Saturday, April 30, 2011

New cam is up and running!

Racer arrived and already has the new cam working. The picture is so clear and bigger--it's so nice. The difference is remarkable. We also did the audio a few times last night, including when we opened the boxes up. We'll have the sound on when we open boxes, during births, showing kittens/cats, during the night and at other quiet times. Otherwise, with the shop vac on, multiple people talking, radio on, phone ringing, it would bombard your speakers. The 12 group kittens have been having a bit more free time--they are the zippiest kittens! Some of them already are trotting on the Cat Go Round wheel. Asha is doing awesome, out & about more, watching the kittens, greeted me this morning. It's like watching a beautiful butterfly emerge! Two of our ducks are refusing to stay on the farm grounds, so they are here in the front yard all day and night. A great source of entertainment for the cats to watch. We received BOXES! I want to say our thanks to these people who help support us. Jatcat sent toys for the kitten room-a Chase Ball Track & a crinkly tunnel. They have already played a lot with these 2 toys. JLA sent dog toys and kitten toys & a "new look" for Putter which we'll show you very soon! Felinetoyz sent Senior cat food & a Pirate Ship Toy for the kittens (especially for AARG/Birk). Quay sent that scrumptious Purrfectly Chicken/Fish packets (they ALL love this!). Angelkitty3 sent baby food. We use this for the oldsters, mixing up kitten formula and of course Bella gets some too. Oskarsophie sent KMR and Bellyrubs Bonita Tuna flakes. They can find even a crumb of those flakes--such a good smell! Thanks to all for these wonderful donations. It helps us tremendously. We are very grateful. Please remember to vote--ask your friends, e-mail friends and family to help us win $$ for the rescue center. There's a project in mind that we would like to pursue, but need some funding for it. We still have t-shirts to sell. Let me know if interested. The logo contest will be coming to an end today--can't wait to see the results.


Stop by the Ustream channel tonight at 7:30pm EDT to watch Kitten Playtime! The 12 older kittens will all be in the Kitty Campus room with their new toys.

My name's not "Argh", ye landlubbers! It be Birk, but that be Captain Birk to you scurvy dogs, least ye walk the plank!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 More Adoptions!

We had two adoptions yesterday! Cloud went to her new home and will join 2 other adult cats. Cloud figured out how to do it finally. She really liked this lady and kept coming to her to be petted. Also Mvula was adopted. She went into a home with 1 other young cat that likes to play. It should be a good match. We also received 4 Boxes yesterday. Mary2u sent 2 cases of kitten fancy feast, and we're already using it! She also sent 2 Kong incline scratcher boxes and the cats and kittens are already playing with one of them. And along with that Mary2u also sent a big 40 pound box of clumping litter! Wow! Thanks so very much, Mary. We also received 3 other cases of kitten fancy feast and we are not sure who this is from, but please know that we're very grateful. Kitten season uses up a lot of kitten foods. Thank you! It's STILL raining. The 3 Defiance rivers are flooding, but truly, we're safe here, even with the river in front/back of us. Kiara is at it again and caught 11 syringes in a row (don't worry, they don't have needles on them)! The 6 kittens of Raza's are almost running now. They're so little and active. The 12 kitten group are playing, and generally causing kitten chaos, which we love. We still have t-shirts to sell. We have sizes small to x-large. It won't be long until we know the results of the logo contest. Kurt will be here tomorrow. Our Wellness Clinic for Earth Angels is today with a very full schedule. Sure is a lot going on! 



NOW is the time to get flea prevention on your dogs & cats. Fleas are already rampant this spring. Your pets cannot get rid of the fleas by themselves-they need YOUR help. Topical flea prevention is the best. Remember for every 5 fleas you see on your pet, there's 95 in your house or your pet's environment. Your dog should be on heartworm prevention year round. If he or she is not, please get a heartworm test and get your dog started on prevention. All it takes is the bite of 1 mosquito and your dog may get heartworm disease. This is an expensive disease to treat and it's hard on the dog. Prevention is so much easier and cheaper. Vaccinations are important, as they are what help prevent so many illnesses in dogs and cats. Most importantly, SPAY/NEUTER your pet. There are NOT enough homes for all the kittens & puppies being born.

Jonah, King of Cats Cove

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Showers

It's raining and raining. Even though we're all tired of the rain, it's a great source of entertainment for the cats. They love watching it come down from the windows. We have river in front of us and behind the farm property. I told the cats to line up the life jackets...just in case! Really though, we're safe here, as our property is high enough even when the rivers flood. We presented a program about the Earth Angel Clinic and the Rescue Center yesterday for the Florida Arbor of Gleaner's group. A wonderful group of people. After the program, they donated a gift card from Meijers and a truckload of supplies! We've been letting the group of 12 kittens out to explore 3 times a day for short periods. They're doing great. Little Tinker is the "take charge" boy, he is super nutty! The last 4 to arrive (the long hair kittens) all have names now--Lilly, Chaplin, Tibbits & Tibby. Tibbits & Tibby are look alike twins. Paddy Cake is completely captivated by them. He plays and follows them around. Heard back from Ziva's new owner and things are going good. Ziva is adjusting pretty quickly to her new home. Have a possible interest in Mvula. We had visits from Americat, Kilala and Blendi yesterday, all for nail trims. All 3 are doing great and look very happily spoiled! Racer will be here on Friday with the new cam!


Sevaun, Queen of Cat's Cove

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Kittens!

