Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Brooke--a long time friend of FFRC's has passed away on 4/25. She and her parents were occasional visitors here at FFRC. Brooke so loved all the cats here but Derecho was always her proclaimed boyfriend, which always made me smile. I'll always remember her smile and her sincere happiness of being here.  And her fudge....she always brought fudge for all of us, including for my mom. Thank you, Brooke for being our friend.

I'd like to give thanks to the following for their donation to FFRC, in memory of Brooke.  We will purchase a leaf for our Tree of Giving in her memory.  Thank you Mudjie, Flymom, Anonymous Friend, Cantoncat, Fran D, Tammy & Keith C.,  Burgundy and Janet K.

Boaz was at the vet's office on Friday for an x-ray. He did indeed hurt his rear leg.  He cracked off the "knob" at the top of his femur.  This is the first fracture that has happened here at FFRC in all of our 20 years.  It appears (from viewers) that he fell from a cat walk. On Tuesday (not Monday, as first thought),  he will have an FHO--femoral head ostectomy. An FHO removes the head of the femur--the "ball".  The muscles of the leg will hold the femur in place and with time, scar tissue forms between the acetabulum and the femur, which provides a cushion, or a false joint. This surgery will mean he will have pain-free mobility in time.  Please keep him in prayer and your good thoughts.

Mowgli also went to the vet's office on Friday. The little rascal had her feeding tube almost pulled out all the way.  It's all taken care of and sutured in place once again. And now she sports a nice collar made for a feeding tube, thanks to her Auntie Beth. 

More update on Mowgli: As you know, I believe in honesty with our viewers. There is concern about her tongue, per both Dr. Darcy and Dr. P.  I've talked to Dr. P last night and to Dr. Darcy again today.  We have decided, in the best interest of Mowgli that we will not do a biopsy. When she first arrived, it was hopeful that she had had an "accident" in regards to her tongue.  But as time has gone on, it appears this is not true.  It's become more evident that she probably does have cancer to her tongue. Doing a biopsy would be informative only--there is no cure, no treatment. And because it's the tongue, there is concern with controlling the bleeding. Her tongue tissues are very friable, which means sutures probably wouldn't hold.  I've already been told by a person that we should've done a biopsy earlier.  My answer was why?  It doesn't change a thing.  Yes, it might've told us it was cancer earlier, but really--would that change anything?  Absolutely not.  Only thing is it would've caused a cut on her tongue that maybe could not be stopped from bleeding.  This same person said her slobbers really shouldn't be tolerated.  Here at FFRC, we love the cats for who and what they are. If that means cleaning bottoms or wiping up slobbers, that is what we do. And we do it with love.

So....we continue on with Mowgli. She is on soreness meds which is important.  But....her quality of life is utmost important. Without her feeding tube, taking in enough nutrition and calories by her, would be impossible. As long as the tube stays in, as long as she is happy, as long as she is comfortable, as long as life is important to Mowgli, we can continue on.......for a bit.  You all know we love this girl with a passion.  She has just enough sass in her to benefit her.  She has sweetness galore. And right now, yet, she is happy. We will cherish each day with her. Please keep her too in your prayers and good thoughts--for her to be peaceful.

Farrah--we surely do miss this precious girl.  Our days are strange and different without her. It's been a bit hard. I want to give thanks to these folks who have donated in memory of Farrah: Burgundy, Ellen P and her mom. Also Sara & Brian H purchased 2 calming collars for FFRC, in memory of Farrah and in honor of the Farrah litter.

WE had BOXES yesterday---the huge help you give to FFRC is so so appreciated.  YOU truly make a difference to FFRC.
JBond - 50 Hot/Cold Cups with Doggies, Blue Diamond Almonds, 2 Boxes 24ct Pretzel Crisps, Nature Valley Bars, 20 pk Cookies, Crackers & Chips, 30 Pkts Pretzels 12 pkts Lays Puffs, 22 Fruity Snacks, Kind Bars, Rice Krispie Treats, 24puddings, 16 pkt Ritz Crackers, 2 pkgs 24ct Fig Newtons 

Donnie & KathyinWVA with Junior, Sandy, Pork, Beans, Mingo,  Double Stuff, Picachu, Stripe and outside Peanut with Doggies Chloe Bell & Foster Dog Red - Decals for Mowgli's dishes and others for PawMart, also lots of BookMarks with FFRC kitties,  Paw Print Key Ring
Don & Sandy - 4 Bags Pania Flakes, 2 boxes 24ct Sheba, 12 Delectable pkts. 58 Chewy Dips

TearsFromADream - For Farrah and others who went before--Statue Kitty with Wings "I am with you always"   We will put this next to Farrah's stone when it arrives
Dawn/Hope366 - Very Nice Cat Condo for Ramsay
Lollimop - 48 pkgs Pringles

Barbara/Pleblady - 4 tubs Clorox, 6 cases Baby Food, 11-120ct Qt Bags
Anony - 3-12ct Whiskas, 3-24ct Whiskas, 4-24ct Friskies, 8 Boxes Little Soups
Anony - 10 Boxes-56 ct 30gal Trash Bags, 4 Boxes-13gal Trash Bags, 
Anony - 6 Boxes 13gal Trash Bags, 4 Gallons Mr Clean Spring Flavor

K Kris - Beautiful comfy bed for Mowgli and she promptly got in and started making biscuits.
Anony for Volunteer - Air Fryer
Carri & Ken - Sympathy Card & Donation in Memory of Farrah

Marilyn/OregonCatLady - Kitty Card & Donation in Memory and to honor FFRC's Special Needs, Elder and Rainbow Bridge Kitties 
Mike/sophieandlucysdad - MI - Sympathy Card in memory of Farrah
Ellie Sue - NY  Coupons for Puina One, Paw Points
AnonyCatLover - Hummingbird Sympathy Card in memory of Farrah 

Plus, we have more thanks:
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Colleen P--donation for FFRC
Jill D--donation to help with Mowgli's medical needs
Kathy W--donation to FFRC, in honor of Paula A's birthday!  Happy birthday!
Photo by Ethington--donation to FFRC
Jones Shop--donation for FFRC
Olivia V--donation for FFRC
James W--donation to FFRC
David W--donation to FFRC, to be used as needed.  

