Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wow---been a busy week.  Wait........isn't it busy all the time here?  Yes, it is! But....that's what happens at a Rescue.  These cats and kittens--they expect us to be at their beck and call.  Wait....isn't that we do?  Yes, it is!  And gladly so!  

We had 2 adoptions yesterday!  
SATORI went to his new home! It's been a wish of mine for a long time that he goes to a home where the new owner will be patient and let him relax and be his best friend. And that's what happened.  A man came in and it was an easy decision for him--he wanted to adopt Satori.  Satori will do well there, I believe.  This new dad is patient and has lots of time for this wonderful cat. I missed him at breakfast today when it was Pania Flake time.  We sent some home with Satori in his adoption bag! 

CONGO also went to his new home.  He has a special young boy that loved Congo from the moment he saw him. Congo was a "melt" kitten for this boy.  I've received pictures already from the mom--all of Congo napping in his arms! I think this will be one of those special things--good for the human and good for the kitten!

Many thanks to the following people who are helping us by a donation for our spay/neuter program---Kimkost, Ju-in-ji, Ruth D, Anonymous Friend, MLS, Ruth Y, Gisa Z and Ferole.  Many thanks--this will make a difference!

Wow--what an awesome Flash Sale we had on Tuesday. Big thanks to Mich and Vern for coming here to do this Sale.  Many thanks to those who provided the items for the Sale. The mods are always appreciated for the video and all the PR they do to let everyone know about the Sale. And a SUPER thanks to all those that made the purchases! Our total came to $2,054 and will help us with our operational needs.  Bills will be paid!!

We also had BOXES on Weds.  YOU all are appreciated. Catathn items are rolling in and other items that help us with the day to day needs!
Fred, Gail & BooBoo - 200 9"plates, 2 Kong toys, Tub of Greenies, 2-24ct Fancy Feast, Scratcher and 4 Tubs of Lysol Wipes

Eddie & Rita M --Kitty Tea Towel and from Rosie Mew an Easter Card for FFRC
Anony 3 boxes of 36ct Broths 
Zorro - 1,000 6" plates
Anony friend-- 96 pkts of Broths
Anony Friend-- 10 cases Appetizers
Dimwitt - flower seed for Sunflowers, Purple Catnip & Roses
Barb W - IA  Weight Circles, Donation in memory of Cinder & Louie
Dianne E - AZ  Thank You Card & Weight Circles
Carla N - IN  Weight Circles
Barb/Plee & Ron W - VA  Sponsorship for Spiker & 2 Flats of stamps

Justin & Ivy - DE  For Ramsay & Friends - 2 Turbo Scratchers, Balls for dispensing snackers, case of Natural Balance and a bag each of Nutrish & Beyond, 2 cases 24ct Friskies and Bucket of Tidy Cat. 2 pkg Greenies, Toy & Nyla bone for Janie

David H - PA  For In honor of Coralie, Hensley, Kiara, Magic & Vernon - Donation
Alan & Elaine - FL  Hand colored Kitty card (gorgeous) and Donation in memory of Littlekat
Sister Sharon  - Donation in honor of her 50th Anniversary as a Dominican Sister

StacyAnn - Happy Birthday Photo Canvas of Jacci's favorite tree Love this!
Schinn Mod - Kitty Birthday Card with Chicken $5
Linda/catstoluv & Bill - MI   Kitty Birthday Card & Weight Circles
FFRC Kitties (mailed from Washington, who flew out there to mail it?)  Happy Birthday
Betty W - Birthday Card  Donation 
Carol/Holly67 & Arthur B - MA  Kitty Birthday Card Paddy (pot of gold) donation & 2 Chicken $5

Debbie & Annie - Beach Escapet Basket: 2 bright Tommy Bahama Beach Towels
Josette - 2 insulated lunch bags 
Conii & Elliott - Beautiful Felted Cat Bed from the Ukraine

It's hard to keep up with all the comings and goings.  Today we are expecting 2 adoptions and 1 adoption Friday.

Jullian's kittens are all doing super. Eyes are all cracking open! She's is such a gentle sweet mama. Their tummies are very round! New name! The new little fostered black/white kitten has now been named Mars. This kitten is as much hers as are the others! That Zoie has the prettiest fur--a bit different. Will be interesting to see as she gets bigger. 

The grey litter plus group:  all are doing super. They are all on hold already but of course we have to wait until they are spayed or neutered. This is another super sweet litter--all very friendly and they love to be loved on!

Emma Jane is a dear sweet mama.  These 4 kittens in this litter are very mobile now and they try to keep up with they grey plus litter! Very friendly and huggable!  Eula and Erica are already spoken for. The good news is they will also be taking their mama Emma Jane with them--such a good thing! 

And then there's some newbies:
We were asked by our local shelter to take on a muted calico/white cat. She's a nice girl. She's on the floor now in the front Thumper's Room and is adjusting nicely. We knew she may not be real welcoming to other cats but so far, she's doing quite well.  Her name is Vusiko, pronounced Voo-SEE-ko.  She was abandoned at a house. Hoping Vusiko will be up in the Main Area soon.  Her birthday is 4/3/16, which makes her a 2 year old.

