Snooglies is a very old torti girl. She has some dental issues, which we're treating, and is probably in a degree of kidney failure. She had been losing weight at the shelter and vomiting. If we can get the vomiting under control, she'll stay better hydrated which means her kidneys will work better. She had a bath already and a dewormer. So far, she's been eating some can food and has not vomited. We'll see how today progresses for her. She's a gentle old soul with a great purr. We had boxes last night also! DebbieB sent 3 cases of Friskies and Littleonemine sent some can food and treats. Last week I was a bit concerned about our can food supply, but not now. I'm so appreciative of the supplies that we get. We gratefully receive them. Father Gene, a minister from a local church, was here yesterday along with Kate to discuss the possibility of a Pet Blessing. The date is October 2 at 2:00. This is not a service, but simply a Pet Blessing. Their church, as many churches do, offer this as an annual event. This year, it will be hosted by the Rescue Center. Anyone is invited to come and bring your cat/dog/pet. I took Einstein to one last year! A couple webcam viewers asked if their pets could be blessed and also someone has an old cat and wanted her blessed. Gene is more than happy to do this. He will do the individual pets, then as a group, bless the webcam pets. If you'd like to hold your pet during this short event, that would be fine. He said he would be happy to do this Pet Blessing so it can be shared on cam. More info later.

Today is a web-cam appreciation day. We will keep the audio ON all day, except if an emergency happens. If the audio is too loud, simply turn your volume down. During the course of the day, the shop vacs will be on and there may be more than 1 person talking at the same time. We hope you enjoy this! Bella is doing better and ate a good breakfast. She'll be on antibiotics for another week. Patricia Ann now has her pen door open during the day. She's been coming out for short excursions, then goes back in her pen by herself. She's a sweetie. Fabio is doing great today. He's still clean. Hopefully whatever happened to him yesterday won't be repeated. Kitty City looks awesome. It's done other than the caulking. Thanks to Paul and James for a great job. Kurt can now reset his wood workshop in Kitty City so he can start building all the catwalks for this building. Sometime in November, the Cat's Cove gang will go into Kitty City and spend a very cozy winter there!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Poor sweet Fabio, he is OK now but something happened to him this morning. He was fine at breakfast around 4:45 a.m. When Judy S. arrived at 7:15 a.m., he was a mess. We're not sure what happened to him, but his whole body was covered with thick wet gooey sooty stuff. It took 4 shampoos to get him cleaned. He's fine now, the other sun porch cats are also fine, but the mystery of what happened remains. We had 2 great adoptions yesterday. Belmont went home to our friends Ron & Mary. We were so happy to have Belmont find a home with them. Leotie also went to her new home. I could tell Leotie was a very happy kitten! We had boxes to open last night! Sneakers, a dear cat that passed away, donated his meds to the Rescue Center. Thanks to Sara for sharing them with us. Thanks also to Jillr27 for the Friskies food, a much needed item. It's nice to have our supply replenished. Clarice G. also sent 5 boxes of Fresh Step litter, another much needed item. As the saying goes, what goes in, must go out! So, food and litter go hand in hand! Thanks so much for these donations. I've heard from Mitty's new family today and all is well. She's settling in just fine. They are quite interested in adopting another cat fairly soon. Mitty's kittens are doing great. Yesterday was their first day out of their room. They had 2 different play times and just loved it! Today we have Kate's minister from her church coming over to discuss having a Pet Blessing here at the Rescue Center for the FFRC kittens and cats and the volunteers pets. More later on this. Patricia Ann is now here in the Rescue Center, in Dodger's Pen. She loves to be petted, but oh, her skin is so thick, rough and scabby. Time will help with this. Kurt William is sporting a new sweater. Hopefully this one will help to keep him from scratching his should so it can heal. Farrah continues to take her medicine in the pill pockets. Twinkle has gained almost a whole pound already and her fur is so much healthier. Zelda's skin has softened up from her flea infestation. She loves to be petted. If you'd like to see how Kellen my granddaughter is doing while at CHOPS, you can go to and enter in "kellenfaith". Caryn gives daily updates about Kellen. Thanks for your interest.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Date for Viewer Appreciation Day!

