Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tuesday, August 30

Now it's 11 days to Catstock! I found the stash of missing hippie beads--Sevaun and Covies were stashing them. The story they gave me is this:  we give the people beads to wear and they will give us pizza!  I told them that's not how it works but they're not listening! Always the hopeful bunch of cats! 

ATTENTION!  Be on the lookout for a person that goes by the name of "Mich". The latest caper was in Defiance, Ohio at The Friends of Felines Rescue Center, along with a "Vern" fella. They have been known to barge into a rescue facility and conduct a random Flash Sale. They then pet the kitties and disappear into the night. If you encounter these two, do not approach! They both have two arms and are very unstable. The craziness is addictive so be careful! Call your local animal rescue and tell them to bring the large restraints. It is thought that one or both may be heading towards Defiance again soon. They may strike at any time (but never before noon or on a Sunday). This APB will be in effect until they are apprehended or they show up at FFRC!     (psssst---keep Thursday at 2:00 ish open for a Flash Sale!)

We had BOXES last night! You are very appreciated!
Barbara W from IA--4 bags of Precious litter
Anonymous Friend--3 cases FF, Case of Friskies, carton of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
Robin H, Hubby and kitties--2-16 lb bags Purina One
Robin R--2 cases Fancy Feast
2 catsNJ/Alice & Lou--case of Whiskas
Patricia R--9 bottles Mr. Clean
Dianna C from OH--donation to S/N fund, rug, microwave bowls & potty bags
Susan C from OH--donation
Diane K from MA--donation
PckrBckr--Donation to S/N fund
Jatcat from CA--2 more safety cutters!
Kris M from MN--donation for Derecho & Bruno

Alli M & friends & her mom came on weekend--happy 10th birthday to Alli. Instead of gifts for her, she asked for gifts for FFRC!  Lots of dry cat food, 6 towels, 6 rugs, litterbox, kitty snackers, track ball toy, 4 Dawn dish soap, 7 cans chicken, 10 cans tuna, 4 packs 9-Lives,  kitchen trash bags, scratcher refills--wonderful and appreciated by us!

Tammy & Keith C from PA donated Clorox Wipes, paper towels, paper plates, Russell Stovers PB cups, RC kitten, 2 tubs snackers. 

And........we had another adoption! Tammy & Keith adopted Merlee Jo. Sounds like her new name will be Jo-Jo. It was sure obvious that Merlee Jo was quite taken with both of them. Such a beautiful girl. They have some time off to spend with Merlee Jo while she's getting use to her new family and home! 

Winston is fitting right in.  At first he, Stevie and Felix were a bit rough but both are settling in now. Sometimes it just takes a little time to feel at home. Sometimes leaving their past environment is a bit scary and so they may feel the need to be bossy. But.....all 3 are calming right down. They sure love to play.

Today, Cairo and Cairys moved to Cat's Corner Room with Jenna, Sindel and Kwatile. That's going to be a rockin' and rollin' group! They will bond while in this room and become good friends. 

We haven't seen any seizures from Farrah or Hensley now for quite some time! Pania is on meds again for another bladder infection but she is responding very nicely.  All incoming kittens and cats get their required 5 days of Panacur---a broad spectrum wormer. Cairo and Cairys has 2 more days to go.  

Coming soon with info about 2 fun ways of participating in Catstock, even if you are at home! 

Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, August 29

12 more days to Catstock! Volunteer bags are ready, prize bags are ready, games are organized and in their own bin, we're gathering up tables, sorting thru the food menu for the day, flyers are starting to go out to the schools, Strawberry Hill is confirmed to come, It's all falling into place!  It's all about fun, peace, love and cats! 

We had 2 more adoptions! Our Woody and Chuckie were adopted.........together! The family that had tabs on Woody for a few weeks, surprised their kids with opening their door to both of the boys! Happy day! Such an extra sweet adoption day! 

Hamilton was also adopted! He went to his new home on Friday. Such an extra sweet boy. I've already received an email from the family. It said that Hamilton is doing very good. He's playing and loves a sun spot for napping!

Jones is doing super good now. He has his bounce back in his step and meets us again at the door. That's what I was waiting to see--his bouncy attitude! Sea Turtle too is hanging in there. 

Tyger and Lucy, the 2 adult cats that we are kitty-sitting for are now back in the back Thumper's Room.  They are awesome cats. I've had them together in 2 bedrooms upstairs for a few weeks.  They are not too keen on the kittens so they were happy as larks upstairs. But now that the back Thumper's Room in empty, they are back! They like being visited by more people! Lucy is a lovebug. Tyger wants a hand on him all the time, being petted!

Our 3 little ones, Sintel, Janna and Kwatile are now in Cat's Corner Room. They are growing. Such messy little eaters! They require a daily bath. The 3 have been having short excursions in the Main Area a couple times a day. Naptimes though are still important and needed for these little ones.  The wound on Sintel from the maggots is slowly healing.  Such cute fuzzballs!

Big thanks to:
Lostgirl--a box of awesome prizes/toys for Catstock!
Janet M--donation to FFRC

Would you like to help us show our appreciation to Strawberry Hill, the super wonderful band that plays for us for Catstock?  During Catstock, you will see live video the entire time of the action, including hearing the band. They are the perfect band for Catstock. If you'd like to show your appreciation, you can send a check or PayPal for any amount, designated Strawberry Hill!  

We have another 4 weeks or so to get those recipes submitted for the FFRC Cat Lover's Cookbook 3rd Edition! Just go to our website and click on the cookbook tab. Let the recipes flow in!!

Keep up the miles for ResQwalk! You can walk, job or bike--and it's all free money for FFRC. We are now up to $499.00.  And it's good for your heart! Thanks so much.

We took on 2 new little kittens.  They arrived with a good dose of fleas, but a capstar and bath took care of that. Both are boys, 4 weeks old and are white with grey on them. Their birthday is July 31, 2016. Here's their names (both Name a Cat names)
Cairys, pronounced care-is, short/medium hair  (remember s is for short!)
Cairo, pronounced ki-row, long hair
Both are eating good on their own and sometime soon will share playtime with the 3 fuzzie kittens! They should all have a good time together! 

Update on farmyard: the baby chick is doing good.  Watch out all other creatures cause mama hen will super protect this baby chick. A real mother hen! The 10 turkeys are doing great. Here's a problem though--watch out for your hineys if you go out there with sparkles or bling on your jeans--the turkeys can't resist pecking at bling! The peacocks are done molting and so we have a nice supply of peacock feathers to give again at adoptions. Millie the donkey is trying to shed a few pounds---a bit overweight. But......she's not trying very hard! 

Take care to all and have a wonderful week! 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday, August 26

Oh my garsh--what an awesome Fun-Raiser! My knees were wobbly, my tummy was jiggly and my arms were like rubber!!  I never know the results of these Fun-Raisers until you do. I was overwhelmed and utterly grateful. My most biggest thank you to you all for your participation and support. YOU all make a huge difference to FFRC.