And then we have our 2 new orange tiger kittens.  We were asked by a low cost spay/neuter vet if we could take them in.  They were in a household where there were simply too many cats. Their mama was spayed and these two boys were neutered as well, on Tuesday. They are 11 weeks old with a birthday of 1/9/18.  Their names are Kandan and Kubu.  Kandan has a bit more white on the face and also on the chin. Kubu is more orangie around the face and chin.  A name quiz will be coming up! These two orangies are super friendly and already think we are trees--zip up our legs so they can be held!  They will be up in the Main Area soon.

And now some somber news.  Mama calico cat, known as Mama cat was brought up to the rescue center yesterday.  Many of you know that her tumor was partially removed from her ear. We have been keeping a very close eye on her. We know her lymph glands are a bit swollen too.  It's obvious that her tumor has grown some since last looked at. But.....she is still so happy, eating and enjoying her FireHouse cat life.  After talking to Dr. Darcy, we decided to continue on, but watching her closely. She was given a long acting antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory.  This will "keep things going comfortably" yet again for a while.  In the meantime, she is thoroughly enjoying her life.  Her injections were given and back out to the FireHouse she went!

Another bit of news: we have received the biopsy for the eye of Annetta.  The news is as expected but not wanted.  The biopsy came back as malignancy/carcinoma in and around the eye.  Just breaks my heart--she is such a gentle soul and loves everyone. Soooo, we will watch her as well.  Whatever Annetta wants, Annetta gets.  Food, where she wants to be at, hugs and pets--all of it--it's all hers. We will keep a close eye on her and monitor her. In these situations, with us knowing what's going on, we never want to miss a chance of doing extra good things for a cat. We want just nice things to happen for her.

Satruday is our low cost NEUTER day. As of right now, we have 37 signed up. Today we will go over the fine details and be ready.  Check in will hopefully be done in 45 minutes.  We will stagger check outs.  We have volunteers helping us with check ins and for the post op watch.  Unlike our FFRC cats, these cats won't be held. They will be put back in their crates but facing the volunteers where all can be watched during their wake up time. As they wake up and are aware again, food will be given and soon after that will be released back to their owners.  It's a very busy time and very productive! 

Take good care. Love those pets up! It's important for them and for yourselves! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Have you had a spay or neuter done recently?  We need help in this department! Research shows that cost is a primary barrier to people getting their pets altered.  For many people, even “low-cost” spay/neuter is out of reach. Sometimes people schedule an appointment, sincerely believing they will be able to pay for it by the day of the surgery. When that day arrives, they don’t have the money and the surgery cannot be completed. Due to embarrassment or fear of cancellation fees, they often don’t call to explain the situation. 

A common misconception is that people will not value reduced services. We find this couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you’re in the community and start meeting and listening to pet owners, you know that most people care about their pets and are extremely appreciative to receive services and resources.  

FFRC wants to continue offering low cost spays and neuters.  This Saturday we are offering neuters. So far we have 37 scheduled. We are hoping for 100% attendance.  We also offer Vouchers--these are worth $20 each.  If a person wants to make their own appointment with HumaneOhio, they can take advantage of FFRC providing a $20 voucher.  So those outside cats are only $7 and the inside cats are only $25, after the Voucher.

If you are interested in helping FFRC continue these low costs, please help by a donation. You can simply send a check or go thru PayPal and earmark it for low cost spays/neuters.  We will do the rest and get more surgeries going. We appreciate this as by spaying and neutering is truly the answer to the overpopulation problem.

We had BOXES yesterday! What an awesome opening of Boxes that was!
Zorro - 4 tubs Lysol wipes, 24 rolls paper towels, Kitty bed for Lucy
Anony - 2 - 24 ct Kitten Food
Susan345 - 138 quart zip stroage bags, 48 rolls TP
WiddleTigger/Elizabeth - 30 pk of Goldfish, 24 rolls of Paper Towels

Joyce A & Andrea L - CA  Joyce - Kitty B-Day Card and Donation, Andrea Kitty B-Day Card & Donation Both sent a Kitty windchimes made with horse hair and a verse from a song written for FFRC by Mike Chamberlain  (and it's already hanging up!!)

Kathy831 - Tri-Tunnel for babies
Anony Friend- Kitty Wipes
Peverly H (mom of Lady Peverly of the White Stocking) 3 pretty Kitty blankies and a Happy Birthday Kitty T-Shirt for Jacci

Painteddaisy/June - Mousies for kitties, Toys toys & more toys.Lots n Lots of Broths, appetizers & Delectables, 2 boxes Rice Krispie Treats and Nature Valley Fruit & Nut bars, Tootsie Fruit Chews, Caramel Cremes & Lollypops.  Sachet bags with a kitty clip inside for lots of adoption bags. Large comfy kitty bed.

