Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tracer found his home

We had a wonderful adoption yesterday. A little girl and her mom were here trying to find a friend for the daughter. She picked Tracer and Tracer picked her. It should be great fun for both. We had a box to open last night from CathiB. She sent 2 boxes of Whiska packets. Thanks, CathiB! The cats really like these as they are extra juicy. Preakness is coming along, she's gaining weight. Today about half of the Sponsor a Pampered Pet from the Catathon's pictures will go out in the mail. Hopefully we'll have the other half by the end of the week. Thanks for your patience in receiving them. The pictures are awesome! Thanks to Kurt for taking and printing these pictures. I believe all the t-shirts that have been asked for have gone out in the mail. Please, if you have not received yours, e-mail me! I try very hard to keep things organized, but it's possible that I missed something. The man that is from the epoxy floor business was here yesterday. He feels he can remove the existing floor, diamond grind it and have the new epoxy floor be permanent. So, hopefully by the end of September we'll have the new floor in. The old floor is chipping badly and the cats have been picking at it also. Not a good thing. Ernestine and her 4 kittens Gonzo, Rizzo, Fozzy and Barbra are so sweet. You can tell they've been around people from the beginning of their lives. They still spend their nights in their room, but other than that, they're out and about. I love the picture of Bettina on the facebook showing her kittens nursing during the night. Her kittens are Cinnabon, Macallan, Happy, Hettie & Peach. Remember the grey mama and 3 kittens we sent down to Eric's for major TLC? Well,after many many hours of coaxing, talking, hands-on, this litter is still resisting the human touch. They are now spayed/neutered and vaccinations current. It's possible they may get to live on his friend's farm where they will be very well attended too, but they will have the freedom of not having to be made into a lap cat. Xubie continues to be very exuberant in her wanting affection! Such a loving kitten. Mitty, the calico mama with the short tail and her 4 kittens (Cobbis, Hudson, Gemini & Tookie) are still in Thumper's Room. They are not in a pen, but on the floor so they can run and play. Also very nice kittens. As soon as we can empty out either June's Room or Cat's Corner Room, we'll move this mama and litter to the main area. Buffin & Wiffin are dong awesome. Both are super affectionate. It's Wiffin that likes to "hang over edges", with his arms stretched out. He also likes to ride on shoulders.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2 for Tuesday 2!

Winken was adopted today! He's a lucky kitten--has a really wonderful home to call his own. The new mama and 4 kittens now have names.
  • Mama calico is Mitty. 
  • Black/white male is Cobbis. 
  • White male is Hudson. 
  • Tiger/white female is Gemini. 
  • Torti/tiger female is Tookie. 
Mitty and kittens are all very sweet. Their weight is good and they look healthy. Sometime next week we'll move them into one of the rooms inside the Rescue Center, out of Thumper's Room. Thanks to Yvonne M. for delivering the bags of sheets/towels from The Hope Chest. We appreciate that. Thanks too for your personnel donation of blankets & other cat items. We also appreciate the box from magspa203 who sent 1 case of Friskies & 3 cases of pouched food. She also sent a bag of greenies pill pockets. I tried it on Farrah for her PB's and she took it!! Last time, she'd have nothing to do with it. Hopefully, she'll continue. Thanks magspa. VSSI delivered the cat condo-it's now sitting on top of the storage unit. I'm so happy to get this unit as it will be very useful to us. Cat's Cove cats were out playing and running again on the farmyard yesterday--they sure love it. All 16 came back for supper. Raza and County have become friends and can be seen napping together. Little Preakness, the tiny torti, is dong better--her appetite has improved. Cats got to go out to their outdoor enclosure today--they love to bird watch. Twinkle can now get in and out of her pen without help! She started doing this 2 days ago. She's so much stronger! Baaka has decided that Racer is a tree--constantly climbing up him. I thinks she likes to hear him yelp! Jobo has become one of our sweetest kittens ever.