Our Spay/Neuter Program lives.............and all because of folks like you who care. I promise to use every single penny wisely for this program.

Here's the details! 
We had some folks that wanted to donate to the Fun-Raiser but didn't really want to do the tickets. So.......we created Pre-A--this is an accumulation of these donations!

Pre-A:  $780
Item A: Black/white afghan, 54 tickets, $270, won by Minnkitty
Item B:  Cream afghan,  53 tickets, $265, won by Joco
Item C:  Green afghan,  62 tickets, $310, won by Carley82
Item D:  White afghan, 65 tickets, $325, won by Joyce Als
Item E:  Sherpa Cat Carrier, 147 tickets, $735, won by Nocats
Item F:  Purple afghan, 75 tickets, $375, won by Billie K
Item G: Red afghan, 101 tickets, $505, won by Tom for Connie D
Item H:  Larissa's Bowls, a whopping 317 tickets, $1585, won by Diann B

WOW, wow, wow!  This came to $5,150  

A huge thanks to ColoEagle for all the afghans (were designated for the spay/neuter program) and to Beth/eaglewatcher for the Cat Carrier and to Larissa for the 3 beautiful bowls.  Another big thanks to Pat P, Jocie, Mk and Lynnette for counting all those tickets! And to the mods for their extra help in promoting this Fun-Raiser. Big thanks goes to Dawnstar for the cam video and to Canton for the info in facebook! 

And then, we had some bumper-uppers!  Beth, Farmgirl, Mich, Jo6 and Pablo.   This added another $600.    Our grand total now was $5,750.

The consolation prizes were won by: bedheadsdad, purplecat, Friday Mary, Zoolove, Bouddicea, Echomist, Anthony (thanks to Tom), SVCathy, Justme and FaithyMD.  Congrats!

A shower of thanks too to the two Anonymous Donors who wanted to match the ticket purchases! I am forever grateful. This adds a huge boost to our Spay/Neuter Program.  There was thought that we would have to discontinue some of the discounts that FFRC has given for spays/neuters. We do not have to do that now!!  These discounts are what helps to encourage people get that surgery done! So......our spay/neuter program will still flourish!  Truly, this is the way to help reduce the overpopulation problem of cats. We want every kitten born to have that wonderful place to call their own......a home.  I am so very grateful for these 2 caring, compassionate people. 

We also had BOXES last night! So much appreciation to you!
Zoolove--2 shirts for Jacci---I love them! Many thanks.
Hannah P in IN, our special friend--2 bags of kitty snackers & 18 boxes of latex exam gloves
Ingrid/ju-in-ji--donation for Djaq and Koda
Kelly L--donation to FFRC

We also had BOXES on Weds. evening--big thanks to you!
Buffypotter--UK, 2 of her special edition FFRC kitties #1 Purrfectly Hope & #2 Purrfectly Peaceful. Will see at a flash sale!
Samuel S--3 big jugs of Dawn liquid soap
MLS--lots more of the Scotch Brite pads
Miranda J from MI--coupons
Faithy/vol--4 bags Derecho Dental Treats & 3 pks. of Fat Toy & 3 cat dancers
Anonymous friend--huge box of Frito Lay snackers for the vols
Erin K--2 cases Fancy Feast & 2 cases Friskies
Sharon Z from AZ--case of Friskies

We had another adoption yesterday! Our sweet Thelma found a home. I do believe she picked this new family as she cuddled right into them! 

Our little Woody was neutered today and will be back here already shortly! Today he and Chuckie will be coming back up into the Main Area. Watch out cats---they are full of energy and orneriness!  Grishko will probably be coming up today too. She is such a beautiful kitten.

Do you smell it?  Yummmmmmmmm---Wolfpatch's famous cookies! He's very busy making them right now---what a HUGE project. Can't wait to taste those Almond Crescent ones! 

Jones is doing better! He's been a worry for us all. Slowly but surely, he is getting better. And he's peeing just the right size now! This morning he was actually trying to catch a fly which is one of his favorite job requirements! Livingston too is continuing to do good. All is good "in that department" too for him! Love these two boys!

15 more days to Catstock. It will be here soon! Looking forward to this community event and to all the visitors! Peace, love and cats! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Weds. August 24

Happy Day!  Cats are relaxed and healthy.  Kittens are a bit crazy and healthy! I am very grateful for the good health of these cats. This is so very important to a rescue center---things can be going along good and then come to a screeching halt when a virus comes in. But......for this day, I am happy about the health! 

Woody and Chuckie are doing fantastic. They are still in the back Thumper's Room just so they can be monitored easier than being in the main area. But, all is good. They are ornery, eating very well and have nice round tummies. And their energy level is sky high.  Woody will be neutered on Friday and hopefully will be ready then for adoption on Saturday. 

Livingston had another vet visit two days ago. Hmmmm, there's no "nice" way of saying things--so let's just say it. You all know his penis had went AWOL---the vets have done 3 surgeries on him now and no penis was found until Monday!  It's a "found part"!!  This is the very best news we could've had! Sutures are holding it in place.  This morning Livingston though it would be ok to chew those sutures, so now he's sporting an e-collar. He doesn't seem to mind it too much.  He's such a great kitten.  Here's to getting him to grow more! 

We had BOXES Monday evening. You are so very much appreciated!
Linda S/mls--21 heavy duty scotch brite sponges
RoBoT-MaN--13 black/white cat Webkinz & 2 tiger Webkinz for a flash sale
Erin K--8 bags of Temptations snackers & 3 cases of FF kitten
Anonymous Friend--8 packs of Clorox Wipes
Michael & Kathleen--card and donation for Catstock in honor of Janessa
Joy & Dan D from NY & all their kittens--card and donation to FFRC
LittleKat, Elaine & Alan from FL--LittleKat's allowance & 5 books of Pet Stamps
Amy & Diana from OH--potty bags, 4 kitty snackers, 8 cans of 9-Lives & 10 packets of Sheba Perfect Portions
Alice & Lous/twocats from NJ--6 bags of chicken snackers, 10 bags of seafood snackers, 10 bags of salmon snackers & 24 rolls of Brawny paper towels
Brian & Liz Bennett--donation to FFRC, to be used where needed

Logan, Amanda, Sydney---you all are wonderful. These kids put together a lemonade stand at a garage sale. All their sales went to FFRC---a really nice thing to do for the cats. Thank you!

Many thanks too to Joyce D for the pizza for our surgery day. And to Gusti for the drinks for surgery.  It was nice to be taken care of! 

