Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday, Sept 30

Another beautiful day! Yesterday was super busy. We spent the entire late morning and afternoon sorting thru the outside sheds. We are organized! Catstock things are all together. Catathon items are sorted and on the shelves together. The towels, blankets and rugs are all folded and in separate tubs, ready to use. Tables are all in the same shed, along with the things we use for outside events--table umbrellas, pop ups, etc. A lot of work, but is so nice to know things are in their proper places. 

We had a very short BOX session last night! 
Aunti Fi sent a beautiful  mini sofa for FiFi to lounge in. FiFi promptly got in it and laid down for all to see! So sweet. 

I've heard from Mike and Barbara. They have returned safely to their home in California after visiting 16 states. If you are interested in his CD-just let me know! We still have some left. They are $15. 

The 2 new orange kittens are doing fantastic. Nance and Pants will come into June's Room today. Chambo and Gossamer will also go into June's Room so they'll all have more room to play. Fun times ahead for them!

Tenzin is now out and about--a happy kitty. He's glad to be down and playing with his friends. Yesterday, we removed half of Big Al's ear sutures. We'll do more either today or tomorrow.

I would like to give an update on Kitty Kastle. Kitty Kastle was originally designed for my mom to stay if and when she needed it. This way, she would be closer to our family. In the meantime, we opened Kitty Kastle up to visitors. Right now, we have booked some reservations thru May. At the present time, we are not taking reservations past May--just in case my mom needs it. As time goes on and mom doesn't need Kitty Kastle, we will continue to take reservations. 

Many many thanks to our volunteers--you are the best! This Rescue Center could not be what it is without your help. You are the backbone to FFRC! Also many thanks to our various moderators that help with our cam chat and facebook pages. You also are very important to FFRC. We make a good team!
Betony--the mama of the Fiver kittens.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday, Sept. 29

Where did this month go? It's hard to believe September is almost over and October will be here. It's been a beautiful fall here. 

Tenzin is back at home/FFRC. He looks wonderful. Dr. Amanda did an awesome job. They again had trouble with his blood pressure--certainly isn't related to the meds. They feel it's just "him". So, if he ever has to have future surgeries, will keep double check on his blood pressure. But, they got him thru, and he is doing good. Tenzin is a sweet boy. His sutures will come out in 10-12 days. Tenzin still have his head tilt and 
possibly may keep this "look" for life. 

We have another visitor now! Val, who has adopted from us, is visiting and brought her 6 cats/kittens with her. Remember,one of them is Koopoer, which truly belongs to Janet. So, Val, Janet, Kooper and cats are having a good "catch up" visit. 

If you are interested in receiving a CD from Mike, who sung at our concert, let me know.  You can either mail a check for $15 to FFRC or can pay thru PayPal. For those of you who have already received his CD, if your CD arrived damaged, please don't hesitate to let me know. We have it figured out how to mail these now with minimal problems. 

We have 2 new arrivals. These two golden kittens have actually been here since Tuesday night. They have come from a horrible situation. They arrived so terribly flea ridden and emaciated, it took until Friday to be able to draw blood for their leukemia/FIV test. But, they are both doing better now. Their tests are negative, they're eating good and purring oh so much! They certainly find great comfort in each other. One is a little boy, probably around 10 weeks old. The other is a female, probably around 16 weeks old. They've had their baths and all fleas are now gone. They will come into the main area soon. The little girl is now called Nance and the little boy is Pants (in honor of one of our moderator's birthday!) 

We also had an adoption yesterday. Our sweet Angel Kisses went to her new home. She went home with Judy S, a volunteer who has loved Angel Kisses since the day she arrived. So happy for both of them!

We had BOXES last night. I so much apprecite what this does for FFRC.
Anonymous--8 jars of baby food
Lovebugs321--1 case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Anonymous--2 cases of Tshirt poopy bags--good for 2,000 litter cleanings!
Anonymous--2 cases of baby food, 5 cases of Fancy Feast--all different styles and flavors
D'Lee--2 cases of Vita Gravy--makes their fur shiny
Susan M--a case of 100% fruit juice boxes for volunteers
Aunty Fi--leg armour for my legs for breakfast time! Protection against Graciela and Ginseng. That Graciela still managed to jump ABOVE the armour! Made for a good laugh!
Crittercat & Vincent--kitty book mark and a box of books for the volunteers
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--coupons and a sign that says, "Silence is Golden, Duct tape is Silver".
Cheryl S from MD--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gusti--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC, to help with Big Al's and Tenzin's surgeries
Cheri F, a local visitor & viewer--Chief tapes, laundry soap, styrofoam plates, paper towels, toilet paper, oreos (extra yum flavors!), chocolate/candy/gummi worms/pretzels for volunteers, sponges, face/eye wipes, sardines, Lysol & Clorox wipes and cat treats

Remember, the voting begins October 8 thru Dec. 16. Practice getting that voting finger in shape!

Fifi's birthday is 9/20. But due to my sloppy writing (yes, I admit it), her birthday can be taken also as 28 and 29. So, our sweet Fifi has 3 birthdays--the 20th, 28th and 29th! She had a few cards and a wonderful squeaky toy and a special Appetizer for today.
Happpy Birthday, FiFI!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday, Sept. 28

Tenzin is on his way to the vet's right now. I will keep you all posted throughout the day, as I get information. He's such a good kittie and he'll feel so much better to have this burdensome leg gone. His name is Tenzin and it means to defeat adversity.

Teller, Penn, Miau, Farrah and Clifton are all here in the office with me--a sea of white fur! They are all napping. Probably gearing up for a busy day. Badu, Asha, Buckeye and Dennison are watching the birds out the window.

The Covie cats got to be out on the farmyard yesterday afternoon. It is the most awesome thing to call the cats and then open their door for their farm run. They zip out so fast and then all start rolling on the grass. After that, they disperse to find their own fun! All were back in the Cove before bedtime. The Porchies, Covies and Barnies got their special snacks yesterday that were sent to them.

Rudy is doing fine. His little leg sprain is all better. Actually, he's zipping around here right now, playing with Harlow. Oban and Zora are watching the fun and will probably join in soon. We've heard back from Gensing's new family--saw pictures on facebook. Looks like he's a very happy cat. I realize adoptions are slow right now. Our highest months of adoptions are in the late fall and winter--same every year. I have talked to several cat rescues in the past week and am finding that all are having a hard time finding homes. Please, if you know of an unneutered/unspayed cat that is a stray--you can help! A spay/neuter can drastically change the overpopulation problem.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks. I appreciate your support.
Sandy--big bag of candy (M&M's and Snicker bars), tail chaser catnip toy, lots of baby food, 200 styrofoam plates
Anonymous--4 cases of Temptation treats
Jatcat from CA--a very powerful flashlight and a big Lantern (Now, if we have another power outage, we'll be able to see!!)
Janak/Janet--1 case of Fancy Feast, 3 cases of Friskies, 5 bags of kitty snackers
Amy B from MI--picture and note on Jobo kitty receiving Cat of the Week for Modern Cat!
Patricia V--a big case of Kitty Chux--sure helps with messy kitties!

We had little Chambo out on the floor for a couple hours to play yesterday. We still haven't left Gossamer out yet--she's a bit shy and we don't want to frighten her. We're giving both lots of TLC.

October 27, Saturday is our next big spay/neuter day here at FFRC. Dr. Darcy will again be doing the surgeries.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thursday, Sept 27

I am so late getting this blog in....but for a very good reason! This early morning I had the pleasure of going to Fort Wayne airport and picking up a guest for FFRC! It's Janet (aka Janak) from New Zealand. Janet is one of our cam moderators. She will be with us for a little while and is here as a teacher for me!!  I'm thrilled about this and very grateful that she has come to help. Janet and I will be going over many many computer things--I'm always eager to learn more about these computers here. Welcome, Janet.

I've received an e-mail fom Hannah's mom. This is it: "Hannah is doing a lot better. We are still at Riley in Indy. She is coming along fine from where she had been. It won't be long now. We have a potential discharge date of October 8th. Andy and I are doing our 8 and 24 hour nursing shifts to get checked off on her care. Learning to switch out trachs, learning the ventilator settings, bagging, etc. Hannah is such a trooper! We appreciate everyone's prayers. Her hair is starting to come back in again and her cheeks are rosey, something I'm not used to. Hugs to all the kitties. You all take care. Thanks so much, Hannah's mom"
Please keep Hannah in your prayers. This is one special girl!

Tomorrow is Tenzin's surgery. This will be for a front leg amputation. We expect all to be just fine! We will keep you posted thru out the day and will bring him home asap. At this time, he is their first scheduled surgery.

It's a wonderful day today! We have the door open to our outdoor enclosure and it's full of cats outside! They love it. We've also let the Covie cats out--they are running all over the farmyard.

We had a beautiful saying sent to us yesterday by Gecko/Barbara. I've had several people ask me to put it in the blog.
"There is a cycle of love and death that shapes the lives of those who choose to travel in the company of animals. It is a cycle unlike any other. To those who have never lived through its turnings and walked its rocky path, our willingness to give our hearts with full knowledge that they will be broken seems incomprehensible. Only we know how small a price we pay for what we receive: our grief, no matter how powerful it may be, is an insufficient meaure of the joy we have been given."  By Suzanne Clothier.
This is beautifully said and warrants a second reading to fully understand it. THIS explains why we can love so many pets and know the grief that is caused by death, but acknowledge that every memory is worth it.