What a change here all the time. No 2 days are ever the same. We had 3 cats returned to the Rescue Center. Sunoco was returned. He's a handsome long hair gold/white cat. Originally he arrived here as an 8 month old cat, in 3/05. He was adopted very quickly, and just returned, now a 7 year old. He's awesome and is already on hold, to be adopted on Wednesday. Yay for Sunoco! We had 2 other returnees also. Leona & Winnie were returned, they had been adopted together in 11/10. They were returned due to no fault of their own and are wonderful cats. Leona is a 1 1/2 year old torti and Winni is a 2 year old gray tiger/white. Latte' was also a returned cat 2 weeks ago. She too is absolutely awesome, friendly and very outgoing. Many thanks to Speedy and her husband for the donations they brought to the Rescue Center--they brought something of everything! What's nice is they stay and give lots of loving to the cats and kittens. Also a big thanks to Colleen, Samson Y Delila from Alaska for your box last night. She sent Whiskas, q-tips and a box of Zanies mice--something for their tummy, their playtime & ear cleaning time! Thanks. Also jatcat sent a box with 2 cases of Friskies & 1 bag of Bonita Tuna Flakes. Thanks so much. Some of them will do anything for that bonito flakes! At this moment, there are 23 cats out on the outdoor enclosure watching one of the farm chickens! And again, Octavia just ate another cobweb! What a girl. One of the Muppet kittens had a sore throat, so they were all confined in their room for 1/2 of a week, but they are now out and about again, running and zipping around. Remember to save the Sept. 15, 2012 date for the Rescue Center! That's when FFRC will have a concert right here at the rescue center, with Mike Chamberlin!


Friday, August 26, 2011

Even more new kittens...

The latest 3 kittens now have names! The littlest black/gold torti, female is Preakness. The brown tiger, male is Derby. The medium hair all black, male is Belmont. Belmont and Derby are cruising around big time, playing with all the toys and kittens. Preakness is lagging a bit, we're extra watching her. We had an adoption yesterday! Bumble Bee went to her new home. I do believe she will be one pampered pet--just how we like it! The new mama said she'll post a note in facebook for all to see. We had a visitor yesterday--Catlady, a web-cam viewer was here for the afternoon. I believe she loved on every kitty and cat here! She has a kitten on hold--Yvette. This will be a wonderful home for her. We also have another kitten on hold- Winken. I'm so happy for him and the family that will adopt him. This adoption will be Saturday morning. They've been here several times searching for a kitten for their home. Winken pretty much "told" them that he was the one--would not let them alone, kept patting them and wanting to be held. So sweet. We also took in 5 new cats just this morning. Someone dropped off a mama with 4 kittens in a box. We truly receive between 20-30 calls daily to take in more cats & kittens. It is impossible for one no-kill rescue to meet the needs of this many cats. Please, everyone, reach out and spay or neuter a cat, even if it's a stray. It would make a huge difference in this cat overpopulation problem. Due to space and finances, we cannot take on more than our 110 maximum number. Each incoming cat or kitten will cost the rescue center a minimum of $200-$250. There is no way we can adopt our way out of this overpopulation of cats, it must be thru spaying/neutering. We had boxes to open last night--always a highlight of our day. Gemini sent 6 sheets of stamps--we sure appreciate that. We have a big volume of mail, so these will be used. CathiB12 sent 4 cases of Whiskas cat pouch food, in memory of her Tookie. Thank you CathiB. All the food that we've used this week has ALL been donated by webcam viewers! An annonymous donor sent Friskies packets, post-it notes and Fancy Feast. If you sent this, please feel free to e-mail me so I can thank you. We appreciate your donation. Blue sent more blubies--she's a whiz at making these. They are great--so pretty plus they wash/dry so nicely. Thanks Blue. Today our cat condo is to arrive. Remember, the first one we had to send back due to damage. Hope this one is in good condition upon arrival. We also have a person coming this afternoon to help us with the floor in the office. We're having quite a bit of trouble with it peeling up. He'll give us advice as to what to do.

So many of you know my granddaughter Kellen, Caryn's daughter. She will again be going to CHOP--Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Mary2u & Kittykam are going to be there for Caryn, which I so much appreciate. They'll be there from Sept. 5 to 16. If any of you would like to keep track of Kellen's daily adventures while she's there, the website is Click on Visit a Website and enter in "kellenfaith" and it'll take you there.

Asha and Gonzo
Asha and Gonzo

Thursday, August 25, 2011

3 Newbies

This place just zips with activity. The kittens are a moving mass of energy! Whoever said that cats and kittens sleep 18 hours a day hasn't visited the Rescue Center! The kittens love to get into Patience's Pen and Dodger's Pen and bounce off the walls while tackling each other. Leotie was seen this morning inside one of the plastic jug containers, all curled up into a "poured in" position. Buscha's eye is better from her accident yesterday, it's just a little red still. Farrah had another major seizure yesterday and again fell from above Dodgers pen. She cut her tongue this time. We have decided to start her on her medication as I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself with these falls. Last night was a flop getting her meds into her. One lick of the cheese/pill mix and she took off running. Took a while to find her, then tried the baby food/pill mix. Again, one sniff and off she went. So, this morning I tried it again, and she gobbled it right up. It will take a couple weeks to get her PB (phenobarbital) level up to where we want it. We'll take this day to day and see what success we have. The 3 newbie kittens that have been in Thumper's Room are now moved into the main area. They are in Cat's Corner Room for now. They will be named later today. One is a girl torti, a medium hair black boy and a brown tiger boy. All 3 are sweet and purring kittens. We had boxes yesterday! I'm so grateful for the box deliveries, it truly helps us stay afloat here. Annamarie sent 3 boxes of Earthbath all natural grooming wipes. These are so nice. We use them to clean ears, noses, eyes, chins, etc. So easy to use and does a good job! Thanks, Annamarie. Another box was from Clarice from MI. She sent a case of baby can food and a case of oldster can food. Thanks so much!! Badu has the most interesting meow--very elongated sounds. Selby is a loverbug--so sweet, loves to be cuddled. Kiara caught 3 syringes yesterday!

