Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Wow--the tail fell off!  No worries!  Bart's tip of the tail fell off--just as we had hoped.  He may avoid surgery afterall on that tail. When he arrived, in addition to his leg fracture, the last inch of tail was broken.  We put a dressing on it yesterday to soften the tissue and sure enough, this morning the tip came off! Now, we just need a tiny nub to heal and over the tiny bit of bone that is there!  What an awesome kitten--super friendly! 

We're expecting hot weather this weekend and high humidity.  We have fans everywhere for the buildings outside to help keep the cats cool.  Plus, we'll keep the a/c going in the rescue center to keep up with it. Fresh water always helps too!  And Janie will have her "swimming bowl" too!

We have some thanks to give! 
Gusti--for a big pizza for Sevaun and friends--sounds like a lunch date with them!
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Tiffany M--donation to FFRC
Fran D--in honor of Elsie's 3rd birthday!
Sandra C--donation for FFRC
Sandra C--donation to FFRC
Jeanette R--donation for FFRC
BIllieK--donation in memory of BInker, Miss Muffin, Harvest & Paddy Purr
Luvtheanimals--donation in memory of Nikka, Paddy Purr, Miss Muffin, Harvest, BInkerbelle & Joco's 2 kitties Lucy & Leo.

Little kittens galore in the Main Area.  As of two days ago, all the kittens were up, out of quarantine.  They are all doing very good. Super busy, eating good and playing to their hearts content.\

And now, let me introduce you to two new kittens!
Ximanga--pronounced SHE-manga.  This little black/white kitten arrived 6/23/18 and is a female. Her birthday is 5/31/18 so she was 3 1/2  weeks upon She was found all by her lonesome on a road. She had fleas 2/4 and lice 1/4.  But, all bugs are now gone and she is doing so good. It must feel wonderful to get those bugs off!  She's a sweetie with a loud meow.  She just wants attention. She's much more content now though because she has a friend!

Prentyss--pronounced Prin-tess.  This is a brown tiger, arrived 6/25 and is a female.  Her birthday is 5/18/18 so she was 5 1/2 weeks old upon arrival. She's a tiny bit shy but is quickly getting over that. She enjoys tucking her head under our chins! Prentyss was found on a highway, all by herself. She had dozens of those little green burrs in her fur but a good combing and bath took care of that. She likes to purr!

This morning, we had a practice run on youtube and things really went rather smooth! As  many of you, I too have been a little nervous about this transition. But, after seeing this, I feel much more confident! Change is part of the world and part of everyone's lives....including FFRC's. Organizatins and people that don't embrace change are bound to lose ground and stagnate.  FFRC embraces change...afterall, we have been in a constant state of change since the beginning in 1999! 

So..where are we going?  And the answer to that is......on to better things!  FFRC can do this. We can do this change to youtube and be better for it. We are hoping you will all join us in this change!

The chat in Youtube will be activated in early July. The ustream chat will be there still to assist until the end of July when IBM closes the stream. For you, the move is not complex but will have some minor advantages that our mods will help you with! We can do this!

This week has been super busy getting Catathon items out to you folks! So far, we've sent out about 60 packages/boxes already! As soon as your paypal or check arrives, we are on it!  We're hoping to send out another 20 today! 

Here's the upcoming surgery dates:
July 3, Tuesday--HumaneOhio spay/neuter day.
July 7--Saturday--FFRC's spay/neuter day here 
July 30--Monday--HumaneOhio spay/neuter day

Just as an FYI--we did get some dentals scheduled.
Aug. 8--Eddie White & Mitz

Sounds like Marie April will be leaving Sunday or Monday. And her home has changed from my niece to my...........sister Judy and brother in law Dave!  They volunteer every Tuesday and think she's pretty special.  Due to my niece's lifestyle, she has relinquished her hold on Marie to her grandparents who are more than happy about this! Marie is very sweet with just enough spunk in her to make her fun! 

Just an FYI--I'll be leaving tomorrow morning early to go to my sister Nancy's house to help her with a huge giant garage sale, in Indiana!  I'll be home late afternoon--it's a 2 hour drive.  Hoping for a great sale! 

I am a happy desk person right now.  I'm surrounded by Zelda, Lucie, Mars, Nyota, Zurple, Marie, Sherry and Briss--what a great way to work!

Take care all and hope you can join us for BOXES this afternoon at 4:00! 


Monday, June 25, 2018

Monday, June 25, 2018

Catathon 2018 is over.  That's hard to absorb! Yesterday was an awesome, most spectacular day for FFRC.  

Here's a breakdown:
Baskets: $1,090
Catribution: $95
Popcorn donations: $515
Round Total:  $1,700

Baskets: $1,640
Big Tickets: $2,200
Fun-Raiser: $1,335
Catribution: $160
Round 2 Total:  $5,335
Grand Total:  $7,035

Baskets: $1,810
Fun-Raiser: $1,245
Catribution: $325
Round 3 Total: $3,380
Grand Total: $10,415

Baskets: $1,770
Big Tickets: $1,805
Fun-Raiser: $895
Catributions: $250
Popcorn donations: $55
Round 4 Total: $4,775
Grand Total: $15,190

Small Big Tickets: $2,690
Fun-Raiser: $650
Catributions: $450
Popcorn donations: $205
Round 5 Total: $3,995
Grand Total:  $19,180

Baskets: $1,025
Big Big Tickets: $1,725
Fun-Raiser: $1,680
Catributions: $375
Popcorn donations: $100
Round 5 Total: $4,905
Grand Total: $24,045

Baskets: $1655
Big Tickets: $1,310
Catributions: $2,020
Popcorn donations: $100
Round 5 Total: $5,085
Grand Total: $29,130

Quadruple donations: $10,245 (before the Catathon)
Grand Total:  $39,375

Plus, today we have received $275 as Bump-Ups!  That now makes our
GRAND GRAND TOTAL OF:  $39,650   Magnificent!

