Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday, April 30

Don't forget to vote! Oh no, wait, the voting is over! Hooray, hooray! Now the waiting game begins. We should hear the official news Weds. morning. I am so so excited and can't hardly wait! We are planning a party though! And we'd love to have you pop in and join us during the day.

Here's the scoop so far. We're hoping we hear from The Animal Rescue Site by mid morning, because at 11:00 starts the promised "hair dos". Yes, Janet has said she would have her head shaved if we win! Our volunteer, Peggy S has agreed to do it for her! Then comes the unveiling of the purple hair for me. I don't know what I was thinking when I said months ago, that if we win, I'd dye my hair (not all of it) purple. But, I must keep to what I said!

We also have some pretty neat decorations to put up. We want the cats to know it's a very special day.

After the "hair do event", we'll give you a grand tour of the Rescue Center. We'll even start outside and show you Albert's Memorial Garden. It's not a sad place--we're grateful that these cats shared part of their lives with us. We will then come back inside and show you from start to back--the Kabana Room, the lavender front office, the main part of the rescue center, June's Room with Kitty Q and her kittens, Kitty Campus Room, Cat's Corner Room with Catsparella and her kittens. Then we'll go to the far side of the rescue center. Next comes the Welcome Room Office and then Thumper's Room. We'll even go out the door and show you the new construction--the Mail Room and the extended Thumper's Room. Last, we'll show you the inside of Kitty City, even though the cats are in Cat's Cove, you'll see the inside of their winter home.

Next, comes the much awaited sardine tasting party. There's lots of kinds of sardines and I had promised to eat a can of sardines if we win (or maybe.....almost a can??!!!) Janet, our friend from New Zealand (who doesn't really like sardines), had promised to eat sardines too if we win. So, get ready to watch this yummy sardine tasting party!

Soon after that, we'll give the cats a very special treat--they love ham bones, but this time, they get a soup bone! I already told them and then found them lining up at the door! Bonito flakes will follow as a desert.

Sometime in the afternoon, we'll be having pizza delivered and also enjoying that beautiful sardine cake. Sorry, but the cake is just decorated like a sardine can!

Again in the afternoon, we will give another tour of the entire place, in case you missed it earlier or would like to see it again. We'd also like to show you close ups then of all the individual kittens from each litter and of course, their mamas.

At 6:00, we'll have our normal BOXES. We'll also show you the chart of the voting history for this win! I'd like to show you as much of the rescue center as we can, for your enjoyment, since you were a big big part in this contest. 

I understand that we came in first place for a weekly contest by Pawalla...the joy of cats and dogs! To win, you had to have the most votes. This means they will be sending some boxes of their special foods that we can give away at adoptions and also some cat toys! This is so nice and I appreciate Pawalla and your votes!

Many thanks too for your donations to FFRC:
Lawrence G--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Thecatsmeow59--for designing the mousepad that I received the other day--I love the design
Ruth-TN--blankies for the covies, porchies and barnes. Also items for a children's basket for the Catathon
Teresa S from IL--donation to FFRC, in memory of their dog Violet
Nancy E from AL--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Karla M from IA--donation to FFRC to help wherever needed
Sheila H--donation to FFRC to top off the live afghan sale!
Aunty Fi--a bag of Royal Canin baby kitten dry food
Abigail/shaime, Anna and Mel from BG--day visitors--kitty snackers, book, can food, cat toys, Whiskas Purrfectly chicken
IPurr and Mudgie--weekend visitors--a window cat shelf, dog treats and chewies, Appetizers, Fancy Feast  kitten, Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken, Purex HE soap, Meow Mix cups, q-tips, Ice tear Keurig cups, Purina adult dry food
Michlynn--weekend visitor--5 cases Friskies, Kleenex and cat toys
Ryan & Mason--Saturday visitors--lots of snackers for Barnies, Covies and Porchies
Napa/Donna--weekend visitor--donation to FFRC and a gift card
Deb11111--weekend visitor--donation to FFRC to help with special projects and a Meijer gift card
Warped/Connie & Joe--weekend visitors--weaved rugs for Day Sale or Catathon
Sillysticks & ad86--4 cases Fancy Feast kitten, Royal Canin Kitten dry, 4 cans KMR and 1 can KMR powder

I have so enjoyed all of our visitors. It's wonderful to meet them face to face and get to know them. They not only gave of their time to help us here at the rescue center, but have become good friends. 
Napa leaves today. We'll be taking her to the airport. Beth/Eaglewatcher will be here yet this week! Janet/Janak will be here thru next week. 

This Friday at 6 pm we will begin another weekend auction. It starts Friday and ends Saturday at 6 pm. This one will be different! We will be auctioning off 6 of those beautiful drawer beds that Joni and Angie have been making. They are awesome. We will also add something else this weekend too. On Saturday, we'll start boxes as normal, at 6:00 pm. But, then we will stoop and have another LIVE auction. This will be with the beautiful red/white/blue/tan afghan that Rosemary B from South Africa made. More information later. For your information: on the first big Day Sale, we made $1700.  On the second Day Sale we made $2200.  This is a HUGE help to the rescue center. 

The cats and kittens are all doing great. We had a major turn-around yesterday. The kittens and Ruthie Ann that were in Cat's Corner Room are now out and about. Then we moved Catsparella and her 7 kittens into Cat's Corner Room. Kitty Q was then able to have June's Room with her 2 kittens. Because the 6 orphans are growing, they then moved into Dodger's Pen. It was a train of progression! All are doing fine and growing.

That Walter is such a play kitten. He can be rough one minute, then a sweetie the next. He is literally everywhere in the rescue center! We sent 5 more cats to college yesterday! We sent Paddy Cake, Pushkiss, Snappy, Maui and Polo. This will be good experience for the vet tech students. Our cats will get another full physical, full body x-rays, microchip implanted, complete blood work and stool samples done. All this at no cost to FFRC! They will return Weds. late afternoon. 

Gallant--he's probably wondering when he has to have that collar put back on!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday, April 28

Today is it! It's the final day of voting. Can you believe it? It has been a very long 4 months, but we are now at the finale of it. Click that vote button for the last time today and then rest! The waiting then begins. We won't know the official announcements until Weds. morning. I am so utterly grateful for YOU....the people who have made this all possible! 

Last night was the first live afghan auction that we've ever had. Though we didn't have a real auctioneer, it was still a lot of fun! The auction lasted for 9 minutes and then it was a, going once, going twice and the auction was over! The winner of the afghan was Slickieboy and the winning bid was for $780! Can you believe it? It was awesome! Then to top it off, Oilsandgirl made it an even $1,000 by donating $220! What wonderful people!

Today was a very busy day. All the visitors pitched in and helped us do afternoon treatments. We trimmed toenails, cleaned ears, weighed the cats and kittens, caught up on a few vaccinations and wormings and flea preventions. The cats also have received a good amount of grooming. It was great to have so much help. The cats have had tons of attention and TLC, which they have thoroughly enjoyed.

We also had BOXES last night. You are so giving, we are so thankful!
Judy W from OH--Chief receipts
Susan TC from OH--donation
Aunty Julie/Julie C from MA--card for Magenta, 3 sheets of stamps and a gift card for Walmart for Magenta
Chris & Tom W from CA with Daniel, Anna & Grady--thank you card with letter from the Kitties and a donation 
Joann & Kevin C from FL with Diva Lucy & Aloha Keona--note with picture of kitties
Kathy C from ME--donation in memory of Meg, a long time cam viewer and chatter
Ardath B and Marcia D from NH--donation in memory of Margaret/Meg
Joyce D from CA--gift card from Amazon
Jan M/Floppy Jan from FL--symathy card for Heaven and Jack. For Catathon--$10 Starbuck and a $50 Red Lobster
Francis T from TX--card and a donation
Lovebugs/Pam from VA--for Catathon, a smurf sitting at a desk
Nancy & John D from OH--donation
Sherry & Dave W from NY--sympathy card
Allen C--a donation for FFRC
SwanKitty/Chris & Ron--card for Gallant
Suzanne E from ME--donation in memory of Meg
LongSheryl/Sheryl L from VA with Smallishia--thank you card
For Octavia from a friend--a note and batteries for heart beat mama, lasers and toys
RoseSF6cats from IA--story written by her friends' daughter, Elizabeth H who is 6 years old "If I were a Cat". 
Mbstarr & Nestles--book for all of FFRC's new kitties, "It's All About Meow" by Hudson Talbot
Eaglewatcher/Beth from IL--bunches of Pure Bits snackers, 3 loofah toys, bunches of Fussy Cat can food, Evolove and Ziwi Peak canned cat food, Whiskas, Uniball pens and about 40 of the beautiful Kuranda bed mats that are knitted--great colors and super soft
Kikimycat from FL--for the Catathon: 3 kitty puzzles, Laurel Burch purse, change purse and earrings, Sushi Kitty apron, 2 beautiful ceramic kitty teapots and a kitty hanging banner
Deptddeamons/Pauline D from London UK--3 hand made butterfly glass ornaments for the butterfly room
Joey3100/Joann P from FL--Cats Pajamas for Jacci 
Anonymous Friend--animal print slap bracelets for Catathon
Diana R--plaque for Jacci about Heaven and a mouse pad with all the FFRC kitties. For the Catathon: zoo basket--animals masks, duckie animals, activity books, crayons, tatoos, pinball games, self ink stamps, animal sunglasses, animal treat boxes
Linda & Peter B from NY with Betony and Butterbur (FFRC cats)--note with pictures of Betony and Butterbur. For the Catathon--Kitty Tapestry purse and a tri color kitty pin
LovemyPets/Eric, Carrie & Jimmy--2 sizes of garbage bags, 2 pks of 2 board books, activity books, Plaque (The Higher Hopes), Bumble Bee wind chimes, Lysol wipes, Doggie treats, 2 kitty treats, dog food cans  Some items are for the Catathon!
Crittercat/Michelle & Vincent B from CT--donation in memory of Orangie, 4 novels to read and share, coupons, 5 boxes of business envelopes, 4 pkgs posties, 2 boxes pens, box of tape, bag of rubber bands, note tags. For the Catathon--Chicken Soup for the Mothers Soul, 5 crossword puzzle books, cozie blankies
Anonymous Friend--2 boxes of 6 each 2 inch tape
Fergiesguardian/Susan H, a lurker--4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten, 12 cans of KMR
Kathy K--4 cases baby food
AMsprinkle--10 Cats on the Fence Mats, Meezer news, Roll of easy liner for shelves, 4 pkgs of baby wipes, bag of crocheted mice, 6 cans of Fancy Feast
Anonymous Friend--memory stones for Orangie and Jack
Kathy, Holly, Hannah and Jan and Beth--a KITTEN SHOWER! lysol wipes, case of Fancy Feast Kitten can, kitty snackers, Royal Canin Kitten dry, kitty blankies, baby brushes, Orca mouse toys, toy bears in blue & pink, bag of mice, kitty litter, 2 bottles Tide HE, baby wipes, baby quilt for bottom of pens
Doris L--90 year old friend of Beths--a donation
Moe S--friend of Beth's--a donation

Sorry this is delivered so late on a Sunday night. It's been a hugely busy, very very fun weekend full of friendship and lots of things being done, but it was important to me to get these thanks in. I thank you for caring.

