Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Weds., April 29

Two more dentals are done! Yesterday Derecho and Honey went to their appointments. Derecho had 2 fractured K-9's that needed to be removed (from hitting his teeth on the floor). Honey had 10 teeth removed. We had planned 1 tooth for Derecho and 4 for Honey. But, when their mouths are examined under anesthetic and x-rays are taken, better decisions can be made. Today we have Mew and LeLe going up.  They have all been recovering nicely. Even Sevaun--she wants it known that she can still eat those snackers!!

We took on a new kitten with CH yesterday. This is Franklin Tommie. He is from Indiana. The director of that shelter drove half way and met me--so it was about a 2 hour drive for each of us, one way. Franklin is an orangie boy, about 6 months old. He's fully vaccinated and we will retest him again here. Very inquisitive about everything. 

We had an adoption yesterday too! Our wonderful, handsome Mixo went to his new home. He joins a family with a few other cats and two cat loving people! I've heard that Jamie is dong good in his new home! Danae is also doing great!

We would like to give thanks to the following:
Donnajb--paypal to help with gas and food to get Franklin Tommie.
Knittinkitten/Donna H from PA--donation in honor of Yonaton for taping boxes last Saturday
Diane B from IN--donation for yummies for kitties
Nigel W from UK--donation for FFRC
DeWitty--donation for snackers for all the kitties

We also had an adoption this morning! Or sweetie Ann Shirley was a gentleman that has lots of love to give. Ann Shirley's birthday and his birthday are the same!

The Feline Snoozers are now inside the playground for the Covies and Porchies.  They have a post in each leg for stability. No falling over no matter how many are on it! Th playground sure looks like fun for them!

Tomorrow Betz goes up for her spay. Our last dental date will be May 8. Whew--what a lot of record keeping! Each dental receives 2 days of soreness meds and 5 days of antibioitcs, except for Honey and Devonta who have 2 weeks. 

Our beautiful picture of Ada Jane goes up on the ceiling of Kitty Kabana today. It has a wonderful walnut frame. Our two cats are back---Jenna and Radar! They looks mighty handsome/beautiful there in the rock garden by Kitty City--so inviting. Thanks to Dave (brother-in-law) and Jud7 (sister)--they actually made new ones and painted them. 

Our two newbie black kittens are up and about in the Main Area now for the day time. At night, they will go back to the Thumper's Rooms. They sure can buzz around here--so playful. Clarissa's kittens are just starting to venture off their beds a bit and explore. Jerusha's kittens still are snugglers and sleepers! 

Who is the cat that LOVES her RC baby snackers, with a pink collar?
What cat hides in the cupboard during thunderstorms/
Which 2 cats climbs up high and then meows to have help getting down?
Which cat does NOT want picked matter what?!
Who is the cushie bed queen?
What 2 cats wants the first plates of food in the Covies?
Who is the newest Porchie?

Answers, in order:  Solee, Kiara, Vernon & Pania, Debut, Bella, Rory & Muffin, Gwendolyn

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday, April 26

Wait---what happened to April?  It's almost gone---time goes way too fast. Hopefully May will be warmer and sunshiney---it's been a cold April.

Sevaun and Riley spent another night in Cat's Cove. But, today, they are ready to go back to their Cat's Cove! It's also a day that the Covies get to run about. They love to roll around on the cement slab that is for The House that Jonah Built.  When we transfer Sevaun and Riley back to the Cove and we clean Cat's Corner Room, we will be moving Clarissa and her 4 babies to this room. The babies are starting to toddle around and they need more space.

Mixo is doing so much better. Oh my---what a very handsome boy he is! This morning, we left the door open to the Welcome Room Office so all cats could go back and forth. He has ventured up 3 times and was even climbing the Kuranda Towers. He's a gentle boy, just has to get use to all of the other cats. I believe he can do it!

We had BOXES last night! Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Madisonpepper--Spoiled Rotten Box, full of fun toys and snackers for the cats--they love this!
MK Mouse--a beautiful Lenox with gold trim of Donald Duck for the Catathon
Billie K--a Rossi Pasta Basket for the Catathon, filled with pasta sauces, pasta and olive oil
DiBme/Kathy with Tazzy--Paddycard with the famous $5 for a snack for all the cats! Also kickeroo toys and ring toys for the cats
Donna/knittinkitten with Shadow and Starla--note, lots of candy for the hard working volunteers--all kinds, including sugar-free ones! 2 beautiful bracelets (lovely--so nice), doggie snackers and cat snackers
Vkerska/ValR--one of our wonderful lurkers with kitty card, LOTS of surgical items--surgical kits, gauze wipes, towels, blades, sutures, needles--so thankful!
Just Jessie with Clark & Family--Happy 15th BD card with $5 for Jessie, Sr.
Karen B--chief tapes

Yes, Jessie, Sr. is now 16. She arrived here at the age of 15. She's a quiet girl, enjoys being petted and is such a beauty. 

Magic is doing great from his surgery. He's up and about and playing again. He is one tough little cookie! Trucker and he are the bestest of friends--always napping together. Speaking of Trucker......  You may know we have started a new treatment on him. His diarrhea had gotten way out of control again. The lamb is not the whole answer to his problem. He started a real nasty sore on his bottom from all the irritation. We can't have that. So....a "different" type of treatment has been started. It's called "fecal transplant". Yep--it sounds gross, but it appears to be showing good results so far. It's been 36 hours so far, and he's only had 2 poos. That in itself is tremendous. For more info on this treatment, please search on the internet under Fecal Transplant for cats. It's used for humans and animals. We will go to great lengths to bring health to our cats.

We took in 2 new kittens yesterday. They were advertised in the buy,trade,sell section. The kittens are very sweet---both black, a male and female. They have a bit of medium fur length. The boy is called Jete, pronounced Jay-tay, a dance/ballerina term.  The girl is called Amani, which means peace in Africa. They are 6 weeks old. Their birthday is 3/14/15. The family has promised to spay the mama and we will follow thru with this, as it is important to FFRC, that the mother's be spayed of the kittens we take. 

Sweet Gwendolyn, one of the new 9 Barnies has firmly established herself as a Porchie. She has been welcomed into their group. What a sweetie she is. Always meets and greets people and so enjoys the other cats.  The other 8 cats love their big red barn and are doing great.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday, April 25

Big surgery day yesterday. Sevaun, Riley and Magic went to the vet's office yesterday. Riley had his last 3 remaining teeth removed. Sevaun had 9 teeth removed and still has quite a few left. Riley and Sevaun both spent the night here inside, in Cat's Corner Room. Riley is eating, Sevaun is taking it slow. Because of her "size", we need to make sure she is eating good before returning to Cat's Cove. There is always the worry of "fatty liver problems" when a ummmm, larger than normal size cat doesn't eat. So, we are being watchful. Both are on antibiotics and soreness meds.