We took in 4 more kittens today. They're extra cute, long hair, furry 6 week old kittens. They're already tested, vaccinated, wormed, bathed, etc. and playing with the kitten gang in Cat's Corner Room. The Paddys like to play with them under the door, exchanging paw for paw "battles"! We had BOXES last night! Clarice G sent a really neat box of organic catnip fish toys. The cats LOVE them, they are super scented drive-them-crazy-fish toys! Peeka sent some Fancy Feast and another jellyfish toy. Grommitt loves the jellyfish. He can be entertained for hours with it. Jatcat sent some Fancy Feast also, including a case of kitten fancy feast. We were down to 2 cases of fancy feast, so extra thanks for restocking us. We had an adoption last evening. Ziva was adopted! A wonderful person was here this past week. She lived in another state and volunteered at a cat rescue. She's now in Ohio and is ready to adopt a cat of her own. Knowing the difficulty of certain cats being adopted, she was open to taking Ziva. Ziva warmed right up to her and enjoyed the cuddling. She'll keep us posted. Now we can leave the kitty door open when it's time. Mvula and Shorona are zooming up one of the ceiling to floor poles. Paul put new hemp rope on it yesterday, so now it's a new climbing toy. Putter has sitting on the floor staring at us like a king down to a science. He knows it results in being picked up and held. Remember to vote! 

Farrah Wants YOU
To Remember to VOTE!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Kittens galore!

The 5 new kittens and Ziva's new kittens are spending a little more time each day out of their room. They wiggle, run, climb and scurry all around! Raza's kittens are just starting to play in their room. We heard again from Sensation & Lyrae's new family and all is well. Both cats are happy, lounging on couches and being nice to each other. We couldn't ask for a better update. I watched Octavia patiently wait yesterday for the chance to get into the food cabinet. And... Success! She got a packet! Cutie is wearing a pretty royal purple collar now. The paddys are both a little mystified by the kittens, they are not sure what their role is in all of this kitten business. Sylvio is wonderful--he's fit right in and would be great in his own home. Pocus spent at least 2 hours yesterday watching the birds at the feeders. Racer will be coming this week with the new cam--how exciting. We moved up from .64% to .65% overall in The Animal Rescue Site's voting. We're still in 10th place overall--what an honor. Please, KEEP VOTING!


Novak is an extra awesome boy. You can't get much cuter and loving than he is! His birthday is 2/23/2010, and he was just 6 weeks old when he arrived. Novak was found by a good person that brought him to us. His poor right eye was not a pretty sight, as it was protruding when he arrived. It's been surgically removed and the eyelids sutures shut, but he's still very handsome! Looks like Novak is always winking at us--he truly is quite the flirt! He is as he is, and we honestly think he looks just wonderful! He's healthy, happy and ready to be adopted. This fella is in love with the whole world, probably because he's been held so much since we just can't resist! He plays his heart out, until he's exhausted. We certainly do not consider Novak handicapped and he prefers it that way!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blessed Easter to our friends

I would like to extend an Easter greeting to you all. We took in FIVE new kittens yesterday. They are 6 weeks old, a variety of white/black/brown colors. They are triple tested, vaccinated, wormed, bathed, Capstared & looking spiffy! Their names and descriptions are: 

Salima Tiger (F)
Salimo Tiger (M)
Baaka Black (F)
Birka Black/White (F)
Birk White/Black (F)

They are about the same age as Ziva's kittens. Since these 5 kittens have not been outside, we went ahead & put them in with Ziva's kittens. There's a whole lot of action going on in Cat's Corner Room! Ziva's kittens have names already, but as a reminder, they are: 

Tinker Gold (M)
Tinkerbell Grey (F)
Cyrilla Brown Tiger (F, adoptive)

Raza's kittens now also have names. These kittens look alot alike, so there will be a test later for you! Their names are:

Ketzie Calico/Torti (F)
Manon Orange/white Tiger (M)
Telo Orange/white Tiger (M)
Gibbs Orange/white Tiger (M)
Scribble Orange/white Tiger (M)
Waki Orange/white Tiger (M)

It won't be long until we start doing the kitten shuffle walk around here again. All the names came from the name list on facebook. Remember to vote for the rescue center and to put your vote in for the Logo Contest too!


Hi, I have a few announcements. First, the submission phase of the logo contest is over, so you can now vote! Click here to go to the voting site. Second, I have set up a page that uses the old style chat interface for the webcam. Click here to view the cam and chat using the old interface. And finally, the mount for the new webcam is done! Click here to take a look. I should be at the rescue center by the end of this week to set it all up.


Paddy Purr
Paddy Purr

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sensation has a home!

We had THREE adoptions yesterday. Love those days! Sensation and Lyrae went to the same home. I think these 2 girls will be friends and enjoy their new home. Have already heard back from the owners this morning and all is well. Both cats slept on the bed! Elizza also was adopted. She went to the same home that adopted her sister 2 weeks ago. Yeah for families! She'll be happy there. We received a delivery also yesterday. jla sent 2 beautiful collars and 3 flea combs. Thanks jla--so nice of you! Also received a box from E & W Quayside. Purrfectly Fish Packets were well received, it's one of their favorites. We also received one of the volunteers favorites... Candy! Specifically Hershey’s chocolate bars with caramel. Thanks so much E & W Quay, we sure appreciate it. The logo contest is almost over! I'm getting excited to get the voting started on this project. Speaking of voting, please remember to vote in the Shelter+ Challenge. We're still in 10th place overall and 1st in Ohio, but our lead is slipping a little. Please spread the word so we don't lose our spot. Ziva's kittens enjoyed 2 outings yesterday again in the main area. They are fast little kittens! Raza's kittens are much sturdier now on their legs.


