Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

When folks come and visit, I so enjoy watching them and the cats and kittens. The cats all love the extra attention, of course.  But, it makes me happy to see how the people enjoy the cats here. The far majority of them just love all the attention. There's joy on the cat's part and joy on the people's part! A win-win. 

Kris has shared some pictures of Eddie White in his new home. As you know, he's now known as just Eddie. He certainly looks like a happy boy, contented and relaxed. This is what it's all about--loving, happy homes. 

We have some thanks to give!
Debra T--donation to help with the kitties and cats
Marie C from UK--donation for Dizzy's care
Lori W and granddaughter--day visitors--PT, large plates, toys, cat snackers

On Monday was our HumaneOhio surgery day.  Another busy one, which is what we like. We sent up 53 more cats. A great number! This broke down to 26 females and 27 males. Our grand total right now is 797 plus 3 dogs.  That 797 breaks down to 469 spays and 438 neuters. Same time last year for 2018, we were at 676. Our goal for this year is to hit 1,200! Just an interesting fact--for 2017, at this same time, we were at 551. 

Yesterday started our August Fun-Raiser!  Check it out on one of our facebook pages!  There's 8 wonderful items again.  All goes to help FFRC. A special item though is A, the kuranda tower.  The tickets sold for that goes to help restock our supply of blankies that go home with each adoption. This is a project that Jessie and Clark do,  They are two cats of Patrick and Vicki's.  Ticket sales are over at 9 am on Friday.  BOXES are at 2:00 on Friday with the drawing and consolation prizes directly after Boxes.

Adoptions coming up!  By the end of the weekend, there's a possibility of 7 more! Noah will be adopted Weds. morning.  Belle will be adopted Thursday around 5 pm.  Mr. McWiggles will be adopted Saturday morning around 9:30-10:00.  Zini and Zindaya (together) will be leaving Saturday too.  Plus, there's two others that need to be confirmed yet. 

Have a great day.