This will help with our goals:
Polywood table & chairs for guests at the entrance
2 polywood benches for guests on farmyard to sit and rest
Spay/Neuter Fund
Operating Fund
Veterinary Bill (current)  
Patterson Bill--our medical supplier
Tree removal for safety--The House That Jonah Built
Sidewalk to grey barn for volunteers  & visitors
Enlarge parking lot to fence
Liability insurance is due
Maintenance check on the generator
Load of stones for various places to keep feet dry

I am so very grateful for each of you for making this Catathon such a success!  I am beyond words of knowing how to say thank you enough. 

I'd like to say a special thanks to the 40-some people that were here during the Catathon, making it possible for the Catathon to happen.  Thanks too, to the mods, the admins, the supporters. So many helped in so many different ways. You are appreciated. 

When we first started this cam, we saw names on the chat. Those chat names became our friends. We learned things about you and your lives. We even know many of your pets by name now! W seem to be all woven together and that's a pretty neat feeling. We have went from just names to names that means friendship. I thank you for that.

That saying here at FFRC--it takes a village of people to raise these cats and kittens is true.  YOU are a park of that village.

Thank you for helping us with our goals. I always promise to do right by FFRC and we will use every single penny to the best that we can. This support is precious to me and FFRC, and so we will preciously decide how to disperse your generosity. 

The key to FFRC's ability to do what we do is because of people like you. You embody the spirit of greatness and kindness. I hear this from you all---"Yes you can, we have your back. Lean on me". You've told me this for years and I can FEEL it, right there thru the cam. Whether we are going thru some rough times, good times, reaching goals times--anything--it's so nice to know that you are here for us. When my spirits are a bit low or when they are soaring--you send your support thru the cam.  And that means the world to me.  The words "thank you" seems so small for what you have done for FFRC.  But in reality, it's as big as a mountain of thanks!

King Derecho helped me with these words:
We give these cats our rescue center,
They give us pure joy.
We give these cats food and nutrition,
They give us love and loyalty.
We give these cats hug and kisses,
They give us their deep booming purrs.
We give these cats the love in our hearts,
They give it back in unconditional love.

And Queen Coralie helped me with this:
Here in this Rescue...
The cats will not know of loneliness as we will give them a family.
They can sleep soundly, know they are safe.
They will not know of hunger, as we will always provide for them.

In this Rescue....
The cats will be loved because of who they are.
They will learn to trust because we treat them with kindness.
They will not shiver from cold because we provide warmth.

In this Rescue....
The cats will know cleanliness and soft shiny fur.
They will not suffer from abuse or neglect.
They will be talked to, petted, hugged and held.

In this Rescue....
The cats will be given a name so they know they are important.
They will know kind words, no anger or impatience.
They will know that hands give kindness and snackers.

In this Rescue....
The cats will be given any medical treatment needed.
They will be calmed if scared.
They will be told they are unique and special, just as they are.

In this Rescue....
The cats will belong.  They will be home, unless a new, wonderful home is found for them. In the meantime, they will be given love. And allowed to be the cat they want to be.

Now some cat news!  Nyota is now officially a cat in the Main Area! She had a choice to go back to the back Thumper's Room and she chose to stay! Wonderful news!  You never know--maybe she will find that perfect home!

We had an adoption today! Sweet Hilary went home with Tammy & Keith who was here for the Catathon. They adopted Olivia last year.  We did a "surprise" to Tammy and announced the adoption (with the ok of Keith) during Catathon! 

And now to tell you about our Binker. Binker has passed on to a better life. She was known also as BinkerBabe, Binkerbelland Binkie.   This past week has been a down-hill battle for her. We really never knew how old she was--just very old, according to our vet. All had been fine until the last couple weeks. She started showing signs of slowing down. She so wanted to be outside any chance she got so we obliged her. She loved the Bella's Place doggie run and would spend hours out napping in the sun. She arrived 6/27/17 and has spent a wonderful year with us. She knew she was loved. Such a funny girl--loved for us to turn the tap on for her for a fresh drink. She was also a great drooler--when being petted, she would become so relaxed, she would forget to swallow. And who could forget how she would climb right up to our shoulder for a good hug. She will be so very missed.

What a week of highs and some very lows. Rescue work is like that. We just have to bear thru those hard and sad times and carry on. It's impossible to stay down for long--not when there's all these wonderful other cats and kittens that crave and coax for attention. They never have to coax for long though. And not when there's our wonderful supporters.....always there to give us support and compassion thru these hard times. Thanks for having our backs here--it's good. 

Take care everyone and have a really wonderful week! 

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Tomorrow is Catathon! I think we are ready!  We've been working hard on this event but sure do enjoy it!  It means so much to us--you and your support and participation. Let's have some fun tomorrow!  It starts at 1:00 for the introduction. And then the first round starts at 1:10.  The last round is over at 4:35.  But stick around for the final tallies--that's always the most exciting part! 

We had BOXES this afternoon!  We give you many thanks!
Gusti - Germany - Bag of Spring Toys

Tina - Box of Appetizers, Scotch Brite Scrub Dot sponges & Banana Bed (for Spiker) , Butterfly toy refills, 5 Wand Feather Toys, Fish Turbo Track 

Patricia L - Portable Kitty Pool for Janiecat  (like a dish that she gets into!), 4 cases of 12 BFF kitty food.
Rascal Boots - 3 Boxes Appetizers
StripeyD - 3 Tubs of Lysol Wipes & 20 Cans of Tuna
Bailey, Ann & Kevin B - Card with note, 60 Deli Sticks & 3 bags of Kitty Treats

Gina/catluvr14 - 4 Kitty Snackers, roll of Duct Tape , 2 rolls 2" Packing Tape, 2 boxes Band Aids, 12 note pads, Pkg of Ball Point Pens, FFRC Return address Labels, 2 pkg Paper Clips & Postie Notes

Jody626 - 2 Cloud Nine Candles with Sphynx kitties on them---beautiful!
David & Pat Canvas photo of Honey Pot their Blue eyed kitty
Andrea F - CA donation in memory of Nikka
Marie & Miranda - Sweden   Birthday Card for Elsie's 2nd birthday on June 15th with 2 Chicken $5