Magic did very well with his surgery. The sutures from his left leg were removed yesterday before his ride over to the vet's. We'll take out these sutures from yesterday in 10-12 days. He's doing very well. He's eaten a good breakfast and has had a bit of exercise today. Right now, both Trucker and Magic are napping on my desk. Magic tends to pick his torso up nicely when he moves about. What a very brave boy. He too is on soreness meds and antibiotics.

Next week is another busy dental week. On Tuesday, Derecho and Honey are scheduled.  Weds. Mew and LeLe will go.  Thursday, Betz goes up for a spay. Then on 5/8, we have two more dentals scheduled. I had nice conversations with 3 of the different vets yesterday. All 3 assured me that these dental problems cannot be prevented. We already do good food and give good care. It's just because.....they're cats. Cats tend to have these problems with their teeth. So, we continue on!

We had BOXES Thursday evening! We are grateful to YOU! 
Margaret/eartheyes--a donation to FFRC
Phil P from NJ--donation in honor of his Einie's 2nd hatch-day! Happy Birthday, Einie. 
Anonymous Friend--donation in honor of David/wolfpatch's help at FFRC
Pat, our THursday vol--4 dish cloths
Mayumi, FFRCNation Tokyo Branch--6 different kinds of food to try for Ada Jane and 2 boxes of that wonderful Tulle food
Kittiesmom--pop tabs for Kellen, box tops for Caryn, coupons, pictures of Emmie her kitty as a Zelda-wanna-be! For the Catathon--Movies, movies and more movies!  All 28 movies for Family Movie Night Basket
Joe/Mr. Warped for the Catathon--knives of various kinds/sizes for the Knives & Gadget Basket
Purple Cat/Nancy L--for the Catathon Purple Basket--picnic tablecloth, Harold & the Purple Crayon book, solar flower lights, purple pens, duct tape
Clark, Jessie & Family--Happy Birth Day for Aj, Emmitt, Anmarie & Towanda and their 4 x $5
Donnajb--for the Catathon, Big Ticket Item--a wonderful Dell laptop computer!!

We had two adoptions yesterday. Danea went to her new home where she is the only cat in the house! I've already heard back and she's a much happier cat there! So so happy for her! Also Honor was adopted yesterday to a home with a mom/dad and another cat. Her new mama and Honor hit it off together right from the start! Honor's new mama brought a gallon of vinegar and bleach and 4 jars of baby food, along with some other food for the Rescue Center. 

I've heard back from the family that adopted Jarvis and Floyd. Sounds like things are going smoothly. Jarvis has been playing with the balls that we sent home for him and it sounds like Floyd has made himself to home right away. So glad to hear this news!

Mixo is doing great. He's much braver and not so worried about the other cats so much! I'll bet it won't be long until he's up in the main area. I do believe that our Mixo boy is a chocolate Birman. He has the medium length fur that is so beautiful. His blue eyes, the shape of his forehead and the white feet all point to being a Birman. 

We have names! Gold tiger mama& her litter are now named! All names are from Name A Cat. 
Mama, gold tiger---Jerusha (pronounced) je-ru-sha
The 3 gold/white tigers are: Emery, Macaroni (or Mac!) and Cheese
The gold/tiger/white with ASH markings--Oswald
The buff colored--Kenny
The babies are all boys, have nice round tummies and eyes are opened! Jerusha is such a nice mama!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thursday April 23

We now have concrete! Dion came yesterday with the Amish crew and the concrete is now done for the new area. The slab for The House that Jonah Built is now done and the patio in front of it all is also done. The drainage for rain will be just fine! Now to let it sit for a week and harden all the way. The Covies sure enjoyed watching. The Porchies and chickens decided to do some artwork, but it was troweled smooth again. Now we play the waiting game!

Yesterday was another Dental Day. It didn't quite turn out the way it was planned. Honey and Devonta went up. Donna and Larry took them up. Martha L brought Honey back and Donna/Larry brought Davonta back.  Honey actually had to have her dental cancelled because Devonta's took the entire time slots. We will reschedule Honey and get caught back up again. Devonta had a very long day but is doing a bit better this morning.

Friday is a big day. We have 2 cats going up for Dentals--Sevaun and Riley. And also Magic will be going up for his second surgery. They don't have to have the 3 cats until 10:00, so I will take all 3 up and stay for their surgeries. Then will bring all 3 home. Next week the Dentals will be Derecho, Honey, LeLe and Mew. 

I missed last Thursdays BOXES. I am so very sorry but so appreciative!
Izznan--Zoom Groom brush, kitty snackers & 3 Lysol wipes
Zoolove--case of KMR
CantonCat/Chancecat--wicker kitty ball cat bed for back Thumper's Room
Pat/Thursday volunteer--2 bags of kitty jingle balls, crocheted blankie, pot holder
Wolfpatch/David--our week visitor--80+ dozen of his FFRCNation famous cookies!

And then we had BOXES last night too! Many, many thanks.
Sonjamac from Toronto--2 cases Purrfectly Chicken for Rachet & friends
Beth/eaglewatcher from IL--4 new spin mop handles
Joey3100--lg bag of dry Friskies 7
Plee/Pat from NC--a beautiful green quilt, with butterflies & leaves
Tazzy with note--15 Animal Planet Sherpa blankets & 2 purple memory foam rugs--all very nice!
Kathy K/justme from IA--Netgear Switch to add to the router to expand
Vicki B from NY--card, donation to FFRC in honor of LJ
Sue/macncheesemom from MA--donaiton for Lorenzo
Mary L from OH--butterfly card and donation
Arden & CHarmaine--for Catathon--Essenhaus Amish foods for a basket--filled with noodles, broth, chicken, beets, pickles, butter spreads, popcorn---very nice
DiBme/Diane P from OR--2 Peeka Boo tunnels, Lavender room sprays, hand cream, tons & tons of toys--all handmade by Diane. Very nice! Can add some to adoption bags. Blue hammock & red hammock for Dodger's Pen, kitty snackers, 3 black rugs
ajpritting/Audrey P--tin with Kitten on outside full of popcorn, and a BIG tin with popcorn for volunteers, kitty card with note & donation in honor of her birthday, soft blankie for Ada Jane, lots of toys including a battery mouse, green & pink soft beds.  Happy Birthday!
Wag Tail Farms--a donation in honor of customer Linda T for purchasing a Neck Hug 
Adrian M from UK--a donation for Sevaun, from the Tooth Fairy! With help from Malcolm & Princess Patch
Fi--2 bags of RC baby/mother dry food & donation in honor of Alma.
Jobear--2 bags of Taste of the Wild cat food and a really cute cat watering can for Catathon
Shannan W--donation to FFRC

We had an adoption yesterday. Lynn was adopted by Lynnette! Remember she couldn't resist him from the day he arrived! He loves her already.