You may have noticed that our sweet Deano is back--he's one of the Rat Pack kittens.  He's only here temporarily. His mom and dad have had him to the vets office and the x-rays shows that he has a hiatal hernia.  Because of some vomiting, we are going to keep Ollie (his new name) until Dr. P decides what to do.  Sometimes a surgery is needed, but he's so small yet--may need more grow-up time.  In the meantime, he will stay here so he can be observed. His mom and dad will be visiting and definitely will take him back home! 

This coming Saturday is our next FFRC surgery day. We will be doing the spays of the 4 girls left of the 8 kittens.  They all have been spoken for and have just been waiting for their spays to be done. Shortly after that day, we should have the last 5 of those 8 going home! 

There's a real possibility in the next week that Hatima, Debbnie and Monique will be going to their new homes. Sasekani also has someone of interest for her!  

Enjoy this wonderful day.  There's been some extra sadness going on here.  As one of our dear friends  has said: "But our hearts stay steady and loving because we believe in Love and Care." Oh, so true. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday, April 26, 2019

An awesome fun-raiser! Our electric bill, the remaining propane bill and the meds we need for kitty viruses will be taken care of!!  I am so happy and so very grateful.  

First, yesterday, we did BOXES!
NHFurry & NHCatlady on behalf of the NH Pride - A Pretty Garden Light in memory of Farrah
Auntie Napa for Pania - 2 Boxes Little Soups
Plee - For FFRC 7 Nice Crate Pads & 15 Kitty Blankies

Michelle & Mary - Easter Card with Donation for Medical 
JBond - 50 Hot/Cold Cups with Artwork on them
Anonymous Friend: Donation for Farrah & Mowgli 
Nuthatches - 12 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten
JoAnna B - CATATHON: Replacement Patriotic Windchimes
Anonymous Friend - CATATHON: Polka Dot: Kenneth Cole Travel Tote, Dot Matrix 4 wheel Suitcase, 8 pr socks, Polka Dot Cover for Airbed matching Polka Dot Bean Bag Chair

Dewitty - CATATHON: Reusable Gift wrap BoBo 3 wrapping scarves and pretty ties with booklet
Anony - CATATHON: 3 boxes Amara Organic Baby Food
JBond -CATATHON: Waterproof and Scratch Proof Dog Car Seat Cover & 8 in 1 Sportsmans Grooming Kit

Contessa--12 packs of kitten can food
Shawn/happyflame--mug for Jacci and a donation to FFRC  (We had an awesome visit from Shawn.  He is our Long Distance Volunteer!) 

And then we did the Fun-Raiser!  Thank you a gazillion thanks! 
A  Paradise Photo       $120          Kimkost
B  Kuranda Tower          800         Anony for Vols
C  Jeweled Kitty Boxes  115         Faithy M
D  Rosemary Afghan     170         Pckrbckr
E  Air Fryer                     310           Judy Ma
F  Garden Quilt              230           Davsny
G  Larissa Art                485           Judy Ma
H  iPad                          1245          Discats

TOTAL:    3475 less $800 for Anniversary Fund (from Kuranda)  = $2675
Bump Ups: Jo603, Dawn N, Gusti, Donnajb, Oopsipa, Nuthatches,  LJ, Yvonne VDK, Burgundy  

Grand TTL  $3550.  without the $800.  $4350 with the $800.
Consolation prizes: Michelle & Mary, Judy Br, Snoopybaby, Annette20, Deb Fr, Anony, Josette M, Kitcats, Michelle, Jody J for Marcia, Joco, Belltime, Justme, Kizzymom, Janet S, Michell Co & Yorkiemom

We have two cats going to the vet's this morning.  Boaz apparently hurt his rear leg--not sure how. But it's been hurting enough that he's crying, hiding and limping. So.....he needs an x-ray.  Mowgli got a hold of her feeding tube and somehow was able to get the sutures out. Her feeding tube was barely inserted last night. It was threaded back down and a call to Dr. Darcy was made. Mowgli needs to go back and have that sutured back in place. They both should be home later today.

Kayala and the Farrah litter is doing wonderful. The kittens all have nice round tummies. Kayala is being a good mama.  Enola is being a very nice auntie.

This morning, we had 2 cabinet cats--all snuggled on the towels--Coralie and Magic. Kiara is the champion of knowing when the warm laundry comes out of the dryer! She burrows right in. Just like how Hensley burrows into the crumpled up paper. Pania, in addition to her Pania flakes, is enjoying her soups that are served her! Manville is still trying to figure out how to play with those kittens--he tries so hard to be gentle. But, he's a big boy. And it doesn't help when the kittens try to whack his short little tail!  

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Thursday, April 25, 2019 & Catathon update

Farrah--many of you already know that our dear, sweet Farrah has passed.  She had arrived here 6/27/09 at the age of 7 weeks.  The lady who found her in the woods named her Farrah. Her name means beauty, which was certainly true.  Farrah went thru a time in 2009 and 2010 of seizures where we kept trying to get them under control.  We hit a good treatment for them and she rarely had a breakthru. During this time, she was made a Resident. Her birthday was 5/16/09, so she was almost 10 years old. 

Just recently, we discovered she had cardiomyopathy and CHF.  We had her under treatment but in her last 4 days, she had 3 episodes. The last one she did not survive. This loss has been very difficult. In having her under treatment, our hope was to have her for a long time yet. She passed peacefully and was told she was loved (which she knew that with her whole heart). 

