Friday, December 27, 2019

Friday, December 27, 2019

Are you ready?  2020 is just days away.  The kitties are excited.  Holidays mean extra chickie!

One goal as a personal "want to have happen" is about our spay and neuter numbers.  As you know, 1200 was really work......we made it by 2 extras!  I'm going to bump that by 100.........and hope we can reach 1,300!  That would be so exciting!  We are already talking about another huge surgery date for winter time.

I want to let you know....our dear, sweet Elliott has passed and has gone to see his mama Conii.  He passed away Christmas Eve.  The four days before that were not real good days....he slept almost 24 hours a day.  He was tired. He was ready. And he was hugged, rocked and kissed. His final words he heard were for him to go to his mama Conii....she was waiting for him. While he was only here a few weeks, he was happy and actually acclimated better than I thought he would.  Such a good boy. I appreciate you all caring about him.

Also, I know many of you know that Donna has not been here for a while and know that she isn't feeling good.  Just please send good thoughts and prayers her way.  She is actually in the hospital right now, undergoing tests. Her kitties at home are being taken care of, the FFRC outside cats that she calls "hers" are missing her but I tell them everyday that she will be back.  She told me last night she sure misses all of the FFRC cats.  If you would like to send her a card, please address it to FFRC with her name on the front. I will deliver each and everyone of them to her.

Because I want to be with her in the hospital and keep track of her (in case her orneriness kicks in again!), I am not here at the Rescue Center as much.  Please help me with this by being patient with any return emails, etc. that I may be behind on. Donna is considered part of my family--we all love her to pieces and she is very important to us and I know also, to you. As she says--the Swedish Hillbilly will kick this. Thank you. 

We have thanks to give---we are always so grateful........
William M and his cat Annie--donation to FFRC
James W--donation to FFRC
Scott & Selecna W--donation to FFRC
Paul S--donation in honor of Tory O'B

Janet K--donation to FFRC
Lu-Little & Benny--donation in memory of Charlie and Zinie.
Katherine T--donation to FFRC (and from her FFRC cats Emmy, Lark and Lilly!)
Chris R--donation to FFRC, in honor of longtime FFRC fan, Diann B
Enomoto S--donation to FFRC

The 5 kittens in the back Thumper's Room--Tux, Tristan Rudy, Willow, Noodle and Nadine are all doing good.  That little itty Tristan Rudy is trying hard to grow into his big name, a quarter of an ounce at a time!  For as tiny as he is, he sure can move! These five are becoming good friends.  Won't be long until this group joins the front cats and kittens.

We've had another adoption--that makes 10 adoptions in 5 days. I'm very pleased with how wonderful the homes are.
Sara--adopted 12/26.  She went to her new home with two young very kind boys. It was obvious that Sara knew this was her new family--she was so sweet with them. They were very ready to have her in their home!

I've received a few pictures of Cardi and Dune--they look perfectly happy and content! 
Pierre's family also sent pictures. And of course one is of him draped across the shoulders!
Remember Congo--a gorgeous all white cat adopted from here?  He's doing awesome and he is one very loved cat!
I've also received pictures of AppleJack and Aleesha--they are all cuddled together and love their cat furniture!  They look so content.
And of course, Freemont and Lorenzo--their pictures always show how wonderfully loved they are!

PawPaw definitely has that spring in his step!  He just always amazes me. He's happy, eating good and has been in the back room taking care of the little kittens a few times.

Our temperaturres outside are unbelievably warm.  No snow for us! The cats and farmyard animals are enjoying it all.  There's even some sunshine for the outside cats to roll around in. Everyone looks good.  The ducks, geese and chickens got an extra treat this morning. The peacocks are getting their handful of mealyworms--they love this! And Maverick, the horse is in his glory--he's muddy!!  That boy can find a cup of mud in the corrals and roll in it!

Take care and have a wonderful day! We have an awesome FFRCNation--full of family, friends and the bestest cats ever!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas Eve Day to everyone! 

This evening at 7:00, we will have a Christmas story to read.  It's written by Cindy, who also did the Halloween and Thanksgiving stories!  Bring a refreshment, put your feet up and enjoy this FFRC Christmas story!  

We had BOXES yesterday and ENVELOPES--the cats and I are so very grateful!
Great Aunt Julie in Iowa == 3 Purple momma"s
Jodi J == Popcorn Socks 
Anne, Kevin & Bailey B  in the UK ==   soups, 5 packs of Pania Flakes  

Tears from fears == Pania Flakes 
Lollymop == Amazon Gift card
Julie C, Miss Mellow and AnnaMarie  ==  Card & Donation 
Pat D == 8 pairs of flip flop socks   
Jeanette from Bonnie Scotland = shortbread cookies, maltesers malted candy, Reindeer Cakes, Snowballs, salted Caramel cake bars, 

JBond  == Azeus Centrifugal Juicer for funraiser!
PJ Panda == Card & Covers for bottom of palm trees , Hand made cat toys ,Mystery motion feather toy, 2 Hot Pursuit toy  locomotion motorized cat toy  with replacement butterfly , batteries ,  
Diana D == duet Bath Rug 
Cathy H == Socks for the volunteers , Fleece for whatever 
Jeanette B/furHaven Kitties == Black Cat Garden Flag Pole---will go in front yard area!

Boud, flymom, iheartragdolls, ilovekittys, noosma, and lots of cats and 1 catdog == 20th Anniversary FFRC Stars alignment Picture---soooo beautiful
Monica C / LadyRose == Kitty Grooming Clippers  many thanks!
Julie E == 2 Candy Cane cookie cutter and cat/dog spatula
Aunty Beth for Shambolli == case of FF Medley , Natural Yums Party Mix 

Linda and Bill H/Michgan == Card &  donation
Gail J/Fl == Card & Donation
Barb E/NC == Card 
Dorothy C/MD == Card & Donation
Dr. P == Card 
Susan M and her Mom Susan  == Card 
Linda M/NY == Card & Donation
Mark & Shelley A == Card & Donation in honor of mittens and Farah
Sue/ Ma /Mac&cheese& doodles mom == Card and Donation
Anita G/Defiance == Card 
Teresa S and Jean W/IL == Card  
Marie M/NM/ M&M == Card & Donation 
Clint /NH Furry == Card & Feliz Navidad Donation 
Robert & Cathy D/Mi == Card & Donation 
Connie H/Oh == Chief Tapes
Pat & Dave J/Mi == Card & Donation in Memory of Conii 
Suzi M / OH == Card & Donation 
Judy & Phil == Card & Donation, Donation for Porchies and covies, another for inside kitty's
Nathan & Heather A/Oh == Card & Donation 
Ellis & Barbara I/Defiance == Card and Donation  

And...........even some more thanks!
Markus S, from Germany, donation to FFRC
Jans and Jule from Germany--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Kelly L--donation for FFRC
Gusti--donation to welcome Noodle!

