Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday, April 30

Putter, Farrah, Magentta and Chance are here in the office this morning with me. They all keep staring and wondering why the door is shut to the main area. We have the food picked up here in the office, so they go to the vet's with an empty tummy. It's so hard for them to understand. As soon as I know how they're doing, I will let you all know.

We understand that there is now a third white cat seen at the dam--right close by where the other 2 white ones, Penn and Teller, were found. Steve and I went down last night to look, but couldn't find him/her. We left some food there--I'm sure he has to be hungry. We'll keep trying. We also have a couple other people trying to locate this missing probable sibling to Penn and Teller.

We will have BOXES tonight at 6:30 pm! I'm excited to get back into the swing of this again. Will probably do boxes 2-3 times this week, will start slow! Hope you can join us.

I'd like to thank Val, Shelley and Maya H too for their visit this past weekend. It was so nice to see them again. We always enjoy their visits.

A big thanks to Deb B for a PayPal donation to cover the cost of a new microwave for Kitty Kastle! I very much appreciate this. The one currently there, is very very old. It will be nice to have a new one, knowing it is a safe microwave. Thanks, Deb.

I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about this internet world that is now available to the whole world. It's quite amazing when you think about it. We are able to make new friends, feel apart of other people's lives, keep in touch with family--it's a big doorway to so many opportunities. Unfortunately, along with the good, it also brings a few bad things. Sometimes people use the internet to cause problems for other people and say wrongful, hurtful things. Anyone that reads any thing in the internet, has to make up his or her own mind what to believe and what is right or wrong. Because we have a huge following of people for our kittycam (of which, we are grateful!), hurtful things do sometimes happen. If you ever read anything on the internet regarding me or the Rescue Center that you question, feel free to e-mail me and ask me about it. I am an honest person and will be glad to discuss your question with you. We also have our computer set so that anything "out there" mentioning my name or FFRC will come directly to me. This lets me pass things on to our Sheriff Deputy that works with us. He does internet fraud, harassment and deframation of character. This Sheriff is wonderful and keeps FFRC and me in his best interest. The wonderful thing though and I know know this in my heart, that for each person wanting to harm FFRC, there's 1,000 good, supportive friends!

Please keep voting at The Animal Rescue Site! We are still in #1 position, but need to maintain this to win the $5,000! YOUR votes are important and make a HUGE difference to us. Thank you, each and every one, for every single vote you give us. When I hear anything about the litter delivery, I'll let you know!
no more room
It's cuddle time!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday, April 29

A beautiful day today. It's sunny, less windy and a bit warmer. The window to the outdoor enclosure porch is open for the cats in the Rescue Center. We also opened the door to Cat's Cove--they almost knocked me over in their haste to run around the farm yard! They'll be back, as soon as their supper is served!

We had 2 adoptions! Maximillion was adopted on Friday. He had a few hours of driving to his new home, but he didn't mind the drive at all. He's an awesome cat and I believe he'll be very happy. Hettie was also adopted on Saturday. Melissa took her home, but not before spending several hours petting ALL the cats in the Rescue Center! We enjoyed both of these new adoptive families' visits.

We also had a visit by catlvr14. A very nice webcam friend. She also brought an awesome basket for the Catathon. It's filled with items designed by Debra Jordan Bryan. There's a treat jar, a food dish, a beautiful throw, a yard sign and a door mat, all with her well known cat designs. There's also 2 wine glasses that can go with it, with pawprints on the glass. Thanks ever so much, Gina.

Wolverinegirl and husband Nick also visited FFRC (they're the ones who adopted Maximillion). They brought lotion, q-tips, postits, Mr. Clean, volunteer candy, windex, Dawn soap, bleach and plates. Thanks bunches!
Thanks too to Jodiann87 for these items for the Catathon: a book called Legacy of the Cat, and Martha Stewart Dental toys. When Melissa was here to adopt Hettie, she brought a neat wooden Cat Kleenex box. These are great additions to the Catathon!

I'd like to thank Cathy S from PA for her PayPal donation and to Laurin H from MA for her PayPal donation!

Our newbies, Penn and Teller are doing great. Each day they get healthier! Such loverbugs. Today, we had the door open to June's Room for a little bit for the Purr babies to start broadening their kitty world. Purresa, the mama did real good for about 45 minutes, then lost her cool. All was fine in a matter of a minute and tempers settled down quickly. Her babies are getting stronger and can actually run a bit. The tiger markings of these Purr babies are so beautiful.

Our other mama, Shaling is doing great. Her pen door is open all day long and only shut at night. She seems to get along with all the cats, but definitely doesn't like dogs. Jazzie has learned to stay out of the front office!

Tomorrow, Monday, we have 4 cats going to the vet's for dentals and teeth extractions. We have 3 of the 4 that are high risk. Those that are going are: Farrah, Magentta, Putter and County. I talked to the vets office on Friday, and they are ready for our gang. They will take excellent care of them.

I'd like to address the situation with the 12 kittens that will be neutered/spayed on May 12. They are all waiting in anticipation....that means it's almost adoption time! I rarely will put kittens on hold until 2 weeks before their spay/neuter time. As we head into this time frame, please know that potential new families have a list of questions to answer, along with vet references. I am very careful where each and every kitten or cat is placed. I try my very best to get them into loving, indoor homes where they are appreciated as being a family member.

Supposedly, the contractors only need 1 more day to finish their part of the new Storage Room. They will finish the ceiling and put in the connecting door from the Storage Room to the Rescue Room. When they do this, we will move all the cats and kittens either in the front office or in a room. Then our work begins--we will paint the trim and the ceiling, put in the keyless door lock and seal the floor. Then it's MOVE IN DAY! We have spent days getting ready for this and we're all anxious to complete this project!
Boku & Tiramisu
Boku and Tiramesu looking oh so cute.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday, April 25

Penn and Teller are at the vet's office right now for their neutering. They will also get their physicals. We have both on antibiotics, especially Penn due to his bite wounds that he received on his night out before he was found. They are both ever so sweet. Each day they look a little better. We wipe their faces, clean their eyes, brush their fur, give their meds, feed them good food, clean their boo boos, swab out the nasty ear mites and give them kisses! Won't be long until they're with the rest of the gang.

WisconsinListner2011 had sent a beautiful pin to represent Animal Abuse Awareness. It was to be given to a volunteer, thru the luck of their name being drawn out of a hat. And the winner is........our Saturday evening volunteer, Becky!

The construction is well under way! I LOVE progress! Our regular 2 guys and another group of 4 converged on the place yesterday morning by 7:30 am. By late afternoon, some of the wiring was done, the framework up, the outside wood boards up, the new roof on and insulation placed in the walls. Today, 2 guys came. more wiring done, the plaster boards put up, with the fiber boards then put on. More yet this afternoon will be done!

The guys also put the metal awning above the sidewalk from Kitty Kastle to the Rescue Center. This will keep people dry on their walk up from the farm yard, kitty city or Kitty Kastle to the Rescue Center during rainy or snowy weather. This is a super-strong structure and will hold up to any kind of weather. Instead of waiting to do this later, since they had the man-power yesterday, they decided to get it done way early!

I would like to thank everyone for the cards of good well wishes that I have been receiving. I so appreciate this. So fun to open and it's nice to feel appreciated. A big thanks to you all.

Pat, our Thursday night volunteer, completed an art project she has been working on. It's a counted cross-stitching wall art with 8 stances of The Story of the Rainbow Bridge. It's just awesome and I thank Pat for this beautiful art.

We have had a few boxes delivered this week. I will probably do a few boxes on Monday night at 6:30. I'll do this several times next week, but will give you all a heads up on it!

A big thank you to Becky M, of Defiance who made a donation thru PayPal, to help with the care of Penn and Teller. Becky is the person who saw Teller being dumped and went back to rescue him.

We are still in first place for The Animal Rescue Site--so very exciting! Please keep voting. It continues till 6/15. Thank you!
Storage Room
The outside entrance to the new Storage Room! It's just wonderful and we can't hardly wait to have this completed so we can become more organized! This door will help us unload from the driveway into the Storage Room.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weds. April 25

I've heard from the GiveLitter program. We actually came in FIRST PLACE!! Isn't that just wonderful! Because of YOUR votes, we will receive 10,497 pounds! It's just so wonderful! Thank you for each and every vote you gave. You do make a huge difference to this Rescue Center! We will know very soon when the delivery date is.

I've also heard from the Traveling Paddy and his friend, TC. They are now in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada and will be there for a short visit. Their next stop is back at FFRC! Liz May, their caretaker in Dartmouth, says, "We'll all show Paddy & TC a great time". Liz May has 3 cats, Lenny (16 years), Emma (10 years), and Squiggy (10 years). We'll put together their entire trip and put it on a page on our website!

On Monday night, Jodi (volunteer) & Nuki (webcam viewer) had a fun night--they sang Happy Birthday to Hummer, dressed as Marilyn Monroes! They also opened a few boxes for me!
Skeetokins--3 packs of Lysol wipes & a package of Charmin TP
Lance54--brushes (for the cats) & a cool Sheriff badge for Putter. Putter asked me to put his badge in his "wardrobe box" that we keep for him! He loves his shiny badges!
Nuki-Slave--six beautiful bath rugs, all colors
Michelle L--books for all of us to share and read & a Pet Supply Plus gift card
Deb B from MN--a donation thru PayPal

You may know of our young, special friend, Hannah. Hannah loves cats, is home-bound but enjoys the world thru her computer. She also enjoys FFRC, Putter, the Paddys and really, ALL the cats! Her birthday is coming up--it's May 10th. I thought it would be fun to send Hannah some birthday cards! If you'd like to participate in this, feel free. If you'd like to, simply send the card here to FFRC, with Hannah's name on the outside of the envelope. We'll be sure to get everything sent to her for her birthday!

