Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The addition is done!

Wow! The long awaited dream is accomplished. Cantoncat said, "When we dream alone, it is only a dream. When we dream with others, it is the beginning of reality." We now have our reality! We still have things to do to finish up the rooms (putting in supplies, etc.) but we love it! Many thanks to all of you for your support. We are saving every extra penny we get to help pay for this addition now. Remember to mark your calendars for July 24th, Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 on the web-cam. We have baskets of items that will be up for auction flowing out of the house! So many things. We also have some awesome "big ticket items". We'll fill you in on all the details in the coming weeks. Little Bitzy has had a set-back. Her front little paw is so swollen again. We had taken away one of the antibiotics (due to one of the side effects being a suppressed appetite) but she's back on both antibiotics now. We'll monitor her weight closely. New kitten Dovey is coming along. We're holding her a lot to help her know that people are good, and she was seen playing with Tweeny and Athena this morning! We will have BOXES to open this evening! Always fun and exciting. Right now the 3 crypto-kittens are duking it out together; running, belly kicking and of course meowing loudly like they always do! Telo is draped over Iowa, sleeping, covering Iowa's head completely! Bumblebee is keeping up playing with the bigger kitties. Paddy Purr gave a few kitties a bath this morning. The kitties and cats have been given a really fun new toy that will be given to them tonight! Come join the fun on the web-cam!



Tuesday, June 28, 2011

3 Adoptions!

It arrived! Our check from Petfinder's for coming in first in the state of Ohio on the Animal Rescue Site Shelter Challenge! So thankful for this check. $700 will go towards the new construction and $300 will go into the general fund (getting low, need to replenish!). Thanks for all those votes that made it possible. We had 3 adoptions yesterday. Always the best part of a day when we can get cats into wonderful homes. ROTELLE & SALIMA went to the same home. I think the new family loved them before they even got in the car! TINKERBELL also went to her new home and she was definitely purring all the way out the door. Little Bitzy, bl/wh Persian baby is now 15 days old. She's doing much better and her leg/foot is almost normal looking now. We took in a new kitten-about 9 weeks old. Her name is Dovey and she is a grey/cream torti. She's had a rough young life already. Her tail is shortened and a rear leg is gone from knee down. Will have Dr. Cindy take a look at her today. She also has an umbilical hernia which will be repaired when she is spayed. She's a shy girl, but I saw her playing today! We have her in Dodger's Pen with Tweeny & Athena so she is calmer and has company. Many thanks to give. Thanks to John M. from Indiana for the donation. Also thanks to Mamie4--she sent pictures of the quilt she made for the catathon--it's absolutely beautiful. Mitty sent some Temptation treats which they all love and a big roll of brown paper wrap. That way when we get low on the UPS package wrapping, we'll have some in reserve. One of their favorite "toys"! Thanks to for Elaine & Willis Quayside for the Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken packs--definitely a favorite no matter what the age of the cats. Thanks too to Catlvr14 who sent a bunch of great things. She sent an assortment of items that we can add to the baskets for the Catathon which will increase their value. Also things were included for the cats here at the Rescue Center. It's so humbling to have all this support. YOU all are what makes this Rescue Center possible. We have a possible few more adoptions yet this week! The cats spent 4-5 hours yesterday out on the outdoor enclosure. Racer applied the 4th and last coat of sealer on the new floor. A busy day ahead!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Two Adoptions!

Our little Cadigan was just adopted this morning. She's such a sweet kitten and her new mama already loves her. She'll be able to spend the entire weekend with Cadigan to get to know her. We also have Tibby, Gibbs and Orzo on hold. We have special visitors--web-cam friends! Pjpanda and her friend's 2 daughters. We love visitors. Good money news yesterday! Janet & Steve Baden, Mary2u and Mercury Cleaners each donated $250 for the building fund! The "long cat" thermometer will be updated with the new total soon! Petra and her mother from Germany has donated funds to cover the new desk and chair that will be in the new Welcome Room! Lynn Smith sent another donation for the Catathon, a beautiful pewter cat pin; she also sent a gift card from Meijers. Zander has been grooming the kittens, especially Iowa. Joseph is laying on the floor with his back legs all stretched out behind him. Merci has been coming out and playing with the kittens more. Missa loves to lay in the window sill in hopes of catching the birds. Nova was seen sprinting at high speed, zooming from the office clear to the other side. Our oldsters- Putter, Ada Jane and Magentta are doing great.