Paul B--donation on behalf of chatter Tina for FFRC
Marilynpepper, Charlie & the furkids--donation to FFRC
Marlene, Nancy & Wee Nellie--donation in memory of Zinie
Marie C and Sunny and Marley--donation to FFRC
Elegantly EM-bellished--donation to FFRC, as a Christmas gift to Robyn F

Whew--yesterday was a busy day!  Adoptions were awesome!  Many families that would like to adopt wait until close to Christmas so families are home more, to welcome their new cat or kitty. But, we always make sure the homes are quiet for this time of year too--not too crazy as that is  not a proper way to introduce a new cat into a home.  I am very happy with where our kitties and cats have found homes! 

We had an adoption on Sunday, the 22nd. 
Donell went to his new home. He has a young girl amongst other family members that are so happy to welcome Donell. 

Yesterdays adoptions:
Silky--went to a home with a dog friend. A super sweet girl going to a home with a wonderful mom/dad!
Pierre--went to a home that has long been waiting for this day to adopt him.  He will be their shoulder warmer!
Desmond--he has his own special girl too to call his own! 
Kimmie and Weezie--both went together and has family that will be home alot with him!
Rascal--she too will have her special family member in her new home to dote on her!

Today, Dune, our awesome mild CH kitten and Cardi who had arrived so sick, went to their new homes together!  They have a lady who has lots of time to hold them and play with them!

We have gained a couple kittens here at FFRC:
Willow, female, arrived 12/22 at 15 weeks old. Her birthday is 9/8.  She was found at a subway parking lot, in danger of being hit by the cars. Super friendly grey/cream torti.

Nadine, female, arrived 12/23 at 14 weeks old. Her birthday is 9/16. She was found in a person's garage--she just walked right in!  Very sweet, a black tiger with a magnificent purr!

In the back Thumper's Room, we now have Willow, Nadine, Noodle, Tristan Rudy and Tux.  All are caught up to their age with vaccines. 

I have already mentioned, but we lost our sweet dear Zinie on Sunday. Her temperature continued to climb and was dangerously high. She no longer felt well and was not responding to any treatment. Her respirations were very high. I talked to Dr. Darcy and it was decided we needed to let her go. It wasn't fair to let her continue when everything we were doing for her was obviously not working.  I feel strongly that whatever caused her huge hernia and her severe lung problems were related.  She was so loved and I know in my heart that she knew she was loved and safe here. 

Paw Paw is doing good.  He had a bit of a sprint in his step yesterday and ate good too.

Our Elliott though is not doing well.  As you know, he just turned 18. At the beginning, when they first arrived, he was actually acclimating well to FFRC and to his new people. But.....things changed somewhere along the line.  The last 4 days, he has slept probably 23 1/2 hours a day.  I've only seen him out of his bed 3 times in all of that time. He is tired. He doesn't want to eat.  I feel he is mourning our friend, his mama Conii.  We won't let him go much longer if he doesn't come around. That would not be fair to ask of him, more than he can give. His 2 sisters however are now doing very well. All 3 cats have had tremendous changes in their lives the last few weeks.  The 2 girls are much younger and are now cruising about the Main Area. 

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas for tomorrow. You are our friends and are important to FFRC. The cats appreciate you all too!   Please join us at 7:00 pm for FFRC's Christmas Story.  And tomorrow afternoon it 2:00 is a special Trivia for those that would like to join in the fun! 

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sunday, December 22, 2019

We did it!  Hooray!  I'm so so grateful!  What a crazy, wild day yesterday was! It was our FFRC neuter day! And it was fantastic!  We  reached our goal of 1200 with 2 extra!

We checked in 65 cats but one was a female. We talked to the owner and said we just didn't have time to do a spay so that cat is signed up already for January to be spayed!  So, we did 64 surgeries (62 males/2 FFRC planned spays).   

FFRC cats that were spayed or neutered:  Asia (already adopted by Angie and Bill), Hope, Desmond, Donell and Chuckles.  All went fine!     

Total of 2 females and 62 males--64.  We already had 1135, plus 3 previous dogs--that makes 1138.  Add yesterday's numbers and we have 1,202!!     

First check ins began at 7:15, we finished check ins about 8:45.  Dr. Darcy then did a physical on each and everyone of them.  We did our two spays first and then began the boys, in groups of 6.  We staggered the checkouts all afternoon.  Our last neuter was around 5:15. And then we still have a few check outs to do.  A long long day but so exciting, knowing so many boys were now neutered!

These events are heartwarming to me. One, because of the neuters being done but also seeing so many FFRC volunteers involved. Many of this team that helped yesterday was here for the entire duration.  A thousand thanks to: Dr. Darcy, Amber, Sue, Lynnette, Connie D, Jackie S, Mary E, Gem, Barb, Dawn E, LJ, Becky, Debbie, Megan and Elizabeth.  It was  huge effort to pull this off so successfully. 

Many thanks to Gusti for furnishing drinks for us and to Joyce D for the pizza and bread sticks.  Sure helped us throughout the day! And some of the volunteers brought some goodies too! 

Now..........have to think of 2020........what shall our goal be now?!! We had to push really hard for our 2019 goal........but, we can do more!! 
Here's some fun facts:  
2016 spays/neuters--563
2017 spays/neuters--914
2018 spays/neuters--1,026
2019 spapys/neuters--1,202

We gained a kitten yesterday too. His name is Noodle. A long hair black kitten was rescued by a family--cute as a button, lots of mats, draining eyes. FFRC was asked if we could please take him, which we did.  Couldn't resist that sweet baby.  His name is Noodle. He is 17 weeks old with a birthday of August 24. We have him on eye antibiotic ointments and oral antibiotics. Noodle's energy level is high as is his appetite. And his cuteness level is off the chart!! His mats are gone and a bath helped immensely with his fur. 

More thanks to give!  We had BOXES Friday afternoon!
Josette/Burgundy Our French Mod oooo la la - Christmas Card, Kitty Calendar, and 8 very pretty snoods/neck warmers (flash sale items!)
Diane N - Case of Fancy Feast Kitten & 2 Boxes Lil Soups
Kay Family with Bella/Velveteen - OH  Snowman stocking filled with Toys & Snackers for the kitties

Jill, Judy, Jody & Mel IA - Donation in honor of Justme instead of a Christmas gift for Feliz Navidad Fund
Letter of thanks, from Enola & Friend about a box from Santa Paws
Sheri B - Case of Royal Canin Baby & Mom food
Carol & Linda S - 3-32ct  Cases Friskies

Anna Ma - Alberta Canadian - Christmas Card with Christmas Chicken $5, Blue Kitty Tunnel, Catch the Mouse Motion Toy, Stocking filled with Kitty Toys, Bag of Caesar Treats for Janie, 2 Bags Temptation Snackers,  8 bags of Movie Time PopCorn. 8 bags of Butter Fudge & Box of Cadbury Chocolates
Brenda with Ollie the Hooligan and Gene the Monster 5-12ct Boxes of 9-Lives
JBond - Gifts for Marsha and Jackie S