We have taken in 2 new kittens. They are brothers, but arrived 1 day apart. Yesterday evening, a friend was passing the Power Dam and saw a car parked there, a guy opened the door and placed a white cat out onto the stones. She turned her car around, went back, the guy dumping the cat left quickly. She got out, called kitty, kitty, and the cat came eagerly to her. Now, this morning, our volunteer who lives right beside the Dam, found a cat in their barn. We are sure that they are brothers. Both are white, both with a bit of a grey splotch on their forehead, both with a slight upper respiratory infection. And when they saw each other--noses touched and licks given! A joyful reunion! They are about 8 months old. The one with the bigger splotch of grey is Teller. The smaller grey splotch kitten is Penn. (Nuki named them for us!)

FYI--I'm feeling pretty good. Thanks for your cards and good wishes. I'm still playing low-key for a while yet. Resting a lot, enjoying this time with my house cats. But, I'll be back soon!

Here are some dates coming up:
April 27--Penn & Telller will go to be neutered (don't want to wait till 5/12 due to their age)
April 30--County, Magentta, Putter and Farrah go for their dentals/extractions
May 7--Filbert goes for his dental/eye surgery
May 12--Surgery day here at FFRC for all the kittens to be spayed/neutered. In the afternoon, the volunteers can bring in their cats/dogs for a check-up, vaccinations, tests, etc.

Also, June 24 is our 2nd annual catathon! We have been starting to put baskets together for this awesome event. I've been asked several times this same question: If a person would like to donate items for the Catathon (does not have to be cat related), WHEN should these items be here by? The answer is, by the first of June. Thank you so much for your support of this event!

Please keep voting for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. We are currently in first place and could possibly win $5,000 if we maintain this lead! So exciting! The voting ends June 15.
Grominique is a very special cat--loves people, kids, dogs and all the toys she can have!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday, April 23

All is well here at FFRC. I'm feeling pretty good from my surgery and I appreciate the kind thoughts coming my way. I still am playing "low key" this week, but have sat on the steps a few times to visit the cats and kittens. I'm still not doing BOXES yet and not many e-mails, but I'll be back asap! Zelda and Badu came and each gave me licks and purrs this morning!

I have been resting a lot and what a nice comfort to have all my inside cats with me. Frequently, I'll wake up to find 6-7 cats sleeping with me! Now, THAT'S what "taking it easy" means to me!

I wanted to let you know I've heard from the GiveLitter program director.
"We’ve had so many votes that we have reached our 100,000 pounds of litter maximum capacity- a whole week early! You should be so proud of your supporters! So, this GiveLitter round is now closed and I’ll be following up with you in regards to the total pounds your rescue will receive. We’ll then work on coordinating for a delivery date." Happy news--we have won some litter! More later as I find out what the "scoop" is!

We have a special visitor here at the Rescue Center. It's Nuki--one of our webcam friends. She arrived Saturday night and will stay for a couple more nights! She and the cats are enjoying each other. So nice to have her.

We also had a visitor yesterday--Gem and her mom. They brought 2 cases of Friskies, wild bird seed, and pop tabs for Kellen.
Ruth D from CO--paypal donation
Renee C--paypal donation
Linda T/icemaiden--paypal donation
Thanks ever so much for your support to FFRC.

Keep voting for us at The Animal Rescue Site! On 4/20, we were 3.28, today we are 3.38. Second place organization on 4/20 was 1.78 and they remain the same today. Let's keep our lead and win that $5,000. Thanks for your votes!

The kitties and cats are all doing great. The volunteers are doing an awesome job while I'm staying in the house and resting. What a comfort to me to know the volunteers are fully capable of taking care of everything.
Bodu, looking so cute!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, April 20

A wonderful day! The construction guys were here yesterday and all is well with the shower in Kitty Kastle. All it needed was a little tightening of the drain. They also said they would be here early next week with the Amish crew and put up the framework, roof and walls, work on the electric and have a huge part of the Storage Room done! I can't wait to get this all organized!
Please continue to vote for the Give Litter program. As of this morning, we have collected 6,049 votes--astounding! Can't wait to see this pile of cat litter we will be privileged to receive! We are also still #1 in The Animal Rescue Site--sure makes for a good feeling! If we continue, we will be able to win $5,000. Voting ends on 6/15. Remember, too, our 2nd annual Catathon will be 6/24, a Sunday from 1 to 4:00. You can watch this exciting Catathon on the kitty webcam!

All is well here. Asha is busy grooming herself on my desk, alongside Zelda. Queenie is already at the window, waiting for the birds to wake up. Hank and Fabio's wounds are healed. Six of the kittens were cuddled together, sleeping on a high leaf of the big oak tree yesterday. The oldsters are all doing great.

We had BOXES last night! Thank you ever so much. I find it very rewarding how we all seem to be a team and draw strength from all sides of how this rescue center runs.

BarbaraF/Lgecko--A really neat food maze & treats. The food maze is a tower that has levels where the treats go down. The cats love it.
SandraA from OH/Tazsmom--8 boxes of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken and Fish
Anonymous--for Octavia, a case of Fancy Feast Appetizers (it was speculated that Octavia got a hold of a credit card and ordered these for hersel!
Bradley S from WA--a wonderful Epson Perfection Color Scanner--a great addition for the rescue center
Hannah & mom Jennifer--card for Jacci and PaddyCakes
Whitney/whitster--we showed the 6 handmade kitty blankies she donated
Deb11111--donated the rest of the money needed to complete the cost of the new Storage Room! Made for lots of thankful cheering!
CherylAnn275 from WA--Wow! This ffrc friend is super talented! There were treats for the cats, the dogs, Einstein and the volunteers. Also a love trivet for my mom, batteries for the stuffed mama kitties, kitty toys, Angel ornament, post its, PB pretzels for Steve, PEACE signs, kitty jammies that she made (love these!), scotch tape, handmade dish towels monogrammed for Kitty Kastle, an angel figurine, a sweatshirt with cats stitched on the front, stamps, and these awesome, beautiful handmade Iris paper folded thank you notes. They are absolutely beautiful. They were made with much talent, time and love. An extra big thanks.

This rescue center has so much to be thankful for. I can hear a whole lot of purring going on from the cats--their way of being contented and thankful. Rizzo and FiFi are good friends--they love to nap and play together. Bada is wonderful and got a nice back rub yesterday. Ada Jane continues to love her morning dripping of the faucet for her drinks. Macallan loves those Yeowww catnip bananas!
Cutie and Dunakin are saying--Thanks for the food--so yummy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday, April 19

Shaling is wonderful. She comes out of her pen, Dodger's Pen, off and on, but goes back frequently to take care of her babies. We have found that over the years, if they tolerate this in/out of their room or pen, they adjust to the main stream so much better. Her 5 kitties are so sweet. Eyes still tightly closed, have round tummies and sleep all the time yet, except for a few wiggly feet now and then.

Purresa's 5 babies are absolutely big. They will be 3 weeks this Tuesday. Getting stronger. Mary E and I weighed all the kittens yesterday and all have had good weight gains.

We are definitely doing the "kitty shuffle" now! The 12 group of kittens are out more and more. They zig, zag, run, sprint, then collapse in a ball of napping furry bodies! Definnitely, a lot of fun; we love it!

Our visitor, Nikka left last night and I've heard she arrived home safely. Kissty Kastle has been prepped and now ready for our next visitor! We have found though that we do have a bit of a problem with the shower. I've called the construction guys, and hopefully they'll be here asap to fix it. Not a real big problem, I hope!

I still have Twinkle's rainbow monkey on my desk--I like it here. Reminds me of that sweet girl. I also have that awesome card on my desk. Maybe you hear it thru the cam now and then, cause I frequently open the card to hear the song "Lean on Me". I think that should be our song for FFRC. We'll take care of the matters here, but you all "out there" help us accomplish this thru your support of many ways!

Voting continues for the Litter GiveAway. The site is The last I looked this morning, we had 4,130 votes. That is amazing. I understand we get 1 pound of litter per vote! That's ALOT and will help us. Granted, we use an enormous amount of litter, and this will be a tremendous help.

I will not be doing any posts for a few days since my surgery is tomorrow. (if you missed that, please check yesterday's blog). So...bear with me and know I'll be posting again soon. All will be fine and I'll be back soon. I'll keep in touch with the moderators and will have them pop a note on facebook how things are going! But, in the meantime, please continue to also vote for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. We are currently #1, but we must maintain this until 6/15 to win $5,000. I just have this feeling that we can do it!!

We had BOXES last night!
Skeetokins--Arm & Hammer Litter
Anonymous--a case of Fancy Feast Poultry and Beef
KimK--8 Detroit tickets for Steve (he is so grateful--a very very faithful Detroit fan!), 2 star candleholder sconces, autumn leaves tea light candleholders, Keurig Hot Apple Cider, book "Historical Cats", porcelain figure with fragrance oil. Awesome gifts.
Colleen/leenie--Charles Sysocki "Too Pooped to Participate" tote bag and artistic throw/wall hanging for the Catathon. Absolutely beautiful!
LGarrett/kznco from South Africa--stool leggings to avoid scratching the floor--really neat! Made with cotton and bamboo.
JoyceR/JoyceOH from OH--a gorgeous handpainted (by Joyce) kitty picture for catathon

Bella is comfy cozy in the big red marshmallow bed--she likes to sink right down into the middle of it! Zelda is once again on my desk. If I even slightly touch her, she chirps! Cutie is laying beside Zelda. Jaina is looking out the window, already wanting to go out on the outside enclosure. Cyrilla and Jaina have been playing in the grooming tub together--lots of wrestling going on there!

