Saturday, March 30, 2019

Saturday, March 30, 2019

More signs of spring---the turkey vultures are back as are the red-winged blackbirds. Buds are coming out on the maple trees. The willow branches are getting yellow. The ducks and chickens are popping out eggs galore! And the peacocks are strutting their beautiful feathers! 

We had BOXES on Thursday--we give you big thanks!
Great Aunt Julie - a fun gadget to explore how many ways you can use it
Brooke B - 6 Yeoooow Bananas--will share with outside cats!
Kerswill with Shawnee & Domino - Pillowcases, Three Treasure Bags,  7 Bowl Holders, 4 Turbo Track scratcher inserts, 2 24ct Sheba, Box of Appetizers, Box of Broths, Box of Delectables, Milk Bones for Janie, Ginger Cookies for Horses

June/Painted Daisy - 8 pkts Ghirardelli Cocoa, 7 pkts Nuts & Berries, 12 Squeezups, 36 Kitty Bag Clips for Adoption Bags
FFRC Kitties for Mama Jacci - Happy Birthday Cookie Bouquet  YUM!
Annie & Debbie - 4 boxes 8ct Little Soups, Box 18 ct Little Soups

JBond - Lots of Cans Chicken & Turkey
Patti PK - 2 cases 24ct Friskies, 18ct Little Soup, 48 Sheba, 2 cases Baby Food
Steph & Trevor - UK  4 Gallons Lysol Cleaner, Kitty Birthday Card with $10 Popcorn dollars

Andrea F - Tub of Temptation Snackers, Lg Bag Purina, 2 cases 40ct Friskies
5Cats2Luv/Linda & Bill H with Lilly & Sassy - MI  Butterfly Card 

Leggygal - CA  Box of 18 Gorgeous Biggiedews in Pawmart for $15 each

Anony - CATATHON: L Star Trek T-Shirt
Jody J - CATATHON: Book Star Trek Cats,2 - Freeze Dried Breakfast
Kris M - CATATHON: Books: My Cat Book, Amazing Facts About Cats
NHFurry - CATATHON: Star Wars 1-8 Movie DVD's
KathyinWV - CATATHON: 6 pr Socks

Kerswill with Shawnee & Domino - CATATHON: Crochet Woodland Creatures, Crochet Gifts, Kits, Cross Stitch Kit, Potholder set, Quilted Table Pad, Petoskey Stone Necklace & Bracelet Michigan Basket
Rosalind M - N Ireland - CATATHON: Paper Cutter, and much needed Gift Tape

Kris M - CATATHON: Here Kitty Game
Don & Sandy - CATATHON: Inspiration Crayola Art Kit 
JBond - CATATHON: Mischievous Cat Figure, K-Cup Carafe & Filter, Book Gardening for Birds and Butterflies, Fishing Worms

ShadowCat - CATATHON: 6 Small & 6 Large Pretty Kitty Themed zippered bags for treasures or make-up
Anony - CATATHON: 128 GB iPad 6th Generation
Kris M - CATATHON: Cat Opoly
Dewitty - CATATHON: Bobo - Furoshiki Cloth Gift Wrapping with cloth and a Book: Wrapping Scarf Revolution, to show you how to wrap beautiful things

Larissa & Bessie CATATHON: - Box Full of Artsy FUN!  2 Nesting Catstock Boxes, 3 Ode to a Black Cat, different times of day scenes, Lg Tea Boxes: JunkYard Cats and (Not sure of Name) Kitties on the clothesline, Mini Rainbow Cat Painting, Meowl Painting of Kitty and Owl, Feline Universalist Artist Kitty, 2 Harlequin Cat Canvas, Halloween Tray  3 - Every Cat Matters Jewelry Boxes, Pyrographed Kitty Boxes, Sevaun, Urchin Kitty, Elisie, Woodrow, & Trucker 

Little Oliver Taylor Blackwell had his leg amputation yesterday.  He became quite pale during surgery. The amputation was completed but the removal of his fractured canines could not be done. So....that will be a future surgery.  We had a bit of trouble keeping ahead of his pain level at first, but today we are there. He's comfortable and sleeping the morning away--a good thing. And he ate a good breakfast!  

We took on two new cats yesterday.
Muru--pronounced murr-ee, a Name a Cat name.  It means small kitten and she sure is.  Muru is an American Short Hair--beautiful markings. She's somewhere around 6-7 months old and just weighs a tad over 3 lbs.  Needless to say--she's very emaciated/dehydrated. She was found in another county, so so thin. She is eating a tiny little bit by herself. In addition, we are giving fluids and also oral liquid meals.  She can purr and loves her head to be rubbed.

Victoria--a Name a Cat name.  She is a torti, about 11 months old. Her birthday is 4/23/18.  She has been in a neighborhood for almost a year--showed up as a tiny kitten.  We are sending her up with HumaneOhio on Monday to be spayed. 

We have started a fun thing for the cammers to join in on!  Donna had given me 4 special butterfly coins.  I sent them to 4 ffrc friends!  The purpose--do a good deed and then pass it on to another ffrc friend!  There's different ways of using these coins but FFRC has chosen the thought--do a good deed and pass it on! It's called The Butterfly Effect.  If you should get one in the mail, simply go to the site that's listed, put in the code that's on the coin and add your good deed to the list. Then, put the coin and the enclosed info back in an envelope and pass it on to an FFRC friend!   Check out the site at:    It's a fun thing to do and also encourages acts of good deeds!

We had an adoption today! Little inkie Gabel was adopted!  The last 2 inkies are also spoken for and will be leaving us soon.  Gabel went into a home where there's another cat friend and tons of fun cat things to do, including a cat wheel! 