We took in a new cat yesterday. His name is Mixo, pronounced Mee-shoo. His name is from one of the Name a Cat. His name means "dawn". He spent the winter outside. A friend had seen him and asked FFRC to take him on. He's about 14 months old.  His birthday is 2/19/14. He is a siamese mix with chocolate points. Very handsome. After his bath, his fur was fluffy! Nice personality. Is neutered.  He's been tested, vaccinated, wormed & bathed. Soon we will let him out to start exploring in the front Thumper's Room. 

The 5 gold kittens are doing great. Their birthday is 4/11/15.  Clarissa's kittens are also doing great. Their birthday is 3/30/14. Won't be long until we will need to move the Clarissa group up to Cat's Corner Room.

That little Magic--he's a stinker! He and Milo play so rough together. Magic runs up to him and nips his hiney. Milo rolls Magic with a thump. Both part ways and then--crash--they run at each other and knock each other down. After that, it's time for a bear hug on each other that results in light belly kicking. Milo is probably 4 times bigger than Magic but they sure do play good together and have so much fun. He and Trucker are still bestest of friends though.

We have May 16th as our next surgical date. June 5,6,7 are the Dance Recital dates where we organize and run the concession stand. This is a fundraiser for us. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday, April 21

Wow--what a very busy past few days we've had! With much help from many people who came to help with the Fence Project, much was done. It took 2 full days to get about 90% of the fence up. The remaining area will not be fenced until the cement has been poured for The House that Jonah Built. That way they will have room to move about with the bobcat and the cement troughs. We put together 2 human picnic tables, 2 Feline Snoozers for the playground area. Also resin benches for people/cats to sit on were placed inside, along with 3 outside playground toys for kids/cats. We also built a big 8 x 8 litterbox in the playground which will be filled with sand. This will be easy to keep clean. The Porchies & Covies visited us all day Friday to see what we were doing! 

I'd like to give a big thanks to all the people that came to help us with this big project. Lots of friendly faces here. Some worked on the fence, some worked on the playground things, some washed windows, swept, cleaned, helped with laundry, groomed the cats. Lots of helping hands. I deeply appreciate all the fantastic help---many thanks.

Today was the day that the concrete was to be poured for The House that Jonah Built. But, it will have to be postponed until tomorrow, Weds. The cement company has a huge order of concrete needed for a pig farmer that will keep them hopping all day. So, tomorrow is our day.

We had 2 adoptions on Sunday. Jarvis and Floyd were adopted together! I do believe they will be 2 happy boys. The family was very excited.

Clarissa continues to do great. The 4 little ones are so round and sweet! We have names! Names are from Name A Cat.
AJ--Black/white, with dot on nose, in honor of Ada Jane (male)
Emmitt--brown tiger (male)
Towanda--black/white tiger with a bit of ASH (female)
Anmarie--grey tiger (female)
Such a sweet litter. Anmarie is a leg waver. Towanda loves to sleep on her back. Emmitt loves to lay on Clarissa's tummy. AJ is just way too cute! 

We have many thanks to give. Our heart is full of thanks for your support. 
Jenni B from CA--Perfect Paws kitty toys for Magic, mouse toys, plastic balls, a collar with magic's name on it and a photo album
June/paintedaisy--key chains and a beautiful peacock scarf/shawl
Lostgirl/Deb--poptabs & coupons
Zoolove/Pam--case of appetizers
Karen C & Sunny,  Canton OH--case Fancy Feast classics, FF broth packs, kitty snackers
Susan345--2 cases of Sparkle paper towels
Peggy/leggygal--Laurel Birch awesome items! white bonnet, coffee mug, umbrella, 3 in 1 pouch/purse, over the shoulder purse, tote bag, leggydew blanket with LB hearts--all for the Catathon!
Jatcat---2 big angel beds, red bed for FFRC/blue bed for Catathon
Donna R--lots of cross stitch items, many for the Catathon--ladies shirt, boys shirt, 4 kitty pics with meow in different languages, door hanger, 10-12 Christmas ornaments, Christmas design on a dowel
Andrea W--an Ada Jane portrait by Wanda
Ron & Barb W/phlebldy--coupons
Don & Joy D--donation for dentals or wherever needed
Ruth, volunteer--donation to FFC

Tigercat/great Aunt Julie--4 of 10 packs of Purrfectly Fish, For the Catathon--peacock tail feather necklace with earrings
Pam/zoolove--purple hose with paw prints and nozzle for the rescue center
Fi--for Catathon-purple items--duct tape, Aurora stuff kitty, jewelry box with mirror, set of Ball canning jars
Annette B in NC and her wonderful kitties--3 bags TC babycat dry food, special foods to try for Ada Jane, book plates, kitty snackers, letter opener, Working Hands cream, donation to purchase Precious Cat litter
EarthEyes--5 cases of sardines
Deb C/LostGirl from NJ & Linda G from WI--card, 2 boxes Mr. Clean erasers, blank note cards and a great book. Also 2 gorgeous kitty designed bags/purses made by Linda G--beautiful! 1 for FFRC, 1 for Catathon or Raffle
Alan C from VT--donation for FFRC
Rita/Wiscatmom & kitties-Vista Print coupon, donation for Seymours medical care
Neal & Jean from OH--donation for kitty dental care
Judy & Phil--lots of flea meds, Friskies, case of AD, 2 gals vinegar, bag Precious cat litter
Hencass--for Catathon--an awesome group of items from Troyers Country Market for an Amish Basket. Many different, yummy food items--soups, jellies, pickles, relish, sauce, mustard, beef, fruits, pickled eggs, sauerkraut, etc. Made us all hungry! 
Kathy M--donation to FFRC

Many of the visitors that came to help with the fence building also brought items with them--some we did not get to copy down. Please know I am grateful! Your friendship means alot to us. 

Today Zest (my cat) and Muffin are the vet's office for their dental. Tomorrow Devonta (my cat) and Honey will go for their dental. On Friday the dentals are for Sevaun and Riley. Magic also will go on Friday for his second amputation. Then the following week, we will have 4 more cats to go for their dentals. Sevaun wants to put her teeth under her pillow! The 4 cats that are already done are doing great. 

Many thanks for support of the 3 Flash Sales that we had on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Keeping us hopping busy, but we love it! Some of the packages went out yesterday already, many will go out today. All week packages will be going out the door!

Please, if you ever notice that I've missed something to mention or to respond to, please don't hesitate to let me know. Have a great day. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday, April 16

What a busy weekend ahead of us! It's Fence Building Weekend! Yesterday, we pulled out all the inventory for this project and we put in a 60 foot section, just so we knew how it all worked and how it was put together. It's really a very nice fence! I think we have the kinks worked out! Now we're ready to begin on Friday! 

We also had to move a giant stone pile as it was in the way of the fence. Dion, our construction guy, had a friend come out with his big equipment and had it moved over for us today. Dion said that he'll bring the wood material over on Sunday and start things rolling on Monday. Exciting times ahead! I saw the Covies all lined up at the windows yesterday watching the fence being worked on. They're very excited too! 

Oh my----we have lots of visitors and we love it! So far, Mudjie, iPurr, Warped & Joe, Nikka are here. More arriving today and tomorrow. We all appreciate the extra help.