Dave & Jeanie A - Christmas Card with Donation
Jule - Germany Christmas Card with 2 Christmas Chicken $5
Gary & Auddie/AJPritting - WA  Christmas Card with Donation.  Money was from the sale of her Honda..    A wonderful story.
Darcia & Matt S - MI  Christmas Card with Donation in honor of Dawn S & Tom C  & Photo of her beautiful kitty Ruby

Shawn/Happy Flame - Kitty Christmas Card with a Donation..  Christmas Card for the Volunteers & donation
Phil, Trace & Bella - Kitty Christmas Card with a lovely Note
Jim R - WA  Christmas Card with Gift Card to Amazon
BoPeeps - Christmas Card with Donation for the care of Conii's kitties, Elliott, Gyovannah & Alyssanndra

Susan F - CA Donation in honor of Barbara W
Marilyn, Terry & Jasper - Christmas Card with Christmas Chicken $5 
Donna B - GA with Torch, Slash, Kicks, Jabby Christmas Card with a Note & Photo of Jabbing playing Godzill with the Nativity!
Roger & Trudy S  AZ  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation

Mr. Meow - PA  Kitty Christmas Card with Christmas Chicken $5
Jack, Alice/MimiinFL & Buddy  - FL  Christmas Card
Patricia H - IL  KItty Christmas Card with Note and Donation
Joyce S - OH  Donation

Tom & Chris/ChrisTom W - AR  Kitty Christmas Card with Donation
Cheryl & Jim L & Puppies - WA  Kitty Christmas Card
Anita S - NY  Kitty Christmas Card
Janet S & Handsome Harley - Kitty Christmas Card with Donation for Feliz Navidad Fund  & Photo of Harley

Plus, we had:
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Belltime--donation in honor of Eaglewatcher for Feliz Navidad Fund!

I would also like to give an update on two FFRC cats.  Dr. Darcy did another physical on both of these.
Zinie--her temp continues to spike.  Dr. Darcy rechecked all of her lab work yesterday. We are changing up her antibiotics once again.  Her lungs are not good. Her x-rays of her lungs are very strange. We continue to give her fluids as needed.  She has also developed a cough that also lets us know that her lungs are compromised.  

Paw Paw/Bruno--we know he has had a heart murmur for the entire time we have had him. Dr. Darcy listened to his heart again yesterday. His heart murmur is a 6 out of a 6.  Not good.  Medications will not change this. Paw Paw gets to live his life out here at FFRC.  Whatever he wants, he gets. If he wants petting, we can do that!  If he wants covered up with a blankie, we can do that too.  When he wants a door open to go thru, that door will be opened.  His wish is our command and we love doing anything for him because we love him very much. 

We will be having BOXES Monday at 2:00.  We have several adoptions Monday and may have to work a bit around all the busy times but we can do it!  

Also Christmas Eve (time to be announced) we will be reading a Christmas Story by CIndy G.  She is also the same that wrote FFRC's Halloween and Thanksgiving stories! 

Adoptions will be happening today and tomorrow!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Friday, December 20, 2019

Happy Birthday to our sweet Elliott.  He is 18 years old today.  Conii would be pleased with his progression.  He and Alyssandrah came up to the Main Area for a bit yesterday.  For being blind and deaf, Elliott did well.  He did swat at a couple kittens when they nosed him, but I think he will come around to the kitty-ness of the Main Area.

Today, we will be moving all 3 of Conii's cats to Kitty Campus until we are done with surgeries tomorrow.  We need full use of the back Thumper's Room! The window is closed in that room and the door will also be closed.  Another progression to the Main Area. We also trimmed Elliott's toenails yesterday.  I often think about his world, how he "feels" about this.  I witnessed something very sweet two days ago.  George, Conii's brother sent us 4 felted beds that belong to the 3 cats.  When they arrived, we put them on the floor where the cats are. They immediately recognized them and took naps in them! Sure brought a smile to all of us!

Just an FYI---our Kabana Cam is down right now.  We need to get a tech here to see if the computer is repairable.  We use these cam computers 24/7 and it does take a toll on them.  In the meantime, you will see streaming of birds and squirrels!

We had ENVELOPES on Tuesday!  Many thanks!
David H. - donation to sponsor his gang; Magic, Vern, Hensley, Kiara and Coralie.
Kathy and Donny (WVa) - Christmas Card w/chicky $5.
Carri and Ken M. - donation
Joy and Don D. and their herd - donation
Joyce and Chuck R. (NH) - donation
Kelly R. (Littleonemine) - donation
Mary DC (Ct.) - donation for Feliz Navidad in memory of her kitty, Tiny Toe.
Pat and Harold (Wildcat) - Christmas card and note.
Mitzi F. (flymom) - Christmas card of Fly and her new Grand. and donation.
Sherry and Dave W. (Neuromom) (NY) - Christmas card and donation.
Gary K. and Lynn P. - Christmas card and donation.
Elizabeth and David C. (Nekomom and Neko) - Christmas card and donation
   to be used wherever needed.
Jane H. (Oh) - Christmas card and donation.
Paula N. - Christmas card and donation.
Patricia (Sophieandlucy's grandma) - Christmas card and donation.
Kimmy and Josh S. (Defiance) - Christmas card from Scribbles.
Greg and Debby K. (Oh) - Christmas card.
Courtney and her 15 calicos (ME) - Christmas card and donation.
Susan M. (Defiance) - Christmas card and donation from Echo (Minnie)
Andy, Jennifer, and Hannah - Christmas card and donation.
Manna and her kitties (Co) - Christmas card with several Purina One codes.
Diane E. (Defiance) - donation, she has 3 FFRC kitties.
Mary Cate and kitty Aubrey (OK) - Christmas card
Cindy and Linda and kitties - Christmas card,  she has written stories for FFRC,
   2 pictures of Garfield, hand done.
Phyllis (Kittiesmom) and kitties Emmie and Bailey -  Christmas card, coupons,
   and $5 Chicky dollar.
Renee B. (Pa) - Code tokens for free kitty litter.
Paul and Judy - Christmas card and donation.
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation in honor of Belltime for the Feliz Navidad Fund

Paddy's Place has been busy.  Cashew loves this room. And we've had Thamba and Teddy Bear in this room along with Angola, Cady, Dakota and Bipsol.  These 6 new kittens are doing very good.  All are eating good.  During the day, the door is open but closed at night so we can make sure they are eating good. 

An update on Zinie. She is doing better each day.  She is also still on her soreness meds and her antibiotics each day.  Dr. Darcy will check her out on Saturday.  This has been a huge ordeal for Zinie but one that she is going to win!

