Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Busy busy times here.  Kittens are keeping us hopping busy plus getting ready for Catstock.  We already have some visitors in, plus lots more coming in! A great time to visit, catch up on news and meet new friends too!

We had an adoption!  Our wonderful Mitz went to her new home. She has a new mom and now a dad.  She went into the crate without a problem and stayed close by while we went over all the details of her adoption. A wonderful opportunity for Mitz.

We've heard from Eddie and he is doing awesome. His new mom and his auntie love him!  And that is what it's all about!

We've also heard from Zini and Zendaya's --all is good there. They even wake their new mom up for an early breakfast!

We have thanks to give:
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
Yaseen E-E--donation to FFRC in honor of Elsie

Julie B--a donation to help with Catstock and snacks for the hoomans and cats!
Ferole and Ziggy--donation towards Strawberry Hill
JZinFL--donation towards Strawberry Hill
Katherine E--donation to FFRC
Liz V from OH--donation to be used where needed
Jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
DonnaBinGA--donation in honor of Elsie, Coralie and Spiker! 

Gusti--donation for the drinks for all the people helping before Catstock & for the band
Shannan W--donation to FFRC
Harm B--donation to FFRC
Marie C from UK--donation to FFRC
Brenda Q--=donation for FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to be used where needed

Mindy R--donation in honor of Schinn!
Vicki B--donation for Strawberry Hill
Jo603--donation to FFRC
Ruffles--donation for Strawberry Hill
Burgundy--donation to help with Catstock, wherever needed

We also had BOXES last Friday!  YOU are appreciated!
Andre & Suzanne parents of Freemont & Lorenzo - Happy 5th Birthday Hensley - Case of Whiskas Purrfectly Chicken
Anony - 5-12ct Boxes Delectables, 12 Pkgs Squeezables
Anony - 4 Boxes of Whiskas

Macncheesendoodlesmom/Sue - Note & a bunch of Doodle Noodle Cat Toys made by Sue, & Donation
Oopsie PA - 2 Cases Fancy Feast Kitten
Patricia L - For Doris - Bag of stuff to make cat toys, For Janie a blanket with Doggies on it, 8 Pretty Blankies for FFRC

Aunty Sonja - Canada  For Vernie Goodbaby McWigglebum - 2 Boxes Delectable Squeeze-Ups
Sherry Bl- Note, Black holder for K-Cups, 4 Cute Keychains for Flash Sale, 16 Pretty Bath Towels, Postie Notes, 30 Pens, 20 Adoption Folders, Stamps  12 Single bags Crackers, 4 Tubs Lysol Wipes, Case 24ct Fancy Feast Kitten, 2 Cases 24ct Friskies, Box of Lil Soups

Oksana - Russia Art by Oksana 11 Frameable Cards with Nice designs of Kitties..
Fred & Gail - 8 Tubs Party Mix & 2 Tubs of Temptation Snackers

It's Thursday, so the babies that come and go with Auntie Peggy are here for the afternoon.  They are growing and look so wonderful!  Evans now weighs 1.08.  Fio is up to 10 ounces (and still talking his head off!!!) .  Timax is now 102.  All look good and are happy.

The 2 kittens, Cas and Cardi, are doing so much better.  They had come in with severe URI and oh so bad eyes.  Happily, all 4 eyes are now open and they are not damaged!  Cardi's was the worse but they are now looking so much better.  They both have good appetites. Today was a big day for them---they are now in the Main Area.  Remember, they also arrived rather shy, but each day is better and better. And they now will purr!

Lena, the Meijer mama, is also doing great. So much more social now. And her 5 babies--super round and now 4 weeks old. 

After a bit of working on it, JustMe now has us up and running again with ResQwalk!  Keep walking, biking and running. Each little bit means a donation to FFRC.  As I've said before, it's good for FFRC and for you! 

Tomorrow evening is our Fire, Food, Friendship and Movie night.  Come for a fire that we can make Pudgy Pies on, make s'mores and roast hot dogs!  And be with lots of FFRC people!  A movie will happen come darkness!  A wonderful evening for sure!

And then Saturday afternoon, 1:00 to 4:00, Strawberry Hill will be playing. They are awesome! Some activities, lots of time to talk to friends, visit the kitties and just have fun.  And for the first time, there's no worries about the weather!! Sounds like a beautiful weather weekend!  The Covies, Porchies, Firecats and Barnies are all ready.  Even the horses are looking forward to extra pets and head rubs!  The inside cats are super excited.  All the cats have had their toenails trimmed, ears cleaned, weights done and fur combed and brushed. They are thinking they are pretty groovy cats! Come join the fun!

Just a reminder--our Paw-Mart store is stuffed everywhere. We have pulled many things from our storage shelves and are now on display in the store. Visit Paw-Mart and have fun shopping.  All monies help FFRC with bills and such!

Peace, love and cats!!