Flash Sales coming up! Here's the tentative schedule.
Thursday--flash sale by Mudjie,iPurr & Mich
Friday--flash sale by Warped 
Saturday--flash sale by Joni
Come and enjoy! Guaranteed to be fun!

We had BOXES last night. Giant thanks and appreciation to you.
Little Tigger/Elizabeth--30 rolls Brawny paper towels, case of sardines
Anonymous Friend--72 rolls paper towels
Judy--40 lb. bag Precious Cat Litter
Zoolove--4 lg bags Greenies for clean teeth, bag of Natural Choice kitty dry, Fancy Feast Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast, 2 tubs kitty snackers
Billie K--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, 12 cans of chicken
Jeannette B/Fur Haven Kitties--HB card for Jacci, HB card & pouches of food for Paddys, Meow Souffles, Canister of an assortment of foods that Ada Jane can try, sissors
iPurr/Nancy P--2 horse blankets for Jacci's couch for BD, 200 PurrPads of many different patterns & colors (flash sales!), a Fitz n Floyd Kitty Christmas plate for Catathon basket, red Crazy Cat Lady hat. An assortment of items for various uses--sun catchers, chalk board, Hooty Bear cat, kitty frames
WarpedinMn/Connie--60 centipedes, 80 ming strings (with help from Deb11111), 42 carrier pads, 24 potato bags, 24 catnip pads, 8 Warpedeedoos, 5 rugs for Catathon, 4 cases Friskies
Wolfpatch--a wonderful 2 gallon sprayer to help with cleaning!
Newfiedogmom--donation to help with dental expenses
Vickie L from IL--donation to FFRC in honor of DiBme birthday
Marilyn H from FL--donation to FFRC

Catathon is just a mere 10 weeks away. That will go by so fast. We have a few items coming in already for the Catathon! It's wonderful and appreciated! We'd love it if items that you may like to send to us are here by May 25. It takes us time to organize and get pics taken and then to get info all worked up in the website. 

if you'd like to help, even one item for a basket, that is wonderful. If you have other ideas that you'd like to do, please email me.
Sewing, Amish foods, Summer fun, Relaxation/Spa, Movie night, Crochet/Knit, Garden, Hello Kitty, Family fun, Kitchen, Bird, Cat, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Dog, Laurel Burch, Picnic/Grill, Lego kits/building blocks, Charles Wysocki, Disney World, Puzzles. There's lots of ideas! Please help us keep to our May 25 date! Big Ticket Items can be anything that is a Wow Item! Please mark any incoming boxes with CATATHON on them. 

Suzanne is doing great from her dental. Olaf went yesterday. He had 4 teeth extracted. Tomorrow Kay Martina (my cat) and Rowland will go. After their dentals, they are on soreness meds for a day and antibiotics for 5 days. 

Asha is here beside me, sound asleep. So is Betz--such a sweet little kitten. Jarvis is playing with about 6 toys all at one time! Felicity is busy watching Jarvis act like a nut. Zelda is in my lap. Life is good and so enjoyable! 

We have so many wheel runners on the Cat-Go-Round Wheel. It's fun how many of them love to walk, trot or run on it. I remember when we first got the wheel. we spent a few days playing with the cats with laser lights and feathers on the wheel to encourage them to exercise! Now, they learn from each other! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday, 4/14

Our raffle was absolutely awesome! I want to thank everyone involved for making this such a success. This will all be applied to our dental costs that are coming up this month. The Raffle tickets themselves brought in $2,880. We had additional monies donated that brought the total to an astounding $4,025. I am extremely appreciative. Here's what happened:

Item A  kitty scarf      18 tickets=$90  Winner--MissMic
Item B  Kitty Gourd     45 tickets=$225   Winner--Susan Ho
Item C  Afghan Blue     102 tickets=$510   Winner--Priscilla Gr
Item D  Columbia Handbag     97 tickets=$485   Winner--Donnajb 
Item E  kitty scarf     46 tickets=$230    Winner--Faithy
Item F  Ripple Afghan     61 tickets=$305    Winner--Diane F/Hull
Item G  kitty scarf     27 tickets=$135      Winner--Elliesue
Item H Columbia Handbag     85 tickets=$425   Winner--Yarnlover
Item I  kitty scarf     27 tickets=$135    Winner--Bedheadsdad
Item J Flower Tile Afghan   68 tickets=$340    Winner--Supermo

We also had quite a few consolation prizes! Those winners were: Kimkost, Madisonpepper, Lannml, Luv4cats, Izznan, Tinalou, TabbyO, Mary Hoh, Jamiecat, kc-in-Ia, luvtheanimals, Tigercat, Rosesf, Zoolove, Patcat, JoniWW, Cassandra H, Suziecat, Donna Wom. Congrats. 

We had so many people help to top off the actual raffle amount. I am deeply moved by this. 
Farmgirl Jan, Joe603, Eartheyes, Joco, Keiko, Minnkitty, Gusti, Ferole, Pawlapurr, Suzq1550, Yarnlover, Doubleydoo, KnittenKitten, Donnajb, DeEtte

We also had BOXES last night! You are appreciated!
Andre B from Ontario--lots of beautiful bracelets with stones & kitty charms
Donnajb--24 baby wash cloths, disposable pads for Thomas & kitty use
Tom from NJ--Paw Prints for Litter & pop tabs for Kellen
Rebecca & Willow from UK--9 boxes Bondi Licks
Auntie Napa--a note for Pania and a HB card for her & her own famous $5
Gina/catlvr14--lots of cat cozies for cups and mugs. They have eyes, tails, whiskers---so nice!
Lucy S--33 very pretty crocheted pot holders
Angelface--20 blankets & 8 bigger blankies for The House that Jonah Built
Pat & Ellen--many coin/card holders for Paw-Mart, they are embroidered with FFRC sayings--so very nice!
Suzieq401--donation for Thomas
Julie B from CA--donation for FFRC
Tracy L--donation for FFRC
Ingrid S/ju-in-ji--donation for Derecho and a thanks to Dr. Darcy
Marilyn H--donation to FFRC
Sheila H/oilsandsgirl--donation to help with dental costs
Michele & Frank--day visitors--4 Mr. Clean bottles, kitty snackers, 3 kleenex, 12 PT, tuna & chicken
Phil & Judy L--clorox wipes, litter bags, tunnel to play with & yummies

I've gotten behind a bit on the Blog. So sorry! We also had BOXES on Friday night! Many thanks!
Sharon L--21 bags of Greenies, variety of flavors
Timberwolf--2 cases Friskies, 2 cat wall groomers
Beth--chicken freeze dried food, case of kitten Wellness, 4 cans KMR
Lynne W from CA_-bed sheet, sponges, lots of boxes of Note cards & Greeting cards, bag of wonderful bracelets and necklaces--so pretty
Donnajb--6 cases of 24 pkts Whiskas, 504 kitty wipes, 1,000 plastic spoons, 3 boxes gallon zip lock bags, 6 canisters baby rice cereal
Elizabeth S--40 lb. bag Precious Litter
Judy Sp--40 lb bag of Precious Litter & a scratcher for the kitties
Clark, Jessie & The Gang--HB cards to Pania and Mew with both the famous $5
Vern & Michlyn--4 cases of Friskies, 1 case tuna, 30 cans Sheba, 2 aby food jars, leggydews/biggydews, kleenex, 2 lysol wipes, pipe cleaners, vol. candy, 3 little books, pink shag rug

A special  thanks to Sandra/straycatlady--she gifted to FFRC, a beautiful outside picture of Jonah for The House that Jonah Built. It's a picture of him in the middle, with the building name on top and at the bottom it says Est. 2015.  It's just beautiful and I thank you for this. The poem that is being engraved will go beside it. 