We took in two new babies yesterday. For supposedly being 2 months old, they are very small and one in particular is super little. They have been outside and their mama has not been very caring, so they have been struggling. The good news--we have their 4 adult cats now scheduled for spays and neuters!  These two babies are both males. Here's their info:
Tux--black/white, weighs 1.01
Tristan Rudy--brown tiger, weighs 7 ounces.
Both are on antibiotics, eye ointments, syringe feeding. Tristan Rudy also has received sq fluids.  Their leuk/fiv/HW tests were negative.  Names are from Name a Cat list.  Both had fleas so are anemic as well as dehydrated.  I'm thankful to the family for bringing the kitties in.  Just an FYI--we had used the name Tristan Rudy last week for a kitten, but I realized that was a boy name and then named that kitten Ellen!  So, now we do have a boy Tristan Rudy! 

And more good news about these two kittens--they are already responding to their antibiotics. Tux actually ate most of his breakfast by himself today. Tristan Rudy is "practicing" eating by himself but is getting topped off with a syringe.  As you may imagine, when kittens are super hungry, they are so crazy about their food---they cannot gobble it up fast enough. We have high hopes for these two babies.

In the very near future, we should have quite a few adoptions.  As you may know, we are very extra careful about adoptions. We don't want the kittens or cats going into a new home where there is alot of busy activities. That is not a proper way of introducing a new cat/kitten into a home. So, please rest assured, all is great with these upcoming adoptions!  Here's the cats that possibly will be leaving us soon:  Desmond, Pierre, Silky, Donell, Cashew, Kimmie, Weezie, Rascal and Snuggzy.  Monday in particular will be a busy adoption day. Please know though that things can change! 

Tomorrow, Saturday, is our Neuter Day. It should be a very very busy day.  Check ins for these male cats start at 7:20 and hopefully we will be done by 8:30. All will go home in the afternoon.  As you probably know, each year, we bump up our goal for how many spays/neuters we do each year.  Last year was 1,000 and we made it!  This year, we raised the bar to 1,200.  Right now, we are at 1135 cats and 3 dogs which means our total is 1,138.  We need 62 more surgeries to reach our goal.  Can we do it tomorrow?  I'm not sure but we are most definitely giving it a good try. We have 64 public male cats scheduled.  We also have 2 of our FFRC spays and 3 neuters to do--that makes it 5 more--69 scheduled. is common that we get a few no-shows.  So.......we will see.  I hope all of those scheduled will show. We WANT to be a part of the overpopulation solution--it's important. (We do have a few more FFRC females we could spay, but those take more time.)  Tomorrow we will know! 

Today, we have BOXES at 1:00!  Please join us on the cam! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Our Fun-Raiser was yesterday and it was awesome!  I'd like to thank everyone involved for making this so successful--the people who provided the items, those who purchased tickets, Marcia/LJ/Lynnette for working on the tickets, mods and admins for their PR of the event--it truly takes a large group of people to make these fun and successful! 

Here's how it went---first, we had BOXES!
Mr. Meow (Pa.) :  packages for all the kitties were in memory of Dizzy and Martin - toys, toys, lots of toys! Catnip toys,  4 fish toys, 2 beds for outdoor kitties, Treat Maze toy, 10 Christmas toy Stockings, 12 packs of Bondi Lix & Delectable chicken and tuna snacks, Catnip banana, Just us Cats Hide and Play that makes noise for Fio, batteries, Electric mouse toy that scampers under a canvas, toy balls, 4 bag of catnip, 12   cans sardines, Temptation Snacks, Catnip spray, Greenies, Glitter fish toys, Mouse toys, Interactive kitty toys, Party Mix snacks, Scratcher w/nip, Doggie snacks for Janie. Toys on a stick

Anonymous : Shelf cover for bed in Dodger's Pen.
Diane H. (NC):  Donation for Feliz Navidad.

Andrea E. and Aladdin :  1 box of appetizers, 1( 24) case of FF adult chicken, 1 case of FF kitten food.
Mike G. (Sophieandlucy'sdad):  Reese's candy for Jacci, M&Ms for Lynnette,  Lindor chocolates for the volunteers.

Anonymous:  4 large bags of Pania flakes.
DimWitt:  2 (24) cases of Fancy Feast Poultry and Beef.
Carol and Linda S. :  2 (32) cases of Friskies Shreds.
Linda (Gossamer):  1 (24) case of Fancy Feast Fish, 1/2 case Fancy Feast Variety.

Donna and Robert R. (Az) :  Gift bag presents for Magic and all the Volunteers, 2 Petsmart gift cards.

Barb (Phlebdy):  5 (10) packs of coil toys, 3 (24) cases of Fancy Feast Gravy lovers adult,  3 (24) cases of Fancy Feast Kittens food.

Audrey and Gary B.:  Huge tin of 3 variety popcorn for Jacci and the vols!!!!.

JBond:  43 boxes of Russell Stover chocolates for the vols, Boxes of Dazzling Bath Fizzies for all volunteers, for the center a picture of Jacci, Beth, and Lynnette,  Monkey pillow and blanket, Hear No, See No, and Speak No Evil statue to burn essential oils over a candle for Lynnette,  Stuffed Monkey toy with blankie for Lynnette, for Jacci and Steve; Belgian Chocolate,   Hummingbird Picture, Hummingbird Ornament, Chef Knife for Steve, Kitty Cold Cup for Jacci, 2 bags of Chex Mix, Godiva chocolate, candy canes, Chocolate covered Cherries, 5 piece Hand Cream Care Kits for Vols, Blue Crinkle Tunnel Jeans with snack pockets for kitties.

Rita, Eddie and Rosie the kitty:  2 Kitty Calendars, Thomas Kincade Disney book, with a donation, Kitty Tea Towel, Dog Blanket, Soft White couch blankie, Holiday napkins, Bungalow fun toy, Heart chalk board with chalk, Cat Napping Plaque, Cat Hanger, Black and Yellow cat above door plaques, Kitty Mug, Kitty Measuring Cups, 2 Cat treat tins, Leslie cat kitty mug, Large gray kitty bed.  Much for Flash sales! 

Fran D. and Mandy:  3D Kitty Picture, 3D Doggie Picture, Kitty Welcome plaque, Christmas decorations.

Jenni Brown:  a lovely letter to Jacci about her kitty BunBun, 3 beautiful and soft blankets, one for Magic, one for Ramsay, and one for Hopey.  1 bag  of kitty toys for Magic.

Jody J--9 cases 32 cans of Friskies canned food.
Elaine & Alan B--2-40# bags litter, 1-32 pk Friskies, 5-24 pk Friskies, 1 box appetizers, 24-pk Fancy Feast

Heather H--4 handsoaps, 2 hand sanitizers, 2 post it pads (purple!) 

And then came the FUN-RAISER!!  Results:
A.  Quilt Blue w/Black Cats  57 tickets won by Simone Lor.
B.  Fire 7 8mgb w/ Alexa 40 tickets won by Ms. M
C.  Quilt Blue w/Multiple Cats  71 tickets won by RomeoMom
D.  Miche Purse w/4 sleeves 24 tickets won by Lynnette.
E.  Sturdibag Butterfly Cat Carrier 53 tickets won by  Phlebdy 
F.  Black and Decker Drill Set 42 tickets won by Kathie3103.
G. Pandigital Converter 105 tickets won by Barbara Wil.
H. GE Microwave 62 tickets won by PaintedDaisy)  she has donated back for volunteer drawing.