Boomer, taking a nap, inbetween his crazy playing time!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Weds., April 18

WOW!! We won! FFRC won $1,000 for having the most votes for the first week at The Animal Rescue Site. This is in direct bearing of YOUR votes! Thanks to ALL of you for your votes--wow! I wasn't aware that we may be elgible for this, so what a fantastic surprise. This will help us a lot. So appreciative! If we can maintain this lead until June 15th, we can win the $5,000. We can do it!! Please keep voting at:
Check this out (go to the 3rd picture):

We are also asking for votes at GiveLitter™ Helps Cat Lovers Donate Free Litter to Shelters Across the Country. 16 Rescue Organizations will
Receive One Pound of Litter for Each Vote! This voting goes till June 30th.

Sugar Plum was spayed yesterday. She is recovering just fine and will be out and about soon. I know she's ready to come out and play! We've started Farrah on her slightly reduced PB seizure meds today. Will keep a sharp eye on her, watchful that her seizures stay at bay. The reason for doing this is she's a tad bit clumsy with the dose we've been using. We're trying to find the right combo of dosage for her.
I've been in touch with our vet regarding Emaline. She's researching things about Emaline and will give me a treatment course asap for her sore on her head.

Nikka will be leaving today. She was our first guest in Kitty Kastle. Our next guest will be arriving this weekend. We are so happy to share the Kitty Kastle with our visitors! Nikka said she will get all her updated pics up soon for you all to see. She will share the link with you.

Wanted to let you know that Derby was adopted last week. I wanted to make sure this was going to work out for the family and Derby before announcing it. He left on 4/11 and is doing great. Happy news for him and his family.

We had BOXES last night! Love this--so much fun and we have so much appreciation to give to you for your support.
anonymous friend--a case of Fancy Feast Medley for Cutie
Lois L--6 Yeowww catnip bananas for Cat's Cove cats--they're going to LOVE them. They will be given them today!
JAL--pill pockets for Farrah
D'Lee--3 boxes of Friskies Gravy Sensation packets
Aunty Fi--a very soft/cute stuffed Snoopy friend
Aunty Catnip--Fancy Fest tuna for Cutie
Jillr27--a case of Fancy Feast appetizers, a case of Fancy Feast kitten food, and 3 cases of adult Fancy Feast
LaRae--a very nice card and a beautiful framed cat picture for the catathon--a wonderful addition for this event!
Eclectickatz from NY--coupons for FFRC and volunteers
Wisconsinlistner--a purple paw print pin for me and a cool volunteer ribbon jewelry that will be for a volunteer (we will have a name drawing for the lucky winner)!
Pat L from Kansas--coupons for FFRC and volunteers
Mike G/sophieandlucysdad from MI--card and coupons for FFRC and volunteers
Jo91150--BBQ sauce for Steve and 2 wonderful, delicious nut/popcorn trays for the volunteers
Karen B--Chief receipts and coupons
Nikkaross--a beautiful card and a donation for the storage room
Harley B from Canada--a donation thru PayPal (Cutie and Bella were delivered a kiss for you!)

I have some news to share. I have to go to the Ann Arbor hospital on Friday for surgery. I will be home Saturday. Unfortunately, I have an abdominal soft tissue disorder that causes problems. This surgery procedure will fix me up! I will probably not be out and about too much for that first week, but everything is covered here at the Rescue Center. If the cam goes down Friday or Saturday, the MODERATORS know who to call. I do have a couple of favors to ask. I probably won't be answering e-mails for the first week, so maybe any "extra type e-mails", hold them off until later. If there is anything of urgency, that would be fine to send via e-mail. Secondly, if you don't mind and it's possible, if you are sending a BOX, maybe could hold those off for a week also. If any boxes arrive next week, that's fine; we will just hold them in the office for later in the week. I COULD ask a volunteer to open them for you all, but I'm being selfish! I LOVE to open them myself!! So, we'll get back to BOX time asap. All is fine here and I'll be back on track in no time at all. No worries!
It's the Purr litter! Purrdue, Purrkins, Purrgeron, Purrby and Purrdita--all kitties of Purresa.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday, April 17

What an awesome and productive day we had yesterday! Stacey and Judy S worked long and hard at cleaning the cat furniture. Judy S spent hours using the shop vac on all the furniture in the main area and Stacey followed with the furniture shampooer. An all day affair. The furniture looks fantastic, just like new! Many thanks to Stacey and Judy for their hard work. Next week, they will tackle the furniture in all 3 rescue rooms and the big front office.

We had a webcam friend visit 2 days ago, by the name of Grumpy10/Harold F. He donated 2 large boxes of Arm & Hammer cat litter. Another visitors yesterday was a cammer, Sally A. She donated Friskies, Meow Mix, Whiskas, kitty treats, bucket of scoopable litter, and a Purple Marshmallow bed! Thanks to Harold and Sally! We also received Pill Pockets for Farrah from Julie and her 2 cats Maxaroni & Thunder BUnder!

We WILL have BOXES tonight! We did not have BOXES last night, due to Dr. Amanda's visit here to the Rescue Center. Dr. Amanda arrived last night and started doing physicals at 7 pm. She was here 2 hours looking at our cats. Isn't it just wonderful that we can have our vets come here for their services. Sure makes it much easier on the cats. Here are the results:
Cutie, Maximillion, Octavia, Asha, Magentta, Pansy Mae, Kiera, Buttons, Dunakin all received a physical and are just fine!
Zelda--her limp seems to be due to a past injury to her left elbow. Nothing to do for it, but to give her extra kisses every day!
Jaina--her heart murmur was graded as a 2/6, which is better than what she had in the vet's office. Remember, she gets all worked up there, so it may have appeared more intense there. We will do another chest x-ray on her in May. If it stays the same, or better than her March x-ray, she will go up for adoption! In the meantime, we will use a different ointment in her eyes, trying to clear her eye problem up.
County--his pin in his rear leg appears to be fine. He also needs a dental cleaning for a bit of tartar.
FiFi--Dr. Amanda did her eye surgery and she was very pleased with the results. Can now go up for adoption!
Emaline--had her sore above her eye looked at. It makes me sad that Emi has such a huge amount of problems, due to allergies and her own immune system issues. We work hard at staying ahead of her problems. Her eye wound may be a difficult thing,. Dr. Amanda will research this and let me know what more we can do.
Angel Kisses--the vet was very pleased with her progress. The rear leg is still a bit atrophied, but is improving all the time. We can now put her up for adoption!
Magentta--we have had dentals/extractions done on her before. She will need another dental, involving the removal of a few more teeth.
Putter--his physical was great, but needs a tooth extraction--the upper right K9
Filbert--we knew upon his arrival that he needed a dental cleaning. He will also have his eye sewed shut, to make it more cosmetically appealing.
Pansy Mae-needs a dental sometime, but not necessary at the moment.
Ada Jane--her physical was great, although her kidneys appear to be fairly small. Will keep an eye on this, in case she starts into kidney problems as she ages. She also has a 2/6 heart murmur.
Farrah--we discussed her seizure history. Since Farrah has been such a clumsy girl, it was decided to reduce her PB seizure meds by 1/2 a pill. She will take 1 at night, and a half in the morning. Due to this change, Farrah will again be on hold, on the adoption PetFinder list. The reason is we have to be assured that this bit of a lower dose will keep the seizures from happening. So, a couple months of observation is needed.She also needs her upper left K9 removed (it had broken broken in one of her seizure-falls).

We have names for the torti mama and her 5 kittens! The mama's name is Shaling--such a pretty name for a pretty girl! The brown tiger/torti, female is Shirley. The brown tiger, female is Goodness. The buff/white, female is Mercy. The calico, female is Fayth. The orange tier, male is Obadiah. Shaling came out of her pen a couple of times yesterday. She did real well.

We had a major scare yesterday. Someone had went out the front office door and it wasn't latched. (A good reason for ALL of us to use the regular office door.) Paddy Cake put his front paws on it and almost went out the door. We then all realized that we had heard the door chime, signalling that the door had been opened earlier. We all went into fast gear--doing a head count. All were accounted for except Sugar Plum. We searched and searched and could not find her. We even searched a large area outside. After about an hour of us looking, there she was in the office, stretching, from taking a nap. I was so very worried about her. The lost was found and received lots of hugs!

Filbert is such a sweetie--round and huggable! His cosmetic eye surgery will be done soon, along with a dental cleaning. Such a great cat!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday, April15

The birds are singing, the cats are playing, it feels like spring and life is great! Raza is on the window shelf watching the birds at the feeders. Cutie is on a cat furniture staring at the peacocks that are walking by. Zelda is sprawled out on my desk and Paddy Cake is sleeping in the pulled out desk drawer. Can't get much better than this!

If anyone had their name drawn for the Fiver Friday and have not received their picture of a resident cat, please let me know. There are still 2 names that were drawn that I did not have mailing addresses to. Please e-mail me!

