Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween.  May all your spooks be friendly and all cats stay safe.

We took on 6 more kittens.  It appears there's 2 litters here--one of 2 kittens and one of 4 kittens.  The mamas has been spayed. 

The "4 kittens" were born on 9/19. 2 males/2 females
Brown tiger--female..........Brown tiger--male...........Grey tiger/white--female.........Brown  tiger/white--male

The "2 kittens" were born 8/28: grey tiger/white--male..........light brown tiger/white--male

No names yet but soon they will.  They came in needing the "double suds bath", treatment for a slight URI and major worming.  They have now been tested and given their Bordetella vaccine.

We've been leaving the 2 Thumper's Room doors open as much as possible so Banjo and Bruno can start transitioning to the front. Bruno is the bravest and has come up a couple times.  We had a breakthrough--Sinbad is now in the Main Area!  He decided he was brave enough to come up on his own! He's getting stronger on his pinned leg too!

Bruno is at the vet's office today along with Vincent for their dentals.  I just got a call from the vets and they are done and will be on their way home soon.  Winston had 2 teeth and tartar removed. Bruno had 10 teeth removed.  Bruno also has a significant heart murmru but did well with the anesthesia.

 Reglisse is also in the Main Area and is doing just fine. He's fit right in and enjoys playing with all the cats and kittens.

We removed the sutures on Cashew and March today. These two new 3-legged cats can run like the wind now--there's no holding them back/no hindering limbs.  They run, climb and jump!

We had BOXES Monday afternoon.  Know that you are so very appreciated!  You help fill our needs that we have.                                         

Doris  - Multi color long rug runner
Nicolela & her mom Cris B / Australia - 7 packs of 5x7  handmade beautiful Christmas cards
Elaine & Allen B / Fl - 2 Christmas cat Garden Flags , Donation in memory of LittleKat 

Josette/burgandy - 1 Fall Table or Wall cover, 4 hand made Dish Carriers, 1 Napkin Holder, Kids Apron Maker Kit, Earrings, Necklaces, Key Chains or Purse Decorations.  Beautiful work by Burgandy!

Marie M / M&M - Goodies for Jacci -3 pairs of socks, Ty stuffed kitty, Dove Chocolates, Oreos, a bag for Donnajb, bag for Lynnette, earrings, Bunches of 2019 wall calendars , Candles, Soaps, framed cat photo's, ID badge holder, Christmas Cards,  2 LARGE boxes of office supplies, potty bags,

Andrea F / Ca - Afghan for fun-raiser, 1 baby blanket,10 pretty kitty blankets for flash sale, 1 can sardines, 2 Packs of wash clothes, fleece throw blanket, Donation 

JatCat - Safety box cutters, envelope openers 
Kim J  / Tx - 8 x 10  Acrylic framed photos of Zelda, Coralie,Spiker, Derecho for fun raiser,

LJ -- 2 large bags of OPEN Starkist Fruit Gems, 100 Hand Made Christmas Pickles  (we are selling for $7)

MaryAnn H / Arnies mom - Az - Donation 
Flymom - 2 $5 chickie dollars 
Jackie W / Az - 4 $5 chickie dollars
Ellen H / NY - Coupons, paw points, donation 
Lurker Sam / NM - Chickie $5, box tops, coupons 
Renee B. / Pa - Doupons, Psw prints 
Kittiesmom / - 2 $5 chickie dollars  

And more thanks to give:
Lorene B--donation to FFRC
Maite (another cat rescurer)--donation for Giovanna
SchleeNC--donation to help SInbad
Yvonne vdk--donation in honor of Cutie
Jodi R--donation to FFRC

Many of you may remember when we use to participate in ResQWalk.  It's an open activity once more. We've received 2 donations already from them.  For this third quarter, we received $18.95. This is FREE money, just for walking or jogging! Check it out at:       Simply install the ap on your smart phone. If you have an android phone, get it on Google play.  
***Then start walking. When done choose done.
***Under my profile you can set up your goals if you want
***The leaderboard tab at the bottom-- if you click on it will show you miles FFRC has, what place they are in and where other rescue rank
Start walking---it's good for FFRC and YOU!  And thanks!

You might've heard about the cat up in the tree by Tim Horton's.  He is now here and is doing good.  He had been up in the tree for 4 days before someone got him down.He had a bit of a terrifying time being rescued but is now safe and sound. More info later. 

FFRC is being featured on Scrip--the program we are involved in! Over 750 brands of gift cards are available at   And FFRC benefits! You'll need to register and will need our promotion code.  Contact for more information! This email will be answered by one of our FFRC volunteers. It truly does help us! 

Most days here are all enjoyable days. Cats are happy. Kittens are playing. The general health is good. The injured ones are healing.  Those with illnesses are improving. Adoptions are moving along. One complaint that we receive far more than I like to hear---we turn too many cats and kittens down.  And that is very true. I agree with that 100%.  It's not an easy or quick thing for us to do. There are so many cats daily that need a new home in our area. We try hard to always accept those that are suffering and those from our vets that need help. Our hearts are big and we are constantly trying to give suggestions to the callers of those that we cannot take in.