This brought in $2270!!  And then our wonderful bumper-uppers went to work which raised the amount to $2570.  The cats and I are very grateful. We will be paying regular monthly bills this week! 

Consolation prizes were won by Kerswill, Anonymous, Anna, Judy Judy, Eaglewatcher, Catherine Mau, RoseSF and KnittenKitten! 

All these items will be going out the door quickly!

We moved some kittens up to Paddys Place yesterday--- Thamba, Teddy Bear, Angola, Bipsol, Cady and Dakota.  We need to get the back Thumper's Room ready for our big surgery day on Saturday and so needed to move these kittens.  These kittens have already had 2 excursion times to be out in the Main Area and are doing well.  

Zinie loves chicken!  She gobbled up a good amount this morning!  It was very nice to see.  She was also down on the floor in the front Thumper's Room walking about.  Definitely feeling better but has a ways to go yet. She is still getting her 2 antibiotics and 2 soreness meds a day.  What a sweetie girl she is.

Yesterday I worked on the floor of the back Thumper's Room to be with Elliott, Alyssandrah and Gyovannah.  They all 3 came up to me to greet and hang out!  That was so so nice.  They are slowly adjusting and becoming more comfortable.  I can't imagine how lost they must've felt when they first arrived. But time helps and it is showing in their behavior now. Elliott loves his back scratched and the two girls enjoy head rubs! 

We had an adoption yesterday--done from my home last evening. It was Dooey. Ok......I'll admit it......I miss him alot. But he went into a really nice home situation where he will get tons of attention which is really all he wants!  Since he was so comfortable in the house and focused on this person, we stayed in the house. I'm sure he is cruising about his new home right now, checking out all the yard outside from his windows and patio doors. And a person to call his very own. 

And we have more thanks to give--
Suzanne dR--donation to FFRC
Joanne V--donation in memory of Rowland
Kimkost--donation in memory of Kitty to whatever our needs are
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
James R--donation to FFRC
Deborah S--donation for FFRC
Shadowcat--donation for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Michelle V--donation to use where ever needed most
Margaret & Ed S--donation to FFRC, in memory of Conii G.

Yes, it had to happen.  Paw Paw was in need of a shave. He is a cat that simply does not enjoy being groomed. We can only keep up with that long fur for a while and then it suddenly starts knotting at the skin.  And then it becomes hard to brush/comb. I understand that he never liked being groomed from where he came from either.   So, he had his shave and he was so good about it. We had a sweater on him yesterday but he asked for it to be off for a while today.

Alma has been very vocal today.  It appears that she read the blog and realized that some of her cat-friends got to have a say in a few blogs lately.  She was very persistent that she should have her turn too!  She is asking for a Christmas gift from our FFRC friends.  You see, she had been taken to a vet clinic when she was found. And she was happy about this because going to a shelter was scary for her due to her severe CH. Alma would love it if any of you would want to make a donation to your local shelters/rescues.  It could also be a soft blanket, snackers, litter, toys, anything to make those shelter/rescue cats happier!  She told me thank you for posting her thoughts and now..........she is napping, peaceful in knowing she has helped shelter/rescue cats thru you.  And I thank you too!

Yesterday at BOXES and Fun-Raiser time, we were so busy that we didn't get to the Envelopes. This is important, so today at 11:00 we will open Envelopes!  Come join us! 

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Little Thamba and Teddy Bear are really sweet!  Their fur grows everyday as does their playfulness.  They are now moved up to Paddy's Place! Time to stretch their horizon! Their appetites are good and their purr motors run great!

We also have 4 new kittens. These kittens arrived 12/14. Three are from the same litter and their mama has been spayed now.  The 4th one is from a different litter and was brought to the home by their son. 
Angola--torti, bigger gold area back of head, cream down left side of nose, female
Bipsol--black,  no white, female
Cady--torti--gold inverted V on head, female
Dakota--torti, small gold dot on head, female

Angola has a birthday of 8/3/19, making her 19 weeks old.
Bipsol, Cady and Dakota has a birthday of 8/24/19, making them 16 weeks old.
All names are from the Name a Cat list.
These 4 kittens had a pretty short quarantine time--they have not been around sick cats and we needed to move them out of the back Thumper's Room.  So these 4 also are in Paddy's Place. All are friendly, sweet and love to play.

Elliott, Alyssandrah and Gyovannah are slowly relaxing and coming along.  Elliott is in his own world--he is finally letting us pet him and groom him. He enjoys his meals.  The two girls are close and are bonded. Slowly they will adjust.

Tomorrow is our Fun-Raiser!  Boxes are at 2:00, followed by the Drawing and then followed by the Consolation Prizes!

Just in case you don't know where our website is:    Lots of info about FFRC!

We have thanks to give!
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Mary & Sharon (adopted Weeja and Veora from FFRC)--donation to use wherever needed
Eartheyes--donation in memory of Conii, 200 quarters for the Quarter Jar and also 13 pennies honoring LJ!

Ellen S--donation to FFRC, in memory of Doreen Patton who loved watching the cats on cam
BIllieK--donation in memory of Covie sweet Charlie & to help with Zini's medical care.

Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Faithy--donation to help with a spay
Marilyn A--donation to FFRC for a Merry Christmas
Marie C--donation to FFRC, to use where needed
Amelia, Heather & Nathan--family visited FFRC.  Amelia made really neat toys for the cats and made a card for FFRC.  As she says--for Friends of Awesome Felines!

Right now, we have possible holds on Desmond, Cashew, Silky, Pierre, Weezie & a friend, Pierre.  We also have some families undecided yet.

Ramsay is right now in the Christmas bed looking ever so cute.  Lucy is on the Princess bed. Spiker is behind me in his 2nd best favorite best (the couch is his favorite).  Magic and Dunn are on my desk. Zelda is snoozing right beside me. Fio and Donell are right behine me on the Kuranda Tower sound asleep. Life is good!

Cashew is spending time in her favorite room, Paddys Place, with the kittens. She seems very comfortable there with her new friends.

Zinie is doing better!  Fever is down. Appetite is improving. She even looks better. I have a feeling this sweet cat would have a very sad story to say, if she could tell us. She loves to be petted and talked to.

Saturday is our last spay/neuter day for 2019.  This is the day that will tell if we reach the hopeful goal of 1200.  It's going to be very close. We need 62 more surgeries to reach that goal.  Going to be a very busy surgery day on 12/21.  We couldn't possibly do these big surgery events without our volunteers pitching in to help.  They watch over all the cats after their surgeries are done--they make sure their respirations are good, their color is good, they are warm and fed when they wake up.  Very important to us!

