Sunday, August 25, 2019

Sunday, August 25, 2019

What happens in 13 days? That's September 7--it's Catstock weekend! Plans are being firmed up.  Paw-Mart is brimming with items to possibly purchase.  Band (Strawberry Hill) is all set.  Some activities are planned. Food is being organized. Even the cement goose is awaiting her Catstock attire! Tent reservations are confirmed. There's even a free-bie table for visitors.  A weekend of enjoying friendship! For those that cannot come, we are planning on sharing much of it on the cam and on facebook!

The Friday night event--Fire, Food, Friends and a Movie is pretty well all set.  Anyone that is coming for Catstock, feel free to join us late afternoon and into the evening! Come hungry. 

We've been asked....what can we do to help with supplies, etc for Catstock.  I appreciate you asking.  This is not a fund-raiser for FFRC.  We just want to break even.  If you'd like to help us cover the cost for the band ($400), feel free to send a Pay-Pal or check, but please, designate it for the band.  Strawberry Hill is awesome and the bestest band! 

At Catstock, we will do a 50/50 drawing, here at FFRC.  This money (the 50%) will help FFRC towards  the cost of the tent. So far, we have one tent ordered ($405).  This is where some of the fun stuff will be.  If it looks like rain in the forecast, we will need to order the special uprise-tent for the band. Gotta keep the music going!  That tent, should we need it, is $330.  

We will also have a 50-50 drawing for the chatters and lurkers.  Anytime from now to 9/6, if you'd like to participate, simply send a check or a paypal.  Designate it for the 50/50.  We will have this second drawing at the end of Catstock.  The lucky winner will receive 50% of the money made!  This money (the other 50% for FFRC) will also help with the tent rental. 

The cats are super excited about Catstock.  Oh my goodness, Derecho came to me and said he was asking on behalf of the girl cats here. They were concerned.  Seems that they want beauty appointments for themselves. They want to look their best for all the visitors.  I assured Derecho and asked him to let the girls know--all (girls and boys) will be brushed, ears cleaned and nails trimmed before the big event. But that they need to practice their smiles and purrs.....maybe there will be an adoption happening??!!!

Speaking of adoptions......we had FIVE yesterday! Since the blog on Wednesday, we have had SEVEN adoptions!
Noah--was adopted 8/21. Such a handsome boy! Lucky boy--he went into the home that adopted Brenna and Clay! 

Belle--was adopted 8/22.  She is the mama to 4 black/white kittens.  She was ready for her own home. She went into a home with a mom/dad/1 other cat. 

Zendaya and Zini--brothers, adopted 8/24. These boys have been loved by Kim, our early morning person, for a long time. Her vacation was done and so was ready to take the boys home!Kim said they are doing great and has already met the family dog. A super great home!

Mr. Mcwiggles--was adopted 8/24. He went into a home with a mom/dad. I've already heard from them and they said he traveled very well. He is already settling into his new home. What a great cat. 

Asia and Ginga--was adopted 8/24. They went to Angie and Bill L.  I am very positive these two girls are going to have so much fun and love. I can already see them running up and down the stairs and exploring everywhere! Asia is not spayed yet and so will return sometime soon for that. We are waiting too because of her pin in her leg.  IF that needs to be removed, will do both surgeries at the same time. But, Dr. Darcy is thinking that the pin will stay. 

More adoptions coming up!

We took in two kittens. They are two brothers and found on a volunteers porch, huddled together and very sick. How kittens (or cats) can be so friendly and so sick and left on their own, is something I do not understand. So....we don't dwell on that.  It's better to put the thoughts into their healing instead. 
Their names are Cardi (DLH, gold/white) and Cas (cream/white with points). Their birthdays are 7/11/19, making them 6 weeks old. They weigh barely a pound. Both have severe URI, severe fleas and very infected/sore eyes.  After 3 bubble baths, the fleas and dander are gone. They are on 2 antibiotics. Eye ointment is done 3 times a day. The first two days they were syringe fed but this morning, both started licking at their gruel! They are sleeping alot which is fine---resting and healing is good. Their names are from the Name a Cat list. They are, of course, still in quarantine in the front Thumper's Room. 

The ornery D kittens are back, from their fostering at Auntie Peggy's.  That would be Dadou, Dixie and Dylan. They are already in the Main Area.  If you see a blur running by you, that is one of these kittens!  They do not know what slow down means!  Dadou has the cutest white/black markings and that white tipped tail.  Dylan is short hair black. Dixie is a fuzzy medium hair black.  

