Saturday, September 21, 2019

Saturday, September 21, 2019

More adoptions have happened!  This always gives me joy--the homes are wonderful and our kittens and cats will get their very own home with lots of love!

Pepper was adopted 9/19--that sweet boy with the round face and very poofy tail! He has such a heart.  He has a young lady who will be his caretaker. I think they will be wonderful for each other.

Purrbear was adopted 9/19. He went to a special home where he will be heaped with love and attention. This was an adoption done off cam as it was a surprise for a family.  He will have a great home forever! 

Ring was adopted 9/20--he was adopted by a couple who fell for Ring by his picture. When they came to FFRC, Ring was so sweet as he was being held by them. He will have 2 cats in the home to be his friends. He's the first of Belle's kittens to be adopted.

Doris Ann was adopted 9/20---she has a Dad!  He will be home all weekend with her to help her acclimate to her new home. Plus, she has a super cat condo furniture to have fun with. A sweet girl with that great white fur smile!

More adoptions coming up before our vacation!

Today, Dr. Darcy will be coming. It's the outside cats day for physicals!  We do this every fall.  Dr. Darcy will do a physical on the Firecats, the Barnies, the Covies and the Porchies (hoping we can get them all gathered up!).  We also have a few kittens inside that need a physical. 

Monday is our next HumaneOhio surgery day. Hoping for another day full of spays/neuters.  It is also our monthly Advisory Board meeting. Busy day. 

And remember, Tuesday is our Quickie Flash Sale.  It's at 11:00 am.  This will help us with the purchase of another fiv/leukemia/heartworm test kit of 30.

Have you visited our website lately?  We are continuously trying to keep things updated!  Check it out at

Lena and her kittens are doing wonderful.  Yesterday, the 5 kittens received their first distemper vaccine.  The 4 black and white kittens are ever so cute. The 5th one is Avianna and she is all black. Her fur seems to grow a bit longer each day. They LOVE attention and will roll over on their backs for tummy rubs.  Mama Lena is being more relaxed and she too loves attention, especially back scratches!  After we are back from vacation, we will start moving these kitties up to main area.

Auntie Peggy's 3 foster kittens, Evans, TImex and Fio are doing great. They come every Thursday with her. They get their weights done and whatever treatments may be needed.  Happy kittens!

Cardi and Cas are doing better and better. Cas is really growing--he sure has unique "fur design" , as I tell him!  Their eyes are clear and bright although both still have a bit of drainage. 

All is good here. All in all, we have a healthy group of kittens and cats.  They really are an exceptionally great bunch--fun personalities, so sweet and ornery! 

The morning birds are singing and the crickets are in full swing of chirping. The tree frogs too have been singing to us every morning. These morning sounds are always so nice.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Ten kittens on my desk.  Ten kittens playing with the tape dispenser, pulling paper coming out of the copier, ripping off sheets of postie-notes, running off with my pens, jumping on the keyboard.  What energy they have! So, when you see mistakes on things that I do, please know when I say it's the cats fault, it really is!

We had our fun-raiser yesterday. I am so grateful for these.....they always help us pay on our bills.  Yesterdays was to help with our utility bills.  Here's the scoop on that event---
A  Air Fryer  donated by Anony               $305             LJ
B Slow Cooker donated by Flymom       $100             Anony for Jody J
C FFRC CH Book Justne, Dark & Mudjie $305           Anony gifted to Gusti
D Keyboard                                                $155            Lostgirl
E What Good Shall I Do FFRC Pkg         $ 105            Flymom
F Farrah Items LJ Farrah fur picture       $135           Cyllw
G FFRC Balnket & Photo                          $315           Jo603
H 10" Android Tablet                                $450            NYCbird
TTL   $1870

Bump Ups
Gusti, Schlee, Jo603, Mich & Vern, Gisoms, Nuthatches, Burgundy     Grand TTL 2515

Consolation Gifts: Stripey & Dave, Joann Pa, Faithy, DKWeiler, Burgundy, Joco, Davszy for a Volunteer

Big thanks to Marcia and Lynnette for doing all of the tickets! And also to the mods for doing the PR for us. And to Mudjie for getting it all written down for me!
Do you realize that all the items in the fun-raiser were donated?  This makes for a wonderful fun-raiser.  
And we also had BOXES to open!  We are always so so thankful for these!
Kathy in WV with Donnie & Zoo - 12 Fancy Feast Appetizers
Marco from Germany - Kitty PostCard - Grooming Mitt, 2 Glove Dangly toys, Beef, Chicken & Turkey Sticks a Gazillion of them, 20 Mini Sticks, 10 Boxes Licky Stick variety, Kitten Paste: Vitamin, Calcium & Snacker, 3 Lil Soups, Creamy Snacks, Box of Pate & Gravy Pouches, 2 Pkg Tooth Cleaner Snackers

Anony - Happy 12th Birthday Janie - 2 Bags Old Mother Hubbard, 6 Bags of Snackers Variety  She likes them!
Sue B & Socks - Australia Large Bag  265 pieces of candy Variety, Tub of Greenies, Squeeze-ups, 2 30ct Cases Fancy Feast. Postie Notes, Batteries AA & AAA
Peter Arthur F - Lg 22 lb Friskies, and other wonder things for the FFRC kitties

Anony - For Cutie - 2 cases Beef & Gravy Baby Food
Elaine & Alan FL - In memory of LittleKat - 2 Bags of Litter, 1 Box Appetizers, 5 24ct Friskies, 1 Box Appetizers, 1 Case 32ct Friskies
Dianna DS - Tow Pretty Rugs, Blue & Cream
Barb W/Pleeb - For Spiker - In honor of Spiker and Sheet of Military Dog Forever Stamps

Judy & Phil IN - Donation
Joy & Don - Donation
And on top of this, we still have thanks to give!
Robert Muldoon--donation for our 20 years
Michelle V--donation to be used where needed
David T--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation for Janiecat's birthday!
Deborah S--donation to FFRC
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Andrea W--donation for happy birthday to Janie-Cat from Camvie

Remember Kubu and Desi? I've received pictures of them and they are doing wonderful. "Both of them absolutely love to run around the apartment. They are best of friends and wrestle with each other frequently. Favorite toys are springs and anything with a feather. " Sounds like happy cats!