Attention, attention!  Coralie has something to say. It's her Christmas desire for everyone. an act of kindness!  Those acts of kindness can have enormous impacts on both the person being kind and the recipient. If someone would not have been kind when she was found frozen on a back porch, she would not be alive today. So, she is asking others to do THREE acts of kindness this week, in her honor!  It could be something simple like smiling at a stranger, volunteering somewhere, send a note of gratitude to someone who has helped you or maybe give your pet an extra play time and a snacker!  You can be kind, generous and compassionate to someone you know or to a stranger!  Coralie is just beaming at the thought of what all this kindness can lead to!

Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday, December 13, 2019

A short blog but would like to keep you all updated on things. 

First, we lost yet another Covie yesterday. Our dear sweet Charlie passed away. He was 13 years old. Charlie arrived here at 1 1/2 years old, such a handsome boy. He's been with us for 11 1/2 years. A long time to have a friend but it's never enough. Charlie was fine at breakfast time (about 5 am) yesterday morning. All Covies were checked again at 9:00 and again at 11:30 and then at 2:00. He was found already passed, laying on the floor like he simply went to sleep. He will be very very missed. A friend just told me this morning when I expressed that I wasn't ready for him to go yet, was told ---it is having done your best for as long as you can, not so much the age. We as caretakers do our best for our cats and the cats always give their best back to us. Thank you for loving our Charlie boy.
Second....Zinie was taken to the vet's yesterday. As you know, she had that major hernia repair on 12/2. She seemed to do well for that immediate week---not 100% but she was recovering from a major surgery. Then on 12/9, she obviously was showing signs of not feeling well. Over a couple days, she spiked a high temp 3 times. She was on antibiotics, was given fluids twice and kept up on pain meds. On Thursday, her appetite was low. Dr. Darcy wanted to get an x-ray. The x-rays showed that she had aspiration pneumonia. Her lab Bands were high. It also showed her lungs were not against the chest wall as they should be--probably from a trauma. Something forceful. Could this have been a part of why she had this odd hernia? We do not know. Her middle right lung lobe is collapsed also. A good view of her heart was not able to be seen due to the density of the lungs. Zinie is back home here and is now on two antibiotics and two soreness meds. We will keep a sharp eye on her. If she doesn't eat or if spikes another temp, fluids will again be given. The volunteers and I will keep a sharp eye on her. She sure likes to be petted. 

Everything else is good here.  The kittens are well.  Cats are fun and good examples to the kitties.  Conii's cats are slowly adjusting. Thamba and Teddy Bear are growing and so silly.  

Did you know kindness reduces stress?  To be able to cope and overcome stressful situations, an act of being kind to others reduces the stress factor by far. This is because it allows you to pay less attention to yourself and your problems. ... The added bonus is the appreciation shown by the person receiving the act of kindness!  Derecho was asking me to pass his thought TWO extra kind things today! He is going to share his chicken and he will also cuddle a kitten today! He's such a good example! 

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Thursday, December 12, 2019

They have arrived--Conii's 3 cats from Florida.  They started their journey on Monday around 1pm and arrived here Tuesday about 7 pm.  These 3 cats have had alot going on their lives the last week.  First, their mama Conii passed, people in their home, an overnight trip to the vets, a long drive to get here and then an all new home.  Their blankies (all leggydews and biggeydews) arrived with them so we spread those around their room--the back Thumper's Room.  This will take awhile for them to adjust, so for now, they will stay in that room to relax and get to know us. 

Here's their info:
Alyssandrah--brown tiger/white, born 4/24/18, female
Gyovannah--grey tiger/white, born 4/12/18, female
Elliott--grey tiger/white, born 12/20/01, male (next week will be 18)  

Elliott is blind and deaf but is actually adjusting nicely. He has spent a lot of time walking slowly about the room, probably memorizing the layout. I think Elsie and Pania have sent him good thoughts of how to adjust! 

Time will help with their adjustment. There's been a lot of people in their room, just talking and feeding them and reassuring them that life is ok. 

We also had BOXES yesterday-------big thanks!
Kathy, Donnie & Critter in WV - For Ramsay: Hide & Play Toy Activity Tent
SeanG & Lena - 2 Cat Training Toys
Janet B - For the FFRC Humans  Box of 12 delicious Ruby Red Grapefruit-yum

Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 Cases 24ct Fancy Feast
JBond - Electronic Cat Toy--already being played with
Anony - Bugs & Nuts Bird Food!

Carri M - 3-16lb Bags Purina One Kitten, 3 Boxes Lickable Delicious Stew, Box of lovely European Cookies
Jobear22 - Christmas Card - Godfish Tunnel, Unicorn Tunnel, Shark Tunnel & a Scratch & Play Roller
Diane P - 14 Fleece Pillow Cases

LJ - Fleece Pillow Cases for Porchies
Gidge - for Kitty Christmas - Case of Kitten Fancy Feast
McKane - 5-32ct Cases Friskies, 

Dimwit - 16lb bag Purina One Kitten, 2-24ct cases Kitten Fancy Feast
Jane - 16 lb Bag Purina One Kitten, 30ct Case Fancy Feast, 2 Boxes Appetizers
IBKCFJJJ ( Itty Bitty Kitty Collective For Jingle Jangle Jubilation) - Letter to FFRC, Gift bags for FFRC Staff with lots of Goodies & Letter

Jody J - 10 Boxes - 12ct 9-Lives
Preakness - 4-40ct Cases Friskies (with help from mom Snoopy) & 36 cans 9-Lives
FaithyMD - 4 Boxes of Petit Fours that spell out Merry Christmas for Humans & Meowy Christmas Cheese Tray for the Kitties

Craig M  - Batteries for the Weather Emergency Radios
Anony - 2 cases Beef Baby Food for Cutie

Chiefted & Jean - Pretty Christmas Card
Janice & Randy P  FL - Christmas Card with Donation
Howardena (Nona's Friend)  NY - Christmas Card with Note & Donation for Spay & Neuter

Melissa L - Donation
Judy M - NH  Donation
Napoleon Insurance Co. - Chief Tapes

Carol DC - VA  Kitty Christmas Card  with Donation in memory of Tiny Toes
Dennis  FFRC Volunteer - Christmas Card
Walter & Nancy C - OH  Donation in memory of Martha M and her kitty Boots
Sonja Mc - Our Canada Mod - Zelda Christmas Card w/Note

MaryCate R - 5 Chicken $5 & Stamps
Reta Z - MI  Christmas Card with Donation
DiAnna A, Jim (adopted Sparky & Frisky) - Christmas Card with Donation for Medical & 2 Chicken $5 from their 98 yr old Grandmother
Judy B and her 13 kitties - FL  Christmas Card with Chicken $5

Barbara C - Christmas Card
Betty S - WI   Lots n Lots of useable Stamps
Martin M - UK  2020 Kitty Calendar  & 3-D Christmas Card

And a few more thanks!
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Eric S--donation to FFRC
Gloria Keckler--donation for Kitty Christmas
BobM--donation for Christmas, in support of Feliz Navidad Fund
Brooke L--donation to FFRC

The cats/kittens that were brought up to the Main Area are doing great.  Cashew is just everyone's friend! Ragsy is so sweet and so friendly. Chuckles is everywhere and is making lots of new friends. Giggles is still a bit shy but really opening up! They had their door opened to Paddy's Place a bit early but have done very well with interacting with the other cats and kittens.