Jean S -- Donation to Feliz Navidad
Martha/Whiskers mom - TX  Box tops, Weight Circles, Donation and 2 Chicken $5

Marylee S - MA  Donation in memory of her kitty Marco
Vagabond Restaurant - Car Show a Donation of $40 from sale of 50/50 Tickets

Marilyn Smith - OH  Donation in memory of Jerry Smith
Susan W/Suziecat - NJ  Coupons & Chicken $5 for Derecho, Ramsay & Friends

Elaine & Alan - Hand colored card  Donation in memory of Little Kat & stamps
Julie & David - UK  Kitty Birthday Card for Elsies 2nd Birthday and Chicken $5

Sona P - Slovakia - Card with a note
Carri M - WI  Kitty Card with a note

And we have more thanks to give too!
Lucy & Benny--donation in memory of Paddy Purr, Miss Muffin and Harvest
Mitty208--donation in memory of Paddy Purr, Miss Muffin and Harvest
Mark S--donation in memory of Paddy Purr, Harvest and Miss Muffin
Fran D--donation in memory of Paddy Purr and in honor of Paddy Cakes
James & Rebecca S--donation in memory of Paddy Purr
Lynda S--donation in memory of Paddy Purr
Schinn--donation in memory of Paddy Purr
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Cynthia D--donation to FFRC

Tammy & Keith and Olivia--Whiskas Purrfectly chicken, family pack chips, Hershey Bars, Frontline, 4-pack cleaning wipes, PT, 4 bags dry cat food, 24 pack Friskies can, 12 pack FF kitten, lysol wipes, 12 pack Whiskas 

We have lots of visitors here for the Catathon! It's so very nice to see these friends.

After Catathon, we will have Neal, Chikandi, Crocus and Virginia come up to stay in the Main Area. They've been coming up for a quick run thru and playtime already.  But, it's time for them to come up to stay.

Nyota also came up to the Main Area today. We were just thrilled! I believe we will cancel the plans of her being a Covie as she seemed pretty comfortable. We'll let her take her time and do it at her pace. She loves to be held and cuddled and she truly seemed at ease with the other cats.  

We've taken on a new young adult. She's been hanging out at a yard--stayed and wouldn't leave! The family could not keep her and so brought her here to FFRC. She's another muted calico. Do you realize how many calicos we have taken in this year? And how many have been muted calicos?  Quite amazing.  Her name is Tillie Rose and is 2 years old. Her birthday is 5/16/16.  She arrived 6/18/18.  She's already in the Main Area and loves to be petted.  

Short blog but tomorrow is a big day! Hoping you all will join us for the fun! 

Friday, June 22, 2018

Thursday, June 22, 2018

My heart is completely hurt. Sometimes this life of rescue is very very hard. I don’t even know how to say what must be said.  We have lost 3 dear lives, all within 24 hours.  The following have left our lives but will never leave our hearts.

Miss Muffin—our very old calico Covie girl. She arrived here 9/5/17 as a geriatric outside cat that needed a home. We knew when we took her into FFRC, that she had already had a very long life. We were asked by good friends if we could take her on for the remainder of her life. She became a Covie and had a great life there with the other Covies. She was so very thin but soon gained weight. She so loved the grass and the sunshine on their cement patio. We started noticing that she was beginning to recklessly wander. It increased in intensity to the point that when it rained we would have to go check on her as she probably was wandering around outside instead of in the great The House That Jonah Built building.  Recently, she started staying more inside the building but life was changing for her. We brought her inside for her last few days before she passed away. She will be so missed but I know she was a very happy girl.

Harvest—This sweet girl had been at FFRC as a young kitten. She was adopted into a home and lived there for 12 years. Unfortunately she had to be returned due to the people’s lifestyle changes. This cat just really touched me. Here’s an older cat that lost her home and had to come back to FFRC. We showed her love and she returned it to us. She was joy to hold as she cuddled right into that arm hug. She was always an “old soul”—seeming and looking years older than her almost 13 years. She simply went down yesterday morning and passed peacefully away.

Paddy Purr—this one especially is a heart breaker. Purr has been a part of FFRC since he arrived on his first day of life on 7/31/10.  He is like a cornerstone for FFRC. How can we go on without this lovely boy? I just don’t know the answer to that. We’ve known all his life that he has had a heart murmur. Our vet has given him a physical almost monthly all these years. His heart itself was good—his heart murmur truly did not need any treatment. He sometimes was called “Fang” for his canines that always jutted out. Such a dear dear boy. I imagine he had an embolism that quickly took his life. It was as if he simply went to sleep, peacefully.  This loss is particularly hard. He has been a part of our daily lives. I cannot imagine him not being here.

There’s something missing here at FFRC, with these 3 cats being gone. I can feel it and it doesn’t feel quite right. We are allowed to mourn the loss of our pets—it’s natural because we take them right into our hearts. We know them—we know their special quirks, their special snackers , their likes and dislikes. And we dote on them which gives us joy.

Sometimes my heart hurts so much with these losses. Yet, there is so much life all around us here at FFRC. The kittens and their funny antics, the adults who think they require a thousand pets a day (and they do require that).  The oldsters who have special privileges. It’s ok to grieve. And it’s ok to keep on going in this rescue world. We will always hold our passed cats close even while still going forward in rescue work.  I will mourn. The volunteers will mourn. Our chatters, lurkers and supporters will mourn. And that is all ok.  But…..we also have to keep focused on the life around us—it’s full and overflowing with yet more love that is being given to us. Love is indeed a “renewable resource” and so we shall continue on, to give compassion and to carry on rescuing. Thank you all for being a part of what we do here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Weds., June 20, 2018

Four more days to Catathon!  Our fun-raiser ends this morning.  But, pre-registration continues until tomorrow  at noon.  Let's keep the registrations coming! It'll sure help us when the phone calls start coming in! Simply go to our website at for the pre-registration form.  Plus, you'll be able to view all the baskets and each item for all the rounds!

