Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday, August 30, 2019

A week from tomorrow is Catstock!  It's getting closer and closer.  We have been working hard and feel like we are ready......almost!

Today, at 2:00, we have BOXES!  Sure hope you can join us.

And we have some thanks to give:
Janet M--donation for FFRC
Steph M--donation for FFRC
Colleen P--donation for FFRC
Diann B--donation to help with Strawberry Hill, the Catstock band
BillieK--donation to help with Cardi and Cas medical needs and a donation to help the outdoor kitties get ready for Catstock!
James W--donation for FFRC
Marie C--donation for FFRC
Dewitty--donation to help with Strawberry Hill

Cas and Cardi are doing better.  Even though their eyes are still swollen and so very red, I can see Cas's eyes and they look undamaged.  Cardi's eyes are still struggling to open. They continue on their antibiotics and their eye meds.  Their appetites are super and both are so round!

Dadou, Dixie and Dylan have fit right in with the Main Area cats and kittens. Like they've always been here. All 3 are super sweet and very ornery!

We took on 3 new kittens.  They were at a park and we were told they were the size of a baby bunny. Wellllll, that wasn't quite the way it was. They are the size of an adult bunny!  They are 3 brothers, about 5 months old with a birthday of 4/1/19.  Here are their names:
Brendon--grey tiger & 4 white feet and chest
Biggby--beige tiger  & white
Basil--beig tiger & white
All are Name a Cat names.  Biggby and Basil are so very close look-alikes. But, Basil has a tiny white mark between his eyes. They are a little timid but are getting better each day.  These kittens have the "honor" of having probably the most fleas ever on a cat.  EACH of them literally had at least a thousand. Pitiful that this happens as it zaps their red blood cells and just has to feel so terribly awful to have such creepy crawly skin. They are of course now, flea free.  Appetites are good.  We brought them up to Paddy's Place today to get use to the other cats but they will be staying in this room for a few days to help them acclimate.  We will occasionally put a few other kittens in with them to play!

Mama Lena is so sweet. She loves her head rubbed and her back scratched.  Her babies are very round and moving about more. We have the left side of the double condo open now. Yes, the babies do tumble out but it's ok.  They have a 6-7 inch thick giant bed right below that.  They are also starting to crawl off of that! This family is doing great.

We took in a new kitten this week. Her name is Lorha--pronounced Lore-ha (meaning is dream).  This is a Name a Cat name.  She was brought to FFRC after a man had found her on his property, put her in the box and taped it tight.  The ultimatum--FFRC take it or the box goes into the river.  So, full or not, we took her.  These are the things we cannot understand and never will.  These are also the things to not dwell on but to hopefully wish people like this to eventually know that these lives are precious. Bonus for him---he did bring her to FFRC first.  Lorha is beautiful.  She is the "traditional" calico, about 10 1/2 weeks old.  Her birthday is 6/15/19.  She's had all her initial treatments and will be in the Main Area soon.  Her middle name would have to be Purrla as all she does is purr! 

Catstock reminders! 
We will have a 50-50 drawing for the chatters and lurkers.  Anytime from now to 9/6, if you'd like to participate, simply send a check or a paypal.  Designate it for the 50/50. Can purchase as many tickets as you like, in $1 increments.  We will have this second drawing at the end of Catstock.  The lucky winner will receive 50% of the money made!  This money (the other 50% for FFRC) will also help with the tent rental. 

We've been asked....what can we do to help with supplies, etc for Catstock.  I appreciate you asking.  This is not a fund-raiser for FFRC.  We just want to break even.  If you'd like to help us cover the cost for the band ($400), feel free to send a Pay-Pal or check, but please, designate it for the band.  Strawberry Hill is awesome and the bestest band! 

Remember--if you are here Friday night, please join us for Fire, Food, Friends and a Movie.  Come hungry!  Fire will provide pudgy pies, marshmallows, s-mores,hot dogs! And the movie is right there too--at the shelter house! A good way to start the weekend of fun!

The cement goose is already all decked out in her Catstock apparel and looks mighty fine!  If you come, check out her new friend that is right beside her.  Her friend is still awaiting her Catstock apparel but will be dressed the part by the event!  Come take a look! 

Hope to see you at BOXES at 2:00!