I wish people would realize that we are ONE Rescue Center--taking in as many as we can. But we are still ONE. We practice a no-kill policy (other than for leukemia/fiv positives or those cats that are in an active phase of dying whether from illness or injuries). That means we do not euthanize to make room for more incoming cats.  

We also are neutering and spaying as many cats as we possibly can.  We WANT to make a difference.  We WANT to show our community that we are actively trying to control the cat overpopulation problem. Sometimes people get angry with us on the phone or accuse us of not caring.  That is far from the truth. We give our hearts, blood and tears to this rescue center--all because we DO care. Spaying and neutering is so important--it truly makes a difference. And our community can help us with this----call, ask about our spays/neuters, make appointments! 

So.......please....take it easy on us! We are working long hours each and every day to improve the lives of the cats in our community. I've also heard that some folks think we "take the cream of the crop". This too is far from the truth. Look around here. We are treating cats with URI (and they are improving!)  We have blind cats here. In the last 2 weeks, we've had 4 amputations. We not only have 3 legged cats, we have 2 legged cats. In the last few months, we've had 6 major dentals done. We've helped scared and abused cats become more confident.  We love to help CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) cats have a good quality of life. And flea infestations that cause anemia--we sure get our share of these too.  So, the answer to that, we (as most rescue centers) don't get the cream of the crop. And that's ok with us---we just want to help. 

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Sunday, October 28, 2018

We've had adoptions!  I believe I might have missed a couple on the last blog, so we will back up a bit.
Rosie--adopted 10/22.  She went to a great home!  They waited for her to be big enough to be spayed for 2 months! A long anticipated adoption!
Thapar and Imogene--adopted 10/23. They went to their new home together. This family had adopted from us years ago and now needed to fill a lost space there. These two kittens will even get to vacation with them!
Telo--adopted 10/25--the first of the 4 Persians from the back room.  He went, fluffy tail and all! to a lady who is a Godmother to one of the Persians from last year. I've already seen pictures and he is so happy. Playing and exploring.
McCain--adopted 10/27--another Persian, the red boy. He was the first one put on hold of that group. He will be so loved. McCain is such a nut--loves to play and be cuddled.
Atticus--adopted 10/27. This is one of the School Litter kittens. He's a brown tiger and has a blueness to his eyes--so very beautiful! Such a sweet kitten. He's going in a family that was excited to have him.
Magnificence and Ti ya--adopted today, 10/28. They went with a good friend of FFRC's. She loves Persians and spent time with them before adoption--a really good fit for the kittens.  I'm very happy for these two kittens.
Greybie--we are going to call this a foster failure adoption. Greybie came here in September, found by a volunteer. Greybie was very very shy and went to spend time with a family that I know to help her relax and acclimate to a home. Well..........they've decided she must stay with them! She's still a bit shy and they didn't want to stress her out by having her change homes!

More adoptions still coming up!  The 2 adoptions of Manfred and Lukas will wait one week.

It begins today! Our Fun-Raiser starts today and ends at 9 am on Weds.  We will then have BOXES at 3:00 Weds. with the Drawing following that. And of course, we have consolation prizes! Many thanks for helping to make this event possible.  This will go towards our medical bills--we've had a lot lately--more vaccines, another test kit for leukemia/fiv, more anesthetic meds, dentals, major surgeries, spays/neuters, etc.

We have thanks to give!
Sandra C--donation to FFRC
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Deryn R--donation to FFRC
Patty P (my cousin)--4 Belvita boxes for vols!!, 2 kitty snackers, 54 cans Fancy Feast, 2 Broths

We've had an update on Helga! "She is doing great and is quite a character. She loves to play and amuses herself with strange objects such as a potato. She is such a great addition to our home."  It's always nice to hear about our FFRC cats.

Sinbad is coming along. His pinned leg is looking better--the swelling is going down. He still is resting and sleeping alot but he went thru so much. Plus, mobility is a bit hard for him. Dr. Darcy said the fracture that was pinned was very bad. So, with healing, we are hoping he will be able to get up and about more.  He's down on the floor in the front Thumper's Room but is an observer of what's going on.  His other front leg remains useless. Once that leg is removed and his pinned leg heals, Sinbad will be up and about more! He's a nice boy with a sweet personality.

Peppi is now in the Main Area most of the time--her choice to come up. She still spends a little time in the front Thumper's Room though. She's rapidly acclimating to being with all the other kittens. She's been playing a bit now too with them! She looks like a Spiker miniature. 

If you hear on cam, a quiet gentle meowing, that would be either Derecho (who has done this for years) or Smoochie! Smoochie's bite wounds continue to heal. His left eye is still a bit swollen but we continue to treat it.  His biggest wound on his head is better. more seizures!

We've taken on a new kitten. His name is Reglisse (pronounced Ray-Gleece). It's a Name a Cat name.
He's a very handsome black/white kitten that is 5 months old. He has a bit of white between his eyes and has a left whisker pad that is white.  His birthday is 5/22/18.  He was found on a driveway a week ago in bad weather. This family held him until we could get him into FFRC.  A real nice kitten.

Giovanna has gained back another couple of ounces! Go, Giovanna, go! Cashew and March are doing terrific.  They continue to heal and will get their sutures out this week.  It's very obvious by watching their playing that they both are feeling better--no pain or discomfort like before their surgeries!

