Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday, Feb. 28

My mom's 90th birthday is today! I'm so blessed to have her. I want to send a big thanks for all the cards that have arrived for her. Tonight for supper, my family will be here to celebrate and I will give her your cards. I know they will make her smile. I appreciate this kindness!

Tomorrow at 3:00 ends the Afghan Raffle. This will give me time to finish up details. We will have the name drawing at 6:00.  BOXES are at 5:30 pm. We will stop boxes at 6:00 to do the drawing. Then after the drawing, we will continue with BOXES.  So...Boxes at 5:30, drawing at 6:00 and finish up BOXES after drawing. Fun, fun!

We had BOXES last night! A heartfelt thanks.
Pat, our volunteer--6 pairs handwarmers in a variety of colors, washcloths donated by Walmart
Tigercat/great aunt Julie--a gift to FFRC, in memory of her Dad who loved all animals--6 kitty snackers, ginger snaps and big bag of peppermint candies for Wilson, Mercy, Millie and Butter, 10 pounds of bird seed, big box of doggie snackers and a bag of Happy Hen Treats for the chickens--so grateful!
Lois L--6 cases Fancy Feast kitten Fish & Turkey 
Arden & Charmaine--big bag of Precious Kitty Litter and 4 cases Friskies, 16 lbs Purina One Urinary Tract Dry Cat Food
Mimi and Buddy from FL--coupons
Nona--10 cases of baby food!
Austin from Pdg.--donation for FFRC
Pasha--card for Coralie
Brenda/yarnlover--donation to help with Coralie
Laurie G--donation thru PayPal
Rebecca H from UK--donation to be used for anything needed

I've heard from Mary Kay and Cubby's mama--all is well. Mary Kay is a bit shy but did sleep on the bed last night. Cubby joined right in with the other cats! Their brother Wrigley who is still here at FFRC is doing great. Such a loverbug he is.

Kerri Kat is doing good. She's a bit shy but sure does love to be petted. She's our only long hair black cat. A real sweetie. Marty is a fairly new arrival. She's a bit shy, but loves to have attention too. Her half tail is so cute on her--that's what we tell her. She likes to hang out in the Kitty Kampus Room. Fondant is now up in the main area. She's another one that's a bit shy, but I think once she realizes we ae all friends, she will settle right in also. 

Aazr is least for right now! He looks good. I called his second family last night to chat with them. All is well. Apparently when they let him out to go potty, he decided it was our turn to visit! He was out for 20 minutes and then arrived here. What a treat--2 houses, 2 families that love him!

Ming is doing awesome. He's a chirper and a purrer. He loves to play. He is napping right now with Solee. Cozarelii has been a wanderer lately. So much braver. Yesterday we had visitors and he came by them and walked right on past with calmness! That was very nice to see.

Camvie is now on her special meds. Hopefully we can get her head congestion cleared up. She is such a love--an exceptionally sweet girl. She loves to play with any of the tracker ball toys.

Joni has been with us a few days. At night, she spreads a big quiltonto the floor and snuggles with the cats. They love this time with their Joni. Especially Lorenzo and Derecho. This morning it was Tail Chasing Time. Lorenzo was nipping at Derecho's tail. Derecho was nipping at Emily's tail who was playing with a toy. They sure know how to have fun. 

Alma is doing good. We are doing standing exercises with her. She seems to enjoy them. Dodger Crazy and Garth Crazy are so much fun. Oh---you didn't know they had middle names?! Yes they do and it describes both just perfectly. These are such fun loving boys. They can be walking and see a toy, pounce on it, walk some more, pounce on another toy, go over by the table and attack whatever is there. Lots of fun energy for these two sweet boys! 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 27

One more day and then it's March--the month of Spring! I do believe most of us are ready for green grass, flowers in bloom and trees sprouting their leaves! Sounds like we may also be in store for a significant amount of snow come this Sunday. That's ok.  It's always pretty and each day brings us one day closer to Spring!

I'm not exactly sure what has happened to Dodger, Garth and Karena but these 3 cats have gone bonkers! They have been zooming around here, climbing everywhere and have truly been bouncing off the walls. Are they having fun?  You bet!!

Angie is back from her trip to deliver Mary Kay and Cubby. Other than a late flight, all was well. A big thanks to Angie for giving her time to do this.

We have a couple thank yous to do:
Ellen H--a PayPal donation, in loving memory of Batty Cat. She was part Russian Blue and missed
Carmela H from TX--donation to FFRC
Please always know that if there is a mistake in any of our thank yous or orders, never hesitate to let me know. 

We are moving along with our Afghan Raffle!  Two days yet to get your $5 tickets bought! Can buy as few or many as you'd like! Just PayPal it over to me and jot down your wish--how many and what afghans! Drawing is at 6:00 on Saturday. Such beautiful afghans!

Update on Dennis and Kiko! Finally it's time to settle the story! I have been over to visit twice and all is well! I am so relieved. Potty Boot Camp has been successful. The new family has also been over to visit them twice and then on their third visit, they got to take them home. I've been over to visit once in the new home. Smiles all around as both are using the litterboxes! I have a picture that I will put on facebook. The reason for my delay in relaying information is that I wanted to be sure the boys were continuing to use their box! All is well.

We ended up with four adoptions yesterday! As you know, 2 more of the Chicago 5 kittens went to their new home. In the morning, Keesha found her new home. I walked down the hallway with her, in her usual position--all stretched out. I think she was too much to resist! I've already heard from them and all was well. Then in the afternoon, our wonderful Hankster was adopted. He made very sure that his feelings were known. He licked, kissed and rolled in his new mama's arms--he wasn't going to let her get away without him! We also have 2 other families actively looking for a cat here at FFRC. One family is considering two older quiet girls (maybe Marty and Amparo).  We also still have Venice and Patricia on hold!

Our 3 Staten Island cats are doing good. Joey is relaxing and we are now able to pet him and scratch his ears. Kitty Kat so loves the cushie beds. Thomas is a door-meeter. Anyone coming in the door will get him to give a chirp and a rub on the legs. He continues to get his meds on time. 

Remember we have an unlimited amount of poofs available now! They come in small (20 x 20) and large (30 x 30). The wonderful poofie material on one side and a color coordinated fleece on the other side. They are machine washable. The poofs come in red, black, brown and cream. To order, just send a check with a note or a paypal with the information! Cost includes shipping. Smalls are $30 and the large is $50. They are Bella approved! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weds., Feb. 26

We have 3 more "jetsters" among the cats! The flights yesterday to get Thomas, Joey and Kitty Kat went nice and smooth. They are now here and are "homing" in, in the back Thumper's Room. It was a bit nerve wracking for the security check. We asked for a private room to get the 3 cats thru security. I didn't know these cats very well, they certainly didn't know me yet and Joey was a bit hissy. So, we were ushered into a tiny room, took each one out at a time, their crates then went thru their system and the cats were returned to their crates. No problems! On the first flight, from Newark to Detroit, Thomas was moving about quite a bit, so we did some seat changing so Thomas' and Mary Kay's carriers were side by side since they are good friends. All was fine then.

They seem to be doing pretty good this morning. We will continue to get Thomas on a good steady med schedule with his seizure meds. He has quite a bit of fur missing, but it's growing back. He's tiger/white. This morning he is up and cruising about. When we go into the room, he will come right over to be petted. He loves to have his neck scratched. Kitty Kat is 12 years old--she's a torti girl. She's doing great and is thoroughly enjoying the cushie beds. Her left eye will be looked at--not sure if she has any sight in it. What a sweetie! Joey is an American Short Hair--grey/black/white tiger. He has a birth defect that causes his legs from his elbow down to be his feet. But, he can scuttle about very smoothly. He's a bit afraid. He's lived much of his life in a pen. We hope as he begins to explore more that he realizes that he can relax and be himself.

Angie is at this very moment, enroute with 2 of the Chicago 5 kitties. Mary Kay and Cubbie are on their way out of state to join their new family--they are now "jetsters" too! Angie is expected home tonight.

Melia is wonderful. She has a bit of fake fur as a toy and will flip that up in the air over and over again. Such alot of fun. Emma Jo loves to watch the many birds at the feeders--she chirps and chirps at them! Kareena and Keesha both have ran miles on the cat-go-round wheel today. 