Tuesday is our next flash sale---it'll be a quickie one and will be at 11:00.  It'll be with Biggeydoos, crate pads and Catnap Blankies (the ones with the cat button!).  This will go to pay for another box of 30 FIV/Leukemia/Heartworm test kit.

We've had a few more adoptions!
9/16/19--it's official.  Biggby, Basil and Brandon were neutered and then adopted by a close person involved in their neuterings!  She took them home the weekend of the 14th to see how things would work out.  And it was wonderful.  They are keepers. 

9/19/19--Tinora was adopted this morning.  She went to a couple that we've known for quite some time.  Tinora was the lucky kitten to claim them and their home!  She will have 2 other cats in the home but 1 in particular will be her friend!

More adoptions coming up!  Later today, sweet Pepper will be adopted--about 3:45.  
Tomorrow, Doris Ann will be adopted in the morning. Ring will also go tomorrow, about 4:45. 
And then we have Angela being adopted 9/25 in early morning. Angelo, the brother, will be adopted also on 9/25, about 10:00.  Dadou will leave on 9/28 about 10:00.  Busy times!

Remember, we are now trying not to take on any new kittens or cats. And there's a very good reason.  My vacation is in a week.  If we took in a new cat now and it broke out in a virus during my vacation (due to incubation time), it would be hard for me to work on them. We have to always protect what we already have. 

Monday is our next HumaneOhio.  We will be sending Angela and Dadou for their spay/neuter so they can go next week. 

Have a great day.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Fall is upon us.  The days are already becoming a bit shorter.  The leaves are just starting to lose their green lustery summer color.  Manny of the flowers are starting to fade. And still, the kitties are being born.  Our next HumaneOhio spay/neuter day is Sept. 23. We hope to have a full truck again to send up.

Some interesting facts:
Cats are induced ovulators, which means that the act of breeding stimulates the release of eggs from the ovaries. Most females require three to four matings within a 24-hour period for ovulation to occur. It only takes a minute or two for cats to mate, and cats may mate multiple times in a very short period. 

There are no valid reasons for letting a cat have a heat cycle or have a litter of kittens before being spayed.  Females can actually have their first heat cycle as young as 4-5 months and can become pregnant on their very first heat.  It is a myth that female cats become more friendly if they are allowed to have a litter of kittens.  This is not true and it serves to contribute further to the serious problem of cat overpopulation.

Some female cats will urinate more frequently or even spray urine when they are in heat. Unneutered males learn how to spray early in their lives. 

Unspayed females run the risk of mammary cancer and/or pyometra (when the uterus becomes infected)---both conditions  can kill a cat.

Unneutered males run the risk of prostate cancer.  Also unneutered males are at high risk of fighting which is how FIV and leukemia are spread. 

A female cat can easily give birth to 3 litters of kittens per year, with an average of 4 kittens per litter, in an average lifetime of 15 years--this could result up to 180 kittens for ONE unspayed cat.  And the web of overpopulation continues with each kitten as they start having litters of their own.

Did you know that 71% of cats that enter shelters are euthanized? Approximately  (minimally) 860,000 cats are euthanized in the US annually.  

And the answer to all of this is simple---spaying and neutering.  That's such a simple answer and it prevents so much suffering.  

People sometimes become upset with FFRC because we cannot take on all the unwanted kittens and cats that need a home.  It's absolutely impossible to do that.  Some days we receive 25-35 calls a DAY to take more on.  
It's a space problem (sometimes we simple do not have any quarantine condos/rooms left)
It's a money problem (we sink in at least $350 in each and every cat and kitten)
It's a time problem (there's only so many hours in a day to care for all of the cats that are already here).

But, there is a solution.  If everyone helped get even ONE cat spayed or neutered, it would drastically decrease the problem.  Many people wait until the problem of too many cats on their property is overwhelming and then ask for help.  How much easier is it to spay that first cat than to have a whole litter to take care of?

****  FFRC is only one rescue and we try and do our very best. We do this rescue because of our love for the cats, our dedication to helping them and our desire to bring the overpopulation problem down. Please.....when calling us or stopping by, don't become angry with us if we cannot take on anymore cats or kittens. We're the ones trying to help!  We did not create the problems (as many of you have not either)--we are simply trying to help as many as we can. ****

We offer low cost spay/neuter events twice a month, with the help of HumaneOhio.  Call us weekdays 9-5 to ask questions, to set up an appointment.  

Outside cats are $30--they receive a vet physical, their surgery, 24 hour soreness med, rabies vaccine and an ear tip.

Inside cats are $45--they receive a vet physical, their surgery and 24 hour soreness med.
ALL cats have the option of receiving a flea treatment and vaccines. 

We have some more adoptions happening soon!  There's one in particular that I want to let you know about, as it's an extra special one. Elsie!!  And Elsie is thrilled!  She will be adopted in mid November.  Yes, I know we designated her as a resident, but I cannot refuse this awesome home. It's one of those perfect opportunities. Her new mama already has a blind cat and so is experienced in this. Plus, she has a wheel already that Elsie will love.  Her new mama has already visited her and she is wonderful. Elsie spent a ton of time just laying in her lap.  Elsie has been floating in happiness since she was told about this!

We have thanks to give:
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Marie C--donation to FFRC
Laura H--donation for FFRC
Judy & Phil L--donation for FFRC
Mary LF--donation to FFRC, in honor of daughter Michelle's birthday
Anonymous--donation in memory of Timothy
BillieK--donation in memory of Timothy
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Faithy--donation to help with a spay!
Mo--a friend of Beth's--donation for FFRC

A special thanks to Megan--she brought FFRC a donation last night.  At her business, Goin' Postal, she keeps out a donation jar!  Many thanks Megan for doing this for FFRC!