Paddy Cakes
Paddy Cakes

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Tree

Yes, we did it--put up a Christmas tree, decorated with Easter bunnies and toys! The cats have been having fun climbing into it, and removing the toys! Merci even took a nap in it! We'll give them a few days of fun with their Easter Tree. Many thanks to many people. We had BOXES to open! Jatcat sent a great, high quality box cutter! I promise to take extra good care of these! Thanks Jatcat for caring about my safety! Thanks to Clarice G, Baxter & Bailey in MI for the 4 cases of baby food. Bella, oldsters & all stay a huge thanks! Jennifer R. sent a huge box of scoopable litter--we can always use litter. CantonCat made $1 stretch into $200 by the MA. lottery! She purchased TWENTY cases of Friskies for the rescue center. The cats and I are grateful, Canton. Thanks to everyone for your support--it's what keeps us going! We also received 3 beautiful cross stitched ornaments from wldfire7 (a web-cam viewer). wldfire made these for the fundraiser in June. Thanks so much--excellent craftsmanship. I've said it over and over again--we meet so many people who do not care about the welfare of animals. Yet, for every one of those people, we meet 50 caring, compassionate friends. The 3 kittens of Ziva had 2 ten minute free time of play in the rescue center yesterday--what fun. They were going all over the place! So playful, not shy at all. 

Remember at this Easter time, that there are a few flowers that are poisonous to cats. They are lilies (all kinds), daffodils, hyacinths, tulips and Easter roses.


Queen Bella

Bella lost one back leg and is partially paralyzed from being hit by a car when she was a kitten. This doesn't slow her down in the least, as you can see. She can climb all the way to the top of the catwalks!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

What a dollar can do!

Cantoncat, a web-cam viewer, told us a great story last night. She got a ONE dollar refund from her state taxes and decided to buy a lottery ticket with it. She WON!! With the winnings, she used it all to purchase cat food for the Rescue Center. Thanks to the state of Massachusetts for Canton's big win of $200! We will be opening these boxes and any other boxes that may arrive this evening, somewhere between 6-6:30 est. Thanks Canton for sharing your winnings with the kitties--they love having full tummies! Asha has found her purr and uses it well! What a joy to listen to her. She now enjoys being petted and made a fuss over. We continue to move her about the rescue center so she explores her home. Thanks again to her mama cgr to arranging her rescue. I walked into June's Room this morning and 4 of Raza's 6 kittens came running (well, actually wobbling) up to me--they've now found what their legs are for! The volunteers are enjoying their goodies given by Amber & kids. Kiara caught 9 syringes in a row yesterday--she's a pro. Bella cleaned out 3 baby food jars--didn't need a bit of help. We have Earth Angels clinic again today with another full schedule. One of the volunteers picked up a load of fresh warm laundry yesterday from the table, and found Zander in the middle of it! Please keep voting-we appreciate your support.


Hi everyone! I just wanted to thank all the people that donated to help pay  the expenses for my next couple of trips to the rescue center. As most of you know, I live about 4 hours away from the rescue center. It can get to be rather expensive to travel there and back (especially lately, thanks to the rising gas prices), which is why I only get to visit every few months. With the web-cam nearly ready for installation and the fundraiser coming up in June, I will be making 2 trips in a relatively short period of time, so the money donated is greatly appreciated. Thank you to:

Linda (LindainKansas65)
Elke (gabbylove)
Sherry (sweetpea102)
Mary (mamie4)
DeEtte (raedp)
Anne (kittykam)
Jodi (jodileek)
Connie (SkyGazer_Gracy)
Sarah (SarahEO)
Laurie (felinetoyz)
Stacy (My_lil_lady)
Connie (connied21)
Jenn (Bantryhill)
Beth (luvmykat)
Andrea (AndreaInIowa)
Gloria & James (felixkatz)
Nancy (peekabookitty)
Linda (clemmm)
Jacci (jaccim)

I have just put the first coat of poly acrylic on the web-cam mount this morning (pics of the mount and new cam can be found here ) so I will be on my way to install it sometime late next week. 


Missa, Octavias partner in crime.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Amber's Visit

Amber H. arrived yesterday with a huge amount of donations from her four children! She is teaching her kids a valuable life lesson--how important it is to share and have compassion. Thanks to Amber, Makaylah, Makennah, Malachi & India. We are so appreciative. They not only brought a mega basket of treats for the volunteers, plus cookies and muffins, they also brought lots of items for the cats--litter, dry food, toys, a bed, play pad, sticky notes, formula, bleach, laundry soap, so many things!! Thanks so much. Zander has been sleeping since his trip to Bowling Green college. He came back smiling after all the petting he got. Fabio, a sun-porch cat, came in yesterday and got his spring grooming done. He has such long fur. We trimmed his whole tummy area and brushed him completely out. Looks magnificent. Next, we need to do Gus and Oliver, the 2 long hair orange boys. Peterson was seen grooming PaddyCakes yesterday. We haven't noticed any seizures from Farrah in quite a while--happy about that. The 3 kittens of Ziva's got their first vaccinations yesterday--a few more days and they will have exploring time out in the main area! 



Emaline is a beautiful calico. Her birthday is 9/16/09. She originally arrived here on 12/2/09 and was adopted 3/10/10. Her new mama was a wonderful elderly lady who unfortunately could no longer take care of her, so Emaline was returned. Due to a problem with her eyes as a kitten, her right eye was removed. Her left eye has a little bit of scar tissue on it. But, as it is with cats, she's wonderful, doesn't know anything is "different" about her, and loves life! Please don't let her "1 eye look" put you off, she has tons of personality and loves to run and play.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JatKat was adopted!