I've been asked about Mowgli. She is a remarkable cat.  A typical cat too--even with problems, they just keep on keepin' on.  Yes, her tongue does not look very good.  We feel there has been a trauma to her tongue--possible from something caustic or something tied around it at some time or an injury.  We are not sure. We do feel sure it is not calici.  Regardless of the cause, we are treating her with soreness meds, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and all the food she wants! 

We have more thanks to give:
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Pro Gear Boat Rentals--donation to help with Oliver Taylor BLackwell
Jones Shop--donation to FFRC
Maite--donation in honor of Addy
Yvonnevdk--donation to help with Mowgli's meds
Janet S and Harley--donation for my BD, for FFRC--Feliz Navidad Fund

Here's a few dates coming up:
April 1--HumaneOhio
April 2--quickie flash sale
April 6--FFRC surgery
April 15--HumaneOhio and Advisory Board meeting

The 8 kittens in the back have had a couple excursions here into the Main Area. Some are braver than others!  It won't be long until we can leave them up longer! 

Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Weds., March 27, 2019 & Catathon Update

The 8 kittens in the back have gained  36 ounces between them, all in 1 week! They have super appetites, high energy levels and are ever so cute!  Look for them to be coming up to the Main Area soon for short periods of time!

This Monday we have a HumaneOhio day. We will be sending Feather up for her spay. That way, she can go to her new home on Weds.  This coming weekend, Singita's new family will be arriving to take her home too! There's also a possibility of another of the inkies being adopted on Saturday!  It looks like too that Lancelot may have a home!  More on that later! 

Yesterday was our Flash Sale by Mich and Vern. Many thanks to all who made this possible! We sold almost 100% of everything--making $781 for FFRC.  We are so grateful!

We had BOXES on Monday. I am always just thrilled with BOXES!  Many thanks.
NHFurry & NHcatlady- CATATHON-Star Wars Basket - Lrg. Star Wars t-shirt, Star Wars Blanket, 4 Star Wars Original Movies, Darth Vader Vinyl Figurine.  Star Trek Basket - 6 Original Movies, Complete set of Animated Adventures, Star Trek Blanket, Spock Vinyl Figurine, USS Enterprise Model.
Kris - CATATHON-a beautiful Beaded kitty coin purse, (xtra beads included), Blue kitty treats, (3) Purely Fancy Feast Filets Salmon and Chicken.  (2) Blue Kitty Kraving Snacks, CatStax Challenging Puzzle Game, The Cat Game, Curious Cat Necklace.

Anony - CATATHON-Hiking Basket - Camping Cookware Set, 1000 lumen LED Camping Lantern.

KathyWV - CATATHON-Wrap it Basket - Note Cards, Multiple packs of Stationary with Envelopes, Thank you Stickers, Post Cards.

Snoopybaby -CATATHON- Wrap It Basket - 3 rolls of Peanuts Wrapping Paper.

Jody626 -CATATHON- Pollinator Basket - Hummingbird Design Book. FFRC Basket - Green Clover mug with PaddyCakes and PaddyPurr  (awww),  Derecho mug.

FFRC Cares & So Do We, Ronnie and Marie - CATATHON--Star Trek Basket - "Star Trek Cats" book, Mickey Mouse Basket - Mickey Mania Disney  Puzzle (550 piece).

Anony - CATATHON--Hiking Basket - (4) packs of Mountain House pre-cooked breakfasts; 2 portions each, Butane cooking set, (6) packs of Mountain House pre-cooked dinners; 2 portions each.  Mini water filtration system.

Jo603 - CATATHON--Garden Basket - Garden Statue; Little Girl w/Watering Can.

Don and Sandy - CATATHON--Sock Basket - 5 pair of Kitty Socks, "Amazing Animals" book, Kitchen Basket - Magic Bullet Smoothie Blender.

JBond (Janna) - CATATHON--Wrap It Basket - Gift bags, Basket bags, Paper w/Pen, Pack of 80 gift labels, 3 packs of Thank You Notes, To Do Notes, 2 Springer Cards, Paper Pad, Writing Journal, Hallmark cards, Picture Display plate stickers, Heart coloring book, Mindfulness coloring book, Brightside cards, Butterfly cards, Peacock cards, Post-it Notes, Memo pads, 2 packs of Designer paper, Kitchen Basket - Gourmet Apron, Pack of Ice Cream Spoons, Fish Trivet , Farberware Scissors, Farberware 6 Knife Set, Pastry Scraper, Travel Dressing Container, Oval Casserole w/Rack. Mickey Mouse Basket - Jump Rope, Daisy and Donald Chalk, Childrens Games Basket? -  Create a Horse Figurine, Paddle Ball set, 2 Children's craft sets, Camping Basket - Spinning Reel for Fishing, Star Trek Basket - Spock (Leonard Nimoy) $1000 Bill., 500 paper plates for FFRC.

AussieCat -CATATHON-- Girls or Boys Basket - (Australian Products): 2 Koala Kids T-shirts, Stationary, Pot Holder, Dish Towel, Oven Mitt, 2 I Love Australia T-shirts,  2 Fun Bags; 1 girl, 1 boy, Socks Basket - 1 pair of socks.

ShadowCat - 2 Soft cat blankets for FFRC to use where helpful.
Peggy (Leggygal) - A BUNCH of new Biggiedews, wonderful new patterns and colors. 😄
LJ - Toy Construction and Traffic Signs for New Route 66 Catwalk. lol
Anony - for Dinghy - 2 cases of Ham Baby Food.

JoBear - for the Porchies - 2 Temptation packets, 2 PartyMix packets, Cloud 9 Catnip.  CATATHON-Coffee and Tea Basket - 2 bags of Maple Bacon Coffee.  for funraiser - MicroMink Sherpa blanket; 90 x 90 full/queen.