Gonzo and Barbra
Gonzo and Barbra

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 for Tuesday!

We've had 2 adoptions! Athena and Subra both were adopted and each went to a wonderful home. I do believe they'll have have major TLC given to them! Things are going good here. Twinkle is doing better and becoming stronger. She's regained a couple ounces. Putter must sit up all night "guarding" the rescue center. When I go inside he's sitting there observing everything and when I come out early in the morning, he's still there. He has lots of stories to tell me about those crazy kitties! Many thanks to Gemini and her cats, dogs and bird. She sent a box full of kitty treats! The 3 kittens that are in Thumper's Room are enjoying their space. Playing, eating and sleeping like good little kittens should. It'll be a little while until they join the rest of the gang. Ernestine and her 4 kittens are out most of the days now, but still go back into their room for night time. These 4 are speedy kittens with one goal--play, eat and play! So cute and fun. Zelda is a loverbug--she needs to be adopted into a home that has a lap for her to sit in all the time. With this cooler weather the kittens and cats have been going out into the outdoor enclosure more, which they love. Emaline is now sponsored by a wonderful web-cam viewer, until the time that she may be adopted! Yojimbo, the flame point Siamese has made friends with all the kittens, he has so much fun. The 6 sun porch cats are doing good-Hank, Meow, Cliff, Big Al, Olaf & Fabio.


We had another adoption yesterday! Our wonderful Subra went to her new home. Pictures are already on our facebook. Subra has the sleekest fur and a winning personality. Thanks to this family for Subra's adoption. We had boxes last night to open! Jodi M sent lots of boxes and her parents delivered them to save postage! There was a mix of many items--Clorox-wipes, plates, sponges, q-tips, food, toys, fountain parts, etc. Thanks bunches to Jodi. Everything will be put to good use. Clarice from MI sent some Yeowww catnip balls. The cats love these--very strong catnip! She also sent 2 cases of Gerber baby meats! Cobbis sent some Friskies and Whiskas pouches--we so appreciate it. (I saw Octavia take one from the box before we had a chance to put them away). Poor Buscha had an accident today. She went to jump from a catwalk to another and got clobbered by the ceiling fan. She'll be ok, but I'm sure she has a wallop of a headache. Kurt to the rescue--he's going to put a double high rail there to prevent this from happening again. Both of our mama cats are wonderful--Bettina & Ernestine. Both are sweet and good with the other cats. They would love their own home! Octavia was eating cobwebs again yesterday. Wiffin & Buffin are such loving cats. They love people and love being on shoulders. Little Barbra & Rizzo are the 2 ornery kittens of Ernestine's litter--they have no fear. I saw baby Fozzy chasing Chaplin! Their world revolves around fun & games. Blinken and Winken are non-stop play kittens. Twinkle ate real good yesterday and is building her strength. County loves the kittens--have seen him giving them baths. We still have 2012 calendars for sale ($20 & $3 for shipping) and the Catathon DVD's ($10). Just send me an e-mail if you're interested. Thanks to all of you for being a part of our Rescue center!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Kittens are out!

Kittens everywhere! They zoom, zag and zig!! We are definitely doing the kitty shuffle here as there are so many flying kittens! Even the Cat Go Round Wheel has been in high use. It's so interesting to watch cats as they play and communicate with each other. Just a few tidbits of info: if we have boxes to open, we generally open them around 6:30 in the evening with the sound on. We generally then leave the sound on for the entire night time, thru breakfast in the morning and then turn it off right before we use the shop vac. We had 3 boxes last night! Azuremeow sent cat treats, fancy feast (dry & can) & hand sanitizer. Azuremeow is from FL. Thank you! Theresa H. sent KMR, cat treats and some Kong incline scratching posts that will last us a few months! Thanks to Theresa also. Remember the water fountain that was sent to Ada Jane last week by Linda M, friend of Lilly's new adopted family? The cats LOVE it and Ada Jane has been sharing it with all her friends! We also received a box from Jennifer (Echosmomma). She sent 3 cases of Friskies! JLA brought goodies for the volunteers-so nice of her. We appreciate that! Twinkle ate a very good breakfast today. Kurt has been very busy with woodworking projects. Soon he'll be staining the catwalk rails and putting in new catwalks in the Kitty Campus Room. Yesterday the volunteers were Judy S., Peggy S., Jean & her friend Livia. Today the volunteers are Gregg & Connie D.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Iams delivery today!