We have several cats on hold. Hettie will go to her home yet this month. Queenie is also on hold. The family that adopted Peverley and Tweeney (from Colorado) would love to have Queenie join their family. Because of the distance and schedules, they will wait until the spring to drive to Ohio and get her. Yes, we are willing to hold Queenie for this length of time in exchange for a wonderful home for her! We have had many people come in and look at the baby kittens and want to put holds on them. But, we won't put holds on the babies until the first of May! Maximillion is also on hold and will be going to his new home yet in April.

We will not have BOXES on Monday evening, 4/16. This is the evening that Dr. Amanda will be coming and doing exams on many of our cats. I have quite a list of cats that need an updated physical. Lots of activity that night! We love having the vets come here to the Rescue Center!

Our first guest to use Kitty Kastle comes today! Nikkaross/Sherry will be arriving later today and staying till mid week. We always welcome Nikka. She does so many things for the rescue center, including her awesome pictures that she takes and shares with everyone. When Nikka leaves, we will then get the Kitty Kastle all ready for our next guest arrival which will be that following weekend!

We had BOXES last night! Wow--what a lot of boxes! It was so much fun. I continue to be amazed at the variety of items that are received. Thank you ever so much.
Aunty Catnip from IN--bonito flakes
Barb C/nightstar--very sweet story about Octavia and Putter, written by her daughter Brittany, 2 cans of salmon, and tuna cans
D'Lee--8 packettes of Vitagravy (a flavored skin/coat mix that has Vitamin E & Omega Fatty Acids in it. We will use this to add to their breakfast mix.)
TippynTraylor--a no smoking sign and a donation box to be used in Kitty Kastle
CathiB12--2 cases of Fancy Feast appetizers, 3 fancy feast can food
MadisonPepper--box FULL of Fancy Feast appetizers for the farm cat gang and Cat's Cove cats
Linda T--2 giant packs of paper towels & a 3 pack of Clorox Wipes & a big laundry detergent bottle
Judy M/JudyNJ--notecards for catathon (many boxes of notecards made with the resident cats on the front) & envelopes and a box for FFRC that has 12 notecards with the 9 residents cats on the front! These are just awesome!
Sandra E--3 cases of Fancy Feast
German Sigg--case of baby food
Acctconnect--3 cases of baby food
Dave, Bonnie & Michael--friskies gravy sensation case, kitty treats, special treats for Badu (to be delivered with a hug and kiss), cans of tuna, 13 beautiful, soft, colorful hand crochet blankets for the rescue center, a case of fancy feast and a quilt (for the catathon)
Cantoncat--2 cases of liquid KMR and 9 boxes of Kuerig K kups (we love to make coffee, tea, cider for the volunteers)
Linda S/mls9690--all for the catathon: mug & cat house holder, mug with coaster & tray, her entire collection of Calico Kittens (22 pieces), a calico kittens display shelf, and her entire collection of Hallmark Christmas Kitties (11 pieces), a 4 x 6 cat picture frame. This is a huge bonus to the catathon and so generous. She also sent for the cats: fancy feast canned food, baby food, gravy sensations and potty bags (were used for packing)
Janak--a postcard from Al-cat-traz for putter (she's on vacation!)
Colleen P from CA--coupons
Nancy L from WI--coupons
Mary B from CA--coupons
PeppiLaPew--a neat card (from Macallan and Raza) and a donation for medical needs.
Michelle/Kitty Luvz (visitor to FFRC from Akron)--PT, clorox wipes, volunteer treats, bubble gum, Friskies, tuna and pics of her 2 dogs and cats
Whitney/Whitsterx0 & her mom Beth (visitors from Cinncinati)--6 beautiful fleece blankies, cat toys, kitty treats, Fancy Feast, dog treats, and Meomix Toppers She also gave me a wonderful book called 101 Cataclysms and a donation for the Storage Room, in memory of Twinkle
Amy/JoboLove & mom Lemon (visitors on Saturday)--baby food, clorox wipes, cat treats and Friskies
Ladydoc/Irene B--3 cases of Fancy Feast, all different flavors
Cathy/cjreid14 and Kate/imk8t from CA--a donation to FFRC thru paypal
Ann G from OH--a donation to FFRC thru paypal
Marie F from KY--a donation to FFRC thru paypal
Wow--thanks to everyone for your support. It's just awesome and makes a huge difference to us!

Please continue to vote for us on The Animal Rescue site. Voting continues until June 15th.
Tree of Giving
This is our hand crafted Tree of Giving that is on the outside of FFRC. We love it! Anyone who donates $250, can have their name on this (printed on leaves). It's beautiful.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday, April 14

We will have BOXES tonight at 6:30 pm EST!! We have at least 14 of them and some very very interesting looking boxes! Some are for Kitty Kastle, some for Octavia, some for the catathon and .....they are ALL just so interesting to look at! I'm sitting here beside them and have shaken a few. Come join us tonight on the webcam for some fun!

We took in an interesting case yesterday. I got a call from someone in the next county over, saying a stray cat was having kittens. Turns out, she's been feeding this cat for a year and that she's living in her house. Please, if you are feeding strays and they are in your house, they are not a stray--they belong to YOU. PLEASE GET THEM SPAYED OR NEUTERED. Anyway, we took mama in. Gregg, our volunteer, was kind enough to go pick her up and bring her to FFRC. She was actively having her kittens and when Gregg picked her up to put her in Thumper's Room, out popped another kitten. What a good sport this mama was. She put up with a lot yesterday and can still purr! She's a torti. Babies are: a calico, a buff and white, a gold tiger, 2 brown tigers with a smidgen of tortiness. Mama has been tested and is negative! More on her later.

The kittens have been on high speed--they play hard, they love to wrestle, run and act like crazy kitties! And then they crash and nap, grab some yummy food and off they go again! Not a care in the world. YoYo and Jax are 2 of the most ornery kittens!

Purresa and kittens are great. That little Purrdita and Purrby love to play together. Their playing consists of batting each other's legs and tails. Eyes are wide open and legs are still wobbly. This Tuesday, they will be 3 weeks old.

Kiara was playing fetch at the sink yesterday again. She KNOWS when we give vaccinations, that there will be a syringe (without the needle) being tossed into the sink. We wash and reuse them for oral meds. She loves to get one and carry it around. Farrah is now on Petfinders. Her picture will be added soon. It's time for us to try and find her very own home for her.

We have found the traveling Paddy and his friend. His travel box accidently got stuck in a corner and wasn't sent out. All is well now and he is on his way to his next visit to Canada. After this visit, he will be returning to FFRC! Can't wait to gather all his traveling notes, pictures and stories and put it together! And to think he's found a friend that now travels with him!

We are always happy to share the cats and kittens with our webcam viewer friends. To date, we have over 2.6 million views on our kittycam. We enjoy sharing the life of FFRC. Please know that we value integrity, honesty and good morals. If you ever have a question or concern, please don't hesitate to e-mail me! This truly is not just OUR rescue center. It is shared with all of YOU! Our webcam friends have become an important extension of our FFRC family. Thank you for your support and confidence in what we are doing here.

Please remember to vote! We are in #1 position thanks to YOUR votes! Yesterday we were at 3.96, today we are 3,64. This is still a healthy lead. The second place organization was at 1.86 yesterday, today is 1.83. Please help us by voting! It's easy to do and so extremely appreciated by FFRC! You can vote at:
Part of the interior of Cat's Cove.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, April 13th

Where, oh where, in the world is Paddy? He's been on his world tour, but the last I heard he is back in the USA, but where? We've lost track of him. I do know that he has a friend now traveling with him. I heard that Paddy may be in Maine Island, but not sure. If anyone can update me as to where our Paddy World Traveler is, I'd appreciate it. It shouldn't be much longer before he comes back to FFRC.

I've heard from the lady who will be adopting Hettie. She will be here yet this month to pick up her new cat! Hettie is excited! We've also heard from the family that adopted Turing and Diffie, now known as Mac and Tosh. Yesterday was their 1st birthday. The pictures of them show how happy they are. Much love in that family! The family that adopted Marcin also sent pictures. He just had his 2nd birthday. He is very loved and living a good life! Maximillion is on hold and will be leaving on 4/27.

April 16th will start the GiveLitter program. They have asked for our logo and will promote us on their site! They have, to date, given away 58,415 pounds of litter to organizations! People can vote once daily. We will keep you posted.

Also, please remember this is the month that HeyKittyKitty is donating some of their proceeds from their on-line cat store to FFRC! Their site is: If you are ordering any shirts, you may want to order one size bigger, as they seem to run a bit small. The quality of their shirts are very nice.

We also are on the Causes site. The web address is: Check it out!

The kittens have increased their playtime in the main part of the Rescue Center. What fun that is. Definitely having to do more of the human "kitty shuffle walk" now, to avoid stepping on any little toes! They have been having so much fun on that mesh tunnel. Filbert is out more also. He was even spotted last night playing with some of the catnip toys! So nice to see he is relaxing some here and enjoying himself. Sugar Plum is out more too and she's adjusting much better.

It's official. Dr. Darci will come on 5/12 and do all of FFRC's spays/neuters in the morning. The afternoon we will have a Volunteer Wellness clinic. The volunteers can bring their cats/dogs for medical updates. Dr. Amanda will be here about 6:30 pm on 4/16 to give needed physicals to our FFRC cats and recheck Jaina, County, FiFi, Emaline and Angel Kisses.

