Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday, June 5

Two weeks from today is Catathon--it's a moving up closer! Tomorrow is our big Transport Day--I love these special spay/neuter events. I believe we have 35 signed up--more statistics later! We are already working on the July 5th date. For July, it'll be a Tuesday because of the holiday falling on the Monday. 

We had BOXES on Friday evening! We are so grateful for YOU!
Susan345--6 boxes of Bondi Licks--Hensley sends his thanks too!
Annette B with Elsie whose BD is the same as Rory--5/15/2011.  HB Rory!  Gives to share with his Covie Friends--foam plates, pkts of Whiskas, 10 appetizers, Meow Mix tubs, 12 cans Friskies, 12 cans Fancy Feast, lots of snackers and toys--already at the Cove for them!
Diana & Amy from OH--2 bags snackers, tuna, salmon, Juice boxes, Sunkist Fruit Gems, 2 bottles hand soap
Joco--84 pkts of Fancy Feast Broth, chicken & tuna Delectables pkts 
Julie & David P--Happy 2nd birthday to Trucker with 3 chicken $5
Clark, Jessie & Rest--HB Seymour (2), Dorothy (2), Abvey Baby (12)--all with their chicken $5
Keith & Linda C from Scotland--Catathon--Beautiful crochted items by her mum--purple sweaters/red sweaters, 2 blue sweaters, blue hat, peach/white sweater with mitties & hat, White sweater with hat, yellow sweater, white afghan, red pullover sweater/red/white hat.  All so beautifuL!  For humans: Caramel sweetheart chocolates
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Friskies 32 count
Justme/mod--2 Fun run Tunnels for the Covies
Judi Sp--3 bags of Precious Litter
Deb11111--donation for the Paddy Bros & for Friedrich's tail upcoming surgery.
Jakesmeowmy--donation for FFRC

Please keep walking/running/biking for FFRC!  We just received $33.47 for the month of May! It's money we receive just by us exercising! It's a free app--it's good for your heart and for the kitties! If you're not already signed up--the app is ResQwalk! So far, FFRC has received $391.17--thanks so much for this!

Today is Kiara's birthday!She is now 9 years old. Doesn't seem possible. She arrived here when she was 7 weeks old, just a little baby. She's such a happy girl!

We are now involved with the Eagle Rare Life contest.  It goes by votes, is free to help us and we are very appreciative. You can vote every day. The contest ends on Jan. 4. Right now we have 2,698 votes! We are in the "Devotion" section. Here is the link:

We had an adoption on Friday! Little Dakota went to his new home. He is going to be one much loved kitten with alot of human love going on! I do believe he had this lady pegged from the moment she came into the Rescue Center!

Let's talk shoes! I know that sounds weird but I'm being asked about this. So.....let's go over it.  It was suggested that everyone that comes here should remove shoes before entering the Rescue Center.  I can say with assuredly, that that won't happen.  I have been to so many Rescues/Shelters over the years and have not ever been asked once about removing my shoes. There is no way on earth that any rescue can be 100% clean, but we do rank up there are a healthy clean rescue. And think about this---we WANT our cats/kittens to be subjected to some of the germs of the world. Otherwise, their immune systems would never be enough to meet the need. I've done research on this also. No place in all the well known places have requested shoe removal. Or footbaths for that matter. "Footbaths are inadequate to prevent infectious disease spread and should not be relied on for this purpose. Poorly maintained footbaths may even contribute to the spread of disease and is impractical as contact time with the disinfectant is 10 minutes (for the shoes in the disinfectant)".  And from another source--"If the basic environmental cleaning program is effective, the risk of transmitting disease via footwear is probably not all that high".  A person could as easily spread germs by basic contact.  We do not want our cats and kittens to grow up without contact---so we will continue to clean as we do which has a high standard and love on the cats. I'm sure there are some that disagree with this but our procedures are not going to include removing shoes for the volunteers or visitors. And here's a couple thoughtful thinks---what about hospitals---they do not require shoe removals. Or vet offices. If we were to remove all  germs, we would setting our cats (and humans) up for contracting more diseases.  We can go a long way in preventing contagious germs from spreading with good hand washing, reducing stress, good quality food, good vaccines and our daily cleaning. 

Pippi is doing just fine from her spay. Because she was in heat, it will still take another week for her hormone level to decrease. She sure loves to play! Little Friedrich is doing so much better. The soreness of the tail injury is easing somewhat. His surgery is still scheduled for 6/15. Charles is also doing great. He's still sleeping alot, on his 2 antibiotics and no more ticks! He looks so much like Azar. Charles is becoming a purr-boy! And he sure likes his cozie bed!

Check out the website! It's  Lots of information about our upcoming Catathon! Just click on the Catathon 2016 link! You can see the entire schedule now--what baskets and big ticket items are in what round. Then if you click on the picture, it'll enlarge for a good look-see! The date is June 19th and starts at 1:00.

A week from today starts the Catathon Raffle! Soon there will be information/descriptions on the Raffle in facebook, FFRCNation and a video on our cam. We have 11 items. The raffle ends on Weds. at 9 am.  The winners of the raffle will be pulled during the Catathon itself! The items for the Raffle are:  
A--3 Sweet Kitties Painting
B-Xbox One 360
C-Cat Wheel 48 inches
D-Knox Smoker Propane
E-Troyer Country Amish Basket/2 aprons
F-BBQ Alex Charcoal Grill
G-Laptop & Printer/keyboard
H-Kindle Fire HD 10
I-iPad Air 16 gb
J-Samsung Smart TV 50"
K-Cream Pie in the Face!  Yes, this is a fun extra event. Vote for the person(s) you want to be selected.  It'll happen after Round 7 of Catathon.  You will be able to place a vote(s) on 9 pre-selected FFRC people! 

Please.........if you ever have questions for me, feel free to email.  Or if I've missed something--it's fine to contact me. And as you go thru the Catathon schedule/categories, if you see something amiss, please let me know! I will try my hardest to make things right.