Thursday afternoon our phone company will be coming about 3:00 to set up the phone lines and make sure all is in working order. On Catathon day, we will have 8 working phones to take your calls.  For Catathon, you can dial 419-393-2400!  We will be happy to have those phones ringing and ringing!

The big rented TV will be here on Saturday. We'll set this up under the shelter house for visitors/volunteers to watch the action.  Rent A Center is giving us use of this TV at no cost!

Today we will set up the bidding boards where they will be for Sunday and also re-position the cams to see if all is good. The set up will be similar to last year.  

During the catathon, there will be a flow of videos showing you what is on deck next for each round. Also during the rounds 2 thru 6, we will be pulling names of winners for the fun-raiser. Round 7 will be for pulling names for the consolation prizes.

Spiker is at the vet's office today for his dental and extraction(s).  He has already told me to have food close by upon his return! 

We have thanks to give!
Jarmo S--donation to FFRC
Sharon S from KY--donation to FFRC
Bonita M from MD--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation in honor of Vernon's birthday!

Plus, we had BOXES Sunday aftenoon! Man thanks to the following: 
Eric & Carrie M-- 8 cases of water, 2 cases of powerade, 5 boxes of koolaid jammers (juice), 6 packs baby wipes, folding camp cot in memory of Nikka., for the Covie cats
Hanky Grapevine - Bib for Lucy
Tina - metal ball with toy in the middle, Stamp collecting book for Steve 
Dawn N - for Magic $5 Chickie $$
Barbara E - lots and lots of hand made kitty toys! 
Billie K -- 6 cans of Salmon, 4 cases of baby food 
Donna B/Ga -- Party mix snacks for Coralie
Brenda & Craig - 8 case of Fancy Feast kitten, 10 cases baby food, 2 lg bags of Purina one chicken 
Robin / pnlope  - 3 pack picnic food covers 
Sean G - 32 pk of friskies poultry 
Janet & Susan / UK - 2 cases of fancy feast 
Josette - 9 pack of sparkle paper towels, 200 pack of Styrofoam plates
Diana D/NC - 2 rugs ( pewter and sand color) 
Yvette DNK  - 2 cases of fancy feast broth, case of fancy feast chicken, box of snacks/chips  for volunteers 
 Zorro's dad  - Memory Stone for Zorro 
Bo peeps - catathon donation
Suzi M - Donation in honor of of 2 sons Chris and Jim for dads day 
Marilyn/Oregon cat lady , Catathon Donation
Frances M/ Il, Catathon Donation 
Cary & Jean - Catathon Donation
Manna R / Co - Catathon Donation 
Ellen H/ellisue / NY - Catathon Donation, in memory of Dudley

We had surgery day with HumaneOhio on Monday--always a good day! We sent up 30 cats--20 spays and 10 neuters. All went well.  This brings our grand total so far for 2018 to 528. That breaks down to 302 females and 226 males.  Last year at this time we were at 392. I'm counting on breaking that 1000 goal! 

Sizzle is doing wonderful in her new home. She's eating good. She has grown very close to the son in the family. He plays fetch with her using small soft play toys and she will actually bring them right back to him. They really enjoy her!

We need to have one more BOX time before Catathon. It's been a bit harder this week working that in due to all the prep needed for Sunday. But....we'll work it out and let you know when! Thanks for your patience!

Take care, have a great day. It's a bit cooler today than the last two days. They were very hot and high humidity.  Even the inside cats and kittens were "flat"--laying low to the floor!  

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday, June 17, 2018

It has begun---Catathon week!  Hard to believe it's finally upon us!  Today starts our awesome 10 item Catathon Fun-Raiser!  It ends the 20th at 9 am.  Here's a quick list of the items:
Rnd 2, Item A--Keurig Coffee Delight w/accessories
Rnd 2, Item B--Multi Kitty Quilt
Rnd 3, Item C--7 tier Kuranda tower
Rnd 3, Item D--Nikon Coolpix 8500 16 mp zoom camera w/access.
Rnd 4, Item E--Scrapbook Albums--awesome! 4 names
Rnd 4, Item F--Kitchen Essentials
Rnd 5, tem G--Here Kitty Kitty Afghan
Rnd 5, Item H--Beach Escape
Rnd 6, Item I--Troyers Country Market
Rnd 6, Item J--Samsun 55" smart LED TV curved

We are also still doing pre-registrations! This is simply filling out a form (will only take a minute!) --this will then make it easier and quicker should you call in with a bid wish on next Sunday during Catathon! This pre-registration is over on Thursday at noon.  We encourage anyone even thinking of bidding to do this. It's not necessary, but helpful.

We have some thank yous to give!
Logan, Sydney and Amanda had a lemonade stand for FFRC! So very kind of them and we appreciate the three kids!
Sean G--donation to FFRC for Nyota
Jarmo S--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation to wish Queen Coralie a happy birthday!
Joyce N--donation to FFRC
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Lynne J.W--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation to FFRC
Jarmo S--donation to FFRC

We have received many donations for catathon because of the anonymous donor that will quadruple the amount--these names will be mentioned during the catathon!

We also had BOXES on Tuesday--we are grateful for your help.
Debbie & Annie--for TX basket--we got this slipped into the basket!!  Apricot Pecan bites & a miniature Texas blonde Pecan cake, 9 oz.
Craig & Brenda--15 cases of Fancy Feast kitten food, 6 cases of baby food, 3 bags Purina One, 3 bags of Purina One Kitten and 9 lg. containers Kitty Snackers

We had 3 adoptions yesterday!
Stephie--she went to a new home where she has been much anticipated! I do believe Stephie hand picked her new mama!
Dizzle and Twizzle--these two Izzle kittens went together to their new home. I've already seen pictures of them and they look oh so happy!

We have a new Porchie. His name is Winston. He's a year old with a birthday of 6/1/17.  He's been neutered, vaccinated, tested, etc and now has a place already as a Porchie. Winston is a grey silver tiger. A real sweetie and people greeter. It's nice to have him.