We also had BOXES on Thursday!  We love boxes and are always so very grateful!
Lollymop - Baby Ball Pool with 50 colorful balls  Gunnar found it first!
Cindy & Linda G - 24ct AA & AAA Batteries, Lady Bug Arch toy for Ramsay, Banana Bed, 2- Purr Pillow Kitties, 30 oz Tub Temptation Snackers
AprilCatlover - 30 ct Fancy Feast 2 Boxes Appetizers

Alan G - GA  Note & Lenox figurine Kitty Sweethearts   So pretty!
Paul B & kitties Smokey, Pepper, Zaney & Angel Kitty Cozy with photos, Books: Why We Love Cats, Sorry I Barfed on Your Bed, In the Company of Cats and 17 more, a wonderful variety of great books about kitties
FFRC Kitty who will remain anonymous - 6 Boxes Whiskas Purrrfectly Fish!!

Jane 09125 - 16lb Bag Purina One Kitten
Robin R/Penelope - Mesh Food Covers for kitties to play with--it's fun!
Katherine M - 2 12ct Cases Meow Mix Double Cups, 2 cases Baby Food, 2 boxes Squeeze-Ups, Case 40ct Friskies

Anony - 9-12ct Cases of 9-Lives
RascalBoots - 10 Boxes Purrrrfectly Chicken, 30oz Temptation Snackers
Tweeti Tweet/Diane N - 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 Cases Fancy Feast

Nona - Case of KMR
Sharon  G & Lena - 4 large Cartons of Juice
Elaine & Alan FL  In memory of LittleKat Case 32ct Friskies, 6-24ct Cases Friskies, Case Fancy Feast, Bag of Elsies Litter

Marilyn & Terry - Kiity Card with Chickie $5
Ashley & Neal (adopted Mitz) 2 Donations in honor of Mitz now known as Phoebe Puffay & a Note that had pictures of Mitz.  She is happy!
Realty 5 - Defiance  $96.60 Donation from sale of a house.. A wonderful program they have to give back to the community

Melissa L - NY  Donation
James & Anne M with kitties Skippy & Rusty - Kitty Card with Note and Donation for 20th Anniversary
Susan345 - NY   7 2020 Calandersand Box Tops for Caryn

Fresh Step - 2 Coupons for 25lb litter from the Points off the boxes (thanks senders and Connie D for keeping them up to date)
Jody J Remembrance card for her dog Lucy who died in the house fire.  A big thanks for all the items you brought for FFRC, during Catstock

As many of you know, my family and Steve and I love the Outer Banks of NC.  We have gone there in the fall for a week for the past 3 years.  Our next OBX trip is coming up.  This year is a bit different.  The house that we are renting had still been available the week after our week.  For the past 2 months, I have checked it daily to see if it was rented yet.  It was not, is now!  Yes, our family is renting it now for 2 weeks.  Let me make one thing clear as I've already heard this twice---this is a 100% family vacation, not FFRC and has been paid by all of us in the family together.  Enough said on that!  I have never left FFRC for this length of time before.  I have complete faith in my volunteers.  And the kittens and cats have promised on a catnip patch, that they will be very good, not get hurt, not get sick!  This year, I NEED this vacation. We are all looking forward to being together as a family. We will be leaving on Friday, September 27th and be back on October 12 or 13. The volunteers, mods and admins know how to get in touch with me if needed.  I will be in daily contact with people here, just checking in on things. During this time, we will not have adoptions (except for Dadou who is leaving on the 28th--more on this later), or Boxes.  I'm asking in advance to please hold off on boxes as much as possible during that time!  And I will not be doing emails during this time either.  We will also not be taking in any kittens or cats during this time.  As I said, I very much need this time to get refreshed. I love this FFRC with a passion, but need a bit of time to relax, unwind and enjoy my family. All will be fine--the volunteers have this covered!

You all take care and have a great day!  

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thursday, September 12, 2019

What a beautiful weather week we have had.  In the 80's and sunshine.  The Porchies, Covies, Barnies and Firecats have sure been enjoying it.  One of our Porchies, Dingie is 19 years old. He will be 20 in April.  His mama was Annabelle who passed away last summer.  He's doing very well. For catstock, hotdogs were roasted on the campfire. One must have been dropped on the ground. On Sunday, he ate the whole thing!  Took him awhile but he sure did enjoy it! 

We had some sad news yesterday.  Our sweet Covie cat, Timothy passed away.  It was noticed in August that he was somewhat jaundiced.  But, he was still eating good and feeling good. This past week though things changed.  He became more jaundiced, didn't want to eat and started vomiting.  He passed quietly and in peace.  Timothy arrived 7/14/08. His birthday was 7/15/07, so he was just a year old when he arrived and was a Covie for 11 years. Timothy especially enjoyed the Jungle Gym in the playground. A super sweet boy who will be greatly missed.

We have thanks to give---
David, Christine and their kitties--donation for the care of the cats and kitties
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Charlotte T--donation to FFRC
James R--donation to FFRC
Burgundy--donation for food goodies for the cats and kitties
Marie C--donation for FFRC
Sean & Ann--a bunch of Mr. Clean and Lysol wipes! They were here at Catstock and hugely helped us get organized!

I love how some of the cats that have "handicaps" love to come into the office (some with help!). They come over and look at me---what they are saying is---put me high up!  Some of the CH cats can climb up on the Kuranda Towers, some cannot.  But, those that cannot, sure enjoy being high.  So, in the mornings, usually I put Ramsay, Lucy, Spiker, Coralie and Magic "up high"! They just hang out checking things out, enjoying themselves. 

We had a return--Angelo needed to come back to FFRC.  Apparently the dog wasn't as eager to share his home as the owners had thought he would be.  So for safety, Angelo is back. He immediately joined right back in, found his sister Angela and a kitty tussel party began!