Please remember to vote that very last vote! All the cats are fine. Gallant continues to get his laser treatments. Zelda is also getting laser treatments. We'll see if we can help her front legs to feel better. The kittens are all doing great. Bellies and bodies are growing as is their mobility. 

Sweet Weeja--such a very fun girl. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday, April 27

One more day left to vote--Sunday is the final voting day! Oh my, we're so excited. This represents a whole lot of votes from you all and a whole lot of thanks from us. We're going to win this thing!!

We are having such a lot of fun here with our visitors. Lots of visitors, lots of getting to know each other. They have also been doing a lot of work here--organizing, feeding babies, folding laundry, scooping, painting, washing Kitty City walls down, etc.

We will have BOXES this evening, but first will be the LIVE AFGHAN auction, starting at 6:00 pm. This will be our first one, will be fun and will happen right there on the chat kitty cam. If you would like to bid, simply put your bid on the chat. You can raise the bid anywhere from $1 to $30 at a time. Please, during the live auction, keep all other chat off the board, so we can concentrate on the bids. I wonder who will be the top bidder tonight?!!

It's going to be a very busy day here today, but if possible, we may open the mail at some point, instead of waiting until tonight. Not sure of the time, but by doing this, it will help us with tonight's boxes.

As many of you know, Derecho was a bit under the weather yesterday. He was very sluggish and had a very high fever. Soon after receiving his three injections, he was feeling much better. We checked on him frequently, making sure he was resting a lot yesterday. The last two temp checks were normal and this morning he was back at his "breakfast spot". Last I saw him, he was in the Kabana Room, laying on the rug that is under his Movie Poster! He wants everyone to know that that is HIM!

Bits and Pieces:
*  Many thanks to Jane L who made a donation thru PayPal for FFRC
*  I'd also like to extend a special birthday wish to Cathy H/Ordinary Diva today. Have a great day.
*  Many thanks to Becky M and her daughter Kristen for their help at the last feeding of the 6 kittens,    before bedtime. This helps me tremendously, to know that last feeding was covered.
*  We are rapidly trying to get all of the Day Sale items mailed. We have the vast majority already on their way to the buyers, but still have a bit to go.
*  Many thanks too to the moderators that had a surprise cake made for FFRC. The design was great--sardines in a can!
*  Janet is here from New Zealand. She's been visiting New York, Washington DC and Boston. She arrived here yesterday with Napa, another moderator.
*  The word is....the ceiling workers will be here sometime next week. After they are done, then the walls can be started inside the new extended Thumper's Room and the Mail Room.
*  I saw the first birds at the new feeders outside the Kitty Kabana Room. The cats loved it.

Take care to everyone, have a wonderful weekend, keep voting and please spay or neuter your cat if he/she is not done yet, or take an unowned neighborhood cat in to be neutered or spayed. YOU can make a huge difference in this very high cat overpopulation problem.

This is the afghan for tonight's Live Auction. It's called "Cats on a Rail".
Cat Stitch Afghan Closeup

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday, April 26

FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013

After waiting all day yesterday for an update from The Animal Rescue Site's voting, it finally came up refreshed this morning and we're still ahead, with a little more of a lead! I'm so thrilled. Please keep voting. Voting ends Sunday night, with the results on Weds.  We've been ahead every single day of this contest and we're going to stay ahead! From the very bottom of my heart, I'm saying thank you for all of your support. Please keep voting!

Our 5 College Cats are back. They think they're pretty smart, being there at the college for 4 days! Zelda is here on my desk, sleeping. The results:
Paddy Purr--x-rays good, lab work good, shows a 5 out of 6 heart murmur (even in sleeping)  So, we will follow up with him with our vets
Zelda--kidney levels mildly high, x-rays normal, other lab work normal, found a tapeworm. Treated for tapeworms, we will repeat kidney levels later 
Haylow--lab work good, x-rays good
Sprint--was neutered, lab work good, x-rays good
Pushkins--lab work good, x-rays good, I had asked for a tear duct test, was positive for plugged ducts.
He is scheduled for a tear duct flush today with our vets.
All five cats were microchipped and given full physicals. We will do this next week too with 5 other cats. It was a good experience for FFRC and for the students. Please rest assured that vets are their teachers! 

If you are planning to join us for the Catathon or the Catstock, here are some hotel and B&B numbers:'

Comfort Inn                419-784-4900
Hampton Inn               419-784-1515
Holiday Day Express    419-784-0782
Super 8 Motel              419-782-8000
Def. Bed & Breakfast   419-956-9981
Paulding Bittersweet Inn  419-399-2861

Many thanks for these donations:

Colleen P--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Carmela H from TX--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nancy G from MI--donation in memory of Bondi, Heaven, Orangey and Jack
Renee C--an Amazon gift card and a donation in memory of Bondi, Orangey, Heaven and Jack

Walter is making friends! But, oh my, that boy loves to play! Every toy is his to play with! He's a lovebug. Mobility wise he's very good. His head bobble and head sway is noticeable, but for the most part, he's quiet. But, when he gets the "startles", he stiffens and goes thru a minute or two of frantic-ness. He is having so much fun!

We did not have BOXES last night because I had that laser therapy class at our vet's office. It was very beneficial and gave me more confidence using it. It's a wonderful tool that we now have at our disposal. 

We have visitors! Lots of visitors and we love it! More are coming! Late afternoon I will be picking up Janet and Napa at the airport. Needless to say, I'm so sorry, but boxes probably won't be able to happen tonight. But, on Saturday, we'll make up for it. Remember at 6 pm, we will first do the LIVE afghan auction (see yesterday's blog). 

Dion, the construction guy was here yesterday. He has probably 80% of the siding up! It's coming along nicely. 

I've heard now three times in regards to County, Buckeye and Cypress. County has claimed his new home 100% as his! Buckeye and Cypress are now settling in and being more comfortable. They've decided they like the couch and to watch TV with the grandparents! This thrills me that they've "made it"! 

Both Paddy Cake and Paddy Purr spent their night in Kitty Kastle with Deb11111.  Paddy Cake promised on his heart that he would use the litterbox if he could go with his brother! We are teaching our visitors how to feed baby kitties--they are becoming great kitty mamas! 

Louis's new mama is the baker for Dough Box Bakery in Archbold (extra yummy bakery goods). She arrived today with their Pull-Aparts and 4 different kinds of cookies! Tomorrow she will bring us 6 of their pies. We're talking being spoiled here and we love it! She has given Louis a new new of Guido. Come visit us and share in this good food. 

What a wonderful weekend and friends, super wonderful cats and kittens and looking forward to Sunday night when the voting ends so we can plan our party! 

Catsparella and her 7 babies. She is a wonderful cat. 
Catsparilla & Babies

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday, April 25

Walter is here! Yes, that sweet grey kitten is finally here! Angie and I drove to Ashland, OH yesterday to pick him up. His foster mom is wonderful and does excellent cat work. I am appreciative of her. We saw Walter in an upstairs bedroom where he could see out the windows. I loved meeting him and couldn't wait to hold him. On the way home, he went from Angie to me and back again. Some napping, some looking out the window, but always wanting a hand on him! Such a sweet boy. His CH is a bit different than our other CH cats. He can walk very well. He has a head bobble and a head swing. When he's calm, he has much control. When he has his "startle response", his motions are much exaggerated. But, once he calms, it's back to relaxed mode again. His vision seems fine, but it does appear that he has no hearing. But his other senses are already highly tuned. What a lovey. He's already been out cruising a bit and loves to play with the toys.

Our 5 "college cats" are coming back today. We will get a full medical report of what happened while they were at the vet tech school. Dr. Don has called daily to keep me posted. I'll let you know tomorrow all the details of their check-ups.

Please remember, if you want to order the 2013 FFRC cookbook, you may want to do so soon. The link is: fofrescue.org/the-ffrc-cat-lovers-cookbook-for-2013/

Many thanks to the following:
Glynette M from CA--a donation in memory of Jack's 21 years.
Marilyn B from IL--a donation for Walter
Sheila H from Canada--a donation in memory of Jack
Oracle Assoc. LLC, in behalf of Lana--a donation to FFRC, for the kitties
Judith M from NH--a donation for the new kitties

The Covies are doing great out in Cat's Cove. We are getting Kitty City scrubbed top to bottom. The Covies love their spring/summer/fall home. We welcome our visitors to always visit them! 

Thru the weekend, we will have many visitors here from the webcam. The first to arrive are Deb111 and WarpedinMn/Connie and hubby. They are all from MN. More visitors are coming. We love to have visitors!

The kitties are all doing great. Kitty Q's kittens and Catsparella's kittens are growing. They look good and sure love their mamas. Ruthie Ann continues to keep the 12 kittens in line, although I'm sure sometimes she thinks she's lost total control, when they're running so crazily from room to room!