Linda G/wisdwfan & Lostgirl - Kitty Card & Donation - Kitty movie tote for Jacci, Pillow & Quilt for crib (Catathon)  and a Kitty Purse

Janet/Jazz & Susan UK - Bag of Kitten Science Diet, Case of Fancy Feast
David & Melanie C - very nice Fruit Basket

FaithyMD - Kitty plug in, 4 floor mats Catathon: Horse Towel, Pets Towel & Lazy Coupons
Ronnie & Marie H - T-Shirts - Kitty Bunny & colorful Kitty 

Painteddaisy/June - Garden memory stone for Joyful
Lollymop & Kathy831 CA - Happy Birthday poem with photos of FFRC kitties--love it
Anony Friend- Leopard shade for car window
Elliesue/Ellen H NY - Weight Circles, Paw Points and a Donation

Day visitors Rita Me & Dave Ma - Dry and Wet Kitty food
Day visitor Katherine T - AA Batteries, Paper Towels, TP & 13 gal garbage bags
Day visitors Dave & Sharon - Cat Food & Volunteer Snacks

Anony Friend- Snackers: Horses & Janie.. Mr Pasture Horse Cookies, 3 bags Peppermints, 2 bags each Apple & Carrot Cookies, Milk Bones with Marrow, 2 bags Beggin Strips & Janie

Mary S -  5 Yankee Candles different scents, small votive candle in blue tin, Black Musk shower Gel, Foot Lotion, Wood Season Calendar Tree with seasonal ornaments,

Purple - for Food of the Mods - 1lb Sees Truffles, Box of Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds
Billie K- Vera Bradley 5 Piece handbag set Iconic pattern
Jossette M - 2 insulated lunch bags
Annie & Debbie - for Beach Basket: 2 Sand Chairs
Conii with Elliott & Izabella  set of 3 Peace Poles 6', 4' & 3'  All Beatles song themes

And even more thanks!
Melvin S, jr--donation to FFRC
Dinah--donation to FFRC, in memory of Jerry Fitzgerald (for Tree of Giving)
Yvonne van der K--from Germany--donation for Ramsay and all the others
Judy & Phil--3 cases plus can food
Sandra C--donation to FFRC

We had an adoption yesterday!  Avalanche went to his new home. He will have a new very bet friend--a sweet young girl that was very excited to have him as her own.

I received a phone call about Wendy, Taia and Shirley Mae.  All are doing good and all 3 are going up and down the stairs to visit everyone in the family!

This past week, we saw 3 of the baby persians--Mally, Shalimar and KiKi (new name).  They all 3 look awesome and are so very loved.

Yesterday was designated as Get Catathon Organized!  We have Kitty City all ready and set up to be "Central Catathon"!   Soon, I will do a list of things we could use some help with! The incoming items for Catathon are being received here with much appreciation!

Annetta is feeling so much better! It's amazing--she's been playing, running and just having some fun. It's so nice to see this.  Even with the soreness meds she was receiving, that eye must have still been uncomfortable.  She'll get her sutures out next week (she helped us a bit though and removed one of them herself).

Jillian's kittens are doing good. Nice round tummies.  Emma Jane's kittens are also doing good. Every once in a while, I see they are dipping into the gruel on the plates! The grey baby litter is teaching them how to do it!  Emma Jane is very kind to all the kittens on the floor.

Take care, have a great day. Think about those spays/neuters.  Now is the time for us to be the most effective--before the warmer weather really gets here and more cats go into heat.  Nearly 100% of unspayed female cats outside, WILL get pregnant.  Kittens born in the spring will have kittens in the fall.  And yes, cats within litters will breed each other. YOU can help make a difference. Thank you. 

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Saturday, March 24, 2018

BOXES, BOXES--we love boxes and are so very grateful for them! We had lots of fun on Thursday.  Know that you are appreciated! 

Tina : Laura Ashlely Scratcher,  Bag of 20 Toys & Case of Appetizers
Anony Friend - 4 bags Blue Wilderness Kitten
Pat Thursday Vol - 6 rolls Paper Towels, Blankie, 2 scoopers, Bath Salts & Chickie Dollars
Becky W with Snickers & Easy - DL  Sponsorship for the Paddys
Lost Girl - Love FFRC pillow with kittie photos on it-- For whatever you wish & 4 gallons of Odo Ban

Dimwit - Flower Seeds
Jatcat - Weight Circles, and 2 Wonderful Safety Cutters!
Shirley S - UK  Ocean Scene Blankie to use as needed 

Carla/CJ500 - 25 Crocheted Catnip Kickeroos, 45 Crocheted Catnip Fish, 25 Crocheted Catnip Minnows, and pkg of loooong pipe cleaners

 Denise & Elizabeth S - SC - St Patricks Day Card - 4 Sheba, 2 Squeeze ups, 24 pkts Broth, Case of Fancy Feast, 2 Cases of Friskies