We had LOTS of BOXES last night and I have LOTS of thanks to give! I'm so grateful.
Lesa S--a case of disposable chux/pads
AD861 from Gerard, OH--10 boxes of Hello Kitty bandages
Nancy/Peekabookitty--donation, book called "I could pee on this" (a great book!!), light up crinkle pad, and bunches of sardines, a gift for Sigrid
Cheryl G--6 cases of Fancy Feast, 2 cases of Friskies gravy, 2 cases of Friskies shreds
Anonymous J--12 jars baby food, 2 cases of Fancy Feast Medley, 3 cases of Bounty Paper towels, 2 bottles of Dawn, 2 Glad Trash bags, 4 Tide bottles
Anonymous--2 cases of Baby food
Patricia V--8 big cans of liquid KMR
Domino and his mama Kerswill--pillowcases, laundry basket, Wellness kitty food, case of Gravy Sensations, Friskies, 6 post it notes, Einstein toy, cards, scratch list pad, Kickeroo toy
Lemon65--Emergy Cat Board and refill, feather toy
Middiesmom/PattyB--2 cases of Fancy Feast Medley & 1 case of Royal Canin baby food
Anonymous--1 case of paper towels
Pat L from Kansas--lots of pillow cases, wash cloths, 18 tote bags, 5 bed covers and 16 cans of 9-Lives cat food  Pat made much of this herself--beautiful work!
BadKitty--bunches of bed covers made by his mama, PJ, yarn for Linda, crocheted bouncy spiral toys  a yellow magic wand kitty toy
Anonymous--3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
ColleenP from CA--2 temptation treats, coupons
Harriet W/Jacobcat from OH--kitty treats
Anonymous--3 case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Anonymous--1 case of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Lovebugs--2 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Barbara/LGecko from CA--pillow that says: Are You Fixed Yet?,  card for FiFi, Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken, squeeker toy, snackers for Porchies, Covies, Banies and Center cats
Jatcat--2 cat carriers
Linda C from from FL--coupon for 2 scoopable litter
Bantry--a very nice card
Carolyn W & Beth C from OH--poem of animal loss
Patricia K from NY--coupons

Boxes were a bit chaotic last night, but oh so much fun! If there are any errors, please don't hesitate to let me know!

I would like to say a big thank you for each and every one of you. YOU are a very important part of this Rescue Center! We could not manage what we do here without you. You know that song, Lean on Me that has become very important to me? It's true--I DO lean on you all and you do a wonderful job of holding me up! The cats and I appreciate you.

No matter what in this world, we cannot please everyone. I've learned that long ago, but I'm sure we all like to try. We all have a CHOICE to make each and every day. We can CHOOSE if we want to be positive or be a negative influence. I'm very happy to say that I believe we have about a 99% positive feedback from our supporters. I refuse to let that 1% get me down. The cats too agree with me! On to another great day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weds., September 26

Tents are down and returned, porta pots are gone, tables and chairs returned to the churches that we borrowed them from, items packed away--we're ALMOST back to normal! Monday evening we had another power outage. We're not sure of the cause, but power was down for a 4 full hours. Internet was down for about 12 hours. When I rebooted the FFRC cam to get the audio/video back up, the x-chat on the FFRC cam wouldn't work. We'll be working on that tomorrow and see if it can be fixed. In the meantime, YOU have audio/video/chat box. WE only have video, so we can't chat from our side. But, if I bring the laptop out (which I've done a couple times), then we can see the chat and verbally talk with you! We'll get it all straightened out soon enough!

All is fine here. This cooler fall air has definitely brought out the crazies in the cats! It's been grand central station here--lots of playing, running and tossing toys around. Betz has become the biggest lap sitter. She loves to cuddle. Court has finally started playing with some of the kittens! A good sign of wanting to have some fun.

Emaline is on her medications to help with her skin. Her condition has erupted yet again. The vets know what is going on and are advising us on her treatment. She is not uncomfortable with her skin, that is good. Big Al's ear surgery went well. His incisions are healing. He's getting ear meds twice daily and antibiotics still. His sutures will be in till next week yet. Tenzin's leg wound is a bit nasty. He will be getting another scrub down of that leg. His leg amputation is still scheduled for Friday. He's on antibiotics twice daily. Farrah continues to get her seizures meds twice daily.

Pizazz is growing and is such a fun kitten. He loves to be cuddled, but he does not like his water exercise baths! He's pretty tolerant for his exercises that we do 3-4 times daily. Derecho is growing so much. It's a joy to watch him. He is learning quickly how to position his legs so he can walk about without falling so much. Such determination! Cassidy's eye enucleation looks absolutely wonderful!

We had a report from Petfinders. The top ten cats that were viewed are: Butterbur, Campion, FIlbert, Betony, Efrafa, Canton, Octavia, Ginseng, FiFi and Weber.

Because of Catstock, then the power outage on Monday and movie night on Tuesday, we have not had boxes for a little bit. But, tonight is BOX night! Since we have quite a few of them, BOXES are at 6:00, instead of 6:30 pm. Come join the fun!

Our 2 latest arrivals are doing great. Chambo is the little calico kitten with the very big eyes. Her new friend is another long fur, female, tiger/torti--also with big eyes! Her name is Gossamer--named after a Name a Cat, from the Catathon! They are staying in Dodger's Pen for now.

Get your voting finger ready! It won't be long until we can vote once again for FFRC, at The Animal Rescue Site. It begins October  8 and goes thru Dec. 16. This is the fourth quarter round. The site is:

I had to laugh--one of my webcam friends said this about me:  "I credit my long life to sardines, peanut butter cups, and movie theater popcorn."   I have to add this too: If I were to have a tombstone (which I won't), it would say this:  "Her Favorite saying is, "Is your cat spayed or neutered?".  Made for a good chuckle for me! Have a good day, everyone!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday, Sept. 24

Wow! What a weekend! Yes, it rained, but it did not dampen our spirits! CATSTOCK was awesome. In spite of the rain, everything went on as scheduled!

Mike and Barbara and Tinker (the cat) arrived Friday early afternoon. The tents went up as planned, the bleachers arrived, porta pots came and volunteers arrived to help! The webcam viewers that were coming for the weekend, started arriving!  Mike did his Friday night mini-concert for the webcam viewers and for those that were present here. Putter was also here and had a special song sung to him. Mike also sang "Lean on Me" as a request from webcam viewers! This was very special to me.

Saturday arrived and our spirits were high! People still came, even though it rained off and on. Some of the carnival was able to be streamed live and then, sometimes the cam was back in the rescue center. We had lots of people visiting the cats here in the rescue center and in Cat's Cove. Lots of happy kids carrying around the prizes they won!

The kids still got to ride the ponies. The  ponies went into the barn and the kids still got to hop on! Games went on as planned--we just put the rain flaps up on the tents. The BBQ chicken meal was absolutely delicious. 

At 5:15, the rain stopped for good and we had our outdoor concert at 5:30! Mike sang many songs, which each and every one of them was awesome. He's also a great storyteller. He sang a song for Putter, who was on stage for a couple songs. Putter then stayed and watched the rest of the concert! We all wrapped up in blankets and thoroughly enjoyed listening to Mike. We also sang along and clapped! What a lot of fun!

I would like to extend a huge, giant thank you to all the volunteers that helped make Catstock possible. We had quite a few webcam viewers come and visit for the weekend. They also helped with the activities, right along with our FFRC volunteers! From washing tables, to emptying trash,to baking cookies,  running the games, preparing the food, helping people in the Rescue Center, welcoming people, picking up supplies, making sure parking went smoothly---lots and lots of people were needed and WE DID IT!!!  I am deeply grateful for each and every person that helped. I firmly believe the volunteers we have are the best--they truly give with their heart. Their compassion for what they do is great.

Mike, then on top of the mini-concert and main concert, did another concert Sunday morning! This time, his name sake, Chambo, was there to be sung to! She's a new kitten that arrived during the preparation of Catstock and named after Mike's nickname. She's ever so sweet and is now in Patience's Pen, awaiting the time soon to join the rest of the kitties. Mike and Barbara pulled out about mid morning with us waving them goodbye. What an awesome couple--to have come all the way from California, to sing here at FFRC. I'm so appreciative. Two really wonderful people.

If you would like to purchase Mike's CD, it's easy to do. You can simply send a check or pay thru PayPal. The CD's are $15. It does include postage. However, if you are out of the country, please add a few dollars extra.  The profit goes to FFRC.

Yesterday, Sunday, was "start to put things away day". Today, the tents, porta pots and bleachers will be picked up. The Catstock banner in the front yard will be taken down. Will there be a Catstock 2? Hmmm, quite possibly!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday, Sept 21

Today Catstock officially starts!

These are the things that will happen today: 2-3 big tents will arrive, farmyard completely gone over again for cleanliness, 2 porta pots arrive,visitors start arriving,  fresh movie popcorn arrive, the parking situation figured out, bleachers will be set up and most importantly, Mike and Barbara will arrive! Remember, tonight at 6:30 is the mini-concert on our kitty cam. It's for YOU from FFRC. Mike will sing a few songs just for our chatters and lurkers! Catstock----here we come! There's been so many people involved with the preparation of Catstock--thank you ever so much.