On Weds., we have 2 reservations at the vet's for dentals.  More info as to who will go later. 

Have a very wonderful Sunday!

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Cats are simply amazable!  Cashew and March are both doing great after their surgeries.  I do believe they are showing off a little--telling the other cats that 3 legs is just as good as 4 legs. They move so gracefully, are eating good and right back in their normal routines. 

Our newest kitten has arrived--Sinbad, the cat we were expecting from Dr. P's office.  He came on Tuesday afternoon.  Sinbad has a pin in his right front leg.  He's starting to bear weight on it. Tuesday night he spiked a fever. Dr. Darcy wanted him on antibiotics and by last night, his leg was much better. He was out of his pen a couple times now for 5-10 minute exercise times. Next month, his left front leg will be removed--there's absolutely no control on this leg as the nerve was damaged. He will get along just fine--he's tough and just happy to be able to play again! As he progresses, he will be out more.  His birthday is 4/25/18. 

Peppi is improving!  Some of you may remember when sweet friendly Spiker first arrived. He grumbled, growled and hollered for two solid weeks before he realized that all was fine. And now look at him! Such a love.  Peppi is kinda like this too.  While she had been around 2 dogs, she didn't have much time with other cats. So, this is a bit overload for her.  Each morning, we open the door to the front Thumper's Room to the Welcome Room and to the Main Area. She's been coming in just a few feet into the Main Area and actually seems fine with the cats that stroll thru "her" Front Thumper's Room., she progressed!  She came clear up to the Purple Office--that's a big achievement! Each day will get better. I just know she has it in her to accept the cats. Peppi has a terrific purr-er! Her and Spiker took a nap this morning side by side--so cute! 

This coming weekend should see 5 adoptions! When this has happened, we will then be able to get Bravo and Bruno here. They are waiting for placement here.  Bravo is the red/white 2 year old Persian and Bruno is the 11 year old white Persian.  We still will have Telo yet that needs a home, but he will soon be in the Main Area! And that means we will then be able to put Singita and the babies down on the floor, in the blue pool!  

We had BOXES on Tuesday--many thanks for your kindness and generosity.  Our pantries thank you too!
YvonneVDK - Bag of 255 pieces Reeses, Hershy & KitKats (thanks--we were so low on goodies--there's nothing like working here, petting kitties and having a candy snack!!
Mary D & Randi M - 2-24ct Fancy Feast Kitten
Caitlyn Ot - 2 Bags Mylar Ball Toys

Penelope via GeminiAngel Mod - a replacement e-collar! Thanks, Penelope! 
Contessa - Puppy Pads, Pop Tabs, Box Tops, Disposable forks & knives, Sheba Sticks, 
Baby Onsies & Booties
Karen B - 2 boxes Broths, 2 pouches Delectable Stew, Case 24ct Fancy Feast
Janet & Susan - UK  Case 24ct Fancy Feast, Bag of Indoor Kitty 

DebbieDear - 2-24ct Fancy Feast, 24 ct peanuts, 60 ct singles Grandmas Cookies Variety,
2 Self Warming Ortho Deep Dish Cuddler Bed (1 for Dingie), 48 Rolls TP & 24 Rolls PT
Plee 4-24ct Cases Fancy Feast
Victoria O - 27-80 ct pks of Kitty Wipes

Jody J Visitor- plastic storgae bags, 12 flashlights, 4 big yoga mats, 7 awesome rugs!, 250 foam plates, caned chicken, salmon, tuna, Dawn liquid soap and 144 cans of tuna!

Nona - Bird Seed & Mealworms for all the pretty singing birds & 60 Rolls TP
Sherri/Neuromom & David NY - Halloween Card with 2 chicken $5
Mary D - CT  Kitty Card with Fishy Fiver in memory of TinyToe

Linda/mls9690 - Whiskers, Box Tops, 2 books of Stamps
Jabberwocky/Iowa Cat Lady Marie and The Magnificent Seven - Donation in memory of Annetta
Macncheesendoodlesmom - Donation

Judy & Phil - Donation
Don & Sandy for Janie - Soft Bone & Paw Print Blankie
Patty S - Paulding Hospital - 4 Afghans & Colored paper for Printer

Denise & Elizabeth - SC  Card with Note - 2-Licky Licks, 4 bags Temptation Snackers, 12 pkgs Fish, Tuna & Chicken Filets, 9 Pouches Natural Balance, 9 Appetizers, Sheba Meat Sticks

SwayzeLilli - 10 handmade Feather Toys,  4 Bags Purina One, 1 Bag Iams, 1 Bag Senior Essentials

Hatima, our little shine bright kitten is doing good.  Her moderate CH doesn't bother her. She's a little toughie.  She likes to hang with  Ramsay.  I truly think as she gets bigger, she will be up more and more.  She's so tiny yet. She hasn't had a single "accident" since her arrival. We place her in the pottybox but she walks back to wherever she wants to go, by herself. 