This is the blog posting for Monday, April 18th. Sorry it's late! -Kurt

Our wonderful, sweet JatKat went to her new home! Her family was so excited to have her as their very own cat. She left on Saturday. We had her groomed, ears cleaned, toenails trimmed--she sparkled! Our Meet & Greet on Saturday was wonderful. We had a very good show of people--visitors for both the dogs and cats. We also had great donations given to both organizations. Can food, dry food, bleach, towels, blankets, treats, paper towels, litter, Clorox wipes, etc. It was awesome! We combined this Meet & Greet with a Garage Sale. We made almost $200! What a great day. Our next Meet & Greet is June 18. We now have our new signs up for Dodger's Pen and Patience's Pen, thanks to Mr. Beindorf. He's also making a special sign for Octavia, for the food cabinet. It will say “Lock This Door”. Octavia's not too happy about this. Keep in mind the big fundraiser in Bryan for the Rescue Center. It will be a Garage/Bake/Craft Sale on June 9th thru 11th from 9 to 1pm. The next day, June 12th is an extra special day--an appreciation day for the volunteers. On this day, we'll find out how much $$ the fundraiser made, will hold the Wooble Raffle and a few other surprises! Did you see we're #10 in The Animal Rescue Site $300,000 Shelter+ Challenge? Wow!! Thanks for all your votes. Keep it coming, maybe we can win a weekly prize! 


Magenta, "Oldster" and permanent resident.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

An extra special adoption

We had a very unselfish adoption yesterday. “cgr”, a web-cam viewer, has adopted our special girl, Asha and has re-gifted her back to the rescue center. cgr will be her "long distance mama" though. Asha will be a permanent residence at the Rescue Center. By her story being told, hopefully she will be able to impress upon people how NOT to treat a cat. cgr is the person who got the ball rolling in order for the rescue center to get her from the shelter she was at. Thank you, cgr! We appreciate this huge act of kindness.

Mailed out a few more T-shirts yesterday. Once you receive your shirt, if the size isn't quite right, feel free to mail it back and we'll fix the problem. There's still plenty of T-shirts, so if you're interested in purchasing one, let me know. You can go thru pay-pal or send a check. They are $15, but if they're to be mailed to you add an extra $2. Colors are yellow & blue, sizes from adult small to XXL. They are good quality shirts. 

Mama Ziva and Raza have been moved to their new rooms. Ziva's kittens are all over their room, playing! What a joy to watch. We'll get them out in the main area asap. The 6 kittens of Raza's are still sleepy-heads. The little torti/calico girl has a name. It's Ketzie, named after tortiemom's (a web-cam viewer) grandma's cat. Believe it means kittycat in Yiddish. Today is the 2nd Meet & Greet with a food & towel drive along with a garage sale. It's from 9 to 1 pm. Yesterday Nova turned TWO. Happy Birthday, Nova. She got an extra Bonito cat treat.


Shorona is beautiful. She's a muted calico, has a mixture of the soft muted calico tones with a few tiger markings, and of course white too. Her birthday is 9/24/10. Shorona was found in desperate need of a rescue--it was so very cold and snowy outside. When she arrived at the rescue, she acted like she had always been here. She loves laying in the sunshine on the window sills. Her favorite toys are those stuffed catnip mice and the small knitted jingle balls. She has such fun. She acts like she's in heaven when she's petted and held.

Friday, April 15, 2011


Putter will be VERY disappointed if you don't remember to vote every day!
(He will only be slightly less disappointed if you don't get your friends to vote too!)

If you have a lap to share, JatKat would love it! She's silly, energetic, loves to climb and loves to lounge on a lap. A super fun girl. I always say when we have cats with 3 legs or 1 eye that these cats are NOT handicapped. They are awesome creatures that adjust to life beautifully. Just ask JatKat! Grommit's tail sutures were removed and he was very good for this procedure. The tail bob surgery did as it was intended to do. He can lift that short tail now and has no problem while using the litter box! There will be a big change for our 2 mama cats and families today. Ziva and her 3 kittens, who are in June's Room, will be moved to Cat's Corner Room; the kittens are ready for more room to play and they will have it! Raza and her 6 kittens will move to June's Room where they will have a lot more room than in Dodger's Pen, which is where they've been. We had a girl scout troop and leaders bring some wonderful donations to the rescue center yesterday. We want to thank them for their generous supplies!


JatKat is a beautiful longhair tortie with silky soft fur. Her birthday is 2/15/10. Some very nice people found her with a very injured leg and took it upon themselves to take her to a vet. Unfortunately, the leg couldn't be saved, so her rear left leg was amputated. She was then brought to the Rescue Center. She's doing fine being a 3-legged girl, it doesn't seem to have slowed her up at all. She loves people and so thoroughly enjoys being held that she'll stay in your lap forever.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Meet and Greet, Food Drive and Garage Sale!