Tomorrow is an important day. It's a HumaneOhio spay/neuter day. We have a fairly full schedule. We love doing these events--anytime we can do spays/neuters for the public, it's a good day.

Neal has some buddies! I don't believe I introduced you to Neal though, here in the blog. Here goes: He is a grey marble/white kitten, arrived at 8 weeks old. His birthday is 4/15/18. He's absolutely a sweetie. He ran into trouble somewhere--his whiskers, eyebrows and bits of fur here and there on his face are singed. His whiskers are now starting to grow back.  He arrived 6/10.  A real nice kitten.

Neal's 3 new friends arrived 6/11. These are siblings and were relinquished because they were ill.  They also had many fleas. But, they are doing really well now. Their energy level is very high! Good food, antibiotics and no fleas does wonders! Here are their names (all Name a Cat names):
Virginia--female, torti, with a large crream spot on her head
Crocus--female, beige
Chikandi--female, beige  (bigger)
It won't be long until these 4 join everyone in the Main Area.

Bart is doing so well.  His leg is healing--we will see how things go with this as he gets bigger.  The end of his tail will need a short amputation but it is quite possible it will fall off by itself. Many times these heal without the bone showing. In that case, no surgery will be required! You can tell he's feeling good now.....he's a little play machine!

Our sweet Harvest is only 12 years old but seems like an old soul cat. And what a sweetie she is. She's getting special meals everyday. We also discovered that she likes to drink water (like Binker) from the faucet!

Enjoy this beautiful (and hot) day. It's going to be a very busy but fun week. If you have any questions about the Catathon, don't hesitate to email me or ask a chat mod!  Thanks!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We're all about the cats!  Please.....spay and neuter your cats.  Get them their yearly physicals to help prevent bigger problems later on.  Help them with flea protection--no one wants fleas on themselves or in their homes. Give a little snacker--your cat will love it! Protect them with vaccines. And oh....those nasty internal parasites--they can be stopped with meds.  Your cat needs your help with all these things! 

We had BOXES yesterday. Many thanks and a hug of gratitude!
Madisonpepper - 6 more months of Catlady Monthly Box - Pretty Card, License Plate holder (for Beetle), fish and car toy, insultated cat decorated Tumbler, Summer of Meow T-Shirt

Andrea B - 3 Amazon Gift Cards:  1 is a gift, 2 are for Ramsay's Birthday

Puppies - Dark Green picnic table for the Covies in memory of Nikka, 2 plaques for Nikka's table

Teresa H - IN  Donation
Melissa L - NY  Donation
Steven S & Crockett - Donation for Catathon   Photo of Crockett watching Birds
David H - PA  Donation in honor of Coralie, Hensley, Kiara, Magic & Vernon
Florence L - FL  Weight Circles & Donation for Catathon X 4
Julie & David - UK  Happy Birthday Vern (Gizmo the Kitty Card)  2 chicken $5
Gem our Mod and Mom Edna H - Jacci socks!  (with Jacci faces---oh my!)  
Pat our Thursday Volunteer - 2 Twin Size Microfiber kitty comforters
Mary & Dean B - OH Donation in memory of their neighbor Jim Pierce
Sandra S - OH Donation in memory of Sally Yetter
Phil & Family - Donation in memory of Barbara Hull

Midwesterngirl--is here visiting with some of her family.  She brought alot of "stuff" that will help us with feeding the cats. Many thanks, Mary! 

We have a few more thanks too!
Michael M--donation to FFRC
William M--donation to FFRC
Jarmo S--donation to FFRC 

A most important link right   This goes to our website. Click on the line for pre-registration.  If you can't find that, put "catathon" in the search bar and it'll come up! 
The reason we like pre-registrations--it saves time!  If you even think you may put in a bid, just put that pre-registration in!  It'll save time on the phone--you won't have to answer so many questions with each phone call.  And by the way, to make a bid, simply call 419-393-2400. We will have 8 phone people working that day!  And if you don't pre-register but have a desire to bid during the Catathon......that's ok too!  Mark your calendar for June 24th!

The 5 kittens from the back room are now in Cat's Corner Room with lots of "out" time to explore the Main Area. They just took right off and made themselves at home. Very brave babies! They will spend their nights yet in their room so we can make sure all is well, tummies are full.  

Callisynne's kittens also had quite a bit of time in the Main Area yesterday and today. They too are doing good. Their appetites are huge--gobble machines! 

Wanted to let you know that Steve and I and some of our family will be leaving tomorrow to go right over the Kentucky border. We are visiting the Ark Encounter.  It's a life-size Noah's Ark with lots of history and stories. It's 510 feet long, 85 feet wide and 51 feet high! We're excited to see this. Then on Friday we will be having super fun at the Screaming Eagle Aerial Adventures. There's zip lines, sky bridges and free fall jumps. Two of the zips are 2,000 feet long!  We'll be back late Friday.  Connie D will be doing my breakfast in the morning. Donna will help.  Connie S will care for my mom. 

I'd like to give a big thanks to some great people!
FFRC surgery--Megan, Dawn E, Pablo, Becky M--these volunteers helped with post-op.

Dance Recital Concessions--Patrick & Vicki, Edna, Megan, Angie & Bill, Sarah & Brian for And a huge thanks to Elizabeth for taking over this event to help FFRC.  The concessions profited $675!  This will help get some bills paid! The weather was a bit of a threat but Derecho and his buddies did the Do Not Rain Dance....and it worked!  This is a big undertaking and it was very successful! 

Just for your info--some future dates:
June 17, Sunday--Catathon's Fun-Raiser begins
June 18, Monday--Humane Ohio
June 20, Weds.--Spiker has his dental appt. & Catathon's Fun-Raiser ends at 9 am
June 21, Thursday--Pre-registration ends at noon
June 22, Friday--Extra Werlor pick up
June 23, Sat.,--The big TV will be delivered for Catathon.
Sometime this week Arthur Phone Company will come and put up the 7 other lines. At that time, we will have a test with the phones and chatters.
June 24, Sunday--Catathon! Come join us---it's our biggest fundraiser of the year!