We had BOXES on Monday night! Our many thanks to you.
Anemone F from Finland--2 boxes Salve quick band aids, Scissors, chocolate mint candy and a fruit mix
Sharon M from NY--a Laurel Burch tote, to be used however we need it to, to help
Zelda Belda Girl with a friend's help--valentine for momma Jacci, kitty magnet with a Tuxie on it.
Sue M from MA--note with a donation in memory of Minto
Judy W from OH--Paw Points & Chief tapes
James H from Toledo--donation
Betz from PA--donation for a toy for Walter!
Alan C from UT--donation
Diann G from IL--kitty card with a lovely note and donation
Joann D/catsnmore from FL--note with donation
Daystar2020 and Miarity09--Clorox wipes, Twizzlers, TP, kitty snakers, can chicken & tuna, Purina One, hand lotion, kitty wipes, assorted candy bars and candy for volunteers, sardines, Magic Erasers, Salmon in pouches, Bubble Gum and sugar free Russell Stovers
Barb W from WA--donation thru PayPal
Cindy S from AZ--donation thru PayPal
Wanda E, our Portrait lady--donation from a portrait order!
Cheryl L from WA--donation for anything for FFRC!
April S--donation for FFRC
Andriy P from Ukraine--donation for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation to help with flight for Thomas, Joey and Kitty kat
Shannon S from OH--donation to be used for Leonard and other FFRC needs
Arlene W from FL--in honor of Connie the volunteer, for FFRC
Arden and Charmaine from IN--donation to help with the flight to Staten Island fi=or the 3 cats
Courtney T from ME--donation for FFRC 
Dan P--donation for FFRC
The Poulos Family--in honor of our guest Barb W!
Jasmin K from CA--donation for FFRC
Cathy D from Canada--donation in memory of Max
Kelly L--donation for FFRC
Pamela S from IL--donation for a square for the FFRC quilt 

The Afghan Raffle is on! Tickets are $5 a piece. You can buy as many tickets as you'd like and pick which afghan(s) your ticket is for. Be sure to send along your chat name too. The Raffle is in progress right now to 3:00 on Saturday. At 6:00 Saturday, we will do the name drawings. PayPal works great for this. If you ae sending in a check, please do so quickly so we receive it by or on Saturday! Thank you.

Just heard from Angie--due to a door that needed repair, her first flight was late which meant she missed her second flight. She has a new connecting flight, but will be a couple hours late now. All is well though and the kittens are doing fine.

The Covies had 2 run-abouts last week. Even with the cold and snow they enjoy scampering around. We leave their door open for 5-6 hours twice a week for them to explore. The Barnies are doing great. They're getting extra food to help keep them warm, along with their heat lights.  The Porchies are also doing good. Several of them come into the front Thumper's Room and Welcome Room Office to take naps. I'm sure they are all ready for spring, just like us!

Putter is wonderful--he's been getting groomed almost daily. That boy sure has alot of fur! And he loves to be groomed! We've even been getting a couple brush strokes on Joyful! And then there's Joline--long gorgeous fur on top, curly-locks on her tummy. The Paddys both look great--luxurious fur and so soft. 

Take care all. I appreciate all your support in regards to Thomas, Joey and KittyKat. I hope that sometime soon they will realize they are safe and have a good routine in their lives for being comfortable and happy. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday, Feb. 24

This has been a day of preparation. We have been getting ready for the next two days. Tomorrow is the day that Thomas, Kitty Kat and Joey arrive. Even though all this happens in a day, there's lots to do to get ready to go.  THen on Weds., Angie will take Mary Kay and Cubby to their new home. Also on Weds., there's a possibility that Snappy will be adopted. So, there's been bags to pack for the cats for tomorrow, health records to get ready, volunteer papers to get ready, emails to get caught up on--all in all, it's been a busy day. 

As many of you know, Thomas (the cat from NY that is coming tomorrow) is a CH seizure cat.  He finally calmed down after a very hard morning and early afternoon. His caregiver Jennifer has taken great care of him. He's had his meds last night and today and she will continue them tonight and tomorrow morning. Send good thoughts and prayers that we get Thomas here without any seizures. Once we get him here, we will continue to keep him on his meds.  The reason for his seizure yesterday was from him not receiving his meds due to a break in his care. 

Alma is doing good. We have been putting her in a litterbox every so often and she's been using it! Way to go Alma! Her and Coralie are friends! Yep, you saw that above? Snappy may be adopted tomorrow! Wouldn't that be wonderful for Snappy?! 

All is fine here. Kitties are healthy, adults are happy.  Shamballie is doing great--his fur is growing back. He is so playful. Tabitha is a big time licker. If you hold her, she licks your cheek, licks your chin, licks your hand--she is so sweet! Joyful has decided her home now is in the back Thumper's Room. She seems to really like it there. Zelda has been on my lap each time I've sat down today at the computer. Keesha got to do her "stretch out" exercises today. 

We had BOXES last night--yeah! The cats and I are so very thankful!
Rosemary B from South Africa--4 awesome, beautiful afghans. We will be putting these in a raffle. The colors are just stunning. Many thanks!
Eric and Carrie--case Friskies bits, large styrofoam plates, dog snackers, kitty snackers, pop tabs for Kellen and 8 cans of Sheba for Magenta
Putter (via WI)--candy bars, chocolate covered raisins, chocolate kisses, combos, water flavorings, 2 cn cheeses, 25 cans of salmon, 5 cans of chunk chicken and 2 dozen cans of sardines--wow--Putter has an appetite!
Cliff B from CA--letter, pics of his kitties, laser light toy, Felix the Cat 3D wall clock 
Great Aunt Julie from IA/tigercat--2 cases kitten fancy feast
Shallon/squishy1108--in honor of her mothers birthday--2 cases Royal Canin baby food, and Ferrero Rocha candy--thanks!
Arlene H and Zelda--a letter and 4 gorgeous wonderful afghans. Lots of colors and variations. These also will be in a raffle. Big time thanks!
Donnawan--2 of LBG's relatives--these are 2 more girl cousins!
Cheri B--case of Puina One dry cat food
Anonymous Friend--5 cases of Appetizers! 
Vicki B--2 cases of Appetizers and 4 boxes of Fancy Feast broth packets
Vixanna/bagobear--a wall handing with a map in the center, and 2 wonderful signature quilts. These are just amazing. I do believe when I opened this box, I could feel the warmth from you all. Thank you!

This Weds. will start a new raffle for 5 beautiful quilts. I think you will love them! The pictures will be up soon on facebook and each ticket for the raffle will be $5.  You can buy as many tickets as you want--just like our last raffle. This gives many people a chance to be able to have the afghans--the luck of the draw! This raffle will go from Weds. to the last ticket being taken at 3:00 on Saturday.  Then Saturday at 6:00, the names will be drawn! 

Short blog--have to get things completed for our trip tomorrow! All is fine here. The 4-leggeds and the 2 leggeds are happy! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday, Feb. 23

Alma is here! And what a sweetie she is! Wonderful Amy, her boyfriend and her father delivered her here all the way from Philadelphia! Amy works at a vet office. Here's what I understand about Alma. Somehow she was turned in to rescue center. This rescue center thought she had injured legs and turned her over to a vet's office (where Amy works). The vet there recognized this as a CH cat. Alma is probably a light severe classification of CH. Amy took care of her and loved her. She started looking for a home for Alma, when we came into the picture. Amy would get her out of her cage almost daily to let her play. We are hoping though that without the confines of a cage, her stability will improve enough to let her walk about. She loves to play, loves to cuddle, is a great eater and is making friends with Coralie. It just so happens that her birthday was yesterday! We are thrilled to give her such a birthday present as a place to call her own....and no more cages! 

I want to give a big big thanks to all that were involved in extra helping while I was gone those 3 days. A special thank to Connie D for doing breakfast for me in the mornings. Angie, Lynnette and I attended the OVMA (Ohio Veterinary Medical Association) convention. It's filled with classes that a person can take, according to that person's interest. Also interesting was visiting the vendor's floor and seeing all the merchandise and equipment on display. 

I learned so much while I was there. This convention is top notch for their speakers and classes. Some of the classes that I attended were:
Mastering Ringworm Outbreak Management
Who Can Do That? Permissible Duties of non-veterinarians
Everyday Ringworm Made Easy
Zoonotic Disease Prevention and Personal Protective Equipment 
Class IV Laser Therapy (like our laser equipment!)
Vaccination Protocols for Shelter Cats
The First 60 Minutes: the Critical Hour Part 1
The First 60 Minutes: the Critical Hour Part II
Managing Panleukopenia in Shelters
Infection Control
Zoonoses and Immunocompromised Clients
Surgical Site Infections and Pre-Op Prevention Practices

Lynnette and Angie took many classes on management, volunteers, feline litterbox problems, hand hygiene, veterinary homeopathy, social media strategies, etc.  It was a great 3 days. 