That evening our Kayala decided to give birth. She started at 8:15 ish pm. She soon delivered 5 kittens.  She had 4 girls and 1 boy. Their birth weights were good--3 and 4 ounces.  So so little!  Here are their names:
Fern--male, buff and white
Airabelle--female, black/gold/white calico
Reata--female, gold tiger
Amber--female, grey/cream/white calico
Harmony--female, dark tiger/white

If you take the first letters of all those kittens, it spells a very special name.  Want to look first?  It spells FARAH.  These names are from the Name a Cat list and picked carefully to honor our Farrah.  They are now known as the Farrah litter.  Mama Kayala is pleased too. 

Oh those two kittens --I don't believe we've introduced them yet.  Two babies, 6 weeks old was brought to FFRC.  Their birthday is 3/08/19.  Where they were born at, they simply did not  want the kittens.  We also found a home for the mama and she has already been spayed this week.  The kittens are:
Atalia--female, torti/tiger
Ashleigh--female, grey tiger  (these are Name a Cat names)
These kittens protested being in their condo pen.  Then they protested being on the floor of the back Thumper's Room.  They were then brought up to the Main Area for a "short visit" supposedly.  Well, they never went back!  They now hang out with the older 5 kittens. And they are silly, crazy and playing machines. Both love to be held and talked to. Two little sweeties! 

We had BOXES yesterday.  It's hard to express my deep felt thanks for such awesome support.  A thousand thank yous to you all.
Dawn N - 200 Squeeze-Ups & a Frisco 62" cat tree for Catathon
Melanie Z - Box full of Chips, Crackers & Cookies for the Vols
Janine/Penniesmum & Randy P - Donation in Memory of her moms kitty Lucy, Cat nip toys for Adoption Bags, 16 Squeeze-Ups & Fur Ball Relief Snackers

Nisa E - Day Visitor Large Bag of Cat Food
Ann, Kevin & Bailey B - UK  3 boxes Little Soups, Dental Sanckers
Contessa - Case of Sheba for Mowgli

Donna R TX - Made by Donna 4 season Angels very nice, Cross Stitch Garfield, also a White Cat Figurine
Kristin R -  Photo of her kitty Maizy - 4 pkts Fancy Feast Filets, 2 bags Temptation Snackers, 4 cans Fancy Feast, 2 Boxes Revolution, 
JBond - FLASH SALE: Hello Kitty Plush mini Back Pack, Kitty Quilt, Paw Print Dog Throw, Resin Hanging Kitties in Tires, Hummingbird Mat, Tulip & Kitty lighted canvas, Hummingbird Music Box for Donna, 3 cases Baby Food, 3 Boxes 48ct Sheba

Joey3100 - 10 cases Baby Food
Anony - 2 cases Baby Food
Carri M - Lots of Vol Snackers Chips, Cookies & Crackers

Laura P - 1000 6" foam Plates
Lurker Friend - Card w/Note, Kitty Snackers, 3 Bags Jelly Beans, To use as you will: 4 Hot Wheels Cars, 15 Chalk Holders, Desk Set
Anony Friend - 36 WeRuVa pkts, 12 Tiki Cat Pkts, 2 16lb Bags Purina One

Paula N MD - Easter Card with Chicken $5 for Ramsay
Joan B & Zander - 18 cans of Tuna, Large Bottle of Dawn Soap
MistyKitty - 42 bags of Snacks for Vols, 48 Cans Friskies, Gallon of Dawn Soap, 

Janine/Penniesmum & Randy P CATATHON: Bag of Handmade Cat Nip Toys for the Laurel Burch Basket

JBond - CATATHON: Jobes Plant Food, Jobes Garden Lime, Travel Bottle, Bathtub Caddy Tray, Hemp Oil for Dogs with Diffuser, Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons & Cups, Childs Chefs Set, Pop-Up Beach Tent, Sonicare toothbrush, Burts Bees 4 pc. Hand Care Kit, Humming bird: Lighted Ball, Lighted Plate, Garden Patio Table, Metal Butterfly Wall Decor, Patriotic Kitties Window Cling, Patriotic Kitty Rug, Christmas 2 Tier Tray, Holiday Motion Sensor Kitty

Kristin R - CATATHON: 2 Laurel Burch Bags, Kitty Puzzle, Kitty Story Book w/Plush Kitty
Carri & Ken M - CATATHON: Michigan Blueberry & Cherry Preserves 
Mike and Lorri W CATATHON: Pioneer Woman 13 pc. Cuttlery Set with holding Block, 27' Digging Shovel

Carri M Laura P - CATATHON: Star Wars Coloring Book, 3 Puzzle Books, Yummy Nummy  Kids Kitchen Kits for Smores & Marshmallows
Sandy A - CATATHON: Game - You'll Never Guess Or Will You?, First Aid Kit for Dogs
Mistykitty & Joe - Dog & Cat Toys & handmade Soaps

Hide Away Kennels - CA  Kitty Card Kisses for Elsie, Magic & Coralie and 17 whiskers!

We also wonderful donations in memory of our Farrah: DebbieDear, Shirley P, Lu-little, Annette20, Kittiesmom, Timodut, Fran D, Yvonnevdk, Lynda S, Billiek, Anne L, Purrmich, Dewitty, Insun S, Gail & Fred W, Diane B and Michelle V.                     We will use her donations to go towards our Feliz Navidad Fund to help future cats with medical problems. 

We also had donations for Mowgli: SchleeNC, Michelle & Mary, William K, Gusti, JustMe, Dkweiler, Yvonne vdk.               This will go towards his vet bill, baby food (easier for her to eat) and her special tube feeding cans.