Good news--Giovanna has regained back a couple more ounces!  That sweet girl is like the energizer bunny--she keeps on going!  Jessie, our oldest oldster, is doing wonderful. She's a youngster at heart.  Mitz has now left the Welcome Room and is in Main Area (again)!  She spent a couple months hanging out in the Welcome Room and then one day decided she had enough. She's now everywhere (again!) in the Main Area. Kiara has taught Marilyn the value of warm laundry right out of the dryer! They both now are yellow table cats, awaiting the next load of warm laundry! Jones is doing great! It's so sweet to see him bound to us when he sees us coming!  

An update on Smoochie: he's doing terrific! He loves life in general and gets along great with all 2,3 and 4 leggeds! He hasn't had a seizure for days now. His walk is a bit wobbly at times but so much better. His bite wound on top of his head is healing. His left eye that was also involved in being bitten is slowly healing too.  What a sweet kitten.

We have more thanks to give!
Janet K--donation for FFRC and with hugs to Sinbad
Teresa R--donation to FFRC, use where needed
Janet D from TX--donation to FFRC
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Eaglewatcher--donation in honor of Belltime's birthday, for the Feliz Navidad Fund
Marti W--donation to FFRC
Tammy & Keith & the girls--donation for bail money for "that sweet little angel Persian"
Yvonne vdk--donation in honor of Peppi and all the CH cats & kitties
Mark S--donation to FFRC, for use as needed

A much needed Fun-Raiser is coming up!  It'll be from October 28 to 31! There will be more info upcoming on fb pages and a video on the cam of the items. Here's the items:
A--Oxgord Pet Rolling Backpack, blue by Barb W
B--Remote control Cat clock (for color, speed & brightness) 
C--Harlequin Lap Quilt, 46 x 36, made by Plee
D--Warpedeedoo, 57 x 70, made by Warped
E--Nesco 6qt Roaster Oven, donated by Dave & Stripey
F--Kitty Quilt, 60 x 80, made by Kimkost's mom
G--4 foot Peace Pole, called Grace & Gratitude, donated by FFRC cats
H--Apple iPad with WiFi, 32 gb, 9.7 " multi-touch display, IOS II, grey, donated by FFRC cats
Check it out at:

Take care and have a great day! 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Yeah!  Hobie has a friend!  One of our moderators found a little wee kitten on a road--definitely not a safe place!  This little guy has been named Jacob (a Name a Cat name). He is a black/white kitten with a left white cheek and a right black cheek. Ever so cute. He's 2 1/2 weeks old with a birthday of 10/3/18.  I was hoping for a friend for Hobie--afterall, friends make a huge difference in growing up! Auntie Peggy is fostering both Hobie and Jacob. They are just 8 days difference in age.

Yesterday was our FFRC surgery day.  A big thanks to Gusti for providing the drinks and to Joyce D for providing the pizza and bread sticks!  Yummm!  All went great for the surgeries.  
Imogene, Rosie, Thapar, Magnificence and Tiya were spayed.  Czar, Lukas, Manfred, Rill, McCain and Tilo were neutered.

Cashew did have his front right leg removed.  These are always hard decisions to make but I feel this was a correct choice.  When I saw him running already last night without a limp, I was thrilled for him to not have that painful leg anymore.

March had his rear right leg removed. I also feel this was the right decision especially after seeing bone fragments in around the fractured and twisted femur. He too is up and about. Cats are amazing in their healing abilities.

We also neutered 4 extra boys--all cats of friends of FFRC.  Two of them are Persians--Bravo and Bruno.  Both of these cats will be coming to FFRC in about a week. More info on them later. 

Here's our breakdown for 2018 so far! We've done a total of 885 spays/neuters.  This breaks down to 497 spays and 388 neuters! Let's keep on going! 

Many thanks to Pablo, Mary Braid, Dawn E, Becky M and Katie for helping us with post-op on the kittens.  These ladies carefully watch over the kittens and cats for us, making sure they are turned, held, color is good, respirations are checked. Such a lot of help and comfort.  

We have thanks to give!  We are such a thankful bunch here!
Brittany G, Defiance--donation to FFRC
BillieK--donation to help with Clara and Sinbad's medical care

Kathie from Canada--a whole bunch of towels!

I've promised an update on Sabu. Unfortunately, he did indeed pass away while I was on vacation. I was afraid this would happen. Because we are unsure of what happened, he was placed with a friend, just in case he was contagious (for while I was gone).  Unfortunately, he was placed in the freezer instead of the refrigerator, so a necropsy could not be done. I sure was sorry to know he passed. These are the hard parts of rescue work. 

Little Hatima, the new black/white CH kitten is doing wonderful. She's now up in the Main Area. What a love bug she is.  She and Ramsay sometimes hang out together.  She so loves her bed, which we've tucked in beside where Ramsay likes to be. She and her bed even goes in Cat's Corner Room for night time where Ramsay goes. 

Clara, one of the new cats is also doing great. She arrived with her right front leg removed due to a severe injury from a hit by car. Clara was a little shy but she's showed us a sweet thing she likes to do. When we talk to her, she starts purring and then rolls over and shows us her belly.  Clara loves belly rubs! She's still in the front Thumper's Room but hoping soon she will enjoy coming to the Main Area.