Update: Zander was just adopted!



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A new old name

We have a name for the new in-take room! First, I want to thank everyone for all your suggestions--they were each and everyone meaningful and appreciated. I love it when I ask for suggestions or help, and you all pitch in with answers. The new name for the in-take room is........Mewcomer's Room. Some of you may recognize that name. This is actually the name that was chosen for our 4th rescue room years ago, but has since been used as our storage/dog room. The name is short, meaningful and easily remembered. Someone suggested since that name isn't right for that room anymore, we move it to the new in-take room. So, that's what we've done! The room where everyone will enter is called the Welcome Room. Won't be long until this entire new addition will be used! We received boxes yesterday. Mary2u and Quayside sent quite a few cases of can food for both the kittens and adults. Thanks Mary and Quay, we do indeed use a lot of this food! A big thanks to Clarice G. (baxter bailley) who sent 4 big boxes of litter. The Fresh Step is a good litter, plus it has the paw points that we collect for free litter, plus it arrived with lots of brown packing paper which the kittens love. The 2 new returnees, Joseph & Josephine are out now during the day and sleep in their room for night time. They are adjusting just fine. Today we have another organizational meeting for the Catathon.


T-SHIRT UPDATE: We have found a new printer for the t-shirts. I will be getting in touch with all of you that pre-ordered, since we are going to do the pre-orders a little different this time. I am going to pick 8-10 colors in which you can pre-order. We will be ordering a stock of t-shirts to be sold at fundraisers and here at the rescue center but we will only carry those in 3 colors. So unless you want Oxford, Khaki, or Light Blue, be sure to pre-order! I will announce the colors that will be available later today or tomorrow.

"What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?"
"What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" -Joe

Monday, June 20, 2011

Done with painting!

I have hopes that the new addition will be done this week! Thanks to Racer, Connie K., Curt and Caryn --the painting is done and the floor is now ready for the sealer! All 3 rooms will be wonderful. The intake room (will be named soon) will help prevent incoming germs being spread. The Welcome Room will be used for people bringing in new arrivals. paperwork can be done in this room and the volunteers can also have a table to eat lunches or to take a break. The bathroom...well, that is a really welcome room! Now visitors can use this bathroom instead of going into the house. We're all very excited about this addition! We took in 2 cats that needed to be returned. They are 2 Himalayans, a sister/brother combo. They originally arrived here at the rescue center 6/2009 and were adopted within a month. This same family had them almost 2 years, and with much sadness, had to return them due to new severe allergies. This family took great care of them--not a mat on them and their fur coat in great condition. Both are happy cats and are adjusting being back fairly quickly. They will be out and about soon. Thanks to the family for returning them to the rescue center--this is what we want to have happen if ANY FFRC cat can no longer be kept. The other new kitten, Bumblebee, is doing great. We're supplementing her with formula syringe feedings. The 3 crypto kittens (Diffie, Babbage & Turing) are also doing great. We now have 2 kittens on hold--Orzo and Tibby. Both will be staying until vacation and/or moving date is done.



Saturday, June 18, 2011

Almost done painting!

Progress continues on the new addition. The walls are now done inside. Doors are up but need painted. Cabinets, toilet, sinks will be going in soon. It looks so bright and clean. Thanks to Racer, Connie K and Curt for all their help painting yesterday. We got a lot done and hopefully will get all the painting done this weekend. We're also working hard on the Catathon. Things are coming together for this HUGE event. Remember to mark your calendars for July 24th from 1:00 to 4:00, right here on our web-cam! This event is our big fundraiser for the new addition and should be fun to watch. All is fine here. The kittens and cats are all so healthy, energetic and just plain sweet! Have a possible adoption today. Have a few kittens that people have inquired about also. We received a wonderful gift to the rescue center from Quayside. It's a Cuisinart hand mixer. We will use this for all the mixing that we do when we make up the kitten's baby formula "concoction"! This will help immensely with the stirring process. Thank you Quayside! Thanks too to Susan G. for your fun gift to the cats--6 organic catnip banana toys. They love them! The catnip in these bananas are super strong smelling, which the cats love. Because of the big painting job last night, we did not get the new boxes opened. So...tonight we will open BOXES! We have 4 boxes that arrived from PETCO. We'll open these between 4:00-5:00 this afternoon. Putter loves his new cushy from JLA, he seems to know that it's his. Kurt William is becoming a desk cat, he's here with me now, just waiting to be petted again. Farrah is doing fine after her seizure the other day. Zander has captured all of our hearts. He purrs just by looking at him. Emaline has become a babysitter to some of the kittens. Bumble Bee, Turing, Babbage & Diffie are all out and about now--makes for a lot of kittens in constant motion!