Zorro - 5 cases Fancy Feast, 2 bags Wellness Kitten, 4 cans Salmon, 5 cans of Chicken, 8 pkgs. 4 Tubs Temptation Snackers, Kitty Wipes, 2 Boxes Fresh Step Litter, 6 bags Oreo Thin Bites, 3 Boxes Fish crackers. 2 cases of Mountain Dew, Bag of individual Lays & Dorito chips, 
1/2 Gal Vinegar 2 40 ct boxes of 13 gal trash bags

Debbiedear - 16 lb bag Purina, 12 cans Nutrish, Tub of Milano Cookies, Nutter Butter Cookies

Mayumi - FFRC Tokyo Branch - Bags n Bags (8) of the much loved Chicken Steaks, and Rice Cookies for the humans

Kathie - Collection of Kitty things and salt & pepper shakers,, Many beautiful collectibles will be seen soon in a flash sale or in PawMart, 2 jars Lemon Strawberry Jam for Jacci and Eldora & Chocolate Peanut Butter Twinkies!

Dianna D - NC - Pretty blue Runner Rug

Joy & Don Donation in memory of Joyful
Sue/macncheesndoodlesmom - Donation for FFRC
Amy B - MI  Easter Card Photo of Sammy & Jobo and Chickie $5
Realty S - Donation by seller designating FFRC as their charity of choice $116.40

I'd like to say a huge giant thanks to everyone who sent birthday cards---really nice of you and I've enjoyed reading every single one of them--that's my evening "thing" I like to do!

Anony  Friend--Telescoping Treking Poles (to go with the backpacks!)

BillieK-- Pottery Barn Teen: coordinated colors and polkie dot pattern: Insulated lunch bag, Classic Lunch Soft Lunch Box, Small Back Pack & Water Bottle   VERA BRADLEY: All in blue patterns  Blue Tote Purse, Mail Bag Purse, Small Crossbody Purse, and a Handbag Crossbody

Lollymop & Kathy831 - Spa Basket: Parafin Bath and 100 Parafn treatments
Patti - VT - a 6 QT. Silver Kitchen Aid with 10 attachment

We are on our way to an awesome Catathon!

Have some time to spare and want to laugh and simply enjoy the cats and kittens (and volunteers of FFRC)?  Check out all the Giggle videos on youtube!  All you have to do is type in:   giggles FOFRescueCenter and they will all pop up!   Enjoy and click like or the thumbs up when you are done please!  Have fun!

Many of you are already aware that our website is difficult to get in (temporarily).  The problem is being worked on and there's even a class that our webmaster will be attending to help solve this problem. the meantime, you can do this:

On a PC and laptops: For Chrome, Edge, and Opera, you need to completely clear the browser cache/history, and then be sure to type in the address using http and NOT https. UPDATE: For Firefox, you need to go to Library, then History, then Clear Recent History. Be sure to check all boxes and then hit Clear Now. Then use the addresses below to access the web site and the cams. 

On iPads and iPhones: For ALL browsers, the only fix seems to be to delete the browser app and then reload it from the App Store. All bookmarks should reload automatically and you should make certain any bookmark for the FFRC home page is http and NOT https.

Once you've cleared caches/history and/or reloaded browser apps, use these http links:

We have more thanks to give:
Marcelo from Brazil--donation to FFRC
Deborah F from CT--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Fran D--donation in memory of Trucker and also to his best friend Magic
JanefromTN--donation to FFRC

Today was our FFRC surgery day. We did 7 spays and 2 neuters.  These cats were done today: Grace, Grizzabella, Neve, Nedda, Ashley, Bert, Congo and Annette.   

This brings our total surgery count to 245.  This breaks down to 146 spays and 99 neuters.

Dr. Darcy also did a few physicals.  
Avalanch, Vernon--both good

Marilyn--ok, ok--so I'm paranoid about her ummm, big tummy.  For the 4th month in a row, she has assured me it's adipose (fattiness, for a nice word)--nothing is wrong with her there.

Giovanna--again has stomatitis. She had a dental 1/17 but may need the remaining teeth removed. She was given an injection to help her feel better and fluids too were given as she was a bit dehydrated.

Jillian--physical good but has a 2/6 heart murmur  (will recheck later)

Annette, in addition to her spay, had her eye enucleation done. I'm so glad this was finally able to be done as this was a troublesome eye to her.  Last month, her lungs were compromised and so she had to wait.  We are sending in a biopsy of that eye.  She will be feeling better now! 

We did have a problem though that was very difficult.  Our little Aleda passed away.  She had a swift reaction to one of the medicines. Drugs/meds are such a helpful thing for the health of many of the cats and kittens.  Antibiotics are needed.  Vaccines are important.  Seizure meds keep seizure cats happy.  So many many good reasons to use drugs. But......never underestimate that sometimes bad things can happen.  We have seen two reactions this week.  

