Building Layout

 Our cats and kittens live together in a very clean and cat friendly center which has been designed for their comfort and convenience. They can run, climb trees, play whenever they wish and snuggle up with a friend for a nice afternoon nap. Our few cages are only used for brief periods of quarantine. Our main area consists of a large office room, four smaller rescue rooms; (June's Room, Kitty Campus, Cat's Corner, & Mewcomers), a very large common area, and an enclosed outdoor porch which is accessed through a window which allows them to bask on shelves and enjoy mild weather while lounging on outdoor furniture. All have colorful, comfy furniture, trees for climbing, comfortable beds & toys placed about, with over 270 feet of catwalks. We also have 2 outdoor enclosures; Kitty City is for main rescue "overflow" during our very busy and full kitten season and Cat's Cove is for permanent residents.