Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Oh these kittens..........I've kept track.  14 different kittens off and on my desk.  They have pushed pens off, took off running with my notes on postie-notes, plugged up the printer (it's fixed), dumped my water/juice drink over the edge, laid on my phone so I couldn't find it, made many messages on my emails to others (sorry!), and bit my toes.  And do I still love them to pieces........yep!!

We had 3 more adoptions!
Kristoff left on 8/15--a great, happy home where he will have lots of fun. He's going to be an "only cat" and that's ok--lots of people love to go around.

Bolt left on 8/15--a real fun kitten. He will have 2 cats in his new home to make friends with. He snuggled right up to his new owner!

And then there's Eddie White--he left this morning. He went home with K-Kris, an FFRC friend. Yes, Eddie was said to be a resident. But....things happen, time changes things too.  Kris has loved Eddie White for a long time. This is a good thing. Eddie was emotionally ready to move to a new home. While we will miss him tremendously we also need to be happy for him.  Afterall, he "made it"--he has his very own home now.  And he will blossom even more.

Still more adoptions coming up!  Belle, for one, will leave this week!  Mr. McWiggles will leave later this week.

We had BOXES on Friday. I am always in awe of you folks--our supporters, our friends. You help us keep going.
April Catlover =  2 boxes of fancy feast single serve, 1 case(30) fancy feast seafood 
Kathy WV = 12 fancy feast  single serve
Susan245 = Pet stages wobble track   awesome fun for all the cats!

Anonymous Friend  = 4 boxes whiskas Perfectly Fish Pouches
Anonymous Friend  = 2 cases of Gerber ham baby food  for Dingy 
Sharon Z/KittykattLady =  2" and  4"  3 ring binders 

Brian C = 20 cases of Very Berry Juice, 2  10" Plexiglas  Donation Box
Dim = 2 cases of 24 Fancy Feast Kitten food,,. , Bag holder Rack, 1000 potty bags,
Anonymous = 8 cases of Baby Food  

Anonymous = YoYo Ball  
Cathy D/Ca -- Card and Donation for Kitty's needs
Marilyn and Terry = Card and $5 chickie dollars 
Joy & Don & the herd = Card and Donation 
David and Pat H -- Card and 5 Kitty Sponsorships ( hensley, vernon, coralie, magic,kiara )
Mellissa L/NY = Card and Donation 
Nancy O  = Donation 
Judy & Phil -- Note and  Donation 

And yet, there are more:
Marie C from UK--donation for FFRC
Deborah S--donation for FFRC
Christopher S--donation to FFRC
Yvonne VDK--donation to help with the Catstock expenses
Lynne W--donation for FFRC

We're still working on the outside cats--getting vacc's, worming, ear cleaned, nails trimmed, brushing all done.  A few more each day!  Getting towards the bottom of the list!

So many black/white kittens! 11 of them---4 of Lena's kittens, Angelo and Angela, Belle's 4 kittens and Snuggzy.    And of course, Zelda too but she's not a kitten!

Our next Fun-Raiser is almost here!  It starts 8/20 and ends at 9:00 am on 8/23.  BOXES will be on that Friday at 2:00 followed by the Drawing!  Great items, once again!

Tomorrow, Monday, is our next HumaneOhio spay/neuter day.  Should be a busy check in/out. 

All is good here.  Kittens are healthy.  Adults are happy.  Short blog today. Wishing you a wonderful upcoming week.