We had BOXES last night!Today is a great day for FFRC to express our sincere thanks to all of those who have changed the life of this rescue center for the better. You are all treasured for the various ways of support that is shown to us.
GermanSiggi--4 cases of chicken baby food
Sigrid (volunteer)--hair dryer for Kitty Kastle
CherylAnn275--a case of Friskie Gravy Sensations. 2 cases of Friskies
CathiB--2 cases of Fancy Feast grilled
Dewittycdw1--6 bottles of Tide HE (we do 15-20 loads of laundry a day)
IreneB--a case of Fancy Feast classic
HeatherK--a very nice rug, 4 blankies, 1 1/2 case of Fancy Feast, a bag of Purina Pro Plan for cats and a really neat Kong toy tunnel
Scraps & Squares quiling group--sent a donation and a letter
ColleenP in CA--2 envelopes full of coupons
Betz57--a lovely card with a donation for special food for the cats, but especially Cutie and a hug to be given to Cutie (done!)
Nuki-Master sent a letter with input from Ringo and Starr also. These 3 cats sent items for the Rescue Center and Cat's Cove. A very special envelope was marked "Oh-So-Special" and included a whisker from Nuki-Master! Also enclosed was a pair of socks that memoralizes Sabrina T. Cat III, that needs to be kept in the new Storage Room. Also donated is a check to go towards the Storage Room. What wonderful cats!

Asha is doing wonderful. She LOVES to be in a lap. If you ever hear lots of squeaking noises on the cam, it's probably Farrah, as she carries around a spring toy. Grominique is a sweetie--she's also a big lap sitter. Macallen has been playing with the kittens--he's pretty gentle with them!
Here's Buffy all curled up and comfortable! Buffy wants to remind everyone to vote every day, please at and help us win!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, April 12

No construction went on yesterday as the cement is still in the drying phase. Today the door to Kitty Kastle will be done. Next week will see big changes for the Storage Room as the walls will be going up and the roof put on!

Please keep voting for FFRC at The Animal Rescue Site. We're still #1, but need to maintain that lead. Yesterday, we were 4.56, today we are 3.96. Second place yesterday was 1.87, today they are 1.86. These numbers will adjust a lot, especially the first week. I so much appreciate your votes! We can do this!

One of our vets, Dr. Darci will be here 5/12 for a very big day. In the morning, we will do spays/neuters for FFRC cats and kittens. Hopefully, we'll be able to get all done and up to date. The kittens should all weigh 2 lbs. by then. In the afternoon, we will have a Volunteer Wellness Clinic. This is for the volunteers to bring their cats or dogs in for an update on their vaccinations, worming, tests, physicals. This is a great opportunity for the volunteers.

Then, on a Monday (probably 4/16), Dr. Amanda will be coming to give necessary physicals to the FFRC cats. That will include the oldsters--Putter, Ada Jane, Magentta. She's the vet who did the work on Jaina and FiFi, so she will also recheck both of them. We'll also have her check County's leg to be sure the pin is in proper position. There's also a multitude of other cats that will get a physical. Thanks to both Dr. Amand and Dr. Darci for their help!

Please, as a reminder to all chatters on the kittycam. Everything that is put on the chat, can be seen here at the Rescue Center. That means, all comments can be read by volunteers, visitors, etc. It is important to be kind in the chat, so no feelings are hurt by our visitors. Thank you.

We had BOXES last night! Thank you for giving.
Aunty Catnip/anonymous--for the oldsters and friends: 3 cases of Whiskas packets
JatCat from CA--Anderson Peanut Butter filled Pretzels (for Steve) and a large jar of almonds Great snacks!
Bonnie, Dave & Michael (they help sponsor Badu)--case of Whiskas packets
Sonjamac--in loving memory of Gandolf--a case of fancy feast appetizers and a case of Friskie Gravy Sensation packets
Michylyn--a card and a Hoops and YoYo Fun Post-it notes!

We received an e-mail from the family that adopted Turing and Diffie, now known as Mac and Tosh. Today is their 1st birthday! They love them very much and have given them both a wonderful home. Their pictures show a very happy Mac and Tosh!

Our new cat, Sugar Plum, is all sugary with people, but she's not so sure about the other cats. Hopefully, she'll adjust as time as goes by! She really is a nice cat. Queenie keeps wanting to make friends with her. The 12 kittens are all doing great. So active and energetic. They love to play in the mesh tunnel. The 5 Purr kittens have round tummies. Purrgeron was on his back and couldn't roll over, due to that big tummy!

Badu is still enjoying the warm laundry in the mornings--her favorite thing is to snug on top of the giant pile! Ada Jane loves to sleep in the wicker basket while Buttons has discovered that boxes are fun. It's so nice to see our older cats being comfortable and happy. Preakness acts like she would love to play with Pansy Mae, but one look from Pansy Mae and Preakness is off. It's interesting to see and watch the communication that goes on between cats.

Kitty City Inside 7
This is 8 of the 17 Cat's Cove cats. This picture was taken while still in Kitty City.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Weds., April 11

We are still in first place, but the second place organization has climbed a bit. They are at 1.87 and we are 4.56. Please help us win $5,000. All it takes is VOTING! Please vote each and everyday, spread the word to family and friends and post it on your facebook! Thanks for helping us with this great opportunity!

The construction guys were here yesterday! The floor for the back porch and the storage room is now poured. It was a chore to keep the sunporch cats off of it! I would've liked it, but the contractors didn't! I just laughed. Next, for the storage room is the framework. They will have an Amish crew come in to help with that. It'll be amazing how much they'll get done in one day! They also got the bathroom doorknob on and the light up in Kitty Kastle. Paul put up the bathroom storage cabinet. Mary was here last night and put the curtains up in the Wicker Room. All that's left to do is to paint the bathroom door. Our first guests arrive next week!

We took in a new cat yesterday. A sleek black very young adult. Stacey found her and named her Sugar Plum. It's a great name for her and she is so super cuddly. She's been tested, wormed, bathed and will receive her first vaccination today. She's still in Thumper's Room.

Filbert is in Patience's Pen. He loves to be petted, but is a rather shy guy. A real laid back cat with a very round belly! Maximillion walks around with a soft ball in his mouth quite a bit. He just loves to play. Cutie's fur is still growing back in. She is such a love. Emaline's eye sore continues to heal. The little kitties (wee3, fab4, yoyo gang and Roga and Dix are eating very well. Their tummies are round. They all gained a little more weight this week.

Many thanks yesterday to our volunteers Jimmy, Lisa, Martha L, Caity, Dorothy, Judy S, Judy M, Paul, Stacey.

We had BOXES last night. We're so grateful!
Sandy S/Poohman--a donation for the Catathon: a beautiful ceramic hand painted figurine with nine cats. It's called The Queen and her Court, made by Carol Lawson. A very pretty piece of art.
Anonymous Friend--a case of Friskies Prime Fillets
Sandra D--3 cases of Friskies can food
Anonymous Friend--for Raza and friends--2 cases of Fancy Feast (chicken & turkey)
Gossamer/Linda L--in appreciation of MsBlueWolf for making blubies for her cats: a case of Friskies, 8 zaney mouse catnip toys, a case of Fancy feast for Kittens, and a really neat Bunkbed/Playroom toy
Cantoncat--3 cases of large cans of Friskies (different flavors!)
Anonymous Friend--2 37# boxes of Arm and Hammer Kitty Litter
German Siggi--a beautiful Easter card (made by her 92 year old mom!) and another card with a $1 Bunny Bucks bill (had a bunny face on it!)
Twiggysmom/Ruth D--Ruth said these things can be used for Catathon, Kitty Kastle or FFRC: a seashell themed towel holder, handtowels & mug, cat toys, dog toys, cat tunnel, kids pink socks with kitties, 2 pillows, binder clips, stickers, 2 cat books, 15 stainless steel food bowls, Easter cards, a card for Twinkle with a donation. Ruth also sent 2 beautiful counted cross-stitched pictures that she made (both red ribbon winners). One is titled Feline Fantasy & the other is Royal Highness. Very pretty.

People have been asking me about the Catathon. There's a page now on our website: Just click on the Catathon tab. If anyone is interested in sending items for the baskets that will be auctioned off, we would love it. It does not have to be cat-related. But, to help us put the baskets together, please have all items here by June 1st. Thanks bunches for your help! It's a really fun event!
Kitty City Cat LeLe
LeLe--a Cat's Cove/Kitty City cat, looking sleepy! She and LaDonna are good friends!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday, April 10

Wow! Fantastic! Awesome! Humbled! Appreciative! Stunning! Happy! These are just some of the things I thought and felt when I saw the results of the voting at The Animal Rescue Site. We are in the lead with a good healthy start! Things can change rapidly, so please, keep voting for FFRC. Remember, you can vote every day!I truly am humbled and grateful.

We did not have BOXES last night, as I had a program to give to a quilting group in Wauseon, Oh. Their club is called Scraps to Squares. Last year at one of the programs that I did, there was a lady there that belongs to this Scrap to Square club. She presented an idea to her group and they took off with it! After many months, we got together last night and they presented FFRC with many cat-size quilts. They are all colors and sizes--just wonderful! They also donated paper towels, laundry soap, plastic bags, vinegar, etc. A very nice group of women.

The kitties are running around like little crazy kitties should! They are so cute, energetic and friendly. Even Badu and Putter is patient with them (for the most part, at least!) Bella has been bathing the kitties more and more. Asha received a major back rub this morning. She has the most fantastic purr. FiFi has decided climbing is her thing right now. She's into everything and climbing everywhere!