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks for your support.
Kristen P and family--litter, clorox wipes, PT, small plates, snackers, toys & more toys, kitty wipes, baby food, catnip toys, dry kitten food and plastic bags
Deb1111 and Connie/WarpedinMn & hubby-2 loaves of banana nut bread, 40 boxes of 40 ob litter, volunteer goods (chips, candy and more chips), heavy duty sewing machine for volunteer to make items for FFRC, paper towels. Connie also brought 6 of her beautiful weaved rugs (24 x 36) for either the Day Sales or the Catathon.
Patty V/middiemom04 from MA--5 cases of Fancy Feast fish & shrimp, 2 cases Natural Choice canned food, bag of Eukanuba kitty dry and 12 bricks of bird suet
FFRC Friends--scratchers for the cats! An S shaped one, lounge, alligator, whale scratchers and a box of Whisk. kitty food
Widdletigger--8 cans of pink salmon!
Diane P--case of Fancy Feast kitten and a case of Fancy Feast adult
Loricat13--2 bottles of Tide HE and a case of Brawny paper towels
Bill/billypogo & Bonnie G from Virginia--a beautiful Story of Heaven (10 good things about Heaven) written by Bonnie, 5 books "True Tales of a Bobble Head Cat (CH cats). One book goes to Amy for her school class, one for the Butterfly class, 2 cat nip tail toys, a "Z" tshirt for Jacci, a nice cat plaque, 4 kitty snackers, baby rice, baby turkey, 4 catnip mice, 2 kitty shaped ice cube trays, a stuffed Bruno/Zelda for the snuggle safe. Give your kitties a pet from us all!
Ronald--blue plastic baskets with handles for the Mail Room
Jatcat--computer and printer and adaptor (special thanks!)
TippynTraylorand Ashleytoo--HB card for Farrah and a beautiful purple collar with a purple heart that says "Farrah" on front and "FFRC Moss Defiance Ohio" on back!!!
Tabbycatkid with Swiftpaw, Sterling and Greypaw--letter and a fantastic book--Simons cat Kitchen Chaos. And it's signed by the author Simon Tofield !! A very special book--will be for the Catathon
Octavia's Shopping Helper--4 bags of volunteer candy, 5 boxes of Nutra grain bars, canned clams, case of Sardines, 6 big candy bars, case of salmon, 2 boxes of Turtles candies and 2 cases of 9 lives and there was also a gift for Amy, from her kitties!--I'm not sure how Octavia manages all of this, but we're happy! 

Tonight I'll be going to an education class about our laser equipment, at Dr. Pettigrew's office, so there won't be boxes. 

Our 6 kittens that were with Kitty Q are doing good. We are syringe feeding them. What messy little kittens! They've already had a bath this morning. They are close to start eating on their own, but not quite yet. They'd love to be with Kitty Q and she would love it too, but they have made her very sore and we don't want that. So, we're playing mama cat again!

We have THREE more voting days left and we're still in first place!!! Please keep voting. It's so so exciting. We're planning on a party on Wednesday, here at the Rescue Center.

We're going to have a LIVE afghan auction on Saturday at 6:00 pm (FFRC time). Anyone interested in bidding on this afghan will need to do it on the CAM CHAT, so you must be signed in. Remember, if you're on a mobile unit, you may be 5-10 seconds behind. Please know that sometimes things get a little "buggy" too since we're dealing with the internet and ustream! Bids can be raised anywhere from $1 to $30. All that you'll need to do to bid, is to pop your amount there on the chat. Please, keep the chat to bids only during the live auction. That will help us to pick out the bids. This can be a lot of fun! The afghan that will be up for bid is the famous Cat on the Fence afghan. It's beautiful--black, grey and white, made by Theresa M's mom. The bidding will continue until there's a significant pause in the bidding, then we will give the Going once, going twice, going three times to............." !

Here's the beautiful afghan that will be up for LIVE afghan Saturday 6:00 pm (FFRC time). 
cat auction.jpg

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday, April 23

Gratefulness. Yes, that is what I am, that Jack was with us. Jack passed away yesterday morning. I was sitting beside him petting him, as I knew he was leaving us. He was so peaceful and comfortable--looked like he was simply sleeping. He had a great week last week, playing in his water bowls. At the end of the week, he just seemed to have lost his sparkle. He had two places he liked to sleep in and we all here made frequent stops in to pet and love on him this weekend. There was no way I was going to ask a 21 year old cat to "keep on going". He was tired and was ready. We will miss him and I feel honored to have had him here at FFRC. 

Grab a coffee, sit and enjoy this extra long blog!

We have had several adoptions the last few days. Georgia was adopted this past weekend. I've already heard from the family and it sounds like a wonderful fit! Weeja is now back at the rescue center. It turns out both of the young boys are allergic to kitties. So, Weeja is back. She's happy, been well cared for and fit right back in. She's been running and playing since she was returned!

Yesterday afternoon, County went to his new home. Yes, County, our long time here boy. He went to a home, where I believe he is going to be treated as King County and loved very much! Then friends of Steve wanted 2 young adult cats--our pick. Our Woodie brothers have never had a chance at being adopted, so Cypress and Buckeye went to their new home. There is a mom/dad and a grandma/grandpa family there--lots of laps to coax these boys into joining them! I'm thrilled and will keep in touch with them. By the way, my latest check on Badu is wonderful--she and her mama are happy together! 

Catspararella's 7 kittens are doing wonderful. Their little tummies are nice and round. She looks so different--thin now. We are feeding her many meals a day. Kitty Q's kittens (yes, all 8 of them), are now toddling around in the pen. It looks so cute to see these little legs holding up those big tummies! Both mamas are awesome--so sweet and kind to their babies.

Ruthie Ann, the 3rd mama, is shy, but a devoted mom. She doesn't mind that group of 7 scurrying around in the main area, as long as they come back when she calls them. The group of 5 long hair kittens have now been added to Ruthie Ann's room. They are out most of the day, but still go in at night time. That room sure can rock and roll with all the action!

We let 5 of our cats go to Brown Mackie College yesterday. This is a college for vet tech students and they needed some cats for their radiology class. So, we let them "borrow" our cats.
Sprint--will be neutered, stool sample, x-rays, leukemia/fiv test
Pushkins--has a weepy eye, so will have a test done to see if he has a plugged tear duct, x-rays, stool sample
Paddy Purr--has had diarrhea, so will have a stool sample done, x-rays
Haylow--stool sample and x-rays
Zelda--she has been limping on both front legs now, so x-rays and a stool sample 
They will be returned on Weds or Thurs. This was difficult for me to let them go, but it's good for the cats to have these things done, good for the students. All these treatments are done at no charge to FFRC. My desk is empty without Zelda.

Many thanks to the following for the gifts given to us.
Janet C--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Ann F from Canada--donation in memory of Bondi, HEaven, Orangey and Jack
Judith M from NJ--donation in memory of Bondi, Heaven, Orangey and Jack
Karen G from TN--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Karen A from TX--donation to FFRC, in honor of kitten Archer
Gusti from Germany--donation in memory of Jack
Lynette R from Canada--donation thru PayPal for KMR or anything needed for Catsparella
Arden & Charmaine from IN--donation thru PayPal for Catsparella's kittens
Deborah C from WA--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Stephanie W--donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Kim K from MI--donation thru PayPal for the continued care of Ruthie Ann
Janet B from FL--donation to help with Wigglin' Walter
Deborah M from CA--donation to help with Wigglin' Walter (daughter lost her Walter cat, also a CH cat recently), also in memory of Bondi, Heaven and Orangey

On Sunday, we moved the Covies from Kitty City to Cat's Cove! They were so happy. They have probably 4-5 times the space! Lots of running between the two buildings, checking everything out. They love their Cove! It's been water blasted clean, all the icky, stinky, old carpeted furniture was removed and replaced with the Kuranda beds. In a few days, we'll let them have a day run of the farmyard and check out what's happened out there during the winter!

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks to you.
Cheryl G--scotch cusion wrap and Arm & Hammer litter
Ruth D--a 5 unit Kuranda tower (this one went to Cat's Cove) 
Cindy N from OH--thank you card and fobs/kleenex holders/change purse for the volunteers that have been helping with the Day Sale
Adrian from Ireland and Malcom and Patch--two AWESOME posters--the best ever poster of Derecho. It looks like a movie poster, portraying mighty Derecho and the movie is called Determination. It's really awesome and another psychedelic kitty picture. Kathy went out last night and got the frames for these--will hang them today!  
Randi M/Mary2u--a note, 3 cases of Royal Canin Baby can food, 1 case of kitten can and 1 case of adult can--Fancy Feast
Ellen N in FL--an anonymous donation (friend of Ellen) with a wonderful card and note 
Tigercat/Julie P--3 containers of Cosmic Catnip (1 for FFRC & 2 for projects)
Sue M from IA--Catathon basket--coffees, teas, hello kitty items--a wonderful basket!
PhilnCleoNJ--notes from Bondi and Heaven--from each, a yellow rose dipped in gold--absolutely beautiful and is a treasure
From the FFRC Family--card and memorial rocks for Bondi and Heaven for the Albert Memorial Garden--thank you. 
Jatcat--a much need computer to help with all of our internet/computer work!

We had a report from Petfinder. The top 12 cats that have been looked at are: Tizzie, Willard, Wdeber, Badu, Dove, Maui, Preakness, County, Farrah, Goodness, Buckeye and Georgia.

We have 5 more days to vote! We are still in #1 spot! I'm thrilled, excited and can't wait to see FFRC as the winner! Thanks so very much for your votes. 

I've received an email that says a great deal. It is something that will make me remember always--what we say and what we do has a direct bearing on other people. Be kind, be understanding and reach out to others. We always have a choice--be positive or negative. I am a big believer in negativity breeding negativity. So, let the positive side flow! Here is the thought in the email I received:

"Friend" says she wants to thank us for showing Heaven to the cam. While she was out and about, a man with a very large tumor hanging from the end of his nose was nearby her. At first, the response was to turn away.The reaction that Heaven brought about (love and respect) quickly ran through her mind and she realized that regardless of Heaven's appearance she deserved to be loved, as did this man before her. So, Friend looked up at him, smiled and commented on what a beautiful day it was. She could see his smile even though she couldn't see his face. She could see his smile by his dimples in his cheek and in his eyes! She then said to have a good day, just as she normally would say to a bystander. 