What a busy Saturday we're planning. It's our monthly Meet & Greet Day. There will be lots of dogs from A Labor of Love Dog Rescue to visit. The Rescue Center is of course open to visitors too! In addition we're asking for help to restock our food pantries for both organizations. Dog/cat canned food is very welcome. Also we will be having a Garage Sale, held inside Kitty City--lots of items. This event is from 9am to 1 pm.  If you're interested in a dog or cat or want to bring a donation or would like to check out the Garage Sale, please come! We had BOXES arrive yesterday! The support you give is so very very welcome. Angelkitty3 donated Clorox Wipes and KMR Powder. E & W Quayside donated Beggin' Strips (for the dogs!), Thesixofus donated Friskies packets of food, Suzanne & Andrea in Cleveland donated 13 gallon trash bags, Whiskas Temptation treats & Jumbo Lint-rollers. Auntie Bantry donated yummy treats & toys for all, and treats for Putter's old hips! I can't express enough how grateful we are for the supplies. Thanks to Linda T. & Racer for making it possible to do the Amazon Associates & Google AdSense; these will certainly produce $$ for us monthly. Ziva's babies now have cat furniture in their room to climb on--they're little monkeys! Grommit's sutures will be removed Friday--his tail stub looks very good. Asha is getting braver about walking around a little bit more. It's official--the family that is fostering Albus has decided he's a keeper! Good for Albus! He's also getting his daily grooming done too. Tumble has a "new side" to him--his tummy! He's forever showing us his tummy for a long belly rub. PaddyCake is now the pro at the Cat-Go-Round wheel--he makes that thing zip and the whole time he is meowing! We still have quite a few T-shirts left. If you're interested, please let me know.


Don't forget, our Logo Contest is still open for submissions! You have until April 23rd. All the details and rules can be found by clicking "Logo Contest" on the nav bar above.


PocusPocus was 4 weeks old when she arrived, along with her Siamese siblings Mao, Malee and Mia. Pocus is black with a small white spot on her neck. Her birthday is 7/9/10. Sometimes I think she has wheels on her feet, they way she zips here and there playing all the time. Life sure is fun for her! She's a happy girl who likes to be petted and have neck rubs. We have a pink shag rug that Pocus loves to roll and roll on, it draws her like a magnet. She's also one of our desk buddies and loves to lay on the desk when we're working on the computer.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two More Adoptions!

Had 2 adoptions yesterday; they seem to be going 2 by 2, which we all love! Manny and Bantry went to their new home together. They will have 3 floors at their new home to explore and loads of attention. I always miss them, but there's no replacement for their very own home, and that's what this is all about.

Thank you to Felinetoyz for your donation to go towards 2 spays for a family that needs a little extra help, it's so kind of you. We also received 3 boxes! Jatcat sent a neat cat bed, temptations kitty treats, an eraser for the message board, and toys. Also included were 2 box-cutters which I promise I will try not to lose! Thanks so much Jatcat--things for comfort, their bellies and for playtime! Thanks also to Quayside123 for the 2 cases of food packets. The kittens and oldsters especially like this. We are so grateful. The generosity shown to this rescue center is truly mind boggling!

All of the T-shirts ordered so far through PayPal and by the webcam viewers have been mailed. The 2nd group should get them by Friday. Please know that if the size isn't quite right, just send it back, and we'll fix that problem. If you would still like a T-shirt, just let me know. There's info below on this blog about the T-shirts. It won't be long until Racer comes with the new & improved camera--so exciting.

Some new names have been added to The Tree of Giving. They are Joyce Tortas, Ron/Pat Clemens, Otto Beindorf, Deboro Barcy, Aline Wilson & Linda Thompson. Thank you all so much! The tree looks great.



Murka arrived at the rescue center with his other 3 siblings when they were just 11 weeks old, and his birthday is 10/7/09. He's never ever been outside and has to go to an inside ONLY home, as do all the rescue kitties and cats from here. We always like that little bit of gold that's to the right of his nose--very cute. He has a huge personality, in all ways. He adores people and gets along with all the cats, it doesn't matter to him who he snuggles in with for a nap, and he will run and play with anyone! He loves to carry around a long peacock feather while the other kittens and cats chase the feather! He's a very handsome boy and will lay beside you or in your lap to take a nap, especially if you rub his chin and ears.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Our volunteers are awesome!

This week is National Volunteer Week. Our volunteers here at the Rescue Center and Earth Angels are a dedicated group of people who sincerely care about the welfare of animals. We, in return, are sincerely grateful for what they do. Neither organization would be what it is today without these volunteers. Their dedication is mind-boggling. We are extremely fortunate to have each and every one of them. Check out our local newspaper--an ad will soon be in it exclaiming our thankfulness to these awesome people.

We have already heard back from Von Meow & Hoshi's new family--all is well & both cats adapted beautifully to their new home. Someone will be coming soon in hopes of finding a long hair cat that would love them--maybe Albus? Kiara is at this moment curled up inside 2 pillowcases, fast asleep. Asha is also napping here in the office--all spread out in complete joy!  Twice yesterday saw Putter sleeping flat on his back with all 4 feet up in the air! Tumble and JatKat have also been playing tag, going around and around thru the open window going into the office and Kitty Campus Room. Raza's kittens are at the stumbly walk stage--so fun to watch.

We received some BOXES yesterday! Linda from Kansas sent KMR, Colostrum Powder--will definitely be put to good use with the upcoming baby season. Mary2u sent 3 boxes of scoopable litter and baby food. Both of these items are ALWAYS needed. E & W (quayside123) sent some scrumptious Purrfectly chicken variety packs and Raisinets candy (they volunteers will love this!). Felinetoyz sent  60 Rattling Rainbow Mice. These are the best mice toys ever. Also received a case of Senior Royal Canin canned food--this will be wonderful for our oldsters--it's a good food and they like it! Thanks so much to quayside, mary2u, felinetoyz & Linda from Kansas. My grateful thanks to all who help support us with supplies, donations, votes and kind words. 



Nova arrived in November of 2010, hence her name. She was 1 1/2 years old and her birthday is 4/15/09. She's a big girl, a black, grey, and white tiger American Shorthair. She has a very pretty "bulls-eye" pattern on her side. She's big time into being petted and loves to have her ears and chin rubbed. She also simply enjoys lounging and can often be seen laying in the sun on the catwalks under the windows, looking outside. She's a real pretty girl with a nice personality. Her fun time is in the evening when we dispense catnip. She LOVES catnip and just rolls and rolls in it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Two Adoptions!