This Tuesday, Angie, Barb and I will be flying to Staten Island to pick up our next 3 cats. Kitty Kat (12 years old), Thomas (CH and seizure cat) and Joey (elbow walker and eye problems).  The person that is taking care of them is Jennifer and is awesome. She has stepped in to help a rescue that was deserted by the caretaker. A big job for a few people trying to do right for these cats. Thomas just this morning had a seizure. He's on two different types of meds but has not had consistent care for his seizures until Jennifer stepped in to help. It takes a while to stabilize. Our vets will advise us as to how to handle his seizures.

Coralie is one extra sweet cat! She has so much sweetness in her! Her ears, tail and leg incision site all looks wonderful.  Her remaining back leg is still struggling a bit. There's some surface bone showing yet on ankle. The vets are thinking of ways to work on this again. Keep your thoughts positive on a full healing for this leg. 

Freemont and Lorenzo are flipping out here! They are tussling, running and play fighting like crazy with each other. They are having so much fun.  Yes, it's clumsy fun but major fun! 

All is fine here. I'm thoroughly enjoying being back with the cats. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weds. Feb. 19

Our Day Sale was wonderful and I so appreciate you all. We made about $1,600 from this sale. About 95% of the items have already been sent on their way. Remember--it's always ok to let me know if we don't have an order correct.  Just e-mail me! Thanks to you all for this support. Also big thanks to the mods and Amy, Lynnette, Angie, Dawn, Barb, Jimmy for your help during this Sale. 

Coralie had her leg amputation on Monday. Her incisional site looks good and is healing already. She's getting the hang of walking without that leg. Remember, her other back leg is compromised to some degree also. We need her tendon and her open area over the bone to heal. She's spending alot of time in her bed. Yesterday we moved her pen down to floor level. This way we can leave her pen door open and she can get out when she wants. We have a litter box close by, along with a floor rug and food and water. She's already chirping and nodding her head to me, which I love! 

Also on Monday, Camvie went to the vets office. We want to find out why she is having so much difficulty breathing. No polyps were found, but her sinus area was filled with thick drainage. This was flushed out. This morning, we were actually able to remove another large amount of drainage from her nose. She is on antibiotics and 2 kinds of nose drops. A culter/sensitivity was sent in to determine exactly what antibiotics will be the most helpful. We should have those results back soon.

Tomorrow, Angie, Lynnette and I will be leaving for the OVMA conference. We have lots of "learning" we want to do! Some of the classes that I will take are on Ringworm Outbreaks, Feline Rescue Vaccine Protocols, First response of Incoming Cats, Managing Panleukopenia in Shelters, FIV--just lots of them! We will be back early Saturday afternoon. While I am gone, we have many volunteers pitching in to help! Please know that I will have no time to check emails, so please keep mail to me rather light! That would help. The moderators and volunteers know how to get ahold of me if I am needed. 

Saturday afternoon we are expecting the arrival of Alma. Her caretakers will be bringing her. If you'd like to see her video it's at:  I understand 
that she's 6-7 months old and is a brown tiger. She appears to be a sweetie that has touched her caretakers hearts. They have classified her as a moderate to severe CH cat. We also know she has a heartful of love to give!

We had BOXES last night & this morning! Many,m many thanks to you! 10
Donnawan_Kenobe--2 girl cousins of LBG have arrived!  They are now a cousin clan! 
Our Special Hannah and mother Jennifer from IN--beautiful card with stickers and a note, spring love chain made by Hannah, ladybug and smiley rock--handpainted by Hannah and her friend Clare, Happy Valentine card from Hannah and her mother with 2 super mega packs of cat snackers, 2 sun catchers painted by Hannah and grandma Sue.  Thank you, Hannah!
Caren F--package of catnip balls, spring toys, 3 cases of 9 Lives seafood/poultry, case of Friskie pate (large cans) and case of senior salmon pate
Kikimycat/Ellen--box of magnetic picture frames for the Day Sale made by Ellen. They are beautiful!
LittleFrank from Canada--birthday card for my mom, get well card for Bonnie, fun crafty things and gifts for the childrenkids.  Ever so sweet of you, Little Frank! 
Anonymous Friend--6 blankies, lots of wash clothes, turbo scratcher and 2 refills, 6 pretty rugs, bag of PB M&M's, Simba stuffed lion cub for Coralie (she was rubbing on it this morning!), 4 clay honey bath soaps for volunteers, feeding bowls and kitty snackers
John and Suzanne C from FL--note and donation
JoAnn B from AZ--card and donation in memory of her kitty Loon
Magenta (yes, she sent something!!)--Valentine Day card to Jacci with 3 flats of stamps and a Walmart gift card!
Auntie Julie/Tigercat54--Valentine card for Magenta with gift card to buyher special treats
Cheryl--birthday card for Jacci's mom
Judy L--donation to help with Coralie
Sandra T--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Wanda--our portrait friend--for 2 orders!
Herta B from IN--for Coralie, in memory of beloved Katie
Inna M from Huberside--PayPal to help with Coralie
Sarah & Family (Zata's family)--cat toys, a beautiful collection of Anna Marie's glass items for Day Sale, toys, fountain, Bubble maker, cushie bed, cat signs
Megan & Family (Piet's family)--3 cases of can food
Deb C from NJ--donation tohelp with the 3 new cats from NY
Faith M from MD--donation to round up LBG fun! and to help with bringing the NY cats home
Nadine C from PA--donation to help toward travel of Staten Island cats
Philip N--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Beth/eaglewatcher--donation in honor of JoAnn C and Vixanna R for their wonderful work on the FFRC quilt project
Billie K--donation to help precious Coralie
Leggygal--sent SIX boxes of BiggyDews--these are leggydews but bigger. All colors, all designs, all wonderful! Leggygal--you are awesome and so very much appreciated. We will sell the Biggydews for $15.  Thank you for the time, money, effort it took to do these wonderful blankies!

It's above freezing temperatures! Our pipes are all running, the icicles are melting along the roof, the snow is compacting down! I am so ready for spring. The cats have been having so much fun watching the birds at the feeders--always lots of action. Right now, Kiara and Cubby are on my desk, sound asleep. Zelda is sleeping right beside me. Melia is walking around chirping with a spring toy in her mouth. Both August and Jackson are amazing--the progress they are making is amazing. Ming loves to window watch! Such a big change in this boy. 

It's confirmed--Tuesday is the day that Angie, Barb and myself will fly to Staten Island and pick up THomas, Joey and Kitty Kat. We should be back by 5:45 in the early evening! 

We have a new cat. Her name is Fondant-a Catathon name. She is a tiger/calico/torti mix. Such a beauty. She is about 8 months old. A little shy, but each day will bring out her personality. Someone came two days ago and simply left her here, outside, in the snow. We saw the man but didn't get to talk to him so we have no history on Fondant. She is spending time in the back Thumper's Room with Coralie. Coralie has been moved to the bottom pen, with the door open now. She can go in and out as she pleases. She pleases most of the time by napping in her bed! What a courageous girl she is. Removing that leg was a good choice. That pain is gone and you can tell she feels better. She's on 2 soreness meds and an antibiotic. We need to have good healing now on her remaining rear leg. As you know, the frostbite was hard on this leg too--the ankle and toes and Achilles Tendon. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers please. 

Take care--have a great week and know that we will be absorbing all kinds of knowledge at the OVMA Conference! All will go smoothly and I already miss the cats, even before I have left. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday, Feb. 16

This blog will be a hodge-podge of different things that are happening.  Grab a drink, a comfy chair and enjoy this blog!

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet Piet found her home! She picked them and they picked her! Also yesterday, Sarah and family (Anna Marie's daughter) arrived. They are the new family of Zata. They will return this morning to take their Zata home with them to Missouri. I feel a piece of Anna Marie is here, enjoying seeing her family here. 

LBG is back! We are rejoicing. His 5 cousins are also happy. LBG arrived in a BOX at BOX time last night! What a surprise! So, he is safe, exhausted from his world travels and is still sleeping. I want to thank you all for being a part of this. This was an event that was not planned--it just happened. It gave us an extra fun week, in the middle of this long long winter! It was fun and I appreciate it. You viewers also brought in $700 for LBG's Support Fund! Just wanted to say thanks for this event! (hey--by the way, Jimmy thinks he should be BBG for Big Bald Guy!)

Tomorrow, Monday 2/17 at 3:00 is our Day Sale! Come join the fun! Remember, we all get that doozy of a lag--just keep refreshing in between.  This Day Sale, when we give the FFRC thumbs up, wait until a mod types into the chat THUMB'S UP before you press that Enter button to send in a bid! See you at the Sale! 