Aleda was prepped for surgery--shaved her little tummy, clipped her nails, ointment applied to eyes and her medicine given to make her ready for surgery.  She then went to the surgery table. Before her surgery even began, she crashed and very quickly passed.  We did CPR, administered emergency meds but nothing helped.  This sweet little girl passed quickly and quietly. We rarely lose any cat on surgery days. But when it happens, we stop and reevaluate from start to end what procedures were done, figuring out what happened.  In this case, it was strongly realized that she had a reaction to a certain med.  Such a hard thing for the heart.

Jillian also had a reaction this week to a med---her distemper vaccine.  (in 3/21 blog).  She is doing just fine and so are her kittens.  It's just so important to realize the potential good and the potential bad of all meds.  

Speaking of Jillian--something else happened this week.  She gained a little wee baby.  She had given birth to 5 kittens. On the same day, another mama gave birth to a little tuxedo kitten. A man found a brand spanking newborn on his porch, cold and barely mewing (no mama or other kittens present).  He took it in, warmed it up, fed it for 1 1/2 days and then asked FFRC to care for it, which we did.  After a check over, it was decided to see if Jillian would care for it. She immediately licked it and the wee baby snuggled right in with a new family.  All is well.  

Hoping you all have a wonderful Sunday.  Love on your pets and enjoy some special snugglings with them. 

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Thursday, March 21, 2018

The Cat Car has arrived!  Steve and I picked it up late afternoon on Wednesday and it's all finished! I must admit that I love it and having fun with it!  It looks like a big grey tiger cat! Our logo is on it in 3 places.  The Friends of Felines Rescue Center and address and website is on both sides and the back window.  A few Opt To Adopt and Spay or Neuter is also on the car in a few places! It's good PR for FFRC .  It's a clutch but Steve has helped me practice. Yesterday I drove it in Fort Wayne and all the way home. And it's still in one piece! lol

Today was another Humane Ohio spay/neuter day! I love getting these cats done! We sent 41 cats up--this broke down to 26 females and 15 males.  Our grand total for 2018 so far is 234 cats!  I just checked the stats for 2017 and we were at 153 a year ago.  And in 2016, we were at 118 for this March date.

We still have 2 more spay/neuter dates for March.  This Saturday, the 24th is an FFRC surgery day. On Saturday, the 31st, we have a public NEUTER day.  We will schedule 35 boys for that day.  Let's get these cats done! 

No matter where you live, if you know of any cat that is not neutered, take the cat in for surgery. Wild cats can usually easily be caught in humane traps! Most places have low cost spay/neuter clinics close by. And by all means, if you are feeding outdoor strays, they actually belong to YOU.  Don't just feed them--that's just a small part of the responsibility. The biggest gift you can do is to spay/neuter them.  What now may seem like alot of cats to care for can easily double and even quadruple in number in a very short time period. Be a part of the solution--not a part of the problem.

I want to thank you all for making my birthday special yesterday. So many good wishes, cards, balloons, $5 chickie money, flowers, cupcakes, cake, etc---it was all just wonderful and so very much appreciated! Each and everyone of you are important to me and FFRC! My thanks to you! 

We have more thanks to give as we had BOXES on Tuesday!
Anonymous Friend - $50 gold coin 1 oz of gold worth over $1300 on todays market  (wow, wow, wow--I think we will tuck this back for when we have a financial crisis for FFRC--it's nice to have a nest egg!!

Sandra S - IA Weight Circles, Jamse Harriott Cat Stories,  FlashSale: 2 PurpleTye Chloe kitties 

Debbie & Annie - Easter Card - Yoga Pad & Kitty Yoga Towel, 2 Lg. bags Beyond, Bag of Royal Canin BabyCat, 12 cans Wellness, 8 pkgs Prime Taste Treats

Dimwit/RobertD - 10 travel size lint brushes, silver & blue kitty ring, Big bag of Red Pom Poms for Magic

BillieK - Fancy Feast Broths (lots), 4- 8pks of Tuna & 10 lg cans of Salmon
Ed & Julie - Easter Card with weight Circles & $2 Tidy Cat coupon
Jude & Phil - Donation for FFRC
Anony - Book: Betty Tales by Ruth Hartman Bridges about CH kitty 
Zorro - 2 cases ProPlan Kitten
Barbara E - 5 Blankies and 11 Adoption Bags
Gossamer  - IL  Kong Ziggies treats for Janie, case of Fancy Feast, 4 cans Friskies
Debbidear - Box of 12 Fancy Feast

  Anony friend - 2 Peace Poles 3' Plant Happiness, 4' Sing Your Song, Sing It Loud
  Anony  friend- 2 Telescoping Treking Poles
  Anony friend -  2 Heavy Duty Back Packs
  LostGirl - Laurel Burch: Horsing Around Tote & pr of socks, also pr of socks for Jacci
  Purplecat--for  mod Box of single serve Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds

Birthday Cards--wow--so many came in.  I thank you! I have taken the cards, sit in my comfy inside chair with my cats on me and reread each of them!!  Many thanks! 