Jan (Tx) - a box filled with a variety of blankets and material of all sizes. Some are knit or crocheted. 

Linda and Bill (MI) - (5cats2love) - donation.
Elaine and Alan - in memory of Little Kat; donation
Marilyn and Terri - Card w/Chicky $5
Debbie D. (Utah) - ThankYou and Birthday Card for Jacci, Funraiser money.
Theresa H. (Ft Wayne) - donation
Sue (MacNCheeseDoodleMom) - donation
Randy and Susan S. (Pa.) - donation in memory of Linda Anderson
Susan S. (Mimi and Loki) - picture for of Canvas that she won at a    funraiser.  Funraiser money.

But, wait......we have even more thanks to give!
Piperjo--2 chickie $5 dollars for the cats & kitties
Debra T--donation for the cats 
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Anonymous friend--donation for Broths for Jessie
James W--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with Oliver Taylor Blackwell's medical needs
Deb11111-donation in honor of Bruno
Jones Shop--donation to FFRC
Ellen P and mom--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Mich & Vern--that wonderful "stuff" they donated
June/painteddaisy--lots of awesome "stuff"
Our boy Oliver Taylor Blackwell was at the vets office on Monday. As we knew--his rear left leg is fractured, both top canines are also fractured and his left eye has hemorrhaged. We are treating his eye. Unfortunately due to the location of the fracture, his leg is not able to be pinned.  The femur is completely broken away from the lower "knob" of the femur. This bone is the strongest bone in the body--it takes a lot of force to break it.  What a sport he is though--such a happy boy! He takes his treatments and meds so nicely. On Friday morning, he will go to the vet's office again for a leg amputation.  Oliver Taylor Blackwell will be back later in the day.

Buck was here today and fixed the attic pull down door! We've had a lot of fun with that "mistake".  He also did a list full of little things that needed repair.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Tri-Country will be here in the morning to put an additional 4 cam lights in.  We so love these cam lights. They seem so much easier on our eyes too!  We just need a tiny bit more light! 

The FFRC 20th Anniversary Celebration has an updated thermometer! Wow--all that red climbing up is awesome!  Many thanks. 

I've been asked for an update on the Catathon list, so here goes!
Catathon 2019   newly adjusted this week!
These are just suggestions.  We are always open to new ideas!  Some of these are taken from years past as doing very well at Catathon.  Last two years, we’ve had 39-42 Baskets.  Big Ticket Items—20-21      Raffle Items—10-11    Big Big Ticket
Socks    ½ full
Ferole Fotos     coming (from Ferole)
Veteran/Patriotic    1/8 full
For The Cat   ¼ full
For The Dog   1/8 full
Puzzles    ½ full
Kitchen    ½ full
Spa/Relaxation    ½ full
Camping   1/3 full
Backpacking      done!
Laurel Burch #1
Laurel Burch #2  About ¾ way for 2 baskets!
Knitting/Crocheting/Crafts   1/3 full
Hello Kitty    ½ full
Survival Kit   nothing yet
Beach Fun    nothing yet
Garden is Great    1/3 full
Christmas   ½ full
Wrap It, Paper & Bows and Much More!    Done
Baby boy  Done
Baby girl    Done
Purrrses Just Fur You    Coming
For the Love of Books!     1/3 full
Pollinators (Birds, Bees, Butterflies)  ½ full
Tea / Coffee Time   1/8 full
Star Wars   Done
Star Trek    4/5 full
Cement Goose Clothes    Nothing yet
20th FFRC Anniversary    Jodi doing
Emergency Food Supply Kits   Nothing yet
Life Is Better With Friends   ¼ full
Jacci’s surprise Basket!   Surprise, surprise!
Canning    Done
Phenomenal Gems   possibly coming
Fordite Beauty   possibly coming
Magnificent Michigan   coming
Girl Fun    Done
Boy Fun    Done
Tony Paco!    Coming
Mickey Mouse   ½ full

Round 5
Crazy Alphabet Bag
Cat Furniture
Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper Food Processor
Bl/Wh Bean Bag Cat chair
Bestek Cordless Stick/Handheld Vacuum
Original Magic Bullet, 11 piece
Mary Frances Beaded Kitty Coin Purse

Big Ticket Items
Peace poles
Kuranda Tower
Books by Gwen Cooper/1 is autographed
Afghan, crocheted, purple/white 80 x 60
Bunn NHS Bremer with pour-o-matic drip-free, 10-cup carafe
Instant Pot 6 qt. Duo Plus 60
Black/white Bean Bag Cat Chair
Lamb Rocker—Olive & Cocoa

Big Big Ticket Items  OR Catathon Fun-Raiser
Kitchen Aid, Artisan Design 5 qt. tilt-head stand mixer
The Amish Country Store Basket
Weird “Mod” Science Collection
Samsung Smart TV, Curved 55”
Derecho Book—FR
FFRC’s CH Book--FR

These are purely just suggestions. And if things still come in on those that are marked full, that is just fine!  As things come in, we start sorting them into category, whether it’s a Basket, Big Ticket item, Big Big ticket item or a  Fun-Raiser items.  Plus, we know some people like to make new baskets up or a specific basket themselves and that is perfectly fine!  The more, the merrier!  As time goes on, this list will constantly be adjusted.

BOXES tomorrow, Thursday at 2:00! 

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sunday, March 24, 2019

We had another adoption yesterday! Desi was adopted and went into the same home that Kubu lives at. I have a feeling that they will have a lot of fun together. 

I've also heard from a couple other adoptions.
Abel who is now called Blackjack. From the new owner: "He's been so awesome this week. I know I made the right decision in adopting him. He has officially become my alarm clock at 5:30 by licking my nose to wake me up for work." 