Second, this week is also our OVMA conference. It's the Ohio Veterinary Medical Association conference held in Columbus, OH. Angie, Lynnette and I will be going. There are many classes that I will be taking--all with interest for the rescue center. We can all take individual classes, depending on our own desires.

The Cat Show yesterday was fun. Barb came with us. Chris, my friend from Dr. P's of course came--we've been doing this Cat Show together for years. Dr. Erica, one of the vets there also went--this is her second time to come with us! Many cat breeds, watched some of the cat judging and visited the vendors. 

Our Coralie will be going back to the vet's office tomorrow morning for more surgery. Unfortunately, the skin isn't holding over her ankle bone. There's just been too much damage from the frostbite. Despite Dr. Darcy's great effort, it appears that our girl will lose that leg afterall. I just love this girl so much. So the rear leg will be removed. There simply isn't enough healthy bone/skin tissue to keep this leg viable. I look back on her time here with us. What an awesome cat. She is courageous and so strong. She didn't ask to be so frozen that she has had to lose so many "parts". So, we are not going to dwell on this--she is healthy otherwise and will do just fine. This girls' determination is powerful and I want to finish this with her. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

Some people may say--just put her to sleep. I'm not going there with you on that. Coralie has no intention of giving up. Even this morning, she did her greeting to me--lifted her chin and chirped! 

Today, Dr. Nancy from The Cat Project in Michigan is visiting FFRC. I am honored to be able to meet her. It will be fun to talk and visit with her. Joni, our FFRC friend, will be bringing Dr. Nancy.

Next Saturday, 2/22 is when Alma arrives. She is a CH cat, 6 months old, brown tiger, female, already spayed from Philadelphia. She is a moderate to severe CH cat. She loves to play, loves people and especially loves laser lights! Her rescue people will deliver her here in the afternoon.

As you know, last Sunday we had our Annual Volunteer Meeting. One of the things that was discussed is a multi-level plan for FFRC that I would like to share with you.

We would like to broaden our pet food pantry for others. We have always given food to others if it meant the difference of keeping their pet versus having to give it up. It's usually just a very short temporary help that is needed. I want to assure everyone, that NO food designated for FFRC has been given away. This has been food donated for such a purpose. There is also info in the web about pantry help for pet owners that need it. 

We would also like to broaden our desire to help others with spays and neuters. It may only be a few a month, but it can make a big difference in the overpopulation problem. Again, this is from money NOT designated for FFRC, but directly meant for spays and neuters for other people. This is truly the answer to the overpopulation problem.

Now, to a big issue. Last year at our volunteer meeting, I expressed a desire to help special need cats. This was met with approval by our volunteers, but no concrete decisions were made. We left it as "what will be will be, let's see what this year brings". Well, without much push on my side, we have increased our "special needs" cats here at FFRC.  A year ago we had 1 CH cat--Derecho. He has helped open the door to our 11 CH cats now. We also have Seymour. Throughout this year we have taken on other special needs, some of which have already been adopted. I have prayed for guidance on this decision--to show me what we need to do here at FFRC. As I look back on this past year, I realize that the decision HAS been made--we are already involved in special needs. So, in realizing this, we will do the best that we can. I would like to continue this route. We will need to decrease somewhat our taking in too many other adult cats (which is why we want to push more spays/neuters). We will continue to take in kittens. As you probably know, we can adopt 10-12 kittens per 1 adult cat. 

The other decision made is that we need to push more for adoptions of these special needs. To be honest with you, I could've adopted several of them out this last month. But, when families don't want to do yearly check ups or the vet care, then we will not adopt to them. Somewhere, out there, there are homes for these cats. I'm determined that if we open our doors to special needs, some of them will get to be adopted. Please realize though that some of these cats will be permanent--because of their problems, it may be that FFRC will assume care of them. 

So, getting to know special need cats (and this goes way beyond just CH cats), brings a smile to me and the volunteers. These cats LOVE life. They DO have a purpose. That purpose is to bring joy to themselves and to the people that are part of their circle, whether it be volunteers or their new families. They are worthy of love. They are meant to enjoy life. The sad part of cat rescue is that there is never ever enough homes for all that are born. Help us help them--spay/neuter your pets.

This brings us to 3 special cats that we will be helping. A rescue person essentially deserted her rescue cats in a private home. I understand there were over 100 cats when 3-4 private people stepped in to help. There are now over 70 cats that still need help. The home was filthy, all the cats needed much help, to be clean and medical care. We have committed FFRC to help 3 of them. They are on Staten Island, New York. One is Thomas, a CH cat with seizures that is on medication for these seizures, Kitty Kat who is 12 years old and a good friend of Thomas and Joey whose both eyes need help. Joey was also born with a birth defect that forces him to walk on his elbows. Joey is a scared boy that needs calm, routine and love. Because we don't want to keep these cats "on the road" for a long time, it's much quicker and less stress to fly them. That means we have to have 3 people to do so. The new rescue people are able to pay for 1 flight, FFRC will cover 2 flights. This transfer will happen this Tuesday. If not this Tuesday, it will be the next week.

Have I ever regretted taking on any special need cat? Absolutely not. How could someone deny Derecho the hugs and love that he gives and takes? Freemont has a ton of love to give--that boy is so so happy and radiates love. Walter treasures his morning time, as I do--we spend time just enjoying each other--it's a thrill! Just today, August, who has been so frightened in life, came out all the way for breakfast. He looked directly at me and accepted love. It was wonderful. 

Other than those cats that we have promised to keep as FFRC cats, we would like to continue to evaluate the others and possibly see if/or when they may be able to be adopted. This will require time and patience. 

Wow--What a long blog. I had a lot to say today! One final thought---thanks ever so much for what YOU do for FFRC. Your support, shown  in so many different ways, is important to me and this Rescue Center. I appreciate you. 

Oh--we had BOXES last night too! I give you thanks!
Vicki B--4 cases of baby food
PSW--bag of taffy candy, 4 boxes of coconut patties, 20 kitten calendars for volunteers
Barb C, Mike's other half --(our concert friend)--6 bags of cat food and a beautiful long sleeve kitty shirt

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 15

FFRC Nation is near and dear to my heart. Last night, Steve and I was presented with an FFRC Nation quilt with so many names/squares from you folks--our viewers and supporters. My heart is so very full with love and gratitude for you all. I was prepared to see this quilt, thinking it was a raffle item. Little did I know it was to be given to Steve and me. We both were in awe of it and it will be treasured forever. To me, it's a symbol of your love and support. This is so wonderful to me and gives me great joy. I am humbled and honored by this gesture. I was surprised--I truly did not know anything about it. I thank you.  Hugs and friendship to you all.

I'd like to say a special thanks to Jo Ann who organized this quilt project--I appreciate you.  Another big thanks to Vixanna who did all the quilting. What a lot of work this took. I am beholden to you. You both are awesome. 

You know, I'd like to mention something here. The names that I see on the quilt, on facebook, on the chat, etc.  These are not just names to me....they represent a person who is a friend. I feel like I know so so many of you. People don't have to have met face to face to have a friendship. 

We also had BOXES last night.
Pat/Catouze & Ellen/Furkitty from FL (but not for much longer!)--2 bags Purina One adult, 2 bags Iams, 32 cans of Friskies, Box of Whiskas Sensations and a pink play cube
Lovie Dovie--big big hugs to Dovie--Valentine card and 2 bags of Dove chocolates
Nibbiesmommy with her furkitties--card and note, crinkle tunnel, pip cleaner toys, cups/lids/stirrers for coffee. For volunteers--special treats/bookmarks for each.
Conii--2 scrumptous boxes of Harry & David Truffles
Susan S/Schinn with Cleo & Ralph--card for my mom, valentine card and donation
Mary from Archbold (volunteer)--3 bags of special popcorn (Trader Joes!), pop tabs for Kellen, scratch pads for everyone!
Realty 5--Donation from sale that a client choose FFRC as their charity
Mod Squad & Best Furry Friends--a card signed by all the kitties! I loved it!
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--For the Porchies, Barnies, Covies and Residents--a valentine card & stickers with $5 for each (will use for one of the extra special treats!)
Buddy the Cat & Mimi from FL--For Ada Jane--birthday card. Catnip fever treats--yep, they love them! 
Laura from AL with Jack, Emmie & Bosley--valentine card with Walmart gift card
Jane W/calico17 from MA--valentine card with donation & coupons
Dave, Sherry, Ashley & Nurse--valentine card
Putter & Friend--a musical kitty valentine card!
Gusti from Germany--a donation for helping with surgery costs for Coralie
Neil & Jean S from OH--monthly support plus a donation to help with Coralie
Raymond S--donation for FFRC
Eugenia S from Russia--donation for FFRC

We had such a fun day yesterday! A poof raffle, special morning meal for the cats (meat cake), a candy basket from the mods and kitties, a wonderful lunch, cards, yummies galore. I enjoyed it.