We are in our Fun-Raiser right now. This special Fun-Raiser is being done to help our spay/neuter fund which has become depleted. It's almost over---9 am tomorrow morning!  Boxes will be tomorrow at 5:30 and the drawing will be at 6:00.  Not only is this a special fun-raiser because it's to help our spay/neuter fund, but there's an extra extra bonus!  We have not one, but TWO people who choose to be anonymous that would like to match funds.  That means for every $5 you donate for the fun-raiser, it now becomes $15 for FFRC.  I am just blown away by this----truly gives me a big huge lift! Sometimes when things look so difficult financially for FFRC, wonderful awesome things happen. I am forever grateful to you all for your kindness and compassion and giving ways. 

We also had two adoptions. Lucia, our beautiful white Persian was adopted. I can guarantee that Lucia is going to become a queen in her new home and be very pampered! There already is another FFRC cat in this same home and she too is pampered.

Vivienne also went adopted. Our beautiful siamese. She went to a new home where she will have a sister that looks alot like her. Her new dad was very excited to have her!

Wolfman Jack is doing wonderful. He's just a young kitten and is doing great. Saul is growing already---his fur looks rather silvery--very handsome.  The 3 new fluffy babies are extra cute--Sintel, Janna and Kwatile. Their tummies are so round. They try to run on the floor and it just makes a person smile! Kwatile's wounds from the maggot infestation are almost gone already. 

I believe I had forgotten to mention Woodrow, the little brown tiger who arrived on 8/19. His birthday is June 24. He was just 2 pounds when he came in. He was another kitten in a car engine. He had a small cut above his right eye and under his tail. His lower lip is also sagging down a bit too. But....all is healing. He's a round boy too. A little shy but coming right along!

Zun is the other kitten that was in the motor. He's black and had a very large case of cat lice. Lice of course are dead, but it takes a long time to get the (dead) knits off of the fur shafts. He's a happy boy and loves everything that happens. He's hanging out with the 3 fluffy kittens. 

We also took in another kitten. Her name is Grishko--pronounced just like it looks! It means "pointed shoe" in Russia, a Name a Cat name. Catopractor found her outside his office, eating the corn that was at the deer feeding station. Poor sweetie was quite hungry. We have her down as 7 months old with her birthday on 1-20-15. Grishko is a beautiful long hair grey torti who loves people. We had a problem with her at first---we couldn't get her to stand up! All she wanted to do was to roll over and have her tummy rubbed! What a sweetiepie she is. 

What's your favorite recipe?! Please remember to get your recipes submitted! Just go to our website at fofrescue.org and look for the link!  It's easy and the cookbook will be fantastic!

Please remember to vote for FFRC each day. We surely do appreciate that. Wow---we are approaching 70,000 votes! Simply mind boggling! Vote by vote, each day!  Go to: 

I would like to extend this to you all--if you ever have a question or concern in regards to FFRC, please don't hesitate to ask me. I'd much rather a person sends me an email and asks then to speculate a possible wrong answer!  We're in this together and my door (email) is always open to you!  Take good care. It's a good day! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday, August 21

What a day yesterday was.  Very long, very productive, good things and yes, some sad things too.  

First, I would like to say thanks to the people who sent BOXES for Friday evening.  Thanks! 
Billie K--13 beautiful towels---so fluffy--the cats will love them!
Julie & David--cute card, kitty pillow & 2 travel mugs (for flash sale or fun-raiser)
Annette20 from CA--donation to FFRC
Macncheesendoodlesmom--donation for FFRC & a donation for spay/neuter program
Clark, Jessie and the Rest--Happy 2nd birthday to Hensley & the chicken $5
ColleenMP--coupons and box tops
Gusti--donation to FFRC for Janna & siblings for flea meds and as a welcome!
Christina H from IN--donation for taking in the kitten they found--Woodrow

Gem--our moderator--a beautiful hand glass etched bottle/2 glasses for FFRC
SonJa--our moderator & visitor--cat toys, cat blankies, pillowcases & pads

Jenny and Brent from Canada--is visiting this weekend, with SonJa, to celebrate Joey's birthday! Joey received a donation for chicken to share with his friends and a beautiful big soft bed and blanket with his name on it! And his 4th birthday card is awesome! Jenny and Brent also brought a truck load of goodies for FFRC--a super big help to us.  There were bug sprays, big/little plates, laundry soap, Mr. Clean, snackers for the vols, furnace tape, vinegar, bleach, K-cup coffee, Scrubbing Bubbles, Lysol wipes and much more.  We are so very grateful.

We've heard back from some of the families that adopted from us!
Anthony---he is doing fabulous and is an absolute joy. He gives the family fun and laughter and sleeps with their daughter. They love him!

Mittens/now known as Ozzie--a beautiful kitten. Mittens is growing and now is almost 4 lbs. He is the sweetest thing and likes to tear through the house at 100 MPH! They are happy he is part of their family.   The pictures sent are wonderful!

Many thanks to Goss who manages our FFRCNation page.  There are 1377 registered users. The forum has 986 topics with a total of 4,970 posts. Lots of info and good friends there. Thanks, Goss!  Check it out at:  ffrcnation.com

We took in a new kitten yesterday. His name is Zun, a Name a Cat name. He is all black with a big purr.  He's only 6 weeks old and his birthday is 7/9/16.  Whenever our vets office calls with a need, we certainly want to help.  This little kitten took a ride in a car--approx. a 15 minute drive under the hood. He was yowling his head off when someone heard him and told the driver.  He could not be retrieved so she then drove to Dr. P's office where the staff was able to get him out. He was overheated due to the motor and the temperature. He also had major lice infestation--all gone now! He has a little sore on his chin too.  All he wants is to be held and loved on.

Okay--info from yesterday.

Now, we need to talk about this.  Giving sad info is one of the hardest parts for me.  Not only dealing with this myself, but letting others know is hard.  First, about 10 days ago, we lost one of the black kittens---Cathy.  The day before she passed, she was "off" but nothing in any way showed a serious problem. That next morning we found her already gone, looking like she was sleeping. We do not know what happened but caused great concern. I did not mention it before as I wanted to do a major watching of all the kittens to make sure nothing "big" was out there lurking in the kittens. She was the only one. This could've been something "within" herself physically, something that we will never know.  But....I feel the other kittens are safe. Very sad to have lost her.

And we also lost 2 other kittens yesterday. Schinn and Amelia.  Foster Peggy has had them for almost their entire lives. They went back and forth from her to here twice. They were never ever well kittens. We have truly worked with both of these kittens every day of their lives--have tried different antibiotics, meds to build immune systems, meds for soreness, vet checks, 1f`meds in combination. Nothing worked. I had asked Peggy to bring them back yesterday so we could make a decision on them. Dr. Darcy looked at them again. One had lost significant weight again the other hadn't gained any weight in 3 weeks. Both had multiple problems and some of the problems caused great discomfort. I felt we could no longer ask any more of these kittens. They tried so hard, we tried so hard---nothing helped and the kindest thing was to end their suffering.  It's been a difficult time for them as they struggled to survive but it wasn't to be. We will never know why their immune systems were so extremely poor---they had so many different viruses during their lifetime. Peggy and I both talked and it was decided that it was no longer fair to ask more of them. They both passed peacefully beside each other and being told they were loved. 