Peppi has arrived. This is an orange female short haired that a vet of The Humane Society of Greater Dayton asked if we could help her. Peppi is a moderate CH cat. She has been a part of their rescue for a few months and needed a different home. The vet herself brought Peppi here--so nice to meet her! The vet fostered Pepppi in her own home. She's 6 1/2 months old with a birthday of 4/22/18. I told Spiker he has a look-alike friend here and he's anxious to meet her!  She will be spending time on the floor of the front Thumper's Room while acclimating to us. Her name is another Name a Cat name.

And we have yet another new kitten.  He arrived yesterday after the surgeries were all done.  A family found him in their yard, having seizures about every 15 minutes and called us. We of course said to bring him in right away.  And sure enough, this cat showed us his seizures.  When something like this happens, we worry about all kinds of bad  things that may be wrong. Upon looking him over, bite wounds (possibly dog K-9 teeth?) were found on his throat and skull--one right on top and in the middle of her head. This one was particularly deep.  So, wounds were shaved and cleaned and two kind of antibiotics started. By bedtime, he had slowed up to having only 5-6 seizures.  This morning, he awoke hungry, super sweet and wanting to be held ALL the time........and no seizures noted this morning! This morning, Dr. Darcy too feels this is trauma induced seizures so we will continue his meds. He's a black tiger with white front toes and white back feet.  His birthday is 5/19/18, age is 5 1/2 months. After looking at the Name a Cat names, his new name has to be Smoochie!  

All the extra names that we received for naming the Persians are being added to the list of Name a Cat names.  When that list becomes available, if you don't see your suggested name, please let me know. 

We were asked by Dr. Pettigrew's office to take on another kitten. We used another of our Name a Cat's Sinbad. He was found after being hit by a car.  He's a light grey tiger. His front legs are injured--one has full radial nerve damage and will require an amputation as the leg is completely limp. The other leg has a major fracture which will require a pin.  The pinning will take place first so he will have a usable leg. His surgery for that is scheduled for Monday--Dr. Darcy will be doing this surgery.  Then he will come here. His amputation of the  nerve damaged leg will take place in November.  Sounds like he's a sweetie boy. 

Fun flash sale tomorrow, Monday!  It's at 1:00 and will be a shorty.  This special Flash Sale will be for the ornaments that Deptford/Pauline made. These are beautiful glass handmade ornaments--cats, hearts, birds, Christmas trees.  All are $15, except the glass cats are $20. We have limited amounts.  Many thanks to Dept for her generosity!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thursday, October 18, 2018

The baby Persians have names now!  I so enjoyed the Name the Precious Persians event! We took in 125 names which means FFRC made $1,250 which is fantastic.  This will go towards our General Fund as we have bills to pay. All names not used will be added to our Name a Cat name list. Many thanks!'s the results:
Purrfloof (pronounced Purr-fluf)--white/black, eye "wings"
Atis (pronounced ahhh-tis)--white/black, no eye "wings"
Tang--black/white with white chin
Charlie--black/white with black chin
Jabberwocky--black/white with black rt. shoulder dot

The Persian babies are now 12 days old! Not only did the kittens get their names yesterday, but their eyes started popping open!  The world is now open to them! Mama sometimes lays away from them for a fair bit of time but all of their tummies are round. They are weighed every two days and they've all gained weight at each weigh-in.

We took on another older kitten that was taken to Dr. Pettigrew's office. She had been hit by a car and left with a dangling right front leg, hanging on just by skin pieces.  She also had a fair amount of maggots in her wound.  Her leg was amputated on 10/12. And she arrived here 10/17. She's a black tiger and is a bit shy. She does enjoy being petted though. We're working on her self-confidence! And now for her name............we drew another name from the Persian pile of names and came up with the name of CLARA!

We also have another injured older kitten at Dr. Pettigrew's office, waiting for surgery before FFRC takes him.  He was found yesterday after being hit by a car.  He's a light grey tiger. His front legs were injured--one has full radial nerve damage and will require an amputation as the leg is completely limp. The other leg has a major fracture which will require a pin.  The pinning will take place first so he will have a usable leg. His surgery for that is scheduled for Monday. We're hoping to get him here on Tuesday.  His second surgery, the amputation, will probably take place at our next FFRC surgery in November, unless decided otherwise.  And now for his name...........we drew another name from the Persian pile of names and came up with the name of SINBAD! 

And of course, we have thanks to give:
JillR27--donation to help our General Fund
SchleeNC--donation in memory of Annetta and for a chickie $5
Judy & Phil--donation to FFRC
Gail M--donation to FFRC to be used wherever needed
David & Christine & their kitties--donation for the care of the cats and kittens
Clive T--donation to FFRC
Sharon S from KY--donation to be used as needed

Hatima is doing super! That little kitten has a lot of spunk. She may struggle a little but she makes it to the litterbox! And she loves to play "hit the ball".  And her purr...she has a lion purr in a little kitten body!

Hobie is being fostered by Auntie Peggy and is doing super! He's so cute--all brown tiger/white with just the cutest face! He arrived at 3 weeks of age. 

Saturday is our next spay/neuter day.  We had posted the temporary names but will repeat.  We are ready for Saturday!
Males: Cashew (leg), March (leg), Czar, Lukas, Manfred, Rill, McCain, Tilo, Bravo, Bruno and Wizzard.  The last 3 males here listed are cats belonging to friends of FFRC.
Females: Imogene, Rosie, Thapar, Magnificence, Tiya
We had originally had Hatima scheduled but will wait till she's a tad bigger.