What a beautiful thing that happened here in this story. We can all show compassion every single day to those that are in need, be it an animal or a person. I will never ever in the future doubt whether I should share a story about an FFRC cat again. Heaven has taught me this and that the compassion and love that you viewers have is great.

Catsparella and her kitties.
Catsparilla & Babies

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday, April 21

Babies, babies, babies! We have babies everywhere and every single one of them is so precious. Catsparella had her kittens early this morning. About 12:15 a.m. she had the first one, then 2 more fairly quickly. She then decided to wait for a couple hours, and had 2 very close together, a short wait and 2 more. Finally....she was done. She's been resting all day today. The weights of the kittens are 3 ounces and 3.5 ounces. They all look good and all nursing. We have 4 boys and 3 girls.
Kiko        orange/white, white face, male
Kenco      orange/white, long white stripe up nose, male
Archer     orange tiger, male
Patches    black/white white stripe left front leg, male 
Sammie    brown tiger, female
Fiona       brown tiger/ white tip toes ASH, female
Meg         brown tiger/white ASH, 4 legs white, female

We also have names now for the 6 short hair kittens that Kitty Q has taken on. Kitty Q's two kittens are Ginger, multed calico, female and Pumpkin, beige/white, female. Their foster sibs are:
Caliboo     slate grey, male
Calidora    grey tiger, female
Bixley       dark tiger, male
Bix            dark tiger, male
Jemison     black, female
Remison    black, male

Then we have the five long hair kittens, who are presenting running around in the Kitty Campus Room, causing havoc!
Abbott      black tiger, male
Abner       lighter black tiger, male
Temba      brown tiger with little torti behind ears, female
Navi          brown tiger/torti, female
Zsa Zsa     grey (ALH), female   

Lots of new names to remember and lots of kittens to get to know! Ruthie Ann and her seven kittens are also doing very well. Eb is growing quickly and I believe he thinks he's already grown up! He's so brave. 

Happy Birthday yesterday to Nance, one of our orangie kittens that was adopted to our volunteer, Dawn. Nance sent a whole bag of cat snackers to help celebrate her first birthday!

Our Day Sale went wonderful yesterday. I am so so thankful for the support you all showed. We have already started bagging and boxing things up and will get the majority of things mailed out the beginning of the week. Thanks to everyone who made this possible--the people who donated the items, the people who bought the items, the moderators for running an awesome chat room and to Angie, Amy and Dawn for helping here at the rescue center with the sale. Steve and Bill started organizing the mailings before we were even done! I realize that not everything is perfect--never can be, but we try to get it right. Some things are out of our control, such as the internet and ustream. Thanks for understanding and making it a great sale morning!

Derecho, looking pretty spiffy!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday, April 20

Kitty Q gets the award for the best cat mama ever. Yesterday, we took in 6 new little kittens, just a tad older than her two own kittens, Pumpkin and Ginger. Their mama was killed on the road. Kitty Q took them in, didn't even blink an eye at them--they immediately became a part of her family. There are two blacks, two brown tiger, 1 grey, 1 grey tiger--ever so cute. I'm grateful Kitty Q would open her heart to them--much better for the kittens, much easier for us! As they continue to nurse, she'll produce more and more milk. They are all in Dodger's Pen.

Our other family of 5 fluffy kittens are doing great. They are still in Thumper's Room--have two pens combined to make one, so it gives them some play room. They are all eating good. Names will happen very soon.

Catsparella.......still no babies! She is waiting her own sweet time. It's just not time yet. She came out yesterday, from her room, did a couple walk-abouts, then went back into her room. She's eating good, looks good and seems contented.

Doce is doing awesome. His little bum problem seems to be no longer a problem. He's pottying just fine now. He was in the house all day yesterday. Between him and the three Z's, there was a whole lot of romping going on. Such fun they have!

Haven't heard an update yet on Walter. Will keep you all posted.

Today is our Day Sale! It starts at 11:00 am (FFRC time). Come join the fun on the cam and see what FFRC has for sale. These Day Sales help us financially and we are grateful. To designate that you would like to buy something, you must be signed in. Remember, mobile units watching the cam are about 5-10 seconds behind. That, we cannot change on our end! The moderators play a big part of our sales. During the sales, they'll ask you to keep the chat strictly to the buying process. If not, it's too hard to pick out the buyers chat. We will show the items in sections, offer those to be bought, chatters put up their desire to buy, and then the MOD transfers that back to us. There will also be a designated mod, just for PM's. Don't worry--this goes really smooth and you'll see how easy it is! 

We had BOXES last night! Grateful, thankful are we!
Kikimycat--BD card for Joyful with a beautiful poem
Vickie D from NC with Hershey, her 12 year old Inkie--card
Lois & Val from WI--BD card, Hoops n YoYo
Courtney T from ME--donation for FFRC
Faithy from MD--BD card for Joyful
Hencass/Cassandra--list for the Amish basket that she sent--thanks!
School Class--Thank you card for the tour of the rescue center and talk
Joseph & Rhonda--BD card for Goodness
Nibbiesmommy/Christy w/Kiko & Lotus--Kitty card in rememberance of Orangie, Bondi and Heaven and a Visa gift card
Marysbaby/Mary & Jim with Nina, Baby and Cody--sympathy card in memory of Orangie, Bondi and Heaven
Kelly R--card with paw prints
Cheryl G from TN--6 giant rolls of paper towels
Eileen--CK Reader, For Heaven's Sake and 5 packs of coil toys
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze--3 cases of appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast
MLS9690/Linda S--colored paper, 2 reams of printer paper, Scotch 2 inch tape, stretch band aids and gauze3
Julie P/Auntie Julie from TN--in memory of Orangie, Bondi and Heaven--kitty flag and metal rod holder
Arden & Charmaine--Day Visitors--donation for FFRC. Brought to FFRC by daughter Becky. We so enjoyed their visit!
JoAnn C--donation to FFRC
Joyce--pizza for after the Day Sale today!

You all know how I feel about our volunteers--they are the best ever and I am deeply grateful to them. They give over and over selflessly of their time and love. I would also like to express my thanks to our FB admins and Cam moderators. They have a tough job and they can't reach in here and hug a cat when the going gets rough. Please, always be courteous on facebook and in the cam chat. Remember, we are a cyber family--truly we are. It's a little different as we can't read each other completely without a visual lock in on a face or hear the way words are spoken. So--always think before pressing that button to send your words into cyberspace. Thank you!

We got the bird feeders up in front of the Kitty Kabana windows yesterday. They look awesome and hopefully will attract even more birds. We enjoy watching the birds and the cats do too! 

The 7 kittens of Ruthie Ann's have been running all over--they can fly around here! Such a joy to watch them. Cutie has been doing her baby-bathing again. She loves the big cushies and when a kitten crawls up there, Cutie hooks it and bathes it! 

This is a picture of Walter! What a sweetie he looks like. Can't wait to hug him. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday, April 19

Hope everyone is doing great. This is a very late blog and it's going to be a very short blog. The day is quickly running past me, but I felt it was very important to get my thank yous in from our BOXES last night. 

Kerswill/Nancy--Fun Run Tunnel (one of their favorite toys)
Cameo D/Cachemaine from ME--lots of handmade kitty blankies, 2 beautiful knitted baby afghans
Tigercat/Julie P--coil toys, 2 jars of Cosmic catnip for catnip mats, twig tunnelfor the bbaies, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp
Sonja/Sonjamac from Toronto--3 bottles of Tide HE
Arden & Charmaine--4 Tide HE bottles, sardines and doggie snacks  (will be visiting today!)
Ellen N/Furkitty & Pat/Cathouze--wash clothes, trash bags, 4 carpet mats and 2 Quillows
Anonymous Friend--3 rugs, 7 towels, 4 microfiber bathing towels, afghan for Octavia, purse, white blankie, stickers, posties, notebooks, page protectors, wine opener (for KK), dog snackers, covie snackers, kitty snackers, 2 monkey toys for doggies.  For the Catathon: branch color pencils, long dish washing gloves, recipe box with cards, kitty/dog frames, laurel burch bag, purple blankie, iPod nano with screen protector, bag clips, strainers, cutting board, frog apron, kitty apron, dish towels, kitchen timer, clips, egg spatula, scrapers, and 4 wonderful gift cards to go with the appropriate baskets. We got some makings for some good Catathon baskets!!
Card from "Heaven"--thank you for this
Maryann O/Merry_Marvin and Peanut Baby--kitty comics and coupons
Wal-Mart--gift card from our local Wal-Mart

Catsparella still has not had her kittens. Could it be that she really isn't pregnant?!  No, I'm just kidding. She's just waiting her merry time. Our new 5 fluffy kittens are doing awesome. 

We will be taking on another CH kitten--his name is Wigglin' Walter. We shall call him Walter! He's so sweet looking. As soon as his last vet visit is done, we'll be making a trip to get him. It's about a 3 hour drive. He needs a home and FFRC has been approved. I am honored to have him here.

Please remember tomorrow morning is our Day Sale. It begins at 11 am (FFRC time). Lots of Leggydew blankies, catnip mats, collector plates, different shirts, photograph books, quillows, cookbook I, Canton's FFRC stories (the greatest booklet ever), Mike's FFRC CD (it's all about FFRC cats) and lots more! Come join us--it'll be fun! Thanks for your support.

Please vote! We only have NINE days left. I'm so excited! 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday, April 18

TEN more voting days left! It's almost here--the finish and we're still ahead! Please don't let up on the voting yet--you can rest those fingers after the 28th! Thank you very much for this support and keeping us in first place. 