And more thanks to you!
Brenda R--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed
Kris M from MN--donation to FFRC
Eugenia S from Russia--donation for the kitties' treat
Marie and Ronnie H--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation to FFRC

Put the kitties in the blue pool.  Mama gets out to walk around.  Kittens hop out of pool.  Mama puts kittens back in pool.  Kittens take a nap, wake up and hops out of the pool.  Volunteer comes in to check on things and puts kittens back in pool.  As soon as the door shuts, out pops the kittens again!  Starting today, kittens can be out of pool (not that we have a big say in the matter anyway!)  So.......if you see Emma Jane's kittens and the Grey kittens plus all playing together, it's ok.  Emma Jane knows who is who and continues to nurse her babies just fine! 

We have a tentative surgery list for this Saturday. 
Annetta--senior calico. She couldn't have surgery last month due to lung congestion. This time her spay will be done along with an eye enucleation. She will feel so much better with that bad eye removed. 

Grizzabella--black tiger/white--spay
Neve--brown tiger/white, white nose--spay
Nedda--brown tiger/white, dark nose--spay
Ashley--white, grey spot on forehead--spay
Aleda--white, 1 blue eye--spay
We also have a couple public cats coming in.

We have a few of our FFRC cats scheduled for physicals:
Avalanche, Giovanna, Jillian, Marilyn, Jones, Vernon

Many of you may know that Jillian ran into a problem yesterday morning. She gave us quite a scare. Within a minute of receiving her distemper vaccine, she collapsed.  I had just went into the house to get something when volunteer Mary E ran and got me. She was limp, had thrown up, pottied and unresponsive. She obviously had a reaction to the vaccine--rarely seen. She immediately was given an injection to help counter her symptoms. I also made a quick phone call to one of our vets who told me an additional med to give.  This was also given.  She slowly started to come around but remained foggy for hours afterwards.  By mid afternoon, she was sitting up and ate a bit of food.  We knew she had survived this. But, as our vet advised, she will never get another distemper vaccines.  Her kittens remained fine throughout all of this. This morning she is fine, eating and grooming her babies! 

Jullian's kittens all have round tummies.  We have 2 orange tigers, 2 orange/whites and 1 dark tiger.  The orangies are all males, the dark tiger is a female. And we have names! 
orange tiger, male--Zeek
orange tiger, male--Zino
orange tiger/white (less amount of white), male--Wells
orange tiger/white (more amount of white), male--Wellington
dark tiger, female--Zoie

Don't worry!  We know the website is "off" right now.  It's actively being worked on. Isn't it wonderful when we have something go wonky, that we have people who helps to get us straightened out again!  Many thanks!

94 days is all till Catathon!  Mark your calendar--it's June 24th! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Happy Spring to everyone!  While it's cold out here, all of our snow is gone. Robins are frequently seen, the weeping willows are very yellow, the gold finches are turning their beautiful gold color, the peacocks are fanning and showing off and there's the best sound--the tree frogs! 

We had kittens yesterday...or rather Jullian did! She gave birth to five kittens in the morning. She had these 5 babies very quickly--no messing around for her!  She has spent the last 24 hours in Dodger's Pen--no worries--Vernon said he'd camp out of the pen for one night! Today she and babes will go to the back Thumper's Room in a double condo for more peace and quiet. Then Vernon can reclaim his night time quarters. 

Jillian's kittens are doing well. All have plump tummies this morning.  We have 3 gold tigers, 1 gold tiger/white and one dark tiger.  Jullian will be spayed when kittens are approximately 6 weeks old and the kittens will be spayed/neutered when they are about 8 weeks old.

Also in the back Thumper's Room, the five grey plus litter are on the floor all the time now--they are too rambunctious to be in a condo! They have lots of energy.  All are doing very well. Mama Emma Jane are in the blue pool on the floor of the back Thumper's Room.  Sometimes one of the grey plus kittens comes over and takes a look inside at the smaller kittens.  I think they want to teach these littler ones how to play!  Emma Jane is another wonderful mama.

We have names!  The grey plus litter now have names to go by! 
Blippity--grey dark, female
Bloppity--grey, male
Blu--grey, light, female
Iggy--torti, female
Diggles--gold tiger, male

And we have thanks to give!
Mac&Cheese&Doodlesmom--donation in honor of orangie babies & in memory of Macaroni
Melvin S--donation to FFRC
Dirk K from Germany--donation for Spiker, Ramsay and all the cats
Vicki B--donation to FFRC for Gene
Christopher S--donation to FFRC

BIG NEWS!  FFRC was donated a 1999 Volkswagen!  It's a great running car. We've had it checked over--had the oil changed and a new exhaust system put in. Why the year 1999?  Because that's the year that FFRC started! The car is right now in Fort Wayne until Wednesday late afternoon. The reason--it's getting vinyl wrapped! The design is of a grey tiger cat. The complete car will be one big cat! We will have our logo on it in 3 places, Friends of Felines name and address and the website will be on it in 3 places as well. Plus, OPT TO ADOPT and SPAY AND NEUTER.  We can use this as PR for the rescue center and be in the Halloween Parade and the Christmas Parade and for picking up supplies, etc.  No FFRC monies will have been spent on this car.  I am super excited and will have fun with this.  Wednesday afternoon is suppose to be the pick up.  Will take pics as soon as possible! 