Connie K has even put ribbons in Millie (the donkey) and Georgia (the gold/red horse) manes. They look so sweet! While cleaning out the goat pen yesterday, we found a huge underground wasp den in their shed. Wow--that was not fun. We got it all taken care of with only 1 person getting stung once. The chickens have discovered they can get on the stage (for the concert)--we have to talk them into not doing that tomorrow night!

Cassidy is sleeping on my desk. He looks so very peaceful. His sutures are out and his surgical area looks good. Such a wonderful cat. We are treating Big Al twice daily--antibiotics and drops in his ears and ointment on his sutures. Tenzin is getting antibiotics twice daily as well as soreness meds and ointment put on his wound 3 times daily. Pizazz is getting exercise treatments thruout the day. He's fussy about it at times, but he's pretty tolerant. I do believe we have a bit of movement in his right rear leg. He's also had Dr. Bill treat him 4 times already, with more treatments coming. He's already had 1 water treatment this morning.

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks for the supplies. It's so wonderful to have our supplies replenished. Remember, tonight, instead of boxes is the Mini-Catstock-Concert! No boxes for Saturday or Sunday night, but we'll be back Monday night!
AnonymousJB--box of 13 gal trash bags,  3 cases of liquid KMR, 4 large boxes of Gerber rice baby cereal.
Jodieann87--Bandanas made for Catstock by her and her mom. These are pet bandanas that slip over the collar--very Catstock looking!
Middiesmom--large bag of Purina One Kitten formula (1 of their favorites!)
Lois L--2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy lovers and 2 cases of Fancy Feast Medleys
Anna Marie & Neil and Shep (who are webcammers visiting for Catstock!)--lots of treats and goodies for the volunteers, a fleece "bolster" mat, kitty toys, treats for Einie, treats for the dogs, pop tabs for Kellen, Fresh Step coupons, 5 boxes of bandages, Hello Kitty foamy soap, Bag of Purrfectly Chicken packets for Connie (to set up for Octavia!), 4 cans of salmon, special popcorn, large container of Double Bubble bubble gum, 2 big storage totes, cans of Fancy Feast and Friskies

Peace, love and Cats--let's have some fun!
<a href="" title="Raza by FoFRCphoto, on Flickr"><img src="" width="480" height="360" alt="Raza"></a>
Our beautiful Raza girl!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday, Sept. 20

Big Al and Court both had their surgeries yesterday and both have recovered just fine. Court was awake before he even got back. Just a quick bite of food in his pen, and he was able to join the crowd again. Big Al's surgery was quite extensive. He has many many ear sutures, a half shaved head, a cone on his head, the tumor removed from his left ear and a reconstruction of the ear canal of that same ear and another very hard lump of ear wax removed from his right ear. He'll be spending a little time in Thumper's Room for recovery. Little Pizazz is still receiving his therapy. He cries sometimes, but for the most part, he's a really good sport. Tenzin is doing great. His soreness meds make him a bit tired, but that's ok. Resting and sleeping is good for him right now. We'll keep close tabs of that injury, awaiting his surgery that is scheduled for 9/28. Joe and Craig were here from WNWO, a TV station from Toledo. They did 2 live segments this morning with a couple "bumps" of quick pictures, for the Catstock! It was fun. The interesting thing is, their camera decided not to work, so they did the interview using the ustream! You can visit Joe's facebook at--- We were able to get the stage all done yesterday for Catstock. It'll be a great place for Mike to do his concert. Mike is now in Indiana and will be here tomorrow mid afternoon! We also matched up all the different games with all the prizes for each particular game. Getting those last minute things done! Oh my goodness--we had a bunch of BOXES last night--it was absolutely wonderful! Patty V/MiddieMom04--packets of Solistic holistic cat food, 250 styrofoam plates, 5 cases of Friskies can food, 2 cases of baby jar food, 4 cases of Fancy Feast, 2 cases of Appetizers. Food, food, glorious food! Mary K--2 cases of Friskies, Fancy Feast kitten can and Royal Canin Kitten can Susan A--3 cases of Fancy Feast TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--8 clear acrylic donation boxes for catathon Susan G from NH--2 kitty pirate ships (we all know how much they love these!) Brenda C/Catatoniccajun from LA--4 soft sided pet carriers Kelly S/Kellysong--2 cartons of Temptation treats, 1 case of Fancy Feast Anonymous JB--1 case of Friskies (seafood pate) and 1 cases of Ocean White fish & Tuna Bradley, for Filbert--8 cases of Appetizers! Filbert said he will share, if he must! JillR27--2 cases of Friskies & 1 case of canned Chicken breast Anonymous Friend--4 cases of Friskies Caren F--4 cases of Fancy Feast Thomas A from United Kingdom--donation thru PayPal for FFRC You all are wonderful and I truly, sincerely appreciate these gifts. Thank you. I would like to add that FFRC runs entirely on donations. We do not receive any government funds at all for our organizations. We depend entirely on the goodness of people--our volunteers, friends, adoptions, fundraisers, hometown support, family, lurkers and chatters. It does indeed take a community of people to help keep this Rescue Center operating. I am grateful for this. Our Weekly report from Petfinder shows that we had 1,761 total pet views. Our top 10 cats looked at were: Butterbur, Betony, Champion, Canton, Tweets, Weber, Cassidy, FiFi, Densmore and Darilyn. I would like to clarify something that was brought to my attention. A few people have asked if the FFRC funds were used in the purchase of our recent 2 horses and donkey or for the care of my farm animals. Let me reassure you that I would NEVER EVER do that. I am an honest person, plain and simple. The FFRC funds belong 100% to FFRC. To be honest with you, I was somewhat taken aback that anyone would think that. But, the answer is NO, never has, never will. My farm animals are my husband's and my responsibilities. Not only do we have Octavia still rolling up and eating cobwebs, we now have some of the kittens following Octavia's lead. Betz is enjoying her room--June's Room. She's resting a lot and eating everything we give her. I think she's making up for lost time of resting/eating. The other 2 newbies--Boulder and Ruby are now out and about and having fun with the other kittens. Shirley Shirley--sleeping the sleep only kitties can do!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Weds., Sept. 19

As it turned out, Tenzin did not have his surgery afterall yesterday. He was taken to the clinic, prepped and even the initial part of his surgery started, when his blood pressure kept dropping. Because of his head injury, due to his accident (he has a head tilt), a special, yet safe series of drugs was given for this surgery. Apparently, one of these drugs, interacted with him which caused the blood pressure problem. was cancelled, his skin stapled with about 30 staples and we brought him back to FFRC. He's doing great and has already been out and about for a few exercise times. His next surgery date is 9/28, a Friday. Since his head injury will then be way over a week old, the usual set of drugs will be used. No repeat meds will be given to him. He should do just fine! In the meantime, we'll keep him on antibiotics, soreness meds and keep his wound clean. What a wonderful kitten he is--he LOVES the other cats and is such a purrboy.

Update on Pizazz. I talked to our vet last night and asked her if there was anything else we could do to help him regain something back to his legs. Our exercise program that we have already started on him, is just what she suggested. In addition to this, we will "push" a bit on his hips to add weight, so he can possibly feel his feet/toes. The "pinching technique" on his tail and toes was also suggested, which we've been doing. We also have had Dr. Bill come twice now for spinal adjustments, which was also suggested. We then were in contact with a vet/chiropractor who specializes in cat spinal problems. She said to continue the program we have already started, but to also exercise him in a walking pattern, which we started today. Hopefully, we can get some muscle/nerve reconnection going for him, which will help with his urinary incontinence.

Many thanks to these folks for their donation to FFRC:
Masako M from Japan--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lynda G/lyninvt from VT--donation thru PayPal in memory of Polo, Ratchet and Ouiji (for wee girl)
Susan F from CT-a donation in memory of Jazzie to FFRC
Caren F from CA--a donation in memory of Jazzie to FFRC
Sandra DE from Canada--a donation in memory of Jazzie to FFRC
Jackie B from FL--a donation in memory of Jazzie to FFRC
Neil & Jean S from OH--a donation, in appreciation of the volunteers, to FFRC
Lawrence G from NY--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC

We received an e-mail from Mike, who is doing our concert for the Catstock! He and his wife Barbara will be in Indiana today! They're getting closer to Ohio! Their trip is going smoothly.

Today Big Al and Court will be going for their surgeries. Big Al is on his ear (tumor removal and resection of ear) and Court to be neutered. Bonnie is taking them up and Martha L is bringing them back!

BOXES will be at 6 pm tonight, since tomorrow's breakfast will be extra early due to the tv coverage for Catstock. So, need to be done earlier tonight!

Betz, our beautiful slate grey kitten (found at the dam) is doing great and will be coming into the main part of the Rescue Center today. She'll probably stay in June's Room for a day or two, then she'll be out.
Dorothy and Putter
Our volunteer Dorothy! Her cards have been sent to her. She is feeling better!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday, Sept. 18

Peace, love and cats.....Catstock is coming! Starting tomorrow, things start happening around here. We've been busy organizing games, food, prizes and filling in the many places we need volunteer help at! This is the rough schedule:
Wednesday: the 2 hat wagons arrive. We will put them together, then put a new "top" on them with many sheets of plywood. This is for the concert. Will start doing farmyard and front yard extra clean up.
Thursday: TV channel 24 will be here at 5:30 am to do a session here at 6:10 and 6:35, in the morning. The fresh movie popcorn will arrive. Our local garbage company, Werlors will come and empty our big trash container so it's good to go for the weekend. Farm yard work continues to make sure we're ready for the event.
Friday--the 2 porta pots, 2 HUGE tents, set of bleachers arrive. Also people will be bringing extra chairs and tables for us. Jamie with the horses will come and figure out where she will do the pony obstacle course. Helium balloons will arrive. The parking area will also be partitioned off. MINI-CONCERT will be at 6:30 pm on our kitty cam for all our chatters and lurkers! Mike will sing several songs and a special song too!
Saturday--morning is all about prep work. Putting the game tables in place, passing out the prizes, this is when it all comes together. Carnival is 2:00 to 5:30. Concert is 5:30 to 6:30.