We had Christmas here in August last night. We had lots of boxes! Cathi B from Texas sent a case of Whiskas pouches (the oldsters and Octavia's favorites). Bubba (Bill & Sharon) sent a treat for Einstein (my bird), doggie snacks, cat snacks, a beautiful plaque that says "Cats leave Paw-prints on our Hearts" and a homemade blanket that is wonderful. Bill & Sharon also sent homemade cookies! Thanks to Cathi, Bill & Sharon! We sure appreciate it. We have a special friend of the Rescue Center who periodically sends a large amount of goodies and yesterday was the day! Her name is Theresa H. from Fort Wayne, IN. She sent lots of Gerber baby meat, and the Rice cereal that we use in the formula. She also sent laundry detergent, bleach, trash bags and Q-tips. From the bottom of my heart I am grateful to Theresa and ALL of you. You truly make a difference for us. These box donations help us to carry on with our work. We had visitors yesterday that wanted to come and pet/play/brush. We love visitors; this is what helps these kittens & cats be the sweeties that they are. We took in a gray mama cat with 3 gray kittens. They are a shy and unsure of people, but we're working on softening their attitude! They are in Thumper's Room for now. Latte', the torti that had to be returned, is 7 years old. She was originally adopted from us when she was a kitten. She's already back in the rescue center, walking about and seems to be comfortable. A very nice adult cat. The 2 newbie kittens, Yvette & Warren, are also out and about. They spent their first night loose in the Rescue Center. Even though they're siblings, their personalities are totally different! Love them both. Nova is trying to lose some weight, she's been more active. Our 2nd load of Iams is due to arrive today. Last week was dry cat food, today is dry kitten food. We're very grateful for their support. The volunteers today are Connie G, Donna, Peggy S and Pat. Lisa is helping with farm chores. Putter has the "Putter Stare" down to a science--he can convey his feelings to us by simply staring at us! Most of his stares means "Come pick me up and hold me NOW please"!

"Dis is mai Bella impersonation 'GRRR!'"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2 New Kitties

My big news is that my sister is here from Boise, Idaho for 2 weeks! She's here to help with our mom/dad!!! The water fountain is a great success. Ada Jane is sharing it with her friends. Putter likes it too! We took in 2 new kittens. Since they had been in a house situation, we brought them into the main area after only 1 day. One is a male, black/white (yes, another one), short hair, name is Warren (after a web-cam viewer). The other one is a girl, brown tiger/white, long hair, name is Yvette (after a web-cam viewer). We still have a few names left from Name a Cat from the Catathon that we will be using. Our new male adult brown tiger, Cabbage, is making friends and doing great. His eye, although still damaged, does look a bit less swollen today. Twinkle has progressed to walking about the entire Rescue Center now. She walks and feels with her paw. But she's becoming more sure of herself and walking with more confidence. She's wonderful and loves to be held. Zelda is again in my lap while I sit at the desk--purring and rubbing. Sure do like this girl! Selby, another new one, is a silly boy--has springs for legs and loves to run. Yesterday our volunteers were Judy S., Judy M., Dee, Martha L., Brenda, Caity, Dorothy. Today our volunteers are Mary E., Judy E., Gregg, and Pam. Jodi had to be gone some yesterday, so Martha L. took over the care of the baby kittens that are being fostered until they're bigger. Eventually they'll stay at the Rescue Center. Badu is becoming more relaxed and enjoying head scratches. We heard from the family that adopted Karrdash--all is well and happy there! We had boxes Monday night!

  • Shorebird: fancy feast kitten, Gerber meat, Keebler cookie/Cracker (for the volunteers)
  • hummer: pillow cases, pop tabs (for Kellen), note cards
  • jatcat: post it notes, blades, pens, permanent pens, brand new towels
  • jo91111: 3 big batters catnip toys
  • Thomas P.: pop tabs (for Kellen)


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Octavia had a bonito filled birthday!