We also had another adoption--Elianna went to her new home.  She will be an only-cat and will be so loved. She is one of the E kittens. 

Big, important, wonderful, helpful event coming up!  Our next fun-raiser!  It's from Sept. 15 to 18.  On the 18th, we will have BOXES at 2:00 with the drawing and consolation prizes following boxes! There will be 8 great items!                       

If you haven't visited our website lately, please do!  We are always updating things.  We have recently added Mary's list (Friday night volunteer) to the Things We Need page.  This way, all the non-chatter friends can also know! Our website is:    Thanks! 

We have two sayings here at FFRC that mean a lot to me.  One is by Mother Teresa--
"Spread love everywhere you go.  Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier."

The second one is:  This Rescue Center is a Place of Joy!  Please...only bring peace, friendship and a good heart in our Rescue Center.  This actually can apply whether you are here physically, in the chat, on fb, wherever!  The sad world of our internet is that people sometimes feel they can say things they would normally not say if in the physical presence of people.  Do no harm--it always feels far better to be nice than to be mean--wise words of most parents that we all could learn from.  I say this too.....if you can't be nice than go away.  A person doesn't have to be on chat, on facebook, at the rescue center if you can't "play nice".  

A wonderful afternoon coming up............BOXES at 2:00! 

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday, September 9, 2019

Yesterday was Catstock!  All went well.  The weather was beautiful.  Having so many friends of FFRC present was wonderful. The food was delicious. Campfire provided fun. The band Strawberry Hill was awesome. All went smoothly.  A day with lots of memories.  Plus, Strawberry Hill played what I consider, my FFRC support song--Lean on Me! 

And it represented an extra special time because we also celebrated our 20th year of doing cat rescue. 

As you probably know, Catstock is not a fundraiser. It's purely a time for friendship.  We did however receive enough to pay for the band, tent, porta pot, and to cover other expenses to hold Catstock. 

Many thanks to all who brought in food for the 2 meals at Catstock--a lunch and supper! Food was absolutely delicious. 

Thanks too to Beth, Gem, Kathy and Dave for making the streaming of the cams possible for our viewer friends to watch the activities of Catstock. 
Here were my opening thoughts for Catstock:

Our 20th year of cat rescue   Wow—it’s hard to believe we’ve been doing this for 20 years.  This gives me great joy.  We started on 9/1/99. My daughter Dawn and I started it with one room, called Kitty Campus.  It was just rough wood walls and 2 x 4’s.  When we took on our 11th cat, I remembered, I panicked.  How on earth were we going to find homes for 11 cats?  It was mind busting for me.

And then came the adoptions—it was wonderful to place these cats into wonderful homes. And then our volunteers came. Some that started 20 years ago are still here.  And then donations came.  Things were falling into place.

But, cats and kittens came too, which meant we needed more room.  Over the years, we have continued to build on and on and on!  What started as a one room rescue has turned out to what it is today.  We have a welcoming room, a quarantine room, a surgery room with anther quarantine room there, we have a main area, storage rooms, separate kitty/mama rooms, a Paw Mart store, a wonderful cat sunroom and my office area.  

Plus, we have our wonderful Covie area with a fantastic 500 foot playground fence.  Our shelter house and gazebo were built to accommodate our visitors.  Little things such as our Porchie and Covie Haven, our storage sheds, Albert’s Memorial Garden and our Angel Garden.   

These things are only possibly because of the support you have given us.  There is no way we could’ve grown as we have or helped as many cats as we have without your support.
All of these physical things being done for FFRC were done because of the cats, to improve their lives, to make more room, to make life comfortable and healthy for them. We have taken in thousands of cats over these 20 years, all with the idea of improving their lives.  

The volunteers are the bestest anywhere.  We strive to give the best medical care possible to each cat and kitten that arrives. And that is because each one is important and matters.  And we have love to give. Each cat, in addition to their medical care has a world of love to receive.  

From the volunteers, our community, our chatters and lurkers, our supporters of many ways—there’s lots of love being passed to them.  The cam has made it possible to bring us all together. Without it, our FFRC could probably no longer exist as it does today.  We call ourselves FFRCNation—we truly are a world of friends and family.  I am deeply grateful to our volunteers and to all of our supporters.  From financial help to emotional support to prayers to the compassion you give us, it’s all appreciated.

How do I say thank you enough?  By continuing what we have started here 20 years ago—by caring for the cats and kittens. Loving them, tending to their wounds and  their battered bodies, giving confidence to those that have been abused, spaying and neutering,  giving them a full tummy after being starved, keeping up on the best medical protocols that we can give—all of this is done with love.  This Rescue Center is a place of Joy!

A big thanks too to the 20tth Anniversary Committee.  You rocked with the projects you have done to help improve the rescue center, for the cats and to help us be more efficient.

A grateful thanks to Lynnette. We have worked together for many, many years, starting at a vet clinic. We've always clicked and support each other.  She isn ot only someone who works here, but a very very good friend.

Another thank you I’d like to say is to my family, especially Steve. I love them so much. They are a strength to me. Even on hard, sad days, they support me and encourage me.

And to you all “out there”--You all say you have my back, to lean on you, and when I’m not strong, to lean on you some more.  I lean on you all a lot and you always come thru.  I thank you for that.

My goal—to continue to help these cats and kittens, to continue the spay/neuter program, to find awesome loving homes for them and to always be thankful for what is given to us.