Kitty Q mama cat and her two babies, Ginger and Pumpkin are now in Dodger's Pen. Kitty Q is quite comfortable. Mama-to-be Catsparella is still "to-be"--no babies yet. The 7 kittens in Cat's Corner Room had two play times out into the main area yesterday and again this morning. They are doing real well.

We took in 5 new kittens yesterday--all so cute and fluffy. These are 5 long hair kittens, about 5 weeks old. Mama is being spayed today. While we prefer to let kittens be with their mamas longer, in this case, it was a wise decision to seperate early. Being outside and no people contact makes for wild kittens, also mama kept moving them around in the woods--too much danger and the human was worried she wouldn't be able to find them yet again. So...they are here now and have already been tested, wormed and bathed. Little fluff balls!

We had BOXES last night--we're so grateful for the generosity of you folks.
The family of Megan, Jonathon, Emily & Aiden and cats Milano and Oreo--6 rolls of Scotch brand packaging tape, 100 mailing envelopes and a roll of bubble wrap--all for the new Mail Room.
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of Appetizers
Derecho's Friend--a letter from Derecho (the official scribe for FFRC kitties) and a Lowe's Gift Card
Ellen E/kikimycat from FL--bag full of toys for the Covies. For the volunteers: candy treats!
Christy M--2 Tide HE laundry soap & 2 bottles of Mr. Clean
Julie P/Tigercat54 from TN--card, big bag of Song bird seed and a European Cypress tree in memory of kitties passing, with an angel ornament on it   We will get this beautiful little tree planted very soon.
Debra T/TXAuntie--card with a token and thank you note, box of appetizers, Sheba cans, Purrfectly Fish, a beautiful kitty umbrella, a case of Fancy Feast and a really neat brass kitty key holder
Nibbiesmommy--For Jack: a beautiful woven collar
Lynette R/lynnszs--sardine pasta recipe, 4 cans of sardines!
Cheryl G from TN--big bag of Royal Canin Kitten, 40 rolls of Charmin TP, 8 boxes of Kleenex, 4 pack tape and 100 mailing poly bags for our Mail Room
Michlynn--4 cases of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp
Kerswill--scratcher bowl cat bed, cat dancer toy, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp and a case of Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Carolyn G/carolyngranny3--case of Fancy Feast turkey kitten, 2 cases Appetizers and a case of Fancy Feast grilled
Jean H from OH--From Friend Diane to Volunteers--6 bags of California Medley snacks. For the Catathon: non slip headbands, Starlight Animal Rescue Books, kitty stickers, DVD Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, Walk by Faith calendar and a willow tree  pendant "Above All, Kindness"
Phyllis B/kittiesmom--coupons, comic strip!, Mr. Clean magic sponges, postie notes, TLC bag for Vols, bubble wrap (for Mail Room) and lots of kitty snackers
Schinn81--case of Friskies Variety and a case of Fancy Feast Grilled
Widdletigger--2 cases of Appetizers, case of Fancy Feast morning souffle and 2 bags of Wellness Kitty dry
Cheryl G--40 pounds Arm & Hammer litter
Anonymous Friend--175 feet Scotch Cushion Wrap & 40 pounds of Arm & Hammer litter
Vickie D from NC--3 pack lysol wipes, 2 very pretty cat collars, case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers and a case of Purrfectly Chicke3n
Maryann O/merry_marvin and kitties--Laurel Burch card, gift for Heaven and FFRC kitties--holistic snackers, pretty throw with owls/trees/flowers, Kitty bed (very soft) and a Ghiradelli chocolates for the volunteers  (loved the Heaven note)
Lois L/lannmi--bag of Royal Canin kitten and bag of Royal Canin Adult
Mary I/marysbaby3--4 bags of kitty snackers and 4 dollies (made by Pat Secrist Doll Collections)--these are really nice dolls that will either be for a Day Sale or the Catathon.
Paul_68--he asked Wanda to do a portrait of Jack to be given to Jack's mama, which we will gladly do. Thank you, Paul and Wanda
James P/littlebit20 and family--donation in memory of Bondi, Heaven and Orangey
Cathy H/Ordinarydiva--flowers were delivered--beautiful and are much welcomed
Moderators--flowers were delivered--thanks Mods, you're the best

Dion and Martin were super busy yesterday working in the new building. All the sheetrock is now on the walls too! Is beginning to really look like the 2 rooms now! They're here already today. Next the furnace guy has to apply one more "furnace part" and then the ceiling guy comes to apply a layer of "mud". The mud won't go on until 2 more weeks (at least that's what I'm told!). 

My definition of a volunteer: one who gives with their heart, their time, compassion and love to those that they are being of service too. One of the most important things we can do with our lives is to be of service to others, whether it be to people or animals. I know for a fact, that these cats here benefit highly from our volunteers. A volunteer can be anyone who helps us; and can be shown in many ways. My thanks to you! 

Ada Jane, all dressed up for the day! 
Ada Jane

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weds., April 17

Today will be a good day--it's a day to start afresh. So, to make the day get off to a fun start, the door to Kitty Campus Room was opened for about an hour this morning. It took little Karena about 5 seconds to come barreling out the door, straight into the front office and then she just stood there, like "what happened and where am I?"  It was so funny. Right behind her was the rest of the gang--7 total were out and about, including tiny little bit EB. Karena though is hilarious--she hardly stopped running. Ratchet and Sara were also out exploring everywhere. That Arden and Jannuka were sticking today and climbing the base of the palm tree. I found Keesha clear in the Kitty Kabana room in the banana bed. This will step up the pace here today!

I'd like to move Kitty Q and Ginger and Pumpkin to Dodger's Pen this morning. Right now it's full of the pet first aid kits that we're making for Catathon. But, those can be moved and Kitty Q can move in. It'll be good for her to be here with us, where we can pet her even more. The two babies have eyes even more open today and can wobble around a bit now. Their tummies are so sweet and round.

Many thanks for the following donations. We sure do appreciate it.
Nancy E--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Sheila H from Canada--donation in memory of Heaven and Orangey
Clynette M from CA--donation in memory of Bondi, Orangey and Heaven
Caren F from CA--donation in memory of Bondi, Heaven and Orangey
Halosmom& Halosdaddy from NY--donation in memory of Bondi
Dawn H from MI--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

As you know, we love sharing our kitties and cats on the kittycam! It makes for a big happy cat family! It's amazing to me the love and care and compassion that comes thru the cam, from you to us. That's part of the reason we always try to keep you all updated and to show the cats to you. I so much appreciate when I see people telling one another "thank you" for something that person has done, or a "sure glad to have you on", or those "please" means the most to me. When people are asking us here at the rescue center something, it's nice to see that Please added on. Instead of "move the flower", seeing "Can you move the flower so we can see better please", sure is nice to see. I'm sure you understand. We will try and accommodate  but keep in mind, much of the time, we can't watch the chat--we're busy taking care of the rescue center! Thanks!

Oh my, do we have BOXES! I didn't do boxes Monday or Tuesday night, and there's a bunch of them! I believe we will start BOXES at 5:45 tonight to give us a head start! So, please jot that down if you'd like to join us--5:45 pm (FFRC time). I can't wait to see what's in them. Already been shaking and rattling a few of them. And actually, there's a soap.com one that has 3 cats sleeping inside it at the moment. They got the top opened, and jumped in. I heard this rattling going on in the box and was a bit startled till I peeked and saw the sleeping mound of fur on the crinkle paper! 

We had Dion and Martin working all day in the new construction rooms yesterday. All of the sheetrock is now up on the ceiling! Wow--lots of progress is being made. The furnace guys will be here today to complete their ductwork (almost done though!). The electric main line was also taken from the front of the rescue center, thru the attic and put into the Mail Room. Progress is being made! When things settle a bit, and the rain stops, they want to also get the forms in for the two sidewalk areas--one in front of Kitty Kabana and the other from the back of the parking lot to the Cat's Cove. No more muddy feet for the volunteers and visitors! 

Pretty Preakness! 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tuesday, April 16

Yesterday was a day of sadness  yet a day of gratitude. We lost three precious cats all in one day. Our  wonderful Bondi, as mentioned in yesterdays blog, passed away in the early morning hours. How different that Welcome Room Office feels. Her presence is missed. She had love to give, yet enough "sass" to make her stubborn enough to make life fun! 

Our oldster barney cat, Orangey, a gold tiger boy, passed away in the afternoon. He's been with us a long long time. As you may know, our barn cats have many names--it seems like different people would call them different names, but to me, he was Orangey. A sweet old boy. Jimmy has been helping him all winter and even gave the grey barn cats their own heat source which they loved. I think Orangey just got tired out. 

Our third cat to pass was our Heaven girl. She was here just a little over 2 weeks. As many of you know, she had cancer on her face. Her beauty came from within. She had so so much love to give. She was like a sponge--she soaked up all the hugs, kisses and love we gave her and then when we hugged her, she would squeeze it back to us. She was so loved. She passed away in the early evening.

All three of these cats were loved and cared for. All three have caused me a million tears to flow yesterday and today. But, how is it possible to grieve so much for this loss, but yet be so thankful? It's true. I am utterly grateful for all three of these cats, that they spent part of their lives with us here. I am also grateful to you all "out there" who has much love for our FFRC cats and kittens. This rescue work is sometimes tough, but the joy it brings far outweighs the sad parts. Having memories too is a wonderful gift.  

Our sweet Catsparella still hasn't had her kittens. I can't possibly think it'll be much longer though. Kitty Q's kittens now have their eyes cracked open a bit. They can now see the world! 