Today we will need to do BOXES at noon.  We have some boxes to open, but today is movie day so can't do at the normal 4:00.  We can't do tomorrow because we have to pick up the cat car. So, need to get those boxes opened or may be an overload by the time Thursday comes!  See you at noon!

Eddie White continues to amaze me. I asked him the other day--Where is Eddie White and who are you???  lol  Today he decided he needed to go into the house---can you believe that?  This is our Eddie White who has opened into a very inquisitive cat! I told him though--no house. I'm afraid the Z's wouldn't be kind to him. So he's now exploring the Main Area!

Saturday is our spay/neuter day for FFRC cats and kittens. We will weigh those prospective cats and make our surgery list tomorrow.  Thursday is our HumaneOhio day--have a full schedule going into it! 

We are also doing a MALE neuter cat day on March 31, Saturday.  Dr. Darcy is open that day and has offered to be here. If you live in the area, and have a male unneutered cat, we want to see him that day! Please call the office at 419-393-2400.  We will take 30 appointments. Cost is $20.  We will also offer leukemia/FIV/heartworm tests, distemper vaccines.  Each cat will receive a complimentary capstar and wormer.  

The 3 white kittens and Bert are doing great. Growing and tearing around here like crazy!  They still spend their nights in the Cat's Corner Room but are out alot during the day in the Main Area.  

Here's some FFRC sites you may enjoy checking out:

Take care and enjoy this Day of Spring!  

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Paddy Day Event! 3/17/18

The Paddy Brothers want to pass on your giant thank yous to you all for making the Paddy Pot of Gold event such a success! You heard their meows on helping us with being ready for the 2018 incoming kittie needs and you answered their pleas. We are all so grateful. Here's how the event tallied up yesterday!

First, the Paddys spent much of the day napping in preparation for their presentation! There was also time spent grooming themselves and getting all fancied up for their viewer friends! 

We started out with opening  BOXES!  This is always exciting to us because it means supplies (and Catathon items) have arrived! Big thanks.

Kathy831 & Lollymop - Cathathon:Spa Basket: Pumice Stone, Facial Mask, Manicure Set Massager with 5 heads, Mango Sugar Scrub, Pedi Perfect callous remover

Dimwit-- 18 Cute Kitty rings 
Kathy831 & Lollymop - magnetic clips & Pet Grooming Glove for FFRC
Auntie Sonia for Vernie - 6 boxes Bondi Licks
Lostgirl - 2 pks Thank You Notes w/envelopes, 4 shopping bags

Tigercat/Great Aunt Julie - for Janiecat or whoever needs it - 2 - 36x27 comfy beds and a Panda Blankie

Glen & Kathy R  PA  - Lots of Weight Circles 
Linda & Bill/BilliebobLindasue & Kitties  MI  - Kitty Card
BillieK - Kitty Card - Stamps, stamps and more stamps, weight circles and 4 Chicken $5
Ray & Rosanna CA - St Patricks Card
Dottie & James & family - NE  Birthday Card
Elskates/Eleanor & Joe with Natasha & Savannah CT - Birthday Card

Marie Iowa Catlady & The Magnificent 7/Phoenix, Walter Payton, Robie, Yoga, Singer, Jabberwocky

Zeeba-IA for Zelda - Kitty Card 
Visitors Brenda & Craig - WA - Kitty Card & Donation for FFRC

And then the Paddy Brothers showed themselves as the Irish cats they are, complete with their special St. Paddy's day hats and decorations!  While they were a little figidty on the table, they did quite well! They had been promised snackers which of course they received! 

Every person who donated to this Paddy event will receive a sprocket picture of the Paddy Brothers and a labeled glass vial of their fur (unless otherwise directed)!  Enjoy--these will start going out on Monday.

And then we had thank you items! 
2--$100 gift certificates went to two of our viewers for use at a flash sale, fun-raiser or PawMart
Double Paddy Photo by Hazel--Soonergirl, Emma & Erin, William/Zorro
Autographed Paddy Photo--Raspbearyjam
Tube of Gold Flakes--Izabird (a very special item!)

Other gift winners: Friskie, Evie, Kikimycat, Kimcost, BrendaLo, Newfiedogmom, Anita355, Bellabelle & family, Causeforreflectn, Doseoflove85, Vanessa & Eric, Laura So, Judeannlee, Momcatt9

And then, here's the real scoop that we were so happy about!!  We received 756 coins to go into the Pot of Gold! Wow, wow, wow---that comes to $3,780.

And then the wonderfulness of Bumper-Uppers happened!  Many thanks to each one of you for giving our total a push up!  I am grateful!  After the total of our Bumper-Uppers happened, our total was boosted to $4,385.  This is just fantastic! 