Some interesting quick facts--a quick run down of the years:

1999 and 2000—the beginning and settling in
2001—June’s Room was built
2002—Cat’s Corner Room and Kitty City were built
2003—Volunteer numbers climbed and more medical protocols were set
2004—Opened our spay/neuter clinic Earth Angels and did surgeries 3 days a week. 
2005—set our health standards even higher by doing a second leukemia/fiv test to all cats after being here for 4 weeks.
2006—sponsored a huge Adopt-A-Thon here on the property
2007—built the original sun room
2008—We won the Animal Planet Cat Hero of the Year—had about 400 people come to celebrate with us!
2009—we became a part of the Ustream world
2010—central air conditioning and heating was installed
2011—Front Thumper’s Room and the Welcome Room were added.
2012—our epoxy floor was put in. Derecho arrived!  Added a Storage Room
2013—Kitty Kabana was added in bright yellow and orange colors with big windows on 3 sides.  Added a sidewalk to Albert’s Garden and a sidewalk to Cat’s Cove. The Mail Room, now called Paw Mart was added.  Kitty Christmas happened! Our dear Paul passed away. 
2014—Jenna Rada, our generator, arrived and has been tremendously appreciated. The 25 x 35 Memorial Shelter House was completed for our visitors and outside events.  Our sweet Putter and Magenta passed away.
2015—The House that Jonah Built was made—it’s our 16 x 24 building for the Covies. Then we added almost 500 feet of playground fencing.
2016—We took a major step forward in spaying and neutering and joined the Humaneohio Transport team. This first year, we did 563 spays and neuters.  Our new sign was placed in the front yard. We added permanent electric line to the FireHouse and a new heating system for THTJB.
2017—a cement slab was poured in the Covies playground and on that was built a jungle gym.  The walkway from the main door to the sunporch had electric work put in and now can be lit up to better see at night. We did 914 spays/neuters
2018—a cement walkway was put in from the farm lane to the grey barn to help keep feet dry while feeding the cats in that barn. We also enlarged the parking lot. Extra lights were installed under the Shelter house. We moved from ustream to YouTube.  New windows were put in Kitty City. We did 1,019 spays/neuters.
2019—even though the year is not yet done, we have had awesome things done this year, in honor of our 20 years.  Our whole Main Area was revamped—a whole room moved, 3 rooms revised—it’s awesome and I love it. I thank you all who helped support this huge endeavor.

We also had an adoption yesterday. Our sweet Angelo was adopted and went to a happy home. He will have a dog for a friend and a new mom and dad. Such a great kitten. I'm happy for him. He will add much joy to his new home!

Remember Edwina?  I received a message from her family. "She is doing quite well, enjoying her life as the dominant kittie with all of it's privileges. She has Bandit wrapped around her paw, along with everyone else in our family."  I love hearing about our FFRC cats!

I also talked to a man yesterday at Catstock that had adopted Katness about 8 years ago. He so loves her and she is doing well. 

We also had BOXES on Friday!
Napa - 2 boxes 18ct Lil Soups for Pania 
Dim - 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 cases 24ct Friskies, Pretty Burgundy bed for the Meijers Kitties, and one just like it for the Nekid Z's, Catnip Seeds
Mary & Randi - 2 cases Fancy Feast
Jennifer R & Family - TX  Kitty Card, Cat Wands and Toys made by Jennifer her company is " The Cat Wanderer"
Patty PK - Box of Fancy Feast Filets, 2 cases Baby Food, Case 18ct Lil Soups, 2 Cases 24ct Friskies
Jeanette H - Scotland  Kitty Card with note, Earl Grey, English Breakfast Teas, Cappuccino, 2 bags Chocolate covered Shortbread Bites, 2 Bags Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Caramel Bites, Hope Anchors the Soul pillow cover (very nice!) 

Linda - WI  Lostgirls friend - Purrrsist Cat T-Shirt
Sean & Lena G - Sign: HOPE   (Hope loves it!)
Sunnie J- WA  Kitty Card  For PawMart: 4 Halloween Kitty & Dog towels, 550 Piece Puzzle, For FFRC: Postie Notes, pads of paper, Thank You Cards, Tape, 2 Kitty towels, White Chocolate Peanut & Caramel M&M's
From Sunnie's friend Camille: 3 Mouse Shelfie Figures & Cat Tunnel

Frankie White - 42 inch TieDye Kite for Catstock
Anony - 2 Whiskas Purrfectly Fish
TearsFromADream - 2 cases 24ct 9-Lives

Thomas & Deb S - Ohio  Donation in honor of their adopted kitty Belle
Tom C - IL  Donation
Cindy G - NH  Note with Donation for something special or medical costs
Elain & Alan B - FL  Hand colored card by Elaine and a Donation in memory of LittleKat
Marie M/M&M - NM  Doggie Card with Note
Kelly S - MD  13 Purina Weight Circles
Pennysmum - MD  Donation
Anony - Donation to Feliz Navidad
Fresh Encounter Inc - OH - Donation from Community Cash

Plus, more thanks!
Enomoto S --donation to FFRC
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Daisy, Solee, Pippi & Family--plates & trays, Mr. Clean, 3 Clorox wipes, 2 boxes trash bags
Janet K--donation to FFRC
Donavon S--donation for FFRC 
Judeanlee--baby food, dish brushes, 2 packs face cloths
Heather/rascalboots--baby food, pillow cases and a long body pillow
And we had more donors for Strawberry Hill--SchleeNC, Danae W, Fran D, Eartheyes, Mary & Michelle LF.  

MLS/Linda--1000 potty bags, bleach, treats for Janie, 20 FF appetizers, 32 pouches of Broths,3 cases kitten FF, 50 jars baby food, education box tops for Caryn.

Jody J--pinesole, tuna, Dawn soap, storage bags, plates
Eric & Carrie--human snackers--Belvita, crackers, juice.  Kitten wipes, name tags, 24 Friskies

Dave & Terri C and pets--towels, scratchers pads, bag of candy/coffee, sponges, kitten can, lots of toys, etc.  A special thanks to Terri--she has done kitten fostering for years and is retiring.  She donated her supplies to FFRC.

We had people that came to Catstock  donate items to FFRC.  First, I'm sorry but we didn't do a good job on writing some of the donated items down.  But, please know I am deeply grateful.  Part of my day today is having the joy of putting all those items in their proper places! And that is always a fun thing for me-----to see our supplies being replaced! I am grateful. 