We had 2 adoptions on Sunday. Hoshi & Von Meow were adopted and went to the same home! I think they'll be a good mix. They'll certainly receive alot of TLC as adult people will be home with them every day, all day! What a beautiful day we had yesterday--very warm. The cat's outdoor enclosure was open all day long, into the evening. I looked out there in the afternoon and counted 14 cats lounging in the fresh air and sunshine. Winter days are over. Dawn S. (a frequent visitor) was here and gave tons of TLC to everyone. The cats love visitors.

We have been asked a few questions lately about the "daily life" here at FFRC, so here is a bit of what it takes to care for the 80-110 cats and kittens in the rescue center and approx. 30 other cats on site in an average day:

  • Walls are washed daily in the 3 rescue rooms, floors are vacuumed and mopped 3 times daily.
  • We will use 35-40 cans of cat food, 15 pounds of dry cat/kitten food, & 40 pounds of scoopable litter.
  • Every piece of bedding is washed daily. When combined with all the towels we use, a total of 18-22 loads of laundry will be washed, dried, folded and put away.
  • 50-60 phone calls will be received
  • The treatment board is checked. This keeps us up to date on any medical needs such as worming, vaccinations, and testing, as well as things like grooming and toenail trimming.
  • If it's a surgery day at the Earth Angels clinic, several spays/castrations may be done on the rescue center's cats and kittens
  • Most days we will have adoptions take place as well as have incoming cats and kittens.
  • Lots of “behind the scenes” work such as ordering supplies, shopping trips to local stores, bill paying, reference checks for potential adoptions, answering emails, returning phone calls, keeping up with Petfinder, Facebook and the blog. 
And the list goes on!


Cloud is a grey, brown, and white tiger kitten with an extra cute face. Her nose is 1/2 tiger and 1/2 white. She was just 8 weeks when she was found by a volunteer, in their yard, close to a water dam--probably was dumped off there to be forgotten about. Her birthday is 6/2/10. She loves the peacock feathers and will chase them and try to drag them around. She loves to cuddle up in a cushy bed for her naps, sometimes snugging in with some of the adult cats. Cloud also LOVES to have her chin/neck rubbed and rubbed.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

School Program Given

A program was given to a local 2nd grade class yesterday. The cat's that went on the trip were Hiro, Magentta, Zeke & PaddyPurr. I also took Einstein, the parrot, with me! Such a great group of kids, well behaved, asked good questions. And the 4 cats were awesome. Hiro just walked around their "kid circle", purring and let each one pet him. PaddyCake laid in the middle of the circle, on his back, playing with a toy. A good visit! Thanks so much to MARY2U  for the box that arrived yesterday. We received Scoopable Cat LItter--we can never have enough of this. Mary--you are a gem--thanks so much for your support.  



Lyrae is a gentle white cat. She is named for Alpha Lyrae (also know as Vega), a type A white star which is the 5th brightest star in our sky. She arrived here thru no fault of her own. Her owners dearly love her, but have lost their home and are unable to care for her any longer. She's always been an affectionate , indoor cat. She's young, healthy and would fit very nicely into a new home. Her birthday is 6/15/09. Every time I look at her, I just think how gentle she is, a real sweetheart.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Roadie has a home!

We had an adoption--Roadie, by using his charms, got his very own home where he is already reaping lots of TLC!  All the other cats are envious. I told them, "Your time is coming". Already heard back from his new owner & all is well.  DCTV was here yesterday and did their monthly 1/2 hr. filming. We'll be getting March/April copies & I'm sure Racer will add it to our blog. Took in a new cat. He's handsome & so mellow. His name is Sylvio (Italian). He has black/white long fur and is 5 yrs. old. Maybe tomorrow he'll be out & about. We had a Jr. Girl Scout troop visit the Rescue Center last night. These are wonderful girls. They enjoyed visiting with all the cats. They also visited Kitty City and the Clinic. We had BOX deliveries yesterday! MEDIC101 sent 2 cases of Fancy Feast and QUAYSIDE & WILLIS sent 4 boxes of Whiska packets. The cats & I are grateful. It's mind boggling the amount of food we go thru here. It makes me feel "safe" when those food cupboards are full!


Octavia arrived at the end of September '09 with her brother, Sepp. They were about 6½ weeks old at the time. Octavia is very active and loves to play. She has gained a reputation as a sort of “Robin Hood” around the rescue center, due to her uncanny ability to defeat the latches put on the cabinet that holds the pouches of wet food. She loves to sneak in and carry off a pouch, which she then rips open and shares with everyone. It's not uncommon to see her and Missa (her partner in crime) hanging around the food cabinet waiting for all the people to leave the room.

More News!

Hi everyone, I just have a couple of announcements. First of all, everything has been ordered to set up the new webcam! I would like to thank the following people for their donations that went toward the hardware and supplies needed:

Mary D.
Sally and David A.
Linda T.
Elke N.

Also, thank you to everyone who offered to donate! The cam should be here in the next few days and I will make sure it works with the USB active repeater cable and powered USB hub (both worked fine with my own camera so it should be no problem at all). I will also make a housing and mount for it so that it can mount securely to the wall but also be easily removed and remounted in the office pen for live kitten births. I expect this to take about a week. I hope to be able to make the trip to Defiance around the end of this month to set up and install everything. I will keep you all posted.