We cancelled Woodie's surgery. Dr. Darcy and I was both concerned with a bit of diarrhea that he has. Chucky was neutered but then he too developed a tad bit of diarrhea.  They probably have a little intestinal bug but we want to watch them. They are both in the double condo in the back Thumper's Room for observation. They both are on medications and we expect a full recovery. Both are active and playing in their big condo pen.

We also cancelled Tiyani's surgery.  He's just a bit small and still has a tiny bit of congestion. There is no reason to hurry this surgery and so he will continue his antibiotics. He's eating good and running around and playing. 

The males that we did do were:  Todd--he also sports a fairly large abdominal incision to repair that hernia. Chuckie was neutered as was Wolfman Jack and Saul.

The females that we did were: Roberta and Christine, Lucia and Mandisa.

The extra surgeries we did was:  Puma--a cat of a volunteer--had a degloved tail and was repaired.  Looks good now!  Two other volunteers trapped 2 females which we spayed! 

Here's our new total!  We have now done a total of 366 spays/neuters.  215 spays and 151 neuters. I hope to do many many more of these!

And then we had many physicals that we did. Those that were done were: Stevie, Merlee Jo, Winston, Coralie, Elsie, Felicity, Felix, Hensley, Jessie, Paddy Cake, Pania, Sea Turtle and Seymour.  All physicals were good with just a few notes.  Sea Turtle's kidneys are very small and she's drinking more--we already knew this so will continue to watch her.  Seymour's side wound is healing nicely. Paddy Cakes still has a 3,4 our of 6 sternal heart murmur--causes no problems. 

Livingston gives us cause to worry.  He had another bout of peeing problems.  Here's the thing with Livingston---his penis is not visible on the outside of him.  It's tucked somewhere inside him and could not be found when he had his surgery a few weeks ago.  So, the urine leaks thru an opening that his body has created. But, if he gets a kink or the urethra becomes constricted enough that he cannot urinate, then we're in trouble. He's still too small for the PU surgery.  He needs more "grow up time".  

The 3 little new babies are doing great. I just checked on them a bit ago and they were all three on the plate of food gobbling it up! The sores from the maggots on Sindel are healing nicely. 

And tomorrow starts the August Fun-Raiser! This total fun-raiser is to help our spay/neuter program as the funds are depleted.  Check out the cam video and the info on our fb pages.  Wonderful event!  The drawing will be Thursday evening. 

So.........a busy time here for us.  As you all know, rescue work is not always all packing smiles. It's hard, heart breaking work at times. But, overall, it's extremely rewarding and is in our hearts. Thank you for being a part of what we do.  I appreciate you all out there. 

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday, August 19

Yeah!  The temps are a little lower as is the humidity too. Fabio especially is happy about that! And we've gotten some rain too to help with how dry everything is.  So many areas having weather crisis--wishing you all safety. 

We had BOXES Weds. evening. Super appreciation for you all!
Zoolove/Pam--Box of Nellies Natural laundry Powder---we love it!
Plee--4 cases Fancy Feast
Gusti--box of 50-65 gal. garbage bags, lg. bag Purina One Adult, 7 big tubs kitty snackers, 3-24 cases Friskies
Joco--silver and red replacement Step Stool
Elizabeth from MN--card with a donation
Lostgirl/Debbie--card with coupons 
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--very cute birthday card for Joey's 4th BD and for Clark and his sibs' 3rd BD.  And a chicken $5 for each!  Clark's sibs are: Camilla, Cashel, Carlton & Clay

LJ--she's outdone herself (again!).  LJ sent 3 shadow boxes with felted kitty pictures from kitty fur brushed and collected by Judy S, vol.  They are gorgeous. The names of the 3 designs are:  Seymour in Love, Fuzzy Tail and Hunting in the Cove.  You'll see these again.   LJ also sent lots of Scotch Brite sponges.

A big thanks too to Yvette who maintains the Twitter page. As of yesterday, we have 883 followers! Yvette keeps up with the adoptable kittens, adopted kitties, posting the Simon's cat video's, Flash Sales, voting, pictures, etc.  A great job! The twitter site is: twitter.com/ffrckittycam

Wolfman Jack and Saul are already in the Main Area. The door was opened yesterday and out they came and did not want to go back! They are both wonderful. Saul has lots of friends already. Wolfman Jack is very occupied with eating yet---he wants to make sure he's not hungry again! It must feel wonderful for both of them to have no more itchies from fleas. 

We took in 3 new kittens yesterday.  Would you believe me if I said they were very cute?!!  Of course....all cats are cute!  These 3 babies were seen waddling down the road and were picked up by a kind person. He kept them overnight and then his family brought in the next morning which was yesterday.  They are 4 weeks old and their birthdate is 7/21/16. Their names are from the Name a Cat list. Here they are:

JANNA--female, long hair, black tiger/white with 4 white legs with a full white collar.  Fleas 1/4.

KWATILE--female, med.-long hair, black with white paws and the cutest grey crest up above the nose. Fleas 1/4. Name means Regal Princess and pronounced Kwa-tilly

SINTEL--male, long hair, black/tiger/white with 4 white paws, black dot on left side of nose.  Fleas 2/4. Major maggot infestation around bottom and a sore on the hip.  Capstar to the rescue (which in addition to fleas, kills maggots). A bath followed which finished the maggot problem.  Now he just needs some healing time.

These newbies are eating pretty good by themselves. I tried to syringe feed but they preferred sucking up their meal from the plate! They are all tuckered out and slept most of the day yesterday and still this morning. 

Enjoy this beautiful day and the kitties and cats! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weds., August 17

We are getting ready for our surgery on Saturday. We don't have as many surgeries but we have quite a few physicals.  Here's the temporary list:

Females: Roberta, Christine, Lucia, Mandisa 
Males: Chucky, Woodie, Tiyani, Todd, Wolfman Jack, Saul and possibly Schinn 

Todd will also have his major umbilical hernia repaired.  One of our volunteers has a cat that had a bit of an accident with his tail and we will do a repair on that too. 

Lots of physicals needed:  Stevie, Schinn and Amelia, Livingston, Merlee Jo, Winston, Camie and Janie (my dogs!), Coralie, Elsie, Felicity, Felix, Hensley, Jessie, Joyful, Paddy Cake (recheck heart murmur), Pania, Sea Turtle and Seymour.  Some of these are because they are new here to FFRC and some of the physicals are needed for their yearly check ups. 

We have thanks to give!
LostGirl--7 gallons of Odo-Ban
Gusti--donation for drinks on surgery day
Brenda Q from MI--donation to FFRC
Hencass/CaSandra--donation to FFRC

We are using the funds from our last Fun-Raiser for the technical needs. We were able to purchase the much needed replacement computer. On Monday, the new and bigger awesome router was put in--this one takes the place of 2! Our speeds are super now! We also purchased a new cam which will be put in place soon, along with some needed new cables. Thank you to you all!