We also have a good handful of cats needing physicals.

Before the Persian name drawing, we had BOXES!  We are very grateful for all supplies & help!
Kim R, Moose & Baby / NC-  Lots of jewelry, earrings bracelets,  charms, key chains 

Yvonne vdk--Iams healthy kitty food, pro plan kitten can food, Halloween pumpkin container with candy 
Don & Sandy - for Janie, Kong knots bear squishy toy, Grillers Treats. 4 Temptations, 1 Party Mix, 2 cases of 13oz canned food, bag of Royal Canin baby food 

Phelb - 36 cans of pink salmon

Peggy / Leggygal - Leggydews  --so beautiful!

Julie J / Vegas Cat - 16 Afghans to be uses for the outdoor cats --they'll stay warm!

Josette / Burgundy - 8 tote bags, 2 patchwork quilts, 2 patchwork project kits Wonderful!

Linda / MLS - 10 8 packs of paper towels, much needed

Allen & Elaine - 5 cases of Friskies, 2 cases of Fancy Feast,  2 (40lb) bags of kitty litter

Robin & Barbara / Co - Donation , kitty snacks and a bag of toys 

Angela F / Oh - Donation

Delica B / Fl - For Marilyn collar from Vernon 

Don & Elaine - Donation in memory of Betty & Phil's kitty Sammie 

Barb W - Donation for Spiker

Susan G / Susan345 / NH - Box tops

Randy P / Md - Donation

Bonita M / Jeezermd /  Md - Donation

I've had folks asking about Giovanna.  Right now, even though so thin, she is holding her own.  She's receiving lots of hugs, holdings and kisses and food whenever she wants. 

Thanks to everyone for helping us with provisions to FFRC--you truly make a difference to us. Gotta go---have to get all the new names to the Name a Cat list! Have a super day! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

We have until tomorrow at 10:00 am to take in Persian Name suggestions to name Singita's babies! They are growing. I don't think their little tummies could be any rounder! Here's how it works:
Singita's little six pack is in need of names and we need your help to find the purrfect name for each of them.

We have 1 calico, 2 white & blacks and 3 black & whites. The calico is a female, the others are all males. We will have a FunRaiser just to name these Precious Persians and it's going on now. It will end Weds 10/17 at 10:00 am.

After boxes, we will draw for the naming of the babies! The rest of the names will be added to our Name a Cat list, to be used at a later date.  On your information, please mark if it’s for the female or one of the males, if it’s not an obvious gender name. 

Name suggestions will cost only $10 each! Normally, Name a Cat names are $20.  You can send your choices along with your payment thru Paypal or Check or Money Order, to Friends of Felines Rescue Center.  If you are mailing it to me, please send an email to so I can have your wish of name(s).  You can suggest 1 name or as many as you wish or send in as many tickets as you'd like for 1 name suggestion,  each being $10.  Let the naming begin!!  

We have taken on a new kitten. She has "light moderate" CH. Her name is Hatima, pronounced Ha-TEE-ma, which means shine bright! This little one is such a chipper little girl that she had to be given a happy name! She is black and white with a black tip nose. Her birthday is 7/27/18. She arrived from a cat rescue in Michigan. Thanks to Lynnette and Katie for going to Toledo to pick her up. She was found at 12 days of age and was bottle fed. She does real well getting around and can find the low litterboxes. We will wait until our November surgery day for her spay so she can grow a bit. She's almost 12 weeks old right now and only weighs a bit over 2 pounds. 

We have thanks to give! FFRC sure appreciates you!

Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Lynne W--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation for FFRC
Bellabell01--bail money for the release of McCain!!
Belltime--donation in honor of Eaglewatcher's birthday (Feliz Navidad Fund)
Anthony M--donation in honor of Derecho
Screech, Icky, Olle & Gene--donation to help Singita's 6 pack!
Lana H--donation to FFRC

Remember Wonder and Brynn?  I've just seen pictures of them! They are doing wonderful and look so happy and healthy! Remember when they came in as tiny little babies?

Yesterday was a wonderful HumaneOhio day! We sent up 45 cats--all public cats. This broke down to 25 females and 20 males. It was a great day! This brings our 2018 grand total to 868--492 females/376 males.  We're heading to our goal of 1,000!! Many thanks to Lynnette, Donnajb, Becky M and Mary Braid for helping with this event! 

I've been asked often how Shamballie is. I'm happy to say he is doing wonderful! He made the decision he would rather stay in mom's house than be here in the Rescue Center. So that is what has happened.  He's happy and I'm happy!  Steve and I (and family/friends) go out and visit him often. He's quite a lap cat! He also has a new Solarium--it's attached to the window near where the kitchen table is and extends outside. There's a flip door so he can go in and out as he pleases, even in rainy or snowy weather! He sure likes it! 

You might've seen Lucas and Manfred are back for good, from Auntie Peggy's fostering time. They have done real well in her care, of course! Mr. Anderson has already taught his twin Manfred some of his counter surfing ways. And Lucas, even though he's small, stands up for himself! He's a real sweetie and loves to play with all--big and small! 