We also had donations from:
Peggy S--for medical needs
Jones Shop--for FFRC
Terry K--to FFRC
Marti W--for FFRC
Deborah P--for whatever the cats need
Lori U--for FFRC
Kanet K--for FFRC, in honor of Mowgli, the Farah babies & all the kitties
Sean G--two chickie dollars
Padgett Tribe--for FFRC
Kelly L--for FFRC

Great news!  We also received $20.56 from Best Friends who does the ResQwalk!  Those miles that you've been jogging, biking, walking--it helps FFRC!  If you haven't done it yet, check it out!  Put the app ResQwalk on your smart phone and help FFRC!

We've been working hard on Catathon.  We have some things figured out!  And the response has been so so terrific that almost all of the needs are met.  I'll post our latest update on the Catathon categories.  It's just amazing--we have never ever been so far ahead of the game! Please know that if you are still sending anything for Catathon, it WILL be used for Catathon, even if that basket is marked Done....... OR if it doesn't matter and you give us permission, we can use in future fun-raisers too!  OR the store.  OR for Flash Sales.  OR........all kinds of ways to help FFRC!  Just let us know!!  

Here it is--the latest update, hot off the press! 
Catathon 2019   newly adjusted today!

BoBo Wraps    done
Picnic Basket   done
Artsie Artbox    done
Socks    done
Ferole Fotos     coming (from Ferole)
Veteran/Patriotic    done
Cat Kaboom!   done
For The Dog    done
Puzzles    done
Spa/Relaxation    done
Camping   done
Backpacking      done
Laurel Burch #1     done
Laurel Burch #2    ¾ way        
Knitting/Crocheting    3/4 full
Hello Kitty     done
Survival Kit, Food and Accessories  Done
Christmas   done
Wrap It, Paper & Bows and Much More!    Done
Baby boy  Done
Baby girl    Done
Paris Collection of Purrrses Just Fur You    done
For the Love of Books!     ¾ full
Pollinators (Birds, Bees, Butterflies)  done
Tea Time    Done
Coffee Bonanza   Done
Star Wars   Done
Star Trek    Done
20th FFRC Anniversary    done
Canning    Done
Phenomenal Gems   coming
Fordite Beauty   coming
Magnificent Michigan   done
Girl Fun    Done
Boy Fun    Done
Tony Paco!    Coming         
Mickey Mouse   ¾ full
Minnie Mouse   Done
Games Galore     Done
Disney Princess & Barbies    Done  
Movies      Done
Beach It!      done
Baking & Cupcaking       Done
Crafty Crafts  done                       44
Round 5   2019        
Crazy Alphabet Bag
Cat Furniture multi level activity tree, cat condo, tower & ladder
Hamilton Beach Bowl Scraper Food Processor
Bl/Wh Bean Bag Cat chair
Bestek Cordless Stick/Handheld Vacuum
Original Magic Bullet, 11 piece
Mary Frances Beaded Kitty Coin Purse
Cat Care Bag
Society 6 Kitten Throw Blanket  51 x 60 
Ironing Center with Fabric Wicker Baskets on rollers
Laguiole by Flying Colors Classic style 8 piece steak knife
Wise All-in-One Auto Kit—Be Wise, Be Ready
BBQ 18 piece tool set, stainless steel with alum. Case   
Oster Toaster Oven, 4 slice, dual dial controls
For the Cat
Elegant Purses—3 sets of 2
Spa and Relaxation II
Cruisinart electric fondue set, 3 qt.   
Big Ticket Items  2019       
Peace poles   8 foot, 4 foot
Kuranda Tower  7 level
Books by Gwen Cooper/1 is autographed
Afghan, crocheted, purple/white 80 x 60
Bunn NHS Bremer with pour-o-matic drip-free, 10-cup carafe
Instant Pot 6 qt. Duo Plus 60
Lamb Rocker—Olive & Cocoa
Cat Furniture—67” mult-level big cat tree, scratcher slope & posts, perches & Condo, activity center   Feandrea Songmics
Shark Flex Corded Ultra light, duo-clean carpet/hard floor vacuum
Elama Butterfly Garden 16-piece Blue Stoneware Set with butterflies, dinner plate, salad plate, mug & bowl
Collectible Barbies
Home Theatre Projector/screen/mount             
Gardening is Great
Amish Country Food Plus                               
Big Big Ticket Items       
Canon EOS Rebel T6 (W) with lots of accessories
Weird “Mod” Science Collection
Kitchen Galore
Pioneer Woman Deluxe                                  

Catathon Fun-Raiser     
TWO Harlequin Cat pictures/framed---2 winners!
Kitchen Aid, Artisan Design 5 qt. tilt-head stand mixer
The Amish Country Store Basket
Samsung Smart TV, Curved 55”, 4K UHD 8 series LED
Derecho Book—FR
iPad (6th generation) 128 gb, wifi, gold
Insta-Pot, 6 qt. programmable pressure cooker, Breezy Blossom design
Pioneer Woman II
Weber Grill & accessories             

If things still come in on those that are marked full, that is just fine!  As things come in, we start sorting them into categories, whether it’s a Basket, Big Ticket item, Big Big ticket item or a  Fun-Raiser items.  As time goes on, this list will constantly be adjusted.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Tuesday, , April 23, 2019

Our Jessie is now 20 years old!  She arrived here when she was 15 years old. Friends of ours knew her original mama and she could no longer care for her. So, to FFRC she came! Jessie was fed yesterday, anytime she meowed (she has that deep craggly meow). But then, that happens everyday for Jessie! She is our oldest cat at FFRC. 

We just heard from Victoria's new owner. They love her (of course!).  She is doing wonderful!

We had another adoption!  Citrine was adopted. She went to her new home on 4/20. I heard back from them last night and all is well.  She loves the bay windows and chatters at the birds at the feeders. She seems relaxed and spreads out on the couch for her naps!