Yesterday, Purresa decided to move her kitties on the floor (there's 3 layers of cushie blankets) instead of them being in their "nest". All have eyes either open or cracked now! This morning, I kept hearing a tiny mew, so went looking for the source. Purresa had put Purrby in the cabinet where all the blankies are and he couldn't figure out how to get back to the litter. He was promptly replaced back with Purresa and started guzzling--he was so hungry!

The construction guys were here yesterday. The Kitty Kastle isn't done yet, but very close. We have to paint the new bathroom door and put up towel racks, and the cabinet in the bathroom. Yesterday, they placed the toilet, sink, put in the shower head and finished the mop boards. We have our first guests/visitors to arrive next week! They also dug the foundation for the storage room and the cement was poured. We have progress now! I will keep posting pictures on facebook.

We had a donation to PayPal from a Meezer friend. Blue, who is a beautiful siamese, had her 12th birthday yesterday, and sent a donation to go towards the Storage Room! Blue and her friend, Selkie are from Nova Scotia.

Many thanks to our volunteers yesterday. They were: Linda/Clemm, Jodi, Riley, Jimmy, Ruth, Jackie S, Mary E and Angie. I would also like to say thanks to our webcam moderators. They do a fantastic job. Being a moderator is tough--trying to keep our chat G-rated, while keeping hundreds of people happy. I appreciate each one of them.

Kitty City has been power-washed clean! Even all the furniture was super-scrubbed. Today, it will be put back together and ready for use, if we need it for the spring/summer time. This building is wonderful, but is in need of work. The siding is only half done. The ceiling just has styrofoam in it, no "cover". We would like to put a real ceiling in it. As many of you know, we also have problems with this building flooding when we have a lot of rain. I've talked to the contractors and they have a couple ideas that may help. Just this week, we replaced one of the windows that was in dire need of replacement. It's a great building, just needs a little work!

Sevaun says "I'm not chubby, I'm just a big boned girl!" Sevaun loves a good tummy rub and chin scratching. She's one of the Cat's Cove cats.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday, April 9

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! Today starts the second quarter for The Animal Rescue Site. Here's the deal: the only way for FFRC to win $$ this quarter is by coming in FIRST. We did it the last quarter of 2011 and WE CAN DO IT AGAIN! Please vote daily, ask your family to help us and pass the word thru Facebook and e-mails. This would be a win of $5,000 for us! It's YOUR votes that make this happen. Thank you ever so much for your support!

Kitty Kastle is nearing the completion of the construction make-over. I believe the contractors will be here today to finish the bathroom--set the toilet, sink and finish the plumbing on the shower. It is now about 98% done! I LOVE it. So calming, nice and comfortable. Kitty Kastle is open to visitors that want to stay overnight. We are taking reservations. This is our way of saying thanks!

The kitty groups have come more separating them in different pens for naps and nighttime. They now all go into Cat's Corner Room. During the day, they have lots of playtime in the main area, but go back in their room for feeding, naps and nighttime. They all look wonderful and it's so fun to see them play.

Shimma is doing wonderful in her new home. The Cat's Cove cats are very happy to be back in their spring/summer/fall home. So much more room. They love the big screened tunnel that connects Cat's Cove to the Feline Fieldhouse. They bask in the sun and take naps there. Rory has definitely made a great adjustment. Flare is now considered a barn cat. He's fine, happy, loves to stalk the peacocks (he'll never win that one!) and has made friends with the other barn cats.

Everyday, hundreds of outside cats are getting pregnant even in YOUR area. Grab an unowned cat and get it spayed/neutered. Maybe neighbors could each chip in some $$ to get a cat done. I always tell people, it's easier to do one spay in the spring then to have 20 cats in the fall.

The 2 newest babies, Roga and Dix are doing great. Love their 2-colored ears! Roga is the black/white one and Dix is the grey/white one. So sweet and playful.

Putter has his stare-down face on a lot lately. He knows how to give "the look" and whoever is around will give him a neck/back rub. Oh, how he loves that! Queenie is one of the most playful adults I've ever seen. She's so much fun to watch. Sure would love to get her in a home. Maximillion is also a play machine. He plays with ALL ages of the cats and kittens.

Preakness and FiFi were playing yesterday a lot together. Nice to see that. Octavia successfully thieved 2 containers of MeowMix! It won't be long until the kitties realize she's a food-provider! Jaina is growing and doesn't seem to have any trouble with her heart condition. We'll get another chest x-ray soon and let that be the determining factor as to when to put her up for adoption.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks for your support.
Laura H/Medic from IN--box of Fancy feast
Mimi/stinkypeeps13 in FL and her cats Squeaky, Cricket and TUffy--pop tabs for Kellen, a bag of awesome handmade Easter catnip toys. She also sent 3 trivets that she made that can be used for the Catathon or Kitty Kastle. 2 trivets are cats, 1 is a dog. Stinkypeeps does beautiful artwork and makes these trivets--so very nice.
Cheryl L/CherylAnn275--kitty Easter card
Collen/leenie50--kitty Easter card (Putter look-a-like)
John P from CT--a donation made thru PayPal
Carla C from OR--a donation made thru PayPal It's her birthday and her gift to herself is to help take care of the Kitty City residents. Happy Birthday to Carla!

Dates to remember: June 24 is the 2nd Annual Catathon. Sept. 21st in the evening is the mini-webcam viewers concert by Mike Chamberlin. On Sept. 22nd, Saturday, is our big concert with lots of afternoon activities here at FFRC. April 16th is the next GiveLitter program by the World's Best Cat Litter, where we can vote daily in hopes of winning cat litter! Now thru April 30th, is when HeyKittyKitty is giving FFRC part of their proceeds from their cat sales thru their on-line cat store. Remember too we are just starting our voting for The Animal Rescue Site! Vote daily please!
Rizzo sure would appreciate your votes for FFRC!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday, April 8

Get ready , get set--it's almost time to vote!!! Please help us win that $5,000 from The Animal Rescue Site for the second quarter! So exciting. Please tell your friends and family that we sure would appreciate the support. Thank you.

You can vote for us at:

Deputy PaddyPurr says to vote!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Saturday, April 7

What a whirlwind of activity we had here yesterday! I think we were all exhausted at the end of the day. We had a vet visit us from Hicksville--a very nice person. She enjoyed visiting the rescue center. She especially was intrigued with FiFi's eyes. We also worked big time again in Kitty Kastle. The floors are all scrubbed, big rugs are down, most of the furniture is in place. The construction guys will be here on Monday to place the toilet, sink, cabinet in bathroom and the plumbing fixtures, then we'll be done! Last night, Mary came with the curtains that she made for Kitty Kastle. She and Connie put up the curtains in the main area. Still need to do the wicker room yet. Many thanks to Angie and everyone who has made this Kitty Kastle possible. Our goal is to make it very comfortable for our visiting webcam friends who would like to stay overnight. This is our way of saying thanks. And there's no cost to our visitors.

We also moved the Kitty City cats to the Cat's Cove. Earlier in the afternoon though, we let all 17 cats out (including Rory) to play and cruise about. About 2 hours later, we called them back into Kitty City and they all came right back in! Then they received their appropriate vaccinations, worming and their ears were cleaned. They then were crated and taken to the Cove. Simone, again, had a problem. He doesn't tolerate the crate and did his usual "collapse". It's like a seizure. Five minutes later though, he's fine again and glad to be back in the Cove. Rory did just fine--acted like he'd done this before! Flare on the other hand, is now a part of the sunporch and/or farm cats. He will NOT tolerate being inside. His escape methods are professional. But, he's very happy and we'll continue to care for him. Now, we will be water blasting the Kitty City so it's clean for whatever we may need it for.

The Wee3, Fab4, the Yoyo 3 and Dix and Roga have all met now. They get "together playtime" on the floor. All seem very healthy, active and have tons of energy! The Purr kittens are now cracking their eyes open--there's a world for them to see! They also are doing great as is their mama.

Paddy Cake and sometimes Paddy Purr has their occasional pottying problems. I would like to assure everyone that these 2 Paddys will never be placed in Kitty City or Cat's Cove. They are our FFRC residents. Did you know that our sweet Bella also has potty problems--probably due to her injuries? Or that Ada Jane's favorite place to pee is on a rug? These things are ok, we love them and accept them as they are. They are our RESIDENTS! We're good cleaners and don't mind cleaning up after them. The problem comes (like Rory and Flare) when the cats that are up for adoption spray. I will not and have not ever adopted out cats with known litterbox issues. We cannot keep all the litterbox issue cats here in the rescue center, as that would limit our space for adoptable cats. So, that is why we have our Kitty City and Cat's Cove. All are happy in the Cove and are very well cared for.

I have a special favor to ask. If anyone sends in coupons for the rescue center, can you please cut them out and even sort them into categories for us, if there are a lot of the coupons? That would help us tremendously. Thanks!

We had BOXES last night! You all make a huge difference for us!