And remember, any donation made to FFRC right now, made in the name of Catathon will have a big punch to it, thanks to an anonymous donor. If you donate $10, it becomes $40.  A $50 becomes $200, etc!  This will go on until Thursday, the 21st, till noon!  You can send a check or paypal--just be sure it's marked for catathon! 

We had 2 more adoptions! 
Paislie went to a home where there's another past FFRC cat. I think she is going to continue to be well loved! Such a fun cat--loves to chase everything, especially ping pong balls (we sent some home with her!)

Tizzle went to her new home too! She has a cat friend there too. Her new family was very excited about having Tizzle in their home! 

Thanks to you all. YOU are what makes this FFRC possible.  Enjoy this great day! 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Oh my goodness--the Catathon is a mere 2 weeks away!!  That's just 14 tummy is getting the shakies. We are working hard each day to get all the lists of things to do, completed!

Remember to check out all the Baskets and the other Items on our website at  A simple click will lead you to the way of discovering all the items within the Baskets and what the Big Big Ticket Items are and the Big Ticket Items, plus the Small Big Ticket Items.  I know....what strange names. We started this years ago and cannot change it now! You'll also find the times of each round (we have 7). 

Next week on June 17, Sunday starts the Catathon Fun-Raiser. You'll soon be seeing what these 10 awesome items are! Amazing stuff! The Fun-Raiser ends on the 20th at 9 am.  That gives us time to get the tickets completed and ready. The winning tickets are pulled during the Catathon--2 for each of the Rounds 2 thru 6.  In Round 7, we will have Consolation Prizes!

Don't can pre-register till noon on June 21.  It'll sure help the phone people--they won't need so much information from you when you call.  If you haven't pre-registered and you see something you want to bid on, that's still ok.

We have thanks to give!
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
James R--donation to FFRC
Shannon S--donation for the care of Victor, Jackson II and all of their friends
Kaseyann--donation in memory of Zorro
Janean B--donation to FFRC

We had surgery yesterday but had a very light surgery schedule. However, we were able to get quite a few physicals in.
Purduff--neutered, physical good, no problems
Callisynne--spayed, physical good, all is fine
Nyota--spayed, physical good, burn wounds look great, fur is coming back in

Here's the physicals we did:
Camvi--good physical, heart good, teeth good
Cutie--good physical, will work on her ears again, teeth/heart good
Derecho--good physical, has a little teeth tartar but no action needed
Harvest--our oldster, needs a dental (she has been back about 3-4 weeks)
Helga--physical good, heart/teeth good.  A little gingivitis--try dental treats
Paislie--physical good, heart/teeth good, very mild gingivitis--try dental treats
Jones--physical good!  And of course his heart is good!
Cashew--physical good. Continue current treatment of injured paw
Bart--physical good.  Possible femoral head or knee fracture, but too young to do anything at the moment. He's putting weight on it and may just do fine. Time will tell. Wound is healing.

Many thanks to Gusti for providing the drinks for surgery and to Joyce D for providing the pizza and bread sticks. So very kind of you both.

We've had 4 adoptions!
Sizzle--was adopted 6/9.  He went into a home where there's a special boy who dearly loves cats and wants a sweet cat to love him. 

Wellington--was adopted 6/9.  Went into a wonderful home. He was loved before he even went out the door!

Zino & Purfudd were adopted together on 6/10.  They went into a home that has a cat already. A very nice family. I've already heard back and the word is--both kittens are doing fine!

We should have another adoption tomorrow morning around 8 am.

Zurple, Zoolove, Cashew, Bart and Sherry are now out and about in the Main Area. They are doing very well and have fit right in.

Toasty is now on the floor in the back Thumper's Room.  He's feeling good and is eating good. We have also brought up Miss Muffin from the Cove. She seems to have had a several episodes where she just wanders around, not real aware of her surroundings. We will see if she's happy being in the rescue center. She sure has gained weight from when she first arrived. Such a sweet girl.

Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday, June 9, 2018

A short blog with a few updates. 

It's always important to me to give thanks. Thank you for the wonderful BOXES yesterday.
Tina - A Kitty Titanic Sweatshirt for Jacci.

Julianne B - Lots of kitty toys, 2 hand mitts for brushing kitties, 1 floor brush for kitties to rub on, 5 water fountain filters.

Anonymous -  from Endless Possibilities a jar of various colored Boink toys, and  2 Bamboozler toys. Fun toys!

June (Painteddaisy) - a beautiful garden angel with solar halo to be placed  next to Joyfuls grave stone.

Darkcat (our wonderful mod) - items for the Food for the Mods basket including 1 box of butter toffee, Treasure Valley Medium Salsa, and Idaho magnet, Orange  Blossom Honey, Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies.   All items were made in Idaho. (and the cookies made it safely!) 

Josette (Burgundy) - 1 case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, and 1 case of Fancy  Feast Chicken Feast.

Dim - 6 packages of batteries.
Joanne (Joco) - 7 cases of Sheba (48 cans each) Perfectly Portions, variety of  flavors.

Donna B. - (Ga.) 2 large containers of Party Mix snackers, 2 blue pillow soft beds,  2 pink pillow soft beds.--for sweet Coralie's birthday!  But knowing Coralie, she will gladly share! 

LJ - 8 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers, various flavors
Mr.and Mrs. Medic - 2 (24 count) cases of Fancy Feast
Steven B. (Ohio) -  donation for spay and neuter program.
Barbara B. and her kitty Kiki - donation to FFRC
Marylee (Ma) - donation in honor of her kitty Mario.

EagleFan4Ever and Brian - 320 foam plates, kitty toys, 6 bags of Temptation  
 snackers, 2 cases of Friskies, 7 jars of baby food.

Barb E. (NC) - beautiful beaded hand made key rings, 12 hand made adoption bags.-- so pretty!
Sean G. - 2 cases of 9 Lives Kitty food.
Dawn N. - 2 cases of Friskies kitty food.