Take care---it's a beautiful day out there! 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Whoa--what a change in the temperature.  It's almost cold outside. What a difference a week can make. Time to start doing outside fall preparations.

We had BOXES yesterday!  It was wonderful to open them!  We had accumulated them since right before vacation, so there were quite a few.  Many many thanks for these awesome gifts!  Every single item is appreciated! 
Oopsiepa - 60 x 80 Christmas Throw blanket    

Kris M - Large Fuzzy Brown tent ,  mouse connecting tunnel tube

Madisonpepper - Cat Lady Box , Black cat catnip toy Black cat glitter coasters, catnip tail toy, glitter cat ear headband, 4x6 black cat photo frame, med long sleeve black cat shirt. 

Diana F. - 3 rug runners (rose, green, teal) 

Mr & Mrs Medic - 2 cases of Fancy Feast kitty food 

Cathy831-1000 mini spoons,( or scooper doopers ) ,40 pack  Friskies Filet 

Don & Sandy - 6 pack of paw print baby blankets 

FFRC Pania - for rescue volunteer Kim , Ceramic Mug 

Spankie EggWhite -  seat belt shoulder pads for the WV 

Kim R. - 11 50x60  fleece throw blankets 

Jody J. - 2 cases ham baby food for Dingie, for Mary Braid- RAT coffee cup, Case Sheba Purrfect Portions  

JeezerMD - 24 jars of ham baby food  

Karen B. -- 7 packs of temptation snacks, 24 cans Fancy Feast Seafood, 2 cases Friskies Pate lg can food 

Laura Br, - 4 buckets of Tidy Cat litter 

Annie & Debbie - 4 bags of cat litter,, 7 packs of Vern lick ups, 1 bag Purina One, 5 cases of purrfectly fish 

Art & Doris S - beautiful yoga mat 

Carri M - 2 boxes of (Vern) Licky licks 2, boxes bisque, 24 pack Fancy Feast Chicken, wooden double bowl set for Barin (he's already using it!). 

Billie K - 4 Giant containers of Temptations snacks 

Sean & Leena G - 2 cases of (24) 9 lives can food  

Carla/CJ500 -  hand made Xmas Wreath--beautiful

Barbara E. - adoption bags, leggy dews, kitty toys 

Pauline /UK - Glass Sun Catchers, 8 birds, 8 cats,12 Christmas trees, 10 snowmen  These are super beautiful.  You'll see these in a Flash Sale!

Renee B - Paw Points, Coupons 

Pat P - case of water 

Visitors (possible adopters) - 8 jars of baby food, bag of assorted towels and blankets 

Tom & Linda C -  Donation
Joy & Don D - Donation
David H - Donation for 5 kitty sponsorship coralie, magic, kiaria , Vernon, Hensley 
Jeanne S - Donation for Feliz navidad fund  
Susan C - Donation
Nancy S - Donation in honor of Ramsay
Marilyn & Terry B - Donation $5 chickie 
Allen & Elaine - Stamps, Donation in memory of Liltle Kat
Anita S -cat stickers
Melissa L--donation
Martha & Mr. Whiskers--box tops, paw points, donation for 2 $5 chickies

And we have even more thanks to give!
James R--donation to FFRC
Kathy I--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation, use where needed
Abigail S--paper towels, Pine Glo, Lysole Wipes & Bounce
Sharon S--donation to FFRC
Helen C--donation to FFRC
Schinn & VRS1cats--our visitors this week, both are mods!)--14 cases of 24 of Friskies, 4 cases of 36 of Frisies, 82 jars of baby food!

The newest kitten, Dill is doing super! It seems like he's always been here. Very sweet young kitten with lots of play and purrs in him!

Here's our next two surgery dates:
October 15--Monday    HumaneOhio surgery day
October 20--Saturday   FFRC surgery day

For the October date, we have a tentative schedule:
Spays--Imogene, Rosie, Thapar (and will look at her eye again), Magnificence, Tiya 
Neuters--Czar, Lukas, Manfred, Rill, McCain, Tilo.  And we will also neuter 3 outside males--Bravo, Bruno and Wizzard.

Extras--Dr. Darcy will make a decision on Cashew and March.  
March---We already know that March will probably be an amputation.  His femur is so twisted that the possibility of this being a painful leg and position for him is high. His leg is only a small bit effective for him--it's in a stiff position that juts out.  By removing this leg as a youngster, it will keep him from future pain as an adult and oldster. This is from a fracture he had before his arrival. It was already healed in a bad position. 
Cashew--last month he had a toenail bed removed in the hopes that he would have better use of this leg/paw that was so mangled upon his arrival.  Unfortunately, this has not been successful.  He rarely uses this paw due to discomfort. In addition, the bottom of that paw is now irritated.  We will see what happens.

We have a few physicals too for the 20th: Singita, Mally (yes, a kitten adopted last year/eye check), Asha, Gioivanna, Myra, plus a couple other physicals of cats we have scheduled to come in for physicals.

Keep your eyes open--we may have a "Name the Precious Persians" fun event!  We will keep you posted! 

Take care and have a super great day! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

We are back from our family vacation and had a super wonderful time.  Spending this time with my family was refreshing, super fun and just plain awesome!  All went well--the sun was out every single day. No rain. Lots of ocean and beach time. Super precious time to me!