Latest news on LBG--he's trying to make his way home! He's getting closer. Keep checking the facebook for update pictures! His 5 cousins were neutered and vaccinated yesterday and all sport bandages for their neuter and vaccinations. They're ready to welcome LBG back! It appears Moe is the leader of the cousin clan! Come home, LBG! 

Today is the Cat Show. So, I'm going to be gone most of the morning and afternoon! I always look forward to this event. It's just fun to be surrounded by cats and cat people and cat vendors. A fun day!                  

We had 2 cats that spent the day at the vet's office. Camvie went to see what the trouble is with her respiratory difficulties. No polyps were found. A full sinus flush was done, a culture will be sent and she has been put on 2 different antibiotics. Sure would like to get some relief for her. She's such an awesome kitten! 

Coralie also went to the vets. She was in surgery quite a while. On a rear foot, she had one toe removed. On  her front foot (where she already lost 3 toes), the remaining toe was declawed in hopes of saving the toe. The main surgery were her hocks. Both of those black capsules were removed from the ankle bone. As feared, the bone has also been frostbit. The left leg is possible to save. The right leg is much more severe. The vet used a couple tricks to try and stimulate some healing of the bone. Time will tell if that leg is saveable, but we want to try. The Achilles tendon is damaged on one leg and totally gone on the other foot. So, a pin was inserted into each bone with a suture attached to try and take the place of these tendons. We shall see.  I had someone say to me, why don't you just put her to sleep? My answer is this--Coralie says she has lots of happiness and life in her and she is fighting this battle with everything she has. She's an excellent healer, is such a love and enjoys her life. We will fight for her too. She wants to be here.

Have a wonderful day! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday, Feb. 14

Happy Valentine's Day to all of our friends! The cats and the people here are having a good time today. The breakfast was extra yummy, for Valentine's Day. All of the cats received extra tasty food--even the Porchies and Covies and Barnies! Then at 11:00, they got a bit of "meat cake" made of browned beef and turkey and salmon. Every scrap is gone! They're still licking their whiskers. We will be doing the drawing this afternoon. There's 2 poof give-aways! One group if for volunteers and the second group is for the viewers. Names are already ready!

We had BOXES last night. Big thanks for awesome items! We are grateful!
Aunty Fi--case of juice for Jimmy and Haley
Mayumi--FFRC Nation Japan--2 cases chicken Tulli, card & gift for Eldora Momma, and a beautiful suede/cloth embroidered bag for day sale
Pat the Vol--colorful handwarmers for day sale
Janet C/mizclouise--For FFRC volunteers--box of CHeryl's Cookies!
Liz G/naturluvr from TX--b-day card for Anna Marie (ikn Jan), doggie valentine card, 2 green kitty Christmas stockings, 2 doggie collars, mousie toy, kitty collars, LBB (little brown bear), skin therapy cream, FOUR boxes of Valentine candy (we love it!), bag of Hershey hearts, 2 boxes sugar free candy boxes and box of 48 Valentine fruit snacks
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--big bag Bonito flakes, 72 cans Tiki Cat, 24 large cans Tuna, 10 bags kitty snackers, 2 cosmic catnips to grown, big bag of Beggin Strips for the doggies
LJ323 from RI--6 memory foam rugs (sooo nice), 8 large cans chicken, sunkist fruit gems for volunteers
Jim & Debbie from GA--12 cans sardines, sugar free candies for vols, 2 cartons conversatin candy hearts, 2 boxes Valentine candy (we love this!), lots and lots of awesome cat toys--all kinds, 6 safety collars, catnip bubbles, kitty scratcher og, huge bag of plush doggie toys, folded potty bags, a wonderful pillow, a bag of fun Valentine things--socks, sprinkles, note pads, towels!! Thanks ever so much!
Jeff B--was able to round up the cousins of LBG and send them to us--4 look alike LBG's!

Yes, that's right--a box of 4 LBG's cousins arrived, all safe, sound, ready and waiting to welcome LBG back! LBG isn't here yet, but we're hoping he'll be here very soon. The latest that we've heard (today at 9:42 am), is:
"Well your little brown guy has done it again. He slipped thru the ropes. Our carefully planned covert assignment has been acted out and much to our surprise, it didn't work. We had LBG under surveillance by our top notch undercover yellow bird. He advised that he followed LBG into a place where he was speaking to some strange wizard dude, next thing you know--POOF--he was gone. However we did notice a strange pinging noise that left that location and we tracked that ping down to the docks. We have our electronic experts working on it at this time". 

My response: "Maybe, just maybe he figured out how to press his HOME button??!!!!  Do you think? Maybe he will be home soon. That HOME button is suppose to teleport him t FFRC.  Ohhhh, I so so hope so! "

So, that's where LBG's sage is---hopefully will be home soon.  His 5 cousins are waiting for him. Their names are Eenie, Meinie, Miney and Moe and the "different" one is Little Brown Bear (LBB). The cousins were called upon the carpet though today. They arrived with not being neutered and not vaccinated. So, back to our surgery room they went. The deed is done and they are now sleeping! 

We have Coralie and Camvie at the vet's office today. Camvie's URI that she came here with is still bothering her. Some days she's good, some days not so good. Recently it's become harder for her to breathe, so today is test day. Hopefully we will get some results very quickly to help her. The second cat is Coralie. We knew when she had her first repair surgery that she would need another to finish the process.  Today, there is 1 more toe that needs removed and 1 more nail bed. Then the work begins on her ankles. We've gone as far as we can go with her healing here so now it's time for the next phase. More info on her when she returns from the vets office. 

The Cat Show is tomorrow! It's an extra fun day for me. I always enjoy seeing all the cats, visiting the rescues/shelters that are there and seeing what the vendors have. Upon return, we will have Zata's family here! They will stay until Sunday to start back home with her. On Sunday there will be another family coming to visit the cats and possibly adopt.

Take care all and have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thursday, Feb. 13

LBG update! He has been spotted all over the world now, but I believe at the moment he is anchored in one spot. The latest email from the guy-nappers:
"Since you complied with our demands, we were prepared to return LBG to you and FFRC, BUT, as you know your precious Little Brown Guy has done got himself lost.
This will delay and make his return more difficult. Since he was guy-napped before he will need to be re-guy-napped.
While this can be done it may take a little longer. It seems he has gone international and he is hiding from Scotland Yard.
The covert assignment has been worked out but we are unable to proceed until darkness falls.
Again this will be a dangerous mission. We will contact you after radio silence has been cancelled.
P.S.  This message will self-destruct.

My response:
Oh please forgive me for interfering by telling LBG to make a run for it. I am entirely responsible for his being lost. Please, I will send you all chocolate if you will aid in getting him home. Do you need flashlights? Dark clothes? Just say the word and I will help. WHen he returns he will get a microchip placed in him. 

So, the sage continues! I believe we've all been enjoying all the pictures and notes about LBG and the wonderful song that Larissa made. 

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks given to you.
Cathouze/Ellen & Furkitty/Pat--case of Fancy Feast, 2 bags Royal Canin baby cat, Tiki cat, big bag Royal Canin Adult Indoor, spring toys, bowl scratcher & 2 big boxes Fresh Step litter
Joann B--ulotimate touch mat & tangle remover--an excellent grooming tool
Anonymous Friend--12 cans of liquid KMR
LucyandSophiesdad/Mike from MI--coupons
Anemone--postcard to say a box is coming & Happy Valentine's Day
Gloria K from PA with Midnight, Girlie & Peachie--Kitty valentine with doantion to help with new kitties, LBG support
Betz from PA--2 Angie poofs in a drawing for volunteers and chatters (tomorrow), Valentine pie for kitties with tuna, turkey & hamburger
Miss Bekkah's Corner--yarn toys, yarn balls, Curly Q's & Octopus toys
Rose/RoseSF6cats with Marnie, Blackie, Brownie, Fluffy, Checkers & Pit Stop--knitted hearts in pretty colors for Valentine's Day, so very nice!
From Putter & his Band of Friends--valentine basket for Amy & Friends--fruit and candy basket
Linda S--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Elskates from CT--donation thru PayPal for Happy Valentines Day to FFRC and all the cats and to help with Coralie's medical expenses
Wanda E--our portrait friend--another donation for another portrait done! 