Fabel, who is now called Taylor. From the new owner: "She's been amazing! Xues and Popcorn absolutely love her  and they play all the time. She's very happy. She loves biting noses at night! She's an angel. We all love her so much"  

Cooper, the new Porchie cat, is doing well also. He enjoys the Porchie Haven and the Sunporch. The other Porchies have accepted him very nicely.

We had BOXES Friday. What glorious boxes--so wonderful and helpful to FFRC! 
Anony - 2 Boxes Delectables
Beth/Eaglewatcher - Case 24ct Baby & Mother Cat 1-4 months
Kris M - TechD Cat Necklace, Marcasite 2 Cat Necklace, Sevilla Silver Cat Necklace, 2 Cool  Circulation Beds for Covies, 3 Boxes Delectables, 2 Pretty, Square Kitty Beds, Kitty Tree for Pania & Friends

Ollie the Hooligan & Gene Monster - 1000 6" plates
Anony - 2 36ct Boxes Reese's PB Eggs, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 

Sean G - Kitty Cave Bed (for babies)
Freemont & Renzo - for Hensley, Cutie & Friends - 2 Tubs Wilderness Snackers
CJ500 - Hugs for Hatima & Ramsey   Crocheted by CJ: 20 Blankies, 25 Spiral Toys, 4 Lap Afghans

Sandra A from IA - Button Cat Nappers, Kitties Little Helper Calming Collars, Bun Bun Easter Banner
Ann, Kevin & Bailey B - UK  - Kitty Birthday Card
Dottie & James C & Family - Hummingbird Birthday Card

Maria & Miranda - Sweden Birthday Card
Dennis & Elizabeth S - Kitty Birthday Card with Donation

DiAnn B - CATATHON - Hummingbird: Windchimes, Towel Set, Glass Feeder, Ant Moat, Bee proof Feeder, CAT: Kitty Towel Set   STAR WARS: Star Wars Kit, Stickers, 100pc Puzzle, Lunch Box with Puzzle inside, Hans Solo Figure, 4 Character Pez dispensers

Karen B - CATATHON Crystal Growing Set, Geodes by National Geographic, Lab Coat
GeminiAngel/Mod - CATATHON Book: My Life as a House Cat by Gwen Cooper, National Geographic: Fossil Kit, Mega Gemstone Kit, & Geodes

Don & Sandy - CATATHON Babys: 2 Muchkin spoons, Munchkin Bowls, Nuby Teether, 4 wristlet Toys, 6 Cloth Books, Bunny Cuddle Companion, Play Mat, Projection Lamp

Kris M - CATATHON Aquarellum Art Kit

Hencass - CATATHON  Amish: Cookie Cutter, Home Remedies, Amish Friends Cook Book, Beef Jerky, 4 pkg Cobbler Mix & Shoefly Pie Mix. Jars of Food: 3 Vegetable Soup, 3 Potato Soup, 2 Pears, Pickles, Chow Chow, Pickled Eggs, 2 Peaches, Bacon Dressing, Strawberry Preserves, Salsa, Pepper Rings, Peach BBQ Sauce, 4 Bean Salad, Dill Mushrooms & Molasses 
3 Apple Pie Filling, Blackberry Filling, Cherry Filling, Peach Filling, Egg Noodles, Wide Noodles 7-Bags Variety Pop Corn

Napa/Mod CATATHON  Glow in the Dark Slime making Kit, Safety Glasses and Lab Coat & ID
Snoopybaby/Mod CATATHON  2 boxes 8 rolls of Snoopy wrapping Paper, 52 Piece Microscope Kit, Lava Light & Glitter Tubes Kit, Light Up Terrarium

We have more thanks too!
William K--donation to help with Oliver Taylor Blackwell's care
Marco G from Germany--donation for Oliver Taylor Blackwell's medical costs
Fran D--donation to FFRC in memory of Trucker
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Janet K--donation to FFRC
Michelle & Mary--donation to FFRC, for Oliver Taylor Blackwell
Nicole F--visitor--Purina ONE dry, 32 cans FF

Who is this Oliver Taylor Blackwell mentioned above? He's a sweet boy that was found on a country road nowhere near houses. Unfortunately, he had been hit by a car. His right front canine tooth is fractured. His left eye is badly injured. Also his rear left leg is badly fractured. He goes to the vets tomorrow morning for an x-ray. We shall see then what can be done for the leg. In the meantime, he's receiving soreness meds, ointments for his eye and antibiotics. And lots of food!  He is so so hungry. His birthday is 8/12/18. Oliver Taylor Blackwell is super friendly with a motor type purr!

We all know that soon we will be loaded up more with kittens. While we are spaying and neutering as many cats as we can, we still know there are babies being born.  Sometimes the work load can be very heavy. But.......this FFRC has the bestest thing of all........and that is super volunteers!  We have 45 volunteers plus, many in different capacities. Not only do they give their time, compassion and expertise in helping FFRC, we are all friends that enjoy working together. I am always so grateful to them. 

Always know that if you ever see an error in our listing of BOX items, please feel free to email me so I can correct things. During this Catathon time, things get a bit crazy! 

Warm temps are on their way! And that means windows will be opened soon! 

We have quite a few kittens on hold, but have to wait till they are ready:  Inga, Calvin, Lucette, Rita Marie, Monroe, Frank, Mable, Sable, Cornelio, Feather and Singita. Remember......things can always change. 

Tenzin is doing super good.  He's a friendly boy and is a very graceful 3 legged cat. He so loves to have his head rubbed. 

Remember, this Tuesday at 2:30 ish is our Mich and Vern Flash Sale! 

Friday, March 22, 2019

Friday, March 22, 2019

This is truly a blog of thanks!

I would like to express my appreciation for being my friend and making my birthday so special.  Flowers, cake, ice cream deserts, cards, lots of wonderful messages--all so very nice and super appreciated.  It is so nice to have our FFRCNation surround us all. Thank you.