We have a few new birds out on the farmyard. One of the hens hatched out a single baby chick. So cute. The cats have great respect for this chick as mama let them know to be very very careful around this baby! We also have 2 young turkeys. They are as tall as the peacocks already. They've been in a nice big pen to help them know they are "home". Today we will let them out loose. These turkeys were handraised since tiny babies and so are friendly.

We have taken on 2 new kittens.  
Wolfman Jack--what a sweetie! He was found by one of the Arthur Phone Company employees. He's a long hair gold tiger, about 10 weeks.  His birthday is June 7, 2016. He purrs just looking at him--such a happy boy! 

Saul--a handsome grey/silver tiger, short hair. His birthday is June 1, 2016 and he is 11 weeks old. He was found in a yard by by his lonesome.  He arrived with major fleas and very bad earmites. Fleas are gone and the earmites are already being treated. 
Both names are Name a Cat names.

Have you noticed Dominic? Wow---he is going to be a big cat, I believe. He's much bigger than his siblings. He is so handsome. Lucia did it----she came up to the Main Area this morning all by herself. I love it when they make that decision themselves to progress out of the back room.  And I love how Joyful has decided she is now happy about claiming the Kitty Kabana room. She's so comfortable there. I don't believe I've seen her back in the Welcome Room for a long time. 

Wow--64,464.  Thank you for the votes.  Check it out at:

Remember you can walk, run or bike for FFRC thru ResQwalk!  It's a free ap. We have now earned $499.00 from this fun event!

Recipes!  We want recipes!  Go to fofrescue.org and look for the Cookbook tab. Lots of information! You have till September 30 to submit your recipes!

Which FFRC cat was stuck between 2 walls as a baby?    Zelda
Which kitten was fad a cuterebra in the neck and was so small had to be bottlefed?   Cutie
Which CH kitten was brought in by Jacci's cousins?   Derecho
Who are the 2 white Persians?    Joyful and Lucia
Which CH cat was found on a busy road and is SonJa's valentine?    Vernon
Who are the 2 cats that live in PawMart?  Sea Turtle and Jones
Who is Majic's best friend?   Trucker!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday, August 14

The new FFRC sign is in, mulch has been put around the base and the rocks returned. It's so nice. And with the new flag pole right there too, it makes for a nice entrance! Thank you to you all for making this possible! So we have another check off from our list of items we wanted to accomplish!

We had our Flash Sale on Friday. Many thanks to Mich and Vern for doing this sale. Thanks too to the mods for helping with it, the people who donated the items and the people who bought those items! We'll be starting to get them out tomorrow morning! This Flash Sale brought in $2,165!! This money will go in to help with our General Overhead needs---thanks. We needed a boost!

Lisa, our early morning person who works every single day starting at 4:30 here will be off for 6 weeks.  MK, our moderator and good friend, is here to fill in for Lisa during this time. Many thanks to MK. Lisa will be missed--she is so good with the cats too.

We had BOXES last night. Many, many thanks to you!
Deb11111--4 more boxes of 32 ct. of Friskies
Nancepants, our moderator--2-24 ct and 1-32 ct cases of Friskies
Dianna R from SA--kitty wipes
Billie K-12 cans of chicken
Lannml--5 cases 32 ct of Friskies
Keiko from CA--Immersion blender--very nice
Phleblady--1200 9 in. paper plates
Karen & Jeff R from OH--Chief Tapes
MK--5 containers of Clorox wipes
Lna H--donation to FFRC
Melvin S from PA--donation to FFRC
Carla M/cj500 from FL--her crocheted items!  10 shell pattern scarves, 5 kitty blankies, 50 kickaroos, 100 spiral toys and a bag of cat nip.  Wow!

The outside cats---Porchies, Covies, Firecats and Barnies are all doing good. They sure know how to "lay low" in this heat and humidity.  During the heat of the day, you rarely see them. Then as the air becomes cooler, they magically appear! 

We'll be working on our surgery list for this coming Saturday. We're also hoping to get a few physicals done too.  We're planning on repairing Todd's hernia at the time of his neuter. Livingston will also have his bum rechecked too.

Recipes.......we want your yummy recipes! Keep them coming in! Just go to our website at fofrescue.org and check out the tab. Whether you're a chatter, lurker, sometimes visitor---we would love your participation!

We had another adoption! Little Arnold went to his new home. His new mom and dad has been here a few times to visit him but had to wait until their new move was complete. He's going to be a happy boy there and already knew that he belonged to them!

I've been asked a few times about where Lucy and Tyger are. They are safe and sound and upstairs in the 2 bedrooms!  They are doing wonderful but just don't like all the commotion with the other many cats. They are getting lots of attention and love it when I go up and lay on the bed and read to them.  They're doing just fine! 

I just took a look at our list of what we wanted to accomplish from the Catstock funds. We have only a few things yet to do! We still have the maintenance check on the generator---this will happen sometime in the fall.  We also need to do the slab of cement for Bella's Place. And the last one on the list is to repair the roof area by the awning and sunporch.  One by one, we're getting these done! 

#62,492---Wow! Keep those votes coming please--one a day till Jan. 4th! Many thanks! 

Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday, August 12, 2016

Exciting day today is! First, our new sign for the front yard will arrive. Major thanks to Vaun for organizing this! The old sign was taken down yesterday afternoon so we're ready now for the new one!  They will install this sign themselves.

Today is also our Flash Sale by Mich and Vern. We have lots of awesome items--I think you'll enjoy it! It begins about 2:00 ish this afternoon. Vern and Mich always adds a fun spin on these sales!  This sale will go towards our general budget which is in need.  Many thanks!

We also have a special guest arriving this weekend. I do believe you all will have a good time with this person! Soon.....you will know who! 

Here's some more exciting news!  I've been contacted earlier this week by ABC News.  Apparently they've seen our kitty cam and like it! They've asked permission to stream our live cam on ABCNEWS.com/live.  They will credit us in the headlines or captions. They like to do animal cams as it gives people a break from politics and other news and showcases what volunteers can do! There's just a couple more things we need to do to finalize this. We may not know when they are streaming us---they just watch and when something is going on, will present it! I'm very appreciative for this and am grateful for this pawsome news!!  Hoping it will increase awareness of the love of cats and possibly more adoptions! 