Do you live in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area and looking for a reduced rate for spaying and neutering? THese clinics are offering reduced rates:
Aboite Animal Clinic  260-432-5525
Anothony Animal Clinic  260-447-1558
H.O.P.E. for Animals  260-420-7729
Spay & Neuter clinic  260-424-5982
These clinics will offer these special prices during Feb. "This program helps make the greatest impact by decreasing the number of animals entering overcrowded shelters, where more than half of those who enter don't make it out alive."  Please, now is the time to spay and neuter your pets--before spring arrives. 

Zata is the fearless hunter--always after anything that moves. Garth is growing into an extremely handsome boy. He's always a happy cat! Allie loves the toy where the mouse goes in circles. She likes to sit on the toy and watch it! Ming is a pacer--he's here, there and everywhere. He's always on the move. We're trying to limit Ginger's thievery acts to 4 times a day--at least she shares with the cat friends. Coz is again on the Princess Bed--he loves sleeping on it! So sweet to see him curled up in a ball napping away. Solee is giving Piet a head bath. If we ever want to have Solee come, all it takes is to rattle the bag of CR baby cat food! She will come a hoppin'! I love this--Kelly sings to Coralie! 

Our next Day Sale is this coming Monday, Feb. 17 at 3:00. Come join the fun!  This Saturday is the Cat Show. Upon returning from that, there is a possibility of a couple adoptions! 
We have been working hard on the website ( Updates have been done--check it out!

It's official--Feb. 26 is the date that Mary Kay and Cubby will be flying with Angie to their new home. Angie has become our cross country traveler! They are going to a wonderful home!

All is well here. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! We will be having a few happenings! For breakfast, the cats will enjoy a special meal with canned duck and chicken. This will be for ALL the cats! We also have a lovely basket of fruit to share with all the volunteers. Today there is a box of Cheryl's Cookies that should arrive for all to enjoy!  Also there will be a lunch delivered (for the 2 leggeds!). Sometime in the afternoon a wonderful "cake" will be given to the cats, made with browned hamburger & turkey with salmon added in. Yummmmm.  We will also have a drawing where 2 names will be pulled--one will be a volunteer and the other will be a viewer. (we have viewer names already ready!)  The prize is one of the big poofs! A fun day for sure! Happy Valentine's Day to all! 

Here is a poem to FFRC, written by Jackson and August, our 2 Florida CH cats, to the volunteers:
When I reach out, you're always there.
With a hand to support me, showing you care.
I've always walked through my life all alone,
My social skills, I did not hone.
Never caring, keeping everyone away,
Then you came along, and taught me to play.
Where before, my world was dark and cold,
You brought light, and colors, bold
When I was chilled, sad, full of fear,
You held me close, safe and dear.
Because of you, I've opened my heart,
Taken a breath, made a new start. 
You've opened my eyes, my mind, my soul.
Given me direction, a path, a goal.
To be as you see me, to this I strive,
To be beautiful, loving,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday, Feb. 11

LBG News Alert!!  We've had many sightings of LBG from around the world. But, we're not sure how much truth is in all of them. What we DO know is that we are starting to meet the demands of the Guynappers. The first one, was the wearing of the Tu-Tu. This was done last night at the end of Boxes.  I think it was for all of 30 seconds, but the Nappers approved and we've accomplished the first demand!

The second demand was to Give the Covies an extra special treat and to take a picture. We have also met that demand (picture and a video on facebook). The Covies would like to say thanks to the Nappers, but I told them they shouldn't mingle with Nappers. For this accomplishment, we received a picture of LBG watching the cam as a reward! He looks a bit thinner but he's doing ok.

The third demand is to have me read a book to the VIewers while sitting on a leggydew. This will be accomplished sometime this afternoon. It will be the Charlie Anderson book that reminds us of Azar.

The fourth demand is to have a picture taken of me resting inside with my kitties! This will also be accomplished in a very short time as we want to get LBG back as soon as possible.

Even though we are meeting the demands, many webcam viewers are making sure we get LBG back by donating funds for his return. So far, $687.38 has come in! Astounding!  It's possible we will have to turn these into unmarked bills, all in 5's and 10's. 

We received an urgent email from LBG today. Apparently the Nappers left him alone  and he had access to their computer. He said "Momma its me LBG. I've only got a few minutes. They went out to get egg mcmuffins thingsy. I want to tell you they are treating me ok.  I am scared but holding up.  Just meet the rest of those demands and I'm sure they will send me home. Please please. Oh and I think there might be one more demand. I head them whispering. I miss FFRC. Get Putter ont he case fast. Hugs and kisses...oh here they come".

It's been difficult to keep the cats in the Rescue Center as they've all wanted to bolt out and go on the search. I know the moderators have been looking high and low and turning over all rocks even and exploring the world for LBG. He will return!

We had BOXES last night!
Lonnie, Lucy and Gina/ginagina11--2 rolls of pink wraps, just for Coralie's legs!
Anonymous Friend--large box of 2 inch Coflex bandages, all colors
Jatcat--filters for the Ionizers!
Tigercat54/great Aunt Julie-IA--8 pack of Tiki Can Cat food
Laura/medica--case of Fancy Feast
Gusti from Germany--large bag of Iams Proactive Indoor with hairball control
Trudy S from Bryan--donation for FFRC
Jan S from MN--donation for FFRC, use wherever needed
Theresa from Fort Wayne--donation for FFRC

Remember Skittles, our dear cat that stayed here a couple weeks? Of course you do! She's the one that got lost out of the camper and was lost in the woods for 6 weeks. We were able to reunite her with her mama Brenda. Brenda called yesterday to let FFRC know that sweet Skittles passed away on Sunday due to heart disease. She is so missed by her mom. We were honored to help her.

It's been confirmed--Alma will arrive on 2/22, Saturday afternoon.  We will be going to the conference but will be returning that day. Looking forward to meeting this special cat. Alma means "soul". Amparo is doing wonderful. What a lovely cat. She will be in the main area soon. If you ever need to know how to pronounce a name, go to: 

All is fine here. We've had 2 days now with no snow. Seymour has a smile on his face--he has achieved the challenge of climbing up to the 5th level on the Kuranda towers! The remaining 3 Chicago-5 were sound asleep in the FFRC stroller yesterday--so sweet. 

Right now the cats on hold are: Mary Kay, Cubby, Patricia, Venus and Zata! We also have several others that will be looked at! 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Feb. 10

Happy Birthday to Ada Jane. Happy Birthday to You!  Our sweet oldster Ada Jane is now 19 years old. She is doing awesome and loves life! I'm so glad we can share her life here at FFRC. Ada Jane is one of the nicest cats--she never complains, always lets us know when she's hungry or thirsty or needs extra TLC. She's just perfect! She has had special turkey and chicken slices today straight from the deli!

We have a major news bulletin! At approximately 4:30 pm yesterday, 2/9 our LBG (little brown guy) was guy-napped. Apparently no one knows anything or so it is said. LBG is allegedly safe and has been fed. We have had 8 ransom notes so far all saying FFRC must meet certain demands before the release of LBG. What those demands are is yet unknown other than something about a tu-tu of which I'm not fully sure of. Our chatters love LBG so much, that $567.38 has been raised so far to help with the ransom! All I know now is that we have 3 letters that arrived by carrier today from LBG's captors. We are awaiting word for when to open them. LBG is much missed by us and LMC (little brown cat)

Oh my--we have many thanks to give. We are grateful.
Donnawan--Viva pop up napkins
Laura/medic--case of Fancy Feast. She and her mom were here this weekend and also brought doggie snackers, and a gift card for Pet Supply Plus
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--coil toys and 12 cans of Iams packets
Henry R Peeps & Ohmyguiness--get well card for Coralee and $5, for a special treat, cards for Valentines Day, doggie snackers and a BIG bag of Brachs mints for the big farm animals!
Sandra P/FoundinMT--3 big boxes of Qtips
Michlynn--card and tshirts for store or flash sale (theyse are really neat!), black kitty and white many kitties!
Anonymous Friend--4 reams of colored copy paper, case (10 reams) of white copy paper and a big package of post it notes
Shannon M from NY--Beautiful hand knitted Irish cable afghan for auction or raffle
Gusti from Germany--3 cases of Purina One wet food and a bag of Taste of the WIld dry food for the dogs
Mommymyrna--assorted sizes of blankets and catnip pads for Day sale, store or to share some with S.T.O.P. cat rescue  THese are really nice!
Betz--2 poof (black and red) for drawings--one for volunteers and one for viewers
Domingo F--donation thru PayPal
Phil & Judy L--Fancy Feast, Sheba cans, napkins and Bounce
Andrea W--a PayPal in honor of Ada Jane's birthday!
Margaret K from NH--Paypal for special treats for Ada Jane's birthday and for her friends
Charmaine & Arden B from IN--donation to help with transportation costs for Alma
Jakesmeowmy--donation to help with whatever is needed
Terence C from UK--donation for FFRC
Gusti from Germany--donation for Feliz Navidad Fund in honor of all the volunteers and friends who worked on Gallant to be healthy ahead--Happy Birthday Gallant!
Tigercat54/great aunt Julie--spring toys for the cats and some yummy cat food

I've heard from Allie and Meowzer's family! They are doing wonderful and their pictures show them to be happy!  I've also heard from Kiko and Dennis--so far, so good--Potty Bootcamp is working! They will meet their new family for a visit later this week! And yes, Bruce will go home with Kiko. 