We had a Porchie adoption!  Morton was certainly showing unrest, being inside the rescue center. He was visiting the doors and the windows, trying to find a way out.  He had been outside a few times in his previous home.  And then, he started showing some aggression to the other cats. That, along then with him starting to spray, told me he was not happy.  I was planning on letting him be a Porchie when he  made his own decision and got out the door all by himself. He made his own decision. So far, so good--I've seen him twice now and he is much more relaxed.  He gets to be the cat he wants to be.

Addie is becoming more comfortable! She is out and about more, loves the palm tree, enjoys her meals and absolutely loves to have her head scratched!  She's a quiet soul--doesn't ask for much except to be loved. Such a pretty girl.

We have thanks to give!
Jones Shop--donation to FFRC
Chao Y from China--donation to FFRC
SchleeNC--donation for Mowgli
Karla M--donation to FFRC

We had donations made to FFRC for J's birthday--so much appreciated: Flymom, Napa, Yvonne VDK, Kris M, SonJa M, Kimkost, Lu-Little & Benny and Eugenia (from Russia),

Wednesday was our Fun-Raiser event.  It was absolutely wonderful!
First....we had BOXES!
Kris M –  Catathon, Huge cat Bean Bag Chair, Library Tapestry Foot Cat Stool, 5 pairs of Laurel Birch Socks, How to Draw Cats book , 2 Large Laurel Birch Tote Bags, 4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten food

Ollie and Gene – 8 large cans of chicken, 2 cases of baby food
Anonymous – 12 boxes of Friskies little Soup
Pat L / plee – 3 cases of Purrfectly chicken
Anonymous – Large Case of Cheez-it Snap’d  Yummy!

Denise & Elizabeth – 5 packs squeeze ups, post it notes, pack of pom poms, 2 packs of ping pong balls, pack of coil toys, 4 packs of temptation snacks  , 2 laser lights, 4 packs of meaty sticks, case of delectable stew.

Mary D & Randi M – 4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten food  
Maria S/Snoopybaby -- Catathon - Peanuts Holiday Cards
Conii  - 6 quart Instant Pot

Anonymous – 2 containers of Milano cookies, case variety peanuts, assorted Pringles, 2 cases of assorted cookies--keeps us going!

DorisCat – 2 $5 chickie money, cold stone creamery gift card for Mary B , 3 Gift cards for Gas, miscellaneous office supplies, pens, lemon tea, Christmas Cards, bags, stocking , slinky toys, Catathon --  head lamp(catathon) dolphin necklace, 2 disney frozen in time music boxes, 2 boxes of cards, 10 DVD’s, solar radio, Christmas window decoration, Flag Tray

Jbond – Catathon – baby- girl fur coat, slippers, 2 packs hangers, 2 pairs baby Ugghs (boy/girl), 2 baby wipes holders,  Cat Make-up Bags, Jewelry, cuff links, necklaces, Spa Basket, soaps and lotions, 3 pack purse set, cozy comfort hot water bottle, Warm and cozy  Nome(warmer thingies), Shower Basket, coconut pattys, 2 packs of Jelly Bellys, Peach Rings, 2 heavenly Carmel, 2 tins Danish Butter Cookies, Scarf, doggie pull toy. Jacci Birthday Box – Chocolate, Blown Glass Hummingbird, the Hummingbird Plaque. Hummingbird Throw cover, custom make FFRC Cat Nesting Dolls  (some of this was with my mom's love of hummingbirds showing) 

Joco – Catathon - Canning Kit &  Book: Guide to Preserving
Joy & Don NY - Donation
Iowa Catlady Marie & The Magnificent 7: Jabberwocky, Singer, Walter Payton, Sawyer, Roby, Zeba & Phoenix - Happy Birthday Jacci & Donation

Don & Pat A - GA  Happy Birthday Card Jacci w/Donation
Kelly R/Littleonemine - Hummingbird Card Happy Birthday Jacci

Jeannett H - Scotland - Kitty Card & Note, Letter from Magic & Friends with Kitty Bedtime Prayer Magnet

Michlynn & Vern MI - Card Happy Birthday Jacci
Clark, Jesse & The Rest : Card Happy Birthday Jacci with Popcorn $5
Clark, Jesse & The Rest: Happy 12th Birthday Oliver 15 Mar 2007 Chicken $5

Dave & Stripey, Card Happy Birthday Jacci
Jackie W/Jwasbearlover - AZ  Card Happy St. Paddy's Day 2 Chicken $5
Cheryl L - WA  Card Happy St Paddy's Day with Donation

Dave & Amanda H with Kitties - Canada - Card Happy St. Paddy's Day & Note
Anony E-Coin, Kennedy half dollar with painted kitty on one side with certificate of authentication

DaVincismom - Book: Love Saves the Day by Gwen Cooper

And times, the drawing for the Fun-Raiser!
A – Pet Grooming Kit       30 TICKETS -  $150 – FLYMOM
B – Snowflake Afghan      32  TICKETS -$ 160 – Pat L / PLEE
C – 2 Cat Carriers            42 TICKETS - $210 – Anonymous for Vol.& Debra Th.(to FFRC)
D -- Rosemary Afghan     77 TICKETS  -$385 – Diann Ba
E – Vacuum & Flashlight  27 TICKETS - $ 135 – Gail W. for FFRC
F – Instant Pot               100 TICKETS -  $ 500 – Anonymous Winner
G – Cat Quilt                  151 TICKETS - $ 755 - Elskates
H – Derecho Book         122 tickets - $ 610 – RasbearyJam
Total = $2,905
Bump = $95 Beth
GRAND TOTAL = $3,000
Super hooray!  Steve was able to sit down and get some bills paid last evening!  Many thanks to all who had tickets, those who counted tickets, those who provided the items for the Fun-Raiser, the mods for helping to do the PR on this event--lots of hands needed to make this successful! 