We had another adoption yesterday! Our big boy Bubba was adopted. I think he's going to be an awesome cat, especially after he finally gets that feeling of belonging. He's had a few rough weeks it seems, but he's really a wonderful cat. Badu, the Ragdoll, is now out and about. She too has had a lot of changes in a very short amount of time. She's settling in better each day. A beautiful cat. The brown tiger adult cat that came in Friday night is a super sweet boy. He's recovered from his neutering and we are working daily with his eye, trying to save it. We will know more in about a week how the eye will be. He's a purring machine! We had 2 boxes to open yesterday! One was from Joanne H., who sent some really fun toys! 3 fur balls, a kicker toy & a Kong 2 pack mouse/catnip toys! Fun stuff! Blue also sent some more Bloobies. Blue has been crocheting like crazy! We love these bed/cushy covers. So beautiful. Thanks too to Mitty for providing some of the needed yarn. Very nice! It was Octavia's 2nd birthday yesterday. It was celebrated by lots of Bonito flakes and kitty treats. Octavia even got to eat right out of the Bonito flake container--definitely one of her favorite treats. Plus, Connie D. left some packages out for Octavia to find! Bettina's kittens are out and about most of the time now, still gong into a room for nighttime. The Muppet kittens get their first vaccines today, so won't be long until they're also cruising about. Zelda's 2 wounds are healing nicely. Let me know if you're interested in a 2012 calendar ($20, plus $3 for shipping) or a DVD of the Catathon ($10, includes shipping). You can pay by check or Paypal. I've sent alot of things out the last 2-3 weeks. If there is something that I've overlooked and you haven't received something that you should've by now, please don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail at


Sunday, August 14, 2011

A great Wellness Clinic yesterday!

The cat condo did arrive Friday, but due to damage, we sent it back. We did keep the new scales and the bottom part of the condo. The company will be sending a replacement ASAP. Yesterday morning was our Wellness Clinic. We had 33 cats and dogs come in for vaccination up dates, so it was a good morning. It was wonderful to see Dr. Cindy and Lynnette again. In the afternoon, we did 12 spays/neuters for FFRC. The "candidates" were: Selby, Cinnabon, McCallan, Bettina, Peverly, Grominique,Telo, Tracer, Zelda, Yojimbo, Jobo, and the new tiger adult male, and all are doing great. The new brown tiger boy arrived Friday night. He was found behind a restaurant, a probable hit by car. His eye is very swollen and damaged. Dr. Cindy wants to keep him on steroids in the hopes of reducing eye swelling and possibly saving the eye. We're also applying special ointment to the eye twice daily. She also examined Twinkle. Her heart sounds good. Her rapid respiration is probably due to her anemia (from the fleas). This may possibly improve as her health improves. The physical for all the other cats turned up good results. Zelda, of course, still has some anemia but she is also on the mend. Her hip wounds are healing nicely. Bubba spent the day with us in the clinic yesterday and was wonderful. Bettina's kittens are now out and about most of the day. So cute! Ernestine's kittens are just now starting to eat a little by themselves. We had boxes to open on Friday!
  • Sabrina T Cat & Cantoncat: a case of Friskies
  • Linda M, a friend of Lilly's new adopted family: a water drinking fountain for Ada Jane & friends
  • twocatsfromnj: Bic correct fluid, Clorox wipes, trash bags, copy paper, sponges, post-its, paper towels, Mr. Clean magic erasers
Thanks so much for these donations. Don't know what we'd do without all of your support.

Jodi is fostering 5 kittens for us that need bottle feeding. She's had them for almost a week. Eventually they will find their way here when they're a bit older. Also Wednesday we will be taking in another mama and kittens. They will arrive about 7:30 on Wednesday. Saturdays volunteers: Stacey filled in for Gregg and Peggy filled in for Becky. Gregg wasn't here because he was having a garage sale for FFRC. He called yesterday and said he had $100 for the Rescue Center! Thanks Gregg! Today's volunteers are: Jodi, Mary H.,Martha L, Connie D., Cheri and Brandon. And of course, Racer! He has been multitasking doing many things for the rescue center.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Lots of boxes!