It's possible there are errors in the above due to the cam going down during boxes yesterday.  It's not a problem--simply email me and let me know. I'm good at making corrections!  We've had some storms coming in and that affects our computers at times.

Remember we are now doing the pre-registration for Catathon! This simply cuts down the time on the phone when/if you call in! It's easy to do---just go to our website at   Click on the pre-resitration on-line link. We will continue this pre-registration to noon on June 21.  That way we have time to get that organized before the big day! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me.

Today is our surgery day. I'll give you a complete update on this later. 

Yesterday, today and tomorrow is also our dance concessions. Rain or not--we'll be there!  Many thanks to Elizabeth, her family and the volunteers who are helping with this.  Elizabeth took this project on for me this year--I'm very grateful. 

The Happiest Place On Earth (as you folks call us which always makes me smile) is a bit sad today for me. We've lost our Zorro kitten. We've worked weeks on him--trying to get his leg to heal. And in reality, it was looking very good. It was like a switch was turned.  He went from one day of racing around with that tail straight up to plummeting into respiratory problems. We tried for two days to pull him out of it--but it didn't work.  Dr. Darcy thinks he probably went septic, despite all the medications used. Here is what I know--we loved him fiercely. We will miss him dearly. We tried our hardest. And yes, sometimes it just hurts extra much. And sometimes it's hard to understand.  But I also know that we will continue on. We will give our utmost to all cats and kittens in our care. 

We've taken on a new cat named Toasty.  He's strictly an outdoor cat but we are caring for him temporarily. He has a very bad bite wound on his rump. Such a nice cat--he was running from the fight. After healing, he will probably go back to his neighborhood where he came from---it's been his home and that is where he's comfortable. He will be missing a couple parts though--will make him less likely to be in a fight. 

Today we will be moving Zurple, Zoolove, Cashew, Bart and Sherry to Cat's Corner Room. This way they are out of the surgery area. They will stay in this room for a day or two and then be turned loose into the Main Area. They are high-energy and have so much fun. Dr. Darcy will check on Bart and Cashew's leg wounds. 

As you may know, last week some of Callisynne's kittens were lagging behind. But wow--their appetites have picked up tremendously. They too are high-energy--just how I like to have them (along with round tummies!).  Won't be long before they too will be in the Main Area.

Take care and enjoy this weekend. If you have a cat (or dog), remember--those annual physicals are so important. This is where your vet may find things amiss that can be corrected or helped before a bigger problem happens. This is also flea season. Your pet simply cannot get rid of those pesky bugs without your help. Please help your pet with this. There are so many good products out there to prevent an infestation. 

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thursday, June 7, 2018

We have lost a good friend to FFRCNation--Sharon Ross, more known as Nikka. She has been a friend to FFRC for many years. Her visits were filled with friendship to people and the cats. She particularly loved the Covies. Anytime you saw Nikka here, she had her camera in hand, snapping pictures of the cats. She was always so willing to share these with everyone. Anytime I think of Nikka, I remember her smile. She had a genuine smile. 

We have been receiving donations to FFRC, in her memory. These donations will be compiled and then several ideas implemented, all in her memory. I've heard so many great stories that have involved Nikka while here at FFRC. She thoroughly loved Catstock. And I do believe she was involved in the great LBG heist! 

A special thanks for remembering Nikka with your donations, your stories, your kind words and memories of her. This reinforces to is so very short, especially for Nikka. She was so young. My wish--she is hearing your awesome words of her. She had a great laugh--I'll bet she's enjoying all these stories! And what a thing to think about---let anyone close to you know that you appreciate them and you celebrate life, while that person is still here on earth! Sharing kindness now will make for many smiles--just like Nikka liked to smile! 

We had BOXES Monday afternooon!  Big thanks to you all!  Your support is awesome!
Wendy W/shorty53 - Babble Ball for Donna,  Long handle purfect scooper for FFRC.
TearsfromaDream-- 2 packs of carry out doggie treats 
Dimwitt  -  metal playing card bottle opener
NHfurry - Hair band cat toys 
Sean G - for the volunteers, Irish tea collections, Irish whisky chocolate bars, assorted fudge, and truffles.
Joey3100 - 5 Quickie stand and store brooms with pans
Justin & Ivy - 2 large blankets for derecho. catnip toys and skitter critters for Marilyn,  2 large containers  of Tidy cats scoop able litter. Smartiecat toy for Ramsey 
Tina - 3 gallons of Mr. Clean (fabreeze) 
Nona - large cans of KMR ( 2 cases) 
JatCat -  large Lasko fan for cove 
Annie & Debbie - 4 40lb bags of Frisco Scooable litter 
Faithy (vol) - Large Pizza shaped beach towel for Sevaun
Leanne/canada - for catathon Canadian Basket,, Stickers, tattoos. Maple leaf Tea towel, Rubber pins,                                    Mini Licorice assortments, Girl Guide of Canada cookies, Chicken Soup for the Canadian soul book, maple leaf napkins and plates 2pc magnet set, Poutine Gravy 

Envelopes  -
Susan C./Defiance - Donation 
Jeanne S, Fl -Donation for Feliz Navidad fund
Tom C/ IL - Donation
Barb W/Phleb -donation for Spiker!
Schinn and Ralph  -  Birthday Card for Jonsie, $5 Chickie money, 10 hug coupon 

We also had a HumaneOhio spay/neuter day on Monday. We sent 28 cats and kittens that day.  18 females and 10 males.  Earlier in the week, we had 2 additional neuters thru vouchers.  Our grand total now for 2018 is 498. This breaks down to 282 spays and 216 neuters! We want to keep it coming! 

Two of the above spays were from FFRC--Tizzle and Twizzle went visiting to HumaneOhio. They are doing just fine. In fact, just yesterday morning I told them to slow it down. They were speeding a hundred miles an hour! 

This Saturday we have our FFRC spay/neuter day. Our schedule is very light as many of the kittens did not make weight.  We have kittens too for Dr. Darcy to look at. Especially Zorro, Cashew and Bart--all with various leg wounds. 