We then had 10 consolation prizes.  Those items too have already went out in the mail!

And then we had ENVELOPES on Thursday--even more big thanks to give!
Leonard & Patricia - Donation in memory of Linda Anderson
Joyce S - OH  Donation with a Note
Iowa Cat Lady Marie and The Magnificent Seven! Jabberwocky, Sawyer, Singer, Walter Payton, Phoenix, Zeba & Roby---Donation in honor of Justme & Barin

Michelle & Mary - NJ  Singing Kitty B-Day Card  Donation in honor of Jacci
Joey3100 FL - Kitty B-Day Card with a Gas Card & Box Tops
Rich & RoseSF6cats with Marble, Fluffy, Brownie & Checkers - IA  Kitty B-Day Card with Note & Donation

Craig, Mariann & Daria M with Fluffy, Hope, Daisy the dog, Solee & Pippi - HB Card
Flymom - IN  HB-Day Card with 2 Popcorn $5 & Magnet: Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate
Sue G/Susan345 - NH  Kitty B-Day Card with Donation

Schinn/Mod with Felix & Arthur - Kitty Birthday Card with Donation
DiAnna - OH  Kitty HB-Day Card with Donation
Tiko (was Mars at FFRC) - B-Day CArd with Note from Teko/Mars & Donation

Snoopybaby/Mod & Preakness - CA  Snoopy Birthday Card
Pckrbkr - WI  Kitty HB-Day Card with Popcorn $5
Donny & Kathy - WV with Junior, Sandy, Picachu, Mingo, Stripe, Sweet Pea, Double Stuff, Pork & Beans, and Doggies: Cothbelle & Foster Red  - Kitty HB- Day Card

What a way to work--Eddie White is on my desk. Coralie is right beside me within range of getting her head rubbed. Zelda is beside Eddie White.  Manville is close by--he likes to be talked to. Ramsay is on the floor playing with the toy-that-moves.  Asha is right behind me waiting for another ear rub. And Gracie O'Malley is very close by too--she loves her back to be scratched! 

We have a new Porchie! He looks alot like Zavatar and Azar.  His name is Cooper. He's a brown tiger/white boy. To easily tell them apart, Cooper has a brown tiger dot on his right shoulder. He needed a new home and the vote from the Porchies was a thumbs up.  Personally, I think the Porchies are keeping it to a Boys Club! 

Big News!  All 8 kittens of Sasekani and Flower are eating from the plate! That's a big deal. At least that's what Sasekani says! You may know that little Sammy had a tiny bit of a runny nose. But, because of that Respiratory Panel we had done, we started him on that particular antibiotic. He's doing great now, playing like a crazy kitten, eating good and gaining weight!

Tuesday we will have our Mich and Vern Flash Sale at 2:30 ish.  Lots of great items!

Today we will have BOXES at 2:00 💙😁  We love boxes! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring!  I saw robin today and the big maple in the front yard has nice big red buds! Spring is happening!

Yesterday was our HumaneOhio day. Always a good thing! We sent up 35 cats, which broke down to 26 females and 9 males. This brings our 2019 total to 266 cats--149 females and 117 males. 95% of the females yesterday were in heat. 

Today we continue our Fun-Raiser with 8 items.  Tomorrow it ends at 9 am.  BOXES will be at 3:00, with the fun-raiser right afterwards. plus we have some great consolation prizes! This Fun-Raiser will help us get caught up on some bills that mounted up. 

We had 4 adoptions this past Saturday!
Barin left first. He hitched a ride with Beth who met up with JustMe/Kathy. Kathy is now Barin's new mama. All is good there. Barin joined right into Kathy's cat family and is very happy and comfortable. A very good happening for Barin.

Abel left second. Abel has a new mama that was thrilled to adopt Abel. He was the only boy in the litter of 6 inky kittens. She planned his adoption so she would have a couple days home with him, acclimating to his new home.

Kabel left next. Kabel went into a home where Rill as adopted. I'm sure Rill and Kabel are rocking and rolling and full of energy! Kabel is one of the inky kittens.

Fabel was the last to leave, another inky kitten. She went into a home where there iare 2 other cats. And lots of people to hold her. 

Now we have 3 Abel Kittens left--Mabel, Sabel and Gable. 

Today all 8 of the kittens in the back Thumper's Room ate from the plate. Each day they get better and better at this! The 2 mama cats are so very kind. All kittens and mamas now spend 24/7 on the floor--no more going back into the Condo pens.

I've heard from Sinbad's new mom. The first day was a little strange for Sinbad and then he and Arlo made friends. They are now best buds. Jennifer sent me a video of Arlo grooming Sinbad and Sinbad so enjoyed the attention. From Jennifer: "My heart has just melted today over these boys of mine! I believe I made a great pick in Sinbad!"  So, all is great with sweet Sinbad. 

Mark your calendar. Next Tuesday, Mich and Vern will be here for a super Quickie Flash Sale!  It'll start about 2:30 ish.  Lots of great items--some never shown before! Come join the fun!

We have thanks to give! 
Jones Shop--donation to FFRC
Jabberwocky--donation in honor of Barin and Kathy
Deborah S--donation to FFRC
Belltime--donation in honor of Barin
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Jakesmeowmy--donation in memory of daughter's kitty Murphy (19 1/2 yrs old)

Judy & Phil L--donation to FFRC
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Uwe N--donation to FFRC
Susan H--donation in honor of Marilyn

Pamela C--donation for FFRC
Ronnie & Marie H--donation in honor of Barin and buddies 

Tenzin is now in the Main Area. He's doing great. And he's so very soft. And agile with having 3 legs. He loves to be petted!  He's making friends.