We have TWO BOX nights to catch up on!
Weds., the 10th:
Diann B--5 cases Fancy Feast
Eaglewatcher--10 bags of Pure Bites for Derecho and his buddies (he loves these!)
Vicki B--6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat (Hensley is eating some at this moment!)
Roostergirl--4 cases Fancy Feast
Zoolove--case of babyfood
Littleonemine--3 beautiful rugs!
Julie & Dave--kitty card. For a fun-raiser--a beautiful plush blanket with 3 kittens on it

And then we had BOXES last night too!
Billie K--2 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat, 2 cases Sardines
Billie K--donation to help with Todd's medical needs

Jobear22--card, 15 kitty Webkins that we will add to a Flash Sale
Mary S from NC--3 pretty kitty pins to use how we wish
Teresa H from IN--donation to FFRC
Trudy S from OH--donation to FFRC
Kelly I--donation to FFRC
Phleblady--Hangry Kit full of snackers for Vols!  4 cases Fancy Feast
JustMe--one of our mods!--Pet Cat with canopy for future fund-raiser
Arden & Charmaine--2 big bags Purina One!
Deb11111--a super order of 40 cases of canned Friskies!  Wow--helps our food pantry a LOT! 

Remember our 2 kittens that were adopted--Bows and Valeta?  We've heard from their mama and they are doing great! Bows is now Juliet and Valeta is now Oswin. Juliet is very energetic, a good jumper and is working on fetching! Oswin is sweet and friendly and especially loves her mama! 

Have you turned in any recipes yet?  Please do!  Just go to our website at fofrescue.org and enter a few of your favorites recipes! This Cookbook will be a representation of YOU, our FFRC friends! Many categories to choose from! Recipes need to be turned in by Sept. 30.

Dorothy is playing! What joy to see her rolling around with a toy! Paddy Purr is on my desk this morning, sound asleep. Those 2 Paddy brothers are definitely not morning cats! Felictiy is also here--she likes to be on top of the desk, with her head over the edge watching my fingers. Joey just got a kiss from Lisa! Todd is looking a tiny bit better--his scruffiness is slowly leaving him! Sarge is a nut! So active. This morning he was playing with the toys hanging down and pulled it so hard that one of his baby incisors came out! We'll have to put that tooth under his cushie and then he can find a new cat nip toy in the morning from the Tooth Cat Fairy! 

Catstock is keeping us busy! We have the games fairly organized. The prizes are in their bags and ready to be passed out. The Fire Dept. is ready to bring the 500 gallons of water for the Dunk Tank.  The food for the day is being organized. Tents are ordered. Strawberry Hill is going to be here!!  Working on getting all the supplies needed for that day. Running off flyers for the schools. Lots to do! 

Our food cabinets were looking very puny. But, food has steadily been coming in all week. Thank you!  Those 2 little words seem so small in comparison to the thoughtful and helpful things you do for FFRC..  You are truly appreciated! 

61,270     Many thanks!  Have a wonderful day! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Weds., August 10

60,000!  Wow!  Our Eagle Rare Life contest votes rolled over 60,000 today! That is truly amazing and so appreciated!  One vote  at a time surely does add up!  Keep those fingers ready each day to cast your vote!  The cats and I thank you!

What peace.  Little Cathy is napping on my desk. Magic is right beside me watching the computer (I have a game of birds/squirrels on that he likes!).  Kiara is watching out the window. Blossom is playing with Arnold---good friends! Visitors are here petting the cats.  A good time.

We had BOXES Monday evening. YOU are wonderful and the cats and I appreciate you!
Linda/mls--8 cases of Fancy Feast
Medic101 & Mr. Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--2 of 4 pks of Lysol Wipes
Oilsandsgirl--one of our super mods!--6 cases Fancy Feast
Beth/Eaglewatcher--10 bottles Mr. Clean, 6 pkgs Kitty Wipes, 2 HE Tide, 4 cases FF, 1 case Friskies
Mary D from CT--kitty card/donation in memory of her friend of 17 yrs Tiny Toe
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 9th birthday Sylvan with his chicken $5
Katie L--10 cases FF, 4 cases Friskies, 2 bags dried shrimp, 14 bags Kitty snackers, 2 cases Sheba, 6 boxes meow Mix tubs, 4 kitty tunnels, 2 bags doggie snackers and lots of kitty toys!
Gusti from Germany, for Catstock--lots of items for the children's prizes! Stickers, pocket kleenex, Frozen pencils bags, note pads, stamp kit, diary/pen, dice, book with sticky notes, puzzles, craft items--all fun stuff!
Gusti also made a donation to help with Todd's eye surgery, in honor of little Gusti!
Tom W--donation to FFRC

Friday is our next Flash Sale! What fun---Mich and Vern will be doing this one so you know it'll be enjoyable! Lots of wonderful items coming up!

Merlee Jo is up in the main area part of the day---usually the morning. Winston is so sweet--he is thoroughly enjoying all the activities and fun toys. Stevie is a bit of a nut--because he is deaf, he doesn't hear us when we tell/ask him to stop chomping on a kitty. So....sometimes he has to go in the back Thumper's Room for a rest! Today he went out in Bella's Place and really seemed to enjoy that. He's a great cat, just has lots of energy!

Have you sent in any recipes yet? Please do! We welcome your recipes to be added to our upcoming FFRC Cat Lovers Cookbook 3RD Edition! Just go to our website at fofrescue.org and click on the Cookbook tab. There's lots of info there.

A short blog today but I wanted to give my thanks for the items above. Today is a big Catstock planning day.  We want to work on separating out the prizes for each game. And a big thanks and hug to you all.  You heard our need that we were very low on can food and have helped us get re-stocked.  Our FFRCNation is truly a compassionate group of people.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday, August 8

It's here! Today is the day! We  have an awesome event that starts today!  How so very exciting!  Introducing: FFRC CAT LOVERS COOKBOOK 3RD EDITION!    Friends, chatters, viewers, volunteers, supporters---just everyone!  We would love your participation!

This is a fun and collaborative opportunity for all of you to submit your favorite recipes from around the world. Have a yummy recipe?  A special family recipe?  A recipe for cats or dogs? International recipes?  We want them all!

There's lots of information on our website  fofrescue.org    Simply go to our website and get the whole scoop and how to submit your recipes. It begins with you sending in your recipe(s)!  So many categories---here's just a few: Main dishes, seafood, desserts, pet friendly treats, soups/salads! 

Now---send the recipes in!

September 30th is the deadline for submissions. 

October 1st--things begin already to prepare the recipes for the cookbook

October 30ish--cookbook will be completed and submitted to the publishers

November--Publishers work on our cookbook!

December---FFRC Cookbook ready for sale---in time for Christmas!

We are so excited about this!