Mowgli--what a champ.  She is getting a whole can of A/D each day with plenty of water too.  She's absolutely perfect for her tube feedings. Lays in her bed like a good little girl and barely moves for them. She even recognizes her cup of yummy food.

We had BOXES yesterday.  I am so very grateful to you.
Janna (JBond) - CATATHON - Dog Basket:  De shedding Shampoo,  Odor Control Shampoo.  Pet Water Fountain Bowl (or Cat), Circular Turntable Cat Toy,  Sleeper Bed Platform and Toy, Round Removable Cushion Bed (Cat or Dog), 20" Cat Hammock.  Kitchen Basket:  6 Piece Cheese Knife Set w/Cork Screw, Counter Top Electric Fondue Set, Bread Maker, Wendom Non Slip Grip Oyster and Clam Knife.  Garden Basket:   1 Bag of Food for Spices and Herbs, 1 Bag of Vegetable and Tomato Food, Expandable Flexible Water Hose, Chimpanzee Garden Animal (JBond gifted to Lynnette).  Puzzle Basket:  Black Beard's Ship Puzzle, Santa Maria Ship Puzzle.  Patriotic Basket:  Black Bear Uncle Sam Garden Figurine, Double Eagle Solar Plate for Garden.  Christmas Basket:  Felt Christmas Tree W/30 Tree Decorations, Musical Cat Trio Christmas Decoration, Christmas T-Shirt.  Pollinator Basket:  Hummingbird Feeder.  :  Circular Design Mouse pad.  Gift For Jacci:  Beautiful Purple Glass Hummingbird Feeder.  Apple and Peppermint Nuggets
for the Horses.

Linda S. (MLS) - 10 Cases of 12 Each Gerber Chicken Baby Food.

Anonymous Friend - CATATHON -  Movie Basket:  5 Bags of Troyer Popcorn 2 lbs each ( 2 Blue Kernel, 1 Red Kernel, 1 Caramel Kernel, 1 Rainbow Kernel Popcorn).  

Jody626 - CATATHON - Kitchen Basket:  8 Iconic Lunch Pouches various colors, Chip Clip, Microfiber Kitchen Towel, 12 Piece Kitchen Prep Kit, 2 Double Walled Vacuum Sealed Lunch Kits, 3 Sets of 4 Each Flexible Cutting Boards, 4 Polka Dot Cereal Bowls, Polka Dot Scarf, Polka Dot Apron, Polka Dot Zippered Tote Bag, Polka Dot Oven Mitt, Polka Dot Tea Towel, Energizer Clip Light, Mother's Cookbook Recipe Book, Lunch Bag, Tote Lunch Bag, Christmas Basket:  Christmas Gift Bags, Snowflake Blanket,Nutcracker, 3 Holiday Gift Boxes, Cat Basket:  "Adopt a Cat Manual", 2 Cat Adult Coloring Books, Zen Adult Coloring Book, Kitty Book, Backpack, 2 FFRC 
Cat Collage Tote Bags, 1 Framed FFRC Cat Collage.  20th Anniversary Basket:  1 FFRC Cat Collage Tote Bag.  Star Wars Basket:  Star Wars Blanket, Star Wars Pillow, Star Wars Monopoly, Star Wars Backpack Filled with Goodies,1 Star Wars 1000 Piece Puzzle, Star Wars " What You Need to Know" Book,Star Wars 31 Pack of Wall Decals, 2-100 Piece Star Wars Puzzles, Star Wars Set of 2 Computer Mice (1 R2D2, 1 CP30), 1 Deck of Star Wars Playing Cards,Wrap It Basket:  3 Easter Egg Bags.  Girl/Boy Fun Baskets: Books, Spot the Difference, Tom and Jerry, Old MacDonald, Nursery Rhymes, Sticker Books, 3 Paint with Water Books, Make a Placement Book, 2 Coloring Books, Giant Easy Word Find, Movie time Word Find,  How To Fold a Scarf Book, 18 Bottles of Dye w/Tote Bag, 12 Sticky Note Pads.  Beach Basket:  Yankee Candle, Gear Up Water Bottle. Michigan Basket: Book "Dr. Jan Pol".  Dog Basket:  Chicken Soup for the Dog Soul Book.  For Future FunRaisers:  Cat Quilt.  A Special Gift for Jacci:  A Collage of FFRC Cats on a Poster that can be framed (Pictures include Eldora and Shamballie. 10-12 Yoga Mats, Round Pizza Beach Towel for Sevaun.  

Rebekah H. - (8) packs of 6" Styrofoam Plates (total 1000), (3) Cases of 3 Each Clorox Wipe Canisters,  (6) 6 Gallon Jugs of Mr. Clean
Maria (Mod Snoopybaby) - CATATHON - Baby Girl/Boy Baskets: 2 Stuffed Snoopy Toys.

Don and Sandy - CATATHON - Pioneer Woman Spread:  PW Utensil Holder w/Lid.  2 Cases Friskies Pate (Large Cans).

Donna S. (Mod Napa) - 1 Case of Little Soups for Pania.
Anonymous Friend - CATATHON - Amish World Basket: By Troyer - 1 Wall Spice Basket, 1 Amish Basket.

Carri and Ken - CATATHON - Camping Basket:  4 Pudgie Pie Campfire Cooking Sticks.  
Mary D. and Randi M. - 4 cases of Gerber Chicken Baby Food.

Anonymous Friend - CATATHON - Patriotic/Veteran Basket:  Pillow for the Patriotic Pillow Cases that were sent previously.

Lollimop - (2) 16 lb. Bags of Purina One Chicken Dry Food, (2) Cases of Friskies Shreds (40 cans).  (3) Cases of 9 Each Kitty Wipes for Sensitive Skin.