We had an adoption this morning! Nelson has a home. A lady came in, saw Nelson and that was it. Love at first sight. He was so sweet with her. She is home all the time and has much love and time to give him. She loves to groom cats and to play with them. I believe Nelson will be a happy boy! 

I cannot even imagine how big 14 million is, but that’s how many total views FFRC has now.  Just astounding! We are happy to share the cats and kittens with everyone!

Magic is doing wonderful. He continues to be strong, playful and fun. He and Trucker are eating most meals together.It is so tender to watch these two nap together. Warms the heart. 

Today is our first dental. The appointment is for Suzanna. It is the beginning of the dentals. She’ll be minus a few teeth but will be smiling pretty Tomorrow is Olaf. Friday is for Roland and Kay Martina. 

The Covies are out today! They are very happy to be back in the Cat's Cove! Yesterday, both sheds were moved to the 8  x 24 foot slab of concrete! They look great. Porchie Haven was given a big cleaning job. We've covered 2 panels at the top of the Cove and have 3 more to go. This will give much better protection for when it rains. 

The Angel Garden and Albert's Garden has had some spring maintenance. The Angel Garden is so beautiful and is awaiting flowers under the care of Peggy S.  Albert's Garden looks so nice and fresh. It too has an angel statue.  It's actually comforting to me to visit these 2 gardens and see a remembrance of our kitties and cats.

Mama Clarissa is doing great. What a good mama. So relaxed. The 4 kittens look strong and healthy. And very very round! We are starting to encourage Clarissa to get on the floor of the back Thumper's Room to start stretching her legs and investigating.  It's nice to give tummy rubs to those babies and they stretch their little legs out! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday, April 11

Magic is wonderful! His surgery went great. His next surgery is scheduled for 4/24. He came home yesterday very soon after his surgery, pottied and curled up on his heated Angel Bed. In the evening I saw that he had not eaten yet. So....his best buddy Trucker was put in the pen with him and they both ate really good! He just needed his friend to encourage him! How so sweet. Magic spent the night in the pen. By morning he was bright eyed and bushy tailed and wanted out, out, out! Was very verbally complaining that he'd had enough of the pen. So on the floor he went. He soon found his favorite ball toy and was playing. He also ate a good breakfast. We'll keep him on soreness meds for a few days. I've been watching him zoom around this morning. Very interesting how high he can pick up his torso.

We have taken in a mama cat and her 4 babies. A family went to their basement and heard lots of tiny mewing. To their surprise, was a mama and 4 baby kittens. She apparently gained access to their basement thru a broken window. They are now here at FFRC. She is a beautiful black/white cat named Clarissa (means clear & bright). Her babies will be named soon. We have a grey tiger, brown tiger, a tiger/white with some ASH markings and a black/white kitten. There are 2 boys and 2 girls. All had fleas on them which are now gone. She was hungry but all in all, looks good. A very nice mama!

We had BOXES Thursday evening! Many thanks to you. 
Donnajb--10 cases Fancy Feast kitten, peppermint candies for Wilson, Mercy, Millie & Pickles!
Pat & Ellen--canned food and TP
Rebecca & WIllow--for Ada Jane & friends--10 boxes of Bondi Licks
Susan345--4 canisters Gerber Rice Cereal
Pat, our Thurs. Vol--TP and donations from Walmart
Lavendarcat226/Jana C from ME--beautiful earrings that she made and also bookmarks--very very nice, 13 microfiber towels and a pack of wash cloths
Billie K from TX--donation to help with Magic's surgery
Joanne P/Jo--donation for FFRC
Susan H--donation for FFRC
Jane W from TN--donation to help with dentals
Domingo F--donation for FFRC
Roberta L from OH--donation for FFRC
Pam T from OH--donation for Joyful's birthday
Cindy/selkiebluemist--donation in honor of Blue's 15th birthday, to help with dentals.
Margaret H/eartheyes from NC--donation for FFRC & Magic

Starting next week, we have every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday scheduled for our dentals. The cats are extra brushing their teeth in hopes of less dental needs! Really though, they are now receiving dental treats that are to help with good teeth care. All of their transportations are covered by our wonderful volunteers! A big 3 weeks coming up. The first week we have Suzanna, Olaf, Kay Martina (my cat) and Rolland scheduled. 

Our Raffle is on! There's 10 items and all are awesome. Great consolation prizes too. This raffle will need to go towards our dental care. Yesterday, Mich and Vern were here and they did a Flash Sale. Normally we never have Flash Sales at the same time we have a Raffle going on. But, because of the high cost of these dentals and the willingness of Mich and Vern to do a Flash Sale, we did one! I thank them both for their help and I give thanks too for the raffle participation. 

Seymour is doing wonderful. I check his legs 3-4 times a day now. The fur is finally growing back nicely which will add some padding. He sure can zoom around here! Lucy Ann is also doing good. She's such a quiet soul--I'd love to find a quiet home for her. Cayden had developed a bit of a sore on the tip of his stump, but it looks real good now and is healed.

The Covies were out and about yesterday. They have been out on the farmyard more now that the snow is gone. And the grass is green! So so nice to see! They are funny to watch. They run up to the bunnies like Full Charge Ahead.....and then they stop and walk away from them. The Cat's Cove was blasted yesterday and is sparkling clean! I'll be checking the weather forecast soon to decide when they will be moved! I think they are more than ready to go to their big Cove home! 

The touch-up painting here inside the Rescue Center continues. All the nicks, dings and scratches are almost all covered up again with fresh paint! Farrah has a bit of red paint on her--she looks quite pretty! We're working on combing it out! And of course, Jarvis has a bit of white paint on him--he has to investigate everything that happens. Ada Jane is holding her own. She's very thin and anemic, but she is comfortable. She so loves to be held close. She is a treasure.

Take care and have a wonderful weekend! Please check your pets for fleas--it's that time of year to start up flea prevention if you haven't already had them on prevention. 

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thursday, April 9

Tomorrow is Magic's day. We will head out here about 8:20 in the morning for his surgery. I'll keep the mods posted about how things are going. If you'd like to check in on the cam, you'll be able to get the updates. He's going to do great---cause he's a magically wonderful, sweet boy! 