Aunti Fi--sent a stuffed toy to Livvy (our young Friday night volunteer)
Vaun S/vrs1cats herd from PA--an Easter card, cat treats, 2 Madcap cat toys, a case of Fancy Feast and a big box of sheet protectors
Tipppy & Traylor--an Oster toaster oven for Kitty Kastle (and it's a perfect fit on the shelf!)
Laura H/Maddy--a case of Fancy Feast grilled (she likes the name of Purrdue as she is a Purdue University fan)
Kristin R/krisnm444 and her cat Chloe--an Easter card (Putter look alike) and Easter treats for the volunteers including Easter chocolate cats, jellybeans and sugar free volunteer treats and Appetizers for the cats. We also had a picture of Chloe.
Anonymous Friend--a Yeowww banana and 3 lazer lights for Raza and her friends
Germansiggi from FL--a huge bag of dry cat food
EclecticKatz/Karen--sent a wonderful book, called the Cornell Book of Cats. This is a terrific book for reference.
Rebecca and her cat Willow--for the Catathon: 2 cool beds--one is a tuna can cat bed and the other is a fish bed with a wide open mouth
Kelly R/littleonemine--the March Harry & David fruit arrived. It is nectarines!
Amy D/stitches72 from PA--lots of coupons
Paula B/GAnanny and Pam M/callie2011, sisters from GA--a funny musical Hoops/YoYo Easter card
ReneH from NC--Easter card
Jane W/calico17 from MA--2 Easter cards with coupons in both
Patricia K sent a card for volunteer Mary
Gusti from Germany--lots of cute stickers and a special medallion
Gail & Bob M from PA and their cat ROcky--a Paypal donation
Dave, Bonnie & Michael--a Paypal donation for Badu
Mayumi from Japan--a paypal donation

Please remember to start voting for us on Monday, at The Animal Rescue Site. We can do this!! Please pass on our hope to come in #1 for the second quarter! The website is:

Simone says he's very happy to be back in Cat's Cove!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday, April 6

Blessed Good Friday day to you all! It's a beautiful day here. The cats had a party last night. Stuff was knocked down, dish drainer and contents all over the floor, blankets in a disarray, toys scattered everywhere--I do believe they had a major catnip load last night! As long as they had fun!

We had webcam visitors yesterday--the Speedy's! We have the privilege of their visits every so often. The cats love them. FiFi was especially enchanted with Eric. We are getting more reservations for Kitty Kastle. If you think you may be visiting FFRC and would like to reserve Kitty Kastle, let me know. It's first come, first serve. Angie worked on Kitty Kastle again yesterday--it's so pretty and calming.

The babies are all doing good. We have names for the 2 newest newbies. The black/white one is Dix (for Dixon) and the grey/white one is Roga (for Ticonderoga). Mostly importantly they have middle names! It's Dix Stinky and Roga Stinky. Our friend Sevren had given us the Stinky name from last Catathon name sponsorship. So...since I'm so late using her suggestion, we'll give them BOTH a Stinky middle name!

Hank's wound is looking good. It's healing nicely. We continue to work on Big Al's ear infection. He's such an awesome cat--so laid back. All the sunporch cats are doing good. They never miss a meal. Hank likes to follow people around on the farmyard (probably to get extra meals!).

Hopefully, by the end of the weekend, we will have the Kitty City cats in Cat's Cove. It's all scrubbed and stocked for them. Then after the move, Kitty City will be power washed. We will then tackle some major projects that are in need of being done for this wonderful building.

We had BOXES last night. The friendship and enjoyment we share of the cats and kitties here at FFRC is wonderful.
Mamie--sent 10 awesome baskets that are ideal for the Catathon--just perfect!
Julie C--Easter card for Magentta, stamps, kitty tunnel, catnip, feline greenies, pop tabs for Kellen, doggie treats, kitty treats, sardines, scratch pad, calculators, 3 tote bags, cat grass kits and delicious homemade Treasure Cookies and recipe
Anonymous Friend--4 packs of Royal Canin Baby canfood, a case of Friskies and a case of Fancy Feast kitty food
Aunty Catnip anonymous friend--3 yeowww catnip toys, containers of yeowww catnip, bonito flakes and Fancy Feast Tuna for Cutie and friends
Joyce R & hubby from OH--Easter card, blue blankie, Reese's PB eggs, treats for volunteers, pop tabs for Kellen, Einstein treats, kitty tretas, doggie treats and a bag of kitty toys
KellyR/littleonemine from CA--"Harry & David Fruit of the Month--2 super juicey, delicious pineapples
CA friend--2 envelopes of coupons
Judy L/judeanlee from OH--2 Easter cards and stickers
Terry K/sweetpea--Easter card for Putter
The Speedy friends--treats for the volunteers, Mr. Clean, paper towels, toilet paper and H.E. laundry soap

We heard from the family that adopted Karrdash--they love him and he loves them! What a great combo! We also have a possible hold on Maximillion. If you hear major chirping on the webcam, that may be Maximillion. He loves watching the birds and chirping non-stop. Hettie will be leaving later this month. We've had about a thousand people wanting little Hooops (ok, maybe not that many!), but we do not put holds on the little ones until their neuter/spay time is closer.

Please mark your calendars for April 9th. That is the first day of the second quarter of voting for The Animal Rescue Site. The only way we could win $$ on this round is to come in FIRST place. That winning would be $5,000. Please, tell your e-mail friends, your family & friends and just everyone! We can do this!

Raza is such a nice young adult cat. She loves laps!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday, April5

The contractors were here yesterday morning. The last of their wall work was done in Kitty Kastle. In the afternoon, Angie and Bill were here and got the primer on followed by the first coat of paint for the new bathroom, last night. We also scrubbed the floor and got all the construction dust up. The beds are made, some of the furniture is in, and it looks so beautiful. The wicker room still is not done, but it's all coming together nicely. We are hoping to get a lot of use out of Kitty Kastle. Any of our visitors that would like to stay overnight in Kitty Kastle are welcome. We are starting to take reservations. There is no cost, but if a donation would like to be given, that is fine. The visitors can also take a few cats from the Rescue Center to spend the night with them, if they would like to! We are also providing a small refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot!

Be sure to read the facebook today! Canton's story today is on Simone, a wonderful Cat's Cove/Kitty City cat. You'll enjoy it! The Big Move was made yesterday. Purresa and Purrkits are now in June's Room. The 3 YoYo kits are in Dodger's Pen. The Wee3 & Fab4 are now in the bigger Cat's Corner Room. All seem to be happy with their new arrangements. Won't be long before YoYo, Hoops & Jax will join the 7 in Cat's Corner Room.

We also took in 2 new kitties yesterday. So very sweet and loverbugs. One is grey and white and the other is black and white. Their ears are 2 colored also! Both are males and about 6 weeks old. They will be named soon. They're having so much fun running and playing in their big pen.

Angel Kisses has again expanded her area. She now spends a lot of time in the big area, by the dog room side. She's playing, climbing and eating good. She's still very shy, but does enjoy being petted. Her leg is becoming stronger.

Emaline is on high treatment again. Her sore above her eye has become worse. After talking to our vet, we have increased her anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. She was sedated yesterday to do a good cleaning of this sore. What a sweetie she is. This does not seem to bother her in the least, which I'm glad of.

We had BOXES and ENVELOPES last night. What an extra fun night of box openings--lots of variety again. It always amazes me at the wide assortment of gifts that are sent!

From the German Easter Bunny--an Easter donation thru PayPal
Anonymous--a warrant for Octavia's arrest from the Hamilton County Municipal Court (I think we better start making her sardine cakes with a file in it!), many cans of tuna, sardines, salmon and chicken (a cat's paradise), kitty treats, toys, treats for the volunteers, paper plates.
Annamarie7--1000 bags for scooping (yeah--no holes!) and 2 adjustable long handled pooper scoopers (we'll put one of these long scoopers in Cat's Cove--will help alot in those big litterpools)
Anonymous--treats for Ada Jane, Asha, Magentta and friends and Whiska packets
Connie S from MN--letter, chirping bird toys, fresh catnip (Farrah loves it), coupons, treats for the volunteers, Iams kitty food, 3 cases of Friskies, 4 really neat pillowcases and homemade caramels. Her cat is Willow.
Tanya/Dutchy504--2 cases of Friskies, a case of Friskies Gravy Sensations pouches
Kathy & Alan C & their cats Seamus, Angus, Scrumpy Jack--a large container of bonito flakes Also a pic of her 3 kitties. Your hugs were delivered!
Faye W from NY--card, paper plates, windex, 3 Dawn dish soap, sponges, post its, Q-tips
Leggygal from CA--pics of her cats Taft & Spike, card for volunteers, a BD card, 11 beautiful fleece cat throws for the Catathon
anonymous--a whole case of paper towels
Janak/Janet A--a most beautiful Kitty Kastle wooden guest book (made of Rimu wood), made in New Zealand. This is just awesome and is a real treasure.
Mudjie/Mary B--card, 2 wonderful cat blankies, wind chimes, many rolls of various printed duct tape and various other types of tape, lilac soap bar, apple cider mix, stickers, sardines, volunteer treats, doggie treats, cat "butt" magnets, baby kitty wipes, dog toys, Einie treat, catnip, cans of chicken, salmon and tuna, stuffed toys and a safety collar
Connie S (Tookie's mama)--a donut bed and a beautiful crochet afghan for the Catathon
Diane M--volunteer--cat shaped cookies
MM_cat/Maria from Poland--an Easter card
Michlynn--a very nice Thank You card (we enjoyed your visit!)
Bill B from PA--card and donation for Putter's meds
Linda M from GA--an Easter card and a donation in memory of Twinkle
Beverly G--A Happy Easter gift from the Swiss Colony--3 boxes of very yummy Easter treats

Rory and Flare are doing good in Kitty City. No squabbles. Flare does indeed want OUT though. He may need to become a Sunporch cat, as it's very difficult to keep him from escaping out the door. I believe his mind is made up! One day very soon, we will be moving all the Kitty City cats to Cat's Cove. Maybe today, or tomorrow. They love their Spring/Summer/Fall home--so much room and views of the farmyard!