Mary B. (NY) - CATATHON - Puzzle Basket:  4 Puzzles.  Spa Basket:  Blending Facial Brush, Large Silkie Bag, Bath Bomb.  Sock Basket:  8 Pair of Knee High Socks (Pink, Teal and White).  Craft Basket:  Travel Pack of Crayons and Color Pencils, Felt Pens.  Disney Princess Basket:  Disney Princess Beauty Kit.  Mickey Mouse Basket:  2 Pair Mickey Mouse PJs.  Boy Basket:  1 Pair of Batman PJs.  Kitchen Basket:  Timer Cubes, Perfect Pancake Maker.  Girl Basket:  Snoopy Woodstock PJs.

Anonymous Friend - For Future FunRaiser:  Sun Joe 16" 13.5 HP Electric Tiller and Cultivator and Large Heavy Duty Power Cord.  

Michelle V. - CATATHON - Grilling/Picnic Basket:  Rapid Fire Chimney Starter.
Dawn N. - For FFRC Kitties - 20" Cat Hammock.

Emmie05 - 1 Case of Fancy Feast Kitten Food.
Sandy A. - CATATHON - Dog Basket:  1st Aid Kit.
Yvonne vDk - 3 Boxes of Yummy Easter Candy for the Vols and Jacci to share.  Spring/Easter Outfit for our Ms. Goosey.

Anonymous Friend - CATATHON - Disney Princess Basket - Disney Princess Decorator Nail Kit.
Anonymous Friend - CATATHON -  Camping/Picnic Basket:  25 6" Black Ball Bungies.

NHFurry - (His Rescue Pride) - CATATHON - Christmas Basket:  2 Christmas DVD Movies.
Anonymous Friend - CATATHON - Camping/Grilling Basket:  Weber Original Kettle Grill with 10 Year Guarantee.

Connie H. - Several Chief Receipts.
Montana Friend - Kitty Kisses and Payment to FFRC.
Sue (MacN'CheeseMom) - Donation for Spiker, Marilyn, Derecho and Alma.
Marilyn, Gerry and Jazzpurr - Newspaper Clipping and $5 Chickie Dollars.
IowaCatlady (Jabber) - A Birthday Card for Jessie from her kitties Yoga and Singer.

Forgive me if the above isn't exactly my normal.  I didn't get a chance to go over it.

I  had started this blog earlier and was going to say that Farrah had had an episode Saturday and Monday, yesterday.  And that today was a good day for her. And that she was a good girl and took her meds this morning. And that her episodes was not clot related but due to her CHF.  The fluid in her lungs and heart. But that we felt good that we had it a bit more under control as the cardiologist wanted us to double her lasix which would help.

But..... then she had another episode this afternoon.  Our dear sweet Farrah is gone.  This was just too much for her heart and lungs and I will miss her terribly. Thank you all for loving her too. My heart is heavy with this loss. Just hug your cats and pets and remember to tell them they make you happy.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Saturday, April 20, 2019

The most amazing thing happened!  We had BOXES again Thursday AND Friday! I am deeply grateful for this support...for Catathon and for the cats/kitties at FFRC.  You truly make a difference to FFRC.

Important to do our thanks!
BOXES from Thursday:
Rhonda H - Easter Card  Mugs for Jacci & Donna, 2 bags of balls with bell toys for kitties, Box of Tea and Snyders Pretzels
Denise & Elizabeth Box of 30 Little Soups
Kris K - 3 Pretty beds for our little Mowgli

Barbara C - NC  8 Leggydews & a bunch of sling shot toys for kitties
LJ323 - Flowers--20th Anniversary, 2 towels, 1.5 Bags Sunkist Gems, 18 Crate Pads 

JBond 50 Hot/Cold Cups with Kitty on them, kitty scratcher, Litter Scooper, Turbo Trac Cat Nip and Flashing Balls
Uncle James D - Huge Serpentine Kitty Scratcher for Catathon & snackers
Flymom: Box of Little Soups
Phil & Judi - Donation

Jackie/JWazbearlover - AZ  Kitty Easter Card Donation in memory of her kitty Oreo to go toward Farrahs Medical Costs & Chicken $5

Carri & Ken - CATATHON: Michigan: Honey & Maple Syrup, 
JBond - CATATHON: Samteng Pocket Knife with belt pouch & Blade sharpener, Hummingbird & Bell Windchimes, Hummingbird Bird Bath, 3 pr Socks, 5 pr. Kitty Socks, Merry Christmas Shower Curtain, Kopwin Survival Bracelet Gift Set, 

Missouri Friend: CATATHON: Italia Coffee, Tea Bag Tray, Cold Brew from Starbucks, 8 mini torches, 5 metal flower votives, Mason Bee Hive Box, 3 pr. Garden Gloves, 2 pkts Wildflower Seeds, Princess headband and purse, Frozen: Playing Cards, jump rope & Crayons, Pencil set, Beauty and the Beast Bell Doll, Frozen Elsa Doll, 2 Princess Fun Books

Mike & Lorrie - UT CATATHON: 2 Heat Resistant gloves for Camping or BBQing, 6 Baby headbands, Show Horse Stable with horses
Kimkost - CATATHON: Michigan: 2 Bags Better Maid chips, Red Motor City Car, Kellogg Cereals, Cherry Nut Mix, My Happy Place Mug, Cookie Cutters Upper & Lower MIchigan, Michigan cutting board

Karl/TwoCatsDad - CATATHON: Michigan  6 - 12 oz bags of coffee Cherry Almond, Joe, JamacianMeCrazy, Hazelnut
Anony - CATATHON: 3 Zap Lights, 5 Skewers/Firesticks

Flymom - CATATHON: Puzzles, Paws & Claws & Nina Thomas Puzzle
Ros M & Mom CATATHON: Princess Dinnerware Set & 2 Pretty Princess Purses

Anony: CATATHON: Amish Acres: 2 jars Apple Butter, 2 Bags Egg Noodles, jar of Pickles, Jar of Vadalia Onion & Peppers in Vinegar, 3 jars Preserves, Indiana Maple Syrup, 4 Bags of Popping Corn and a Popcorn Popper, Tin of Bag Balm

JoAnna/Jo603  CATATHON: Patriotic Wreath, Patriotic Kitty Rug, Patriotic Wind Chime & Garden Kneeler

Anony - Kitchen Aid Compact Oven!