We have taken in several new kittens in the past few days. Boulder arrived--all very pleased with himself for "finding" us! Someone dumped him here (he was spotted the evening before) and there he was, sitting on the boulder rock in the morning, waiting on us. He was soooo happy to come to us! He's buff and white, so playful. Then, Rudy arrived. He's a little kitten, gold tiger, male. Someone found him in their yard and he stayed there all night and cried. They brought him here the next morning. He and Boulder are already good friends.

We also had Tenzin arrive. He's a brown tiger, with a horrible front right leg injury. Tenzin went the next morning (yesterday) to the vet's. It was decided that an amputation was necessary. So, Tenzin spent the night and will have his surgery this morning. He will come back to us yet today. We will keep you posted on his surgery. (His name stands for triumph!) The fourth kitten is a grey female. Our friend Jane spotted her at the Power Dam, down the road from here. She stopped by there again to check on her, and she finally approached and went into the carrier for food. Once here, she showed her true personality--all sweet and cuddly! Her name is Betz.

Tomorrow, Weds., morning, we have 2 others that will go to the vet's office. Big Al will have his ear tumor removed (yes, again) and a resection of that ear done. We'll also send up Court for his neuter. So, another busy day tomorrow.

As you may know, my wonderful dog, Jazzie has passed away. She was a wonderful, older great dane. Jazzie was full of sweetness and was such a gentle dog. She also loved sneaking those quick bites of dry cat food. I will miss her terribly. I'm so sorry I didn't let people know earlier about this (happened Saturday evening). Jazzie was a personal pet and this was doubly hard.

We have also lost another kitten. Our sweet Harper passed away. Last week, we also had lost her brother, Callaway. I do not know why these 2 kittens passed. Sometimes, for lack of a diagnosis, it's called Fading Kitten Syndrome, or Failure to Thrive. Whatever the reason, they are both missed. I'm glad they were here and experienced what humans can do....give love to them.

Deaths are always hard to handle. We never ever "like" it, wishing instead for a very long life of all of our pets. We never consider our rescue cats and kittens as just a rescue--they do indeed become our pets while they are here with us. Death is never easy. But, we have a choice to make. Either we get "stuck" in the grieving process and wallow in this desperate feeling, or, we can carry on. Grieving is good and it's necessary so that we can "feel right" again. But, we also have to carry on. There is so much joy, energy and love here at the Rescue Center. Our work will continue, while remembering those that have passed away. We also have another choice to make. Do we stop taking in cats and kittens, because we fear death will happen again? In our case here, no---that is not an option any of us wants. We KNOW death will arrive again at some point, but the volunteers and I will continue what we have a passion for--running this Rescue Center. We also have this to remember--we (volunteers, chatters, lurkers, moderators) have become a family. An FFRC family that love and supports each other. For that, I am grateful.

We had BOXES last night! It was like a celebration of boxes! Thank you.
Jennifer C/Kayton19--case of Gravy Sensations pouches
Cantoncat--Hawaiian Lei's, 2 bags of butterfly rings and 2 bags of butterfly tattoos for Catstock
Arden & Charmaine from IN--18 cans of sardines (!) and a case of Fancy Feast
GrammaJune for Derecho--Case of Tiki cat food and a big bag of Fresh Step Litter (Derecho said he'll share this!)
Faith M from Maine--Donation, in memory of Bravo and a beautiful picture of FFRC. It says: "I cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from passing over my head, But I can keep them from building a nest in my hair". I love this and it will be hung here in the rescue center.
Beverly M--3 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Mary C/Midwesterngirl from IL--LOTS of beautiful necklaces and key chains for Catstock
Kelly S/KellySong--6 cans of liquid KMR, 6 turbo scratcher refills and a case of Fancy Feast Medleys
Millebornes--big box of 13 gallon trash bags, big box of 33 gallon trash bags, 2 bottles of Tide laundry soap, and 8 packages of Northern toilet paper!!
GeekJean--4 cases of Baby food, meats
Bev M--a Fun Run mesh Tunnel--this is to replace the old one which is in bad shape. The cats are grateful, as they love their tunnels.
Deb R from IN--Chief Tapes
Jim & Kathy--donation to FFRC for Emaline's care and also from their cats Cali, Blackie & Scooter & Smokey
Phyllis B from MI--a very nice letter and a gift card for Meijers, coupons
Lori P/Emmie05 from AL--Walmart gift card, donation for FFRC and lots of great stickers
John & Pat K from GE--a wonderful book for the volunteers to share--"Making Rounds with Oscar"
Laurie--BIG bag of toys for the kitties (with those special ones that Derecho loves)
Michlynn & hubby--gift for Hannah, kitty toys, phone message notes, wash cloths, kitty treats, Appetizers, volunteer goodies. For Jacci--a neat rock, painted like a black & white cat. For Catstock--art work on driftwood and a painted bushel basket
Henry R Peeps & Ohmyguinness--birthday cards for Charlie, LaDonna, Honey and LeLe. These are all Covie cats! They also got one of the birthday pet ice cream treats!
Please know that if ever a mistake is made in the Box explanations, it's ok to let me know by e-mail so I can correct it!
CharlieCharlie--one of the birthday Covie cats

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday, Sept. 14

It's truly amazing to me--give out a thought for help and help arrives! Neither Paul or Jimmy could help with the farm chores yesterday. I was a bit worried how to get all that done, along with the regular things that I needed to do. But....people are indeed awesome. I got the horses, cats, ducks, goats/donkey fed (and the chickens). Dawn came and cleaned out the stalls, barn and rotated horses in the pasture. She also scrubbed those water tubs and refilled. Sheila came and fed the Cat's Cove cats and gave the Cove a great cleaning. Sigrid came and scrubbed out all the duck/goose tubs and refilled with fresh water. What a clean farmyard now! Thanks to everyone for your help.

We were able to get a lot accomplished yesterday on Catstock. The games are all organized and put together. Thanks to Judy S for helping with this. Today (hopefully) will work on getting all the prizes broke down for each game table. We have thousands of prizes to give away!! This morning we have our last organization meeting for Catstock. It's a week from today! Next week, I'll give you the break down of what happens each day!

We had an adoption yesterday! Purrgeron went to his new home. He went to a family that picked him out about a month ago. Yesterday was his big day. I'm sure he'll fit right into their family. I also heard from Tallulah's new family. It sounds like all is well and happy! That's what we want--good, loving homes for our kitties and cats!

Cassidy is doing great. His sutures will be removed in a few days. Court is coming along--he's had a bit of a rough time getting use to the other cats. I believe he'll settle down though. Bondi is doing pretty good. Some days are a little rough--her age shows. I always remember a vet saying, "Getting old is not a disease.". I've always treasured that! Alot of it is in how cats handle it. Bondi is a toughie--look how she pulled thru to get to where she is today. She loves being in the Welcome Room Office--gets lots of petting. The only thing is, she has taken that office chair as HERS and hers alone. I find myself standing up to write notes in the office!

Weber is a nut! He's got one of the goose feathers and is rolling over and over with it, in his mouth. I believe he thinks he's the great hunter. Graciela and Ginseng are playing together--racing up and down the sisel rope tower. Penn gave Pizazz a big bath yesterday--so sweet!

We had BOXES last night. I sure do appreciate this support.
Michelle L from Conn--treats for the Covies, Porchies & Barnies and 9 packages of kitty snackers for the rescue center cats
Karen G from WI--toys, toys and more toys! Some of these toys were very different from what we have--the cats will love them. Also a catnip napper for Derecho, which we have already seen him on.
Connie S/WarpedinMN--assorted treats for the volunteers, coupons and pictures of the FFRC kitties that she and Joe adopted. Also enclosed pictures of different FFRC cats. A big box of 9 x 12 manilla envelopes.
Debbie & Jim from GA--toys for the kitties, huge assortment of misc. toys and catnip. For Dogs--Good & Fit treats. For Einie--foraging boxes for him to pick apart. For Library--some wonderful books. These will be enjoyed by many. And 1 little book for our little bathroom! For Jacci--cute cat stationery and a Hoops & YoYo key chain. For kids that are here: stickers, finger puppets, cat coloring book, bracelets, cat luggage tags.
Donna H/Donnawan--2 of the 3 count Lysol wipes, sugar free Oreos for the volunteers
Barbara F/lGecko--2 cases of Friskies
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--For Paul--2 packages of Keebler El Fudge cookies
Lizmol18 from MI--For volunteers: bag of candy Lifesavers, bag of nuts & Chewy granola Bars. For Jacci--cereal! For Kitties: sardines, salmon, baby rice cereal, ceramic kitty bowl, baby food, Friskies and coupons
Gramma June for Derecho- a really cool super cat nip scratching post playhouse (I'm sure he'll share it!)
AcctConnect--4 cases of baby food (extra thanks--supply was low)
Betty F from OH--coupons
Carol O from CA--coupons
Nancy W from Defiance--a conation in memory of Bravo
Auntie Julie for Magenta--a gift card to Walmart for special food/treats and stamps for FFRC
Glen B from SC--a donation to FFRC thru PayPal

We will have some visitors coming the first of October. They are coming from Long Island and are interested in adopted 2 cats from FFRC. More info later! Today Kelly R from CA and her friend will be arriving. They will also join us for our FFRC BBQ this afternoon!