Dorri-Lynn says "Don't forget, us big kitties need homes too!"

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More kittens ready for a home!

We were able to get 6 more kittens spayed/neutered yesterday! The boys that were done were: Couscous, Diffie, Turing & Babbage. The girls were Rotelle and Zita. They all did fine and were running around last night playing hard. The 3 new black/whites are very much wanting to come out of their pen and play. I keep telling them they will join the kitty herd very soon. They are so active. We had boxes too! Thanks to Quayside for the Whiskas Tender Bites Variety Packs. ALL the cats and kittens love these. This really helps with our supplies. Thanks also to Oskarsophie for the Bellyrubs Bonito treats, KMR and the Turbo Scratcher Toy. That's so great about the turbo toy. Someone had just given us the scratcher pads that go in those toys as extras. We had had a turbo toy previously, but it had finally broke and was thrown away. we have another turbo toy and extra scratchers to go with it! Thanks to Quayside and Oskarsophie for your donations. Thanks too to Thomas P. for the poptops you sent. I will give them to Kellen for when she goes back to the CHOPS hospital in September. If anyone else has any poptops you'd like to send, Kellen would love it. She gives them to the Ronald McDonald House. They use it as a fundraiser. The couple that has Orzo on hold has been here several times to visit him. His pick up won't be until first of July. The construction continues: eve spouts and gutters were put up yesterday. I can't wait for the inside walls to be done! Right now Couscous is sleeping beside Georgia with his arm over her back--so sweet. Asha is totally involved with the kittens, she seems to love them. Cadigan and Danell seem to be good friends. County is healing nicely-putting a bit of weight on that leg. He seems like a very laid back boy.


Durr, I dunno Tinker. Dey don't look liek wats in the cans dey feeds us.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We have new arrivals! Three of the cutest little kittens are now part of the Rescue Center--all black/white, about 8 weeks old. They are all boys and their names are: Babbage (mostly black ears), Turing (black belly dot), and Diffie (dot, left cheek). Yes, you guessed it, Racer had the privilege of naming them! Our boy Peterson was here this morning for a nail trim! He looks wonderful and his owners love him a lot. Also heard from Lilly's new family and things are going great with her adjustment into her new home. We have 6 kittens out in the clinic today for surgery. The volunteers have been busy keeping up with the grooming of all the long hair cats that are here. We try and groom each and every long hair daily. Today we have 2 extra volunteers that are here and they will spend time in Cat's Cove doing major grooming on these guys. Please remember to vote. Our last day of voting for this 2nd quarter is this Sunday on 6/19.


<nerd> If you would like to know more about where these new kittens got their names, here are the links to the wiki entries on the people they were named after:

Charles Babbage
Alan Turing
Whitfield Diffie

-Kurt </nerd>

Turing, Babbage, and Diffie. The Cryptocats!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A very busy weekend!

Wow! What a very busy weekend. The garage/bake/craft sale was wonderful! Big thanks to Connie K. & Curt. The grand total for the sale was $2035. This is how we'll break it down: $535 goes into a special fund (The Feliz Navidad Fund), $500 for FFRC medical needs and $1000 for the building fund. This was a lot of work, a lot of fun and a lot of rewards! The concession fundraiser for the Dance Studio is also done. Our profit from this is $733.15! We will put $700 into the building fund and the remainder in the general fund. Thanks Jodi for your time and commitment to this fundraiser. Our total to date for the building fund is now $5,026!! We're close to being 1/3 of the way there. Our Sunday's Volunteer Appreciation Day was wonderful! Over half of the volunteers were able to come. We had cake, chips, cream cheese cake and cookies. Each of the volunteers received a flower and a sack full of useful items. It was great to have so many volunteers able to attend! They are the backbone of this rescue center. Work continues on the new addition. Ceilings were prepped today in readying them for painting. The kittens and cats are all doing great. We had 2 cats returned--Karrdash & Buscha. Karrdash is very long hair, all black and Buscha is a beautiful calico. They spent their first 2 days in June's Room, but are now out and about and seem to be adjusting quite nicely.