The second announcement is in regards to the Google AdSense account and Amazon Associates account. Most of you know I set these two programs up around the 21st of last month. Thanks to everyone using the link on our blog to do their shopping at Amazon, the rescue center made $59.84 in referral fees. The total ad revenue from the Google AdSense program was $77.90, which brings the grand total for the last 10 days of March to $137.74! Thanks everyone, and keep using that amazon link!


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why do we clean so often?

We frequently are asked why we clean so much. The answer is simple! We  LIKE it clean! It benefits the cats and the people that are here. By cleaning, it reduces the number of disease particles and reduces dust, dander & odors. It also presents a good image to the public and it protects the health of animals, volunteers and the visitors. It's another way we can show that we care about the rescue center. Yes, we DO shop vac and mop 3 times a day and clean all surfaces daily. The volunteers give a superb effort in doing this big job.  Today is our monthly  filming for DCTV. It is aired 3-4 times a week PLUS there's a link on our blog page that you can watch anytime you'd like. ROADIE will be adopted today--yeah for Roadie. He used his charms & it worked! New development for Raza's kittens--their eyes are "cracking" so they'll be looking at the world in a few days. Thanks to Paul, the fiberpanels are 100% complete--all walls are now covered! These tough fiberpanels make it so bright in the rescue center & super easy to clean. It really looks nice. Bella pulled a good one yesterday--she looked so pitiful that everyone was giving her extra baby food. She certainly knows how to play us! Please remember to vote. The t-shirts are here and on sale. Check out yesterday's post for more info.


Manny and sister Mazza arrived with their mama Margo. Manny & sib were 4 weeks when they came--their birthday is 7/18/10. Manny is so very handsome--his black fur has a chocolate tone to it. One of his favorite things to do is "stalk the snake", also known as the sweeper cord--he's a great hunter, so he thinks! Sometimes it seems he plays from sunup to sundown. He gets along very well with the other cats, kids and dogs--an all around good boy. Super friendly.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

T-Shirts have arrived!

The t-shirts for the rescue center have arrived.  The 2 colors are blue and medium yellow, sizes small to XXlarge. The fronts say Pets leave PAWPRNTS on your Heart.  The back has Friends of Felines' Rescue Center  Defiance, Ohio.    They're very nice quality. Price is $15. Anyone can purchase them. If you need them mailed, you can pay thru PayPal or send a check--price would be $17 to cover the cost of mailing them. If you go thru PayPal, be sure to make a note that it's for the T-shirt, what size and your address.  Thanks to JATCAT for your BOX delivery yesterday. We received 2 SnuggleSafe heaters. We use these warmers alot for youngsters, oldsters, sickies, and for comfort. Now we have these heaters and the heaters that Mamie sent! Thanks so much! Grommit made his trip to Earth Angels yesterday to get his tail bobbed. He still has 3 inches left and now will be able to do "the lift" when he potties. He's a grand young cat and will soon go up for adoption. Please continue to vote for us!

Peterson, expert on dining etiquette
Peterson, Expert on Dining Etiquette.
Peterson--we sure do love him! He was born here at the rescue center. His birthday is 5/12/10. He's a very handsome grey tiger with white and has a white patch on his back. His mama's name is Lacina. Peterson was born loving everyone and everything--this is one friendly fella! We love watching him play with the toy coils--he carries them around with such pride (he must think it's a mouse!). Peterson is a very visual boy--he likes to be front and center so he receives as much attention as possible. He has it made--his mama is extremely sweet and he has been handled since the day he was born. Peterson likes to stretch out full tilt on the yellow table in the rescue center. I think he does this because he knows we'll come over and rub his belly.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We're #1 in Ohio!

Thanks for your votes! We are #1 in the State of Ohio!  We have great plans if we could win enough $$ to do a special project. More later after plans are more concrete. Please remember to vote each day and on each browser.  Thanks to DeEtte for your donation to the Rescue Center--we truly appreciate your support!   Thanks to Bantry for the Dawn dish soap--we are grateful! We do alot of dishes here. We found a tickle spot on Putter!  Scratchng his left ear produces a a big purr and a stretched out body for more petting. He's something else! We had the cam in Ziva's kitten room last night for alittle while. For only being 3 weeks old, these kittens are fairly active already. Starting to get little eye slits on Raza's kittens--eyes may be open soon. Murka has discovered if he lays on the desk, he gets major tummy rubs. We've been putting Asha "here and there" on various cat furniture shelves, so she has to move a little bit--it's successful so far, more mobile. She's actually very graceful.That Mvula is really a nice cat--is a people lover, especially loves thise back scratches. JatKat continues to intrigue me with her climbing abilities--she has a big stubborn heart and doesn't give up easy!  Merci has been glued to the window in Kitty Campus Room--loves having the window open and watching all the action in the parking lot.


Von Meow

Von Meow is such a dandy! She's friendly, sweet and lovable. She arrived here after being found on a road and it was so very cold out. Her birthday is 10/19/10. She absolutely loves laying in the sunshine on the cat walks under the windows. Von Meow acts like she's always been here and has made friends with all of the visitors and the kittens and cats. Life is good for her--she would adjust quickly to a new home. She's a speedster when it comes to chasing the lazer light!