Buttons--our sweet brown tiger cat. She would love a new home!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Weds., April4

What a wonderful day today is! The birds are singing, the kitties look good and are playing and the big cats are happy! And we are a healthy group here.

We did not do BOXES last night, as Steve and I went to a later movie and it was a bit late to open any by the time we got back. But, we will have BOXES tonight! There's already 7 boxes from yesterday and 1 envelope!

Purresa wanted out of her pen this morning to stretch her legs. I believe this is going to be the Move Day. We will move the Wee3 and the Fab4 into Cat's Corner Room so they have more room to play. Then we will move Purresa and her 5 kitties into June's Room. After cleaning Dodger's Pen (from Purresa & kits), we will then move the 3 long hair kitties into this pen. Lots of shuffling around, but it's all part of getting bigger!

We also have moved Flare (last night) and Rory (this morning) to Kitty City. After putting down Bonito flakes to distract the resident Kitty City Cats, all seems to be going well. Flare is ever so wanting to get OUT though. But, all in all, seems to be a good transition.

Hettie and Jaina goes from scuffling each other to playing with each other! Oh, the life of cats! I do believe though that they truly are friends. Zelda is here on the desk with me, messing with my fingers, causing mistakes. But, isn't that what the delete button is for?!

Please keep checking into the facebook page. Cantoncat is telling the stories of Kitty City/Cat's Cove cats. You will certainly enjoy these! Remember too, to check out They have us as their April Cash for Cats fundraiser. Proceeds from their sales will be shared with FFRC! They truly have a cool cat shop on the net!

I would like to thank:
Elizabeth S from Australia for her PayPal donation
Renee C from Nova Scotia for her PayPal donation

The dust was thick here yesterday. The construction guys were here and had to cut the cement which they will remove (maybe today) to start the construction of the new Storage Room. I can't tell you how excited I'll be for this to begin. They also have just a tiny bit left of the shower for Kitty Kastle to be done. Then, we will go in and do a major cleaning, paint the new bathroom walls and move everything in! I love improvements and changes!

The #1 reason that cats are relinquished or euthanized is for inappropriate elimination issues. Use these guidelines to help insure that your cat won't have to experience this problems.
--A litterbox should be accessible at all times.
--If you have more than 1 floor, make sure you have a litterbox for each level.
--One box per each cat, plus one is a good guideline to follow.
--Cats do not like messy, smelly litterboxes. Keep the boxes scooped.
--Be sure litterboxes are not too small. They need room to get in & turn around. (Rubbermaid totes make excellent litterboxes!)
--Keep litterboxes in quiet, low traffic areas. Cats like privacy!
--Many cats do not like lids on their boxes or heavily perfumed litter.

Soy Boy
SoyBoy says he'll welcome Flare & Rory into Kitty City!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday, April 3

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Shimma went to her new home. She went to a friend of the Rescue Center. The new mama already called last night and said that Shimma ate, was playing and was very relaxed. More to come from Shimma soon, I'm sure!

We also took in 3 new kittens yesterday. They are ever so cute. They are about 6 1/2 weeks old and had been on someone's property. The mama has disappeared. We have a long hair white with blue eyes (male), a long hair grey, slight tiger (female) and a medium hair dark tiger/white (male). These kitties have been tested, vaccinated, wormed, bathed and wormed already. Right now they are in quarantine in Thumper's Room. They arrived with fleas, but are now flea-free. Very sweet babies. They will have names soon.

Yesterday, Bella and Emaline each were seen licking/bathing some of the Wee3/Fab4 kittens. That was so nice to see and the kitties thoroughly enjoyed it. These 7 kittens are growing. We weighed them and they've each gained between 1 to 3.5 ounces in the last week.

Farrah loves to play in the grooming tub with her spiral toy, chirping the whole time with it in her mouth. The weather was nice yesterday, so the cats again enjoyed their outdoor enclosure. The bird feeders are all around the enclosure, so it provides a lot of entertainment! Rizzo is everyone's friend--such a wonderful cat. She loves to play chase with any of the toys.

Mama Purresa is such a relaxed cat. We now have names for the Purr5 kitties. The tiger/white girl is Purrdita. Her twin brother, tiger/white is Purrgeron. The black/white boy is Purrby and the 2 twin brown tiger boys are Purrkins and Purrdue. Hence, the Purr5 kittens!

We had BOXES last night! Thanks so much for your kindness & generosity.
Beverly M/bevm8040--sent an Angel Care sound monitor. An awesome gift--now I will be able to pick up sounds from the rescue center in the house!
C and L F from MI--lots of plastic potty bags
Anonymous--special food for Ada Jane, Magentta, Asha and friends and Yeowww catnip balls
Donna H--2 cases of 6 inch paper plates (this helps save us washing/drying of dishes!)
Pam H/cassie4321 from FL--an Easter card
Jodie/alsanim12 & Yokie B/hediye1) from Turkey--a giant tuxie cat card!

FYI--Rory and Flare have been spending time in Thumper's Room the last 2 days. They had been outside cats that have decided to spray in the rescue center. They also have become a bit of bullies--cornering our oldsters and other adult cats. We can't have this, so these 2 wonderful boys will join the Kitty City cats. These are the cats, who we love, but have behavior issues (mainly spraying) that we cannot adopt out. Paul has been working on Cat's Cove and has power washed it--it's so nice and clean and now ready for the cats to spend their next 8 months in the Cove. The Kitty City is their winter home. Moving day is this week, unsure of exact day yet.

I would like to clear the air on a subject that I see has been brought up yet again. Unfortunately there is a person who still insists on spreading rumors about me and FFRC. When I say that a cat is going to Uncle Eric's house, that is exactly what I mean. This does NOT and has NEVER meant that the cat is euthanized. Eric is a true friend to FFRC. He takes special needs cats from me and opens his home and awesome huge sunporch to them. All the cats I have taken to Eric, have been feral cats or severely traumatized (socially) cats. Eric is a true saint--he does this in private and is to be commended, not lied about. So..... if you are one of the people who have been PM'd to or e-mailed to about this subject from this particular person, I am clarifying this, I hope, for the last time. These cats have a wonderful home with Eric and are well taken care of.

While I'm clarifying things, let me add this too. There is a person who is constantly calling ffrc and hanging up. I'm sure this person reads this blog. We have already blocked several of the numbers you are using to call. Since you are persistent, I'd like you to know that I am too. All your different phone numbers you are using and your calling history, is being shared with the Sheriff's dept. My advice for you is to stop these phone calls.

Now, onto happier notes! All is fine here at the Rescue Center. We love what we are doing and enjoy sharing the lives of these cats with you! Thank you for being a part of this Rescue Center.
7 Babies
The Wee3 and the Fab4 kitties, one is playing peek-a-boo!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday, April 1

All is well! Kitties are happy and healthy! The kitties are starting to even roam in the front office. Lots of playing going on and chasing each other. FiFi has learned how to do the CatGoRound Wheel. What fun for her. Magentta is eating good these days. Farrah continues to be seizure-free. The new cat, Maximillion is now in Patience's Pen. He's already "asking" to be out and about.

Poor Hank (a sunporch cat) is being treated for a very large bite wound on his back, above his tail. Something bit him and caused a large abscess. We have it drained and treating him with antibiotics and soreness meds. Poor guy--sure caused him a lot of discomfort.

We had BOXES last night! We're so grateful.
Jeanette in TN and her fur haven crew (BW, Ricky, Gracie, Arnie, Zeke, Ben, Nells & Mattie)--a very nice BD card, a wonderful letter, book "Making Rounds with Oscar". The book can be used for Kitty Kastle after reading it! Also sent a beautiful framed poem and pictures of Twinkle as a tribute to her life--very special.
Eric & Carrie in OH--lots of summer time type toys to use for the Catathon--in kids fun baskets, water fun basket, summer toys basket, etc.
Leenie/Colleen & Samson, Delila, Wesley and Dhana--2 BD cards, 1 especially from the Weas and Dhana!

Today, April 1st thru April 30th is a special time for FFRC. A private owned store, owned by Megan is called Hey Kitty Kitty. She has wonderful cat items for sale. Anything from jewelry, shirts, purses, cards & stationery, housewares, toys, etc. Such a wide variety of items. This is the cool thing: she does a monthly donation program called Cash for Cats. For the month of April, WE (FFRC) are her chosen organization. She will donate a portion of her proceeds to FFRC. Please check it out. Her STORE SITE is: What an opportunity for us and a privilege to be the chosen organization!

We are also changing the slide show on the webcam. If the cam goes down, you will be entertained with 20 pictures from the website. These pics are designed and taken by Sporeo and Nikkaross. I have it almost completed; by the end of the day, all 20 pics should be in place for the new slide show. We'll have to have the cam go down just to view it!

Also by the end of the day, there should be a new addition to the FFRC's youtube. A webcam friend, Ron designed a virtual tour of FFRC. It is absolutely wonderful! You can get to youtube thru our website or Thanks Eric for helping with this.

We will now be able to use lots of great pictures that are taken by Nikkaross and Jenni. We have lots of these pics now in our Flickr account and will use them for the blog.

Our earnings from AdSense for the month of March is $653.10!! Wow. This is from YOU clicking on the ads on the webcam! Thanks to each and every one of you.

Lots of things happening for April!
Macallen--my paperweight!