Please remember to pre-order your 2013 FFRC Cat Lover's Cookbook Volume II. The cost is $28 in the USA and $33 if they are to be shipped outside of the USA. The new cookbook has over 650 new recipes. Follow this link to order: fofrescue.org/the-ffrc-cat-lovers-cookbook-for-2013/

Many thanks to you, our supporters:
Lucy P--donation thru PayPal in memory of Heaven, Bondi and Orangey 
Lynne W--donation thru PayPal
Kelly S from MD--a donation thru PayPal in memory of that feisty Bondi
Cheryl G from TN--a donation thru PayPal for the Feliz Navidad Fund, in memory of Bondi
Sheila H from Canada--a donation thru payPal in memory of Bondi
Jean and Neil S from OH--a donation in memory of Bondi, thru PayPal
Daydreamz2 from IA--a donation in memory of Bondi, thru PayPal

I believe we now have the last of the past Day Sale orders sent, except for a few we haven't received a check or PayPal for. The last pile went out yesterday. If by the end of the week, you haven't received yours, please don't hesitate to let me know. Thank you. We try to get it right 100% on the packing and shipping. I understand one of the glass garden items didn't make it to its home in one piece. Let me know if any other orders arrived damaged. Thanks!

This Saturday at 11:00 am (FFRC time) will be our next Day Sale. We have more of the catnip beds, Leggydews/Angie too blankies, big cat and domestic cat collector plates, and many items that we have not done before. Please join us--it'll be fun and a wonderful way to help us.

As of today, we have 12 voting days left. Please keep voting!

I would like to thank the moderators for the beautiful spring flowers they sent to the rescue center. Made my day and brought a smile. Thanks to you all for caring. It amazes me how, even though, most of you can't reach out and actually touch these cats and kittens, that you genuinely care. For that, I am grateful. 

Our newly painted Kitty Campus Room!
Kitty Campus

Kitty Campus

Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday, April 15

Our dear Bondi has passed away this morning. I came out to the rescue center at 3:45 to check on Catsparella and then went to check on Bondi and Heaven. Bondi was curled up in her electric heater bed, already in the process of passing. I got to pet her a few minutes, before she passed, which I'm so thankful for. We will miss her very much. Bondi has become the boss of the Welcome Room Office. It was her office, her bed, her rugs and she made sure the other cats knew it. We all loved that bout her, because we remember, when she came to us, she was so so frail. While I have a sense of peace in her passing, I will very much miss her. She was a special cat, found by our volunteer Jenni who would always love on her, every time she would come to the rescue center. Thanks to you all for caring about her too.

Catsparella still hasn't delivered the kittens, although she seems a bit restless this morning and didn't eat her breakfast. Time will tell. There's never any rushing these situations--mother nature certainly is the caller here as to when the time is right. 

You may see Doce running around this week. His poor bum is really having trouble. The loose stools are under control now, but his anal sphincter muscle is not very good. It's so irritated. So, after talking to our vet last night, we're going to try a few things, including using the laser on his bum to help with the irritation.

Last night, we did two laser treatments--the one on Doce and one on Gallant. We can actually increase the amount of times that the laser can be used. I am so very grateful to our donor for this piece of equipment. Knowing we have another tool to help improve the life of the cats means a lot to me. 

The 7 kittens with Ruthie Ann are doing great. Won't be long until we let them come out and about. They are playing and playing and so having fun. Mama Ruthie Ann is a bit reserved--she is wonderful though at keeping all of her kittens happy. She's a good mama.

Our voting went up from .16% to .17%! I'm so happy about this. 13 more voting days. Please keep voting--it's almost over and then we're going to celebrate! Thanks to you all for the support you give to this Rescue Center. I am in awe of all of you. 

Short blog--want to spend some time with my kitties inside and with Heaven. She ate a good breakfast, has had lots of holding already today, but can definitely tell her condition has progressed. We'll give her lots of loving for you all too. 

Montana--one of the nicest cats ever. His fur is growing in!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday, April 14

Oh my garsh--we're almost there! Two weeks from today is the last day of voting--we've almost made it, folks! Please, keep voting, ask a friend to vote, spread it on your facebook, ask the neighbor, give a note to a family member with the link--oh, there's so many ways to get votes! Thanks bunches for your help and support.

We had BOXES last night. We are very beholden to you all.
PhilnCleo from NJ--case of Temptation kitty snackers
Debbie C/LostGirl--4 big bottles of TIde HE
KC/KittyCanada 1 from Canada with Justin & Michelle--Kitty Cabana bed for the Kabana Room, with leopard print, 4 packages of kitty note cards, donation
Lynne W--donation to FFRC thru PayPal

We also had the closing of another afghan auction. These are so much fun and the support shown thru these are awesome. We closed the auction at 6 pm sharp last night. The top bidder for Afghan A (rainbow) went to Elisabeth/Widdletigger for $240. The top bidder for Afghan B (maroon/pink) went to Kelly R/littleonemine for $220. Thanks Wendi B for the wonderful Rainbow Afghan. Thanks too to Autumn Kitty/Anna B who donated $40 to bump the total amount to $500. What a great auction! 

We have a Petfinder Weekly Report. The top 13 cats that have been viewed this past week are: Farrah, Octavia, Badu, Betz, Maui, Willard, Weber, County, Cypress, Goodness, Spruce, Zelda, Dahnay.

For those that did not catch it on the BOX time, I would like you all to know that Bondi and Heaven are here for a short time yet. The time they have had with FFRC, has been filled with love, kisses and anything they've desired. They've been doted on. We will keep you informed. 

Joyful's eye is better today. She's not too keen on us cleaning that eye, but she tolerates it. And I do believe she still loves us! She's a beauty. The 2 kittens of Kitty Q's tummies are big and bigger. The milk supply is plentiful. Our sweet Catsparella hasn't had her kittens yet. She stretches way out and sleeps that way--looks like a stick with a watermelon bump! She herself was born to purr! Such a sweetie. It causes everyone to smile, to go into Cat's Corner Room and see that pile of kittens sleeping on top of one another!

Jack has been in water heaven. We lay two big towels on the floor, with a tub of water on top--all for Jack's pleasure. He'll sit there and paw and paw at it. But, he still likes those waterbowls too. Loves to empty them out! 

Yesterday, I walked out into the Kabana Room and had to laugh! Three cats sleeping in the banana bed, 2 cats sleeping inside the strawberry bed and 2 kittens sleeping inside the fish bed.  And yet, 3 more cats sleeping in the house under the palm tree. What a bunch of napping cats. Then I walked into Thumper's Room, and there was Joyful sleeping in the other strawberry bed. Good for a smile!

He knows he's handsome....Polo!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday, April 13

We've had rivers of water here today. That Jack is way too funny. He is going dish to dish to dish, sitting, splashing the water out and also stands in the water bowls. He's emptied seven of them so far them morning! I do think he's very proud of himself!

Please VOTE!!

No babies yet from Catsparella. Just feeling her tummy, you can feel a whole "herd of kittens" in there dancing away! She's a young cat, but I believe she'll be a good mama.

Ruth Ann and her 3 kittens and 4 foster kittens are doing great. That little Eb has a belly that looks like a golf ball. The others are playing so much, they're a blur sometimes!

Please PROMOTE our votes!

Kitty Q is such a contented mama--her two babes Ginger and Pumpkin nurse all the time. Kitty Q just lays there, looking out the window, enjoying the peace and quiet.

We had a wonderful box arrive yesterday. It was from the medical company. Our laser equipment has arrived! I think my hands were shaking! I am so so thankful to our Anonymous Donor--what a wonderful gift. We'll be getting it up and running very soon.

Please ask a friend to VOTE!

This morning, I saw Cutie and Bella both in the big red cush--they were sunk down very low, could hardly seem them. What a blissful nap. Solee loves napping on the orange window shelf in the Kabana room. I love watching Pania when she's "watching" the birds. Her ears and whiskers are at full attnetion--listening to the bird chirps.

We appreciate your VOTES!

The construction guy was here again yesterday. Got a lot done. All the electric outlet boxes are in place with the wiring done on those. The insulation is now in the walls too. He said he'll be back on Monday!

Adrian, Malcolm & Patch from Northern Ireland--posted a picture on FB and challenged the chatters to name the 9 volunteers and kitties and he would then make a donation. It didn't take long for Mary Cat to name them all!

We had BOXES last night! We're a grateful bunch of people here, to you!
Nigel W from UIK--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Cheryl S from MD--a donation to FFRC, in memory of her husband's Aunt, Bonnie M
Isabella H from FL--a donation thru PayPal to FFRC
Jean M/Annette 20 from CA and Alexandria & Princess--tulip card, nice letter and a donation in memory of preciousPrince.
Anonymous Friend--4 packs of Temptation snackers
Ellen N/furkitty and Pat/cathouze from FL--chipmunk card, kitty snackers, bag of IAMS dry kitty food, case of Appetizers, Fancy Feast
Christina S/nibblesmommy from AZ--2 packs of Clorox wipes, bag of Purina kitten food, 3 bags of kitty snackers, case of Purrfectly Chicken and one of Gravy Sensations, package of Kitty Wipes and bottle of laundry soap HE
Laura/Medic--2 cases of Fancy Feast
Linda S/mls9690 from PA--purple spider toy for kitty basket Catathon, "Up & Away" netted sling for kitty toys Catathon, kitty Christmas stocking, more WIld Cats Animal Plates and a few with domestic cats too. Lots of Bubble wrap to use for Catathon! These plates are awesome!
Anonymous Friend--a gift card from Amazon--sure do thank you
June K/painteddaisy--2 packages of 100% juice and Berry/veggie juice for volunteers, 4 cases of appetizers
Cassandra H/hencass--an awesome Amish Basket from Amish Acres for the Catathon with a cake tester broom

We will be having another Day Sale coming up. We'll let you know the date real soon. Tonight at 6 pm sharp is the end of the current afghan auction sale. Check it out on the Chatters facebook page. If you want to see lots of action here, check out the webcam the weekend of April 27. We are expecting lots of visitors from all over! Lots of fun and being with friends! 

Zelda is on my lap--such a lovebug. Buckeye and Cypress are experts at snagging the leftover breakfasts of Asha and County! Putter is doing great. Emaline is feeling good, although her nose sores continue to give her trouble. But, she's a happy girl, loves to be loved on. 

Sprint says "PLEASE show me how to vote!!". Thanks to Auntie Connie for showing him how. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday, April 12

Today is special--it's a first birthday to Pania, our sweet siamese girl. It's also my daughter Caryn's birthday. Happy birthday to both! Pania already received extra sardines/ Wonder if Caryn wants some!!