Tomorrow is our HumaneOhio day.  Another day for spays and neuters--one of my favorite kind of days! 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Busy busy times here.  Kittens are keeping us hopping busy plus getting ready for Catstock.  We already have some visitors in, plus lots more coming in! A great time to visit, catch up on news and meet new friends too!

We had an adoption!  Our wonderful Mitz went to her new home. She has a new mom and now a dad.  She went into the crate without a problem and stayed close by while we went over all the details of her adoption. A wonderful opportunity for Mitz.

We've heard from Eddie and he is doing awesome. His new mom and his auntie love him!  And that is what it's all about!

We've also heard from Zini and Zendaya's --all is good there. They even wake their new mom up for an early breakfast!

We have thanks to give:
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Yaseen E-E--donation to FFRC in honor of Elsie

Julie B--a donation to help with Catstock and snacks for the hoomans and cats!
Ferole and Ziggy--donation towards Strawberry Hill
JZinFL--donation towards Strawberry Hill
Katherine E--donation to FFRC
Liz V from OH--donation to be used where needed
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
DonnaBinGA--donation in honor of Elsie, Coralie and Spiker! 

Gusti--donation for the drinks for all the people helping before Catstock & for the band
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Harm B--donation to FFRC
Marie C from UK--donation to FFRC
Brenda Q--=donation for FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to be used where needed

Mindy R--donation in honor of Schinn!
Vicki B--donation for Strawberry Hill
Jo603--donation to FFRC
Ruffles--donation for Strawberry Hill
Burgundy--donation to help with Catstock, wherever needed

We also had BOXES last Friday!  YOU are appreciated!
Andre & Suzanne parents of Freemont & Lorenzo - Happy 5th Birthday Hensley - Case of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
Anony - 5-12ct Boxes Delectables, 12 Pkgs Squeezables
Anony - 4 Boxes of Whiskas

Macncheesendoodlesmom/Sue - Note & a bunch of Doodle Noodle Cat Toys made by Sue, & Donation
Oopsie PA - 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Patricia L - For Doris - Bag of stuff to make cat toys, For Janie a blanket with Doggies on it, 8 Pretty Blankies for FFRC

Aunty Sonja - Canada  For Vernie Goodbaby McWigglebum - 2 Boxes Delectable Squeeze-Ups
Sherry Bl- Note, Black holder for K-Cups, 4 Cute Keychains for Flash Sale, 16 Pretty Bath Towels, Postie Notes, 30 Pens, 20 Adoption Folders, Stamps  12 Single bags Crackers, 4 Tubs Lysol Wipes, Case 24ct Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 Cases 24ct Friskies, Box of Lil Soups

Oksana - Russia Art by Oksana 11 Frameable Cards with Nice designs of Kitties..
Fred & Gail - 8 Tubs Party Mix & 2 Tubs of Temptation Snackers

It's Thursday, so the babies that come and go with Auntie Peggy are here for the afternoon.  They are growing and look so wonderful!  Evans now weighs 1.08.  Fio is up to 10 ounces (and still talking his head off!!!) .  Timax is now 102.  All look good and are happy.

The 2 kittens, Cas and Cardi, are doing so much better.  They had come in with severe URI and oh so bad eyes.  Happily, all 4 eyes are now open and they are not damaged!  Cardi's was the worse but they are now looking so much better.  They both have good appetites. Today was a big day for them---they are now in the Main Area.  Remember, they also arrived rather shy, but each day is better and better. And they now will purr!

Lena, the Meijer mama, is also doing great. So much more social now. And her 5 babies--super round and now 4 weeks old. 

After a bit of working on it, JustMe now has us up and running again with ResQwalk!  Keep walking, biking and running. Each little bit means a donation to FFRC.  As I've said before, it's good for FFRC and for you! 

Tomorrow evening is our Fire, Food, Friendship and Movie night.  Come for a fire that we can make Pudgy Pies on, make s'mores and roast hot dogs!  And be with lots of FFRC people!  A movie will happen come darkness!  A wonderful evening for sure!

And then Saturday afternoon, 1:00 to 4:00, Strawberry Hill will be playing. They are awesome! Some activities, lots of time to talk to friends, visit the kitties and just have fun.  And for the first time, there's no worries about the weather!! Sounds like a beautiful weather weekend!  The Covies, Porchies, Firecats and Barnies are all ready.  Even the horses are looking forward to extra pets and head rubs!  The inside cats are super excited.  All the cats have had their toenails trimmed, ears cleaned, weights done and fur combed and brushed. They are thinking they are pretty groovy cats! Come join the fun!

Just a reminder--our Paw-Mart store is stuffed everywhere. We have pulled many things from our storage shelves and are now on display in the store. Visit Paw-Mart and have fun shopping.  All monies help FFRC with bills and such!

Peace, love and cats!!

Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday, August 30, 2019

A week from tomorrow is Catstock!  It's getting closer and closer.  We have been working hard and feel like we are ready......almost!

Today, at 2:00, we have BOXES!  Sure hope you can join us.

And we have some thanks to give:
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Steph M--donation for FFRC
Colleen P--donation for FFRC
Diann B--donation to help with Strawberry Hill, the Catstock band
BillieK--donation to help with Cardi and Cas medical needs and a donation to help the outdoor kitties get ready for Catstock!
James W--donation for FFRC
Marie C--donation for FFRC
Dewitty--donation to help with Strawberry Hill

Cas and Cardi are doing better.  Even though their eyes are still swollen and so very red, I can see Cas's eyes and they look undamaged.  Cardi's eyes are still struggling to open. They continue on their antibiotics and their eye meds.  Their appetites are super and both are so round!

Dadou, Dixie and Dylan have fit right in with the Main Area cats and kittens. Like they've always been here. All 3 are super sweet and very ornery!