We had another adoption! Our handsome Karrdash went to a wonderful home. He will definitely be a pampered pet and will never have a mat on him!. Good news also for Bubba, our giant black fella. A family stopped by, had heard of him and wanted to see him with the possible intentions of adopting him. They like him, the feeling is mutual & they'll be returning the beginning of the week to officially adopt Bubba. We'll keep him in the clinic until then as he seems to enjoy it there--lots of space & windows to watch out of. We had a special visitor here yesterday. Her cam name is Music. She and her husband stopped by. They are moving from Minnesota and making their way to Virginia. He's in the service, which we thanked him for. They have family in Indiana, and as they continued their trip stopped here at the Rescue Center. I was honored by their visit. Showed them the rescue center, the outside cats, and Cat's Cove. They also brought dry cat food, cat snacks & volunteer snacks! We had other visitors also that came to play and visit with the cats. Oh my, we had lots of BOXES yesterday!
  • Clarice G, from MI sent 4 cases of Fancy Feast (thanks for the card & your note)
  • Catman sent a beautifully framed picture of Thumper which is already hanging outside Thumper's Room (Pictures here)
  • Debra B sent 60 Zanies mouse toys (a favorite toy!), coffee packages, tea bag gift box, volunteer snacks
  • Michlynn sent q-tips, a blue rug & pillowcases
  • Sabrina T & Cantoncat sent 7 cases of can food
  • Lynn Flowers T sent 2 angel kitty beds (the kittens love to curl up in these). You can get an angel bed for your cat at Lynn's Etsy store
  • pjpanda sent 2 shirts for Racer & 2 shirts for me! (My shirts had "Oh my Garsh" & aaaaashaaaaa on them!) (My shirts read “smarty pants” and the other is a computer geek joke that I will spare you. Thanks PJ! :D -Kurt)

It's not a small thing when I say Thank You to everyone for your support. It is said with 100% sincerity. YOU all are a part of what we do here and your help is what makes us able to continue our work. It's a BIG thing, what you all do for us.

Clyde the goat seems to be doing well. He has lots of chickens, ducks, and geese right now to keep him company. I tussled with him a bit yesterday--his favorite game! Octavia is now into eating spider webs. She really is quite a unique cat! KW's wound is healing! Bettina & kits are out more and more, they are like speeding bullets! They are learning what the Putter Stare means; that HE is the boss of the place! That little Rizzo girl of Ernestine is very adventurous. She's escaped out the door several times and is already climbing. Paddy Cake has a little sore on his tail, but it's almost healed. Blinken loves the purple marshmallow bed. Nova promised me she would exercise more to try and slim down a bit (not sure if I believe her though). Bella went on one of her rampages yesterday! She zipped up the pole with steps on it and was zooming on all of the cat walks. When she does this, I have to close my eyes, although she's never fallen off. Georgia needs to be adopted by a family that will sit and hold her for hours, it's her favorite thing in the world. The new condo is scheduled to arrive today between 10-2.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

JJ came in 2nd place!

JJ, a kitten that was adopted here 3 years ago and owned by Bill & Dawn Schmucker won 2nd place in the photo contest at The Animal Rescue Site! The prize is a $1,000 grant for FFRC! Dawn is a volunteer here, so FFRC sent a basket full of toys, treats and 2 woobies home with her yesterday for JJ. Thank you JJ! The temperature is cooler and the humidity is lower, so the cats and kittens are going crazy playing! We've been letting them out more in their outdoor enclosure since it's a bit cooler. There's 5 bird feeders and bird houses right outside their enclosure so they are greatly entertained. The sun is streaming in thru the door and there's 6 kittens sleeping in the sunshine strip. As you may know, my llama, Laura Lee, passed away yesterday. She died during the night sometime. She came here when she was 1 year old, and has been here for 13 years. She was the best llama ever--she never kicked or spit anyone and she loved peppermint breath! I will miss her and so will Clyde, her goat friend. We have boxes to open tonight, probably around 6:30. Our volunteers that will be helping us today are Connie G., Donna, Peggy and Pat. Lisa is here to help with farm chores. Cutie is sporting a new collar. It looks very nice on her. Subra is becoming the world's best lap kitten. I saw all 4 of Ernestine's kittens squished into the baby angel bed today.

Laura Lee
Laura Lee

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thanks to Iams and Patrick!

Iams is awesome! A representative, Patrick, of Iams delivered 2 tons of dry cat food to us yesterday. He even helped stack it into the food shed. Next week, they have 4 tons of dry kitten food for us. I am so very very grateful for this food. Mother Hubbard's cupboard will be full again! We truly were on our last bags of dry food supply. Isn't it wonderful how this all works out?! We use Iams/Eukaunuba here in the rescue center. I'm a big believer in good quality foods for the cats & kittens. Makes not only their fur shiny, but their skin is healthy as well. We also give out bags to go home with each adoption. We had a box to open last night. Sabrina T. Cat & Cantoncat sent a case of fancy feast, and 2 cases of friskies.Thanks to Sabrina and Cantoncat. Canton--I gave lots of hugs, as requested, to all the cats! What would we do without the webcam viewers support? I wouldn't want to know. You are what helps keep us going. As I type, Zelda is in my lap, again rubbing on my arms and face--just love her to pieces. And Asha, Kurt William, Putter, Cutie, Twinkle, oh the truth is...ALL of them! We also had an adoption yesterday! Our Couscous went to his new home. The couple that adopted him knew that he was "the one" the moment they held him. We've heard back from so many of the newly adopted cats/kittens this week. All seem to be adjusting quickly and fitting right in. People ask me this all the time--Don't you think the kittens and cats will miss the atmosphere here at the rescue center and would rather stay here? The answer to this is twofold. Yes, of course, they'll miss us, but they will soon become intertwined into their new family. Nothing takes the place of a true home. But for those that stay here permanently, they are quite happy to be here! The volunteers that will be helping today are Mary E., Gregg, Judy E. and Pam. Thanks so much to these wonderful people.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Babbage goes home!