Sunday afternoon we still had our Annual Volunteer Meeting even though it snowed again during the night and morning! We went over many aspects of FFRC. We talked about future dates, how Kitty Kastle's calendar works now, Day Sales, June's Concession Stand Fundraiser, hand hygiene, Emergency procedures, the upcoming OVMA conference, our Pharmacology Inspection, what direction FFRC is heading and the goals we want to accomplish. It was a good meeting and I so appreciate our volunteers.

Our new cat, Amparo is doing great. She's had her bath and now her white is very clean. She's a happy girl and loves to chirp. Coralie is wonderful. I truly love how she greets people--a chirp and a nod of her chin! Suzanna has been combed alot and she really enjoys it. Her whiskers are long and her hair is long in her ears! Such a beauty. The Jenna Radar kicked in this morning, just like clockwork! Zelda is kneading away on a pink cushie--she's thoroughly enjoying it. 

The annual OVMA (Ohio Veterinary Medical Conference) is happening again soon. It's Feb. 20-23 in Columbus. RIght now, Angie and Lynnette will be going with me. There are lots of excellent classes to take. We can attend together or seperate to any of the classes offered. What is extra nice this year is that there is a special heading of "Shelter Care" classes. I'm very excited to take some of these! We will be going on that Thursday, Friday and coming back Saturday. 

If you live in this area, there is the annual Cat Show in Perrysburg at the Lucas County Rec Center this Saturday and Sunday. It's really alot of fun. There's many kinds of breeds to see, owners to talk to, judging to watch, vendors with cat products and just a lot of cat fun! A friend, Chris and I always enjoy going! 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday, Feb. 8

Four wonderful cats left yesterday! As you know, Kiko and Dennis left for their Boot Camp home and I'm happy to say that things are going great so far. They've been exploring the house. Next week sometime, the new family will go over and visit both cats and get to know them. We will know more info later. We also had 2 adoptions yesterday. Our Meowzer and Allie left together to a wonderful home. I've already heard back from them and sounds like Allie is braver than Meowzer! All is well.

We had BOXES last night! So many thanks to give!
Diana from Columbia SA--3 boxes laser photo paper 4 x 6
Randomcat10/Karen--3 cans sardines, 25 square felt mouse toys and 20 kitty prong ball toys
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--kitty card with note. Homemade marshmallows for volunteers.  Beautiful gorgeous baby clothes knitted by mom/margaret--there are 5 sets (sweaters with matching cats) and a varigated white, pink, blue, yellow blanket. Absolutely stunning work!
Grace R--Book--Charlie Anderson, story of a kitty with two families (like Azar!)
Susan M/daydreamz2--case of 1 inch Cohesive medical bandaging tapes, variety of colors
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--case of 3 inch Cohesive medical bandaging tapes, variety of colors
Kismet/Val from WI--potty bags, sardines, Meow Mix cups, Friskies, cat snackers, 4 blankies--very colorful, 2 packs ping pong balls, Fish nPlay cat nip mat, 2 Pampers kitty wipes, Box of Bounce, Mr. Clean magic erasers, postie notes, beautiful kitty tote bag for day sale, Lee Greenwood CD for sale.
Phyllis B--kitty card and labels for ffrc, comic cartoon
Betz--donation for food for Cutie and Walter and friends
Kimkost--roll of Forever Stamps
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze--2 bags Ginger snaps for Butter, Wilson, Mercy & Millie, a gift for Ginger from Octavia, box of Whiskas packets, 2 cans shrimp, baby food chicken, case of Fancy Feast, mouse laser, 9 Dewey's Nine Lives Books for Sales, 2-3D kitty plates with orangies, case of Juice boxes, Keurig cups and package for Amy
NYCkitty45/Vicki B--super delicious Zoe's Choclates--4 valentine bars (white and dark chocolate with hearts), chocolate lips and a variety of boxes of chocolates (yes, we'll share!)  Thanks!

Yeah for August and Jackson. They are getting much braver. They are now coming out to watch breakfast being made. They also like the salmon that's served up at breakfast time! Both had had an eye infection and both eyes are healing! 

Derecho is at the cat walk again--the one that's under the long windows in Kitty Kabana. The birds are eating heavily and Derecho loves watching them. He puts his front legs on the shelf and sits on the floor! There is no less than 6 cats almost constantly watching out the window by Dodger's Pen. Those feeders are loaded with birds. Always major cat chirping going on!

We took in a new cat yesterday. Her name is Amparo which means protection/shelter. She is a grey tiger/white girl, about 18 months old. She had been owned by someone who recently spayed her (tipped her left ear and put the tattoo spay dot on her incision), but then no longer wanted her. When they put her out, the neighbor didn't want her hanging around and was going to feed her hot dogs laced with poison. Another neighbor stepped in and brought her here. She is awesome and quite the chirper! Already been tested and bathed. 

Wrigley is on top of a tall cat furniture. Standing right on the edge, looking over with his head swinging. I think he is feeling very brave and big. What an awesome cat. The other 2 kittens from this litter, Mary Kay and Cubby are on hold. Plans are being made for their adoption. Won't be long until Zata will be going to her new home too. 

The Covies are doing good in this cold and snow. Tomorrow will be their "cruise around" day. Mayor Anony said it's a Sled Day. There's a gigantic pile of snow beside Kitty Kastle that is waiting for them. They think it's an Olympic adventure!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday, Feb. 7

Let's talk cats! I've had people asking lately what we do for our cats medically. Well, I'd be happy to tell you! When a cat first arrives, we immediately give the first wormer (for hooksworms and roundworms) and a Capstar (a quick flea kill pill). Shortly after arrival, we like to do the first FIV/Leukemia test and then the Arrival Bath. During it's beginning time with us, we give 2-3 Distemper Vaccines, 2 Leukemia Vaccines, 1 Bordetella Vaccine, an injection for tapeworms, a repeat FIV/Leukemia test (4 weeks after arrival), flea prevention is applied every 4 weeks while here, a veterinarian's physical and the spay/neuter.  In addition, anything else medically needed, they receive. This may be surgery for fractured bones, treatment for upper respiratory infections, eye injuries, burns, frostbite, etc. The number one treatment they get is lots of love, a full tummy and a warm and friendly environment! 

Let's talk adoptions! It's a known fact that late summer/early fall and early winter are our two highest adoption times. Early summer and late winter are the lowest adoption times. We want homes for our FFRC cats and kittens where they will receive a lot of love and time with their family. We want homes where they are kept indoors and taken yearly to the vet for a physical and updates. When we do an adoption, we make it clear, that if for ANY reason our FFRC cat can no longer stay with them, they are required to bring this cat back to the Rescue Center. 

Let's talk FLash Sales, Day Sales, etc.  From reading suggestions from you viewers, there are several things we can do to help keep the confusion down! We will refresh the cam computer more often. We will show the items in advance. We will give a Thumbs Up, as to start the sale and have the Mods write it in the chat the sale is ready to start. We will continue to work on these things

Let's talk Potty Problems! We all know that some of the CH cats have a few potty problems. I truly would like to not make a big deal out of it. We knew when we took them on, that there would be some of these CH cats that couldn't/wouldn't get to the box each time. So be it--we can clean up these accidents just fine.  Not a one of us here are afraid of doing clean up detail! The important thing is to not blow it out of proportion. Yes--some of them potty inappropriately, yes--we are good cleaner-uppers, yes--we love them despite this. We take great pride in a clean Rescue Center and we will keep it that way.

Let's talk Kiko and Dennis! Many of you probably are not aware, but both of these boys have had potty issues the last few weeks. While we have been thoroughly cleaning up after them, we don't want a firm and solid habit to stay with them. So, this morning, they both went to a FFRC friend's house (she's actually done this before for us in the past) for "potty issue training"! Sometimes just being around this many cats can bring on a potty issue. So, with a drastically decreased amount of cats in their environment, using Fel-i-Way Diffusers and Cat Attract Litter, I'm confident that we can get these boys back using the box 100%. It's called Potty Training Boot Camp! They will be "in training" for 2 weeks. We hope to see immediate improvement. The reason we so want this to work is that Kiko has a family waiting to adopt him after he starts to consistently use the box again. It's a possibility that Dennis will find a home with Kiko. So--Kiko and Dennis--use that box!!