We took on 3 new kittens.  They were at a park and we were told they were the size of a baby bunny. Wellllll, that wasn't quite the way it was. They are the size of an adult bunny!  They are 3 brothers, about 5 months old with a birthday of 4/1/19.  Here are their names:
Brendon--grey tiger & 4 white feet and chest
Biggby--beige tiger  & white
Basil--beig tiger & white
All are Name a Cat names.  Biggby and Basil are so very close look-alikes. But, Basil has a tiny white mark between his eyes. They are a little timid but are getting better each day.  These kittens have the "honor" of having probably the most fleas ever on a cat.  EACH of them literally had at least a thousand. Pitiful that this happens as it zaps their red blood cells and just has to feel so terribly awful to have such creepy crawly skin. They are of course now, flea free.  Appetites are good.  We brought them up to Paddy's Place today to get use to the other cats but they will be staying in this room for a few days to help them acclimate.  We will occasionally put a few other kittens in with them to play!

Mama Lena is so sweet. She loves her head rubbed and her back scratched.  Her babies are very round and moving about more. We have the left side of the double condo open now. Yes, the babies do tumble out but it's ok.  They have a 6-7 inch thick giant bed right below that.  They are also starting to crawl off of that! This family is doing great.

We took in a new kitten this week. Her name is Lorha--pronounced Lore-ha (meaning is dream).  This is a Name a Cat name.  She was brought to FFRC after a man had found her on his property, put her in the box and taped it tight.  The ultimatum--FFRC take it or the box goes into the river.  So, full or not, we took her.  These are the things we cannot understand and never will.  These are also the things to not dwell on but to hopefully wish people like this to eventually know that these lives are precious. Bonus for him---he did bring her to FFRC first.  Lorha is beautiful.  She is the "traditional" calico, about 10 1/2 weeks old.  Her birthday is 6/15/19.  She's had all her initial treatments and will be in the Main Area soon.  Her middle name would have to be Purrla as all she does is purr! 

Catstock reminders! 
We will have a 50-50 drawing for the chatters and lurkers.  Anytime from now to 9/6, if you'd like to participate, simply send a check or a paypal.  Designate it for the 50/50. Can purchase as many tickets as you like, in $1 increments.  We will have this second drawing at the end of Catstock.  The lucky winner will receive 50% of the money made!  This money (the other 50% for FFRC) will also help with the tent rental. 

We've been asked....what can we do to help with supplies, etc for Catstock.  I appreciate you asking.  This is not a fund-raiser for FFRC.  We just want to break even.  If you'd like to help us cover the cost for the band ($400), feel free to send a Pay-Pal or check, but please, designate it for the band.  Strawberry Hill is awesome and the bestest band! 

Remember--if you are here Friday night, please join us for Fire, Food, Friends and a Movie.  Come hungry!  Fire will provide pudgy pies, marshmallows, s-mores,hot dogs! And the movie is right there too--at the shelter house! A good way to start the weekend of fun!

The cement goose is already all decked out in her Catstock apparel and looks mighty fine!  If you come, check out her new friend that is right beside her.  Her friend is still awaiting her Catstock apparel but will be dressed the part by the event!  Come take a look! 

Hope to see you at BOXES at 2:00! 

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday, August 25, 2019

What happens in 13 days? That's September 7--it's Catstock weekend! Plans are being firmed up.  Paw-Mart is brimming with items to possibly purchase.  Band (Strawberry Hill) is all set.  Some activities are planned. Food is being organized. Even the cement goose is awaiting her Catstock attire! Tent reservations are confirmed. There's even a free-bie table for visitors.  A weekend of enjoying friendship! For those that cannot come, we are planning on sharing much of it on the cam and on facebook!

The Friday night event--Fire, Food, Friends and a Movie is pretty well all set.  Anyone that is coming for Catstock, feel free to join us late afternoon and into the evening! Come hungry. 

We've been asked....what can we do to help with supplies, etc for Catstock.  I appreciate you asking.  This is not a fund-raiser for FFRC.  We just want to break even.  If you'd like to help us cover the cost for the band ($400), feel free to send a Pay-Pal or check, but please, designate it for the band.  Strawberry Hill is awesome and the bestest band! 

At Catstock, we will do a 50/50 drawing, here at FFRC.  This money (the 50%) will help FFRC towards  the cost of the tent. So far, we have one tent ordered ($405).  This is where some of the fun stuff will be.  If it looks like rain in the forecast, we will need to order the special uprise-tent for the band. Gotta keep the music going!  That tent, should we need it, is $330.  

We will also have a 50-50 drawing for the chatters and lurkers.  Anytime from now to 9/6, if you'd like to participate, simply send a check or a paypal.  Designate it for the 50/50.  We will have this second drawing at the end of Catstock.  The lucky winner will receive 50% of the money made!  This money (the other 50% for FFRC) will also help with the tent rental. 

The cats are super excited about Catstock.  Oh my goodness, Derecho came to me and said he was asking on behalf of the girl cats here. They were concerned.  Seems that they want beauty appointments for themselves. They want to look their best for all the visitors.  I assured Derecho and asked him to let the girls know--all (girls and boys) will be brushed, ears cleaned and nails trimmed before the big event. But that they need to practice their smiles and purrs.....maybe there will be an adoption happening??!!!

Speaking of adoptions......we had FIVE yesterday! Since the blog on Wednesday, we have had SEVEN adoptions!
Noah--was adopted 8/21. Such a handsome boy! Lucky boy--he went into the home that adopted Brenna and Clay! 

Belle--was adopted 8/22.  She is the mama to 4 black/white kittens.  She was ready for her own home. She went into a home with a mom/dad/1 other cat. 

Zendaya and Zini--brothers, adopted 8/24. These boys have been loved by Kim, our early morning person, for a long time. Her vacation was done and so was ready to take the boys home!Kim said they are doing great and has already met the family dog. A super great home!

Mr. Mcwiggles--was adopted 8/24. He went into a home with a mom/dad. I've already heard from them and they said he traveled very well. He is already settling into his new home. What a great cat. 