Another wonderful day! We had an adoption yesterday. Our sweet Babbage was adopted. The word already is that he's doing great! He's a wonderful kitty. So, just Dugster, Diffie & Turing went with Kurt last night. Also heard from Nabbat and Rumble's owners and they are also doing great. Queenie's new family called, and though she was a little sad the first night, she is now doing well. Thanks to volunteers Mary E., Ruth, Jackie S., Angie, and Michelle & family for their help yesterday. Kurt is working hard on the railing for the high catwalks. He has most of it cut out and will be staining the pieces soon. We sold 12 of the 2012 calendars in the last day! The kittens of Ernestine (the Muppet kits) have just started eating a little by themselves. Won't be long until Bettina's kittens will be out and about. Zelda is playing--she's becoming a play machine! Twinkle and Zelda are getting tons of TLC, which they both love. We had boxes that were opened last night! Sevren sent 1 case of Felidae can food (100% all meat) & 1 case of Friskies. (Isn't it amazing that these cats have friends from all over the world!) Anna Marie sent much looked for Fly Strips (for the sun porch),Ellenbeth sent 1 case of Friskies & 1 case of Kitten Fancy Feast and 60 Zanie mouse toys (extra cool mice!), Deb 11111 sent a neat furry tunnel, KMR, catnip flipper toys, baby food & 1 case of fancy feast. and Quayside sent Whiskas Purrfectly Fish packets (Octavia has already "thieved 2 packets!"). The new cat, Bubba, is doing wonderful! He's a very large black cat. He's very long and very tall, but very skinny. He's eating great though. He can stand on his rear feet and place both paws on the top of the counter! That's one long boy.


Monday, August 8, 2011

More Adoptions!

We had a couple adoptions this weekend. Kansas went to his new home. He's the boy that's been on hold for a family with 3 children. They've been here many times to visit and finally got to take him home. He has 3 kids that will dote on him big time. Remember Rumble, who went to Eric's house? Well, he was doing perfect with the litter box and has now gone to a family with no other cats. I've already heard from them once, and all is fine. The people who live in the apartment above Rumble's family thinks he's a pretty neat cat and wanted to adopt a cat of their own. So, after references were checked, I had Eric take Nabbat over to them (we got to pick a nice big cat for them!). I think both of these big boys will be very happy. Peverly the kitten is wonderful. She's a beautiful marble/white girl. She's already out and about and enjoying the company of the other kittens. Zelda is awesome--she's stealing my heart. She's a big time face rubber. Can't get enough attention. She's filling out nicely and her wounds are healing. Twinkle is figuring out all the soft cushy places to sleep in. We love watching her navigate around. She also is filling out and will have Dr. Cindy check her out on Saturday, as she seems to have some accelerated respiration that I'd like to have looked at. We had boxes this weekend to open. Gemini brought a box full of assorted things--Cheese mix treats for the volunteers, toys for the cats and 3 cases of Friskies. Deb 11111sent 2 cases of juice and some fruit snacks for the volunteers. Anna Marie sent some juice for the volunteers, and CatManDoo Bonito flakes and Clorox Wipes. Yay! The volunteers and I appreciate those "people things"! Also received from Bubba some Whiskas packets & baby food. Karla from CA sent a bed and pillowcases. Thanks everyone for your support. You are all great people with compassion. Racer has been working on multiple projects for the Rescue Center. FYI--if anyone wants to "talk" to me, or needs info on things, the best way to do this is to send me an e-mail. I can't always get on the chat, but I do keep up on the e-mails. Today is the last day to vote for JJ, on The Animal Rescue Site--he's the "I'm too sexy for my fur" cat! Results of this contest will be in on Weds.