We took on two new kittens. Their mama was killed by a large dog. These kittens were in danger of being nabbed by the same dog so was brought to FFRC.  Their birthday is 5/7/18--they were just 4 weeks old upon arrival. They arrived on 6/4/18. 
Zoolove--brown tiger, female              Zurple--grey tiger, female (Both Name a Cat names)

We have more thanks to give! 
Donna B in GA--donation for Coralie and Spiker
Thomas M from VA--donation to help take care of the babies
Wanda E, our portrait friend--donation for doing a portrait
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Emma & Aaron + their kitties--donation to FFRC

Many thanks too to Jody626. She was a day visitor and brought to FFRC--multiple Stephanie BUrgess items (will see in a flash sale), vinegar, bleach, great blanket throws, snackers for the vols, sponges, note cards, Belvita (!!), lots of pouches and can food for the cats, a beautiful dream catacher.  

If you pull into the parking lot, you will now some a couple Green Guys! What is that?!!  They are a gift from Dewitty.  They are stand up safety green guys, with the word SLOW on them and a caution flag. We have them put together and placed alongside the parking lot.  We need people to GO SLOW in that parking lot for the safety of the cats (and people!).  Thanks, Dewitty. 

Callisynne's kittens are coming along. Their appetites are picking up. They really are a cute bunch of babies! They love to bop each other and then skitter away!

We also have a visitor, Yvonnevdk who has had a week with us! She is our friend from Germany. Many thanks to her---she has helped us with lots of projects! A great friend--just ask the cats! 

Nyota is doing awesome! She continues to be loose in the back Thumper's Room and will be spayed Saturday. Nyota will probably become a Covie. She is not comfortable around a lot of people and so having her in the Main Area would be very hard on her. However, I can already picture her--safe and sound, in the Cove--basking on the tables, rolling in the grass, enjoying the trees to climb--it'll be a good life for Nyota. And the best is that she will never have a worry about her safety again. Thanks to so many for caring for her and helping with her support.

Take care, have a really wonderful day. And remember....spread happiness and nice words to those around you. They will love it and it'll be one of those good things for you too! 

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Sunday, June 3, 2018

3 weeks from today is Catathon! Wow, getting closer and closer.  Soon, all pictures and descriptions will be on our website at  Also the pre-registration will start soon too.  Pre-registration is just in case you want to bid on any item.  It simply cuts down the time you have to be on the phone.  It's simple, doesn't cost anything of course and helps us during the actual Catathon.  It's always a good idea to pre-register--it doesn't tie you into anything in case you decide not to bid. And if you don't pre-register, we still, of course, take your bid!

The Catathon Fun-Raiser will start 2 weeks from today--June 17 early in the morning and continues till 9:00 am on June 20th.  There will be 10 fantastic items in this fun-raiser. Two winners will be picked in rounds 2,3,4,5 and 6, the day of the Catathon. And of course, we'll be drawing consolation prize winners in Round 7! 

We have thanks to give:
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Mary Ann and Paul B--donation for their own Resqwalk idea! They give so much per mile they do, in honor of FFRC, to be used where needed. I love this idea!
Pat D--donation to FFRC, in memory of Grayson Davies, her grand-cat
David & Christine P & Miyu, Anya, Yuki, Wesa--donation for the care of the cats
Faithy, vol--donation to FFRC
Pat C, vol--donation to FFRC, plus plates, snackers, baby food

Ready for some more giggles?  Derecho has been busy! Check it out:   It's his 25th Giggles Scene.  Derecho told me he thought he should help with revenue to cover his chicken. So, don't forget to click the like/thumbs up button! 

The rear leg of Bart's is healing slowly.  He gets a leg soak twice a day. Most of the day he has a wrap on it, soaked in the sulfadine ointment. He doesn't seem to be nearly as sore as he had been.  We've now gotten the entire foot and leg debrided on Zorro's front leg. The leg is looking good but the foot is still terribly swollen and stiff. He uses it well but.....I'm afraid we need  more progression to get this leg to be saved. Time will soon tell. We are going full force on treatments on both of these little boys. These two boys and Shelly know each other well.  Most days they are in the Main Area playing non-stop.

Here's some upcoming dates:
June 5, Tuesday--HumaneOhioi surgery day
June 8, 9, 10--Dance Concessions Days (fundraiser for FFRC)
June 9, Saturday--FFRC surgery day
June 17, 18, 19, 20--Catathon Fun-Raiser
June 18, Monday--HumaneOhio surgery day
June 20-Weds.--Spiker dental surgery
June 22,23--going crazy getting last minute things done for Catathon!
June 24, Sunday--CATATHON!
This will prove to be a very busy month for us here at FFRC. 

Nyota is now out of her pen and has the whole back Thumper's Room to herself! She no longer needs any further treatments--just a little more healing is left on her one rear foot. She has scars but the fur is slowly starting to grow in, as are her whiskers. We have much love for her.

Satori is at the open window in the Kitty Kabana, enjoying the great outdoor sounds. The Izzle Litter is going crazy here in the purple office--running and jumping on each other, just for the fun of it! Giovanna has been enjoying the opened window by the closet on the "far side"--she sure likes watching what's going on in the parking lot.

We've been doing extra grooming on the Covies. Oliver thinks he's pretty neat with his new spring hair-do.  Miss Muffin continues to do well and is now brushed out. Ten more Covies got a thorough brushing. More to do though!

The kittens of Callisynne's seem to be doing a bit better today. They were a bit draggy this past week. We've been supplementing a few of them. They do enjoy playing and knocking each other over (no worries, they only fall over 3-4 inches!). A super friendly bunch of babies.

The 14 little ones that are loose in the Main Area are a hoot. They are out day and night. Some of their antics: messing with adult cat tails (not approved of and usually ends up in being corrected!), jumping from a Kuranda onto a kitten and then running for safety, zipping thru the tunnel and colliding with each other, piling on top of each other for nap times--they are always busy and fun to watch. Love their energy levels!

Take care and enjoy this beautiful day.