We had BOXES last night. I am so grateful for the items we receive. They are a huge help to us.
Conii and Elliott & Izabellah--2 cases KMR, 24 Wellness kitty snackers
Nona--coupons and 3 cases of KMR
Jatcat--post it notes, refills for the Brother labeler, Vetri Science Oral snackers
Kathy3103 from FL--kitty card with note, food for Ada Jane, lamb snackers for Trucker, case of Purrfectly Fish, 2 home made strawberry-lemon Jam, Spirit Essence oil by Jackson Galaxy
Lindastaid1--1,000 spoons
Aunty Donna W from FL, (Clark/Jessie's family)--Happy Easter card with famous $5
SuzieQ401--kitty bed for Kitty Snuggles!
Medic101--2 cases Fancy Feast
Cindy R/misweetie from MI--kitty card & a pillow "Local Woman Rescues Cats"--really nice!
HenryR Peeps & Oh My Guiness--Happy 13th Birthday for Joyful and a birthday card for Coz, each with the famous snacker $5
Clark, Jessie & Family--Happy Birthday to Mew and Joyful, each with the famous snacker $5
Trudy S from Bryan--donation for FFRC
Neuromom/Sherry W & David from NY--happy Easter Card with the $5
Butterfly Class from Belguin--wonder 9 egg Easter Cards from the students--such a wonderful gift!
FaithyMD, volunteer--oral hygiene snackers, 7 blankies, monster feet slippers, peace sign shoulder bag, picnic set, 4 re-usable lint remover rollers, hair combs, barrettes, Cameo necklace, bracelet with J for Jacci, angels for garden and 4 picture frames
Carla C from OR--donation in celebration of her birthday, recognizing FFRC!
Ruth W--donation to FFRC, to help with dental fees
Dewitty--donation to help to send something to the Butterfly Class!
Gusti--donation in celebration of Joyful's birthday and to help with Magic's surgery

Visit the website   They have beautiful jewelry and it all benefits FFRC. They have been so kind to us. Some of the items we receive 100% of the proceeds, all the rest is 20%.  On the checkout form, please mention FFRC.  Thanks ever so much for this support!

The Raffle is ON! It starts today and ends at 9 am on Monday. Monday evening at 5:30 (ffrc time), we will have BOXES. Then at 6:00 pm we will have the RAFFLE! We're so excited about this. We also have some really nice consolation prizes! The purpose of this raffle? Why, it's to help these kitties with their "toofer appointments". Yes, all the dentals and extractions are very very expensive. We are figuring it will total close to $4,000.00  But, it's a must-do situation. We have assumed responsibility for these cats and will take care of their needs. I thank you in advance for your help. Visit our Chatter's FB page and the FFRCNation page and the Twitter page--it has all the info! 

We have some sad farm news. Our sweet goat, Butter has passed away. We are not sure what happened. Jimmy found him already passed.  It looked like he had simply fallen asleep. He has been buried on the farm property. He will be missed--such a good goat.

Today is Joyful's birthday. She is 13 years old. Joyful came to us from a very abusive place. That is why she is so shy. When she first arrived, we couldn't hardly pet her, but with patience and love she has come around. She loves the Welcome Room desk as her spot. She feels secure there. She will even let visitors touch and pet her. Joyful just likes people to approach slowly and that's ok! She's our white Persian with beautiful gold eyes. 

We have started the spring paint touch-up! Here inside the Main Area, doorways, window frames, etc. are getting a fresh coat of paint. It always looks so nice when done!

We are part of a litter trial study! We have 3 extra litterboxes in Kitty City. The inventor is trying to determine which litters are used more and he has a very unique way of cleaning the used litter. Monday he comes back and picks up the 3 very well used boxes! Will be interesting. 

Info about cat furballs! Hairballs are the most common reason that cats vomit. They look like a cigar shaped mass, made up of hair and saliva. Cats swallow a lot of fur when grooming. Normally, most swallowed hair is expelled through the digestive system. Problems occur when the hairball cannot be expelled. There are products available to help cats with this problem. These products help lubricate the digestive tract to help the hairball be expelled easier. Check with your veterinarian or simply check any pet store. A high fiber diet may also help. Grooming your cat is very beneficial. All the fur you are able to brush out is fur they will not swallow!

Have a great day. Remember---the kittens that are born in April have a high chance of have kittens themselves come late fall. Please........spay and neuter!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday, April 7

Seymour did it! He really did it! Seymour has figured out how to walk the Cat Go Round Wheel! He is so proud of himself and we too are proud of him. Clearly, the word handicap is not in their vocabulary! I like that thought!

We have some thanks to give--it's our pleasure to give a big thanks!
Lynn from Canada, with her 6 cats--A donation to help with whatever our needs are. Big thanks
Renee C/jakesmeowmy--donation to help where ever is needed
Pat & Ellen--donation for Farrah and from earnings from their sales
Hallie G--donation for FFRC
David W from CO--a special donation to FFRC, to use as needed. Another big thanks.
Painteddaisy/June--gift cards to FFRC for whatever the need is.

Here's some dates for you!
April 17, 18, 19---Fence put up weekend
June 28---5th Catathon!
September 12---Catstock
May 25---date to have all Catathon items here, if sending anything!

We have begun the work of putting together our next Catathon. As you may know, this is our main fundraiser of the year. It will run approximately 1;00 to 4:45 FFRC time.  We again will have many Baskets and Big Ticket items. We are so excited! This years goal is to pay for The House that Jonah Built and also to help with our operational costs which is very important to us. In the past, many people have donated items for us to use in different baskets or for the Big Ticket items. I will include a paragraph of basket suggestions. We are always open to different kinds of basket themes! Please, though, we would love to have all items to FFRC by May 25. The reason is that Jenni takes that next week off to take all those many pictures of all the Catathon items. Then they have to be put into the Website. This all takes much time. Sometimes people like to put together a whole basket, sometimes a single item. We are just very grateful for any help.

Here are some ideas for baskets. As stated above, if you'd like to help, even one item for a bsket is wonderful. If you have other ideas that you'd like to do, please email me.
Sewing, Amish foods, Summer fun, Relaxation/Spa, Movie night, Crochet/Knit, Garden, Hello Kitty, Family fun, Kitchen, Bird, Cat, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Dog, Laurel Burch, Picnic/Grill, Lego kits/building blocks, Charles Wysocki, Disney World, Puzzles. There's lots of ideas! Please help us keep to our May 25 date though to help us get the pictures done. Thank you. Big Ticket Items can be anything that is a Wow Item! Please mark any incoming boxes with CATATHON on them. 

We had 3 wonderful adoptions on Easter day. These 3 cats went to 2 sisters and their friend, all very kind young ladies. They are in a cat-friendly apartment and have everything they need to take care of 3 cats, including lots of love. The cats that were adopted are: McHoney, Punita and Monna. Happy day! 