What a very busy past 2 days! First, Yvette went to her new home. Last I heard she was zipping thru the house! Also Mitty (the calico mama) was adopted yesterday. She ended up going to a home that several volunteers knew and was hand delivered after her spay! We also took in a new young cat. She was tossed out and abandoned after a family moved away. Why do people think this is OK? I will never understand these actions. She found food and a friend in a neighbor who saw she desperately needed help. He brought her here yesterday. This cat has personality plus and absolutely craves hands-on attention. She arrived with many many hundreds of fleas on her. Her entire body feels like thickened skin--the result of long term flea infestation. She also has several flea allergy sores on her body and ears. She is medium hair, white, female, already spayed. She probably only has half of her fur coat thickness due to the fleas. She is now flea free, fed, happy and purring. She has a special name--Patricia Ann, named after our web cam friend Hummerfan's sister. Yesterday was our surgery day and it sure kept us busy! Dr. Cindy was here to do the surgeries and Bonnie & Sue helped in the clinic. These are the kittens/cats that were spayed/neutered: Ernestine, Gonzo, Fozzy, Barbra, Peach, Happy, Hettie, Xubie, Derby, Belmont, Mitty, Cobbis, Preakness and Bandita. Dr. Cindy also came in and examined a few cats for me. She checked Twinkle and thought she looked very good, nice weight gain, also believes she has very very little sight, eye infection is better, will give her some antibiotics for a sore tooth. She also gave me some suggestions that we'll try on Emaline to see if we can get better control of her immune problems. I talked to her about Farrah, and we'll keep her on the dose of PB's that she's on right now. We had boxes to open last night--so much fun and so appreciated!
  • Cantoncat & Sabrina: pill pockets for Farrah & cases of Friskies
  • Joanne H: cosmic catnip alpine scratcher
  • MagsPa: pill pockets for Farrah, Friskies can food
  • Catlady: homemade cookies, lots of treats for the volunteers, kitty treats, can food (& Reese's Pieces!)
  • Medic101: case of fancy feast
  • Gemini, her mom & nephew: Party Mix treats for the volunteers, spring toys, and misc. toys & a tunnel
  • Titansfan1: q-tips, cat treats, toys, tuna, whiskas, plates, homemade cookies, homemade toys, bookmarks for the volunteers.
You all are awesome! We had a 3-way cat problem this morning, all within 5 minutes of each other. Kurt William tried to climb a pole straight up and fell straight down, dazed himself and bruised his ego, but he's OK. Putter, for the first time, got "mixed up" in the shop vac cord and needed extra hugs. Then he swatted a kitten, so he felt better. Bella had a stream of bloody serum following her. Took a look and noticed a fairly large bite wound right on her "scooting bottom" area. Gave her a bath, shaved the area, and gave her antibiotics and pain meds, so she should be fine.

Much work was done in Kitty City again yesterday by Paul & James. About 85% of the new 2 x 4's, insulation, OSB boards and the fiber board is in place--looks fantastic! Hopefully the job will be done on Monday. FYI: a total of 40 more 2x4's were added to this building. Racer is working on a few little projects here in the rescue center, then come Tuesday, he'll be continuing his work on the cat walks for the rescue center. When that's done, he'll be putting up a maze of catwalks in Kitty City. The cats in Cat's Cove were out for a fun day of roaming on the farmyard. They're all doing great.

We have a change in the date for Viewer Appreciation Day! It will now be on Wednesday, September 14th . Audio will be on all day so you can listen in on what an average day is like around the rescue center.