The two littlest kittens are so cute and have such long fluffy fur. They are in the top two condos in the back. They had some exercise time in PawMart yesterday and loved it! They are little scamper-about-kittens!

It's cold here this morning--was 16 degrees. No worries about the outside animals though.  The horses and goat and donkey all have clean straw/wood chips to sleep in. There's red heat lamps in the barn, Firehouse, Covie, both sunporches and Porchie Haven--heat all around and readily used by the cats! 

Ramsay is here by my desk, busily giving himself a bath. Dune is right in front of me napping but with an extended paw on my hand. Janie is sleeping in the basket and is snoring! Lucy is in my lap. Spiker loves his bed right behind me and is deeply sleeping. Zelda is also here giving a morning bath to herself. And then there's Desmond and Donell running around my feet like the 2 silly kittens that they are. 

Tomorrow starts our Fun-Raiser, the last one for 2019.  We are madly trying to get the bills all paid and current before the end of the year.  It ends on Monday, the 16th, with BOXES at 2:00 followed by the drawing. 

Other dates:
12/13 to 16--Fun-Raiser
12/21--FFRC's big NEUTER surgery day for the public.  
12/24--a special Trivia
12/25--Merry Christmas! 

On the 12/21, the last surgery day for 2019, will determine whether we meet our 1200 spays/neuters for the year.  It's going to be close........very very close. 

You have probably already heard this but it has become one of my favorite things--In a world where you can be anything, be kind!   How so simple this can be and how so very happy it can make others!  

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Today at noon is a quickie Flash Sale--all about Christmas items!  Come join us on the cam.

We also have Trivia today!  That begins at 4:00 and guaranteed to be lots of fun!  As a special Christmas fun day, there will be another Trivia on Dec. 12th, Thursday also at 4:00.  Enjoy!

Yesterday was our HumaneOhio surgery day!  I love these days.  We sent up 33 cats. This amounted to 21 females and 12 males, including 3 of FFRC's.  This brings our total to 1135 cats and 3 dogs--1138.  My goal for 2019 is 1,200.  It's going to be very close.  Our next and last surgery day for 2019 is December 21, a Saturday.  It's an all male neuter cat day.  We are almost full--hoping to take reservations for 58 boy cats. Plus we have 2 FFRC spays to do.  IF 100% of the cats show up, that gives us 1198. We shall see how it turns out.

We have thanks to give----
\Charlotte T--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Deb F--donation to FFRC
Steph, Trevor--donation in honor of Angela who cares for their cats when on holiday and for her kindness

We have new kittens!
Giggles and Chuckles--arrived 12/6. Mary Braid, a vol, found them in her yard at nighttime. They are 12 weeks old with a birthday of 9/15/19.  Both are a bit shy but coming along. 
Giggles--white/muted calico, female
Chuckles--grey tiger/white, male

Ragsy--arrived 12/8. Another friend of FFRC found this one also in her yard, by himself.  He's a Domestic Long Hair (DLH), more white than black with a black tail.  Ears are both black/white.  Super friendly and playful. He is 6 months old with a birthday of 6/12/19. 

Teddy Bear and Thamba--arrived 12/9. They were born to a mama who we spayed yesterday. These two babies are 5 1/2 weeks old and needed to "move on" to FFRC a bit early. They are both eating very well. Both also have long fur.  Their birthday is 11/2/19.
Teddy Bear--brown tiger, male
Thamba--(pronounced Tom Ba), black/white with a white face. His name means rock or boulder, male
All above names are from the Name a Cat List.

Today is also the day that our friend, Conii G's 3 cats will arrive from Florida.  As was mentioned, Conii past away a week ago today. The family would like her cats to come to FFRC.  Their names are Elliott, Alyssandrah and Gyovannah.  They are being transported by a lady named Kim of Animal Transport.

We would like to move Cashew and Ragsy up to the Main Area and have Giggles and Chuckles in a double condo in the back Thumper's Room. Then move Teddy Bear and Thamba into the other double condo in the back.  That way, Conii's 3 cats can have the floor. I'm sure they will take a few days to acclimate here--they've had many changes in the past week.

Did you know that every interaction, be it how small, provides each of us an opportunity to have a positive impact on them and on your life?  It's really a neat thing--do something good for someone else and that feeling of goodness bounces back to you!  An act of kindness is a spontaneous gesture of goodwill towards a person, an animal or even nature! It really can turn into a gratifying and fun thing to do! And I am quite sure, each of the FFRC cats do this everyday.  Just today, I saw Derecho share his plate with Desmond!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Kitty Christmas was yesterday and it was simply amazing! A thousand thank yous are being sent.

The giant trailer arrived around 1:25. It gave me goosebumps to see it coming here to FFRC! Many thanks to Nicki and Ed for supplying this transportation. They are brother/sister that owns H E Rudy tricking. Both then pitched in to help empty the truck. And on top of that, they donated a huge amount of canned food for FFRC.

Opening all the boxes and packages was simply beyond wonderful.  We had 886 boxes--an astounding amount!  These boxes weighed in at 17,523 pounds--quite a load!  A mountain of thanks to each and every person who donated these boxes. 💚💗

I'd like to send a special thanks to Angie and Bill for all their hard work on this project--the first box arrived in August and since then, their garage became fuller and fuller with boxes! They also provided a meal Friday evening for the folks that came over to their house to help load up the truck. They also made countless trips to the stores for many of the items.

Another big thanks goes to Lynnette. She is an extraordinary help to me. She also helps me keep organized. She not only works here at FFRC but is a super good friend to me.

Here's just a few numbers:
186 bags of dry adult cat food
202 containers of kitty snackers
76 cases of baby food
209 bags of litter
18 gallons of Odoban
5000 9 inch plates
6800 6 inch plates
10 boxes of 33 gallon trash bags
60 cans of KMR
18 rolls of packing tape
192 boxes of packets of food
77 cases of kitten can food
434 cases of adult can food
64 cans of chicken
And the list goes on and on!

We also received medical supplies that will help us--Idexx test kit, distemper, rabies, bordetella and leukemia vaccines, Convenia, Bravecto, Clavamox, Capstar, Terramycin and Panacur--such a great help.  The cats and I are very grateful.

 Another wonderful gift---as you know, this is our 20th year for FFRC.  We did major reconstruction at the beginning of the year.  As of this week, the bills are all paid in full!  The reconstruction covered the removal of the Cat's Corner Room, the creation of the Paddy's Place, attic wiring, rewiring of electric, several cat doors, new ceiling lights, cat walks, storage shelving in the Stuff Room, the floor completely redone, cabinets, etc.  Many thanks to all involved in this project, from the planning to the paying!