We have another cat on hold also--Joanna. She will be leaving Thursday morning. I'm very happy for her and for the family.

Yesterday all the surgery dates for our many dentals were made. We have every Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays scheduled starting next week to the end of the month--3 weeks worth. So, we hope by the end of April, we will have all the dentals done. We have worked out a schedule with different volunteers for delivering the cats and for picking them up. Some are single cat dates, many are double cat dates. Thanks to Angie, Donna, Barb W, Pat and Ellen for helping to transport our cats.

Thought you might be interested in this---it's included on one of the pages that we send home with our adoptions:
The volunteers and I love what we do here at FFRC. Our intentions are to only adopt out healthy cats and kittens--their best interest is truly the highest priority for us. We realize that occasionally a cat or kitten may become ill after adoption. From the minute a cat arrives at the Rescue Center to the moment they are adopted, we work very hard on their health and happiness levels. Our intentions are true, in that we really do care about every cat that comes our way, never intending any harm. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter, April 5

A beautiful, wonderful, blessed day to you all!

I'd like to take this time to do a catch-up on what happened when Dr. Darcy was here yesterday  Here is a run-down.

In the Main Area:
Bender--physical good
Camvie--physical good, weight good, fur growing in nicely
Denae--physical good
Derecho--needs dental--upper both K-9 teeth needs removed   Physical good
Jackson--physical good (he was a good boy and quiet!)
Joey--physical good (was more of a look/see physical than a hands-on, but he did good!)
Jersey--physical good
Seymour--physical good, wound 100%  healed, has 2 enlarged lymph glands yet from infection
Solee--physical good, has an upper 0 tooth that may need attention
Suzanna--physical good, needs dental has 1 premolar needs removed
Trucker--physical good
Ratchet--physical good
Jamie--1/2 sutures removed from un-eye.  Other sutures to be removed Weds.
Lorenzo--physical good
Magic--physical good.  Wt-3.07.  Surgery on 4/10. Will do a mid-femur amputation--that's good!

The Porchie cats:
Austin--physical good except heart has a 4/6 murmur. Will just watch.
Jimmy James--physical good
Mew--physical good. Needs dental--3 teeth needs removed
Olaf--physical good. Needs dental--3 teeth needs removed
Shamballie--physical good
Zavatar--physical good

My house cats also received physicals! Most of my cats in house has medical problems---that's why they are inside with me. Kay Martina needs the remainder of her teeth pulled. Zest has 4 teeth that needs pulled. Fergus will start on an anti-inflammatory for his tummy. Devonte needs 1-2 teeth pulled.  All other physicals are good. These are Steve's and my financial concern--they are not a part of FFRC finances. 

The Covie cats:
Mayor Anony--physical good
Charlie--physical good
Honey--physical good, needs dental--4 teeth needs removed
LaDonna--physical good
LeLe--physical good, will need dental sometime--keep watch on her upper Rt. P2
Leonard--physical good
Muffin--physical good, needs dental--3 teeth needs removed
Oliver--physical good, his fur is perfect!
Riley--physical good, needs dental--1 tooth needs removed
Roland--physical good--needs dental--2 teeth needs removed
Rory--physical good
Sevaun--physical good--needs dental--needs 1 tooth removed, slight tartar
Soyboy--physical good
Sylvan--physical good
Timothy--physical good

So.....the bottom line, is the physicals went very very well.  Other than teeth, one heart murmur, we're a pretty healthy bunch!  Dental care increase in need as cats get older, so this was not totally unexpected. However, the cost is very high. We will be calling this week to start making appointments and will get in as many as possible in each trip. In doing dentals, there's always surprises, as Dr. Darcy mentioned. Once in the mouth working, often more teeth are found to be removed.  To help with teeth health, we will be getting T/D's and other dental chewies for the cats.

A couple other updates:
Walter--what a great cat! He's happy, healthy and care-free. We've tried 4 different meds on him to stop his circling. None have been very effective. After talking to Dr. Darcy, we've decided we are simply going to let Walter be Walter. No more meds. This circling he does, does not seem to bother him at all. It may bother US as watchers. He's easily distracted away from his circling, simply by "re-routing" him. So, please be patient with him. Know that when you see he is circling, just take a deep breathe and let this go. He's ok!

Ada Jane--her liver continues to decline. It is enlarged, bumpy and lumpy. This is what is causing her anemia. She is not in any discomfort. We will treasure these days with her and love her and enjoy her. It's evident these last few days have been rougher on her--she's not as interested in eating, not drinking as much and is sleeping most of the time. She is a treasure to us and is a real joy. Enjoy this sweetie. 

We have a name for our new kitten. She is 5 months old, black/white and was rescued by granddaughter Ashlyn and her boyfriend.   She is now known as Betz. When she first came in, she was leery of the other cats, but she is doing so much better now. She's a real loverbug to people too! 

I am always grateful for the love and compassion shown to FFRC and our cats. And that compassion extends from all of us to many other cats and animals. Here are things I've noticed:

WHEN one of our cats is picking on another, we simply separate and gently say "that's enough".
WHEN one of our cats has done something to make another cat upset, we pet both cats and send them on their way, happier.
WHEN one of our cats is sick, we lavish on the concern and help them feel better.
WHEN one of our cats have received a grouchy word from another cat, they are quickly forgiven.
WHEN one of our cats is down and depressed, another cat can make for a happier day by simply purring and extending a paw in friendship.
WHEN a cat has scratched or bitten another in play, a grudge is not held.
WHEN a cat has an "accident", we quickly clean it up and do not criticize.
WHEN we notice a cat has achieved something, we rejoice for their efforts.
WHEN we see a "handicapped" cat stretching his limits, we give encouragement. 
WHEN we see a cat trying to figure something out, we give them credit for doing so.
WHEN one of our cats needs a bit of a boost, we are helpful.
WHEN one of our cats goes over to a baby and gives it a bath, it brings us joy.
WHEN one falls, we have great concern.

What I'm getting at is that we hold so much compassion for these cats. And for the most part, these cats also show compassion for one another. It's wonderful to see. And it's amazing how these cats get along. They love, forgive. We love, forgive. But sometimes we come up short in passing that same love, compassion and forgiveness to one another. We are not "hard" or critical of the cats as we watch them. My wish is that the same kindness we show to our cts can be passed over to our fellow humans as easily. We need to forgive our fellow friends as quickly as what we see the cats forgiving each other. I wish that the patience, kindness, understanding that we give to our cats would be given out as freely to the people in our lives. 

Have an awesome day. Enjoy it with your family, pets and friends. 

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday April 4

For those that rejoice in the gift of Easter---have a blessed day tomorrow. 