Let's talk Appreciation! I'd like to say a special thanks to YOU. Any time our supporters offer gifts, donations, words of encouragement, prayers, the "I have your back", I am so grateful. You truly do make a difference for FFRC. Don't ever wonder if what you do for FFRC really makes a difference. It does! Big time! I sometimes feel a simple "thank you" isn't enough for how much goodness you bring into the FFRC world. But, I do say thank you. My appreciate and gratitude come with a giant hug and a smile.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

THursday, Feb. 6

Where has this week gone? It is going way too fast. Between the snow, working on tax papers, getting the website current--it's just zooming by. All is fine though. I'm told we received about 8 - 10 inches of snow yesterday--what an amazing winter. And that's on top of what we already had. Truly the snowiest winter we've ever had. I do believe some of our snow piles will be here until June. We were at a Level 3 again yesterday. I  can only remember 1-2 other times in my life that we had a Level 3. This winter alone we've had quite a few. 

We had BOXES last night! I am so so appreciative. 
Anonymous Friend--a Hamilton Beach Party Dipper, crock pot style
Sonjamac--"For Clayton and friend's tummy":--a case of 6 inch paper plates
Anonymous Friend--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat food dry
A letter from Xena's new mama--a letter and pictures of her in her new home!
Anonymous Friend from Napoleon--donation
Debra S from LA--donation (her friend Susan adopted Bo-Bae years ago from FFRC
Yankeechick & Jetter--2 sets of 5 Dizzy Dangles Valentine decorations
Pat & Ellen from FL--monthly donation for Farrah and also from their Amazon and Ebay sales. 

Right now there are 9 cats within a 4 foot radius of my desk. I love it. A few things--Bonnie was here for a short visit a couple days ago! It was wonderful to see her. She has her recovery ahead of her but she's doing good. She wanted me to pass on from her, a big big thanks for all the get well cards--means a lot to her! Another FYI--if you are on chat and receive inappropriate PM's, please let a mod know. Our mods are good troll zappers, but if something unpleasant comes thru a PM, just pass that info on to one of our wonderful mods.

There's been alot of speculation about Seymour. I normally am on the side of great optimism, but sometimes reality has to be noted too. While I would love to see Seymour be able to walk on all 4 legs, strong and sure, that is highly unlikely. His x-rays don't support the idea of him walking on all four. BUT, with help, hopefully we can make those back leg muscles a little stronger. He does have slight feeling in those 2 rear feet. He has always "twitched" his rear feet at times to make it look like he's trying to push off with them. These are all good things. But, please don't expect something unrealistic from this awesome boy. He's a happy cat, loves to zoom around, is able to climb up, has a huge amount of determination and is just plain wonderful! His middle name should be Zoomer!

There's still time to send pet cards to Ms. Robin's Class! They are combining learning about different countries and people and their pets. If you'd like to participate, just send a card to the class, stating where you are from and what pets you have! The address is: 
Ms. Robin's Class  
Downs PreK
3831 Mars Hill Road
Watkinsville, GA   30677

How exciting! I understand the quilts that have been being put together for FFRC Nation are done and probably on their way. We will open them next week right on the cam! A million thanks to Vixanna and all that participated in these awesome quilts. When this all happens, we will do a raffle on the 2 quilts!

I did put a call in to Azar's second home. He was fine and they were keeping him in for the snow storm yesterday. This morning he arrived back! What a life, going between two homes that love him! So, now he is all cozy, sleeping on the Kuranda Tower by the window in the back Thumper's Room. At least we don't have to worry when he is gone now!

Coralie is awesome. I love her chirps and mews when I walk into the room. She even tips her chin up in greeting! Soon we will be giving a light sedation and removing the sutures from her ears, tail and front left foot. While she's having all this done, we will also soak her ankle hocks to try and help the healing of these two areas. They are obviously very sore for her. It's difficult for her to walk with her two rear legs, but she's sure not a complainer. Love this girl so much!

Putter, Paddy Purr, Paddy Cake, Joline, Dodger, Garth and Patricia all received a grooming yesterday again. They all look so nice. 

Kiko and Cutie are having a great time. The tufted titmouse birds are back at their flat feeders at the window. Kiko is determined if he paws that window long enough, it's magically disappear! Cutie is there front and center watching all the action!  

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sunday, Feb. 2

Grateful! Appreciative! So happy! A giant thanks to YOU! That is how I am feeling today! Yesterday at 6:00 culminated our Super Blanket Raffle Weekend. These blankets were made by Warped and we raffled 5 of them off. It was a wonderful, productive event. We took in PayPals for 802 raffle tickets. At first I was going to do graphs for each of the 5 blankets and put 50 entries. Little did I know how phenomenal this event would be. 802 tickets--that is simply amazing. And.........the winners were:
Blanket A--Alan from GA (sold 176 tickets)
Blanket B--Sonnykat/Andre (sold 149 tickets)
Blanket C--Carmela H from TX (sold 160 tickets)
Blanket D--Luvtheanimals from Canada (sold 220 tickets)
Blanket E--Roostergirl/Linda V (sold 97 tickets)
This made a total of $4,010. This will be applied to cover our last month's electric bill and the one that we will be receiving soon. It will also help with a partial fill of propane gas. 

We also wanted to have an extra bit of fun and so included 3 "door prizes". These went to:
Roostergirl/Linda V--a beautiful green Irish Afghan
ScoobyUK--Valentine Heart Wreath (gifted back to FFRC)
Oilsandsgirl--pick of any item in our FFRC store

We also had BOXES last night, right before the Raffle. So many thanks to give!
Elizabeth1968/Liz from UK--3 cases of Fancy Feast
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--For Ginger & Friends--case of Natural Balance Packets (Ginger sends an extra thank you!)
Dewitty with Amber & Binks & pictures--two pieces of marble for Alberts Garden (I LOVE these!), pop tabs for Kellen, 3 cases Purrfectly Fish & Chicken, cat snackers, doggie snackers and 3 kinds of extra yummy popcorn. 
MK from NJ--thank you card, Bailey filled chocolates (have to admit--these are scrumptious!), t-shirt for Jacci "A Farrah purple shirt that says: FFRC   The Happiest Place on Earth!  It's a wonderful shirt!
Sonjamac from Canada--For Clayton and friends--a package of 6 inch plates and 2 cases of Friskies Gravy Sensations
Anonymous Friend--a memorial stone for Intrepid for Albert's Garden (a special stone in remembrance of our sweet boy)
Carol N--PayPal donation to FFRC
Shannan W--PayPal donation to FFRC

Marty is doing awesome. She was placed in Dodger's Pen yesterday. After a couple hours, the door was open and soon after, she came out. After a couple "safety checks" by her, she felt good about leaving her pen and now is enjoying Kitty Campus Room. That means we will very soon be bringing Coralie up to be in Dodger's Pen. That will be nice so she's with us more. She's a doll--loves to have her tummy rubbed. 

Derecho was two levels up on a cat tree today. Amazing. We're not sure how he got there, but he sure looked proud. Jackson is out and about more often these days. So nice to see. Hankster is a nut. He switches from playing full speed ahead to finding a human to rub noses with! Emma Jo is growing and she so loves a dab of baby food in the mornings. Tabitha has used another roll of paper towels to pad her nest--it's from her own stash of PT's! Last that I counted, Ginger was up to 4 pouches of thievery yesterday--she is so proud of herself! Just realized that the "snorer" that I've been hearing in the front office is Mellow. 

Won't be long until Ada Jane will be 19 years old. She's a grand old girl. Her birthday is 2/10/1995. She and Magenta know how to summon us and know that we will respond to their needs! We are at their beck and call of course.

Bella is thrilled. Her big pink poof is back and she's not leaving it! The other cats will crawl in there with her, but I do believe they realize that Bella is in full ownership of the poof! Poor Pania--she has a little problem with her "uneye". She's got a bit of swelling there, but she's on antibiotics for it and today it appears a bit better. We'll keep an eye on it. Emily and Allie are such nice tiger/torti kittens. They love to be petted. Shamballie is doing awesome--haven't noticed any limping at all from him now since his pin is removed. 

You all take good care, enjoy your family and friends and of course your pets. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the results of the raffle! You are an important part of FFRC.