And then.....there were BOXES for Friday:
Janna (JBond) - CATATHON - Dog Basket: 4 Pair of Doggie Socks, Reversible Pet Car Seat w/Belts.  Cat Basket: 5 Pair of Kitty Socks.  Puzzle Basket: Roman Warship Model.  Kitchen Basket: MEartjagnetized Measuring Spoons, Cuisinart Juice Maker, Set of 6 Salad bowls with Silica Gel Bottoms,  Spa Basket:  Set of 100% 8 Essential Oils, Set of 6 Scented Bath Bombs.  Garden Basket:  Natural Care Soil,  Earthwise Tiller and Cultivator.  Baking Basket: 3 Piece Cake Molds.

Anonymous Friend - CATATHON - Girl Basket:  Girl Stickers and Animal Stickers.

Anonymous Friend - 99.9% USA Copper Easter Token Coin.

Lurker Walt and kitty Jazzpurr - A Black Cat in a Cup Figurine.

Anonymous Friend - 2 (30 each) Friskies L'il Soups, 4 flavors.

Anonymous Friend - 8 Cases of Fancy Feast Broth, 10 Boxes of (32 each) of Squeezables.

Joan H. - CATATHON - Craft Basket:  Box of Crafts for Assembling Projects, ie. Flowers, Rope, Ribbon, Leaves, Beads, Cone Wreath.  For the Volunteers: Box of Avon Products for all volunteers to share. (Lotion, Body Wash, Contour Cream, Skin So Soft, etc).  Pictures of her 4 kitties:  Hannibal, Ariel, Leo and Oscar.

Carri and Ken - CATATHON - Beach Basket: Waterproof Spot It Game,  Set of Sand Toys.  Michigan Basket:  Cherry Salsa.

Maria ( Mod Snoopybaby) - CATATHON -  Baking Basket:  Valerie Berinelli 6 Piece Bake Set (Yellow with Blue Designs) w/ Stand.

Anonymous Friend - CATATHON - Garden Basket: Tack Light Pronged Weeder.

Dawn N. - CATATHON - Cat Basket: Xtra Large Kitty Bed.  2 Large Scratchers for FFRC.

And...even more thanks--this is truly a blog of thanks!
Uwe N--donation for Mowgli
You're In---donation for FFRC because we helped with her cat years ago. 
BillieK--donation to help with Farrah & Mowgli
Padgett T--donation to FFRC
Chad, Carrie & Ellie (Monroe's future family)--PT, clorox wipes
MLS--donation for food for Dingie
Jones Shop--donation for FFRC
Harm B--donation to FFRC
As always, if I have something not correct, please do contact me by email.  Thanks!

"Gratitude helps you to grow and expand; gratitude brings joy and laughter into your life and into the lives of all those around you."--Eileen Caddy     I am full of gratitude! 
Yesterday, after watching Mowgli eating, I realized that she really wasn't able to keep much in her mouth.  She has been slobbering more out than what is able to be swallowed.  After rechecking her weight again, she had continued to lose a bit more weight. Not good.  I talked to Dr. Darcy and we decided a stomach tube was in order. Her appetite is there but just unable to get the food down to her tummy.  Steve took her to Dr. P's office first thing in the morning. The stomach tube was placed.  

Several things were noted: her tongue is actually adhered to the bottom of the lower soft palate .  The tongue is suppose to be loose from the frenum forward.  That is why she cannot get the food down--you need that flexibility in the tongue to swallow food. Whatever happened to her tongue?  We simply do not know--was it burned?  did she touch something that froze her tongue onto something this winter? did she get something caustic on it?  Whatever happened has sure caused major problems for her.  We know she was not born this way--this incident had to have happened this winter.

It was also discovered she has a pellet in her chest--someone must've taken a pot shot at her.  It's not causing any harm now.  She also has pneumonia--probably from inhaling some of the food/saliva that she isn't able to properly swallow.  So, she's on 2 antibiotics and a strong anti-inflammatory.  

She's a bit punky this morning, but that's to be expected. We're doing everything possible for her.  I'd sure appreciate prayers and good thoughts for her.  She's a fighter and I just know she wants to get thru this.  We will be there with her thru this battle. 
We have had two more adoptions!
Victoria was adopted Thursday.  She went to a home where there's a lady who wants to just sit and hold a cat!  When she came to visit, Victoria was so sweet to this lady and stayed on her lap for a visit!

Sammy was adopted Friday.  He went into a home with another cat and a wonderful family! 
He's going to have alot of fun there.

And now there are 5 kittens left (of the 8).  We have to get the 4 girls spayed and then they all will go to their new homes.  These 5 are all spoken for.

Farrah is doing much better with her meds!  She's not missed any doses and has not vomited for a couple days now. It seems like her energy level is back. She was even on the counter today and ate breakfast!

Our cat, Kayala, the torti appears to be pregnant. Okay, okay, she not only appears to be pregnant, but she is. And rather far along.  She's been hanging out in the back Thumper's Room. We've been encouraging her, Enola and Citrine to come up front, but they aren't ready! They are all pretty cozy there in the back! I've asked Kayala, if she has to have kittens, to let them be different--maybe a purple one, a Scottish Fold, maybe a Burmese or how about an Egyptian Mau.  Her remark--you'll get whatever I give you!  I guess she's right!  And we will find wonderful homes for them all!  Enola's sutures will come out soon.