We have much to be grateful for here at FFRC. We had BOXES last night!
Mary, Friday Volunteer--4 reams of paper, 10 cans Lysol wipes, flannel pillow cases, 3 boxes of 2 " packing tape, 5 boxes Capri and Broth/appetizers 
Donnajb--10 of the 3 " wraps for Seymour
Plee with Sandy & Miss Tortie--2 flannel pillowcases, 2 pillow shams, 3 bags of kitty snackers
Truetiger/Nelli from NC--Easter card, yummy Easter candies! We'll share!
Angelface/Linda--20 flannel pillow cases, variety of patterns for Paw-Mart
Eaglewatcher/Beth--10 bottles Odo Ban
Mykatkat/Deb from AZ--Easter card
Clark, Jessie & family,OH--HB card for Jaime and Merri--each with the famous $5 for snackers
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--Happy 8th BD card for Merri with the famous $5 for snackers
SassyCassie & Susan from WI--Easter card with donation for cat snackers and vol. snacks
Oldestmanalive--40 lb of Precious Cat Litter
Marcia S -MI--Donation for sponsor of Magic
Zenamolina/Lillian with her kitties and doggie--HB card for Jacci
Nona--packet of FF broth
Brendan S from UK---donation for FFRC
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Christine B from UK---donation for FFRC
Kerswill & kitty Amber--donation for FFRC 
Keiko from CA--donation for FFRC

Today Dr. Darcy will be coming. We'll be doing many physicals here inside the Rescue Center and for the Porchies and Covies.  She'll also check out Jamie's eye surgery and re-examine Magic for his upcoming surgery. We'll also go over thoughts about Walter, Walter, Walter.  And McHoney's eye is in need of being looked at. I'll give you all an update later!

Calling lurkers!  Calling chatters!  Calling interested friends! 
We urgently need some new moderators as we have some who can no longer cover due to personal commitments. Summer is approaching and so we need to explore new mods. We need at least 3 to cover the Ohio times Midnight to 4:30 am. We need cover from 4:30 am to noon especially on weekends. If you would like to be considered, please email, include any times you can be available, anything you wish that may be relevant and any experience on a forum or chat as a moderator. It is not essential to have experience as long as you are willing to learn. Dawnstar is collecting all this information and then it will be presented to Jacci and the mods. Our mods work as a team and so it's important for their input. We hope to hear from some of you in regards to this.  Thank you.

Ada Jane is resting at the moment. She took a nice sound nap this morning and ate a little bit. Paddy Cake is walking all over the office, meowing very loudly, with a coil toy in his mouth! Anne Shirley is playing and jumping on one of the rat toys! Corby puts many miles on the wheel during the week on the Cat Go Round wheel. 

Seymour continues to do well. His legs look wonderful. He's spending more time down on the floor with no protective wraps. His legs are checked frequently. Thomas is also doing good. He takes his meds like a good boy. Lucy Ann loves to have her head rubbed--any visitors, please give her more rubs! Felicity is a funny girl---always making me laugh. She jumps straight up and pounces on toys. Jessie, our oldster, is wonderful. Loves his chin scratched. Is a good eater.

Blog is short--have to get things ready for a busy day. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Thursday, April 2

Lots of spring work being done! Albert's Garden and the Angel Garden have all new mulch and all the pavers replaced. Looks so nice.  All the rock gardens have had the rocks removed, beds cleaned out and new stone reapplied, then the rocks put back in place. All looks so nice and fresh.  Stones are being raked back onto the stone lane going back to the big red barn--the snow plow was rough on that!  Our wonderful table that so many visitors and us like to sit at is now back for our enjoyment! Things are washed down outside. The picnic tables under the shelter house are clean and ready for visitors! Pretty soon all the windchimes will be hanging again! 

On Saturday, Dr. Darcy will be coming in the morning. She will be doing physicals on the Porchies, Covies and some of the inside cats. A busy morning. She will also take a good look at Magic in preparation of his surgery next Friday. We will be taking Jamie's eye sutures out on Sunday.

Fabio, oh handsome Fabio. He's had his spring "do". All brushed out, nails trimmed, teeth spruced up a bit and his bottom and belly shaved. We already did Oliver.

We had BOXES last night! You all are awesome and so very appreciated.
Pat, our Thurs volunteer--dropped off donations from Walmart
Laurie/Contessa with Gary, Sara & ELizabeth--Easter kitty card. For Kitty Kastle: q-tips, mouth wash, toothpaste & shampoo
Donnajb--4 bags Precious cat litter, kitty bed warmer, doggie snackers, 2 cases juice boxes, candy, Scotch Brite sponges, 4 bottles lavendar Odo-Ban, and 2 boxes of snackers for the volunteers!
June/Painteddaisy--our week visitor--huge, gigantic amount of "stuff". Many thanks, June!
Pat/Plee--3 cases appetizers

Lannml--4 cases Fancy Feast
Aunty FI--a black bed car for Magic
Keiko_Skerlec--Panda Kitty Jammies! I love them!
Susan345--3 bags 100% lamb snackers for Trucker
Vicki B--6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Patricia M/Shomor from IL--Easter kitty card and a wonderful book--Sebastian & Me signed by the author
Clark, Jessie & Family from FL--card for Happy 1st birthday to Punita and the famous $5 for snackers
Margaret S from Paulding--donation for FFRC
Ellen & Pat--lots of styrofoam plates 9 & 6 inch
Shannan W--donation from PayPal
MaryAnn B from SC--donation to help with Magic's surgery
Helina P from FInland--donation to FFRC, in honor of the volunteer's hard work!
Coralie P--donation to FFRC, in honor of Coralie

Demolition has started! Yes, the Feline Fieldhouse is coming down. The metal will be recycled. The slats from the Fieldhouse will be put onto Cat's Cove for more protection. On the cement slab from the Fieldhouse, we will put the Porchie Haven shed. It will fit perfectly. It will also house a 2nd shed to hold supplies--litter, linen, cat food, kitty litter, etc. We don't want the new building to hold these items so that all available space will be for the cats!  

Ada Jane is doing fair. She seems to have a bit of an appetite yet--somedays good, somedays not so good. But, she sure is enjoying all the pets, kisses and hugs! We cater to her and that's fine with her. 

It's still quiet time here! I constantly remind people---enjoy this time of slowness. Or is there really a slow time here?! I don't think so! But, it won't be much longer until kitty season begins.

Sadly, we have lost one of our Barnies. Beach, a gold tiger cat that has been here for many years passed away. We found him, looking like he was just sleeping. My granddaughter Ashlyn helped him and this litter many years ago. She caught each one, brought them up to our clinic to be spayed/neutered and then they were returned to the farmyard.  He was such a good boy. And so friendly.

Do you have an outside cat? Do you vaccinate against feline leukemia? It is so sad when people bring in an outdoor cat that want to relinquish. You know--one of those kinds that really has no home, just is a "neighborhood cat". Some feed the cat, some may give water, but no vet care is given. So many of these cats get leukemia. All it takes is the bite of an infected cat or sharing food/water or being sneezed on. Leukemia is fairly easy to spread. But there's protection--a vaccine! It's not 100% but certainly does offer good protection.