Friday, August 5, 2011

Kitty Climbers

We have possibly 2 people coming this morning for adoptions! Dorri Lynne is still scheduled to leave tomorrow for her new home also. We had a special visitor yesterday. jla from the chat was here for a visit. She's thinking of the possibility of moving to Defiance, so she was busy looking at houses! I checked Cat's Corner Room yesterday to see how the 6 kittens were doing--not a one of them was on the floor! They were all six climbing everywhere on the cat furniture--sure looked like they were having fun. We had boxes yesterday! Colleen from Alaska sent fancy feast for adults and the kittens. Cobbis sent a case of Friskies variety pack. Dawn S. (a volunteer) sent some bonito flakes and a sink drinking cat dish (attaches to the faucet). Ada Jane is figuring it out! PJ sent some KMR liquid cans for kitties and Twinkles. Thanks to you all--everything will be well used! I would like to give a special thanks to Lois F. (Racer's mom). She made and sent a beautiful bag for me. It's a denim bag with designs of cats sewed onto the front--it's so beautiful. I will treasure it always. She also sent 4 really colorful pillowcases for the cats. Remember to vote for JJ, the "I'm too sexy for my fur" in the voting contest. The signature board that many of you contributed cards to is now hanging in the office--I love it! I just sent out more pre-ordered t-shirts yesterday. These should arrive in 3 days. If you have not received yours by then, please let me know. Remember, the 2012 calendars that Kate makes are now ready! They are $20, plus $3 for shipping. If interested, you can pay thru PayPal or send a check. Thank you all for being a part of this Rescue Center! We love what we do here and plan on being here for many many years! Many thanks to our volunteers also.

Denae and Subra

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The addition is paid for in full!

What a great thing! I went to Barth's yesterday and paid for the addition IN FULL! What a glorious feeling that was! We had another adoption yesterday. Sweet Joben went to his new home. He's such a sweet baby, I'm sure he's gong to be very happy to have his own home! What a happy day for Joben! Poor Marja fell from an upper perch today....but, believe it or not, she bounced, got up and walked it off (good thing for a little padding on those bones!!). She got some holding though and felt much better. Kurt William has graduated--his sweater came off and he's been 2 days now without it. The good news is, he hasn't bothered his old wound! Zelda is now out and about 24/7! She's doing so much better, skin getting more supple and you can tell by looking at her that she's happy! She's one of those "look at me and I'll drop and roll" cats! New torti mama, 5 kittens and Tracer are now moved into Cat's Corner Room That room is rocking and rolling, lots of fun going on. We had boxes last night! That's always makes for a fun evening. Quayside sent Purina Fish packets & Whiskas packets, Anna Marie sent Juicy juice boxes for the volunteers & BIG paper towels. Jatcat sent a marshmallow pillow for the HOUSE cats! Debra B. sent 5 boxes of Fresh Step Litter, and C & C Sylling sent a stethoscope for Thumper's Room. Bantry sent Gain laundry soap and kitty can food and treats for volunteers, Cobbis sent 4 cases of Friskies pate and Peekaboo sent Gerber baby meet & baby cereal! I would say we have a special link to caring, compassionate webcam viewers. Thank you so much for helping us. Everything that is donated, are items we don't have to purchase, which means I can concentrate on keeping our medical bills paid. Thank you! Farrah is on my desk right now, eating paper. What a nut. She only does this on my desk. The faster I pull it out of her mouth, the faster she chews! Our new girl, Gromminique is out and about now. Once we opened her pen door, she's never went back in. A real sweetie. Queenie still loves her "babies". She was grooming 2 of them yesterday. Putter is a little sore today so we'll do his 2 days of soreness meds. Seems to give him good relief for a while.


Bonus Crypto Kitten Video!

Cryptos sending Morse Code

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking Good

All is well here, we have a healthy bunch! Zelda is out and about more and more and her wounds look clean. That Twinkle girl is amazing! She's figuring out how to move about the Rescue Center. She still spends a great deal of time sleeping, but that's ok, she never misses a meal! The mama and 5 kittens in Thumper's Room are becoming much more friendly each day. Tracer has decided he's joining this litter so he has some siblings again. We had boxes yesterday! Thanks to Bantry for the cool writing pads and pens. Thanks too to Cobbis for the 4 cases of Friskies--we were in need. Peekaboo sent baby rice cereal and Gerber baby meat--all needed items! Thanks to you all for your support. We also took in a new cat from one of our vet's offices. Her poor feet were worn down terribly bad by being on the road. She will be bathed today and will probably be out in the Rescue Center very soon. Subra was seen nursing from Queenie today--what a sight--she's as big as her mama almost. Paddy Purr was seen bathing 2 of the kittens! Please remember to vote!

New Kitten