We had BOXES Friday evening.  You are so very much appreciated!
Anonymous Friend--Angel Garden stone for Spencer
June/painteddaisy--card and sponsorship for Joy
Megan & Jonathan C from IN--with Sanford & kitties---donation to FFRC
Tom C from IL--donation to FFRC
Miranda J from MI--coupons
Kelly R/littleonemine from CA---8 wonderful scratcher beds
Joni & Caitlin & Cara--day visitors--kitty litter, Fancy Feast & moist food, Indoor dry cat food, PT, windex
TWKitty--3 day visitor--3 lg bags Purina One, 32 case Friskies, 4 jugs vinegar
Linda/mls--3 cases Fancy Feast appetizers
Plee--case of Fancy Feast & Gravy Sensation pkts
Phleblady--3 cans lysol wipes
Justme, our moderator--2 pet cots with canopies--1 for Covies & 1 for fun-raiser
Mary, our Fri. volunteer--5 boxes poptars, 3 gals Mr. Clean, 2 laser lights & appetizers, sheba & Purina One
Jazmyne Raven & Bruce--day visitors--2 gals vinegar, 1 Mr. Clean, 1-13# Iams, 2 cases FF

And then we opened two big boxes from Warped!  WOW!  She's been a busy friend!  She sent 60 crate pads, 6 warpedeedoos, 1 crib blanket, 5 biggy blankets, 18 kickeroos & 5 totes.  You'll be seeing some of these items soon in a Flash Sale!

We also want to give thanks to these folks:
Tracy Luoma--donation thru PayPal
Hallie G--donation thru PayPal
David D--donation thru PayPal
Izznan--donation thru PayPal
Jakesmeowmy--donation thru PayPal
Michael J. W--donation thru PayPal

We had another adoption!  Olle was  adopted by Jazmyne Raven, a viewer who has adopted from us in the past. She and her husband adopted Ichobod, Screech, Scott and Corby.  Olle made himself right at home! Ichabod is Olle's caretaker! Sounds like Olle is a perfect match!

And we had 2 more adoptions!  Frisky and Keanu were adopted together on Friday. . I've already heard from them. They love watching the squirrels and all the fun of having a patio door! Frisky likes to help sweep the floor. Keanu is now called Sparkey! Sounds like they are super loved!

And we now have an update on Gustave! He is doing great. He is playful, likes the couch and loves to explore. We're told Gustave is a happy cat! 

Little Tiyani has graduated himself out of the playpen! He simply decided on Sunday afternoon that he's had enough of that and crawled out! He's doing great and has been exploring. A really sweet boy.

Winston is now in the Main Area and has no intentions of going back to Thumper's Room. His favorite place to nap is on the Princess Bed by the windows.  Merlee Jo has come up part of the time in the morning. What a beauty! Stevie is still half up and half in the back! He seems to be settling in and finding the proper way to play, without being too rough. He's a smart boy!  Lucia is a doll---she loves to be petted and comes forward when we go into the back Thumper's Room. 

Sounds like a Flash Sale coming up---we have lots of really neat items! More later. 

Please keep on voting at eaglerarelife.com/content/jacci-moss-0    You can vote daily--- know that each vote is appreciated!

Saturday we had a great event. We had a table at the Farmer's Market. Many thanks to our volunteers who was able to make this possible.  We made $230!!  A big help! 

We have taken on two new kittens this weekend.
Mandisa--a brown tiger/white with 4 white feet, female was found in a volunteer's garage. This little girl has earmites and had fleas. Fleas are gone and we are aggressively working on those earmites. Her birthday is 5/15/16 and she is 12 weeks old. She looks alot like Frisky that was just adopted. Her name is a Name a Cat name. 

Todd----a long hair gold/white, male was found hanging out at Defiance College campus. His fur is rather straggly right now but I think will grow to be a full set of long hair.  He simply cannot get enough pettings. He even purred and kneaded when his blood was drawn! He's a bit thin and had a single tick on him. He has a rather large umbilical hernia which we will watch until we can have that fixed. He also will need his left eye removed--actually the eye is gone but needs to have the orbit surgically cleaned out and closed. So, Todd has 3 surgeries ahead of him---his neuter, hernia repair and eye enucleation. 

We have 4 1/2 weeks to go to Catstock! 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday, August 5

Seymour is doing great! His wound is healing nicely. I actually had to catch up to him this morning when he saw me coming with his antibiotic and ointment! He's a toughie and didn't want to be babied!  But afterwards, he sure loves his ears to be rubbed.

We had BOXES Weds. evening. Our gratitude is big!
Plee9--case of Fancy Feast appetizers
Vickie B--16 Woolie Balls for the 2 dryers
Barbara E from NC--card & 4 extra large fleece blankets for FFRC--really nice!
Margaret P from CT--donation in memory of Tiny Toe
Alan, Elaine & LittleKat--Caticorn card with photos from Catathon!
Dottie C--5 flat sheets, 7 pillowcases, great kitty toys, 4 Christmas stockings, 14 potholders made by 9 yr old girls in her church class, 2 Thanksgiving Bears, baby Christmas blanket with snowman. And a beautiful quilt--Springtime In The Country.

Here's our newest cats that we've taken in:
Merlee Jo--arrived 8/3. She is a Himalayan with gorgeous blue eyes. She is 1 yr. 3 months with a birthday of 5/22/15. She just appeared to a family that let her stay in their garage. They kept the door open but she never went outside. Due to family issues she needed to be rehomed and so she arrived at FFRC. She is already spayed and declawed in the front. And is she ever a talker! She likes to meow her opinion on many subjects!

Lucia--arrived 8/3. She is a Persian, completely white with stunning gold eyes. She is 5 years old with a birthday of 5/26/11. She is a kind cat and is adjusting nicely already. She was used as a breeder and has her championship points. We want to find a home for her where she will be a loved pet.

Winston--arrived 8/4. He finally made it from Greater Dayton to FFRC! Connie S and family brought him up here since they live close to Dayton. He is a brown tiger with mild CH. He is 2 years old with a birthday of 7/16/14. He is already on the floor in the back Thumper's Room, enjoying the other new cats there. A sweetie boy.

Tiyani is doing great. He's still a bit shy but once being held becomes a purr machine and cuddler! His hole from the cuterebra is healed and looks great. We've been still putting him in the playpen as he is so little yet and I don't want to "lose" him in the Main Area. He loves to play with the other kittens as they climb in and join him!

We have named one of the newer Firecats! It's the brown tiger girl that has appeared this summer. She is spayed, vaccinated, tested, wormed and had flea prevention put on her. Her name is Nikka, a Name a Cat name. She is a very young cat and is not able to be handled. She comes every morning to the Firehouse though to have her breakfast.

Our next FFRC surgery day is August 20, a Saturday. We will get our FFRC cats neutered/spayed that are not done yet. If there's a lighter schedule, we will fill in with public cats. We want to do as many as we can!

Tomorrow morning we have a special day--FFRC will be participating in our local Farmer's Market from 9-1:00.  We will have freshmade goodies from our volunteers plus garden items and also kitchen type things from our Paw-Mart store. If you are in the area, come and visit us!

Iams was here two days ago.  Remember last year they donated their time to build our Cove's jungle-gym and to insulate the Porchie Haven. They would like to do another project for us this year. We have an idea for them.  A friend of mine built us 2 awesome winter 2-decker, well insulated cat houses. They have a shingle roof that can be lifted up to place clean blankies in it and to clean. Several cats can fit nicely inside. With the second level in it, they can stay out of the wind and be warm and dry.  They are going to talk about making us 6-7 of these. FFRC will provide all the materials and they provide the labor! These houses will go over by the FireHouse for the many cats that are in that area. Between these houses, the FireHouse and the smaller barn houses we have, the cats should have enough shelter then.  Even though it's so hot outside, we have to think of winter!