Another awesome gift---our bill is paid in full at the vet's office. BIG thanks!  The bill was for $1,789.96--completely paid in full! Wow!  Plus........bonus!  A credit of $922.42.  And then our bumper uppers stepped in.  We had another $1,565.37 which makes our credit now at the vets----$2,487.79.  Amazing. A colossol of thanks for this!

As a way of thanks, we made a posterboard of a cat with so many involved in FFRC, that we are thankful for--
webmaster--Clay and Vaun make our website ( possible
administrators--keeps our facebook site clean and family friendly
local supporters--our community, including businesses
moderators--they moderate the cam chat. We want it family friendly
family--they are awesome, from Steve to our kids and grandkids--so supportive. Love them!
sponsors--to donator supporters and those that sponsor cats
lurkers--we love our cam lurkers
veterinarians/techs--without them we would not have the medical care these cats need.
video recorders--they provide the videos that so many enjoy

Kitty Christmas is one of the most exciting day of the year for FFRC.  We go from nearly empty shelves to being stocked and full.  The cats and I are extremely thankful.  Truly a day that should be called Thanksgiving Kitty Christmas!

And we have more thanks to give!  We had BOXES on Thursday---
JBond - for Ramsay, New Track Ball Toy, for Jacci, A Spa gift set For Volunteers--1 large pack of Rice Krispy Treats,  2 boxes of Belvita Crackers, Kashi dark chocolate grain bars, Popcorn, Pretzels, 3 (4) pack of large can Tuna, 2 boxes of Snack Pack Puddings, 2 large pack of Fig Newtons, 4 (3) packs of Dole Fruit Cups. For Kitties,---1 Case of Friskies,2 Cases of 9 Lives cans, 2 treat bags of  Apple Nuggets for horses, goat, and donkey.

Diane (Dilly Di) - 8 XL Teal Bath Towels from Kohl's, 2 large fleece pillow cases for the outside kitties. 

Jennifer R. (Tx) -  for Donell's new parents (when they are chosen), 2 wand toys from Cat Wanderer
Kim R. - Bag of new toys, 2 (10) packs of Squeeze Ups, 1 Case of Fancy Feast 
SeanG and Lena - 1 (10) pack of Squeeze Ups.

Sue T. (NC) - 2 CH Kitty Calendars, 1 for Jacci,  A Wall hanging with a Cat's  Story framed for Jacci, The Official FFRC CH Purple Commemorative Ribbon framed---love it!.  A stack of Kitty Comedic posters for Jacci to hang around the Center.and 2 Chicky $5 for Ramsay and Pania.

Judy Judy - 1 Case (30) L'il Soups.
Jean W. - 2 (40) Cases of Friskies cans, 2 large bags of Iams dry food.

Celie R. and Turbo - 1 Large Canister of Greenie Snacks, 2 Boxes of L'il Soups, 1 (12) pack of Delectable Stew, 1 (12) pack of Delectable Bisque,  4 (10) packs of Sqeeze Ups.
Nathan K. - 2 (12) Cases of 9Lives Cans.

Donna and Robert R.  and their gang (AZ) - Birthday card for Magic - gift card for PetSmart.
Barry and Lori P. (Iowa) - a Christmas postcard with picture of their kitties Calvin and Oscar.
Sue (MacNCheeseM) - donation in honor of Marilyn
Stephanie and Mike K. (Il.) - donation
Brian and Liz (NY) - donation
Florence L. and Jayne (Fla) - Chicky $5 donation
Maria and Miranda - (Sweden) - Christmas Card w/(4) Chicky $5,  a card for Magic's Birthday 
Jeanie and Dave A. (Oh) - donation from a once FFRC baby (Koda) who is now Charlie.
Julie and David (UK) - 3 D Christmas card. for Magic 5th Bday card w/2 Chicky $5, Special Birthday glitter card for Magic w/Chicky $5.
Ellen P. (Ia) - donation, add'tl donation for Janie.
Clark, Jessie and the rest - Bday card for Magic (5) w/Chicky $5, Bday card for Walter (7) w/Chicky $5.
Tearsfromadream - Pania, calendar
Martha C. and Mr. Whiskers - (Tx) - coupons, 2 Chicky  $5.
Elaine and Alan (Fla) - 2 Christmas cards for Jacci and the Center.
Diane N. (TweetiTweet) (Oh) - calendar
Johannah M. (Defiance) - donatioin
Jeanne S.(Fla) - donation for FelizNavidad Fund.
Jeanette (Scotland) - Bday card for Magic with 4 Chicky $5, a Christmas card

We had 2 more adoptions!  Trippadoo and Timax went to their new home together! They went into a home where they are the only cats and will be very well loved. I've already heard from them and it sounds like the kitties are settling in nicely. 

We also heard back from Pansaroo and Kaze's new family--both are blossoming and are love bugs. Kaze likes soft comfy spots to sleep and Pansaroo naps on the table with Lego pieces!  

Cashew, the new snowshoe lynx siamese is doing good. She's a quiet girl and absolutely loves to be petted. She is still hanging out in the back Thumper's Room.

Zinie is coming along.  She developed a fever and simply didn't feel good for a couple days. Antibiotics started and syringe feeding and fluids given. She's much better and looks perkier. Desmond and Donell's energy levels are very good--they are so playful and eating good.  

We have even more thanks to give!
David and Christine and their kitties--donation for the care of the cats and kitties
William M--donation for FFRC
Leanne & Mike--donation in honor of Magic's birthday!
Sean G & Lena--donation in honor of FFRC's Lena
Marie C--donation for the cats and kitties
Kittiesmom--donation in memory of Conii G
Yaseen E--donation for FFRC and Fio
Gusti--donation to welcome Cashew
James G--donation as a thank you for having the cams
Audrey & Gary P--donation in celebration of Magic's 5th birthday
Sandra H--donation for FFRC
Dorothy R--donation for FFRC, enjoys Coralie, Magic and Vernon
Catherine D--donation for a Merry Pawmess!!

We received word on Thursday that our dear friend of FFRC, Conii Gallagher had passed away on Tuesday. Conii was always such a compassionate person, giving to FFRC and others, a real kind hearted person. She had spent a nice Thanksgiving with her family. Her brother George has kept us updated. He or a family member will be coming soon to FFRC with Conii's cats to take over their care.  He also asked FFRC to care for her ashes. I am humbled that we are asked to care for Conii's beloved cats and for her ashes.  She will be so missed--always a kind friend.  Two boxes that we opened at Kitty Christmas were from Conii--always thinking of us. She's the person that sent all the peace poles for Catathon. Also the extra cute baby clothes and the lambie rocker.  

Please, in Conii's memory, do something kind today for another person or a pet.  She would like that.