We mentioned a few items that this will help us to purchase for the incoming needs of kitties.  Just to mention a few:  kitten vaccines (3 different kinds), antibiotics (we use 6-7 different kinds, for various reasons), dry kitten food, syringes, hand disinfectants, floor disinfectants, baby wipes, eye meds--the list goes on and on! We can do this all now!

This event was our mods creation---many thanks to them!

To wrap up the event, we showed some new kittens that were received just yesterday. They are 4-5 weeks old. There are 5 of them--3 greys, 1 torti and 1 gold tiger. All very sweet and round! They are now in the back Thumper's Room, in the top two condo pens. They are young but eating good and of course, napping alot. Their mama will be here next Saturday to be spayed. We would've liked to keep them with mama for a bit yet, but the situation turned out that it was better to keep the kittens here now.  They will get their names soon--more info as soon as we can! 

Thanks again to everyone for your support of this special event. Please know that you are all so very appreciated. You all are important to FFRC and help mold us in the direction that we are going. The Paddys of course too are thankful. I imagine they will be napping most of the day!! 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Yes, today is Paddy's Day.  Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day!  Just ask Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr!  They are both here on my desk in a deep sleep, in preparation for their "showing" this afternoon! Join the fun of BOXES at 4:00. Then at 4:30 is the showing of the Paddy O'Brothers, followed by the rest of the festivities! 

The move has happened! Bert, Aleda, Congo and Ashley have moved up to Cat's Corner Room in the Main Area. They had their first night there along with the friendship of Ramsay! He liked it but he wouldn't share his pink bunny---nope, that's all for Ramsay! Neve and Nedda still go back in Cat's Corner Room for an extra nap and food! This morning, the four little ones had their door opened for about an hour. They went everywhere! Including up, up and more up!  And then, the inevitable meowing for help to get down!  So, they would be lifted down and guessed up, up they went again!  Oh, the fun of kittens!  

We then moved Emma Jane down on the floor in the back Thumper's Room. The wonderful blue pool was also put on the floor with nice thick blankies. Her 4 babies went into the pool then.  They are only 3 weeks but they think they are much older. They are already trying to get over the edge! Erica was the first one to go up and over. We have the cam on them for your viewing pleasure! If you see one get out, it's fine.  We're in there enough to replace them back in the pool or Emma Jane can also put them back in. She is one awesome mama--so laid back. Such a love of a cat. 

Grizzabella and Grace are everywhere now. They fit right in to the routine here in the Main Area--they love to play and run and pester the cats!

We had BOXES yesterday! Awesome, wonderful boxes!
Lost Girl - For Catathon---Misc. Ceaner Kit Erasers, Storm Proof Matches, 16 Kindling Fire Starters, Storm Proof Match Kit

Anony - Garden or Outside Prettiness - Metal Moon & Sun For Catathon
Anony - Garden: Stand Up Weeder for Catathon
Anony - Peace Pole 3' Peace Love Sunshine, Sun & Sand for Catathon
Dimwit/Robert D - Needles Variety sizes

Stripey & Dave - Kitty Thank You Card & Donation
Cat Crazy toys, 2 pull ??? (food), Lots of Sheba Meaty Sticks, DVD of FFRC Kitties

Barb E - 6 pretty blankies for Pawmart
Aleda - Designer of FFRC forms and PR material - 10,000 new business cards!!!
Craig M & Brenda K - Hello Kitty Couch and Hello Kitty Blankie, & a Hello Kitty Chair
Plee - 2 reams of color paper for printer
Jude & Phil - Spade for Jacci for Birthday     LOVE it!!
Tina - Soft Kitty bed
Kelly S - ProPlan Weight Circles
Diane/Ruffles - Kitty St. Patricks Day Card
Frances B/Willow - UK  Photo of Williow and Kai watching FFRC  Note & Donation
Sarah, Contessa's daughter - Beautiful drawing she made of a cat!

I would like to thank Mudjie for being the Main Catetary--she does an awesome job for FFRC!

And we have more thanks to give!
Lynne JW--donation to FFRC
Debbie M--donation in memory of Catmandude
Tammy G--donation for FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC

We all love to have fun and laugh! Well, the cats have done it again! Another Giggles Scene #20 is ready for your enjoyment! And it's directed by King Derecho! Please click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.  Derecho extends a thank you for all those 2 leggeds that help him! 
Check it out at:

If you have any Weight Circles that you are saving for FFRC, could you please send them in asap?  The rules are changing soon!  Making it a bit harder for us, but we can do this!  Soon, you will also need to send in the receipts along with the weight circles.  Here's what will need to be included on that receipt:
Retailer's Name/Logo
Date of Transaction
Time of Transaction
Total Amount of transaction
All participating Purina products along with their corresponding price
There goes another gold coin rolling on the floor. Paddy Cake quickly peeked his eye opened and looked at it.  I'm quite sure when he gets down from his nap, he'll tuck that gold coin into his pocket too for the baby season!  See you all this afternoon for the fun!