We had a Petfinder report. We had 2,135 pet views last week. The top 8 cats that were looked at are: Campion, Cassidy, Betony, Butterbur, Filbert, Weber, Efrafa and Octavia. Late fall is when our adoptions go up!
Our sweet resident, Bondi. She sure loves her comforts!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday, Sept. 14

Ginseng and Faleena are in a stare-down--neither wants to move for fear of "the attack"! Asha, Jaina and FiFi are sleeping on my desk. Badu is on the autoclave next to the desk, all sprawled out and sleeping. Oops--Ginseng made the move and Faleena took off running with Ginseng in hot pursuit! Oh, the fun of being a kitten!

I called the vet's office yesterday. They are able to get Court in next Weds for his castration. So, we'll take Big Al and Court up on the same morning. Dr. Darcy will be calling back today about Emaline. This poor sweet girl looks awful again. We now have secondary infection areas on her skin. Have her started on antibiotics. It doesn't seem to bother her at all, which I'm so grateful for. When I go in the house and if I should sit down, Emaline will be in my lap within 10 seconds! She's such a sweetie.

Derecho achieved a first today--he was able to climb into the very bottom round bed on one of the cat furnitures. He looked quite happy with himself! His legs are growing. He has figured out how to spread his legs apart to help with his balance. He's getting to be very efficient at this and can walk around more and more without falling.

Pizazz is quite a little boy! Talk about spunk--he can take care of himself, or so he thinks! Potty issues are definitely a concern, but we're working on it. He loves to follow Derecho around. It's fun to watch Pizazz--he'll look and look at something--then, off he goes to accomplish whatever it is he's trying to do! I love his spirit and determination. We have now moved him to Patience's Pen for his naps. Much of the time though, he is on the floor.

Catstock: today, hopefully, we'll get alot accomplished. We have prizes to sort for each of the many games. Next week, the fresh movie popcorn arrives and the freshly made cotton candy also will arrive. Next Friday will be a huge busy day here. Visitors will be coming in from other states too! We are so excited about this event. Mike continues safely on his way to Ohio. Peace, love and cats----on to Catstock!

We will have BOXES this evening! Saturday will be a busy day here. In the morning, we have our last planning meeting for Catstock. In the afternoon--4:00 to 8:00 is an FFRC Volunteer BBQ picnic for everyone. Angie and Bill will be hosting this fun event at their house.

Steve and I worked in Albert's Garden--where we have many memorials to some of our past cats. New mulch has been laid and the new river rocks with cat names are now in place.

Cassidy is doing great--his surgical eye site looks terrific. Next week his sutures will be removed. Shirley, Liberty and Purrby are playing with a stuffed catnip mouse here in the office--each trying to get it away from the other! Little Harlow and Harper are doing great also. They are so little, but are eating good and playing with all the kittens. All is good!

FiFi in the outdoor enclosure! It's wonderful that she can see much better now!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday, Sept. 13

What a wonderful day. The kittens are playing hard, the cats are even getting involved. Lots of action this morning. Birds are singing already outside. Paddy Purr and Ginseng are laying by the outdoor enclosure's entrance, waiting for it to be opened up!

Nikka, a visitor the last few days, left last evening. We certainly always enjoy having Nikka here. She takes awesome pictures of the rescue center cats, the porchies, barnies and covies and shares them with all of you! We have another visitor coming to stay in Kitty Kastle tomorrow!

Next Weds., the 19th, we have Big Al scheduled for surgery to have another ear tumor removed. They will also do a resection of the ear, to help facilitate easier removal of future tumors, as this tends to happen with his kind of ear tumors. This will help him feel so much better. We will also see if we can get Court neutered at the same time.

Mike, who is our concert guy for the Catstock continues on his way to Ohio. He made it to Texas now. The Crescent-News, our local newspaper, called yesterday and will be doing an article for the paper on Catstock! I'll share it with you when it's published. Flyers on Catstock are also going out to some of our local schools! Peace, love and cats--on to Catstock!!

We had BOXES last night--lots of boxes and it was fun! Thanks to you all who have helped us restock. Our cat food pantry looks so much better!
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--3 mop heads and a large bag of Almond Joy for Paul
TA67 & Gillian from the UK--a very nice card and Webbox Lickety Licks yogurt tubes
(Magenta especially says thanks!)
Barb F/lgecko--2 of the big 40 pound boxes of kitty litter
TheOddMuse--2000 small garbage bags, 4 cases of of Friskies, 1 case of Friskie Gravy Sensation pouches
Germansiggi from FL--big bag of Reese's peanut butter cups and a bag of Kit Kat bars, 35 pound bucket of cat litter, 20 pound box of cat litter, 1 case of Friskies and 1 case of 9-Lives
Jatcat from CA--box cutter & 2 letter openers, 4 lint brushes, dry erase markers, 6 non-scratch scour pads, 2 boxes Mr. Clean sponges, yellow copy filler paper
Rama/utah47 from UT--lots of Survival Bracelets made from paracord for Catstock. Friendship anklets/bracelets made by her granddaughter Mickie, a toy chicken for the kitties and a donation in memory of her kitty Tommy
Annette B--Royal Canin Kitten dry food
Sandy D--2 cases of Friskies Senior canned food
CathiB12 from TX--4 cases of Friskies can food
Arden & Charmaine from IN--4 cases of Friskies can food
SophieandLucysdad/Mike--coupons and pics of Sophie and Lucy
Judy W from OH--Chief grocery receipts (a fundraiser for us) and Paw Points from litter (we get gift certificates for free litter)

Goss (who does the taping of boxes when she can and posts these videos to share) is working on getting our Amazon store back up and running! The site is:
Remember too the Zazzle site is:
And to submit your recipes for the FFRC's 2nd cookbook, it is:

We took in a new kitten several days ago. I introduced him to the cam last night. He has some medical issues and so I waited a few days. He still has some medical issues, but I've decided I'm not going to "hide" him any longer. You ALL know what we do here at FFRC--we have healthy kittens come in and sometimes we have many medical issue kittens come in. So, I'm happy to tell you about our little Pizazz. I must admit he took my breath away when I first met him, as he so reminded me of Bravo. He's 6 weeks old, male, black and with those Bravo eyes. And he also has rear leg issues. His problems are very different than Bravos though. His legs simply don't work and are flaccid/atrophied, but with no pain. There's no muscle tone at all. He does have anal sphincter tone which is extremely important. But, still, potty problems are what we are dealing with. We will be helping him to potty on a regular basis for right now, trying to develop some increased nerve sensations, especially for urinating. Bravo left a giant hole in all of our hearts, and I believe this little fellow will help us all heal. He is not Bravo, but we will love him and help him as much as we wanted to help Bravo. He is welcome here and we will try our best to help him with some of his medical issues. He has a mighty personality--already was swatting at the cats! He is indeed Pizazz!
Paddy Purr
Paddy Purr--what a handsome boy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Weds., Sept 12

This blog will be short! My daughter Dawn and I are playing "hookey" today and will be gone most of the morning and part of the afternoon! There is a BIG GIANT horse tack shop about 1 1/2 hours away from here that we are going to. Will be doing more dreaming and looking than buying--but that's half of the fun! Will be also nice to spend time with Dawn and "horse talk"!

The kittens and cats are all fine. They've already spilled a big food bowl, knocked over a cup of pens and pencils and have spilled a bowl of water---so, I believe we're right on schedule with interesting cat things happening for the day!

Since last night was movie night, we WILL have BOXES tonight! I would like to thank:
Beth A from IL--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Mindy R--made a donation to FFRC, in honor of Susan C and her 2 kitties, Cleo and Ralph

We took in a new young cat yesterday. He's a male, black/white (with the cutest face!), and about 7-8 months old. He was found here in Defiance, trying to get into the Municipal Court building. After checking the neighborhood for a lost cat, he was taken the the Court's bathroom, until an FFRC volunteer could go up and get him to bring to the Rescue Center! What an adventure! His name, of course, is Court. He's a gem and such a purrer!

If you donated to the Earth Angel fundraiser for the Felix Navidad fund, and did not get an envelope of thanks in the mail, please send me an e-mail so I can get that corrected. Thanks!

Our new kitten, Zora is now out and about and acts like she's been here forever. Such a nice kitten and so sweet.

Thanks to you all for your support, whether you're a chatter, a lurker, a silent supporter, a sender of prayers for FFRC--however you support us, I'm deeply grateful!
Sleepy kitties, waiting for BOXES!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday, September 11

In memory of 9/11--bless America, all the people who lost their lives on that day and the family and friends of those who are gone. We will never forget.

All is fine here at the Rescue Center. This cooler weather in the mornings, bring on the craziness of the kittens! Such a joy to watch them play. Jaina is right now, taking a springy toy, walking across the room with it in her mouth, letting go of it, to watch it sprong back. Over and over again she does this!