Patricia Ann
Patricia Ann

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lowe's Project

What a terrific Thursday we had with the Lowe's project! At about 9:00 AM, people (volunteer Lowes employees) started to show up. The supply truck arrived soon afterward and the work began. The Lowe's project was to put in all new 2 x 4's in Kitty City, then put in insulation. They also put in a wonderful new weather door! The difference in Kitty City already is amazing. Paul and James put in the 4 giant windows that were donated to us. They will let in lots of sun and warmth in the winter, and the cats will have a good views of the outside. Today it's all about us continuing the work. The back room still has to have the 2 x 4's put in, followed by the insulation. The OSB boards (4 x 8's) will arrive this morning and be put over the insulation for the interior walls. After that, the new FRP will be put on top of the OSB boards, along with all the trim. When this is all complete, Kurt will be making new catwalks for inside Kitty City. We are unable to use the old catwalks that were removed since they were designed and cut to be mounted between the 2x4s that will now be inside the wall. Today Paul, James & James' son will work all day in Kitty City. To clear out Kitty City, we had to use the clinic to store some of Kurt's workshop items, so he will be moving all this back into Kitty City tonight so we can have surgery in the clinic tomorrow. We have approximately 12-14 spays/neuters scheduled for tomorrow! Handsome Sunoco was adopted Wednesday. So happy for him and his new owner. We had boxes to open the night before! ClassyCat sent batteries (for the laser light), cat treats, kitty food and Friskies and treats for the volunteers. Thanks ClassyCat--sure do appreciate this! Joanne H. sent us 100 thank you notes with Putter's picture on the front! They are just wonderful and I'll use every one of them! Thanks bunches. Cathi B. sent Whiskas packs which ALL the kittens and cats love. Thanks to all for helping with these gifts--this really helps us tremendously. Received an e-mail from Mike Chamberlin. He's the person that will be doing the concert for us on September 15, 2012. This will be an exciting event for us. He has also offered to do a web cam concert, just for you all! The day before the BIG concert, he will sing some songs in front of the cam and entertain us all! Mark your calendars! We took in a new kitten yesterday. She's a Siamese with a bit of a snowshoe look to her--very pretty girl with an super sweet personality. Her name is Bandita and she's about 11 weeks old. She'll be out and about with the rest of the gang soon. It is with great sadness that I tell you that our little Phoenix passed away last night. He's our little one that was tossed out of a car. The first day he was looking better, then yesterday late morning he started his downward slide. He obviously (by the symptoms he showed) had some internal damage from his accident. These are always heartbreakers. We want so badly to make everything ok, to bypass the hardship he endured at the hands of someone else who didn't care about his well-being. But, we all cared--me, the volunteers, and the web cam viewers. He was given much love and was held at the time of his passing. So, even though his time was short here, I truly feel that Phoenix knows he did matter to us.

Barbra and Chaplin
Barbra and Chaplin

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

Extra busy days coming up. Today we will be emptying out Kitty City. Kurt, Seth & Linda will be helping with this big job. Tomorrow, Lowe's project begins around 9:00 A.M. I talked to the person in charge of this project yesterday. The plan is to put in a new storm door, put in more 2 x 4's, put insulation between those 2 x 4's, then put up the interior wall. We will also have 4 thermal windows put in. In addition to Lowe's bringing in their own employees to help with this project we have a friend, James, that will lend a hand. How exciting to have this project in the works. It will help so much with the cat's comfort level this winter. All is fine here in the Rescue Center. There's action all around. Kurt has been working on the 2 shelves in Thumper's Room & the catwalks for Kitty Campus Room. They'll be beautiful when he's done. Since he's put the guard rails up on the upper cat walks, we haven't had any falling kitties! Paul now has Kitty Campus Room done. The walls have the fiberboard up, walls and windows are trimmed. That was a very difficult room to do. The Kitty Campus Room is now also done, except for the trim around 1 window. Next is June's Room! Rizzo apparently hurt her foot during the night, has been limping a lot this morning. Gave her some meds to help with the slight swelling and told her to go be with her mama Ernestine and take a nap. We shaved the tummies and tail area of all the long hairs yesterday--Putter, the 2 Paddys, Leotie, Sunoco, Chaplin & Yvette. It makes the grooming job so much easier. Putter is even sporting a "poodle cut" on his 4 feet. He's not into grooming, so this will help keep his toes clean. Saturday is our big surgery day for the FFRC cats--possibly have 13 surgeries to do. We definitely will be having a box opening this evening around 6:30! My 2 granddaughters are here while Caryn & Kellen are at the hospital in Philly. If you would like updates on Kellen, her website is Enter in “kellenfaith”, Caryn updates her site daily.


Monday, September 5, 2011

My note of gratitude!

I checked the webcam chat yesterday and it sure brought a smile to me. You all are so caring and compassionate about the cats and kittens here at the Rescue Center and for that, I thank you! It's such a comfort to know that you also love these cats. Gracias to our Spanish friends on the cam. It also amazes me how well many of you know their names. After a very hot and humid summer, it's actually cool this morning. All doors and windows are open, including the 2 doorways to the outdoor enclosure, which the cats love. There's bird feeders to watch, bugs to catch, chickens & peacocks to see, cobwebs for Octavia to eat and so much to do! All is fine here. I'm always grateful for the good health of our cats. Mitty and her kittens are wonderful. The kittens have learned to clutch onto our legs when we go in. Mitty has a terrific purr. Twinkle is wonderful. She's gaining weight, she's comfortable in her surroundings and only goes into her pen now for her special feedings. Kurt now has most of the cat rails up on many of the high catwalks--they look wonderful. Hopefully, no more falling cats. Paul worked all day yesterday in Kitty Campus Room putting up the FRP. These walls are not even by any means, but when he's done, it'll look great. Today he'll continue in Kitty Campus room. We will be cleaning out Kitty City now in preparation for the big Lowe's project on Thursday. Bella's biggest treat (besides baby food) is to go out into the new Welcome Room. We also occasionally let her out with the dogs. Remember, she cannot climb the fence, so she is safe. She loves that sense of freedom, or maybe it's her enjoyment time away from the kittens! Badu, the ragdoll, is so much more comfortable now. She sure loves a good head rub, still grumbles at the cats if they get right in her face, but is certainly people friendly. If you notice KW and Zelda missing sometime, it's because I've cat-napped them into my home! Just kidding, but I sure do love them! Raza at this moment is a statue--she has a bird about 3 feet in front of her at the bird feeders. Good thing she can only watch them. Xubie is still an extremely affectionate cat. Emaline gave Blinken a thorough bath yesterday.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baaka and Yojimbo find homes