Saturday, June 11, 2011

Last day for the fundraiser garage sale!

The Garage/Bake/Craft sale continues! Here's the up to date earnings so far. Pre-sales: $500, First day: $1224, Second day: $207, for a grand total of $1,931 !! This totally blew away my wish of $700. Just awesome! Thanks to Connie K. and Curt for all their hard work. Last night was the first of the concessions for the Dance Studio. I know it rained, but there were still plenty of people! We'll have a total of this 3 day event later. As you might've seen on the cat's facebook, we've heard from the new families of Tibbits and Salimo. Both went into wonderful homes and have adjusted quickly and are well loved! We also took in a new cat from Dr. Pettigrew's office. He arrived there at the beginning of the week after he was hit by a car. His upper and lower right canine teeth had to be removed as well as an upper incisor. His most severe injury was to his rear right leg. It was fractured and had to have a pin inserted from the greater trochanter to the femur. He also had a fracture at the femoral neck. The pin runs from the top of the femur to the bottom. He's bearing a tiny bit of weight on it and is on "bed rest" in Patience's Pen. He's a young male, gray tiger and is named County (because his life counts). He had been living an outside life when he was hit. If he by chance doesn't adapt to indoor life (when he's healed) there is already a home lined up for him to live in a safe outdoor life environment. Time will tell. We received boxes last night! We received a bonanza of gifts from Mary2u. The cats got 2 cases of Friskies, 1 case of kitten Fancy Feast, big box of litter and Temptation treats! Thanks also to Dee F. for her PayPal donation--sure appreciate it! We had some wonderful visitors yesterday! pjpanda and her friend's 2 daughter's, Elizabeth and Emily, from Cleveland came for a day of visiting the Rescue Center and the Garage Sale. We enjoyed having them! ALL web-cam viewers are welcome to come for a visit!


Raza is looking for a new home.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Garage sale fundraiser

What a success the garage/bake/craft sale has been so far! Connie called last night with an update, and they have raised $1,224 so far!! Surpassed my hopes of $700! Racer & I went over yesterday for awhile. I helped Connie in the sales and Racer did a live stream. The sale continues today and tomorrow. Today also starts the other fundraiser. We do the concessions for the Dance Studio show for 3 days. Getting things ready for the big Volunteer Appreciation Day on Sunday! Lots of good treats also will be here. The construction continues. Today the drywall is going up and I just got done ordering the new sink and faucet for the half bath. We have the plaques ordered already for those that have donated $250 or more and hopefully we'll be ordering more! If the rain lets up, we will be reconfiguring the dog fences outside today. We had an adoption yesterday! Sweet little Salimo went to his new home. He will be joining a family of 3 other cats. FYI: Grommit also has a home. He actually went to a friend of the Rescue Center last week. Grommit was having a couple issues here and I asked this person to try Grommit in a home situation. Just checked on him yesterday and all is fine. Sometimes when they're in a quieter home, the "bossiness" behavior goes away. We opened boxes yesterday! BIG thanks to Dorothy Y. in CA for the new Pirate Ship. The old one was extremely well used and finally was given to the guys in Cat's Cove to play with! Thanks to Medic101 for the 2 cases of adult Fancy Feast, the cats love this! Quayside sent 2 cases of Friskies, which we use a ton of! BIG thanks too to Joann who sent TWO of those super duper soft cat beds. When the cats lay in them, they sink until they almost disappear. Joann also sent kitty treats & some fun toys. Thanks so much to everyone for your support. Also, thanks to Deette for your PayPal donation, we sure appreciate it.

Now-I need some suggestions! The new first room that people will go into will be the room where they'll be greeted, fill out paperwork, etc. This room will be called the WELCOME ROOM. I need some suggestions for the new kitty/cat incoming room. This will be a quarantine/intake room. But, I would love the name to be something different than naming it that, yet having the name mean the significance of the room. Any suggestions? Please let me know. Thanks.


Kitten in the round

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Walls are up!