We have been very busy getting things organized for Catstock. We're making big head way on this big project! We are very much looking forward to this event. If you'd like to come, we would love it. Here are the motel numbers:
Comfort Inn 419-784-4900
Hampton Inn 419-784-1515
Holiday Inn Express 419-784-0782
Super 8 Motel 419-782-8000
Bed & Breakfast (Elliot Rose) 419-956-9981
We would love to have you. If you are here for Catstock, and would like to help with one of the game tables for the afternoon, let me know! I've just heard from Mike--they were going through Sedona, AZ yesterday. Safe travels! Check out the new backgrounds to our different sites--they all reflect Catstock!

Our new arrival, Scout is now known as Zora. Since we lost our Zorca, we would still like to honor that name. The name came from the Name that Cat at Catathon, for TokTuB's mom. Her other nickname is Zora, so we will call little Scout (since we already used that name), Zora. She is now ready to come out and play! After the early morning sweeping is done, the door to Dodger's Pen will be opened. She is an awesome, healthy little girl!

Cassidy is doing wonderful. He continues to feel better. No more eye pain from that nasty old eye. He's playing and purring now. So very nice to see his happy self emerging again!

We had two adoptions on Sunday! Tallulah went to her new home. She was put on hold two weeks before and was just awaiting her spay to be done. Also, Dennsmore was adopted. I do believe Dennsmore picked this family himself! We will miss both of them, but so happy for their adoptions!

We had BOXES last night. Thanks ever so much for caring about FFRC.
Michelle L/Crittercat--card and a box of books to share with the volunteers
Linda B from NY--sardines, bag of Fancy Feast dry cat food and 14 cans of Fancy Feast--assorted and a nice note
Medic101--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Amy B/jobolove--4 cases of Friskies canned food--assorted flabors
Betz from PA--for granddaughters: cupcake lip gloss & ice cream sundae lip gloss. For Jimmy's daughter--ice cream sundae lip gloss. For Livy: ice cream sundae lip gloss & velvet poster to paint. For Paul: dice & duct tape. For Cutie: donation for plates & special food. For the kitties: donation for something extra fun for cammers to watch! (will be coming sometime!). For Kellen: pop tabs & washable markers. For FFRC: kitty toys on sticks, 2 sets of Resident cats--laser engraved on mirrored plastic. For Jacci: duct tape, paper clips 2 dry erase pens. For Connie & Damien: "chicken" and suckers.
Terri K/sweetpea727 from CA--assorted yarn for volunteer projects, cans of Fancy Feast, a special letter with a remembrance poem for Twinkle and Bravo (which we will post)
Beth A from IL--4 cases of Friskies
Sonjamac--2 cases of Friskies
CathiB12--2 cases of Friskies
Joyce T/jatcat--2 big cases of Friskies
Connie S (Tookie's mama)--get well card and a cute stuffed bear all for Cassidy
Sam (who adopted Murry/Sundance (Cassidy's brother)--For Cassidy: cat treats, appetizers, toys. For FFRC: litter. For Volunteers: 2 big bags of gum, 2 big packs of Reeses, big container of Twizzlers
Sue T from IN--package of plates, 2 cases of Friskies & sardines
Selena & Scott from IN--kitty treats, Reeses, play cube, baby kitty food, kitty treats & balls and toys. Plus they paid for Scout/Zora's first vet visit and vacc's. and tests!
ScottyCat (a moderator) from Scotland--letter from Amber & Skye, a card with a donation to name a cat Betz, catnip toys, a wand toy, 4 blue & red plaid collars (1 for Farrah, 1 for Derecho, 1 for Kooper & 1 for Pedra (Val and Janet's recently adopted kitties) and a Hello Kitty bag with a sticker book & stickers for Hannah
AnnaMarie/Neil/Catoncat/Victoria--a case of toilet paper for "Victorias Secret Closet" which is our bathroom for the Rescue Center. This is to help cover Catstock's use! and LOTSSSSSS of packing paper for the kitties!
Peggy & Bernard G from NY and their cat Halo--article on their front newspaper which reminded them of Bravo, and a donation in memory of Bravo
Lillian/Xenamolina8 and her kitties & Juci from IL--birthday card for Bella, Missy and Zavatar with special birthday metal tokens
Arden W from FL--donation to FFRC for food
Beverly S from IL--a donation for FFRC, in memory of her good friend, a lover of cats
Isabelle H from FL--a donation for Earth Angels, in memory of Bravo and a very nice card
Mary K from PA--a donation to PayPal for FFRC

Remember, if you'd like to send a get-well, thinking of you card to Dorothy, our oldest volunteer, that would be great. Just address it to FFRC, with her name on the envelope. I'll be sure to get it all to her. Thank you

The past years, we have had a young girl, by the name of Kaylee who has visited FFRC. She loves FFRC and cats. She always does a cat project for their local fair. I just got word, that her (and cat Jonah) won Grand Champion Cat and then went on to win Reserve Grand Champion for all the Small Animals. Kaylee is an awesome girl who has a big heart! Way to go, Kaylee.

A poem called I WILL BE, by Rob Anderson. Sent for Bravo and Twinkle, by Terry K/sweetp727
If you think of me as gone forever...I will be.
If you think of me as sadness and tears...I will be.
If you think of me as your broken heart...I will be.
That's not what I want to be, but I will be.
If you think of me as memories to cherish...I will be.
If you think of me as laughter and joy...I will be.
If you think of me as your healing heart...I will be.
That's what I want to be, please let me be.
Twinkle--still thought of and loved, with happy memories.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday, Sept. 9

Yesterday's surgeries went very well. All are recovered, happy and already out and about. The girls were: Roadinia, Treesa, Tallulah, Tabitha, Miau, Liberty and Graciela. The boys were: Obun, Avens, Derecho, Vollie. We also did a dog for ALOL. All went well. Derecho was our very first surgery--he did fantastic. Went down easily and recovered quickly. We had lots of volunteers here to help with various things related to the surgery day--many many thanks.

We also did many physicals. Some were a simple yearly check up--all were fine on those. We had a few special ones we wanted done. Hank: eye, is going to be a "wait and see" case. He DOES NOT like to be medicated or treated. His right eye is very cloudy, but not painful. He's very difficult to do any type of meds. Big Al: appears to have his tumor back in his ear. Will schedule for surgery. Tumor will be removed and a lower section of ear canal removed to make for much simpler removal of future tumors. Ada Jane: thyroid is good, but continues to have very very small kidneys. Will keep an eye on this, if we need to do SQ fluids a couple times a week, we will. Will keep check on her hydration level. Magenta--she's just a very petite girl! Thyroid IS good! Kidneys good. Emaline: wow--what a mess she is again. We have a lot of skin issues going on with her once more. Her condition seems to change overnight. Her poor nose is also heavily involved. Our vet feels it may be a type of surface cancer/immune issue that is going on. There is a good med that can possibly help. I have one dose here to get her started and will follow up with this on Monday. If this doesn't work, will do biopsy, although we've hit most treatments already for a wide range of possible diagnosis. She is very very happy in the house and loves to sleep right beside me or on me! We'll bring her out occasionally still so you all can see her.

Cassidy is doing much much better. He started eating mid morning and has eaten several good meals since. He will probably have his door opened to his pen sometime today, so he'll have the option whether he wants to come out or not. We'll continue to pamper him big time!

As you may know, we have 2 kittens not doing very well. They are Zorka and Callaway. Today is an important day for both. We'll keep you posted.

We've had lots of visitors this weekend, which of course, we love. Selena and Scott W from IN came on Saturday (brought a newbie kitten--more later) and spent the whole day with us. Nikka is also here--she arrived yesterday and will stay a few days. Michelle/Diego Kitty has been here since Friday and will leave sometime today. We love visitors! The visitors pitched in and helped with various things.
Gib--a Cat Go Round Wheel pro--he sure can make that wheel spin!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Saturday, Sept.8

Today is our big surgery day. All the action will start at 8:30. Before that we'll be putting on neck bands and putting kitties into their rooms so they are close by for when we need them. They already have their food removed--oh my, that's so cruel. At least that's what they're telling me! We have 5 castrations, 8 spays, 1 male dog (from ALOL) and 12 physicals to do.

Cassidy had his surgery yesterday, to remove his bad eye. He's still feeling a little punky this morning, but was given fluids already today. Hopefully, that will bring back some of his bounce. He's sleeping quietly right now. The surgery went well and Dr. Darcy will see him again today.

Remember you can now submit your recipes for our 2nd FFRC Cookbook! Just go to Then, click on the pdf link which has the directions to enter your recipe. The login is VolumeTwo and the password is ffrc. Thanks!

One of our volunteers isn't feeling very good. She is our oldest volunteer and has been with us for many years. It's Dorothy, who usually comes on Tuesday evenings. If you would like to send her a card, that would be so nice. Send it to FFRC, with her name on the outside of the envelope. I will make sure that she gets every one of them!