Tomorrow is Easter---may your day be blessed and wonderful. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Thursday, April 18, 2019

All three cats that are in the back Thumper's Room are doing good and getting along.   THey all enjoy back scratches and ear rubs. These 3 cats are: Enola, Kayala and Citrine. Enola's big wound on her face appears to be healing nicely.

We are doing something different with Farrah. It seems like her new pill treatments are causing an upset tummy, whether they are given on an empty of full tummy.  Starting today, her pills will be spaced out. So far, so good for today! She was even running on the Rt. #66 catwalk this morning! 

We have 2, possibly 3 adoptions yet this week.  Little Sammy will leave Friday at 10:00.  And then we will be down to 5 of the 8 smallest kittens. Sometime yet this week, Victoria will also be leaving!

The spring shirts are now available to order!  All proceeds go to our 20th remodeling fund! Really nice colors, a variety of sizes and styles.  Check it out on our fb pages! Thank you.

The building of the Catathon baskets and other items is going super great! Boxes have been awesome. I am so very grateful. We have 66 more days to Catathon.  I've been asked about the pre-registration for Catathon.  This will happen in June! May 21 is the last day to receive items for Catathon. And then starting the last week, things get hyped up! SonJa and MK will doing a complete inventory of each basket and item. Then Jenni will take pictures of all the baskets and groups. This will then all go on our website for your viewing pleasure! 

Magic just zoomed right by me---that boy sure has speedy wheels! Jessie is eating another breakfast. She will soon be 20 years old, in a couple days (on the 22nd).  Coralie is staring at me with those big round eyes. She wants some more neck scratches! Zelda is at her waterbowl, dipping her paw in.  Gracie O'Malley is on the desk for her morning head rubs. And Addy cannot get enough pettings. Lucie has lap time right now with Hensley waiting in line for his turn.  A great morning!

We had BOXES yesterday and what an awesome boxtime it was. Many heartfelt thanks.
Anony Friend-- CATATHON: Home Theatre projector & portable tripod
Yvonne VDK : CATATHON:  Ravensburger Puzzle

Burgundy/Josette/Mod - CATATHON:  4 Cute drawstring Back Packs Turtle, Birds, Panda, 3 Pretty Orgami Summer Bags, Activity Bags and a small childs bag.. All made by Josette

Kathy831 - CATATHON:  Pioneer Woman butter dish & salt & pepper shakers

Mike/catdady & Lorrie/stitchescat - CATATHON:  Folding Travel Back Pack, 2 Dry Bags (for keeping valuables dry), Travel Survival kits, 6 Person easy set up Tent, Camping Hammock, Child Proof Cabinet Locks, Electronic Kitchen Scale

Anoy Friend - CATATHON: Veterans Coffee Mug & American Flag & Eagle pillow cover

Michele B/KittyKat55 - CO CATATHON:   Cards Cards and more Cards!  Pop Ups - Christmas and many more.. and bunches and bunches of  Cat Related Gift Bags, Pretty Laurel Burch Book

JBond - CATATHON:  Portable Water Bottle for dogs, Beach Blue Tooth Speaker with Hookie Dookies, Santa Christmas Decoration, 2 Wood Stocking holders for mantle, KItty IQ 45" 4 level Cat tree, & Kitten Tree 3 Levels.  CATATHON:  King Camp Folding Knife

Anony Friend - CATATHON: 30 pkts of Valley Garden Seeds 

KathyinWV with Donny, Kitties and dogs CATATHON: Timmy & Matilda Book: Hedgehogs Dream   Also: 150 qt bags, 2 cases Fancy Feast

JBond - Flash Sale: Kitty T-Shirt

Don & Sandy - CATATHON: Dog: Babble Ball, 2 squeaky 2 Hedgehogs, 10ct pkg Smart Sticks, 2 Tubs Netra Vet Snackers, 3 cans Perfect Calm Wipes

PiperJo - For the FFRC cats: 2 kitty cubes
Stephanie/Lollymop - CATATHON: Pioneer Woman Book, Pioneer Woman Lunch Bag

Ros M - N Ireland - CATATHON: Wilton Checkerboard Cake maker
Maria/Snoopybaby & Preakness : CATATHON: Chess Set in a box 

Peter S AL - CATATHON: First Day Issue Michigan Stamp for Michigan basket

PatL/Plee - 4 Boxes Broths

Yvonne VDK - 16lb Bag Purina One
Denise & Elizabeth S - 2 boxes Broths, Box of Soups, Box 24ct Friskies pkts. Case 30ct Friskies
Sheri/Neuromom & David - NY  Easter Card with Note and 2 Chicken $5

Clark, Jesse & the Rest - Happy 20th Birthday Jessie (April 22)  with Chicken $5,                 Happy Birthdays to Bruno, Pania, Rosemary & Bonnie  with 4 Chicken $5

FFRC Cares and So Do We/Ronnie & Marie - 2 cases Friskies, 2 boxes Broths, 3 Boxes Delectable Stew, 3 boxes squeeze ups, 2 Tubs Temptation Snackers, 2 Boxes Delectables, 4 boxes 24ct Meow Mix cups

Wow--great items for Catathon and for the FFRC cats! 

Getting the playground for the Covies all spring-cleaned!  Raking their grass area.  We still have some dead cherry tree issues to take care of, to protect the fence.  Covies have their new outdoor beds and kuranda flats to lay on. 

Know who loves to burrow in the wad of crunchy brown paper from boxes?  It's Hensley.  We keep the extra in one of the condo pens. He loves to go int there and burrow in like a ground hog!  We have to remember he is in there or he'd stay snuggled up for hours! 

I've heard back from Lorry and Tenzin's new family.  Both are doing great, have settled in and are getting along just fine!