Asia and Ginga--was adopted 8/24. They went to Angie and Bill L.  I am very positive these two girls are going to have so much fun and love. I can already see them running up and down the stairs and exploring everywhere! Asia is not spayed yet and so will return sometime soon for that. We are waiting too because of her pin in her leg.  IF that needs to be removed, will do both surgeries at the same time. But, Dr. Darcy is thinking that the pin will stay. 

More adoptions coming up!

We took in two kittens. They are two brothers and found on a volunteers porch, huddled together and very sick. How kittens (or cats) can be so friendly and so sick and left on their own, is something I do not understand. So....we don't dwell on that.  It's better to put the thoughts into their healing instead. 
Their names are Cardi (DLH, gold/white) and Cas (cream/white with points). Their birthdays are 7/11/19, making them 6 weeks old. They weigh barely a pound. Both have severe URI, severe fleas and very infected/sore eyes.  After 3 bubble baths, the fleas and dander are gone. They are on 2 antibiotics. Eye ointment is done 3 times a day. The first two days they were syringe fed but this morning, both started licking at their gruel! They are sleeping alot which is fine---resting and healing is good. Their names are from the Name a Cat list. They are, of course, still in quarantine in the front Thumper's Room. 

The ornery D kittens are back, from their fostering at Auntie Peggy's.  That would be Dadou, Dixie and Dylan. They are already in the Main Area.  If you see a blur running by you, that is one of these kittens!  They do not know what slow down means!  Dadou has the cutest white/black markings and that white tipped tail.  Dylan is short hair black. Dixie is a fuzzy medium hair black.  

When Auntie Peggy brought those 3 back, we sent Timax back with her. That way Evans and Timax could have a friend. They are fairly close in age and now can have an eating and sleeping buddy.  Both are doing well. 

Friday was our Fun-Raiser and Drawing and BOXES! First.......the Boxes--
Karen B - 3 Boxes Lil Soups, Delectable Squeeze-ups, Steak Snackers Janie
Great Aunt Julie - IA  Accordian Cat Scratchers with track ball, Serpentine Scratcher

Ju in Ji - 4 cases Baby Food
Anony - 4 Cases Baby Food
Plee/Pat L - 6 Boxes Appetizers
Dimwit - Peacock Feathers

Katherine M with Chance, Smokie, Greg, Pye & Doggie Taffy - Case of Sheba, 24ct Fancy Feast, 2 Boxes Lil Soups, 2 Cases Baby Food, Case of 12 can KMR
Robot-man - 71 lazer lights for Center & Adoption
Dewitty - 2 cases Friskies, Case of Fancy Feast

Brian C - Lots of Felt Pens for Catstock
JoBear - 5 scratchers for  the center  The cats love them!
Sean G & Lena - 600 9" Plates

Anony - 4 Pretty Fish Placemats
Renee D PA - Numbers from Litter for redemption & Purina One Coupon
Claire OD - Ireland  Happy 5th Birthday Card Hensely with Chicken $5, Donation for 20th Anniversary Fund & Sunshine Card for DonnaJB

Linda & Bill MI- Cart Card with note
Marilyn & Terry - K - Card  with Chicken $5
Anony - Happy 5th Birthday Hensley 24 Aug 2014  with Chicken $5

Iowa Catlady Marie & The Manificent 7- Donation in honor of Jabberwocky's 15th Birthday.. Photos of Jabberwocky when he was 5 weeks old & another at 15 yrs old  Happy Birthday Handsome Jabberwocky!

And then we had the Fun-Raiser----

A Kuranda Tower     155x5        $775     Connie D
Clark& Jesse for kitty blankets

B Beach Scene Canvas   38x5  $190   Julie Br
from Dawn E

C Halloween Quilt            47x5  $235   Jane Ge
 from Blondie the Dog

D Bread Maker                 21x5  $ 105   KimKost
redonated back from Catathon

E Kitty Casa Bed              63x5   $315    Elgecko
From Katy L

F InstaPot                        53x5  $265     M&M
From JBond

G Popcorn Popper           39x5   $195    KimKost
From DonnaJB 

H Signiture Quilt              67x5  $335     Kathy Ma
From Patrick & Vickie made by Bagobear

TTL for Clark & Jessie Blankets $775
TTL for FFRC  $1640 + $631 = Grand TTL $2271.00

Bump Ups
JZ Fl,  Schlee, Eaglewatcher, PawlaPurr, LJ, Gusti in honor of LIttle Dot, MLS, Yvonne VDK, Madisonpepper, Flymom   TTL $631

Consolation prizes for 10 Kuranda Tower ticket holders from Clark, Jesse & The Rest
Connie & Hannah S, Phyllis Bl, PawlaPurr, Snoopybaby, LJ, Jamiecat, Romeosmom, Nancy L, April Tr, Kerswill

Consolation Prizes: NHfurry, KittyKatLady, Janet, Konnie B, Kerswill, Aunti Beth for Chaps, Sunnie J, Plee for Elizabeth W

Plus, we have more thanks to give:
Fran D--donation in honor of Handsome Hensley's birthday
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
David & Julie P--donation in honor of Hensley's birthday
M M from UK--donation to help with vet bills. 
JanefromTN--donation to FFRC
Lynda S--donation to be used where most needed
Steph M from UK--donation in honor of Evans, her husband's namesake
William M--donation to FFRC
Marti W--donation to FFRC

Remember Helga, a beautiful torti adopted to Dave and Melanie?  We received a picture of her. She looks wonderful. She had her yearly physical and did well and is healthy.  It's always great to hear from our past FFRC cats!

All is good here. Kittens are healthy (Cas and Cardi are getting healthy!) and Cats are doing wonderful.  Lena's kittens are very round. Their eyes are open and their little legs are starting to toddle a little. Jessie is doing great--our most senior girl. Ramsay and Lucy have had extra time in the Princess bed so they can watch outside. Paw Paw is feeling great. He's already getting fuzzy! 

Have a wonderful Sunday.