And now we're all back and getting into the hang of things already.  Monday was very busy catching up on all treatments. Lots of wormings, flea preventions, checking up on those that had a few problems, vaccines to give. But all are now current! The cats and kittens are a healthy bunch!  Many heartfelt thanks to all that gave their time to the rescue center so Steve and I could leave.  You mean a lot to me.

Many of you already know that our sweet Annetta passed away the morning that we left on vacation. She had been diagnosed with cancer months ago and has done very well, until the last week. It was obvious that the cancer had taken hold. She was an incredibly nice cat. I'm thankful that she was here.

And I have a lot of thanks to catch up on!
BillieK--donation in memory of Annetta
Felicia C--donation to FFRC
Mark S from MD--donation to FFRC
Joseph V--donation to FFRC
Tammy G from WI--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Renee C from Canada--donation for FFRC

Tracy L--donation to FFRC
Donavon and Shannon--donation for VIctor, Jackson II and their friends

Mary Ann & Paul--donation to FFRC for miles rode on their bikes (their own project!)
Conii G--donation in memory of Annetta
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Jacksmom--donation in memory of little Pizzaz who passed 6 yrs ago. 
scott L--donation to FFRC
OnePunchMaximus--donation to FFRC

Janet M--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation to FFRC
Sandra C--donation for FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Jody J--donation in memory of Annetta

Janet K--donation for FFRC

And even some more!`
FFRC Cares & So Do We-9 cases Whiskas pouches, 4 cases broth, cat snackers, 4 cases Friskies

Anonymous Donor: 2 bags Purina One Cat, 3 cases Friskies can, Fancy Feast case, snackers, Janie doggie snacks

Don and Sandy--40 ct. Friskies
Keith G--donated 32 cans Friskies Pate
Marilyn P--3 litters, catbed, rug, 6 Nutrish, 6 FF, dry can food.  She adopted Little Star 5/09 who passed recently from kidney failure. 

Do you like cats? The Zelda position? Kittens? Janie the dog-cat? Then you will enjoy the FFRC Captures and Captions Giggles Scene #29.  Can you believe there are 29 of these awesome videos?! Director Derecho asks please to click the like/thumbs up button on youtube as it helps generate more $$ for FFRC.  Go to:

Today is the day!  Our Flash Sale happens this afternoon about 2:30 with Mich. Lots of great items. I thank those that provided the items for this sale. Sure is nice of you!  And I thank you in advance for supporting this sale. 

Marilyn is happy to be back. She's doing very well. And needless to say........Vernon is thrilled!  I've heard from Callisynne's new family. She is doing very well and spends lots of time "talkiing" to the squirrels and birds while watching them from her window seats! Kerfuzzy has settled in nicely and has made friends with everyone. A super sweet kitten.

We have taken on 12 new cats/kittens since our return. 
Rill--this cute little boy actually came to FFRC a few days before our vacation. The person that found him kept him until our return. But we were able to get him started on his worming and vaccines. He arrived to stay on 10/8 and he's now all caught up. He's in the Main Area and has already begun making friends. His birthday is 6/25/18. He's mostly white with black ears and tail with a few black pokie-dots on him!

Brother & Sister Persians  Birthdate is 7/10/18, they are 13 weeks old.
Magnificence is black, although right now she looks silvery black. Her adult fur will probably be all black.  Brother is McCain. He's called a red in color and is very fluffy.  They are very playful and love the spring toys already!

Brother & Sister Persians   Birthdate is 4/8/18, they are 26 weeks old.
Tilo (means heaven) is the male.  Tiya (means strong) is the female. They are blue silver tabby and white. So very beautiful and sweet.  

Mama and 6 babies
Singita (pronounced Sing Geeta, means Miracle) is the mama.  She has 6 babies, born 10/6/18--they are just 3 days old.  Singita is all white with black on her head and tail. She too has black pokie-dots! She so loves a head rub. Her babies are 1 calico, 2 are white & black, 3 are black & white.  Upon weighing them today, all babies gained anywhere from .3 to .5 ounces already.  The smallest weighs 3.0 and the largest is 3.08 ounces. They all have nice round tummies. 

You may ask why all the Persians.  A Persian breeder has decided to retire. He's been well known for decades on his good breeding program. We are honored to be able to take these Persians in, help them grow and be ready for adoptions. Each one of these Persians are healthy.  All will be spayed/neutered before they can be adopted. The two brother/sister sets will be spayed/neutered on our FFRC surgery date of 10/20. And yes, soon, we will turn the cam on in the back Thumper's Room. All names are from our Name A Cat name list. 

So far in the last 24 hours we've rescued a frog and a chipmunk. Those Porchies--they sure like to discover things! But, no harm done. Froggie was placed in a nice safe wet area and the chipmunk was taken down about 3 houses where there's lots of brush.  Even our oldster Dingie was interested! 

We have 2 new farm friends. Apparently, one of the peahens hatched out 2 babies in the big woods and came back to the farmyard with them. They are very small yet--probably just 2-3 weeks old. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be BOXES!  Yeah!  I can't wait.  We've accumulated a bit last week--I'm excited! Hopefully will see you then!