And more adoptions coming up!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Weds., August 3

Poor Seymour. He has a sore spot on his side. We're not sure exactly what happened. It does not appear to be a bite. And of course, no one would hurt Seymour! He must've caught it on something. Anyway, the area is shaved to enhance healing. He's also on antibiotic and soreness meds. He'll be better soon.

Our sweetie Wendell was adopted this morning by Nance, our moderator! He has been loved for a long time and much waited for! It was obvious that he already was "at home" with his new mama too! A couple more adoptions coming up---Friday morning!

We also had an adoption on Monday. A wonderful family that has adopted from us before, fell in love with Sanford. He ended up being a birthday gift to Emily who turned 12.  Happy kitten, happy family. 

I've also heard back from a couple adoptions! I so enjoy hearing how things are going. Classy is one happy girl---no one to "bother" her. She so loves being the only cat!  Both Classy (kept her name) and her new mama are happy!

I've also had word about Janessa and Sedona. Both are doing great! I was a bit concerned if things would be peaceful and it is! Janessa loves her new mama's lap and Sedona is crazy about the bay window overlooking the bird feeders. All is good! 

And a bonus---we've heard from the family that adopted Una a couple years ago. Her picture is beautiful. The family says she's a happy cat and loves to lay in the sun. They love her very much!

I know many of you were worried about Elsie last night. She got herself in a predicament (again). I heard scratching coming from pen #1 where the main computer is. I thought that was rather odd. I opened the door and saw Elsie (the back is plexi-glass) scrambling to get herself back up on top, from the back. She apparently had slipped down a bit. She was easily rescued (again) and just needed a little holding.  About 10 minutes ago, we had to get her down from the high shelf (again).  That girl.........she knows no fear and truly is an explorer beyond most! There truly is no stopping her.  And yes......the spot that caused the problem last night is fixed!

Good news! Winston will arrive here tomorrow in the afternoon.  Connie and Hannah have offered to pick him up since they live close by and will drive him to the Rescue Center! Just as a reminder--Winston does well with other cats. He loves to curl up with people when they pet him. He enjoys walking around and is a chirper!  Speaking of chirping, Stevie is a pro! That boy chirps even in his sleep. Admittedly he is a bit rough with the kittens, but we work on this everyday with him.  He comes up to the Main Area and sometimes goes to the back Thumper's Room.  He's trying! Remember when Walter, Walter, Walter first came?  Stevie reminds me alot of Walter. Stevie too has the bobbing CH head and is also deaf. He simply hears nothing. And his food manners are the sameas Walter! Messy, messy! I keep telling him it's a good thing he's cute! 

Livingston was at the vet's office this morning and is already back.  He had a light sedation to remove his sutures and for Dr. P to take another good look at him. He applied medication. Our course of action: pray he keeps on urinating and doesn't develop a fistula. A fistula is an abnormal connection, usually caused by injury,  We don't want a "pocket of urine"to form again where he simply leaks urine. So, at this point, we will  neuter him when he's older--possibly 6 months old in hopes that "his parts" grow bigger! As Dr. P says---sometimes the wisest decisions is that of choosing to do nothing at the moment.  Grow, little Livingston, keep growing!

Great news! On August 12, our new FFRC sign will be here! We will take down the old sign on the 10th or 11th in preparation of the new one! So excited about the new sign. Many thanks to Vaun for her hard work in coordinating this. 

Monday, August 1, 2016

Monday, August 1

Next month is Catstock!  We have our signs up and lots of things going on to get this organized! If you by chance are planning to come to Catstock and really would like to help at one of the game tables, let me know asap---can just email me!  Thank you.  

Little Livingston is here on my desk. Such a baby he is---loves attention.  He has an appointment on Weds. morning to have his sutures removed from his bum-side. Normally we remove our own sutures, but in this case, he may need a sedative. And because we already know his kidney functions are not perfect, it's better that they sharply monitor him.  

We had BOXES on Saturday evening. YOU are appreciated by us!
Lostgirl/Debbi--2 lg. boxes 6 inch paper plates
Knittenkitten--4 bags Precious Litter
Judi Sp--3 bags Precious Litter
Renea H from IA--donation to FFRC
Alison L from NJ--donation in honor of Alma
Susan C from OH--donation to FFRC
Dorothy C from MD--donation to FFRC
Elaine, Alan & LittleKat from FL--card with note & donation from LittleKat
Schinn, our wonderful mod--card for HBfor the Paddy Boys & chicken $$
Marie/Snoopybaby--for Catstock--yoyos, pencils, stickers, tatoos, stickers, wrist bands & bubbles--with the Snoopy theme!
Miate & husband from Spain , the El Cau de la Cendra Cat Rescue--toys for our kitties, 3 key chains & t-shirt with their logo on it!
Clark, Jessie & the Rest of the family--Happy 6th BD for the Paddys, 2nd BD to Cayden & 3 chicken $$'s!

We are also grateful for:
Lynda S from MN--donation for the Paddy's birthday
Shannon S from IL--donation for Leonard, Victor, Jackson & all their friends & for goodies!
Eric W (Connie D's nephew)--case of can food, container of snackers
Pam/zoolove--donation for the handsome Paddy Brother's birthday chicken! 

Another adoption! Classy did get her home! I have been trying to get her placed--she's not been too keen on the kittens at all.  I had received an application about 6 weeks ago, someone looking for a calico. After talking to her, she said certainly she would take Classy! I am so glad about this. Classy is wonderful and will do super good in a home where no other cats are. So so happy for her and her new mama! 

Today is our Transport Day---one of my favorite things! All went well.  We sent 22 female cats and 5 male cats. Also 1 male dog and 1 female dog.  Just counting cats, this now brings us to a total of:  202 females and 145 males.  Then we get to add in our vouchers---which went to 7 females that are now spayed!  So.....our grand total as of today is:  209 females and 145 males.  Let's get some more done!  Pick up for all the cats will be about 5:45-6:00.  It's always exciting to see that beautiful spay/neuter vehicle pull in! 

Steve and I are taking a day off! Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will be going to Shipshewana for the day--leaving right after kitty breakfast and not sure when we'll be home! Looking forward to a bit of time off. 

We are still working on transportation for Winston and getting schedules to work out. 

Little Tiyani is doing super! What a sweetheart he is.  His staples are now out of his cuterebra wound on his neck looks great. We've been letting him have the Cat's Corner Room and one of the playpens.  By using the playpen, he can see everything and have other kitties to play with. He's our smallest baby right now. 

Pania has a good thought for the day---Dog what makes you happy. Be with who makes you smile. Laugh as much as you breathe. Love as long as you live.  Wow---what a great cat!