We had BOXES last night!
GermanSiggi from FL--Bubbaloo bubble gum and a case of Friskie Prime Fillet
CathiB12--a case of Friskies Bits
Vickie B from NY--a t-shirt for Jacci, from Crazy shirts (Kliban)
Susanne B--2 cases of Fancy Feast, in memory of her Buster
Anonymous G--For volunteers: Biscotti Biscuits, Oreos (Becky), 2013 calendars, and a cool Catstock Bandana for Jacci. For the cats: sardines, pillowcases, toys. For Graciela's Hope Chest--2 packages of treats, toys and a neat sign that says "Home is where the cat is"
Nancy D from OH--donation for FFRC
Conii--6 containers of Bonito flakes, a big bag of Yeowwww Toys (bananas, hearts, rainbow, sharks), Tiki food (9 cases), and a wooden toy with circles cut out for the Covies!
Trudy S from Bryan, OH--a donation for FFRC
Diane & Steve D from MI--a donation for FFRC in memory of Ripper and Ruffles. Their new kitten is Tio
Gusti from Germany--a donation thru PayPal for Cassidy's surgery, with prayers & love
Nigel W from UK, a donation thru PayPal
Speedy and Mr. Speedy, day visitors--dry cat food, Laundry soap, toilet paper, canned Purina, paper plates, plastic spoons, Mr. Clean, volunteer treats, washcloths, styrofoam plates, big towels, cat toys, dog can food, whiskas packs. Thanks ever so much--we enjoyed your visit!

This is short, but must get ready for this busy day!
Sleepy Cassidy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, Sept. 7

Cassidy will making a trip up to our vet's office today. His eye enucleation will be done there today, late morning. As I hear how things are going, I will let you know by the cam chat. He will be coming home later today, as soon as he is done. Many hugs and kisses for Cassidy. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts today.

Tomorrow is our big surgery day. Dr. Darci, once again, will be here. Right now, we have 5 castrations and 8 spays, 1 dog castration (from ALOL), and approximately 8-10 physicals that need to be done. A very busy morning. Thanks to Joyce D. who will provide our pizza lunch--we work up quite an appetite! We'll keep you posted all morning how things are going.

Yesterday we had a big Catstock meeting. Plans are continuing and things are organized. This event is in just 2 weeks! Remember, to join us on the cam for Friday night, 9/21 as Mike will be doing a very special mini-cam just for the chatters and lurkers. The big day is 9/22. Carnival at 2:00-5:30. Concert is 5:30 to 6:30. We have 2 GIANT tents that will be put up on Friday. Two porta-pots will also be arriving, along with a big bleacher section that can hold dozens of people. The big porta grill for 240 chicken meals will also arrive the Friday before.

Mike, who is doing our concert, is leaving California today. They will drive to Phoenix (with Tinker the cat in tow) and spend a couple days visiting friends. Then on to Gallop, New Mexico. They will probably also stop in Indianapolis to visit the Indy Motor Speedway Hall of Fame. There's an RV Hall of Fame in Idiana they would also like to visit. Then a drive through his birthplace in Illinois and on to Ohio. We will keep you posted as to his travels.

We had BOXES--wonderful, lovely, appreciated boxes!!
Bonnie, Dave & Michael, In memory of Chance--royal canin kitty dry food, crocheted bed cushie, syringe needles, bag of kitty toys, lots of fleece and hand crocheted blankies, thank you notes, note cards, plates, face kitty wipes, A/D can food, 9 lives can food, several large blankets, pillow cases, beautiful quilt. Also showed a picture of Chance.
Eaglewatcher/Beth A--big box of Reese's miniatures and 2 cases of Friskies
TippyNTraylor and Ashley too--a BIG box of "Candy Memories from the 60's, from Woodstock, NY--really fun, old fashioned candy!
Betz--"Chic" of the Sea Tuna Kitty Bed for Cutie and blue wig. We put the blue wig on Cutie, put her in her new bed (with her permission, of course!). Cutie was the cutest mermaid ever!
D'Lee--5 packages of Vita Gravy/grilled salmon
Casey & Skeeter--1 case of Friskies Whiskas, 3 cases of Fancy Feast, 1 bag Royal Canin kitten dry cat food and a wonderful letter by these wonderful cats!
Renee C/Jakesmeowmy--case of Gravy Sensations, case of Friskies and 2 cases of Fancy Feast
Conii & Sundance--Hoops & Yoyo card (from Maddison & Elliot), 2 fuzzy "snakes" cataction toys, coil spring toys, 3 "hug and Kick toys, laser light, super soft cat bed, Senses Toy, small cat scratcher for kittens, q-tips, kitty face wipes, baby cereal and an M&M machine with personalized candy that says "FFRC Catstock, XOX & pawprints--so cute! Conii also sent for me, which I'm super grateful for: a beautiful bracelet (from artist Jes Maharry), cat chalk board with stand and the most beautiful totem I've ever seen (from artist Jes Maharry). The totem (made of metal) has a heart, dove, flower, sunshine, bird and an angel on it. We put it in our rock garden already last night--it's absolutely beautiful and a real treasure to me.
Jane D--a birthday card for Bella
Carla & Steve /BeachKatz--birthday card for Bella
Kathleen E from UK--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Sheila Hunter from Canada--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Mary B--a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Patricia S from MI--a PayPal donation for FFRC
Renee C/Jakesmeowmy--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Carsten H from Germany--a PayPal donation for FFRC
We also showed the picture of Kimba and Barbarilla! So sweet.

Our weekly report from Petfinder arrived. Wow--we had 2009 total pet views. Betony came in first, followed by Campion, Butterbur, Filbert, Weber, Canton, Efrafa, then Purrby as the top eight!

Little Tallulah is sleeping on my desk, along with FiFi and Jaina. Tallulah takes the grand prize every morning for having the very biggest "meows" at breakfast time. She's so loud and has such a loooong meow! Derecho is walking all over the Rescue Center now. He is learning to control his "wobbleness" better and better each day.

Remember to check out our Zazzle store--they have some awesome things that are personalized for FFRC, including some really neat Catstock shirts, pins, sweatshirts. The site is
Sweep Campion--such an extra sweet kitten.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weds., September 5

We have very thick fog here this morning. Cyrilla and Purrby wanted the little door to the outdoor enclosure opened. I told them no, not yet, we may not be able to see them out there in this dense fog. We'll wait for the sun to break thru.

Zelda is sprawled out on the desk, with Tallulah laying half way across her. FiFi is laying inside the desk drawer, with Jaina laying on a stack of papers. They are SO helpful.

The dry cough we have here is quickly clearing up. All eyes (except for Cassidy) looks real good. Derecho had to potty this morning, walked over to one of the big litterboxes and waited to be lifted inside the box. He's so smart!

One of the Porchie cats brought a mouse up to the back porch and left it there for us. They ALL looked pretty smug about it! Fabio received a partial groom/shave yesterday. We needed to do that now, so he has fur for the winter, yet it won't get so long as to cause problems before spring. The Covies look great. They seem very happy and love to have the visitors come out and see them. We usually send treats out with the visitors to give to them.

This is part of the information that goes home in each and every adoption bag: If you are no longer able to keep or take care of your FFRC cat, we take back 100% of our cats. It doesn't matter how much time has gone by or for what reason. Just call and we will gladly set up a time for you to bring back your pet. We always hope every adoption is for the lifetime of the cat, but we also understand that things happen.

Mike, our TV singing guy who is doing the concert for us on 9/21 and 9/22 will be leaving California soon, to make the trip here to Defiance! Here is another article that a California paper did on Mike's trip here for Catstock:
Prayers for a safe journey for Mike and his wife.

Don't forget to check out our new store at Zazzle. Goss has worked hard on it. Some of the items are for the Catstock event!

Have you submitted a recipe for our 2nd FFRC cookbook yet? The site is:

We had BOXES last night. I very much appreciate your support.
Bubbles/Cynthia--Lavender Bubblebath for Jacci & Fruit Bites for Einstein, 2 cases of Fancy Feast and a book called Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes!
Eaglewatcher46--Arnold Palmer Tea stix (6 boxes)
Arden & Charmaine from IN--4 cases of Friskies--1 turkey, 2 salmon, 1 white fish
Chris H from MA--a very nice card, some really unusual & fun toys for the cats, belly button mouse toy, 4 big bags Party mix treats for cats, super soft cat bed with a very soft blankie, double duo tracer ball and crazy circle with mouse, ASPCA cat house tent
Sketter/Casey--2 assorted containers of sugar-free hard candies
Anonymous G--a cookie package for Sigrid & a pack of cookies for the volunteers, some goodies to add to Graciela's "hope chest" for when she gets adopted!
TippyNTraylor & Ashley too--a donation for FFRC
Aunty Fi--2 necklace tokens from our Loon friends--1 with Bravos picture on it for Jacci and 1 with Derechos picture on it for Kate. Many thanks, Aunty.
Mudji--pictures of her kitties--Henry R Peeps, Oh My Guinness, Stryker Grizzabella, Jackstraw,blanket for LeLe's birthday, litter coupons, cool duct tape, 2 rugs, perch for Einie, Lenox gold retractable knife, oreo cookies for Jacci, bubblegum for volunteers, pretzel treats for Steve, dog bones/dog canned food, cat treats, pencil sharpener, pens, treats for Barnies, Porchies & Covies, 3 notebooks, bandges, bed & super soft blanket, towels
Henry R. Peeps and Oh My Guinness--birthday cards for September birthday kitties!
Sandra D--a metal cat crossing sign

If there is ever an error in what I've written for Boxes, feel free to e-mail me and let me know. Sometimes our notes get mixed up a little! Thanks.

Yesterday, the peacocks were going by the front office door, which was open. There were 6 cats stretching up to the screen door, with their paws on the glass watching them. One of the penhens looks at the cats and squawked. I never saw 6 cats move so fast in my life!