Yojimbo was adopted! He went to a friend's home and will have great people and cat company. Baaka was also adopted to the family that has Subra. It is so wonderful to to have the cats and kittens go into homes that "feel right" for them. It's what makes all this worthwhile--knowing these homes are wonderful and loving. If we are fortunate to receive a box, we try to open them around 6:30 P.M EDT. We received a box from the family that adopted Doodle, now called Tucker. They sent fancy feast and some of that wonderful treat Bonito flakes. Thanks to the Erbskorn family. We also received a box from Michelle H. from Naples, FL. She sent a big assortment of items: plates, rice cereal, cat treats, q-tips, sponges, baby food, posties, Fancy Feast, trash bags, dry food and toys. Thanks so much--it will go be put to good use! Loved your letter too. Gemini was here for a visit and a hand delivered box. She gave Friskies and Whiskas. Thanks, as these cats eat alot! msbluewolf also sent some bluebies. These are so pretty and I appreciate your time and effort you put into these. We use them everyday. Good luck at your upcoming craft show in Phoenix. Thanks too to Kay M for the cat condo, cat food and coupon. It never ceases to amaze me the support you all give to the Rescue Center--your votes, being a part of the cam or chat, your gifts, your words of encouragement, etc. I'm grateful. The gifted water fountain is a huge success. At first, only a few drank from it, now we have to keep it filled a couple times a day! They love it. This Thursday is the big Lowe's project for Kitty City. More info later, but will be a great day for improvements. This Saturday Dr. Cindy will be here and will help us get caught up on physicals and spays/neuters again. Kurt William has again scratched his shoulder, so now he's sporting a Spongebob sweater--he sure looks cute. Farrah continues to take her PB's in her little pill pockets. Zelda is the sweetest cat ever--loves to be held. Preakness is now doing great--her little tummy is nice and round. She can keep up with the other kittens now. Blinken loves the purple marshmallow bed--he enjoys nursing on it.


Friday, September 2, 2011

2 for... Friday?

Thanks to Azuremeow for the 2 boxes that had baby can food, fancy feast dry food, toys and dry kitten food for the Rescue Center. Also thanks to the Hall family (who adopted Subra) for the paper towels, paper plates, Friskies can, treats and Fancy Feast cans. I especially loved the letter from Subra. It really meant a lot to me. Subra's family also has a hold on Baaka. The mama cat, Mittie & kits in Thumper's Room are wonderful--the kittens come running now to get attention. Today Paul starts the wall project in Cat's Corner Room. This room still has exposed 2 x 4's, so the plywood walls and fiber boards will soon go up. We've heard from Bubba's family, who is now named Maximus. He's doing wonderful He'll be here Saturday morning for his last vaccination. All is fine here. Kittens tummies are round, cats are purring, kittiy groupies are sleeping together.

Thanks too to Beth A, a webcam viewer for the 6 cases of Friskies--a much need item. We sure appreciate it. JJ made an appearance last night so we could see the "real" JJ that won the $1,000 for FFRC thru the Animal Rescue Photo contest. Big hugs and kisses to JJ, Dawn and Bill, we sure appreciate him and am so glad that you adopted him from here! Paul has started the project of putting the FRP up on the walls in the 3 Rescue Rooms. Right now, they're just 2 x 4's sticking out, with some very rough panel boards. This fiberboard will make it so much easier to clean and looks so bright. Thanks Paul for your hard work. Kurt has been putting in many hours on all the new cat walks and catwalk rails. They look so nice. Big thanks too to Kurt for all your hard work. Sept. 17 is our day event at Kircher's Flowers for their fall festival. If you live in the area come say hi!