We have names!
White mama--Ruth Ann (also can be called Ruthie)
White kitten, female--Sara
White kitten, male--Rachet
Torti, female--Karena

Tiny black/white, male (fostered by Ruth Ann)--Eb

3 kittens, same litter:
Marble, A.S.H., female--Jannuka
Black, male--Arden
Torti, female--Keesha

Muted Calico mama--Kitty Q
Buff/white, female--Pumpkin
Muted calico, female--Ginger

Mama-to-be, tiger/calico--Catsparella

All the above are doing great. Catsparella's injured paw and other bite wounds are doing much better. She and Kitty Q are both on antibiotics. Catsparella has been moved to June's Room already. We'd love to have her be use to the actions of the Rescue Center before those kittens are born. She doesn't have much time left though before those kittens will be born. Eb is doing great--we are no longer supplementing him--he's fully nursing on Ruth Ann now. Her kittens skin issues are quickly healing.

Heaven is also doing good. She's eating well, cruising about sometimes, although she does sleep alot. For a cat that's between 15-20, she's doing awesome. Jack too is doing wonderful. He absolutely LOVES playing in the water bowls. He'll sit there and paw every drop out and watch it run then. It makes a bit of a mess, but we don't care--as long as he's enjoying it, we will enjoy it! He even jumped from the washer onto the counter by the sink today to get to the drippy faucet. He's not thirsty--just likes to play in the water!

Tonight, at 6 pm sharp--see you on the webcam for the start of our next 24 hour afghan auction sale!

Please help us! Our voting percent went down. We were last week at .20% above the second place organization. We are now .16% ahead. We want to win this event....very much so. We've been in first place since day one, but we still have 16 days left. Please, don't get tired of voting--we need you. Ask your friends again--don't forget to vote for FFRC. Put it again on your facebook--please vote for FFRC. Put it anywhere you can think of. But, please always ask them to check us out first on the cam, so they know who we are and what we stand for. I KNOW we can do this.

We had BOXES last night. You all have such generous hearts and beings. I am grateful for your support that comes in many ways--boxes, envelopes, good wishes, clicks on the ustream ads, voting clicks, prayers, moral support--it comes in many ways and we are very thankful.
Beth A/eaglewatcher--box of mailer envelopes
Linda C from Scotland--kitty card with notes. Her mum knitted and crocheted many items for our use: white baby afghan, pink baby afghan, white sweater & hat for baby, white & brown sweater/hat for baby, pull over child's sweater beige, red scarf and then to add to this--a bag of pink and white marshmallows for the volunteers! Beautiful work
Linda/mls9690 from PA--7 more Big Cat plates--these are awesome (to sell, auction, catathon--whatever!)
Butterfly class in Belguim--a letter, two AWESOME pictures made by students, framed in the colors of the new Butterfly Room. One way you look at the pics, it's a butterfly, another way , it looks like a Caterpillar. Also kitty masks, made by the students, 2 packages of kitty snackers for Derecho & friends.
Kathy, Unique & Jocelyn--a Purr for the Cure kitty statue, with pink feathers, for Heaven
Louise D/Issylou from TX--kitty get well card for "under the weathers cats and kittens and Jimmy)
Terri W from CA--donation for ffrc
Jean H & Cheryl M--card and note with prayers for Heaven
Kikicat--special photo cards made for Goodness, Meow, Cozarelii and Pania, each with a poem
Norm & Luanne--donation in memory of Luanne's sister, Francis D
Sherry and David--donation for FFRC (special thanks to you, David!!)
Vinnie T & Family from OH--letter and the Willard Times Junction Newspaper for Willard!

If/when I make errors on this blog, please feel free to e-mail me. I have almost used all of the "sponsored names"--if I have not used yours, please e-mail me and remind me! Thank you.

The furnace guys were here yesterday--the heat ducks/vents are all in now. Dion was also here and put in all the windows. More work to be done today!

Spring has sprung...finally! Robins are everywhere. Grass is turning green, buds are on some of the trees and a few of the spring flowers are blooming. It's a beautiful time of the year. Please, though, let's keep the spring kittens that are being born, to a minimum. There are not enough homes! Please, spay and neuter. If each person that reads this, can help spay/neuter a cat "out there", it would save a lot of lives. Do something, today, this week, to help with the overpopulation problem. From the bottom of my heart, I am grateful for any help we can get on this.

Our guests, Becky and Blanche made it home safely. Our new guests, Cheryl and Emmalee are now here until next Saturday.

Here are three links on the website that you may enjoy:
Welcome to new Chatters/Lurkers:  fofrescue.org/about-us/aboutus2/
Recent arrivals to FFRC:  fofrescue.org/about-us/recent-arrivals-at-ffrc/
Cat Birthdays: fofrescue.org/birthday-celebrations/

Happy Birthday to Pania!
Pania by FoFRCphoto

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday, April 11

What a very busy day yesterday was. I'm not sure a day could go any faster! Our week visitors, Becky and Blanche will be leaving today. Such wonderful people. They sure pitched in and helped us a lot! We always enjoy our visitors. 

Tomorrow night at 6 pm, will start our next Afghan Auction. We have two of them. A multi-colored striped one that measures 44 x 44 inches is item A. The second afghan, item B, is a pink & maroon afghan that measures 45 x 53, made by Wendi B. Both are beautiful afghans and we're proud to auction them off.

We took in a new mama cat, still in the process of giving birth yesterday morning. She was found in a neighboring county and had been "put outside" away from the 2 newborn kittens. When the police found her,  they retrieved the 2 babies, and took them to the local dog warden, who brought the group here. Unfortunately, she did have two other kittens, both with severe birth defects and deceased. So, this calico mama will be taking care of her family of two babies.

We also took in, almost at the same time, another very pregnant calico mama. I am hoping she holds off having her kittens for a few days, as she's very very thin and has several bite wounds that need some healing time. She's a sweetie and is enjoying all the attention. 

We also found out the biopsy report on Heaven. All 4 areas did indeed show squamous cancer cells. This is an aggressive cancer. Heaven is now out and about in the Rescue Center. Most of the time, she spends in the front office, napping with super soft blankies under her and on her. Each day is imortant to Heaven, so we will give her everything she needs. Love is uppermost and a sense of the right timing in consideration for her life. She's been given a thousand kisses and hugs, which she just soaks up. We will cherish each day she has with us.

The 3 new kittens (black/silver tiger, torti and black kittens) have joined the gang in Cat's Corner Room. We now have mama cat and her 3 babies, EB the smallest kitten and still nursing baby, and these 3 new ones. They're like one big happy family. Those kittens can really rock and roll in there! Their skin condition is dramatically improving daily. 

We had BOXES last night! This Rescue Center and I are very thankful. 
Conii & kitties Madissyn & Elliott--Kitty card and donation, vests for Solee (2), Derecho (1) and Cozarelii (2). These vests have the narrower neck bands and are very comfortable. Thank you, Conii.
Sue B/catloverhere--2 containers of HE Tide laundry soap, and a box of GUmmy bear snackers for the Volunteers
Elisabeth/Widdletigger--2 different sizes of packing poly envelopes
Gramma June for Derecho & Cozarelii--case of Merrick Gourmet cat food, jerky snackers for the cats
Eileen M--in honor of Heaven--bag of Royal Canin babycat dry food, case of Royal Canin baby can
Jatcat--box cutters & letter openers, 12 cans of Sheba canned food, and 2 super mega bags of kitty snackers
Aunty Fi--For Lynnette & Paul--a giant case of Pepsi (their favorite!)
Linda S/mls9620--collector cat plates (cubs of the big cats), numbered & certificate of authenticity
Nancy/strange168--picture of her kitty Missy (who loves/admires Gallant!)
Maggie J from MA--picture of Frankie & Mickey, toys, stamps, lots of cat nip mats (will be going for another Day Sale), Appetizers, case of Sheba, case of Blue canned, cat snackers
Irene B/ladydoc--organizer to help Jacci, 3 wonderful, beautiful quilts--so thankful for these, quilted mantle scarf, butterfly mini quilt for wall, XL Melon color sweater made by Ladydoc, quilted multi-colored XL jacket
Jo (friend of Jenni & mom to 5 CH kitties)--kitty dishtowels, kitty pillow, 3 pet hair rollers, Sign: Welcome to my place, kitty welcome banner, "family" frame, LOTS of individuallyw rapped toys, candle, kitty "got fish" mat, cat toy box, pillow "Meow", Rug "I love my dinner", kitty mask, dog bone/paw trash basket, dog frame "woof", kitty mug, watercolor original paintings, and some kitty prints numbered from a gallery, 2 spools of cat ribbon  (extra big thanks!)

We also read a letter from Faith M, regarding the passing of her sister BBmeg, who is a friend to many of our chatters. Joann L/tomarli wrote a wonderful kitty poem that was read on cam--thanks, Joann. And then our chatter friend, Faithy also wrote 2 poems, 1 for Derecho and 1 for Heaven, both of which were read on the cam. Very beautiful & meaningful. 

I also have thanks to give to:
Maria L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Gusti--donation for FFRC, in memory of bbmeg
Henry E--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Hayley B from Canada--paypal for FFRC thru PayPal

Seventeen days!  Yes, that's all we have left to vote. We started this contest in first position, haven't wavered from it, and hope to goodness we will still be in first place on 4/28! It's been a very long and close voting contest, but thanks to YOU, we have kept our lead. Please vote and promote! I am so appreciative. 

Let's end this blog with the Derecho poem, from Faithy!
Derecho, sweet Derecho
The cat that goes both to & fro
This little Weeble may fall down
But don't you fret & don't you frown
For he's up again and on his way
To find another game to play.

But he wobbles straight into your heart
Straighter than a cupids dart
For though his legs may not obey
His spirit seems to know the way
At least it seems that way to me
So wobble on my sweet sweet D
And know that you have won us all
No matter how oft you may fall.