GracieAnn is doing much better. The abscess she had on her rear leg is about half way healed. It appears, someone took a bite on her. Poor baby--she's doing much better now though.
Shaling and her babies
Remember these kittens? Shaling and her babies.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday, September 4

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. It was fairly quiet here, which was rather nice. I should say, it was quiet visitor-wise, but the cats and kittens have been in high gear. Check out facebook--there's proof that Octavia "stole" 2 packets of food at the same time. The kittens have been on high speed alerts. They've been zooming so fast, it's hard to walk around them. On the refrigerator is our laser light toy. YEsterday, somehow they got it on and 6 of them were squished on top of the refrig., playing with it. Dolan, of course, was again on top of the toy, making it click.

Please check out our new FFRC cookbook recipe submission site. It's: It will give you step by step directions as to how to submit a recipe. Please come up with one of your favorite recipes and enter it for our 2nd FFRC cookbook! Thanks!

We weighed some of the kittens and cats yesterday. Jaina certainly needs to lose a little bit of weight. She is now at 13.05. This is not healthy for her--she needs to shed a couple pounds, but slowly. It's difficult in a group setting like this, but we will be trying to help her. Badu was 11.04. Filbert was 11.14. Putter was 10.09. The good news is that Magenta gained 3 ounces!

This Saturday is our surgery day here at the Rescue Center. Currently, we have the following scheduled: Avens, Derecho, Graciela, Liberty, Miau, Tabitha, Tallulah, Treesa, Zorca, Roadinia, Oban (?), Callaway. Also scheduled for physicals are: Magenta, Ada Jana, Bella, Cyrilla, Hannah, Cassidy, Macallan, Felton and Gracie Ann. When cats arrive at FFRC, even though they may be already neutered/spayed, we still want our vet to give them a physical. We are looking at a real likelihood that Cassidy may need an eye removal, in which case, he may be done Saturday as well. We try so hard to keep that awful Herpes virus at bay. When we have a cat that has it, we hit hard and fast with medications. We get good recovery, almost 100% of the time. Not so, in the case of Cassidy. It appears to have caused significant damage to one of his eyes. A decision will be made on Saturday.

Yes, we do have a slight, dry cough going on in the Rescue Center right now. This is a "very upper" cough--not in the lungs at all, similar to a dry throat cough. All are being treated for this. It comes on, lasts maybe 2 days, then is goes away. It does not affect their appetite or activity level. Please be assured, all is under control!

The volunteers and I love what we do here at FFRC. Our intentions are to only adopt out healthy cats and kittens---their best interest is truly the highest priority for us. We realize that occasionally a cat or kitten may become ill after adoption. From the minute a cat arrives at the Rescue Center to the moment they are adopted, we work very hard on their health and happiness levels. Our intentions are true, in that we really do care about every cat that comes our way, never intending any harm.

Many thanks to:
Karla M from IA--a donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Paula M from Australia--a donation for FFRC thru Paypal

Cypress--oh, to be so relaxed!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday, Sept. 2

We have the most wonderful and beautiful Cat Go Round Wheel in the world! Have you seen it yet? Goss has been planning for this ever since we got the wheel. Sev had a surprise for us also. Goss sent away for a heavy duty vinyl decal of our very own Logo! It's on the wheel, in the center and looks awesome! Sev sent us heavy duty stickers that we put on the outside of the wheel. All in all, the wheel looks terrific! Thanks to Goss and Sev.

One of the most interesting things to do, is to be quiet and just WATCH the interaction between cats. So much communication goes on, that it can be missed, if not watched for. Just now, Purrby came up on the desk, where Badu is all stretched out. Badu gives "the look", Purrby takes a step back. Purrby scoots forward, just a bit at a time. Badu puts her ears back, so Purrby stops. Purrby reaches a paw out, Badu puts her paw on top. She reigns. Then all is well. Both close their eyes and relax.

The 6 kittens from Cat's Corner Room have been sprung! They are now out and about with the rest of the gang. They are doing great--running around playing. Lots of new friendships will be made today.

Bella's birthday was yesterday and she had lots of Happy Birthday wishes. She even talked on the phone to one of her favorite people in the world--Felinetoyz! Bella also wore her 2 crowns last night for the cam, just for a couple minutes though! She had several baby food jars during the day! Today is Zavatars birthday--he is now one year old. Such a big handsome boy. He had a special birthday breakfast, all his own!

We had BOXES last night! Thanks ever so much.
Cgrcry from Lima, OH--12 pieces of treated lumber, 4x4x8 posts. Thanks ever so much, cg. Also thanks to Eric/LoveMyPetz for picking it up for us and delivering it.
Casey/Skeeter--a really neat box of candy, Totally 80s candy sampler from Funky Food Shop
Liz/lizmol from MI--letter and pictures of kitties Ariel and Jenny, bandaids for Diane, sardines, chocolate Oreos for Sigrid, bubblegum for Judy, treats for Octavia, baby food, treats for Graciela, Friskie can food, Fancy Feast can food, treats for Bondi and Zavatar, cereal for Jacci, Bounce dryer sheets
EagleSpirit--a senses activity toy (rocking roller)
Beachkatz and UncleKat--a wonderful thank you card for the volunteers, opened by Becky

We had rain last night, so I double checked the Cat's Cove. Again, no leaks! Sure happy about this. The cats are happy too! Treesa is a loverbug--super sweet and will purr just looking at her. Asha has it all figured out--if a person approaches her slowly, she'll roll over to have her tummy rubbed. Ginseng is crazy about any and all of the track ball toys. He puts those big feet of his in the track and smacks that ball rather sharply. No more chipmunks have been found in the Rescue Center--I'm sure that released one told ALL of the chippies to stay away from THAT place!

Happy Birthday, Zavatar!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday, September 1

Happy birthday to Bella, Missy (my cat) and to Martha L (a volunteer). Three very special cats/people. Bella will be wearing her crowns later today. She also received a WHOLE jar of baby food for breakfast this morning! She is now 10 years old. When Bella first arrived, she was just 6 weeks old.

It has been raining this morning--we're so thankful. We need the rain. We had a huge clap of thunder this morning that truly scared Derecho. When he's calm, his mobility problems are not as pronounced. But when he's been alarmed or super exited, he loses some of that control. So....he was held alot and reassured that all was fine. He's back to playing here in the office by me. He and Treesa and Zorca are play fighting!

Our visitor and moderator, Peeka/Nancy has left this morning. It was wonderful to have her visit us. She had Graciela and Drake spend last night with her in Kitty Kastle. Sounds like they had a lot of fun!

We've heard from Hannah's family yesterday. Hannah's trach surgery went well. If all goes well, she may be home sometime next week! Hannah has watched the cat video that was put together for her at least 3 times already. Her mom says she loves it. Please continue sending your prayers up for our little Hannah friend.

We had an adoption yesterday! Sweet Frith went to his new home. They had picked him out earlier in the week. They waited until now to pick him up when they would have the weekend to spend with him. Frith loved laying in their arms!

Serephina, the newest tiger/tori is doing great. She has made friends with Oban, Galway, Callaway, Harlow and Harper. Those 6 kittens sure can rock and roll in their room! Not much longer until they will be out with the rest of the gang.

Right now, Dennsmore, Purrby, Miler, FiFi and Everet are on my desk. They don't realize that their bodies are solid and I cannot see thru them to see the screen! It's not too bad, until they start chewing up the paper (been watching Badu do this!) or playing with each other's tails! By the way, Badu had her yearly vaccination yesterday and didn't even grumble--was so proud of her.

Cat's Cove roof is now done....just in time for this rain. We'll see today if it's still dry inside the Cove. Jimmy put a seal on top of every screw and on some of the seams. Then he put 2 coats of fiber paint on top of the metal roof. Sure hope that works. He'll be starting the same process with Kitty City, once the rain stops.

We had BOXES last night. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
Love4cats/Nancy from WI--coupons
Patricia K from NY--coupons
Tom P from NJ--pop tabs for Kellen and a very nice card
BeachkatzCarla C from OR--cards for everyone (mods, volunteers, our 3 vets, Hannah), Fancy Feast Appetizers (for Bondi & friends), sardines, kitty treats, canned Fancy Feast, Mr. Clean sponges, plastic spoons and baby food jars for Bella & 10 cans of KMR
Lovebugs321 from VA--24 cans of Sardines & a very nice letter
Cynthia N/Bubbles from WA--donation for FFRC (for Feliz Navidad fund)
Neil M--a very fun letter (Anna Marie warned me it was coming!!) with a donation for FFRC. And, sorry, but you MUST keep Bandita/Vixen/Shep. That way she can keep you under control! She did tell me though that she thinks you're an awesome kitty dad!
RoseSFCats--2 really neat cat posters that we can use for Catstock!
Anne & Issacc, day visitors--Pet krinkle tunnel and laundry soap

Next week we will have our new Cat-Go-Round wheel all fancied up! The design is a surprise. I believe everyone will like it! This wheel will look very different from the first wheel.

In the course of this last week, I've heard from 5-6 schools that will be letting some of their classes view our KittyCam on ustream! This will be a reward, for good behavior. We will not know when these children will be viewing the cam, so just wanted to let you all know about this. Please keep our chat g-rated. Keep in mind, when you are posting, is this something should be said if children were viewing it? Thank you!

Happy Birthday, Bella! She sure loves her poofs.