Manville is very interesting. He is playing galore. At first, it seemed he wasn't sure how to play with the others. He's learning now though. Today he and Magic was having so much fun. His tail sutures will come out today. 

Morton is not adjusting very well inside.  He wants outside so so badly. We're still trying to figure out where his happy place is.

I've been asked about Pinto.  He is doing just fine as a Covie.  He most certainly is on the feral side--does not like people to be very close. He's making Covie friends and that's ok! He's eating good and knows where his comfy beds are! He's going to really enjoy the big playground area!

We had BOXES on Sunday. I'd like to say a big thanks to Mudjie for being our Catetary!
Napa/Mod  CATATHON Green Science Weather Science Kit

JBond CATATHON 6 prs Socks, 6 pr Baby Booties, Canning: Name Cards, labels, Vacuum Sealer, Cheese Cloth & Twine Garden: Bucket cover to hold tools, gloves, twine, weed popper, pruners, trowel, fork & rake Book" Star Trek Cat Book

Don & Sandy CATATHON Green Science Weather Science, Light Up Terrarium Kit, I Can Make My Own Sparkly Soap
Sandra A CATATHON Hamilton Beach Food Processor
Eaglewatcher  CATATHON - 2 Homer Odyssey Books

Jeannette H CATATHON - Scotland 'Coo' Card - Baby Girl outfit, 2 Kitty collapsible storage bins,  - 2 Kitty Clutch Purses, Cat Bracelet, 2 Cat Pill Boxes, Book: Princess and the Pea, Dog Coin Purse, Packet of Stickers and Books

Carrie & Eric CATATHON  Socks,  Kids: 7 pr. Jammies, 6 Outfits, 5 Onsies 4 Bibs, Chewbacca Mug,  Baby Socks

Anony Friend- 2 Gal. Lysol Cleaner
Anony Friend - 4 Gal Lysol Cleaner
Kris M - 2-Flat Beds for Kitties, Lg P.L.A.Y Bed for Kitties, 2 22lb Bags Purina One
Dewitty - 2 cases 24ct Friskies

DebT/BahamaMama MA - From the Bahamas, Magnets, Keychain, Coin Purse, Travel Color Book & Pencils & Donation
FaithyMD  10 Cat T-shirts Variety colors & sizes $12 each 

Great Aunt Julie -IA  12 rolls vet wraps, Furbaby blanket, Cat Scratcher
Eaglewatcher - Stream Web Cam
Shirl T & Pupper--2 cases of FF kitten can for Mowgli

MLS/Linda - Humming Bird Calendar
Conii with Elliott, Alyssandra & Giovanna - 2 poofy beds

Carrie & Eric - Case Whiskas, Dividers, 2 Gary Patterson Cat Calendars, 6 rolls invisible tape, 30 Lg & 10 small Lysol Wipes, for Vols: 40 cracker snackers, Donut Shop Coffee, case of 24ct Tuna, Pupperoni for Janie

Abel's Parents - Case of Whiskas, 2 bottles Mr Clean, 2 pkg Magic Erasers

Elskates Card - Happy Birthday Jacci & Happy 20th Anniversary FFRC with Donation
Josette/Burgundy - France - Kitty Birthday card for Jacci

We are so excited about Catahon! It's only 96 days away! A couple times a week, for right now, we go out and organize the baskets and all the items. We are so very grateful for all you do for us here at FFRC.

Mowgli is still eating away! Lucie still bosses me in the morning when she's ready to go to the desk to help. Hensley still tells us 10 times a day he wants some of his special hugs. Vernie still tells us when he wants his uppies. Pania still meows (loudly) when she wants her Pania Flakes!  Life is normal! 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Friday, March 15, 2019 & Catathon update!

BOXES!  We love Boxes and are very grateful.  Supplies for the cats, goodies for the volunteers, awesome stuff for Catathon, cleaning products----so many wonderful items that are a huge help to us. We had BOXES yesterday---many thanks!

Jody J - FFRC logo canvas tote for CATATHON
Gossamer/Mod - CATATHON Book: Astronomy for Kids, Telescope & Binoculars

JBond -- 6 Mason Jar lids, Artisan 5 Qt. Kitchen Aid Mixer, Hello Kitty Back Pack, Minnie Mouse: back pack, pop up game 65 pc Art Box, 12 pencils, 12 Vintage Stickers, Study Set,  Mickey Mouse: 12 Pencils, 12 Vintage Stickers, Roadster Racer, Playing Cards, Lane 500pc Puzzle, Star Wars Knapsack, Friends Forever Bracelet Set, Kids Kitchen Cookware set, Knot a Quilt Set,   Books: Wee Little Lamb, Wee Little Chick, Wipe & Draw Animals, I Taught Myself Knitting, Caterpillar, 2- Weird But True, Little Princess, See Me Grow, 3 Sesame Street Books
2 rolls Decorative Mesh Tolls, American Doll Make a Bear Kit, Baby hair Barrettes, 2 Sippy Cups, 2 Rubber Duckies with wash cloths, Stuffed Polar Bear, Paint a Barn Birdhouse, Fashion Tote Kit, Kids House Cleaning Set, Socks, 4 cupcake Boxes, Polka Dot wrapping paper, 3 Bags of Bows, Bakery Boxes, Christmas: Tins, Gift Box, 7- Stockings--all for a variety of basket items!

