Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday, August 15, 2019

What a busy week and this month is flying by.  We've had some sunshine, lots of humidity and rain to help with the grass and flowers.

We had a quickie Flash Sale yesterday! Many thanks to those that provided the items, the Flash Mods, Lynnette / Marcia  and to those that purchased the items.  Our kitty load and treatments has hit us hard and so this flash sale will help us with vaccines, syringes and worming medication.  Many thanks. We made almost $700 on this sale! This will be applied to those bills. 

We also have more thanks----
Robert M--donation to FFRC
Pamela C--donation for FFRC
Faithy G--donation to FFRC to help our spay/neuter program
Judy & Phil--donation for the kitties and cats

Remember Abel, now known as Blackjack? He is doing wonderful.  He's been in his new home 5 months now....doesn't seem possible. The new owner says it's the best decision he's ever made. Blackjack is spunky, loves to run around and play fetch! He also loves to cuddle. So happy about this.

It's interesting, in the last week, I've heard from most of the Abel litter. All are doing great. Plus, we had Sabel here this week for a toenail trim. She too looks so healthy and happy!

We've had 2 more adoptions!
Preslie left on 8/13. What a doll she is--so cuddly and sweet and was wanted by several people. She has a great new mama and I know she will be happy!

Mint left on 8/13. Mint needed a busy home and that is what she has.  Several older kids in the family, still at home that will give her lots of playtime. She came from Indiana and ended up back in Indiana!

Asia is doing much better. We have her on a 2-antibiotic combo.  Her leg is healing and the infection is much better.

Yesterday, we put Lena and kittens down on the floor of the back Thumper's Room.  The kittens stayed on their giant soft bed that was in the middle of the room.  But not mama Lena. She is doing so much better being petted while in the condo but when placed on the floor of the room, she reverted back to her "scared ways".  So......she is back in her condo.  She's comfortable, feels safe there and is happy. Time is on our side so we are patient with this process. Babies are very round and eyes are starting to open!

Our new CH cat has arrived from Dr. P's.  She had a dental on Tuesday--only had a few teeth removed but that did leave her toothless.  Not a problem for cats. While we fed her soft food for the first day, she dived into the bowl of dry food when we put her on the floor to exercise.  Cats are amazing. Like all cats and CH, her abilities are different from all others!  She's a bit of a head bobber and has legs that sometimes go every which way. Sweet personality, loves to be petted and is a happy girl. The clinic named her Dizzy, which I promised to keep as her name. She is placed at 8 years old.

We have taken on two new kittens.
Ula--female, brown tiger, ASH.  Her name is pronounced U-la  and it means strong as little bear.  She arrived after being found as a stray. Dehydrated, emaciated, anemic and needless to say, very skinny. Also came with a major load of fleas and a slight URI. She is now on antibiotics.  Such a sweet little girl. Her birthday is 6/12/19 which makes her 9 weeks old. She has a lot of filling out to do.  Fleas are gone and her appetite is improving.

Doris Ann--female, black/white. She has a past fractured tail with a good size kink in it. She also has an URI and is on antibiotics.  Her head is black, her chin is black and inbetween is a big white line, like a smile! Her birthday is 6/4/19 which makes her 10 weeks old. 

Both names are from Name a Cat list. They will be good friends once they get to be together. As they get stronger and healthier, they will be able to mend together.

We also have some adoptions coming up.  Two are today--Bolt's adoption is at 8:45 and Kristof is at 9:15.  Belle will probably be leaving next week. We have a couple more very good possibilities. More on those as soon as confirmed.

And then on Sunday we have a most extra special adoption.  Eddie White will be adopted and this will happen about 4:00 am.  He will be going to a good FFRC friend, Kris M.  This is going to be one of those very hard adoptions, but awesome at the same time. Kris will give him a wonderful home, lots of love, 2 other cats that will enjoy Eddie White, his KMR in the morning and evening, lots of beds and kuranda towers. He will keep his Eddie name.  Going to miss this sweet boy so very much.

This week we have been concentrating on preparations for Catstock and the outside cats.  We've done about 20 of them.........more to go though.  Each are getting their vaccination updates, worming, weight taken, toenails trimmed. ears cleaned and more grooming done.  Such great cats! We hope to have Dr. Darcy do their physicals soon too.

Mark your calendar........August 20-23 is our next fun-raiser.  The items for this sale are amazing!  More info soon as we put this together.