Monday, April 4, 2011

What our adoption fee covers & big storm this morning

Wow--big but quick storm went thru this morning. Lost our electricity for a little while, but all is fine now. It's so much fun to watch Ziva's kittens--they are trying to "trot" now--such sweet, friendly little babies. Yesterday was a quiet day. We even went to the movies with Sam (son) & Dina (daughter-in-law). Have someone that might be interested in Roadie, has visited him already and has called back with interest on this big boy. The birds have been flocking to the bird feeders outside the rescue windows. The cats are completely excited about this activity. Have been asked a couple times this past week what our $90 adoption fee covers, so here goes: 1 FIV, heartworm & leukemia combo test upon arrival, capstar, bath, 1 leukemia test repeated 4 weeks after arrival, veterinarian exam BEFORE adoption, 3 wormings, 2-3 distemper vaccinations, 2 leukemia vaccinations, flea prevention applied every month a cat is here, the neuter/spay is done BEFORE adoption, and all medical needs are provided that may be required. Also, not to mention all the TLC and petting that is given! We KNOW our cats and kittens--this makes it nice for us to help families find just the right cat for them. Big day today--voting starts again. Please help us by spreading the word to family & friends. We have some new plans in the thinking stage! 

Merci is a very pretty kitty and she knows it!. She's mostly white, but has calico markings including a calico tail. She has just enough spunk to make her a relly fun cat. She arrived at the rescue center on 11/20/10, very thin and neglected--her fur was so very rough. But after good eating and lots of TLC, she's much plumper and her fur coat is soft. She's also enjoying the act of playing, something I don't think she got to do before. Everything is fun for her. She's very silly when she's playing, she'll flip toys and chase them. She even will pat the toys off of the counter, just to get down and tackle them.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

$1,000 winnings has arrived from The Animal Rescue Site

It came yesterday--the $1,000 check from PetFinders, thru The Animal Rescue Site for coming first in Ohio!!! We will be putting some on our bill for medical supplies and most of it towards our spay/neuter fund for the rescue center's cat. Thanks again for helping us win! Want to update you on the Staples supplies that were sent the other day--they are from MAMIE. The papertowels, glass cleaner, cookies, sponges will be very well used. Thank you so much, Mamie. We had 2 adoptions yesterday. KOORI and CHAT were adopted together into a wonderful home. We've already heard back from them & it sounds like things are going great. We had alot of visitors yesterday, a few to bring supplies, and some to stay and pet/play with the cats. A special visitor came--Dr. Todd from Dr. Pettigrew's vet office in Bryan. She's a wonderful person and we enjoyed having her visit. We had 19 adoptions for the month of March. 17 adoptions for Feb. and 24 for Jan. Remember TOMORROW starts voting again. Please tell your friends, family and e-mail connections. Maybe we can win one of the weekly awards??

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Time in the outdoor enclosure!

It was so nice yesterday, we opened the door to the cat's outdoor enclosure--they loved it! Had about 3 hours of having fun on their porch. Had a few visitors yesterday come in just to pet/play/brush. We always welcome visitors. It's what helps make the cats so extra friendly. We had a box arrive from BANTRY yesterday. She sent 12 washcloths, big box of 13 gallon trash bags, Tide HE laundry soap and 3 european sponge cloths(soaker-uppers). Washcloths are super soft--will wash alot of kitty faces. Bantry--can't thank you enough for your support. Wish you could come visit us! Also received boxes of paper towels (4 cases), sponges, glass cleaner & COOKIES! Love those cookies. Everything will be put to great use. The sender is unknown but maybe Amber? Whoever sent these supplies, we're very grateful. The new giant cat tree from Amber has arrived & will be put together today! Can't wait. The cats here have said it's ok for the cardboard castle to go to Kitty City for them to have some fun today. Will continue watch on Zander's incision--have added to his antibiotics & keeping a close eye on him. Cloud has been having extra fun with the new catnip toys. I get such a kick out of Ziva's kittens--the second the door opens, here they come to be petted--such sweeties. Raza's kittens all look like a glob of gold/white furry ball yet--they stay right smack close to her. Roadie spent 2 hours sleeping in the sunshine yesterday. Tumble has decided he likes the dogs & even jumps into their room to nap with them. Right now the peacocks are parading by the office door and Peterson, Mvula, Sensation, Cloud & Chat are glued at the door watching.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Food galore!

We were unable to do Grommit's tail bob surgery yesterday--he still has a slight congested lung. He'll be rechecked next week. He's a happy boy and is climbing everywhere now, so obviously his hip fractures are healing. Asha is sitting in my lap and looking around--watching all the activity with interest in her eyes! Zander had his sutures removed today--his incision looks good, except for 1 tiny area--but it's healing. He is certainly enjoying this new lifestyle. Raza is very contented taking care of her 6 kittens. She lays in a "C" with her babies all tucked in. Ziva is definitely doing great now as are her 3 babes. The gold baby is Tinker, his black sister is Tinkerbell. The 3rd (foster) br. tiger is Cyrilla, meaning proud. It's so endearing the way Ziva wraps her front paws around them. We had BOXES yesterday arrive! kywildcat sent another rug--big and cushy! The cats slept on it last night. BETTY F. sent Friskies, cat treats & toys & 2 new big bowls. CANTON sent TWENTY cases of can friskies--this helps immensely. The cats took one look at that stock and brought out their plates and forks. I am so totally indebted to you all for your support. Since there were so many boxes, a Cat Castle was constructed-with holes so the cats can go from 1 box to another! We'll keep it around for a few days. What fun!
Von Meow had to have an extra toe nail trimming as she's using them to "rake" us into her. Whenever we pass her, it's like--Hold up there and pet only me! Hoshi has taken over the towel cabinet--saw her in there many times the last 2 days. Putter got a major groom yesterday. He wasn't too pleased....but we love him anyway.

Be sure to check out Jacci's TV Show "Cat Tales" which airs on DCTV -Defiance Community Television. The January and February shows are now up on our YouTube channel!