Josette M/Mod - CATATHON--Magic Science for Wizards Only
Susan345 - CATATHON--Build a Bear Star Wars Storm Trooper

SVCathy/Mod & Scott - CATATHON--Science in a Garden Adventures
Conii with Elliott, Alyssandra & Giovanna - CATATHON--Stuffed Musical Pig, Striped Baby Blanket & a Rocking Lamb for toddlers

Sonja M/Mod Make Your Own Soap Kit & Crystal Growing Kit
Vrs/Mod Books: 50 Things Kids Can Do To Help the Earth, Human Footprints, Rocks & Minerals, Jane Goodall, Hydro Power Kit

Anony - CATATHON--Canon Camera Accessories - Battery Charger, Extra Batteries & Cable
Jody626 - CATATHON--Captain America Figure

Kris M - Toys for Derecho & Friends  Laser Tower, Laser with Cat Ears, RoloRat programmable, Fox Den with 60 each AA & AAA Batteries
Jody 626 - 6 Bottles Mr Clean & 8 Bottles Lysol cleaner

Pat N - 2 St. Francis Magnets, Kitty statue, Blue Bird Figurine, 3 small china kitties, 3 bracelets, Kitty earrings and a Variety of Pins

Pleblady with Miss Tortie & Sandy - NC  24 Lg Cans Salmon, Friskies Soups, 11 Pillowcases made by Pleblady, Cat blankies and pads & scraps for making kitty toys

Mr. & Mrs Medic - 2 24ct cases Fancy Feast
Justme - 65' USB2 power cable for Paddy's Place

LJ - 2 cases Wellness for cats
Denise & Elizabeth S - 12 pk Gravy Sensations, WeRuVa pkts, 2 cases Appetizers, 6 Boxes Little Soups

JBond - 4 Charles Wysoki Tote Bags, Baby hat with bunny ears for kitties!, 2 Pillow Shams, 2 small spatulas, 2 soft Sherpa Blankets, Hummingbird Stickers, 2 boxes Toberone Candy, Ferrero Eggs, 2 Boxes Ferrero Rocher candy, 2 Bottles Hand Lotion, 

Anita S - NY Card with Note
Dr Darcey  Thank You Card for remembering her mother

David & Sharon S CA - Note with sign That Darn Cat
Michelle & Mary L - St Patricks Day Card with Donation for Medical & Neuter

Sherry/Neuromom & David - St Patricks Day Card with Note and Chicken $5
Paul L - Case of Printer Paper

THe electricians are here today. THe fluorescent lights in the Main Area and June's Room will be converted over to can lights, with dimmers.  This should help significantly with the glare for the cam.  So, for today, the cats are in Paddy's Place and the Purple Office and Kitty Kabana.  It's a day for napping so they are doing just fine.  Later this afternoon, they will be back in Main Area. 

It happened!  Shy Morton came into the Main Area early this morning and strolled around for quite some time!  He seemed to approve of this room.  Hoping both he and Lorry will decide to come up to stay. I call them brother/sister but really, they are cat housemates.  Lorry so enjoys a big rub down!

We took back a cat yesterday. His name is Tenzin.  He had arrived at FFRC on 9/16/12 at 11 weeks of age. Tenzin had been hit by a car and badly fractured his front right leg--the radial nerve had been severed. An amputation was done.  He also has a slight head tilt. And Tenzin is a polydactyly! He is a gorgeous brown tiger.  He's been well cared for but his mom is moving and can no longer care for him. So.......Tenzin is here. He's in the front Thumper's Room. Morton and Lorry are making friends with him. 

Feather and Sasekani's kittens are eating more and more by themselves. THey are all doing great. The inkie kittens too are doing wonderful. Have you seen Singita playing? She's fully acting like a kitten at times---even likes to play hide and seek with people! She's a fun cat.

Tomorrow, we will have 3 adoptions. We were going to have 4, but Cornelio has to wait a little bit. Subu (FFRC cat) played too hard at home and hurt a leg. His vet said he needed a little rest before hyper Cornelio comes into the home! 

Manville is doing so good!  He's just a big ol' boy but is pretty gentle, most of the time. I feel like he's learning to play with the other cats. We're still keeping an eye on him but all in all, he's doing good.  His tail sutures will come out next week.

Mowgli is an eating machine! Her inner feeding clock is about every 12 hour, it seems! We've changed her meds a little and it has seemed to help.  Time will tell but for now, she's happy, loves attention, thoroughly enjoys her food and loves to be petted. 

Ok--here it is--a new, updated list for Catathon! 

Catathon 2019
Suggestions for baskets:
These are just suggestions.  We are always open to new ideas!  Some of these are taken from years past as doing very well at Catathon.  Last two years, we’ve had 39-42 Baskets.  Big Ticket Items—20-21      Raffle Items—10-11    Big Big Ticket Items---3-4

Cat Items
Dog Items
Laurel Burch
Hello Kitty
Survival Kit
Beach Fun
Garden is Great
Wrap It, Paper & Bows and Much More!
Baby boy
Baby girl
Little Reader Books Plus
Laurel Burch
Pollinators (Birds, Bees, Butterflies)
Tea Time
Fairy Garden
Star Wars
Star Trek
Cement Goose Clothes
20th FFRC Anniversary
Emergency Food Supply Kits
Life Is Better With Friends
Jacci’s surprise Basket!
Phenomenal Gems
Fordite Beauty
Magnificent Michigan
Weird “Mod” Science Collection  (is this the official name?
Girl Fun
Boy Fun
Tony Paco!

Fun-Raiser (the week before)
Derecho Book
FFRC’s CH Book

Round 5
Crazy Alphabet Bag

Big Ticket
Peace poles
Cat Furniture
Kuranda Tower
Homer Odyssey Books by Gwen Cooper (have these!)

These are purely just suggestions. As things come in, we start sorting them into categories. And whether it’s a Basket, Big Ticket item, Big Big ticket item or a  Raffle items.  Plus, we know some people like to make new baskets up or a specific basket themselves and that is perfectly fine!  The more, the merrier!  As time goes on, this list will constantly be adjusted.