A young Derecho!
Derecho by FoFRCphoto

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Catathon Post

Building a Better Life for Feline Friends--yes, that's what we are doing when we have our Catathons! This next one will be our 3rd one!

WHEN:    The date is June 23rd, a Sunday.
TIME:       Starts at 1:00 and goes to 4:30 pm (ish)
WHERE:   Watch us on our 24/7 kitty cam live!

SITE:         ustream.tv/ffrc  or  tinyurl.com/ffrckittycam

Join the fun, show your support, enjoy the afternoon with us. Make the pledge phones ring! This event is very similar to a telethon.

There will be almost 40 baskets to bid on and many individual items also. To place your bids, you must call 419-393-2400 and a phone volunteer will take your bid.

Our project: We've already started it! The builders, Barth's, have always trusted us that we will get the bill paid. This project is bigger than the others we've done. We are building a Mail Room and an extended Thumper's Room.  The existing Thumper's Room will still be the check-in room for new arrivals, where incoming baths are done, the first FIV/leukemia test is done, along with the initial vaccinations and worming. Shortly after, the new incomers will move into the bigger Thumper's Room where they can have lots of room to play during their quarantine time.

We are very excited about the new Mail Room. This is where all items that we use for a weekly auction, Day Sale, Catathon, etc., will be stored. When it's time to mail,  these items will be wrapped, prepared and labeled all in the Mail Room, instead of in the house. We'll store extra boxes, tape, envelopes, packing material--all of it, in the new Mail Room. So happy about this new room too!

This year, we won't be having the huge "garage sale" type sales that we did last year, but we will have some items for sale. During the Catathon, we always have about 15 or so items available to buy outright for a set price, usually $20 and under!We will of course, have these things available on a sale table for Catathon visitors and for those of you who will be viewers and participants! We will again do that this year. We have some new items that will be up for sale (deck of playing cards that will feature FFRC cats, a pet first aid kit, some really neat cat ribbon magnets, etc.) These items you will be able to buy outright, as they will have a set price and we will have a nice quantity of them.

Here is a suggested basket list that we will be putting together for the Catathon. If you would like to send somethng to put towards a basket, that would be wonderful. Use your imagination! If you perhaps do send something, please clearly mark on the outside of the box CATATHON.  ALL donated items MUST arrive by MAY 20.  This is important, as it takes us a bit of time to get pictures of the complete baskets and to be organized.

1-Bird Basket (seed, feeders, books, binocs, suet, seed bells, bird houses, etc.)
2-Picnic/Grill (grilling utensils, sauces, picnic basket, table cloth, food tent, ant & fly traps, napkins, etc.)
3-Garden (pots, garden tools, seeds, gazing bal, yard decor, knee pads, gloves, little shovels, etc.)
4-Kids: Summer Fun (bubbles, chalk, kites, yard games, sun visors, beach towel, jump rope, etc.)
5-Kids: Winter Fun (coloring books, stickers, books, games, crafts, magic tricks, etc.)
6-Boys Ages 6-12 (trucks, cars, action figures, kid tools, games, balls, squirt guns, jacks, etc.)
7-Girls Ages 6-12 (jewelry, nail polish, lotion, books, dolls, games, squirt guns, hair fun things, etc.)
8-Baby (bibs, bottles, wipes, diapers, onesies, sleepers, rattles, baby toys, baby oil, shampoo, etc.)
9-Relaxation (manicure, pedicure massage gift cards, and oils, candles, relaxing music CD, essential oils, tea, bath sales, heating pad, bubble bath, etc.)
10-Winter Fun (sled, snowman supplies, mittens, scarf, thermos with hot chocolate & marshmallows, slippers, cozy blanket, car window scraper, etc.)
11-Summer Fun (corn hole, yard darts, star gazing stuff, bug catcher, bubbles, sprinkler, glow sticks, etc.)
12-Family Game Night (puzzles, movies, games, popcorn, soda maker, fun drinking cups, dominoes, etc.)
13-Movie Night (family movies, popcorn, movie candy, cozy blanket, etc.)
14-Cat basket (toys, beds, treats, food, collars, etc.)  can have 2-3 cat baskets
15-Dog basket (toys, beds, treats, food, collars, leash, etc.)
16-Inspirational/Spiritual (books, inspiring pictures, stationary, cards, etc.)
17-Pizzeria (pizza cooking stone, ingredients, mugs, pizza cutter, hot pads, napkins, etc.)
18-NO-wine basket (wine glasses, corks, corkscrew, napkins, wipe picnic bag/basket, coasters, ice bucket, cork holder, wine rack, cheese/crackers, etc.)
19-Lego basket (all sorts of Lego kits)
20-Gift Card pa-looza! (an assortment of gift cards to barious restaurants, stores, gas stations, iTunes, etc.)
21-FFRC Basket (anything FFRC related--magnets, t-shirts, FFRC logo stuff, etc.)
22-Kitchen/Baking gadgets (all kinds of fun kitchen/cooking things)
23-Seasonings & Spices (all kinds of seasonings/spices, spice rack, measuring spoons, etc.)
24-Sewing basket (needles, thread, cloth remnants, thimble, hooks/snaps, lace, sissors, buttons, etc.)
25-Amish--anything related to Amish cooking (recipes, noodles, etc.)
26-Hello Kitty (anything with Hello Kitty on it!)
27-Charles Wysocki (anything with Charles Wysocki name on it)
28-Laurel Burch (anything of Laurel Burch)
29-Golf (anything golf related--(books, tees, balls, towels, golf head toppers, etc.)

We will be having 40ish amount of baskets. If you'd like to design your own, please e-mail me to let me know what you are planning! 
Remember, we always have an assortment of Big Ticket Items too. These can be afghans, a special book series, collector signed plates, just something that's an extra special item! These will be sold individually, not in a basket. If you are sending in a Big Ticket Item, be sure to put a note inside that that's what it's for! Mark all incoming boxes meant for the Catathon with CATATHON written on the outside please.!

Very shortly after the baskets have a winning bid, we will be mailing them out to all the winners! We can mail these items world wide. We do ask that if it's outside the USA, that the person adds on an extra $10 to help with postage. Payment will be taken by PayPal, check, money order. 

During the bidding, a caller can call in numerous time to raise the bid. A couple weeks before the Catathon, we will have everyone pre-register their name, phone, address, cam name (if have one). This helps us with sending things out and for when you call in to bid or place an order for an item with a set cost.

Please also remember that all donated items for the Catathon need to arrive BY MAY 20TH. Thank you ever so very much for your support! We're gonna have some fun! 

Tuesday, April 9

Boy is he slick! That Montana had definitely led a life of being outdoors before his arrival here. He makes mad dashes to the door. Yesterday, our office door and the inside door just happened to get open at the same time and out he went and traveled right down the sidewalk like he'd done it a hundred times. Nope! We caught him, wiggled our finger at him and told him we really really want him to be an inside cat. So, he's going to try it again! We shall see.

Kitties arrived yesterday. One little cutie, named Eb, after a dear friend who recently passed away, is about 3 weeks old. He's a black/white sweetie. His test is negative and he was wormed. He's now in with the white mama and those 3 kittens. The fungus that these kittens have should be non-contagious by now, so they will share the same mama, which is good with her! It took her maybe all of two seconds to start grooming Eb!  His real mama had been killed on a road.

We also took in 3 other kittens. They are about 4 1/2 weeks old. Their mama unfortunately was found dead on the kitchen floor--no known reason. So, these three babies have made their way here. They are eating pretty good by themselves and will also soon join white mama cat and crew. A black (male), a torti (female) and a black/silverish ASH, American Short Hair (female). Names will be happening soon!

We also had BOXES last night. I sincerely appreciate this support.
Aunty Fi--2 reams of copy paper, lavender and yellow
Debbie C--kitty photo book for Jack's mama who is in the nursing home
Pat L from KS--3 packages of kitty snackers and a bird seed bag for Caity to make into a tote
Sue B/catloverhere--2 packs labels with marker, 200 10x13 tyvex envelopes, and 100 xlg tyvek envelopes (for our new Mail Room!), box of Trident fruit gum, spring toys for the kitties
Anonymous Friend--case of Fancy Feast sliced, box of Temptation treats
Beth A/Eaglewatcher--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby dry
Tracy T/coolbreezet from MD--note, blue pop up cube, 2 suet blocks for birds, Whiskas box, potty bags, Iams kitten dry, Whisker Lickins snackers for Jack, micro fiber mat & towel, grilled tuna cat treats, 12 cans of 9-Lives
Michelle/crittercat & Vincent B from CT--tuxie kitty card with note, big orange kitty bed for Kitty Kabana (cats are already on it!)
LeahM216 with Roux and Chewy--In celebration of her new job: box of temptation treats and the turbo scratcher refills.  Congrats on your job!
Melinda F from NC--a donation thru PayPal and blessings!
Isabelle H from FL--a donation thru PayPal for some Gallant help

Heaven made her decision yesterday that she was tired of just being in the Thumper's Room--she wanted to expand her horizon. So...into the Kabana Room and the front office she came. She spent the entire day in these two big rooms. But, knowing we could not keep the door shut to the main area much longer, we decided that it was time to introduce Heaven to the world. She was ready. She was shown to all of our webcam friends. I'm pretty sure that she was able to reach out to people and help them understand that all she wants is love. We're not sure how much time Heaven will have with us yet, but we do know we want her to be happy. This is a Rescue--most of the cats and kittens that come here are initially not in the best of health. That's what we do--we rescue, we love, we help them feel better and get healthy. For those that cannot reach that full stage of being healthy, we love them until their time is done. So, in this case, you may see Heaven out wandering in the main rescue area, you may see her sleeping on a cushie close by and you may see her as we carry her about. Her time with us may not be very long, but by golly, it will be filled with lots of love. If someone on the chat asks--what is wrong with that cats face, you can explain it to them. It's why she came here, it's brought out alot of love from her and lots of love given to her. We're doing what we're suppose to be doing here--loving these cats. I want to thank everyone last night for being so wonderful about Heaven and passing your compassion to her--I could feel it thru the cam. 

The latest updated floor plan!