It's simply amazing. Where we had just a cement pad yesterday is now a building! Six construction guys came and now all the walls are up to the new addition, the roof is on and shingled, the door is on, electric lines are ran and the windows are in. What a lot of fun to watch. They will be back today. Lots more work to be done on the outside and all the work yet to be done on the inside. We had Boxes yesterday. Jatcat sent 500 more Styrofoam plates--thanks so much! This saves us so much time. Quayside (Elaine & Willis) sent lots of Whiskas treats and also 2 cases of Friskies. Whiskas treats are always one of the favorites. And you know we use a ton of Friskies! We were able to get NINE spays/neuters done at Earth Angels. The boys that were done: Waki, Gibbs, Scribbles & Manon.  The girls that were done: Ketzie, Iowa, Subra, Georgia & Denelle.  They are all doing just fine and were already playing last night. We have been adding them to PetFinder as they are neutered--working on getting their pics done now. More kittens added to the kitty crew, as Winken, Blinken & Nod are having a few exercise/play times out in the main area several times a day. We also had another organizational meeting for the Catathon yesterday. Plans are coming along! Remember to mark your calendar for July 24th, Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00. This is going to be a jam packed fun 3 hours! Tomorrow starts the BIG garage/bake/craft sale in Bryan at 1106 Bavarian Lane.



Monday, June 6, 2011

Another busy week ahead

We have a new arrival here at the Rescue Center. He came in, supposedly as a Bengal cat. When I pulled him out of the carrier, it turned out he's not a Bengal but a domestic short hair brown tiger! So...he has to have the name of NABBAT.  It's for:  Not  A  Bengal  But  A  Tiger !!  He's about 8 months old, a real sweetie, already neutered. He's been tested, vaccinated, wormed, the whole works, so he's now out and about with the others. The cats had their outdoor enclosure open all day yesterday. We will probably open it up again today also. Tinkerbell has been carrying around that big orange ball again in her mouth--it's bigger than her head. She growls and grumbles if any other kitten comes near her. It's HER ball! Kiara had a special treat yesterday for her 4th birthday, which she enjoyed. Tinker is one super ornery and fun kitten--he's here, there and everywhere! Murka has figured out how to open the top door above my desk and likes to nap there (& also mess up all my paperwork!). Dorri-Lynn and Rumble have adjusted beautifully to being back at the rescue center.  We have thank yous to give due to several Boxes on Saturday. Lynn S. from MI sent a box with 3 kitties that she made--they are shelf sitting kittens and absolutely beautiful. Each are different and with jewels, bric-brac on them, they are very pretty. We will put these in our Catathon bid blocks.  Also received from Andrea and Suzanne from Parma, OH three scrapbooks, all beautifully made with each page a blend of designs which are all cat related. They are unique and each page holds a slot where a cat picture can be put in. We will also put these in the Catathon bid blocks. Many thanks to both of you for helping with our fundraiser. Our morning at Wal-Mart was great. Mary H. and Jodi  did the table accompanied by Mary's dog, Sparky. They raised $141 total! Thanks Mary & Jodi. This is a super busy week for us. Tomorrow the walls start up on the addition! Also Racer arrives tomorrow. Thursday, Friday, Saturday is the BIG garage/bake/craft Sale at 1106 Bavarian Lane in Bryan. Friday, Saturday, Sunday another fundraiser, doing concessions for the Dance Studio's show. Sunday is also the big Volunteer Appreciation Day. Please also keep voting for us--each vote is important! Thanks for your support.


Tinker and Tinkerbell, descendants 
from a long line of Vacuum Slayers

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kitten hide and seek.

We had a busy treatment day yesterday. With all these kittens and cats, we had 26 felines to find for various treatments such as worming, vaccinations, repeat leukemia tests, flea prevention applications, etc. I keep telling them to come front and center when their name is called, but they just laugh at me and scamper away. Such is the life of a kitten. No worries! As the kittens are spayed/neutered each week, I keep updating We're about half way thru on the current kittens of getting them neutered/spayed. I talked to the contractor late this week. The cement floor has dried beautifully. On Monday they will be getting all their supplies together for Tuesday. Starting Tuesday they will be working on the walls and roof. This is when the excitement heightens! The 3 kittens Winken, Blinken and Nod received their first vaccinations yesterday so it won't be long until they're out in the thick of things with the other kittens. Every day we're accumulating a few more things for the July 24th Catathon. We received the first completed basket yesterday--looks so nice. Also today Mary H., a volunteer, will be at Wal-Mart for 3 hours with all our information on the Rescue Center. Connie K and Curt were here last night, gathering up the last bit of garage sale items from here, for the big Garage/Bake/Craft sale on Thursday, Friday, Saturday next week in Bryan. Also on Tuesday, Racer will arrive! The cats have already been lining up at the door waiting for his arrival. Another event for us is June 10, 11, 12 when the Defiance Dance Studio has their annual dance show. We provide the concessions for this event which is a fundraiser for us. Thanks to Jodi for handling this event. Lots of action going on around here! We also received 2 boxes for the new kittens, sent by Jatcat. 2 trays of Gerber baby food, they love this! We add it to the baby kitten formula. And of course, Bella always gets to lick (or paw) the jars out. Thanks bunches Jatcat. We also received a beautiful purple silky fleece slumber ball bed from Joanne H.  This bed is intended to be auctioned off for the Catathon. This is a wonderful cushie bed. Thanks Joanne, we'll put it up on the auction block for bids. Appreciate that!