When Auntie Peggy brought those 3 back, we sent Timax back with her. That way Evans and Timax could have a friend. They are fairly close in age and now can have an eating and sleeping buddy.  Both are doing well. 

Friday was our Fun-Raiser and Drawing and BOXES! First.......the Boxes--
Karen B - 3 Boxes Lil Soups, Delectable Squeeze-ups, Steak Snackers Janie
Great Aunt Julie - IA  Accordian Cat Scratchers with track ball, Serpentine Scratcher

Ju in Ji - 4 cases Baby Food
Anony - 4 Cases Baby Food
Plee/Pat L - 6 Boxes Appetizers
Dimwit - Peacock Feathers

Katherine M with Chance, Smokie, Greg, Pye & Doggie Taffy - Case of Sheba, 24ct Fancy Feast, 2 Boxes Lil Soups, 2 Cases Baby Food, Case of 12 can KMR
Robot-man - 71 lazer lights for Center & Adoption
Dewitty - 2 cases Friskies, Case of Fancy Feast

Brian C - Lots of Felt Pens for Catstock
JoBear - 5 scratchers for  the center  The cats love them!
Sean G & Lena - 600 9" Plates

Anony - 4 Pretty Fish Placemats
Renee D PA - Numbers from Litter for redemption & Purina One Coupon
Claire OD - Ireland  Happy 5th Birthday Card Hensely with Chicken $5, Donation for 20th Anniversary Fund & Sunshine Card for DonnaJB

Linda & Bill MI- Cart Card with note
Marilyn & Terry - K - Card  with Chicken $5
Anony - Happy 5th Birthday Hensley 24 Aug 2014  with Chicken $5

Iowa Catlady Marie & The Manificent 7- Donation in honor of Jabberwocky's 15th Birthday.. Photos of Jabberwocky when he was 5 weeks old & another at 15 yrs old  Happy Birthday Handsome Jabberwocky!

And then we had the Fun-Raiser----

A Kuranda Tower     155x5        $775     Connie D
Clark& Jesse for kitty blankets

B Beach Scene Canvas   38x5  $190   Julie Br
from Dawn E

C Halloween Quilt            47x5  $235   Jane Ge
 from Blondie the Dog

D Bread Maker                 21x5  $ 105   KimKost
redonated back from Catathon

E Kitty Casa Bed              63x5   $315    Elgecko
From Katy L

F InstaPot                        53x5  $265     M&M
From JBond

G Popcorn Popper           39x5   $195    KimKost
From DonnaJB 

H Signiture Quilt              67x5  $335     Kathy Ma
From Patrick & Vickie made by Bagobear

TTL for Clark & Jessie Blankets $775
TTL for FFRC  $1640 + $631 = Grand TTL $2271.00

Bump Ups
JZ Fl,  Schlee, Eaglewatcher, PawlaPurr, LJ, Gusti in honor of LIttle Dot, MLS, Yvonne VDK, Madisonpepper, Flymom   TTL $631

Consolation prizes for 10 Kuranda Tower ticket holders from Clark, Jesse & The Rest
Connie & Hannah S, Phyllis Bl, PawlaPurr, Snoopybaby, LJ, Jamiecat, Romeosmom, Nancy L, April Tr, Kerswill

Consolation Prizes: NHfurry, KittyKatLady, Janet, Konnie B, Kerswill, Aunti Beth for Chaps, Sunnie J, Plee for Elizabeth W

Plus, we have more thanks to give:
Fran D--donation in honor of Handsome Hensley's birthday
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
David & Julie P--donation in honor of Hensley's birthday
M M from UK--donation to help with vet bills. 
JanefromTN--donation to FFRC
Lynda S--donation to be used where most needed
Steph M from UK--donation in honor of Evans, her husband's namesake
William M--donation to FFRC
Marti W--donation to FFRC

Remember Helga, a beautiful torti adopted to Dave and Melanie?  We received a picture of her. She looks wonderful. She had her yearly physical and did well and is healthy.  It's always great to hear from our past FFRC cats!

All is good here. Kittens are healthy (Cas and Cardi are getting healthy!) and Cats are doing wonderful.  Lena's kittens are very round. Their eyes are open and their little legs are starting to toddle a little. Jessie is doing great--our most senior girl. Ramsay and Lucy have had extra time in the Princess bed so they can watch outside. Paw Paw is feeling great. He's already getting fuzzy! 

Have a wonderful Sunday.