We have the finalized earnings for May from our Google AdSense and Amazon Associates accounts. The Google Ads made $435.00 and the Amazon Associates referrals made $200.89, for a total of $635.89. Thanks everyone! This will all go into our Building Fund for the new addition. Remember to keep using the Amazon link we have here on the blog and on our new website whenever you shop at Amazon!


Dunakin is ready for a new home!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our store is open!

We just got the weekly report from and we had over 1,400 hits on our site there last week! We had a box from Jatcat yesterday, she sent disposable plates for us to use to feed the cats and kittens. Thanks bunches, it sure beats washing that many dishes! We had another organizational meeting for the Cat-a-thon. Things are coming along. Working on filling 24 baskets that will be up on the blocks for bids. Lots of things are planned; will be a very busy 3 hours. We will keep you posted. I love the Longcat that Racer put up to keep track of our donations for the new addition. We're working our way to the top! We had 2 older kittens returned yesterday, DorriLynn and Rumble. Their family loves them so much, but due to family medical issues cannot keep them. They've taken wonderful care of them and we'll find another loving home for them. Right now they're in June's Room, reacclimating to being back, but they'll be out and about soon. All 34 kittens (except for Winken, Blinken and Nod) are out and about all the time, except for special feeding times. When they run by Queenie or Raza, sometimes they'll stop for a quick slurp! The 2 mamas don't mind and it's comforting to the kittens. Probably no more work on the addition for this week. The cement floor is set and we can go out that door now until they start up again. The cats had the outdoor enclosure window open for hours yesterday--they sure do love that.


We now have a store! In it you will find all kinds of t-shirts and apparel as well as lots of miscellaneous things like coffee mugs, bumper stickers, tote bags, and more! All the proceeds go toward the building fund. Be sure to check the store often, as we will have a special “Cat of the Month” with special merchandise that will only be available for a limited time. This months Cat of the Month is Queen Bella, and you can get items with Her Majesties face on them until the end of June. You can find a link to the store over on the right side of this blog, as well at the bottom of our new web site.


Queen Bella grey
Queen Bella, our cafepress Cat of the Month

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keep Voting!

What a very busy day yesterday! We were able to get 7 of our kittens spayed/neutered. The kitties who made their trip to the clinic were Dunakin, Dian, Dugster (the boys), and Cyrilla, Baaka, Birka, Lilly (the girls). All recovered just fine and were scurrying around last night, having so much fun. There are kitties galore here among the cats--it's truly a playground of fun!. We opened boxes last night! We are so thankful for all of you who send boxes for the kitties. Felinetoyz sent Royal Canin "oldster" can food--they love this stuff! Catsrthebest sent a book, Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat for the Catathon. It's also signed by the author. It's a great book that will be on the "bidding blocks" for the Catathon. We also received the angel bed (and some cool yarn toys) that Linda T. from Kansas sent. It's a beautiful bed that will also be up for bidding at the Catathon. Quay (Elaine/Willis) sent Whiskas Variety Packs that ALL the cats love! We had another organizational meeting for the Catathon. Things are coming together with some big plans! It's July 24th, Sunday, from 1:00 to 4:00. Hope you all can join us for an afternoon of fun! Construction continued on the new addition yesterday. The floor cement was poured---it looks great. Now, for the drying time. Ada Jane and Cutie are sporting their new collars--they look so nice on them. Farrah is doing great--no recent seizures. Asha plays often with the kittens--so very nice to see. Kurt Williams just wants a person to hold him all the time--he's a very sweet boy. Grommit thinks he's the playground leader--always tussling with the kittens. It's amazing how many kitties are starting to cruise on the Cat Go Round wheel already. Please remember to vote--we need to keep our status in hopes of
winning Ohio's prize!